17 Brilliant WordPress Themes for Graphic, Web, Product, Game and Freelance Designers 2016

15 Brilliant WordPress Themes For Designers 2015

Being an innovative designer is not without its challenges. The creative process often demands a great deal of creativity and originality. However, the quality of one’s design does not guarantee success, as there are other factors that influence the growth of a business. Any free, capitalist system relies heavily on advertising as a primary method of content promotion. In order to compete with other start-up companies, and even established corporations, one must run an effective campaign that manages to capture and reflect the same level of creativity that is expected from the content itself. So how can this be achieved?

A quick look at the past, and we would see that most of our history was shaped by the need for proper advertisement. Roads were built, monuments were erected, and entire cultural genres emerged as a result commercials. It is the reason why most radio and television broadcasts are free. However, the marketing field has grown to a level that is beyond the reach of middle class business. If we were to set aside newspaper ads and bus stop posters, there is little you can do without a few tens of thousands of dollars.

An unlikely solution came from the internet. Initially developed as a way for scientists to communicate with their peers from across the globe, it has blossomed into a virtual international infrastructure whose entire potential has yet to be charted. Its services are largely free or dirt-cheap, allowing startups to compete with even the richest of corporations. Basically, if used properly, the internet can be an enormous billboard that the entire planet can see. As a designer, this is a golden opportunity. Even with a very limited budget, one could purchase a theme, create a website, and start dominating his/her specific activity niche. A simple, bare-bones website can do the job, but it is less impressive than a customized page which includes a high quality WordPress theme.

These themes are not just skins; they are useful kits akin to Swiss Army Knives. Each developer tries to include as many plugins and features as possible, preparing the customer for any situation. Indeed, most of the WordPress themes are so versatile, that they can be used on any website, regardless of its intended purpose. As a talented designer, this plethora of features will give you a blank canvas. You will have the opportunity to shape and mold your page, tailoring each detail in order to fit your specifications. This is a luxury that past generations of entrepreneurs could not afford, and as previously mentioned, the cost is negligible. If you will succeed in designing an impressive web page for your agency or company, your viewer numbers will skyrocket and your client base will multiply.

When considering public perception, you really cannot afford to have a sloppy website, especially if you are a designer. Would you trust a tailor that is poorly dressed? The same principle applies to your page. Do not rush into making a decision, because WordPress has an impressive variety of themes that are available for everyone. Try and plan out your profile, and think about the features and plugins that you will need. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for designers:



Jevelin is a cleverly conceived and uniquely pliable, powerful and tech-savvy, modern and highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is the most competent companion for webmasters looking to craft visually stunning, functionally flawless websites perfect for servicing a broad variety of website archetypes and usage cases across all imaginable industries and fields. Jevelin requires absolutely no coding knowledge in order to craft incredible websites of remarkable quality, owing to a vast collection of purposeful demo websites and page templates for niche and general markets and industries.

You can easily customize Jevelin to suit your most exacting specifications through a completely visual process as well as advanced admin panel options that let you easily customize your header and footers styles and layouts, fine-tune your color schemes on each page or independently animate each of your individual elements to your liking. Highly widgetized, Jevelin is ideal for deploying a multitude of shortcodes in creative ways, while advanced background capabilities for your every section including Parallax and Video backgrounds that keep your websites dynamic and lively and your audience interested and engaged. Multiple blog and portfolio layouts, built-in social sharing and much more awaits within. Check out Jevelin now!

Web Design Agency

Creative Theme For Design Studio

Web Design Agency is an eye-catching theme built to attract customers and increase sales. A lot of website design agencies these days use website templates to make website development process fast and efficient. This theme is designed web development companies, digital marketing agencies, online marketing agency and many more. With it unlimited color options, you are able to choose the color scheme that leaves a positive impression to your site visitors. This theme is perfect for showcasing your creativity in designing inimitable websites. It includes custom post types that you can use for attracting clients, displaying your best works, team members, contacts and many more. Web Design Agency includes awesome theme features such as sliced PSD files, back to top button, calendar, dropdown cart, dropdown menu, Favicon, Google map, Google web fonts, social options, tabs, tag cloud and tooltips. This modern music theme is built with best SEO practices in mind to help your website acquire more traffic and rank well on search engine.



Uncode is an imaginative and resourceful, technologically advanced yet very easy to use, wonderfully responsive WordPress creative multiuse website theme. Uncode has been carefully constructed to be a general purpose platform capable of servicing the needs and requirements of websites across a range of fields and industries.with seamless ease and speed. To achieve this, Uncode is packaged along with the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page building, greatly simplifying the design and construction process for webmasters of any background or skill level to achieve professional quality results.

The gorgeous premium Slider Revolution plugin is also included at no additional cost, as is the clean-cut Isotope masonry grid plugin, essentially giving you power over every nook and cranny of your website’s look and feel, without having to write a single line of code. Uncode counts with over 30 conceptually unique, graphically polished and very creatively inspired niche market application demo websites you can swiftly make your own through advanced theme options and customization tools, add your content and go live in your own pixel perfect website. Thoroughly based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap, Uncode’s modular design makes this powerful theme a sound ally in all your website building pursuits. Try Uncode today!


corpuse - creative portfolio wordpress theme

Corpus is an amazingly flexible, incredibly powerful, astoundingly customizable WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built to perfectly manage the design and construction of websites across the board, from personal to corporate, from commercial to nonprofit, but uniquely well suited for designers, illustrators and artists of all kinds–graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, animators, freelance artists in general; Corpus packs the punch to make your content vibrant and pulsating, with Retina ready graphics that’ll make colors jump out of the screen and smooth, cutting edge CSS animations that will perk up every aspect of your user’s navigational experience.

Get in the driver’s seat with the powerful Redux framework admin panel options and WPBakery’s Visual Composer. Once you’ve crafted your dream pages with all the convenient shortcodes and widgets at hand, you’re ready to start filling them out with your content. Videos, high resolution images, image galleries, plentiful portfolio options, portfolio carousels to show off your work, Featured sections to showcase your brightest works, HTML5, CSS3 and LESS-powered impressive Parallax scrolling and background sections, full-width portfolios, backgrounds and elements, endless sidebars and incredible sliders–Corpus is a visual bonanza, ready to empower your content to draw all eyes online to it. Are you ready for all the attention?



Charm is a deeply stylish and very aesthetically refined, elegant and understated, bold and beautiful, minimalist and fashion conscious, hip and trendy, attractive and appealing, functional and flexible, customizable and well structured, feature-rich and very malleable responsive WordPress portfolio and freelancer website theme. Charm is a sophisticated WordPress theme that has been created with an eye for style and a deep sense of beauty, resulting in an engaging and experientially delightful theme that is very intuitive and easy to master for webmasters of any background or skill level.

Charm theme has been decked out with all the necessary tools, formats, page templates and plugins required to successfully set up a sleek and enticing professional portfolio or freelancer website within minutes, without ever writing a single line of code. Charm is very clever and tech-savvy, and it has been coded with the utmost efficiency in order to create the most lightweight pages on the web, sacrificing absolutely none of its Retina ready graphical prowess while still managing to conquer the fastest loading times on the market through the smart and selective use of powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap technologies, with splashes of hardware-powered Parallax visual effects on custom sections as well as for infinite scrolling features.


Throne is a wholly outstanding, remarkably customizable, visually flexible and pliable, graphically professionally designed and very developer friendly, modern and sophisticated, elegant and put together responsive WordPress minimalist multipurpose theme, a handsome and resourceful theme that has been constructed for utmost developer friendliness and thorough user intuitiveness, with plentiful tools, features, plugins and widgets that are each extensively and thoroughly customizable to your heart’s desire, with a heavily annotated, cleanly commented Bootstrap framework-based modular code that is easily modifiable to suit your needs.

Throne is thus ideal for design industry websites of all kinds, ranging from freelance designer portfolios to professional design firm websites, mobile designer application showcases; web designer portfolios and much more. If you wish to exhibit the breadth and length of your content to the world at large in a brilliant and polished presentation that puts you completely in the driver’s seat for every step of the website building experience, Throne is your theme. Equipped with tons of widgets, gorgeous CSS3 animations, sophisticated HTML5 YouTube and Vimeo support, functional Contact Form 7 page templates and tons of Homepage, Portfolio, layout and grid styles, Throne is a scaffolding for you to prop up the design projects and portfolios of your wildest dreams. Step up to the Throne!


newart simple designer portfolio template

Almost every instance of artistic expression will require tools. Be it musical instruments or paint brushes, quality tools will result in quality art work. In the digital age, WordPress themes like NewArt have undertaken that role, and they can help you craft an attractive website and showcase your skills.

NewArt is a very classy and minimalist theme for Designer websites. It is also viable for personal portfolio, agency and other creative web pages. The layout blocks can be easily shifted and organized, as the user can create his/her own distinct product that is unique. This is possible thanks to the drag and drop capabilities of the theme. The feature needs little explanation, as it does exactly what its name suggests. It used to be the case that coding knowledge was required in order to craft and customize your own website. Nowadays, you only need to click on something and drag it to the place that you want it to be. If you are looking for a more practical demonstration of this theme’s capability, feel free to check out the live preview that is present on its website, or any of the wonderful screenshots.

The customization process is not only extensive, but it is also very accessible. The admin panel has an intuitive option section and general layout that is quite user friendly. This demonstrates the commitment of the developers towards making their client’s lives easier, with innovative design and familiar interfaces. There are a couple of different styles for headers, and the layout can be customized in either the grid or masonry settings.

If you decide to purchase this theme, you have the guarantee that it will look excellent on all devices and platforms. It lets you open and manage your blog, and even establish an online store for the commercialization of your services and products.


no8 vibrant wordpress portfolio theme

This is a very creative Portfolio WordPress theme that includes a clean, stylish design with a very neat touch. The overall aspect is Polygon based, giving your content its own unique charm that users are bound to appreciate. Currently the theme is at the 1.2 version, with more updates to come. This does not mean that the developers have released an incomplete product, it just shows that they are willing to improve and support it as long as it is relevant.

It is comforting to know that your theme will evolve as it goes along. Potential customers can rest assured that NO8 is completely responsive, as it can display beautiful, crisp content on any device or screen. Upon purchase, the user will not only receive constant updates, but the support of a dedicated and eager team. Any issue, grievance or question that you might have will be immediately dealt with. Be sure to preview the theme by visiting the official website, in order to make an informed decision. This allows you to experience the content without the need to buy it first.

It features .po and.mo files, resulting in the website being fully translatable. This expands your potential range of customers and page visitors, to encompass those that are not from English speaking backgrounds. Everything about this product has been simplified and streamlined, and basically anyone can use it. No specialized coding knowledge is needed, making NO8 accessible for both and visitors and admins. There are unboxed and boxed page layout options, and a per-page sidebar position control feature. Widgets for Dribbble, Twitter and Flickr were added, along with per-page footer area control. You will have the option to override and edit files and theme functions, and your website will be friendly towards third party plugins and features. There is a personalized sidebar generator, a limitless number of side bars, advanced short codes for sidebars, and customizable widget length settings.


helium modern designer theme

This is a WordPress theme that can be used in almost any circumstance. Its versatility is due to its impressive number of features, giving Helium a tool for every occasion. However, it is best suited for the websites of bloggers or artists. It has 3 distinct portfolio types, and a wonderful blog that is supported by the AJAX navigation network. The developers guarantee that this theme is the best product around, and it can give your site exactly what it needs. Displaying your innovative projects is fine, but you may also want to sell some merchandise.

Your customers will need a site that they can trust, before they commit to a purchase. Thankfully, Helium includes the reliable Easy Digital Downloads plugin, allowing the owner of the site to create a profitable online store.
As long as you install this theme, you will not lack customization options. The live customizer will present you with every conceivable personalization feature, and they can be shuffled and used in real time. You will be able to edit the dimensions of your headers, swap page color palettes, and alter the title of the page, and the tagline.

Currently, the theme has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars score, and it was created by an elite author. The user response was positive, as customers appreciate the plethora of choices that they are given, in addition to the almost instantaneous loading speeds. The support system is great, filled with eager representatives that want to help their clients. As a customer, do not hesitate to contact them. It is also ready for WordPress 3.9 upwards, and it is built on the famous Bootstrap 3 framework. All of the features, pages and codes are optimized for search engines, making it easier to gain high rankings. The code itself is well written and optimized. The developers have added plenty of premium rate plugins, free of charge.

There are lots of short codes, an advanced page builder, and the theme is translation ready.


skills smooth minimal design portfolio theme

When most products are released, they are considered standalone items that are expected to justify the price that was paid. WordPress themes like Skills are different, due to the fact that they will constantly be updated by their creators, free of charge. Currently, Skills is at its 1.0.4 version with more updates to come in the future. As the digital landscape shifts and evolves, so will your theme.

This product is very well designed, as one gets the impression that every pixel is where it needs to be. It focuses on quality typography, and an innovative design that is sure to impress any potential customer. Your portfolio grid will be fully responsive, and your visitors will be able to view it on any device, mobile or otherwise. On this grid, there is the option to upload gorgeous videos and pictures. The scaling of content happens effortlessly, thanks to the quality programming.

Skills include the best WordPress Theme Customizer, which allows the buyer to create a page that is truly his. Using this tool, you can access the ability to alter the title of your site, shift the accent color and even upload your personal logo. All of these features have a live preview function, as the user can evaluate the changes in real time before he decides to apply them. The developers were successful in eliminating the complicated and bothersome panels for theme options. Skills feel lightweight yet powerful, complemented by the amazing fonts and typography options. Any compatibility issue that might emerge between web browser platforms has been eliminated, making this product fully responsive in any circumstance.

In addition, Skills is optimized for search engines, making sure that your site will show up on the first few pages of search results. The price is very reasonable, and the theme currently has a 4.71 out of 5 star rating.


flato vcard wordpress theme for designers

As its name implies, Flatoo is a Flat, professional, minimalist and versatile WordPress theme that can help you create an optimal web page. It can work in any scenario; however, it is best used for the pages of managers, designers, or programmers. It can showcase your resume and portfolio in the most attractive way possible, helping you to earn the trust of your customers. The design layout has a one page format, and the aesthetic appeal is truly formidable.

Flatoo has a drag and drop page builder, that frees you from the trouble of having to navigate complicated options and menus. Simply click on something, and drop it where you think that it needs to be. It’s as simple as that! This innovative builder is not only convenient, it also has the potential of broadening your customer base by granting access to people that are not that tech savvy. There are 3 pre-determined layouts and all of them can work with both desktop and mobile devices.

The developers have also included a full width slideshow for your page background, and an image grid background feature. The entire theme was designed with convenience in mind, and it is based on the popular Twitter Bootstrap v3 framework. It is also CSS3 and HTML5 ready. Filterable portfolio options were added, along with functional PHP contact forms and cross-browser compatibility. Some very informative documentation options were included, allowing the customer to navigate any issue. Be sure to check the theme’s live preview, and browse through the sample screenshots. It is reasonably priced, and it has a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars.


koncept creative designer portfolio theme

If you are a creative person that is searching for a great skin for his website, be sure to try KONCEPT. Developed by the elite author KROWN THEMES, they have included a live preview and some screenshots for you to sample. This is one of the most popular items on our list, with over 860 separate downloads and counting. If you decide to purchase it, you can expect regular updates from the developers, as they constantly tweak their product in order to offer the best experience possible.

This theme is powerful yet elegant, as it tries to present a minimalist design that aims to complement your content and show off your creativity. It is based on an impressive modular concept and an enticing masonry grid for your portfolio. It is filled with many options, features and short codes, resulting in a product that can be applied to any site, regardless of its business field.

KONCEPT knows that some designers want to commercialize their products or service directly from their website. The WooCommerce plugin can facilitate these transactions, providing a sound infrastructure for online trading. Setting up your own internet store has never been easier. A theme website can demonstrate the good taste of its owner, as it is the first and maybe only thing that the customer will interact with. Designers must possess the ability to make good choices, so be sure to take your time and carefully customize your website.

Thankfully, KONCEPT does not lack customization options, as it is designed for maximum convenience and variety. There are several ways of navigating your site’s pages, including the sidebar, full, classic or minimal styles. If you purchase this product, you can rest assured that it will look amazing on every screen, including those of mobile devices. Every single element of your site can be scaled down to accommodate smart phones and tablets. It should be mentioned that KONCEPT is modestly priced, and it is fully translatable and RTL ready.

A comprehensive manual was made available, allowing the user to research every single aspect of the purchase. The theme can impress clients with it speed, and it features valid HTML 5 coding.


fusion wordpress theme for designers

Fusion is a clean, modern and fully-responsive WordPress theme made for app developers and creative design agencies. This SEO-optimized theme covers all the features individuals or firms require for their creative portfolio of apps, products and/or services. Its elegant design employs clean typography and whitespace effectively, aiding developers in showcasing their mobile apps or software products without omitting any element when viewed either through mobile or desktop.

This theme is fully customizable with endless choices for colors and more than 500 google fonts in the Theme options panel for page headings, backgrounds and sidebars. With a default of 6 custom post types and more than 1500 retina-ready icons, developers can build either a single-page or a multi-page site and set up custom sidebars on multiple pages and posts especially if specific sidebar widget elements are to be incorporated on a page or a post. A boxed layout may also be used and modified with backgrounds which can either be a custom color, pattern or an image. In the header area, you may fit in custom headings, quotes, backgrounds and descriptions with input boxes. The header are may also be modified with multiple shortcode attributes configurable via HTML coding. Another feature you could furnish your Home page with is sliders, Premium Revolution slider, Nivo slider and Flexi slider which can be placed in any other post or page and is accompanied with a touch swipe support.

Minor corrections on the theme after initial setting will not overrule every single attribute for the reason that Fusion is specifically prepared as child theme ready. These changes could be done via the custom CSS panel in the Theme options area. More than 60 powerful shortcodes are enclosed in the theme for quick and convenient content creation. The shortcode builder tool in WordPress visual editor includes shortcodes for videos, parallax backgrounds, buttons, tabs, sliders, blog posts, contact form, socials, icons, columns, quotes and portfolios/galleries. Fusion supports WordPress gallery shortcodes with up to 9 columns and captions. Setting up portfolios and galleries could be done either through the built-in WordPress gallery builder or the option, gallery custom post type.


amax - light portfolio theme

Amax is a quality WordPress theme that can enhance your website, guaranteeing that it will attract more viewers. This is a product for the modern age, given its outstanding feature roster, incredible versatility, and relentless pursuit of perfection. Indeed, it is capable of adapting to any site, regardless of its niche or target audience. It is designed to offer a streamlined experience for users, as it has earned very high scores in Google Page Speed tests. The demo content can be imported easily, as it requires only a single click. Amax lets you choose between two very popular sliders: the Layer Slider and Slider Revolution. Both of these products are outstanding, and many WordPress users would cherish the opportunity to use them. Eye-catching Video or Parallax backgrounds can add another dimension to your already impressive website.

Both as an admin or as a page visitor, resizing and compatibility issues can negatively affect your experience. With Amax, those issues are no longer a cause for dread. Your site will be entirely responsive, capable of displaying and adapting content to any platform. This will enhance the reader’s experience, and allow the site administrator to manage content while on the move. Pages can also be viewed on high resolution Retina Displays. For more information about this theme you can read this detailed review.


vibes awesome graphic designer theme

For many users, it is refreshing to eliminate the drab color palettes of most websites. Thankfully, there are some website admins that understand that professionalism does not equal joylessness. Vibes is a colorful and fun WordPress theme that can display your creativity and maintain a respectable level of professionalism. If WordPress is not a platform that suits your needs, there is a HTML version available for purchase.

Vibes includes some extensive online documentation, informing customers about this every single aspect of this theme. If you have any support or pre-sale related questions, the item comments should resolve that. If your issues are related to personal data, a private messaging system was also set up. The customization process is very easy, thanks to the drag and drop functionality and the intuitive design.

It is a good idea for users to rate this product, as it gives the developers valuable feedback regarding their release. The information will be used to create better products in the future. The page builder feature is extremely easy to navigate, with every option designed to maximize convenience. Thanks to the drag and drop capabilities, even a child can use Vibes to create an awesome web page. A generator for short codes was included, along with 25 short codes that are at your disposal. The layout can function on any device, as it avoids re-sizing issue and compatibility problems between multiple platforms.

Regardless if the screen is small or large, Vibes is guaranteed to look beautiful. There are plenty of preset color patterns that are included in the theme basic package. However, if you do not like the default options, you may create your own by taking advantage of SASS. All of these added features will help you to impress potential employers and customers, by letting you tailor a striking portfolio or resume profile.

It should also be mentioned that widgets for social sites like Flicker, Twitter, Instagram and Dribble were included.


electric- multipurpose portfolio for designers

When it comes to flexibility, Electric is second to none. Just like its namesake current, it flows and adapts to any situation. It can be used for massive, corporate websites, or small, charming, personal projects. Regardless of your needs, this WordPress theme can meet them.

It has included the revolutionary Layer Slider, one of the best plugins on WordPress. Thanks to its implementation, users are able to create slides with multiple layers, breathing life into an otherwise boring succession of images. In addition, it has incorporated full HD graphics and stunning transition effects.

Visual Composer is arguably the top customization plugin for websites. It allows for easy customization of any site element. Drag and Drop technology is used, turning a complicated process into a very simple practice of dragging elements across the screen, and dropping them into place.

Although most themes offer several header variations, none can hold a candle to Electric headers. Each has its own refined, polished look that is sure to impress your site visitors. Also, each of them can be made sticky. Custom colors are available, as users get to pick something that suits their taste. For more information, be sure to read the expansive online documentation.



This is a creative and well-constructed WordPress theme that is made for creative designers wishing to show off their skill. It is currently at the 1.3.1 version, with more updates to come. A live preview was added, along with some screenshots. If you are having problems during the installation process, the developers have included some informative video tutorials, along with some impressive online documentation. Pile is charming, versatile and streamlined, making it ideal for displaying personal projects and portfolios. It can be used by typographers, creative agencies, photographers, and art illustrators. As a designer, word of mouth ca not accurately represent your work. You need to showcase samples and demonstrations, and thankfully, Pile has everything you need in order to make that happen.

It has a user friendly project builder, along with a drag and drop interface. Making your own website has become very easy, thanks to this theme. The developers attempt to strike a difficult balance, making their product fit for business, yet artistic and full of personality. This creates a nice feeling of restrained energy and untapped potential, which can only be accessed by the best designers. It makes good use of screen space, where you will get the impression that there is something marvelous hidden beneath the all-too familiar layout standards. Between page blocks, the theme employs seamless parallax scrolling, guiding your gaze towards specific areas of your screen. This is a tour without words, and an excellent way of demonstrating your mastery over your craft. All of its features seem to have paid off, as Pile has been downloaded over 580 times, and counting. Setup is easy and intuitive, so you will not have to wait a long time. It only takes a few minutes from the moment of purchase, until the site is up and running. User friendliness plays a key role, as the theme is expected to be easy to understand, even by those that are not that tech savvy.


viska astutely creative one page theme

This is a creative WordPress theme with a one page layout. Its design is very clean and enticing, as it tries to exhibit your work in the best way possible. After all, both freelance and agency designers need to prove to their customers that they can create a tasteful representation of their accomplishments. Viska shuns simplicity, as it comes filled with impressive features that can help you create a convincing business website or portfolio.

Regardless if you intend to use it for your company web page or your own personal blog, Viska has the necessary features that can get the job done. It is both user friendly and convenient, providing customers with a memorable and quality experience. In order to make an informed decision regarding its purchase, Viska lets you test out the WordPress customizer. There are other options to sample the content, including some screenshots and a live preview that is present on the theme’s site.

You will no longer unwillingly need to exclude people from viewing your site, based on what device they use to view it. Viska is entirely responsive, and it can guarantee that anyone can access and view your content, broadening your target demographic. However, the developers realize that it will not be a Viska site, as the page needs to represent your company brand. Now you are able to leave your mark and cover your page with your logo, a feature that is fully supported by Viska. You can’t really claim to be a good designer and not include some awesome visuals. This theme has an amazing Parallax background, and an option to use a Youtube video as the backdrop for your information.

It would be a shame to exclude icons from the innovative customization. With Icon Font, you can easily select an icon and alter its color, size and aesthetic design. Your website will be entirely translation ready, opening up your content to a global audience. This is another step in giving your portfolio a great deal of accessibility. However, all of these features and design choices would be a waste of effort if not for the search engine optimization. Search engines are designed to target specific keyword configurations in order to select what people want to see, and display the results. Fail to optimize your site, and it will show up on the 4th or 5th page of results, basically condemning it to anonymity. Thankfully, Viska is ready for any search engine.

In terms of speed, this theme is unrivaled. In just a few seconds your layout can load without having to worry about crashes, freezes or bugs. It works with any browser, and the price is reasonable.


one page clean resume vcard theme

It is hard to find a WordPress theme that is more prolific than One. Although it can work well for almost any type of site, it is designed for portfolios and personal resumes. It is entirely responsive, so you will not have any trouble while trying to reach mobile users. Its compatibility extends to browser users as well, as it works with all of the major browsers on the web. It is great for showcasing your design achievements, and presenting your personal information to your potential customers.

A live preview is available, along with some nice screenshots of the product. One is built on the familiar Bootstrap v3.1.1 framework, a community staple here at WordPress. It is very easy to personalize and alter, tailoring your website to fit your requirements and vision. It includes HTML and CSS3 programming, and a nifty experience timeline that helps potential customers to view your progress over the years. Pie chart skills were added, along with a creative portfolio and Sass files. It is considerably cheaper than other themes from the same niche, making this an ideal choice for start-up companies or freelancers. The user reception seems positive, as it has a 5 out of 5 start review score.


newera creative digital agency theme

Developed by an elite author, NEWERA is a WordPress theme that employs a minimalist and clean style. It is highly versatile and flexible, well documented and quite easily modifiable and customizable. These qualities make it ideal for both personal web pages and company sites. Using it, you will be able to set up an easy and quick HTML5 portfolio that displays your work. Be sure to customize your design, showcasing both the extensive theme options and your creativity as a designer. The product was coded for jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. It is based on the famous Bootstrap v3 framework, a feature that allows content to scale between multiple screen sizes without compromising any quality. In fact, it has a 320px to 1260px width range, making it highly responsive.

Newera is careful not to overdo it, as it blends the simplistic minimalist design with just the right number of features. The developers claim that they put a ton of effort in developing this theme, and they hope that their customers enjoy the product. Using AJAX post loading, they have established a couple of impressive layouts for your portfolio. However, you also have the option to edit a distinct layout for each project page that is on your site. With such a wide array of features, the only limiting factor will be your imagination.

The developers have added several custom page layouts, including: Contact, About, Pricing and so on. Basically, if you can think of it, you can create it.



Introducing Nexus, a WordPress theme that can turn your designer website into something that is truly special. Screenshots and a live preview were made available on the theme’s web page. Be sure to follow the developers on twitter, for constant updates regarding their product. Speaking of updates, a support forum was included, granting customers the opportunity to resolve any issue.

Nexus is entirely responsive, as it will not encounter any resizing, scaling or compatibility issue when transitioning to a mobile screen. There are 9 demos available, featuring distinct premade layouts. The page builder is very extensive, as it allows the user to edit and customize any conceivable variable. There are over 100 options that allow for excellent theme customization. This will result in a website that accurately represents your individuality and vision.

An overwhelming amount of Font Awesome icons is available, with over 300 items to choose from. In addition, you may also upload your own PNG items. The theme works well with WPML, a high quality WordPress plugin that is used for content translation. Using it, people will be able to read and navigate your page with ease, regardless of their country of origin. The Slider Revolution feature would usually cost you an addition $16, however, the developers have included it free of charge. There are multiple layers of Parallax effects that can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any website. The background and color variations are without limit, and the theme is reasonably priced.


oxygen one page earthy parallax theme

This is a Parallax-based WordPress theme that is ideal for the websites of designers. It is packed with awesome features and plugins as it seeks to surpass the mediocre layouts of other products. This is a one page theme, which includes a Parallax background that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your site, adding a layer of depth and beauty.

