Top 20 New Premium WordPress Themes December 2016 – Get The Latest and Greatest Themes

New WordPress Themes

As technology grows and evolves, the market is forced to adapt to any change. Computing power is predicted to increase every few months, while internet connections are getting faster. The once unsurmountable barriers of land and sea are nothing, when you can literally do business at the speed of light.

Trade, by its very nature, is opportunistic. A good trader never fails to take advantage of an opportunity, and the internet is a goldmine left unguarded. A few years ago, websites were nothing more than gimmicks and side projects that were used to cater to the very young, and the very tech savvy among target demographics. Nowadays, every business in existence incorporates a tech department, given that no market niche can ever afford to overlook the importance of a well-managed website.

As is the case with any technology, it was expensive at first. Sizable bills were charged for proper web development, but the investment was worth the trouble. Thankfully, platforms like WordPress now host massive communities of theme creators, each designing products that are increasingly cheaper and efficient. Every average Joe can create a website for what is basically pocket change. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the newest WordPress themes:



Soledad is an innovative and cutting edge, technologically avant-garde and incredibly pliable and nimble, modern and eloquent, graphically creative and expressive, bold and colorful, bright and engaging, dynamic and extremely versatile, user and webmaster friendly, mobile ready and extra responsive WordPress multiconcept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is a sparkling and dazzling brand new theme that has been exclusively designed for the ever changing necessities of the modern webmaster, complete with an extensively thought out, developer friendly codebase.

Soledad theme is thoroughly search engine optimized in a myriad ways, as well as an expansive collection of over 250 completely unique, distinct and amazing homepage demos, which you can mix and match with over 100 different blog and slider combinations to make a completely one of a kind, recognizable website that makes a statement about you, your content or your business, as easy as dragging and customizing block-like elements in a visual process through the WordPress Live Customizer, expanded with over 250 options to fiddle with as you make the website of your dreams a concrete reality. Soledad includes top notch customer support around the clock to answer all your questions or listen to your feedback, while extensive documentation makes getting the most from Soledad a walk in the park.



Herald is a new and innovative theme for WordPress websites. Its design is charming and fresh, giving users complete freedom when it comes to customization. You will be able to showcase articles in any way, thanks to the intuitive module system. Herald has over 500 combinations for post layouts. With every article, the user can alter the color of the fonts, and upload images of various sizes. Advertisement banners can be placed on the site home page, single posts, and archive pages. There is a limitless number of available sidebars, 4 pagination options, and a series of custom widgets.

This new WordPress theme is fully-translatable, capable of showcasing your content in any language. In addition, Herald has incorporated RTL (right to left) writing support, for languages such as Japanese and Hebrew. All settings can be changed and customized, by accessing the Theme Options Panel. Despite its power, this panel remains user-friendly and easy to navigate. Herald has a smart category system, through which the user can easily color-code different categories on the website. For novice users, an informative documentation source was introduced, in addition to a useful video tutorial. Be sure to access the Herald live preview, if you want to sample the theme without having to spend any money.



Merchandiser is a sleek and attractive, purposeful and effective, easy to use and very engaging, mobile friendly and responsive WordPress commercial multipurpose WooCommerce website theme. Merchandiser is an incredibly convenient and time-saving platform for the uncomplicated creation, design and customization of beautiful modern commercial websites based on the WooCommerce e-Commerce suite and related, associated tools. Merchandiser is a theme for beginners and experts in online commerce alike, including a very easy to use and coding-free process for crafting your own unique websites and pages or customizing our provided demo websites and templates to your heart’s content.

From digital download based outfits to affiliate marketing operations, from direct customer sales to interactive product catalogues and end-user uploading, Merchandiser can do all things commercial in the blink of an eye, without breaking a sweat. Engaging features like the Off-Canvas Quick View for detailing individual products or the Off-Canvas Shopping Cart are both extremely mobile friendly and widely customer favorites. A plethora of creative and innovative arrangements for your Merchandiser Product Image Galleries are available, allowing you to quickly organize your content in the most attractive way for the world to see. Try Merchandiser today, and see what it feels like to be a closer!

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a reliable and powerful, easy to use and technologically robust, creative and responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO has been developed to a be full-fledged solution for webmasters with or without previous website development experience who want to quickly and painlessly put together their own modern magazine websites in a matter of minutes, including inherent mobile readiness and native cross-compatibility with devices and browsers the world over.

Newsmag PRO is perfect for a range of niche magazine applications and purposes, due to its flexible framework and plentiful widgets and modules with potent AJAX-powered searching and sorting capabilities as well as dynamic categories to let you easily organize Trending, Recent and Featured News. Limitless, visually stimulating and engaging custom sliders and attention-grabbing image carousels are readily available for you to deploy within Newsmag PRO, sprucing up your website’s look and feel and offering a charming, enticing end-user navigational experience. Multiple pagination styles and custom scrolling visual effects are a couple of clicks away, and profound graphic customization and branding is always at your reach through intuitive, powerful settings, endless color scheme combinations and hundreds of Google fonts. Newsmag PRO gives you the tools you need to deliver the latest news worldwide!



Gridlove is an eloquent and pliable, intuitive and user-friendly, fast and lightweight, readily responsive WordPress creative news and magazine website theme. Gridlove is a powerful framework for the uncomplicated development of sophisticated blogs and magazine websites across a range of interests and industries without having to write a single line of code yourself. Gridlove is equipped with a competent set of tools and plugins to facilitate the website building process immensely, as well as a thorough collection of hundreds of layouts and template pages you can deploy with a single click, predesigned for a multitude of specific usage cases and scenarios.

Gridlove is the most flexible platform on the market for handling sophisticated, elegant masonry websites that have a distinctly modern look and feel that users love and readily respond to. With deep and intuitive customization capabilities going from headers to endless sidebars and more, including post and widget highlight features within your masonry or grid layouts and many more options under the hood, Gridlove can turn itself inside out in a flash to meet your demands and specifications. Easy to brand, Gridlove is perfect for webmasters that want to establish a memorable, effective online presence. Give Gridlove a go, today!



XStore is a modern and youthful, user-friendly and tech-savvy, fresh-faced and polished, robust and reliably responsive WordPress multipurpose WooCommerce website theme. XStore has been crafted as a powerful and intuitive solution for webmasters across a broad spectrum of industries and fields to easily and effectively design and orchestrate entire websites with a truly modern feel and a fully functional commercial layer that allows them to market any kind of product or service to potential clients and customers the world over.

XStore includes a number of premium plugins, including the Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7 and WPML, among others, which combine through each of XStore’s dozens of engaging website demos and page templates with the utterly, seamlessly integrated WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite. This means marketing products and services to a massive online audience is easier than ever before with XStore. Among its many template pages and demo websites, the well constructed Bicycle Shop template pages are incredibly attractive and extremely popular with clients and owners alike. Flexible product pages with customizable fields and layouts, the most attractive product portfolios on the market today and a number of creative header options make selling some wheels online easy as pie. Try XStore now!

Divi WordPress Theme


Divi is a WordPress theme that has no limits, capable of enhancing your website and increasing your view count. Smart and flexible, it is certainly well-designed. Customers will enjoy the marvelous Divi builder, which facilitates the creation of unique, stunning layouts. Unlike other themes, this does not require any modification of the code, making it more accessible to those that are not very tech-savvy. All elements are shown as plain building blocks. Users can easily move, arrange, and personalize these blocks, resulting in an unparalleled degree of theme flexibility.

Despite the capability to design your own layout, you do not have to start from scratch. This product will include 18 pre-designed layouts, allowing you to save precious time. Later, they can be modified and personalized, acting as templates for further improvement. Divi is entirely responsive, regardless of your website’s configuration settings. Every single element will adapt to your reader’s screen, resulting in a user-friendly experience. Due to a productive collaboration with, Divi is one of the most reliable and secure WordPress themes in existence. In addition, it offers plenty of header style variations. For more information about Divi theme you can read on our review.



You can always rely on technology to become obsolete. When designing your website, you must not settle for yesterday’s products. GoodLife is a new WordPress theme that is sure to exceed all expectations. It is packed with cutting-edge features that promise to simplify the site construction process. The theme has integrated video playlists, and an Ajax pagination function. There are multiple theme demos, each catering to a specific market niche: Music, Fashion, Blogs, Sports, and so on. In addition, this product offers 3 distinct header styles. Regardless of your choice, the page will look amazing.

There is no need to hunt for third-party plugins. Many premium WordPress features were included, at no additional cost. You will save a total of $144, by simply purchasing GoodLife. Rankie is a wonderful plugin that informs users regarding their position of search engine rankings. This makes it easier to adjust your marketing strategy in real time. Taking a page out of Buzzfeed’s book, GoodLife has included a viral quiz builder. Your view count will certainly increase, given that people seem to gravitate towards these entertaining quizzes. In addition, the download also includes some useful PSD files. For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration, a live theme preview was made available.

Black Bear


Black Bear is an elegant and gorgeous, luminously bright and very neatly styled, professionally graphically designed and laboriously developed, wonderfully intuitive and amazingly tech-savvy responsive WordPress blog website theme. Black Bear is a sparkling, brand new website theme that reflects all the design values and aesthetic philosophies of the Internet’s avant-garde, with a creative, open design that is stylishly understated and minimal.

Black Bear’s Live Customizer makes short work of your average layout customization tasks, which are greatly eased by using the included blog layout styles, which can be applied to all your dynamic pages such as contact, archive and galleries, resulting in a distinct, differentiated website with a visual hierarchy and structure, as well as a professional, polished feel, accomplished in a matter of minutes, without ever having to touch a single line of code. Innovative features, such as a smooth, AJAX powered Instant Search, are swiftly integrated into Black Bear for your convenience. Gorgeous, Retina-ready sharp-looking icon sets are readily packed with Black Bear, as well as responsive sliders, a host of convenient, modern post formats for every occasion, social media-friendly buttons and features and much more under the hood of this sleek blog theme. Give Black Bear a hug!



Amory is an incredibly modern and stupendously polished, brilliantly luminous and positively elegant, readily responsive WordPress premium creative blog website theme. Amory is a clever and concise platform for webmasters from all walks of life with a flair for the creative to easily and effective build an online home for themselves, their art, their creations or their thoughts to thrive with utter creative freedom, while being readily accessible to the world at large.

Amory is gifted with a sleek graphic design which is apparent through each of its numerous homepage demo websites and template pages, which provides a beautiful substrate for a content first approach to layout building where your content first and foremost is the center of all attention. With Amory, six different blog layouts have been laid out at your disposal, so every wordsmith out there can find the proper framing for their articles or brief collections of thought, each wholly optimized thinking of readability and legibility, from typographical font choices to color contrasts, Amory has been designed to be a delight. Beautiful image galleries and portfolios of your works can be crafted instantly without writing a single line of code. Amory is the theme for blogging your creativity away! Try it today!



Lemon is a clean and pristine, serene and handsomely constructed, smooth and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress health and spa website theme. Lemon is the result of a joint effort between professional coders and graphic designers working in unison to craft the perfect theme for webmasters that want to create a uniquely tranquil, peaceful environment in the hectic modern web in a matter of minutes, regardless of previous coding skills, and through a completely streamlined, visual page building experience.

Lemon is ideal for putting together health spa websites, wellness center websites and all similar, related health service industry businesses and organizations that cater to a progressive, selective crowd seeking refuge from the afflictions and stress of modern life. Relaxing animations, smooth visual transitions and wonderful layout arrangements abound within Lemon to help get you started, while a fully integrated WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite affords Lemon a series of advanced commercial capabilities, so you may market your services directly off your website via seamless shop template pages fully functional out of the box. Wonderful widgets, staff blurbs, portfolio gadgets and social media integration through customized buttons are all there for your benefit. Try Lemon today, and see your customer list soar overnight!


cool modern WordPress theme

Cool is a state of the art, adaptable WordPress theme that offers an impressive design. It has many customization options, allowing customers to create unique websites. Cool is sure to attract the attention of potential customers, and increase your view count. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, a live demo was made available. This allows users to test out the content without committing to a purchase.

Page building used to be a very complicated process, only accessible to those that were tech savvy. However, Cool is highly intuitive and user friendly. Thanks to a series of implementations that are both efficient and easy to use, page creation is very easy. The drag and drop sections make it seem like a game, without compromising the quality of the results.

Good pages are supported and elevated by the people who visit them. A mutually beneficial relationship was built between websites and the search engines that facilitate user access. Should a page fail to optimize itself for search engines, it will be condemned to anonymity. Thankfully, Cool is SEO ready, able to maximize your chances of getting noticed. Upon purchase, customers will benefit from limitless Domain Usage, and One-Click installation.


interactive - creative magazine template

Interactive is an affordable WordPress theme for those who wish to design a quality website. This product was constructed to accommodate webmasters that have a lot to say. It will allow you to form a close relationship with your readers, and interact with them on a regular basis. There is a multitude of useful options, and each of them was implemented in order to enhance your blog. Powerful features will impress potential followers, and encourage them to follow your posts. For those who wish to experience this theme first-hand, an interesting live demo was made available. There is a limitless number of color personalization options, allowing you to design a site that is truly unique. In addition, Interactive offers over 630 distinct Google Fonts.

Language translation is another important feature, as it can increase your view count, and cater to a broader range of demographics. This theme incorporates an impressive off canvas mobile menu which will automatically hide when it is not being used. Interactive has very low bounce rates, and its speed is astonishing. Its loading time is very fast, assuring that you will have a good position in search engine rankings. As it maximizes performance and convenience, this theme is certainly worth your attention.


moneyflow - awesome multipurpose theme

The internet provides boundless opportunities for those who wish to work from home, and earn a living by doing what they love. MoneyFlow is a WordPress theme that offers modern features and simple monetization options. It appeals to the user’s sense of style, thanks to its eye-catching layout and dynamic interface. With this theme, you will gain access to the most powerful website building tools. Your chances of success will increase exponentially. Be it AdSense integration, search engine optimization or WooCommerce implementation, MoneyFlow has you covered.

You do not have to be a web developer in order to enjoy this wonderful product. It is very user friendly, while giving you complete creative control. If you want to sample some of its features, be sure to check out the free live demo or the extensive documentation source. For mobile users, MoneyFlow is a godsend. It has completely eliminated resizing issues, resulting in an experience that is just as good on tablets, as it is on laptops. Site owners will be able to translate their content and accommodate non-English speaking users. This facilitates site expansion, and increases popularity. Upon purchase, customers will automatically benefit from a year of free updates and support.


wordx - classic news site

WordX is an eye-catching, professional WordPress theme for online magazines and blogs. It is ideal for sites that offer plenty of content and high definition images. Basically, it will allow you to stay competitive and attract plenty of users. Your site will look amazing, and it will not be plagued by compatibility issues. Mobile phone and tablet users will not have any restrictions. WordX has many personalization options and useful features, implemented in order to maximize your chances of success.

Given that search engine optimization was integrated, your page can gain a good spot on search engine rankings. If you wish to learn more about this theme and what it offers, be sure to check out its extensive and informative documentation source. Making your guests wait is a gesture of poor taste, online or otherwise. Thankfully, WordX has lightning-fast loading times, eliminating downtime for your users. This improves their browsing experience, making them more likely to return.

You work hard for your content, and you will want to showcase your best work. The Carousel option assures that you can do that. AdSense support was incorporated as well. This guarantees that your revenue from online advertising will remain constant without diminishing the user’s experience.


newspapper - magazine style theme

With a simple name and straightforward approach, NewsPaper is a refreshingly elegant and beautiful WordPress theme, made for content-rich web pages. It offers media rich features and various post layouts, allowing it to cater to any blog website that aims to please its readers. If you wish to experience its features first-hand, a nifty live demo was made available for users. The layout is adaptable, fluid and completely responsive. It works well on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. In addition, site administrators will benefit from an unprecedented degree of freedom as they can update content while they are on the move.

This theme is optimized for search engines, assuring that you will get a great position on search engine rankings. The loading speeds are quite impressive, as they have managed to reduce downtime to a minimum. Content can be easily translated, facilitating site expansion. NewsPaper integrates a useful feature section that can turn your best high definition images into site centerpieces that will seize the reader’s attention. Navigation has also been optimized due to the introduction of a high-performance homepage layout. It is easy to sacrifice organization if you post on a regular basis. Thankfully, this product provides plenty of tools that can organize all content, via the Popular Categories Section.



Struck is a WordPress theme that is perfect for creative people. Be it video, photography, agency, or software design web pages, Struck has something for you. It helps your site stand out, and assures that it is a worthy backdrop for your amazing content. It does not shift focus from what’s important, only complements your art. With Struck, the potential for fame and exposure awaits! This theme has a highly responsive design. Some sites can have trouble accommodating to new device screens, but not Struck. It works great on tablets, smart phones, and computers. Success is in the details, and this theme pays attention to them. For example, Ajax dynamic loading is available, and the page will be optimized for search engines. Rest assured that the logo of your brand will remain on display constantly. With Struck, your visitors will always have a great time.

This theme has a live preview, so feel free to check it out if you want to sample the content. Pretty screenshots were added as well. Struck is compatible with WordPress 4.5, and it features distinct gallery options. The slideshows are amazing and the user interface is as smooth as velvet. If you are new to WordPress, do not be intimidated by the installation process. This product is amazingly simple to install, and it only requires one click. After that single click, your job is over. You may sit back and watch how the theme imports all of the files, features and layouts.


falive - amazing magazine theme

Developed by an elite author, Falive is a gorgeous WordPress theme that can accurately represent your creative spirit. It includes 5 different layouts for your header, which can be implemented in order to accommodate your needs. Each of these headers offers something different. Users are able to craft distinct homepage layouts, thanks to the three Featured Slider Options. They can also alter the behavior of each individual slider. The main layout has 2 different variations: Boxed and Full Width. Changing its setting is quite easy, as you only need to access the Theme Options section.

Your pages will be entirely responsive, featuring a crystal-clear image on high resolution Retina and HiDPI displays. In addition, customers can enjoy cross-platform compatibility, given that Falive works on devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. In terms of customization, this theme offers a complete experience. Thanks to the Live Editor and Theme Customizer, any change can be previewed in real time, before it is made permanent. You will be given the ability to alter the color of your background, chance fonts and padding, and so on. Typography can be modified from the theme customizer. With over 600 wonderful Google Fonts, there is no lack of choice.


themesy - fashion wordpress theme

Themesy is a WordPress theme that caters to those who value quality above all else. It allows users to construct a successful website that is sure to attract all readers. A live preview and some screenshots were made available for those who wish to sample the content before making a decision. With this theme, customers can set up layouts easily, thanks to the Visual Composer Front-end Drag and Drop capabilities. Advanced project creation has been simplified and made accessible to everyone.

This is a high-performance product, as you will be given the opportunity to alter your project’s position and conversion ratio, resulting in a pristine experience for your readers. Themesy also makes it easy for you to combine demos, as all elements can be imported to your page with one click. Customers will benefit from a semantic markup code, and full SEO capabilities. Given that the site will be optimized for search engines, its chances of getting noticed will skyrocket.

As you customize and design your site, you do not have to modify the code. Every change can be implemented using the theme Front-end, making it easier for all users. A Mega Menu, Animated Portfolio and Master Slider were added as well.


cargopress - logistic company theme

CargoPress is the ideal WordPress theme for logistic, transportation and trucking web pages. With this product, it will be easy to create and navigate your future website. It offers a simple yet effective structure that can impress your customers. Given that your site will be the reflection of your business, CargoPress can be your top ally.

A ton of industry-specific research went into the development of this theme, resulting in an experience that is tailored for your needs. It is user-friendly, extremely fast, and streamlined. This is a businessman’s theme, free of all redundancies and flashy animations. Your customers will enjoy your minimalist and efficient demeanor.

The code is well-written, and it conforms to the standards of the WordPress community. You will benefit from full compatibility with other prolific WP plugins. Site owners can make all of the creative decisions, while the theme takes care of the rest. The drag and drop interface turns a complex process into a very simple action. The result will be the same, but you will have more fun along the way. Customization changes can be made and previewed in real time, before they are applied. If you are interested and you want to learn more, be sure to check out the live theme preview.


severn - simple blog theme

Severn is a WordPress theme that has much to offer in terms of quality, efficiency, speed, and customization. Available in both dark and light styles, its beautiful interface will embed your site deep into the memories of those who visit your page. Severn was created for all platforms. Be it Notebooks, Tablets, Desktop Devices and Mobiles, your page elements will conform to the screen on which they are being displayed.

There are 8 Different Post Formats available: quote, gallery, image, audio, video, status, aside, and standard. You can easily shift between these post types, and adjust them to your content. The adaptable Ecko plugin was incorporated, bringing ten custom widgets and many innovative short codes that can improve your posts. A nifty post editor short code menu was introduced in order to streamline the process.

Customers are able to seamlessly switch between a single, two and three column layout. The layouts that feature multiple columns include complete widget support, sticky scroll features, and some practical sidebars. It would be foolish to ignore the massive potential of social networks. Thankfully, that is a mistake that Severn is not willing to make. You will be able to interact with your followers from GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


capri - creative fullscreen theme

Capri is a modern, hot, WordPress theme. It allows you to craft a successful website that is sure to attract plenty of followers. The number of options is staggering, resulting in a unique experience for each site owner. If you want to learn more about this theme, be sure to check out its live preview and screenshots. Capri also has an informative and expansive documentation source. Page creation can often be a daunting process, especially for those who lack programming knowledge. Thankfully, the Admin panel is highly intuitive, and all changes can be made without having to modify the theme code.

The sheer variety of choice makes Capri one of the most customizable products on the market. There are over 2000 options available for all users. The One-Click importer can facilitate site creation, constructing a fully functional page in a matter of moments. Upon purchase, users will benefit from 12 distinct demos. In addition, Capri incorporates WooCommerce, one of the most prolific premium plugins on WordPress. It facilitates the creation of an impressive online store, and it is available for free. You will be able to sell your services and items easily, increasing your profit margin. The theme is also Retina-Ready and completely responsive.


writing simple blog theme

Writing is a minimalist and streamlined WordPress theme. Designed to enhance blogs, it is ideal for people who want to complement and organize their well-written posts. Writing has many creative effects and features, resulting in a pleasant and entertaining reading experience for your loyal readers. The simplified layout of this theme is ideal for users who wish to focus on what they do best: their writing. It is very easy to setup and personalize. Of course, a good blog site must have stunning typography. Thankfully, Writing is a theme that is equipped with all of the tools of the trade.

The user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, given its 5 star rating. This product benefits from a well-designed structure and it features a flawless HTML outline that will make it easier for search engines to find your site. All elements are meant to cater to these search engines, and enhance your view count. Just sit back and watch how readers flock to your page. Art is all about presentation, and you are offered several methods of showcasing your work. There are multiple blog styles such as: classic, default, list and masonry. You are free to choose whatever you want.


jay - blog combined with WooCommerce

Jay is a top-quality WordPress theme that offers a modern and clean design. Your site visitor’s gaze will be caught by the impressive featured posts with personalized labels. Jay’s sidebar can accommodate both WordPress widgets and built-in widgets. At the bottom section of your page, you can feature an impressive media feed. Dribbble shots and Instagram photos can be showcased in that section. Jay has incorporated WooCommerce, one of the best plugins on WordPress. Users will be able to easily create a nifty online shop in order to commercialize all of their items. If done correctly, this can be a very profitable endeavor.

The theme has multiple layouts variations: Left Sidebar layout, Classic layout, Full Width Layout, Grid Layout, Masonry Layout and a Parallax Layout. In terms of customization, the process has been simplified and streamlined. The admin panel offers customizer support, and it is powered by the Redux Framework. The great thing about Jay, is that it shatters the difficulty barrier. Anyone can create an excellent site, without having to hire a professional web development company. Everything is accessible and intuitive. There is an unlimited number of color choices, and the layout is compatible with High Resolution Retina Displays.



Uncode is a streamlined WordPress theme that is available in both one page and multi-page variations. It is designed for professional websites, and it is extremely user friendly. There are many site niches that Uncode can accommodate, including: Photo Studio, Business, Freelancer, Portfolio, Personal, Creative, Travel, Agency, Corporate,Blog pages.

Upon purchase, you will immediately gain access to 15 complete one page demos. The layout is completely responsive, as it has eliminated all compatibility issues. Mobile and PC users can rejoice! Every single page element can be tweaked or modified , assuring that you are able to create a unique web page. Uncode has over 600 Google Fonts, and a relentless non-stop support system. The support representatives are very polite, knowledgeable, and eager to help. If you are experiencing any issue, do not hesitate to contact them.

With the integration of the WooCommerce plugin, users can now open their personal online stores. This can potentially increase your site’s profit margin and brand awareness. Uncode has several advanced blog layouts, and many advanced portfolio layouts. Demo data can be imported with just one click, simplifying the installation experience. In addition, this theme is also compatible with high definition Retina Displays.


handy - green ecommerce theme

Developed by an elite author, Handy is a handmade shop theme for WordPress. As the demand for hand made goods increases, opening your own online store has become quite popular. This theme offers many features, each designed to improve your site and attract more visitors. With Handy, you can benefit from many personalization options. This will allow you to create an eye catching, unique page.

Your site will certainly be fully responsive and Retina ready, compatible with high resolution displays and mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. There is a limitless number of color customization options, allows users to design something that matches their vision. The administration panel is very powerful, yet it remains accessible and highly intuitive. Of course, no online handmade shop site will ever be complete without WooCommerce. It is one of the most trusted and prolific plugins on WordPress, facilitating the creation of charming online stores. It is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

If a user experiences any issue during installation, that issue can be easily resolved by the dedicated One on One support system. The theme is also WPML ready, capable of translating content for non-English speaking users.


kwoon - multipurpose theme

Kwoon is a nifty WordPress theme that can accommodate a variety of websites. It has some header options, and also several blog, portfolio and slider variations. There is an unlimited number of possible feature combinations, guaranteeing that each site will be completely unique. There are single and multiple page options, and you get to decide which is best for you. Kwoon is completely responsive, allowing the site layout to adapt to the screens of both mobile and desktop devices. You will not be tied to a desk chair all day, given that you can now update your content from anywhere.

This theme was constructed using the groundbreaking Twitter Bootstrap v3. There is a limitless amount of color customization options, and many other aesthetic design customization features. WooCommerce support was added, along with a beautiful AJAX icon in the header. Your online store will be beautiful, attracting many potential customers to the site. Image cropping is a service that is often neglected. Thankfully, Kwoon offers personalized image cropping, giving you complete control over the process. The Visual Composer plugin was added, which is probably one of the most popular builders on WordPress. It turns a complicated and boring process, into a pleasurable and enticing experience.


yogi - yoga studio theme

Yogi is a WordPress theme that refuses to compromises between aesthetic design and efficiency. It offers an extensive and informative documentation source, for those who want to learn more about the theme. In addition, there are some wonderful screenshots and an interesting live preview. Users can stay up to date by subscribing to regular email updates. The support system is excellent, capable of solving any issue. This theme is meant for spa, event, wellness, health, fitness, and beauty training web pages. It has 4 post variations, each implemented in order to improve niche sites: trainer, class, testimonial and event. In addition, Yogi also has many widgets and shortcodes.

The theme aims to reflect the philosophy of its audience. It is beautiful, soothing and enlightening. Despite its specialization it can also accommodate any other health-related web page. Yogi is one of the only WordPress products that is compatible with MINDBODY, the most prolific Yoga-theme online application. Users can easily search for online classes, taking advantage of its registration and payment features. Installation is very easy, thanks to the Drag and Drop page builder. It requires only a simple action, and the results will be amazing. In addition, Yogi includes the WooCommerce plugin and Revolution Slider.


qaro - seo company wordpress theme

Qaro is an impressive WordPress theme that is suited for a broad range of web pages: business, portfolio, corporate, agency, and many more. It is entirely responsive, catering to users who prefer mobile devices. This is one of the most adaptable and innovative products on WordPress. Qaro has a large roster of features, and useful One Click demo installer. It can setup a perfect page in just a few moments, providing you with the template for success. It has both corporate and business versions, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of your site.

For those who wish to commercialize items and services, the prolific WooCommerce plugin was included. It allows for the creation of an amazing online store, perfect for any customer. Online shops can also increase brand awareness.

Customers will enjoy a wide selection of interesting layouts for their home page. In addition to its impressive collection of features, Qaro offers some of the best premium plugins on WordPress. Plugins such as the Visual Composer and Revolution slider can be yours for no additional fee. This will actually save you about $80, which is way more than the cost of the theme itself. The Administration panel is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to customize their site with ease.


chirps - old school magazine theme

Chirps is a wonderful theme for WordPress, capable of enhancing your website and increasing its popularity. Its design can be personalized, guaranteeing that no two sites will ever look the same. This theme works with most major browsers, and it is entirely responsive. Site elements will not have any resizing or compatibility issues. This also increases flexibility for the site owners, given that the pages can be updated from anywhere.

The support system is excellent, and their representatives are eager to help. The Admin Panel is well-organized, streamlined, and highly intuitive. Even those who are not very tech-savvy can easily navigate its options. The one click demo installer simplifies the installation process, and reduces the amount of time that you have to wait. The multiple overlay effects improve your site’s aesthetic appeal, and give you more creative control over your posts.

Chirps is optimized for search engines, assuring that your page can gain a good spot on search engine rankings. The theme is also compatible with many SEO plugins, further improving its capabilities. The code is well written and semantic, and your site speed will be second to none. A drag and drop gallery was incorporated, allowing easy organization as you attempt to display your best work.

