How to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress

Fix Internal Server Error

If you’ve ever encountered sporadic errors in your WordPress site then you’ve come to the right place. WordPress errors can be quite infuriating, but there’s always a way to overcome them – and in most cases, a several different solutions exist.

Some users find that on trying to access their WordPress admin panel, they’re presented with an internal server error that goes something like this:

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

This particular error has people racking their brains out in hopes of figuring out what’s wrong with their site and how they can fix it. In this article, I’ll go over a few simple solutions you can try out to diagnose the error and resolve it.

Let’s get right to it!

How Does This Error Occur?

As the name suggests, internal server errors aren’t WordPress-specific errors. In fact, they can occur due to a fault with other services and software running on the same server as your WordPress site. Assuming you’re hosting on a shared server, internal server error in WordPress is more common than you might think.

The error itself and the message it displays is not specific in the very least. There’s practically no way of finding out exactly how the error came to be from reading the internal server error message. However, when this error occurs on a WordPress site, we can narrow down its causes to:

  1. Functions of themes.
  2. Functions of plugins.
  3. Corrupted .htaccess files.
  4. PHP memory limit reached.

More often than not, a user will be trying to access their WordPress admin area when they come across the internal server error. In such cases, it’s common for the rest of the website to work as usual while access to the site’s admin area is restricted.

Now let’s look at a few ways we can fix this issue.

How to Fix the Internal Server Error

As we discussed above, there’s no real way of finding out exactly what’s wrong with your WordPress site and why it’s giving an internal server error every time you try to login to the WordPress admin area.

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

As Mr. Roosevelt ever so delicately puts it, we’ll apply the trial and error approach step-by-step to resolve this issue. If one method doesn’t fix it, move on to the next!

1. Ensure .htaccess File Works Properly

The first thing we’re going to do is ensure our WordPress site’s .htaccess file isn’t corrupt and is doing what it’s intended to do. Follow these simple steps to check for your .htaccess file’s status:

  • Login to your WordPress site’s FTP client.
  • Navigate to the File Manager under the Files
  • Find your site’s .htaccess file and rename it e.g. .htaccess_original
  • Try accessing your website and the WordPress admin area.
  • If everything works fine now, navigate to Settings > Permalinks from your site’s Dashboard.
  • Click the Save button.

By saving these settings, you’ll generate a new .htaccess file that contains the correct rewrite rules. These new rules will guarantee that your site’s post pages don’t return errors when they’re accessed.

If your .htaccess file was causing the internal server error, it should be fixed now. However, if you found the error was still in place on re-loading your site and WordPress admin area, then move on to the next step in which we’ll show you how to increase your site’s PHP memory limit.

2. Increase PHP Memory Limit

If the internal server error issue persists even after you’ve checked your .htaccess file then it could be because you’re hitting the memory limit. Often times when this is the case, you’ll also come across an error that reads:

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

when you’re trying to upload a file to your Media Library. Or perhaps it could be something more like this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1234567 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 87654321 bytes) in /home/your-username/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 1234

Those of you who encounter this error every time you try logging into your site’s admin panel or uploading a file/image to your WordPress site can follow any of the following methods to increase the PHP memory limit. (Don’t let the codes scare you, I promise it’s not that hard!)

Editing Your wp-config.php File

By adding this one line of code to your WordPress site’s wp-config.php file, you can increase the memory limit to a more suitable value. In the following steps, I’ve increased it to 64M (M stands for megabytes).

  • Login to your WordPress site’s FTP client.
  • Navigate to your site’s root directory and find the wp-config.php file.
  • Inside the <?php tag, add the following line of code:

This simple, one-liner is my go-to method whenever I have to increase the memory limit — it works every time!

Updating the php.ini File

If you have trouble finding the wp-config.php file, try looking for the php.ini file instead! This method goes a bit deeper into the memory limit by allowing you to increase several different values at the same time. Let’s take a look.

  • Login to your cPanel and navigate to Files > File Manager.
  • Find the wp-admin folder and locate your php.ini file. (If the file doesn’t exist, create one by clicking on the New File button.)
  • Once you’ve found/created the file, open it and edit/add the following lines of code:
  • Save the updated file and clear your browser’s cache.

Editing the .htaccess File

Assuming you were unable to locate the wp-config.php file or the php.ini file you can always alter the old .htaccess file by adding a few lines of code at the bottom. This method always works for me!

  • Login to your WordPress site’s FTP client.
  • Navigate to the File Manager under the Files
  • Find your site’s .htaccess file and edit/add the following code at the end of the file:
  • Save the updated file and clear your browser’s cache.

If you’re still not sure about getting into your site’s core files and updating them for whatever reason, you can alternatively install the Increase Max Upload Filesize plugin to get the job done.

These changes are easy to incorporate and will hopefully solve the internal server error you’re experiencing. Once you’re done increasing the PHP memory limit using any one of the three steps outlined above, try re-loading your WordPress site and accessing the admin area.

If you’re still prompted with the error screen then get ready for the next step — things are about to get serious now.

3. Deactivate Your Plugins

At this stage, it’s safe to assume that you’re in for a lot of work. There’s a high chance that the error is caused by a plugin that you have installed on your WordPress site. Even plugins with great reviews and five-star ratings can be the root cause in this scenario. Here’s how:

  • Scenario 1: The plugin isn’t compatible with your version of WordPress.
  • Scenario 2: The plugin isn’t compatible with the theme you’re running.
  • Scenario 3: The plugin isn’t compatible with another plugin you have installed.

Plugins extend and add to the functionality of your WordPress site. They’re fun to install, they save you a ton of time and make work super easy. The only problem is that they might end up causing errors — no matter how well they score. There is no pragmatic approach or a carefully laid out formula you can follow to avoid running into an internal server error with plugins. Ironically enough, finding such an error caused by a faulty plugin-plugin or plugin-theme combination is a trial and error technique in itself!

To resolve this issue, you’ll have to deactivate all of the plugins you have installed on your site and then activate them one by one all over again. Let’s simplify the process and give it some logical structure so it doesn’t seem as chaotic:

Using the WordPress Dashboard

The easiest way to deactivate all of your plugins is through your WordPress Dashboard.

deactivate plugins.

Deactivate plugins from your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Login to your WordPress site’s Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  • Click the Deactivate link below each plugin.

However, if you can’t access your WordPress Dashboard, you can deactivate the plugins through an FTP client. Here’s how:

Using the FTP Client

Deactivating plugins using the FTP client isn’t as easy as through the Dashboard but it’s entirely possible.

plugins folder.

Renaming the plugins folder.

  • Login to your site’s FTP client or cPanel.
  • Navigate to the /wp-content/ folder.
  • Find the plugins folder and rename it to deactivated-plugins.

Once you do this, all of your site’s plugins will be deactivate. This approach is much faster but requires you logging into an FTP client or the file manager provided by your hosting service.

Once you’ve deactivated all of the plugins using either of the above-mentioned methods, it’s time to go back to your WordPress Dashboard and activate them again.

  • Login to your WordPress site’s Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  • Starting from the top, click the Activate link below the first plugin.
  • Reload your site and admin area to ensure it still works.
    • If your site and admin area work i.e. they don’t give an internal server error, continue to activate the next plugin.
    • If your site or admin area crashes, you’ll know that the last activated plugin is causing the internal server error.

Once you find the faulty plugin, deactivate it once again and report it to the plugin’s author, if possible, along with a list of plugins you have installed, the theme you’re currently running and your WordPress site’s version.

Note: It’s important that you re-activate all of your plugins one by one even after you’ve found the faulty plugin. It’s possible that more than one plugin caused the error due to incompatibility issues.

3. Contact Your Hosting Provider

Here you are seemingly all out of options to fix the dreadful internal server error on your WordPress site. What do you do when you can’t do something about it yourself?

If you recall, we started out by explaining what an internal server error actually is and stated that it occurs on the server level. The best thing to do at this stage is contact your hosting provider and report the issue to them. Your hosting providers have access to the server error logs on which your WordPress site is hosted. They can go through the logs, identify when and how the issue occurred and hopefully do something about it.

There are a few things you should definitely mention in your email to the hosting provider:

  • Your website’s URL.
  • When you first came across the internal server error.
  • What you were trying to access when you came across the error e.g. the website, the admin area, etc.
  • The list of plugins you have installed on your site.
  • The theme you’re currently running.
  • The version of your WordPress site.
  • How you’ve tried to rectify the problem yourself.

Between the information you give and whatever they find in the server error logs, you can rest assured that your site will be up and running without any errors in no time.

In the worst case, if they are unable to solve the problem, they’ll, at least, be able to offer you advice and suggest appropriate measures you can take to resolve the issue altogether.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it — three simple, sequential techniques you can adopt to solve the internal server error on your WordPress site. The internal server error is quite common in WordPress sites, especially if your site is hosted on a shared platform.

We provided three quick solutions to fix the error and depending upon the root cause, one of them should work for you. Hopefully, you’re in a better place now to take things further and try out the techniques explained in this article.

Have you ever encountered the internal server error? How did you fix it? Did any of the techniques we detailed above help you resolve the issue? Let us know in the comments section below!

Similar error you might cafe in WordPress is “error establishing a database connection” you can read more about this error on how ti fix it here.

20 Beautiful and Mobile Friendly WordPress Food Blog Themes For Foodies, Chefs And Photographers 2016

Wordpress Food Blog Themes

Although it may seem like a niche specialization, blogging about food can be a very lucrative business venture. It is very obvious that our fascination with the culinary arts goes beyond our biological need for sustenance. The preparation of food has become an art form.

Food can also be used to promote cultural diversity. With each country having specific resources, needs and preferences, it’s no wonder that there are countless dishes to choose from. Be it foods that hail from distant continents, or charming items that are grown and produced locally, your blog can cover them all!

Food bloggers can also aid local restaurants. They can review venues, basically providing free advertisement. From a business perspective, owning a food blog is a good career path, as the topic is virtually inexhaustible. You will never run out of things to say and do. Bloggers may even attempt to take cooking lessons, chronicling their progress.

However, you will be judged on the quality of your website. A sloppy page will discourage users from following you. Thankfully, WordPress has many high-quality, cheap, and convenient themes. These themes can enhance every aspect of your site, showcasing and complementing your content.



Few WordPress themes can ever hope to match Soledad’s quality. It product has a sizable collection of useful features, and it promises to enhance your food blog website. Countless hours were spent designing Soledad, and that investment seems to have paid off. This theme was the best-selling blog theme of the year, and many customers have praised its quality and attention to detail. Your food blog will look amazing, and you do not have to have to be a web design expert in order to create it. Soledad has more than 250 customizable visual options, and they can be toggled off/on at any time. For the body, there are 4 variations: boxed with color, body full width, body boxed pattern, and body boxed image.

Soledad has 2 mega menu versions: Columns Mega Menu, and Category Mega Menu. In addition, there are 7 distinct slider styles, and each can cater to your demands. The theme has multiple color customization settings, making it easier for your site to match the color of your brand of logo. It is possible to implement video backgrounds, instead of static images. For those who wish to sample Soledad, a live preview was made available.

Meridian Recipes


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Morning Time


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Brook is an incredible WordPress theme than can fit a variety of roles. It has a practical and minimalist style that maximizes productivity. With Brook, your view count is sure to increase. It incorporates an impressive full width slider that can showcase your site’s best features. Brook has included Ajax navigation, several variations for your layouts and post, personalized widgets, and a sticky sidebar. This theme is capable of improving every aspect of your page, increasing your view count and your bottom line.

Users can easily upload images, and they can be viewed in vertical and landscape formats. This product is meant for travel, photography, food blogging and life style web pages. In today’s mobile-friendly age, your site can not afford any compatibility or resizing issues. Thankfully, Brook is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your well-written posts on smartphones, laptops and tablets. Basically, if something has an internet connection and a screen, it can access your site. Research suggests that multilingual sites are much more likely to attract viewers, when compared to their monolingual counterparts. This theme has both WPML and RTL (right to left) support. If you wish to sample Brook without spending any money, be sure to access the live demo.



Redwood can be a blogger’s greatest ally. This is an incredible WordPress theme that features a clean, simplistic and streamlined aesthetic. This product has many innovative features, each implemented in order to attract more viewers for your page. The online world is famous for the short attention spans of those who frequent it. This puts extra pressure on content creators, as they only have a few seconds to impress you. Sliders are a great way of achieving that goal, given their ability to showcase content in a quick and reliable manner. Thankfully, Redwood incorporates the Featured Slider, giving you a tool that facilitates the promotion of your best content.

This theme offers 5 different blog layouts: 1st Full Post then List Layout, 1st Full Post then Grid Layout, List Layout, Grid Layout and Classic Blog Layout. The implementation of personalized widgets allows for greater site customization. In addition, there are also Widgets for social networks such as Facebook. They allow you to market towards the massive user base of these sites, potentially increasing your view count and your profit margin. With Redwood, there are 4 post variations: Music, Video, Gallery and Standard. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.


falive - minimal fashion magazine theme

Falive is a beautiful WordPress theme for those with an artistic inclination. Your food blog is sure to attract many readers, given this product’s innovative features. Falive offers 5 distinct options for your header, and each can be personalized in order to suit your specifications. Every header brings something different to the table. This theme also facilitates the creation of some unique sliders for home pages, thanks to the Featured Slider. Each individual slider can be programmed separately.

The theme’s primary layout has 2 variations: Boxed and Full Width. Users can easily switch between them via the Theme Options Panel. Falive does its best to accommodate all page visitors, regardless of their device preference. Your well-written content will look amazing on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Site administrators will also have an easier time, as they won’t have to be tied to a desk chair in order to do their job. Thanks to the Theme Customizer, you can now craft a page that matches your vision. Also, any change that is made can be previewed in real time. You may alter the background color, fonts, and modify the padding. For those who wish to sample Falive and its features, a live preview was included.



Airashi is a simplistic, beautiful and retina-ready WordPress theme that never fails to impress. Its design is streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, incorporating many innovative features. Upon installation, users can enjoy some excellent typography which can be customized in order to suit your site’s needs. If you are new to WordPress, do not worry. The theme comes with a detailed documentation source that explains everything in detail. In addition, the customer support system is excellent. Their representatives are well-informed, polite, and eager to help you resolve your issue.

Nothing can be more discouraging than trying to access a popular blog from your mobile phone, and noticing some resizing and compatibility issues. Thankfully, customers who purchase Airashi will never have to experience that situation. This theme assures that your content will look amazing on smartphones, tablets, or any other device. Cross-browser compatibility is also included.

Left, right, and no sidebar page variations are available, in addition to a nifty Ajax search function. A One-Click Demo installer simplifies the installation process, importing demo data to your site in a matter of moments. There are 3 distinct choices for your header layouts, and some custom 404 error page features. For more info, be sure to check out the live preview.



Rosemary is a charming and modern theme for WordPress blogs. Its standard design has a timeless feel that complements and enhances your content. Upon installation, each footer will have its own Full-Width Instagram area. In addition, Rosemary also includes an aesthetically-pleasing featured area slider and many layout and post options. This theme assures that your site will be able to captivate its followers, turning casual readers into hardcore fans. Ever since it was released, Rosemary has received some free theme updates. Each update brought a series of improvements, including several social icons for Linkedin, full width capabilities for archives, and various page templates with sliders.

The theme layout is entirely responsive, capable of displaying your content on screens of all sizes. Rosemary has virtually eliminated compatibility and resizing errors. Your amazing blogs have several layout variations, such as: list, classic, grid. Depending on the situation, you can easily change the layout style. In addition, every post can have a gallery, music, standard and video format. Rosemary does its best to accommodate all users. Every single option and setting has been greatly simplified. You do not have to be a computer programmer in order to enjoy this theme. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.

Top 20 Feminine & Girly WordPress Themes For Food Blogs, Magazines and eCommerce Websites 2016

Feminine WordPress Themes

In these modern times, it is widely understood that our era is defined as a fundamentally digital one, as there have been iron or bronze periods in the past. Personal and professional circles intermingle and meld in the amalgamating aggregate of the web, with its ever growing market share on all forms of business. A strong online presence makes or breaks a brand, project or career in this day and age. No one wants to be a victim of the times.

But the Internet is also the last great Boy’s Club, with a dismal female to male ratio across the board, making it sometimes hard to for a woman’s voice to stand out from the background noise, and making it even harder for a woman to find tools that empower her and her opinions in a way tailored to her needs. Enter these powerful, flexible, unmistakingly feminine WordPress themes. Designed to elegant perfection, these themes will enable you to stand up and make yourself heard, on your own terms, in your own words, in your very own website. Intuitive and customizable, they’re all here to make your Internet foothold a firm one.