A live preview is available, along with some nice screenshots. It should be mentioned that upon purchase, the basic package will also include 9 premium plugins for no additional cost. Basically, you are getting something that would normally cost $173 for only $48. The customer reviews are very positive, given the high quality of the product, and the generous nature of the developers.

Despite all of the options and features, Oxygen remains relatively easy to use. The drag and drop editor was modified in order to suit your needs, and the One-click demo installer can initiate the setup process with just a simple click. There are plenty of demos available, if you want to get an impression of what your page can look like.

Users will be able to access your content from any device or browser, given that Oxygen is well designed, highly responsive and it includes a powerful code. As previously mentioned, the large variety off parallax effect enhances your page, and displays your work in an awesome way. There are 2 preset layouts available in the form of the typical light and dark layouts. It should also be mentioned that the icon library contains over 400 items for users to enjoy.


zonya expressive wordpress theme for designers

If you are looking for an impressive, flat WordPress theme, look no further than Zonya. It includes a professional, streamlined and clean design that is best suited for blogs, business sites, portfolios and other professional web pages. The theme is powered by the impressive Twitter Bootstrap v3 framework, making it fully responsive and capable of adapting to any device, desktop or otherwise. There is a plethora of page builder elements, coupled with an unlimited range of colors. It is best to take your time and pick between the multiple types of headers.

There are various options for your blog and portfolio, and you may crop and edit your images. The pages are available is both their full width and boxed layouts, and the user can easily toggle between them via the theme options panel. The Ebor Mega menu was included directly into the theme itself, as the users can modify page builder elements at will. As a designer, you may also want to sell some of your products and services directly on your site. Thankfully, Zonya includes the awesome Woocommerce plugin, allowing for the creation of a reliable online store. Almost all WordPress themes use this plugin, so you will be in respectable company.

It takes only a few moments to set up your web page. With just one click, the demo data installer can begin the process and import all relevant data.

15 Green Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes for Green, Organic, Eco-Friendly Business, WooCommerce, Food Websites 2016

10 Green Eco Themes 2015

In order to appreciate something of great importance, you must first imagine your life without that specific thing, or factor. As humans, we get to enjoy the benefits of our own ingenuity and perseverance, but we are far from perfect. The truth is that we are on the brink of global change, a change that cannot be offset, not even by our impressive problem-solving abilities. The nature of these changes dictates that they cannot be reversed, but they can be prevented. To understand the importance of the environment, we must first understand our luck.

An exercise is often proposed: think of going into space, pick a direction, and start walking. For billions upon billions of kilometers, it is the very embodiment of hell. Cold that would instantly freeze any life, heat that can make even our own Sun seem like a snowballs. Add that to radiation, and gravity that would literally rip your molecules apart. For the most part, this is our Universe. The reason that we are not subjected to these forces, is because we live on an oasis. This Pale Blue Dot as some have called it, nurtures and provides everything that we might need, shelters us from harmful energy, and fills our lungs with fresh air.

However, even the good Earth is somewhat unstable. It seems eternal because we only get to live about 80 years or so, but the reality contradicts our perception. It is a moving system that fluctuates, and sometimes the Earth is filled with volcanoes and sulfuric acid, and sometimes it allows for life prosper. We were fortunate enough to catch it in a good mood, but our heavy industrial activity is destabilizing the system. About 9 out of 10 scientist agree that our climate is changing, and with these changes comes the possible end of our species proliferation. Gases that result from heavy industry trap heat into our atmosphere, deforestation is killing the trees that provide oxygen, and pesticides are killing aquatic life.

Depending on who you ask, this has happened about 5-6 times before. The phenomena are called mass extinctions, as they have managed to wipe out most of the life on Earth. Of course, we did not cause those. The Earth was just in one of its moody periods, and in the most famous extinction, a meteor crashed into the planet wiping out our favorite reptiles. Despite previous instances, rest assured that this time it is our fault. With the exception of a few fringe doubters, most people on Earth believe that it is time to change. The climate is like Humpty Dumpty: Once broken, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, can’t put it back together again.

However, many are filled with hope, because the same sharp wit that is fueling this problem, is also working on preventing it. Scientists and legislators aside, the common man has also decided to fight climate change. The advantage of the internet is that it gives the common man a voice. People from across the globe are banding together and expressing their opinions, and supporting what could be considered the ultimate cause. The stakes have never been higher, but the same thing can be said about our enthusiasm. Be it a professional eco-friendly company, or a humble citizen of the world, platforms on WordPress can give you a voice. How does it do it?

First, it eliminates the financial barrier. It is free to set up your account, and the premium features are affordable on even the lowliest of salaries. Second, it puts you on the stage with the biggest players. Real life is filled with paperwork, intricacy and false promises. On WordPress, you cannot be silenced or delayed, you just have to speak. This right to speak does not guarantee that you will be heard. To come back to a previous point, if a WordPress site is your voice, a theme will be your song. Themes are not simple skins, they are complex toolkits of features, widgets, and plugins that allow you to customize your page and make it more likely to receive views.

With the salvation of our environment and untold economic opportunity at stake, you really have all of the incentive you need. That being said, let’s take a look at some awesome WordPress eco-themes:



Jevelin is a beautiful and outspoken, creative and unbounded, highly customizable and readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is the result of a lengthy design and development process centered on providing webmasters with the most ambitious multipurpose website building platform around. Jevelin deploys numerous user-friendly website building tools to assist webmasters from all backgrounds in accomplishing professional quality results throughout their websites and pages, regardless of subject matter or niche.

Jevelin’s competent handling of high resolution visual content and embedded local or remotely hosted video, powered by HTML5, combined with its cutting edge blog technology spanning multiple layouts, dynamic AJAX powered sorting, categories and searching, as well as its intricate and complex portfolio layout combinations and customization settings make it an obvious fit for running nature websites, from nature photography or exploration journals to nature aficionado magazines and far beyond. Jevelin’s perfectly cohesive visual integration makes it a breezy matter to coordinate graphical settings across your entire website or to create special, different pages, sections or elements with unique styling as you see fit, allowing for easy on the go categorization of your content. Beautiful Parallax background visual effects will make your landscape vistas come alive and connect with your audience. Try Jevelin now!


shopkeeper - clean ecommerce theme

If you are in need of a multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce that can handle everything, look no further than Shopkeeper. This theme has some very informative and extensive documentation. If you are having trouble with the installation process, feel free to contact Shopkeeper’s friendly customer support representatives. Although it is a singular product, this theme is packed with many different features. It is like a starter kit for ambitious online merchants. High functionality and excellent design are the defining characteristics of Shopkeeper. After it is implemented, your website can safely commercialize digital and shippable products, while organizing your inventory and collecting payments. You may also use it for simple cataloging. This is due to the popular and reliable WooCommerce plugin.

Of course, your page will need to match your product niche. With such a broad spectrum of needs, Shopkeeper’s flexible framework can be a valuable asset. The advanced theme options can be finely tuned, in order to accommodate your vision.
If you are just starting out, you might want to consider some of the pre-built layouts for pages. Each of them is user-friendly, flexible, and fully customizable. This will give you an idea of how to construct your own online store.

The Retailer

the retailer WooCommerce theme

The Retailer is among the most popular WooCommerce themes for WordPress. You may use it to construct amazing blogs, corporate and personal sites, online stores and portfolios. Your customers will definitely appreciate the high level of detail. For more information regarding the product and the installation process you can refer to theme documentation which covers most important aspects of this theme setup and customization. It has plenty of video demonstrations and tutorials. If you experience any problem, the support staff can be easily contacted. No question is too insignificant, as they are ready to guide you through each step. The Retailer also has a couple of useful premium plugins which are included free of charge. Create amazing slides using the Slider Revolution plugin, and customize your page with the Visual Composer.

Using this theme, customers may open a brilliant online store that is sure to outshine its competition. Installing the Retailer is not difficult, as the setup process can import dummy data akin to what can be seen on demo pages. No good theme will ever embrace stagnation. With this product, customers can benefit from a limitless amount of updates, without having to pay extra fees.

Eco Nature

eco nature green living woocommerce theme

Eco Nature is an ecology and environment WordPress theme that can help you create an impressive website. The ultimate goal of this product is to aid those that wish to maintain the natural balance and clean up the environment. Thanks to a large number of short code options and excellent design features, limitless solution options are offered. The portfolio options are diverse, as you get to pick the layout that you choose, including a Masonry puzzle, grids, layouts and paddings.

It should also be mentioned that for those that are seeking an ideal way of presenting their eco-friendly content, multiple Project post types and Custom Profiles are available.

Due to all of these features, the range of use for Eco nature is amazing. You are able to construct compelling pages for wildlife preservation fundraisers, organic life projects, preservation movements or member sites of the Green Earth Organization. This is all due to some impressive plugins, resulting is adaptability, performance and responsiveness. The theme includes a personalized Mega Menu Plugin, a layer slider, and a premium revolution slider, all of which were included for free, despite their costly nature. This skin is professionally supported, RTL-ready, and it lets you translate your content. Indeed, caring about the Earth is universal, and in a movement that relies on widespread support, this translation feature is more important than one might think.

In order to achieve the noble goal of natural preservation, sometimes donations are required. On a micro of macro scale, you will need support. If you think that owning a pet is expensive, try building an animal shelter. Realizing this, the developers have added features that can aid you in collecting donations safely, and efficiently. This will be possible through PayPal. The spectrum of causes has a meta-theme, but the details are varied. From promoting clean energy to combating local deforestation, your web page will need to present the facts. Given the large number of features, the theme is reasonably priced. Check out their live preview content for more information.


eco go green living wordpress themes

Nothing can be more enthralling and encouraging than knowing that your cause is a just one. But just because your heart is in the right place, it does not mean that you are free from the burden of presenting your ideas in an attractive manner. One of the most efficient and effective way is via the online medium, namely websites. There are hardly any prolific people, companies and organizations in the world, that do not have a proper web page. They do it because it works, and so should you.

In trying to make it more attractive and presentable, you should consider WordPress themes such as ECO Responsive Environment. Basically, this product is a compilation of all features, plugins and short codes that maximizes your chances of getting noticed, and attracting a strong viewership base. There is also something liberating about getting the option to do whatever you want with your own web site. You will be able to pick its colors, organize the layout, and post content at will. This particular theme was designed after the developers have looked at the strongest tendencies in the industry. It is generally versatile, although primarily aimed at companies or individuals that are championing a cause of environmental awareness or animal rights.

As it is with any cause, you will at some point rely on donations. Thankfully, this theme integrates Crowdfunding support, allowing for the reception of donation in a safe, controllable environment. If you want to compensate for those donations by opening your own online store, you can do that because of the Woocommerce plugin. Regardless of the direction that you choose, be it donations or commercialization, ECO Responsive Environment supports you in your endeavor. The framework of the theme is based on the famous Twitter Bootstrap, granting your website the ability to display content on any device, free of any compatibility issues. A sound marketing strategy would be to attempt to reach a vast audience. However, not all people speak the same language, and that can be a problem. This specific theme has integrated WPML support, so you can translate your pages and posts with ease.

It also includes a timeline, limitless color palettes, galleries, a blog, team pages and even a Layer Slider. It should be mentioned that the pages are optimized for search engines. When people type specific keywords related to your field, your web page is much more likely to show up due to this optimization.



Farmvilla is a clever and well-built, sophisticated and modern, colorful and youthful, fresh-faced and highly responsive WordPress organic food website theme. Farmvilla is very much a theme for modern times, deploying a series of incredibly cutting edge tools that make the website design and creation process a highly approachable task that will take you mere minutes to complete, with seamless, impeccably executed visual stylings and functional elements that will amaze and engage your visitors, while requiring absolutely no previous coding skills or experience from you.

Farmvilla is jam-packed with usefulness, from convenient inclusion of the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider premium slider and Ultimate Addons for VC plugins, Farmvilla is a customization powerhouse with a completely visual interface and a magnificent admin panel chock-full of advanced options and customization categories for you to fiddle with. Amazing out of the box WooCommerce functionality makes Farmvilla a natural salesman, perfect for organic grocers, food providers or organic catering services to easily market their wares to a massive online audience, and packaged with time-saving page templates such as the Products, the Recipe plugin to add recipes to each of your specific products, and much more. Try Farmvilla today!

RT-Theme 19

rttheme 19 - green business theme

RT-Theme 19 is a premium, streamlined theme for WordPress that includes everything to make unique and professional green business related website. It can enhance corporate, business, product catalog, portfolio, and services web pages. It can also be used for real estate, itinerary, car rental, and hotel projects.

The RT-Theme 19, in addition to WooCommerce, can create the best online stores on the market. Be sure to access the theme demo, if you want to experience the power of the customization tools. There are many skins and demos included in the basic package, and they can easily replace your default website skin. Pages can also be stylized using the Visual Composer tool, or the Live Customizer. Either way, the result will look fantastic.

RT-Theme 19’s best feature is that it allows anyone to become an overnight expert. There is no programming or coding knowledge required, thus opening the door for ambitious entrepreneurs and inexperienced users. The entire color palette can be changed, and you may also modify the fonts and background.

This theme’s accessibility extends to a wide range of devices. Many sites can experience resizing issues, as pages need to fit different screen sizes and resolutions. Thankfully, RT-Theme 19 is completely responsive and able to showcase your items on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.


avada healthy living WordPress theme

Avada is an amazingly flexible, incredibly fast loading, understated and warm WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, well suited for fulfilling the needs of all sorts of websites, whether they’re corporate blogs, news magazines, commercial outlets, professional firms or personal portfolios, and peculiarly well fitting for the design and creation of websites with a focus on green, environmentally sound, sustainable practices. Whether you’re a concerned blogger, a socially responsible corporation, a vocal nonprofit raising awareness or a business fully devoted to eco-friendly models, Avada is what you have been looking for.

Turn a new leaf with Avada’s endless color choices, typographical customization extended Admin panel customization options. Use the Fusion Builder to create new, exciting layouts starting fresh or recycling Avada’s many dozens of professionally designed layouts, which you can edit to your heart’s desire and until they perfectly match your desired brand and image. Engage your audience in a moving, heartfelt manner with Avada’s many smooth animations, transitions and special effects. Parallax scrolling will fascinate your viewers and let them process your content thoughtfully while bedazzled at its presentation. Avada is a theme for websites that want to build a new, greener future that can be sustained over the generations. Start laying the foundation for a better tomorrow, today, with Avada!

Organic Web Shop

organic web shop ecommerce theme

If you are looking for a great WordPress eco theme that includes an unlimited color palette and extensive theme options, look no further than Organic Web Shop. The price of this theme is quite reasonable, especially when you consider the $46 of free plugins that you will receive. You will find that it will more than pay for itself in the long run. It is perfect for setting up your online shop, inspiring trust in your potential clients.

Due to the financial nature of this pursuit, a currency converter was added, lessening the discomfort of figuring out current exchange rates. However, cultural compatibility is not restricted to currency. Language can also be an important barrier, one that must be passed if you wish to have a broader customer base. Thankfully, Organic Web Shop offers multilingual support, a features that can include translations of your content, so that non-English speaking audiences can browse what you have to offer. After all, the internet is the only medium that has the potential to generate a true global market place.

If you wish to make an informed decision regarding the theme that you are about to purchase, consider viewing their live preview, along some with some free screenshots that they have posted. You also have the option to visit the developer’s website, or follow their activity on THEMEFOREST. For the veterans of the WordPress community, the term WooCommerce will not be a foreign one. It is a versatile and adaptable plugin, the thing that makes online shops possible. It’s not that it is the only option for commercial plugins, but people trust it.

Your visitors will be more likely to buy stuff from your site, if you are WooCommerce enabled. A support forum was included, and although it can be a little slower than a direct email or voice direct support line, it gets the job done. It should be mentioned that this theme is fully responsive. Your content can be displayed in high quality on smart phones, tablets and desktop PC, without any noticeable loss of loading time or resolution.


organique healthy food shop

If your ambition is to open a prospering organic food shop, or any type of eco-friendly merchandising franchise, you will need a WordPress theme like Organique. It is modestly priced, and provides a large number of features and options that are sure to impress even the most hardened cynic. If the prospect of setting up your own page seems intimidating, but you do not have enough money to hire a professional company, you need not worry. Part of the credit goes to WordPress itself, as has a very simple and intuitive layout. Everything is where it needs to be, easily found and easily modified. However, the theme that you select will introduce another dimension to this process.

Thankfully, the developers were kind enough to include video tutorials and a free PSD. If you still have issues with navigating all of these options, their efficient support system can provide solutions in a timely manner. This theme can look amazing on any platform, as it is retina ready and responsive. The design is very clean, suited for high resolutions screens, even those of mobile devices. And now we get to the meat of the problem: the online shop itself.

The WooCommerce plugin is a community staple, trusted by a multitude of people from across the globe. With this plugin, you do not have wait, you can start selling immediately. The traditional way of constructing pages can be daunting, and a solution was needed in order to make it more user friendly. The intuitive page builder of Organique offers a better way of achieving good results, because it does most of the work. An ideal tool does all of the heavy technical lifting, leaving only aesthetic and organizational decisions to the user. No tool can ever compensate for good taste, it can only free your hands and let you focus on what’s important. All themes from this developer are translation ready, and it takes only a few moments in order to configure the Organique WPML plugin.

Your pages will be optimized for search engines, which ultimately increase traffic and merchandise revenue.

Mr. Tailor


Mr. Tailor is a WordPress theme that can be easily customized. Many people use this product to create amazing online stores and websites. You do not have to begin from scratch, as Mr. Tailor’s setup process can import dummy data in order to get you started. Should you experience any problem, the resourceful support team can provide excellent advice. They are eager to help, as they can guide you through the customization process. As technology changes, your website must remain relevant. Once the theme is purchased, clients will gain access to a lifetime of free updates. A series of detailed guides and video tutorials are offered, informing new users and helping them to personalize their page.

Many premium WordPress plugins are included free of charge. These include the amazing Slider Revolution plugin, and the astounding Visual Composer. The customization options are extensive, as customers can craft a site that matches their vision. Fonts, color palettes and logos can be modified without the need to alter the theme’s code. Your site will have an added layer of depth, thanks to the impressive Parallax Sections. The resulting scroll effect will be highly interactive and dynamic. By visiting the Theme Options panel, admins can select a distinct header layout style.


gaea environmental eco wordpress theme

Gaea is an eco-friendly WordPress theme that offers a series of useful features, designed to increase your website’s chances of success on the competitive market. It uses the innovative Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 framework, a fact that grants it full responsiveness, the capability of adapting to any device. This may seem commonplace nowadays, but we must take into consideration that proper mobile devices have only emerged recently. Traditional sites have issues with these phones and tablets, and the full responsiveness feature solves that. Gaea is modestly prices, especially given the overwhelming amount of content and innovation that it offers. It even goes the extra mile and gives you a revolution slider that is worth $18, for free.

A trusted friend of the WordPress commercial community, the WooCommerce plugin has also been enabled for Gaea, allowing for the establishment of great online stores in a safe environment. If you wish, you may also enable PayPal donations for your site. Recently, an event registration feature was enabled, enhancing the organizational ability of any website owner. It all depends of which route you want to take in promoting your cause. You may choose to setup a corporate or private site, designed to generate profit. Or you may choose the non-profit business model, relying on donations and advertisement revenue. Regardless, Gaea has the capabilities necessary for your proliferation and success.

This eco-friendly WordPress theme will never be finished, and that is a good thing. For as long as you choose to have it installed, you will benefit from useful updates that are designed to improve your experience, and adapt its features to the ever changing market place. In addition, more homepage template designs and new header design option will also be added. It should be mentioned that an HTML version was also included, and it can be swiftly downloaded as well. The support line representatives will be swift to answer any question regarding their service, and provide useful tips for the community.

On the aesthetic side of things, the design choice is gorgeous, and you should get a lot of followers for that reason alone. The event calendar can be displayed in glorious, full width resolution, and there are 2 main layout configurations. Each instance can be shown in either boxed or full screen settings.

Organic Life

organic life eco friendly wordpress theme

As a society, if we are what we eat, then we must pay attention to our nutrition. Be it lowering the quality of food in order to make it cheaper, or the sad truth that the most damaging compounds are often the most delicious, there is a public obesity problem in most civilized countries. However, there is a backlash that aims to promote healthy living and eating. If you wish to promote and even capitalize on it, you need a solid web page. In many ways, an online portal is even more productive than a physical store, because no matter how good a store is, it will take time to get to it. Time is not a factor that many people have in abundance, so there is a tangible market that can be exploited.

If you have chosen WordPress as your primary online platform, you must also select a proper theme. Organic life is a good example of a product that manages to fit a certain niche, without being restrictive when it comes to design and layout choices. With Organic Life, the only thing that is pre-determined, is that it is an eco-friendly WordPress theme. Any other conceivable aspect can be modified or altered at will. It is also ready for translation, allowing for many users to enjoy your content and service, even if they do not have English as their primary language. You don’t have to be a marketing genius in order to realize that more people equals more earning potential. Of course, when dealing with an online store, integrating the fabulous WooCommerce plugin.

The theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0, and an awesome Revolution slider was also added. This allows the user to promote special sales and offers with ease. In addition to your more tangible product such as ingredients or even dishes, you may also maintain an enthralling blog. You will get to detail why this lifestyle is the right way to go, and how one could achieve it. Overall this is a solid theme that deserves your attention.


environmental eco fueled wordpress theme

If you operate a non-profit organization and you want to purchase a theme that can help you to represent your views, be sure to give Environmental a try. The developers claim that it is a complete solution, and any honest reviewer would be inclined to believe them. It includes a nice drag and drop page builder, turning a complicated operation like page building, into a child’s game. You do not need to an IT specialist in order to pull this off. When freed from the burden of having to constantly consult tutorials, managing your own website can actually be quite pleasant. You will not only get to do what you love, but you will also have fun doing it. There is a well-known 3 step guide implemented, for those that need a little instruction.

This theme includes over 100 Google fonts, and a plethora of theme options that lets you cherry pick the options you prefer. Be sure to check out the live preview for more information. Nice-looking screenshots have also been made available. As previously mentioned this product is ideal for non-profit companies that aim to provide relief for animals, you save the environment. A good theme is defined by its ability to provide you with variation. Each picture, post and slider must be at your whim, and you sense of imagination will be the only limit. The features do not require you to input short codes or impossible templates. All that is needed can be found in the drag and drop templates.

Organic Food

organic food healthy wordpress theme

As far as WordPress theme names go, you can’t really get more descriptive than this. Of course, the Organic Food skin allows you to customize and improve your website. It doesn’t matter if you are selling ingredients yourself, or simply supporting an advice column for those that wish to live healthy. Be it Organic blogging, shops or farms, this theme has all of the necessary coding and features in order to banish the very concept of mediocrity from your site.

For each possible industry niche that Organic Food might fulfill, they have created a demo web page. Using these, you will be able to get a general idea of such a page should look like. When it comes to customization, you can either start from scratch, or modify one of these existing demos. This product is fully supported by some very informative video tutorials aiding those that are not familiar with page creation. For even more information, you can check out the detailed documentation and the premium support forum feature. Every commonly asked question has been covered, so browse to your heart’s desire.

On the aesthetic side of things, this theme include Parallax background videos, full screen pictures, enticing animations and some very elegant typography. A visual composer was added, along with the WooCommerce plugin and full translation capabilities. Overall, this is a great theme that is deserving of your attention.

20+ Creative WordPress Themes For Agency, Portfolio, Blog and Other Awesome Websites – 2016

19 Brilliant Creative WordPress Themes 2015

As far as tasks go, there are patterns that form, based on how certain issues are approached and solved. For example, there are people that are more methodical, with a keen eye for detail that often focus on procedural perfection. Efficient and proud of it, this type of person is usually a great practitioner of his craft, regardless of what that might be.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the creative type. When most people hear “creative” they often picture artists like painters or musicians. Although such occupations are some of the most prominent examples, creativity represents much more than. Say for example, the previously mentioned methodical person encounters a problem that he/she was not trained to handle? Or an artist has to constantly produce entertainment for his peers.

As the name suggests, creativity is the ability to create things that were not there before. Just about anyone can memorize something and apply it, but it takes true creativity in order to invent or craft something original, that never existed before. However, this creativity comes at a cost, because the overall process is not as voluntary as a repetitive task. It should also be mentioned that being methodical and being creative are not mutually exclusive, as there are plenty of people that are both of these things.

It’s not like doing push-ups, you cannot force yourself to write a great song, or paint a great painting. Your responsibility as an artist or creative person, is to be a conduit for when inspiration strike. You must lay the groundwork and wait. That’s why many great artists, musicians or comedians walk around with notepads. They realize that a great moment or idea is just around the corner, so they must be prepared to scribble it down.

Art is just a reflection of society, often parodying, copying or praising its events and trends. It is only normal that as society evolves, creativity closely follows. The IT technological revolution is arguably the greatest game changer in human history since the advent of the steam engine or the internal combustion engine. Nowadays, our notepads have taken the form of mobile devices, and our websites often become the canvas of our arts. Do not be fooled by the stereotype of the aloof, uncaring and messy artist, as the marketplace is quick to punish those that shun consistency or quality.

In many ways, being organized is just as important as meeting deadlines or putting pen to paper. You have to realize that most of your eventual clients do not know you personally. All you have is your reputation as an artist, and you will undoubtedly be judged by the quality of your work and your website. Most of us can agree that a bad first impression is very hard to shake off, so why not make a good one instead? A good website is paramount to the success of any businessman, regardless of his/her field of activity. For many people, this is a burden, and they refuse to see it as an opportunity.

The truth is that advertising costs money, a lot of it. A website is nothing more than a dirt cheap form of what used to costs thousands of dollars. Even more, while a commercial or newspaper ad only gives you a few minutes to plug your product or service, you can spend hours on your page, explaining and detailing everything. Of course, that is based on the assumption that you can get their attention. In the truest sense of the phrase, you have only seconds to peak a visitor’s interest, before he/she will move on. So how can this be achieved? Well, there is no right way, you have to find something that will make you page unique. For many people, the answer lies in WordPress themes. These themes are more than skins, although they provide that service as well. Their benefits surpass the realm of aesthetics, as they incorporate plenty of useful plugins and features that increase functionality. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best creative WordPress themes.



Uncode is a superbly nimble and flexible, technologically pliable and sophisticated, developer friendly and extremely easy to use and customize, visually polished and refined, professionally graphically designed and highly expressive responsive WordPress creative multiuse theme. Uncode has been developed from the ground up as an all-inclusive WordPress theme that is a complete solution for needs at every level of the website design, construction and maintenance process, requiring little to no coding skills whatsoever and fully capable of producing high quality results that are impressive and deeply memorable, engaging your audience in a long-lasting way that has a direct, measurable impact on your traffic and conversion rates.

Uncode builds on the power of the WordPress platform with powerful premium plugins like the drag and drop Visual Composer, LayerSlider 5, Revolution Slider and a host of other incredibly powerful and smooth features to expand and augment your websites, out of the box. Uncode includes the gorgeous iLightbox feature for highlighting your media in the most handsome way. Creative types will feel right at home with Uncode, with tons of advanced customization options integrated for your convenience. Uncode is remarkably responsive, capable of rendering seamlessly across a vast set of devices, browsers and platforms, maximizing your exposure. Get Uncode today!

Massive Dynamic


Massive Dynamic is an incredibly innovative, robustly reliable, cleverly coded and deliberately designed responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. Massive Dynamic is a brilliant and thorough, flexible platform for the construction of gorgeous, attractive and modern WordPress websites across an enormous variety of fields, and it is uniquely well suited for usage by the most creative and inventive webmasters with or without previous development experience. Empowering webmasters through the Live Website Builder, which allows for minute detailing of your website’s look and feel in a dynamic, real-time presentation with WYSIWYG philosophy, you will be able to switch around colors, layouts, columns, shortcodes, rows and much more in a matter of minutes.

Dynamic layout tools afford you the creative freedom to alter your website’s entire design with a single click, from boxed and full width presentations to multiple sidebar styles and even slick floating content. Massive Dynamic’s unique live builder offers live preview, access to all settings and shortcode deployment and customization all from a single interface. You will be impressed by the flexibility of Massive Dynamic’s advanced header technology as well. With Massive Dynamic, there is hardly a visual statement you can imagine that you can’t faithfully reproduce with this powerful builder!