30+ Best WordPress Restaurant Themes to Create a Responsive Restaurant Website 2016

Restaurant WordPress Themes

With the stiff competition in restaurant and food business, it is very difficult for a restaurant to thrive in this kind of business. Implementing effective marketing strategies is indispensable in creating a buzz or getting the word out. And one of the efficient ways to drive more customers to your business is creating an attractive and engaging restaurant website. Having a website is very important in promoting your restaurant since a lot of people check out the restaurants business before visiting the actual place.

Having online presence is a great opportunity to reach out to your target market. If you want to create a new website or plan to redesign your existing website but you don’t have an idea how to build a beautiful and organized website, you may consider using a custom restaurant WordPress theme. Most pre-made website template is bundled with awesome theme features that you can use for marketing your restaurant business online. It is very important that you choose a responsive and mobile ready template since most of the consumers these days visit website through their handheld device. Restaurant WordPress themes typically include theme options and free plugins that allow you to present your business and showcase your products in an elegant way. Additionally, using a pre-made website template saves you a lot of time and effort. If you are in the hunt for a great WordPress theme for your website, check out this list of the best restaurant WordPress themes.



KALLYAS is a stylish and stunning, well-structured and easy to use, creative and professional, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. KALLYAS has been developed to be a solid platform for the design and creation of an endless assortment of websites across all applications and industries imaginable. To that end, KALLYAS has been equipped with powerful, intuitive tools to empower webmasters from all walks of life to produce professional quality websites and pages in a matter of minutes, without so much as looking at a line of code.

The integrated, plugin-free Visual Builder allows you to effortlessly edit layout templates to suit your needs or expectations through a simple drag and drop interface, while the Revolution Slider allows you to showcase your most enticing visual content in an engaging presentation that will impress your audience and draw them into your content. KALLYAS is a perfect theme for restaurants, caterers, personal chefs and related food services businesses and websites. With impeccable portfolio image showcase capabilities to delight users with your meals and specialties in Retina-ready resolution, awesome Gallery layouts and styles to make an experience out of your presentation, and convenient business-friendly features like Pricing Tables and MailChimp subscription newsletter integration, nothing beats KALLYAS!



TheGem is a versatile and imaginative, polished and professional, clean and fresh-faced, extremely responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. TheGem has been developed to be a high performance theme that delivers nothing but the best under absolutely any usage case or traffic load. That’s why TheGem has been optimized for lightweight, fast loading as well as utter responsiveness and cross-compatibility with devices the world over.

With over 40 uniquely conceived creative demos, TheGem is ready to go right out of the box. TheGem’s Restaurant demo website is among its strongest, featuring a wealth of premium plugins deployed and visually styled to match the tone and layout of a handsome modern restaurant site. Including both potent single page and multipage templates, TheGem packs expansive image gallery customization styles and layouts for you to showcase your best dishes in a most appetizing fashion, as well as fully functional out of the box online shop pages for you to market your wares directly off your TheGem website, powered by the amazing WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite. Extensive SEO enhancements within TheGem guarantee top notch search engine ranking performance, driving your traffic through the roof overnight. Try TheGem now, and let the world see what’s cooking!



Butter is a beautiful and very attractive, polished and professional, robust and easy to use, highly responsive WordPress restaurant, bakery, coffee and pizza website theme. Butter has been crafted by an experienced team of developers and designers seeking to furnish webmasters in the foodservice industry to quickly and effortlessly create their own amazing modern websites without having to write so much as a single line of code themselves.

With Butter, you get access to the premium Visual Composer and Master Slider plugins, enabling you to fully fine-tune your website through entirely visual, drag and drop interfaces, while a wealth of restaurateur-friendly built-in plugins and features, such as beautiful custom Menus, functional Shop pages, functional reservations system powered by the impressive OpenTable, breath-taking image galleries, and much more available within a couple of clicks. With the incredible visual effects furnished by hardware powered Parallax, your visitors will be treated to a delightful end-user experience each time they peruse your delicious Product Menus or expansive Image Galleries. Enhanced at the codebase for SEO, Butter is a capable climber of the search ranks, and will boost your traffic overnight. Fast-loading and lightweight, Butter is the perfect aid for any up and coming restaurant business. Try Butter today!



Avaris is an intuitive and easy to use, resourceful and engaging, dynamic and elegant, modern and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Avaris has been developed as a solution for webmasters without any previous development experience to easily and effortlessly put together sophisticated, classy modern websites in the blink of an eye, without having to write a line of code, and with all the handy tools and flashy features of high quality websites the world over. With plentiful professional quality demo websites and page templates for multiple general and specific usage cases and applications, saving you tons of time and effort in setting up your websites.

Avaris is a perfect candidate for deployment within restaurant industry websites. With dedicated demos as well as dozens of purposeful shortcodes readymade for your convenience, Avaris packs all the functionality you need to introduce your delicious menus, your engaging portfolios and galleries of your meals or ingredients, helpful recipe lists and pricing plan shortcodes, and much more under the hood. A flexible page builder combined with a unique and resourceful header builder let you deeply customize your restaurant website without writing any code yourself. With Avaris at your side, you’ll have them flocking in overnight!



ROSA is a completely gorgeous and visually pristine, professionally graphically designed and very carefully crafted, thoroughly thought out and entirely engaging and inviting, warm and welcoming, technologically resourceful and easy to use, flexible and modern responsive WordPress restaurant and cafe theme. ROSA is a theme that has been built with the deliberate intention of creating a delightfully vibrant and incredibly refined theme that is perfectly suited for elegant, upscale restaurants or cafes catering to a discerning audience that expects nothing but the highest quality and performance.

ROSA is a profoundly engaging theme, featuring ample functionality such as beautiful menus, OpenTable reservations system, gorgeous galleries, and high-performance hardware-powered Parallax visual effects for a completely immersive atmosphere that will enchant and amaze your visitors and quickly convert them into future clients. ROSA has been equipped with handsome layouts and page templates for every imaginable need your restaurant or cafe website may encounter, featuring several different variations and ample customization capabilities that ensure your ROSA restaurant or cafe website will be completely unique and suited to your business’ own identity. Smooth scrolling presentations with full-screen images or videos and beautiful transition effects are all a couple of clicks away with ROSA. Are you ready for real quality?



X is a strong, pliable, visually fluid and impressively customizable, technologically refined, modern and interactive WordPress responsive multiconcept, multipurpose theme, an extraordinarily adaptable theme that has been created with the explicit, ambitious purpose of meeting and exceeding the expectations of essentially all website archetypes and models in existence. Thus, X has been outfitted with several themes within itself–complete with their own shortcodes, templates and skins, which are dubbed Stacks. Recently, X’s developers thought this variety and ease of use insufficient, and thusly added Expanded Demos to the mix–full-fledged websites, fleshed out with images, sliders, pages and more, set up instantaneously, with a single click, designed for niche applications, simply awaiting your actual content. Church, Restaurant, Spa and Agency are the current Expanded Demos available, though the collection is permanently expanding.

Restaurant is an Expanded Demo that has been masterfully crafted to produce the most memorable, visually stimulating food industry related websites imaginable, with a focus on highly visually-oriented posts that will have your visitors’ mouths’ watering with the high resolution imagery of your meals or ingredients in full, Retina-ready glory. Amazing, time-saving shortcodes are available with seamless, smooth animations and hover effects, as well as gorgeous image carousels for your homepage with plentiful animation and customization options, and templates like Reservations (with full contact form and calendar functionalities), Contact and Blog, Restaurant is an outstanding website solution.



Sage is an extraordinarily stunning, aesthetically clean and provocative, visually accomplished and thoroughly graphically polished, efficiently coded and amazingly lightweight and dynamic, intuitively customizable and readily malleable, versatile and well structured, user and developer friendly responsive WordPress multipurpose food and restaurant website theme. Sage is the fruit of an extensive, painstaking, detail-oriented development process centered around the many facets of the food and restaurant industries and fields of interests and their respective functional as well as experiential, navigational and graphical requirements and needs.

Sage has been packed to the brim with over 40 different, conceptually unique, general and niche demo websites, each carefully and lovingly predesigned to fulfill or pursue diverse structural, aesthetical or functional values. Dozens of sleek and attractive restaurant demos of all kinds, scales and natures are available from the minute you install Sage, and you will definitely appreciate their conveniently fleshed out inner pages when you find the demo that fits your restaurant just right. Or, if you have something specific in mind, you can always craft your own sophisticated layouts from scratch or based off the templates and demos, without ever writing a single line of code! Try Sage today, and just wait for the bookings to roll in!



Resca is an intuitive, flexible, powerful WordPress theme, designed to suit the needs of restaurant and cafe websites of all sizes. Resca is built with colorful beauty in mind, making your visual content pop with its Retina ready graphics. Stop worrying about your coding and start bringing in the customers today with Resca!

Demo versions are available for cafes, restaurants, and single page websites as well. Setup is quick and painless, and Resca takes care of everything else. Providing you with two powerful forms, Resca allows customers to book tables right from your website, out of the box. Resca is designed to be responsive, and looks amazing across all devices and platforms. Beautiful menu layout templates are provided, so that you and your products hit the ground running. The Revolution Slider sophisticates your website, while stunning Parallax effect add class and elegance. Limitless colors and skins are available via theme options and the customized drag & drop page builder included. HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 power this theme with smooth transitions, animations, hover effects, background video playback, and so many more technical wonders at your fingertips. Resca is the theme that’ll always have you asking for seconds.


tavern - fullscreen restaurant theme

In the restaurant business, food is only part of the experience. The atmosphere and the decor are an integral component of the overall package. A good restaurant website must uphold the same quality standards as the venue itself. Tavern is an ambitious WordPress theme that can help you design an excellent web page. Every single element is finely tuned and refined, reflecting a sense of elegance and beauty.

Customers are able to open a personal online store, due to the impressive WooCommerce plugin. It is arguably one of the most popular plugins on WordPress, as it allows you to commercialize your merchandise. This theme has 4 incredible layout demos: Italian Cuisine, Bakery, Raw Vegan and Default. It also incorporates top-quality premium plugins: Essential Grid, Visual Composer and the Revolution Slider.

Multilingual support has been added, making your content easily translatable. This was made possible by the WPML plugin. A crucial component of any restaurant site is its reservation system. Tavern visitors can reserve their tables easily, as the system is compatible with mobile phones. Drag & Drop technology was used to construct the awesome Menu Page, and it even features Parallax sections. Each of these sections can be personalized and altered.



Hatch is a cleverly conceived and purposefully stylish and welcoming, wonderfully robust and staunchly reliable, beautifully composed and visually stunning and compelling, enticing and engaging, modern and easy to use, mobile friendly and highly responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website theme. Hatch is a very sleek and attractive multipurpose WordPress theme, a resourceful and tech-savvy solution for webmasters with or without previous developing or coding experience to effortlessly craft impressive and professiona quality websites across a range of diverse interests, industries and fields with ease and speed.

That is because Hatch makes intelligent use of the latest and greatest web development technologies, including an HTML5 framework, CSS3 stylesheet scripting and astounding hardware-powered Parallax visual effects, transitions and scrolling, placed within your reach through the sophisticated yet highly intuitive Visual Composer page builder, combined with the potent Revolution Slider and Essential Grid premium plugins, which let you easily craft your own unique websites from scratch or modify one of the included demo websites and page templates as a basis for your own, with minimal visual customization and branding required-just add content and go live! Hatch includes delightful demos for restaurants, cafes and related industries, with impressive tools for showcasing your works to the world and having your visitors salivating at your every post!




Resto is a good looking and visually polished, modern and seamlessly elegant readily responsive WordPress multipurpose restaurant and cafe website theme. Resto is a purposeful toolkit that empowers webmasters from all backgrounds to quickly assemble effective and enticing websites that allow them to present their restaurants, cafes, diners and bakeries to the local public through a fast-loading and attractive online medium, outfitted with tons of professional quality features and convenient capabilities for you to provide your customers and potential patrons with such capacities as out of the box functional online booking systems, sophisticated online menu showcases deploying dozens of advanced portfolio and lightbox features you can customize to perfectly match your every meal, and much more under the hood.

Six stunning homepage demo websites are included with Resto for you to easily get things started within a few minutes on initial setup, through a streamlined customization process that requires absolutely no coding. Customize your fonts, colors, layouts, sidebars, footers and headers at will within a few clicks. Resto includes integrated commercial capabilities powered by the amazing WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, which combines with the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer to make website building a breezy task. Check out Resto today!



Lambda multipurpose restaurant theme

Lambda is a sophisticated and innovative website template that you can use for crafting different websites such as restaurant, cafeteria, corporate, business, personal, photography and even portfolio. This theme has one click demo installer that you can use for setting up your own website. Its sleek and easy to customize framework is built based on the latest Bootstrap 3.3 to help you effortlessly build responsive and mobile ready websites. This theme is totally responsive and looks amazing on any type of device from desktop, tablets to mobile phones. It comes with handy and fully functional theme features such as amazing font options with Google Fonts and TypeKit support, built-in Font Awesome icons, unlimited color scheme options, unique skin editor and countless header options. Build unlimited page layout for your website using WP Bakery Visual Composer. On the other hand, this theme is includes Revolution Slider that you can use for building animated slideshows for your website.

This theme supports WordPress Theme Customizer that makes customization quick and straightforward with Live Preview. Lambda is fully integrated with Isotope gallery plugin, blog option with multiple post formats and custom post types for your site content. This theme comes packed with social icons with Twitter widgets, perfect for promoting your business or brand across the web. This theme is developed using valid HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to help you stay abreast of the latest trends in website design. Lambda provides user full online documentation to help them build their website without much effort.



Brando is a reliable and resourceful, easy to use and highly stylized, engaging and streamlined, readily responsive WordPress single page multipurpose website theme. Brando is a conceptually driven theme that incorporates a range of conceptual demo websites and page templates for you to always get your projects started off on the right foot, offering you then a selection of custom crafted layout styles and arrangements including powerful masonry and grid options, to then have you hand-pick your desired functional elements within your single page website layout, customize these elements in terms of behavior and visual styling, and go live, minutes after initial setup.

Brando keeps the website building experience free from coding hassle and full of distinctive, creative choices for the modern webmaster, including amazing portfolio showcase capabilities for your high resolution imagery or any type of content. Restaurants find in Brando a perfect tool for establishing an online presence for their venues, where they can stylishly introduce their menus to the world at large through seamlessly responsive image galleries, mouth-watering embedded videos or breath-taking portfolio collections. SEO enhanced, Brando helps your restaurant climb to the top of all the search engine ranks, getting more customers through the door and ultimately upping your bottom line. Get Brando now!



H-Code is a spectacularly attractive and wonderfully modern and easy to use, very user and developer friendly, technologically cutting edge and impressive, elegant and very stylish, powerfully robust and professionally graphically designed, sleek and appealing, wonderfully responsive WordPress one page and multipage multipurpose website theme. H-Code has been specifically designed and equipped with a whole host of diverse and capable tools, plugins, customization settings, layouts and templates that greatly simplify the website building process, making it a painless, effortless, seamless task that requires absolutely no coding on your own and incorporates the latest and most sophisticated web development technologies on the market today.

H-Code has been specifically designed as the fresh young face of tomorrow’s internet culture, and as such, it is uniquely pliable in a way that allows it to adapt to endless archetypes, scenarios and applications, with a knack for the creation of gorgeous and fully functional modern restaurant websites will beautiful gallery and portfolio features. H-Code is packed with over 57 different, unique home page demo websites, as well as over 190 unique template pages, immensely facilitating your experience as a developer and providing a powerhouse set of tools for crafting special, memorable end user experiences that keep them coming back for more. Try H-Code now!



LaCuisine is a beautiful and incredible capable, modern and ambitious, visually impressive and highly responsive WordPress restaurant, cafe and bakery website theme. LaCuisine is a professionally developed solution for all sorts of food and service industry related businesses and their owners to effectively create an online foothold for their business where they can attract new business, offer resources, information and other advanced features, in a streamlined, stunning presentation, without ever having to write a single line of code.

Featuring the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder along with gorgeous professional demo websites readymade for specific applications, such as Restaurant or Cafe, as well as engaging sliders thanks to the Revolution Slider, LaCuisine is certainly a sight to behold. But under the hood it also packs quite a punch, with flexible admin options through the Redux framework, full integration with WooCommerce for all sorts of marketing and online sales, and even a sophisticated booking platform for your customers to make reservations in advance right off your website. With endless iterations of fonts, colors, layouts and styles, LaCuisine will always meet your visual and branding expectations, while its Bootstrap roots make it wonderfully compatible across the board. Try LaCuisine today!


amici light fullscreen restaurant theme

Amici is a well-designed WordPress theme perfect for restaurant, cafe shop, wine shop and other food business-related websites. This theme has a 1-Click-Importer that helps you set up restaurant website in an instant. This theme comes with a fully responsive layout that smoothly resizes on any kind of devices. Amici is HiDPI optimized and will look great on any retina ready device. It allows you to add beautiful and easy to manage menu on your website. It is packed with simple yet fully functional theme options that let you customize your theme with ease. If you want to make other enhancements in your theme, you can add your own Custom CSS right from the options panel. You can add a reservation form in your website with OpenTable. This restaurant and cafe shop theme is comes packed with shortcodes, widgets, meta options and custom post types that helps you effortlessly set up restaurant website. Amici is fully optimized for speed and usability, every aspect of this theme is carefully designed to run smoothly and look good on mobile devices.



platonic - fullscreen restaurant theme

Platonic is a smart and elegant WordPress theme built specifically for setting up a restaurant or event website. This theme is very easy to use and includes a One Click Demo Install button to help you quickly import the demo site. Platonic is fully responsive and adjusts smoothly on all types of devices and screen sizes to provide your site visitors an awesome user experience no matter what kind of device they prefer to use. The main framework of this theme is also built based on Twitter Bootstrap technology to make website development process faster and ensure that your website keep pace with the current trends in website development. Also, this theme is built with Less .css. Platonic WordPress theme is crafted to let you create a beautiful and functional website without the need to write a code from scratch. This theme comes with customizable design, unlimited colour options, over 600 Google fonts, moveable & unlimited sidebars, option to choose between boxed or fullwidth layout and parallax image and video background.

This theme includes Visual Composer plugin, a frontend and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on your website’s content and layout. Its drag & drop functionality along with the powerful shortcodes give you an absolute control the design and customization of your website. Including attractive sliders in your theme is easier thanks to the Slider Revolution plugin included in the theme package, a popular drag and drop slider builder with a selection of amazing animation effects. Platonic also features the Restaurant Reservations support and Testimonials Management functionality perfect for creating a professional restaurant and event website. If you haven’t tried developing your own website, you don’t have to worry because the developers of this theme have a created a detailed video tutorials to walk you through installing, setting up, configuring and creating your first page.


Dining Restaurant

dining - classic restaurant theme

Dining Restaurant WordPress theme is a clean and tasteful premium WordPress theme created for restaurant, pubs, cafe shop and other food related websites. Its responsive layout resizes seamlessly and looks awesome on any device from desktop computer, tablets and smartphones. This theme includes several page layouts that you can easily set up and customize to match your branding requirements. Dining Restaurant WordPress theme is fully integrated with an intuitive drag and drop page builder to help you set up your own page layout without touching a single line of code. It has never been easier to setup and run a website with Dining Restaurant WordPress theme, almost any aspect of your website can be changed in the advanced administration panel. It uses real-time WordPress Native Customizer to help website admin change the look and feel of the theme with a real-time preview. This stylish restaurant theme comes with many custom widgets and sidebars that make creating a unique layout really fun and easy. It supports Restaurant Reservation plugin that enables you to quickly accept and set restaurant reservations and table bookings online. It uses all-in-one events manager plugin with built-in Ajax Calendar to help you effortlessly manage events. With the Food and Drink plugin integrated into this theme, creating and managing menu cards have never been simple. The popular WooCommerce plugin also plays nicely with this theme and let you start selling your goods straight away. Other popular WordPress plugins supported by this theme are Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Custom Sidebars, FancyBox and many more.



berg restaurant theme with smooth transitions

BERG is a fresh and modern WordPress theme with incredible customization capabilities that you can use for your restaurant website. It is built using clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help you stay abreast of the latest trends in website design. Moreover, it is packed with advanced features that address the basic tasks of every restaurant and food related business websites. All the essential elements such as food menu, reservation, contact, blog, about, portfolio and much more are incorporated in a visually appealing package. This responsive and pixel perfect restaurant WordPress theme is built twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. This theme offers 8 unique homepage layouts (including a parallax enabled homepage) and 7 different blog templates. This feature-rich website template includes food mega menu and reservation custom post types fit for setting up and running a restaurant website. Creating a unique page layout is not a problem because this theme is powered by Visual Composer, a drag n drop drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on the site content. Additionally we are using our very own short codes and personalization options in theme admin panel YoPress. It also supports Slider Revolution to help you create gorgeous sliders with animations in no time at all.


Steak House

steak house - fullscreen wordpress theme

Steak House is a professional food and drink website template created by GavickPro. This theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0 and built using clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. Its delectable theme design is perfect for restaurants, burger bars, tea shops and other food service related businesses. Steak House helps you give your site visitors a good impression of your restaurant business. It is crafted with a fluid layout that resizes gracefully to any devices. In addition, this theme will make your website look clear and sharp on HiDPI displays because of its excellent retina support. Steak House offers a full width home, 5 built-in color schemes, unlimited color option, powerful custom widgets, over 600 Google web fonts to choose from, WP native image resizer and PSD files. It includes a Menu & Reservation page template that helps you assist visitors in planning their meal in advance and easily make online reservation. For startup restaurant businesses, Steak House has a built-in landing page or coming soon page. Steak house WordPress theme has page-based homepage, so page content display on the front-page. Its professionally designed homepage provides a rustic and warm layout with an informative front page, which includes your restaurant menus, contact form, newsletter, social icons and Google Map. The WordPress theme customizer allows you to change colors, fonts and background with live preview of the changes you have made in your page. It comes with 5 recommended widgets (news show pro, widget rules, taxonomy image, contact steakhouse, reservation) and 3 widgets created especially for this theme (GK taxonomy Images, GK Contact SteakHouse, GK Reservation SteakHouse).



nuvo - organic food restaurant theme

Nuvo is a stylish, modern and fully functional theme, which is especially built for restaurants other types of food businesses. It is built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding and designed based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. This theme lets you choose among the multiple demos included in the theme package or create your very own page layout to match your restaurant, cafe or bistro business’ brand. You can use its one click XML demo content for creating elegant restaurant website. This theme includes 600+ free Google web fonts, unlimited color options, unlimited portfolio layouts, Moveable & unlimited sidebar and bundled with 16 PSD files. Nuvo is also packed with smooth parallax image and video scrolling options, allowing you to create smoothing and welcoming content that will surprise your customers. Creating your menu has been made so easy with ‘Restaurant Menu’ custom post type that includes with various features. Manage all your bookings through your website, allow customers to fill in their desired time reservation and receive automated emails. Its events management section allows you to create individual events and showcase them in your website. This feature allows your customers to easily book the reservations directly on the events page. This theme is fully integrated with premium WordPress plugins such as Drag n Drop Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Essential Grid plugin.



magnium - restaurant wordpress theme

Magnium is an impressively resourceful, understatedly elegant, modern and attractive WordPress multi concept theme, ideally suited for the needs of businesses and personal websites of many different and diverse natures, but especially powerful for handling restaurant and food industry related websites, such as food and wine blogs, restaurant critics, catering businesses, and many more. Magnium is the theme to make your restaurant stand out tall above the rest and get noticed!

Magnium features hundreds of tools and features to make sure your website leaves its mark on your audience and potential clients. Over a hundred premade pages are included out of the box, fully designed, with sample pages, settings, widgets and everything else Magnium allows you to customize, to show you exactly how powerful and how different Magnium can be. Once you’ve picked your winners, make them yours with Magnium’s easy one click import, and then Magnium’s intuitive Visual Composer plugin, allowing you to customize every page with 45 included elements and over 22 additional, custom Magnium elements, to build pages that look like none other. Revolution Slider offers gorgeous slider functions, while the custom Mega Menu hierarchizes your website and content in a navigationally simple way. Gorgeous product layout options allow you to display your menu or your services in a way that is appealing and seductive to the senses, while WooCommerce integration lets you make sales, reservations and much more with several included plugins!



Dalton is an incredibly easy to use, extremely resourceful, highly versatile and even more customizable, modern and hi-tech, visually appealing and functionally engaging, elegant and sophisticated WordPress responsive multipurpose commercial theme. Dalton is a uniquely stylish and amazingly powerful theme that has been deliberately crafted with the utmost attention to detail, producing a world-class commercial theme that is as functional as it is beautiful. Several available demo websites, fully fleshed out with images and sample content, include Dalton’s inspired take on Restaurant websites. Whether you’re a small-time food joint looking to scale up, a large and established restaurant or anywhere in between, Dalton’s unfalteringly attractive visual presentation of your imagery will have your clients’ mouths watering over your delightful dishes and preparations. Dalton is easy to use, packing the intuitive Visual Composer drag & drop page builder, a simplified One Click Installation process, out of the box WooCommerce integration, and the premium Slider Revolution plugin for you to bedazzle your audience with the smoothest and most attractive sliders in the market right now. Dalton is built on a solid foundation of HTML5 and CSS3, and includes gorgeous Parallax visual effects to truly stand out from the competition. Let your restaurant take it to the next level, with Dalton, today!


Blade is a sophisticated and aesthetically refined, elegant and graceful, appealing and attractive, professionally graphically designed and visually mesmerizing, powerfully functional and very full-featured, business-oriented and tech-savvy, intuitive and easy to use responsive WordPress multipurpose business theme. Blade is a thoughtfully constructed theme that has been packed to the brim with useful and expansive features, page templates, demo content and shortcodes that will make development and design of your own custom made website a matter of minutes.

With the powerful Visual Composer, Blade will look exactly the way you want it, and with the Redux Framework, the feel of your website and its visual identity and branding are completely in your hands. Powerful Parallax hardware visual effects engage and delight your audience as they gaze through your content, with a very visually oriented set of layouts that make Blade a fantastic theme for restaurants, caterers and any other food industry related applications. Blade is perfect for the more upscale market end of the spectrum, as its sophistication will be greatly appreciated by the most discerning audiences. Your foods and beverages will sparkle with Blade’s Retina ready visual capabilities, and with its thorough responsiveness, your website will look just as deliciously well composed across all devices, browsers or screen sizes.

RT-Theme 19

rttheme 19 - multipurpose restaurant theme

RT-Theme 19 is a WordPress theme for professionals who wish to impress their clients with outstanding quality. Every single element was included in order to enhance and improve your restaurant website, thus booting your popularity and profit margin.

If your goal is to reach as many people as possible, this is the theme for you. Site owners will be able to cater to international audiences, due to the inclusion of .mo and .po files. In addition, the versatile WPML plugin was incorporated, allowing you to design a multi-language website with ease. RTL support is present, for languages that use a right to left writing alignment.

RT-Theme 19 is designed to attract the attention of popular search engines, and it has special Microdata for Google. Site posts, breadcrumb menus and products will be featured as snippets, when search results are displayed. You may also install other popular search engine optimization plugins.

If you are new to WordPress, you might want to consult the well-written, extensive documentation source. There, you will be able to research almost every feature of this product. The forum is another popular choice for those who are seeking support. Feel free to browse any of the tutorial threads.



For those who want to design a top-quality restaurant web page, Sanabel is an ideal choice. This WordPress theme is nothing short of excellent, boasting a versatile roster of features and an eye-catching design. Both in web design and in the restaurant business, the atmosphere is key. Sanabel accommodates all users, even those who lack technical expertise. It simplifies everything, and implements user-friendly options. Demo content is available for site creation, and it can be imported via the 1 Click Demo Installer tool. In addition, a detailed documentation source is available, offering to guide you through the installation process.

Users are able personalize page headers, given that there are 6 distinct styles to choose from. While most themes neglect their footer area, Sanabel does not. Widgets can now be easily managed, and there are 11 unique footer layouts. It is now possible to implement Vector Icons, anywhere on the site. There are also many typography personalization settings, making it possible to alter line heights, font sizes, text color, and text styles. These options can be changed via the Options Panel. In terms of colors customization, the choices are endless. Although there are 2 premade styles (light and dark), site owners can design their own distinct palette.


listify business directory theme

If you want to create a directory of the best places to wine and dine in your hometown, choose Listify WordPress directory theme. This theme is bundled with great features and options that let you promote and showcase the best restaurants, pubs, cafe shop and other food service related websites. It is fully integrated with OpenTable, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce Bookings plugin to let your visitors get the chance to make reservations with the businesses listed in your directory. This theme also allow users and potential buyers save a listing with the theme’s bookmarks support, let users search for a listing by a location or zip code, view a map of all the local listings, create submissions without logging into the admin interface and share or visit a listing’s social media sites. In addition, Listify also includes video backgrounds, listings maps, oodles of custom widgets, dual menus, color skins and many more. The rich snippet support integrated in this theme not only boosts your directory site’s SEO rankings but it also lets it acquire higher click through rates. If you want you earn extra income from your directory site, this beautiful directory theme allows you to display ads, charge users for adding a listing, claiming a listing and even viewing listings and accessing the website.




Orane is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that looks great and delivers oodles of features. It is built with HTML5 and CSS3 and many hours were spent making it very user-friendly so you can code but you don’t have to. You can just drag and drop the 40+ elements where you want them. The core plugin updates independently of the theme so you can improve it without losing anything. Its many visual composer components let you give the right look and feel for your site.

