SiteGround Web Hosting Review and Discount Codes September 2016

SiteGround Review Discount Codes Feature

Today we start looking at some of the top hosting providers for small business and new website owners. The aim over these next few articles is to give you a better understanding of what you need from a hosting provider (as well as what you don’t) and leave you with a few recommendations to consider.

Once we’re done with these, you’ll be able to choose a hosting provider with confidence, knowing what to expect in return for your money. And for good faith we’re chucking in some discount codes along with our recommendations to sweeten the deal for you.

First up we have SiteGround – one of the most popular and highly rated WordPress hosting providers – and we’ll be focusing on its shared hosting plans, which are designed for smaller businesses.

SiteGround Pros

  • Extensive plan options (including excellent WordPress services)
  • Features for increased site speed
  • Great customer support
  • Extensive tutorial guides
  • Server locations in the US, Europe and Asia
  • Over 99% server uptime*

*Figure estimated by SiteGround

SiteGround Cons

  • No Google AdWords credits
  • Less storage than some options in this price range
  • More expensive than some of its rivals

Quick verdict: You’ll certainly find cheaper host providers out there – and many of them come with more features, for less. But SIteGround aims to offer a higher quality of services, without the premium price tag – and you’ll see throughout the rest of this review that it largely succeeds.

SiteGround Plan Options

SiteGround offers three basic plans for shared hosting: StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek – each of which comes with a dedicated plan for WordPress and Joomla.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

StartUp Plan Overview

  • EUR7.50/mo (EUR3.50/mo special deal at time of writing)
  • Hosts one website
  • 10GB web space – suitable for 10,000 monthly visits
  • All Essential Features: free domain, site transfer, app installs and email accounts; unlimited traffic, MySQL database and 24/7 support; daily backup, free CloudFlare CDN and SHH protocol

GrowBig Plan Overview

  • EUR12.95/mo (EUR7.95/mo special deal at time of writing)
  • Multiple websites
  • 20GB web space – suitable for 25,000 monthly visits
  • All Essential Features
  • Premium Features: priority technical support, SuperCacher for increased speed, 1 year free SSL certificate, 30 backup copies available

GoGeek Plan Overview

  • EUR23.95/mo (EUR11.95/mo special deal at time of writing)
  • Multiple websites
  • 30GB web space – suitable for 100,000 monthly visits
  • All Essential Features
  • All Premium Features
  • Geeky Advanced Features: less shared accounts on your server, advanced hardware for extra speed and power, free PCI compliance, plus pre-installed Git and Staging

Choosing the Right Plan for You

Essentially, the difference between the SiteGround plans is you get more speed and security, for larger amounts of traffic, as they get more expensive. If you only plan to host a single site and you don’t expect traffic to exceed 10,000 monthly visits, then the StartUp package will probably be enough.

This plan is ideal for simple blogs or business websites that have no eCommerce element or multiple user accounts. If you’re running an online shop, handle sensitive user data or expect to generate larger amounts of traffic, then you’ll want to consider GrowBig and GoGeek.

For fully-fledged eCommerce stores with user accounts, stored credit card info and other sensitive data, GoGeek will be the option for you. This plan comes with the richest security and content delivery features to keep your website running fast and user information safe.

Note: If you expect to be dealing with serious volumes of traffic or need the highest standard of security, you’ll want to look at cloud or dedicated hosting packages from SiteGround and other providers.

SiteGround Discount Codes

When you’re choosing between host providers it’s always worth looking around for discount codes. Many firms offer promotional codes through affiliate plans – and SiteGround is no exception – which means you can save big on its shared hosting plans.

To save you scouring the web, we’ve gone ahead and gotten our hands on some discount codes for you. All you need to do is click the link below and enter the code that appears before you pay on the SiteGround checkout page.

A Closer Look at the Key Features

SiteGround sells itself as a provider that offers high-end security and performance, combined with excellent customer support, at low prices. So let’s take a look at the key features SiteGround expects you to buy into.


One of SiteGround’s biggest claims is that it offers premium security measures, even on its shared hosting plans, and it soon becomes obvious security is a priority for them. This starts with daily server backups – something you don’t always find with shared packages – and you get a varied number of copies depending on the plan you choose.

SiteGround Security

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use them, but it’s reassuring to know that your data is automatically backed up on a daily basis, should the worst happen. You’ll be glad to know that SiteGround makes it very difficult for hackers to compromise its servers, though, and the provider has fared well against numerous WordPress attacks in the past.

No matter how good security measures from any provider may be, there’s always a small risk, and the concern with shared hosting is your site could be vulnerable if another account on the same server as your site is compromised. So it’s nice to see SiteGround includes Unique Account Isolation on all of its plans, to protect your account – even if someone on your server becomes compromised.

You also get a weekly “Hack Alert” to keep you up to date with all the latest security threats and advise you on how to stay safe – a really nice touch.

Verdict on security: Chances are you’ll never notice SiteGround’s security measures in action – and hopefully never need to. It’s good to see the firm offers multiple layers of protection on each of its plans, though, and you don’t see daily backups in this price range very often.

Uptime & Site Speed

SiteGround also makes some bold claims when it comes to performance and, unlike security features, you can see the results on a daily basis.

SiteGround Uptime

SiteGround tells us we can expect over 99% uptime, which means a maximum of 4.4 hours of downtime over a 6 month period – as good as any provider you’ll find. However, SiteGround has an auto-detection system, that alerts them whenever downtime occurs, so they can fix the issue – and its customized software is advanced enough to automatically fix many errors before they cause a problem.

In terms of speed, SiteGround has a much tougher job on its hands, because it has more customers to deal with than many of its rivals. This explains why you get so many features promising blistering site speed, even on its shared hosting plans. The end result leaves SiteGround marginally slower than some of its rivals, but highly competitive for this price range.

Verdict on uptime & site speed: SiteGround manages almost impeccable uptime stats and impressive speed. You may find marginally quicker page loads with some of its rivals, but SiteGround’s impressive server response times make a minimal difference at most.

Dedicated WordPress Features

While some providers like WP Engine are dedicated to the WordPress platform, SiteGround offers plans for bespoke sites, Joomla and other platforms. It also offers dedicated WordPress versions of its StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

SiteGround WordPress Features

Pricing and key features for the WordPress plans are essentially the same as their regular plans, but you get free WordPress installation, free transfer, auto-update, support and advanced security features across all plans. With GrowBig and GoGeek, you also get additional WordPress caching to improve site speed. GoGeek exclusively comes with WordPress Staging and Git support.

Note: Staging creates a copy of your website on a separate environment, allowing you to test new code and design changes before implementing them on your live site. SiteGround’s staging features makes this all doable in a matter of clicks.

WordPress features verdict: If you’re willing to pay for dedicated WordPress hosting with more robust features, then you may want to consider WP Engine or similar options. However, SiteGround offers solid WordPress performance at a fraction of WP Engine’s prices.

Customer Support

SiteGround wants to set itself apart as a hosting provider that offers premium customer support, regardless of its low-end prices – and it’s fair to say it succeeds. The truth is you’ll rarely need to use SiteGround’s customer support, though. This is thanks to its easy setup process and a software system that fixes many problems automatically – or even prevents them from ever happening in the first place.

SiteGround Service

If you do need to get in touch with customer support, it’s probably because of a simple mistake on your part. However, the team is quick to respond and happy to talk you through any problems, so you can avoid the same issue in the future.

You can contact SiteGround’s support staff by telephone, live chat or via an email ticket system, 24/7 – and the response times are great.

Verdict on customer support: Considering SiteGround offers hosting for so many different platforms, it’s impressive to see broad expertise and fast response times as part of a top-notch customer support team.

Using SiteGround

One of the worst things about hosting a website is getting your head around the setup process and using the software platforms involved – especially if you’re new to the game. So how does SiteGround weigh up on the usability front?

Getting Started

If you’re new to web hosting or have had some nasty experiences getting set up in the past, one thing you’ll love about SiteGround is the vast collection the tutorials on offer. You have starter guides for just about everything: web hosting, setting up your email accounts, FTP and even a dedicated set of WordPress tutorials.

SiteGround WordPress Tutorials

There’s a dedicated section of “getting started” tutorials too, which covers all the basics you need. The good thing about these SiteGround resources is they’re short and simple, with plenty of images to show you where everything is. All too often documentation from host providers is overcomplicated, which defeats the whole point for new users.

Verdict on getting started: It’s not like SiteGround works a miracle by turning web hosting into something that needs no technical knowledge. However, its resources break things down incredibly well. If you’re experienced with hosting then this may not be so important, anyway, but it’s a good effort to make hosting more approachable for newcomers.

SiteGround Administration Panel

On the face of things, the SiteGround admin panel doesn’t look any different from those you’ll find with most host providers. There are some key features that deserve a mention, though, in addition to the usual suspects.

Upgrading Your Plan

If you find your existing plan isn’t enough to support the growth of your site you can upgrade in a matter of clicks from the admin panel. Simply click the upgrade button to the left of the cPanel interface, under Account Information. You can also do this from inside the My Accounts tab before you sign in to the admin panel.

Domain Management

SiteGround Domain Management

The first tab you’ll find in the cPanel interface is the Domains section, where you can transfer domains, register new ones, create subdomains and various other management options.

Click Domain Manager and you can review your domain information, change a number of settings and access a range of extra services, upgrades, and tutorials.

A really nice feature, should you need to change your DNS settings, is having two DNS editors: the Simple DNS Zone Editor for A and CNAME records, plus an Advanced DNS Zone Editor for more extensive records.


The Autoinstallers tab gives you access to a wealth of platform installs to bring advanced features to your website. WordPress and Joomla are the headline installs here, but Magneto, CSCart, and PrestaShop mean you can turn your site into a powerful eCommerce page within a few clicks.

Site Improvement Tools

Site improvement tools is an important part of the SiteGround Admin panel. From here you can access CloudFlare, a content delivery network (CDN) that promises to make your website perform faster.

Next up you have SiteGround’s SuperCacher that makes your website load quicker for return visitors, plus SG-Git and SiteApps for extra performance boosts.

Mail Management

SiteGround Mail Management

The Mail tab in SiteGround’s admin panel is much like any other you’ll come across, but with a couple of exceptions. First of all, you have those priceless email tutorials – so check them out if you’re new to hosting email accounts.

The other key feature is Spam Assassin and SmapExperts integration, where you can edit your spam filter and other security settings.

File Management

SiteGround File Management

Much like the Mail tab, you won’t find any surprises in the Files section either. Once again, the presence of those FTP tutorials will be invaluable to new users, though. As always, you can access and edit your site’s files through the file managers supplied, if you prefer not to work via FTP.

WordPress and Joomla Tools

SiteGround-WordPress and Joomla Tools

If there’s one thing that sets the SiteGround admin panel apart, it’s the heavily integrated WordPress and Joomla tools that come as standard. The tools for each platform are almost identical, including dedicated SuperCachers for each platform and the incredibly useful Staging feature, if you’re on the GoGeek plan.

The only difference between the two sets of tools is WordPress comes with ManageWP, which brings faster updates and added security to WordPress sites.

If you want more info on the cPanel features SiteGround has to offer, you can take a look at its extensive cPanel tutorial page.

Verdict on admin panel: There are some key features here that set SiteGround apart from other host providers, but the best of them all could well be having access to extensive tutorials within a single click.

User Interface

If you’ve used web hosting before you won’t find many surprises with the SiteGround user interface. In a way, this consistency is a good thing, as it means you can move between different host providers without learning a completely new interface.

That said, cPanel user interfaces in general, could do with an upgrade to make them a little more intuitive. This isn’t specific to SiteGround, of course, but it would be nice to see more providers take some initiative in this department.

You’ll see a very similar interface with most hosting providers, so there’s not much to compare in this case. The good news is you probably won’t spend much time behind the scenes, once your site is up and running – especially if you’re hosting a WordPress site. And you always have those tutorials on hand, if you ever get stuck.

Verdict on user interface: As you’ll find with most host providers, the interface is fairly uninspiring and it could be more intuitive from a usability point of view.

Overall Verdict

SiteGround is one of the most highly rated hosting providers in its category and it’s easy to see why opinions are so positive. Instead of offering every feature it could cram into its shared hosting plans, SiteGround focuses on delivering a higher quality of service on the things that matter most.

Web site performance, security and customer service are clearly the priorities for SiteGround and the standard it offers in these three departments is hard to find in this price range. You can think of SiteGround as a provider that focuses on quality over quantity and it chooses its priorities well.