TheGem is a surprisingly flexible and amazingly ambitious, imaginative and innovative, readily responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. TheGem is a wonderful toolkit for crafting powerful modern websites in a matter of minutes without having to write a single line of code yourself, and with an endless capacity for visual and graphical branding and customization. TheGem has also been packaged along with over 40 professionally graphically designed demo website templates and over 150 unique page templates for specific purposes, each conceptually conceived to match the nature and tone of different website archetypes.

Versatility is the order of the day with TheGem, and the Visual Composer premium page builder plugin as well as a set of amazing advanced theme settings put you at the helm of your website’s look and feel every step of the way. TheGem includes hundreds of creative and stylish Google fonts, endless color scheme combinations, unparalleled layout customizing freedom and much more under the hood. With TheGem, eight different navigational styles with over 20 custom settings are available for you to choose from, offering your users an immersive navigational experience that positively impacts your returning traffic rates. TheGem is the perfect outlet for all your creativity! Try it today!



Kalium is a WordPress theme that inspires and nurtures creativity. It includes many amazing features, and it is one of the top products in its niche. It is guaranteed that Kalium’s large number of portfolio items will make your portfolio look great. The amount of options for personalization is staggering, giving you the possibility to showcase every item in a unique and eye-catching way. Customers can alter the text’s configuration, spacing, and the alignment of the images. This is an advanced, streamline WordPress portfolio theme. However, it can be used by anyone, even the those among us that are not tech-savvy. The page setup process is very quick, and it last only a few seconds. The Visual Composer is one of the most prolific and efficient page builders. It is featured with Kalium, available from no extra fees. You can take the reins of your own site because this theme makes you less reliant on web development companies.

Developing your own site is surprisingly satisfying, and Kalium has the tools required to get the job done. The Theme Options facilitate the process, and provide an accessible means of customization. The theme includes a very large number of fonts, and even has a feature that highlights the most prolific ones. If you dislike all of the 600 Google Fonts, you will have the option to go the Admin Panel and upload something that is more suited to your taste. This theme has over 800 amazing icons, and there are some pre-made skins that are included with the Kalium theme package.



Jevelin is a colorful and imaginative, innovative and tech-savvy, dynamic and engaging, readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin has been developed for webmasters with a uniquely creative flair who aspire to accomplish professional levels of detailed customization without having to know absolutely any coding. For Jevelin, website building is all about ease of use and variety of choice.

That is why Jevelin lets you not only install your preferred demo websites and page templates with a single click, including all high resolution images featured in the demos, while the visual page builder and advanced admin tools let you make your website your own within a few easy clicks and in the blink of an eye, featuring extensive branding, page by page graphical customization and color highlighting, unique layouts for your portfolios and blog pages and much more under the hood. Jevelin is perfect for webmasters in need of absolute creative freedom, providing meaningful customization at the full website level, individual page level, section by section and even element by element, there is not a setting or animation within Jevelin that you cannot turn inside out to your liking. Try Jevelin today, and let your creative juices flow freely!



FatMoon is a sleek and attractive, modern and engaging, easy to use and profoundly intuitive, rapidly responsive WordPress creative photography multipurpose website theme. FatMoon is the result of an intensive and laborious design and development process by a dedicated team of designers and coders working in conjunction to produce a finely crafted, fully functional and very user friendly platform for creative professionals, photographers, web designers, freelancers architects and related, intensely creative professional fields to quickly and effectively solve all their online portfolio needs and requirements in a single place.

With FatMoon, making a visual statement that is memorable and unique is the order of the day, and with 41 conceptually conceived demo websites for you to get things started, it really is no wonder. FatMoon incorporates the uncomplicated Visual Composer and Slider Revolution premium plugins to ensure graphical customization of your end user experience is speedy and hassle-free. FatMoon features some of the classiest and most elegantly unobtrusive portfolio template pages on the market today, with advanced grid and masonry configuration capabilities, smooth transitions and animations and much more under the hood. FatMoon’s native, Bootstrap-powered responsiveness makes it mobile-friendly from the ground up. Try FatMoon today, and see for yourself!

Studio 8


For creative professionals who wish to craft an exemplary site, Studio 8 is an ideal choice. This modern theme is highly adaptable and streamlined, capable of enhancing every single feature of your page. Its design is responsive, as any user will be able to view your high-quality content. Studio 8 is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops, and all web browsers. The theme offers built-in short codes, allowing site owners to personalize posts and articles. The Option Panel is powerful, yet it remains very user-friendly. Even novice users can navigate it with ease. Basically, this product facilitates creativity by not burdening you with boring technical apects. As long as you can imagine it, Studio 8 can make it happen.

The installation process only takes a few minutes, and the resulting site will be lightning-fast. Everyone will benefit from a theme that has earned a Page Speed Grade of A98%. If some errors occur, feel free to contact the excellent support team. Their polite and professional representatives are eager to resolve any issue. A live Demo of Studio 8 was made available, allowing clients to sample the theme before deciding to buy it.


The Voux


Creativity is a volatile and traitorous quality, and it almost seems to have a mind of its own. It comes and goes as it wishes, and the artist can only hope to enter an environment that encourages creativity. Thankfully, themes such as The Voux are here to offer that environment, in a very accessible and user-friendly manner. Even if you are a novice, this product enables you to create a website that is worthy of hosting your work. It gives you an option to personalize the page, shaping it into something that perfectly matches your vision. Despite the complexity of The Voux’s layouts, you will never encounter resizing errors. Tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers are supported, along with most web browsers and high resolution Retina devices.

Beautiful galleries can be used to shine a spotlight on your content, while the nifty Header Mega Menu makes it easier to navigate through content. Tags, categories, and sub-categories can be added. In the time that it takes to boil an egg, your website theme will be installed. After that moment, you can select a modern pre-made layout and start the customization process. Drag and Drop technology is used, so no coding knowledge is required.

X Theme


The job of a great WordPress theme is to get out of your way, while providing you with top-quality customization tools. Most clients want a highly-personalized, creative website that perfectly reflects their vision. Pre-made designs may be attractive for those with tight schedules, but they often fail to reflect the individuality of the users. Thankfully, X is a heap of raw material from which you can construct a jaw-dropping site. It is packed with versatile features, and more than a dozen premium WordPress plugins.

With this theme, the client can implement static, personalized backgrounds that feature solid colors or images. However, the background can also shift as the user scrolls through posts, similar to a slideshow. Due to the WordPress Live Customizer, you will be able to express your creativity. This innovative tool can be used by anyone, even those who lack programming knowledge. It is also easier to experiment with different design variations, given that all changes can be previewed before they are applied. You can’t claim to have a creative website while maintaining a boring font. Thankfully, X clients can choose between 600 Google Font variations. bbPress and BuddyPress were also implemented, offering followers a way to interact with the site administrators.


The Agency


Let your photographs stand out and grab the attention of your target audience using WPLook’s The Agency WordPress theme! The Agency has a clean and minimalist design that will make your photographs or images standout and capture the interest of visitors. This theme also offers unlimited design and customization possibilities because it is built on SASS, which offers extensive features and capabilities compared to other CSS extension language out there. It is completely responsive to ensure that everyone could effortlessly visit your website despite the type of device they choose to use. The theme is fully packed with HTML, XML and PSD files to expedite website design and development.

The 2 custom post types and 3 widget areas included in the theme allows you to set up a beautiful and functional pages for your photography website. It has a smart and powerful theme options panel that lets you choose the perfect colour scheme for your photography agency website, change the header, customize the background design and upload your own favicon and logo that represents your agency’s brand. Moreover, you can use its full size slider for showcasing your stunning works and attracting your target clients. The Agency WordPress theme has a very intuitive drop-down menu that helps your visitors explore your website with ease. Finally, this theme is developed using clean HTML5 and CSS3 code for guaranteed flexibility and usability. Its pages load really fast with a page speed grade of A98%. What’s more? This theme is multilingual ready to help you reach different clients on a global scale.



You is a beautiful and creative, colorful and bold, youthful and fresh, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. You has been conceived as a modern and flexible solution for webmasters from all walks of life, with or without previous development experience, to effectively put together sophisticated modern websites across a veritable cornucopia of imaginable industries and fields, from business to corporate, personal to professional, You can handle them all. Deploying the ultra-intuitive Visual Composer drag and drop page builder alongside the industry standard Revolution Slider premium plugin, You can produce the most attractive websites on the internet today without skipping a beat.

With powerful capabilities like bbPress social forum plugin compatibility, You can deftly handle all sorts of massive online communities across any number of niche markets and demographics in the blink of an eye. Visual customization is straightforward with You, using accessible and readily modifiable Advanced Theme Options to empower you to decide on the look, feel and behavior of every element in You. Integrated WPML plugin capabilities mean you can easily reach around the world, or across a wide set of demographics within a geographical context, greatly expanding your user base overnight. You need some You in your life!



Brooks is a clean and fresh-faced, luminous and bright, visually dynamic and very user-friendly, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Brooks is an extremely functional, notably intuitive website building toolkit designed for webmasters of any experience level or background that want to put together competent, resourceful websites for a variety of different purposes, ranging from creative and professional websites to business or corporate with utter seamlessness. Brooks has been thought out to offer a combination of both prepackaged, convenient functionality and highly liberating degrees of creative freedom.

With an amazing selection of professionally graphically designed page templates and demo websites for just about any kind of professional, business or corporate project or endeavor, from niche markets like Organic Food Stores to sleek and minimal Creative Design Agency websites with a full set of advanced social media features and integration for all your digital marketing campaigns, to fully functional multi property real estate demo websites, Brooks can handle them all without skipping a beat. Incredibly handy capabilities such as gorgeous portfolio layouts and impressive blog styles and presentations, top of the line AJAX capabilities for all your product catalogues, and much more under the hood! Try Brooks now, and check it out!



Oshine is an amazing, multi-layout WordPress theme that can improve any portfolio. It is very versatile, capable of adapting to the customer’s needs. In addition, this product includes over 18 distinct demos. Oshine has earned praise from its followers, given that it was voted Best Portfolio & Photography theme by many upstanding popular blogs. Attention to detail is the cornerstone of each demo’s design philosophy. Clean, streamlined and modern, your site will surely impress potential employers. A customized experience is guaranteed, given the option to combine features from multiple demos. Having a distinct and recognizable look is important, considering that the market often shuns mediocrity and unoriginality. Oshin is a masterpiece, and it allows you to create a site like no other. Every page can be tailored to accommodate your specification, thanks to the diverse roster of features.

It incorporates the powerful drag and drop page builder. This builder is capable of generating impressive pages in a very short amount of time. Customers can benefit from visual previews in the backend, and amazing features such as copy & paste. The Theme Options Panel has no limits, as it allows you to control every element of your site. It offers precise color controls, and 500 beautiful Google Fonts. Oshin incorporates 5 menu layouts, 3 footer and body layouts, in addition to 10 distinct header layout combinations. Each of these options can be combined in order to reflect your vision. Gradient overlays, variable gutters, multiple columns, 7 Title Styles and 8 Hover options are offered.

Full screen sliders, background videos and images, can add another dimension to your pages, combining practicality and solid aesthetic design. Oshin has gone through rigorous testing in order to assure that mobile device users will benefit from the same quality experience as those who use desktop computers. The result is a fully responsive theme that works on all platforms.



Lorem is a very elegant and aesthetically flexible yet elegant, creative and imaginative, colorful and fresh, intuitively customizable and structurally robust as well as pliable, seamlessly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Lorem is a competent, solid and capable WordPress theme that employs a cutting edge W3C valid HTML5 code as a backbone to a sleek, ambitious and flexible CSS3 scripting technology articulated through a modular Bootstrap design that is completely mobile friendly and inherently responsive, cross-compatible with platforms, browsers and devices the world over.

Lorem includes the clever and user friendly Visual Composer page builder, which requires absolutely no coding in order for you to build your own entirely unique website layouts to fit your every spec and satisfy your every need. Lorem is a gateway to completely one of a kind websites that stand out from the crowd and make a bold, memorable statement. With Lorem, every website has a unique flair that is palpable through every bit of your creative, imaginative web creations, from custom widgets and shortcodes to sleek, responsive sliders and flexible, all-purpose templates and layouts covering needs from portfolios to blogs and galleries, as well as custom WooCommerce interfaces, and so much more! Try Lorem today!




Verve is a stylish and aesthetically accomplished, visually eloquent and very seamless and minimalist, rapidly responsive WordPress high-end multipurpose website theme. Verve is a unique and powerful website building platform that has been constructed catering specifically to the demanding needs and requirements of high-end audiences and demographics across all sorts of imaginable businesses and industries, from stylish high end online magazines and specialized travel journals to professional and corporate portfolios and presentations, Verve can do it all, and it can do it in the most jaw-dropping gorgeous of styles.

Amazingly detailed spoken video tutorials are included with Verve to ensure you always make the most of this incredibly flexible theme from day one, taking you by the hand through the uncomplicated single click demo import process, the intuitive Visual Composer customization and layout crafting process, and a number of additional tutorials expansively explaining how to achieve professional quality sprawling image galleries with engaging animations and transitions, beautiful, breath-taking high resolution featured image and content sliders, or utter e-Commerce readiness by enabling the integrated WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite features with the flick of a switch, so you can instantly market your wares. Verve is for webmasters that can’t afford anything but the best. How’s that sound?



H-Code is a massive and imaginative, incredibly convenient and time-saving, visually enticing and wonderfully responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. H-Code is an ambitious, massive platform for the intuitive and uncomplicated development of professional quality websites across an enormous range of businesses and fields of interests. H-Code has been endowed with a vast collection of professionally designed multipage and single page or homepage demo websites, each completely functional right out of the box and optimized for all kinds of niche or general applications.

With H-Code’s integrated premium Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins, graphical customization is the order of the day, and you can really let your creative juices flow freely, producing unique, relatable and enveloping websites every single time. H-Code includes outstanding features, widgets and elements, totaling in at over 200 and all readily available to drag and drop into the action and customize to suit your behavioral and visual expectations. With amazing transitions and animations, you can make true works of art within H-Code, which will look ineffably seamless and stylish regardless of what device, browser or platform your users are coming in from, thanks to Twitter’s Bootstrap based modular design. H-Code is your soundest ally in expressing your creativity online!


luisa - clean minimal portfolio theme

LUISA is a fresh, clean and minimalist website template ideal for portfolio website. This theme is ideal for creative individuals, agencies and business who want to showcase their stunning works and projects. Its clean and minimalist design allows you to implement any website design that you can imagine. This theme is very easy to setup and customize, thanks to its one click demo install functionality that enables you to set up your website in no time. LUISA has a built-in WordPress Customizer that helps you modify certain theme elements such as fonts, colors, page layout and many more. Its minimalist appearance makes your content take the spotlight and helps you successfully achieve the purpose of your website (showcase your works, promote, gain more followers or sell). This theme comes with a very fluid layout design that efficiently adjusts on any types of mobile devices.

This theme is built based on Bootstrap 3 framework to ensure quick and easy website development. It includes portfolio post type to let users easily post images and other visual contents with ease. LUISA uses isotope and masonry grid layout that makes your website look clean, ordered and easy to view. Moreover, this theme supports video files so you can also easily share video presentations in your blog or portfolio. This theme also implements AJAX navigation to ensure that your web visitors easily find the content they are looking for in your website. This theme has parallax effects for headers and portfolio sections that will certainly grab the attention of your target site visitors. This simple theme is fully optimized for SEO and designed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to help you stay abreast of the latest trends in web design. To end, you will never regret choosing this theme because they have an outstanding customer support that could help you make the most of this minimalist yet fully functional WordPress theme.


roua simple and minimal portfolio theme

ROUA is the ideal WordPress theme for people who wish to create an impressive web page. Artists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators can rejoice, given the staggering amount of features that this theme offers. ROUA is very user-friendly, as anyone can navigate its options.

The installation process will not take long, and the resulting website will run on all devices, even smart phones and tablets. This theme has its own personality, distinguishing it from its competitors. The secret to personalization is to give customers the option to craft their own experience. For example, you may edit your page’s portfolio type. This allows you to include important projects, and display them in an enticing manner. Professional presentations will always use some video files, in order to contextualize and exemplify the subject. ROUA has full video support, as clients are free to include whatever they want on their portfolio projects and pages. This theme has several custom templates for pages, which can be added with a few clicks. In addition, your site will benefit from Parallax headers, adding a new dimension to your content.

ROUA is optimized for search engines. Even the best sites can be forgotten, if they do not show up on the top spots of search results. That will never happen to you. When creating your site, you may choose to start from scratch, or simply take advantage of the awesome demo data. It serves as a perfect template of what a page should look like, helping your ascension towards success. Some customers may choose to translate their content. Thankfully, sites that use ROUA are WPML-ready, as every line can be displayed in another language. If you encounter any problems, be sure to contact the 5-star rated support team. They can help you to navigate any issue.


notio clean minimal portfolio theme

Instead of aiming for another mediocre WordPress theme, Natio tries to focus more on quality. It is an E-Commerce Deluxe Portfolio theme that aims to leave its mark on the industry. Notio tries to change the status quo by introducing a full-stack animation library which results in excellent animation that can be displaying on any screen, regardless of the device.

Notio’s pages do not rely on templates, as they are made with the help of the Visual Composer tool. This results in an endless variety of potential layouts, for you and your visitors. You would have to pay an inconceivable amount of money in order to have an agency do construct each individual page. Notio definitely lives up to its promises, and saves you tens of thousands of dollars. This theme has 10 layouts for your portfolio and 8 portfolio detail pages. If you want to create a respectable online store, there is only one way to go: WooCommerce. This plugin is as prolific, as it is impressive. Using it, your merchandise will definitely have a head start. Another important feature is the Revolution Slider. It is a staple of any successful theme, this Slider can create impressive slideshows, with eye catching animation in-between images. Notio is compatible with WPML, allowing for the translation page. This brings the added benefit of expanding your potential customer base, and building a multicultural community around your site. The installation process is not difficult at all. It only takes one single click and the job is done.



Contrary to popular belief, creativity does not live in a vacuum. It requires an environment that nourishes thought and expression. However, it can be hard to focus on quality content while handling a cumbersome website. Brixton is a WordPress theme that promises to take care of the heavy lifting. This gives you time to focus on what is truly important: your writing. The site creation and customization process is very user-friendly, and even a child can design a professional blog. No coding knowledge is required.

Brixton has multiple post templates: audio, gallery, link, video, and standard. It is possible for site owners to upload their own favicons and logos. In addition, your creative website will benefit from CSS animations and features. Should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to consult the detailed help file. It contains relevant information regarding all major features. Readers will always appreciate a creative website that does not waste their time. Thankfully, Brixton benefits from lightning-fast loading speeds and a very intuitive interface. Brixton has two main versions: boxed and full width. Regardless of which version is chosen, the page will look incredible. You can experiment with different site color schemes, given that there is a limitless number of color palettes.


electric - creative portfolio wp theme

Websites usually fall into one of two categories: those with niche specialization, and those that can fit a variety of roles. Surprisingly, Electric is a WordPress theme that an easily adapt to both roles. It can meet the requirements of any job, accommodating both new users and experts. It is an exceptional product, and it should be your first choice, if you are looking for a reliable, quality WordPress theme.

It is a theme for everyone, as it eliminates those difficult, steep learning curves. It will give you the tools required in order to craft an amazing site. It is refreshing to see such a versatile product, available for such a modest price. You can add or remove practical short codes, adjust the layout design, and alter the home page. This theme can suit your preference, and your needs. After the installation is finished, you get to enjoy 8 distinct portfolio designs that can be implemented on home pages and inner pages. Further customization is possible, thanks to the revolutionary Page Builder.

There are often many compatibility issues when attempting to display content of smaller, mobile screens. Problems like cropping around the corning and stretching beyond the screen are quite prolific. Thankfully, Electric gets rid of any inconvenience, given that it is fully responsive.


alona inventive minimalistic gallery theme

For those that are searching for a clean and tidy WordPress theme, Alona is an ideal selection. Its range of use is quite broad, although it is mainly used by pages that represent either individual artists or the companies that hire them. If you wish to sample the content without any kind of financial risk, you can always check out their free live preview. There are also some screenshots available.

It offers 4 basic types of portfolios, including vertical, horizontal, grid and a layout for projects. You will gain the ability to stack multiple images, and access plenty of versatile sliders. The icon sets are very clean and intuitive, and it is very easy to organize them. In total, Alona has over 400 FontAwesome integrated icons. Re-sizing and enlarging images is not difficult at all, and can be accomplished with a simple click. Even portfolio images are integrated nicely, and their customer support system is very helpful.



If you want a WordPress theme that is brimming with the potential, Pile is your ideal choice. It sports a somewhat unconventional look, representative of the creative community that usually it is aimed at. As if the 15th of November, the theme is at its 1.3.1 version, signifying an attentive developer team will is sure to update and support their product in the future.

If you want to sample their content and see what it’s about, a live preview is available on the website. The price is quite affordable, considering the versatile features that it puts at your disposal. An online documentation source was made available, allowing the customer to learn about the theme.

The overall design of the theme has a refined flexible and daring feel, making it the ideal skin for those seeking to establish a creative website that truly stands out from the competition. Organizing your page has been made quite accessible, given the drag and drop interface feature.


koncept innovative minimal portfolio theme

Regardless of how detailed a written review is, it cannot match the demonstrative power of a simple live preview. If you wish to see what this theme is about, you may access a live preview. KONCEPT is a theme that offers an excellent solution for those that need a strong portfolio.

Its overall design has a simple, minimalist and elegant style, based on an impressive modular concept. The portfolio grid itself is based on the masonry style. The plethora of options, short codes and features assure a versatile experience. Just because it is aimed at web pages, it does not that it cannot adapt to other roles.

If you want to commercialize your service or product, you will be happy to know that this theme is enabled with Woocommerce plugin support, an industry sweetheart when it comes to safe online transactions. All of your art or creative solutions will be surrounded by quality and displayed in gorgeous high fidelity.


corpuse - creative portfolio wordpress theme

Corpus is an incredibly flexible, amazingly powerful, lightweight and intuitive WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the needs of all sorts of webmasters in mind, from personal to corporate and commercial, sizes big and small, who share one common characteristic–a relentless creativity, often stifled by restrictive options when trying to find a simple way to build your website solution. Corpus is the answer to those expressive prayers–it is the embodiment of creative freedom in the form of a WordPress theme, capable of twisting into any shape you need with WPBakery’s drag & drop Visual Composer and the pliable Redux framework. Tons of shortcodes, widgets and features are available and customizable to your heart’s content.

Whether you’re building a recipes blog, a freelance photographer portfolio or a game developing studio, Corpus has everything you’ll need, from an incredible Featured section that can be wholly customized in shape and size and can include maps, videos, images, you name it, to tons of blog and portfolio options, CSS animations everywhere, incredible sidebar options and liberty in terms of number, content, placement, behavior… Corpus is as thorough as it is comprehensive in the vastness of the array of choices it makes available to you. Let your ideas run free, backed with Corpus, today!



Creativity is a very intangible and ethereal property. It comes and goes as it pleases, and an artist’s job is to channel his creative states as soon as they arise. Quality WordPress themes like Fashion Blog must be able to provide an environment that encourages and nurtures the artistic spirit. This product has a charming and intuitive layout that is sure to attract many readers to your content. You do not need to be an expert web developer in order to benefit from Fashion Blog. The installation and customization process has been greatly simplified, due to the inclusion of demo content.

With a single click, you can swiftly import pre-made content. After the setup stage is complete, users can shape every page into something that matches their vision. This is made possible by the extraordinary WordPress Live Customizer tool. In addition, changes can be previewed in real time, before they are implemented. Fashion Blog has completely eliminated all resizing errors, and it can be accessed from any device, operating system, or web browser. This can make your job easier, given that you can now work from anywhere, at any time. Despite its power and versatility, this theme remains lightweight, practical, and simplistic.



Throne is a wonderfully designed, visually attractive and appealing, dynamic and engaging, modern and technologically savvy, vibrant and colorful, aesthetically clean and minimalist, fresh-faced and accessible responsive WordPress minimal multipurpose theme, a sophisticated, elegant and refined theme that has been jam-packed with a series of powerful and impressive widgets, features and functions in order to enable Throne to effortlessly handle a wide range of website needs, but that has been kept extremely easy and intuitive to customize with potent and resourceful options available that empower webmasters of any skill level to produce extremely professional and polished websites that perfectly match their vision.

That is why Throne reigns supreme amongst creative WordPress themes, and it is an outstanding solution for all sorts of creative websites, from artists and photographers to musicians and performers, from illustrators to designers and many more–if you dabble in the creative fields and need a website that can properly allow for your self-expression to take place unhindered by hassling or distracting redundant elements, Throne’s refreshingly light user interface and visual language will sweep you off your feet. Built on a Bootstrap framework, Throne makes sure your carefully designed webpages are seamlessly displayed across all devices capable of accessing the internet.


vibes original creative portfolio theme

Taking yourself to seriously may inspire trustworthiness in a strict corporate environment, but if you do that as an artist, it is a sure-fire way of becoming boring. Vibes chooses the correct patch and offers its customers a more colorful and joyful experience. For more information regarding the theme, online documentation was provided, along with items comments and a private messaging system. A rating system was introduced as well, so the developers can get direct feedback from their community.

The page builder interface is very well optimized and organized, and you won’t have trouble navigating it. It is a modified version of the standard Aqua page builder, made compatible with drag and drop capabilities. In fact, the entire website setup process has been made very easy and accessible, so anyone can do it, even if they are not a tech wiz. The theme includes over 25 total short codes, and a responsive layout that can show up on any screen, regardless of its resolution.


aeris ingenious creative one page theme

One of the main selling points of this theme is that it incorporates the innovative Parallax technology that has the potential to elevate you to the heights of success. It is available in both one page and multi-page variations, as it includes powerful CSS3 animations ad 5 distinct types of headers.

Aeris is popular among creative people of all types, including bloggers which do not require a large number of visually striking features. Regardless of plugins or features, a solid premium theme is expected to increase the owner’s chance of making a successful web site. A great way of approaching that issue is by targeting a broader audience.

Online, this is not a problem due to the global nature of the web. Language is the major challenge, and Aeris has managed to solve this as well. It is translation ready, and it can be displayed in any conceivable language. It is also fully responsive, so you will not encounter any compatibility issues with your content.


bridge expressive multipurpose business theme

Bridge is a nifty WordPress theme that includes a versatile QODE slider, and a page builder that is both powerful and user friendly. Your users will have an easy time cycling through your content, thanks to the transitions that can be seen between content pieces. These transitions are fully animate with impressive effects.

The video background is another big selling point of Bridge, as it really makes your page come alive with motion and color.

All of your content is retina ready, and it can be displayed on high resolution screens. Bridge includes a multitude of short codes and a custom mega menu. Check out the live preview to see this theme in action, and see if it’s right for you. The rate is affordable, and the amount of content means that you will be getting a pretty big bang for your buck.

It features a main master theme, along with 54 incredible, user friendly demos.


brooklyn productive creative one page theme

This is one of those creative WordPress themes that is constantly maintained and updated by the developers. This almost guarantees continuous improvement and the eradication of potential issues. Brooklyn is able to display your content in both multi-page and one page setup. The amount of content that is available more than justifies the modest, reasonable price. It has 12 pre-made demos, 7 styles of global header, 6 home hero types, and an unlimited number of page styles.

The package is WPML certified, allowing for the translation of your content and broadening your potential reach and market demographics. It is obvious that the developers spent a lot of time making a theme that can stand up to scrutiny, and generate positive results for clients. It takes only one single click to initiate the installation process, thanks to the aptly named One Click demo installer. This product is great for large companies, or smaller passion projects. The range of applications are limitless.


Given that there are thousands of sites created each second, you need something that makes you stand out. Himmelen is an excellent creative WordPress theme, capable of enhancing your website. It allows you to express your individuality though a series of wonderful options and features. Regardless of your niche, your content will look incredible.