So, rebel against the patriarchy today with one of these beautiful, feminine themes.



Soledad is an aesthetically refined and delicate, visually stimulating and highly sophisticated, experientially designed and amazing intuitive and easy to use, user and mobile friendly, technologically savvy and proficient while functionally flexible and pliable, modern and amazingly responsive WordPress multiconcept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is an incredibly carefully designed and constructed theme, built specifically as an infinitely versatile solution for all your blogging and online magazine needs, with an utter ease of use that will have you churning out professional quality pages like it’s nobody’s business.

Soledad is the only theme out there designed with a uniquely sensitive approach to layout and styling, with endless options among the 250 included predesigned homepage demos, over 100 blog and slider combinations and over 250 customization options for all your elements, Soledad knows you want to stand out, and it gives you the right set of tools and features for the job, ensuring your website looks like nothing else out there and that your users find your presentation memorable, making your content more palatable to all. Soledad is all about end user experience, and as such, its smooth visual effects and superbly diverse graphical options will let you take your users anywhere you want to go.



CheerUp is a fresh faced and bold, eloquent and youthful, dynamic and appealing, modern and readily responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. CheerUp is a wonderfully creative solution to the blogging needs of webmasters the world over, of any experience level or background. With CheerUp, creating an engaging, visually impressive custom blog website is easier than ever before. CheerUp is a dedicated blog design platform that features a jaw-dropping, professionally designed array of gorgeous demo websites and page templates to get your blog started off on the right foot. However, CheerUp truly shines when it comes to blog customization.

With over 100 unique blog layouts, there’s hardly anything you may wish to express through your blog’s graphic environment that there isn’t a cleverly constructed layout for within CheerUp. Should the case arise, CheerUp features a multiplicity of handsome header, footer, post and menu styling options that put you firmly in control of your website’s look and feel every step of the way. With CheerUp, there is nothing that cannot be expressed in a uniquely favorable spotlight, making sure every word you blog gets the maximum exposure possible. Try CheerUp today, and feel your audience grow day by day!

The Essence


The Essence is an attractive and dazzling, minimalist and clean, fresh-faced and easy to use responsive WordPress blog website theme. The Essence has been crafted by a dedicated team of designers and developers seeking to provide an intuitive platform for webmasters to create the most engaging magazine and blog websites on the market today. The Essence includes several purposeful widgets and plugins designed to make your content pop and to integrate your website with a trove of social media outlets that will help drive massive amounts of traffic to your pages and posts.

You will be delighted in the multiplicity of choice within The Essence, with tons of layout styles to select from, including several full width column layouts as well as columns plus sidebar layouts to fit all sorts of websites, and even innovative alternating post layout styles. Four different social sharing options can grace your every post, including vertical and blogroll, and a fully functional Featured slider lets you shine a light upon a selection of your finest content with ease and speed. With the MeridianStyler and the Live Customizer, making The Essence your own is an easy, breezy matter. Try The Essence today, and see what it’s all about!


divi - girly business theme

Divi is an incredibly powerful, amazingly flexible, entirely customizable WordPress multipurpose, multi concept theme, built to suit all imaginable needs and requirements, regardless of the nature of your website or business, Divi has your back. Endless personalization with incredibly versatile plugins and tools make Divi the theme of your personal or professional online dreams. Divi is elegant and classy, and every included template is designed professionally to aesthetic and navigational excellence.

Divi features advanced HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap 3 technologies, incorporated with beautiful results. Divi’s unique, custom page building interface allows you to create custom sections or modules with all sorts of shortcode, plugin and tool-powered functionality, and then drag and drop these modules, pile them, stack them or generally lay them out as you desire. Divi is feature-rich, with tons of headers, footers, sliders, theme options, full translation in three dozen languages available, eCommerce integrated plugins, lightning fast loading times thanks to Divi’s enhanced, minimalist coding, search engine indexation optimization, guaranteeing more traffic and higher page rankings across the board… all while letting you easily build a home for yourself online, to your exact specifications and wishes. At this point, you’d have to ask yourself, is there anything Divi can’t do?



Foodica is a beautiful and very classy, cozy and inviting, warm and intimate, polished and aesthetically relaxed and sophisticated, very graphically customizable and supremely easy to navigate and user friendly, technologically feature-rich and intuitive, flexible and delicate responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Foodica is a pliable theme that has been gifted with the sheer strength and raw flexibility to seamlessly service all sorts of requirements and needs across a broad range of website archetypes, but that has been uniquely crafted for the purpose of sharing and enjoying food related content to a vast online audience of like-minded souls.

Foodica packs all the features you’d expect of a well-balanced theme, including a visual page builder that is very simple and easy to use with plenty of handy sections for building your website, as well as tons of useful shortcodes, ranging from the more general like Image Galleries, Image Lightboxes and such to the more specifically convenient, like Ingredients shortcodes, or Directions shortcodes, so you can quickly and effortless share recipes with friends and strangers or the world at large. Foodica has been carefully crafted to be a sublime experience for the senses, making it a perfect theme for the more feminine websites and audiences out there.


capri - multipurpose ecommerce theme

Capri is an incredibly pliable, endlessly powerful, sizzling hot WordPress multipurpose theme, built the fulfill the needs of a great variety of websites, with a range of over a dozen equally stunning layouts that can be infinitely customized to your heart’s content with a whopping excess of two thousand options in the powerful included admin panel, meaning the possibilities of customizing your website are limitless. Over twelve included demos can each be imported and implemented with content in a single click. WooCommerce eCommerce plugin integration will turn your website into your personal online storefront within twenty four hours of setup. Retina ready and natively responsive thanks to incorporation of the potent and flexible Bootstrap framework, Capri looks gorgeous, no matter who’s viewing it and on what device or browser. Capri has dozens of included page types, including personal or corporate blogs, professional or content post portfolios, product galleries, interactive featured product carousels, Parallax static pages, powerful HTML5 and CSS3 platforms built right into the code, a lightweight coding style for speedy page loading, SEO optimization like you wouldn’t believe and a deeply fashionable sense of style, Capri is a true all terrain theme, that will take you wherever you need to go, in impeccable style.

The Voux

the voux - feminine magazine theme

The Voux is a clean, fresh, modern, intuitive WordPress news and magazine theme. The Voux is flexible beyond all imagination, and there is no end to the beauty and elegance The Voux provides for webmasters wishing to share, distribute and aggregate stunning content with impressive, Retina ready high resolution images. The Voux makes sure you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard.

The Voux packs sophisticated technology to make your website run smooth as silk. Bootstrap 3 makes The Voux incredibly natively responsive, meaning your website will display just right, no matter who’s viewing it on what screen, device, browser or platform, you’ll reach them all! Social sharing isn’t just built into The Voux, The Voux builds social sharing into WordPress itself-you’ll be able to store your social sharing data in a backend cache for as long as you need, allowing you to even monitor the numbers from the backend! Infinite loading and scrolling on news articles means your visitors can simply scroll right beyond the end of their current read and delve right into the next one, while the browser’s URL even updates itself automatically to match the already loaded content! Seamless navigation takes a whole other meaning with The Voux. Install The Voux today, and stop screaming for attention!



Christina is a clever and intuitive, gorgeous and seamless, tech-savvy and visually eloquent, rapidly responsive WordPress fashion and lifestyle blog website theme. Christina has been developed by professional graphic designers working in conjunction with dedicated developers and coders in order to provide a single-handed solution to webmasters from all walks of life and with any degree of previously existent skill to easily and effectively craft customized blog websites with a uniquely sensitive visual aesthetic that is perfect for webmasters that want a particularly feminine look and feel for their blog.

Feminine webmasters love Christina because it allows them for an impressively creative website design and creation experience through the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder. Christina is perfect for webmasters seeking a competent medium for self-expression in the modern web, an ideal soapbox for those with something to say and an urge to get it out in the open. Christina’s amazing HTML5 capabilities empower it to handle all sorts of content, from video and audio to high resolution images, with impeccable precision and utter design freedom via advanced theme options. Christina is your soundest ally in creating a fully functional website that caters to your sensibilities. Try Christina today!


zarja - girly blog theme

Zarja is a creative, whimsical, classy WordPress Feminine Personal blog website theme, ideally suited for the needs of female webmasters wishing to set up their own personal website or blog of any interest or concentration. Zarja is flexible and accommodating, while visually homey and intimate, making your viewers feel right at home on your website. Clean and crisp in its design, yet cozy and homey in its attentive details, Zarja is a feminine theme for a modern lady.

Zarja comes packed with features to set up your website effortlessly and with basically no coding skills required. Zarja includes 5 different home page variations on top of 7 custom post templates, an Instagram feed, SEO optimization and improved readability thanks to Google Fonts, an amazing eye for detail, incorporating subtle transitions and animations all over Zarja’s many elements, illustrating a Material Design philosophy. Spartanly clean and infinitely customizable, Zarja is a canvas for your most personal dreams to come true on the web. Custom headers, the Revolution Slider premium plugin, and a natively responsive cross-platform design for optimal navigation in every case, Zarja’s a theme fit for a queen, a mother, a businesswoman, a freelancer… there’s hardly a lady that can’t make herself at home with Zarja.



Anemos is a visually stunning and surprisingly dynamic, wonderfully intuitive and engaging, tech-savvy and rapidly responsive WordPress multiuse blogging website theme. Anemos has been designed to service a broad range of blogging website types and kinds, from personal blogging platforms to niche specialty blogs, technical blogs, artistic journals and far more. Anemos achieves this by being a polished and perfected means of expression, be it through a post based blogging style or through stunning image or video multimedia galleries with engaging layouts, grid and masonry styles, impressive animations and imaginative transitions all readily customizable through the intuitive Visual Composer page builder plugin as well as the endlessly potent Redux Framework advanced configuration options.

Anemos is perfectly well suited for servicing handsome, modern photography blog websites, photoblogs, photo journals and websites in similar, related fields of interest. A modular architecture based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap design renders Anemos entirely responsive, adapting your pages to fit all devices and platforms instantly and natively without writing a line of code. With incredible features like smooth Parallax vertical and horizontal scrolling, integrated slider sections, impressive gallery options, thorough and conscientious SEO coding from the ground up and tons of widgets, Anemos is ready to show your photography to the world!



moneyflow - creative magazine theme

MoneyFlow is a modern, professional, businesslike WordPress theme, built around the needs of those seeking to establish their financial independence via Internet-based revenue streams. MoneyFlow is a theme for those who want to keep the ball rolling and the dollars coming in, with every feature and tool in it existing solely for the purpose of increasing your profits. MoneyFlow looks good, handles well, but earns best.

MoneyFlow features an easy one click installation process, after which boundless combinations of typographical, color and design modification choices can be implemented thanks to a powerful admin panel. MoneyFlow is integrated with WooCommerce out of the box, meaning you’ll be turning a profit in your online marketplace right off the start, within a day of setting up shop. Search engine optimization maximizes the traffic netted from search results by better indexing your content in every section of your website. AdSense integration out of the box lets you turn those eyeballs into actual cash, painlessly and hassle-free. Full cross-platform, cross-browser responsive design, a gorgeous off canvas menu, Parallax scrolling, Mega Menu and Subscribe Pro compatibility, advanced sliders and full translation capabilities round out this amazing theme nicely. MoneyFlow makes sure you are raking it in!


vixen - clean food blog theme

Vixen is an easy to use, professional, creative WordPress Feminine blog and portfolio theme, founded on the notions of intuitiveness, elegance, and femininity. Vixen is a crafty theme for crafty gals, readily customizable while preserving always a delicate, feminine touch. Vixen simplifies all aspects of building your website, and puts the power in your hands with powerful admin panel tools and a thorough, accessible documentation.

Vixen is built for speed, too. Cleverly minimalist coding incorporating the latest technologies enables Vixen to offer the fastest page loading times around the block, meaning your website will load faster than everyone else’s, your server loads and costs will be kept low, and your users won’t wait a second to access what you’ve got to show them. Search engine optimization means every part of your portfolio or blog is properly indexed by search engine robots, greatly improving your performance in terms of page rankings, which in turn guarantees a higher amount of traffic, ad revenue, exposure, and everything that comes along with that. Made to be readable, Vixen delivers your content responsively, adapting it to the screen of all devices in existence. Vixen looks attractive and handles like a pro-you’ll never go wrong with Vixen.


frida - vintage personal blog theme

Frida is a sweet, homey, creative, warm WordPress blog theme, designed for the needs of creative personalities of all types who wish to maintain crisp-looking, fresh-faced, heart-warming blogs, as well as serious, yet intimate websites. Frida is flexible and powerful, while remaining delightful and light. Frida is modern in capacity yet classic in design, with a carefully crafted aesthetic permeating its layouts and schemes.

Frida includes many powerful features, such as numerous post styles, custom CSS3 effects, custom HTML5 implemented features, numerous custom widgets, which you can easily manipulate with the advanced admin panel customization options and with no coding skills required. Frida is continuously being expanded upon and updated, and now offers extensively customizable header and footer bars, which can be docked full of widgets as you desire, as well as limitless sidebars. Responsiveness is offered at the drop of a hat, thanks to incorporated Mobile Device Settings. Multiple fonts and custom social media sharing icons, handsome, artistic transition effects, and a zest for life round off this impressive, artistic, feminine theme with a real sensibility and actual technological prowess. Sticky Headers are available, and advanced Image and Google Maps Widgets are included as well. Frida paints a pretty picture.

Spa Lab

spa lab - girly beauty salon theme

Spa Lab is an attractive, masterfully designed, astoundingly powerful WordPress theme, ideally suited for the needs of hair salons, wellness centers, meditation and yoga lessons, and many other kinds of beauty and health care related businesses. It is flexible, intuitive and easy to use, while remaining modern, fresh-faced and appealing in every instance.

Spa Lab is malleable, and easily bends to your every whim, becoming exactly the website of your dreams in a few simple, easy clicks, drags and drops. Spa Lab is packed with crucial features for your venture, such as two types of menu card designs, reservation systems, gift cards, product showcase galleries, custom online shop pages with eCommerce plugins. News can be spread through blog pages, while newsletter systems will engage your audience and keep them loyal and returning. Spa Lab allows for limitless branding opportunities, including custom colors, logos, social media links and icons, contact information, product and service pricing guides, and many more ways to make your website your own. Spa Lab is stylish and elegant, to match your business, while modern and fully responsive natively, owing to a powerful BootStrap framework design, rendering your website in full glory to all visitors on all devices and platforms, from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones, Spa Lab gets you the exposure you want. Tune up your business with Spa Lab!


falive - minimal fashion magazine theme

Falive is an incredible, beautiful, creative WordPress fashion and blog theme, constructed with the needs of fashion industry related news and blog type websites. Falive handles a classic two column layout presentation, and is extensively documented for your convenience. Keep the world up to date on the latest trends with Falive, fast and flawless!

Falive is alive and amazing. With five completely different header layouts tailored to different needs, three featured sliders with adjustable behavior for making the most unique of homepage layouts, and a live editor with Theme Customizer, Falive ensures your website is your own, and entirely personal, branded and recognizable. The incredibly simple one-click setup and installation feature makes starting your fashion blog with Falive today the simplest of tasks, and that purchase includes free customer support and lifetime product updates, for no added price! Falive is a clean and fresh looking blog theme that creative types of all sorts will fall in love with. It is streamlined and fluid, with a minimalist user interface, a powerful admin panel and fast loading, efficiently coded pages, that’ll keep your website light and speedy. Falive is ready to quench a thirst for fashion and style online, don’t miss out!


huntt - masonry style portfolio theme

Huntt is a clean, modern, beautiful WordPress personal blog and portfolio theme, ideally suited for webmasters offering their viewers a very visual oriented content stream that needs to be distributed to a wide audience. Huntt is elegant, stunning, and incredibly powerful. Huntt will keep your content up, front and center.

Huntt is flexible and malleable to your every need, whether you’re running an architectural agency, you’re a freelance photographer or a personal blogger, Huntt offers several post layouts and sample post types for you to quickly set up your website in a matter of minutes and a couple of clicks, with boundless color customization and branding opportunities. Huntt is adjustable with a simple switch to turn your website into three column or four column formats effortlessly, while being entirely natively scalable to all sorts of devices and screen sizes. Huntt has many tools and features to showcase your content in style, and truly make your audience stick around and be dazzled with what you’ve got to show. Custom, Retina ready social media sharing icons, beautiful HTML5 and CSS3 enabled animations and visual effects, smooth transitions, powerful scrolling technologies for an immersive navigational experience, Huntt offers all the tools you’ll need to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Black Bear


Black Bear is a solid and robust, very well-founded and visually slick and attractive, graphically precise and polished, deeply engaging and palpably modern and happening, dynamic and enticing, highly responsive WordPress blog website theme. Black Bear is a surprisingly easy to use and extremely intuitive theme designed with creative bloggers in mind. Packing a wealth of awesome tools to simplify the website building experience, such as the amazing WordPress Live Customizer or AJAX powered Instant Search features that users love, Black Bear makes blogging in a lavish, modern style a simple, breezy matter.