The biggest drawback to SiteGround’s shared hosting plans is that they come with more restrictions than you’ll find with many of its competitors. This won’t be a problem for most users, but we have found some complaints about limited execution requests or bandwidth causing problems – this could be a simple case of choosing the wrong plan, though.

You’ll see from the reviews yourself that the vast majority are highly positive and the customer support team, in particular, is praised time and again. Our experience with SiteGround has been a very happy one too and it’s certainly one of our top recommendations in this price range.

If you’re looking for a high quality but affordable web host for your website, then SiteGround comes highly recommended.

How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Error Establishing A Database Connection

Most of the time WordPress runs like a well-oiled machine – causing very few problems. Every now and then, something strange happens. Sending you on a wild goose chase, desperate to figure out the cause of the problem and get you website back up and running.

Almost everyone understands the importance of the WordPress database. It contains everything that makes your website unique. Your content, images, meta descriptions, settings, user information, and more are all contained within your database.

That’s why there is one message that sends fear into the hearts of every website owner. Its the plain white screen with the ominous phrase across the top stating “Error establishing a database connection“.

Before you stop, drop and roll in a state of panic, take a deep breath and realize that we can usually fix this problem in just a few minutes. That’s exactly what we’re going to run through today.

First Things First: A Backup Primer

We’ll keep this short and sweet. There are always a few people out there who still haven’t jumped on board with the idea of creating regular backups.

Of course, this wouldn’t be you, would it?

If it is, the error establishing a database connection message is usually the ideal wake up call. The thought that the database could have a sudden problem usually scares people into the habit of creating regular backups.

So, if you haven’t already been doing so, today is the day that you’ll start creating regular backups of your WordPress site. Once we get your database back up and running, you can head over to this article to check out an easy way to get started.

Either way, as we get into the troubleshooting part of this post, it’s important to make sure you’ve created a fresh backup before you make any changes to your MySQL database or click on anything in phpMyAdmin. By “fresh backup”, I mean a completely new version. Don’t overwrite something that was created before the error message was generated.

What Does Error Establishing Database Connection Mean?

The heart of any WordPress website is the database. MySQL is the open source database responsible for storing virtually all of the critical information required by your website. To put it simply, without a database, you’ve got nothing but a blank white screen.

Anytime a visitor comes to your website, WordPress, which is built on PHP, is required to deliver the requested page to your visitor’s browser. In order to achieve this, WordPress communicates with your MySQL database and requests the required information. This includes absolutely everything that the end user sees on their screen.

So, if a visitor arrives on your homepage, WordPress will request from the database information that includes your current theme, the header and logo, any images or text, sidebar widgets, settings, footer content and more. It’s a long list.

But every now and then, something goes wrong. WordPress goes looking for information and – nothing. Silence. For whatever reason, WordPress is unable to connect or pull the required information from your database. When this happens it returns a blank white page and an error message “Error establishing a database connection“.

Once this happens, it’s up to you or your hosting company to find the root cause of the problem and fix the error.

Why Does This Error Happen?

It would be nice if the cause of the error was as clear as the error message itself. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Most of the time the problem can be resolved quickly with just a little digging. Other times, you may need to escalate the situation by getting in touch with your hosting company. As you’re working through these problems and solutions, remember, as with most things in WordPress, there are usually multiple ways of solving the same problem.

Let’s take a look at the three most common reasons:

Your Database Credentials Are Incorrect

If you’ve recently installed WordPress through your hosting company’s one-click installer, then chances are this is not the cause of your problem.

On the other hand, if you’re in the process of doing one of the following, then there is a good chance that this is where your problem resides:

  • Installing WordPress using the “Famous 5-Minute Install”.
  • Moving from a local installation to a server.
  • If you are changing hosts or domain names.

Most of the time you’ll know whether there is a chance that your credentials are incorrect. If you’ve been entering or changing database credentials, it’s not something you do unknowingly.

Step #1 – Gather the Required Information

The first step towards resolving the error message is to gather all the required information. This includes:

  • Database name
  • Database host (usually but not always “localhost”)
  • Database username
  • Database password


This information can be found in your cPanel under MySQL Databases (pictured above). Opening up this window will display a list of Database installations as well as a list of database users. Keep this window open while you move to step number two.

Step #2 – Cross-Check Your Database Credentials

Your second step is to download or open up your wp-config.php file. You can do this using a basic FTP program such as FileZilla but it’s easier to login to your cPanel and open up your file manager, selecting “Web Root (public_html/www)” and then clicking “Go”.


Next, select the wp-config.php file (as seen above) and at the top of your screen click “Edit”. This will open up the file and enable the editor. Scrolling down a few lines you find the information that you are looking for:

All of the information contained within quotes, for example ‘database_name’, must match exactly with your actual database credentials. Even an extra space after the quotes can cause an error message.

In case you’re wondering what your database host should be set to, you can either check with your hosting company’s support team or this list.

If you’re unsure of your password, you can simply select the user (as seen in the image below) and reset the password. Then copy and paste the new password into your wp-config.php file.


If for any reason, you’d rather start from scratch. You can simply create a new user and assign them to the database. Just make sure that if you have multiple database installations, you apply the new user to the correct database (you may only have one).


Step #3 – Check Your Table Prefix

While you’re looking around your wp_config.php file it’s also a good idea to make sure your table prefix is correct. If you’re referencing the wrong database, it won’t matter how accurate your login details are. Look for the following text:

Often your table prefix will say ‘wp_’, but it can be set to anything for example ‘wp63ts7_’
Make sure your actual table prefix matches what’s in your wp-config.php file.

Your Database Is Corrupt

If you’ve gone through all of the steps above to no avail, double checking closely for any typos or missing information, the next possibility is that your database is corrupt.

A tell-tale sign of database corruption is when the front-end of your website seems to be working properly, but the back-end displays the error message or vice versa.

If this is the case, you’re probably on the right track. This potential fix is a little less tedious than checking all your database credentials, but it still requires a little work. There are two potential ways to get the job done:

Option #1 Enable the WordPress Database Repair

Following the step #2 above, you’ll want to open up your wp-config.php file using the editor.
Scroll to the bottom of the file and add the following line of code:

define( 'WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true );

Save your changes, but keep the editor open, you’re going to need it in a few minutes.

Next, open up a new tab in your browser. Navigate to the following URL:

This will open up the WordPress database tool that will look like the image below. From there, you can select either “Repair Database” or “Repair and Optimize Database”. However, to stay on the side of caution, it might be best to simply repair the database at this point in time.


Once this step is complete, go back to your file editor, delete the line that you added at the bottom and save the file again. You have now disabled the repair tool. Don’t forget this final step.

Option #2 Repair Your Database Using phpMyAdmin

Another way to repair your database tables is through the phpMyAdmin interface in your cPanel. Although quicker and easier, this method also requires a little more caution since you can completely wipe out your database from within phpMyAdmin.

Friendly reminder: Always backup your database before making any changes.


Once you’ve opened up phpMyAdmin (see above), select the appropriate database on the left side of your screen. Next make sure the structure tab is selected. Then, highlight all the tables and using the drop-down box as shown below, select “Repair table”.

Repair Your Database Using phpMyAdmin

Once this action shows as being successfully completed, you can close phpMyAdmin and test your website.

There Is a Problem With the Server

The third and final possibility is that your error message is actually being caused by a problem with your server. If your website is hosted in a shared environment it is usually more likely that the problem is caused by an overloaded server.

With many shared hosting companies, there can be thousands of other websites hosted on the same server. If one of those users decides to abuse the server resources, whether intentionality or not, it’s possible that their actions can affect everyone else whose website is hosted on the same server.

The good news about this scenario is that users causing this type of problem are usually red flagged pretty quickly. Once your hosting company discovers the problem, the offending account is suspended or put on a very short leash.

It’s also possible that these problems are not caused intentionally. If your website or another website on the same server is featured in the press or the front page of Reddit for example, a sudden traffic spike can overload the database. This type of problem will also tend to self-resolve fairly quickly. If you’ve tried everything else and your site is still offline after a few minutes, it could be time to call or chat online with your hosting company.

In the event that this problem happens more than occasionally and is a result of using shared hosting, you might want to consider switching to managed hosting instead. While it’s a little more expensive, you’ll rarely have these kinds of problems to deal with.

Wrap Up

That pretty much covers the three most common reasons that you might experience the “Error establishing a database connection” message:

  1. Incorrect database credentials.
  2. A corrupt database or individual database table.
  3. A problem with the server.

In most cases, this error message is a problem that can be resolved in under 15 minutes. If you’re unsure about how to fix it or you are uncomfortable with the methods covered in this post, it’s probably better to contact your hosting company or turn to a WordPress support service. The last thing you want to do is cause more damage to your database.

In almost all cases, even with shared hosting, you’ll find that customer support is more than happy to help you resolve this error. If not, it might be time to look for a different hosting company.

If you’ve ever experienced problems with your WordPress database please share in the comments below.

Inmotion Hosting Review: A Web Host for Every Website

InmotionHosting Review

Inmotion Hosting is a web host offering plans and packages that cover the whole spectrum of website needs. From first time bloggers, through to large enterprise e-commerce businesses, Inmotion Hosting have options to match.

If you’re just starting out and are looking for a host for your first website, then the unlimited, low-cost entry-level plans will appeal. However, if your new project has more demanding requirements, or you’re looking to move your existing site to a new host, you’ll find plenty of options here too.

Inmotion Hosting hasn’t gone down the specialization route. Instead, you’ll find a wide range of plans and services that provide flexible hosting solutions for your website.

But with so many web hosts to choose from today, is Inmotion Hosting worthy of your money and are they a safe pair of hands for your website? Let’s find out in our hands-on Inmotion Hosting review.

Inmotion Hosting Web Host Review Awards

About Inmotion Hosting

Whether you’re starting a new website from scratch, or you’re seeking a new host for your existing site, Inmotion Hosting can help you. Their free domain registration service takes one extra job and expensive off your hands. While their optional WordPress pre-installation service will ensure that you can get started on your website as soon as your account goes live.

While there are many provisions on offer that make life easier for WordPress users, such as their website builder tool and 1-click installation service, you’re not restricted to using WordPress by any means. The Inmotion Hosting 1-click installer covers a range of apps and software, including Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, to name just a few.

If you’re not ready to build your own website or simply don’t have the time, Inmotion Hosting offers a web design service that will get you online with as little effort as possible.

Unlike many of their competitors, Inmotion Hosting is employee-owned and operated. They are not part of the controversial Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG have been acquiring web hosts like HostGator and Bluehost at a rapid rate and it’s fair to say that they have experienced some teething troubles when assimilating new hosts into their infrastructure.

For those seeking a more independent web host, one that offers a wide range of plans, Inmotion Hosting could be a great choice. So let’s take a look at the plans on offer to help you decide whether this web host is the best option for your needs.

Inmotion Hosting Review: Plans and Packages

As mentioned, Inmotion Hosting offers a wide range of plans and packages to suit almost every type of website. There’s a lot to choose from here which is great. The main web hosting categories consist of:

  • Shared business hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Reseller hosting

Inmotion Hosting Shared Business Hosting

In line with industry standards, the entry-level packages available from Inmotion Hosting are their shared web hosting plans. At Inmotion Hosting, these plans are advertised as business hosting. This is because they are suitable for small business websites as well as blogs and other hobbyist sites.

All of the shared hosting servers are equipped with high-performance solid-state drives. This isn’t something you see everywhere and is instead often offered as a premium upgrade. You also get access to unlimited disk space and as much bandwidth as you can consume – although expect a call from the support team if your website starts using ‘too much’ of either.

Inmotion Hosting Review Shared Features

The entry level shared hosting service from Inmotion Hosting is available on three tiers:

  • Launch: from $4.89 per month
  • Power: from $6.29 per month
  • Pro: from $10.49 per month

Inmotion Hosting Review Shared Plans

These prices are very competitive and considering you get a free domain registration with all tiers, you could have your new website up and running for only a few dollars a month.

The main differences between the tiers are the number of websites you can host on your account, as well as the type of websites you can create. The level of support you get access to varies according to how much you pay each month.

Upgrading through the shared tiers doesn’t seem to provide you with any more hardware resources. Therefore, once your website starts getting popular, you’ll have to move up to the next level of service from Inmotion Hosting.

Find out more about the Inmotion Hosting shared business plans

Inmotion Hosting VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server hosting is the next step up from the entry-level shared business hosting. With this type of web hosting, you’re allocated more server resources than on the previous level. This can help ensure your website will load faster and handle more traffic.