Customers will be able to treat their page as an empty canvas, customizing every aspect via the Advanced Himmelen Control Panel. Despite its power and versatility, the panel is very user-friendly. There is no need for HTML or CSS3 expertise, resulting in a very intuitive experience for all users. There are 3 basic menu positions, each with its own style: Footer, Top, Header and Canvas. The layout will offer cross-browser compatibility, and it is built in Bootstrap 3. Your entire site will be Retina-ready and responsive. Smartphone and tablet users will experience no problems while browsing from their devices.

Of course, your creative website will benefit from limitless color options. You may design your own scheme, or implement one of the 12 pre-designed skins. There are multiple header variations, and different footer styles. For new users, a detailed and informative Documentation source was included. It offers to guide you through the installation process.


moon - creative photography theme

It used to be the case that programmers and web developers would dominate the online market. With Moon, that is no longer true. This WordPress theme does its best to accommodate those who have no previous experience. Its theme layout is very user-friendly and intuitive, aiding and guiding customers as they construct their website.

Although its versatility allows for any application, Moon is best used to enhance the pages of creative blogs and portfolios. An extensive documentation source offers to assist users, while gif snippets and video tutorials complete the experience. There are multiple format variations for each of your posts, and the possibility to include audio files from networks such as SoundCloud. Videos from Vimeo and YouTube can be featured as well.

For a more interactive and impressive browsing session, users can overlap their photos on a world map. By clicking on a specific location, visitors will get to see all of the photos that were taken in that area. You will also be able to display a list of your available services, and determine their price. Potential customers must always be encouraged to consider doing business with your site. Thankfully, Moon can facilitate appointment booking, giving you more information about their required service and time schedule.



hazel successful creative portfolio theme

A great indicator of an adequate WordPress creative theme is that the potential customer is overwhelmed with the amount of content that is offered. If one wishes to experience what Hazel has to offers, it is advisable to experience the live preview that was made available on the developer’s site. In the context of 3 editions, 35 demos are available, spread out in the Hazel, Hazel glass and Hazel gold categories.

This theme is easy to customize because it lets you make plenty of choices regarding the aesthetic and functional aspect of your future page. You can create something that fits your vision, and you don’t have to be a tech savvy programmer in order to achieve it.

All of your icons will be retina ready, and they can show up on high resolution displays without any compatibility issues thanks to Hazel’s fully responsive coding. The theme also includes an unlimited number of layouts for title areas and headers, along with a full screen men and sticky menu content.


stockholm resourceful multiconcept theme

The developers pride themselves in developing a theme that is genuinely a multi concept product. If you want to see what Stockholm is all about, check out one of their 20 stunning multi concept demos, or the live preview feature. These will probably inform you regarding the quality of the product, and how it can aid to climb those search engine rankings. The admin panel is very easy to use, so no large amount of coding is required. Even a child can create and manage a successful website, if Stockholm is the theme of choice.

Upon purchase, you are not getting a static, unchanging single product In fact, you can expect plenty of updates and support, free of charge. The overall design features a large amount of attention that is placed on detail, along with extensive documentation regarding theme installation and use. All devices can access and display the sections of your page, with every element being fully responsive.


florence creative blog theme

Just because you don’t own a corporate page doesn’t mean that high style elegance and class should not be distinguishing features of your website. Florence is a creative WordPress theme that includes a massive variety of post formats, and includes a programming that allows it to be fully responsive. Regardless of what device is used, your page will not experience any compatibility issues when resizing. This skin was developed by Solo Pine Designed, and offered to customers at a price that is quite affordable. In fact, it is one of the cheapest premium themes on our list.

Currently, it is at the 1.1 version of its development, with plenty of future updates and patches. Although nothing is stopping you from using Florence on any website that you wish, it is designed with blogs in mind. It really excels in presenting your content in a comprehensive and streamlined manner. The base code is very solid, acting as a foundation for the layers of backgrounds, colors, and features that Florence has.


specular quick witted creative portfolio theme

When you name your product Specular, it better be good or you risk looking foolish. Modestly priced and well balanced, this theme is versatile as it can work with almost all types of creative websites. An interesting trend has developed among the WordPress community, where the developers release some really comprehensive demos, allowing customers to make informed decisions regarding their purchase.

For example, Specular offers you some preset demos that cover a multitude of activity niches. The Minimal, Business, Agency, Medicine, Portfolio and Restaurant demos can be modified to fit user specifications before you even decide to buy them. This accurately shows the capabilities of the theme, without any financial risk on the customer’s part. The community has developed a support forum, so any issue can be resolved in an efficient manner. If you are relatively inexperienced with page building, the developers was also released some awesome theme documentation files which can be read online, no download required.

Overall, Spectacular lives up to its name due to the powerful customization features, preview options, and strong user accessibility.


van clean minimal theme

Van is a high quality WordPress theme for personal portfolios or agency websites. Competing on the job market is almost impossible without a solid portfolio or resume. Thankfully, Van is capable of creating some of the best content in the industry. Or maybe you don’t want to work for someone else, and you just wish that you could sell your product or service online. Van can accommodate that as well, due to its inclusion of the extremely useful Woocommerce plugin. Many WordPress sites choose the same platform because it consistently offers quality and reliability.

The 1.2 version of Van includes a Home page 3 psd, along with a free demo. In addition, it is also WordPress 4.1 compatible. A visual composer page builder was added, basically including #28 dollars of free content. Speaking of content, you can rest assured that yours will be able to reach a broad spectrum of the market, due to the fully responsive capabilities of this theme. Any screen, display or device can easily show your site.


nantes eccentric minimal woocommerce theme

To be honest, Nantes is a bit more expensive that other WordPress themes. The question is obvious: Is this theme worth the few extra dollars that it asks for? The short answer is yes, given that it is a highly creative corporate and eCommerce theme. When in doubt, check out their live preview for more information.

The developers were kind enough to add some 4 demos, including Blog, Corporate, Portfolio and Shop configurations. Try them out and decide what is best for your web page. A highly versatile and stable online store can be created, thanks to the implementation of the Woocommerce plugin.

This theme includes a login and rating system, along with the possibility to add some advanced reviews. The general direction in which your theme will go, is totally up to you. Do you want it to be focused on the eCommerce side of business, or do you want an impressive corporate or agency page? Regardless of your choice, Nantes can support your dream with its features and well programmed interface.


viska creative hipster multipurpose theme

Unlike other items on our list, this is creative WordPress theme includes an exclusive one page design. This offers it a simpler, tighter and streamlined appeal that is great for the creation of a great personal blog or portfolio. However, just because it chooses a one page design does not mean that Viska suffers from a lack of powerful features. The visual design is quite impressive, and manages to be elegant and simple.

The developers have added an explanatory video for the setup process, so be sure to check it out. You can play around with the features, using the WP customizer function. Targeting specific demographics is tiresome work, especially if you have to take into account what devices they use. That stress has all but evaporated, because Viska is fully responsive and capable of working on all devices.

It also includes a powerful Parallax background, drastically improving the aesthetic value of your page. You can even use a YouTube video for your site’s background.


newera creative design agency theme

Although it ca have applications in almost every conceivable niche, Newera is aimed at the portfolio and strong business community. Using it, you will be able to establish an HTML 5 portfolio in a fast and efficient manner, framing your work with some excellent theme design and a unique aesthetic appeal. The visual direction is simple and minimalistic, while still retaining a multitude of powerful features and customization options.

The theme has been coded for multiple platforms, and it includes all of the useful Bootstrap features. This theme can give your business or portfolio page a fighting chance, in the context of the competitive business environment. The developers have also added a couple of nifty portfolio layout, along with ajax posts loading features. For each individual project page, you now have the option to establish a distinct layout, free of any restrictions.

It goes without saying, but full responsiveness features were also added, guaranteeing that re-sizing issues or compatibility problems are becoming obsolete. With Newera, the only limitation will be your imagination. It gives you the right tool set that can help you in climbing to the top.


rosie crisp creative wordpress portfolio theme

Rosie is a fully responsive creative WordPress Theme designed to appeal to bloggers, photographers, writers and the like. Corporate firms will find this theme priceless. Say hello to awesome design features like parallax effects, transparent menu options, full page scroll and motion backgrounds.

You can view fonts from a preset standard online. There is an added option to import or export whatever you deem fit. Rosie is built with a user friendly AJAX based operating interface. You get to update your theme for as long as you have it!


apex creative agency wordpress theme

Apex is a fully responsive, innovative WordPress theme. Probably, its greatest asset is that it is capable of making an excellent first impression. In the online world where attention spans are notoriously short, that is an excellent quality. The design is sleek and modern, with 6 color scheme variations on a one page layout. Apex is built on the famous Bootstrap 3 framework, and it includes a custom package of icons, and a blog archive page. There are 4 types of blog posts, with pages designed for only one blog post. The visual design and its style can be easily tweaked via multiple page and theme configurations.

There are skin templates for portfolios, team member services, blog pages, client logos and more. Overall, this theme is suited for creative or business environments. However, it does not sacrifice any of its versatility, and it is still capable of running on websites from other niches. The price is very reasonable, and the developers have also included a live preview so that customers can sample their content.

Apex has plenty of additions, including short code elements such as personalized icons. If you are experiencing any type of issue during the setup of your page, watch the video tutorials that have been made available. They can guide you through the setup and installation process. Speaking of guidance, the support system is top notch, and it is often praised by all of their customers.



Miko is a fantastically imaginative and visually compelling, graphically professionally designed and impressively nimble and flexible, easy to use and customize, developer friendly and technologically polished and potent, open minded and open ended, inventive and entirely responsive WordPress creative business multipurpose website theme. Miko is a theme deliberately designed to pack the strength and power required for major online business undertakings, yet combining an unfalteringly open visual environment that offers webmasters the freedom to handcraft every single nook and cranny of their Miko websites with incredible ease and speed and unimaginable depth of configuration.

Miko is a favorite both of entrepreneurs and business owners as well as artists, freelancers, and creatives of all types whatsoever. With Miko’s premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, making your own unique, amazing, jaw-droppingly creative websites is a matter that takes minutes, not days or weeks, and with the Ultimate Add-ons for VC Package, there is virtually no end to the functionalities your Miko pages can have, with nothing but a couple of clicks. The Revolution Slider, included free of charge, lets you create your own incredible sliders from your own content, that engage and amaze your audience with ease and speed. Try Miko now!


beuh awesome creative wordpress theme

If you want an affordable, highly efficient WordPress theme, this is the product for you! The design of this product is elegant, clean, simple and minimalistic. It is built around the famous Twitter bootstrap framework, with its icons powered by Fontawesome. Beuh also includes an enticing and entertaining YouTube video background, allowing you to selection which specific video that can be displayed. It is compatible with most popular browsers including; including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The Documentation is solid, and the layout is fully responsive.

The basic layout of your home page can be changed, and it does not require any special knowledge. You can simply drag and drop the section, arranging them at will. Although the English speaking population of the world is constantly expanding, you stand to increase your revenue if you branch out to demographics that speak other languages. That is not possible, without a theme like Beuh that includes Translation ready capabilities for all of your posts. Some demo data is included, allowing you to modify and built upon it, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

A pricing table was included, along with an Ajax portfolio and 3 different home page variations. Currently the theme is only $43, a modest price considering the large amount of content that is available. It has a rating of 4.67 stars, indicating an overall positive community and customer reception.

Uncode Theme Review: Powerful Top-Seller Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Uncode is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that aims to be the all-in-one solution for producing websites in the creative industry. Whether you need a new website for your creative agency website or your freelancer portfolio, Uncode could be a good choice.

However, this theme can do a lot more than help you get a basic website up and running. Thanks to its full ecommerce support, drag-and-drop page builder tool, and wealth of other impressive features, Uncode really is a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

Therefore, if you need a new design for your existing website or you’re about to embark on a new website build, Uncode is well worth a closer look.

Uncode WordPress Theme Features


Uncode aims to be the go-to WordPress theme for creatives who need a flexible tool for their website creation needs. In this part of our Uncode theme review, we’ll explore the facts behind the feature list to see what it can do, before moving on to testing out the user experience and finding out how easy it is to use.

Over 30 Website Concepts


Like the best-selling multi-use WordPress themes, Uncode includes an impressive selection of pre-built websites or concepts. Each concept has been built around a specific purpose. This includes creating agency, business, events, and portfolio websites and blog projects.

As this is a WordPress theme with a creative focus, among the Uncode concepts you’ll find a number of options for projects in the creative industries. Whether you’re creating a website for a creative agency or a freelancer, there is a good selection of Uncode demos that should provide you with everything you need.

Creative Agency Website Demo


Among these creative-focused website demos, you’ll find the Creative Agency concept. If you choose this concept for your new website, you’ll be able to make use of the large full-screen slider that’s integrated into the homepage design.


As well as being able to add your own custom content to the homepage slider, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the transparent header area. This feature really helps your background image or video capture the imagination of your visitors, while still providing them with a friendly user experience.


Although like the other demos, the Creative Agency concept homepage layout can be customized and rearranged, its default design features plenty of content and modules to help you present your business in the right way. This includes content from your portfolio, profiles of your team, the latest posts from your blog, contact information, and a lot more.

Creative Studio Website Demo


If you’re more of a solopreneur than an agency manager, then the Creative Studio concept could be a good choice. With the option of displaying a key slogan or welcome message on the homepage of your site, your visitors will instantly know what to expect.


As your visitors scroll down the default homepage configuration, they can view the highlights from your portfolio. You also get the opportunity to share some key stats about your business and abilities.

Coming Soon Page Demo


While you’re working on your site and experimenting with all that Uncode has to offer, you’ll be able to quickly enable the coming soon or under maintenance demos. This will enable you to keep your audience informed of what’s going on, while your main website is offline.


This is just a small selection of the growing number of website concepts available with Uncode. However, this theme has much more to offer than just an impressive set of pre-built website demos.

Library of Page Layouts

Whether you choose to import and use one of the pre-built demos for your WordPress website or not, Uncode will provide you with a large library of page layouts. Thanks to this, you’ll have a selection of pre-built designs to choose from each time you publish a new piece of content.


Some of these layouts cover the essential pages that most websites need. In many cases, such as the about page templates, you’ll have multiple options to choose from for each type of page you’re creating.


As well as a good selection of about page templates, you’ll also find pre-built designs for your contact and services pages as well as a few others. As this theme has a leaning towards those creating websites for creative businesses, the templates cover a range of styles from traditional designs to more creative options.


The Uncode inner page templates are all of a high standard. They each contain all the elements and latest design trends you’d expect to see on a professional custom-built website.

Portfolio Templates

As well as the page templates mentioned above, the Uncode theme has plenty of options to help creatives get their portfolios online. In fact, it’s fair to say that Uncode has a vast selection of portfolio templates for creatives to choose from.


When setting up an online portfolio, Uncode users can pick from a number of portfolio homepage designs, as well as templates for their internal portfolios. There’s a great selection of different types of grid layouts to work with too.

When it comes to presenting the individual pieces of work that make up your online portfolio, again, there are plenty of page templates to choose from.


A lot of effort has been put into ensuring your portfolio items will look great. There’s also been a focus on making it easy for your visitors to navigate their way around your portfolio and view your work. If you want to use your website to land more clients or other exciting opportunities, then delivering a positive portfolio user experience is something you should definitely focus on.

Multiple Blog Layouts


Nearly all websites can benefit from having a blog. If you want to share your story with potential clients and customers, attract new visitors through content marketing, or simply provide your audience with updates on your products or services, then a blog is the best way to achieve this.


The developers of Uncode have recognized this and included a number of pre-built templates and designs for bloggers. As well as the more traditional blog homepages designs, there’s also some more eye-catching layouts that will help your blog and its posts stand out from the competition.


With Uncode, even if you choose one of the non-blogging demos, you can still add a stylish blog to your website. The blog post archive templates are very creative in their appearance. There are also a number of different options to choose from for the individual posts that make up your blog.

A range of different media types are supported too. You’ll also have the ability to display content from your social media accounts in your blog posts.

Full Ecommerce Capabilities


Uncode is a fully ecommerce ready WordPress theme. Thanks to the fact that this theme has been built to support the leading WordPress ecommerce plugin WooCommerce, you’ll have no trouble using Uncode to create a fully functioning online shop.


Even if you don’t want to create an ecommerce website, but would still like the option of listing a few products or services on your site, Uncode is a great choice.


As well as the four online store demos, any of the other Uncode demos can incorporate the ecommerce page templates to quickly add the relevant pages to the site. This includes the product listing pages, the individual product pages, shopping cart, and checkout pages.

Creative Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

To help you unlock your creative potential, the Uncode theme includes a powerful page builder tool. This means you can create custom layouts and designs for your website’s pages. Often these are custom designs that just wouldn’t be possible unless you were prepared to code them yourself.


However, instead of simply including an off-the-shelf page builder tool – as is often the case with multi-purpose WordPress themes – the Uncode team has created a tailored version of the popular Visual Composer plugin and included that in the theme package. Now, instead of getting a generic page builder, you’ll have a modified version of the leading WordPress web design tool that’s been optimized for use with this theme.

If you’ve not used Visual Composer or a similar commercial WordPress page builder tool before, you’ll be surprised at what they can do. Not only can you construct advanced page layouts through the traditional WordPress Editor screen, but you can also use the back-end drag-and-drop editor to customize every aspect of your pages.

Other Uncode Theme Features

Uncode is packed with features. Although the above are some of the highlights, this theme can do a lot more. Here are some more the best Uncode theme attractions:

  • Powerful theme options panel
  • Support for adaptive images
  • Slideshow builder tools
  • Responsive grid layout tools
  • Multiple menu layouts and designs
  • Google Fonts integration
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Smooth page scrolling
  • Custom under maintenance page
  • Full Google Maps integration
  • Ability to create unlimited sidebar configurations
  • Detailed online documentation and video tutorials

You can view the full list of features on the Uncode page at ThemeForest.

Uncode WordPress Theme User Experience

So far, the Uncode features look great. But how easy is it to use? Let’s find out in this section of our Uncode theme review as we carry out a hands-on test of the user experience.

Theme Installation and Setup

Uncode is installed and activated just like a regular WordPress theme. Simply upload and activate the theme package through your WordPress Dashboard or via FTP and you’re ready to start.

Uncode includes a number of commercial and free WordPress plugins, including the powerful Visual Composer and Slider Revolution tools. Thankfully, installing and activating these plugins is very straightforward. Simply use the Uncode plugin installer tool and approve the installation and activation of the recommended and required extensions.


Once the theme and its associated tools are active, you can access the Uncode Dashboard. From there you can import the demo content, configure your website through the theme options panel, import and export and saved layouts, and configure the live search and related posts functionality.

If you do want to import the demo concepts – which you should, as they’re all great – then this can be accomplished through the appropriate section of the Uncode Dashboard.


The Uncode importer gives you the option of adding the demo layouts to your site. You can also choose to import the menu and widget configurations as well as the theme options and settings. Once you’ve run the import tool, you can then begin modifying the demo content to suit your project.

A small amount of personalization work can be carried out through the WordPress Customizer tool. However, most of the customization work takes place through the Uncode theme options control panel.


The Uncode theme options panel is very detailed. There isn’t much of your website you can’t customize. The theme options go beyond just the appearance of your site, but also cover its performance too.


The demo content is imported into the corresponding custom post formats. From the appropriate screen, you can view and then edit any of the imported content.

Thanks to the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin, you can either edit content through the WordPress Editor or via this drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Overall, installing and setting up the Uncode theme is very straightforward. There’s plenty of online documentation to help you should you run into any difficulties.

Uncode Showcase

Let’s now see how some folks have used Uncode to build their own websites. Here 30 amazing websites created with the Uncode theme.


Uncode WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Uncode creative multi-purpose WordPress theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This price includes lifetime theme updates and access to support from the Uncode developers for six months. For an extra $17.63, this support period can be extended for a further six months. Considering this theme includes $86 of useful premium plugins, it should be a good investment for most projects.

Uncode Theme Review Final Thoughts

The main highlight of Uncode is undoubtedly its collection of high quality and impressive demo concepts. Each design has a fully modern and professional look and feel that should suit a wide range of projects.

The large library of pre-built page layouts and templates are a useful feature of Uncode. Being able to combine them to create your own custom website will appeal to many website owners.

The customization options make it easy to personalize your website once you’ve imported the demo content. With Visual Composer to hand, you should have no trouble modifying the demo concept page layouts. Creating your own custom page designs from scratch shouldn’t be difficult either.

Uncode is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme. It’s a flexible option that can be used to create many different types of websites. So if you’re looking for a creative design for your website, why not give it a try today?

View the Uncode demos now

TheGem WordPress Theme Review: Powerful Creative Multi-Purpose Tool

01 Thegem 3d Banner 1200x675

TheGem is one of the newest multi-purpose WordPress themes available today. Picking up from where other multi-purpose themes left off, TheGem has lots to offer WordPress users. In this TheGem WordPress theme review, we’ll be exploring everything that’s included in TheGem theme package. The goal here is to help you decide if this is the tool for you.

While this is a multi-purpose theme, it’s one that will appeal most to those seeking a creative design for their website, that’s also backed up with a powerful set of features and customization options and tools. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, keep reading this TheGem WordPress theme review to find out more.

Who is TheGem WordPress Theme For?


TheGem aims to be a theme suitable for any project. However, it is a theme with a strong creative flair. Sometimes trying to appeal to everyone works. Other times a product can end up being so general that it doesn’t appeal to anyone.

Thankfully, TheGem manages to strike a good balance between being a true multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used for a wide range of projects while still offering enough specialist features to appeal to creatives – its target audience.

Therefore, no matter what type of website you’re planning to build, there’s a good chance that TheGem can help you. However, if you’re building a website that needs to be as creative as possible, perhaps for your online portfolio website or creative agency homepage, then it’s more than likely that TheGem will deliver the goods.

To find out if the creative TheGem multi-purpose WordPress theme really is the best choice for your project, let’s explore its features in the next section of this TheGem WordPress theme review.

TheGem WordPress Theme Features

If you look at the best-selling WordPress themes available today, you’ll soon notice that the most popular options are classed as multi-purpose WordPress themes. This means that they can be used to build almost any type of website with WordPress, while also being packed with features and functionality.

TheGem falls into this category. So let’s find out if it really is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme, which can be used for a range of purposes.

Multiple Creative WordPress Website Demos

To be a true multi-purpose WordPress theme, TheGem will need a good selection of website demos. These demos should cover a wide range of project types and website categories. Each with distinct designs for obvious purposes. Simply having demos that are a slight twist on a core design isn’t enough to stand out in 2016.

TheGem has an advertised 40+ website demos that fall into a number of different categories. To help you build a number of different websites with this theme, TheGem demos or concepts can be described as being suitable for:

Creative and agency projects


Creative and agency projects

Business and finance websites


Business and finance websites

Online shops


Online shops

Photography and other portfolios


Photography and other portfolios

Blogs, apps, and landing pages


Blogs, apps, and landing pages

Construction and real estate sites


Construction and real estate sites

Gyms and restaurants


Gyms and restaurants

Lawyers and beauty salons


Lawyers and beauty salons

As you can see, TheGem covers a varied selection of projects.


TheGem includes a number of demos that have been created to help you build a creative agency website with WordPress.The above examples are just few of many concepts, suitable for media & digital agencies.

This concepts feature interactive slideshows, giving you a good opportunity to highlight the best features of your agency to new website visitors. You can of course easily customize the sliders used in any of the demos. By adding your own background images, text, and other content, you can quickly create an eye-catching presentation for your homepage. This applies to the inner content on your site too.


Inner Page Templates

Like the rest of the demos that TheGem includes, there are many templates for your inner pages. These templates cover the about, contact, services, gallery pages and portfolio sections to name just a few.


The different demos of TheGem really do have their own distinct designs, layouts, and appearances. Even the demos from the same category, such as the creative agency category, are very different from each other.


Thanks to their unique styles and appearances, it seems like TheGem demos were created by a varied team of designers. The result of this is that you could create many different websites for yourself or your clients, using a single theme, without ever duplicating your work.


TheGem also has a number of portfolio layouts and demos. Thanks to this, you can easily build an online portfolio website with WordPress. However, if you want to add a professional looking portfolio to your agency, blog or another type of website, that’s also very straightforward with TheGem.


Importing the demo content is also very straightforward. Simply decide whether you want to import all of the website demos or concepts, or you just want to import a single demo. Then click the start button to begin importing the content.

TheGem Demo Importer Tool

Furthermore, with TheGem, you also have the option of importing just a part of the demos, such as the page templates or just the media content.

TheGem Demo Import Progress

This kind of simplicity and flexibility isn’t often seen with many WordPress themes and their demo content import processes.

Ecommerce Capabilities and Online Shop Demos

Thanks to free plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, creating an online shop with WordPress is both free and easy. After installing WordPress and choosing a suitable ecommerce plugin, the final piece in the puzzle when it comes to building an online store, is choosing an appropriate theme.


Again, TheGem provides plenty of solutions in this area. There are in fact four ecommerce demos to choose from with TheGem. Furthermore, even if you don’t choose one of the ecommerce specific demos, the other concepts include full ecommerce support.


TheGem has been built to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, the most popular online shop builder tool for WordPress. WooCommerce is a freemium plugin with a free version that gives you enough to get started and begin selling items online. Optional premium upgrades and add-ons provide more advanced features for your store.


As part of its ecommerce functionality, TheGem includes all the page templates and layouts your online store will need. This includes ecommerce friendly designs for your product, shopping cart, and checkout pages.

TheGem Theme Design Elements and Features

As well as the overall appearance of TheGem demos, there are lots of little design elements and features to discover. These additional extras help elevate the design of TheGem and in turn your website, especially with those of your visitors who have a high attention to detail.


Some examples of these design touches include icons that follow the mouse cursor around the page. This interactive effect is subtly used, helping to avoid confusion while still making your site look a little more interesting than others. More examples include hover effects that animate icons or change background colors, as well as text that moves slightly in the direction of the mouse cursor.

Create an Online Portfolio with WordPress

As mentioned, TheGem includes a library of online portfolio demos, templates, layouts, and other pre-built elements. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at this aspect of TheGem, especially if you want to create an online portfolio with WordPress.


If you simply want to build a straightforward online portfolio, then the light and dark portfolio demos are the obvious choices. They will display your portfolio content on the homepage of your website, with little else to distract your visitors.


The individual portfolio page templates give you a good opportunity to display your work effectively. There’s space for displaying multiple images, project descriptions, the tools or skills used to create the projects, profiles of team members who worked on the project, and links to where the project can be viewed online.


Even if you don’t choose one of the purpose-built portfolio demos, you can still add an online portfolio to your WordPress website.


TheGem actually includes multiple portfolio layouts and designs that are suited to a wide range of projects. Therefore, if you want to showcase your work, completed projects, or other accomplishments online, TheGem is a more than suitable choice.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

Another impressive feature of TheGem is the ability to customize any of the included demo content. Thanks to the inclusion of the latest version of Visual Composer, you’ll have one of the most popular page builders.

TheGem Page Builder

Through the back and front-end interfaces of the Visual Composer page builder, you can open up any of the included TheGem page layouts and edit their appearance. You can also create new page designs from scratch with this powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool.

TheGem Visual Composer UI

When using Visual Composer to create your custom website page designs, you can choose from a library of pre-built layouts. There’s also a vast selection of elements that can be inserted into your layouts. If you have a vision for your website that isn’t covered by TheGem demos and pre-built content, then creating your own custom designs isn’t a problem with this drag-and-drop page builder tool.

TheGem VC Elements

Visual Composer opens up a completely new world of possibilities. Even if you’re an experienced website developer, being able to quickly create advanced page layouts and then style them through a user-friendly interface will greatly speed up your workflow. Not to mention increase your productivity. For those without any coding skills, you’ll now be able to create web page designs you’ve only ever been able to sketch out on paper.

TheGem Custom VC Elements

The developers of TheGem have created some custom elements for Visual Composer, upgrading this tool and making it even more useful.

Creative Power and Flexibility

After testing TheGem, it’s clear that this is a theme that offers a lot of creative power and flexibility. With more than 200 styles for its 50+ content elements, even if you’re not a designer or follower of the latest trends, you should be able to build a creative website that looks great.