Orane’s highly customizable admin area enables you to customize every aspect of your site easily. The admin panel lets you choose the logo, colors, styles, social components and more. It is integrated for woocommerce so you can use it as a highly customizable online shop. It is translation ready so it can be used in any language.

With its Slider Revolution you can create stunning 3D testimonial, image and video sliders. It has a built-in contact form builder so people can get in touch easily. You can make project portfolios in seconds with its template pages or discussion forums that let users join in. With unlimited color and font variations it can be easily styled to your purposes.



nosh responsive theme

Nosh is a sophisticated and modern restaurant and bar theme created for WordPress websites. This theme gives your website a smart and stylish look created based on strong framework. Nosh makes building and managing a restaurant website really quick and easy. It offers a clean and minimal layout design that aims to provide an excellent user experience. Nosh comes with the best theme features necessary for creating a successful restaurant website. It offers two pre-defined skins to choose from, over 40 different header design options, including areas for social media buttons or advertising placement. It also provides unlimited image gallery styles, custom colors and infinite font options.


Food Truck

Food truck burger restaurant

Food Truck is a versatile restaurant and food business WordPress theme perfect for business on the go. This theme is 100% responsive and retina ready to ensure that you site visitors will get a great user experience. You can use this website template for creating one page or multi-page WordPress theme. This theme is suitable for all Foodtruckers, Street vendors and small food businesses around the world. Impress your target customers with this feature-rich and clean WordPress theme. This theme comes with 10 distinctive flavors (burger, cupcake, tacos, seabreeze, ribsndogs, bigwaffle, badassbbq, bigsmokebbq, coffe&cream and pizza). This flexible theme also includes parallax effects for amazing visual effects. Its custom page templates give website owners infinite possibilities to create a unique page for their website. In addition, this theme provides 88+ custom shortcodes, 10 custom widgets, Multilanguage support (WPML), 600+ google fonts and SEO optimized.



Barnelli - sushi restaurant theme

Barnelli is a simple yet fully responsive website template created specifically for restaurants and food businesses. This clean and elegant theme is loaded with fantastic features that could boost the web presences of your restaurant/catering company. One of the prominent features of this theme is its powerful fullscreen sliders, which allows you to present your food, plating or even restaurant/catering business in a stylish and modern way. This premium theme even comes with a contact form that will allow for users to book a table from your website. Some of the other great things about this WordPress theme is its blog, which is very clean and image focused, and the nice Google map on the contact page.




Wind Cake is a sweet onesie restaurant theme ideal for creating pastry shop, ice cream outlet and bakery websites. This charming and delightful theme is fully responsive and retina ready. It comes with four ready-made color options (blue, violet, orange and green). Wind Cake features a flat design with clean typography and an extensive space for huge photos. You can mix and match the several widgets to create a unique homepage. It also includes a widgetized homepage, nine custom shortcodes and an advanced admin panel.


More Than 40 Beautiful and Responsive Real Estate WordPress Themes For Agencies, Realtors, Property Listings and Directories 2016

Real Estate WordPress Themes

The most comprehensive collection of best real estate WordPress themes you will ever need to build your own real estate and property rental website. All themes have Google Maps integration, advanced search and sorting criteria, responsive design layout and easy to use dashboard.

If your business doesn’t have a website or it looks like built in 90’s you are losing loads of money. This is something many business owners doesn’t realize and continue to do thing like they did 20 years ago. In this fast changing business environment it is unacceptable and these businesses will go bankrupt sooner than owners will decide to do necessary changes.

Today I am not here to teach you a business lesson but instead I will show you an outstanding list of WordPress real estate themes that you can use to boost your business sales. Most of these themes features front-end property submission, advanced communication tools, Google Maps integration and of course they are made mobile and tablet friendly.

These real estate themes are not listed in some particular order and you shouldn’t be affected if it’s number one or the last one in the list. I just searched all possible resources one by one and placed these themes here. If you couldn’t find theme you were looking for you can leave a comment below explaining what property listing management features are missing and I will try to find the theme that best suit your needs. We are open for collaboration, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions and we will come back to you ASAP.



Real Estate websites are held up to a very high standard of quality, and rightly so. Divi is a WordPress theme that not only allows you to live up to that standard, but also exceed it. It allows potential customers to browse your selections and posts from any device or platform. Divi is compatible with desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. In addition, the theme is Retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. You will never have to worry about resizing errors. Once Divi is purchased, every user will have two choices: either construct their own website from scratch, or apply one of the 18 pre-made layouts. Both options are equally valid, although the latter is preferable for those with tight schedules.

Premade content can be later tweaked and personalized, in order to match the user’s preference. There are literally hundreds of options for your site typography, header styles, content spacing, colors, footer layouts, and so on. Divi allows you to rest easy, knowing that your real estate page is secure. On multiple occasions, the theme code was found to have 0 vulnerabilities or security issues. For more information regarding this product and its innovative features, be sure to access the live preview.



Houzez is a fresh and clean, modern and functional, versatile and sophisticated, readily responsive WordPress real estate website theme. Houzez is a unique and technologically cutting edge solution for real estate agencies or independent real estate agents, property holding companies and all sorts of real estate related business ventures to quickly and skillfully establish an online base for their business that can greatly expand their reach, capture new business and change the way in which existing clients interact with your business in a positive, powerful way.

Fresh-faced and clean demo websites are readily available for a one click import process, after which customization through the Visual Composer and with the Slider Revolution plugins is intuitive and speedy. Breath-taking deployment of sharp-looking Parallax features, effects and backgrounds make Houzez quite a sight to behold, and decidedly adept at showcasing visual content in a most favorable spotlight. Immersive video backgrounds, powerful geo location tools and complete Google Maps API integration underpin this feature-rich theme. A myriad header styles, ranging from interactive maps to Properties Sliders and much more, welcome your users to your every page in dynamic, engaging style. With Houzez, you just need to sit back and let the properties speak for themselves. Try Houzez now!

WP Pro Real Estate 7


WP Pro Real Estate 7 is probably the best real estate theme on the market. It has advanced tools and powerful options, each implemented in order to enhance your experience. This product can be used for vacation rental, real estate listing, or apartment rental pages. WP Pro Real Estate 7 incorporates 3 incredible theme demos: Landing page, Multi-listing and Vacation Rentals. These demos can be imported with ease, given that there is no need for .xml files. Pre-made content can be your best friend, especially if your schedule does not allow you to start from scratch.

A Frontend Management features was implemented. This allows users to organize, and submit listings via the front-end interface. In addition, your site will feature Co-listing support for multiple agents. Customers will be able to see their headshots, social media links, and contact information. An innovative booking system was included. Your followers will have the ability to verify if a property is available, and book an appointment. Gorgeous admin options and email notifications were included as well. Of course, any quality real estate site must have an integrated online map. WP Pro Real Estate 7 is no exception to that rule, given that it incorporates a Google Maps function. This enables customers to easily find the location, and research the area.


Reales WP


Reales is an innovative WordPress theme that features a clean, modern and highly intuitive design. It is ideal for those who want to create an eye-catching website that is capable of attracting plenty of customers. With this theme, your site will be compatible with any device, including tablets and mobiles. This results in an unprecedented degree of flexibility for both the visitor, and the site owner. You will be able to access your site, while on the move. Reales WP is packed with many interesting features such as the advanced autocomplete search function, Front-end property submission and editing, and an Advanced Properties filter. If you wish to sample this theme’s content, you can access the live preview, or view some of the beautiful screenshots.

Reales has incorporated Google Places in order to provide a user friendly interface and a streamlined search experience. In addition, Google maps support was included. Site visitors can now benefit from custom pins, detailed maps, and geolocation features. Your page’s search results are filterable by property amenities and features. Reales WP sites will incorporate a large roster of innovative short codes: Featured Properties, Services, Recent Properties, Testimonials, Featured Agents and Columns. In terms of aesthetic customization, administrators can change and edit every color that is featured on your site. Many potential followers find the registration process to be extremely tedious, and it often leads to poor user retention. Thankfully, Reales WP has implemented a front-end user authentication system that is compatible with Google+ and Facebook accounts.


Real Homes


Real Homes is a gorgeous WordPress theme for the real estate industry. Its layout is clean and streamlined, offering a superb browsing experience for all users. It incorporates many innovative features, each implemented in order to expand your page’s capabilities. Of course, a real estate website can benefit greatly from an integrated map function. Thankfully, Real Homes has added a Google Maps feature, which includes special property markers. Customers can get a bird’s eye view of their future home.

This theme is constructed in Twitter Bootstrap, offering an interface that is fully responsive. Regardless of the user’s device, your content will look amazing. It will be able to adapt to any screen size or resolution. In addition, tablet and smartphone users can enjoy a full with slider.

Upon purchasing this theme, every user will get to customize their site with the Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin. Personalization requires no specialized knowledge, and it is accessible to all customers. In order to showcase your best offers, Revolution Slider facilitates the construction of incredible slides. This product can fully translate any page due to the inclusion of the WPML plugin. Your foreign clients will certainly appreciate the Multilanguage settings.


Real Places

If your goal is to create an incredible real estate website, you should consider Real Places. Its design is niche-specific, yet it maintains a certain degree of flexibility. This allows it to adapt to multiple roles, even those that are outside the real estate environment. You can sample every theme feature via the live theme preview. This is completely free, and it can give you a great idea of what to expect, should you purchase Real Places.

Google fonts are supported, allowing users to personalize their site’s typography. This can enhance any page’s aesthetic appeal. Advanced properties such as enhanced search features were included. Various criteria can be selected, as you get to personalize the search function. Customers can choose their desired fields, determine their order and designate the data that will appear with each field. In addition, location filters were enabled for searches: state, area and city.

Your search result pages will integrate Google Map functionality, showcasing property markers, details, specific images, contact pages, home pages and taxonomy archive sections. Basically, interested clients can gain access to every single piece of relevant information. Your site’s home page can be easily customized using the Visual Composer tool. It requires no programming knowledge, making it accessible to anyone.




Zoner is a smart and very flexible website template custom-built for showcasing real estate properties and listings in a stylish way. This theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0+ and built based on Bootstrap 3 with 1170 grid system. It is fully responsive and resizes intuitively to any devices. It is very quick and straightforward to customize, thanks to its advanced admin panel powered by Redux Framework. Zoner is powered by Visual Composer, a simple drag and drop page builder that enables you to create unlimited pages right away.

It has a frontend property manager gives users the ability to manage their listings or property, while the backend property manager allows the site administrator run the listing site with convenience. This theme allows users to set up their own agency profile and comes with an Agency Invitation system that helps agents encourage people to your agency by means of email invitation. Zoner gives you an option to use Google Map & OpenStreetMap as your map format. Other notable features integrated into this theme are login/registration form, User Profile, different header variations, custom post-types, sidebars, custom widgets, email templates, different types of listing (masonry, grid and lines), blog post formats, currency options, parallax map scrolling for awesome effect, GeoLocation, property listing view counter and contact forms.




CitiLights is a modern and stylish real estate theme that will give your website a fresh and contemporary feel. This theme is extremely responsive and crafted with care for Property listing portal, as well as Agent and Real Estate Agency’s website. Its flat style and parallax design features is very pleasing to the eyes of anyone who visits your real estate website. Revolution Slider plugin is bundled into this theme to help you build responsive sliders with spectacular effects that you can use for showcasing your contents. This theme comes with Frontend submission & Agent Profile that allows users to set up their own profile in your website and submit their property to your property database with an easy and clean interface. It has an easy and fine-looking agent dashboard where properties are listed in an elegant way.

With this functionality, agents are able to easily edit, make featured, mark as sold/ rent and delete their listing. It comes with advanced search and advanced Google Maps to help users find the location of a property with ease. CitiLights is also fully integrated with dsIDXpress IDX plugin to make sure that MLS listing displays magnificently in your property listing portal. This theme also gives you various payment options such as no membership, free for all users, member packages and pay per submission. This theme uses a very powerful and UX focused admin panel to make the backend of your theme as intuitive as possible. It includes a pricing table that helps you add presentable pricing table in your website.



Realty is a WordPress theme specifically designed to cater the needs of real estate agencies, independent agents and anyone listing houses for sale or rent online. This premium real estate website template from ThemeTrail comes with a modern and professional design apt for making a sound online presence. It is fully responsive and resizes slickly on any device. The homepage has a fullwidth slider which is perfect for showcasing your best listings. It has a multi-field search form that helps visitors filter the listings to display only the type of properties they are interested in. The individual listing pages of this theme will make any property look appealing, thanks to its ability to display a high resolution photo. Its frontend property management makes it very easy for agents and property owners to post and manage their property listing with ease. By providing descriptions and specifying the features of the property and Google Maps integration, your visitors are able to determine in an instant the perfect property to purchase. The Realty theme makes it easy for your visitors to get in touch to inquire about a particular property by including a contact form at the end of each listing. Realty enables any real estate agent to keep their target audience clued-up on the latest news from their industry and the areas they operate in with smart blog post templates. The theme has some great features including: custom real estate widgets and shortcodes, beautiful property print, translation, ready, easy customization options, full dsIDXpress plugin support and many more.


DreamVilla (Multiple Property Theme)


DreamVilla is a wonderfully convenient, very user and admin friendly, lightweight and beautifully designed, responsive WordPress real estate website theme. DreamVilla is a very powerful multi-properties real estate website theme, a capable tool for webmasters from all backgrounds to easily construct modern, appealing real estate websites that are highly intuitive and chock-full of powerful functionality. With DreamVilla, you get access to the premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins to build handsome visual experiences without any coding required, while advanced capabilities such as complete user front-end submission platform for your users to list their own properties, customizable mortgage calculators for your visitors to quickly gauge their financial capacity and commitments, beautiful embedded Video features for property listings and advanced, convenient Google Street View API-powered features for property listings, all in one single, smooth package.

Tons of clean cut, well hierarchized multipage and single page demo websites are included to save you time and trouble, requiring only minimal customization and branding before going live with your property portfolios. Advanced grid capabilities, sophisticated AJAX searches and much more under the hood make DreamVilla the most powerful multi-property real estate theme on the market today. Try DreamVilla now, and make the sale!


DreamVilla (Single Property Theme)


DreamVilla is an impressive and resourceful, attractive and visually appealing, easy to use and very responsive WordPress single property real estate website theme. DreamVilla has been designed specifically aimed towards the real estate online sector, with a plethora of convenient features and multiple premium plugins devoted to making the experience of renting or selling your villa, house, cabin or any other kind of property online a simple, stress-free matter.

DreamVilla incorporates the feature-rich Visual Composer premium drag and drop page builder as well as the Revolution Slider plugin to make your website look stunning and customize it just the way you want without having to write a line of code. The impressive WP Quick Booking Manager Pro lets your visitors seamlessly create bookings for your property directly off your website while getting your payment online with PayPal, an incredibly useful feature that is directly integrated into DreamVilla. Three different homepage variations quickly change the style of your single property real estate website with a single click, while cool features such as the Nearby Places, which is entirely dynamic and based off Google Maps API lookups, will amaze and engage your users on a deeper level, netting you more and better business! Try DreamVilla now!


TM White Real Estate Theme

TM realestate WordPress theme

This clean and modern WordPress theme offers plenty of room for customizations that can be done via WordPress Theme Customizer live preview. It means that all changes you make can be previewed live before you save them. The theme is powered by Cherry Framework which offers several benefits: easy installation, advanced yet simple to use settings dashboard, filtered galleries and other features. This theme is translation and multilingual ready and it supports widely popular WPML multilingual plugin. The theme comes with full Google Fonts integration with over 600 different fonts, 80 fancy shortcodes, multiple color options and much more. It is SEO friendly to make your real estate website easy to find on Google and other search engines. This is the right theme if you are looking for minimal yet powerful theme for your real estate or other related business website.


Solus (Single Property Theme)

solus - single property theme

Solus is a unique and powerful WordPress theme perfect for personal real estate or real estate agent website. If you are selling real estate properties, this theme is the perfect solution for you. The XML demo content bundled in this theme enables you to set up a real estate website with just few clicks. This theme is built using HTML5 Boilerplate frontend framework to help users customize and manage their themes with ease. This theme is completely responsive and looks terrific on any kinds of devices. Solus single property listing WordPress theme supports unlimited color scheme, offers infinite font options and able to translate your single property listing website in any language to target global audiences. Solus includes a full width hero header slider that allows you to display images that will encourage people to visit and explore your website. This theme includes a Handy FAQ section, gallery templates, Contact Form 7, cross-browser compatible, tons of powerful shortcodes and many more.


Gapura (Single Property Theme)


Gapura is a thorough and ambitious, powerful and resourceful, elegant and attractive, highly responsive WordPress single property and real estate website theme. Gapura is a cleverly constructed WordPress theme that has been largely developed with the goal of creating the ultimate venue for homeowners, real estate agents or agencies to easily and effectively put their properties out there in the modern, digital market of the internet in an intuitive, cost-effective approach. Gapura makes matters simple with a powerful but easily accessible Advanced Theme Options Panel, endowed with the powers to turn your Gapura website inside out at the flick of a switch, as well as the innovative WordPress Live Customizer, which can skillfully turn your websites into essentially anything you can dream of, right before your eyes, with its potent and unmatched Live Preview feature showing you the results of your fiddling in real time. Gapura has a streamlined demo importation process that makes it easy for inexperienced users to quickly set up their real estate sales website, importing the demo with a single click, and simply filling out the necessary information and uploading all yout best pictures of your property. Try Gapura now, and see your customers flock to your properties!

Real Estate WP


Real Estate WP is a clever and highly intuitive, very efficient and lightweight, modern and resourceful, readily responsive WordPress multi property real estate listings website theme. Real Estate WP is an extremely flexible and powerful platform, a solution for the needs of real estate agents and firms, constructors, developers and all sorts of real estate related businesses and interests. Real Estate WP allows webmasters to effortlessly create sophisticated modern websites with full-fledged capabilities for handling property listings and rentals, featuring an incredibly robust AJAX based user login backend with a beautiful, simple frontend that allows users to register, login, add their own property listings and effectively buy, sell or rent properties online in a matter of minutes, right off your very own Real Estate WP website.

Real Estate WP is so advanced it even includes complex listing feature capabilities including mortgage management possibilities, mortgage calculator, monthly and yearly payment plan integration and a plethora of advanced financial real estate tools and frameworks that immensely expand what you can do with this incredibly nifty real estate theme. Handsome page templates for your Real Estate Agent Profile pages, Agent Login with Free Listing, Agency Login with Paid and Free Listings have been included with theme, to ensure your own personal brand gets the representation it needs and deserves. Try Real Estate WP today!




Realtyspace is a superbly versatile and impressively tech-savvy, very easy to use and highly intuitive, readily responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Realtyspace is a clean and sophisticated solution for all sorts of real estate property agents and agencies, real estate holdings, companies and businesses dealing with real estate in a number of ways. With Realtyspace, trading in properties of all sorts, markets and niches is now easier than ever from your very own professional quality website, without having to write a line of code.

Choose from two different, customized drag and drop page builders, the WordPress Customizer or the Visual Composer, and craft the layouts of your dreams in advanced, configurable compositions featuring tons of convenient shortcodes and essential features like grid layouts, a powerful front-end submission, listing and property management feature that readily enables your Realtyspace website to become a hub for homeowners, landlords, real estate agents and companies to share listings independently and manage them over time, with absolutely no hassle to you, instantly functional right out of the box. Handsome choices for management of multimedia galleries, lightbox features, dynamic AJAX categories and search functions, lovely scrolling and pagination options to smooth the navigational experience for your users and much more make Realtyspace the right choice every time!



oikia - flat real estate wordpress theme

Real estate is one of those jobs that allows you to change people’s lives by helping them to find a dream home. Both you and your clients deserve the best, and there is nothing better than Oikia. It offers a distinct design that is sure to enhance your business’s image, bringing it to a new level of quality. You are able to customize your homepage, until it looks exactly how you envisioned it. There is no computer expertise or coding knowledge required, given that Oikia’s layout is centered around user-friendliness.

This theme has a dynamic map, and a filtering system, allowing you to easily filter properties and criteria. Additional functionality is brought by widgets that aim to increase functionality and social media integrations. Site owners can choose between multiple color schemes, and each page can have a unique color pattern. This product will bring high rankings with search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.

As technology evolves, your site must follow. Upon purchase, you will not be getting a singular, unchanging product. You can look forward to many future updates, assuring that you will always stay on the cutting edge of technology. Users can upload their own personalized logos, and include Google Analytics tracks.



hometown clean real estate theme

Hometown is a crisp and gorgeous WordPress theme perfect for real estate and property listing sites. It fully responsive layout design adjusts slickly on any devices. Pixel perfect graphic icons and elements are implemented in this theme to make your real estate website look easy on the eye and impressive on HiDPi displays. This theme is available in boxed and fullwidth layouts and all sections of this theme support dark and light background. Hometown allows you to choose the right font and colors to help you create a website that stands out from the crowd. It has a well-built megamenu that enhances the navigation of your website and boosts user engagement in your website. This real estate website template comes with the latest version of Visual Composer so user could have a fun experience building nice page layout using a drag and drop functionality. It has a robust but flexible theme options perfect for customizing your theme to suit your taste. This theme includes 2 header layout and 2 unique property sliders that you can take advantage in showcasing the properties listed in your website. This theme enables you to register and submit property on front-end with PayPal integration for paid listings. Hometown is dsIDXpress ready. Integrating IDX plugin in your website enables you to update automatically the listings in your website, get enhanced search functionality and generate more leads.



luster - fullscreen map powered theme

Luster is a premium and feature-rich theme that offers amazing solution for real estate business and listing sites. This theme comes with a totally responsive layout that runs smoothly on different kinds of devices. This theme is dsIDXpress ready and works perfect for MLS / IDX integration. It has custom post type that you can use for creating personal listing, which also includes los of custom options. Moreover, this theme lets you enable the option to admit your visitors to publish personal properties. Luster is fully integrated with PayPal payment system, advanced Agent and Agencies custom post types sections, Login/Register option, subscribe form and an intuitive theme options panel that allows you to customize your theme to suit your business needs. The theme comes with lots of custom widgets that will help you to build a really big and fantastic portal. You can use widgets as: Advanced property search, Recent Agents, Recent Agencies, Recent Properties, Most commented blog posts and much more. This theme is WooCommerce ready to help you easily install an eCommerce or online shop in your real estate website. This theme is built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to help you keep up with the latest trends in website design. Every aspect of this theme is properly optimized to ensure that your website will get online presence.


Real Spaces

Real Spaces - Light theme

Real Spaces is a fresh and vibrant WordPress theme designed for real estate business. This theme comes with brilliant theme features that will greatly benefit a lot of real estate agent, realtor, rental properties, online real estate business or other corporate websites. This theme is fully responsive and built based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. It will also make your website and content standout because it is retina ready. Real Spaces offers 10 prebuilt color schemes and unlimited color options, boxed & wide layouts, tons of font options, powerful custom widgets, working contact form, social media integration and touch/swipe support for sliders. This theme is also integrated with Isotope galleries and allows you to display properties in list or grid view. It also includes frontend Property Submission and Agent Profile Management Page.



sweethome WordPress theme

Sweethome is a bright and elegant responsive real estate WordPress theme suitable for property listings, brokers and real estate company websites. It is built with 100% responsive layout and coded with valid HTML5/CSS3 standards. Sweethome comes with cool features such as clean and user-friendly admin panel, homepage widget builder, 5 sidebar areas and 2 different blog layouts to help you construct a terrific real estate or properly listings website with ease. It includes advanced search form to drill down property listing using property search form. Additionally, the theme is integrated with WooCommerce shop plugin, which allows you to setup shopping cart in your real estate websites.


WP Residence

WP Residence Theme

WP Residence is a clean and simple WordPress theme exclusively designed for independent real estate agents and agencies. It was built based on latest Bootstrap 3, coded with clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 and Ajax magic. It includes a Visual Composer that makes page creation a child’s play. Though WP Residence is primarily developed for real estate agents and companies, you can also let other property owners to submit their properties free of charge, for a fee or based on a monthly subscription. The Membership Packages option includes recurring option: You can come up with unlimited packages, each with an expiration date in x days, weeks, months or years or you can decide on the number of listings and featured listings in each package.



realto real estate template

Realto is a clean, versatile and responsive WordPress theme fit for building real estate business related websites. This theme is coded with valid xHtml and Css and designed based on Bootstrap technology. It is mobile friendly and developed to help realtors showcase their properties on a clean and elegant portfolio. It comes with a very powerful options panel, which allows you to effortlessly modify a background image, your logo, font, colors and a lot more. Realto includes properties custom post type, a working contact form and other theme features that allow agents to manage their listing. Lastly, this theme is SEO optimized and HTML5 & CSS3 validated.



homeland - fullscreen properly listing theme

Homeland is a responsive and retina ready Real Estate WordPress theme with minimalist approach. This theme features clean flat design and simple yet powerful set of customization options. Homeland has two theme layouts and several ready made color variation that you can further optimized using a simple web interface.


Real Expert

realexpert realtor wordpress theme

Real Expert is a premium WordPress theme for real estate or property listing websites. It has nice, clean, minimal design and fully responsive and optimized for tablets and smartphones. It comes with lots of features like: dsIDxpress plugin integration, advanced property search, default and grid listing, property slider content, property details (powered by WordPress custom metaboxes), custom widgets, various page templates, theme options, unlimited colors, unlimited fonts and tons more. And now supporting Frontend Submission and Paid Property Listing with Paypal payment method to build awesome directory style website. This is a multipurpose theme and it will handle everything you throw at it as long as you keep it real estate, rentals and properties related.


Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

business finder - multipurpose directory theme

Business Finder is clean, modern and stunning WordPress directory theme. It is ready to become the best directory website for companies, shops, properties, websites, schools or whatever you can come up with. Business Finder is built to please first time WordPress users by making as a simple interface as possible while keeping advanced features once you are ready for them. Theme is AdSense and other ad network ready with powerful tools for banner management.


properta directory listings with map

Properta is yet another WordPress theme built using responsive Bootstrap frontend framework. This theme is built for Real Estate and Rental services but you can use it as directory theme to list anything based on their location since Maps is an important part of this theme.
Properta is translation and WPML ready, so this can become your global business partner. Another important feature is front-end submission form if you decide to give your users freedom yo list their own properties. This theme will be perfect fir for Real Estate agents and agency looking to expand their online presence.

WP Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

wpestate - creative property listing theme

WP Estate is a premium quality WordPress theme built for Real Estate companies and agents. This theme features clean and minimalistic design that will please the most demanding users. Advanced customization options allows to bring this theme and your business to the next level.

WP Estate packs over 30 shortcodes, play of different widgets and of Custom Google Maps integration. Beautiful slider for properties will make your website to shine. Nearly forgot to mention that this theme features custom page and property templates for full flexibility. This theme is perfect fit for users who are looking for pixel-perfect and clean design while having all the property listing features you have always wanted for your Real Estate website.



Relocation is a clean, flat and tasteful WordPress theme created for real estate agents, properties and companies. It comes with amazing features that could help you create a modern and functional real estate website. It is integrated with Google map with customized markers to help customers/clients easily locate places and sublocations. It also has property listing with isotope filtering and frontend submission system that allows agents and other agencies add their own items or properties with no trouble. This theme is integrated with features apt for real estate website such as the package system, mortgage calculator. This theme also allows you to accept payment via PayPal.




How important is it that the properties on offer appear as clean and clear as possible? Very. With Estate Engine, you have the option of building your web page with a theme that enables input of multiple criteria which clients often have in mind when they are in search of property to acquire. This option is a constant feature as visitors surf the website – this will enable them key in certain attributes and get results tailored to the picture they have in mind. Save them time with Estate Engine as you can surf places on the website without the ‘hold’ of page reloads.

Change grid listings styles in an instant. Relish in clear and detailed photos of properties. This is a clean theme that pays attention to details as property business is a one inundated with specifics. You will be happy with the accentuated pictures, grid list and profile details available with Estate Engine. The key here is to keep the customer focused long enough on a property to reel in a sale. There are different payment plans to suit as well.


realia - theme for properly listings

Realia is a clan, minimalistic and powerful real estate theme that can also be used for rental business. This theme is easy to setup, so you can get your new property listing website online in no time. Realia is built to support highly popular dsIDXpress WordPress plugin for property listings. Developers have done an incredible job to provide full flexibility by providing loads of customization options. You can choose between 20 colors palettes, 10 background patterns, 3 header setups and much much more. You can setup your website in over 500 different combinations. Everyone will be able to find setup they have always wanted for their website.


WP Pro Real Estate 5

pro real estate 5 WordPress theme

WP Pro Real Estate 5 has ridiculous name, yet it delivers premium look and feel. This theme takes care of every aspect for Real Estate agencies and individuals. WP Pro Real Estate 5 delivers responsive design and two layout options to make it boxed or full width. Theme does an incredible job to make it look sharp on any device thanks to its responsive frontend core.

WP Pro Real Estate 5 main idea are real estate listing, however, its easy to use customization tools can turn this WordPress theme into vehicle sales platform. There is no limit for this theme and everything can be done without touching a single line of code.

WP Pro Real Estate 6

pro real estate 6 WordPress theme

WP Pro Real Estate 6 is one of the most powerful real estate WordPress themes purpose built to showcase your listings, loaded with features & beautifully designed! WP Pro Real Estate 6 is fully responsive so no matter what device your users are on it always looks SHARP! We have featured all WP Pro Real Estate series themes on this collection and they are unbelievable and developer is able to find a new ways to push this niche forward with every single theme.