Inmotion Hosting Review VPS Plans

Again, the VPS hosting plans are split across multiple tiers:

  • VPS level 1: from $29.99 per month
  • VPS level 2: from $49.99 per month
  • VPS level 3: from $74.99 per month

Unlike the business shared hosting plans, as you move up through the tiers you do get access to more powerful hardware, helping your website to cope with increased demand.

Other notable features of the VPS plans from Inmotion Hosting include one free domain registration, dedicated IP addresses, the ability to host an unlimited number of websites, SSH access to the servers, and a full cPanel license.

You might notice that unlimited disk space and bandwidth is not on offer at this level. However, as in reality, there’s no such thing as unlimited usage or storage, it’s actually better to be aware of the limits. This allows you to make an educated decision when choosing a package. It’ll also give you the ability to plan accordingly once your needs start growing.

If you want to start out with access to high-performance servers, or you need to upgrade from entry-level shared hosting, a VPS plan is the obvious choice.

Find out more about the Inmotion Hosting VPS plans

Inmotion Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the last resort for the most resource-hungry websites and online projects. Unlike the shared hosting services and VPS plans, you’ll be allocated your own server. This means you won’t need to worry about sharing resources with other customers and all the problems associated with that.

The result of this is that your website will typically be more robust than when hosted a shared server. It’ll also give you access to higher performance hardware. These benefits are reflected in the price of the plans. Therefore, usually, dedicated hosting is only an option for projects with significant needs or freedom requirements.

Inmotion Hosting Review Dedicated Features

As with the VPS plans, you can obtain root access to your server and install your software and tools of choice. Therefore, if you’re a developer or you need a server for more than simply hosting a website, dedicated hosting is one option available to you.

Inmotion Hosting Review Dedicated Plans

The dedicated hosting plans are divided into two groups, each with their own tiers:

  • Dedicated Essential: from $119.99 per month
  • Dedicated Advanced: from $159.99 per month
  • Dedicated Elite: from $229.99 per month
  • Commercial Class 500: from $419.99 per month
  • Commercial Class 1000: from $489.99 per month
  • Commercial Class 2000: from $589.99 per month

Inmotion Hosting Review Dedicated Hardware

As you can see, these plans aren’t cheap. However, you do get access to some powerful hardware. You can also customize the servers to find the right blend of performance and cost. Therefore, if you’re running a software as a service (SaaS) or an e-commerce store, then dedicated hosting could be the best choice for you.

Find out more about the Inmotion Hosting dedicated server plans

Inmotion Hosting Reseller Hosting

If you want to start your own white label hosting company or professionally host the sites of your web design clients, then the Inmotion Hosting reseller hosting plans might be of interest to you.

The reseller hosting plans start from as little as $13.99 per month and all tiers allow you to host an unlimited number of websites. The service includes an automated billing tool to enable you to efficiently collect payments from your customers. Adding your own branding to the service is straightforward too.

Find out more about the Inmotion Hosting reseller packages

Inmotion Hosting WordPress-Optimized Web Hosting

WordPress now powers over 25% of all websites and web hosting services that cater specifically to WordPress users are becoming increasingly popular. Not to be outdone by hosts like SiteGround and WP Engine, Inmotion Hosting now too offers a WordPress-focused package.

Although you can easily host a WordPress website on any of the Inmotion Hosting plans, if you are going to be exclusively using this CMS, then it might be worth exploring this option.

The prices are currently the same as the entry-level shared hosting plans and the details look suspiciously similar. Therefore, don’t expect the same level of performance as you’d get from a managed WordPress host like Pagely.

However, Inmotion Hosting does put their money where their mouth is and actively sponsors WordCamp events around the US.

Find out more about the WordPress-optimized web hosting

Inmotion Hosting User Experience

It’s fair to say that Inmotion Hosting has a plan or package to cover almost every online project. However, what’s just as important is how easy the service is to use. So let’s take a look at the user control panel to find out what’s involved in setting up a website and managing your account.

Inmotion Hosting Review AMP

The Inmotion Hosting account management panel (AMP) is functional rather than beautiful, but it serves its purpose well. Through the AMP, you can keep track of the financial details of your account, before moving onto the site management quick links.

Inmotion Hosting Review Shortcuts

These quick links invariably take you through to the relevant section of the cPanel visual control panel. cPanel is a popular choice with web hosts, so if you are moving from another web host, there’s a good chance you’ll feel right at home with Inmotion Hosting.

Inmotion Hosting Review cPanel

As you can see, cPanel gives you quick access to lots of features and tools. From adding and managing additional domains, accessing the file manager for your slice of the server, setting up new email addresses, and installing software, you’ll soon find there is a lot you can do with your web hosting account and the portion of the server you’ve been allocated.

Inmotion Hosting Review Add-on Domain

When it comes to installing software, such as WordPress or another CMS, the process is very straightforward. Simply choose which software you’d like to install, and then follow the onscreen instructions. In most cases, it will only take a few clicks, and your software of choice will be ready for use.

Inmotion Hosting Review WordPress

From then on, it’s up to you to setup your chosen theme, add content to your site, and install the necessary plugins. The 24 x 7 x 365 Inmotion Hosting customer support team is on hand to help you and there is plenty of online documentation available should any issues arise.

How Does Inmotion Hosting Compare to the Competition?

Inmotion Hosting Review Comparison

As you can see from the above table, Inmotion Hosting is confident when it comes to comparing themselves to their rivals in competitive web hosting industry.

On paper, the Inmotion Hosting web hosting service, from pricing to features and the level of customer satisfaction being recorded compares well to the competition. Prices are often lower, performance is better, and you tend to get more for your money overall.

This information certainly seems to correspond with my experiences of using this web host and investigating customer reviews.

If you want to know how Inmotion Hosting shapes up against a specific host, they’ve published a range of comparison articles. This includes Inmotion Hosting vs HostGator and Inmotion Hosting vs Bluehost.

Inmotion Hosting Review Conclusion

There are many good reasons to choose Inmotion Hosting. Affordable prices, a wide range of plans, a no-downtime website transfer service, and free data backups are just a few of the highlights from the feature list.

The fact that Inmotion Hosting remains one of the few large, independent hosts that haven’t succumbed to the advances of EIG will also make this company more appealing to some.

Unlike some web hosts, there’s no cloud hosting service that allows you to configure the resources available to your website on demand. However, whether there’s a real demand for this type of service, or if it’s just an attempt to cash in on the popularity of cloud-based services remains to be seen. The lack of a premium managed WordPress hosting service might deter some potential customers too.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable home for your website, one that makes it easy to get started, or migrate your existing site over, then Inmotion Hosting is a safe bet.

Find out more about Inmotion Hosting today

Splash Theme Review: A Feature-Rich WordPress Sports Theme

Splash WordPress Theme Review FT

Splash is a newly released WordPress theme that’s been created to help you build a professional sports website. In this article, we’ll be exploring exactly what this theme can do in our hands-on Splash theme review.

Whether you need a website to promote your team, league, or just share your interest in sports, Splash has an impressive set of features that should more than cover your needs. Thanks to the full ecommerce support of Splash, this theme is also a good option for Sports-related online stores.

As well as its impressive design, this theme has lots going on under the hood. So read on to find out if this is the right choice for your project in our Splash theme review.

Splash WordPress Theme Features

Although the Splash theme demo is focused towards basketball, almost any sport can make use of this theme. As we’ll see in this Splash theme review, if you choose this template, you’ll have no trouble customizing and setting up your website in the way that you want.

Modern Design and Appearance

Splash Theme Review Design

As you can see, Splash has a high-quality design and appearance. Creating a professional sports website won’t be a problem with Splash.

Splash Theme Review Appearance

This sports theme is about more than just looks, though, so let’s see what else Splash can do.

SportsPress Compatible

Splash Theme Review SportsPress

The Splash WordPress sports theme has been built to take full advantage of the SportsPress plugin from ThemeBoy. This plugin has been created to help you build a useful website for your sports team, league, or organization.

SportsPress gives you an easy way to publish information about your team or league online. This information can include fixture details, player ratings, results, individual team and player profiles, and a whole lot more.

Splash Theme Review Table

Once you’ve installed the plugin and configured SportsPress on your WordPress website, you can add data on the go by using your mobile device. This gives you an easy and convenient way to share your latest team and league information with your squad and fans. There’s now no need to rely on outdated and time-consuming tools and processes from the past.

The free version of SportsPress and the Splash theme gives you a powerful set of tools for storing and publishing a wide range of information. Thanks to the selection of free sport-specific add-ons for SportsPress, you can easily make your website more focused on baseball, soccer, cricket, or golf. Many other sports are supported by default, as part of the core SportsPress plugin.

Splash Theme Review Player

If you need more features and functionality when it comes to managing your team or league online, the premium SportsPress Pro is also fully supported by the Splash WordPress theme (although not included in the theme package).

Thanks to the support for SportsPress, you’ll certainly have many options when using the Splash WordPress theme for your sports website.

Sports-Related Page Templates

Using the SportsPress plugin is a great idea. However, if your WordPress theme doesn’t contain page templates to show off your content in style, then you probably won’t be using the SportsPress plugin to its potential. Thankfully, Splash is packed with useful page templates, including many sports-related options.

Splash Theme Review Fixtures

In the package of this WordPress sports theme, you’ll find an impressive page design for publishing sports fixtures for your team or league. The fixtures screen even features a live countdown timer that shows the time remaining until the next game starts.

Splash Theme Review Results

The results for previous fixtures are displayed on the same page as the scores to keep everybody up to date with the progress of the team. As well as the list view of the forthcoming fixtures, the Splash WordPress theme also has a single fixture page template.

Splash Theme Review Fixtures Single

The single fixture page template gives you a great opportunity to share more details of the game. This could include a written report, an embedded YouTube video, and player stats for the fixture.

Splash Theme Review Player Results

To help you keep your fans and followers up to date with the latest developments, the Splash sports theme has a well-designed set of blog templates. By using these templates for your blog, you’ll be able to publish the latest news and other information from your league or team.

Splash Theme Review News

Visual Composer Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tool

Visual Composer

The website demo and pre-built page templates and layouts that make up the Splash sports theme look great. However, you may want to edit them to ensure they’re a better match for your project. Thankfully, this theme has been built with the Visual Composer page builder tool – a premium WordPress plugin that’s included in the package at no extra cost.

Splash Theme Review Visual Composer Editor

With Visual Composer activated on your WordPress website, you can now create custom page layouts and designs that just aren’t possible with the standard WordPress post editor – at least not without writing the code yourself.

Splash Theme Review Visual Composer Back End

Visual Composer makes it easy to customize any of the included pages that make up this theme, as well as create your own designs. One of the best things about Visual Composer is that it includes a library of useful page elements that can be inserted into your designs.

Splash Theme Review Visual Composer Elements

If you have creative aspirations for your WordPress website and don’t have the time or ability to hand-code the pages yourself, Visual Composer is a powerful tool that you will find very useful.

Slider Revolution Slideshow Builder Tool

If you check out the Splash theme demo, you’ll notice that the homepage features a large animated slideshow. This slideshow has been created by the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin – another premium tool that has been included in the Splash theme package at no extra cost.

Splash Theme Review Homepage Slider

Slider Revolution gives you a way to create simple and advanced slideshows for your WordPress website. You can also use this tool to edit any of the sliders that are included as part of the Splash theme demo.

Splash Theme Review Slider Revolution

Sliders can be a great way to display your best content, including posts, pages, and items from your media gallery. You can also use these animated sliders to display products from your ecommerce store if you have one, making it easy for your visitors to see what’s available to buy.

Donation Campaigns

Splash Theme Review Donations

The donations feature of Splash will come in handy if you want to raise funds for your team, league, or some other cause. Now, by making use of the donations feature you can create as many campaigns or causes as you need and then publicize them on your site.

Splash Theme Review Donations Info

Your visitors can then browse your campaigns, find out more about them, and then choose to make a donation via an online payment processor.

Splash Theme Review Donations Backend

When creating the donations, you can enter the information about the cause you are fundraising for and set a target amount for the campaign.

Easy Audio and Video Embedding

Splash Theme Review Media Gallery Front-end

Splash Theme Review Media Gallery Front-end

To complement the default WordPress Media Library, the Splash WordPress theme also has its own Media Gallery feature. Thanks to this addition, you’ll now find it much easy to add audio and video files to your website, embed them into your content, and keep track of all of your multimedia content in one place.

Splash Theme Review Media Gallery

Adding the audio and video files to the gallery is very straightforward and is simply a case of pasting in the URL of the media file into the gallery item.

Splash Theme Review Media Gallery Edit

As the Splash WordPress theme was built using Visual Composer, you can easily open the media gallery page – or any other content on your site – and customize the layout, design, and appearance of the media archive elements.

