Partners In Health Seeks Medical Personnel to Assist with Disaster Relief in Haiti

We’ve received the following message from our colleagues at Partners In Health:

Partners in Health are seeking orthopedic surgeons and other medical personnel to assist with disaster relief in Haiti. I have also heard, but have not personally confirmed, that Jet Blue and American Airlines are offering doctors and nurses free flights to Haiti. Please contact PIH if you would like to help.

3 Responses to “Partners In Health Seeks Medical Personnel to Assist with Disaster Relief in Haiti”

  1. American Airlines has posted that they are NOT offering free flights to individual doctors and nurses. Instead, they are offering free flights to NGOs working in Haiti.

  2. I am a Dentist and my brother is an Internal Medicine Physician. How do we go about getting to Haiti to assist in this disaster?
    Greg Ayers DMD

  3. Here are the details re: need for medical/nursing assistance in Haiti from PIH

    – Thank you very much for your offer of help – we are deeply grateful. As you know, the situation in Port au Prince is dire, and our response is still evolving as we gather more information from our colleagues on the ground. At this time, while we wish we could use all of the support so generously offered by people like you, we are unable to accommodate any volunteers without significant surgical or trauma training and experience.

    If you are a medical professional, please send the following information to
    • Your occupation & any specialization
    • Your availability – dates and length of time
    • Where you are based/where you would travel from
    • Language skills and level of ability
    • Emergency/post-catastrophe experience
    • Overseas experience

    We are working on the logistics of transporting trained medical volunteers to Haiti, and will contact you when we have assessed both our needs and the situation on the ground.

    For those of you without medical training, the people of Haiti are still in desperate need of your support and solidarity during this devastating time.

    Here are some things you can do to help:

    · DONATE. Currently, our greatest need is financial support. Many of you have already donated to our relief effort, and we are grateful for your generosity. What we ask now is that you continue to fundraise in your communities. Haiti is in need of millions of dollars right now to meet the needs of the communities hardest hit by the earthquake. Any and all support that will help us respond to the immediate needs and continue our mission of strengthening the public health system in Haiti is greatly appreciated. Help us stand up for Haiti now.

    · STAY INFORMED. Sign up for email updates from PIH on our earthquake relief efforts and get news from the ground.

    · SPREAD THE WORD. Alert your friends and family to the situation in Haiti. Send them to our website for information and ways to help. Organize a fundraiser in your community. Join our Facebook group. Stay informed and reach out to your networks and encourage them to support Haiti in this crisis.

    Once again, thank you for your continuing support and partnership in this difficult time.

    In solidarity,

    Partners In Health