Since 2008 this theme developers have been hand crafting leading edge real estate WordPress themes for thousands of professionals, so you know you’re getting a top notch theme, with five star support from an Elite author!


If you find that some themes are missing from the list, feel free to give suggestion in comments below and I will evaluate if this theme is worthy to be listed here. Needless to say that I spent a lot of time browsing loads of website to find this theme and I hope I haven’t missed some real masterpiece.

20 Best HTML5 Bootstrap Admin Templates For Web App and Website Backends 2016

Bootsrap Admin Templates

Just a few decades ago, phones were considerably larger, and they had to stay plugged in. Communication was forever changed when that technology was miniaturized, allowing us to carry our phones in our pocket.

Taking that trend even further, Smartphones were developed. Evolving past the simplicity of their earlier incarnations, these devices have become multi-platform consoles. As a result, all websites must adapt to this new dynamic landscape. By not featuring a fully responsive interface, a business can risk alienating a large portion of its target demographic. Both the Admin Panel and the page itself must be fully-responsive, capable of supporting hand-held devices.

For those who wish to establish and maintain a successful web presence, Bootstrap is an ideal choice. It simplifies mobile-first web design, and makes it very user-friendly. It has a large roster of components, tools and patterns, providing support for frontend developers and web designers. This prolific front-end framework is definitely a game-changer. You can use Bootstrap admin templates for any type of product, application, or site. As a result, many administration panels can accommodate all customers. You don’t need to be an expert in order to run an online business, given the streamlined administrative front-end capabilities of these panels. Below you can see awesome HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap admin templates for web apps and other professional looking website backends.

Monarch (Most Popular)


Monarch is our most popular Bootstrap admin template. It is used by many popular databases, SaaS, web applications and much more. This template is mobile friendly and works well on any device you can find in your office or home. Monarch is available as AngularJS and HTML template. This template has dozens of difference chart version included that will make your dashboard to stand out between the rest. This admin template is made by developers for developers to take their project to the next level.



Supina is a technologically ambitious and accomplished, sophisticated and very thoughtfully composed, modern and compellingly developer-friendly, impressively flexible and professionally graphically designed, highly responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme website template. Supina is a professionally developed and powerfully built Admin side website template, based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap modular design, and engineered for precision and thoroughness.

Supina includes amazingly powerful features for creating, developing and maintaining a virtual cornucopia of possible websites and web-based applications, owing to its agile, supple coding, which is both lightweight and flexible, with Bootstrap’s modular philosophy articulating a widely cross-compatible, developer-friendly and easily expandable framework that is powerful enough to include a full-featured Admin Dashboard with complex analytical capabilities and reporting as well as seamless ad revenue system integration, e-Commerce platform compatibility across the board and inherent search engine optimization, with beautiful front-end website and page templates, elements and tools that will help anyone build a beautiful, professional quality website that looks and feels right with tasteful layouts and inspired graphical taste, regardless of background or previous graphic or UI design experience. Supina is perfect for developers of all kinds and types working on any sort of project that needs a modern, flexible structure that handles the busy work effortlessly, while affording you limitless flexibility. Give Supina a go!



Bratilius is an astoundingly robust and beautifully mobile friendly and responsive, readily graphically customizable and very easy to use, unimaginably pliable and remarkably resilient, modular and cutting edge Bootstrap Admin Theme website template. Bratilius is a magnificently adaptable theme, a set of templates and tools based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap standard and incorporating its inherently modular design philosophy into a well-articulated, sleek and resourceful whole, specialized in empowering webmasters to create sophisticated Admin panels and dashboards for a diversity of web-based applications as well as web-based presentation services and websites of all kinds.

Bratilius has been deliberately composed as an all-inclusive powerful Admin Theme, capable of managing demanding, modern web applications and tasks, as well as sleek and seamless templates for you to effortless put together handsome, attractive, professional grade front-end user interfaces with comprehensive, functional pages that are easily and swiftly customized to suit your graphical and branding needs. Bratilius is also ideally well-suited for handling cutting edge web-based presentations, making it a capable Admin Theme template for business and corporate web-based presentations and applications, with flexible modular coding compatible with any element or component you wish to integrate into Bratilius. Bratilius is strong, well-rounded, and business-oriented-are you ready to take your projects up a notch?



Delight is a premium looking admin dashboard template coded using Bootstrap frontend framework making it fully responsive and mobile friendly. This template is great for all sorts of applications, SaaS, databases, CRMs, ERPs, user dashboard, admin dashboard and so much more. This is among the best selling admin templates and has achieved it by flexibility, library support and outstanding documentation.



Staying true to its name, Limitless is a modern Web Application kit that can revolutionize your online presence. This admin template is clean and highly versatile, given that it is based on LESS and Bootstrap. A main layout variation is offered, in addition to 3 alternative versions. Limitless has over 1000 components with multiple options and features. In total, more than 100 plugins are included, offering to expand any page’s capabilities.

With this professional admin template, there is no limit to what your online business can achieve. You will benefit from a Starter Kit, which incorporates useful blank pages for further customization. Limitless is fully responsive, capable of showcasing elements on hand-held devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. If you are a coder, your workload has been greatly reduced. Every file will have an associated piece of code, making it easier for you to find and edit it. The download will incorporate minified and normal CSS files, which are LESS-compiled.

The entire panel will be completely translatable, allowing the user to choose a main language, and a fallback language option. In addition, a language detection function was incorporated. Headers and panels can be easily modified and customized, in order to meet the site owner’s needs.



The administration panel will be the heart of your website. Slant is a gorgeous, modern admin dashboard theme which was constructed using Bootstrap and the versatile AngularJS framework. Upon implementation, it can enhance and improve your page administration panel, giving it an elegant and unique look.

In the modern age, speed is everything. Readers and customers will avoid sites with slow loading speeds, as they seek to optimize their browsing experience. Thankfully, Slant has implemented a Lazy Loading function. Also known as a dynamic loading function, this setting allows the user to designate which site components will loaded when the page is accessed. By eliminating the need to load non-essential components, the overall speed is increased.

After Slant is purchased, every customer will benefit from free theme support for 6 months. Your premium admin dashboard is responsive towards mobile devices, eliminating any compatibility issues. Changes can be made while the administrator is on the move, increasing your page’s versatility. A Calendar, Mailbox and Chat API function was added, in addition to some practical and user-friendly widgets. Slant has multiple chart variations, and a series of beautiful layouts options. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.



Offering a template that is completely LessCss supported and structured, Intuitive can enhance your web presence. Every UI element of this versatile admin dashboard template is organized into separate files. By not clumping them together, it makes it easier for the site owner to find, remove or modify site elements. Even at first glance, Intuitive is extremely user-friendly. With virtually no difficulty barrier, any customer can enjoy this product. The source code is well-structured and commented. Quick template edits are possible, given that every variable is included in a single theme file. Everything is where it needs to be. Better organization always results in a higher degree of productivity.

Loading speeds are greatly improved, thanks to Intuitive’s lightweight design. However, despite this streamlined appearance, it remains powerful and versatile. If you wish to sample this product without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to access the live preview. You will be able to navigate every option in order to make an informed decision. Of course, the layout is entirely responsive and compatible with devices such as Smartphones and tablets. Cross-browser compatibility is also offered. Intuitive has 12 gorgeous pre-made templates that are ready-to-use. In addition, more templates will be added in the future.

Clean UI


Clean UI is a professional quality and extremely robust, innovative and cutting edge, completely responsive premium Bootstrap 4 Admin website template and Angular starter kit. Clean UI is a superbly functional tool for professional webmasters and developers to hit the ground running and quickly achieve the successful development of sophisticated, complex modern websites, web apps or general purpose user interfaces, in a matter of minutes, with hundreds of prebuilt elements, widgets, components and plugins to save you considerable time and effort as you set up your project. Clean UI has been created with professional and expert level users in mind, which is why it incorporates sufficient versatility to lend itself to all sorts of complex applications seamlessly.

Featuring 9 integrated layouts for your UI pages, you can easily put together admin dashboards in alpha and beta implementation, profiles, messaging, calendars and galleries without skipping a beat. With the Gyazo Theme Settings, you can easily create your own customizable block boxes with any number of widgets, components and elements within, such as Light and Dark Theme Styles, Fixed Top Menu, Colorful Menu, Menu Shadow and many more. Clean UI is the backend builder you need to develop the web apps you’ve been dreaming of. Try it today!



OneUI is a highly adaptable UI framework that was constructed using Bootstrap. It allows users to design their site’s frontend and backend sections, while using a single powerful and fast layout. Its design is simplistic and streamlined. With OneUI, you can get the job done in a matter of moments. This technological marvel was constructed from the bottom up, taking into account customer feedback. Years of experience and valuable advice has shaped this product into something special.

OneUI can be used for both apps and websites, and it works perfectly on any platforms, device or browser. Compatibility issues were completely eliminated. The layout is very powerful, as customers can design incredible dashboards by taking advantage of some reusable UI elements. Constructed with LessCSS, this product has a completely modular and user-friendly design. Customization is very easy, given that everything is where it needs to be.

Slow loading times are the primary cause of user dropout rates. Thankfully, you will not alienate your loyal followers, as OneUI is lightning-fast. Watch your well-written posts come to life, thanks to the new blog pack. In addition, the forum pack facilitates the implementation of some exquisite forum pages that perfectly match their site’s theme.



Avenxo is arguably one of the most user-friendly themes on the market. It offers various layouts and gorgeous color schemes, simplifying and enhancing the customization experience. Without a doubt, Avenxo is nimble, clean and highly flexible. Even those with minimal Bootstrap experience can use it, given the simple and streamlined code.

Upon purchase, customers will benefit from two distinct versions: an AngularJS variation with Bower and Grunt, and a standard HTML version. Avenxo delivers a pristine mobile-first experience that can accommodate those who prefer hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is constructed using feedback from another best-selling theme, Avant. Of course, touch screen capabilities were added.

In order to minimize screen clutter and make the most out of the available screen space, this product offers an off-canvas menu. When it is not being used, it will simply vanish from the screen. The tech landscape is rapidly evolving, and it is quick to punish stagnation and mediocrity. Thankfully, Avenxo customers will benefit from constant developer support and updates. This assures that you can keep up with the latest trends. Also, the theme is very well documented. For more information regarding Avenxo, be sure to check out the live preview.



Urban is a beautiful and practical Bootstrap web application admin template. It offers a large number of interesting layouts, an AngularJS and HTML version, pre-designed page skins, Grunt and Bower build processes and various other features. Customers will benefit from an Online Customizer tool, allowing them to implement personalized CSS and Less. The design of this product is entirely responsive, guaranteeing that customers who prefer hand-held devices will not be alienated. For new users, a detailed documentation source was made available, offering to explain every feature in detail. The Urban code is well-written and streamlined, resulting in easy customization and faster loading speeds.

Users will have the opportunity to include gorgeous images, thanks to the Bootstrap image gallery option. FullCalendar was added, which is a useful JavaScript events calendar. This drag and drop jQuery plugin allows you to notify loyal followers, and tease upcoming events. Urban has a sweet alert system, which replaces the standard JavaScript “Alert”. The message can be easily personalized, and it will automatically center itself on the visitor’s laptop, desktop computer or tablet screen. In addition, a Google Maps tools was also added. For those who wish to sample Urban and its features, a nifty live preview is available.



If you are searching for an excellent Bootstrap and AngularJS Admin Template, look no further than Materialism. It seamlessly blends multiple modules and plugins, offering a pristine customization and browsing experience. Countless plugins were considered, but only the best were kept. Materialism’s design is clean and streamlined, as it tries to shun needless complexity. In order to speed up the development stage, the template was constructed using Grunt and Bowers, and NodeJS. Thanks to the inclusion of Gruntfile.js, users can easily implement changes as they construct their own variations.

Materialism has some eye-catching C3 styled charts, along with some gorgeous CSS3 animations. You can use this product for any website or web-based application. The menu will be non-invasive, fully responsive, featuring many mobile-first features. A CRUD angular APP was implemented, facilitating basic CMS functionality. Special PSD files are offered, including a Material Bird Lollipop and a Materialism page Logo.

Thanks to a MailChimp subscription option, users can now receive regular theme tips, notification and updates. For those who are just starting out, a well-written documentation source was added. It is quite detailed and informative. Materialism is compatible with all major web browsers. A live preview is made available, for customers who wish to sample this incredible product.



Based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, Modern is an innovative web Application Admin Dashboard. It can be used for any backend application, as its design is streamlined, functional and clean. All common elements were designed with care and precision. While other products only offer 6 months of free updates, Modern’s updates will never cease. Customers will benefit from a lifetime of free support, guaranteeing that their applications can keep up with the dynamic tech landscape.

This product has incorporated a detailed and well-written documentation source. If you are a new user, this feature offers to guide you through the development process. The layout will be compatible with all devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. An Off-Canvas Profile Box was implemented, along with a 3D Navigation Function. In addition, Modern will work with any mainstream web browser.

In terms of visual customization, users can select one of the 6 beautiful color schemes. With this product, the possibilities are virtually limitless. More than 1100 icons are available, further improving your app’s visual design. There are over 65 templates for your pages, along with 2 admin themes and a unique landing page. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

Elite Admin


Elite Admin is a sleek and efficient, fast-loading and mobile-friendly, cutting edge and readily responsive premium web app admin dashboard template. Elite Admin has been built specifically for developers and webmasters that need a reliable, supple and versatile template that can quickly adjust to a wide range of necessities and broad set of different web applications, such as customized admin user panels, web app backends, CRM or CMS and all similar, related applications.

Elite Admin has been tailored to be natively responsive across the board, producing a highly cross compatible platform each time that carries perfectly over different devices, browsers and screen sizes. With tons of diverse chart production options, a helpful and intuitive multi file upload tool, tons of dynamic table examples, form validation tools galore and over 2000 Font Icons, Elite Admin has all the gadgets required to run the show on the modern web and let users tinker and fine-tune web apps in real time, with sophisticated capabilities and a myriad ready to use plugins integrated into Elite Admin for your convenience, from Vector Maps and Google Map API integration to Inbox and Carousels, Elite Admin can do it all. What are you waiting for? Try Elite Admin!

Ultra Admin


For those who are searching for an excellent admin UI theme, Ultra Admin is an ideal choice. This amazing product can enhance your admin panel with its elegant and unique look. Users will find it easy to personalize it, given the accessible and well-written code. This admin panel is entirely responsive, capable of working with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Ultra Admin was constructed using the Bootstrap Framework, jQuery, HTML and CSS3. It incorporates some of the best trending plugins, and it has many reusable UI elements.

This product can be implemented for any type of web application or product. The large number of plugins was spread across 65+ distinct HTML files. The interface is very clean and elegant, resulting in a pristine browsing experience. The highly adaptable Menu represents a very important Ultra Admin feature, given its ability to reduce its size when the screen is cluttered. This product has a fully-functional chat API. You are able to open multiple chat windows at the same time. Of course, a mailbox function was incorporated, along with many widget variations. For more information regarding Ultra admin and its features, be sure to access the interesting live preview.

Learning App


Inspired by Google’s Material Design Guidelines and built using Bootstrap, Learning App is a gorgeous LMS template. Its wonderful user interface can service instructors, students, and courses. It incorporates many useful features, each implemented in order to facilitate the construction of Learning Management Applications and websites. Using a versatile and powerful user-friendly interface, customers can design incredible apps. Upon purchase, Learning App will feature an HTML version, and an AngularJS option which has more than 135 HTML pages.

Mobile-compatibility is one of this product’s key features. It will work perfectly with hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, a detailed and extensive documentation source was added. It is very well-written, offering to explain every feature in detail. It should also be mentioned that Learning App is compatible with all major web browsers, and it works with Grunt on Windows.

An enhanced file structure is available for application and vendor assets. There is also a setting that disables the navbar which overlaps the menu dropdown effect. In order to make it easier for developers to work with source files, include paths were implemented. For more information regarding this product, be sure to access the live preview.



Clip-Two is a modern, streamlined template for admin dashboards which was constructed using AngularJS, and the JavaScript MVW framework. This theme can be customized at will, able to meet the customer’s requirements. In addition, it is entirely mobile-ready, capable of adapting to the screens of laptops, smartphones, desktops computers and tablets.

As they purchase Clip-Two, customers can benefit from two distinct themes: Clip-Two Admin RTL Version, and Clip-Two Admin. With AngularJS, you will be able to develop your application and improve your HTML vocabulary. This will result in a very readable, expressive and user-friendly environment. An exclusive AngularJS chat directive was implemented, specifically for Clip-Two. For languages with right to left writing such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Japanese, a RTL version is available. Your app will reflect your culture.

When it comes to speed, this is one of the fastest products on the market. It features lightning-quick loading times, resulting in a pristine browsing experience for any user. In terms of customization, there are 6 beautiful color schemes. Also, you can benefit from infinite styles with Sass. Touch Swipe capabilities are supported, and there are more than 40 unique page templates. For more information regarding Clip-Two and its features, be sure to check out its live preview.



If you are searching for a premium admin dashboard that is powered by AngularJS, look no further than Minovate. It is constructed using the prolific Twitter Bootstrap Framework, assuring that your site or application will benefit from the latest technical achievements. The layout is completely responsive, and it has eliminated all compatibility issues. Minovate works well with tablets, desktop computers, smartphones and laptops. It also features cross-browser compatibility.

For those who are on tight schedules, several fully-functional elements and example pages were made available. Further customization is also possible, given that the customer can always tweak and modify some settings. There are 6 unique color schemes for your navbar, headers, branding and active elements. It is possible to select fixed headers and navbars. In addition, users can implement boxed layouts, horizontal navbars, and RTL layouts. The latter is especially useful for languages such as Japanese or Hebrew, given that they use a right to left writing system. The developers of Minovate have pledge to listen to user feedback, and take any review into consideration. The next build will certainly improve upon the current one. A live preview can be easily accessed by those who wish to sample this product.



Pages is one of the best UI admin dashboards on the market. It vastly improves the standard formula, using an innovative and modern design. It simply transcends the classic admin dashboard setup, and chooses to implement a high-performance, simplistic framework. In today’s mobile-first business environment, smaller is always better. Many dashboards have gigantic menus that often cover and overshadow the content. Thankfully, Pages users will never encounter that issue. This product respects your screen space by not cluttering it. A quick menu navigation method was implemented, which automatically hides the menu when it is not being used.

The need for endless browsing is counter-productive, and it can alienate many customers. Thanks to the quick search function, a simple keyboard press can initiate a thorough search that will never miss its mark. This product is the epitome of UI/UX optimization, as it guarantees a smooth experience. Layered Photoshop files were added, in addition to a date picker and email composer tool. Communicating with your followers has never been easier. The performance was tuned, and Pages loading times are lightning-fast. For any customer who purchases this product, free updates are offered. If you wish to sample Pages and its features, be sure to access the live preview.



Based on the popular and innovative Bootstrap framework, Atlant is a versatile admin template that never ceases to impress. Your template is entirely responsive, and it will be compatible with every operating system, web browser, or device. Upon downloading Atlant, users will gain access to some .less files, and a commented source code. For clients who are new to web development, a detailed documentation source was added. It is well-written and informative, offering to explain every feature in detail. In order to save time, you can use one of the fully-functional elements. With Atlant, the customization experience will be a swift and pleasurable one.

If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact the support system. Their support representatives are very friendly, and eager to help. Thanks to the implementation of a practical Page Builder tool, customers can design new and interesting pages. With this product, you will only be limited by your imagination. There are 10 unique skins which can be used for visual customization. Each of these skins was designed on the basis of Less CSS. If you want to sample Atlant and browse and its features and options, you can easily access the live preview.

In case you are looking for a free Bootstrap admin template then we have got you covered and you can find some great examples here and here.

20 Best Health and Medical WordPress Themes For Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics & Blogs 2016

Best Medical WordPress Themes

The list of the best WordPress themes designed and developed for health and medical blogs and websites. These themes are well suited for doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clinics, surgeons and other type of health related websites.

All these themes share premium quality and highly customizable layout thanks to advanced theme options that comes with each of these themes. These themes allow to create unique and professional websites without need to hire professional developers and designers.

Most of these themes has shortcodes, doctor, schedule, testimonial, gallery, FAQs, contact and other required pages. These themes will take your business to an entirely new level.



Medicare is a charming and professional, engaging and clean-cut, easy to use and modern, highly responsive WordPress medical and health multipurpose website theme. Medicare has been developed as a powerful platform for the effortless crafting of feature-rich medical industry websites spanning different interests and fields, from dentistry and psychiatric practices to veterinarians, Medicare has you covered. Medical professionals find in Medicare a sound partner for developing functional and flexible medical websites, and with Medicare’s intuitive page building process articulated through the premium Rapid Composer plugin, requiring absolutely no coding knowledge, and its potent admin panel settings, it really is no wonder; making your website your own is easier than ever before with Medicare.

It’s as easy as picking your desired demo homepage and graphically fine-tuning your website to suit your precise branding needs in a matter of minutes, and live you go! With attractive capabilities such as distinct, customizable typographies and four different header layouts, Medicare medical websites are as unique as can be, and a wealth of medical industry related shortcodes and features simplify the process of running your practice through your website, from booking to cost estimations and far beyond. Give Medicare a try today, and see for yourself!



Infinite is a capable and competent, professional and robust, serious and reliable, tech-savvy and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Infinite is the perfectly flexible blank slate for you to craft your very own professional or personal website within minutes, with a multitude of professional quality tools and features, regardless of your previous design or development experience. Business organizations love Infinite because it affords them all the functionality of a top notch modern website without any hassle, through the streamlined experience offered by the GoodLayers.

Drag and drop page builder in combination with dozens of amazing demo websites and page templates for any sort of application, each filled out with inner content pages, necessary widgets and forms and much more under the hood, simplifying the website creation process immensely. The Revolution Slider, Master Slider and LayerSlider will offer opportunities to keep your users engaged and interested in your content, while sophisticated integration of the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite makes Infinite a natural platform for you to market your services cleanly stylishly to the world at large. Medical practices, medical organizations and related businesses find in Infinite a staunch ally in bringing the benefits of their practice to a worldwide audience. Try Infinite today!



MedicalPress is a top quality WordPress theme for medical and health-related web pages. It features an expansive collection of theme options, each implemented in order to facilitate site customization. The ease with which you can alter your page is staggering. MedicalPress is constructed using Bootstrap. A fully responsive site is guaranteed, as your posts will adapt to any screen size. Mobile users can rejoice, knowing that resizing errors have become extinct.

The most recent versions of MedicalPress incorporate the WooCommerce plugin. This allows you to design a personal online shop. Merchandising can now be part of your overall business plan. Also, a simple and expansive documentation source was incorporated in the theme download bundle. It offers to guide you through the installation and customization process, further lowering the difficulty barrier of site ownership.

The general color scheme of your site can be easily altered. In addition, users can personalize page backgrounds. These features allow for greater visual customization, increasing your site’s appeal.

MedicalPress is able to support child themes, and it even has a child theme demo. The default fonts can be replaced with awesome Google fonts at any time. Customized typography can prove to your customers that you are a detail-oriented business.



HealthFlex is a wonderfully convenient and highly appealing, visually clean and crisp, polished and professional, crafty and innovative, intuitively navigable and very well structured, technologically competent and capable, mobile and user friendly, extremely responsive WordPress business and corporate professional multipurpose website theme. HealthFlex is a purposefully designed and painstakingly developed theme built with the raw power and sheer flexibility to adapt itself to a plethora of diverse website archetypes and applications with ease and speed and without requiring absolutely any previous coding or developing experience in order to produce professional looking, attractive, modern websites, with a specific aim towards health service industry websites and websites across all related fields and industries, from professional medical practices and clinics to dentists’ offices.

HealthFlex is packed with a series of premium plugins specifically built for the purpose of crafting handsome medical websites, completely decked out with shortcodes and templates for speedily constructing all your inner pages and necessary business and commercial features smoothly integrated into a seamless user interface that is user friendly and highly intuitive. HealthFlex also includes complete demo websites for the purpose of setting up medical websites within minutes, with powerful visual branding and customization capacities at your fingertips. Try HealthFlex today!

RT-Theme 20


RT-Theme 20 is a completely cutting edge and extremely powerful, beautiful and extremely professionally developed, modern and technologically competent and capable, engaging and highly responsive WordPress corporate, catalogue and medical multipurpose website theme. RT-Theme 20 is a theme that has been carefully equipped with a comprehensive set of powerful tools and features that have been polished to a professional degree of attention to detail. RT-Theme 20 readily makes short work of all tasks related to putting together handsome, functional, modern websites across a diverse field of interests and needs.

RT-Theme 20 shines particularly bright when it is deployed as a corporate and commercial theme, however. Among its multiple template skins, RT-Theme 20 is packing several serious and elegant, aesthetically stylish yet entirely approachable designs for corporations, businesses and commercial interests that want a place online to call home that also doubles as a mission statement through sheer visual eloquence and polished precision. With RT-Theme 20’s built-in product showcase features, customers and clients will be awed and impressed by your wares from day one, within minutes of the uncomplicated, single click installation process. RT-Theme 20 is also completely cross compatible, so your audience can access your content from any platform or device anywhere in the world with equal, unflinching smoothness.

Health & Medical


Health and Medical is a very flexible, well designed and completely responsive theme for WordPress. It was made for health clinic, hospital, and dentist websites, or any other institution that specializes in health care. You can customize this theme, as the process is quite simple.

The layout is amazing, and it will look great on iPhones, iPads, Tablets or Android Phones. In order to receive online payments and conduct transactions, WooCommerce was added. It is one of the most popular and trusted plugins on WordPress, implemented by the most successful themes. A plugin was incorporated, including 5 distinct post types: slider, departments, doctors, testimonials and services.

With Health & Medical, you get to choose the color scheme of your site, ensuring that the aesthetics will match your vision. It has a Foundation 5 Framework, SASS, and plenty of Font Awesome Icons. The full responsiveness broadens your target demographics, and allows for administrators to access the page while on the move. There are many sliders, and a Google Maps integrated function.

Health & Medical has 15 personalized widgets, and several widget areas. It works with all popular browsers, and you can expect regular theme updates, as the software improves.



TheGem is a polished and professional, functional and tech-savvy, visually stunning and highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose high performance website theme. TheGem is an extremely easy to use toolkit for quickly developing useful and resourceful websites specializing in a number of niches markets and professional industries, requiring absolutely no coding experience in order to empower you to provide your users with high quality performance, polished visual presentation and cutting-edge features in a matter of minutes, through entirely visual interfaces.

With the powerful Visual Composer premium plugin as well as two different premiums slider plugins built right into this potent theme, customization is both intuitive and lightning-fast with TheGem. Work from scratch or get started with any of TheGem’s over 100 creative conceptual templates, each honed for a different mission. TheGem’s sleek and fully functional medical demo websites provide a particularly sound foundation for doctors, physical therapists, psychiatrists, dentists and related professionals or firms to present their product and service offerings to potential patients, clients or customers the world over, with a competent set of commercial capabilities powered by the WooCommerce plugin suite and a mobile-friendly native responsiveness rooted in a Bootstrap modular design. Check out TheGem today, and take your practice to the next level!



MedicalPro is a clean and fresh-faced, professional and highly reliable, resourceful and competent, readily responsive WordPress health and medical website theme. MedicalPro has been created to be a flexible and effective tool for webmasters of medical and health-related organizations, hospitals, clinics, sports medicine centers, fertility clinics and all sorts of similar, related health service-related organizations and businesses. MedicalPro is the perfect platform for webmasters from all backgrounds and with or without previous coding experience, who need a stable framework wherein they can intuitively put together sophisticated modern websites that can effectively capture new business and clients within their field.

Four homepage variations provide diverse settings for your users to encounter your website in, with the premium Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins furnishing you with all the visual and graphical customization you can think of through simplified drag and drop interfaces. The spectacularly convenient TimeTable plugin and Booked Plugin make MedicalPro your ideal assistant when it comes to keeping track of your schedules and allowing your users and visitors to effortlessly book their appointments within a couple clicks, right off your MedicalPro website. Completely WooCommerce ready, MedicalPro allows you to market your medical services and product packages right off your website! Try MedicalPro now!



Newspaper is the ideal choice for any news, magazine, blog or review website. Built on cutting edge technologies, this well-designed and highly-customizable theme, it is packed with optimizations and features specially made to bring more readers to your page and to transform any clinic, hospital, pharmacy blog in a successful website. This theme comes with over 20 predefined, one click ready, demos to give you a great start, and two of them dedicated to the health industry.

Crafted to power your creativity and help you create astonishing pages, Newspaper will enhance your website’s visual impact providing a strong base for performance and stability. Equipped with a drag and drop page builder, all major aspects of your page are easily customizable and most of the theme’s settings are gathered inside the Theme Panel administration area. Using tons of custom build features, like dozens of headers, footers, category templates, big grids, dedicated blocks and modules, special typography, Newspaper 7 will adapt to your every need.

You can even embed social icons linking to your various social media accounts. The theme includes search engine optimizations, this increases your chance to obtain a good position on search engine rankings. If you need to add an online shop, than you’ll be glad to know that Newspaper is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Installing and configuring the theme is very simple, the documentation is detailed and it walks you through each phase of the process.



The theme is ideal for any health, hospital, or medical website. It is designed to cater to the vast and diverse needs of this respectable field. There is a great degree of user friendliness, making it accessible to those that do not possess any specialized programming knowledge.