Simply select one of Black Bear’s handsome blog layout styles for your homepage, and start posting away, using any of Black Bear’s convenient, multimedia friendly post formats, perfectly styled for all sorts of content, from videos and streams to short journal entries or whole picture galleries. You can similarly select a different, specific blog layout for each of your website’s dynamic pages, including your archive, search, galleries and much more. With Black Bear, your imagination is the limit of what you can blog about. A pristine Bootstrap foundation makes Black Bear innately cross compatible with browsers and devices across the board, with a wonderfully responsive interface that adapts to different screen sizes and orientations.


themesy - fullscreen portfolio theme

Themesy is an incredibly flexible, customizable, gorgeous WordPress multipurpose theme, designed to be an end-all, be-all theme solution for your website. Themesy is pliable and potent, customizable to no known end and coded for absolute responsivity natively. Themesy is jam packed with custom built features. Themesy- you need to look no further!

Themesy has dozens of preincluded demos full of sampler content for you to set up gorgeous websites to start yourself off with, which you can then easily an intuitively customize into things that you’ve never done, or even seen out there, before. Themesy makes sure there is no end to the possibilities, with incredibly professional demos for all sorts of purposes easily combined into unique representations. Themesy is entirely front end, meaning you will edit and alter the look and feel of your website without ever so much as looking at a line of code! The powerful visual features packaged include an extensive, customizable logo collection, many custom resources, Master Slider cutting edge slider technologies, an incredibly performance thanks to a combination of optimized, lightweight coding and complete out of the box compatibility with WP Total Cache. Regardless, Themesy is above all a responsive, BootStrap enabled adaptive theme that will fit right no matter where it is you’re looking at it. Retina ready, Themesy websites are beautiful and splendid to watch. Get your Themesy on today!

Modern Studio

modern studio genesis portfolio theme

Modern Studio is an innovative, flexible, clean and creative WordPress theme. Bundled with the amazing Genesis Framework, allowing for untold degrees of freedom in customizing and branding your website and the navigational experience of your users, Modern Studio is a state of the art, advance, feature rich theme.

Designed by designers and for designers, Modern Studio is meant to be used by the creative types of all walks of life, from photographers and visual artists to industrial designers or marketing creatives, or simply all who have a very visually based, impactful content they need for showcase for utmost beauty and maximum effect, Modern Studio is the theme for you. Modern Studio understands that the end all, be all for a designer’s website is effective highlighting of imagery. To achieve this, Modern Studio provides a clean cut, open, unencumbered framework, free from hassle and clutter, which will really shine a light on your own content, images and colors. HTML5 markup technology provides you with tools to smoothly animate and personalize every element in your website, creating wonderful transitions and gorgeous sliders and headers. Styles are endless, and your own taste is the only limit of where Modern Studio can go. With Modern Studio, you’re calling all the shots.

Daily Dish

daily dish - food blog theme

Daily Dish is a modern, fresh faced, elegant, visually stunning WordPress restaurant, food and wine theme, built with the supercharged Genesis Framework, affording it capabilities beyond your wildest imagination and customization that exceeds any scale you could come up with. Daily Dish is a theme that’s simply appealing to all the senses–perhaps some more so than others, though!

Daily Dish is built to service the needs of food lovers, food bloggers, wine connoisseurs, restaurateurs from all walks of life. No matter whether you’re dining on these delicacies or churning them out from a steaming hot kitchen, Daily Dish makes sure every meal is presented in impeccable, enviable style. Aesthetics is the name of the game with Daily Dish, and every high resolution image you post will be rendered in its Retina ready glory. Daily Dish knows what’s what, and it’s aware that your content is the main course of your website, therefore, it orients your visitors so that they’ll focus solely on what’s important. Your videos, your text, your images–your every entry is the star of the ball with Daily Dish. HTML5 markup technologies display your content in maximal beauty and incredible visual effects to keep your audience engaged and salivating. Daily Dish–just try it!


foodie - genesis food blog theme

Foodie is a visually stimulating, boundlessly flexible, powerful yet understated WordPress theme, suited for essentially all imaginable purposes, though peculiarly strong when dealing with food, wine, and all gastronomical delights, and websites specializing in them. The flexible and innovative Genesis Framework, bundled with the theme, provides you with an incredible war chest of tools and features that will spruce up any page and allow you to churn out professional looking, sober, aesthetic websites in a matter of a couple clicks and a few minutes. Foodie is so easy to use, all you have to do is reap the benefits.

Foodie Pro is flexible like you wouldn’t believe. Incredible HTML5 markup means your websites will look and feel exactly the way you want them to, with multiple, minimalist layouts available, custom headers, featured images and content, plenty of theme options, amazing native responsivity that will render your website flawlessly regardless of the device chosen to display it, be it tablets or mobile phones, laptops or desktops, Foodie will be gorgeous and stylish. Translation capabilities out of the box mean you’ll reach the broadest of audiences effortlessly, with included translation files making setup a breeze. Foodie is a theme for those who are serious about their food!

Kameleon Theme Review: A Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Kameleon WordPress Theme Review

Kameleon is one of the newest options in the multi-purpose WordPress theme category. Therefore, if you’re looking for a flexible and creative design for your WordPress website Kameleon could be a great choice.

However, with so much competition in the busy multi-purpose WordPress theme space, how do you know if this is the best option for your project? By the end of this Kameleon theme review, you’ll have all the information needed to make an informed decision on whether this is the best choice for you.

In this Kameleon review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features of this theme. After that, we’ll walk through the user experience. If you want to know exactly what this theme can do and how easy it is to use, keep reading to find out more.

Who Should Choose the Kameleon Theme?

Kameleon Vintage Demo

Kameleon is focused towards those who need a creative design for their website. Whether you’re making an online portfolio, an agency homepage, a personal resume website, or an online store, Kameleon aims to provide you with everything you need.

As well as the selection of website demos – which we’ll cover in detail in the next section – Kameleon also offers plenty of scope for customization. From using the theme options control panel to tweak your typography settings to firing up the included page builder tool to edit and create new page templates from scratch, Kameleon aims to cater to every type of website owner.

If you’re seeking a WordPress theme that includes plenty of pre-built content, but still lets you customize almost every aspect of your site’s design, Kameleon could be just what you’re looking for. Read on for our hands-on Kameleon theme review to find out if this is the right theme for you.

Kameleon WordPress Theme Features

Kameleon Theme Review Features

As mentioned, Kameleon is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. This means that it can be used for a wide-range of projects, from blogs and portfolio websites to business sites and online shops.

Thanks to the included premium plugins, you’ll get some extra tools to help upgrade your WordPress installation. Kameleon has also been built to work with all the best WordPress plugins. This compatibility gives you plenty of choice when it comes to deciding which tools to use.

So let’s take a look at the best features of Kameleon to see what this theme really has to offer.

25+ Website Demos and Page Templates

Kameleon Theme Demo 01

To help you create a stylish WordPress website as quickly as possible, the Kameleon theme includes an impressive selection of pre-built demos. These demos cover a good range of website projects. Divided into multiple categories, you’ll be able to effortlessly build a creative, business, portfolio, shop, or freelancer website using the Kameleon theme demos.

Kameleon Theme Demo 02

The main Landing Page demo has an interesting homepage design that’s packed with different elements. As your visitors scroll down the page, they can view all the important information about your project. To help save space, the horizontal menu bar reduces in size as you move down the page.

Kameleon Theme Demo 03

The Business Modern demo is another good option from the available pre-built website demos. The color palette is nice and neutral, helping you to create a professional design for your business website. However, as we’ll soon see in this Kameleon theme review, you can easily change the appearance of this theme to better meet your needs.

Kameleon Theme Demo 04

The personal demo is ideal for anyone who needs to create a website to promote themselves or their services online. Whether you’re seeking a new employment opportunity or hoping to land that big freelance client, creating a personal website with Kameleon is a great way to build a strong online presence.

Kameleon Theme Demo 05

There are also a few different coming soon and under maintenance demos to choose from. Thanks to these demos, when setting up your website with Kameleon, you can still engage with your visitors, even when your main website isn’t ready. By displaying links to your social media profiles, an email newsletter optin form, or a contact form, your visitors can still get in touch or follow you.

Kameleon Theme Demo 06

Thanks to the flexible nature of this theme, it doesn’t really matter if there isn’t a pre-built demo that’s perfect for your project. As we’ll soon see, you can easily tweak or completely overhaul any of the designs or templates that make up the Kameleon theme package.

10 Header Styles

Kameleon Header Styles 01

No matter which of the pre-built demos you choose – or whether you create your own website design from scratch – the Kameleon theme gives you 10 header styles to work with.

Kameleon Header Styles 2

Thanks to the different header designs, you can quickly choose the right layout for your project. Among the options, you’ll find layouts with different logo positions, different navigation elements, and a few other options.

Kameleon Header Styles 3

There’s also a compact menu option that is ideal for those who want to avoid obscuring their content. At the touch of a button, the menu is revealed or hidden. Changing the header style for your website is straightforward and takes place through the Kameleon theme options control panel.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin

To give you as much creative freedom as possible, the Kameleon theme includes the premium Visual Composer plugin. This popular tool is a drag-and-drop page builder that upgrades the WordPress content editing experience.

Visual Composer

Now, through the Visual Composer user interface, you can create custom layouts for your pages. These layouts can include multiple rows and columns, each with their own design and appearance related properties. You can then populate these layouts with a range of useful page elements, including sliders, galleries, pricing tables, buttons, and much more. The Kameleon theme even includes some custom built Visual Composer elements that help make this tool even more powerful.

Visual Composer Editor

One of the best features of the Visual Composer page builder plugin is its front-end user interface. Now when creating your custom page designs, you can work through a WYSIWYG visual editor. You still have the option of using the original back-end editor. However, the new front-end user interface is hard to beat when it comes to efficiency and intuitiveness.

Custom Page Options

Kameleon Options Panel

To help you create pages with a custom design, Kameleon gives each piece of content on your WordPress its own set of page options. Through the Kameleon Options panel, you can now override the global theme settings and give a page a custom look.

Kameleon Options Panel Page Intro Settings

The Kameleon Options panel is displayed on the WordPress Editor screen for both posts and pages. These options cover aspects of your pages such as the header content, whether to display a page intro or not, video display options, choosing which sidebar to display, how the footer should be displayed, plus more.

Kameleon Options Panel Sidebar Settings

The Kameleon Options panel is a very useful feature of this theme. Now you can easily create content with it’s own layout, without changing any of the global settings for your website.

Slideshow Builder Tool

Another premium plugin that’s included with the Kameleon WordPress theme is the popular Slider Revolution plugin. This leading slideshow tool will help you create advanced sliders for your website. These sliders can be added to any of your posts or pages, including the homepage of your website.

Kameleon Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution includes an impressive library of pre-built slideshows. Each of these designs can be easily edited through the plugin’s user interface. However, you can also create your own animated slideshows relatively easily with this tool. These sliders can be used to display your featured content, showcase items from your portfolio, and share products from your store. They can even be used to deliver online presentations to help win over your audience and land new clients.

Slider Revolution

If you’re looking for the best slider WordPress plugin, then you can’t do much better than Slider Revolution.

Advanced Theme Options

The Visual Composer builder takes care of the design of the individual pages on your site. However, if you want to change the global settings of your website, the action takes place through the theme options control panel.

Kameleon Theme Options 01

Through the control panel, you can quickly customize many aspects of your WordPress website. This includes the logo, the typography settings, header layout, and much more.

Kameleon Customizer Support

There isn’t as much support for the WordPress Customizer as there is with some other themes. However, you can still customize many aspects of your site through the backend theme options control panel.

Contact Form 7 Designer

Kameleon Contact Form

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress contact form plugins. It’s also the tool that the Kameleon theme uses to allow your visitors to send messages from your website direct to your inbox. While Contact Form 7 is a good tool, its main weakness is that it can be tricky to customize the appearance of the forms. If you’re not experienced with HTML and CSS, this is especially true.

Kameleon CF7 Designer

To overcome this potential issue, the Kameleon theme includes a Contact Form 7 Designer tool. As the name suggests, this feature aims to give you an easy way to customize the design of your Contact Form 7-powered contact forms.

Now your contact forms will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website, rather than looking like tacked on extras.

Full Ecommerce Support

Kameleon Ecommerce Demo

As well as having two ecommerce demos to choose from, Kameleon also includes full support for the leading WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is a powerful free tool that can be upgraded by installing any of the many add-ons available for it.

Kameleon Ecommerce Product

Whether you want to create an online shop or simply list a few items for sale on your blog or portfolio website, WooCommerce and the Kameleon theme are a great combination. Freelancers and other businesses can also sell services, take deposits, and carry out a wide range of other transactions directly from their website with WooCommerce.

Starting your online shop with WooCommerce is free and as your business grows, you can invest in premium upgrades to scale your store.

Online Portfolio Builder

Kameleon Portfolio Design

To help you showcase your work – whether that’s items that are for sale or display purposes only – the Kameleon theme includes some stylish portfolio templates. As well as the two purpose built portfolio demos, you can also add a portfolio to any of the other Kameleon website demos.

Kameleon Portfolio Masonry Layout

When setting up your online portfolio, you can choose from four main layout modes including masonry, hover, simple, and gallery. Each of the four main options has multiple variations. This gives you plenty of creative control over how your work is presented online.

Kameleon Portfolio Slider

There’s also a nice portfolio slider mode that makes it easy for your visitors to scroll through your work.

Other Kameleon WordPress Theme Features

Other reasons why you might want to choose the Kameleon theme include:

  • Positive rating from customers at ThemeForest
  • Mega menus
  • Fully mobile responsive and retina ready
  • One-click demo importer
  • Unlimited colors
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Over 3,000 font icons
  • Search engine optimized code
  • Extensive online documentation

That’s an impressive feature list. But how easy is it to build a website with the Kameleon theme? Read on to find out.

Kameleon WordPress Theme User Experience

One of the key features of the multi-purpose Kameleon WordPress theme is its selection of high-quality website demos. But how easy is it to import this demo content into your WordPress website? Let’s put that to the test in the user experience section of this Kameleon theme review.

Importing the Demo Content

After you’ve uploaded the theme files to your WordPress website – either through the WordPress dashboard or via FTP – and activated Kameleon, you can access the theme options control panel. From the Demo Importer section of the Kameleon control panel, you can not only import the demo content but also preview the available designs.

Kameleon Portfolio Slider

Being able to preview the demos makes it easy to see what designs are available to you. It can also help ensure you select the right option. Once you’ve made a decision, you can hit the Import Demo button to start the process. In less than a few minutes, your fresh WordPress installation will be transformed into an attractive website.

Kameleon Theme Options 02

Once the importer has run, you can explore the rest of the theme options control panel to see how you can personalize your website further. Thanks to the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin, you can also open up any of the demo content templates for editing.

Kameleon Visual Composer User Interface

As Slider Revolution is included in the package, you can also open up any of the demo sliders for editing. Creating your own sliders from scratch is an option too.

Kameleon WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Kameleon multi-purpose WordPress theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This price includes lifetime access to theme updates and improvements. You also get six months of access to the support team. For an extra $17.63, you can extend this support period by an extra six months to 12.

Kameleon Theme Review Final Thoughts

Kameleon has a stylish and modern design that will appeal to website owners looking for a creative theme.

The website demos all look great. There’s also a useful set of page templates for the inner content of your site. Thanks to the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin, you’ll have the tools to customize any of the demo content.

The best way to find out if Kameleon is the right choice for you is to check out the demos. If you like what you see, then Kameleon and its customization options and long feature list is a great choice.

Find out more about the Kameleon WordPress theme now

Top 13 Tools to Improve Your Dropbox Experience

Dropbox Logo

Dropbox without question is the most recognized brand name in cloud storage industry. Dropbox enables its users and customers to store files on external cloud servers that can then be either stored as storage items, or shared with anyone else who has access to the web; all files are synchronized across the devices that Dropbox provides platform support for; web, mobile, desktop. Dropbox allows the storage and management of literally any file type available. To get going with Dropbox on your computer, you have to download the standalone client application which then creates a specific Dropbox folder on your computer, letting you start the syncing of files. Millions of internet users across the planet have found Dropbox to be the answer to their file storage needs.