Splash Theme Review Media Gallery VC

Theme Customization Options

With Visual Composer at your disposal, there really isn’t much you can’t do when it comes to customizing your WordPress website and the Splash theme.

Splash Theme Review Customizer

However, for some users and website owners, creating custom page designs and modifying the existing templates that come with Splash might be too much work or just not necessary. Although Visual Composer is relatively easy to use, it does require getting to grips with a new way of working and learning another user interface.

Splash Theme Review Customizer Fonts

If you still want to give your website a custom look and feel, without biting off more than you can chew, the good news is the Splash theme is well integrated with the WordPress Customizer. Through the Customizer, you can personalize many aspects of your website, including changing the fonts and typography settings, modifying the header layout and appearance, setting the colors and background images, and lots more.

Splash Theme Review Customizer Store

The Customizer also gives you a quick and easy way to apply custom CSS to your site, helping you make those fine-grained changes that can be tricky to implement otherwise.

Full Ecommerce Support

If you want to sell team merchandise from your sports website or even tickets for events, then the Splash WordPress theme has everything you need to get started. This sports theme has been built to integrate seamlessly with the leading WooCommerce store builder plugin for WordPress.

Splash Theme Review Ecommerce

The free version of WooCommerce provides you with all the necessary functionality that will allow you to manage your stock, listing your products for sale, add a shopping cart to your website, and collect payments from your customers.

Splash Theme Review Ecommerce Product

If you need to add more features and functionality to the ecommerce aspect of your sports website, then there are countless extensions available for WooCommerce that will upgrade your website in just a few clicks.

Other Splash Sports Theme Features

While the above features are the highlights of Splash, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Some more important features of Splash include:

  • Breaking news ticker
  • Over 700 Google Fonts to choose from
  • Ability to create unlimited custom sidebars
  • 24-hour support turnaround
  • Optional hosting and premium WordPress support service available
  • Easy to follow PDF user manual

Splash WordPress Theme Pricing Options

Splash is available from the reputable ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This price includes six months of support from StylemixThemes and lifetime access to theme updates. For an extra $17.70 you can purchase an additional six months of support, bringing the total support period to 12 months.

If you’d like to have someone to turn to for assistance during the first 12 months, then paying the higher price of $76.70 is a good value option.

Splash Theme Review Final Thoughts

If you need to create a website for your sports team, league, or another similar purpose, the Splash WordPress theme is a great choice. Even if you’re building an online store to sell sports-related products and services, then Splash is also a good option. This is thanks to the full support for the leading WooCommerce shop builder plugin. Sports bloggers will find that Splash more than meets their needs too.

If you like the overall look and feel of the Splash theme, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this sports theme can be easily modified to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to get really creative and use the included Visual Composer plugin to customize many aspects of this theme, or you’d preferred to take a more simplified approach and use the WordPress Customizer tool to tweak the settings of your site, Splash gives you plenty of options.

The one-click demo import tool of Splash works really well. In just a few clicks, you’ll have laid the foundation for your website, leaving you to pick and choose which features you want to use, before adding your own content. Thanks to the mobile-responsiveness of this theme, you and your team will be able to easily add their results on the go, from a range of devices.

Splash is a highly impressive WordPress sports theme that you should definitely take for a test drive.

Find out more about Splash today

BoldGrid Review: Hosted Website Builder for WordPress

BoldGrid Review FT

BoldGrid is a tool that has been built to help you design your very own custom website in just three steps. As we’ll see in this BoldGrid review, this tool is actually a combination of WordPress plugins and themes, which gives you the ability to take control of the design and appearance of your website, regardless of your level of web design or development experience.

Another trick that BoldGrid has up its selves is its partnership with well-known web host, InMotion Hosting. This hosting and website builder combination makes a BoldGrid a potential Squarespace alternative and competitor to services like Weebly and Wix.

So, let’s find out how this WordPress website builder squares up to the completion in our hands-on BoldGrid review.

Who Should Choose the BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder?

BoldGrid Review Before After

BoldGrid is for those who crave a personalized website, but either don’t have the design and development skills to achieve their goal, or don’t want to use a hosted website builder service like Squarespace.

By harnessing the flexibility of WordPress, along with its open source nature, choosing BoldGrid gives you the ability to design and build a website that truly matches your creative vision, while also ensuring that you retain full ownership of the site.

Even if you are a proficient coder, BoldGrid could still appeal to you. Thanks to the fact that this website builder tool has the potential to greatly speed up your development process and make you more efficient when creating websites for yourself or clients, it could be just the tool you’ve been looking for.

Sounds interesting? Let’s find out more about what this tool can do in our BoldGrid review.

BoldGrid Features

BoldGrid is packed with features, including a selection of website templates, a wealth of customization options, and a page builder tool. Let’s take a look at those features in more detail in this section of the BoldGrid review.

BoldGrid Templates

BoldGrid Review Templates

BoldGrid provides you a number of inspirations, or themes when creating your custom WordPress website. Just like regular WordPress themes, with the templates from BoldGrid, you get unrestricted access to the underlying source code.

However, the BoldGrid team have been working on a partnership with Envato, which will see the number of themes available for BolidGrid expand massively. There will soon be a section on ThemeForest – the largest WordPress theme marketplace – dedicated to BoldGrid themes.

BoldGrid Review Templates More

Thanks to this level of access, coders and developers can then go in and edit the source code to make as many changes as they need. However, even if you are not a coder, as you’ll soon see in this BoldGrid review, you still get a great deal of freedom over how your WordPress website will look.

To give you even more options, the customization and page builder features of BoldGrid should work with any well-coded WordPress theme.

BoldGrid Customizer

BoldGrid Review Customizer Feature

To help non-developers and non-coders create a personalized website, the BoldGrid website builder tool makes good use of the WordPress Customizer. With the Customizer, you’ll be able to personalize many aspects of your website, all through a front-end user interface. This means that as you make your changes, you can see exactly what effect they are having, without the need to switch browser tabs and windows.

BoldGrid Builder

BoldGrid Review Editor

While the BoldGrid Customizer settings give you a good amount of control over the appearance of your site at the global level, if you want to modify the individual pieces of content that make up your site, the BoldGrid Editor is on hand to assist you.

BoldGrid Review GridBlocks

The BoldGrid Editor allows you to add GridBlocks to your WordPress pages, which are prebuilt page modules. The library of GridBlocks covers useful elements, such as testimonials, a selection of image and text configurations, photo galleries, header sections, and a range of other layouts and content elements.

BoldGrid Review GridBlocks Editor

Once you’ve added a GridBlock to your page, you can simply click on it to start editing its content. You can also easily drag-and-drop it into a new position.

BoldGrid Staging Service

Another really useful feature of the BoldGrid WordPress builder is the staging tool. By using the optional staging feature, you can create a private version of your website that isn’t available to your visitors. This then gives you a development environment to work in. Here you can experiment and work on your website without having to worry about anyone seeing it until you are ready to publish it.

The active version of your site remains publically visible, while you work on the staging version. Then, when you are ready, you can set the staging version live.

Although this feature is useful, it’s entirely optional. Therefore, if you are happy to work on the active version of your site directory, you are free to do so.

Creating a Custom WordPress Website with BoldGrid

On paper, BoldGrid has an impressive set of features. So, let’s put them to the test to find out how easy it is to create a custom WordPress website with this website builder in the next section of our hands-on BoldGrid review.

Choose a Template

The first step in creating your custom WordPress website is to choose from one of the available BoldGrid inspirations. To get started, you can select a category that matches your project. After that you can choose from the corresponding templates.

BoldGrid Review Inspiration Categories

The templates that will make up the base of your website are free to use, providing you are willing to supply your own content. Alternatively, you can pay to get access to the copyrighted content used in the templates, such as any stock images or similar content.

BoldGrid Review Inspiration Base Design

With BoldGrid, there’s a good selection of base designs to choose from for your projects. When making a selection you can preview how the template will look on your website before making a decision. This template preview mode comes complete with tablet and smartphone preview viewports.

BoldGrid Review Preview

Create Demo Content

After you’ve selected your template of choice, you can then decide how many pages to create. The options include creating a basic set of pages, the five most popular website pages, or the kitchen sink option. This last option adds a whole host of useful pages to your site.

BoldGrid Review Inspiration Pages

If you do choose the kitchen sink option, the demo pages that are created for your new website may include clients, testimonials, and gallery pages, as well as the standard pages, such as the about us and contact us pages. The page creation option is a useful feature of BoldGrid as it can help you quickly lay down the framework of your new website.

BoldGrid Review Demo

Once you’ve completed those three steps, your website is ready for you to add your own content. Alternatively, you can load up the Customizer and start personalizing the template for a more bespoke look and feel.

Commission a Custom Template

If you find there isn’t the right template for your project, you can enter a request for additional themes for a particular category. Those who submit a paid request can expect a turnaround time of around 4-6 weeks. Alternatively, free requests are added to the queue, with no time guarantees in place.

However, once the Envato partnership launches and more WordPress theme developers are on board with BoldGrid, this turnaround time is expected to be reduced significantly.

If you need custom work done on your BoldGrid-powered website, then you might want to check out the Hire an Expert section of the website.

BoldGrid Customizer

After you’ve chosen a suitable inspiration for your project, you can set about customizing its overall appearance. As mentioned earlier in this BoldGrid review, the personalization work of your website takes place through the WordPress Customizer tool.

BoldGrid Review Customizer

Thanks to the use of the WordPress Customizer tool, experienced WordPress users will find it very easy to switch to BoldGrid. On the other hand, new WordPress users shouldn’t have any trouble getting started with BoldGrid, thanks to the intuitive nature of the Customizer user interface.

BoldGrid Review Customizer Fonts

Through the controls of the Customizer, you can change the fonts used by your chosen template. These controls extend to customizing the full typography settings, going beyond simply choosing a font.

BoldGrid Review Customizer Color Palettes

You’re also free to choose from a selection of predefined color palettes. If the existing palettes don’t match your vision, it’s not a problem as creating your own custom color palettes is very easy too. You can even use the handy suggest feature to conjure up additional predefined color palettes.

BoldGrid Review Customizer Background

Adding your own background images through the Customizer is very straightforward too. As well as uploading new background images, you can also choose a background effect, including parallax, scroll, or fixed. Other background image options cover sizing options, including cover page, scaled to fit, and full width, for example. If you don’t want to use a background image at all – perhaps in a bid to improve site loading times – you can choose from a selection of background patterns.

BoldGrid Review Customizer Header Options

Among the other BoldGrid Customizer options, you’ll find the ability to setup the navigation menus, configure the widget areas, and define the header and footer sections. You can also add custom CSS through the appropriate section for even greater control over the appearance of your website.

BoldGrid Editor

Earlier in this BoldGrid review, we mentioned the Editor feature. The BoldGrid Editor is accessed at the individual post and page level. With the BoldGrid Editor, you can create custom designs for your content that wouldn’t be possible with the standard WordPress Editor.

BoldGrid Review Editor About

If you chose to create the demo pages when setting up your site, then you can easily edit any of these templates with the BoldGrid Editor. Alternatively, you can create your own pages from scratch, and give them a custom layout by inserting any of the available GridBlocks. After that, you can begin adding your own content to the blocks.

By choosing an appropriate template, making site-wide changes with the Customizer, and then building custom page designs with the BoldGrid Editor, you really can create your own custom WordPress website.

BoldGrid Settings

BoldGrid Review Settings

As most of the website modification work takes place through the front-end Customizer tool, there’s only a minimal amount of settings on the back-end. This is good as it helps simplify the website creation process, making the experience more user-friendly and intuitive.

Among the settings, you’ll find the option to select an update channel. As the options suggest, choosing the Stable setting ensures you will always have access to the latest stable release of BoldGrid. However, more advetoarus or curious developers may want to use the Edge settins in order to use or preview the future releases of BoldGrid.

BoldGrid vs the Competition

BoldGrid Review Competition

Although BoldGrid is built on WordPress, its main competitors are the other hosted website builder platforms like Squarespace and Weebly.

Thankfully, BoldGrid shapes up well against its competitors in terms of features. However, its main advantage for some users will be the fact that you get full ownership of your website when using BoldGrid and WordPress.

Unlike hosted services such as Squarespace and Wix, you won’t need to pay a monthly fee to those companies to retain access to your website and keep it online. Yes, with a WordPress website and BoldGrid, you will need to pay your web host a recurring fee. However, you will have full ownership and control over the WordPress software, along with the ability to move your website and its content elsewhere, should you desire.

