Divi Theme Review – Is It The Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

Divi WordPress Theme Review

Divi is an exceptional theme in many ways. I have seen few themes that are as multifaceted as Divi which makes it a great theme for pretty much any purpose. Coupled with its great graphics and a powerful page builder it certainly is a worthy contender for title of best multipurpose theme.

Great graphics, multi purpose orientation and a powerful page builder, this in and of itself is a potent combination. But having used Divi on a test site, I can tell you that it is certainly a theme that be used by a non developer to create a functional and elegant website with the least amount of effort. And personally I believe that the best themes should always be capable of lending voice to the creative intent of any online entrepreneur without distinguishing those who can and can not code. And Divi certainly goes a long way in that regard as well. Read our detailed Divi theme review to find out more.

Let’s have a closer inspection of Divi, before heaping further praise.

A Preview Of Divi’s Appearance

Let’s have a first hand look at how a Divi run website looks. A theme is the cloak that adorns your website’s content, your content is only as attractive as its theme allows it to be. You’ll see that by using Divi, your content can be placed on the most visually impressive of pedestals for your readership to enjoy.

Now creating a website like the one shown in the preview shown above takes a quite a bit of ability and some prior programming knowledge without a page builder.

But with Divi page builder, the process is made easy enough for those who are looking to build their own websites but aren’t technically savvy enough to do. Enough about the Divi builder, we’ll get to that in greater detail later in the Divi review.

Divi ePanel

From the ePanel, you can access some pretty important stuff relevant to any website. Under General settings, you can manage your site’s logo, favicon, navigation bar, MailChimp API, your aWeber authorization code and display social media accounts on your site.


Accessing the navigation tab in ePanel will help create the right navigation for your websites and modify, the number and choice of pages and categories. Ad Management permits for easy handling of your site’s display advertisement and the sizes of the banners. Apart from that you can read the documentation for your theme, add any additional code with integration, achieve the desired level of search engine optimization and manage your layout settings. Pretty normal stuff for any good theme.

Divi Appearance Customization Panel

Divi comes to you with the customization options under Appearance > Customize. And from here you can change the color schemes, navigation for your site, fonts, background image, widgets and also opt for a static front page. There a quite a number of new features in Divi 2.5 added to the customization panel that are bound to catch your eye. More information about Divi 2.5 theme update is available here.


Since version 2.5 Divi theme now supports Module Customizer via the familiar WordPress Theme Customizer live preview. It brings many useful features that will help you to create personalized modules with ese. To get an idea how it looks we have prepared you a screenshot:


Divi Builder – A Powerful Drag & Drop Tool

If one were asked to identify the ultimate selling point of this theme, it has to be the page builder capabilities.
Once you open Pages > Add New, under the standard add new page title bar, you’ll notice a use “Page Builder” button. Click on the button and this is what awaits you.


Upon initial inspection, it does not look like much. But upon proceeding to use it further you realize there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Now you can choose to load one of the 32 premade layouts available to you or you can create your own. But the list of premade layouts is pretty extensive and it encompases the appropriate page layouts for multiple purposes, at least one of which should be the right fit for your website.


Personally, I did try to create a layout, but I found it rather difficult to conceptualize the type of site I am looking for. The easier option would be to use a premade layout and then edit it according to my needs.

If you were to load the Homepage Shop layout, the builder would automatically load a complete schematic of the ideal shopping website.


As you might have guessed by now, it is good to start with a premade layout, it saves a great deal of time. But if you do intend to create your own site with numerous new pages, Divi builder is a pretty handy tool. You can add sections, full width sections, speciality sections and modules for functionality.

Basically when you add a new section, you can not start adding modules because the particular section hasn’t been divided into columns yet. Columns are a way of splitting your sections into different widths as a ratio of the site’s entire width. With full width sections, you jump right to adding modules. Modules are an easy way to add functionality to the various sections of the new page you are creating.

If you’d rather not select columns manually, then add a speciality section and you’ll get a number of column choices dividing the section into multiple blocks of differing sizes.


After adding the appropriate number of sections and columns, we finally get to adding the necessary modules to make your page whole. Divi builder is packed with a ton of options at your disposal.


Apart from adding modules, you can also add your own personal touch to it and add CSS to modify the module’s appearance. With sections as well, you can add a custom background for each section and also enable custom CSS with a CSS ID.
Sections, columns and modules make up the building blocks of your custom page. You can move sections and modules easily and switch positions to meet your requirements.

If Divi page builder is the first drag and drop builder you’ve ever used, the page builder may be a bit difficult to handle at first. But once you see the page builder, it will take a few minutes at best to familiarize yourself with the builder’s options.

Another thing that will come in handy is the layout importer which permits you to add layouts from your previous themes and websites. That way you do not have to create pages from scratch.

How Does It Look ?

Now if you were to construct something simple. And you do so in under an hour, wondering what it would look like ?


It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to create a simple and yet highly effective clean homepage for your website.

Easy To Create With Builder For A WP Newbie ?

You may be confused by the number of options in front of you when using the Divi builder. But if you stick with it for a while and use the premade layouts to help get you started, then using the builder to create a complex web page shouldn’t be a challenging task.

It is designed for the non-tech savvy folks who are looking for the right tool to give voice to the creative imaginations in the manner of a creative, elegant web page.

Other Theme Options – Languages & RTL

This theme has 32 built in translations in addition to being fully translatable and comes with full RTL support as well.

Divi Languages

So your website doesn’t need to be limited to any region because of language.

Support And Documentation

From what I’ve heard and read, most customers have found the support responsive and sufficient. But with the documentation they provide, it is unlikely that you’ll need to avail of their support.

Elegant themes provides quite extensive documentation about their themes generally. Divi’s documentation is aimed at helping the non tech savvy to familiarize themselves with the theme and its features.

Divi Documentation

If you are concerned about your ability to use this theme to the fullest, I would suggest that you have a look at the documentation provided.


Any revenue generating website or high traffic website needs to be genuinely concerned with security. WordPress is a secure platform and there aren’t more than few vulnerabilities that have been exposed in the last few years. That being said you are certainly right to look for excellent security features from your theme. And Divi does not disappoint.

Sucuri Badge

The engineers at Elegant Themes have made it a point to make their themes as secure as possible. Sucuri is one of the best providers of security solutions for websites using the WordPress platform. A code audit by Sucuri, having gone through Divi’s code have confirmed that it is a secure platform for your WordPress site.

Websites using Divi WordPress Theme

There are thousands of websites powered by Divi theme and to keep this review shorter we decided to create another article where we have showcases over 30 awesome websites. You can find these Divi them examples here.


Divi along with 86 other themes and 6 other plugins are priced at $89 per year. $89 for a single theme may be considered pricey by some, but for 86 themes and 6 plugins it is extremely good value for money. And you shouldn’t discount the value of their other themes and plugins, they are equally well engineered. A good example would be Monarch, Elegant Themes’ social sharing plugin which one of the best social sharing plugins for a WordPress site.

Elegant Themes Pricing
The personal package is priced at $69 per year, but that comes without the plugins. Or if you like the plugins and themes a great deal and you’ve already paid for the personal package, you can upgrade it to Lifetime Access which is priced at a one time payment of $249. The purchase also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you decide that Divi isn’t for you. But honestly even if you did, there is almost certainly bound to be a theme among 86 other choices that is just right for your website. These are the main things you should know about this theme and here are some things that we would like to say to conclude our Divi review.


  • Ideal for the non tech savvy online entrepreneur
  • Truly multi purpose, designed for freelancers, small agencies/businesses, magazines and online stores
  • The ability to craft powerful landing pages for any website without any knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • One of the best drag & drop page builders with multiple premade layouts, modules and sections
  • Aesthetic design & great graphics
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, Aweber, MailChimp and Google Maps
  • Useful documentation for people new to the WordPress platform
  • Lifetime updates
  • Very good value for money


  • Number of options can potentially overwhelm you
  • Not the best option for developers
  • If you switch from Divi to any other theme, then there is a disaster waiting to happen..
  • Main Theme Options panel looks outdated

Final Thoughts

There are few themes if any, that offers so much in the way of choice to a WordPress newbie. The theme is well designed and the use of all of its features is pretty intuitive. It caters to the needs of all possible niches. The page builder is a powerful ally for any online entrepreneur, it can be used to create landing pages for specific purposes. For those with a little bit of design skill, this theme helps with adding your own CSS code into the theme with little effort.

I am leery of calling any theme the best. But what I can say about Divi, it is a multipurpose theme with a powerful page builder for an online entrepreneur in any niche. This is certainly a theme that anyone who’s interested in creating a WordPress site should have a look at. If you’re a current/past user of Divi or Elegant Themes, let know what you think of the updates in the comments below! And if you have any other questions, fire away! That’s it on our Divi theme review! Cheers ?

30 Splendid Websites using Divi Theme – Mobile Friendly Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Divi Theme Website Examples

Divi is a premium WordPress theme that is versatile as it is flexible. It has many features across a wide spectrum that make it a favorite among WordPress users.

It is an extremely popular WordPress theme, many website designers and non tech savvy folk have used to build websites. The drag and drop design, easy to use modules and customization options make it easy to build websites according to desired specifications quickly and with little working knowledge of web design.

Some features included are,

  • Includes 40 content modules – each module comes with options that allows you to adjust relevant settings.
  • 18 pre-made completely customizable layouts that can give you a good start for designing your own website.
  • Extremely responsive, adapting to any device to provide an intuitive browsing experience.
  • Scroll to the top, support for background video and side navigation.
  • Support for WooCommerce, Google maps, MailChimp, Feedburner and Aweber.
  • Page builder platform gives layout control over each and every page in the website.
  • RTL support is provided. Both the front end website and the builder interface is fully customized for RTL use
  • 32 inbuilt language translations.
  • Customs CSS for the coding adept users to use their design skills.
  • Awarded the Safe Theme Seal from Sucuri.
  • Multiple and customizable header options.
  • Great support from Elegant Themes, one the oldest WP themehouses.
  • Theme includes over 1000 new design module settings and theme customizer controls.
  • Divi Library included in recent update to save your own customized Divi Builder Layouts.
  • Builder can be used to create blog posts as well. The builder transforms elements into visual building blocks.
  • A 100% fluid grid comes with the recent upgrade. This allows the customizer to define customs control width, column spacing, menu heights, menu widths and much more, allowing super high resolution displays.
  • Header can be uniquely styled and will automatically transition as the visitor scrolls. Navigation bar can be hidden until scrolling commences.
  • Navigation bars can be made partly or fully transparent

I’ve also written a full review on the Divi Theme and the most recently updated version of Divi. To encapsulate how I felt about the theme in a few words is rather difficult. One of the standout features of the flagship theme of Elegant Themes is the Divi Builder. The builder, in combination with preset modules makes it possible for people who aren’t familiar with web dev to easily create a fully functional, responsive, search engine friendly websites without having to spend a great deal of time learning web development.

Let us check out some example websites which have used the Divi theme as their framework.

City Hill Church


City Hill Church is a website for the faithful. The Layout options of Divi have been used imaginatively to organize the different sections of the website in an attractive manner. Divi might not be the most common theme used for churches but it does get the job done. If you are looking for themes that are dedicated to religious website you might want to check this list.

Cyklus Vancouver


Cyklus Vancouver features all the services offered by an innovative indoor cycling studio in British Columbia. The revolution slider lets a visitor peek into the studio to see the biking enthusiasts in action. The products available for sale in the online store have been taken to a separate page altogether.

Fashion or Famine


Fashion or Famine is an online fashion store that showcases clothing. It features a blog page and you can see Divi in action as the size of the header contracts as you begin to scroll down.

Best Little Coffee Shops


Best Little Coffee Shops is a web portal that is used to share information on the friendly coffee shops that they have come across in the course of their travel around the world. The site is informative without being judgemental and you can almost smell the coffee as you browse. Notice how the logo in the header shrinks in size as you begin to scroll down, an awesome well designed site with excellent functionality made possible with Divi.

Academy of Mine


Academy of Mine helps anyone who wants to sell their courses online. It contains many pages and also contains a blog. The homepage supports a ten minute video in a custom color background, explaining how courses can be adapted for online selling.



Mini-You is an interesting Divi theme site website – it offers to sell you miniature figurines of yourself in selected sizes when you send an image or visit one of their booths to be 3D scanned. Divi has been used in this website to keep the drop down menu visible even as you scroll down. Figurine images stay constantly in the background even as you scroll down the homepage.

FloorPlan Online


FloorPlan Online serves as a marketing platform for realtors and photographers featuring content required by buyers and sellers. Divi has been used to build this website in a well organized fashion and there is an easy back to the top option that you can use if you have scrolled too far down the homepage. This saves you the trouble of having to scroll all the way back up to choose from the menu.



A simple website engaged in finding new employees through referrals, FirstBird is built in pleasing colors using the Divi theme.

Slavi Photography


Slavi Photography’s website is simple and is built on Divi. The homepage supports a video and has links to blog pages.



Metanest belongs to an internet research and marketing company that builds websites and web applications and markets them to provide fully integrated solutions. This Divi based website has been interestingly built with a list of it’s clients being displayed in a ticker like fashion just above the footer.

The Real Deal


The Real Deal serves as a forum for startups and investors to meet, to match one with the other. It works as an interactive live streamed funding event.



GoodWings is a neat website dedicated to travelling. It uses the side navigation bar, a prominent feature of Divi.



Hyphen is the website of a logo designing and brand styling business. The revolution slider placed close to the midpoint between header and footer effectively showcases their latest work. The back to the top arrow takes you right back to the top of the homepage.

Zealous Creative


Divi has been used to create the website for this Leeds based design company.