In recent news, Dropbox has decided to kill its sister platform Mailbox that it brought a little while ago for just 100$ million US. In more positive news however, Dropbox is announcing a huge partnership with Vodafone, one that will offer Vodafone customers to experience Dropbox free for up to two months; in its fully glory. Dropbox has also announced that it is entering the Enterprise file sharing and storing market alongside Google, Box, and Microsoft.

Designers and developers all around the world use Dropbox to share, exchange and optimize files on daily basis, and it has become somewhat of a household name for freelancers, businesses and corporations who consistently work with clients that require of them to exchange files and other sensitive information. Today we will be looking at some of the most popular Dropbox tools and Dropbox apps that can enhance our Dropbox experience in just a few clicks.


Grab any file on your computer from anywhere

Spotdox is a handy little application thats let your pair your Dropbox account in order to give you access to view any of your files on any kind of device, without having to access Dropbox directly. Dropbox limits access to its users only to the folder that they are using for Dropbox file uploads, whereas Spotdox enables you to access any files from within your computers ecosystem; whether it’s an external drive, or internal. Spotdox also enables you to move stuff off Dropbox and onto your Mac or PC from any phone or web browser. For instance; upload photos while on the road to Dropbox and transfer them to your Mac, freeing up space.

Real Pixels

Real Pixels

Have you ever encountered an issue with your uploaded images on different devices, most commonly known as scalability problem? Real Pixels lets you view your designs in their full resolution, without having to scale them. Evaluate the way your images (designs) are supposed to look without having to switch up devices.


Backup Copy and Migrate Files Between Cloud Storage Services Mover

Mover is a cloud storage system that works as a backup platform for other cloud storage platforms, meaning that you can use Mover to securely backup all your files from Dropbox onto the Mover backup servers. This is an amazing cloud to cloud platform that ensures your data is always truly safe, since Mover also offers additional encryption techniques and tools that will make your data strong like steel.


IFTTT Make Your Work Flow

IFTTT has been one of the most remarkable productivity tools that we have seen enter the market in the recent couple of years, and with more than 1,200+ ‘recipes’ for Dropbox users, IFTTT will ensure that the way you manage your files and their availability becomes truly dynamic, and somewhat inspired. You can use IFTTT to automatically update your files, to share them with your friends and social network users, or you can use IFTTT to curate content such as music and movies directly to your Dropbox account without your assistance.


Map drive letter to FTP SFTP WebDAV S3 Cloud.

You can use the WebDrive platform to easily mount your Dropbox folder into a separate hard drive disk on your computer, giving you more access and freedom over the way you can manage your files. In turn it becomes much easier to manage your files when it comes to remote work, file management, and file uploading and downloading.

Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool Kanban Boards for Business Visual Management Software

Kanban is one of the most well-known visual project management techniques, also one of the most successful. Kanban Tool lets you do an API connection with your Dropbox account, allowing you to directly share your visual project maps to your Dropbox account, without having you do the process manually.



Mihand chooses file classification as a starting point. It is a service that will organize files automatically by tags. You don’t need to create and manage folders for files in advance. It provides a solution that you can not only describe files simply but also find them easily. If you ever wanted to truly organize your Dropbox folders to make any sense, then Mihand is the application to learn how to use.


Harp Platform -- Effortless web publishing through Dropbox

I remember when Dropbox web hosting was just a concept idea, whereas now there are legitimate and successful companies running their businesses thanks to the services that Dropbox provides. With Harp you can easily setup a website using your Dropbox folder(s). Explore Harp.js to learn more about the kind of applications you can deploy using the Harp hosting platform.


Home TextDrop Online text editor for Dropbox

Are you a writer? A content editor? Do you take a lot of notes? TextDrop is for those who love to write, but also love to have the freedom to stop writing at any time, and be able to access that writing from anywhere at any given time. TextDrop connects with your Dropbox account to enable you to have a browser text editor that you can use to craft any kind of content, and then instantly save it on your Dropbox account for later access.


SortMyBox -- Organize your Dropbox

Do you like how the most popular email services let you organize your emails into folders? Well, SortMyBox does pretty much the exact thing, it lets you organize your files and folders into sub-folders that let you make more sense of your files and how you are using them. Extensive filters will make sure that you can easily resemble your email folders, only with the help of files.


AirDropper Move Files Without The Friction.

AirDropper is the simplest solution towards receiving and sending files to your clients. Request the kind of files you are looking for and within minutes they will become readily available within your Dropbox folder; this creates for a simple and elegant file sharing experience that doesn’t require any involvement of direct web technology.


Otixo encryption and file manager for multiple clouds

File security and file encryption will always be a big thing, and Otixo is working hard to ensure that your files are always protected, secured and encrypted, and not just for those files that you use on Dropbox, but also services like Box, Amazon cloud, Evernote, Flickr, Google Drive and countless others. The main feautre of Otixo is that it enables you to connect all of these services together and lets you access all of your files from within one single platform, drastically improving your work productivity and experience.

Top 10 Popular WordPress Radio Station Themes For Any Genre Radio Station 2016

Radio Station WordPress Themes

We’ve heard it countless times–the internet is the future. We’ve heard it so long it’s actually taken place, and the internet is now the present, all-encompassing and absorbing, and it is also the past, with total recall and photographic memory to boot. So naturally, a number of industries and activities have to completely reformulate their approach to their audiences in order to remain relevant, engaging and effective. Media is a particularly poignant case of such a tendency, as broadcasting information and content has evolved with the times in hitherto unforeseen ways, and in these rapid times, adaption is the name of the game.

Radio, especially, is a medium that has evolved drastically with the advent of newer, better and inexpensive content distribution technologies. The following collection of themes has been developed with such a state of affairs in mind, and themes included feature unique sets of capabilities and features that empower them to handle the needs of commercial radio stations, radio programs, radio circuits, networks, independent radio stations, and even Internet-based radio stations, as the case may be. They’re a group of routinely updated, fiercely cutting-edge, flexible and powerful themes that can tackle a wide range of websites, but some or all of their special features qualify them as outstanding for the purpose of radio related WordPress websites.



If you are searching for a superior website theme, look no further than MESH. The flexibility that it offers is staggering, as it can be used in a variety of entertainment niches. MESH promises to enhance every single aspect of your podcast or radio show. With this product, your main radio page will have a built-in player for all types of sound files. You can either showcase the live shows, or compilations of some of your best moments. Regardless of what you choose to feature, the quality of the sound will impress even the most cynical listener.

Of course, site owners can create specific sections of each show, detailing the schedule or displaying some information regarding the hosts. The world keeps getting smaller thanks to the proliferation of the internet, and no business can expect to survive without a strong social media presence. Thankfully, MESH has built-in social network support, allowing you to update your fans or share clips and songs. The theme has a gorgeous and highly-customizable design, and its layout is completely-responsive. Fans will be able to access your content from the tablets, smartphones, desktop computers or laptops. It will also be compatible with most web browsers.



Divi is an incredibly comprehensive, astoundingly flexible, dynamic and modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, crafted with a robust framework capable of handling a multitude of websites of all kinds, but uniquely well suited for the design and construction of radio station related websites. Divi’s incredibly customizable design philosophy lends itself readily to extensive branding, sponsor branding and a host of other nifty adaptations that make the creation of radio station websites intuitive and fast. Divi incorporates all the latest technologies and standards, creating sophisticated, technologically savvy, interactive and attractive websites, every time.

Divi lets you get started quickly with several professionally designed layouts, ready for you to base your pages off of and then effortlessly make them your own with the unique Divi Builder, a modular drag & drop solution to page building that requires no coding whatsoever and lets you arrange a wealth of custom elements, save your own layout designs and deploy smooth sliders, multicolumn arrays, image galleries and countless other customizable modules to expand the functionality of your website. Offer subscription services for your audience, showcase your featured programs or make a slideshow of your sponsors with Divi. Divi is a 21st century website experience. Is your radio station ready to tune in?



For your radio station website, Vice is an ideal choice. This quality WordPress theme is packed with useful features and settings, each implemented in order increase your view count. Of course, a radio station theme will need to play audio files. A unique music player was integrated, with a playlist function that can feature entire albums. The auto-play setting remains entirely optional. In addition, site owners will be able to open limitless Radio Station Channels. Tracks can be order by priority or randomness. For novice customers, several informative video tutorials were incorporated. They can guide you through the installation process, and the creation of new releases. You can easily become an overnight expert.

Gorgeous slides can showcase content highlights, due to the implementation of the Slider Revolution plugin. Vice is also WPML-ready, and it can be displayed in multiple languages. Should any issues arise, be sure to contact the excellent customer support team. Their representatives are well-trained, polite, and eager to resolve issues. It is possible to create unlimited galleries, and there are gallery modules for every one-page layout. Vice also has caption hover effects, and a special section for biographies. If you prefer a more hands-on demonstration, be sure to access the live theme preview.

Sound Music


If your goal is to create a professional radio station website, look no further than Sound Music. This exemplary WordPress theme is practical and accessible, and you do not have to be a web development expert in order to install it. With Sound Music, even a child can implement a successful design. There is a limitless number of color customization settings, as you get to design a page that perfectly matches your vision. Sound Music does not impose a certain music player on its owner. You will gain access to several options: Online Radio, Soundcloud, Shoutcast, or direct links to MP3 files. Both playlists and site pages are created using Drag and Drop technology.

Your radio station website will be able to showcase high definition content, and the layout is compatible with high resolution Retina displays. Sound Music is responsive towards mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. From start to finish, the theme can be installed in 1 minute. Users will also benefit from gallery post builders, video post builders, and audio post builders. Some beautiful Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome icons were added as well. Multiple page sliders are available, and there is a live preview for customers who wish to sample this product.



While advertisement claims can be accurate, the most believable praise comes from industry experts. Over 700 developers, designers and web design studios have chosen to use this theme, resulting in smaller workloads and higher profit margins. StereoClub is an exemplary WordPress product that refuses to be mediocre. Its features are powerful and modern, offering to enhance every aspect of your DJ page. You can use StereoClub in order to promote artists, upload gorgeous images, or listen to your favorite songs. Basically, it turns websites into the owner’s multimedia calling card. There are multiple pricing options, along with Standard and Developer editions. While the core features are present in both versions, Developer editions have extra Layered Photoshop files, HTML files, and they enable owners to use StereoClub for multiple clients and projects.

If you have any questions, feel free to consult the well-written theme documentation file. It contains information regarding every feature, and it can turn novices into overnight experts. StereoClub can generate multilingual DJ sites, making it easier to accommodate foreign customers. In addition, this theme will look incredible on any device, regardless of its screen size. The layout is fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible. You will never have to worry about resizing and compatibility errors.



For your radio website, FWRD is an ideal choice. This modern WordPress theme is not just a visual skin, but an across-the-board upgrade that promises to enhance every aspect of your page. Gorgeous video and Parallax backgrounds can serve as a backdrop for your content, while an accessible Audio player can showcase some of the season’s greatest hits. At any time, you can upload tracks and MP3s, sort playlists, or include reviews and lyrics. The player can be featured on all pages, not just the homepage. This is made possible by some excellent personalized widgets.

If your radio business also has a merchandising branch, you are in luck. FWRD has included the WooCommerce premium plugin, which allows you to design a reliable online store. For your foreign listeners and fans, it is possible to create a multilingual site due to the WPML plugin. This allows you to expand your target demographic. When it comes to visual design, site owners are only limited by their imaginations. You can benefit from limitless design options, templates, and layouts. There are 13 custom widgets, and countless fonts and colors. Feel free to experiment with different designs, until the radio site matches your vision.



SONIK is a dynamic and dedicated, stylish and sleek, modern and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress musician, radio station, band and label multipurpose website theme. SONIK is a theme built around the concept of modern musical production, and as such, it has been outfitted with incredible resources for musical industry webmasters to easily accomplish any task they set about on. Radio stations will find in SONIK an amazing toolkit, including sophisticated page templates like the Radio Schedule page with extensive scheduling, thumbnail and view options, the powerful integrated Music Player with all sorts of customizable playlists and features as well as native support for MP3 streaming, making online radio stations an easy, breezy matter, up and running within minutes of initial setup.

With SONIK’s awesome Top 10 Charts, managing your musical charts is easier than ever before, including fantastic and fully functional SoundCloud, MP3 or YouTube audio preview features. SONIK’s unique Team Members features include shortcodes and templates for your scheduled hosts and presenters around the clock, with custom post types and much more. Fully customizable via the Visual Composer, SONIK will match your brand and style instantly and effortlessly. With SONIK at your side, the whole world will dance with your beats!



Musik is a youthful and vibrant, technologically accomplished, modern and interactive WordPress responsive musical theme, specifically designed to satisfy the various needs and requirements of music related websites, including musicians, bands, recording studios, record labels, producers, musical collectives, and particularly, radio stations and radio station related websites. Musik is a powerful platform that offers several custom page templates, a fully customizable user experience, and an entire music playback, distribution and sales platform on top of all this, seamlessly integrated into the theme. Advanced technologies and boundless creativity combine in Musik to create pitch perfect musical websites, every time.

Musik features a simplified interface for creating and customizing your every page. Dress your site in style as you add incredibly powerful features such as single track or album bundle downloads and sales, musical genre and artist search and organization, audio preview files in multiple formats, the jPlayer jQuery HTML5 Audio player, fully customizable, playlist support and browser player history support, and so many more features they’d make your head spin–turn your website into a one stop digital solution to music for your every user, or an independent record store for small local bands. Start monetizing your musical output today, with Musik!



Beaton is an incredibly aesthetically accomplished, technologically sophisticated and polished, elegant and professional WordPress responsive music, radio and events WordPress theme, designed to be a powerful solution to a range of necessities but particularly well suited for the design and construction of radio station related websites, blogs and music services. Beaton is energetic, lively and flexible beyond belief, and is veritably jam-packed with features to make your life easier and your audience’s experience that much more memorable.

Beaton is easy to use, packing several templates for you to quickly set up your website’s pages and with powerful tools to customize the look and behavior of each page. Beaton’s outstanding out of the box features include intuitive handling of streaming content and streaming radio, ideal for radio stations both online and offline, music producers, record labels and artists streaming music directly to their audience. SoundCloud integrated, Beaton is social media-savvy and guaranteed to boost profiles of yourself and featured artists across the board. YouTube and Vimeo compatible, Beaton readily handles video posts, streaming mixtapes, event management for concerts, dates, tours, promotions–you name it, Beaton is on it, and delivers in a stylish, visually appealing, reliable and responsive fashion. With Beaton, everybody’s listening.



VibeMusic is a powerful, dynamic, cutting edge and vibrant WordPress responsive music and radio theme, fully capable of handling the needs of a great variety of websites, but designed specifically to placate the many prerequisites of music industry related websites, from pages for DJs, bands, musicians, producers and collectives to full-fledged websites for radio stations, record labels and studios, a host of music industry related services can benefit from VibeMusic’s modern, attractive layouts and templates, powerful tools and features, and seamless, responsive coding that adapts to every device, browser and platform.

VibeMusic lets you churn out pages in no time at all and with zero coding thanks to the incredible Visual Composer, which lets you drag and drop customized elements to make every page and layout look and behave exactly the way you want it. Drop into action elements that provide functionalities such as live radio streaming, HTML5 enabled in-browser music player, and many more features crucial to music related websites. Slider Revolution is included for your convenience, empowering you to create amazing, interactive sliders anywhere on your site, while WooCommerce readiness ensures you’ll be selling your tracks, albums and offers in your own online storefront within hours of setup. Feel the good vibes with VibeMusic.



Remix is an incredibly pliable, remarkably powerful, eloquent and attractive WordPress responsive music, radio and events theme, entirely adept at running an ample diversity of websites of all kind, though especially crafted to fulfill the requirements of music industry related websites, including musicians, bands, producers, composers, recording studios and record labels, as well as for clubs, parties, events, raves, radio stations and concerts. If sound is your medium and great, massive audiences your target, Remix is the channel where you’ll reach them most effectively. Remix is outstandingly customizable and will bend to your every whim, both in terms of interface as well as function.

Remix is handcrafted for ease of use and cutting edge innovation, incorporating a simplified interface for constructing your pages that lets you effortlessly make use of Remix’s powerful tools, including the Revolution Slider and Master Slider plugins to design your own endless, beautiful, smooth scrolling sidebars. Remix is compatible with all sorts of mp3 embedding, including SoundCloud, Shoutcast and radionomy, and always expanding. Tons of custom widgets, video lightboxes, WooCommerce online shop integration, bbPress online forums platform included, modern photo galleries, in-browser audio player, available in dark and light presentations, Remix is the theme of the new generation’s audio waves. Are you ready to synchronize?