BoldGrid Pricing Options

BoldGrid is available for free to customers of InMotion Hosting who have signed up to one of their Business Hosting plans. However, unlike some other website builder services, if you do choose InMotion Hosting and BoldGrid to power your WordPress website, you are free to move your site to another host at any time, rather than being locked into one platform and service forever.

It’s also worth pointing out that the BoldGrid team is in talks with other well-known web hosts from around the world. The goal of this is to establish licensing deals that will see this website builder become more widely available.

BoldGrid Review Pricing

To sign-up to InMotion Hosting on one of their Business Hosting plans and get access to BoldGrid free, you have three main pricing options:

  • Launch Plan: hosting for 2 websites from $5.99 /mo.
  • Power Plan: hosting for 6 websites from $7.99 /mo.
  • Pro Plan: hosting for unlimited websites from $13.99 /mo.

You can view the full details of the InMotion Hosting plans here.

BoldGrid Review Final Thoughts

On the surface, BoldGrid might seem like just another WordPress page builder tool. However, as it’s closely integrated into the web hosting packages offered by InMotion Hosting, it is aiming to be an alternative to hosted tools like Squarespace and Wix.

This partnership and integration help to make BoldGrid a good option for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution that results in them getting a hosted WordPress website that they can also customize through an intuitive user interface.

While you could use a service like Squarespace, choosing WordPress and BoldGrid opens up a greater world of possibilities. With WordPress, you are free to install any of the thousands of plugins or add-ons available to add new features to your website. Furthermore, you’ll always own your website and its content, no matter who you pay your monthly hosting fees to.

Some might say that the BoldGrid set of features and user experience isn’t as polished as some of the other page builder plugins already available for WordPress. However, this view overlooks the fact that due to the close web hosting integration, BoldGrid makes it a lot easier for anyone to create their first website.

If you want an easy way to create your own custom website, while retaining full ownership of the design and content, BoldGrid, WordPress, and InMotion Hosting provide you with everything you need at a very reasonable price.

Find out more about BoldGrid today

A2 Hosting Review: A Hosting Plan for Everyone

A2hosting Review

If you’re looking for a new web host then it’s safe to say that A2 Hosting has plan for you. No matter what type of website you are planning or have built already, there is something for every type of project and perhaps more importantly, every budget.

With shared hosting plans starting from just a few dollars a month, right up to top end dedicated servers and highly scalable cloud hosting services, you can start out small with A2 Hosting and then move through the levels as your needs grow.

However, simply offering a wide range of plans, each with their own tiers, is no longer enough to help a web host stand out in this crowded market. A host needs to offer an impressive uptime guarantee, responsive customer support, and a whole host of other features that make managing a website less time and energy consuming.

In this A2 Hosting review we will take a look at their different plans in more detail to see if they really are as good as they first appear. We’ll also explore the extras that A2 Hosting hope will help separate them from the competition.

But first, for those in a hurry, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of A2 Hosting to help you get a good overall picture of what this web host has to offer.

A2 Hosting Awards

A2 Hosting Pros:

  • Wide array of hosting plans from entry level to enterprise
  • Latest hardware used on their servers
  • 24/7/365 phone, email, live chat US-based customer support
  • Server locations in USA, Europe, and Asia
  • One-click installation of many software applications including WordPress
  • Services optimized for specific platforms such as WordPress, eCommerce stores, forums, and more
  • Independent and founder-owned company

A2 Hosting Cons:

  • Lots of competition in the entry level market
  • No free AdWords vouchers as can be sometimes found elsewhere
  • Lowest tier on the entry level shared hosting plan will be too restrictive for some

A2 Hosting Plans and Packages

The web hosting services from A2 Hosting are split across four main categories and consists of their shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting plans.

Each type of hosting has multiple tiers, making it easy for you to move up or down through the levels as the needs of your website grows or decreases. To make things easier for you, let’s take a look at the highlights of the different options in more detail to help you decide which one is the best choice for your website.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

The shared plans are the entry level web hosting services from A2 Hosting. They’re a great place to start for new websites or those that aren’t using up much bandwidth in the form of page views, visitor numbers, or files being served.

The shared web hosting service is available across three tiers:

  • Lite: from $ 3.92 /mo
  • Swift: from $4.90 /mo
  • Turbo: from $ 9.31 /mo

To get the best deal, you will need to pay annually, but even if you opt to pay monthly the prices are still very competitive. If you choose one of these shared hosting plans, your website will be hosted on a solid state drive for faster loading times. These servers have also been optimized for the major CMS platforms, making them an good choice for websites powered by WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, and other popular platforms.

A2 Hosting Plans

If you are starting a new website then the ability to install popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, with just one-click should be of interest. On the other hand, if you already have an existing website, hosted elsewhere, the A2 Hosting support team are happy to migrate it over for you.

While the Lite plan will only allow you to host one website or domain, upgrading to the Swift or Turbo plans means you can host an unlimited amount of domains, databases, and therefore as many websites as you want.

As you move up the shared hosting tiers, you get access to more powerful servers to help your website load faster. Other notable features on offer with the A2 Hosting shared plans include three server location options; US based support; a 99.9% uptime guarantee; email accounts and webmail; and cPanel, to name just a few.

VPS Hosting

As your needs grow and your website gets more popular or becomes of greater importance to you and your business, it’s time to start thinking of upgrading from entry level shared hosting. In these situations, moving to VPS or virtual private server hosting is the next logical step.

With a good VPS plan, you get access to a larger portion of the server resources, compared to regular shared hosting. This means your website will perform better when under pressure and you are less likely to be at the mercy of the other customer websites hosted on the same server.

This extra performance means higher monthly fees. However at A2 Hosting, the VPS plans are competitively priced:

  • Dynamic VPS: from $9.89 /mo
  • Managed VPS: from $32.99 /mo

Whether you choose the Dynamic or Managed VPS hosting plan, both options are broken down into separate tiers to ensure you aren’t paying for features and performance extras you don’t need.

A2 Hosting VPS Plans

With the unmanaged Dynamic VPS option, you are actually free to design the server configuration yourself to ensure it meets your needs. The Managed VPS service, on the other hand, is available on three pricing tiers.

A2 Hosting Custom VPS

Some of the features offered in the VPS hosting category include dedicated IPs addresses, a choice of server locations, access to the 24/7 US based support team, free site transfer, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited email accounts, and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains and websites.

Depending on which option you choose, you can either have full root access to your virtual server or let the A2 Hosting team manage it for you.

VPS hosting, whether managed or self-managed, is ideal for users who require more control over their hosting environment, or just want a faster and more stable website.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is another service on offer and it’s an option that lets you design your custom server. This enables you to set the memory, the number of CPU cores, CPU speed, and disk space available to you.

A2 Hosting Cloud Resize

As your needs change, you can quickly and easily re-size your account accordingly. Maybe you are approaching a busy period and need more server resources to ensure your website can keep up with demand, or perhaps your site has been featured somewhere and is experiencing a spike in traffic, or maybe your site is being redesigned and doesn’t need as much resources while it’s under construction. Whatever the reason, being able to simply re-size your account and the resources you are paying for can be a real comfort.

Cloud hosting prices start from $15 /mo but as you increase the resources on offer to you, the monthly fee goes up accordingly.

Dedicated Hosting

Finally, we get to dedicated hosting. With this top level hosting option you get access to your own server – there’s no sharing of resources and hardware here.

If your website is mission critical or you find the lower level options don’t cut it anymore, dedicated hosting is for you. Like VPS hosting, the dedicated plans are available in two types: managed or unmanaged.

If you’re a developer who needs full control over their hosting environment then the self-managed option will appeal. While for those who just want the highest performance available and are happy for someone to take care of their server for them, the managed hosting is the better option.

Both modes of dedicated hosting are available on three tiers each, giving you the option of upgrading to a higher performance server and access to more features as your needs grow.

  • Unmanaged dedicated hosting starts from $99.59 /mo
  • Managed dedicated hosting starts from $141.09 /mo

Common features of the A2 Hosting dedicated server plans include unlimited domains and website hosting, unlimited emails, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a whole host of others.

If you’re not sure which type of web hosting you need, there’s a handy guide on the A2 Hosting website that will help you make the right decision.

A Closer Look at the A2 Hosting Key Features

As you can now see, there are plenty of different hosting options available, each with their own individual tiers and packages. While in general the more you pay, the better allocation of hardware resources you will receive access to, there are some common features on offer from A2 Hosting that are worth highlighting.

24/7/365 Guru Custom Support

All A2 Hosting customers get access to the 24/7/365 US based customer support team. This means no matter the time of day or day of the year, you can call, email, live chat, or drop by the support forum to get an answer to your problem or a resolution for your issue.

There’s also a full knowledge base online that will help you carry out many tasks for your account and website. In the online support portal, you’ll find detailed documentation for all the main features and services available from A2 Hosting.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

As well as access to an always-available support team, there’s also the comfort of an impressive 99.9% guarantee. This means that if your website goes down and is unavailable for all but the briefest of periods, you will get some form of recompense.

High-Performance Swift Servers

As you move up the hosting plans and tiers, you’ll get access to higher performance servers for your website. However, despite this, even websites on the entry level shared plans are hosted on high-performance servers.

A2 Hosting Performance

Some of the performance enhancing features and technology available to you includes a turbo option for 20x faster site speed, pre-configured caching for your website, and as much bandwidth and storage space as you need.

Free Website Migration Service

One of the biggest drawbacks of moving to a better web host is the hassle of migrating your website. Even if you’ll get a better experience for your website, such as improved performance, less downtime, better customer support, and more features by moving to a new web host, that initial hurdle of migrating your site can be too much for some to even contemplate.

Thankfully A2 Hosting will migrate most websites for free, making it very easy to leave your poor performing host behind and get more for your money.

The A2 Hosting User Experience

So far I’m sure you’ll agree that A2 Hosting looks pretty good on paper. There are plenty of plans to choose from, covering a range of budgets and requirements.

However, that won’t mean much if using their service is difficult or frustrating. So let’s take a look at how easy it is to use A2 Hosting to setup and manage your website.

A2 Hosting Account Area

After logging into your secure client area on the A2 Hosting website, you can see the details of your account and all of the services you are subscribed to.

A2 Hosting My Services

Checking which optional upgrades are available to you is easy, as is adding new plans to your account, and registering new domains.

With most plans, you will be able to manage your website and the other tools and services available to you through the popular cPanel control panel.

A2 Hosting cPanel

Though the cPanel you can install multiple software applications, including WordPress, Drupal, and PrestaShop, in just a few steps using the Softaculous app installer service.

A2 Hosting Softalicious

While you can opt to have most of the available software pre-installed on your behalf when you create your account, doing so yourself at a later date couldn’t be easier.

Through cPanel, you can setup your email accounts, access the webmail services, and configure the auto-responder and forwarder features. There’s also a web-based file manager which makes it easy to upload files to your server and edit them, all without having to install a separate FTP application. This is great for making quick or urgent changes to your website when you don’t have access to a computer equipped with your usual suite of preferred tools.

Most A2 Hosting plans allow you to host multiple domains and websites on a single account. Adding domains, whether registered through A2 Hosting or elsewhere, is again very easy and takes places through a graphical user interface. Once you’ve added another domain, you are free to install any of the available software on it and set up additional email inboxes for yourself or your clients.

A2 Hosting Review Overall Verdict

A2 Hosting offers an impressive array of hosting options, each with their own tiers and variations. This means you can start out on a very inexpensive hosting plan and get your website online almost instantly for very little financial outlay.

With plenty of software options available to you, whether you want to code your site yourself, or harness the power of a CMS like WordPress, you have a wide range of choices.

If your website takes off, or your existing web host is no longer up to the job, getting access to more resources and higher performance hardware is a breeze. The Cloud hosting service is a particular highlight as you get access to a really fluid set of resources that can be resized both up and down as your needs fluctuate.

While most site owners should be happy on one of the multiple tiers of the shared hosting plans, at least to begin with, it’s great to know that upgrading to a more powerful VPS plan or even higher performance dedicated server is just a few clicks away.

Although most top level web hosts do offer 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 support from US-based help desk staff isn’t seen too often. Being able to call, live chat, or email the support staff at any time should offer an extra layer of reassurance that your website is in safe hands.

Overall A2 Hosting is a solid choice for your website, no matter how big, how resource hungry, and what software it is powered by. Whether you are just starting out or want to move to different web host, A2 Hosting has competitive pricing plans to meet a wide range of needs.