The design concepts and demos really are unique. However, thanks to the creative power of TheGem, you’re free to mix and match the theme elements as you need. There’s no need to worry about your lack of design skills letting your site down when assembling its components.

More TheGem WordPress Theme Features

The above are just some of the standout features of TheGem. Other reasons why you might want to choose TheGem for your website include:

  • High-performance theme with code optimized for fast loading times
  • Powerful slideshow builder tools
  • Secure code with lack of bloating or superfluous features
  • Detailed set of website customization options
  • Broad third party plugin compatibility
  • Online documentation and video tutorials
  • Mobile friendly and retina ready
  • Highly responsive customer support delivered in three languages (English, German, and Russian)

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of whether TheGem is suitable for your WordPress website project.

TheGem Pricing Details

TheGem can be purchased from the leading ThemeForest marketplace for just $59. This makes TheGem a competitively priced option in the WordPress themes space. Especially when you consider the premium plugins included in the package and what they would cost if purchased individually.

Optional upgrades include purchasing an extra six months of support for $17.63. This supplements the six months included with each purchase. There’s also an extended license that might be better suited to your needs in some cases.

TheGem WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

TheGem is a newly released WordPress theme. It feels like its developers have built upon the success of the more well established multi-purpose WordPress themes that are available from the ThemeForest marketplace.

Those better-established themes have won over customers with their impressive selections of pre-built demos and huge lists of features. The developers of TheGem have learned from the success of those themes. Due to this, they’ve included a library of useful and original demos. They’ve also added a great number of valuable features.

From a website owner’s perspective, TheGem user experience is easy to get to grips with. Experienced WordPress users will have no trouble building a professional website with this theme. Those new to WordPress will probably find it easier and quicker than they expected to produce a high-quality site with TheGem.

TheGem caters to those looking for an off-the-shelf solution to help them build a stylish website as quickly as possible. As well as those seeking a tool that can help them create a personalized, unique, WordPress website with relative ease. With Visual Composer included in the theme package, you won’t be constrained in any way.

TheGem is a high-quality theme that should soon be topping the bestseller lists at the ThemeForest marketplace. It has an impressive design, powerful features, and unlimited customization options. In short, it’s everything you need to build your own custom WordPress website in 2016 and beyond.

Try TheGem website demos now.

Massive Dynamic Theme Review: The Future of WordPress?

Massive Dynamic Review FT

Massive Dynamic is a brand new WordPress theme that was recently launched on the ThemeForest marketplace. There’s definitely no shortage of WordPress themes to choose from these days, so in a bid to try and separate Massive Dynamic from the competition, this theme is being marketed by its creators as the Future of WordPress.

Claiming to be the future of WordPress – an online publishing tool that has been around for 13 years and now powers close to 25% of all websites – is a bold statement. Especially for a theme that you can pick up for just $59. However, Massive Dynamic certainly looks like an interesting WordPress theme that is packed with features.

So with that in mind, let’s explore what this new product has to offer in our Massive Dynamic theme review. By the end of this review, you’ll know everything you need to about this theme. This will help you decide if it’s the best tool for your next WordPress project.

Who Should Choose Massive Dynamic?

Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme Review

As Massive Dynamic is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, it aims to be all things to all people. Sometimes trying to appeal to everybody, all at once, can be a risky ambition. However, with multi-purpose themes heading up the WordPress template best-seller lists, it seems like this approach can work well in this space.

As we’ll soon see, this theme comes packed with a large number of demos. These pre-built website templates cover a wide range of uses, and can be applied to your WordPress site in just a few clicks. If none of the demos align with your goals, then you can use the integrated page builder tool to create your own – all without the need to edit any code, mess around with any HTML, or customize a line of CSS yourself.

Therefore, no matter what type of website you plan to build, Massive Dynamic has been created for you – the only restriction is that you must also be using WordPress!

Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme Features

Massive Dynamic is marketed as a game changer in the WordPress theme space. It claims to bring new features to WordPress that just haven’t been possible before. Let’s start this Massive Dynamic theme review by examining those features in more detail, to see if this really is the case.

Massive Library of Demos

Massive Dynamic Review Demos 01

The first thing that catches your eye when using this theme is the massive library of demos you can choose from. These demos are complete websites that you can quickly import into your own WordPress site, in just a few steps. These demos cover a wide range of categories, including:

  • Business
  • Blogging
  • Creative
  • Portfolio
  • Store
  • Personal

There’s also a healthy selection of miscellaneous demos to choose from too. In addition to this, the demos can also be categorized according to their layout. These layout categories include one page, side menu, boxed, and full-width options. Then within each of these classifications, there are plenty of other combinations to choose from. This all gives you plenty of choices when setting up your website, helping to make Massive Dynamic a truly multi-purpose theme.

Massive Dynamic Review Demos 02

Applying any of the demos to your WordPress website is very easy with Massive Dynamic. Simply browse the available options from within your WordPress dashboard, then, once you’ve made a decision, choose which elements of the demo you’d like to import. You can also import multiple demos to combine everything together.

Massive Dynamic Review Templates

Overall, the demos of Massive Dynamic should cover most types of website you could ever want to create with WordPress. After importing the demo content, you can then simply add your own content, or get more creative and fire up the Massive Builder tool.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tools

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder

Every good multi-purpose WordPress theme features a page builder tool these days and Massive Dynamic is no exception. Instead of taking the easy route and relying on the hugely popular Visual Composer page builder plugin and checking this task off the “to do” list, the PixFlow team has decided to create their very own page builder tool for Massive Dynamic.

Massive Dynamic Review Builder

This bespoke tool comes in the form of Massive Builder. This is a front-end, drag-and-drop WordPress page builder tool, which aims to make it as easy as possible to create custom designs for your posts, pages, and other website content.

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder UI

The Massive Builder has a pretty unique approach to delivering a front-end, drag-and-drop page builder interface for WordPress. After enabling the builder, the screen switches to the front-end view, giving you a live preview of your content, alongside a set of controls.

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder Not Point

Despite its appearance, the Massive Builder interface doesn’t allow you to simply click on an element and start editing it. For example, if you want to edit any of the text on your page, first you need to click on the item. Then you must select the appropriate icon, and then you are able to enter your content in a pop-up window. Or you can also double click to open settings pop-up windows right away.

Massive Dynamic Review Massive Builder Text

Despite not quite getting there, this approach is closer to the type of front-end, point and click editor that would make WordPress even easier to use. Nonetheless, Massive Builder has taken a few steps in the right direction.

Massive Dynamic Review Settings

Through the sidebar panel of the builder interface, you can also customize many aspects of your website. This includes the typography settings, menu position, color choices, and a whole lot more. Like the rest of the builder interface, you get a live preview of your changes as you make them, speeding up the customization process considerably.

It’s worth mentioning that in order to ensure that Massive Dynamic is able to compete in the busy multi-purpose WordPress theme category, the developers have also decided to include the premium Visual Composer plugin in the package. This gives you even greater page building possibilities when it comes to designing your own bespoke WordPress website.

Massive Dynamic Elements

Massive Dynamic Review Elements

When creating posts, pages, and other content for your WordPress website, Massive Dynamic provides you with a large library of elements to make use of. These elements can be used to add a wide range of useful features to your website, each of which can be easily inserted into your content.

Massive Dynamic Review Text Elements

Some of these elements are simple items that can be used to upgrade the presentation of your content. On the other hand, some of the elements, such as the pricing table builder, could be used to replace plugins that you might have otherwise had to rely on.

Massive Dynamic Review Pricing Table

These elements are really useful and they all look great. The benefit of using a theme like Massive Dynamic, which includes elements like this, instead of using a third party plugin, is that they will all blend in with the design of the rest of your website. Not to mention saving you money in the process.

Online Portfolio Builder

Massive Dynamic Review Portfolio Full Width

If you’d like your new WordPress website to include a portfolio for showcasing your work and other projects, then Massive Dynamic won’t disappoint.

Massive Dynamic Review Portfolio Sidebar

While there’s a selection of portfolio website demos to choose from, no matter which demo you do choose for your website, you can still make use of the portfolio templates to publish your work online.

Massive Dynamic Review Portfolio Single

These portfolio templates come in a range of styles and designs. There are multiple portfolio overview layouts to choose from. Then there’s a selection of templates for the individual portfolio item pages. You’ll also find a carousel option, which makes it easier for your visitors to scroll or swipe their way through your projects.

Full Ecommerce Support

Massive Dynamic Review Ecommerce

If you want to build an online store with WordPress, then the Massive Dynamic theme – when combined with a suitable ecommerce plugin – provides you with everything you need. By activating the WooCommerce plugin that is included in the theme package, you can start creating product listings and giving your visitors the opportunity to add those items to their shopping carts and purchase them online.

Massive Dynamic Review Store Demos

As well as providing you with a number of demos dedicated to helping you create an ecommerce website with WordPress, Massive Dynamic also includes a full range of templates for selling products online when using any of the other website demos.

Massive Dynamic Review Product Page

These ecommerce templates cover the product listing pages, the individual item pages, and all of the shopping cart, checkout, and customer account pages your store will need. You can, of course, customize all of these templates to ensure they meet your needs more accurately, with the Massive Builder tool.

Suite of Premium Third Party Plugins

If you want to build the perfect website for your project with WordPress, you are going to have to draw on the large amount of third-party plugins available for this software. To help save you the trouble of tracking down the best plugins for your needs, Massive Dynamic comes with a handful of free and commercial WordPress plugins.

Among the tools you’ll find in this theme package is the Visual Composer page builder plugin, the Go Pricing product comparison table creator tool, and two premium slideshow builder plugins in the form of Revolution Slider and Master Slider.

Some of these plugins are used to add elements to the Massive Dynamic demos, such as the animated sliders and video slideshows, while others are just there to make your life easier when it comes to building a successful website. In total, the value of these commercial plugins comes to $93 if you were to purchase them separately – which is well over the price of this theme.

Other Features of Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic Review Settings

Massive Dynamic certainly isn’t lacking in features. As well as all of the above main highlights of this theme, there are lots more reasons why this might be the right product for your website.

Some other notable features of Massive Dynamic include:

  • Extensive set of customization options
  • Full online documentation and support videos
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) code and site structure
  • Large library of content layout options
  • Set of animation effects to engage visitors
  • Progressive image loading for perceived faster page speed
  • New content notification center to promote site updates
  • Easy custom CSS insertion for even more flexibility
  • Google Fonts integration for over 600 typeface choices

Don’t forget, as this is a newly released theme, it’s safe to assume that the feature list of Massive Dynamic will only increase over time.

How Much Does Massive Dynamic Cost?

As mentioned in the intro, the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme can be purchased from the ThemeForest marketplace for just $59. This includes access to future theme updates for life, and six months of support from the theme developers. This 6-month period of support can be extended to 12 months for just an additional $17.70.

Massive Dynamic Theme Review Conclusion

Massive Dynamic is packed with all of the features you’d expect to find in a modern, best-selling, multi-purpose WordPress theme.

In the package, you’ll find an impressive selection of well-designed demos and templates. There’s also a good number of elements that can be easily inserted into your content to give it a quick upgrade. The added premium plugins are all very useful too.

The Massive Builder tool is a good attempt at trying to introduce a new way of working to WordPress. However, the user experience of the builder could be better. There are many worse examples of WordPress page builders, however, there are also tools that are easier to use.

Even so, if you have the time to invest in getting to grips with Massive Builder, there won’t be much you can’t do with it when it comes to creating a custom WordPress website with this theme.

I’m not sure if this newly released theme can claim to be the Future of WordPress just yet. However, it’s off to a good start so far. Compared to the leading themes in this category, it’s certainly not lacking in any areas.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a theme that offers multiple pre-built demos, and the flexibility to create your own, then Massive Dynamic is definitely worth exploring further.

Find out more about Massive Dynamic now

20 Top WordPress Newspaper Themes Themes To Build Responsive News Websites 2016

Best Worpress Magazine Themes

Who says that traditional media is dead? As is the case with any traditional technology, newspapers have transcended and evolved past their humble origins. Some people see this as a bad thing, as relocating to the internet somehow diminishes the effectiveness and validity of the medium. However, that is objectively wrong. By posting any type of publication online, you are shattering barriers and making it easier for people to read what you and your team wrote. The middleman is cut out, and the content can be delivered directly to your followers. Every limitation that you can possibly think of was removed by the introduction of the internet.

This increased exposure is not a guarantee of success, because you risk losing the user’s attention if you do not manage to keep your content interesting and engaging. At this point, the expression “to each his own” applies. Depending on your personality, and what your viewers want to see, you must create a general direction in which your content must go. Be it objective news, political commentary, or simple entertainment or gossip, your work must be displayed in a professional yet aesthetically pleasing manner. A good WordPress theme is similar to a picture frame. It somehow enhances the overall value without drawing attention from the centerpiece, your content. That being said let’s take a look at some excellent WordPress newspaper themes:



Newsmag is a sophisticated and fantastic looking WordPress theme that allows you to easily write and publish articles and blog posts. This template is one of the most wanted news themes on Themeforest. It’s strong points are flexibility, performance, elegant design, retina ready layouts, unique demos, integrated translations, intelligent ads system, and all these come with no need for coding skills. I believe this theme is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review sites.

The Newsmag theme has a unique design and while testing it I noticed that it looks great with any type of content due to its compact design. The small width content area is a great advantage when it’s doubled by high performance. In our tests we found that the theme is performing well and gets a good score on Google Pagespeed Test. Newsmag is also optimized to work with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. On Google Structured Data Testing Tools we received a green light on all parameters, this mean that SEO is a matter addressed in the most serious manner by TagDiv team.

Newsmag is Google AdSense ready and supports responsive and mobile friendly ads. The ads automatically resize for each device, we just added the adsense code, saved the settings and the theme did the rest.We tried some of the content improvement tools like the custom made gallery, smartlist, video playlist and text format settings options and the results were amazing.

The theme is easy to use although it has so many options. I would have enjoyed it even more if Newsmag would provide more features for WooCommerce such as custom product templates or a live cart, but the theme is actually built for news websites and my personal desired features regarding the WooCommerce area may be a bit off topic. I’m sure the author, who is one of the most popular on themeforest.org, will bring further enhancements in this section in the it’s future updates.

I think this is a must have news theme for everyone who want to build a great website with no effort and no coding skills.



Thanks to the internet, a more direct and honest relationship was formed between the consumer, and the media provider. GoodLife is an exemplary WordPress theme for news sites, and it promises to simplify the web development process. Readers with busy schedules will prefer to get their news while on the move, so you need a page that works perfectly with mobile screens. Thankfully, GoodLife is fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible. You can rest easy knowing that compatibility errors were eliminated. This theme is versatile, and it can adapt to any niche. Regardless of your needs, GoodLife has your back. In addition, there are multiple pre-designed theme demos which can be imported almost instantly.

The articles will be the heart of your newspaper website. However, readers will appreciate the fact that you can incorporate gorgeous galleries and video pages. GoodLife offers 3 main header styles, and a limitless number of sidebars. Page construction has been greatly simplified, and even can child will be able to design a popular website. The Visual Composer plugin uses Drag and Drop Technology, turning an otherwise complicated process into a pleasurable experience. For users who prefer a more hands-on approach, a live theme preview was made available.

The Voux

the voux - fashion blogging theme

If you are looking for a versatile magazine WordPress theme, look no further than The Voux. It offers infinite loading for news articles, and readers will get to enjoy a streamlined experience. The browser URL will update itself based on what page is being viewed, making it easier to link articles.

This theme incorporates user-friendly headers and powerful Mega Menus. Admins can use sub-categories, tags and categories as sources. You can display content with gorgeous Full Screen galleries. This feature will properly showcase your artful posts. With The Voux, mobile users can easily access your site. The layout is completely responsive, and it works great on tablets, laptops, smart phones and desktop computers.

You have to make sure that your page will be unique, distinguishing itself from its competition. Thankfully, the Visual Composer allows you to style and personalize each element. A solid marketing plan will always seek to harness the massive potential of social Networks. This product is a ThemeForest pioneer, when it comes to Social Sharing capabilities. Site admins can use the Theme options in order to determine the Network on which data will be shared, along with the allotted cache period. The Voux also has WPML multilingual plugin support.



Soledad is an innovative WordPress theme that promises to enhance every aspect of your newspaper website. It has many practical features, and a design that is sure to impress every reader. Tablet and smartphone users can rejoice, as Soledad is fully responsive towards all devices, web browsers, and operating system. You will never have to worry about compatibility errors. This is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market, because it insists on offering quality and variety. There are many customization options that allow you to craft an exemplary newspaper site.

There are 6 header variations, 5 article layouts, and 7 Slider variations. An amazing gallery will host your gorgeous photos, making it easier to showcase artful content. In total, there are more than 100 slider and layout combinations. This high degree of customization can be achieved even by novice users, given that Soledad does not required programming knowledge. The theme is very accessible and easy to install. For those who want to sell their merchandise, the wonderful WooCommerce plugin was added. It facilitates the creation of professional online shops. It should also be mentioned that Soledad has 6 personalized sidebars for every page and post.

The Fox


The Fox is a clever and innovative, sophisticated and classy, visually stimulating and dynamically structured, readily responsive WordPress contemporary magazine for creators website theme. The Fox is an incredibly useful and versatile theme constructed by a team of creative designers and meticulous developers exclusively for the purpose of providing a platform for creators to effectively put together modern online magazines in a matter of minutes, without having to touch a line of code, and with professional, polished results every single time.

That is why The Fox has been equipped with the impressively flexible WordPress Live Customizer, with custom additional elements and options for a total of over 100 configurable choices that define every nook and cranny of your online magazine, ensuring any branding or corporate identity requirements are easily met. The Fox is also jam-packed with specifically useful features for the online magazine industry, including helpful widgets and cleverly designed shortcodes and tools, such as the Intelligent Related Posts System, which can readily organize dynamic listings of related posts based on live tags and various algotithms, or social media friendly tools like the Facebook Like box, Latest Tweets feed and much more. The Fox is everything you need to get your online magazine off the ground. Try it now!

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a potent and impressive, resourceful and flexible, visually stimulating and highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO has been crafted as a reliable framework for the seamless development of competent, creative modern magazine websites across a range of markets and niches without having to write a single line of code and with professional quality results. Newsmag PRO includes a clever assortment of top of the line tools, widgets, plugins and shortcodes that make building your very own online magazine website an easy, breezy matter, taking you but a few easy steps to produce a fully customized magazine website with your choice of colors, fonts, custom logos and more.

Newsmag PRO also includes amazing, smoothly animated image or content sliders and carousels custom-crafted from dynamically defined AJAX powered filtered categories. Based on a cutting edge Bootstrap modular design, Newsmag PRO is inherently cross-compatible with browsers, devices and platforms the world over as well as completely mobile-friendly to boot, expanding your reader base to everyone on the internet today. Built in SEO improvements make Newsmag PRO a top search engine performer, guaranteeing increased traffic and revenue. Give Newsmag PRO a go today, and see for yourself!



Compass is a potently pliable, fresh faced, bold and beautiful WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, which while entirely capable of handling the needs and requirements of an ample range of different websites, is uniquely well suited for the design and construction of news and magazine related websites, online magazines, webzines and similar projects. If your aim is to distribute a large amount of visual and information heavy content to an even larger amount of users across a multitude of devices, browsers and platforms, Compass is the theme you’re looking for, ready to adapt itself to every situation and responsively displaying in gorgeous form no matter where it’s being viewed. Figure out where you want to go, and Compass will take you there, and do all the heavy lifting!

Endlessly customizable with the ZOOM Framework, Dynamic Homepage Builder and Live Customizer, Compass will allow you to create magazine websites like none other, completely branded to your image and superpowered by the Jetpack plugin’s incredible added functionalities, including gorgeous Tiled Galleries, Related Posts features, full tag and category systems for seamless post sorting and effortless user navigation, extensive SEO to drive content home and maximize your exposure, it seems the one thing Compass can’t do is let you lose your way.



AlYoum is a sophisticated and very flexible, modern and reliable, safe and secure, professionally developed and very efficiently coded, visually stunning and imaginative, malleable and adaptable, tech-savvy and intuitively customizable responsive WordPress blog and magazine theme. AlYoum is a theme that, while strong and pliable enough to easily meet the demands of a whole host of different website archetypes, has been specifically and purposefully built for the design and maintenance of the most amazing, attractive and appealing online magazines, professional or personal blogs and all related websites, where getting your message out there is what matters.

AlYoum is endlessly technologically powerful, featuring the simple and streamlined Awesome Builder and over 40 Widgets and Shortcodes you can easily manage through AlYoum’s Shortcode Generator, considerably speeding your workflow and easing the website building process a great deal. Over 17 possible Page Layouts will dazzle your viewers with untold amounts of creativity and originality, and 8 unique Homepage templates will let you hit the ground running with modern and interactive websites readymade for your convenience, just waiting for you to add your content and go. AlYoum is compatible with bbPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and WPML, so the possibilities are endless for your online magazine or blog!



Portus is akin to a digital Swiss Army Knife. This innovative WordPress theme has a tool for all occasions, and it can be used for any market niche. Both personal and business websites can benefit from this incredible product. While the reader is scrolling, a stunning Parallax effect can be noticed. This enhances any user’s browser’s experience, as it adds another layer of depth to your pages. Of course, Portus realizes that in the age of social media, you cannot afford to neglect the potential of these gigantic networks. Twitter summary Cards and Facebook post previews are available for all clients.

The page header will be fixed, and it will always stay on top. Iconized Category rows were implemented, along with a limitless number of color variations. Article typography can be enhanced, thanks to more than 660 Google WebFonts. These numerous options enable users to craft something that accurately represents their vision. On average, multiple-language sites outperform their single-language counterparts. Thankfully, Portus has included the WPML plugin, which makes it easier to translate your website. The theme has an Off-Canvas Mobile Menu which automatically goes away when it is not being used. This feature makes better use of the limited screen space of mobile devices.



INFRA is a beautiful and appealing, engaging and attractive, modern and noteworthy, memorable and attention-grabbing, vibrant and colorful, polished and professional, serious and well structured, resourceful and tech-savvy responsive WordPress newspaper and magazine theme. INFRA is a cleverly coded theme that has been decked out with ample strength and raw pliability that empower it to effortlessly handle sophisticated websites across a broad range of archetypes and applications. INFRA is peculiarly well suited, however, for deployment on newspaper websites specifically.

INFRA has all the tools required to create modern and dynamic newspaper websites, from customizable homepages through the Orange-Themes drag and drop builder to Mega Menus with Trending Articles functionality, Sticky Sidebars, Custom Post Sidebars for each post or page, Custom Background, and over seven different Featured Image styles, INFRA is sure to make your news shine and to catch everyone’s eyes with its innovative and creative layouts and clean and pristine presentation. INFRA has a powerful Bootstrap-based modular row and column Grid System, perfect for constructing your newspaper layout exactly the way you want and with as many sidebars or drop-down secondary menus as you wish, on top of being readily ad revenue system-friendly out of the box. Let the world know what is going on, with INFRA!



Onfleek is a stylish and fashionable, feature rich and multimedia friendly, modern and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress AMP magazine website theme. Onfleek is a modern, creative solution for webmasters reaching out to young, highly mobile userbases and audiences wherein issues such as pageload speeds, data consumption and mobile search engine ranking play crucial roles in overall website performance indicators. Through AMP technology, Onfleek assures utmost efficiency, minimized data usage and top mobile search placement as outlined by Google’s AMP tech. The premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution have been integrated into Onfleek to facilitate the layout and page edition process through simplified drag and drop interfaces, while essential magazine shortcodes and features such as hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and custom pagination styles are easily accessible and highly intuitive. With Onfleek, social media presence is at the helm at all times, with handsome, Retina-ready, sharp custom icons and feeds to maximize your exposure. Multiple AMP enhanced gallery options are available to present the latest trending celebrity news and gossip in a tangible, memorable presentation that is highly legible while also enveloping and engaging. Onfleek is the perfect platform for the creative celebrity fashion writer of today. Are you ready to bring your website to the new era?

The premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution have been integrated into Onfleek to facilitate the layout and page edition process through simplified drag and drop interfaces, while essential magazine shortcodes and features such as hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and custom pagination styles are easily accessible and highly intuitive. With Onfleek, social media presence is at the helm at all times, with handsome, Retina-ready, sharp custom icons and feeds to maximize your exposure. Multiple AMP enhanced gallery options are available to present the latest trending celebrity news and gossip in a tangible, memorable presentation that is highly legible while also enveloping and engaging. Onfleek is the perfect platform for the creative celebrity fashion writer of today. Are you ready to bring your website to the new era?



Interactive is a brand-new, simple-looking WordPress theme with a heck of a lot going on under the hood. Built around a down to earth design philosophy, Interactive’s layouts and formatting keep it simple by shining the spotlight on your content, your media, your comments, and your users. A theme that enables a webmaster to build a high quality website in a matter of minutes, completely pre-equipped for handling the protocols of connectivity that are a requisite of the new millennium.

Prepared to handle, out of the box, three column layouts, Google’s AdSense integration, comments, feeds, content sharing and much more, Interactive builds a platform for you and your users to showcase your message, whatever that may be, in the most favorable light the 21st century can afford to offer; the stark contrasts of color and the soft edges of its highly readable fonts, Interactive Is built for mass content, and mass consumption.

Adapted to the mobile reign as well, Interactive features a classy off-canvas mobile menu that allows users to quickly navigate your website while disposing of the menu the second it outlives its usefulness, offering a seamless navigational experience in all handheld devices. Interactive is a theme for a new generation, that simply has too much to say, and too many people willing to listen!



WordX is the ultimate WordPress theme for webmasters of online magazines, editorial blogs and similar enterprises. WordX is an extremely customizable theme. Its literally infinite color palette allows you to tune your scheme until it is picture perfect, as does its advanced typographic blending tools and translation-ready interface for easy international readership acquisition. But this flexibility merely scratches at the surface of WordX’s impressive capabilities.

Sleek and mutable, like the culture it is built for, WordX is compatible with all devices and screens imaginable. It features an automatic rearrangement of content for optimized visibility and interactivity on mobile, tablet, netbook, notebook, laptop or desktop access. Optimized for legibility, readers of your WordX website are sure not to miss a beat in the content you provide for them, as WordX ensures it is easy on the eyes. All this, coupled with outstanding responsiveness, lightning fast loading times, stunning visuals centered around your own content, and a Carousel feature to highlight your best work, WordX is a theme for all communicational purposes.

SEO integration and optimization, included, guarantees your website will ascend the ranks of search engine motors very quickly and effortlessly. And when you factor in WordX’s innate AdSense integration, things start monetizing very quickly as well!


master - unique magazine style theme

Master is an awesome WordPress theme that can enhance and complement your website. It incorporates many flexible features, allowing it to fit almost any role. It is also user-friendly, intuitive, and designed with WordPress standards. Master aims to maximize convenience for its customers. From start to finish, the installation process can be finalized in just a few minutes. Master offers several layout options, each implemented in order to increase diversity and functionality. There are 3 sliders, 2 header options, 5 layouts for your blogs, 2 article layouts, 5 blocks for categories, and 9 templates for your home page.

For users who are short on time, some gorgeous theme demos were implemented. This pre-made content is fully functional as soon as it is installed, sparing you from having to start from scratch. Even in modern times, some websites still experience mobile compatibility errors. Master has successfully eliminated these problems, and it can be accessed from any device, browser, or operating system. Basically, as long as it can connect to the web, it can also browse your content. This product supports “right to left writing” for languages such as Hebrew or Japanese, as it seeks to accommodate a broad spectrum of users.



Domino is a deeply functional and very attractive, resourceful and nimble, intuitive and user friendly, easy to navigate and very well structured, efficiently coded and fast loading, thoroughly documented and notoriously flexible responsive WordPress news and magazine theme. Domino is a powerful and pliable theme that can easily lend itself to service a whole slew of diverse website archetypes, from personal blogs to professional portfolios and much more, but that has been specifically designed for the needs of news and magazine websites–that is, to massively disseminate information to a huge online audience in a legible and appealing presentation–which is why Domino is the perfect theme for newspaper websites.