Findability sciences


Findability is a company that targets leaders in business, technology and marketing leaders with big data and cognitive solutions. It’s website is evocative of new age marketing methods and the support for background video from Divi is used to stunning effect. Layered images move smoothly over customized backgrounds.

Story Track


A digital marketing agency that delivers solutions using innovative communications and social video, the website of Story Track uses a series of videos to portray their work.



Franzosini is a forwarding and logistics services company. Their website, powered by Divi, is well organised and the sidebar navigation and scroll to the top option makes navigation real easy.

School of Stitch


The stated mission of School of Stitch is to train people in the art of sewing. Their website uses Divi to display their stitching table and the services offered by them in a pleasing fashion. Google maps figures on the website, to direct a visitor to the school clearly and much of the information is contained in collapsible sliders, so that a viewer can navigate to his or her area of interest easily.

Fehr & Peers


Fehr & Peers is a transportation solution company. It has a clean and well laid out website. Its homepage showcases projects completed by them in video format. This website also uses the scroll to top option and side navigation bar of Divi.



This is a marketing business, but with a difference. It claims to effect marketing plans based on soul centered strategies and fine values. It speaks from and to the heart and this is conveyed in the website by using typography options of Divi.

Samui Garden Villa


This is a luxury pool villa in Thailand. The intimate, tranquil and essentially Thai nature of this resort is well brought out in the clear photographs displayed on their website. The website itself is built using the Divi theme.

Social Business Incubator


This is a business that helps entrepreneurs start small businesses that hope to change the world by improving the quality of life with their products or services. Their website, built on Divi uses light and dark shades to good effect.



This New Jersey based web designer has chosen Divi for their website.

A Whole New Life


A website dedicated to the promotion of nutrition and whole grains, the theme used here is Divi.



Breezway is a world leader in louvre windows. The projects completed by them are displayed in a revolution slider on their homepage to good effect. The homepage also supports a video and the whole website has been designed in a pleasing way in different shades of blue.

Windsor Bergen Academy


Windsor Bergen Academy is a quality education provider. It caters to children from pre-K to grade 8 and their website is designed in a child centric fashion and colors using Divi. A nice touch to the site is that the fonts used throughout the site reminds you of a child’s handwriting.

Residential Interiors


A truly minimal website, the homepage is kept to the bare minimum. Crystal clear photographs take you on a virtual tour of the interiors of a home where you can see the work of the interior designer in detail.



This is also a website that uses Divi as it’s theme.

Tampa Real Estate Insider


A website that aids in property search, the various sections are laid out neatly with a prominent header that displays the logo prominently. The contact details are taken to the side of the homepage along with the search options for property, so you don’t have to move away from the homepage to initiate a search.

Playa Cativo


A beautiful, beachfront, luxury resort in Cost Rica that is a part of the wildlife tourism circuit, Playa Cativo has chosen to showcase it’s facilities on Divi. The reservation options that is easily located on the top right of the homepage in the header region itself can work to bring in more guests to the resort.

Is Divi The Right Option For You ?

A peek at the websites mentioned above will give a reader an idea of the possibilities in designing a website with the help of Divi theme. So, you need have no hesitation in going ahead and choosing Divi. Perhaps you can drop us a line when you are done, so that we can have a look at your website too.

Top 30 Best Free Blogger Templates To Create A Beautiful Blog Or Magazine Website 2016

Blogger Logo

Blogger is possibly the oldest blogging platform still actively running on the web, Google Blogger has been home to millions of bloggers for over 16 years now, and still maintains a quite stable market share in the content management platform list. Out of all the known websites that run a content management system, Blogger is used by 2.8% of those websites, which comes out at being used on 1.2% of all known websites to man; thanks W3Techs. Some stick with Blogger because it’s made by Google, and you can expect high security and quality standards, while others enjoy the easy to navigate blogging dashboard for getting content out quickly and painlessly.

Blogging has been one of the most talked about topics in the recent decade, and not just for individuals and creative writers who like to build their own communities on the net, small and big business owners have long come to the realization that blogging is a wonderful medium for generating traffic, extra sales, free exposure, and generally for building community around the type of content that’s being published. The benefits of blogging easily outweigh the negatives for having to set one up, and actually having to maintain one. From simple rewards like increase in search engine visibility and branding possibilities, to things like authority, and conversion rate increase — blogging has something to provide for everyone.

Google Blogger makes it rather easy to style your own blog the way you want it to look, you’re only required to know a little bit of HTML and CSS to get started, and apart from that, anyone is capable of creating their own custom Blogger templates that they can share with their friends, and the community at large. Finding great templates can sometimes be a little bit of a pain in the butt, not because there isn’t any availability, but quite the opposite — there are so many great styles and templates to choose from, the process of finding the right one can at times feel quite overwhelming. We have decided to try and solve this mystery of finding your right template by putting together a list of the best free Blogger templates that have been modernized and optimized with the most up-to-date features, widgets, and code standards. Please join us in cherishing themes templates as you can download them all directly with no cost whatsoever.



We’re kicking off the season with Boulevard; a stylish blogging template suitable for traditional blogs, magazines and tutorial blogs that want to maintain that classical field of grid-like blog templates. Tweaked to be in alignment with the most modern search engine requirements, Boulevard will make it easy to have your content appear optimized in front of search engines, and of course your audience. It’s always all about your audience anyway! Boulevard packs some cool widgets, like social media buttons, a widget for the most popular content and comments, and Boulevard is also optimized for delivering the most optimal advertising experience to your readers, in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or enforced.


Duos Mag

Duos Mag

Duos Mag as the name suggests is a Blogger magazine theme, with an extra hint of that modernism feel added to it. Duos Mag will manage to make even some of the most esteemed templates to shy away. Four big things for this template are hidden within the posts template, where at the ending of each content piece you get some widgetized features like direct social sharing, related content widgets, and authors box, and even a email subscription form for getting that email list populated quickly. Works across all devices and browsers!




Global is taking modern to the next level, if we didn’t know any better, this template could easily be confused for a well-configured WordPress blog, it’s simply that good! Right away, on the homepage, we are greeted with a stunning slider plugin for displaying your latest content, a featured posts widget to outline your best posts quickly, actual content pages resemble a modern media news websites where the emphasis is put on content, and the promotion of content through social media. Great mix of typography makes Global a contender for being one of the best Blogger themes in this list, though keep checking the others, there sure are more jewels to be found.



Particular Template

Particular takes a stance of content-only focus. Post pages are simple, allowing bloggers to add featured images to their content, whereas the content itself is complimented with a straightforward social box for sharing content quickly, and Particular uses — instead of using Google+ comments — Disqus comment system to provide the best commenting experience there is. Nice thing about Disqus is that many of the webs users are already registered to the service, which often means that people will be more inclined to leave a comment seeing as they have already been logged-in into their Disqus accounts. Just one of the ways such platforms can work in our favor.



Glamour Blogger Template

So many designers make bold moves with the choice of their template names, but Glamour is one that actually does look glamorous and enables a glamorous blogging experience for both the blogger, and the user browsing the blog that’s using the Glamour template. Slow scrolling might intimidate some, but one look at the post pages and the charming fluidity of typography and text-style is what makes Glamour the number one choice for fashion sites, food blogs, and travellers who want to express their thoughts in a more petite way.



Fabric Blogger template BTemplates

Fabric is bringing back the 2-column layout in style! First thing we notice about Fabric is how easy it is to navigate the homepage of latest blogs, all posts are attended with featured post images, making the homepage feel alive, which often is important for blogs writing about things like tutorials, write-ups, lists, and other similar content. We see Fabric as a great choice for bloggers who wish to maintain a regular blogging schedule, and have a design that really compliments varieties of content, without putting the emphasized feel on just one particular type. You can easily customize the sidebar to be fitted with your own widgets and elements that will better explain your strategy.



Typefocus Blogger template BTemplates

Writers unite, we have a winner here! Typefocus lets you focus on your writing, and that alone. If planning to start your own online-based diary or journal, then Typefocus is one Blogger template you will want to explore in deeper context. Emphasis is put on typography, and the simplicity of background that compliments the written text perfectly. The left-hand sidebar is perfect for talking about yourself, and displaying your social availability, as well as displaying your most important navigation links, content is complimented with a simple sharing widget for social media, and a Google+ comment box, but you can always change it up if you like.



Lovely Blogger template BTemplates

Girls love to blog too, and while not all girls enjoy the pink color (as many would like to assume), a pink-oriented blog is usually a safe choice for a girl of any age, and any profession. It promotes sense of security, peacefulness and connectedness of the feminine type. Lovely is a downright great choice of theme for females who wish to optimize their existing Blogger blog, or wish to start a new one altogether. We have particularly enjoyed looking at the right sidebar of the Lovely theme, it compliments writing of any type with great influence.


Kylie Jo

Kylie Jo Blogger template BTemplates

Kylie Jo is a Blogger template from Colorand Code, with a girly name, but not so girly design. Features are a 2-column layout that’s fitted with a right-hand sidebar, and a gallery-themed design that makes browsing many posts at the same time a very pleasant experience. The feel of the design is fresh combined with crispness, yet maintaining that minimal feel to it. It’s a very unique design in the sense where it capitalizes on all three parts of the website, the navigation, the content area, and the footer. Will be a great theme to use on blogs that are meant to be used as ways to share stories, diaries, and articles.



Sorbet Blogger template BTemplates

Being the technology geeks that we are, we completely adore Sorbet — a technology-feel Blogger template for multi-purpose blogging. Best feature in our opinion in the widgetized navigation menu where each icon represents a different list, such as links, promotional links, social media stuff, and even a search button. Optimized with latest responsive web design techniques, Sorbet will function equally well for all visitors who come from different devices and platforms. Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary, entertainment or internet.



Papersheet Blogger template BTemplates

Papersheet is another beautiful theme for writers and storytellers, it’s a no-sidebar template that focuses on displaying all of the available content on the homepage, offering readers the chance not to have to click away from when they start to immerse themselves in one of your published stories. It’s also lightweight, and uses a general theme of light colors to put the emphasis on written content, than anything else.



Photosheet Blogger template BTemplates

Photo bloggers are everywhere, not just on the favorite blogging platforms, but also on Blogger! Half a Px has released another stunning Blogger theme called Photosheet — a grid-style blog theme that’s a good fit for traditional bloggers, but mostly photographers who wish to lay out their photo portfolio in a grid / gallery like setting. The color scheme is quite dark, so take note, but remember that you can change colors yourself using the Blogger Dashboard to edit the custom CSS for each template that you are using.



Moments Blogger template BTemplates

Moments is a hip looking theme, it’s plain as far as features go, but it does the job of getting your blog posts across the medium effectively. Moments has a sidebar that you can populate with your favorite plugins, widgets and elements, and much of the room is given to the actual content. We are in love with the smooth flow of the Moments design!



BrandX Blogger template BTemplates

Some businesses unfortunately aren’t capable of allocating the required budget to set up a professional blogging platform for themselves, and that’s okay, because everyone has to start somewhere. Over 11,000+ downloads for the BrandX template, indicating the importance of such templates even for free blogging platforms like Blogger. BrandX helps you to brand your business blog so that your readers are aware of your professional thinking towards such simplistic things like content. Features include 2 columns, responsive design, right sidebar, gallery-styled, fresh look, an exclusive design for Blogger, ads ready, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, drop down menu, breadcrumbs, a background pattern, related posts support, well designed threaded comments, abstract and 3D effect.




Material design is beginning to make some serious appearances in the template markets of all blogging and content management platforms, and now Blogger is part of the list as well (we guess it makes sense, since Blogger is owned by Google, and Google is the owner of Material Design), with the ever-stunning Neue responsive template. Neue instantly stands out with it’s versatility in design, and the blossoming of material design in full spectrum. Material design incorporation allows for interesting features like ripple effects, content preview for visual content, seamless social sharing buttons, a beautiful comments section, and to help bloggers who like to share video content, creators of Neue have taken their precious time to integrate FitVid library for repsonsive video content ingreation that will work across all browsers, and devices.


Johny Cassia

Johny Cassia

Are you looking for a Blogger theme that will help to inspire authority in the eyes of your readers? Look no further than Johny Cassia — a state of the art responsive Blogger theme that’s clean and crisp out of the box. Good fit for foodies, travellers, and others in similar fields who want to take utilize features by the likes of automatic thumbnail resizing, search engine optimization, custom error pages, email newsletter subscription module, and many others. Broad selection of fonts and exceptional typography makes Johny Cassia a great theme overall.


Better Mag

Better Mag

Want to run a magazine blog, though feeling like you’re technically incompetent to build your own magazine style? Don’t worry, Better Mag has got you covered, for good! A fantastic Blogger magazine template fit for news sites in any field, be it health, technology or science, Better Mag will find use in any of those situations. We love the full-width header logo that helps to make a clear statement about your projects.


Johny Darkfire

Johny Darkfire

Johny Darkfire is yet another blogging / magazine style template for Blogger users, this time leaning towards the more dark-ish color choices. Without much thinking, Johny Darkfire will be of good use for blogs and sites that talk about sports, gaming, and perhaps even personal community efforts where the emphasis is put towards the community aspect of the site, instead of what the design looks like, but Johny Darkfire does look quite amazing!



MBL Avada

Avada keeps it simple, and quite real too! Big header titles, medium-sized fonts, everything to help you make a blog about tutorials and lists, without the need to worry as to how others are going to perceive it, quite frankly these kinds of themes we have already gotten used to, and they’re a very safe choice for such type blogs.




Android is the most talked about open-source operating system on the planet, millions of new smartphone devices are activated to the Android system each day, and the fact that we are seeing an Android related template is no surprise by any means. Plenty of Android related blogging websites exist already, and if there’s one thing in common for all of them, then that’s color Green — the official color of the Android mascot. AndroidMag is a template for Blogger bloggers who wish to write about Android, or mobile technology in general, and wish to use a template that’s already established a presence on the web. Content sites will greatly benefit from AndroidMag!