It features Visual Composer blocks, along with 2 distinct timetable variations. Medic provides an adaptable toolset, allowing customers to craft a unique experience for their page visitors. An appointment page was included, in addition to some useful shortcodes. If you experience any issues during the installation process, the support team can be contacted. Their eagerness to help and support their customer base is evidenced by their 5 star rating.

Medic uses the innovative and mobile-friendly Bootstrap 3 Framework, and the Redux Framework Backend Panel. It features Department Post Types and Department headers. Website themes can encounter difficulties with resizing. Medic is completely responsive, and it works on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Video tutorials can guide you through the setup process, as they are quite informative and easy to understand. WPML readiness is another useful feature, as it allows for the creation of a multilingual site. This makes your content more accessible globally.



Medicus is a visually appealing, extremely reliable, user friendly and highly intuitive, feature-rich and deeply functional, technologically accomplished and entirely modern WordPress responsive multipurpose business and corporate theme. It is a flexible, pliable and powerful theme that is jam-packed with convenient, useful and time-saving tools for all sorts of business and commercial online ventures. Medicus has been especially designed, however, for deployment on medical, corporate and nonprofit organization websites and projects. It includes a beautiful and smooth-running widgetized homepage, which is easily expanded, modified and customized with WPZoom’s own Dynamic Homepage Builder.

The Visual Customizer lets you take full charge of the entire look of every page of your site, while the Theme Options Panel offers advanced capabilities for altering Medicus as a whole to suit your needs. Several handy templates are included with Medicus, perfect for quickly setting up your business, corporate or NGO website, while a potent directory widget is perfect for professionals. Medicus is built on a solid and cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 framework, with extensive Bootstrap responsive coding to ensure a flawless rendering across all devices, browsers and screen sizes. Medicus is also optimized for search engine indexation, so your website will quickly ascend the ranks by better indexing your most relevant content. With Medicus, you just can/t go wrong.



Hatch is an amazingly clean-cut and pristine, creative and visually fresh and innovative, very intuitive and user-friendly, wonderfully versatile and flexible, elegant and stylish, modern and technologically cutting edge and inventive, reliable and professional, mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website theme. Hatch is a highly developed, carefully constructed WordPress website theme built with the utmost care for precision and attention to detail, gifted with the strength and pliability required to meet and exceed the needs of a whole host of diverse website archetypes and applications, from business or personal websites to corporate and commercial, and equipped with a wide set of laboriously crafted, professionally graphically designed demo website templates readily available for you to quickly and efficiently put together gorgeous looking websites for a variety of niche, specific applications.

Hatch includes excellent resources for medical professionals and practices of all kinds, with convenient demos easily customized through the Visual Composer premium plugin along with the Essential Grid and Revolution Slider plugins articulating all your graphical and branding needs with seamless, intuitive processes that require absolutely no coding skills or experience. Hatch includes shortcodes for handling staff presentation, services and pricing plans, and much more. Try Hatch today!


Medica Pro

medica Health WordPress theme

Medica is a bold WordPress medical theme well suited for hospitals, doctors, dentists, health clinics and everyone else involved in health services. This theme is designed for those looking for simple setup, clean design and outstanding performance on any device. Developers have made sure that this theme is translation ready, SEO friendly and has clean code base. Medica theme features several widget areas and unlimited color options making it very easy to customize and personalize for your business needs.

Health Center


Health Center is a theme perfect for health and medical blogging but also suitable for any type of business blogging. A theme that can be used by advanced programmers or even users with no programming skills. Its fully responsive layout that can be used on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices can be change to different resolutions. The theme can be used easily because of its drag and drop options that make the streaming fast. Demos are also installed in this theme for better understanding on how to use the site. This theme features a beautiful one page parallax version which can b e used as default one or replaced with multi page setup which is more traditional.



Medicare is a wonderfully flexible and fully functional, clean and crisp, precise and professionally graphically designed, modern and easy to use and navigate, polished and smooth, tech-savvy and nimble, highly responsive WordPress medical and healthcare services website theme. Medicare is the perfect theme for doctors, dentists, therapists and a whole range of completely different professional interests, all within the spectrum of healthcare and health related industries and services. Medicare has been designed specifically with such needs in mind, and you will be glad to find thoughtful, attentive details throughout the theme that make the process of setting up shop on the web for any sort of medical or healthcare related operation a speedy, effortless task.

With Medicare, every doctor and physical therapist can be a professional quality website designer and developer, within minutes, without having to so much as write a single line of code, all thanks to a pervasively useful Visual Composer layout builder and the integrated Revolution Slider to keep things moving, alongside with 3 completely different homepage website demos readily available for deployment with the touch of a button, already pre-designed and filled out with all the pages you will need to set up your online practice overnight. Try Medicare today!


PharmaPlus medical theme

PharmaPlus is a beauty and health theme that works well for spa, salons, gyms and medical practices. Timetable, schedules, information, price table, and other practical features are included in this theme. Its responsive design makes your website more accessible and adaptable to different devices and screen sizes. Unlimited icons and sidebars are included in this theme for extensive customization. With its WooCommerce plugin integration, it let website owners sell their products and advertisements without much effort.



Medicom is a premium medical WordPress theme that suits all medical and health related websites. This theme is built based on Bootstrap 3 and includes other amazing theme features. Premium features are also incorporated in this theme like Premium Visual Composer and Premium Layer Slider that help users build a unique and engaging website. It comes with different blog layout options, gallery pages, testimonials, appointment forms and many more.



MediCenter is a modern, elegant and responsive WordPress theme suitable for health and medical related projects and businesses. Theme is highly customizable with over 600 different fonts, 6 color schemes that can be further tweaked and loads of icons and shortcodes. MediCenter has built-in Schedule manager, 20 different page layouts, pricing tables and powerful page builder. This is my favorite theme on this list and the best selling one. Clearly you can’t go wrong with this theme.



For medical websites, there is no better choice than Sanabel. This beautiful WordPress theme never fails to impress, given the gorgeous design and accessible options. Sanabel is one of the most accessible themes on the market, given that it can accommodate all users. It requires no programming knowledge or technical expertise. With such an intuitive and pleasant experience, your medical website will earn the trust of every page visitor.

In addition to the standard download, a child theme folder was incorporated. It is possible to import demo content for your medical website, via the 1 click demo installer. The process is very swift, as it only takes a few moments.

The site layout is entirely responsive, and it can showcase your posts on the smaller screens of hand-held devices. With Sanabel, resizing and compatibility issues are entirely eliminated. There are 11 footer layouts, 6 header styles, and an infinite range of color customization possibilities.

A well-written documentation source is available, offering to guide new users through the installation process. By visiting the Options Panel, you will be able to modify the text colors, styles, font sizes, and line heights. If you want to learn more about this medical WordPress theme, be sure to access the live preview.


denta - dental wordpress theme

Denta is a very minimal and classic theme well suited for dental clinics and other medical clinics. This theme features a simple contact form to schedule appointments directly via website. This theme is optimized for simplicity and fast performance and it will look great on any mobile device. While this theme is simple it can has everything you would expect from premium medical theme such as testimonial section, doctor profiles, service section and much more. This theme is developed and designed for dental clinics but you will see from its demo that you can use it for any health and medical website. Denta theme comes with one year premium support that will help you to get your website up and running in no time.

RT-Theme 19

rttheme 19 - medical wordpress theme

RT-Theme 19 is a special WordPress theme that caters to quality web pages. It has 5 different pre-made skins, and they can be altered to fit your specifications. Users that choose mobile devices are not excluded, given that RT-Theme 19 is Retina ready and entirely responsive. Every post and offer will look great on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Several embedded tools are incorporated, allowing you to display medical products and services. They are extendible, considering that the user can include a product catalog or a service list. Nested categories are available, in addition to multi/single page layout variations. Quality online commerce sites can’t afford the absence of WooCommerce. It lets you create and design your own online store through which services and items can be distributed. There are several payment options available, including direct bank transfers.

Thanks to the astounding Revolution Slider plugin, beautiful slides can be featured on your main pages. They will be the centerpiece of any site, showcasing your best features and top offers. With RT-Theme 19 the user has complete control over the customization process. Even individual header sections can be altered independently. A large number of useful and practical short codes were included as well.


HealthPress wordpress theme

Is an elegant, clean and responsive theme suitable for doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clinics, surgeons and other type of health related blogs and websites. It has an attractive design and highly customizable layout to manage services, doctors, testimonials, FAQs, news, pages or even gallery. This theme has everything you will need to make unique and professional website.


care - multipurpose health theme

Care is a clean, elegant and responsive WordPress theme designed and developed by fellow Latvians. It is among the best selling medical and health related themes and is still actively maintained. It is translation ready, is SEO optimized, and has loads of features to make unique and professional health blog or website.


medicate WordPress theme

Medicate is a modern, sharp and responsive WordPress theme for health and medical related website and blogs. This theme is highly customizable with impressive set of custom options for services, doctor, testimonials, FAQs, gallery, news and dozens of other pages. Additionally it has Google Maps Integration, Translation options, Google fonts and much more.


medicaldoctor - wordpress theme

MedicaDoctor is a clean, flexible and retina ready WordPress theme built on responsive theme frameworks. It is highly customizable thanks to feature rich theme options. This theme has everything to build your own custom and professional website without help from programmers. It is regularly updated and comes with detailed documentation that will get you started in no time.


medico flat design theme

Medico is a clean, modern and flat design inspired WordPress theme suited for health and medical websites and blogs. It has dozens of premium features to build unique, modern, responsive and professional website. It has a built in price table builder, shortcode builder and much more to take full control over your website.

17 Best WordPress Themes For Non-Profit, Charity and Fundraising Organizations 2016

Non Profit WordPress Themes

For most charity and non-profit organizations, using WordPress as an online platform is a practical choice to get a decent and professional online presence. WordPress non-profit, charity, donation and fundraising themes allow these organizations with a limited budget to set up an outstanding and professional website without much effort. It’s not only easy on the pocket but it is actually a good platform for building a website for non- profit organization since it is open source and free. There are also lots of free themes available if you don’t want to spend so much money on website design. But if you want to build a fully functional non-profit/charity website there are some great premium WordPress themes specifically designed to cater the unique needs of a non-profit/charity website. These nonprofit WordPress themes have integrated features like sponsor sections and the donation buttons.



Alone is a relevant and significant, powerful and impressively professional, appealing and relatable, elegant and classy while caring and warm, seamlessly smooth and graphically versatile and nimble, tech-savvy and competent, highly intuitive and very well structured responsive WordPress charity multipurpose nonprofit website theme. Alone is a very creative, inherently flexible theme, designed to fit a variety of projects affording great latitude in terms of graphical customization, layout configuration, color scheme alterations and much more.

With Alone, making a solid, respectable online platform for your NGOs, charity events, campaigns and projects is now easier than ever, and customizing it to fit your branding needs or identity is an easy, breezy matter which takes minutes at most and not a single line of coding. Alone incorporates the world famous Visual Composer premium plugin for you to craft your own layouts or modify the different templates included with Alone, such as several different homepage styles and inner pages. Alone is ready for WooCommerce, and even includes a simplified AJAX popup for making donations not only feasible, but accessible from day one. Use plugin Chariable with many extensions for you choose more gateway payment (Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayFast, PayUMoney and others). Alone is ready to work right out of the box, and it just might be what you and your project need. Try Alone now!



Act is a wonderfully designed and very warm and welcoming, aesthetically subtle and understated, clean and pristine, fantastically modern and aesthetically sophisticated and soft-spoken, graphically polished and professionally designed, swift and nimble, lightweight and fast-loading, secure and reliable responsive WordPress multipurpose nonprofit website theme. Act is an amazingly designed and purposefully constructed WordPress theme, a thoughtful and socially aware theme built for the needs of webmasters looking to create helpful, unique and original websites that support or are home to nonprofit organizations, fundraising committees, charitable societies and organizations and generally all projects that require bringing people together to do some good.

Act has been designed to be wholly intuitive, so users of any skill level can make effective use of Act to create modern and professional quality nonprofit websites for all sorts of purposes and activities, with an amazingly deep-running set of features and functionalities that require absolutely no coding at any point. Build your own impressive websites using the Advanced Theme Options Panel visual page builder, configure plugins like The Events Calendar, directly receive donations both through handsome Donate sections as well as through the powerful integrated Crowdfunding System, and so much more, right at your fingertips! Get your Act together, today, and help do some good!



Peak is a technologically articulate, serious and professional, safe and secure, solid and reliable, modern and cutting edge, mobile friendly and aesthetically understated and polished, refined and engaging, dynamic and functional responsive WordPress charity and non-profit organization website theme. Peak is a uniquely powerful WordPress theme that has been specifically and narrowly designed to attend to the needs of charitable organizations, non-profit organization and non-government organizations (NGOs) of any kind, field, interest or industry whatsoever.

Peak is easy to use and learn, extensively documented for your convenience and features a widely annotated codebase, making additional customizing and development very feasible and cost-effective. Peak integrates out of the box with the powerful Give Plugin by WordImpress as well as the reputable Tribe Events Calendar plugin. With Peak’s custom Campaign post type, Give Plugin donation forms and Tribe Events Calendar events are coordinated into a single post, wherein your users can use a host of different payment methods to donate for your drives or campaigns, with sophisticated features such as transaction management, reporting capabilities for income generation and more. Peak also integrates out of the box with the WooCommerce plugin, helping non-profit organizations to market their wares to raise funds for any cause. Peak–every little bit counts.

Lifeline 2


Lifeline 2 is a wonderfully constructed and seamlessly handsome, modern and lightweight, fast-loading and responsive WordPress nonprofit multipurpose website theme. Lifeline 2 is a perfect platform for charitable organizations, non-government organizations and many similar, related projects and endeavors to easily set up their own online home for their charity. With Lifeline 2, you get access to an incredible set of professionally graphically designed demo website and page templates, each with a unique approach and plentiful possibilities for thorough customization.

Lifeline 2 also incorporates a wealth of wonderful premium plugins built right into this helpful theme and automatically updated forever at no added cost to you at all. With these plugins, customizing the look and feel of your Lifeline 2 website will be quick and intuitive, requiring absolutely no coding to produce truly professional, polished results. Lifeline 2 is extensively SEO enhanced, making it a top performer when it comes to search engine rankings, and its incredible built-in Volunteer Management system lets your users enroll on your projects or causes as volunteers, allows you to keep track of who they are and what they’ll be volunteering with. With Lifeline 2, receiving donations through credit cards and PayPal is now easier than ever before. Try it now!

Charitas / Foundation WordPress Theme


Charitas is a simple and polished charity WP theme. It exudes a positive impression that is best suited for Charity, Non-governmental organization, foundations, etc. The theme is made for speed and includes other serviceable features like 10 custom widgets, social sharing buttons, progress bar for campaigns and other amazing features. Charitas is easy to customize with boundless color scheme options and custom post types. Its responsive design makes it compatible with any mobile device, without ruining the any content! Charitas makes your website outfitted to accept donations through the integration with PayPal.

Benevolence – Church / Nonprofit


Benevolence is a clean, modern and highly customizable WordPress theme built for Churches, Basilica, Non-Profit Organisations, Non-Profit Associations, Foundations or Religious Communities. The theme has many church and non-profit organization specific featured such as sermons, ministries, news, photo galleries, sponsors, projects, events and much more.

Benevolence theme is fully responsive and is optimized for mobile, tablets, desktops and any other device. The theme has PayPal integration for donation and you can also use automatic progress bar to keep the track of donations. This theme is the right choice for everyone looking to create awesome website for church, community, association or any other non-profit organization.

Charity Life


Charity Life is an amazing Premium WordPress theme that can enhance your fundraising website. It can be used for the pages of non-profit organizations, charity causes, foundations, churches, and political organizations. If you want to test it before committing to a purchase, be sure to check out the live theme demo.

Customers will benefit from free updates and customer support. If you are not very tech savvy, the theme can be installed and configured for you. However, the installation process is so simple, that you probably will not need any additional support. It takes only 3 minutes, and you’re ready to go!

Your users will be amazed at your site’s speed, considering that this is one of the fastest themes on the market. PayPal support was added, allowing you to collect automatic donations. The design is entirely responsive, and it will look great on tablets, laptops and mobile phones. In addition, you may also customize the page color scheme, resulting in a unique site that fits your vision.
A noble message deserves to heard around the world. Thankfully, Charity Life can be translated into any language.



HelpingHands is a beautiful and outspoken, engaging and enticing, moving and powerful, robust and responsive WordPress charity and nonprofit organization website theme. HelpingHands has been devised as a dedicated platform for webmasters with or without any previous development experience to effortlessly amazing modern charity and NGO or nonprofit websites for all sorts of causes, drives, campaigns and fundraising efforts, grassroots activism and far more than you can think of.

If you’re trying to make a difference HelpingHands is the theme to help you do it. With the convenient integration of the industry standard Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, the Ultimate Addons for VC plugin and the Premium Slider complete with its own visual composer, HelpingHands makes sure you only deliver the most beautiful, professional quality websites to your audience. 4 Homepage demo websites are predesigned and included for your customization and expediency, allowing you to have your HelpingHands charity website up and running the same day you set up. With HelpingHands’ crafty WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite integration, marketing goods, services or wares to your potential donors or the world at large to aid in your fundraising and donation campaigns, of which multiple can be held simultaneously. Try HelpingHands today!

Charity WP


Charity is an expertly designed and seriously effective, modern and resourceful, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose charity and nonprofit organization website theme. Charity has been crafted by an experienced team of talented developers working together to design an incredible solution for all sorts of charitable projects and nonprofit organizations and their endeavors. Whether you are putting together a charitable ball or gala, any sort of fundraising event, or managing an ongoing charity, Charity is the theme for you.

Nonprofit organizations will also find in Charity a sound ally in all their pursuits, with Charity’s features being solely thought out to solve every problem a charity or nonprofit may encounter, from sophisticated, modern subscription newsletters with ample features to engage your donor base, an entirely functional out of the box system for creating and promoting your donation campaigns, charity drives and causes individually, a powerful donation system built right into Charity to ease your donor’s user experience while contributing to your cause, nonprofit event options, automated calls for volunteers, predesigned Mission and Vision pages, and so much more, you’d never hear the end of it. Charity is a resourceful and thorough package, equipped with a strong set of tools to get your charitable work done, today!

Open Heart


Open Heart is a polished and professional, modern and attractive, rapidly responsive WordPress nonprofit, charity and fundraising website theme. Open Heart is a competent and professional quality website building kit, a set of dedicated tools and selected features, widgets and plugins that work together to provide you with incredibly high quality, deeply functional charity and nonprofit websites with plentiful fundraising capabilities right out of the box.

Open Heart makes it easier for you to make a difference by streamlining the design and development process to a few simple steps with a whole lot of creative freedom behind each of them, offering an intuitive interface in the form of the premium Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins to empower you to craft modern, stylish, appealing websites with amazing predesigned features and functionality. Open Heart is an extremely competent fundraiser, with native integration of the flexible WooCommerce online commercial platform for uncomplicated marketing of goods and donated products or merchandise right off your website, within minutes of initial setup, but also includes straightforward donation capabilities such as PayPal,, Stripe and Offline Payment features built right into this powerful theme. Widen your donor base and make a real difference, with Open Heart!



HelpMe is a massive, powerful and effective, highly customizable and extremely resourceful and reliable responsive WordPress nonprofit charity website theme. HelpMe is a well-rounded and technologically sophisticated solution for charitable endeavors, non-profit organizations, grassroots organizations and all sorts of related projects. HelpMe has been extensively designed to be a meaningful platform for charitable enterprises to find and reach broader audiences, to organize charitable events and manage invitations and information distribution, to gather funds directly through different means and most importantly, to effectively raise awareness about issues in a tasteful, fully customizable visual presentation that is impeccably smooth and completely welcoming.

HelpMe includes the premium Visual Composer plugin, as well as the LayerSlider, Translator and WPML support, on top of full RTL support, for reaching across all barriers. Built-in Mega menus accompany all 16 charity demo websites, each suited to a different, specific purpose, yet easily fine-tuned to your fit your own expectations and requirements. With integration of the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite as well as full PayPal and Stripe payment support, over 700 Font Icons and lifetime updates provided with purchase, HelpMe is a truly permanent solution to all your charity website needs. Try HelpMe now, and start doing some good!


heartfelt Charity WordPress template

Heartfelt is a modern WordPress theme created by Rescue Themes. It includes all the necessary theme features that your non-profit website could possibly need. It is very easy to set up, very flexible and not a pain to maintain. This theme is a great solution for any nonprofit, charity, NGO, church or any group who wants to get their message out. This theme is designed with with professional level accessibility and performance using the Foundation framework by the smart folks at Zurb. People could visit your website using any devices such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones because it is fully responsive and streams smoothly on any modern mobile platform. Moreover, this theme is unbranded so you can create a unique website in no time. Heartfelt WordPress theme includes unlimited color and font options for your website. Every custom pages of this theme is also fully widgitized to help you set up your pages without much effort.

The overall appearance of your theme can also be altered in an instant through the theme options offered by the Theme Customizer, which allows you to have a live preview of the change you have made in your theme. The popular and premium Slider Revolution plugin comes packaged into the theme to help you make unlimited sliders to your website. This slider creator comes with a drag ‘n drop functionality and unlimited animation effects that will make your slideshow capture the interest and sympathy of many people.

Heartfelt is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin, a popular eCommerce plugin that allows you to set up and manage your own online store into your website. This shopping cart system could help you raise funds for your cause or charity group. It also supports bbPress plugin so you can set up an active forum your supporters, donors and new visitors to your website. It also includes an Events Calendar System to organize and push your causes forward. It also includes a donation system that allows you to collect more funds to support your cause.


philanthropy WordPress charity theme

Making a difference in this world is not a simple undertaking. It takes a lot of effort and a good online presence. If you aim to build a website for your professional looking for your non-profit organization, you should use Philanthropy WordPress theme. Philanthropy striking and well-designed nonprofit and crowdfunding premium WordPress theme created by ThemeFuse. This theme has all the features and customization options you need in building a website for your non-profit organization or charity. This theme could help you inform people about your advocacy and get support and funding for your cause.

Philanthropy’s backbone is based on the Fuse Framework, which is very easy to use and comes with heaps of settings and features that control the look and feel of the entire theme. This theme is totally responsive and resizes its layout smoothly on different kind of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and iPhone to provide visitors a great viewing experience. It is pixel perfect and looks razor-sharp on modern devices with high screen resolution because it is fully optimized for retina ready displays. This theme also includes several page layouts that make building pages for your website a child’s play. You can use these page templates for creating ‘About page’, ‘current Projects’, ‘Donate page’ and ‘Contact page’ of your organization. It comes packed with dazzling custom sliders that you can use for displaying moving photos that will encourage more people to join your cause or support your group.

The theme has a built in Events Calendar that keep all your supporters and followers updated with all your upcoming events and activities. It includes amazing shortcodes that lets you do ingenious things with very little effort. What’s more? Philanthropy has unlimited color options, Google fonts integration, mega menu to improve site navigation, unlimited sidebars, translation ready and a powerful contact form module.


rise non-profit organization theme

Rise is a fresh, clean and trendy website template suitable for non-profit organizations and charity. This theme is apt for organizations looking for a minimalistic and professional WordPress theme. Rise is WordPress 4+ ready, built based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.1. It is well-written using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help your non-profit website keep up with the latest trends in website design. This theme is extremely responsive and works flawlessly on any kind of devices such as desktop, tablets and other handheld devices with internet support. It also looks razor-sharp and clear on devices with high screen resolution because every area of this theme is retina ready.

Rise is complemented with great features that you can use for customizing your theme. Rise comes available in full and boxed version. It includes FontAwesome Icons and tons of color and font options that you can use for styling and improving the readability of your website. This theme comes with a premium Revolution Slider plugin to help you create smart and responsive sliders with amazing effects and animations that will instantly catch the attention of anyone who visits website. Aside from the massive sliders in the homepage, visitors will quickly notice the eye-catching donation collection platform. Rise is powered by Visual Composer, a simple drag and drop page builder that enables you to create unlimited pages right away. It also includes a very powerful admin panel, which enables you to easily edit basic elements of your website such as the color scheme, background image, header and all that.

This theme is also widget ready and comes loaded with powerful shortcodes that are really helpful in theme customization. Rise WordPress theme has an awesome social media integration encourage users to follow your social media profiles and share your causes, events and programs to different social networking platforms. Lastly, this theme is built with best SEO practices in mind to ensure that your website will get more traffic and perform well on search engines.


lambda - one page charity theme

Lambda is a simple and impressive website template apt for building any kinds of charity and non-profit websites. This theme is very quick to install, thanks to its One Click Installer. This theme is WordPress 4+ ready and built based on the most up-to-date version of Bootstrap framework. This theme comes with fully responsive layout that runs smoothly on any types of devices. It includes unlimited color options, fully integrated with responsive typography, Google Fonts and TypeKit support and built-in Font Awesome Icons. It skin editor and user-friendly site customizer that you can use for styling your website.

Lamda theme supports WP Bakery Visual Composer, a drag and drop front-end and backend page builder plugin for WordPress that makes building page layout really fun and easy. This theme also includes Revolution Slider, which allows you to create fully responsive slider with fantastic transitions and effects. Furthermore, this website template is fully packed with Isotope gallery plugin that lets you create magnificently animated galleries with a modern look and flawless animations. This theme has blog option with awesome post format support. It includes custom post type for your business content such as staff, services and testimonials.


awaken charity wordpress theme

Awaken is a clean and elegant theme built to provide a functional and feature-packed website template for charity, NGOs, churches and non-profit organizations. With its powerful theme features and options, you can turn this theme into a visually appealing and engaging website. It gives you the freedom to give your website a personal touch with just few clicks. Awakes comes with 10 different homepages to suit your organization’s needs. Each homepage are uniquely designed and sets the overall look and feel of your website. It offers unlimited color and font options to give your website a sense of character and efficiently convey the message that you want to send to your target audience. This theme is also bundled with Revolution Slider plugin to help you instantly craft attractive and responsive sliders with astonishing effects and animations. This theme comes with a Drag & Drop page builder, an all in one solution for building unlimited layout pages in a flash. Simply select, drag and drop the theme elements to your desired pages. If you plan to get your website localized, don’t because this theme is fully integrated with WPML plugin to help you translate your website to your chosen language.

This eye-catching theme also includes features to cater the special needs of most non-profit organization like raising funds, encouraging people and promoting their causes. This theme enables you to create causes and inform people about your advocacy. Awaken WordPress theme allows you to update and manage you causes without touching a single line of code. It also includes an Events Management feature that lets you post and manage your organization’s events and details on how your followers or supporters could help you make it a success. If you are selling products online or requesting for donation, this website template is fully integrated with PayPal system to help you safely receive online payments and donations. It also comes with user registration that enables people to set their own campaign in your website. As far as accessibility and usability is concern, Awaken ensures that your website will be viewed on different types of devices from desktops to handheld devices. This theme also stream faultlessly on all major web browsers.


heal non-profit wordpress template

Heal is a unique and modern non-profit WordPress them designed to help you create an attention-grabbing website that will promote your events, causes and public awareness campaign to the public. This theme for non-profit websites comes with a very fluid and solid framework, which is built based on Bootstrap 3.1.1. It is carefully handcrafted using valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help you keep pace with the latest trends in website design. It is completely responsive and resizes sleekly on tablet, mobiles or desktops to give your visitors an incredible user experience each time they visit your website.

This one page parallax theme allows you to build a beautiful and well-organized website for your organization. It comes available with 2 homepage layout, the angular and plain version. This theme allows you to edit the font-color, section, angular, menu color and other areas of the theme through the color picker. It also includes a selection of font options to help you clearly communicate your cause. This theme also comes with an amazing parallax scrolling effect that provides a brilliant scrolling experience your visitors will definitely love. It also enables you to build unlimited parallax slider showing images representing your cause or campaign. The parallax slider will help you get more support from your community or even across the globe. With the CSS3 effect, Isotope gallery, Owl Carousel and Pretty photo gallery with effects you are able to display interesting photos in your website that will persuade people to support your cause or send donations.

This theme also has a very intuitive admin panel that will absolutely take your theme to the next level and let you take a full control of your website design. It has custom post type for services, teams, galleries, causes and events. You can use its event section for promoting any kind of donation or fundraising events for your organization or charity. If you are offering products and services as a way of raising funds for your charity or non-profit organization, Heal WordPress theme includes professional and flat pricing table for better and clearer presentation. This theme also comes with a built in PayPal donation system which allows you to accept payments or donations online. Getting online presence and ranking at first page of major search engines is not a problem with this theme since it is well-coded and fully optimized for SEO.


kedavra - charity wp theme

KKedavra is a unique, thorough, all-encompassing WordPress multipurpose theme, best suited for use in websites devoted to presenting creative, beautiful content to a mass audience of general viewers and potential customers. Kedavra is intuitive, easy to set up and easier still to customize in detail to suit the most diverse business, professional or personal needs.