Chords is an incredibly versatile, astonishingly modern yet warm and intimate WordPress responsive music, artist and radio theme. Chords is a very flexible theme and it can accommodate all sorts of imaginable websites, but it is finely tuned for servicing websites in the entertainment industry; whether you’re a performer, a band, an entertainer, a talent manager, an event organizer, a radio station or a record label, Chords is the theme that rings just right with your listeners and with your talent alike. Chords is dynamic, current and electrifying, while still being approachable, navigable and intuitive.

Chords is built on a responsive code that adapts to all devices. Several different page templates, layouts and custom post types are available to construct and fill your website with all sorts of content, elements and widgets that give incredible, unforeseen functionality with entirely no coding whatsoever, including an in-browser audio player that can effortlessly manage streaming audio for radio stations and events, track listings, WooCommerce purchases, SoundCloud, Shoutcast and Icecast streaming music players, multiple color schemes in light and dark shades, a drag & drop interface to simplify all of the above, touch-ready sliders and multilevel menus, Chords is the real deal and will resonate with your crowds. Take it for a spin today!

Music Club


Music Club is an incredibly expressive, bold and stylish, tenacious and flexible WordPress responsive music, event and radio theme, designed with sufficient capacities to competently handle the needs of websites big and small, business and personal, but especially handcrafted thinking of the many needs and requirements of the music and entertainment industries, lending itself for ideal usage by musicians, performers, singers, soloists and bands, as well as event organizers, managers, concerts, parties and raves, and even radio stations, clubs and discos. If you’re in the business of delivering what people want to hear in a fun, dynamic, interactive, energetic fashion, Music Club is the theme you’re looking for.

Easy to install, deploy and customize, Music Club involves no coding and no hassle, with premade customizable elements extending powerful functionalities to your website by simply being dropped into the action. Such functionalities include boxed in-browser music players as well as more modern floating music players at the bottom of the page, event management system with ticket purchase and up to five ticket statuses out of the box, album management system for loading album playlists, gorgeous Parallax smooth scrolling, the powerful built-in MegaMenu, and total responsivity across all devices, Music Club is the theme for those serious about the beats.



MusicPlay is a fresh-faced, minimalist, dynamic and powerful WordPress responsive music and radio theme, built with the needs and requirements of music industry related websites of all kinds, from DJs, musicians and performers to producers and record labels, but especially well-suited for radio station related websites. Potent and pliable, MusicPlay is quicly and effortlessly installed and customized with plenty of intuitive, easy to deploy widgets and tools, advanced theme options, and absolutely no coding required.

MusicPlay provides an entire framework for your music related needs, from floating audio players at full width to album, track and genre database search, in AJAXified and non-AJAXified presentations, as your plugin needs see fit. Let visitors play music right off your website, whether that music is locally stored, external or even on SoundCloud. Broadcast live streaming music and radio stations in a breeze with the integrated Radio Player, compatible with both Shortcast and Icecast. Artist biography templates let you quickly fill out stylish, elegant pages. A powerful Events section lets you geolocate, offers calendar functions, countdown times and much more, for your concerts and promotional events to get maximum exposure. Search engine optimization is native to the code, ensuring you top the ranks that matter. MusicPlay means business. Are you game?



SoundWave is an incredibly flexible, impressively powerful, technologically savvy and style-conscious WordPress responsive music, radio and events theme. SoundWave is powerful enough to be flexed into any usage one might imagine for a website, from personal to business and corporate, large and small, but SoundWave has been deliberately crafted to be the definitive WordPress radio station theme, unparalleled in sophistication, innovation and cohesion. SoundWave stands out from the crowd immediately, with its bold, stunning layouts and clutter-free user experience.

SoundWave offers the unique ability to let your visitors enjoy music or streaming live radio while browsing upcoming events, video and photo galleries, DJ mixes and artist albums, or anything else you might be offering your users as content. Continuous site-spanning music playback is the tip of the iceberg, with a powerful events manager supporting geotagging and calendar features as well as ticket availability, price and venue information neatly, with plenty of social media integration to complement SoundWave’s own social features, including artist, DJ and event pages and commentaries, blogs, and much more. Post YouTube or Vimeo videos in graceful predesigned video posts, which you can customize and make your own. SoundWave is the one theme that can offer you the world, without ever having to stop the music.


Avada is the most potent, malleable, dutifully updated and indescribably successful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, a true powerhouse that exceeds expectations in applications across the board as far as website diversity goes, excelling widely in personal, commercial and corporate applications of any scale and nature. In its well-rounded approach, Avada’s veritable smorgasbord of widgets, functions, shortcodes and tools empowers it to become anything you desire, as it deftly handles multimedia, audio playback and media streaming, video playback, integration with all sorts of social media, powerful Events, Calendar and Countdown functions, WooCommerce integration out of the box, and endless other features, rendering it a perfect match for the skillset required of a radio station theme.

Avada’s dozens upon dozens of templates have just about every page your heart may desire, while the seamless, intuitive customization experience takes you by the hand while letting you carefully craft every detailed aspect of your website, with absolutely no coding required at any point. Avada is responsive, displaying without a hitch across all platforms, devices and screens, and its coding is natively optimized for search engine indexation, so your content is properly read by search engines and your radio station is ranked accordingly and relevantly. Find out why Avada is the top WordPress theme of the town, today!

20 of the Best WordPress Themes for Musicians, Singers and Artists 2016

Themes For Musicians

WordPress is by far, the best online platform for building a website. Over the years, it has become a patron of the arts, aiding the development of blogs, musicians and young entrepreneurs. It provides you with the ultimate canvas, a blank slate that is highly customizable and user friendly. Here, the world is your oyster, given that you are creative enough to seize every opportunity.

In the online world, your internet profile has become one of your most valuable assets. Regardless of your actual occupation, your web page or blog will grant you a competitive edge. For many followers, this will be their first chance to interact with your material. The WordPress profile is today, what business cards were back in the 1990. Musicians cannot hope to ever commercialize their sound without a solid marketing strategy and a well-designed, well implemented, WordPress profile. You owe it to yourself and to your business, to maximize your chances by paying attention to every detail.

If you are not tech savvy, it’s easy to get lost in the details. It is not uncommon to see a musician that chooses a bland, default theme. Everyone must understand that the wrapping is also important, not just the candy. On WordPress, the interface is extremely user friendly. Basically, if you can read, you can set up your own profile. Then it becomes an issue of customization, and expressing yourself through an online medium. Thankfully, WordPress also hosts some of the best content theme creators in the world. They take pleasure in developing themes for musicians, and it is probable that one of those enticing themes has your name on it.
The sheer amount of variety guarantees success; you are bound to find something that you like. Try to choose a WordPress Musician theme that blends both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The design of your chosen page must be intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing. But, pretty themes are useless if their design obscures important details. Try to find a good balance, between design elements and info displays. That being said, let’s take a look at some excellent WordPress themes for musicians:



Music is about harmony, balance, and detail. Your website must reflect those qualities, and themes like FWRD promise to facilitate the site creation process. Its design is excellent, and its layout is fully responsive towards all platforms. You will not have to worry about resizing errors. You deserve a page that of worthy of hosting your art. It is possible to display one of your excellent music videos directly on the site, as FWRD supports Video and Parallax backgrounds. The theme has integrated a Music Album and Audio Player feature, allowing users to upload their tracks and MP3s. Of course, you will be able to create and organize playlists. Individual albums will have Lyrics and Review sections. It is possible to add these players on any page, due to the FWRD personalized widgets.

For your live performances, the Events and Gigs Manager toll was included. Musicians can show their future events, and provide as many details as possible. Thanks to WooCommerce, a personal online shop can be created. It is now much easier to distribute merchandise and equipment, thanks to this stable and accessible platform. If you want to sample FWRD without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.


vice fullscreen audio player

Vice is a perfect choice for those that are searching for an awesome WordPress music theme. You can use it to create an artful and inspiring website that is sure to attract plenty of visitors. If you are just starting out, the video tutorials are valuable sources of information. They can guide you through the installation process, explaining everything in detail.

Customers can set up a limitless number of sections, each with personalized backgrounds. You can also create as many One-Page pages as you need. In order to increase the aesthetic appeal of your website, a YouTube video can be set as your background. The design is set to mimic the look of transparent glass, giving everything a modern, stylized look. Visitors can view your content on high resolution Retina displays. There are a ton of color options, allowing you to design the website that you always wanted.

Vice comes with a dark and light palette, and it features a custom image for you background. Customers may also take advantage of over 120 personalized icons. The theme offers a 2-tier drop down menu, and 25 social icons. It is guaranteed to look amazing with any device, mobile or otherwise. In addition, it features the best Music Player on WordPress.



Without a doubt, StereoClub is one of the best WordPress themes on the market. Time and time again, it was chosen by professionals because of its ability to save time and increase profits. Purchasing StereoClub is a solid investment, especially if your goal involves the construction of a musician website. You will be able to post Tour Dates, open graphs, and upload custom site logos. Threaded comments are available, along with 13 special widget areas. WordPress APIs are respected, and there are 5 custom post type variations. A nifty theme documentation source is available, for users who wish to learn more about their site.

There are StereoClub Standard and Developer versions, with different pricing models. Those who purchase Developer version can use this product for all project and clients, and they will gain access to HTML and Layered PSD files. The installation process does not require coding knowledge, and it only takes a few minutes. Followers will get to enjoy custom Share Buttons, as they can share content directly from your page. StereoClub also has an Advanced Theme Options Panel, which gives you control over every setting. Despite its power, the panel is accessible and easy to use.



Uncode is an elegant and stylish, fresh-faced and youthful, bold and daring, fast-loading and readily responsive WordPress creative multiuse multipurpose website theme. Uncode is an incredibly popular and successful platform for the quick and uncomplicated creation and development of professional grade websites across all industries and interests by webmasters with absolutely any coding skill level or previous development experience. With the intuitive Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plugins, Uncode empowers everyone to effortlessly design and craft unique visual statements for their website layouts, powered by dozens of custom crafted elements and shortcodes.

With impressive WooCommerce integration from the get go, marketing your wares directly off your website’s own online shop is now easier than ever, and a wealth of over 30 conceptual homepage demo websites and templates as well as a collection of fashionable and trendy Portfolio and Blog template layout styles are included, which, combined with Uncode’s deft handling of multimedia content, make it a favorite theme for up and coming musicians that want to share their musical portfolios with the world, market their albums directly off their website or even their branded merchandise, with no hassle and within minutes of initial setup. Uncode; what’s not to love?



SONIK is a colorful and youthful, resourceful and modern, technologically cutting edge and highly responsive WordPress musician, radio, band and label multipurpose website theme. SONIK has been outfitted with one of the most potent and innovative collections of tools, plugins and widgets aimed specifically towards the musical industry. Built on a robust HTML5 framework, SONIK deploys the amazing Visual Composer premium drag and drop page builder plugin to empower webmasters from all walks of life to take complete creative control of the visual styling and behavior of your musical website.

With a number of incredibly advanced elements, such as native SoundCloud embedding features, an integrated unique Music Player with MP3 streaming capabilities, powerful Podcast and Music Album post types among a dozen custom post types. You can easily introduce your musical project to the world with SONIK, using the feature-rich demo website templates provided, which can be imported with a single click and intuitively customized, then simply add your tracks directly from your SoundCloud, upload them in MP3 form and make your own Playlists or Podcasts effortlessly, all through your SONIK website. With full WooCommerce integration, SONIK allows you to market your tunes to the world at large. Try SONIK today!


share fullscreen music blog

The art of storytelling has been indispensable to human society. As we evolved past our humble origins, we incorporated technology into our story telling methods. Share is a WordPress theme that continues that proud tradition, offering features that are designed to aid in the artist’s journey. It can be used for poetry, blog, writing, explorer or philosophy websites.

It includes an amazing system for your blog, along with beautiful image galleries that can showcase your most memorable moments. You may update your followers even while traveling, because Share is entirely responsive. Be it mobile devices or laptops, you website will look great. The theme is streamlined and optimized, offering lightning-fast loading speed for videos and images.

The layout is very easy to navigate, and you do not need to hire professional administrators in order to manage and distribute content. This product has multimedia support, offering to showcase images, audio files, and videos. If you want to try out the content, you can check out the live preview. The WordPress customizer allows for easy personalization of your web page. You may add personal logos, alter setting, and even swap the theme’s colors. All of this without touching a single line of code!


colibri - fullscreen music theme

If you are a musician and you want to construct a cheap, yet effective website, look no further than Colibri. It is ideal for bands, singers, disk jockeys, guitarists or any other type of artist. In today’s marketing landscape, social media integration is essential for success. In addition, social networks can also fill content gaps when you are too busy to update your pages on a regular basis. With this theme, your site can be supplied with content from Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram and BandsInTown.

The Visual composer is the ideal tool for page construction. Easy to use and extremely versatile, it will provide you with a very large number of build options. If you want to keep it simple, the One Page feature lets you design a minimal yet charming site. The Redux Framework admin panel is powerful and user friendly. Navigation is very intuitive, making it accessible to everyone. Both programmers and newbies can enjoy its flexibility. There is an unlimited number of colors, along with video and photo album integration. Every single page can have its own Background Image, a feature that results in more aesthetic appeal for your website.


remix astounding dj nightclub theme

Available in both Windowed and Full Screen options,Remix is an impressive music theme for WordPress. It seems that its greatest asset is its visual design. There is something stimulating about dark colors, adding a sense of mystique and class. Its writing is displayed in white with some violet highlights, in order to provide contrast with the black background. It avoids certain classical elements, aiming for a more modern look.

It has a responsive design, and the theme is compatible with Shoutcast or Soundcloud, allowing you to import and embed audio files. After you purchase it, the theme will also give you a Slider and Visual Composer for no additional cost. Niceroll, 7 layered PSD files, 17 custom widgets, and over 600 icons are also available.



Croma is a colorful and youthful, intuitive and expansive, flexible and technologically feature-rich, rapidly responsive WordPress creative music multipurpose website theme. Croma has been created as a solution for webmasters of any background or skill level to quickly set up professional quality websites with a host of wonderful features that greatly aid in the dissemination of bold new musical content. Croma is an ideal theme for musicians, musical bands and projects that have an output of creative audio content that they need to present to a broad, massive online audience in a classy, sophisticated presentation that can connect with and engage their fans.

Croma includes such advanced capabilities as an HTML5-powered music player block for your visitors to enjoy your MP3s and tracks, with a full range of amazing functions such as customizable playlists, album management and much more, allowing for the utmost organization of your musical output right on your Croma music website. Croma also allows you to keep track of your events and gigs through a powerful Event Manager, ensuring your fans are informed of all your dates, locations and ticket prices. And with complete integration of the WooCommerce platform, marketing your albums and merchandise right off your Croma website is easy as pie. Try Croma now!


vocal stunning dark musician theme

This is a Mailchimp Intregated WordPress theme for the professional DJ. Its design is simply beautiful, made to impress any potential patron. If you are a professional musician or club owner, it will help you pitch your event.

Aesthetics aside, this theme is also highly versatile, filled with features and ready for Mobile use. Vocal can act as an information board or poster, displaying ticket prices and venue location. Its color selection is somewhat limited, but it allows the customer to add mp3 tracks or link outside videos. Some of its other features include Custom Widgets, Bootstrap 3.2, and an Ajax Contect Form.



Musisi is a marveliusly modern, highly stylized, eclectic and elegant, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose band and musician website theme. Musisi has been created as a simplified, streamlined platform where musicians, bands and related individuals or organizations in the music industry can easily and effectively create modern websites that can perform as a virtual soapbox for their music and works to get out there and be appreciated and recognized on a massive scale. Musisi is an amazingly complete package for performers in general.

Not only do you get professional quality musician websites in a matter of minutes, but you also get a classy way to hand out information about your project, such as upcoming live events, their location and time, additional customizable information fields and even newsletter reminders, or enveloping photo or video galleries of your band or yourself at live shows or recording sessions, jamming it out in private or in public-either way, it ends up being devoured by your soon-to-be massive following of hungry fans. With Musisi’s top of the line, top-down approach to SEO, your band or personal musician website will top the relevant rankings in no time at all, finally getting your music the recognition it deserves!



While art is subjective, quality is not. Hugo is a WordPress theme that can facilitate the creation of your artist web page. It has a large collection of innovative features, in addition to 8 gorgeous theme skins. Every skin was designed to cater to a different genre of music, and they can be further personalized by the user. Hugo is very easy to customize, given the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin. This modern tool uses Drag and Drop technology, and it incorporates some essential content elements. With this theme, even novice users will be able to craft popular artist pages.