Real Mag

RealMag on the other hand takes a little more of a modern twist, and delivers a spectacular design experience you will hardly find even on the most expensive of the designs that we find on news sites today. RealMag is a responsive web design optimized Blogger template for bloggers who wish to run their own personal magazine blogs, or blogs that talk about design and development — as the design layout perfectly compliments those fields.




Folio360 might fool you with its homepage look, one that’s created mostly for photographers and individuals who wish to list their portfolio items, but once you sink deeper in the template experience and explore aspects like post pages, it becomes clear that Folio360 is much more than just a portfolio theme. You could quickly style Folio360 for the use on sites that are dedicated to bringing out fresh content each day, as the content pages are designed in a way that some of the leading blogs on the web can’t match. The content flows freely, which is one of the most important things to look for in themes and styles anyway, the flow of elements and the content itself has to be organic in order for readers to have an enjoyable reading experience.


Fast Mag


The last couple of templates in our list of best free Blogger templates have really stood out, the modern design, the beautiful choice of colors, the stunning allocation of elements to really reflect what blogging is all about, and Fast Mag is just that — the combination of all those things in one beautiful execution that will fulfill even your most wild desires of what a professional and good looking blog should look like. We are in awe with this design, and might even have to work on trying to transfer it to platforms like WordPress and Drupal; it’s stunning!




Technology bloggers, rise up! We are concluding the list of free Blogger themes with TechWorld, a fully flexible and fully optimized Blogger template for technology bloggers. It packs the features and modification options that you would expect from a technology-oriented style — content sliders, easy to navigate archives, a sidebar, good header and footer allocation. It’s perfect for the technology writer.


Premium Blogger Templates

We have come to an end of our list of free template, it was a fun ride and we certainly learned more about the kind of styles and templates the designers and developers are building today, where they are getting inspiration from, and how it all comes together into one single template, but before we say the final goodbye in this post, we wanted to inform you about some other Blogger templates that come from a premium marketplace, by no means should you choose these because we say so, but perhaps do give these few templates a chance to shine and see what they are really about, you might come across something that actually sticks with your current desires for a template, and we sure do hope that you will let us know in the comments if it actually did. (If it’s affordable, why not? It’s an investment in the future, and who knows what kind of opportunities might come out of it, business people love sites that look great, it indicates trust and understanding!)


BMAG Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme

Planning to run a media websites that talks about literally everything? BMAG is the choice for you! This feature-packed Blogger template will leave nobody hanging when it comes to delivering a smooth design experience that compliments content of all choices. A strong in-built admin panel will allow you to make the kind of changes that will better help you align content in a way that suits your needs at that time. It’s optimized with jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 snippets to guarantee a professional blogging experience, no matter what you are writing about.




Ovation is already a favorite amongst video bloggers, food bloggers, and fashion bloggers who wish to make their blogs feel more like home, more like a community, than just another content site. With Ovation it’s possible to manipulate the layout for different categories, making the site also appropriate for editorial blogs. With Ovation, you come to a realization of just how versatile Blogger themes can be, and how you can tap into that vast pool of creativity through your own blog. Optimized for search engines. Has many ticker and feed widgets to allow you to display content from external sources in an elegant way.




Radja is a responsive Blogspot theme for the blogger type. It’s simple, fluid and will work well for sites and blogs that talk about technology content, but certainly not limited to that market alone. Uses AJAX and jQuery to provide a fluid transition between pages, and is also fully optimized for the best performance in search engines.




Oliver is the number one Blogspot template for photographers. It’s without question the theme that will put the focus on your photography, and that alone. No longer do you have to spend hours looking for photographer themes, because Oliver is the one, and we couldn’t be more humbled by its smooth layout and extendable list of features.



Magpress Blogger Template Light

MagPress offers Blogspot bloggers two different color choices for their magazine sites built with MagPress, a light and dark color scheme that’s powered by modern and classical features for delivering a passionate content consumption experience. MagPress is a big theme, and the documentation is the perfect compliment for getting you started with your own personal magazine editorial blog on Blogger!




Lastly, it’s ShadowLight we are going to end this post with. ShadowLight is a portfolio / individual oriented Blogger template that’s going to find home for content that talks about web development, web design, engineering, computer science, and other topics of that nature. Built for speed, ShadowLight is heavily optimized to be one of the fastest theme ever, making it suitable on any devices, like smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can get this theme up and running without any prior programming experience, an attraction you may enjoy.


19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers To Showcase Resume and Portfolio 2016

Wordpress Themes For Programmers

In the internet age, programming can be a very lucrative business. However, there is a line that must be drawn between programming and web development. Individuals can be both programmers and website developers, as these skill sets are not mutually exclusive.

Although there is a lot of cross pollination between these two fields, a crucial difference remains: artistic creativity.

Programming is a science, meticulous and predictable in its precision. On the other hand, web development is an art form. It is about drawing an emotional response from the site visitor, and harnessing your sense of harmony and balance. If left to their own devices, many programmers would have a highly-efficient websites that would somehow lack charm.

Basically, these professions are two sides of the same coin: the programmers provide the brick and mortar, while the web developer decorates and puts up wallpaper. Thankfully, WordPress has themes that were designed by people from both camps. These products are nothing short of extraordinary. They manage to perfectly balance beauty and practicality, assuring both mass appeal, and search engine optimization. Themes are also cheaper than the alternative, as hiring a web development company can be quite expensive. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for programmers:



Any list that showcases WordPress themes must include this one. Divi has a remarkable ability of taking existing concepts, and perfecting them. It does not fix what is not broken, it just makes it better. For example, many themes allow for great flexibility when it comes to visual customization. However, the tools themselves can be quite clunky and counter-intuitive. Divi has solved that problem by going back to the basics. Your entire site interface will be divided into bite-sized chunks called modules or blocks. With this change, you will be able to easily manipulate the layouts, and personalize them as you see fit.

Although Divi can be used for programmer websites, you don’t have to be an expert in order to enjoy it. Every element will include a Custom CSS tab, where personal CSS can be applied. Coding knowledge can give you an advantage, but it is not mandatory. Continuing its theme of accessibility, Divi offers full support for all platforms. Your content will work with mobile devices and desktop PCs. Potential customers and site administrators can benefit from this degree of freedom, as it allows them to access your site on the go. If you wish to explore Divi’s features, you can access a live theme preview our read our review.



Uncode is an enormously vast, fresh and youthful, colorful and customizable, tech-savvy and rapidly responsive WordPress creative multiuse website theme. Uncode is a powerful and empowering website building platform meant for webmasters from absolutely any background that need to quickly and effective put together professional quality websites that can meet the expectations of a diverse set of usage cases and niche market applications or generalized purposes with minimal hassle and ready to go live the same day you set up.

With Uncode, achieving elegance and functionality is uncomplicated, owing to sophisticated premium plugins like the Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Isotope Masonry Grid, which constitute a strong framework for your creative freedom. 30 unique conceptual demo homepages are available for you to get things started, and commercial webmasters will love the ease of setting up shop online with Uncode, which cleverly integrates the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite to great effect, allowing you to simply add your products and market your wares to a broad online audience. SEO enhancements ensure your websites will quickly climb to the top of all the relevant search engines, greatly aiding in monetizing your websites, while a lightweight, Bootstrap responsive codebase rounds off this solid theme.

Genesis Framework


If you are an ambitious programmer who wishes to construct an incredible website, look no further than Genesis Framework. This incredible product is packed with premium features, enabling advanced customization and superior functionality. Although Genesis Framework seeks to aid programmers, it is not a theme that exclusively caters to this niche. In fact, anyone can create astounding pages with a minimum amount of effort.

Your site will be completely optimized for search engines. With intimate knowledge regarding keywords, web traffic and coding, the developers have create a product that can climb search engine rankings. Users can select a single-column or multiple-column design, and variable sidebar positions. A customized background was introduced, allowing for greater visual customization. In addition, full-width templates and custom menus were added.

If you wish to sample Genesis Framework without spending any money, there is a theme demo for both PC and mobile devices. A fully-responsive interface is crucial for success, in today’s ever-changing environment. Thankfully, your page will work with any screen size, resolution, operating system or browser. Upon purchase, customers will benefit from a limitless series of updates. This assures that their site will stay updated, capable of adapting to the relentless progress of the technological field.



Salient is an exemplary WordPress theme that can improve your site, and bring more customers to your door. It is entirely responsive, able to showcase content on the screen of any device. Regardless of resolution, browser preference or operating system, Salient will look amazing. Once you buy this theme, you can benefit from a lifetime of free updates. This guarantees that any site can keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing technological environment. In addition, customers can enjoy a top-quality support system. Salient representatives are friendly, and eager to help.

The code of this theme is very well-written, streamlined and optimized. This assures high compatibility with search engines, allowing users to swiftly climb search engine rankings. Also, your site will feature Yoast SEO compatibility, putting you in charge of your own content. With Salient, nothing is off-limits. This innovative product does not require any specialized knowledge, allowing customers to easily personalize pages.

While other themes have one icon set, yours will have three: Linecons. Steadysets, and Font Awesome Icons. They can be easily selected by accessing the Visual Interface. If profit is your goal, you are able to create incredible online stores via the WooCommerce plugin. In addition, an AJAX shopping cart was included.



Ronneby is the quintessential WordPress theme. It has very powerful core features, and a layout that never fails to impress customers. This product exudes charm, and it is capable of increasing your page’s view count. Of course, problems might occur during installation and personalization. For any issue, do not hesitate to contact the excellent support desk. The support representatives are very polite and eager to help. For those who wish to learn more about Ronneby and it features, an online documentation source was added. This document is well-written and informative.

Over 40 incredible layouts were added. If you are short on time and cannot afford to start from scratch, pre-made content can be very useful. In just a few minutes, a customer can benefit from a fully-functional page. There are stylish portfolio and blog options, allowing you to display your well-written posts. In addition, many premium WordPress plugins were added for free. For example, Slider Revolution facilitates the creation of eye-catching slides. This assures that your best posts and content can be featured front and center. Thanks to the Visual Composer plugin, any visual personalization option is possible. You get to hold the reins of your own site by customizing every single element.



If you are looking for a flexible, reliable and innovative WordPress theme, look no further than Unicon. This product can simplify your job as site owner, by introducing a large number of helpful, practical features. Every site element will be under your control, and you will only be limited by what you can imagine. Unicon aims to be the everyman’s theme, accessible even to those who lack professional training or programming skills. A classic one page layout is available, in addition to a multi-page format. You will be able to design small personal pages, or massive, sprawling corporate sites. Regardless of your business niche, Unicon can satisfy all requirements.

Of course, every respectable business person aims to make a profit. This theme can help you by bringing more people to your site, and increasing your view count. Also, you can supplement that advertising revenue with merchandising. Thanks to the implementation of WooCommerce, users are able to distribute their products or services via online stores. This can raise awareness regarding your quality brand. In order to facilitate the installation and customization process, a detailed online documentation source was incorporated. In addition, there are also informative tutorial videos and a live theme preview.



Avada is an eye-catching theme for WordPress sites. It offers great levels of flexibility, as it is capable of fitting any online business niche. With this product, you can design both personal sites, and massive corporate pages. Regardless of the niche, Avada can adapt to every role. It has earned nothing but praise from a grateful customer community. With over 150,000 copies sold, it is obvious that this is one of WordPress’s finest themes. The developers are willing to support every client who purchases Avada. Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, they will add more content via updates, assuring that your site can adapt to a dynamic, modern online marketplace.

This theme’s main feature is the Fusion Core plugin. This is a bundle that offers incredible tools such as the user-friendly page builder, the Fusion Builder, MegaMenu, ShortCode Generator, Fusion Slider, and so on. In total, $75 of free content was added, sparing you from having to purchase additional plugins. Avada has an amazing ability that allows it to fit any screen size. While other products experience resizing issues, your site will be entirely responsive. If you wish to sample this theme and its incredible capabilities, be sure to access the live preview.


bridge - advanced local business theme

Staying true to its name, this theme bridges the gap between personal and professional websites. It offers every technological advantage, while maintain a comfortable degree of user-friendliness. Regardless of your profession or business niche, Bridge can be your greatest ally. On average, multilingual sites manage to gather more views, due to their accessible nature. In order to appeal to more demographics and broaden your follower base, you can now translate every line of your site. Your foreign customers will certainly appreciate the extra effort.

A specialized search function was incorporated into the site, improving the customer’s browsing experience. This is very useful if you have a content-rich page. No more endless scrolling through countless posts. Simply type in what you want, and go directly to the targeted article. While other themes offer eyesore menus that manage to clutter the interface, Bridge has an easy to customize Full Screen Menu. It is very well-designed, reducing screen clutter.

For your blog, some incredible layouts were added. Also there are several portfolio variations. Your posts will certainly have their own look and feel. Ajax page transitions and several landing page templates were introduced. Bridge has multiple header skin variations, and some incredible Parallax effects.



Themesey is a quality theme for WordPress sites that never fails to impress. It has a flexible and adaptive design that can fit any market niche. This can be your first and last theme, as there is no need to ever replace Themesy. With a large number of incredible features, you will be able to increase your view count and revenue.

Despite its impressive power, this theme insists on being very user-friendly. Given that it does not require any specialized knowledge, it opens its doors to all users. From start to finish, even a novice can create a functional web page in a matter of moments. However, nobody needs to start from scratch. There are 16 incredible pre-made demos, and they can be imported via the one-click import module. This content can save you a lot of time.

Further customization is also possible, as users tweak and alter their site’s design. By implementing a semantic markup code, this theme assures that your pages will be optimized for search engines. As a result, your search engine rankings will certainly increase. Your project’s positioning and conversion ratio can be altered in order to enhance the viewer’s browsing experience. Overall, Themesy is a WordPress theme that can improve every aspect of your site.