Find out more about the services on offer from A2 Hosting today

Infinite Theme Review: A Powerful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Infinite Package WordPress Theme Review

If you’re looking for a highly flexible WordPress theme, then the newly released Infinite could be perfect for you. In this Infinite theme review, we’ll be putting this multi-purpose WordPress template under the microscope to help you decide if it has everything you’ll need to build the best website for your project.

Multi-purpose themes are some of the most popular WordPress themes available. With so many different options to choose from, how do you know which is the right option for your project? Fear not. By the end of this Infinite theme review, you’ll know whether this theme is for you, or if your search for the best WordPress theme continues.

Who Should Choose the Infinite Theme?

Infinite Theme Review Main Demo

As this is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, Infinite aims to be an all-in-one website solution for everyone. However, while this theme does include a page builder tool and wealth of other customization options, the best way to determine who should choose this theme is to check out the pre-built website demos.

Infinite Theme Review Demos

If you can find a website demo that matches your project, or one you think can be easily tweaked to help you build the website you need, then Infinite could be for you.

We’ll be covering the quality of the demos next in this Infinite review, so be sure to read on if you’re trying to find the best WordPress theme available today.

Infinite WordPress Theme Features

The main highlight of the Infinite theme is its huge number of features. But are these features useful or are they just used to help sell the theme? Let’s find out in the next section of our Infinite theme review.

High-Quality Website Demos

Like the best multi-purpose WordPress themes, the core feature of Infinite is its selection of pre-built website demos. These demos can be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. In no time at all, you’ll have a professional-looking design to add your own content to.

The Infinite demos are divided up into four main categories, each with their own set of demos. Therefore, if you’re creating a website that falls into one of the following categories, Infinite could be a good choice for your project:

  • Corporate
  • Creative
  • Niche Retail and Services
  • WooCommerce

Those categories are broad. So let’s take a closer look at the website demos that make up the Infinite theme to see what they really have to offer.

Infinite Corporate Website Demos

Including the main Infinite theme demo – which is a multi-purpose option that would be good for almost any type of website – there are six different demos to choose from in the Corporate category.

Infinite Theme Review Yellow Black

One option is the Yellow Black demo. Well suited to innovative businesses and service providers, this demo is ideal for those that need a very modern website.

Infinite Theme Review Big Corp

Then there’s the Big Corp one page website corporate demo. As you can see, this is a stylish demo. Big Corp makes great use of the fixed sidebar navigation layout. As your visitors click on the menu items, an eye-catching scrolling technique is used to move the desired content into view.

Infinite Creative Website Demos

With six website demos in the creative category to choose from, Infinite is a great choice for anyone who wants to build a creative website – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a creative website?

Infinite Theme Review IN Agency

IN Agency is one of those creative demos. It’s a good choice for building a stylish online portfolio with WordPress. If you need to display your creative work online and in style this could be a good choice. The navigation system of the IN Agency demo is particularly impressive. Standing out from the competition should be much easier thanks to this novel approach to website menus.

Infinite Theme Review Photography Demo

If you’re creating a photography website then the aptly named Aperture demo is well worth checking out. Whether you simply want to share your photos online or promote your photography services to a wider audience, the Aperture theme gives you plenty of options.

Infinite Theme Review Agency Demo

As well as the full screen slider, the Agency demo features a homepage that’s packed with features. As your visitors scroll down the page, you have the option of displaying a range of useful modules. With options including feature lists, collapsible tabs, portfolio excerpts, pricing tables, and Google Maps, you’ll easily be able to build the homepage you need with Infinite and this creative agency demo.

Infinite Niche Retail Demos

The demos in the Niche Retail category cover fitness, mechanical, gardening, medical, and architecture businesses. However, they’re all flexible options that can easily be tweaked to suit a wide range of projects.

Infinite Theme Review Medical Demo

At first glance, the Infinite Medical demo is a pretty standard option. However, as you scroll down the default homepage layout, you and your visitors should be impressed by all the widgets and features the Infinite developers have managed to cram into this website. Of course, the homepage layout is entirely flexible. You can easily switch on and off the various widgets. Alternatively, you can rearrange them to better meet your needs.

Infinite Theme Review Fitness Demo

The sports and fitness demo has a great look that’s perfect for this type of website. Whether you want to create a website for your gym, promote your personal training services, or simply blog about your favorite sport, this demo is a good option.

WooCommerce Online Shop Demos

Infinite Theme Review WooCommerce

There’s only one purpose-built ecommerce demo available so far from Infinite. However, it has a neutral design that makes it a good choice for selling a range of different products. All the store page templates are there.

All the store page templates are there. This includes product listings, checkout and shopping cart templates, and more. If you want to build an online store with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, Infinite can help you. It’s worth noting that any of the other demos can be used to list products for sale, thanks to the overall support for the WooCommerce store builder plugins.

Infinite Theme Review Online Shop

The Infinite website demos do have a very high-quality design and appearance. They’re also packed with useful features. However, these pre-built demos might not be right for every project. If this is the case and there isn’t a demo that matches your requirements, keep reading this Infinite theme review to find out how they can easily be tweaked or completely modified to help you build the WordPress website you need.

Intuitive Demo Content Importer

Having access to such high-quality demos is great. However, if the process for importing them into your WordPress isn’t straightforward, you’re going to end up frustrated. It’s often the case that a WordPress theme will offer a disappointing user experience when it comes to importing demo content – at least when the desired end result is an accurate replica of the demo site used to promote the theme.

Infinite Theme Review Demo Import

Thankfully, the Infinite theme features one of the best demo content importer tools I’ve seen. As well as giving you an easy way to select which demo website to import, you’ll also find quick links to all the demos. This gives you a quick and easy way to view the demos in action before making a final decision.

Infinite Theme Review Demo Import Progress

Then there’s the option of installing either the light or the full version of the demo. Currently this is only an option for the main demo. However, it does give you the ability to only import some of the demo content. This is opposed to importing the 100s of dummy pages and images they contain. You can also choose which aspects of the demo to import, including the menus, image, theme options, sidebar and footer configurations, and more.

Infinite Theme Review Demo Import Complete

I’m pleased to report that the demo content importer worked really well. In just one or two clicks, my new WordPress website was set up and ready for my own content.

Library of Content Layouts and Page Templates

Infinite Theme Review About

As well as the demo homepages, Infinite comes with a large amount of layouts and templates for the inner pages of your site. This includes a selection of about page templates, multiple services page templates, a number of contact page templates, and a whole lot more.

Infinite Theme Review Contact

The Infinite theme demos also include an impressive range of blog post layouts, including many different content and sidebar arrangements, as well as a number of blog post lists and widget layouts.

Infinite Theme Review Blog

If you want to create an online portfolio with WordPress, Infinite has lots to offer. As well as the portfolio focused demos, choosing any of the other demos will still give you the ability to add an online portfolio to your website.

Infinite Theme Review Portfolio

In fact, there are many different portfolio templates and modes to choose from. Therefore, no matter what type of website you are building or what kind of work you want to share online, Infinite and its portfolio options are a great tool for this type of product.

Infinite Theme Review Portfolio 02

Publishing your images online with Infinite is easy too. Thanks to the interesting selection of gallery layouts, you’ll have no trouble choosing a design that’s right for your website and its content. The horizontal scrolling gallery layout is a particular highlight from this theme. However, there are many more gallery modes and layouts to choose from so be sure to check them out.

Infinite Theme Review Gallery

Drag-and-Drop Content Builder

Some multi-purpose WordPress themes include the Visual Composer plugin in order to add a page builder tool to their feature list. Infinite includes a bespoke page builder plugin that was created by the theme developers.

Infinite Theme Review Page Builder

The Infinite builder has an interesting approach to page design. Although the work takes place in the admin area of your WordPress website, a live preview mode is always on hand to give you a good idea of how your work will look when it’s published – something that isn’t always possible with other tools of this type. Thanks to the use of Ajax, saving your progress takes place in an instant, without the need for any page reloading — very useful if you are worried about losing your work!

Infinite Theme Review Builder Block Mode

You can easily switch between the different views of the page builder. This gives you the option of viewing your work in block mode, preview, or live mode. Each option has its pros and cons. They’re all useful features of this bespoke page builder tool.

Infinite Theme Review PreBuilt Pages

Another really interesting feature of the page builder tool that’s included with the Infinite theme is its prebuilt content. This includes a selection of high-quality prebuilt pages and prebuilt blocks. As the name suggests, the prebuilt pages can be used to quickly add a range of pages to your WordPress website — all of which can be easily customized through the page builder interface.

Infinite Theme Review PreBuilt Blocks

As well as the prebuilt pages, the prebuilt blocks are on hand to help you create your own custom pages. At the time of writing this Infinite theme review, there were 26 prebuilt blocks to make use of, giving you a quick and easy way to mix and match blocks to create your own pages.

Infinite Theme Review Block Edit

Examples of these blocks include multi-column layouts for presenting your services, featured boxes to highlight important information, interactive maps and contact details, and much more. Being able to instantly add these blocks to your page designs and then personalize them can really speed up your workflow.

Infinite Theme Review Elements

Elements can be used alongside the prebuilt pages and blocks to add more useful content to your pages. These elements can be easily searched and filtered to help you find what you are looking for.

Infinite Theme Review Elements Filter

Advanced Theme Options Admin Panel

Infinite Theme Review Control Panel

The page builder tool is ideal for creating custom designs for your website’s content. However, when it comes to controlling the overall appearance and configuration of your site, these settings can be found in the theme’s admin control panel.

Infinite Theme Review Header Settings

Infinite really does give you full control over how your website looks and functions, all through an intuitive theme options panel.

Infinite Theme Review Customizer

You can also use the WordPress Customizer tool to personalize many aspects of your website as well.

Other Features of the Infinite Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Infinite Theme Review Testimonials

This theme really offers too much to cover here in our Infinite theme review. As well as all of the above highlights, the Infinite WordPress theme also offers:

  • 3 premium slideshow builder plugins
  • Fast loading times and impressive page speed scores
  • Full support for the WPML plugin to help you create a multilingual WordPress website
  • Coming soon option to put your site into maintenance mode
  • Ability to create unlimited sidebars and choose when and where they are displayed
  • Built in mega menu feature to enhance your site’s navigation areas
  • Google Fonts integration providing you with over 700 fonts to choose from
  • Testimonial publishing tools
  • Call to action button elements
  • Pricing table builder
  • Multiple header layouts

Infinite WordPress Theme Pricing Options

Infinite can be purchased from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This price includes lifetime access to theme updates and six months of support from the developers. You can extend this period to 12 months by paying an extra $17.70.

Considering this theme includes the premium LayerSlider WP, Slider Revolution, MasterSlider, and iLightBox plugins at no extra cost, it’s a great value option that could save you $72 in plugin costs.

Infinite Theme Review Final Thoughts

Infinite is a really impressive theme. All of the demos look great and are of a very high standard. The demo import process works really well and you should have no trouble setting up your website.

Thanks to the huge selection of page templates and layouts, you can mix and match the different options to create your own custom design. The powerful page builder tool is on hand to help you carry out any more extensive customization work.

If you like the look of the demos, then Infinite has the features and functionality to back them up and help you build a professional WordPress website.

Find out more about Infinite today

Did this Infinite theme review answer all your questions? What do you think of this theme? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Smarty Theme Review: Create an Education Website with WordPress

Smarty Theme Review FT

In this Smarty theme review, we’ll be taking a look at a newly released WordPress theme that has been designed to help you build the perfect website for an educational institution.

Whether you need to create a website for your school, learning center, college, or university, this educational WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for.

This Smarty theme review will cover its main features, including the overall design and appearance, its other features, and the customization options. We’ll then round off this Smarty theme review with a look at the user experience on offer.

Who Should Choose the Smarty WordPress Theme?

Smarty Education WordPress Theme Review

As mentioned at the start of this Smarty theme review, this isn’t your typical multipurpose WordPress theme. Instead, Smarty has been built to help you create a website to promote an educational institution or business. Smarty is flexible enough to give you the ability to customize your website to suit a range of project types within this category.

Whether you want to create a website for your school or college, which provides your students with all the information they need to get the most from their studies, or you’re making a website to promote short courses and get more registrations for your programs, the Smarty WordPress theme aims to be your all-in-one solution.

By the end of this Smarty theme review, you’ll know if that is really the case or not and if this is the product for you, or whether your needs will be better met elsewhere. So let’s begin this Smarty theme review with the features you’ll get access to if you choose this educational-focused WordPress template.

Smarty WordPress Theme Features

To help you build a successful website for your learning community, the Smarty WordPress theme is packed with features. To give you a quick overview, before diving into them in more depth, with Smarty you can expect plenty of customization options and settings, lots of prebuilt layouts and templates, and some powerful tools to help you upgrade and personalize your website so that it fully meets your requirements.