Kedavra’s very own SiteOrigin theme page builder will enable you to quickly turn Kedavra’s gorgeous, carefully designed demos into the most personalized, branded website you can make. Beautiful graphic effects permeate Kedavra’s websites and layouts, powered by HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities. Boot Strap 3 coding permits Kedavra to responsively present your website, arranged to perfection regardless of the device, screen size or aspect ratio it is viewed on, ensuring you reach the widest market possible Search engine optimization puts your website out there in the world, presenting your content to search engine algorithms in a manner that ensures it is parsed and processed optimally, so you show up every time and everywhere you’re relevant. Increased traffic means increased revenue, but also increased server load. That’s why you’ll be thankful for Kedavra’s efficient, stark coding, which loads faster and handles better than the competition, on all bandwidths. Kedavra is the theme that doesn’t make you do anything, it lets you do everything!


gaea charity wordpress theme

Gaea is a clean and modern WordPress theme specially designed for non-profit, environmental and charity websites. Its main framework is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0. This theme is carefully crafted to ensure that your website will stream seamlessly on any computer or mobile devices. All icons and images in this theme look clear and razor-sharp on retina ready and HiDPi displays. You can choose between boxed and wide layout for your website. It comes with 12 prebuilt color schemes & unlimited color options as well as Font Awesome Web-Font icons and Google font support. This theme also offers users multiple blog, gallery and events layout options. It includes Isotope Gallery that lets you create beautifully animated galleries with a modern look and smooth animations. It also has responsive sorting gallery to arrange your images to appear in a precise order.

This theme is packed with Slider Revolution to help you create attention-grabbing slides of images that will persuade people to support your cause and donate to help you raise fund. This theme includes touch/ swipe support for your sliders. This theme also allows you to manage your upcoming events in your website. It includes an event registration form, full width events calendar and a countdown timer. Its mega menu is very helpful in making your website more navigable for your visitors. It is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you set up an online store and sell your products with ease. This theme also allows you to accept payments and donation via Paypal. This theme has awesome social media integration. It allows you to include a latest Twitter feeds widget, post Instagram and Flickr feed updates in your website. This theme includes a working form, Google maps and compatible with all latest browsers. The theme is designed using clean code and built with best SEO practices in mind to help your website acquire more traffic and rank well on search engine.

Eco Nature

eco nature charity shop theme

Eco Nature is a WordPress theme fashioned to help you build a website for non-profit organizations founded to protect the environment, preserve the ecology or save endangered animals. With its fully responsive layout design your website will definitely look striking when viewed on different devices. All the icons and images that you can see in this theme are retina ready and fully optimized to look wonderful on HiDPi displays. This theme allows you to set a custom background for any page and post to give your theme a personal style. This theme includes a drag & drop content composer and editor to help you easily add, customized and rearrange various elements in your website. It comes with two of the best slider plugins in the planet, the Layer Slider & Revolution Slider. Both of these premium slider creators allow you to produce powerful and responsive slides for your website.

Eco Nature offers several portfolio and blog layouts to help you present your content to your target audience in presentable and compelling way. It comes with a cool mega menu plugin that enables you to craft smart dropdown menus that will certainly boost user engagement in your website and enhance user experience. Eco Nature includes an intuitive admin panel where you can effortlessly alter basic elements of your website such as the color scheme, background image and header to help you build a fantastic online presence for your non-profit organization with environment-related cause. Other great features integrated in this theme are its built-in PayPal and WooCommerce support, which are really helpful in accepting financial support and accumulating funds through income generation projects.

This theme is a great choice for setting up a non-profit website because it is developed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help you keep up with the latest web standards. It is also created to go well with all major browsers. With Eco Nature, you are able to build a non-profit website without touching a single line of code.



Not satisfied with your current online presence? Do you want to take your website’s notoriety to the next level? Then, Advocator is the right WordPress theme if you want to reach a wider audience. It’s light, modest and responsive design let your audience to focus on your cause. Create a website with Advocator to make an impact to the society. Advocator was built with professional level accessibility and performance in mind. Since it is clean and responsive, this theme let you engage with your audience on mobile devices with no trouble. In the case of a developer, you can customize your website really fast and efficiently.

Charity Hub


Charity Hub is a sensible choice for non-profit or charity institutions that are aiming to promote their advocacy on the web while raising funds at the same time. It has a donation system via PayPal that collects donations systematically. The “Cause Post Type With Donation Status” shows how much the charity’s raised to date. Its page builder setting shortcut button helps you set up pages where you can inform your target audience about your cause and how they can help you raise fund to support your group. Charity Hub also comes with loads of amazing features such superior column/row management, customizable skin for each parallax/color section, WooCommerce friendly and many more. These functional features help non-profit organizations make a professional website that represents their organizations cause. This theme also looks and functions perfectly across major phones and tablets.

Lifeline NGO


If you are searching for a responsive, highly flexible and smartly designed WordPress theme for your charity or non-profit organization — Lifeline is what you are looking for. One of the highlights of this theme is its most advanced page builder that allows developers set up any kind of lay out design. A lot of developers deemed it as ‘the best solution for Charity and Non-Profit organizations since it provides the ideal structures and built in elements for a charity website. Lifeline is WooCommerce ready that helps you add an online store to the website where you can sell some products as a fundraising activity. It also has a donation system that collects online donations through PayPal. This theme also comes with countless advanced features and functions that make content management uncomplicated. It has a free visual composer that can facilitate informative photo stream. Engaging photos and images can showcase your organization’s good work. It is also well optimized for SEO to ensure that you get organic search traffic.

4 Children With Love


The clean and responsive design of 4 Children With Love makes it a brilliant choice for your non-profit website. Its sophisticated design could help developers create a design that sends a straightforward message to its audience. 4 Children With Love has a WordPress Theme Customizer that offers a handy option panel. This simple tool allows site owners to adjust the theme’s settings according to their preferences. Though “4 Children with Love” is designed with children in mind, this theme can also be used for other charity or non-profit organization. This theme implements WordPress feature called “Post Formats” that allows a website admin to utilize various post formats such as image, gallery, video, aside, link or quotes. Its responsive design allows your website to perform efficiently on different Browsers, Smartphones and other mobile devices.


deeds - clean church WordPress theme

Deeds WordPress theme is a low key and modern theme designed for church, religious propagation, nonprofit organization, event management, donation and fundraising websites. This theme is well-coded and packed with cutting-edge features. Deeds is 100% responsive and adjusts smoothly on any device with any screen size, ranging from an extra large LCD to a mini handset display. You can use their 8 pre-built layout pages to build an amazing church or any non-profit website. Aside from the 5 pre-defined color schemes included in the theme, Deeds WP theme allows you to pick the color scheme of your own taste with a single click via the Color Picker. There are 8 header styles included in this theme, each with its own feature, color patterns, look and appeal. Full range of Font Awesome icons are integrated in this theme for added functionality, while contributing to its overall charm.

Deeds is fully integrated with Visual composer, a popular front-end and back-end page builder in the market. With this premium page builder, you can build countless layout pages with tons of very useful elements in a few seconds! It also includes 2 of the most popular slides creator, the Revolution Slider and the Layer Slider. Revolution Slider allows you to impressively present you products in well-designed slides. On the other hand, Layer Slider comes so handy if you want to create multilayered slides with awesome transition effects in a little time. This theme also allows you to display video and image galleries. It comes with custom post types for News Management, Event Management, Sermon Management, Ministry Management, Request a Prayer, Submit a Prayer, Priest and Team Management, Prayer Management System, Recurring Donation System and other church related features. Deeds also includes unlimited sidebars, working contact form, WooCommerce support, compatible with bbPress plugin and translation ready.



Who said that Charity WP Theme has to be bland and drab? GiveAHand is a creative WordPress Theme for zealous organizations with a noble cause. You can play with some web design elements using its Perfect jQuery and CSS3 animation. It has the perfect features that can help you raising funds and spreading awareness efficiently. Its PayPal donation functionality and WooCommerce support makes it possible for a group to raise sufficient money to fund their mission. GiveAHand also includes other interactive features like parallax slider, it is built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, an optional YouTube video background and plenty of widgets and shortcodes.



Charity+ is a good pick for charity / non-profit organization. It is an exquisite theme that offers considerable functionalities like events, causes, gallery and latest news. Charity+ is integrated with numerous tools for boosting productivity and functionality, which includes a video plugin, advertising manager, heaps of awesome widgets and shortcodes and the PSD files. Its developers made sure that the theme will be easy to use and manage.

Be Human


Be Human is a non-profit theme for WordPress built to accommodate the distinct needs of charity and non-profit organizations. Organizations do not only need online exposure to inform people about their cause but they also have to raise money to make their mission successful. Be human can provide non-profit organizations a professional online presence. Be Human is a retina-ready, responsive WordPress theme featuring tools like IgnitionDeck to support crowdfunding. It also has full design integration for WooCommerce that allows you to sell stuff for a cause. What is more? You also get a Facebook Fan Page design as part of the package. The theme also covers Events Calendar & Management, Multilingual support, 3D Layer Slider and Facebook fan page compatibility.

30+ Best Hotel, Apartment, Room, Vacation Home & Travel Booking WordPress Themes 2016

Hotel Booking WordPress Themes

Nowadays, print ads are not enough to promote your hotel to prospective guests or visitors. Remember that most people these days are searching for new travel destinations and hotel accommodation online. Thus, hoteliers should not ignore the importance of using a hotel website in attracting guests. A website can certainly help you promote your business and let your potential guests take a glimpse of the amenities and services that you offer. Make sure that your website is not only eye-catching but it should be functional as well. If you want to build a professional website for your hotel with no trouble at all, you might consider getting a premium WordPress theme. These hotel WordPress themes are designed to help you show the beauty of your location, showcase your rooms, present the facilities and features of your hotel and offer an easy method to book a room.



KALLYAS is a sleek and streamlined, business friendly and easy to use, modern and tech-savvy, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. KALLYAS has been equipped with a broad set of powerhouse tools in order to empower webmasters from all fields and industries to furnish themselves with professional quality websites filled with resourceful functionality without ever having to look at a line of code.

With KALLYAS, a slew of predesigned demo websites, homepage demos and template pages are readily provided for you to customize at your leisure with the integrated, plugin-free Visual Builder page editor, with over 100 custom elements. Freely build your ideal website with KALLYAS, in a matter of minutes. Travel and hotel booking websites will find in KALLYAS a sound ally and a pliable solution to all their concerns, with helpful templates provided, a seamlessly integrated commercial platform in the form of WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite, customizable dynamic Forms and a custom adapted and styled presentation of the MailChimp subscription newsletter email platform to keep your clients and customers readily within reach make KALLYAS well prepared to handle hotel and travel booking. Pricing tables, stunning portfolio styles, multiple gallery and blog presentations and far more choices under the hood round off this solid, resourceful theme.



Bellevue is an innovative Hotel and Bed and Breakfast theme for WordPress sites. Its layout is very simplified, and it allows for instant booking. This is a very well-designed product, capable of attracting many users to your page. Bed and Breakfast site owners can rejoice, knowing that such a theme exists.

Of course, many Bellevue features are niche-specific. For example, you are able to display schedules with availability calendars. Signup is made easier by the pre-made forms, and payment can be processed via buy pages. Nifty online stores can be easily created, thanks to the inclusion of WooCommerce. This is one of WordPress’s most innovative and prolific plugins, as thousands of sites have chosen to use it. Bellevue has 5 gorgeous stylized logos, and 50 Layered Photoshop files.

If you do not have the time to start from scratch, you can easily install one of the pre-made demos. There are 7 in total: Hotel, Urban Guest House, Chalet, Beach House, Countryside, One Page, and Lake House. These fully functional layouts can provide the basis for future customization. Site administrators can easily personalize the site’s color scheme, header transparency, widgets and sidebars. A versatile Page Builder tool was also added. For more information, be sure to check out the live theme preview.


restinn hotel booking WordPress theme

Restinn is a versatile hotel-booking theme well suited for single branch hotel as well as multi-branch international hotel chain. This theme has everything you would expect from premium WordPress theme that will help you to build awesome hotel, restaurant or other related websites. Restinn theme comes with professional booking system that will help you to automate your most important aspect of your business. The theme features both one page and multi-page setup and new elements on these pages can be added via powerful drag & drop page builder which is included with theme. Other two prominent features include free Premium Plugins (Worth $45) and lifetime support. If you are not sure if Restinn is the right theme for you make sure to check its three demos to get an idea what this theme is capable of.


leisure - hotel and resort booking theme

Probably one of the best Resort, Hotel and Spa WordPress themes, Leisure is streamlined to perfection. It is the ideal selection for any website that aims to promote relaxation and restful leisure activities. Be it tennis or soccer centers, golf clubs, holiday and ski resorts, spas and leisure pools, this WordPress theme can show off your great activities. If it is installed, Leisure will make sure that your website will be able to feature multi-level menus, astounding images, and plenty of footer variations. The higher the resolution of the display, the better this theme will look.

It is constructed on the acclaimed Leisure Template that has taken Themeforest by storm. It is from the company that managed to create the highest selling racing and fishing theme. In addition, they also produced the top 10 highest selling miscellaneous themes, and the best horse theme of all time. Leisure is an innovator, as it is WordPress’s first Leisure-Purpose theme. It was designed to aid users in constructing visually appealing websites, with minimal time commitment requirements. The aesthetic design of your page will make you stand out, basically guaranteeing that visitors will return for more.

All current themes struggle towards a homogenous environment, where multiple platforms meet. Leisure has no issue with displaying content on multiple browsers and devices, facilitating brand awareness and expansion. With this theme, you will be able to create intricate WordPress forms, within a few moments. There are no codes required, all you need to do is use the Drag and Drop Interface.



TheGem is a clean and fresh-faced, colorful and innovative, versatile and professional, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose high performance website theme. TheGem is a flexible framework for the speedy development of feature-rich websites across a number of businesses and industries, requiring absolutely no experience or background in coding in order to deliver professional quality websites in a matter of minutes. Built for high performance and a high-end audience, each of TheGem’s numerous page templates and full-fledged creative conceptual website demos provides you with a unique and purposeful layout, a carefully styled visual and graphical environment for your audience and a sophisticated attention to detail that makes every page and website pixel perfect through and through.

With over a hundred different creative templates to work with, that’s no small feat, and with the built in Visual Composer and two premium slider plugins, customization is the order of the day with TheGem. Hotels of all scales and sizes prefer TheGem because its readily available hotel creative templates are packed with functionality and easily branded and customized to set themselves apart while establish both an online presence and a functional medium for offering their services, powered by the WooCommerce plugin suite. Try TheGem now!

Hotel Theme

gorgeous WordPress hotel theme

Hotels is a modern and beautiful WordPress theme developed by Template Monster for for hotels, motels, resorts and other kinds of businesses that needs an automated booking system. A lot of people use this theme because of its sleek and beautiful layout that adjusts smoothly on any types of devices. This hotel and reservation WordPress theme is very easy to use install and use. It is fully equipped with tools that you need for styling a theme. Hotels is trouble-free to tweak and personalize to match your brand, thanks to its very intuitive admin panel that is powered by Cherry Framework. You can modify the look and feel this theme by changing the color and font settings.

Theme comes with an enormous and fully responsive slider where you can feature images of your hotel or brand. It has a built-in photo gallery that you can use for displaying images of your hotel, rooms and other amenities they could enjoy in your place. This theme also features custom post types for Our Team, Portfolio, Services and Rates, Testimonials and other pages that you will need in promoting your hotel accommodation business. It has custom widgets that you can use for integrating efficient comments system, social sharing and many more. It has theme customizer that offers you a live preview of the changes that you make for your theme. This theme is built using clean code and skillfully optimized for SEO purposes to ensure that you get a significant surge of web traffic.


lambda - hotel booking theme

This is a classy, well designed and user friendly WordPress hotel booking theme. Lambda is without a doubt, the ideal choice for those that wish to have a professional hotel website. It has so many options, that it barely feels like one theme. The developers have added some useful demos on the theme website. They cost nothing, and customers can sample the content before deciding to buy anything. Each demo presents a unique style, and seems to focus on a specific niche. The One Click Demo Installer does what its name suggests: it requires only one click to initiate the otherwise complicated installation process.

There are over 100 awesome Bootstrap options. This means that almost all elements on your website can be changed, tweaked or altered. With so many variables in play, no two sites will be alike. Building interesting pages has been simplified, thanks to the Visual Composer Plugin. Lambda is a very accessible product, as each feature seems designed to maximize customer convenience and comfort.

If you do decide to buy this theme, you will automatically receive a lifetime of free support. If any issue emerges, do not hesitate to contact the support team for advice. The theme download incorporates the impressive Revolution Slider, allowing for the creation of awesome slides. Slides are very efficient methods of displaying content for the user, highlighting important images. Lambda is made to adapt to any device, assuring that it looks cool on both desktop and mobile screens. You may also influence the navigation on your site, thanks to the 6 distinct header options.



For your Hotel website,Calluna is an ideal choice. This modern WordPress theme exceeds all expectations. Its design is charming and welcoming, and the layout is completely responsive. Indeed, your posts and offers can be viewed on the screens of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.Calluna will also work with most major web browsers. Site owners will benefit from a Booking Overview Function. This useful feature allows you to verify all of the reservations that were made on your site. You can also view their corresponding calendar date.Calluna has 2 main layout variations: Wide and Boxed. You can always change the setting at will, by accessing the Admin Panel.

This theme has integrated an exemplary email notification system. You can expect to be notified with every new reservation that is made. Also, it is possible to sort rooms by category in order to facilitate the customer’s browsing experience. Depending on where your venue operates, you can alter the main currency of your page via the theme options. Calluna is WPML-ready, and it can be translated in multiple languages. The administration panel is very powerful, yet it remains user friendly and accessible. You do not have to be an expert web developer, in order to operate your site.



Hillter is a modern and attractive theme for WordPress websites. It can be used for a variety of roles, but its main purpose is to improve hotel, villa, or resort websites. There are many useful features, and each feature can improve your site from a practical and aesthetic standpoint. As the site owner, do not hesitate to take advantage of this theme’s beautiful gallery features. You can showcase videos and pictures of your hotel in order to impress potential patrons. Hillter also has a beautiful header with several built-in sliders in the banner area.

Of course, Hillter comes equipped with a booking form that allows clients to reserve their rooms. This is made possible by the AweBooking plugin. The theme also incorporates the revolutionary Visual Composer plugin. You will be able to craft a page that perfectly matches your imagination. Just like galleries, sliders can display gorgeous videos and pictures of your building. With the Revolution Slider plugin, site owners can enjoy animation effects, video embedding, image pre-loading, and auto-play functions. Hillter is optimized for search engines, and it increases your chances of getting noticed. SEO-readiness makes it easier for any site to climb those hyper-competitive search rankings. It should also be mentioned that this theme is WPML-ready and fully translatable.

Hotel Master


Hotel Master is an excellent WordPress theme for hotel and hostel websites. It allows customers to check out your offers by browsing available rooms, before reservations are made. This product has numerous niche-specific features, and each feature maximizes convenience and accessibility. The layout will adapt to any screen, as it is fully responsive. You will not have to worry about resizing errors. Also, Hotel Master is cross-browser compatible. As the site owner, you can choose between 2 main theme variations: dark and light. Regardless of your choice, the page will look incredible.

It is obvious that countless hours went into the development of Hotel Master. Even while booking a certain room, you are able to change your mind by searching for other criteria. No refresh is needed, given the site’s Ajax feature. There is a coupon setting, and you will be able to determine the coupon expiration date, coupon amount, coupon code, and the percentage of discounts. Basically, every element will be under your control. With the latest update, this theme also supports hostel features. Booking will be done by bed, and not by room. If you want to sample any of Hotel Master’s features, be sure to access the theme demo.



Starhotel is a high-quality WordPress theme that promises to improve your hotel website and expand its capabilities. It has incorporated a series of niche-specific features, and a solid design that it sure to attract many customers. Starhotel has a reservation form that allows clients to book their rooms in advance. The theme is accessible to all customers, even those who lack programming experience. From start to finish, even a child can create a successful site. Page customization is facilitated by drag and drop technology. Organizing elements is very simple, as you only need to drag them across the screen. The layout is responsive, and it can be showcased on any screen.

As the site owner, you are able to setup incredible slides that showcase your fine hotel. This is made possible by the popular Revolution Slider plugin, which was added for free. Starhotel is WPML-ready, and it can be translated into any language. Your foreign clients will certainly appreciate the extra effort. It should also be mentioned that this theme has Starhotel alert messages, Starhotel buttons, address cards, box icons, lined headings and testimonials. You can even incorporate Google Maps on your page, helping patrons to locate your venue. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.



Flawleshotel is a WordPress theme for those who appreciate quality. Its layout is cozy and charming, designed to attract a large number of potential patrons. Flawleshotel can be used for any hotel, spa, or resort website. It can be the greatest ally of those who work in the hospitality industry. This theme has a system for facility or room management, and built-in accommodation display pages. In addition, it is possible for clients to reserve their rooms via WooCommerce. This plugin can also enable the creation of an online store. Selling souvenirs and memorabilia can be a very profitable venture.

Of course, site visitors will want to see pictures of your facilities. Thankfully, Flawleshotel has incorporated the Slider Revolution plugin. With this feature, it is possible to design some awesome slides which showcase high-resolution pictures. In addition, there are stunning animations and transition effects. Thanks to Flawleshotel, your customers will be able to reserve their rooms from their phones. The layout is entirely responsive, and it can be displayed on smartphones and tablets. Cross-browser compatibility is also guaranteed. For a more pleasant site customization experience, you can always choose to implement demo content. Thanks to the One Click Demo Installer, the process can be finalized in a matter of moments.

Mykonos Resort


Managing a hotel is hard, and it is even harder to administer a website at the same time. Thankfully, WordPress themes such as Mykonos Resort can offer to lighten that load. This product can enhance every aspect of your hotel or resort page, and it is extremely user-friendly. Mykonos Resort is not satisfied with resting on its laurels. After you install it on your site, you can expect future updates for this theme. With every update, errors will be fixed and new features will be added. In addition, your pages will benefit from a special widget system that makes it easy for users to create a limitless number of drag and drop homepage variations.

More than 5000 customers have chosen to purchase Mykonos Resort, and their collective feedback continues to improve the theme. Of course, your hotel website will include a fully-functional booking request form. Processing reservations is made easier by this technology. In total, your pages will include 7 content types, and multiple widget variations. For novice users, a detailed and well-written documentation source was made available. It is very helpful, given that it contains info regarding all features. Should you prefer a more hands-on demonstration, be sure to access the live preview.

Soho Hotel

soho hote WP theme

Soho Hotel is a simple yet attractive hotel theme for WordPress which provides the most practical features to manage an accommodation website with ease. This theme is specifically designed for hotels and travel business. It is overflowing with advanced features and fully customizable booking form. It has a PayPal payment system, accurate room availability checker, 5 homepage styles, 4 colour schemes, custom widget for testimonials and many more.

Anchor Inn

anchor inn WordPress theme

Check out this hotel WordPress theme and give your business a major boost! Anchor Inn is well-known for its elegant design and flexibility. This theme is equipped with the most functional features that make up a professional hotel and resort website. It does not only display a stunning appearance, but it is also absolutely responsive to any kind of devices. Anchor inn is retina ready and provides infinite color variations. You can select a color palette of your choice with its customizable theme options. Other fundamental elements of the website such as typography, background images, logo and other features can be tweaked without dealing with a single line of code. With Anchor Inn’s user-friendly booking system and vibrant design, you will definitely boost your reputation and profits, too.

HotelEngine Classy

hotelengine classy fullscreen theme

HotelEngine is a sassy theme for hotels. It boasts its sleek yet responsive design perfect for room rental and reservation theme. It comes with the nicest features like built in booking form, full-screen hero image on the home page to showcase your business and other theme customization options. Its built-in slider plugin allows you to create engaging presentation of your home pages, posts and of course your homepage. It also features a drag and drop page builder to help you create your preferred layout design. HotelEngine Classy theme has organized and modern designs that are mobile friendly.


avada - hotel booking wordpress theme

Avada is a fresh faced, aesthetically minimalist, clean and fast loading WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, suited for the needs of a multitude of business, corporate and personal needs and interests, but particularly well suited for the needs of hotels, motels, resorts and spas of all kinds, offering unique solutions for websites that need to offer clients information, visual content and a general atmosphere that is relaxing, inviting and generally congruous with the image hospitality related businesses aspire to project.

Avada offers an intuitive, easy page building plugin that will have you churning out customized pages within minutes, entirely personalized and branded with endless design choices. The templates included will assist in making an elegant, sober looking website that is both clean and cozy to every visitor. A smoothly animated menu lets users navigate your website easily, with multiple header, sidebar and footer options and widgets available for any additional needs. Scalable and responsive, Avada looks just as neat on a small phone as it does on a big screen TV. CSS3 and HTML5 technologies provide delightful, subtle animations, hovering effects and interactivity on a whole other level. Avada is Retina ready and packed full of icon fonts and custom icons, social media integration, pricing guide templates and widgets, and many more tools to empower your hospitality industry website to unforeseen limits.

Villa Rental

villa rental - luxury WordPress theme

Villa Rental WordPress theme is an ideal solution for rental property owners or managers who wants to make money by renting out vacation homes. This theme well-built to cater the needs of home owners who want to showcase or advertise their home(s) for rent. Each element of this theme is crafted to appear elegant and professional. With its online booking feature, you can now approve or reject any booking requests submitted by visitors. With Villa Rental WordPress theme rental property owners do not have to hire a real estate agent to get their properties rented and generate ROI.

Developing and customizing this theme is very easy because it is completely widgetized. Add, organize and rearrange certain theme elements using the theme’s drag and drop functionality to achieve the look that you want for your website. You can also customize the booking form, include the fields that you want in the front-end of the booking form. The theme also allows you to conveniently add other services in your website and enter different prices and “minimum stay” values for different dates of the year. With its WPML support, you are able to create a multilingual website where visitors can change the default language of their preference. Villa Rental comes with extensive booking calendar that allows visitors to see which dates are taken and which are available. The included coupon module enables you to offer discounts on your regular booking rates. Lastly, you can start a blog in your website with this theme and add new posts about your rental home or industry.



If your goal is to create an impressive Hotel Website, be sure to check out Splendor. This modern and well-designed WordPress theme has many niche-specific features, and a stunning layout that refuses to be mediocre. Splendor has incorporated an online map into its home page. The benefits are obvious, given that clients will have an easier time when trying to reach their destination. In addition, the map will be searchable.

Stylish sliders can greatly improve your page’s aesthetic appeal. They can easily showcase gorgeous hotel images, along with personalized listings. If your hotel site promotes multiple establishments, a distinct banner can be added for each city. This helps users to differentiate between different locations, and brings a certain amount of charm to the page. A category page is available, and it has 3 unique layout variations: map view, list view and grid view. It is possible to toggle between them at any time.

Site owners can introduce personalized fields for registration and profile pages. Thanks to the owner’s dashboard, it is possible to upgrade, edit or delete any submission. Of course, your hotel site will incorporate an advanced search function with customizable criteria. It should also be mentioned that the theme layout is completely responsive, capable of showcasing all posts on hand-held device screens.


behotel multipurpose theme

BeTheme is the next big thing in hotel WordPress Theme! It looks beautiful and classic perfect for any kind of website. It comes with clean code and handy user control panel. It offers over 200 short codes and drag and drop page builder for easy customization. It comes with a fantastic Revolution Slider, WooCommerce plugin support and built-in translator for multilingual websites. Moreover, BeTheme also has a fully responsive and retina-ready design that makes your website accessible to any kind of modern devices.


hotelmotel multipurpose theme

Captivate your prospective guests with HotelMotel’s stylish and chic design. This WordPress theme offers a flat design perfect for hotels, motels, resorts and other kinds of businesses that require an automated booking system. It is fully responsive and designed to work flawlessly on any mobile device. It includes powerful shortcode system and other functional options that allow you to adjust your website according to your business needs.

Nice Hotel

nice hotel wordpress theme

Nice Hotel theme exudes elegance and luxury. This fabulous WordPress theme is built for hotels, resorts, villas and other types of accommodation. It offers cool image sliders, automated booking system and event management dashboard and useful accommodation management tools. It has a fully customizable design that allows you to create a unique website without writing complicated codes. What’s more? Nice Hotel theme is translation and multi-lingual ready to take your business globally.

Paradise Cove WordPress Hotel Theme

paradise cove hotel booking theme

Paradise Cove displays a modern and eye-catching design suitable for all types of hotels and resorts. This premium WordPress theme has been built with hotels and accommodation websites in mind. It is created with innumerable cool functionalities and lots of customization options that are useful for hotel websites. Its custom homepage flaunts the important information about your hotel, while custom page templates efficiently exhibit your location, rooms, amenities and other services. You can pick from 3 different slider styles. It also includes a reservation module to facilitate room reservations. Other fascinating features include: custom widgets, custom fonts, shortcodes, photo and video galleries, blog section, powerful admin options and more.

Sun Resort


Sun Resort is a WordPress theme aimed at resorts and hotels to showcase a glorious holiday. It is cinematic in effect but intuitional in ease of use. Its flexible layout is so versatile it enables you to quickly and easily set up your website how you want it with a variety of features that can showcase the best of your business. You don’t have to be a tech head to use its layout with ease to create your unique website that works well on computers or mobiles.

Its custom widgets mean you can use it with any software platforms such as social networking sites. It is Search Engine Optimized to help you rank higher in search engine lists. Its multiple colour schemes enable you to make your site just how you want it. It includes a booking form that enables visitors to get in touch and ask questions.

Sun Resort’s professional look coupled with what it enables you to showcase of your destination will wow potential customers. Its limitless domain usage and easy to use options make it ideal for companies who want to present their hotel or resort to the maximum with minimal effort on their part.


royalgold fullscreen wordpress theme

RoyalGold offers a modern and immaculate WordPress theme especially tailored for hotels, resorts and restaurants. This is a versatile WordPress theme with full-scale image slider to boast your travel destination or highlight other aspects of your business. This theme is fully responsive and designed to work suitably on different devices. Developers made sure that it is optimized for high resolution retina displays. It includes a profusion of customization options that will help you create a professional website.