Sturlly is a WordPress theme that must be part of any professional’s arsenal. It has various theme options and pre-designed layouts, allowing it to fit any business niche. This product was well-designed, documented and tested in order to increase your change of success. Sturlly can be used for personal portfolio, company, travel, fashion, interior, personal resume, and design agency website. Regardless of its purpose, it will accomplish all objectives with ease.

Incredible sliders are introduced, each with various typography options. These sliders can showcase your greatest accomplishments, and display your well-written posts. Basically, they allow customers to put their best foot forward. While other themes offer bland design elements, Sturlly allows you to express your individuality. There are 8 different pre-made color schemes, 3 design variations, and 8 pre-made layouts. It should be mentioned that each layout is catered towards a specific business niche.

This product incorporates an awesome pie chart function. This allows you to showcase your skills and talents in a gorgeous, fully-animated pie chart. Although it was much easier to simply list accomplishments, Sturlly wanted to make it special. Your potential employers will certainly appreciate the extra effort. For more information regarding this product and its features, be sure to access the live demo.



Vertica is a streamlined, adaptable and aesthetically-pleasing theme for WordPress sites. If you are an ambitious and competent online entrepreneur, this theme can be your greatest ally. It can be used for the websites of programmers, web designers, visual editors, and so on. In order to enhance the customer’s experience, an interactive timeline feature was added. In addition, Vertica has implemented smooth scrolling capabilities.

In the business world, perception is a powerful tool. By choosing to customize your site’s typography, you are showing that you care about details, and that you refuse to present bland content. Vertica allows you to easily include over 600 Google Fonts. Regardless of your taste, you will be able to find a font that matches your vision.

The theme code is streamlined, and very well-written. This makes sure that your pages will not experience slow loading speeds. Also, the customer’s site will be able to get a good position on search engine rankings. A functional contact form and form validator was made available. This theme offers some variety, given that there are 4 pre-made styles for every site. If you wish to learn more about Vertica and its features, be sure to check out the live preview.

It’s Me


Every minute, thousands of blog and business sites are created. When part of such a large crowd, you need a theme that can help you stand out. Staying true to its name, It’s Me is a WordPress product that expresses individuality and innovation. It can be used to enhance photographer, freelancer, architect, developer, artist and freelancer web pages. Regardless of your market niche, this theme can be your greatest ally.

It incorporates a large number of personalized shortcodes, and each shortcode has a unique styling options. The theme options are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to properly customize your page. There is no coding knowledge requirements, because It’s Me can be used by anyone.

This theme is compatible with any version of WordPress, and it works with all major browsers. The Visual Composer tool was incorporated as well. This allows the customers to design incredible layouts in a matter of moments. You may include any shortcode, and multiple columns. Revolution Slider 5 is featured, adding some eye-catching slides to your business landing page. Color schemes for pages, backgrounds, and sections can also be personalized. For more information regarding It’s Me, a live preview can be easily accessed.



The online world offers great opportunity for those who are seeking employment. However, there is no lack of competition. Empathy is a theme that can showcase your online identity, proving to employers that you are worthy of their consideration. It has many personalization features, as users are able to control every aspect of their site. In order to maximize convenience, a fully functional, responsive layout was added. Thanks to this feature, those who prefer tablets and smartphones can now easily access your site. Compatibility and resizing problems have been completely eliminated. In addition, Empathy will work with all major browsers and operating systems.

Thanks to the live customizer, users care able to make changes while receiving instant feedback. There is no limit to what you can design. 67 Unique Page transition animations are available, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any page. When compared to traditional media, blogs are a more flexible and personal alternative. They allow you to share your thoughts, and update followers regarding your activities. Empathy has a fully-functional blog system that supports all post variations. Upon this digital canvas, customers can paint their story. Every single post can support embedded videos and images of various resolutions or aspect ratios.



Bionick is a streamlined, fully-flexible theme for WordPress. It can be used in any business niche, as it can enhance your website and increase your view count. It incorporates the Visual Composer plugin, which is arguably the best site builder on WordPress. Visual Composer facilitates site construction, while remaining very user-friendly. It demands no coding or programming knowledge, given that even a child can create a successful page.

The theme layout is compatible with high resolution Retina Displays, and it is entirely responsive. All posts will look incredible on laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets. Site Administrators no longer have to be tied to their desk chairs, as they can now update content from anywhere.

Bionick tries to adapt to its user’s needs by offering a single page and multi-page layout version. This theme respects your time by implementing a Drag and Drop Page builder. In order to personalize your page, you only need to select an element, drag it across the screen, and place it where it needs to be. Customers can also select from an unlimited roster of wonderful colors. With Bionick, you will only be limited by your imagination. If you wish to sample this theme and its features, be sure to check out the live preview.



MD is an incredible theme for WordPress websites. Although its versatility allows it to fit any role, it is best suited for portfolio, resume, blog, or company web pages. Regardless of your niche, MD can be your greatest ally. Owning a mobile device is a mixed package. While you can benefit from a great degree of mobility, it can be hard for the smaller screen to display complex, multi-page websites. However, MD will never neglect those who prefer browsing with their smartphones and tablets. The product layout is entirely responsive, capable of adapting to all browsers, devices, and operating systems. Also, your page will be compatible with WordPress 4.1+.

There are modern styling customization features, allowing you to shape a website that matches your vision. Each section has its own background and color, assuring that your site will stay away from uniformity. MD was constructed using Parallax Javascript. In addition, users can select the color and opacity of their post text, and alter background images. It is obvious that MD understands the importance of visual customization. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, the theme has incorporated multilingual capabilities. With this feature, content can be easily translated into several languages.

Versus Resume


Staying competitive when faced with overwhelming competition is both an art form, and a science. Thankfully, Versus Resume is a WordPress theme that understands that struggle, and assures that you will have an inherent advantage. It can be used to construct impressive resumes, CVs and personal pages. It offers an ideal browsing experience across all platforms, web browsers or devices. Mobile users will not encounter any resizing issues while navigating your content. In addition, Versus Resume is Retina-ready, capable of working with high resolution Retina Displays.

Even as a free agent, you have a brand. In fact, you are the brand. How you choose to present yourself is very important. Thankfully, this theme puts every tool at your disposal. You are able to craft a unique image that overshadows all competitors. Users can easily create page layouts, while altering their site’s colors and logos. There is no limit to what you can create.

Even the difficulty barrier was removed. Site owners never have to modify a single line of code, thanks to the personalized Visual Composer feature. In addition, Versus Resume has a powerful Theme Option panel, and a practical Sidebar and Page Layout manager. If you are having trouble during installation, you can always consult the well-written documentation source.



Identity is an exquisite WordPress theme for vCard CV web pages. It can be used for Resume, Freelancer and Portfolio sites. Basically, this theme specializes in supporting those who wish to impress potential employers. Identify is not a stagnant, monotone product. Its developers realize that as the environment changes, the theme must do so as well. Free updates are offered, and each update promises to expand your page’s capabilities. Users can rest easy knowing that their content will always keep up with the latest technological trends.

For customers who are just starting out, informative video tutorials were added. Brief and to the point, they can guide you through the customization process. Identity offers a limitless color palette. With so many possibilities, customers can design a page that matches their vision. Also, this product is compatible with high resolution Retina displays and its layout is fully responsive. Smartphone and tablet users can rejoice, given that they can now enjoy the same quality experience as their laptop-using counterparts. It should be mentioned that your page will also work with most major browsers and operating systems. Identity is well coded, optimized for search engines, and it benefits from fast loading speed. The setup process is easy, and there are many useful shortcodes.

More than 30 Best Responsive Metro WordPress Themes 2016

Best Metro Templates For WordPress

A stunning collection of the best Metro WordPress themes for business, portfolio, personal, real estate, blogs, news magazines, travel, photography music, vCard and other websites.

It is a versatile collection of the multipurpose WordPress themes that are inspired by famous Windows Metro style that was introduced back in October 2012 along Windows 8. It changed web, application, software and operating system forever. Even Apple decided to get inspiration from design trend and introduced iOS 7, which is completely flat. While most people predicted that this trend will be forgotten shortly, it haven’t happened and several years later we still see it present on iOS 10, Android 5/6 and Windows 10.

We recently even made a special section on out website to showcase metro color codes that you can use in design. We have four other awesome collections that focus on flat and metro style design.

  • 30+ Awesome Flat Design WordPress Themes
  • Awesome Examples of Long Shadow in Icon, Logo and Graphic Design
  • 80+ Fantastic Flat Logo Designs For Your Inspiration
  • 15 Beautiful Free Flat Social Media Icons Sets

Metro style is here to stay and it is the right time to apply it for your website. There are several websites that have already followed this trend and if you don’t want to be left out, make sure you act now. There is a huge chance that you will find the right theme for your website but if not, there are over 100 awesome theme collection on our website, so please feel free to look around.



Uncode is a beautiful and modern, efficiently coded and cleverly composed, professionally graphically designed and very trendy and current, original and fresh-faced, dynamic and vibrant, stimulating and highly intuitive, both user and developer friendly, natively responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Microsoft’s own Metro Design visual and aesthetic philosophy is the backbone that powers Uncode’s very look and feels, with HTML5, dynamic CSS3, hardware-powered Parallax and seamless AJAX scripting combined to pixel perfection, presented in a stylish composition that focuses strongly on the dynamic, informative and hierarchical use of advanced typographical options.

Theme features a visually stunning and high-impact rigorously geometric layout that users across all demographics can easily comprehend and navigate with a completely flat learning curve that will positively impact your visitor conversion rates by more effectively communicating your content to your audience. Uncode includes the Visual Composer, Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, iLightbox and WooCommerce premium WordPress plugins readily integrated out of the box and customized to perfectly match Uncode’s modern design, allowing you to produce a full featured modern website of any kind or archetype within minutes, without having to write a single line of code, and in cutting ed=ge Metro Design visual language, to your visitors’ delight.



Divi is a smart, elegant and multi-use theme that you can use in building a sparkly metro-style website. The theme is made wonderfully responsive and makes your website accessible and viewable on all devices. It comes with 18 pre-made layouts that allow you to quickly start building a unique landing page, stunning portfolio, eCommerce site and other types of business website. Its video & parallax backgrounds allow you to create a stunning portfolio, a testimonial page, and stunning product pages. Divi is WooCommerce ready to help you set up an online store with ease. It has an advanced drag & drop builder allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually, without touching a single line of code. The theme offers an extensive module selection, header and navigation options, boxed layouts and vertical navigation, stylish icons and font and color options. For more information about Divi theme, you can read its detailed review.

Studio 8


If your goal is to construct a professional online portfolio, look no further than Studio 8. It has some very powerful features, widgets and shortcodes. This WordPress theme’s design is modern and streamlined, capable of impressing any potential client. Every single aspect of the site will be under your control, thanks to the Advanced Theme Options Panel. Feel free to alter and tweak any setting. The theme is also CPT and Widget-ready, featuring one custom post variation and several Widget areas.

If you decide to utilize the Studio 8 Child Theme, you will never miss upcoming updates. Clients will get to use 404 error pages, a nifty drop-down menu, and a full-width slider. Slides can showcase your content, and you can also include gorgeous pictures. Studio 8 supports Gravatar, and it is cross-browser compatible. In fact, it will work with all devices, regardless of the size of their screens. It is possible to conduct business with foreign clients, given that your site is fully-translatable. Multiple Widget Areas are available, and you can expect useful theme upgrades for at least a year. A practical demo awaits those who wish to sample Studio 8 without having to commit to a purchase.




Best is a clean and stunning metro theme designed by MyThemeShop. Best comes with a fully responsive and fluid layout design perfect for creating a modern and fast loading website. This theme offers different styling options and allows you to control what is presented on your website with the ability to add or remove categories and sections. This metro style theme includes unlimited font and color options, retina ready icons, schema integrated, MegaMenu compatible, Ajax loading, parallax 3D scrolling effect, floating navigation menu, unlimited backgrounds and sidebars, AJAX search feature, social media integration, multiple pagination styles and in-built review system. This theme is built with SEO in mind and optimized to help you make money using Google AdSense.


onepage multipurpose theme

OnePage is an exceptional and must-have single page WordPress theme. If you are looking for a modern and stylish theme to showcase your work or product, OnePage is the right theme for you. This theme is very easy to set up. It includes a drag & drop homepage that let you organize theme elements with ease. The theme also allows you to disable and enable certain features in your theme. The rock-solid framework of this theme is built with the newest HTML5 and CSS3 code to help your website stay abreast of the changing trends in web development. This theme is very easy to manage and customize. In addition, it is packed with amazing theme features such as counter to display your business statistics in style, Twitter feed, parallax effect, arrow keys slider, CSS3 animations, floating menu option, font icons, shortcodes, custom widgets and shortcodes. OnePage is optimized for speed and SEO.


NewsTimes Magazine theme

NewsTimes WordPress theme is a stunning and pixel perfect theme created by MyThemeShop. This metro-style theme is perfect for creating entertainment, news, magazine and news sharing website. It is super responsive and works fittingly on different types of devices and browsers. Its strong framework is coded with the latest CSS3 and HTML5 techniques to help your website keep up with the newest trends in website development. This theme allows you to organize and customize your own homepage layout using homepage layout manager. It offers unique slideshow with smooth transition effects. It also includes a built in review system, Ajaxed posts pagination, infinite scrolling feature, advance widgets, built in Ad management, Off canvas mobile menu, 630+ Google font, Unlimited sidebar and many more.