If your business plan includes the distribution of music, you are in luck. Hugo has incorporated WooCommerce, which enables site owners to open their own online shops. You can also use it to sell merchandise, music equipment, and so on. Of course, fans will want to hear some sample tracks. Your site will have an incredible custom music player that features playlist and library functions. The layout is responsive, and it has completely eliminated resizing errors. Even the screen sliders will respond to touch screen commands. For those who want to sample this theme before they commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.



Oscillator is a fantastically creative, exceedingly pliable and highly technologically accomplished, user friendly and very intuitive, stylish and elegant, modern and conceptually unique responsive WordPress musical multipurpose theme, a spectacularly flexible theme that has been thoughtfully put together with the utmost care, in order to produce a polished and spotless theme with marvelous, sophisticated musical capacities out of the box that can be endlessly customized to suit the needs of all sorts of music and entertainment industry related websites, and peculiarly powerful as theme for musician websites, band websites, performer websites and all related fields. That is due to Oscillator’s potently adaptable and inherently intuitive customizing options, which, combined with features like sophisticated Streaming Audio Players, the Drag & Drop Homepage Editor, a huge amount of custom built shortcodes and widgets that can expand the functionality of any page without a single line of coding, and all-around gorgeous, aesthetically tasteful and professionally designed look. Musicians will feel right at home with Oscillator. Six exclusive post types will cover your needs, including discographies, gorgeous sliders and much more. Oscillator will let you reach your audience directly and show off your work in a flawlessly responsive, spotless and attractive presentation. What else could you ask for?


session - simple music theme

Sessions is a WordPress theme that is compatible with all modern browsers and devices. Regardless of the size of your screen, your website will look amazing. This product is designed to facilitate the creation of art and entertainment websites. Functionality is greatly increased with the inclusion of personalized widgets. Sessions offers social networking capabilities with Flickr, Twitter, and more.

Extensive and informative documentation was added, offering to guide users through their first moments with the product. This theme will benefit from a constant stream of updates, guaranteeing that it will always work with the most recent WordPress versions. The update process is no longer a cause for dread, given that it is streamlined and efficient. The Theme Options cover everything from Google Analytics tracking codes, to custom logos and post setting. You may even alter your page’s color palette, tailoring its aesthetic design in order to suit your needs.

If you are sick of manually translating each line of text inside every template file, you are in luck! Thankfully, Sessions uses translation files. This simplifies the process, and reduces your workload. It is an airtight theme, with a staggering amount of user-friendly design and navigation options. However, should you encounter any issues the support forum can be easily contacted.


nilltone beautiful wordpress musician theme

Pretty and effective, Nilltone is the WordPress theme that never disappoints. It has Tablet and Mobile support, and its impressive interface is in full High Definition. It offers a Simple and Flat System, an intuitive admin panel, and it is Retina ready.

The color pallets are not restricted, as Nilltone features plenty of customization options. This allows the user to generate a distinct page, different from any other. Music is all about expression, one should expect the same from their online page.

Nilltone is compatible with WooCommerce, and takes only 1 minute to complete its installation.


BeatHeaven cool music theme

Designed to be the professional musician’s best friend, Beatheaven is a highly interactive and very responsive WordPress theme. It features multiple slider options, and it is Retina ready.

Beatheaven also offers users an Icon Font Integration feature that allows you to replace multiple icons, integrated in the same font file. Its page layout can be modified, offering a few built-in options such as Events, Artist, About Us, and Events. The theme allows for the integration of a sample audio file, thanks to the HTML 5 audio player. It is optimized for search engines, translation ready and it features unlimited sidebars.


unik inventive music theme

UNIK is a WordPress theme that is designed to promote content from any musical style. Highly versatile and affordable, this theme features a layer slider WordPress plugin, a Revolution Slider, limitless sidebars, and a search engine optimized code.

It feels very responsive, as it uses bootstrap 3.2. This allows UNIK to be compatible with all devices. As far as monetization goes, it is compatible with WooCommernce, facilitating the creation of an online shop.


 speaker imaginative music event theme

Promoting your content online can be tricky, for those that are not tech savvy. Speaker is a WordPress music theme that offers a solution to that problem. Its design is simple and easy to use, perfect for professionals and beginners alike. The user friendly experience is further aided by the code, allowing for easy modification.

Speaker’s support system should also be mentioned, as it employs well trained, well-mannered professionals.
This theme is very easy to install, and it is Retina ready. If the customer wishes to sell some of his/her product, Speaker is able to support online shops through WooCommerce. Its background can be modified by using the Media Library, as they also offer video backgrounds. The theme is translation ready, with many layout options and Google fonts.


lush innovative multipurpose musician theme

With music as its general theme, Lush tries to accommodate all genres and styles. It includes a page builder and a visual composer, aiding users in constructing their personalized online pages. Its menu features a 3D display, which can be rotated, pushed and scaled. Event and gig countdowns have been added, allowing you to build more hype. It is retina ready and extremely user accessible.

Lush is compatible with WooCommerce, giving you an opportunity to sell your product and make money out of your passion. The theme offers customers many colors, fonts and layout, Lush further enhances the experience.


roadrunners original one page music template

RoadRunners is a simple, single page WordPress Music theme. It is highly practical, allowing for fans to keep tabs of their favorite artists. Its features include an artist and event post type, a page header that has an animated text, great shortcodes, and a Custom field that permits the insertion of maps.

If you are not sure about the purchase, you can always try out their demo content. The theme is translation ready, and includes plenty of options for customization and optimization. The design is responsive and very user friendly.


jamsession clean music band theme

Inspired by masonry architecture, JamSession is an attractive, charming WordPress music theme. It has custom posts for events, discographies, videos and photo galleries. Intuitive and easy to configure; JamSessions tries to satisfy all customers, not just the tech savvy. It may also be used any type of device, increasing its accessibility rating.

The menu’s properties can be easily modified, as users can alter its opacity, colors and position. When a setting is changed, a preview option appears. External videos can be linked or embedded in the main page, and the admin section has a drag&drop feature. Also, the beautiful masonry layout is interactive.


musicvent experessive music event theme

This WordPress music theme uses HTML 5, as it is designed to be fully responsive and customizable. Perfect for musicians that are trying to advertise their products and events, MusicVent is a smart choice.

It is not difficult to configure, one just has to go to the Option Theme section and start personalizing their settings. The theme offers highlight coloring and Google fonts. It is possible to choose from a background that has an image slider, or a video loop. MusicVent has integrated many widgets such as Flickr Shots, Embedded Videos, Social Profile and Popular Post Lists.


noise explosive musicians theme

Optimized for speed and compatible with multiple browsers, Noise is a great WordPress music theme. Designed for Disk Jockeys and bands, it supports social media sharing, multiple music players, Retina ready graphics and icons.
It is a One-page theme that included Parallax Backgrounds.

The developers often take the customer feedback into consideration, including modifications for the top slider. Small changes like the inclusion of volume control go a long way towards establishing community trust.

The animations are crisp and enticing; while the spectrum analyzer lets you visualize any track. The theme has also included its own internal rating system.

Music Club

music club attractive wordpress music theme

This WordPress music theme is designed to benefit all music enthusiasts. One of its trademark features is the inclusion of a floating music player. It is displayed in the lower half of the page, and it can be changed to a standard, static design.

Users can choose between 3 distinct versions of list style. The theme also features a Fullscreen or Boxed layout, and a nice GoodLayers Importer. It has fully customizable sidebars, great shortcodes, and an unlimited color palette. Music club is compatible with WooCommerce, and it can be used on all devices, making it fully responsive. It may be customized in almost every way, and it is retina ready.


flycase swag music theme for artists

Flycase is great for those that are trying to establish a strong online presence. It is optimized for any device, it’s easy to use, and features plenty of customization options that allow you to express your individuality.

Flycase is e-commerce compatible, facilitating all types of online transaction. As soon as you download the WPML plugin, you will be able to run its translation feature. Fans from across the world can now enjoy our content.

There is a preview option for the customization tool, making it easier to pick one of the various settings. This theme is retina ready, and also has photo galleries, multiple backgrounds and several playlists.


applause vintage musician theme

Some WordPress music themes can be overly complex, to the point where it becomes bothersome. If you are looking for a straightforward, practical theme, look no further than Applause. It is simple, onepage design was constructed using Bootstrap, with css3 and html5 coding.

Applause displays your music and also helps you organize playlists, events and galleries. The event planner can show you the ticket prices and the location of the gig, by marking it on the map. The music player can be used for mp3’s or external links. Overall, it is a strong, reliable WordPress music theme, perfectly suited for any musician.


calendo amazing wordpress musician theme

Designed to facilitate the online experience of musicians and Disk Jockeys, Calendo is one of the best music themes available for WordPress. It can be accessed from most web browsers, optimized for HTML code.

The Calendo theme is SEO ready, and features a retina ready layout. This layout is sleek, modern, and enticing. Calendo is also compatible with Woocommerce, aiding any future transactions that the user might need. Setting up your shop is easy, and it takes only a few minutes, given that your computer browser has the plugin.

There is equally a plethora of widgets and shortcodes coupled with a full translation algorithm that is able to display your page in a multitude of languages. Its interface is highly customizable, as it lets you select colors, fonts, and many other features.

If you couldn’t find the right theme for you on this collection you might want to check our other theme collections. For example here are some general music related WordPress themes or something more specific such as themes for artists. We are doing our best to provide selections of the best WordPress themes in any category and we hope you find this resource useful. Thank you for browsing!

20 Awesome WordPress Material Design Themes For Landing Pages, Corporate Websites and Blogs – 2016

Material Design WordPress Themes

Modern Internet culture is a quickly evolving beast, whose heart seems impossible to pinpoint but whose pulse is impossible not to feel, as it beats through the ol’ tubes and pipes, resonating with the world itself. And while no one seems able to put a finger on the heart of the beast, that hasn’t stopped us from trying. Enter Google’s Material Design concept philosophy.

Material Design is a complex idea that, when well executed, is almost imperceptible. Almost being the operative word here; Material Design involves subtle integration of increasingly powerful technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap to provide detail oriented user experience enhancements, that are both passively and actively interactive, keeping visitors engaged and entertained even after they’ve lost their initial spur of interest. Material Design not only gives websites a polished, professional look to them, it lowers user bounce rates and improves revenue over time. And, further, it looks so, so strikingly beautiful!

The following collection of themes all include an inherent Material Design philosophy at their core, enabling many different kinds of websites and webmasters to make use of this powerful, conceptual approach to user experience and user interaction website design.


divi bright business theme

Divi is an outstanding, advanced multipurpose WordPress theme with truly limitless capabilities and astoundingly adaptability to any webmaster’s needs. Technologically sophisticated, engineered for accessibility and ease of use, powerfully pliable and resourceful beyond your wildest dreams, Divi can do it all, and stays classy and elegant while doing so.

With a module based design architecture, Divi page outlays can be modified and altered in a block like fashion, carefully selecting, shaping and sizing individual modules that can then be further hierarchized within a page or featured throughout the site as customized Mega Menus, sophisticated sliders, smart sidebars and carousels, all smoothly animated with gorgeous, Retina ready HTML5 and CSS3 visual effects and multimedia integration.

Featuring pre-designed modules and pages such as online storefronts, contact forms, galleries, catalogues, blogs, and an endless array of options, all in turn unfathomably customizable, Divi puts every webmaster in the driver’s seat of a very fast, very beautiful ride. There’s a reason Divi has satisfied nearly 300,000 customers–lightning fast loading times, native responsiveness, native compatibility with Google’s Material Design philosophy and standards make Divi an incredible value package for websites of all sizes, as countless successful businesses and individuals can attest to today. Divi is the theme that unites.


zephyr material design theme

Zephyr is a bold, robust, colorful WordPress Material Design enabled theme, ideally suited for creative websites, projects of all sorts, portfolios, studios and agencies. Zephyr is continuously updated to newer and better versions, constantly expanding its stock of templates, features and tools.

Zephyr’s latest incarnation is a highly interactive, fresh looking theme, perfect for presenting very visual content to an attentive, discerning audience that appreciates a finished, professional look and feel to a website. Retina ready and responsive out of the box, your website will display glossy and gorgeous, regardless of viewing device utilized, from tablets to phones, from desktops to laptops, your users won’t miss a beat of your content. Customized headers and layouts, prepackaged page templates for specific functionalities, widgets and a design philosophy that permeates websites with simplicity, technology and passion, Zephyr theme websites are sure to turn some heads.

With an eye for detail, this theme packs smooth, delightful animations, visual effects and hover effects, owing to top of the line HTML5 and CSS3 code integration. Search engine optimization plays nice with crawler algorithms, translating into higher revenues for your website and higher traffic and exposure of your content to the public, as you climb the page rankings. Easy to use page builder tools will have your website up and running in no time, particularly considering the one click installation and one click demo importing systems in place. Zephyr is a theme that can make any website shine bright.


appica - material design landing page

Appica is an attractive, polished WordPress Material Design theme, built for the purpose of showcasing mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. This elegant, inviting design is filled with HTML5, CSS3 powered visual effects that deliver a professional feel to your website, and by extension, all showcased applications.

Included are several mockups of mobile devices of all shapes, sizes and in all orientations imaginable, specifically for the purpose of adding your screenshots of your applications to show users exactly what your product will look like in their hands. iOS and Android inspired versions of the theme are both available, each with different demo pages offering different sliders, headers and footers to match any requirement you may encounter.

Customizable to a high degree, Appica allows for extensive use of customized shortcodes that permit in depth alteration of posts, content and layout to match your vision precisely. Built in BootStrap 3, an entirely HTML version is also available, though all across the board Appica is a responsive, mobile and desktop friendly theme that showcases current and coming soon apps like no other theme on the market. Custom sidebars and Mega Menus allow for even more control over your user’s navigational experience, and powerful Admin features make content management a breeze. Appica is a theme fit for any developer’s hive.



POL is a charming and completely engaging, flat and minimalist, technologically sophisticated and articulate, dynamic and interactive, colorful and vibrant, elegant and aesthetically composed, tasteful and graceful, pliable and malleable, flexible and highly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. POL is a carefully constructed theme that has been built based on Google’s Material Design philosophy, granting it a supremely intuitive and modern visual language that is both amply expressive and incredibly comprehensible across all demographics, making your website easily navigable to all users and giving it a palpably mobile-friendly look and feel, a clean and pristine design and incredibly fast-loading features, widgets and pages.

POL has been optimized through and through, from the codebase level to the front end user interface, ensuring a polished, finished trim that you and your audience will delight in, and with POL’s well commented code, developer webmasters will have an easy time fiddling with POL until it suits their every purpose or expectation. POL includes 16 gorgeous, predesigned layouts and an Advanced OnePage Builder with a slew of custom built sections for you to put your pages together easily and intuitively. POL is packing over 640 Google Fonts, as well as complete out of the box WooCommerce integration for your total convenience.



StartIt is a technologically impressive and cutting edge, graphically stunning, colorful and vibrant, youthful and lively, professionally graphically designed and aesthetically flexible and innovative, flat and trendy, easy to use and very intuitively navigable, functionally sophisticated responsive WordPress startup business and commercial website theme. StartIt is a very complete and potent theme that has been gifted with a wide and vast set of tools, plugins, widgets and advanced customization options that empower webmasters from any background or skill level to seamlessly and quickly produce their own customized, incredible, engaging and professional quality startup business websites.

StartIt has been built taking plenty of cues from Google’s own Material Design philosophy, making StartIt websites a natural fit with the coming times and perfectly intuitively understandable to all demographical segments due to its simplified, streamlined, flat visual language and design. StartIt is also a technological powerhouse, with jaw-dropping MegaMenus, tons of hardware-powered Parallax visual effects, sliders and scrolling, impressive Fullscreen features and demos, powerful section-based page building and tons of expansive shortcodes for Particles Sections, Video Buttons and much more. With StartIt’s native Bootstrap modular design, every visitor can enjoy the depth and breadth of your website in a perfectly styled presentation. Get the ball going with StartIt!



Haswell is a serious and professional, flexible and nimble, incredibly visually adaptable and highly customizable, wonderfully easy to use and convenient, full-featured and functionally ambitious, technologically accomplished and very developer friendly, fast-loading and search engine optimized responsive WordPress one page and multipage multipurpose website theme. Haswell is an extremely potent and malleable theme that has been jam-packed with a full set of powerful plugins, shortcodes and features that enable it to lend itself flawlessly to a whole host of completely different website archetypes and applications, from personal to commercial, business or corporate, it doesn’t matter–it certainly will look and work better with Haswell. Over 40 and counting demo websites are included with Haswell.