Aegean Resort

aegean classic resort theme

Impress your target customers with the help of Aegean Resort WordPress theme! This theme provides a clean and well-designed layout that is perfect for hotel and restaurant websites. It is jam-packed with incredible features to help you promote a good image on the web. Its full-width background photo slider allows you to display fascinating photos to attract potential customers. Apart from its trendy design, Aegean Resort Theme boast its advanced template and feature options, systematic booking form, useful shortcodes, color customization options, built-in photo galleries and other cutting-edge website tools to make your life easy. Travelers on the go could access your website on any device because of its mobile responsive design.


voyage multipurpose theme

Voyage is a blod and flexible theme best suitable for hotels, travel agencies, portfolios and other small business. It incorporates countless flexible options that give users the freedom to design and manage their website. This hotel WordPress theme comes with 6 different page template for portfolio, contact page and photo galleries. It also offers a booking module and search and filter feature. Make the most of Voyage theme and boost your online presence.

Book Your Travel

book your travel WordPress theme

Book Your Travel WordPress Theme looks clean and modern. Its responsive layout design assures that your website will work efficiently on any device. This theme is designed with SEO in mind to boost your web presence. It includes functional tools that help you create your own booking system without employing skilled developers. Book Your Travel is translation and multi-lingual ready.

SPA Treats

spa treats multipurpose theme

Charm your customers with this fantastic theme! SPA Treats is an elegant and modern premium theme best suitable for spa, salon, health care, hotel, cafe and restaurant websites. It is user-friendly and easy to customize. It incorporates a lot of powerful shortcodes to help you design a stunning layout. It contains tons of functional features that might seem overwhelming for some users, but you have nothing to worry about because they are easy to manage and customize. Other features that can help you personalize your website are: advanced slider options, Google Fonts, translation ready structure and much more.

Viva Hotel

viva hotel WordPress theme

Viva hotel is a simple yet powerful WordPress theme for hotel and travel websites. Since it is not bombarded with unnecessary adornments, it suitably features the highlights of your hotel. Developers did an incredible job with this theme by providing fully responsive layout, listing page builder, retina ready graphics and social network integration. Moreover, it offers custom page templates to showcase your rooms and events, a reservation booking form, sophisticated options panel and other practical tools for a hotel website. Viva hotel’s simplicity will surely help you attract a lot of customers!

HotelEngine Comfy

hotelengine comfy theme preview

Hotel Comfy is a one stop solution for all your rental and room accommodation business’ needs. This theme possesses all the amazing features that any hospitality based site would require. To start with, it has a striking homepage that will make your hotel website standout from the crowd. It built-in slider revolution feature will help you create marvelous homepage slider. In addition, the room posts include all the information guests are looking for such as rates, descriptions and amenities lists. Hotel Engine Comfy also comes with an automated booking form to help your guests in booking and reservations.

Santorini Resort

santorini resort - full screen theme

Santorini Resort theme conveys sophistication and elegance. This WordPress theme is designed to cater the needs of hotel and resort websites. It provides a responsive and retina ready design in order to work properly on all computers, tablets and mobile phones. Some of the other key features of this theme include: dynamic weather reporting, rooms templates, photo galleries, customized widget for attractions, testimonials, progressive options panel, booking inquiries form and option to integrate your favourite booking system and customisation options, 8 colour schemes, shortcodes, HTML5 / CSS3 code and more.

Nation Hotel

nation hotel booking theme

Nation Hotel is a brilliant choice for hotel and other hospitality business websites. This is designed using the newest HTML5 and CSS3 technology makes your website cross browser compatible. Nation Hotel includes all the tools and functionalities that you need to build a well-designed hotel website. This theme includes: built-in reservation system, user-friendly reservation page and Revolution Slider to showcase your hotel and services.

Top 20 WordPress Themes For Local Businesses, Startups And Other Small Enterprises 2016

Local Business WordPress Themes

The free market has led to prosperity, and the proliferation of the business class. Common people have elevated themselves overnight, in a time when rags to riches stories are very common. However, there are also drawbacks. As certain companies become successful and accumulate wealth and influence, monopolies form. They can afford to lower prices, pay for advertising, and develop products at an astonishing rate.

Small business can sometimes find it hard to compete with national and international juggernauts. The internet has somewhat set back that trend, as it provides a level playing field for most establishment. Here, the voices of everyone can be heard, and consumers vote with their wallet. In the digital age, a solid website is not a commodity, it is a necessity.

Quality costs money, even when it comes to web development. Start-ups rarely have enough capital in order to finance impressive websites. WordPress can provide a solution to that problem. For very modest prices, anyone can purchase a quality local business WordPress theme. With these themes, you can benefit from the same responsive features found in high budget multi-platform pages. They allow for a business to be judged on its merit, and mitigate the high cost of presentation and advertising.

Massive Dynamic


Massive Dynamic is a clever and concise, clean and crisp, colorful and crafty, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. Massive Dynamic is a remarkably resourceful website building platform. Much more than a theme, Massive Dynamic packs an entire real-time Live Website Builder under the hood, wherein you can edit layouts, deploy shortcodes and customize all settings within a couple of clicks. Combined with a great variety of convenient and elegant, fully functional template websites, readily imported with a single click right along with their shortcodes, animations, settings and plugins, for a true replica of our demo websites, and you will find yourself customizing your own sophisticated, modern website to suit your branding needs and specifications within minutes of setup.

With extensive WooCommerce functionality built right into gorgeous online shop layout designs, marketing your wares and starting off your online business with Massive Dynamic is a simple, intuitive matter. Massive Dynamic is perfect for businesses of all kinds. With its Go Pricing features, pricing plans have never been easier or speedier to produce and customize to your expectations. Reach a broader audience with extensive SEO enhancements at the code level, and watch the floodgates roll open to new business and clients, with Massive Dynamic!



Just as its name suggests, this theme is made for ambitious entrepreneurs that want to reach the heights of success. The setup process has been simplified, making it very easy to create a successful website. Entrepreneur’s versatility allows you to convert casual followers into loyal customers. This is made possible by the scheduling calendar, conversion form, and booking features. There are a lot of things that you can accomplish with this product. The user-friendly interface and administration panel facilitate daily use. You can use Entrepreneur for physician, hair stylist, personal trainer, coach, contractor, and consultant web pages. In addition, it also goes great with multipurpose websites. Administrators and customers can enjoy a one page smooth scrolling feature, and a multi-page variation.

There is no such thing as overkill, when you are trying to manage a successful service. Entrepreneur’s versatility comes from its vast roster of useful features. After installation, it will include PayPal and WooCommerce support, and it will incorporate form templates in order to facilitate setup. Over 1000 were added, and you get to choose between a boxed or fullwidth layout. Customers will enjoy advanced short codes and an impressive shortcode generator. Entrepreneur theme now comes with premium Booked Appointments plugins and its 3 add ons, Booked Payments, Booked Sync, and Booked Agents. Booked Appointment is by far the most comprehensive booking plugin and Entrepreneur takes full advantage of it.


divi - minimal local food store theme

WordPress is home to a staggering amount of interesting website themes, but none can offer the same standard of quality as Divi. This is the theme that can improve your chances of success, by giving you an almost infinite number of personalization choices. Your site will look just how you envisioned it, because you will be able to control the setup process. After all, brand recognition can be facilitated by a unique and memorable marketing campaign, whose epicenter will be your site. When using other WordPress themes, managing so many options can be hard. However, Divi is extremely user friendly. This eliminates the need to hire a professional web development company, and lessens the burden on your wallet. No coding or technical expertise is required.

Divi has included 18 amazing layouts, and they are all available free of charge. These layouts can be applied, when your busy schedule does not allow you to start from scratch. You can also use them as templates for further change an improvement, altering them as time progresses. Expansion also requires mass appeals, as multilingual sites are much more popular than their single language counterparts. Divi can be translated with ease, able to display your content in several languages.



Hatch is an incredibly useful and extremely convenient, very well developed and professionally graphically designed, visually appealing and enticing, modern and capable, technologically innovative and resourceful, user and developer friendly, highly responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website theme. Hatch is a very professional, polished and purposeful WordPress theme, perfected through labor-intensive development processes over a length of time resulting in a powerful, flexible and feature-rich theme fit for a whole slew of diverse functions and archetypes, structurally designed for speed and ease of use.

Hatch employs the creative and competent Visual Composer page builder, which, along with Essential Grid and Revolution Slider, lets you take care of most tasks required to craft modern websites. Hatch is peculiarly skilled when it comes to handling the needs and requirements of local business websites. Not only does Hatch include all the basic framework necessary for sophisticated e-Commerce functionality, it comes packed with useful and deliberate shortcodes for a variety of business and commerce related applications, such as localized Google Map features for your customers and prospective clients to effortlessly find their way about your place of business hassle-free, without having to write a line of code. Try Hatch now, and start reeling in the big fish!




Consulta is a smart and elegant, fast-loading and intuitive, engaging and professional, highly responsive WordPress finance and business multipurpose website theme. Consulta has been crafted by a dedicated team of professional designers and developers working in conjunction to create the perfect platform for webmasters from all walks of life to furnish themselves with seamless and sober business websites that can attract the right kind of new business very quickly and effectively, while presenting your audience with your professional portfolio, business offerings, staff presentation pages and far more under the hood.

Local businesses in particular love Consulta because it allows them to present themselves in the polished, professional tone of larger or national businesses without requiring any coding knowledge and providing live human customer support whenever they may require it. Consulta’s honed SEO capabilities also make it a valuable asset in dominating your local Google search rankings, a task for which Consulta was created and at which it naturally excels. With the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer premium plugins, packaged with Consulta, you get a fully visual interface that allows you fine-tune every element, layout and page within your website in minutes. What are you waiting for? Get Cinsulta today, and see for yourself!


corporate - simple local business theme

Corporate is an exquisite professional WordPress theme that is perfect for agencies, start-up firms, freelancers and corporations. Basically, any establishment that wishes to expand its online footprint has a lot to gain from Corporate.

You will be able to showcase your portfolio, experience, services, and team members. Owners will control their company’s degree of transparency, forging trustful relationships with their current and future clients. For those who wish to learn more about this product, an informative live demo was included. There is also a nifty documentation source. If you want to save time, yet still access valuable information, you could always watch the interesting narrated video tutorials.

Not all sites support mobile access, and that drawback can damage their potential. Thankfully, Corporate suffers from no such technically-imposed restrictions. It can run on anything that has a screen and an internet connection. After the theme is purchased, the developers will continue to offers quality customer service for 12 months. In addition, during that year all updates will be free. Customization is very user friendly, and it can be achieved through the front-end interface. No coding or tech knowledge is required. This theme is very affordable, and the customer reviews have been very positive.



Unicon is a powerful and modern, expansive and visually limitless, professionally graphically designed and extremely cohesive and coherent, intuitively navigable and experientially pleasant and delightful, technologically nimble and savvy responsive WordPress design driven multipurpose website theme. Unicon is a well developed theme that has been extensively and carefully built up from scratch following a strictly design driven philosophy in order to ensure a resulting theme capable of producing experientially noteworthy websites that are memorable and engaging.

Unicon guarantees to make a dent in every visitor’s memory with their conceptually unique and deeply functional layouts and options, as well as its extensive and powerful page building capabilities that webmasters of any background or skill level can make effective use of. Unicon includes over 50 custom built drag & drop page builder elements for your convenience, with built-in Mega Menus and an advanced Admin Panel with potent Theme Options that can alter your entire website with the flick of a switch. Unicon is easy to install, with a 1 click setup process, and constructed to be good to go out of the box from day one, with full WooCommerce integration and Google Maps location widgets readily available, making Unicon a great theme for local businesses.



Foundry is a beautiful and aesthetically polished, colorful and fresh-faced, highly customizable and superbly functional, very solidly built and high performance, endlessly adaptable and deeply flexible responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Foundry is a wonderfully easy to use and incredibly streamlined and polished theme that has been created for webmasters without any prior coding experience to quickly and seamlessly churn out endless high quality, professional looking, completely functional websites and pages with little effort and in no time at all.

To achieve this, Foundry makes effective deployment of the Visual Composer plugin with a helping of custom page builder elements with tons of customization options and flexibility as well as included LESS CSS3 files to make detailed modification of visual styling and animations an easy and breezy task. Every inch of Foundry has been painstakingly designed with visual cohesiveness and cleanliness in mind, making Foundry a perfect theme for all sorts of website archetypes and applications and a real technological powerhouse, including sophisticated commercial and business options and shortcodes such as Pricing Plans and Location pages, making Foundry a fine fit for local business websites. With limitless color capabilities, advanced Theme Options, over 20 conceptually unique Homepages, over 900 Google Fonts and so much more, Foundry is where the good things happen!



Uncode is a visually stunning and highly aesthetically refined, elegant and graceful, modern and very customizable, cleverly coded and efficiently structured, fast loading and experientially engaging, user friendly and easy to use responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Uncode is a terrific WordPress theme that has been carefully and thoroughly polished to be a clean and crisp all-inclusive website solution for webmasters of any skill level seeking to create professional quality websites full of functionality without having to write a single line of code.

Uncode does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what matters–your actual business. Uncode is decked out with serious and professional layouts and template pages that are resourceful and very developer friendly, so you can effortlessly adapt and adjust Uncode to fit your precise specifications. Every bit of Uncode shares the same Retina ready, pixel perfect graphical design, a professionally composed effort that makes Uncode websites shine like no other and that will bedazzle and amaze your audiences, resulting in higher return rates as well as conversion rates. Uncode is clean and minimal, with plenty of business-friendly demo websites included to help you hit the ground running, making it perfect for a local business with a strong, bold identity. Try Uncode today!



Consulting is a potent and flexible, modern and imaginative, luminously bright and very dynamic and colorful, serious and professional, enticing and attractive, charming and very well structured cleverly coded and very lightweight and fast-loading, technologically seamless and mobile friendly, responsive WordPress business and finance multipurpose website theme. Consulting is an expansively developed and ambitiously diverse website theme, capable of handling a whole slew of entirely different websites, regardless of scale, size, audience or market, but that has been specifically polished and devoted for the purpose of empowering webmasters rookie and seasoned alike to quickly and effortlessly put together their own professional quality business websites in a matter of minutes, without writing a single line of code.

That is because Consulting is based on the amazingly intuitive Visual Composer page builder plugin, and between its simplified drag-and-drop page and layout edition process and the impressive graphical branding power of the real-time WordPress Live Customizer, creating a professional quality business website has never been easier! An advanced Google Maps module management means local business websites will find Consulting a natural fit, with plenty of opportunities to make use of your physical location for creating customized roadmaps, getting directions and so much more under the hood! Try Consulting now!


bodega - organic food store theme

Bodega is a very impressive theme for WordPress. It can enhance any website, and aid your company’s expansion. It has incorporated some innovative features that are sure to impressive customers. This theme has added 30 distinct, unique demos. Each of these demos is tailored towards a specific business, resulting in more niche specialization. After you try them out, you can always pick your favorite features from each, and blend them into one impressive site. The degree of customization is staggering.

Site owners will benefit from amazing SVG animation, which allow you to reanimate the stroke path of your personalized graphics. In the theme’s sliders, you may also design an attractive mask effect. Your whole website can be surrounded by a classy frame, thanks to the Passepartout feature. There are also on scroll animations, new portfolio hovers, and border line animations.

If you want to learn more about the product features and how to implement them, you can consult the extensive online documentation. It is quite expansive and informative. Page construction is easier than you might think, considering the inclusion of the drag and drop page builder. As the name suggests, you can arrange the layout by simply dragging and dropping elements.



Brooklyn is a WordPress theme that is defined by its versatility and attention to detail. Its interface has a simplistic charm that seeks to maximize practicality. This one Page Parallax theme can elevate and improve your site, allowing you to attract plenty of viewers. Brooklyn eliminates the need for cumbersome XML files, and replaces them with a nifty One Click Demo Installer. Staying true to its name, it only requires one click in order to initiate the installation. For more information, you can check out the product’s live preview, which is quite informative.

For both professionals and amateurs, Brooklyn has something to offer. With over 11 thousand happy customers, it must be doing something right. It is basically your first and last theme, as it includes everything that you will even need. If you cannot afford to make a huge time investment, there 13 unique premade demos to import. This content can lay the foundation for further improvement, and give you an idea on how a professional should be organized. Brooklyn facilitates any presentation, allowing you to present your projects in an interesting manner. Creating portfolios is as easy as creating pages, and organizing them requires only a few clicks.



It is hard to believe that Bridge is a single WordPress theme. Given the sheer amount of features that it contains, it feels like a bundle download. Of course, with such an expansive roster, it is equipped to handle anything. In a competitive online market, having the right tools for the job is crucial. Bridge has 100 distinct demos, more than enough to satisfy even the most avid consumer. In addition, you can use these demos if you want a template for a proper web page. Bridge was the best-selling theme in 2014, and it has yet to lose the interest of its loyal customers.

If you want to commercialize merchandise or services, you will need a proper medium. This theme has incorporated the massively popular WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to design a charming, profitable online shop. Bridge includes a detailed and well-written documentation source that can guide you through the installation process, and explain the product’s features. Page creation is ridiculously easy, considering that anyone can design a successful page. The target demographic is not represented by seasoned computer programmers. Bridge is made for regular people. The theme is completely responsive, and it works with most major browsers.


salient - modern local business theme

If you want to create a successful website that is sure to attract many views, Salient is the perfect choice. It is user-friendly, streamlined, and its design is aesthetically pleasing. It incorporates a highly customized version of the Visual Composer tool. It will allow you to design eye-catching pages, using drag and drop capabilities. Just as the name suggests, you only need to drag elements across the screen, and place them where they need to be. There is no advanced programming knowledge required.

When it comes to personalization, you have many tools at your disposal. There is a limitless amount of color and layout options, along with 600 distinct fonts. Each of them can be combined to form unique configurations. With this theme, you are only limited by what you can imagine. Full responsiveness is another major selling point, not just another tacked-on feature. You can rest easy, knowing that your valuable content will look amazing on any type of screen, mobile or otherwise.

Site owners can enjoy the charming Administration Panel. It is very easy to navigate and understand, as you can make major changes with just a few clicks. In addition, Salient has added the Nectar Slider, and plenty of short codes.


avada - coffee shop wordpress themes

Avada is the royalty of WordPress themes. Over 145 thousand people have downloaded this amazing product, making it history’s top selling theme. It has often been described as a Swiss army knife, possessing a tool for any occasion. It gives you complete freedom, and you can create anything you want. It does not have a difficult entry barrier, given that coding knowledge is not a requirement. It has many interesting demos, for those who do not want to start from scratch. With just one click, those demos can be imported to your site.

There are many page options, coupled with a modern Theme Options Panel, giving you the tools that you need. Avada is the perfect mixture between technical advancement and user-friendliness. Many current WordPress theme are responsive, as they can be accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. However, Avada goes one step further. It will allow customers to pick their page’s width, in both wide and boxed formats. The soul of Avada is its Fusion Core plugin, brining many innovative tools such as: visual page builder, Fusion Builder, MegaMenu Fusion slider, and Short Code Generator. This is a premium addition that would normally cost $75, yet it comes free with Avada.


thefox - modern corporate theme

TheFox is a modern, impressive WordPress theme that can fit any purpose. It has many available demos, for those who want to experience its quality first-hand. It is very well documented, with a source that explains everything that you need to know, in detail. If there are any issues, do not hesitate to contact the excellent customer support service. In addition, excellent video tutorials were added, guiding you through the page creation process. Given the amount of explanatory material and support, anyone can successfully use this theme. There is no need to hire third party web developers.

TheFox has over 30 unique home page designs. Variety is not an issue, when you have so much predefined content. It can also help you out, as the home pages can act as templates, if you do not have time to start from scratch. There are over 250 unique design details, assuring that you will be provided with enough personalization options. TheFox has included an amazing Theme Options panel, making it possible for users to personalize every inch of their sites. The entire layout or the color schemes can be changed by just one single click. The same ease of use applies to posts and page sections as well.


stockholm - minimal local business theme

Stockholm is a theme for professionals that care about quality. It comes with an accessible and user friendly admin panel that allows for easy management of your content. There are 20 incredible multi-concept demos, that can save you allot of time and effort. They can also act as starting platforms for further modification and personalization.

Those who purchase Stockholm will get to enjoy free updates, and constant support from a friendly team of representatives. Adopting a high standard for quality and innovation, Stockholm reflects the spirit of Swedish attention to detail. Great fonts seem to be adrift on a sea of immaculate white, resulting in a beautiful website that challenges the imagination. This product is completely responsive, as it can adapt to screens of all sizes, displaying crystal-clear images of your well-written posts.

If you have any questions regarding the theme, an extensive documentation source can be consulted. For online transactions, the amazing WooCommerce plugin can create a safe and reliable medium. It is one of the most prolific plugins on WordPress, with thousands of theme choosing to implement it. Site expansion can often be facilitated by multilingual support, as you can convey your message to more people, and increase your site traffic.


betheme - multipurpose local business theme

This is a theme that you will add to your favorites. It is made with a lot of care and attention to detail. Every user can leave suggestions on the support forum, and the developers have pledged to consider all opinions. Usually, when a theme has over 20 premade layouts, it is considered a lot. BeTheme has over 100, fully functional pre-made layouts, and they can easily be installed with a single click. However, impressive as that may be, this product’s main selling point is its unrelenting commitment towards quality.

Upon installation, users will start with a Base Grid, after which a layout will be chosen. You can choose between boxed, full width, dual sidebar, and left or right sidebar versions. The customization options are plentiful. Users can select 17 personalized header styles. They can also upload their own logo, and alter the font sizes. Even the entire color scheme can be easily changed. Many changes are controlled from the Admin Panel, without the need to touch a single line of code. The interface does all of the heavy lifting, and you just get to make the fun, creative decisions. Every element can be improved and tweaked, as you can customize it as you see fit.


enfold - multipurpose ecommerce theme

Enfold is proud of the fact that it is probably one of the most user-friendly themes on WordPress. You can use it to construct gorgeous web pages, while having fun. It offers many features and variations, heavy optimization, and superior support. Enfold can be the last theme that you ever purchase, because it has everything that you might need. The only limitation is your imagination, considering that if you can picture it, you can build it. The user reception was very positive, as customers were quick to praise the outstanding design and dedication to quality. Pages upon pages of encouraging reviews await those who are willing to read them.

The responsive layout is quick to stretch or scale down in order to adapt to your device’s screen size. If any issues occur, you will be supported by some of the best customer representatives in the business. They are quite helpful and friendly, eager to resolve problems. By accessing your theme’s backend, you can install the well-made theme demos with just a single click. Enfold epitomizes convenience and ease of use. Your content will look amazing on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, because this theme is fully responsive.


x - multipurpose local business theme

X is an extremely impressive WordPress theme. It can enhance any lackluster website, considering the sheer amount of useful features that are available. The design is very aesthetically-pleasing, able to convince even the most cynical customers. In order to be very accessible, X has streamlined and simplified all of its options. This is not a product that was intended for web developers and seasoned programmers. It was meant for all customers. Even those that are not very tech-savvy can create an amazing website. Every customization change can be managed using the theme’s front-end interface.

X is a product that respects your resources, and your time. Screen space is one of the most important aspects of mobile compatibility. Smart phone and tablet users benefit from full compatibility, and there are no resizing issues. In addition, the on-screen menu is well-designed, making the most out of the available space.

You can alter settings with ease, as the process requires only a few click of your mouse. Given this high level of quality and optimization, in addition to a staggering degree of attention to detail, X has earned the appreciation of its customers. Custom WordPress plugins can be integrated, further improving the theme’s technical aspects.


construction company wordpress template

If you own a construction company, and you want to promote it through an amazing website, look no further than Builder. It goes great with architecture, building service, engineering, and cleaning company web pages. In addition, its versatility allows it to fit any small business niche: decoration and painting, maid, refurbishment, maintenance, carpentry and joinery, plastering and rendering, and so on.

Its form reflects its function, given that it includes practice area, opening hours, appoint forms, free consultation, case result and team member page sections. It can be used by customers who are not very tech-savvy. The design is very friendly towards anyone. In order to receive compensation or conduct other online transactions, the prolific WooCommerce plugin was included. Most successful WordPress themes rely on WooCommerce on a daily basis.

Upon purchase, you will benefit from over 1200 amazing Premium icons, for no extra fee. This is an addition that would otherwise cost $39. There are also 23 well scripted and expertly produced video tutorials, explaining everything in detail for new users. Although the customization process may seem daunting, the drag and drop builder will do most of the heavy lifting. There is no coding knowledge required, and your site’s speed will reduce downtime to a minimum.


mama - web developer wordpress theme

Developed by Jewel Theme, MAMA is a clean, minimalist and fully responsive WordPress theme for portfolio, corporate and business web pages. This theme was developed with a practical sense of style, and everything is where it needs to be. If you want to access the theme menu, you only have to click 3 times on the top icon comprised of three lines. You can sample the menu and other amazing features by accessing the theme demo. There, you will find everything that you need to know, regarding this superior product.

For clients that are having issues, a dedicated support team will be standing by. Positive reviewers often declare that this was their best experience with customer support representatives. In terms of customization, it has integrated many Google Fonts, allowing you to personalize and enhance your posts. Touch screen capabilities are enabled, facilitating mobile navigation. Elements of your site will show up in high resolution, given that Mama is entirely Retina Ready. The code is clean and well written. The documentation is expansive, providing tons of useful information. In addition, the layout of MAMA is entirely responsive. A beautiful 3D curtain effect was included, along with a Home Fullscreen Slider.


lighthouse - one page parallax theme

Lighthouse can be an online beacon, attracting customers to your well-designed site. This is a WordPress theme that focuses on quality and consistency. It uses a rather simple one-page format, avoiding unnecessary layout elements that simply burden the interface. The entire theme can be personalized, allowing site owners to craft something that represents their vision. It is great for Restaurant, Personal Portfolio, and Small company web pages. It was constructed using the Bootstrap 1170px grid, and it is completely Retina Ready.

It is very easy to lose the reader’s attention, especially when the text is very bland. Thankfully, this theme has a complete collection of impressive Google Fonts, assuring that you will benefit from excellent customization. With Lighthouse, users from across the globe can enjoy your site, due to the fact it is fully translatable. This is made possible by the inclusion of .po files, and it can expand your customer base, bringing in more revenue. The documentation source contains plenty of valuable information, and you can also subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates regarding your favorite theme. Lighthouse is available in a One Page and Multi Page version, and it incorporates an advanced theme options panel.

20 Best Small Business & Startup WordPress Themes For Any Business Type 2016

Small Business WordPress Themes

In this day and age of rapid economic growth and demise, longstanding large companies are disappearing year after year, quickly devoured by the currents of generations, stirring and swirling their niches out of existence. But for every home video rental store there ever was, there’s an online video streaming service, or even two, out there!

Changing times spell opportunity for the entrepreneurial, those talented and passionate, those skilled and organized, the business-savvy and some regular folk who just had a million dollar idea. And the place where all these opportunities are being handed out is all around us, it never sleeps, it eats user-provided content and it breathes data. It’s the internet, it’s ubiquitous, and it’s where tomorrow’s great fortunes will be won or lost.

Every great business started one day as a fledgling enterprise, bustling about, efficiently carving itself a customer base and niche and expanding into the successful corporate giants that influence economies around the world and feed millions of people. Your business, nonprofit, personal brand–it could all start right here, right now, with one of these professionally designed, small-business-oriented, powerful, versatile WordPress themes. Don’t be late to the party this time around!


cleanstart-small-business-wordpress-themeCleanstart is a polished and professional, easy to use and modern, uncluttered and clean-cut, readily responsive WordPress clean multipurpose website theme. Cleanstart is a simple and streamlined set of tools for the unfettered creation of polished and seamless websites with a distinctly minimalist aesthetic across a broad range of industries and interests. Cleanstart is an easy tool for webmasters from any background or experience level to effectively and effortlessly present their content in a professionally graphically designed user interface that exhibits your polished, elegant taste without detracting focus or attention from your precious, precious content.

Cleanstart is perfect for putting together crafty websites ranging from eloquent blogs filled with unique blog layouts and custom post settings to sophisticated online retail outlets with commercial capabilities powered by the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, among multiple other niche and general applications. Easily customizable through a visual page builder, Cleanstart requires no coding knowledge in order to thoroughly customize your layout arrangements, content styling settings, elements, buttons, widgets, you name it, Cleanstart lets you make it your own, always conserving its clean and minimal appearance. Mobile friendly and SEO enhanced, Cleanstart is a cutting edge solution to all your website building needs. Try Cleanstart today!


entrepreneur-simple-small-business-templateEntrepreneur is a fresh-faced, smart, easy-to-use WordPress theme, ideally suited for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to offer their resumes, services and online booking or scheduling platforms for their customers and clients. Entrepreneur is simple, good-looking and professional, with a powerful Admin panel that gives you the reins over your design, while offering numerous predesigned layout templates to have you set up in a matter of seconds.