Flat Metro

Flat metro education theme

Flat Metro is a lively, modern and multi-use WordPress theme powered by Zurb Foundation Framework perfect for fashion, interior, hotel, restaurant, food, cars, Voip, school, News, blog, charity, photography, travel, school and other types of websites. This theme is totally responsive and built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technology. It comes with an advanced theme settings that allows you to modify some aspects of the theme such as color and fonts. Flat Metro also boasts its cool page transition animations, Custom page 404, Ajax Portfolio, The events calendar, social media integration, WooCommerce support and many more.


imagpress flat magazine template

iMagPress – is a unique responsive WordPress magazine theme with flat and metro elements. Perfect for news for all sorts of content such as music, sports, arts, education, general news, technology and much more. Contains blog posts with integrated ratings, videos and slideshow. Rating system will get picked up by Google and will be displayed directly into Google search result pages.

We recently featured this theme between other WordPress news themes. Other similar magazine and news themes you can find on this theme collection.

Home Shop

homeshop flat design ecomemrce theme

Home Shop is a clean and modern website template developed for any retail store. Its metro look will surely make your content or products standout. It is mobile friendly and designed with retina ready graphic elements. Your target customers could access your website, no matter what kind of website they prefer to use because it is fully responsive and adjust perfectly on different screen sizes. Home Shop is also retina ready and guaranteed to bring a pleasant user experience for those visiting your site. It is fully integrated with an advanced page builder powered by Visual Composer that enables you to generate unlimited page layout in an instant. With the help of the powerful admin panel you can control certain aspects of your theme such as layout design, header styles, logo settings, fonts, colors, shop parameters, footer settings and many more. This theme also includes three different sliders: the Slider Revolution, Flex and iosslider slider. It includes mega menu and simple drop-down menu to help your customers get around your website with ease. Home Shop WordPress theme comes with 12 different product grid views. It is integrated with cloud zoom plugin, fancy lightbox, social icons on the product pages, reviews, custom tab, tags, next/previous product button on product page, quick view for products, MailChimp plugin and a lot more.


zinc - multipurpose corporate theme

Zinc – is a multipurpose theme with plenty of features to cover up a large number of website types you can create with it. Zinc supports numerous features and website types such: Corporate, Shopping, Portfolio, Gallery, Blog, Magazine, Photography, Restaurant, etc. With its flexible layout builder you can create great and unique page layouts in seconds, build contact forms, maps, social networks and many many other supported elements. Developers have created 8 different theme demo option for you to see how this theme can be customized. It has endless customization options to make professional and unique website without touching a code.

Zinc theme is optimized to work with many popular plugins such as WooCommerce, bbPress, Buddypress, WPML. Which means that you build fully functional community websites with eCommerce integration, support forum and translate it into dozens of languages and you can get this done by one simple theme. If you don’t need these features, that’s fine too, you can setup website without them.

One Touch

one touch clean WordPress theme

We present you our look as sites in Metro UI style have to look. The fast, easy, light template will decorate almost any site on WordPress. The structure of this template such is what it perfectly will be suitable for all, from the entertaining blog to a serious corporate site. One Touch is optimized for WooCommerce so you will be able to create without problems the catalog with shop on your site.

One Touch has many shortcodes, custom page templates and awesome theme options give you full control over your website. Manage your site like never before by using the countless powerful features that come packaged with all of our themes. We providing good tech support to all of our customers. With our dedicated support staff, you can be sure that you will have your blog up and running without a hitch no matter what your experience level.

This theme is highly customizable to build unique pages and website layout thanks to Visual Composer which is included with theme package. Once Touc is the best selling WordPress metro style WordPress theme with over 3,000 purchases and counting.

Metro Magazine

metromag - classic magazine theme

Metro Magazine is a clean and powerful metro inspired responsive magazine WordPress theme designed specifically for magazine, news and blog sites. The theme is highly flexible, fully responsive and packed with awesome features. It is incredibly easy to use and ready to be up and running out of the box. Created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques and incorporates the best of WordPress. This theme is ideal for news sites thanks to weather widget, rating system, subscription management module, banner places, social integration and fully customizable layout. Other magazine WordPress theme you can find on this theme collection.

Second Touch

second touch metro style theme

Second Touch is clean, retina ready, fully responsive metro style theme. Its powerful customization capabilities enable you to create your outstanding website easy, fast and without touching a code unless you really want to. Its super modern metro style will draw your attention once and for all. And its responsive design will make your site look wonderful on each screen size device.

Second touch is provided with full documentation, which describes each aspect of the theme. We also offer you friendly and professional support. Theme supports WooCommerce to create functional and professional eCommerce website. Other awesome WordPress themes optimized for eCommerce you can find on this theme collection.

The great features and design of Second Touch will impress you. Powerful customization options enable you to create any layout you want and customize the existing layouts to your own taste. Incredible styling options enable you to customize any aspect of your site with help of super powerful tools of the theme. More than 1300 of icons included and large set of plugins will decorate and complement your website with additional features. This is among the best WordPress themes of its kind and is among the best selling ones. You can’t go wrong by choosing this theme for any kind of website.


3clicks multipurpose woocomemrce theme

The 3Clicks is the most flexible and complete theme developers have ever created. Its modern and fully responsive design best fits into current web trends. Included skins and demo content makes it ready to work in just a few minutes. We put a lot of effort to make the theme intuitive to use and easy to customize. You won’t find any better tool to build exceptional sites such as blog, business, portfolio, products and other! Developers are proud of this theme and we hope you are too. 3Clicks integrates support for various plugins, scripts and tools such as WooCommerce, The Page Builder, 360+ icons, WPML support, Revolution Slider and much more. This theme has 9 ready made color schemes that can be further tweaked via simple yet powerful theme options.


next - clean bootstrap vCard

NEXT is an award winning, easy-to-use portfolio template with Live Metro Panel, Unique Navigation, Animated Content, BG parallax, Standalone Pages and Retina Display optimization. This template features 3 stunning layouts for homepage. This theme is built using Bootstrap 3, for more similar themes you might want to check this theme collection. Next theme has 3 simple portfolio layouts, 55+ animation effects, parallax scrolling effects, vCard support, custom social widgets and much more. Next theme is ideal for personal websites, portfolio websites, small corporate websites and other creative websites.


mana - metro style business theme

Mana is a clean, modern and fully responsive flat and metro design WordPress theme designed to be used for any kind of websites such as corporate, portfolio, personal, blog or even ecommerce. It has several ready made header menu layouts for you to choose, which is something no other theme can offer. This theme has parallax scrolling effect that can be used for featured content slider as well as section and website background. This theme supports Google Rich Snippets and Micro Form Data for star ratings. Other WordPress themes with integrated reviews system you can find here.


metrolium metro style business theme

Metrolium is a modern, metro inspired, multi-purpose, Retina Ready responsive WordPress theme suited for business, corporate, portfolio, blogs and other creative website. Beautifully designed, lovingly coded and absolutely bursting with functionality. As though that’s not enough, you’ll also receive free updates and great support to boot. What more could you possibly want?

Metrolium theme features clean flat/metro inspired design and loads of awesome theme options. This theme has 2 ready made color schemes that can be further tweaked with unlimited color variations. This theme will make your website to stand out from your competitors.


metrika one page resume theme

Metrika is a modern, dynamic, high-quality One Page WordPress Theme. Following the trends in design, we tried to create, first of all, convenient and functional product that will not take a lot of time to configure and setup. And most importantly, it will fit almost everyone. Flat Metro design, simple and expressive animation will make your content unique. One can go to talk about all the advantages and opportunities of the template, but enough to see the live preview and everything will be understandable to you. Metrika is yet another WordPress theme developed using Bootstrap frontend framework that makes it fully responsive and optimized for mobile, desktop and tablets. This theme is ideal for business, portfolio, personal and other creative websites.


one community buddypress theme

OneCommunity theme is integrated with a BuddyPress plugin which lets users register on your site and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups and much more. A social network in a box, build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community. OneCommunity is a clean, modern and functional WordPress theme that can be used as community websites powered by BuddyPress or even build your own social network or dating website. OneCommunity is among the best selling WordPress BuddyPress themes with 1,500 purchases and counting. If you don’t need community website, you can use it for blog, magazine, ecommerce or even corporate website.


laband creative fullscreen music theme

LA-BAND is the most unique WordPress Theme, designed for Artists, Photographers, Events, Fashion, and all kind of creative things.It is a new trend well structured aiming to breath elegance, powerful and style. It featured a clean full size background slider for images and video. Theme has built in audio player to play background music in case you are making music related website. We recently featured this theme among the best full screen WordPress themes.


swiss - full screen woocommerce theme

Swiss is a super powerful yet elegantly easy to use WordPress theme based on the Swiss design principles for layout, colors, and typography. Purposely create for multiple uses, the design applies itself well to an agency, blog or portfolio website.

Swiss theme is completely different from anything you have ever seen before. It features solid color background, yet developers have made it look clean, beautiful and fresh. There is no other theme like this one. You will either love it or hate it but it is virtually impossible to be indifferent.

With 3 different home page options, including one that is purely content, you can easily add sliders, columns or layout your homepage exactly how you wish. Retina ready from the start, with many unique features Swiss was a labor of love to create and I hope you enjoy it also!


stylish creative corporate theme

STYLISH – Is a clean and responsive design that comes with rich tools and options to make creating website incredibly simple. With a tons elements of Stylish, you can use this theme for any purposes. Such as Business, Portfolio, Personal, Showcase, Blog or App Landing Page. Developers have put a lot of effort to create this theme and they have made it highly customizable, yet easy to setup, customize and use. Theme is developed using Bootstrap that makes it fully responsive and optimized for all device sizes. Stylish theme integrated simple shortcode generator for buttons, columns, tabs, Google Maps, icons, sections and much more. This theme is ready to dominate any niche. Other WordPress themes developed using Bootstrap you can find on this template collection.

15 Awesome WordPress Nightclub Themes For Clubs, Bars, Pubs & More 2016

Nighclub WordPress Themes

Many equate owning a nightclub to gambling, as your odds of success are often dictated by factors that are out of control. However, there are things you can influence, and maximizing your chances should be a top priority. When it comes to restaurants, clubs or even hotels, people often prefer to research the place they want to visit. Word of mouth still plays an important part as you are more likely to believe the recommendation of a personal friend, that an advertising billboard. However, one should never neglect the importance of public advertising, especially in heavily populated urban areas. There is no predetermined formula for success, one simply has to experiment with all mediums, and find the correct match.

Many businesses from across the globe have overwhelmingly adopted the internet as their primary means of information, customer service, research and advertising. It is a natural transition from the previous focus on television and magazines, offering great exposure at only a fraction of the cost. Indeed, with less than 100 dollars, you can get your message to hundreds of thousands of people, and the innovation does not stop there. How do you relay information to interested customer? Traditionally, one needed to print out thick, extensive brochures that nobody would be interested in. Another option was to set up a personal phone line, and hire a representative that could answer questions. Of course, the potential patron could just walk up to your location and ask questions, but for many people that is not an option.

Nowadays, your website can contain every single bit of information that your client might need, in addition of pictures and videos. Also, you can post your schedule, notify about current events, and even start an email marketing campaign. All of these advantages and more, await those that go through the trouble of setting up their web page. If you decide to open your own online portal, there are some decisions that must be made.

First, you must pick a viable platform via your hosting service. Unlike many others, WordPress offers consistent quality without draining your wallet. Their site setup process is quite intuitive, and you will not experience any trouble. This ease of use and access is great, as it eliminates the need to hire a professional web development company. You are basically mitigating costs, as you will only need to spend a few dollars on a theme. These WordPress themes are basically feature-filled skins, that allow not only for customization, but also for a variety of useful attributes such as cross platform compatibility, high resolution icon display, online store creation and so on.

Everything that is required to create a top notch web page is found on WordPress, and it comes with the added advantage of a massive user base. The community is vast, so just by being on this platform you are increasing your exposure, and lessening your odds of failure. Time is also a factor, and WordPress demands as little as possible. The process itself will take only a few minutes, but nobody can estimate how long it will take you to pick from the awesome features. That being said, let’s take a look at some awesome Night Club Themes.



When it comes to devices, we all have our pick of the litter. Never before has there been such a wide selection of viable platforms through which you can navigate the internet. It is ready for WordPress 4.1 onward, and the design is minimal and clean. The developers have integrated a fully animated Revolution Slider. Be it mobile or tablet, Rockton will work without any compatibility issues, guaranteeing a reliable experience for every user. It really has a modern feel, designed for those that enjoy dancing, parties, discos, bands, night life, jockeys and more.

However, do not let this versatility fool you into thinking that Rockton cannot work on other platforms. The tools and features that in includes have a wide array of applications, suitable for almost any site, regardless of its niche. It is currently at its 1.1 version, and with the latest patch, the Light Version is also available. When you decide to buy this theme, you are not just purchasing a stale, linear product. It is very dynamic, constantly changing and receiving updates from the developers.

As issues and bugs arise, the developers guarantee that they will squash them. It should also be mentioned that it is reasonably priced, and the Slider Revolution Plugin is free of charge, despite the price tag of $18. Same goes for the $28 Visual Composed, which is one of the most cherished theme Plugins in the world.



If you thought that playing Poker was a gamble, try managing a club. Venues can be notoriously short-lived, as club-goers will always prefer novelty and excitement. When it comes to the fight for relevance, perception is key. The first impression of most patrons will be based off your website. If your site is boring or bland, they will never even cross your threshold. Thankfully, modern website themes like MESH allow users to craft professional club pages, and there is no need to hire a web developer.