That is over 40 demo Home pages, and their respective and wholly visually cohesive Content Pages to match, of course, meaning Haswell has literally hundreds of professionally predesigned page templates for you to choose from and hit the ground running, all carefully built in compliance with Google’s Material Design philosophy, making for minimalist, clean and very visually expressive and intuitive flat designs that audiences react to, remember and easily interact with. Haswell is a perfect theme for professionals, creative agencies or firms, corporations and individuals who are looking to make a polished, bold statement on the web. Try Haswell today!



Wizard is a gorgeous and completely visually stunning, memorable and fresh-faced, colorful and lively, youthful and vibrant, visually cohesive and coherent, very well structured and intuitively navigable, easy to use and technologically resourceful and comprehensive, fast-loading and nimble responsive WordPress creative fullscreen portfolio website theme. Wizard is a beautiful and feature rich theme that has been decked out with exclusive and potent plugins and features, professionally designed and readymade demo websites and page templates, and incredibly advanced portfolio capabilities, on top of amazing, engaging and dynamic fullscreen capacities at every turn, making Wizard a theme for webmasters that really need to catch the eye of their audiences with their attractive content under a most favorable spotlight.

Wizard provides such a spotlight, with a minimal, clutter-free visual environment inspired by Google’s Material Design philosophy that will make your users feel right at home from the instant they land upon your website, as well as helping them intuitively make their way around your content without getting in the way, and deploying effective, smooth and powerful mobile-friendly navigational tools that are completely responsive thanks to Wizard’s Bootstrap modular foundation. Truly stunning fullscreen home page demos and powerful jQuery plugins are waiting inside this full value package of a theme. Feel the magic, with Wizard!



Creo is a colorful and stylish, modern and engaging, intuitive and easy to use, robust and reliable, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose and marketplace website theme. Creo has been jam packed with a series of amazingly resourceful elements, powerful and convenient widgets, handy shortcodes and some of the most adaptive, responsive visual layouts and graphical styles on the market today, deploying a polished, modern Material Design, which makes your website memorable and a visual standout among the crowded modern web.

Creo features tons of incredibly potent capabilities, especially for websites venturing into marketplace functionalities. With customizable submission forms, front end submission modules, availability calendars, group purchasing engine, Daily Deals marketplace ready to go out of the box, five different shop styles for diverse kinds of products and much more under the hood, Creo has the stuff to look good and work just right from day one, with a handsome facade covering a deeply resourceful platform. Complete with an assortment of subscription payment gateways, handling of both refunds and coupons and far more than you can think of, while always looking its very best thanks to the responsive, mobile friendly Material Design visual styling, Creo is the latest and greatest theme on the web! Try it now!



kwoon - material design business theme

Kwoon is a versatile, flexible, sober looking WordPress multipurpose theme, designed as an all-encompassing, universally convenient theme that fits the needs of all webmasters with an understated elegance and an intuitive ease. Single page and multipage website modes are both handled with equal prowess and class.

Over a dozen different home layouts, multiple header and slider customization options, numerous blog and portfolio layouts, product grids, you name it, chances are, Kwoon has a template for it. It doesn’t stop there, though. Kwoon is out of the box enabled with WooCommerce AJAX frontend, including a beautiful custom automatically updating shopping cart.

Child theme support means you get all these benefits without even having to abandon your former theme, or ever abandon your benefits when moving on to a new one. Search engine optimization built into the code means every bit of your website will be indexed where it’s most relevant. Retina ready graphics and icons are included, as is a responsive compatibility with absolutely any device, even any device not currently on the market. If it’s got a screen, your website will look splendid on it, and arranged in a smart design. Kwoon, an intuitive WordPress theme that really carries the load for you.


woffice - custom community theme

Woffice is an aesthetically pleasant, robust, powerful WordPress Intranet/Extranet theme, built specifically with the needs of corporations, offices, firms, institutions and related websites that need a flexible, powerful platform for professionals and customers to come together and distribute, share and view important content.

Material Design philosophy imbues your website with very powerful design responsiveness, making for gorgeous elements and details regardless of viewing device, platform or browser employed. Beautiful, understated animations, transitions and hover effects will make your website appear as polished and put-together as your business itself. Powerful security features mean you and your users can trust Woffice to safeguard sensitive information. eCommerce compatibility via WooCommerce plugin, included, means you’ll be ringing the cash registrar within 24 hours of setting up shop. Versatile demos expand possibilities to community based websites, with powerful organizational tools for both personnel and neighbors.

Prepared with WikiKnowledge, a frontend permits user based edition and creation, meaning you’re a one click installation away from making your own crowdsourced knowledge base website, or perhaps simply a dedicated niche community website. Wunderlist integration, time progress bars and frontend edit, comments and tool links make project management websites a breeze. Generally speaking, if you’re putting people together on the web, you’re just better off using Woffice.


sility - resume theme for professionals

Sility is a smart, minimalistic, down to earth WordPress curriculum vitae and vcard management theme. It is devoted to offering solutions for the most appealing, aesthetic and professional looking curriculum vitae presentation websites for freelancers and professionals from all walks of life. Regardless of your field, a beautiful, put-together vcard website facilitated by Sility will drive up your market value overnight.

Sility is brimming with tools and features to make managing your virtual curriculum vitae simpler, faster and easier, with minimal effort required to set up your website, so you can spend your time building your professional contacts rather than your contact page–a template that Sility provides with an elegant, modern design, and vcard download capabilities out of the box, ensuring employers can keep your information around for whenever your skills are called for.

A fully responsive, cross-platform-compatible BootStrap3 design offers interactivity and smooth reactions to user actions that engage potential employers and make your website both lively and intimate. Retina ready high resolution graphics and icons are included, and your own images will look fantastic on any device they’re rendered on. Sility is the one stop solution for all your career building personal website needs.


tactile - corporate hipster theme

Tactile is a modern, sleek, gorgeous WordPress Material Design theme, both single page and multipage, with a strong suit in mobile device display. Responsive and well behaved on both PCs and mobile devices, Tactile is equipped with a series of features and tools that empower it in the mobile arena to ensure your website comes out on top in the most competitive of demographics; mobile websites.

Ajax frontend page transition, a customizable Mega Menu, Parallax images in sections, background video playback in sections, single vertical loop blog layouts, customizable smart swipe gesture recognition and reaction, several sophisticated blog and page layouts, with optional different logos, headers, footers and sections for mobile presentations available for added control over how your content gets displayed and where. Tactile ensures your website is delivered picture perfect every time, everywhere. WPML multilingual support eases language barriers, WooCommerce integration enables online storefront functionality out of the box within 24 hours of the single click installation process, and so many more perks, continually added via updates, that you’ll have more features and tools than you’ll know what to do with! Tactile is a new theme for a new world, and it gets a big thumbs up.


voice - colorful magazine theme

Voice is a fresh, attractive, clean-cut WordPress theme designed to sate the needs of news & magazine websites, with a minimalist aesthetic and iconoclastic usage of images and titillating headline presentation to ensure your website is the belle of the ball.

Virtually endless color combinations and layout variations aggregate into powerful branding for your website, as Voice’s simple drag & drop page builder and extensive customized Material Design responsive elements conspire to make an indelible mark in your audience’s hearts and minds. Its sleek, gracious templates underline your content without attracting attention to themselves, leaving your readers focused and interested. Voice empowers small fashion news magazines as much as deeply intellectual journals, because Voice does one thing very well–make sure you are heard.

A plethora of included widgets and features can quickly mutate Voice into a pliable multi purpose theme, fit for any website, though peculiarly suited for communicational and content distribution based websites. A powerful Admin panel is packed with tools for tuning your website to your exact specifications. Voice’s smart modules will list your content by categories, tags, featured carousels, and infinitely customizable other options. Social media integration extends the sound of Voice into the confines of modern social circles. With Voice, there’s no place too far removed for your thoughts to resonate.


runek - different ecommerce theme

RUNEk Is a powerful, malleable, modern WordPress Material Design concept theme, built with a deliberate eye for detail and a carefully crafted design that interweaves visibility, technological mastery and aesthetic accomplishment into a coherent, mutable theme that has a real digital soul to it. It is designed with communicational, commercial, business and corporate needs of all kinds.

RUNEk is elegantly constructed with visual leitmotifs reinforced in every possible aspect and element of each available page demo and template. The Material Design philosophy presents your website in a manner so homogenous the only thing there is to see is your content itself. The powerful Visual Composer lets you add your flair to all these designs to truly make your website your own and further your branding power. Out of the box WooCommerce capabilities turn any website into a cart-to-CRM enabled online store within minutes of installation, which itself takes a single click and under two minutes. Material Design provides gorgeous contact forms, WPML language switching is fully supported including RTL, eCommerce Wishlist and compare features will increase your conversion rate and maximize your revenue, while native responsive design plays along with all screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios imaginable.

RUNEk is a beautifully executed, wonderfully customizable WordPress theme fit for a new generation.

Skillfully LMS

skillfully - online course theme

Skillfully is a thoughtful, warm, approachable WordPress Learning Management System theme, designed as an ideal tool for knowledge and course based education specifically, built for WooTheme’s own Sensei Learning Management System theme, which includes the Course and Lesson Management features.

Skillfully enables webmasters to quickly and painlessly set up an online marketplace where users can purchase or even offer courses and lessons of all types. Skillfully is built around Material Design, providing a stunning, cogent user experience, a Retina ready high definition display and special layouts for WooTheme’s Sensei created pages. Stylized Gravity Forms that match industry standards, coupled with WooCommerce integration either by individual course sales or via WooCommerce Tickets and your included Events Calendar, Skillfully is a veritable masterpiece of modern online learning management.

Built with HTML5 and CSS3, Skillfully loads at light speed, includes beautiful Flyout menus and social media icons, manages payment per lesson, per course or by subscription, or even combinations of the above, and it simply looks and feels like academia. Appealing, cool color combinations permeate the entire design, and the intelligent Material Design will make your custom color combinations look just as great and glossy as those included, with the added benefit of stronger branding for your website. Skillfully is a theme that will truly empower your learning management system.


rare - material design blog

RARE is a customizable, visually stunning WordPress Material Design theme, built around the needs and necessities of personal, commercial and corporate blog websites. With gorgeous layouts, powerful masonry layout tools and interactive hover effects, RARE is a theme for the avant garde blogger that likes being on the cutting edge of it all.

RARE incorporates Material Design elements that subtly illuminate the user’s navigational experience all over your website, from subtle hover intent detection animation to ripples around clicks, elements come alive in RARE. These beautiful effects will be perfectly displayed regardless of whether they’re viewed in a tablet, a phone or a PC. RARE’s responsive design handles all mediums with equivalent dexterity. RARE can handle contributing authors and author cards, where author information and latest posts are a hoverclick away. Intelligent headers adapt to content and aspect ratio, and are HTML5 and CSS3 enabled, so your headers can be images or self hosted videos. A series of additional perks and benefits are afforded by the included JetPack WordPress plugin, setting you up with multiple attractive masonry galleries, portfolios, share links, carousels, and a myriad more goodies. Unlimited color combinations, Google fonts with enhanced legibility and SEO optimization complete the package. RARE is a theme that is truly something special.

Top 20 HTML5 Real Estate Website Templates For Real Estate Companies and Realtors 2016

Html5 Real Estate Website Templates

We all have a stereotypic image of what a realtor should like. Perfectly dressed and groomed, with manners to match. You cannot afford to be anything else, when attempting to settle people into their next home. This professionalism and graceful conduct must survive the transition to a digital format.

Nothing is limiting the design, or style of your page. However, you must make sure that its quality is obvious. With a basic understanding of web development, any user can create an incredible site using HTML templates. They act like enhancement kits, promising to improve both the aesthetic design, and the functionality of real estate websites. In addition, most templates are relatively cheap. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Real Estate Website Templates



Zoner is an excellent HMTL template for real estate websites. It has a charming design that never fails to impress potential customers. Many outstanding features were added, promising to enhance your web development experience. Zoner has OpenStreetMap and Google Map integration, making it easy for clients for find their future homes. Only you can decide which map provider is best for your real estate company page. This template has a Parallax scrolling function, and Parallax effects can be integrated into the site map. This can make your site stand out, as you attempt to overshadow your competition.

Although it is not obligatory, it would be a good idea to integrate a site blogging function. These sections have masonry effects, and even the fonts can be modified. Regardless of your taste, you will be able to create an incredible page. Every post or advertisement on your website can be showcased on high-resolution Retina screens and most web browsers. In addition, the layout is fully responsive. Resizing errors were completely eliminated, given that Zoner can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. The template has more than 30 distinct pages, and 3 header and home page variations. Property Type Icons were added as well.



Spotter is an exemplary HTML template that features OpenMapSupport. It is one of the first templates to adopt this innovative feature. In total, there are more than 40 OpenStreetMap providers, so lack of choice will never become a problem. Spotter has many other useful options, each tailored to increase your odds of success. For example, every location search can benefit from Autocomplete and Geolocation. This enhanced utility can greatly improves the client’s navigation experience. Users will benefit from JSON Map Markers, and a quick view function for page items. Your website will integrate RTL (right to let) writing support, for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic or Japanese.

Spotter allows the user to setup easy keyboard shortcuts and commands. In addition, there are multiple home page variations, each servicing a specific niche: travel, car dealership, real estate, restaurant, and universal directory. Font Awesome Icons and special map icons were integrated. The layout is entirely responsive, and it will not experience any resizing errors. Content can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. For those who wish to sample Spotter without having to commit to a purchase, a live template preview was made available. It is free of charge.

Apartment HTML


For your quality real estate website, Apartment HTML is an ideal choice. This HTML template is beautiful, optimized, and it is capable of enhancing every aspect of your web page. The real estate industry is about proper advertisement, and this product understands that underlying principle. On the surface, Apartment HTML is very intuitive and easy to operate. However, it is technically complex and filled with niche-specific features. Your pages can feature Google Maps integration, along with panorama and street view functionality.

This template can be used to improve estate portal, agency, and private estate websites. In total, there are 6 different Home Page variations: Map, Slider, Street View Panorama, Single Estate, Multiproperty and One Page. Regardless of choice, the result will look incredible. Of course, it is possible to select from 8 different color schemes. If you don’t like what is offered, you can design your own. Basically, users can craft a page that matches their vision. Apartment HTML can be showcased in a boxed or wide layout, depending on the user’s needs. There are more than 50 HTML page variations, and a working Ajax contact form. The RTL (right to left) writing format is supported, for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Japanese.



APART VILLA is a single property real estate template that can improve the websites of Property owners and Real Estate Agencies. It has many niche-specific features, and an impressive layout that never disappoints. You can even use it for larger Real Estate Company sites, as it incorporates a multi-page setting. If you want to sell your land, villa, house or apartment, this template is ideal. Even if you are an amateur, it will make you look like a professional. APART VILLA has a details page, and a property tour section that guides clients through their potential future home. Advertising property has never been easier.

The template has pixel perfect coding, and a Google Maps function. It is possible to pinpoint properties and calculate the swiftest trajectories. An active contact form is available, along with 3 distinct home page styles. APART VILLA was constructed using the latest version of , thus eliminating any resizing errors. The layout is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and most major browsers. You can easily customize the typography for each post, due to the inclusion of some incredible Google fonts. Pages will also incorporate smooth transition effects, and many other aesthetically-pleasing features.



DREAM LAND is a high-quality HTML template for real estate web pages. Many hours went into its development, resulting in a product is perfectly equipped to handle the challenges of the real estate industry. The product’s features guarantee that every single aspect of your site will be improved. There are 2 main header variations: multipage and One Page. DREAM LAND can be used for the sites of real estate agencies, or regular owners who wish to sell their property. A one page version of this template can be implemented. Many gorgeous Parallax effects can be seen on each page, adding charm and class to every post.

DREAM LAND has distinct effects and function, and its layout is compatible with the screens of tablets, desktop PCs, smartphones and laptops. In addition, cross-browser compatibility is guaranteed. Streamlined transition effects will decorate your site, in addition to a series of professional Google fonts. Customized typography can make posts more appealing to online readers. For new-time users, web development can be a challenging endeavor. Thankfully, DREAM LAND offers an extensive documentation source that contains information regarding every feature. It can guide you, turning every user into an overnight expert. A live preview is available as well.



For those who value quality and professionalism, Realsite is an ideal choice. This HTML template can improve your real estate website and increase your view count. This product can be accessed from any device, regardless of the size of its screen. In addition, the layout is compatible with most browsers on the market. Every graphic element will be crystal-clear, and it can be showcased on high resolution Retina displays. Success in the online world often relies on advertisement and search engine optimization. Without search engines, every page would be an isolated island of information. Thankfully, this SEO-ready template increases your chances of climbing search rankings and attracting potential clients.