With its ample visual capabilities that support tons of diverse layouts, your content will really grab eyefuls of attention through a number of different visual hierarchies and styles that you can modify to your liking with ease, using the Dynamic Homepage Builder, the Visual Customizer and the potent and advanced Theme Options Panel, making Domino websites capable of emulating the feeling of a conventional newspaper, but with the glossy appeal of modern technology at your fingertips. Domino is natively responsive, so you can deliver the morning edition to users on their phones and tablets without skipping a beat.



NewsPaper is a smooth and responsive WordPress theme ideal for content-rich sites. Its user-friendly interface lets you hover over an option to see a screenshot and click to see a demo. Its mega menu gives oodles of options to create the site how you want it. It’s ideal for info-tainment sites with regular blogs in many categories illustrated with sumptuous graphics. Its smart design is optimized for speed, AdSense and Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media integration is built in to keep your pages connected. NewsPaper is packed with usable features like an author box for your contributors, a brands section, multiple post layouts and a popular categories section. For a competitively priced one-click download you get 24/7 support, updates, unlimited domain usage and video tutorials.

NewsPaper has an easy translation feature if you want to branch out internationally. It is adaptable with tons of colors, fonts and stylish backgrounds. There is a demo you can watch which shows you what can be done with it. Plenty of customization options make it personal while retaining a professional feel. The tabbed home page layout gives it smooth and usable navigation.



Quadrum is a deeply creative and profoundly attractive, very colorful and bright, handsome and attention-grabbing, wonderfully well structured and very intuitively navigable, graphically seamless and smooth, professionally composed and developed, lightweight and fast-loading, clever and responsive WordPress news and magazine multipurpose website theme. Quadrum is an incredibly resourceful WordPress theme, a wholly inclusive one-stop shop solution for all your magazine and news website building needs.

Quadrum has been deliberately designed as the ultimate theme for creating the most appealing websites for presenting sophisticated, high resolution multimedia content alongside with textual content under the most favorable possible spotlight, ensuring readability and legibility throughout as well as capturing the eyes of readers across the globe, with clean and pristine layouts and template pages coordinated across a host of amazing demo websites, ready for you to pick your favorite and import them with a single click. Customizing the visual branding and identity of your Quadrum website is an intuitive, streamlined process, negotiated by the Visual Composer plugin, while features like the LayerSlider 5 are there to make sure your content and images are always presented in dynamic ways and reducing the tediousness of lengthier works with nifty, customizable little shortcodes and widgets all readily at your disposal. Quadrum is the ultimate magazine website theme-try it now!



Its name is suggestive, and it is not a hyperbole. It loads almost instantly, so the people that choose to read your publication will not be bothered by long loading times. Speaking of loading times, they are one of the primary causes of user dropout, and eliminating them in one of Best’s greatest features. Unlike other themes, where optimization for advertising seems like an afterthought, this theme is coded in order to maximize both your view count, and your advertisement revenue.

Certain fluidity characterizes the overall design of this theme, while it benefits from full customization options. It is also optimized for search engines, making it easier for your site to show up if the associated keywords are typed. User feedback is also important, and the developers have built in a review system allowing for constant improvement.

If you are having trouble installing, they have included some explanation videos that are narrated, facilitating the process.



If you want to increase your online footprint, and generate revenue in the process, SociallyViral is the best option for you. The most important facility of a good theme is its functionality. E it pretty or functional, your overall design must run seamlessly. No delays, no pause loading, and no compatibility issues are the hallmark of a great product. Thankfully, this theme passes all tests with flying colors, and even surpasses common expectations.

It can install a mega menu feature, it includes an engaging design, and the popular posts are selected by taking into account their overall number of views. Other features include an enticing newsletter, widget form and compatibility with multiple platforms. Every single one of its features is tailored towards one goal: to boost your page’s viral traffic. Viral is a term that describes a meteoric rise, a widespread proliferation akin to that of a virus. It is optimized for search engines, meaning that users will have an easy time searching for, and finding your page.


NewsTimes - gossip theme

If you are looking for a professional theme that convinces your viewers of the quality of your content, look no further than NewsTimes. The theme is fully responsive, meaning that it can be viewed and displayed on any device. It has video post formats, and a review system was included, in order to receive constructive criticism from the community. On the technical side of things, everything on this page was optimized for search engines, and it is ready for HTML5 and CSS3.

Take full advantage of the versatile and expansive options panel and explore all of the customization features. It should also be mentioned that Dummy data was added. Achieving higher ranking with this theme will be very easy indeed. A demo was added, so you can check out the innovative features before making a decision.



For a measly $35, you can get your hands on one of the best WordPress themes in existence. Custom tailored to make you climb the ranking charts, it promises that your online footprint will be akin to that of a giant’s. It is HTML5 and CSS3 ready, and it included a couple of distinct single post layouts that are sure to impress. Unlimited sidebars are available along with some enticing homepage sections with drag and drop characteristics.

A shift in design is easy to pull off, and the user can seamlessly change the design from a minimal, dark scheme to a broader and brighter one. It is rare to find a theme that never compromises, and manages to balance both functionality, performance, and outstanding aesthetic design. The framework is quick and secure, a personal review system was added, and the entire theme is SEO ready.

Urban Mag

urbanmag - classic magazine template

Urban Mag is a top quality WordPress theme that goes great with personal blog, magazine, news editorial, and newspaper websites. It has a large amount of useful options, and it is tailored for any kind of publication web page. It is compatible with WooCommerce, allowing customers to create their own online store. You can increase your bottom line by commercializing goods and services, thanks to this innovative plugin. Urban Mag features an intuitive Mega Menu, along with a nifty Post List. A layout builder was added for your site’s home page, and you can modify the layout for every category. With only a single click, the GoodLayers importer plugin can import demo data for your pages.

The administration panel is very accessible and easy to use. You may alter the header layout, upload custom site backgrounds, and toggle between full and boxed layouts. In terms of aesthetic customization, the color palette can be modified at any time. There is no limit to what can be achieved by using this theme. With Urban Mag, your web pages will be entirely responsive, guaranteeing that no site visitor will be plagued by resizing issues. You can translate every line of content, resulting in a multilingual page that is sure to attract many people. Extensive online documentation was made available, for those who wish to learn more about this product. In addition, there is a live preview and some interesting screenshots.


goliath simple magazine theme

As online publications are growing more popular, WordPress themes like Goliath can be a steadfast ally to those who wish to create quality content. It is highly efficient and it works great on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Its diverse set of features allows it to meet the needs of any website. Due to the inclusion of awesome summary tools, a built-in rating option and an enhanced review display system, Goliath is perfectly suited for review pages. In addition, this theme incorporates the innovative Visual Composer, and the Revolution Slider. Both are known world-wide as some of the best plugins on WordPress. Those who choose to buy this product will receive $90 of extra value.

If you are having trouble during the installation process, you can always watch the informative tutorial videos. They will explain everything in detail. This theme is filled with options and features, each designed to maximize your chances of success. For example, there are personalized image banners, a Planetshine mega menu, and a sidebar with various positioning options.

Goliath does not treat you like a child, as it hands you the reins to your own web page. The administration panel is very powerful, yet it remains accessible and user friendly. Every detail can be altered or tweaked in order to suit your taste. You can even translate posts, pages, and menus, making your content available to more people. As your site’s popularity grows, merchandising should be a top priority. The integration of the WooCommerce plugin allows users to setup personal online stores. The active particle Parallax background adds a new dimension to your page, offering to dazzle users with impressive effects. If you wish to showcase content in an attractive manner, Photo galleries are available.

Good News

good news - clean magazine theme

Good News is a new and fresh niche blog theme that could also function as a magazine theme. This theme provides a fluid and well-crafted layout design that efficiently displays written content along with few images. Good News is a multi niche blog theme and also works as a magazine theme. It is ideal to display written content with a few images like a news site or a niche website might. Its sturdy framework is built based on CSS Framework for guaranteed usability and flexibility. This theme is retina display ready and resizes slickly on any kinds of devices to give visitors a pleasant viewing experience. Its built-in admin panel enables you to change the color scheme of your theme, personalize the background image or smarten the header. Good News is bundled with Visual Composer plugin, a comprehensible drag and drop page builder that lets you create impressive pages in an instant. On the other hand, the Slider Revolution plugin makes it possible for you to create responsive slides with effects and animations for your theme. This beautiful theme allows you to add 3D looking parallax backgrounds to every section of your magazine site. Good News theme comes with multi-level push menu from left to right and mega menu with news thumbnails and headlines. This theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you amplify your sales and make selling products trouble-free. It also supports BuddyPress plugin to make your website even more interactive and encourage people to come back to your website.



Who says that the news has to be boring? Well with Multinews, it doesn’t have to. If one were to personalize it, this theme seems eager to help you out. After all, your content is not going to promote itself. It is optimized for performance, as it tries to increase ad revenue, while not compromising or overshadowing your content. Although it may be used for a multitude of purposes, it is best suited for news sites, magazines and even blogs.

The WooCommerce plugin creates a safe environment for online transactions, so your users will not have to worry about anything. Other plugins include Contact Form 7, Ad Rotate, bbPress and MailPoet Newsletters. The developers can also add retina ready on their list of accomplishments, and high resolution, crisp icons and animations can be displayed with ease.



No written review can ever hope to fully translate an experience, so if you want to experience this WordPress newspaper theme for yourself, be sure to download it or view their demo. Basically, it acts both as an artistic background for your content, and as a starter kit for anyone that is capable of starting their own online magazine, newspaper, review site or blog.

This theme is retina ready, it is optimized for ads and search engines, and it can attract a large number of followers. All of your content will generate crisp images on high definition screens, while its responsive design guarantees that any device can interact with your page without lag or compatibility issues.

The administration panel is quite easy to use, and it lets you customize every aspect of your page. Overall, this theme is well worth your time, and it has the potential to skyrocket your site to the heights of success.



This theme cuts out the middleman, and lets you interact directly with your core audience. It is both clean and functional, ready for the challenges of the online press medium. It has an unlimited color palette, allowing the user to customize the page in any way imaginable. In fact, the only limiting factor here is your imagination. Whatever you can think of, you can design.

The sidebar can be featured in both the right and the left part of the screen, while the site incorporates some ad banner spaces. This eliminates that intrusive feeling that most advertisements have, especially when dealing with virtual content. It can communicate with your social media account, resulting in a cross platform quality experience that nobody is soon to forget.



Sometimes, a product emerges that simply changes the entire game. Once you try out this theme, you can’t return to a lesser one, spoiled by the quality and outstanding features that MightyMag offers. The list of features is too long to cover here, but rest assured that whatever need you may have, this theme is more than capable of handling it with ease.

Woocommerce was also included, facilitating and encouraging online transactions by providing a dependable environment. It is also optimized for search engines, so people will not have any trouble finding you online.



Ever wish that you could have access to an awesome WordPress theme that seamlessly integrates both HTML5, CSS3, GRUNT programing and search engine optimization? Well, if your answer was yes, I introduce you to NewsCore. It is highly responsive, making your content more accessible.

People can access your page and read the news during their downtime, thanks to all of the mobile integration features. NewsCore is also Widget ready, it has multiple Home Layouts, Megamenu navigation, and WordPress 3.9 and higher, compatibility. Woocommerce support was also added, aiding the merchandising process.


unpress - fashion & beauty magazine

Trying to appeal to a young and hip audience is one of the riskiest things that you can do in marketing. If you fail, a permanent “Lame” stamp will be on your records, and to be honest, nobody wants that. However, this theme has the potential to do that, with its minimalist and elegant design. It seems cool without trying, high performance without adopting an unnecessarily flashy design. It has over 600 Google Fonts, it is unbelievably responsive, in includes slider revolution, a wishlist, and the famous Woocommerce plugin.

A page composer has also been added, along with an excellent support system and 3 beneficial sliders. Your content will always be the centerpiece, this theme just frames and envelopes it in the best skin possible. Take advantage of the page builder and the limitless color schemes in order to customize it further.

22 Awesome Technology News Magazine WordPress Themes 2016

Tech News WordPress Themes

Everything today revolves around technology. From simple things like watches and cars, to complicated infrastructure networks, everything can be connected to the Internet and become a gadget. Since it is such an important aspect of our life, people need to stay updated regarding the newest and hottest topics in technology. However, they won’t choose any news source out there. Tech enthusiasts are more sensitive to what site they read, since they already know a thing or two about web development. The regular tech news reader will know how a reliable site should look. This is not the niche where you can make it with a poor design and slow loading site.

The information of today is interactive and engaging. That’s also how your website should be. If you want to create a fan base and keep your visitors interested in the news you deliver, you should offer them the information through an appropriate site. Besides the fact that the interface of your site needs be appealing, it also needs to offer a perfect user experience. Since technology is the main topic of your site, you must give the impression that you’re tech savvy.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an experienced web developer in order to run an exemplary site. The only things required by a perfect tech news site are some basic knowledge of WordPress and a killer theme. The next list will present you the most popular and recommended themes for tech news websites. Take a look over it and choose the one that truly fits your needs. Any of the following themes are guaranteed to keep visitors interested and engage them. Since these two criteria are crucial for the online success, you will have an easy time monetizing your traffic.

I believe that you have seen tech news sites such as The Verge, Engadget, Techcrunch, Android Authority, Cult of Mac and other popular websites and have wondered how you can create websites like these? This theme collection will help you to answer this question as we have selected the best themes for technology news websites and we are ready to share them with you. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the best tech news themes for WordPress.

Newspaper (Most Popular)


For those who wish to create successful tech news websites, Newspaper is the perfect choice. Built for the publishing industry, this elegant and beautiful template will give your website the professional touch you were looking for, without any coding skills required. This WordPress theme offers an incredible roster of game-changing features. Crafted to power your creativity and help you create astonishing pages, Newspaper 7 theme has just introduced a new technology to make your website faster than ever for small screen devices – the Mobile theme. Without making complicated and time-consuming processes, you will have a website optimized for speed and a good ranking in search engines.

Newspaper brings new animated widgets, smart lists, smart sidebars, full Ajax support, multiple menus, viewport resizing, and more. Upon accessing your tech news site you needs to make a lasting impression, your readers will first interact with the top header and menu section. Thankfully, Newspaper has 12 unique header style versions and 4 top bar designs. In order to promote brand recognition, a customized retina ready logo spot was included for each style.

The footer section is often a waste of page space, on many tech sites this area is completely neglected. However, Newspaper has implemented 12 beautiful styles for your footer, in addition to a modern footer bar. You can even embed social icons, linking to your various social media accounts. A lazy load image effect is available, adding more charm to the customer’s site. A personalized code is used, guaranteeing a swift and streamlined experience. Many niche-specific features are offered, such as the News Ticker which is present on the most visible section of the page, above the main content area. This allows you to tease relevant upcoming articles, and update followers with breaking news.



Soledad is a clever and aesthetically sophisticated, professionally graphically designed and very elegantly composed, robust and reliable, efficiently coded and lightweight, search engine optimized and mobile friendly, technologically articulate and inventive, bold and eloquent, responsive WordPress multiconcept blog and magazine website theme, a simple and easy to use set of tools, features, plugins and templates specifically designed with the aim of empowering webmasters from any background or skill level to nimbly and efficiently design, construct and maintain the most amazing and engaging professional quality websites around.

Soledad is an expert at spread the word, with impressive features and plugins designed specifically for readers to immerse themselves in your content on top of extensive, cutting edge technologically advanced resources and options ranging from hardware-powered Parallax visual effects to smooth and polished HTML5 Video Backgrounds, Soledad looks and feels great right out of the box. With over 250 custom built, unique demo homepages, customizable in over 250 fields so you are truly in control of your website’s presentation, and added to over 100 blog and slider layout combinations professionally predesigned for your convenience, Soledad is unparallaled in terms of communicational effectiveness. That is why Soledad is the best tech news website theme on the market. Hop on Soledad today!

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a convenient and useful, powerful and pliable, easy to use and highly intuitive, readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO is the result of a lengthy design and development process aimed at creating the ultimate platform for news magazine websites across all sorts of industries and businesses, empowering webmasters with or without previous coding experience to easily and effortlessly craft their very own, one of a kind online news mags in a matter of minutes, awaiting just your content to go live the same day you set up, and with a broad set of deep-running capabilities.

Newsmag PRO features a competent set of homepage demo websites and professionally designed template pages and layouts to cover all sorts of niches and interests, while integrating robust customization tools so you can always make things look and feel just right to suit your brand and your content. Technology news magazines particularly favor Newsmag PRO due to its lightweight architecture and fast-loading code that is easy on the servers under even heavy traffic, its inherently mobile-friendly modular design inspired by Bootstrap and guaranteeing device and browser cross-compatibility, and much more under the hood. Get your own tech news magazine today, with Newsmag PRO!



Compass is a thoroughly flexible, amazingly powerful, visually sophisticated WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, fully capable of handling a great number of different website project needs, designed with adaptability, legibility and visual prowess in mind, as well as massive audience distribution and social media integration. The result is Compass, a theme that is especially powerful when used in news and magazine websites. It is coded to be responsive and adaptive above all, and will allow you to fully make it your own while simultaneously drawing in viewers and focusing them on your precious images and content, thanks to its carefully crafted templates and layouts that are free from distractions. Compass lets your users know where to go.

Compass makes full use of the powerful ZOOM Framework, Dynamic Homepage Builder, Live Customizer and Touch Slideshow to create amazing, professional looking, customized homepages in a matter of minutes and without coding skills required. Extensive shortcodes abound for you to easily drag and drop all sorts of customizable elements right into your website. Powerful tag and category features let you organize and sort your posts easily for your viewers’ convenience, employing the Jetpack plugin for incredibly added functionality, including Tiled Galleries, Related Posts, and numerous other Sidebar Widgets. Start bringing traffic home with Compass!


With a name like Best, you can be sure that you are in for a great WordPress theme. This theme was designed for magazines and other online publications, so it can fit great for your needs. It’s a clean and engaging theme with a flat design and increase responsiveness, which makes it ideal for cross-device accessibility. It’s also cross-browser flexible, loading and functioning perfectly on any browser out there.

Since you will be running a website that mainly handles written content, SEO should be one of your priorities. Best is a theme optimized for that purpose and you will have an easy time ranking higher in Google with its SEO features. Besides, it’s easy to install and the narrated video tutorials will help you customize it by yourself.


master - technology blog theme

Master is an amazingly modern, incredibly fast loading, astoundingly flexible WordPress news and magazine theme, that has been designed with the special needs of online magazines and news aggregation websites in mind, albeit being especially well suited for the needs of personal news blogs and magazine, webzine or ezine blogs. Master ensures your content and imagery reaches its target audience unblemished, by incorporating a natively responsive design that is perfect for your users to browse your website on their mobile devices, tablets or laptops, while also untarnished from lengthy loading times, owing to a brutally efficient, spartan coding. Master is powerful and pliable, and sure to turn heads as it styles your website in one of numerous, elegant blog styles, with custom Retina ready content and images to boot.

Master includes plentiful features to keep your audience engaged, from interactive sliders and attractive image galleries to interesting Header widgets, powerful Footer options, the Awesome Builder composer that allows you to churn out professional looking pages like a top developer without writing a single line of code, and full advertisement system integration into a block like interface element that can simply be dragged and dropped into action. Master is the theme of your blogging dreams!



Portus is a modern, adaptable, and charming theme for WordPress websites. It has a sizable collection of useful features, and its design is sure to attract many visitors. Portus is responsive towards any device, regardless of its screen size. There are responsive blocks and layouts for icons, elements, and retina sharp photos. In addition, the product is cross-browser compatible. Every page of your site can have several sidebar variations, and they can be combined in various forms. In total, you will benefit from 11 unique layouts. All settings can be changed via the Control Panel. Despite its power, this panel remains very intuitive, as even a novice user can successfully navigate its options.

The Visual Composer plugin can simply the customization process, and it does not require any programming knowledge. Drag and Drop technology is used, and you will only need to move elements across the screen with your cursor. It’s that simple! In order to accommodate those with smaller screens, an Off-Canvas Mobile Menu was made available. This feature helps to save screen space, as it automatically vanishes when it is not being used. Portus also has Facebook post previews, Twitter summary cards, Lightbox photo galleries, and Google Rich Snippets.



Herald is a high-quality WordPress theme for users who wish to create tech news websites. It is a carefully-crafted product which boasts a broad spectrum of useful features. Although it is highly versatile and it can be used for a variety of roles, Herald remains tailored for magazine and news platforms. The setup process is accessible and intuitive. Even novice clients will be able to craft fully-functional pages in a matter of moments. If you are experiencing any trouble, be sure to consult the informative tutorial videos. They offer to guide you through the initial setup stages.

Many online publications can also distribute physical copies. Herald can accommodate that distribution, as it has integrated WooCommerce. This innovative product makes it easier for people to design their own online shops. Images of all sizes and resolutions can be uploaded with ease, and the user can either select a pre-determine size, or implement a custom size. The theme has a completely modular header area, and it is possible to implement a header that perfectly matches your website’s theme. Advertisement banners can be place on individual article posts, archive pages, or on the home page. A live demo was made available for clients who wish to sample Header.



MagOne is a colorful and attractive, sleek and fashionable, elegant and trendy, readily responsive WordPress news and magazine website theme. MagOne has all the most sophisticated, cutting edge tools and features you will need in order to swiftly and effectively construct a slew of diverse online magazines and blogs across all imaginable genres and niches, but when it comes to building beautiful fashion magazines for a massive online audience, nobody does it like MagOne.

With a wealth of classy and purposeful demo website templates, initial setup of your MagOne fashion magazine is as easy and uncomplicated as a one click import process, while the robust and resourceful Sheeit Framework offers a competent and capable drag and drop interface for you to further customize your layouts. Page and post advanced theme options put you in charge of your fashion magazine’s aesthetics and presentation every step of the way, from colors and typographical options to transitions and animations that keep your audience marveled and amazed. Gorgeous MegaMenu styles quickly hierarchize your website and content in a matter of minutes, without requiring any sort of coding, while compatible widgets are widely available for you to expand your fashion magazine in any direction. Try MagOne now!

News times

newstimes clean magazine theme

If you want to focus on both written news and video reports, the News Times WordPress theme is an excellent choice. It features optimized video posts formats and AJAX loading for a smoother playback with reduced buffering. It also brings you infinite scrolling options, which can be enabled or disabled with a click of a button. It respects the standards of both WordPress and W3C coding, making it one of the most versatile theme of the moment.

The customization level of News Times is going to help you achieve a unique interface for your tech news site. That’s because it comes with infinite color and slider options, an easy-to-use control panel featuring one-click changes, a homepage layout manager and a translation-ready feature.


magxp classy technology blog theme

This is one awesome magazine theme for WordPress. It will bring you all the benefits of an online magazine, with high customization and a well-developed system for search engine optimization. With the theme’s Homepage Creator, you won’t need to write complicated code lines or upload PSD files in order to customize the homepage of your site. It features a drag and drop interface that will help you build a homepage, which can reflect your style and professionalism.

One of the most useful ways of keeping visitors interested in your content is to use both text and images in all posts. Unfortunately, not everyone has the server resources for that. However, with the new AJAX features of the MagXP theme, your images will load fast, without exhausting server resources.


clock clean tech magazine template

Clock is a straight forward theme for the people who are ready to monetize their site through both advertisement and sells. This responsive WordPress theme comes both SEO and WooComerce ready. It was created by combining the traditional style of journalistic publications with the modern online shops. Its interactive features are guaranteed to impress and engage the reader, helping you achieve a higher conversion rate and an increase in popularity.

The blogging experience will change drastically, mainly because of the easy to use SEO features and the short codes generator. These features improve the quality of your content, when it comes to efficiency in reaching new and targeted readers. It’s also specially optimized for Ad-Sense, so you will have multiple options of monetizing your traffic.


glamour techonology news theme

If you want to build a modern looking website, inspired by minimalism and elegance, you should consider Glamour as your new WordPress theme. It comes with a great interface that can be easily customized from the control panel, multiple column post display for featuring a larger amount of content preview and WooCommerce Support in case you want to sell products or services to your audience.

The theme is at its 2.0.1 version and once purchased, you will be able to update it for free, for the rest of your life. In case you won’t be able to customize it or use some of its features on your own, a professional support team will assist you.


split astue tech blog theme

Split is one of those little secrets of the blogging community. It takes the minimal style to a whole new level and it implemented the next-gen layout, with dual post and dual sidebar features on the homepage. The sites who are already using this theme have reported an improved user-experience and an increase in the engagement level of the audience.

Split is also fully responsive, adapting to any size of screen on which is displayed, no matter if accessed from computers or mobile devices. But the user experience is not the only one improved. You will be able to create your own blogging style with the custom dashboard design. This will help you stay organized and become more productive.



Innovation is a very deliberate and professionally designed, highly aesthetically refined and user friendly, incredibly intuitive and wonderfully convenient and easy to use, technologically top of the line and completely cutting edge, simple and sleek, resourceful and creative, modern and thoroughly responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Innovation is a powerful and profoundly attractive blog website theme that has been exclusively designed to meet and exceed the technical and graphical expectations of bloggers and webmasters across the board, regardless of specific, niche applications, blog archetypes or subject matters.

To accomplish such a feat, Innovation makes use of the most advanced components and plugins assembled across an assortment of extraordinary, unique, professionally graphically designed home page demo websites totaling in at over 230, each devoted to a particular, specific conception of a blog, ensuring you find the right fit among them, and offering you dozens of advanced theme options to further customize your blog to fit your required specs. Innovation’s modern, sleek and nearly futuristic home page demo templates, along with its superb HTML5 coding and integrated reviews system, make it a perfect candidate for running sophisticated tech blog websites of all kinds, all ready within a couple of clicks! Try Innovation now!

Flex Mag


Flex Mag is a uniquely adaptable, incredibly powerful, technologically refined, visually simplified and minimalist, clean-faced and bold, feature-dense and highly pliable WordPress responsive multipurpose magazine theme, an amazing, solidly constructed theme that is well outfitted for handling the basic needs of a great variety of website archetypes. From online stores to personal blogs, from portfolios to social forums, but especially crafted for the purpose of delivering the best all-around magazine theme ever created, and along the way, the most modern, up-to-date, carefully engineered and daring technological magazine theme.

If you are the webmaster of a magazine website, and you need to create your website in a visually impressive, technologically sophisticated way to will bedazzle discerning, demanding visitors that are quickly distracted, Flex Mag is the theme for you. Not only is it easy and painless to install and to use, and comes packed full with preconfigured, highly customizable article layouts, featured post layouts, homepage layouts and more, its unique fly-out navigational menus, limitless ad placement units and Sticky Sidebars to make sure they actually are seen, incredible Parallax visual effects, infinite scrolling feature, YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud integration, bbPress compatibility out of the box for you to gather your loyals–Flex Mag does all.



Professionals achieve success because they surround themselves with things that maximize their productivity. Considering the importance of a website in today’s business environment, you cannot afford to present a mediocre page. Thankfully, Sahifa is a WordPress theme that refuses to be bland. It is the glove that fits all hands, considering that this is one of the most versatile page themes in the world. Every feature takes your site to a new level of aesthetic beauty and practicality.

Sahifa has many customization options. It has incorporated the Drag and Drop HomePage Builder, which allows for easy personalization. Regardless of the customer’s technical background, a gorgeous site can be design. No programming or coding knowledge is required. You only need to click on an element, and drag it to where it needs to be placed. It’s that simple.

Site administrators can either enable or disable their Sticky Navigation Menus. By accessing the theme settings, they can also modify every post’s typography. With over 650 incredible Google Fonts, lack of variety will not be an issue. Pages can feature backgrounds adds, offering a boost in revenue. In addition, your readers can give you direct feedback, due to the built-in site review system.