Even a novice user will be able to setup a fully-functional site. This product is adaptable and responsive, and patrons will be able to access content from any device, regardless of its screen size. Admins will no longer have to be tied to their desk chairs, as updates can be posted from smartphones and tablets. With MESH, tickets can be purchased directly from the site, and patrons are able to reserve tables. On the main page, a special countdown timer can tick away, building hype for any major upcoming event. It is possible to stream live music online, thanks to an impressive music player feature. You can also include a picture gallery or customer comment section.


vocal explosive nightclub wordpress template

We all remember the moment when we attended our first music event. It seems like the developers of Vocal recall the same moment, as they have programmed an innovative theme that captures the experience perfectly. It is perfect for cinema and music planning and advertising. Regardless of what genre of music you prefer, rest assured that Vocal will create an awesome website that can do it justice.

It is compatible with mobile platforms and fully responsive, while including 6 preset color schemes. Take full advantage of the Visual Composer and craft your ideal page. The greatest advantage of this theme is that it eliminates all barriers that were hindering your creativity before. Everything that you will ever need is here, the only limit is your imagination.

If you anticipate many views, you might want to consider opening your own online store, where you can freely distribute merchandise. Vocal includes the reliable WooCommerce plugin, which creates a stable environment for online commerce. Ticket sale will be made easier by this innovation. Sample audio content or even entire albums can be added, thanks to the built-in audio player. In addition, your site will also support Vimeo and YouTube. Depending on the circumstance, you might want to present your page in multiple languages. Thankfully, Vocal is WPMP ready, allowing for multilingual support. This is the potential to expand your target demographic and facilitate their understanding.


clubix - universal music theme

Clubix is a great theme for WordPress that seeks to accommodate the needs of the more outgoing demographics. Be it websites dedicated to music, nightlife or clubs, Clubix can help you out! It is guaranteed to satisfy both the visitors, and the owner of the site. This theme is now at its 2.0 version, and it has way more features than its predecessor. A total of 25 new features were included, improving something that was very impressive to begin with. In order to experience these changes, you may visit the site and access Clubix’s custom demos.

Every theme setting can be manipulated with ease, thanks to the user-friendly Redux Framework. In addition, every aspect of your page will be translatable, as it will be compatible with WPML. Most of your loyal customers will appreciate the opportunity to read a page in their native tongue. As an owner, it grants you the ability to expand, and to reach more people with your content and updates. Localization support is a nifty addition, as Clubix has incorporated .po and .mo files.

The WooCommerce plugin is included in the package, and it lets you create an online store for various products. WooCommerce pages and sidebars will have their own special design. Personalized Contact forms are easy to create, due to the inclusion of the Contact Form 7 plugin. This theme has no browser compatibility issue, and it is able to display your site on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. This increases traffic, as people can check for updates while on the go.



If your goal is to promote your nightclub, be sure to check out StereoClub. This WordPress theme offers a versatile toolkit of features, and a jaw-dropping design that will never go out of style. StereoClub is compatible with WordPress v4.4+, and it is being used by more than 700 professional designers, developers, and web design companies. If you are a novice user, the product will be configured and installed for you. No need to get your hands dirty, so just enjoy the creative aspects of website ownership. Users will benefit from 13 personalized widgets, full CSS3, a streamlined theme code, and the option to implement custom site backgrounds. Microformats are available, along with threaded comments and a powerful Drop-Down Menu.

It is possible to upload your own custom logo and personalized Header Images. With StereoClub, resizing errors are completely eliminated. Your content is compatible with any device, including tablets and smartphones. In addition, the theme will work with any internet browser. StereoClub is Gravatar-ready, and it can incorporate HTML and PSD files. A theme documentation source was made available, for clients who wish to learn more about their site’s features. It is very informative, and easy to understand.



Owning or managing a Nightclub is a demanding, yet rewarding venture. You have to juggle with a hundred tasks at once, in order for your venue to succeed. However, when it comes to club promotion, themes such as FWRD can be your best friend. This innovative WordPress product is packed with useful features, and a design that could impress even the most cynical patron. Music and dancing know no boundaries, and neither should your site. FWRD is compatible with the WPML-plugin, allowing you to create a multilingual page. Foreign patrons will certainly appreciate this format.

If you have a highlight video of your amazing events, you can now include it as a site background. In addition, FWRD has features for album and audio players. They can be added on any page via custom widgets. Feel free to upload MP3s and teasers, organize playlists, or include lyrics. You do not have to be a professional programmer in order to use this theme, given that it has included the Visual Composer plugin. Thanks to Drag and Drop technology, even a child can create a successful nightclub page. The layouts and templates can be modified and personalized at any time. Of course, you site will be cross-browser compatible and responsive.


vibemusic multipurpose music template

VibeMusic is an impressive professional WordPress theme that focuses on the music industry. It can be used for the websites of expert deejays, music bands, radio websites, and vocal performers. Upon purchase, the theme will also include 2 great skins and some extensive documentation. VibeMusic is designed for the modern age with a lot of flexibility in its layout. You will be able to edit every setting, resulting in a page that is perfectly suited for your musical style. It looks great on all devices, both mobile and desktop. It does not matter if you are a seasoned programmer or a WordPress novice, this theme has what you need in order to establish a great Music web page.

VibeMusic is entirely compatible with WooCommerce. Using this acclaimed plugin, you will be able to open an online shop and start selling digital downloads, merchandise, songs, or any other good that can be tied to the music industry. This theme is also WPML ready. User’s websites will have multilingual capabilities, resulting in pages that are easy to translate. Same goes for all tags, posts, and categories that are featured on your site.

If you have any issue whatsoever, it is advisable that you open a support ticket. The support system of VibeMusic is excellent, and the staff will provide you with an answer as soon as possible. A live demo for the theme was added on its website, so feel free to try it out. The demo is there for people who prefer a more hands-on demonstration.


nightlife events directory theme

Nothing can make those white hairs sprout earlier than organizing an event. As its name suggests, Nightlife is ideal for those that are seeking to advertise their night club and promote certain concerts or gatherings. It is an impressive theme for directory events, allowing you to manage every single aspect of private events, pages and posts. The true advantage of this theme is that it is truly interactive. Not only does the admin have the ability to post, but so does the user as well. In addition, this product if fully responsive, as it can display your site’s content on any device, regardless of its screen size. Although there are some exceptions, most of its features are made possible by the Tevolution plugin, which is included in the purchase. Speaking of the purchase, the price is relatively low, especially when you consider the innovative features.

It is often said that people who refuse to have a social media presence do not exist. Thankfully, Nightlife recognizes the need for a social online footprint, and the discomfort caused by sites requiring you to register an account. Here, you can simply register with your Facebook, and use the platform to stream events, or simply bypass the registration.

The home page is very easy to manage, and many items that are displayed there are actually widgets. This gives you a greater degree of freedom, as you can simply click on something and drag it to the preferred location. With the WPML plugin support, you are also able to fully translate your page into multiple languages, allowing you to target a broader audience.



With 10 module types, and a design that simply refuses to be mediocre, Vice is an astounding WordPress theme for artists. The layout is completely responsive, and it can showcase your artwork on any device, regardless of the size of its screen. Vice is compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and all web browsers. For users who lack web development experience, an informative video tutorial was included. Simply follow its instructions, and you will be able to craft a top-quality site. It is possible to implement entire YouTube videos, as your website background. This can increase any page’s visual appeal, resulting in a superior browsing experience for all followers. There is an endless spectrum of color customization options, so feel free to experiment with different palettes.

Vice has more than 120 personalized icons, and an off-canvas menu. This menu can reduce screen clutter, as it will automatically disappear when it is not being used. In addition, you can implement 2 drop-down levels, and secondary logos. If your art is music, you are in luck. This theme has the most advanced WordPress music player on the market, with side-wide playlists, hide/show buttons, volume control, and an invisible mode. As new updates are released, the player will be automatically updated.



Oscillator is an incredibly modern and fashion conscious, superbly tech-savvy and completely unique, conceptually musical and decidedly hip responsive WordPress musical multipurpose theme, a wonderfully constructed theme that has been carefully developed to be an intuitive, thoroughly powerful solution for all sorts of WordPress-based websites dealing in musical and entertainment industries, but especially well suited for deployment upon nightclub websites of all sorts.

That’s because Oscillator is not just jam-packed with sophisticated, deeply functional and modern musical features such as Streaming Audio Players for you to broadcast your events right off your website, but a profoundly stylish interface that is extremely polished and highly visually immersive, with extensive, easy to use customization options that will let you fine-tune your Oscillator nightclub website to suit your brand and needs seamlessly and quickly. Oscillator includes time-saving features like a Drag & Drop Homepage Editor that allow for simplified and fast loading, extremely customized websites with expansive widget functionality, to be produced start to finish with absolutely no coding whatsoever. Oscillator is mobile responsive and looks beautiful on all devices, and includes search engine optimization for your nightclub to dominate the search ranks and beautiful Retina ready graphics out of the box. Ready to oscillate?


citrus buzzing multipurpose music theme

Citrus is an excellent Parallax WordPress theme that it is available in a one page format, and it includes a versatile and intuitive page builder. It is designed so it can fit any purpose, and accommodate any given site. You can setup your own portfolio and blog page, or convert it into an agency, product promotion, photographer, night club, organization, non profit or music website. Basically, it implies vision and creativity, this theme has you covered. The demo content is very easy to install, and it requires only one click in order to initiate the process.

However, the developers realize the not all of their customers will be tech savvy webmasters, and they did their best in order to make the content as user friendly as possible. You will gain access to the most detailed online documentations, in addition to some very informative high definition videos. If you are still experiencing some issues with your installation, you can always contact customer support.

Depending on what your plans are, you might need to open an online store. Thankfully, Citrus includes the Woo-commerce plugin, allowing for the creation of a trustworthy and productive shop. The WPML addition guarantees that your page will be multilingual if you wish it to be so. The page creation process has never been easier, thanks to the Visual Page builder.


chords music artist theme

Written reviews are limited by their lack of practical, firsthand experience. Thankfully, Chords is a WordPress theme that includes plenty of screenshots and a live preview. The plugins, features, short codes and widgets that this theme includes are enough to make it suitable for any web page, although it is best implemented in an entertainment setting. Be it music sites, band official pages or even agency advertisement portals, Chords can accommodate the specific needs of every situation.

Free updates and support were added, proving that the developers choose to stand behind their product. One of the greatest assets in terms of customization is that most of the elements on the pages are widgets. You have the option to drag and drop them wherever you need them to be. Feel free to experiment with dozens of arrangements, each with its own specific advantages. Be it small ambitious companies or massive conglomerates, the consistent quality of this theme will shine through. There are over 6 different types of posts to choose form.

The programmers have drawn inspiration from the front-end framework, allowing for full responsiveness and retina readiness. The theme incorporates a personalized music player, in addition to full streaming support capabilities. This allows you to showcase your most prolific songs on your home page. The player if powered by the famous SoundManager 2. Thanks to the track listing shortcode, customers are able to create an expansive discography, probably the best of its kind.


remix club music wordpress theme

Remix is a Music theme that is designed for bands, talent agencies and modern music promoters. It was developed by an elite author, and its features are truly impressive. Remix is compatible with WordPress 4.1+, and it comes with 2 pre-determined configurations: Dark and Light. The social nature of the night club site shines through, as the fully responsive design allows it to be displayed on all devices. This guarantees a larger viewer base, facilitated by the adaptability and retina ready functions.

You are given plenty of freedom when it comes to your web site’s aesthetic design. A broad color palette, coupled with an impressive Page builder Visual Composer, is basically generating a blank canvas for you to project your imagination. Regardless of how your page ends up looking, it will be visible in both full width and boxed layouts.

Also, every single one of your pages will include a touch slideshow, and the theme will have a nifty MP3 player.
It can work on most modern browsers, and it has over 660 high resolution icons that are waiting for you to use them. Remix has an awesome support system, and it is obvious that the developers want to keep their customers happy. If the client wishes to sell some products or services, the Woo-Commerce plugin will let you do that in a matter of minutes.


soundwave music event theme

With the ability to stream radio and constantly play music, SoundWave is a very effective Night Club WordPress theme. The product is great for researching upcoming events, photos, artist biographies, release dates and musical types. You may also pick between several types of musical display. All of your scheduled event will be presented in a very attractive way. Just by looking at your site, your potential customer will know everything that is required. It will show your venue’s location on a map, the number of unsold tickets, the prices, and of course, the date of the musical event.

You have the option to photograph and capture the nicest moments from your concerts, and post them on your website, showing people the magic that could happen if they attend your events. The theme will let you post as many pictures as you want, simply create an album and start uploading.

The developers have integrated a section that is dedicated to the artist themselves, featuring plenty of biographical information regarding their career and activities. There is also a DJ mixes section, and you can post the best mix audio files that you can find. The sliders have only 2 variations, small and large. However, the each features some nice animations. As far as background aesthetics go, you have the option to choose a preset background that is included with the theme, or simply upload an image that you prefer.


cafemio scenic ajax club music theme

If you are looking for a nifty Ajax theme designed for WordPress, you must give Cafemio a try. It is great for cafes, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Basically, if you have a public venue that needs online representation and advertising, look no further than Cafemio. For those that are no interested in the WordPress version, a HTML variation is also available. The theme integrates valid HTML5 and CSS3. For those that have mobile devices, you may have noticed that some sites simply do not work as intended for your device. Try as you might, you won’t be able to access certain sections due to resolution scaling or coding compatibility.

Thankfully, Cafemio is fully responsive, and it is able to work on any platform or device. Customizing the layout of your page will not require any specialized knowledge, thanks to the custom admin panel. It is so easy to use, that even a child can easily navigate its menus. You will choose between limitless color palettes, which will be complemented by seamless animations. There is a full screen background slider, and a jQuery Vegas plugin. There are plenty of intuitive short codes and you will benefit from custom post variations. When attempting to market an album or even a venue, including sample content is a good idea. Thankfully, Cafemio has an integrated music player that lets your visitors hear the best content that you have to offer.