4 Predefined Color Skins

Smarty Theme Review Skins

The four predefined colors skins you’ll find in the Smarty theme make it easy to quickly change the overall look of your website. Hopefully, there’s a color skin that matches the branding of your educational institute or business. However, if not, you can easily create your own custom color skin using the customization controls of the Smarty WordPress theme.

4 Header Layouts

Smarty Theme Review Headers

Navigation is arguably the most important aspect of any website. Therefore, it’s great to see that the Smarty WordPress theme includes four different header layouts. These designs not only cover the navigation and menu area, but also the main layout and design of the homepage header area.

Having a nice selection of header layouts to choose from will really help ensure the part of your website that your visitors see first is perfect. As well as the four prebuilt header layouts, you also have the option of creating your own by using the integrated Customizer tool.

3 Footer Layouts

Smarty Theme Review Footer

As well as the selection of header layouts, there are also three footer layouts to choose from. Again, you aren’t limited to these prebuilt layouts as you can create your own footer designs through the Customizer. However, by combining the different prebuilt elements that make up this theme, you should be able to get a unique look for your educational WordPress website that’s right for your project.

6 Custom Content Layouts

Smarty Theme Review FAQ

To help you add the essential pages to your educational website, the Smarty theme includes a great selection of prebuilt page templates and content layouts. These layouts cover the pages that your website is likely to need. This includes an FAQ template, which gives you an easy way to publish answers to frequently asked questions.

Smarty Theme Review Camps

There’s also a template for promoting camps, as well as an athletics template to help you add an attractive sports section to your website.

Smarty Theme Review Athletics

Other content layout templates include an alumni option, one for the cafeteria, a transport page template, plus many other options. As we’ll soon see in this Smarty theme review, there’s a handy tool included in the package that makes customizing these templates a breeze.

Drag and Drop Page Builder Tool

Smarty Theme Review Visual Composer

Thanks to the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin, you’ll have access to a fully featured drag and drop editor when you’re using the Smarty educational business theme. When setting up your website, Visual Composer makes it easy to edit any of the demo content or page layouts and templates, helping you to give your website a custom look that’s right for your project.

Visual Composer is one of the best-selling page builder plugins for WordPress, so it’s great to see it included in the Smarty theme package.

Multimedia Slideshow Creator

Smarty Theme Review Slider

If you check out the Smarty theme demo, you’ll notice that some of the header styles on display feature an animated slideshow. These animated slideshows can do a great job of presenting your most important information to your visitors, as soon as they arrive at your site.

The prebuilt animated slideshows you’ll find in the Smarty theme demo content are powered by the premium Slider Revolution WordPress plugin. This is a powerful slideshow builder plugin that gives you the ability to create advanced sliders to help your website not only catch the attention of your visitors but also display important information.

Smarty Theme Website Customization Options

Smarty Theme Review Customizer

If you need to tweak the design and appearance of your website, much of the work takes place through the WordPress Customizer tool. With the live preview feature of the Customizer, you can instantly see what effect your changes are having on your site.

The Smarty theme lets you make many changes to your site through the Customizer and this is really helpful. These changes cover switching the color skins, choosing a header layout, setting up the footer configuration, controlling the typography settings, and a lot more.

These customization options all help to make Smarty a flexible tool that will give you the ability to build the website you need.

Timetable Publishing Tool

Smarty Theme Review Timetable

Whether you want to help your students get to class on time or share information about open days with potential new enrollees, the Smarty theme’s timetable publishing tool will definitely come in handy. This feature is actually powered by one of the plugins that are integrated into the Smarty theme, providing you with all the tools you need to publish responsive timetables on your website.

Smarty Theme Review Timetable Backend

Creating a timetable for your educational website is relatively straightforward. The timetable builder is located in your WordPress admin area. Through the builder interface, you can add your custom columns, enter the time slots, and then add the information about each session. When creating a timetable, you can add filters to make it easier for your visitors find the information they are looking for.

Smarty Theme Review Timetable Builder

The timetable builder tool used by the Smarty WordPress theme really is very versatile. Therefore, no matter what type of information you want to present in this format, you really shouldn’t have any problems.

Publish Teacher Profile and Class Descriptions

Smarty Theme Review Teachers

The Smarty theme includes a very useful staff profiles feature. By using the Teacher custom post type, you can quickly create profiles for all of your teaching staff. This educational institute WordPress theme also includes an attractive page template that will display the list of profiles. The benefit of this is that it allows visitors to quickly view the roster of staff, before exploring the individual team members in more detail.

Smarty Theme Review Profile

Creating the teacher profiles is easy, thanks to the use of the custom fields that have been added to the WordPress editor screen.

Event Management Tool

Smarty Theme Review Events

Most educational institutes and places of learning will hold events. Whether those events are open days, social events, fundraisers, or other types of gatherings, a good website will need to promote them to the community. Thankfully, the Smarty WordPress theme has a good events manager feature. This makes it easy to upload events information to your website and then publish it in an easy to read format.

Smarty Theme Review Events Page

The individual events pages give you the opportunity to publish all of the information you need to assist your visitors. This can include the event description; important information such as the time, date, and contact details; a Google Map pinpointing the location of the event venue; a downloadable brochure or other files; and an online event registration form.

Donations and Fundraising

Smarty Theme Review Donations

If you want to raise money for your organization or another good cause, then the donations feature of the Smarty WordPress education theme will help you with your goals. Going further than a simple donate button, this feature of the theme allows you to create multiple donation projects. Each donation project gives you the opportunity to provide information about the cause, helping to increase the chances of your visitors making a donation.

Smarty Theme Review Donations Details

When creating a donation project, you can set a target amount to be raised, enter a deadline, and of course, provide all the essential information that will convey the details of the project.

Full Ecommerce Support

Smarty Theme Review Shop

If you want to sell products or charge for access to your courses directly from your website, it’s not a problem with the Smarty theme. With full support for the popular WooCommerce plugin, listing products and services for sale, and collecting payments, is very straightforward.

Smarty Theme Review Shop Items

WooCommerce and Smarty provide you with everything you need to setup either a fully functioning online store or simply list courses and other packages for sale from your website.

Other Features of the Smarty WordPress Theme

Smarty has a lot to offer. However, while the above highlights are some of the key selling points of this theme, here are a few more of the important, but perhaps less exciting features of Smarty:

  • Testimonial publishing tool
  • Ability to create unlimited custom sidebars
  • Media support for embedding videos and displaying Instagram feeds
  • Full and boxed layout options
  • Responsive and retina ready design
  • One-click demo content importer
  • Built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind
  • 700+ Google Fonts to choose from
  • 24/5 user support service

As you can see, Smarty has many of the features that any modern WordPress theme needs, as well as a great selection of category-specific features. This all helps to make this theme a great choice for creating an educational website.

About the Smarty Theme Author

The Smarty educational WordPress theme has been created by the Stylemix Themes team. Stylemix Themes has created a number of templates for WordPress, coving many different categories and genres. Their themes are typically built with one purpose in mind, rather than going down the multipurpose theme route.

Among the Stylemix Theme portfolio, you’ll find popular items that have been created to help you build a car dealership website with WordPress, themes for creating websites for consulting businesses, and themes in the health, fitness, and sports niches.

All of the themes from the Stylemix team have positive ratings from customers and all appear to be updated on a regular basis. If this Smarty theme review demonstrates that this template meets the needs of your project, then this author information should help you decide whether this is a theme developer you can trust.

Stylemix Themes also offers a professional WordPress website support service. For a monthly fee, the team will take proactive measures to keep your website running smoothly, while also being on hand to deal with any issues if they arise. They also offer a customization service for those projects that require extra personalization.

Smarty WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Smarty WordPress theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This includes lifetime access to theme updates and 6 months of support from the theme developer. This support period can be extended for a further 6 months to 12 months in total, for an extra $17.70.

As mentioned, Stylemix, the authors of this theme also offer their own premium WordPress website support service for a monthly fee.

Smarty Theme Review Final Thoughts

Using the Smarty theme to build a website for an educational business or organization is very easy. Importing the demo content really does only take a few clicks. The WordPress Customizer makes personalizing the appearance of your website straightforward; while the included Visual Composer gives you the ability to make more advanced changes to your site.

Smarty definitely has a modern and professional appearance. If you feel it has the right look for your project, then, as you can tell from this review, it also has the features you’ll need to make your website a success.

Find out more about the Smarty WordPress theme today

PhotoWhoa Review: The Destination for Discounted Products to Improve Your Photography

PhotoWhoa Review

If you want to improve your photography skills and start taking better photos then the products at PhotoWhoa can really help you with your goals.

PhotoWhoa can be described as an online curation of the best products to improve your photography, no matter what type of photos you want to take. Whether you’re a food blogger who wants to capture better shots of their culinary creations, an aspiring professional who wants to land better clients and charge more for their work, or an established photographer who wants to stay on top of their game, you should be able to find a book, course, or some other useful product that will help you get better at what you do.

However, perhaps the best thing about PhotoWhoa is that all of the photography products they’ve curated are heavily discounted. This means you could save well over 50% on some items, including photography video courses, eBooks, and other educational products.

If you are a photographer of any level, this has probably piqued your interest, so let’s take a quick look at the most popular discounted photography products at PhotoWhoa.

Popular Photography Improving Products at PhotoWhoa

PhotoWhoa Popular Deals

Products listed at the PhotoWhoa website range from video courses covering the fundamentals of photography, to information products that will help you get better at a very specific aspect of taking great photos.

There are even guides to taking photos at popular locations, such as the Rocky Mountain National Park. Therefore, no matter whether you’re just starting out or if there’s one area of your expertise that could be improved, the PhotoWhoa content should be able to help you out.

The discounted photography products at PhotoWhoa not only cover the art of taking pictures but also post-production. You’ll find many discounted Photoshop photography products in the PhotoWhoa collection, not to mention a selection of email templates that professional photographers can use to respond to inquiries more effectively and efficiently.

With so many discounted photography products to choose from, you might be wondering which one to start with. Well to help you out here is five of the most popular products to improve your photography skills.

DIY Food Photography Video Course

PhotoWhoa DIY Food Course

If you want your food blog to stand out from the crowd or you just want your Instagram food photos to grab the attention of your followers, then the discounted DIY Food Photography Video Course is just what you’ve been waiting for.

This video course is perfect for those who are new to food photography and want some advice in taking the best shots possible. If you want to learn the basics in order to quickly elevate your shots above the sea of average snaps being shared online every single minute, this affordable option is well worth checking out.

One of the best aspects of this course – which makes it so good for beginners – is that you don’t need any fancy equipment to start taking mouthwatering photos. Whether you want to share envy-inducing photos of the dishes you are served in restaurants, or grow your food blog by publishing high-quality images of recipes your visitors won’t be able to help but want to replicate at home, this course can take you from A to B and beyond.

In less than an hour of instruction, you’ll learn all the best trade secrets that will make the difference to your work. If you’ve ever taken a photograph that doesn’t do your dish justice, now might be the right time to invest in some professional advice.

More Info – Today’s price: $20.00 $11.00

Lindsay Adler’s Guide to Creative Studio Lighting

PhotoWhoa Creative Studio Lighting

As a photographer, you’ll know that the right lighting can make or break a picture. So if you’ve been left wondering why your shots haven’t been coming out as well as you’d hoped, then this guide to creative studio lighting will help you get the fundamentals right and turn average snaps into professional photographs.

This discounted photography course will appeal to those who like to follow instructions, rather than try to read between the lines of the instructor’s advice. In the 30 modules that make up Lindsay Adler’s Guide to Creative Studio Lighting, you’ll find out the exact steps that were taken to capture the extremely well-lit photos this professional fashion photographer is known for.

In fact, to highlight the no-nonsense approach this course takes, you won’t even find much information on lighting theory, how to get inspired, or anything like that. This photography course is a practical guide that will show you exactly what to do, in order to start taking professionally lit shots today.

This guide gives you a step-by-step playbook of how to set up your lights for a range of scenarios, all for one low price.

More Info – Today’s price: $59.00 $39.00

The Grand Landscape + Beyond the Grand Landscape Ebook Bundle

PhotoWhoa Grand Landscape

Ever come back from a trip only to discover those landscape photos you thought had turned out great weren’t actually so hot? If so, this eBook on how to take great landscape photography can help you avoid this situation in the future.

As the popular saying goes, practice makes perfect. However, as you’ll soon learn from this book bundle, its deliberate practice that really makes the difference. Simply doing the same thing repeatedly when taking landscape photography won’t yield the results and improvements in your skills you were hoping for.