Realsite was constructed using the prolific Bootstrap framework. As a result, content inclusion and personalization is very easy. There are multiple header variations, and some specific pages that list agency and agent-related information. Your real estate website will incorporate a useful Google Maps function, complete with custom markers. In terms of visual personalization, there is a limitless variety of site color options. Realsite allows you to create something that matches your vision. In addition, it has jQuery Isotope support, and a series of custom select boxes. Font Awesome Icons were added as well.

Real Estate


Real Estate is an HTML template that exceeds all expectations. It is modern, streamlined, and it has a user-friendly layout. It incorporates many features that are designed specifically for the real estate industry, making it a highly-specialized product. Your web pages can incorporate a Google Maps function, along with some specialized map markers. It will be very easy for potential clients to find your property. It should also be mentioned that there are custom info boxed for maps, and multi map styles. It is obvious that this template goes all-out. Real Estate has an HTML template version, and a fully functional Angular JS version which was improved for web apps. Its speed and reliability is very impressive.

Overall, this product employs some of the best premium features on the market: Swig for HTML templates, Grunt for task automatization, and Bower for plugin and asset management. With so many powerful tools, there is no limit to what your real estate website can achieve. Property page are available in both fixed and full width. They automatically adapt to the layout of the site. Real Estate also has a charming Carousel Image Gallery, more than 1000 icons, expandable descriptions, and various practical widgets.



If you want to construct a high-quality real estate website, look no further than ESTATO. This incredible HTML template can be used to improve the pages of realtors, rental agencies, and developers. There are 8 different property pages, 8 real estate home pages, and 5 agent pages. Every real estate website must be able to showcase the properties in question. A Google Maps function allows for swift orientation, guiding clients to their new homes. It should be mentioned that every Google map will have specialized Icons, Info Boxes and a navigation option. ESTATO incorporates many niche-oriented features, each implemented in order to expand your page’s capabilities. For example, users can benefit from a loan calculator tool. There are also featured listings and advanced property searches. With this template, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

There are multiple forms, available for all customers. You will gain access to Contact Forms, Working Contact Forms and Newsletters, Registration and Login Forms, Front Editing Forms, and forms for extended searches. The design of this template is modern and appealing, featuring a slider that is powered by Owl Carousel. There are multiple sliders which can be easily personalized. In addition, ESTATO has multiple color variations and 14 distinct styles for drop-down menus.



Superlist is an incredible HTML template. It has a broad spectrum of useful tools, each implemented in order to improve your real estate website. It was constructed using innovative technologies such as Bootstrap and SASS, resulting in a reliable product that never fails to impress. The code is very well-written and clean, making it easier to make further modification. Superlist has multiple Font Awesome Icons, and a special template for invoices.

Upon installation, the template will provide specific sections for frequently asked questions, testimonials, or price listings. There is a limitless number of color customization settings, allowing you to create a site that perfectly matches your vision. Of course, any self-respecting real estate page must have an integrated map function. Superlist incorporates Google Maps, complete with custom markers. This makes it easier for clients to find their new homes. For your site headers, there will be 2 main variations: full size header, transparent small, large and small. Superlist has 7 pre-designed home page presentation elements. The entire template is optimized for search engines, increasing your page’s chances to climb search engine rankings. SEO-readiness can greatly improve your odds of success. Be sure to check out the live preview, for more information.



Restate is an exquisite HTML template for real estate websites. It offers a beautiful material design, and a layout that can easily adapt to any device. Your content can be easily showcased on smartphones and tablets. In addition, Restate is compatible with all web browsers. The template was constructed using Bootstrap, resulting in a pleasant browsing experience for both customers and site owners. It has masonry property listings, and 4 different home page variations. A map function was implemented, making it easier for clients to find their future home. In addition, there are special JSON map markers for your searches.

Several Map Icons and Font Awesome Icons are included, so lack of variety will never be an issue. There are multiple home page variations: travel, search form with background image, map and masonry listing grid, full screen map, and masonry listing grid. For novice users, creating a website can be a very intimidating task. Thankfully, Restate has included an online documentation source. It is very detailed, as it contains information regarding every template element. You will become an overnight expert. For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration, a live preview was made available. Do not worry about money, as it is completely free.



When more than 600 hours are spent developing a product, it shows. Realtyspace is an extraordinary HTML template that never fails to exceed expectations. It is versatile and adaptable, capable of satisfying the needs of any real estate website owner. Upon purchasing this product, every customer will receive a series of free updates. These updates guarantee that your site will never become outdated, given the ever-changing technological landscape. Should you encounter any issue during installation, do not hesitate to contact the professional support representatives. They are well-trained, polite, and eager to resolve any problem.

Realtyspace was tested on countless devices, both standard and mobile. Compatibility errors were nowhere to be seen, as the layout is fully-responsive. In content can be accessed from any web browser. In total, there are more than 9 layout variations for your home page, each with its own distinct charm and purpose. Your site will benefit from fullscreen maps, Google Maps, sliders, and Openstreet maps. With Realtyspace, lack of choice will never be an issue. Of course, a real estate site will need to showcase the properties in question. This template has a charming property galley, allowing visitors to browse potential homes. User pages were also implemented, with specific sections for password reset, user registration, and my account pages.



DreamVilla is a high-quality HTML template for multi-property real estate websites. It has 3 main variations that allow you to display your properties. In addition, there are highly-detailed property pages that can help the client to make an informed decision. This template was tested on all conceivable devices. It is compatible with smartphones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. In addition, your content can be viewed on any web browser. It should be mentioned that there is a WordPress version of DreamVilla, and it incorporates a dynamic Google Maps function. As a business owner, your schedule can get pretty chaotic. Thankfully, the integrated contact form allows you to schedule appointments and organize your time in a more efficient manner.

DreamVilla has some very detailed pages for your properties, and each page is packed with useful features. Items can be listed in 3 main display styles: grid view, list view, and map view. Errors will no longer paralyze progress. DreamVilla has an excellent support system, which can be contacted at any time. Their representatives are eager to resolve any problems that the user might have. Your website will also incorporate multiple useful shortcodes, and an About Us section. Be sure to access the live preview for more info.

Deco House


If you are searching for a superior HTML template, look no further than Deco House. This incredible product has a modern and flexible design that allows it to meet the needs of all customers. It can be used to improve the pages of real estate agencies, real estate agents, or private owners who wish to sell their house. Despite its sizable price tag, the Slider Revolution premium plugin is available free of charge. In addition, the template incorporates an archive with PSD files, accessible color customization settings, and a fully responsive design. Potential clients will be able to check out your house from their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. The layout is perfectly compatible with high-resolution Retina displays and most major browsers.

This product’s code is well-written, organized, and intuitive. Template modifications are very easy to make. Should you experience any problems, do not hesitate to consult the extensive documentation source. It contains relevant info, regarding every single site element. In addition, you can also contact the support team by opening a support ticket. Deco House has a limitless number of color customization settings, and it was constructed using Bootstrap 3. Working contact forms are available as well.



Qvrenti is a clean, elegant and responsive HTML template. This is a very versatile product, and it can work with sites from almost any niche. However, it is best used to enhance real estate websites. Many of its features are catered towards this field of activity. Qvrenti has 2 unique contact page variations, 2 home page versions, and 4 property listings. Templates can be modified with ease, and you only need to use dreamweaver or other code editing tools.

Every website will benefit from 20 PSD files, and 20 HTML pages. Qvrenti was constructed using Bootstrap, and it has eliminated all resizing errors. Mobile users can rejoice- knowing that they will be able to visit your site from their smartphones and tablets. It should also be mentioned that every page will be cross-browser compatible. Two landing pages are available for all customers. Upon purchasing the template, you will automatically benefit from 6 months of free support. A quality guarantee from Envato is included as well. With Qvrenti, you will be able to design a professional real estate site that can overshadow its competition. If you want to sample it before committing to a purchase, a live preview was made available.



A real estate or architecture website cannot afford to suffer from bad design. Nothing short of perfection will suffice. Thankfully, HTML templates such as Domik facilitate the creation of excellent websites. Even novice clients can use this product, given its accessible and user-friendly design. Multiple home page style variations are available: carousel, slider, video, and static image. There are 7 style portfolio pages, and multiple full screen page backgrounds. It should be mentioned that you can implement a YouTube video on your site, instead of a classic background.

Domik is entirely responsive, as it has completely eliminated resizing errors. Mobile users can rejoice, knowing that their devices will be compatible with your layout. Cross-browser compatibility is available as well. Working Ajax PHP contact forms are included, in addition to some gorgeous Ajax page transitions. Upon purchase, every client will save up to $90, given the inclusion of the Isotope premium plugin. It has a commercial organization license. With Domik, swipe and touch screen capabilities are supported. The template was constructed using Bootstrap 3.3.2, and it is very easy to modify. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge. Be sure to check out the live preview, for more information.



CitiLights is a top-quality HTML template than can improve any real estate website. Multiple layouts for property listings can be used, and each can be accessed from mobile devices. With this template, you will never have to worry about resizing errors. It is also cross-browser compatible. The template has a very niche-oriented design that never fails to impress potential clients. Elements can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays. It should be mentioned that there are CitiLights versions for Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Regardless of your needs, this product can meet them.

There are three distinct home page variations, an agent dashboard, a contact page, and a blog. Google map functionality was also integrated, and it will showcase property details and property listings. CitiLights has Parallax Scrolling sections, and multiple layouts for property listings: Grid layout, List layout, and Fullwidth layout with sidebar. Of course, the property sections can showcase images or video galleries. You will be able to incorporate pages with details regarding agents, and agent listings. Multiple HTML forms were included: contact form in 2 layouts, log in and registration form, advanced search form, and submission form. Be sure to access the template’s live preview, for a more hand-on demonstration of its features.

Real Homes


Once Real Homes is purchased, you will never need to acquire any other third-party plugin or feature. This HTML template has everything that you will ever need, as it can facilitate the construction of excellent real estate pages. The design is clean and streamlined, resulting in a superior browsing experience for both site owners and potential clients. This product has completely eliminated resizing issues, given that it is fully responsive. Content can be showcased on any device, regardless of its operating system or the size of its screen. Your home page will benefit from many features: partners carousel, featured properties carousel, slogan area, advanced search form, and a full width slider. Gallery templates can have 2-4 column layouts, depending on the site owner’s needs.

Upon installation, there will be special templates for galleries, listings, agents, agent details, and more. Real Homes has an Ajax-based contact form, and a Google map function that offers to guide clients towards their new home. Should any issues occur, do not hesitate to contact the excellent support theme. Their representatives are eager to resolve any problem. For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration, Real Homes has added a live template preview. Itis free of charge for everyone.



Reales is an HTML template that seeks to improve real estate websites. It was constructed using Bootstrap, and it is very to navigate. This product is packed with many niche-specific features that are tailored towards this competitive market. Your posts and site elements can be viewed on high-resolution Retina displays. In addition, the layout is fully responsive, and it is compatible with hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. In total, there are more than 800 icons included with Reales, so lack of choice will never be an issue. The template is cross-browser compatible, and it has 5 distinct color palettes to choose from.

Tons of widgets and components were included, along with some gorgeous CSS3 animations. Reales supports swipe interactivity, for those who browse content on touch screens. The code is clean, commented and streamlined. As a first-time user, creating a successful real estate site can be a challenge. Thankfully, Reales has a well-written documentation source that offers to guide you through the setup process. Information regarding any site element is contained in that file. Of course, various forms and tables will be included with the download. By accessing the live preview, you will be able to sample this wonderful template.

Top 10 Free Invoice Tools for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Free Small Business Invoicing Tools

Whether you’re a web developer, a web designer, or an online marketing expert — starting your own self-employed venture is going to require learning a little bit more about the business aspects of working with clients, and one such aspect is going to be invoicing. Invoices are what seals the deal between the work accomplished, and the payment necessary to compensate for the amount of work that went into the client-work itself.

Keeping invoices is necessary for an annual tax checkup, and it also helps your business to earn some money back from the taxes that you have paid. Having presentable and easy to understand invoices to give to your clients signal that you’re being professional about your business ventures, which will make your clients appreciate you and your work even more.

Finding the right invoicing tool for startups and freelancers can sometimes prove to be a little tricky, though majority will share the same similar features, essential parts like From Who and Whom To, the Date of the invoice and the date you expect payment, as well as any other business details that may be crucial for either the client or the service provider.


Free Invoice Generator by Invoiced

Invoiced makes it very easy for freelancers to create invoices on the go. You can add your own custom logo, specify to who the invoice is for, who it is coming from, set an unlimited number of items within your invoices, as well as leave Notes and custom Terms that you may want to have outlined within the invoice. Custom options include the ability to change currency, and add discounts. After an invoice has been built, you can either send it through email, or download it directly onto your computer.

Online Invoices

Free Invoice Template Free Invoice Generator Online Invoices

The guys from Online Invoices provide a convenient way of creating Tax, Simple and Business invoices without having to make any adjustments on your side. This particular invoice creator has also been built to support mobile devices, so you can create invoices literally from anywhere. Before submitting the invoice for final revision, you can Preview to make sure everything is according to your requirements.


Free invoice generator Invoice template online

I have been a user of InvoiceTo for a really long time, and it’s one of the best free invoice creators out on the web right now. They’ve recently pushed out a new update which makes invoice creating even more fun and simple at the same time. The dynamic items list will automatically calculate and adjust your requirements for each invoice, saving you time and ultimately money.


Free Invoice Template and Custom Invoice Generator from FreshBooks

FreshBooks provide a free invoice creation cloud service that’s both reliable and professional. You can change up the currency to whatever your requirements are, and you can also leave custom term specifications, as well as notes if necessary. I love that they require of you to fill out each field individually, this ensures that we never forget to fill something out, since that can cause headaches down the road.


Free Invoice Generator Online Invoice Maker

Shopify’s online invoice generator makes your life easier when it comes to billing and collecting money. And since this is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world, it comes as no surprise that they would provide their own custom invoice generator; which is also built to fully resonate with the industry standards for tax documentation.



Billdu is an incredibly convenient, remarkably effective, colorful yet professional modern and stylish set of business billing and invoicing solutions available on the market today. Billdu provides an amazing series of different products and features to enormously ease your professional and business practice experience, by furnishing you with the most detailed, advanced, legible and informative forms of invoicing, budget estimating, expense reporting and many more similar, related, critical forms of billing.

Billdu’s products are currently threefold, starting with Billdu Online, the quintessential billing service for all purposes and payment terms imaginable. Your accountant can even connect directly with your Billdu account, saving you considerable time and billable hours as you fill out your own invoices and let Billdu keep track of your cost management, recurring costs and expenses and much more with a smart invoicing system that is perfect for businesses large and small. With Billdu Mobile, you can now do everything you can do with Billdu Online, including reaching Billdu’s expert support team around the clock, from the comfort of your tablet or from anywhere with your smartphone. And with Billdu Page, every business can turn itself into an online business overnight, outfitted with a professional quality website and full-scale billing and invoicing capabilities! Try Billdu now!


Online Free Invoice Generator Zoho Invoice

Zoho is one of the oldest enterprise software companies in the world, and their generosity in services has spread and grown over the years. Zoho also provides its members, and anyone else for that matter, with a flexible and easy to use invoice creation tool that will fully comply with whatever requirements your freelance services, or small business needs are in need of.


Free Invoice Software Wave

Wave is well-known cloud based account platform that’s built with freelancers and small business owners in mind. Although Wave will require of you to invest additional funds if you wish to gain access to features such as customer support, the free starting platform is enough to get any small business started with accounting tasks. With Wave you can track your outgoing expenses, create business reports about finances, create and send invoices, connect your bank details and so much more. Whereas many other similar platforms would enforce limitations, Wave stands out with the fact that it offers unlimited capabilities for all of its features. This means you can use it for as many customers, invoices, expenses and reports as your business needs.


Free Invoice Template >> Make an invoice to print or download as a PDF.” width=”1024″ height=”500″ srcset=” 1024w,>>-Make-an-invoice-to-print-or-download-as-a-PDF.-300×146.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></p>
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Invoice Ninja is a premium invoicing platform that offers a free version, which will let you create four different invoice templates, add the logo of your company, you will be able to integrate up to thirty+ different payment gateways, send your invoices using email and even get paid through the invoices you send directly. The premium version will remove some limitations, including give you access to ten+ custom invoice templates.

The Invoice Machine

The Invoice Machine Online Invoicing Made Beautiful

The Invoice Machine is ideal for freelancers and businesses who want an easy way to manage, create and send their invoices. It’s great for anyone who has a service or product to sell. Don’t get confused by the Macintosh looking design style, as The Invoice Machine is an web application that works directly from the browser.