Rocket Board

rocket board metro style theme

This is an incredible WordPress theme that is useful for creating a personal portfolio. It uses the Metro style, and you can edit the size of your thumbnails for ease of use. Every single metro box is treated individually, and its color can be easily altered. However, you may leave the default color active if you. The admin panel is not there to impose, it is there to make sure that your vision comes true. In addition, it is not difficult to use, as even the most inexperienced person can take full advantage of the options that are presented. Same goes for your background: there is a default setting available, which works perfectly fine. If you want a more personalized experience, there are 8 overlay patterns and 9 predefined colors that can be used.

The latest Rocket board feature guarantees that your blog post will be displayed in the best manner possible. Uploading theme is easy, you only need to feed them into the board, and they may be translated in multiple languages thanks to the .pot and .mo files. The developer site also has an informative demo video, which can walk you through the setup process. Some other features include a limitless side bar, over 450 fonts, a drag and drop page builder, a built-in translator, 5 different custom post types: testimonial, gallery, portfolio, price and personnel.


afternight party minimal nightclub theme

One of developer’s Cosmo themes best creation, Afternight is a WordPress theme that aims to empower concert pages, magazines, blogs, concerts and night clubs. A demo was added, along with a live preview and some informative screenshots. This will give you an impression of the overall quality of the product, and you don’t have to pay a single penny.

Speaking of paying, Afternight in fairly cheap given the overwhelming amount of features and content that it offers. You have the option to work with the template builder, and you can display any types of content on your website. Some examples are: team groups, tags, category posts, testimonials, boxes, banners featured, posts, individual posts, widgets, and any more. For each of these additions, you will be able to show your content: filter, carousel pagination, a load more button. You will also get to use the sorting functions, using criteria like view numbers, dates, likes, and so on.

The layout of this theme is truly responsive, and it works great on mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones. It will work for any version of WordPress, and all popular browser types. Theme supports retina ready graphics, custom widget areas and is well documented. When setting up your blog you can pick between multiple blog layouts. There is a grid view, a thumbnail view, list view, timeline view, and you may even pick the method of re-sizing and cropping.


clubber late night wordpress template

If you are a passionate consumer of club music, or a professional DJ, this theme is for you. The level of difficulty with which it can be navigated is very small, and also you may customize it with ease. All of your daily tasks will be simplified, thanks to the innovative tools for sharing music, organizing events, and displaying pictures and videos. As frequent clubbers, your visitors can read about upcoming events in a very appealing way. They have the option to track the location of the venue and include it on their personal map. In addition, thy will view the availability of the tickets and learn about the duration of the event. Given your site’s niche, it would be preferable to have a way of posting great audio content.

With Clubber, you may embed files from Soundcloud or ever upload your own, This will give your users a taste of an artist style and hopefully provide enough incentive for a purchase. You may even upload an entire discography if you think that is best. The same principle applies for images as well. Simply create an album and add as many pictures as you like. Vimeo and YouTube content can be included on your page, completing the multimedia experience with a nice video display. The Theme Style offers preset options for your site background. However, you can always upload your own, customizing its look. The menu, logo, favicon, slider images, link colors and every other conceivable option can be altered in the theme options section.


unik club music wordpress theme

The developers of this theme pride themselves in having created a truly universal product that can be used in almost all circumstances. Indeed, it is packed with features and tool, and it can not be caught off surprise by any operating system or device. First, we have the WPML capability. Using this, you content can be translated into any language on Earth. That is good news for your international fan base. If you are running and managing a popular site, it would be a horrid waste of potential to not have a merchandising section. Thankfully, Unik comes with the WooCommerce plugin, a community favorite when it comes to eCommerce.

This will generate a reliable platform for yourself and your customers, resulting in some extra revenue for your site. The claim that this theme is Universal is also backed up by the fact that it can function on any device. Be it tablet, smart phone or desktop PC, your beautiful content will be displayed with ease. This is due to the amazing Bootstrap 3.2 framework. The theme options section also has a limitless side bar generator that is user friendly and quite efficient. A layer slider was included; content which would normally cost about $18 is free of charge in the store. Same goes for the $19 Slider Revolution plugin. The setup process if extremely easy, thanks to the vast number of short codes and theme options.


music clean artists fullscreen wordpress theme

This is a WordPress theme that can breathe life into your content. It is highly responsive and retina ready, constructed for photographers, artists, events, apps, and portfolios. Using this product you can create an album that will hold all your hits, a music player that can relay them, and even a playlist for your albums. Of course, most of these features were available before, but Music lets you use them without having to hire a professional team of web developers. The content is streamlined and optimized, and it doesn’t require any additional spending whatsoever. Finally, you do not have to be a professional coder in order to get things done.

They have added some video examples of what can be accomplished via the builder tool on the theme’s website. Also, a live preview and some screenshots are available. You are given enough information regarding this product, and you will be able to make an informed decision. As is to be expected with quality Night Club theme, you can take advantage of the translation feature in order to display your page for international followers, and the WooCommerce plugin that lets you open your own online store.


sonorama apt music wordpress theme

If you are a professional disk jockey, or you play in band, this is the theme that can aptly represent your website and by extension, your beautiful art. It is great for almost anyone working in the Music industry regardless of their specialization. Sonorama has the potential to amaze potential fans, followers or clients for its video background options. Say goodbye to the boring, old, static background, and say hello to their newest incarnations that are as dynamic as the music that they are trying to represent.

The color scheme manages to perfect simplicity, projecting an elegant yet powerful feeling that is sure to surpass the mediocrity of other products. It is entirely responsive, and all devices are fully supported. There is some variation between the between the theme options, with 8 preset color palettes that can be cycled. The developers has also included a layered PSD, and a visual page builder. No complicated coding knowledge is required. You only need to drag and drop the content, it’s that easy! Using this feature, you can also sort and organize your galleries, in a manner that is fitting for the level of quality that the source material represents.

24 Professional WordPress Technology Theme For Apps, Landing Pages and Tech Startups 2016

Wordpress Technology Theme

This modern age is definitely difficult to pin down and categorize. Traditional forms of generational and historical analysis are becoming less applicable as the world becomes ever more dynamic–things are changing at such a rapid pace, nothing and no one can keep up, and nothing is a constant over time. These are times where businesses and governments rise and fall as quickly as the news can be typed, a time where what happens in people’s pockets–like what apps they download–hits the marketplace harder than the marketplace hits people’s pockets back. In this chaotic, brave new world, one element does remain an everlasting, though ever-changing constant; technology.

Technological presence is the quintessence of the 21st century, and even the current decade is often defined as a mobile–technological–time. The writing’s on the wall, and those who can read it, should heed its words. Technology is an almost omnipresent part of the present, and technology will be even more ubiquitous in the future. Those who venture into technology and tech related ventures are most likely making a sound choice that will ride this wave to great success. Provided, of course, they can swim, rather than sink, in the turbulent seas of the web. The following collection of themes has been put together with such priorities and background in mind, and represents theme most effective for creating and maintaining technological and tech related websites.



Divi is an astonishingly powerful, incredibly flexible, amazingly modern, technologically sophisticated, cutting edge, intuitive and easy to use WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, a veritable one stop shop solution for all sort of website needs imaginable, from business to personal, from corporate to commercial, small blogs or big eCommerce stores alike can benefit from Divi’s uniquely pliable, extremely potent framework and tools. That is why Divi is an ideal fit for a technology and tech related website project–its incredibly up-to-date coding includes the latest HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap and Parallax technologies available, making every Divi website a crown jewel of tech development and a paragon of innovative website design.

The unique Divi Builder makes short work of most website building chores, such as layout design and construction, through simple block-like sections that you stack, shape and resize as you see fit, effortlessly deploying dozens of custom modules that empower your website with all sorts of features like Static Parallax Video Backgrounds for sections, pages or posts, smoothly animated Galleries, impressive Portfolio pages, interactive and engaging sliders and countless more high tech features that make Divi a shining example of what a technology website theme should be capable of. Go with Divi, and you’ll never look back.



Interactive is a uniquely dynamic, visually fluid, technologically savvy, thoroughly reactive, carefully crafted, stunning and engaging WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built for the generalized purpose of producing highly interactive, engaging websites that are capable of handling all sorts of posts, pages and usage types while offering a consistently vibrant, dynamic, responsive user experience that retains user attention, lowers visitor bounce rates and increases returning visitor rates immediately. These features make Interactive an unusually good match for the needs of technological websites and tech related websites, including tech news blogs, technological corporate blogs, software development studios, game development studios and any other tech related website endeavors.

Interactive is simple and easy to use, highly customizable through the customized advanced admin panel options, easy to install with a single click and loaded with useful templates to help you speed along your website building. Interactive is optimized for extremely fast loading, which is increasingly important in the mobile web, and includes a handsome off-canvas, swipe-friendly mobile menu that you can enable at the flick of a switch. No coding is required at any point in Interactive. All of this, compounded with extensive social media integration, makes Interactive an excellent candidate for a long term website solution for tech related applications.



Genesis is an expansively potent, immensely resourceful, technologically advanced, elegant and sophisticated, visually stunning and graphically well-designed WordPress responsive multipurpose framework theme, a foundational theme that is meant to be built upon to reach unimaginable heights. Genesis is a theme that combines a unique, custom developed series of tools that integrate into an exclusively built core that powers your entire website to reach all of its potential. Genesis is natively robust and responsive, meaning its coding is both highly secure, looking towards an increasingly dangerous, increasingly financially connected internet, and built to last, as it will display handsomely across devices and platforms of present and future shapes and sizes seamlessly, owing to powerful Bootstrap coding.

Genesis has all the tools and features required to make technologically endowed websites that are impressive and eye-catching, from customizable full width elements to interactive sidebars, Parallax enabled headers and footers, static image backgrounds, and many, many more features that enable webmasters to effortlessly crank out professional-looking, functional, feature-rich webpages in a matter of minutes, and without ever having to write a single line of code. Search engine optimization is also built into Genesis, guaranteeing increased traffic. Let Genesis be the birth of your new website!



WordX is a highly dynamic, visually vibrant, professional and polished, resourceful and sophisticated, modern and attractive WordPress responsive news and blog theme, built for professional bloggers and news magazines to create graceful, refined websites that look right, feel right and behave amazingly, while delivering vast volumes of high resolution imagery, written content and video posts to a massive audience. WordX’s extensive customization capabilities, extremely cutting edge features and technological implementation, as well as its highly responsive coding, interactive features and overall modern interface make it an excellent fit for technological and tech related news magazines and blogs.

Whether you’re reporting the latest iPhone rumors out of China or posting interviews with up and coming independent game developers, if you’re in the business of distributing tech-related content to a huge online audience, WordX is the theme you seek, chock-full with the features and tools you’ll need to run your successful tech blog or tech news magazine. WordX is uniquely optimized to lower bounce rates, so that you can retain your visitors in the saturated market of tech news, and thorough AdSense integration, so you can turn your tech website into a revenue stream seamlessly. Search engine optimization guarantees you’ll be on the map where it matters–the rest, is up to you!



Compass is an extremely customizable, natively pliable, enormously powerful, easy to use, sophisticated and professional WordPress responsive news and magazine theme, constructed with sufficient potency and flexibility to easily lend itself to a host of different applications, but especially crafted with the needs and requirements of news and magazine websites in mind, equipped with a responsive, Retina-ready WPZOOM Framework that powers every aspect of this fluid, lively theme, a great match for technological magazines, gaming magazines, tech news websites and all similar or related ventures.

Compass is easily dressed to impress with the powerful Visual Customizer, while the ZOOM Framework enables all sorts of edition and modification and the Dynamic Homepage Builder churns out amazing, professional, technologically proficient webpages in a matter of instants, all supercharged with Jetpack’s plentiful additions and expansive features, including Tiled Galleries, Related Posts, tons and tons of Widgets, and many more custom elements that you just cannot find elsewhere and that are uniquely well suited for building your technological news website or tech magazine website. Compass is SEO friendly, easy to use and intuitive, built on a solid foundation of HTML5 and CSS3, and continuously updated over time, guaranteeing a website that stands the test of time.



Appsperia is a visually stunning, technologically accomplished, ultra-modern and highly stylized, interactive, engaging and captivating WordPress responsive app landing page theme, a highly specialized WordPress theme built to meet and exceed the expectations of software developers and software studios that need to produce professional-looking, visually polished, technically sophisticated, smoothly animated websites to advertise their upcoming releases or to receive traffic from their active products–whatever the case may be, if you have throngs of folks clicking or tapping something and ending up somewhere, Appsperia is the theme you want in order to create the place that will receive them warmly and make them feel welcome and at home.

Appsperia is thusly an ideal website theme for technological applications in general, not least due to its easily configurable interface, light and dark skins, readily available Parallax visual effects ranging from static video backgrounds to smooth scrolling and hovering effects, a huge multiplicity of social media icons to choose from and customize, working contact forms of all sorts for users to further inquire or place orders, a minimalist design that readily integrates with any preexistent brand identity or remains clutter-free to center the limelight on your works–Appsperia knows its business, and its business is landing pages.



Animo is a flexible and lightweight, easy to use and very user-friendly, technologically seamless and rapidly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Animo is a profoundly resourceful website building toolkit equipped with a sophisticated set of professional quality widgets, premium plugins, readymade demo websites and template pages, dozens of convenient shortcodes and features at your disposal, with the paragon of creative freedom materialized through the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, the impressive Slider Revolution premium slider creator, and a collection of the most honed and on point advanced theme admin settings available in the market today, making Animo a sharply customizable theme that allows you to express yourself thoroughly and uniquely.