Instead, by following a step-by-step guide from a professional, you’ll be able to see your abilities improve dramatically. That’s the idea behind this discounted photography eBook package and its one that many photographers have used to start taking better pictures.

The three core elements of these two landscape photography eBooks are gear, technique, and practice. By the end of each guide, you’ll know more about your gear and how to use it, discover the most important techniques for good landscape photography, and establish an approach to practicing your skills that delivers better results, instead of the same old outcomes.

The author of these two eBooks has a stunning portfolio of landscape photos. Therefore, if you’d like to raise your game and start producing professional grade imagery of this type, you could do a lot worse than following these two guides.

More Info – Today’s price: $40.00 $19.00

Tack Sharp: Photography Tips To Nailing Focus

PhotoWhoa Tack Sharp

There’s nothing worse than getting back from a trip or event and discovering that all those photos that looked great on your camera’s small screen are actually out of focus when you view them on your computer. Some scenes, such as birthdays or holidays, just can’t be recreated and if you miss out on those shots, then you may never get another chance to recapture them.

Therefore, if you don’t want to let blurry, out of focus photos ruin your work, then the Tack Sharp: Photography Tips To Nailing Focus eBook aims to help you improve this essential aspect of your photography game. Going beyond the basics of shutter speed and aperture settings, this eBook will teach about the advanced functions that are used by photography professionals the world over.

This book is all about the practical steps you can follow to decrease the chances of your photographs coming out blurred and unusable. Considering Tack Sharp: Photography Tips To Nailing Focus is now available for just $7, it might end up being one of the best value photography investments you ever make.

More Info – Today’s price: $10.00 $7.00

J. Cristina’s 3-In-1 Photo Reference Card

PhotoWhoa Reference Card

If you care about getting your colors right, this reference card will become an invaluable piece of your photography toolkit. Simply flip open this card when setting up a shot to increase your chances of taking a photo with the truest colors and whites.

You could let your camera or Photoshop take care of the color temperature and white balance, but why would you? The human eye is one of your greatest assets as a photographer, so why not make the most of it and use manual intervention to take the perfect photos.

With this upgraded gray card, you’ll be able to tune your white balance with professional ability while also having greater color correcting and exposure control than you would have otherwise. This really is a versatile photography tool, which will help you master this important aspect of photography.

Cristina’s 3-In-1 Photo Reference Card is highly durable and weather resistant and now that it’s on offer at this reduced price, this is one discount photography tool you can’t afford to ignore.

More Info – Today’s price: $24.95 $14.99

More Essential Information about PhotoWhoa

Ok, so the photography products at PhotoWhoa are solid, but what else is there to know? Well, the freebies section of the website is well worth checking out. There you’ll find commercial photography products – usually eBooks, courses, or other guides – that have been made available for members to download for free. To gain access to the PhotoWhoa freebies, all you need to do is register and create a free member account and get downloading.

The PhotoWhoa blog is also worth taking a closer look at, mainly for its interviews with successful photographers, showcases, discussion, and freebies. The website also has a gift a deal feature which makes it easy to purchase a product for that special photographer in your life.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a photographer of any level and are also humble enough to know that your skills could be improved in some way, whether that’s your creative, technical, or business abilities, then PhotoWhoa should be your next port of call.

Visit the PhotoWhoa store now

JobsDojo Theme Review: Build a Job Board Portal with WordPress

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Homepage

The JobsDojo WordPress theme is hot off the press, making it one the most modern WordPress job board themes around. So if you’re planning to create a jobs board website with WordPress, or you want to give your existing employment portal an upgrade, be sure to read our JobsDojo theme review to find out if this template has everything you need.

Who Should Choose the JobsDojo Theme?

JobsDojo Theme Review Layout

As you might’ve guessed, the JobsDojo theme has been created for anyone planning to build a jobs board website. If you want to create an online space where people can post employment opportunities, publish their resumes, and find jobs or someone to fill their vacancies, you should definitely consider the JobsDojo WordPress theme.

If you just want to list job vacancies on your existing website, then this theme might not be for you. However, if you want to create a fully featured professional online jobs board, read on for the rest of our JobsDojo theme review.

JobsDojo WordPress Theme Features

As mentioned at the start of this JobsDojo theme review, this theme has been created to help you build an online jobs portal with WordPress. If you choose this theme, then your website will give your audience the ability to upload their resumes to help them find employment. Your site will also allow recruiters to publish employment opportunities and get in touch with job seekers directly.

That, in a nutshell, is what this theme has to offer, but as we’ll soon see in this JobsDojo theme review, there’s a lot more you can do with this job portal builder.

JobsDojo Design and Appearance

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Design

Before we get to the job board specific features in this JobsDojo theme review, it’s worth pausing for a moment to take a look at the design and appearance of this theme. If you want to create a professional job board website with WordPress, then you’ll need to ensure that your site has a premium look and feel – especially if you want to monetize your job board by charging your users a fee for access to certain features.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Listings

As you can tell from the screenshots in this JobsDojo review, and by checking out the theme demo, this template certainly has a high-quality design. The fact that this theme has only just been released helps to ensure that it has a modern and fully up to date appearance.

Although the job board specific features are vitally important, if your website doesn’t have the right look and feel, then it will be hard to attract the right job seekers and recruiters that are needed for it to become a success.

Job Board Specific Features

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Jobs

Creating an online jobs portal isn’t easy. There are many features you’ll need in order to create a useful job board website. Thankfully, JobsDojo has been built around the capable WP Job Manager plugin. By using WP Job Manager to power your website, you’ll be able to draw from a core set of useful features, with the option of installing any of the growing number of WP Job Manger add-ons.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Job Listing

By using the free version of WP Job Manager that’s included in the JobsDojo theme package, your website will be able to accept and publish job listings from your visitors. These listings can be easily searched and filtered by job seekers, who can then submit an application via email or through the optional application link.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Google Maps

Thanks to the Google Maps integration, your visitors will have another way to find the listings that they are looking for.

By using the premium Resume Manager add-on for WP Job Manager, alongside the JobsDojo WordPress job board theme, job seekers can also create an account and submit their resume to the site. These resumes can then be searched and filtered by employers who are looking for new candidates for their vacancies.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Resume

WP Job Manager and its many add-ons will help you select the right features for your project, without having to worry about overburdening your website with unnecessary plugins and functionality.

Job Board Monetization Options

If you want to generate an income from your online jobs portal, then the JobsDojo theme can help you monetize your website. You will need to invest in the premium WC Paid Listings add-on for WP Job Manager, but once you do, you’ll have access to all the revenue-generating features you’ll need.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Pricing Plans

Through the features of this theme and the optional recommended add-ons, you can create multiple pricing plans and packages, each of which provides different levels of access to your users. For example, you could create a basic free option, which allows users to post one job listing that’s available for 30 days. Users with more advanced needs could instead choose to upgrade to one of the premium options, allowing them to post multiple job listings that remain accessible until the position is filled.

Through the detailed settings of the theme and its add-ons, you get a great deal of control over how you’re able to monetize your website with paid listings.

Behance Online Portfolio Integration

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Behance

Behance is the place for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios online. Therefore, it’s great to see that the BeDojo plugin has been included in the theme package. This $18 plugin, also from Themes-Dojo, facilitates the integration of Behance portfolios, into your online jobs portal website.

Job seekers who’ve registered at your site can use the features of the BeDojo plugin to import their Behance portfolios in just a few clicks. This then helps to make their profiles stand out from the competition, and hopefully, impress recruiters who are looking to hire new staff.

Front-End Submission Forms

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Forms

Although the forms are part of the design and appearance of the theme, they deserve their own section in this JobsDojo theme review. Whether your visitors are registering an account, posting a resume, or listing a job, all of the interactions take place through a set of intuitively designed front-end forms.

This means that there’s no need for your visitors to add content through the sometimes-confusing back-end WordPress admin interface. Instead, thanks to the tightly integrated forms that make up this theme, the whole process is much more streamlined, hopefully, increasing the chances that users will complete their form submissions.

However, if you are a fan of the back-end user interface of WordPress, as the website administrator, you can still use it to manage all of the content on your site.

About the JobsDojo Theme Author

JobsDojo has been created by the Themes-Dojo team, a WordPress development outfit that has produced many successful commercial themes over the years. The themes built by Themes-Dojo have sold well on the ThemeForest marketplace and generally have positive ratings from users.

Over the years, Themes-Dojo has developed themes for a range of different types of project, making them a specialist at creating focused WordPress themes.

JobsDojo WordPress Theme User Experience

Thanks to the fact that the JobsDojo theme has been built around the very capable and extendable WP Job Manager plugin, you can be sure that your job board website will have all the features you need.

However, how easy is it to actually create an online employment portal with WordPress and this theme? Let’s find out in the user experience section of the JobsDojo theme review.

Getting Started

After uploading the theme package to your WordPress dashboard and then activating JobsDojo, you are prompted to install and active the recommended and required plugins. This includes the WP Job Manager plugin, the BeDojo add-on for integrating Behance portfolios with job seeker profiles, and a few other essential plugins. Thanks to the use of the WordPress recommended plugin installer tool, this all takes just a few clicks.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Plugins

After taking care of the technical details, you then have the option of importing the demo content. The demo content covers sample listings and resumes, plus a selection of different homepage layouts. This process simply requires you to upload a file that will import this demo content. You also have the option of importing the demo widget configuration by uploading another file.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Demo

Once you’ve carried out these tasks, the foundation of your new jobs portal will be starting to take shape. The JobsDojo WordPress job site theme actually includes eight different shortcodes that make it easy to insert a range of job board elements into your content.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Shortcodes

These shortcodes cover useful elements such as a list of recent resumes, your premium pricing plans, the display of testimonials, and the other types of modules that you might like to add to your homepage. This all means that as well as the three different job portal homepage options this theme gives you, creating your own homepage configuration is very straightforward.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Homepage Option 3

Now that your homepage is looking good, it’s time to set up the other pages of your site, before moving onto the job portal settings. The main settings are found under the Job Listings section of your WordPress admin dashboard. This functionality is provided by the WP Job Manager plugin that powers the job board functionality of this theme.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Settings

The WP Job Manager settings are very straightforward and easy to understand. Hopefully, it won’t take you much effort at all to get your jobs board website up and running in the way that you want. If you do choose to use the premium WC Paid Listings add-on for WP Job Manager, you can then set about creating your pricing plans and payment options.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Testimonials

Managing testimonials and partner information takes place with WordPress custom post types. This approach helps keep this type of content separate from the rest of the posts, pages, and other types of content on your site.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Testimonial Published

Publishing testimonials on your website – no matter what type of site you are creating – is almost always a good idea. Adding some form of social proof will make it easier for new visitors to decide sign up.

As you can probably tell, the JobsDojo theme takes a more simplified approach to website management. There aren’t pages of settings with countless options to explore. Instead, you get access to a functional admin area that provides you with just enough freedom to build a jobs portal that works in the way that you want, without ever overwhelming you with options and settings.

JobsDojo WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The JobsDojo WordPress job board theme is available for purchase from the ThemeForest marketplace. For the price of $59, you can start using this theme to create your employment portal website. This price includes 6 months of support from Themes-Dojo – the theme developers – however, if you pay an extra $17.70 you can extend this support period to 12 months.

JobsDojo Theme Review Final Thoughts

The JobsDojo WordPress theme does a great job of providing you with just enough to get the job done, without overwhelming you with unnecessary tools, features, and functionality. Setting up the theme is easy and straightforward and takes no time at all. The demo content will help you understand what content goes where giving you a quick way to set up the framework of your online jobs portal.

The design of JobsDojo is modern and attractive and sets the right tone for a professional employment website. Thanks to its responsive layout, mobile visitors will be able to access the site just as easily as those on their desktops and larger screen devices.

To get the most of this theme and build a fully featured online jobs board, you will need to invest in a one or more premium add-ons for WP Job Manager. These optional upgrades will allow you to monetize your site with certain features and privileges reserved for paying users, as well as a few other important features that can be added to your portal with WP Job Manager extensions.

Some might argue that JobsDojo doesn’t offer enough in the way of customization options and theme controls. However, it’s equally true that this helps simplify the process of creating an employment website with WordPress. If you do need more control over how your website looks and functions, you are free to install a page builder plugin or another extension of your choice, which makes customizing the appearance of your site easier.

Overall, JobsDojo represents an affordable solution to the problem of building an online jobs board. You might need to install some extra tools to create the website you want, but JobsDojo and WP Job Manager do a good job of laying a solid foundation for your project.

Find out more about the JobsDojo WordPress them today