MH Magazine


MH Magazine is a sleek and elegant WordPress magazine theme well suited for tech news and other magazine style websites. It is a highly customizable magazine theme with unlimited color variations, dozens of Google Fonts, 25 widget areas and several custom widgets. Customizations can be done via user friendly WordPress Theme Customizer that works as a live preview. MH Magazine theme is SEO friendly that will help your magazine to stand out between your competitors. Developer for this theme has created 3 different theme demos to showcase full potential of this theme and help you to decide is this theme is the right one for you.


mightymag awesome tech wordpress template

The MightyMag theme is one of the most complete themes you can use for your online tech news site. The main feature of this theme is the fact that it will help you offer content to your audience, in a clean and efficient fashion. The things that are making MightyMag special, are the elements that will also help you run an online store and an online community on the same site.

This theme was designed to support most of the major Plugins for WordPress, including WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPass. It comes with a clean and SEO optimized code, a simple category builder, an engaging review system and increased loading speed. With this theme you won’t have to worry about updates managing, since it features automatic updating through Envato Toolkit.


litemag clean masonry tech news theme

LiteMag is the perfect theme you can use for your tech news website in the case you have little or no experience with WordPress and website administration. The theme was developed with SEO in mind, and it can adapt to all search engine optimization methods and purposes. The social media support of this theme is designed to assure you that every posts will reach the audience of your site, no matter on which social platform they might be active on.

Since advertisement is a delicate topic and it has to be managed flawlessly, you can’t afford off-place banners. The LiteMag theme has an increased responsiveness for Google Ads and several areas for banners. It’s easy to use while offering all features needed for a successful online publication.


multinews tech news portal

This multi-purpose theme will serve well for any kind of news site or magazine. Because of its increased customization and user-friendly admin panel, you will be able to adapt and customize its features. In less than an hour, you will be able to adapt it for the topic of your site. It’s retina ready, ideal for the viewers who are accessing it from iOS devices. It’s also responds well on Android and Windows mobile devices.

The flipping page feature will assure a magazine-like user experience, but this effect can be disabled if needed. It also comes ready for plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress or BuddyPress. The advertisement system of this theme will help you improve your conversion rate, without using annoying advertisement tactics.


noticia city responsive magazine template

Noticia is a responsive and flexible theme that comes with one of the most complex customization menu. In the same time, the customization process is as simple as the one-click installation. No matter the topic of your site, you will be able to adapt the layout and interface to what you need. You won’t even require help from an experienced web developer.

The reviews and rating systems are built using AJAX, so they are reliable professional. The bonus of this theme is the Taqyeem Review plugin, which separately will cost you an extra $14. If this is your first attempt to traffic monetization, the banner ads and AdSense features of Noticia will help you manage your ads with ease.


dialymagazine exotic tech news theme

DialyMagazine is a theme with a flat and clean design, which can be easily modified to fit any preferences of the admin. The customization of this theme includes all the regular features, such as: unlimited colors, 600+ Google fonts, galleries with various effects and different banner areas. It also offers you the chance of choosing between a boxed or a wide layout, and it comes with customizable menu that can be sticky or not.

The review system can be attached to absolutely every post, and also on your homepage or within the footer of the site. The thumbnails for the video posts can be automatically generated, but only from Vimeo and YouTube URLs.


sparkle smooth magazine theme

The Sparkle theme is one of the most outstanding magazine themes for WordPress you will stumble upon. It’s used by some of the most popular tech news websites, but not only. The customization level of this theme makes it versatile and fitted for any niche or topic. It comes with 20 predefined skins, but you will be able to create unlimited custom skins.

With formats that are easy to customize and a review system, your posts will look modern and professional. Beside, it features the AJAX post widget, which will analyze the behavior of the user and display related posts. The only thing it doesn’t do is creating the content itself. You can also use this theme to sell your product or services. It was designed to be responsive for e-commerce plugins, such as WooCommerce.


truemag adsense optimized tech news magazine template

Truemag is one of the themes that puts the advertising and the monetization of your site, above everything else. That doesn’t mean it neglects other aspects and features, important for maintaining and engaged and interested audience. If you want to have a good theme that can be customized and adapted to your personal blogging style, Truemag is the one you need.

The layout can be boxed or full width, but that’s just the basic customization of this WordPress theme for tech news websites. The powerful admin panel helps you customize the post formats, choose from a large collection of icons and it offers you unlimited sidebar options. The code of this site is clean and optimized for SEO, plugin compatibility and it’s in conformity with the W3C standards.

18 Lawyer Attorney WordPress Themes For Private Practice Lawyers and Law Firms 2016

16 Lawyer Attorney WordPress Themes 2015

The popularity of internet as a virtual community has changed the competition among lawyers, attorneys and law firms. A lot of people these days turn to internet whenever they need to find an attorney to take care of their legal problems. Thus, having a professional website for their legal services or law firm became just as important as hiring the most brilliant people in the legal field. Law firm could use their website for displaying important information about their law firm, promote their top-notch legal services and get proper clients.

Lawyers and law firms used to dismiss the idea of having a website to represent their business online due to the high costs many developers charge them for building a professionally designed website. But this has changed because of the popularity and availability of WordPress themes in the market. The custom-built website themes made it possible for a lot of people and business in the legal profession to create beautiful and credible law and legal-related websites without spending a great deal of money.

If you are looking for a clean and professional WordPress theme for a lawyer, attorney, solicitor, barrister, law firm, or any other type of legal and law related business or company, I have gathered a list of the best lawyer themes for your WordPress website. The themes included in this list are fully responsive, easily adapt on different screen sizes and specifically designed to suit the needs of law-related businesses. The good thing about these law WordPress theme is that it is less costly compared to lawyers’ fees you charge to your clients.

Additionally, WordPress theme custom-built for law-related websites allows you to quickly build a professional website with just a little spark of creativity and minor adjustments. If you are shopping around for a functional website template, keep in mind that it always pays to do some research before you click the purchase button. So without further ado, here’s the list of finest lawyer, attorney and law firm themes for WordPress:



Divi is a stunning, smart and responsive WordPress theme for building a professional website for lawyers, attorneys and Law firms. This versatile and multi-functional theme is built on solid foundation of serviceable features and options that provides you an absolute control on how you want to create your website. Divi’s extremely responsive layout will make your website viewable and accessible on different types of mobile devices. This theme flawlessly adjusts on any screen sizes or display resolution to provide your audience an excellent user-experience.

You can choose from its 18 pre-made layouts or create your own custom layouts to build a website that suits your law firm or legal service. The theme has a Divi Builder, which allows you to craft striking layouts. Its innovative and futuristic drag & drop builder allows anyone to fashion a classy and stunning websites without exerting much effort. You can efficiently use this theme for creating a well-organized portfolio page, compelling testimonial page and many more.

You can also edit its full screen header with an image that perfectly represents you brand, company or service. It comes with an easy-to-customize homepage, several navigation options, stylish icons and font and color options that you can use in creating an outstanding landing page for your website. You can also take advantage of it video support and parallax backgrounds in engaging your target clients. Divi is the most trendy and flexible theme that you can find. It is awash with the best features and styling options required in creating a spectacular website for your firm. If you can’t decide if Divi theme is the right one, make sure to read this review.

Law Practice

law practice wp theme

Law Practice is an elegant and bold WordPress theme ideal for professionals and companies that are in the legal field. Both amateur and professional website developers love this theme because it is very easy to install and design. It also offers customization options that require no programming skills. This theme is the best web tool that you can use for promoting your companies team of professionals and different legal services. The developers of this theme aim to provide you an eye-catching, smart and fully functional website template that will represent your legal business in a professional way. Law Practice WordPress theme includes custom services post type to help you instantly publish and promote your services online, introduce your team to your site visitors and effectively describe all your services.

Law Practice gives you multiple color options for your website aside from the default colors shown in the demo. It allows you to change the color of your theme’s main navigation and other theme elements to make sure that the color scheme of your website effectively represents the mood that you want to create or the sense of authority that you wish to establish in your industry. This theme is fully compatible with 650+ Google Font so you can choose the right font to convey your message to your target audience as well as add style to the overall look of your website design. This theme also allows you to set your own page layout design without coding or programming skills. Law Practice WordPress theme is fully integrated with Revolution Slider, a premium WordPress plugin that helps you create gorgeous and engaging sliders in a jiffy. This premium lawyer website template is WPML plugin and translation ready, which allows you to select the language that you prefer to use in your website and being translating the content to another language.


defender lawyer wordpress theme

Defender is a professional, sober-looking, intuitive WordPress theme, ideally suited for use by law firms, attorneys, CPAs, and similar professional service providers. With a stylized design, Defender includes custom typographies, CSS3 enabled smooth transition effects, interactivity at the smallest levels of user interface, and superb features aimed at the legal and accounting professional sectors.

Featuring a fully responsive design, Defender websites look equally put-together and organized regardless of browser or device it is viewed on, meaning a bigger user base and increased revenues over time. Custom post styles and widgets allow you to engage your audience in very personalized ways, with powerful contact forms, HTML5 background and slider video playback, Slider Revolution enabled, flexible and modern, featuring Booked, the appointment Booking WordPress plugin, so your clients can make their appointments right off your website, right out of the box!

Defender is a serious theme for serious business. Every layout included is crafted with equal degree of mastery, and the drag & drop page builder means you can produce all these beautiful pages with no coding skills required whatsoever. Defender is powerful, pliable and trustworthy. Start expanding your client base with Defender today!


humanrights attorneys wordpress theme

Make your potential clients easily find with HumanRights WordPress theme! HumanRights lawyer’s website template is a professional theme built with usability and usability in mind. This theme is custom-built for lawyers, attorneys, legal offices and consultancy firms that are aiming for an impressive and professional online presence. This theme comes with a WPCharming’s demo data importer that speeds up the installation process of your WordPress theme. Its uses SASS to ensure that your website stays up to date with the latest trends in website development industry and go well with third-party website plugins necessary in building a professional lawyer website. This theme allows you to choose between fullwidth and boxed page layout for your website. HumanRights WordPress theme is bundled with retina ready icons and graphic elements to give your visitors an amazing user experience.

With the Visual Composer fully integrated in this theme, you can now create your own layout page design even without seeking out for the help of seasoned web developer. Simply add, drag and drop the theme elements that you want to arrange, and your theme is ready to stream on the web. On the other hand, the premium Slider Revolution plugin allows you to build fascinating sliders for your website with dazzling animation effects and transitions that will certainly capture the attention of anyone who visits your website. This theme has a smart and innovative theme options panel that makes theme customization a child’s play. One of the notable features of this theme is the ‘Free Case Evaluation Form’, which lets your visitors and potential clients write their inquiries or legal problems to get your free legal advice. This theme is developed using the most up-to-date HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to ensure that your website will function efficiently and go well with the latest theme plugins available in the market. This website template is tested and run smoothly on all major web browsers. Finally, this theme is designed with functionality and best SEO practices in mind to make sure that your lawyer website will attract more traffic and get you more clients.

Law Office

robertson - leads generator theme

Clean, easy on the eye and flexible — those are the first three words that will cross your mind once you see this WordPress theme for lawyers. This theme will give your website a strong yet bendy page layout. This professional theme is suitable for legal advisers, lawyers, attorneys, counsels and other law related services. This theme has a sleek and fully responsive layout that will make your professional lawyer website standout from the crowd. This theme is loaded with advanced features and customization options that allow you to build and personalize the theme with just few clicks. This theme includes a Visual Composer, an amazing plugin that allows you create unlimited page layout design using its drag and drop functionality.

Law Office WordPress theme makes it possible for you to implement parallax or video background in your website to help you immediately grab the attention of your prospective clients. This theme offers you 9 blog styles and unlimited blog options to help you sharing your expertise in your field and inform people about laws and their rights. Additionally, this theme has embedded counters for comments and likes. It is integrated with interactive Ajax Search to help your site visitors easily find the information they would like to read or get from your website. It has an online appointment system, which uses WP Booking Calendar plugin. Law Office WordPress theme is powered by ThemeRex Framework, a very powerful yet intelligible framework that offers website admins and site developers tons of customization options. This theme is also very ideal for law firms that are selling physical or downloadable/digital products. This neat and functional theme is fully optimized for SEO, so you are guaranteed that clients will easily find you on major search engines such as Google.



Justice is an awesome WordPress theme for users who wish to create impressive websites. This is a very niche-oriented theme, perfect for Counsel, Barrister at Law, Legal office, Lawyer, Legal Advisor, and Solicitor web pages. Regardless of your practice’s size, this theme can accommodate its needs.

Justice has implemented new Visual Composer modules, enhancing its capabilities. These new modules offer an excellent setup experience via the Drag and Drop Page Builder. Basically, users who lack specialized training will be able to create professional websites without the aid of a web development company. With this theme, designing a site has become a very casual experience. It takes only a few minutes, thanks to the One Click Demo Installer. In addition, pre-made content spares you from having to start from scratch.

Justice allows you to personalize and organize page sections with ease. Every option and setting can be modified via the powerful Theme Options Panel. Users can change their site’s typography options, layout mode, skin color, and so on. Also, the innovative Revolution Slider plugin was added for free. Justice supports a multilingual format, MailChimp integration, and eye-catching Parallax effects. Users can select a single page, or multi page format for their site.



Dejure is an incredibly flexible, amazingly easy to use, professional and businesslike, clean and fresh-faced, modern and interactive, malleable and modifiable, technologically proficient and functionally expansive WordPress responsive multipurpose commercial and corporate theme, a powerful and thorough theme that has been developed to be an all-around solid and all-inclusive set of tools that allow just about any webmaster, regardless of coding skills, to create the most beautiful and appealing websites specifically dedicated to legal practices, individual lawyer websites, family attorney firms, divorce attorney firms and pretty much any website that wishes to inform potential new clients of the services and benefits offered by serious and qualified legal professionals.

Dejure is equipped with all sorts of convenient and useful template pages, preconfigured with all the widgets, blurbs and sections required of a legal business website, such as Contact, Services, Staff, and much more, with a professionally graphically designed series of user interface elements, including transparent headers, gorgeous off-canvas mobile menus, impressive footers, endless sidebars and impossibly vast customization options, via the nifty WordPress Live Customizer. Dejure makes sure your website isn-t just another bland and drab legal website amongst a myriad more! And with Dejure’s natively responsive coding, clients on any form of device, browser or platform can seamlessly access your website with no additional coding. Any objections?

Law Firm


Law Firm is a sleek and effective, purposeful and fast-loading, clean and modern, tech-savvy and responsive WordPress legal multipurpose business website theme. Law Firm has been designed as a simple but effective solution for lawyers, attorneys and firms looking for an integrated solution to all their website necessities, and with over 9 unique, conceptual homepage design demo website templates, there’s plenty of choice to go around. With tons of specific customization settings for all your elements, sidebars, MaxiMenus and more, built right into the Unyson Framework, which underpins every element of Law Firm, making your legal business website your own is a truly intuitive, coding-free process that will take you mere minutes to complete and achieve professional quality results each time, especially when you deploy Law FIrm’s impressive shortcodes, totaling in at over 40 and counting, which spruce up your every page.

With the Revolution Slider, gorgeous slideshows will grace your pages and showcase your content for your visitors at the same time, while integrated Events Management capabilities let you easily set up events and meetings with your clients directly from your website, no add-ons required. Mobile-friendly and responsive, Law Firm reaches every client, everywhere. Give Law Firm a go today!


factum law office wordpress theme

Factum is a professional, one page, clean theme dedicated for people and businesses in the legal field such as lawyers, attorneys, law practices, and legal offices who wants to gain online presence. Its modern, minimalistic and professional look is ideal for setting up a trustworthy legal-related websites. It is absolutely responsive and let your website adapt effortlessly to any screen size or display resolution to give your visitors an incredible browsing experience.

This theme comes with sophisticated features that allow you to list all the information about your business including: your practice description, employees, clients and contact information. It is also designed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help you keep up with the latest trends in web design. Its intuitive admin options panel allows you to effortlessly customize different aspects of your theme. Some of the other key features include: custom menus, 6 color scheme options, tons of shortcodes, cross-browser compatibility, localization, excellent support and more.

Lawyers Attorneys Legal Office

lawyers attorneys legal office professional theme

Lawyers Attorneys Legal Office is a responsive, pixel-perfect and mobile ready WordPress theme for lawyers, attorneys and legal businesses. This theme is built with Vamtam rock-solid theme framework and built with clean HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Its built-in VamTam drag & drop page builder is designed based on the popular Visual Composer, which makes it possible for people with zero programming skills craft a stunning and professional legal website without exerting much effort.

It comes with ultra-sharp high resolution graphics, CSS and parallax effects, large-sized elements, scrolling effects and metro-style icons and fonts that make your website look eye-catching and credible. Lawyers Attorneys Legal Office WordPress theme is incorporated with features and styling options that are handy in setting up and managing a legal or law related website such as Free Consultation Form, practice areas, case results, Q&A and team members pages.

Other great theme features include boxed and full-width layouts, 6 widget ready sidebars and WooCommerce support (if you want to sell products, legal guides or ebooks). It is also built with SEO best practices in mind and supports All in one SEO pack plugin and SEO plugin by Yoast. Without a doubt, Lawyers Attorneys Legal Office is the ultimate website template for legal advisers, legal offices, lawyers, attorneys, barristers at Law, counsels, solicitors, advocates and other legal and law related services.

LEX law

lex law attorney wordpress theme

LEX is a premium theme famed for its bold, hardlines and high contrast visual elements. This website template is specially made for lawyers, law Offices and attorneys that aim to attract well off and high-profile clients. This extremely responsive and retina display ready WordPress theme will make your website look spectacular on different mobile devices.

It comes with six custom post types for testimonials and case results. A custom made, drag & drop sections builder allows you to rearrange pages and build new layouts easily. A dynamic and well-thought out options panel is provided on the backend to make it easier for you to manage and personalize your website. Its design is modern, lightweight and clean and its performance is fast and smooth. Thanks to a bunch of shortcodes you can display styled elements without the need of coding skills. Furthermore, this lawyer WordPress theme is SEO optimized for better results in search engines.


attorney law firm wordpress theme

The Attorney is a simple, classic and professional WordPress theme specially made for business and individuals who want to promote their legal service or law firm online. This smart and trendy WordPress theme is built based on latest Bootstrap technology for faster web development. Attorney is totally responsive and let your website function smoothly on any screen size or display resolution to give your audience a first-rate browsing experience. It comes with a couple of alternative home page templates, one for static content and one with a latest posts slider.

In addition, it is packed with nice features such as a team section to introduce your competent attorneys and lawyers, three portfolio layouts and ten custom page templates and tons of functional shortcodes. Attorney’s powerful and user-friendly theme options enable you to personalize your website, adjust the sliders and manage the social media links from the theme customization screen with ease.


lawyers inspiring wordpress theme

Lawyers is a modern, eye-catching and advanced theme that will make your legal website standout. Lawyers WordPress theme is the ultimate solution for lawyers, attorneys, law firms and legal offices who wants to establish a good online presence. This theme has got all the features and styling options required in building a legal business website.

Multiple features have been included such as parallax-style footer area, large and prominent featured content area, testimonials section, lawyer/staff profiles, and special “service” buttons among just a few of the things that will allow you to showcase the benefits of choosing your professional legal services. Moreover, the theme features widgetized homepage, custom header options, admin panel, WPML compatible, child theme available, cross browser compatible, PSD file included and brilliant support.


legalized lawyer wordpress theme

Legalized WordPress theme is custom-built for attorneys, lawyers and law firms looking to represent their business services in modern and tasteful way. The theme is perfect for startups and established law firms that want an organized, professional and reliable website that will make the good impression on current and future clients.

Legalized is bundled with drag & drop homepage builder so you can create your own layout without difficulty. It also includes custom page templates for services, team, contact, testimonials and others. Its theme customizer allows you to change colors and other basic elements in your theme. This theme is completely responsive and mobile ready. Legalized also includes contact form builder, custom Google fonts, lots of useful shortcodes, detailed PSD files, translation ready and more.


atrium proffesional law firm theme

Atrium is a responsive and clean one page WordPress theme suitable for law or legal-related websites. The theme exudes a minimalist design with prominent color accents. Every aspect of this theme is fully responsive to make certain that it will work efficiently on any mobile device. With its functional drag and drop page builder, you’re able to set up an inimitable business website right away.

This versatile WordPress theme comes with amazing theme options panel that facilitates easy theme customization. The theme options panel enables you to modify the framework of your blog, upload logo and favicon, select fonts, turn off responsive mode or set background color or background image with Parallax Effect. Atrium supports an isotope filterable portfolio, a brilliant feature that users can take advantage of in showcasing their business portfolio or displaying business information in a stylish way.


identity modern business lawyer theme

Identity is an astonishing one page multipurpose theme perfect for lawyer, legal or law-related websites. Identity is a 100% responsive and parallax one page template. It is powered with Bootstrap 3.1 Framework. Its clean and professional design allows you to establish a trustworthy and credible character for your legal business on the web. It is fully responsive, retina-ready and perfectly fits on all devices.

It comes with Visual Composer, a drag & drop page builder plugin that allows you build unlimited pages in no time. It offers a sticky header option that you can use for attracting potential clients. You can customize theme sliders with Slider Revolution. LayerSlider is also integrated in this theme to assist you in creating image galleries, content sliders, and mind-blowing slideshows with magnificent effects. Customizing the look and feel of the theme is very easy with its advanced admin panel. Identity also offers 24/7 premium customer support that you can count on whenever you need technical assistance.


solveto corporate lawyer wordpress-theme

Solveto is a versatile and bendy WordPress theme especially designed for people and businesses in the legal field such as lawyers, attorneys, law practices, and legal offices who want to gain significant online presence. Solveto simply demonstrates the power of flexibility.

It is fully responsive and adapts gracefully on any type of screen displays with different screen sizes. This clean, fresh and modern theme is ideal for showcasing law or legal- related websites. Its rock-solid themeis built with KODDE Framework V2 with a lot of new options and Page Builder V2 with drag and drop and resizable blocks. The page builder is very easy to use and enables you to create complex layouts.

Its comprehensible theme options panel allows you to change certain theme aspects with just few clicks on the backend. It is fully optimized for SEO and designed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to help you stay abreast of the latest trends in web design. Solveto is the best solution for law firms who want to showcase and promote their legal expertise on the web.


relevance creative business theme

Revelance is a very powerful, super clean and ultra-responsive WordPress theme especially designed for lawyers, attorney, solicitor, barrister, law firm, or any other type of legal and law related business or company. If you want to acquire considerable online presence and perform well major search engines, you have to choose this flexible theme.

You can choose between one page and multi page formats for showcasing your website. It is crafted to look marvelous on any screen as it uses HTML5, jQuery, CSS3 technology. It is full-packed with features, including short codes, drag and drop integration, limitless color options, translation coding, and a slider revolution. The site’s design is fully responsive, but you can choose to deactivate it if you wish to. It has Contact Form 7 support, cross browser compatibility, provides detailed documentation and exceptional customer support.

20 Professional & Responsive Construction Company WordPress Themes For Your Business 2016

15 Construction WordPress Themes 2015

Just two or three decades ago, the web was considered a fringe tool for students and campus faculty members. Only a small percentage of the population owned a personal computer, let alone a web connection. The only practical applications were restricted, and overall, the entire PC scene was in its larval stage.

As its popularity grew, the internet slowly started to become more than just an attraction for tech junkies. Suddenly, an entire generation of kids grew up on PC games, and the IT field started employing thousands of people. This may not seem like much, but it laid the groundwork for a tech-driven future. As a businessman, you used to rely on business cards, word of mouth, or conventional media such as newspapers, magazines, and TV, to spread awareness regarding your business. Only a few businesses actually considered starting a website, and even those that did still considered it to be mostly a gimmick.

However, any respectable business in modern times wouldn’t even consider the option of not having a web page. Even smaller companies that target their local community found that it was advantageous to have an online portal that represented their product of service. It has gotten to the point where a website is an amalgamation of all the previous media, compacted into a comfortable form. It can feature newspaper-like articles, testimonials and reviews from customers, and all of the pictures and videos that the customers can handle.

From a financial standpoint, this service is dirt cheap. A commercial aired on times of peak audience viewership can cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even then you can get a maximum of 1-2 million views depending on the show. If you invest in a successful web page, you will gain access to an international audience. In addition to that broadened viewership, web pages can be optimized, so they can show up higher on search engine rankings. The amount of exposure that you can gain from the web is enormous, especially when you compare it to the amount of money that you spend.

A local construction company may not need a large amount of international attention, but the search engine optimization is very important. After the decision to set up a website is made, the user needs to pick a viable hosting platform. Over the years, WordPress has become the sweetheart of the online community, as it offers an affordable and versatile service. Countless blogs and company web pages were established here, with more popping up every single day. These large numbers also come with a disadvantage: you risk getting lost in a crowd.

Just how can your construction company website distinguish itself from others? Thankfully, WordPress also hosts a varied and professional community of programmers and theme designers. These themes, be it the premium versions or their free, stripped-down alternatives, are capable of adding a whole new layer of customization to your page, ensuring that your look will be one of a kind. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best Construction Company WordPress themes:



Cast is a robust and reliable, serious and professional, modern and advantageous, readily responsive WordPress construction and building website theme. Cast has been designed and implemented as a full-fledged website building platform for professionals in the construction industry in general, from contractors or freelance carpenters and masons to engineering or architectural landscaping solutions businesses. Cast empowers webmasters with or without any previous development experience to craft absolutely any sort of unique layouts they can think of, making deft deployment of the powerhouse plugins Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Essential Grid in unison, making for a sleek, streamlined, intuitive page design and building experience.

Cast is incredibly flexible as well, supplied with dozens of convenient, time-saving homepage templates and demo websites readymade for instant deployment through a single click import process. Under the hood, Cast features a unique drag and drop Footer builder, customizable headers, blogs and post styles, hundreds of awesome and Retina-ready icons, elements and fonts for you to express yourself in just the right way on every occasion, and jaw-dropping gorgeous hardware-powered Parallax visual effects that will dazzle and impress your potential customers. Show off your portfolios and attract new business in a fresh, modern style, with Cast.

Massive Dynamic


Massive Dynamic is a serious and successful, clean and crisp, attractive and amicable, responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. Massive Dynamic is a professional quality website building toolkit, an ambitious set of development tools, predesigned templates and layouts, configurable shortcodes and customizable advanced settings, all available in real-time preview through the Live Website Builder feature. Massive Dynamic achieves supreme flexibility due to the combination of its live builder and its trove of custom-designed, beautiful and stylish template websites and pages, readily customized for tons of diverse niche markets and applications. Many of such templates are the reason why Massive Dynamic shines particularly bright when used as for the development of construction websites.

That’s because Massive Dynamic packs the punch of plugins such as Go Pricing, which makes short work of producing creative, enticing and dynamic pricing plans for your services. It also includes a host of gorgeous portfolio options and layouts, so you can showcase your works in style and have your customers get to know your work. With the Portfolio Live Rearrange, you can resize and reorder portfolios in real-time, to make your best pieces pop as much as you desire. Massive Dynamic, is the real bedrock foundation for websites!



KALLYAS is a clever and easy to use, feature-rich and visually stunning, massive and readily responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. KALLYAS has all the tools you will need to effectively design and construct full-fledged functional modern websites within minutes, without having to write a single line of code yourself, and with a flawlessly professional finish. With KALLYAS, you get access to a massive collection of sophisticated, professionally designed, ready-made demo websites and template pages, on top of an array of powerhouse customization tools to make sure all your visual branding and style requirements are perfectly met.

With the integrated, plugin-free Visual Builder drag and drop page editor, customizing your layouts is easier than ever before, from scratch or starting off with one of KALLYAS’ templates, and the Revolution Slider furnishes a huge variety of custom slider styles for you to choose from. KALLYAS is perfect for servicing the needs of construction industry websites, contractors, masons, carpenters, landscapers and design studios, among other related fields and industries, with its sharp portfolios, attractive and modern gallery options, convenient business-friendly features like Pricing Tables and MailChimp subscription newsletter platform plugin integration, and handsome Parallax visual styling. Try KALLYAS today, and square off all your construction website needs!