Animo is well suited to service a range of website needs, but creative webmasters seeking a quick and effective portfolio solution will find in Animo a robust ally. With a slew of amazing portfolio layouts and configuration styles and choices to choose from, no two Animo portfolio websites look alike. Simultaneously, an ample collection of innovative gallery styles keep your professional showcases fresh and varied, and your users engaged, interested and involved. With Animo at your side, your traffic and your overall business will soar to new heights!



For your technology website, ZurApp is an ideal choice. It has a diverse toolkit of features, capable of enhancing all aspects of you page. Personalized widgets are available, along with 20 custom shortcodes. Gorgeous scroll animations will manage to improve every user’s browsing experience. This technology theme has multiple demos, and they can be imported via the One Click Demo Installer tool. You don’t have to start from scratch, as you can work to modify one of the demos. ZurApp has a creative App Introduction Slider, and a child theme version. Its layout is responsive towards any device, internet browser, and operating system. This not only expands your target demographic, but it also allows you to work from your phone.

It is much easier to climb search engine rankings, as ZurApp is SEO-ready. In total, there are 8 landing pages and more than 600 Google Fonts. Beautiful typography can really improve your site’s look. Customers can always rely on the quality support system, as their representatives are always standing by. It should also be mentioned that a live preview was added, for those who want to sample this product.



ReTouch is an uniquely fresh-faced, youthful and vibrant, tech-savvy and time-saving, efficient and effective, handsome and attractive WordPress responsive mobile app, developer and startup theme, flexible enough to support a plethora of different websites, such as personal or corporate blogs, professional freelancer portfolios and many other such websites, but especially designed with the deliberate purpose of creating a perfect website solution for mobile application developers, software developers, software studios and related technological business ventures.

ReTouch has been built to perfectly suit app developers specifically, with tons of convenient features and tools that will simplify your workflow as you attempt to showcase your beautiful apps to the world, market them to the public and reach as many people as possible with your ReTouch website. From tons of extremely useful demos and specific template pages and layouts for you to choose from and get started with, to thoughtful details, like the inclusion of graphical files to model your app on all the latest mobile devices, such as iPhone 6 and others, with new graphical models added with every new iteration. ReTouch is more than just responsive, it is built for the mobile experience and happens to scale well to desktops. Let your apps shine, with ReTouch.



xMobile is a highly sophisticated, technologically advanced, visually cohesive, functionally specialized, modern and fetching WordPress responsive app landing page theme, built exclusively for servicing the distinct needs of mobile application landing pages, special offer landing pages, promotional landing pages and similar, related, tech related landing page needs. xMobile’s expertise lies in its insider knowledge of the crucial aspects of landing page websites, and its preemptively designed homepage and background styles and variations, which you can combine to make your very own landing pages that are both awesome looking and entirely unique.

Handsome Parallax effects are available to bedazzle your audience as they peruse your app catalog, pricing information or any other content you may choose to put up, using xMobile’s intuitive, beautiful templates. Tons of color schemes are included for your aesthetical convenience, though you can easily craft your own from scratch, and convenient phone mockup files are added for you to showcase your apps on iOS, Android or Windows phones easily, out of the box. Over 500 Retina-ready, high resolution icons are available, as well as thorough, native responsive design, which makes xMobile naturally display just as gorgeous on your mobile phone as it does on your big desktop screen.



BRIDGE is an amazingly expansive, wildly popular, technologically competent, creatively unbridled, boundlessly customizable, intuitive, accessible and user-friendly WordPress responsive creative multipurpose theme, designed to deliver high quality, professional-looking, creative and innovative websites for all sorts of projects and needs across the board, but specifically focused on the aesthetic and design needs of highly creative websites. That is why BRIDGE is peculiarly powerful as a theme for technological and tech related applications and websites–the combination of its over 100 unique demo websites includes such a wide, vast range of possibilities that it is nearly impossible for creatively inclined technological websites not to find a homepage they can call home.

After any amount of easy, effortless alterations and fine-tuning you may desire to engage in using the included Visual Composer plugin, on top of endless content slider capabilities with the LayerSlider plugin and over 80 customized shortcode elements to further expand your website’s capacities. Over 24 entirely different conceptual layouts are available, capable of creating any imaginable website you could dream up, with unique, one-of-a-kind interfaces and pagination systems that will amaze and engage your viewers with your content in an intimate yet professional manner. Full screen image and video sliders, thorough social media integration, gorgeous icon font packages and extremely pliable typographical options on top of innate search engine optimization round off BRIDGE’s full value package.



Lorem is a clever and carefully constructed, attractive and well developed, sleek and aesthetically seamless and elegant, modern and mobile friendly, easy to use and wonderfully customizable, extremely responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Lorem has been gifted with an incredibly ambitious capacity for adaptability and versatility beyond your wildest dreams, with a particular talent in deploying advanced technological features and resources in an elegant, stylish and seamless presentation that users can engage with and relate to, with wide appeal across a diversity of demographics. Lorem is uniquely well suited for the purpose of creating, designing and developing sophisticated technological websites of all kinds and purposes.

With Lorem, webmasters from absolutely any background and with or without previous development experience are empowered to craft gorgeous and effective websites to serve as platforms for their products, services, projects or business undertakings of any kind within the technological sector, ranging from software as a service platforms to technological news, blogs, gadgets or app development firms, among many more possible applications. Graphical customization is completely intuitive and astoundingly simple with Lorem on your side, and you’ll find that showcasing your works is a whole different ballgame when you are using Lorem. Try it now!




NewsTube is a highly technologically advanced, visually stunning, seamlessly functional, interactive and captivating, polished and put-together WordPress responsive magazine, blog and video theme, built with the flexibility and raw power needed to effortlessly handle the requirements of news magazines, gossip blogs, video blogs, video channels, video playlist websites, video content aggregators and many other similar, related websites, making NewsTube an excellent fit for a technological and tech related website solution.

NewsTube has been crafted using the most advanced web technologies available, to produce an incredibly modern theme that is easy to use for webmasters of any skill level, and empowers all to generate the most professional-looking video magazines and tech blogs out there, using the powerful page builder in conjunction with NewsTube’s customized layouts for limitless visual possibilities. NewsTube makes use of a powerful frontend framework to easily process user-generated content, including posts, videos and more, with tons of special features for video content, including channels, playlists, video ads, user subscription, and front-end submission, all out of the box and at the drop of a hat. With tons of widgets to engage your visitors in social media feeds and trending posts, extensive social media follow and share integration and powerful advertising solutions, NewsTube is a full package for all the video tech websites you can think of.



Matador is a highly pliable, incredibly ductile, robust and solid, minimalist and clean, intelligent and time-saving, modern and efficient WordPress responsive news, magazine and blog theme, uniquely built with the express purpose of making an innovative, creative, easy to use solutions for modern, style conscious blogs, magazines and news websites, rich with advanced customization capabilities and expansive, sophisticated widgets, tools and features that greatly augment the capacities of your Matador website.

That’s why Matador is such a great theme for technological news websites, tech magazines and tech blogs–the nature of the content and audience that dominates the technological segment is sure to appreciate Matador’s polished, functional layouts, incredibly customizable theme options, page and post options with thorough branding options, the handsome, customized MegaMenus for convenient, easy navigation, the limitless, smoothly animated sidebars, the incredibly helpful shortcode generator with its dozens upon dozens of amazingly on-point shortcodes that can take care of just about anything your tech news, tech blog or tech magazine website may need, from video posts to static Parallax backgrounds to contact blurbs, if you can name it, there’s a shortcode for it in Matador. Slay the competition in style, with Matador, while you make a killing!



Chirps is an extremely communicative, highly expressive, visually eloquent, functionally sophisticated, polished and pristine, modern and vibrant WordPress responsive magazine theme, crafted with a wide set of powerful tools that empower it to easily handle the needs of websites ranging from blogs to portfolios, but especially potent when deployed for its true purpose, the design of highly stylized, modern and fresh-faced magazine websites, which is why it is also a perfect fit for tech magazine websites.

Chirps has an incredible, visually stunning design that is sure to get people talking, fully customizable from head to toe in terms of color, shapes, behaviors, sizes and layouts, includes truly remarkable article page layouts with a heavy focus on photography or on content itself, as you may desire, beautiful review page templates, and smooth, amazing title overlay effects. Chirps is a truly high tech magazine website for the new generation, with built in search engine optimization to boost your rankings across the board and drive more and more traffic your way, a fully integrated MailChimp newsletter marketing platform system, and modern AJAX pagination options, Chirps is a truly tech-savvy, one-stop shop solution your all your technological and tech related magazine needs. Make some noise!



Apply is a fantastically modern, entirely hi-tech, incredibly intuitive, robust and reliable, aesthetically pleasant and visually sophisticated WordPress responsive mobile app related theme, designed with enough power and flexibility to house websites as diverse as landing pages and technology blogs, but especially crafted for the purpose of building and maintaining mobile app related websites, mobile app showcases, mobile app developer websites and other app related websites in general. Apply is powered by the latest and cross-compatible HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, on Twitter’s BootStrap framework for a natively responsive code that scales seamlessly from desktop and laptop browsers to mobile and tablet screens without skipping a beat or losing any legibility.

Apply websites are super easy to construct, starting with any of Apply’s many included homepage demos and page template designs, which are easily customized with the advanced theme customization options, advanced page and post options and the powerful Visual Composer layout editor. Apply also includes a series of specialized tools to ease the creation of your technological app related website, including a unique app mockup slider, where you can present multiple device mockups such as Nexus, iPhone and iPads scrolling about with displays of your apps, while a video background shows the full potential of your products. Nothing is as apt as Apply.



Salient is an incredibly eloquent, visually impressive, functionally resource, feature-rich and graphically dense WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built to handle the needs of virtually any form of website, regardless of the nature of its content, users or data, due to Salient’s extraordinarily powerful framework that enables it to seamless handle diverse workloads at no added difficulty to the webmaster. Salient was built for websites that need to outshine the competition, in saturated markets, or in playing fields where you just can’t make it to the next level without a visual edge that makes you stand out.

This powerful versatility combined with such a deliberate memorability makes Salient a uniquely powerful theme for the creation and maintenance of handsome, professional-looking, functional, powerful and successful technological and tech related websites of any ilk, ranging from technological news magazines to iPhone rumor blogs, mobile app developer websites and software development firms, software support service firms and freelance technological consultants, all can greatly benefit from Salient’s unimaginably potent resources, including gorgeous, smoothly animated sliders, Parallax enabled headers, sections, footers and background, static video backgrounds, expansive MaxiMenus and intuitive visual builders–Salient is a technological paradise, for users and admins alike. Step up to the plate now!



Ronneby is a superbly well-designed, incredibly thoughtful, amazingly style conscious, tech-savvy and modern, hip and appealing WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, designed with sufficient strength and pliability to lend itself to an endless array of different purposes in all imaginable categories and applications, though uniquely designed for the purpose of servicing websites that cater to a high end clientele, marketing high end products and services and thusly requiring a high octane, high performance theme that is both extremely, inherently handsome and equally, thoroughly robust and reliable.

Ronneby is thus equipped with incredibly well-coded, fast-loading, graphically enhanced, professionally designed widgets and tools that are not only delightfully polished but potently functional, making Ronneby a very suitable theme for the needs of all sorts of technological and tech related website applications. Ronneby’s unique assortment of masterfully crafted layouts offers a truly one-of-a-kind series of solutions for all kinds of pages you can require, including corporate blogs, tech blogs, product portfolios, and much, much more, in highly memorable, recognizable designs that can be easily customized to your heart’s content to reflect your brand identity. Ronneby’s exclusive, innovative demos will be amazing time savers when it comes to building your tech related website, and guarantee that you are dressed to impress.


Unicon is an entirely unique, extremely impressive, visually iconic, appealing and recognizable, modern and distinct, functional and flexible WordPress multipurpose design-driven theme, built with the pliability and sheer strength to effortlessly tackle a whole host of different website typologies, needs and demands while simultaneously setting it worlds apart from the competition by virtue of Unicon’s extraordinarily innovative, conceptual layouts, templates, homepage demos and more.

Unicon is perfectly equipped to handle the needs of technological and tech related websites, as its design-driven interface flawlessly delivers cohesive websites that seamlessly integrate high end technological features like sophisticated Parallax visual effects and smoothly animated sliders, headers and footers with a site-spanning visual thematic identity that ties your entire website together into a memorable, iconic whole that is sure to resonate with audiences anywhere. Unicon is also fully customizable, so that not a single nook or cranny of your website goes unbranded, and offers both single page and multipage capabilities thanks to its powerful framework. WooCommerce integration is included out of the box, with tons of unique shop layouts that connect perfectly with your Unicon website. If you want a tech-savvy website that is capable of leaving a lasting mark in your visitor’s eyes and minds, Unicon is your theme.



Avada is a truly mind-boggling, endlessly expansive, incredibly feature-dense, amazingly innovative, technologically advanced, constantly evolving, visually stunning and functionally polished WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the ambitious goal of flawlessly exceeding the expectations of any kind of imaginable website, whatever its content, audience or purpose may be. To that effect, Avada is almost impossibly flexible, with untold amounts of layouts, full-fledged demo websites and elegant page templates to fulfill any role you could possibly require when creating a website.

That’s why Avada is ideally suited for the purpose of running a technological or tech related website. Its uniquely evolving nature makes Avada constantly up-to-date with the latest developments in technology, making for a theme that is vibrant and explosive with possibilities. Static websites, Parallax visual effects, infinite, sophisticated content sliders, carousel sliders, smoothly animated CSS3 and HTML5 featured and trending posts sliders, unparalleled social media follow and share integration, extreme code optimization for utterly unmatched loading times and search engine optimization, all delivered in a stylish presentation that is easily modified with a visual drag and drop section and layout editor and advanced, powerful admin panel options and custom post and page options to boot. Avada is truly the full hi-tech package.