Contractors, consultants, hair stylists, physicians, coaches, personal trainers, consultants of all walks of life, Entrepreneur is a theme that states all their needs, with smooth-scrolling, Parallax enabled single page versions and powerful, Ajax front end, tabbed, deliciously navigable multipage versions. Extremely powerful booking and scheduling platforms are included, to make handling your appointments with clients, suppliers, advisors and potential customers a walk in the park. A beautifully designed, fully responsive park, packed with contact forms, portfolio layouts, and even PayPal and WooCommerce support to have you taking in money minutes after setting shop! Theme comes packaged with premium Booked Appointments plugin and 3 add ons, Booked Payments, Booked Sync, and Booked Agents. This plugin in combination with these plugins allows to make appointments easily via your website. Thousands of customizable icons that are sharp and scalable, all Retina ready, as is every visual element of this gorgeous theme. Tons of shortcode will make page building easy like never before, and touch optimization means you mobile users will be delighted as well. Corporate’s so good, it pretty much sells itself.

Massive Dynamic

massive-dynamic-fullscreen-business-wordpress-website-templateMassive Dynamic is a colorful and creative, aesthetic and attractive, fast and flexible, intuitive and immersive responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. Massive Dynamic is a fantastically adaptive and deeply resourceful full-fledged platform for the design and construction of sophisticated, modern websites of all kinds, niches and scales. Massive Dynamic has been created as a true multipurpose website builder. Capable of deft, seamless handling of complex website roles and archetypes.

Massive Dynamic offers the power of the WooCommerce e-Commerce suite, customizable pricing tables via Go Pricing, beautiful and smooth Master Slider and Revolution Slider integration, MailChimp subscription newsletters, ContactForm7 and Add To Any social media sharing, all neatly arranged and customized within Massive Dynamic’s own unique, real-time Live Website Builder. The conjunction of this powerhouse tool with Massive Dynamic’s elegant, professional quality templates and its clever import feature that includes shortcodes, plugins and theme settings in a single click, means you can make short work of tasks as diverse as creating your digital professional portfolio, setting up your own online store to market your wares, or offer your professional services to the public at large, complete with quotes and pricing, all without writing a single line of code yourself. Ready to go Massive?



Consulta is a serious and stylish, clean-cut and professional, intuitive and lightweight, readily responsive WordPress finance and business multipurpose website theme. Consulta has been created to provide webmasters with or without any previous website building experience with a seamless platform for the uncomplicated creation of masterfully polished business websites in a multitude of specialized fields and industries, though catering particularly to businesses dealing mainly with corporate or business clients, regardless of size or scale.

Consulta can make any company website deliver the right impression upon potential clients or customers, with its flawless visual stylings and predesigned graphics and elements creating an immersive, engaging end-user experience that can effortlessly showcase your professional portfolio to the world at large in a concise, sober presentation that is highly effective. Featuring SEO enhancements from the core to the surface, Consulta is a keenly trained search engine performer, and will let you dominate all the relevant ranks overnight, resulting in higher traffic and more business going your way in no time at all. Featuring the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider premium plugins, and a powerful set of admin panel options, Consulta is completely coding-free yet extremely customizable. With Consulta, you can take your small business to the next level!


corporate - easy to use businesss theme

Corporate is a professional-looking, robust, well-built WordPress theme, designed with the needs of small business websites in mind. Fresh faced yet serious and businesslike, Corporate is a theme ideal for websites that need to communicate, showcase and sell their products and services within minutes of one click installation. Agencies, company blogs, app developers, service providers, all can greatly benefit from Corporate’s powerful features.

Corporate includes one page and multiple design options, with demos for corporate and app based businesses, price lists, beautiful, customized icon fonts, progress bars and pies, powerful subscription and newsletter features, testimonial and contact pages, contact and meet the team pages, geolocating features and several compatible forms are seamlessly handled by this capable, versatile theme.

Its HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Retina ready graphics ensure photography looks glossy and perfect in every device it’s viewed on, owing to a deeply responsive, cross platform design that’ll render flawlessly on mobile and PC devices, broadening your user base instantly, on top of including stunning graphic effects and hover animations. Parallax effects on header images make your website feel modern and interactive, and gorgeous, customized social media buttons keep things fresh and bring in more customers to eye your website. Corporate is a theme that will keep your customers coming back for more!


divi bright business theme

Divi is an incredibly powerful, outstandingly flexible, award-winning WordPress multipurpose theme, ideally suited for business ventures from individual to transnational sized to benefit from. Divi is literally limitless in its configurability, and it’s the theme that’ll keep you (and your customers) happy for years to come.

Divi includes the unparalleled Divi Builder, a unique visual page builder with incredibly powerful element and drag & drop subelement customization modules, or building blocks, including dozens upon dozens of specialized pages, actions and effects, which enable for you to construct the most interactive, engaging websites with minimal effort and utter ease and intuitivity. Divi will have you popping out brand new pages within ten minutes of first installation, guaranteed.

20 included premade layouts help towards this promise, with boundless options for each specific module upping customization possibilities into the tens of thousands of variations. Your own layouts can be saved and added to your collection of readily available templates for page creation. Full RTL support and over 32 languages, top of the line website security and dozens of happy customers running Divi powered websites to showcase its strength, Divi is behemoth of a theme that will turn any little fish into the shark of the tank.


x theme most popular theme

X is an ambitious, powerful, thorough and extremely flexible WordPress multipurposed theme. X can mold your website towards absolutely any appearance and style that the webmaster desires, and can do so quickly, efficiently, and with a finished, professional look. There’s a reason X is among the world’s fastest selling WordPress themes–uniquely pliable, fit for every purpose, and easy to use all across the board, X is a theme for webmasters who want it all.

X is one a kind in so many ways it’s difficult to keep track of them. Firstly, it’s one theme, yet four entirely different “Stacks”, or incarnations of the theme serving entirely different aesthetic, content and visual needs, transforming your X website utterly and completely with the flick of a switch. This is, of course, on top of hundreds of layout options for each Stack. Building on this, X includes dozens of compatible plugins. These aren’t third party plugins–every single one was developed specifically for X by the X developer team, and every single one of them is free with your purchase of X, and automatically updated for life. Needless to say, X is HTML5 ready, CSS3 ready, and government approved, with multiple US government agencies acquiring licenses themselves. X is a party you do not want to be late to!



Consulting is a polished and professional, visually nimble and elegant, aesthetically refined and very sophisticated, technologically cutting edge and inventive, deeply creative and resourceful, business and user friendly, intuitively navigable and handsomely structured, flexible and ductile, superbly responsive WordPress business and finance multipurpose website theme. Consulting is a deliberately developed theme that combines the latest and greatest web development technologies with a clean and pristine aesthetic that is the visual embodiment of good business ethics, making for trustworthy, reliable, professional looking websites every time.

Adding the Visual Composer page builder premium plugin as well as the real-time WP Live Customize means that webmasters with or without any previous coding skills can easily and effectively handcraft their own attractive, modern business websites in a flash, without ever having to write a single line of code. That makes Consulting one of the best themes available for small business websites, as its deep-running business-savvy is seamlessly integrated with an unparallaled ease of use. Multiple choices of headers and footers will let you set your small business website apart from the crowd with ease and within a couple of clicks, while three distinct service listing styles means your customers can browse through your selection in engaging, creative manners. Try Consulting today, and you will not be disappointed!



Universal is a splendidly robust and ambitious technologically powerful, visually flexible and profoundly customizable, user and developer, friendly, intuitively navigable and rationally hierarchized, modern and engaging, fast-loading and lightweight, Retina and mobile ready, responsive WordPress multipurpose business platform theme. Universal is an incredibly sophisticated and deliberately thorough and thoughtful platform for the design, development and maintenance of a truly broad and vast range of distinct website models and applications, with a decisively strong profile for handling modern business website needs.

Packed out of the box with staples like the Visual Composer drag & drop page builder, the Revolution Slider and the WPML package, Universal is readily customizable and very intuitive for webmasters of any skill level, while a curated collection of 8 and counting fully fleshed-out demo websites, each carefully developed for distinct business models and styles and including all the necessary inner content pages and architecture, make setting up your website as easy as a 1 click importation, effortless visual branding with logos, fonts, and palettes, adding your content and going live. WooCommerce integration is included out of the box for full, seamless, cohesive virtual shops where you can market your wares from day one. Universal is no theme-it is a platform, and it means serious business!



Bridge is an incredibly modern, astoundingly comprehensive WordPress multipurpose business or blog theme all-in-one solution. Bridge is beyond powerful, far more than flexible and overwhelming in its potential. Incorporating unparalleled technology and a paragon of breadth of choice, Bridge is a theme that will bring any website into the next decade.

Bridge includes a whopping 100+ demos out of the box–each a carefully crafted, aesthetically accomplished piece. Combined with 24+ conceptual layouts for each page and over 80 unique shortcodes to personalize your content, you’re looking at a cool two million websites, all in one theme. Without even going into the powerful Visual Composer, which will allow you to customize any of these pages with a myriad fonts, endless colors, Bridge’s own powerful creative tools and widgets, and so much more.

Exquisite, classy portfolios, sophisticated and sober blogs, and amazing, innovative conceptual pages means you’ll have so many options at the touch of a button you might be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what’s available. WooCommerce compatibility turns out website into an online storefront effortlessly, and a responsive layout design seamlessly displays itself without hassle on all devices. HTML5 full screen image or video sliders make your website look and feel alive. Customizable geolocating tools, SEO optimization to quickly ascend the page ranks, beautiful complex Parallax effects, Ajax front end and page transitions… there is nowhere you want to go that a good Bridge won’t take you!



Hatch is a powerful and very malleable, robustly developed and reliably designed, hassle-free and extremely lightweight and fast-loading, modern and technologically refined, crafty and highly resourceful, mobile friendly to a fault and readily responsive WordPress business and commerce multipurpose website theme. Hatch is an incredibly extensively developed and laboriously well designed WordPress theme, a potent solution for webmasters of any background or previous coding experience level that empowers them to create, customize and manage your own unique and attractive professional quality websites, across a broad range of website archetypes and styles.

Hatch has been created as an inclusive set of tools for making modern, breath-taking websites, with ample capacity for features such as portfolios and product showcases, seamless AJAX search and sorting plugin compatibilities, e-Commerce friendly structure and components, pricing plans and much more, making Hatch a perfect theme for handling small business websites of all kinds. Hatch includes an assortment of tools for making business easy at all scales, and its powerful SEO capacities will certainly be appreciated by small business owners seeking to enhance their rankings and increase their overall traffic and business. Try Hatch today, and let your small business or enterprise feel the difference of having Hatch on your side!


Car Service


Car Service is a serious and professional, functional and convenient, easy to use and extremely intuitive, powerful and flexible, modern and secure, reliable and very user friendly, businesslike and very resourceful, solidly constructed and efficiently coded responsive WordPress mechanic auto shop website theme. Car Service is a powerful and very specifically developed theme that has been designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern auto shops, mechanic shops, auto detailing and related, similar industries and fields in establishing an effective and dynamic website presence that can convert incoming traffic and visitors into a sizable revenue stream, building a new customer base through online exposure.

Car Service is so pliable it can easily lend itself to all sorts of handyman or service based industry, with sophisticated features such as the premium Visual Composer with over 50 components, 20 of which have been developed exclusively for the service based industry websites, an integrated, beautiful Revolution Slider plugin, a simple one-click demo import process and tons of helpful demos to get you off on the right foot, and useful Appointment Forms, Smart Sticky Columns, and complete WooCommerce integration out of the box, so you can open up the revenue stream from day one!



Milo is a uniquely well developed and masterfully crafted, detail-oriented and extremely versatile, visually clean and pristine and noticeably well structured, powerful and flexible, resourceful and technologically top of the line, modern and aesthetically pleasant responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Milo is a gorgeous and deliberately pliable theme that has been specifically constructed to be an all-inclusive one-stop shop solution for an unimaginably wide range of professional fields, industries and interests.

Packing the in-house developed Section Builder page composer, over 40 custom made sections are readily available for you to drag and drop and lay out as you see fit on your pages, or simply choose from any of Milo’s professionally graphically designed demo websites filled with inner pages, expansive features and profound functionality perfect for a whole slew of small or medium sized businesses, from freelancers and personal trainers to nutritionist offices, web design agencies and studios, carpentry shops, wine shops, organic food shops and much more. Milo has been carefully constructed to be easy to customize and brand, making it your own within minutes, out of the box, and includes a whopping 3000 functional Icons including Font Awesome, Bootstrap glyphicons, Brandico, Elusive and a lot more. There is simply no end to what Milo can do for your small business!



Unicon is a beautiful and wonderfully smooth and high performance, sophisticated and efficiently coded, expansive and ambitious, functionally feature-rich and very wide-spanning, visually vast and graphically seamless, serious and professional, safe and reliable responsive WordPress design-driven multipurpose website theme. Unicon is an exceedingly thought out theme that has been packed to the brim with powerful and sophisticated features such as the premium Visual Composer plugin, the Revolution Slider, over 50 custom in-house developed Visual Composer elements and complete WooCommerce integration out of the box, on top of bbPress integration and top notch customer support and documentation.

What makes Unicon truly stand out, though, is the manner in which it has been developed, a top-down design-driven approach that centered in the actual experiential navigational process from the end user perspective, resulting in dynamic, engaging websites that are conceptually unique and completely distinct and one of a kind, with a powerful, enveloping design that will immerse your visitors and let them truly connect with your brand and your business. A wealth of Premium Icons only add further customization and expressiveness capabilities to your every page, making Unicon websites always really your own. Unicon is a perfect theme for bringing people and business together!



TheFox is a completely visually stunning and amazing, graphically expansive and attractive, thoroughly well coded and efficiently built, fast-loading and resourceful, modern and innovative, creative and imaginative, readily adaptable and highly malleable, extremely responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. TheFox is a fantastically easy to use and wonderfully intuitive and user friendly theme that packs a creative punch with over 30 different, conceptually unique, incredible designs, with spectacularly detailed Home Page demos readily available at your fingertips with a simplified one click import set up process including complete predefined content, so you can have a full-fledged website up and running within minutes, right out of the box!

Your pick from sophisticated One Page websites, Landing Page websites, WooCommerce integrated e-Commerce websites, Portfolios, you name it, TheFox is ready to deliver. That makes TheFox a fabulous theme for small and medium sized business websites of pretty much any field or industry. With deep customization capabilities that make visual identity branding a breezy, easy matter, and tons of business page templates to help you get off on the right foot, along with a wealth of amazing shortcodes and Icon Fonts to liven up your websites and keep them fresh and youthful, TheFox packs what every small business needs. Not to mention the complete ability to market your wares right off your WooCommerce-powered online shop.



Foundry is a visually sophisticated, colorful and stylish, elegant and refined, graphically smooth and polished, purposeful and functionally smooth and flawless, very high performance, incredibly nimble and quick on its feet, graceful and impressive, highly responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Foundry is a versatile and pliable theme that has been designed to be a clean and pristine website solution for webmasters of any skill level that wish to establish an online presence for any sort of professional, commercial, business or corporate interest of any field or industry, catering to a discerning, high level audience that requires a high performance theme that delivers nothing but top notch quality in every iteration.

That makes Foundry a perfect theme for small and medium sized business websites that deal with a sophisticated clientele or an exclusive, niche product market and must offer the absolute highest quality at every turn. Foundry includes professional quality CSS and LESS visual styling web technologies and includes developer friendly LESS files for utmost customization ease and depth, and its hundreds of polished Google Fonts will fit right in with any business. Foundry’s brilliant modular design makes it natively responsive across all mobile and desktop devices, looking just as crisp and sharp regardless of where your customers visit from. Upgrade to Foundry today!



Launchkit is a sophisticated and technologically accomplished, light and fresh-faced, fast-loading and mobile-friendly, easy to use and extremely intuitively navigable, wonderfully malleable and flexible, visually stunning and professionally graphically designed, ambitious and responsive WordPress marketing and landing page website theme. Launchkit is a powerful theme that packs plenty of muscle and flexibility enabling it to handle the needs of website archetypes and applications across a broad range, from blogs and portfolios to app showcases and more, but that has been uniquely and narrowly designed to meet and exceed the expectations of webmasters trying to set up their own modern, cutting edge and impressive landing pages decked out with the latest web technologies and the most engaging features and plugins in a polished, smooth, well animated and styled presentation that is visually cohesive and memorable.

Launchkit offers all that and more in a single package, with advanced features like total out of the box WooCommerce integration, Hero Headers, simplified Color Controls and a block-based page building experience, on top of a ton of wholly fleshed out demo websites with professionally written copy, rather than dummy content, so you can have an actual, serious and functional landing page up and running within minutes of setting up Launchkit. Go for it today!


bodega - local restaurant theme

Bodega is an all-inclusive, versatile, professional-looking WordPress small business & online store theme, built with the needs of small businesses, shops and services of all kinds, and packed with the powerful tools you’ll need to turn your small time store into a big name on the internet.

Bodega has over 30 beautiful predesigned demos that can make your website look polished and professionally-built out of the box and within seconds of installation, each designed to suit specific website needs, such as photography businesses, fashion catalogues, design agencies, and dozens others. Single page and multipage versions are available and look equally stunning. SVG animation enables you to animate stroke paths for your own custom graphics. Customized clip masks, website-wide frames, on scroll animations, portfolio hovers, border line animations… HTML5 and CSS3 combine in this theme to offer an endless array of features and combinations of them, furthered by the intuitively simple drag & drop page builder, beautiful page transitions, multilanguage support out of the box, native icon sets to choose from and full social media sharing integration. WooCommerce shop enabled out of the box, SEO optimization, top of the line video sliders at high definition… Bodega is a the jack of all trades of commerce!

Builder Construction Architect Renovation

builder - construction company theme

Builder is a powerful, easy-to-use, professional-looking WordPress building services, architecture, engineering, cleaning and other construction-related services websites, though perfectly suited for activities such as maids, maintenance, painting, decorating, carpentry, plumbing… the list is nigh endless. If you’re handling customers who are acquiring projects, services, quotes and budgets, Builder is the theme for you.

Multiple clean, fresh homepages are available out of the box to instantly set up shop and start building your website in minutes. These various predesigned homepages can be combined with several styles of headers, sliders and bars to customize your front page to your exact desired specifications. Predesigned pages include Reviews section, allowing your customers to comment and rate your work or thank you for a job well done. WooCommerce integration means you can start making money off your website hours after installing your Builder theme. Out of the box Form pages allow customers to quickly and easily contact you with their information. The Revolution Slider is included, offering you potent 3D and visual effects at the click of a button.

The drag & drop feature will allow you to build your own pages with minimal effort or coding necessary, yet just as gorgeous and professional as your predesigned pages. Over 1200 icon fonts ensure you’ll get your message across. And if you have any issue grasping any of this, 23 high definition tutorial videos are bundled, so you won’t miss a beat of your Builder’s potential.


mama - awesome business theme

MAMA is a modern, minimalistic WordPress theme, designed to be a clean, flexible, fully responsive theme centered on the needs of personal, business, corporate and creative portfolio websites, including photographers, designers, producers, and many more potential beneficiaries.

MAMA was designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, and keeps true to that north both in visual aspects, which are elegant and understated, as well as technical aspects, with a very neatly organized, efficient, annotated code, that accomplishes a lot with extremely small page loading times thanks to highly efficient programming. Extensive use of HTML5 features results in beautiful, Retina-ready, scalable graphics, smooth scrolling effects, fullscreen video sliders, 3D curtain effects, full screen customized menus, custom Magnific Popup and Nice Tooltip features, Isotop, Bootstrap visual effects all over the place, and gorgeous Themify icon compatibility. MAMA’s fully responsive design ensures these are all enjoyed equally well across devices and platforms, and even in vertical and horizontal formats on your mobile phone!

MAMA is subtle yet powerful, and so customizable your head’ll spin with the options available at your disposal. Should you lose your way among so much to do, MAMA counts with one of the worldwide best customer support teams, renowned for their speedy responses and thorough attention to their customers. You’ll get free support and free updates for life, with the purchase of this incredible, minimalistic theme.


lighthouse - parallax WordPress theme

Lighthouse is a small, lightweight, highly responsive WordPress theme, with a one page or multipage design philosophy and ideally suited for the needs of personal portfolios, restaurants, small companies and similar undertakings. Multiple various demos are available to quickly launch your personal internet soapbox, and make sure your voice stands out from the crowd!

Lighthouse is built with state of the art HTML and CSS3 technologies, incorporating Bootstrap 3 to a gorgeous, visually stimulating result. Every one of Lighthouse’s predesigned page templates is ripe with customized elements that shine, ripple, transition and animate when hovered or clicked in subtle, delightful ways. A sophisticated photo or video slider makes showcasing your content easy and lively, and the Retina ready capabilities out of the box will display your high definition content and Lighthouse’s own customized graphics in all their glory. Every device screen and orientation will be able to visualize your website just the way it should be, thanks to Lighthouse’s extensively responsive nature, compatible with all devices, platforms, operating systems and browsers!

Beautiful portfolio pages are ready to be customized with hundreds of Google fonts, limitless color options and custom post and contact forms. A cleanly annotated and programmed code allows for further modification beyond belief. Lighthouse really shines a spotlight on your portfolio!


betheme - universal corporate theme

What if you’re told that with no coding skills, you can build a full website with one click? What if I told you it could be one of a hundred different, specialized website models, with any of seventeen different header styles, automated to adapt to mobile devices and PCs seamlessly, ready to display your high resolution images in Retina displays, with a site-spanning Mega Menu, Parallax scrolling effect and background video playback? If I said that you could have unlimited menus and sidebars, configure out layouts, and have your content optimized for search engine indexing without writing a line of programming?

If you’re starting to think that’d just be too good to be true, let me introduce you to BeTheme, a multipurpose WordPress theme that does it all, and does it well. With coding optimized for fastest loading times and a built-in translator feature to reach across all demographics and geographics, BeTheme lets you do your thing without worrying about the rest. WooCommerce online storefront can be installed in under a minute, meaning you’ll start making money as soon as you hit the ground with BeTheme. A hundred dollars’ worth of bundled plugins let you construct your own beautiful modifications. Compatible with bbPress, BuddyPress, MailChimp, Yoast, and so many more plugins it’ll make your head spin. BeTheme makes your website exactly what you always wanted it to be.


salient - flat design theme

Salient is a feature-dense, responsive, innovative WordPress multipurpose theme. Built for webmasters with a unique voice and the need to stand out from the lot, Salient is tailored to excel in all imaginable aspects, with a truly memorable, remarkable design in each of its numerous predesigned layouts.

From a design perspective, Salient is an answer to conceptually challenging questions. Salient’s heavy reliance on Retina ready high resolution photography engages viewers instantly and indelibly. Blogs, businesses and portfolios of all kinds will amaze with sophisticated Parallax scrolling effects. Isotope ready out of the box, Salient feels and handles smoothly, loads at lightning speed and features a natively responsive layout to adapt to every device and browser. WooCommerce integration means you’ll secure a revenue stream within minutes of installing this powerful, outstanding theme. Translation ready and with built in customized social media sharing and a “love” function, Salient makes users feel at home.

Over 500 Retina customized icons out of the box let you personalize every post, of which all kinds are supported. Advanced typography control lets you style sortable portfolios, while a strong AJAX front end enables smooth transitions and searches. An intuitive graphic shortcode generator will have you coding with the best like child’s play. Salient, the theme that makes your website stand out.


avada - law firm wordpress theme

Avada is an advanced, influential, powerhouse of a WordPress multipurpose theme, designed with the needs of businesses and firms of all sizes and natures. Avada’s responsive, modern design makes every customer feel at home, and the incredible visuals will amaze and engage thanks to smooth CSS3 and Bootstrap enabled Parallax effects and hover animations. Avada is flexible, powerful, easy to use, dynamic and well supported. There’s a reason time and again webmasters choose Avada for their website, and the hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients can attest to it: Avada works so good, it feels like magic.

Avada features dozens of full demo websites ready to import at a single click. Its incredible design flexibility allows you tu customize such demos into the most diverse websites imaginable, without ever writing a line of code. HTML5 capabilities keep your website dynamic and modern, single and multipage options are readily available, Retina ready graphics and icons are prepackaged for added value. Avada hits the ground running, with WooCommerce plugin integration facilitating your online storefront within minutes of installing Avada. And with SEO optimization across the board, translation features, native shortcodes that are extensively documented, and the classiest, most beautiful and creative predesigned layouts around, Avada’s one bag of tricks you won’t want to miss out on.


total - minimal small business theme

Total is an inclusive, thorough, carefully crafted WordPress innovative multipurpose theme, designed with a philosophy of utter responsiveness engrained into its very code. Total is a theme for a new era, and every one of its many included demos feels fresh-faced and youthfully dynamic. Aesthetically, Total is polished and pulsating with vitality that engages your audience in an unforgettable way. Many themes include useful features, but there’s only one out there that is the Total package.

But responsive is not all Total’s packing. Drag & drop builder functionality, theme customizers with limitless colors, full and boxed layouts, custom fonts, icons, headers and sliders, half a dozen expensive, powerful plugins bundled for free, search engine indexation optimization for fastest page rank ascension possible, optimized, clean, annotated code that loads faster and responds better to your users, on every device, every browser, every platform. Your reach is absolute with Total. WooCommerce integration out of the box will have you making a revenue within hours of setting up. Gorgeous layout templates and Retina ready graphics and icons are included, so your website will pop out make an impression easily and effortlessly. With HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 framework, your website will feel firmly part of the new generation. Total is the theme that is every answer to every question you’ve ever had with your website!


thefox - creative fullscreen theme

TheFox is a pliable, intuitive, incredibly smart WordPress multipurpose theme, ideally suited for all sorts of small business ventures, from creative agencies to small businesses to online magazines and much more, TheFox is a solution for problems you thought were insurmountable. TheFox is astoundingly easy to use, and enables webmasters of all skill levels to build professional looking, responsive, interactive, powerful business websites with boundless options for customization and branding.

TheFox comes out of the box with over thirty full-fledged websites for you to install with a single click and hit the ground running. You can further customize these predesigned pages with powerful Visual Composer drag & drop features, theme customization, custom fonts, headers, icons and limitless colors. Over 250 customizable element styles make your website unique and engaging. Powerful admin options exist for every page and post type, and the choices available to you are unimaginably broad. Custom modules allow webmasters to skip the coding and go straight to adding powerful, incredible new features via a simple drop of a block. Over a hundred dollars’ worth of bundled plugins include Premium Slider and Icon Fonts, among many more. Outstanding, understanding and caring customer support service seals the deal; TheFox is a theme that definitely keeps its wits about it.


stockholm - simple multipurpose theme

Stockholm is an innovative, creative, aesthetic WordPress multipurpose, multiconcept theme of limitless potential and endless flexibility. Aggressively luminous, Stockholm is minimalistic and sophisticated, sure to give your website the grace and taste of high quality design with no cumbersome installation processes, just the click of a button. Hit the ground running with this intuitive, user friendly, powerful theme.

Stockholm is chock-full of features and tools that empower your website. HTML5 and CSS3 functionality offer beautiful smooth animations, background video playback, image or video interactive sliders that are customizable beyond belief, six different types of headers that can be made your own with dozens of widgets and shortcodes that’ll have your website up and running with the tech-savviest of all. Over twenty included, carefully predesigned demos hand you the keys to gorgeous digital kingdoms, yours to modify, alter, personalize and own to your heart’s content. WooCommerce online shop integration turns your website into your revenue stream, multilanguage support broadens your reach worldwide, while SEO optimization native to the code offers efficient indexing AND lightning speed load times all in one beautiful, stylish package.

Stockholm is the end of your worries as a webmaster, and the beginning of your long term vacation on the greener pastures of the Internet!


brooklyn - fullscreen parallax theme

Brooklyn is a powerful, modern, dynamic WordPress one page parallax theme, designed for photographers, travel agencies, creative firms, nonprofits, or even entertainment production. It can easily transform into a personal website with minimal effort. Brooklyn keeps your viewers focused where you want them to be, and makes your digital life simpler and much more visually appealing thanks to its many-faced, universally elegant demos.

Brooklyn’s unique One Click Installer bids adios to XML, with a complete WYSIWYG design philosophy. An intuitive drag & drop interface quickly allows you to build gorgeous homepages, portfolios, pricing tables, contact forms, and so many more pages–endless amounts, when combined with the feature-rich widgets packaged with Brooklyn, which can turn any page into exactly what you want thanks to extensive shortcode functionality and a thorough, detailed documentation. HTML5 and CSS3 enabled Parallax scrolling and visual effects will engage and enamor your audience, keeping them glued to your content and minimizing bounce rates.

A truly amazing, dedicated customer support staff is ready to sort out all kinks at the drop of a hat, around the clock. Full translation support means your website will be in any language on Earth you want it to. Native responsive design brings your content seamlessly to all devices and browsers. Brooklyn–what’s there not to love?


enfold - most popular business theme

Enfold is a top of the line, feature dense, versatile WordPress multipurpose theme, centered around the needs and requirements of small business websites of all nature, including creative businesses, service industry, personal websites, portfolios, and much, much more, thanks to Enfold’s boundless customization options and potent, flexible, intuitive drag & drop visual page builder.

Enfold includes over a dozen demos with predefined content for you to get things started right off the bat once you’ve installed Enfold, which in itself is an easy, painless, single click process. At this point you can select your preferred demo, from blogs to restaurants to one page websites, and start branding is as yours with Enfold’s cornucopia of options and choices at your fingertips. Frequent updates keep Enfold current, with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Parallax scrolling, an AJAX front end and WooCommerce integration, Enfold is jam-packed with all the latest bells an whistles. But, perhaps most importantly, Enfold is crafted in way that coordinates all these technologies together in a coherent, expressive whole, which manages to draw users into your content rather than distract them by outshining it. Enfold is precisely the theme you’ll want enveloping your precious content in the harsh world of the web.