Real Factory


Real Factory is a modern and sophisticated, competent and capable, intuitive and easy to use, readily responsive WordPress factory, industrial and construction website theme. Real Factory is a dedicated website building toolkit aimed specifically and the industrial sector, with a myriad professional tools tweaked specifically for optimized functionality for corporations in the industrial, factory and construction businesses. With tons of advanced configuration options and an intuitive visual interface, you can easily set up your company website within minutes without even seeing a line of code. Dozens of header styles, footer options, limitless sidebars and handsome color styling combinations are all at your fingertips.

Advanced theme customization settings, specifically targeted demo websites for different industries, and the amazing GoodLayers page builder make for one of the strongest, most intuitively customizable themes out there today. Blog layouts, gallery layouts, gorgeous HTML5 Genius wrapper system, portfolio layouts, WooCommerce ready online shops, and utterly mobile friendly, responsive visual style make Real Factory a stunning sight from day one. Useful predesigned pages and convenient widgets are available for you, including staff pages, product catalogues, handsome slideshows and advanced search engine optimization round off this potent industrial theme. Try Real Factory today, and make a dent!



TheGem is a robust and reliable, tech-savvy and very intuitive, fast-loading and modern, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. TheGem is a high performance WordPress theme designed for professional, high-end applications that are exceedingly demanding in terms of quality and final polish. TheGem has been packaged along with over forty conceptually unique demo website templates that span a range of industries and businesses across all sectors, though it particularly shines when it comes to the construction industry. With several dedicated Construction demo websites as well as dedicated template pages styled to match, TheGem is a natural when it comes to showcasing your built works in an enticing way.

Numerous options for both single page and multipage construction websites are available, including customized gallery settings and layouts, widgetized headers, footers and sidebars with a vast collection of useful widgets, handy shortcodes that make short work of your Pricing Plans, Service Packages and all similar information dissemination in an attractive presentation, and far more under the hood. With TheGem, you get a fully functional online shop page where you can directly market your services to the world at large, the same day you set up. Try TheGem today, and see for yourself!


construction simple wordpress theme

This is a WordPress theme that is suited for the websites of architectural firms, building companies, and freelance architects. Your page can be viewed on mobile devices and desktop computers, regardless of screen resolution. This theme has plenty of features, and it incorporates many customization options. With Construction, you are able to build an astounding web page. Loading speeds are excellent, resulting in a superior customer experience. If you wish to commercialize your goods or services, you can create a personal online store with WooCommerce. This is one of the most prolific plugins on WordPress.

Visual customization is easy, due to the limitless amount of colors available. Users are able to design a site that fits their vision. Construction theme is translation and multilingual ready thanks to its built in WPML plugin support. This will facilitate your site’s growth, given that multilingual pages attract more views. If you have any questions, be sure to contact customer support. Their representatives are well-mannered and eager to help you. This theme is integrated with Revolution Slider, and it incorporates 15 HTML files. In addition, 11 PSD files are included. There are 6 distinct post types: Services, Clients, Projects, Staff, Slider, and Testimonials. This will facilitate the categorization of your content. Construction has 9 widgets with multiple widget areas, and a practical Drop-down Menu. You can expect many theme upgrades in the future. Construction is the right theme if you are looking for professional and easy to use the theme for your business.



BuildPress is a theme that is designed specifically for construction companies, regardless of their size. The developers take pride in its quality, and they claim that it is one of their best efforts to date. Using it is not hard at all, as it is made for anyone to use. No coding or advanced programming knowledge is required, with only one click you will be able to import the demo content and initiate the installation. This eliminates the need for you to start a web page from the ground up. This theme is available exclusively on the ThemeForest page, so be sure to visit and check out their live preview.

Building a website in a conventional way can be very challenging, but thanks to the integrated page builder, the tool is responsible for most of the complicated work. It makes the whole process more intuitive and enjoyable. A more pleasant experience results in a prettier page, because if you hate what you are doing, the result isn’t going to look that great. Historically, mobile platforms often experienced problems when it came to displaying high definition content. That problem has been eliminated, as this theme is both retina ready and fully responsive. Your site will have no issues with other devices.

If your company’s scope is a broader one, you must consider the need for proper translation. BuildPress is entirely translation-ready, as the developers have incorporated the extremely useful WPML plugin. Detailed review for BuildPress them is available here.



ReBuild is a marvelously clean and surprisingly modern, effective and tech-savvy, readily responsive WordPress construction and building business website theme. ReBuild has been created by a dedicated team of professional engineers and developers specifically with one purpose in mind, to provide the easiest and most intuitive platform for construction companies, builders, woodworkers, contractors, and all similar, related fields of business.

ReBuild is perfect for firms, agencies or independent contractors that are looking for a sleek, efficient way to create a place to call home on the web that can do everything they require of a website, from providing a beautiful, impressive look at their most sophisticated works through high-resolution, animated, clean and polished portfolios, to furnishing clients and potential new business with advanced quote requests and contact information, so they can easily seek you out in the future. Powerful premium plugins are included with ReBuild, so you always have the right tool for the right job, including the Visual Composer premium page builder, the Revolution Slider to craft gorgeous, engaging experiences for your users, the Essential Grid plugin that makes you master of your visual domain, and the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite. ReBuild today and start to impress those clients!

Constructzine PRO

constructzine PRO sonctruction theme

Constructzine PRO is a minimalist and straightforward WordPress theme for businesses or agencies that are related to construction industry. It is designed with a highly responsive and mobile ready layout design that streams flawlessly across all modern devices such as computers, tablets and handheld devices. This clean and vibrant theme lets you show everyone who you are, introduce your team of professionals and the services that you can offer to your potential clients. This theme is created to generate more lead and get more clients for your construction business. One of its main features is the “contact us” page of your website that encourages a lot of visitors to contact you for quotes, rates, services and other information about your company.

By upgrading Constructzine to PRO version, you get unlimited color options, custom image, parallax effects and first-rate support. This theme also comes with custom widgets to help you easily organize the contents of your website with just a few clicks. Constructzine PRO also includes a very powerful theme options panel that enables you to change certain theme elements such as logo, social links, colors, and layout. This theme is also developed using clean and valid code that could be easily edited by any person with basic knowledge in HTML/PHP. This theme is tested and completely compatible with all types of browsers on the web. If you are looking for a website template that really maximizes your website’s visitors, then this theme is the perfect choice for you.



StructurePress is a wonderfully composed and professionally designed and developed, serious and purposeful, technologically proficient and intuitive, full featured and resourceful, cleverly coded and efficiently built, modern and thorough, highly responsive WordPress engineering, construction and building website theme. StructurePress is a serious and business-friendly theme, brought to you by the same developers behind BuildingPress, a team of skilled developers that have really outdone themselves with StructurePress.

StructurePress is a unique and wholly impressive suite of tools, plugins and page templates aimed towards immensely simplifying the website building construction for engineering professionals, while still offering a broad range of strong features and sophisticated functionality right out of the box that will both impress your audience and allow you to construct full-featured, WooCommerce compatible websites with an incredibly polished look within minutes. The premium Visual Composer plugin makes short work of tasks like designing and laying out your website and webpages without ever having to write so much as a single line of code, and always dressed in a perfectly stylish presentation. StructurePress includes useful and convenient page templates for just about any sort of professional construction need you may encounter, from handsome portfolios to intuitive informative and contact pages, along with pricing plans, Contact Form integration that lets customers easily request a quote, and so much more! Try StructurePress now!



Artcore is a deeply aesthetically refined and profoundly creative and imaginative, wonderfully well constructed and professionally graphically designed, efficiently developed and exceedingly modern and cutting edge, bold and expressive, colorful and lively, serious and professional, highly responsive WordPress building, architecture and engineering website theme. Artcore is a thoughtful and solid platform for webmasters seasoned and inexperienced alike to effortlessly and quickly construct sophisticated and modern, creative and professional-looking websites without having to write a single line of code, specializing in all things creative, particularly in the areas of creative agencies and designers, engineers, construction, and architecture.

Artcore is a very user friendly theme, with extended and potent WordPress Live Customizer options that offer a wealth of typographies, color schemes and settings for you to fiddle and experiment with live, so you know what you are getting right off the bat, as well as a custom Page Builder that is entirely visual and permits the creation of magnificent new layouts without having to do any actual coding. The Revolution Slider is included with Artcore for you to amaze your audience with gorgeous, smooth sliders, and this lightweight, modern theme also includes a sophisticated backend Project Manager system that is perfect for you to keep tabs on all your construction or design projects.



Recover is a robust and reliable, visually intuitive and very tech-savvy, user-friendly and readily responsive WordPress construction business website theme. Recover has been developed as an exclusive solution for the specific needs and requirements of the construction and remodeling industry and related businesses and fields, such as landscaping business websites. To that end, Recover deploys a serious of tools that empower webmasters from all backgrounds and experience levels to easily and quickly get professional quality results with Recover.

For starters, the Visual Composer, a flexible drag and drop page builder, has been included to let you handcraft your own layouts or modify any of the dozens of provided page and demo website templates, all of which are completely functional out of the box and require nothing but your content and visual branding to go live. Over 300 unique theme options are available to configure within Recover, so that detailing is completely yours to own the look and feel of your Recover website from the ground up. 53 customized Visual Composer elements are included with Recover specifically for the construction industry. Over 90 header and footer options and styles round off this solid package of a theme. Get Recover today, and do some work!



TheBuilt is a clean cut and aesthetically attractive, highly functional and very easy to use, tech-savvy and responsive WordPress construction, architecture and building business website theme. TheBuilt is a wholly inclusive WordPress website theme designed to meet and exceed the expectations of business webmasters in the architectural, construction and building sectors and industries with ease and effortlessness, while offering a broad range of tools to conduct your business online with.

Firstly, initial setup is simple and quick, with a plethora of demo pages for diverse niche purposes offered to get things started, and with the integrated drag and drop page builder plugin, making your TheBuilt website your own is a quick and painless process that will take you mere minutes. Powerful features such as twenty header style combinations and fourteen different portfolio layouts guarantee that TheBuilt always displays your professional works in the most favorable light. 8 different portfolio item animations keep your visitors engaged and entertained as they browse through your works, while 18 category filter animations keep your website lively while your clients search for their heart’s content. Premium quality premade sliders and hundreds of Google Fonts along with limitless color options round off this marvelous theme. Try TheBuilt today!



Construction is a professional WordPress theme for building company and construction web pages. In order to facilitate site customization, this product incorporates the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder. In order to rearrange your site elements, you only need to drag them across the screen and drop them into place. No coding or programming expertise is required.

Thanks to the One Click Demo Importer, a fully functional page can be created in a few minutes. Demo content spares you from having to start from scratch, and it can give you an idea of how to customize your page. The Essential Grid solution was implemented, allowing users to showcase multiple content formats in a gorgeous grid. You may also create modern slides via the Slider Revolution plugin. Construction has incorporated many WordPress premium plugins, for no extra charge.

This product has an intuitive and user-friendly theme options set which simplifies the customization process. Basically, every page element will be under your control, as you get to design a unique website. For your written content, over 600 Google Fonts were added. By accessing the Theme Options Panel, you can easily modify the heading, body, header and menu of your construction page.



Bulldozer is an extremely clever and very purposeful and deliberate, modern and ambitious, tech-savvy and user-friendly, easy to use and highly appealing and enticing, graphically pliable and responsive WordPress multipurpose, multi-niche construction website theme. Bulldozer is a hip and trendy WordPress theme meant for construction purposes and all sorts of construction industry related websites and projects. Bulldozer has been built to code with all the latest and greatest web development technologies on the market today, ranging from potent HTML5 and CSS3 code to malleable and modular Bootstrap design as well as nimble and engaging, wonderfully smooth Parallax effects and sections.

Bulldozer deploys these tools across a variety of widgets and shortcodes extensively developed for your convenience and readily available through the Visual Composer page builder plugin, incorporating the Revolution Slider plugin as well, for crafting gorgeous sliders in a variety of styles within a few clicks, without writing a single line of code. Bulldozer comes jam-packed with useful and on-point demo websites and templates as well as multiple homepage designs to service a range of general and specific construction industry related applications, from contracting companies to architectural firms; everybody needs a Bulldozer on their side. Start tearing down the competition today, with Bulldozer!

We Build


We Build is a WordPress theme that never fails to impress. Convenience and power are the pillars of its design, as the user is able to create a unique site. In business, you will be judged or praised based on your web page’s performance and aesthetic appeal. This theme makes sure that every first impression will be a positive one. We Build can be used for Interior Design, Architecture, Renovation Service and Building Service pages. It has included free premium WordPress plugins such as the Drag and Drop Page builder and One Click Demo Importer.

The good impression that is left by this product can no longer be attributed to subjectivity. An international and impartial Awwwards commission has reviewed We Build, listing it as one of the best construction business themes in the world. This is the highest honor that a site can receive.

Every aspect of the customer’s page will be optimized for search engines. SEO-readiness guarantees a decent spot on search engine rankings, potentially increasing a site’s view count. Customized typography can help you to express your individuality, as you attempt to establish a recognizable brand. This theme has over 650 fonts, a limitless number of headers, infinite sidebars and menus. Also, users can determine the number of widgets that are featured in the site footer.


constructo - construction company themes

Constructo is a tastefully designed WordPress theme suited for a construction company. It comes with a one-click demo install that helps you create a website in two shakes. This theme is skillfully designed to provide a smooth user interface and make sure that you efficiently deliver your brand message to your target audience. It offers 4 predefined color schemes that you can instantly implement in your website design or you can create your own style from a truly vast color options. This theme is bundled with Visual Composer to help build unique page layouts faster. This theme includes unlimited sidebars and custom widgets. There is more that header types that you can choose from that you can use for attracting visitors, making a statement or building trust. This theme also includes Revolution Slider, the ultimate slide displaying solution that makes it possible for any site admin or developer to display almost any kind if content with highly customizable transitions, effects, and custom animations. Its smart and intuitive admin panel enables you to adjust theme elements such as colors, fonts, layout design and much more.


renovation clean construction company theme

Renovation is a WordPress Construction Company Theme that is sure to promote your business or service with the style and professionalism that it deserves. It allows the user to modify and enhance the aesthetic appeal of his website, taking advantage of a broadened color palette. Something as simple as the right color choice can influence sales percentages, so be sure to pick the right scheme, and watch your view count grow! This theme has no issue displaying your website on all sorts of devices, given that it is fully responsive and retina ready. High-resolution icons and images will look just as good on a phone screen, as they do on a desktop computer display.

If your customer base is varied, and you need to reach a broader audience, Renovation can facilitate that process due to the inclusion of full translation capabilities. If you are not sure about purchasing this theme from the start, you always have the option of trying out their content before committing to anything. The demo is very accessible and user-friendly.

This theme has all of the tools necessary for you to show off your work and craftsmanship. The price is very affordable, some might even call it cheap. However, this affordability does not come at the price of quality, as Renovation is just as good as any other WordPress theme. Upon purchasing the skin, the customer will also receive a very informative help file and some additional benefits such as the Revolution slider.



Universal is a powerful and professionally graphically designed, highly versatile and visually sleek and attractive, elegant and polished, intuitively customizable and very efficiently coded, safe and secure, robustly developed and graphically creative and engaging, enticing and Retina ready responsive WordPress multipurpose business platform theme. Universal is an ambitious website building toolkit that transcends a theme; Universal is a platform, a hub of a myriad website possibilities articulated through dozens of shortcodes, page layouts, and whole templates, combined with the premium Visual Composer Page Builder and Revolution Slider plugins, making short work of website construction and customization.

But Universal truly shines as a construction company website theme-Universal includes eight professionally polished demos with full-fledged inner content pages, of which the construction company demo website included is a favorite for professionals in the industry, from contractors and carpenters to architecture and civil engineering firms. With convenient custom developed widgets specific to the industry, as well as native WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite visual and functional integration, making for completely cohesive, coherent online shops where you can market your products, services and skills directly off your own website! From staff blurbs to a creative professional portfolio, gallery and blog presentation styles, to pricing guide shortcodes and much more, Universal is ready to go live with 1 click from day one! Try Universal now!



Wish is a powerfully resourceful and impressively thoroughly developed, thought out and detail oriented, technologically cutting edge and handsomely animated, seamlessly fluid and astoundingly easy to customize, user-friendly and intuitively navigable, robust and reliable, lightweight and responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Wish is an ambitiously crafted website building platform, a theme that goes above and beyond the needs and expectations of webmasters rookie and seasoned alike.

That is because Wish is based on the latest and greatest web development technological platforms, incorporating HTML5 and CSS3 coding, AJAX and Bootstrap deployment in seamless, subtle applications, and centers the website, page and layout design, edition and customization around the premium and included Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins, greatly enhanced with over 50 unique, in-house developed elements that are highly convenient and time-saving, including Pricing Plans, Staff, informative blurbs, tons of Contact Form capabilities,a plethora of on-point predesigned pages for specific business purposes and native, full integration of the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite, making your Wish website also your online store the same day you install Wish! Wish is particularly popular in the construction, architecture, and landscaping trades, due to its capacity for showcasing professional galleries and portfolios with enticing, elegant sheen. This is your Wish come true!



It would be hard to find a WordPress theme that can match the quality of Tower. This innovative product simply refuses to be mediocre, promising to enhance every aspect of your website. It features a very heavy focus on accessibility, given that anyone can simply create an amazing web page.

The layout is responsive, and it is available in both Wide and Boxed variations. Your content will easy change and adapt in order to fit mobile device screens. This assures that customers can access your page while on the move. Jaw-dropping CSS3 animations were implemented, in addition to several Font Icon Options.

The Live WordPress customizer tool guarantees that the site owners can alter any setting. In addition, the changes can be previewed before they are saved. This guarantees instant feedback, helping to guide your artistic direction. Tower has multiple post formats and a Revolution Slider plugin. Users are also able to influence the width of their site, without having to touch a single line of code. Professional support representatives offer to resolve any future issues. This is an authentic multi-purpose theme, considering that it can accommodate websites from any niche. Regardless of your business plan, Tower can be your greatest ally.

RT-Theme 19

rttheme 19 - construction company theme

RT-Theme 19 is an outstanding WordPress theme for quality construction company websites. It offers 5 distinct premade skins, and you can customize them in order to fit your needs. Mobile users will get to enjoy your content as well, given that this theme is completely responsive and Retina ready. Your content will look amazing on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.

There are many embedded tools that allow you to showcase services and products. The tools are extensible, as you are given the opportunity to add a service list or a product catalog. Users will get to enjoy single, or multiple page alternatives for layouts, in addition to some nested categories. At the basis on any good eCommerce site, WooCommerce can be found. It can facilitate the creation of an outstanding online shop through which you can commercialize your items, and receive payments.

RT-Theme 19 has added the ground-breaking Revolution Slider plugin. It lets you create and customize sliders, in order to showcase your best offers. Each individual section of the footer ( header, body, right side and left side) can be personalized independently of the others. This gives you more control over the page creation and customization process.


cleanco cleaning service theme

When you primary means of income involves cleanliness, you must be sure that your WordPress theme is capable of reflecting the high standards that your customers expect. Although this theme has enough versatility in order to accommodate any site, it is best suited for the web page of general service companies, maid service companies, and maintenance companies. The tools, features, and plugins that were incorporated here, are enough to guarantee a website launch that is free of any issues.

The developers take pride in the user-friendly properties of their product. No special training or distinct knowledge is required. Basically, if you can use a standard computer, you can set up your website. For more information, you can also check out their live preview and screenshots, items which will help you decide if this theme is right for you. Of course, ease of access and the impression of simplicity is what makes a program or skin, easy to use. Cleanco achieves this by integrating their custom portfolio and post options, along with their visual layout building tool, in one place.

Taking into account that most people browse the internet on their phones or tablets, you want to make sure that web page won’t have issues loading on such platforms. Thankfully, Cleanco is fully responsive, capable of showing off your content regardless of device or browser preference. Issues often arise when resizing on mobile screens, but this theme has managed to solve that problem. Although it is very extensive, as it lets you pick and choose every feature, the website customization process does not take long. In fact, you can finish in under 15 minutes if you know what you are doing.


arkitekt architecture wordpress theme

Being an individual architect or working for an architecture company is definitely one of the most rewarding occupations in the world. However, every single aspect of your business must represent the quality of your service, inspiring clients to trust in your expertise. This includes your website, and Arkitekt great theme for this specific niche, as it includes all of the plugins and features that are required for a great online company profile.

It is WPML compatible, so you have the option of installing language plugins, effectively targeting demographics and customer bases that would otherwise be out of your reach due to the language barrier. However, even if your theme is translated, that offers no guarantee that your site will reach a lot of people. It all depends on the calculations of search engines.

Thankfully, Arkitekt uses search engine optimization, a method of researching and integrating specific structure and keywords into the web page, greatly increasing your chances of getting noticed.


If you are looking for a great WordPress theme that has the potential to turn your page into an overnight success, look no further than Reconstruction. Many WordPress themes generally have the same features, but it is the way that a specific theme chooses to optimize and organize its content, that really makes a difference. Not all customers are tech savvy teenagers, so the developers must establish a WordPress theme that benefits from both technological advancement, and ease of use. Thankfully, Reconstruction incorporates an admin panel that is very powerful and versatile, allowing for important changes to be made with minimal effort. Taste and style should be the only tough choices that the customer has to face, as the rest must be solved by the programmer.

Also, page content has been known to struggle when it is shown on mobile device screens. Reconstruction is programmed to avoid that issue, allowing for seamless transitions between multiple mediums, devices, and even browser types. The display functions are also retina ready, allowing for the integration of crisp, high-resolution icons. Many of the skin’s major features can be sampled, thanks to the live preview that was made available. It should also be mentioned that Reconstruction was developed by an elite author.

Each page has plenty of options, so when you get the time, you can nitpick and edit each aspect of your company’s online profile. You may also manage the colors, sidebars and sliders of your layout or you may simply import the setting from your site’s previous incarnations.


avanter skyview construction business theme

Avanter is a great WordPress theme that has enough versatility to accommodate any page, but it is best suited for architecture and corporate sites. If you are just starting out and you want to sell your product or service, you must encourage buyers by offering them a safe and reliable environment for your transactions. Thankfully, Avanter has included the popular Woocommerce plugin, allowing for easy commercialization. Most WordPress themes use this plugin, so you won’t have many compatibility issues.

The color customization spectrum is very broad, letting you express your inner artist. Who says that corporate site can’t have a little life injected into their design? All it takes is some tasteful and strategic use of the existing palettes, to increase the appeal of your company web page.

A truly successful company will undoubtedly expand towards a broader, international audience. However, you must find a solution for the language barrier, which often results in secondary pages for your content. Why set up an entirely new web page, when you can simply have Avanter translate all of your existing stuff? Indeed, this theme can translate any website into any language thanks to its innovate plugins. The retina ready display guarantees that high-resolution icons are compatible with mobile device screens, and the responsive layout virtually eliminates re-sizing issues.


apex white collar construction wordpress theme

When it comes to construction WordPress themes, this is as good as it gets. Designed specifically for this niche, every single one of its features is aimed at increasing efficiency and improving the potential customer’s viewing experience. You don’t have to believe anything, as the programmers have introduced two distinct sampling options. First, we have a live demo represented by a website that has already installed Apex.

Second, the customers can see all of the back-end options, thanks to a tool that lets you create a test site. If these are not enough, you can always contact their informative support system. Their well trained, helpful representatives will solve any issue, and answer any question.

The developers take pride in their high-performance Foundation framework, and the fast loading times that their theme offers. Multiple organization options are offered, with the distinct Property post category. This is a unique category that is separate from the standard posts that other themes offer. The property pages themselves will be a multimedia treat, as they will allow you to organize the profile of a specific property. This will include videos, images, and even a map route that will give you all of the information that you need.

Widgets litter the front page, as every single inch can be modified or moved around. You can do whatever you like, because the innovative technology of this theme grants you that ability. Use it wisely and create a page that is sure to attract plenty of interested customers.


The secret to a good WordPress theme is to make a skin that highlights the user’s work. It’s not about flexing your development muscles and cramming the theme full with features. You must find and select the features, plugins, and widgets that can help promote your client’s service or product. This is what distinguishes a great theme from a bad one: the ability to recognize which elements work best for each professional niche.

Thankfully, Builder’s name is well deserved, as it is obvious that the developers knew what they were doing. The creators have added an option to filter your portfolio with beautifully animated effects, and they have packed your content will plenty of button shortcodes.

If you are busy and you don’t have that much time for customization, there are some tried and true built-in templates that were included in your page. Even the writing can be customized, as Builder includes many variations of Google Web fonts. If a particular post deserves or requires a multimedia addition, this theme has you covered. The developers have added video support, allowing you to include or embed videos from another preferred site.

Ease of use is a definition feature, as Builder includes both translation support and browser compatibility.



Following the rise in popularity of tables and smart mobile phones, websites had to adapt to the changing environment. The basic programming infrastructure of any page had to accommodate the needs of smaller screens, without sacrificing speed or clarity. Avada is fully responsive, as it has the ability to adapt to any device. The sheer variety and complexity of its features make it ideal for almost any type of situation or website. If themes had royalty, this would be it, as it is the best-selling WordPress skin in history.

With other themes barely reaching triple digits in their sales numbers, Avada was downloaded over 98,000 times. All of those people can’t be wrong! Although there are plenty of minute details that contribute to this theme’s success, it all boils down to a few core features. First, we have the powerful customization tools, with results in a limitless potential for design options. If you can imagine it, you can do it. The adaptability of the page also comes into play. The customer wants to be sure that his earned money has purchased a theme that can be viewed by all users of his consumer base. In addition to these features, the excellent support network, and the user-friendly interface must also be considered. Overall, this is a product that transcends mediocrity.



If you are looking for a great looking WordPress theme, look no further Bridge. Its functional elements are great, but what makes this product so distinct, is its focus on superior aesthetic design. Traders and merchants have known for centuries that humans are very visual creatures. Having a good product is sometimes not enough, you must dress it up in pretty packing. And it’s not all about transitions and glowing fonts, we also tend to appreciate symmetry and harmony in an organization. Bride offers you the tools to achieve all of these things while granting you the freedom to customize your page until it represents your vision.

Bridge features a fantastic QODE slider and a versatile page builder. Animated transitions are also included, adding an extra layer of visual appeal to your company website. If you wish to do so, you may add a video background for your web page, allowing for a more dynamic experience for your website’s visitors. The display of the page is coded to be retina ready, showing icons in their full, high-resolution glory. If you are unsure in which direction to take your page, check out some of the amazing demos Bridge currently has over 54 of these things available, proving the incredible range of this theme’s options.


stockholm expressive multipurpose wordpress theme

The greatest sign of a theme’s versatility is witnessing how its basic features set can be used to construct different instances of web pages. Stockholm is a theme that is undoubtedly versatile, and just as its motto suggests, it is genuinely a multi-concept skin. Any potential buyer can check out one of its 20 multi-concept demos, each demonstrating both the quality and variety of this theme’s features.

Part of the credit goes to the very user-friendly admin panel. It’s so easy to navigate that even a child can create a nice-looking page. Once you decide to purchase this very affordable theme, you will also benefit from a lifetime of free updates and support features. The sleek, modern design does well to compliment the responsive and retina ready layout. There are limitless options for modification and improvement, brought to you by an intuitive and easy to use interface. Overall, this theme is one of the best out there, worthy of your attention.


betheme building construction company wordpress theme

Theme is regularly updated and you can be sure that buyers of this theme will be supported by a very ambitious and involved team of developers. BeTheme is compatible with WordPress 4+, and they have even integrated a suggestion column on their main page. This is indeed a praiseworthy action, as the key to developing any solid product is to listen to your community, the people who use your product daily.

BeTheme can work with most browsers and its range of applications is truly staggering. In order to demonstrate this, free demos were added. Their sample websites range from school pages to modeling agencies, furniture stores and Construction company profiles. Be it architectures firms, barbers or babysitters, this theme can help you setup a great website. The price of this skin is very reasonable, and the user impressions are mostly positive. The simple fact that BeTheme has reached its 5.4 version and implemented over 60 demos proves that the developers were not just looking for quick cash out.

The list of features is overwhelming, too long to list here. However, what you need to know as a customer is that BeTheme can give you access to every tool in the web developer’s arsenal, maximizing your chances of getting noticed, and attracting plenty of clients.