Top 20 Simple WordPress Themes For Doctors And Medical Organizations 2016

Wordpress Doctor Themes

The practice of medicine may well be one of mankind’s oldest and most treasured and important sciences. It has existed in one shape or another for about as long as man has walked in two feet and picked herbs to ease malaise and stomach pains, to modern aesthetical surgeries and life-saving emergency procedures, uninterrupted through civilizations, always evolving with the times and eras, technologies and discoveries of each age to match the people it heals in both heart and mindset.

Modern culture is a globalized culture–barriers and locations are less significant these days than bandwidth and signal, to most people across all demographics. Medicine, too, has evolved in this day and age, and sophisticated medical practices everywhere are introducing themselves to their clients through the internet as a medium and as the venue for communications, with their own medical websites serving as their online calling cards. Websites help patients feel at ease with a doctor and their office and staff before even walking in through the door, making them receptive to the wealth of information your patients can readily access from your website, such as services and procedures, risks, fees, and more. The following collection of WordPress themes embodies all the requirements of successful, trustworthy and reliable websites for doctors. Have a look.



Divi is a beautiful and sophisticated, extensively and elegantly developed, cleverly implemented and graphically flexible and lively, colorful and vibrant, intuitive and very easy to use, powerful and adaptable, search engine optimized and fast-loading responsive WordPress multipurpose, multi-concept theme. Divi is an endlessly creative and virtually limitless theme that has been gifted with a huge set of features, plugins, pages and demos that make it one of the most complete WordPress themes overall currently in existence.

Divi deploys the Divi Builder to great effect, making short work of page building tasks big and small, and with 18 professionally predesigned layouts to choose from, your Divi pages will always set off on the right foot and let you hit the ground running. Powerful shortcodes like Pricing Tables, Services and many more greatly expand the functionality of included pages and demos, making Divi a natural fit as a theme for doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists medical practices and related enterprises, as Divi’s fresh-faced and youthful look will appeal to clients across all demographics, inspiring the confidence and trust needed to establish a doctor patient relationship. With Divi’s native responsiveness, compatibility issues are a matter of days long gone. Upscale your practice today, with Divi!



CoPro is a serious and professional, clean and crisp, minimalist and aesthetically polished, design driven and extremely functional, technologically articulate and very user friendly and easy to use, intuitively navigable and wonderfully simple and streamlined responsive WordPress multipurpose theme. CoPro is a versatile and flexible theme that has been decked out with an ample toolkit filled with diverse options and features that will have webmasters of any background or skill level churning out sophisticated, professional-looking websites in a matter of minutes, without writing a single line of code. CoPro includes powerful HTML5 and CSS3 technologies along with sophisticated and beautiful Parallax elements, sections and smooth scrolling capabilities to engage your audience in a meaningful fashion.

These features and a wealth of convenient, user-friendly shortcodes make CoPro an outstanding theme for servicing the needs of medical practices, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists and other health sector websites, industries and enterprises of all kinds that deal directly with patients and wish to establish an online foothold for their practice that inspires trust and confidence, that is completely safe and reliable, modern and impressive yet still intimate and clean. To top things off, CoPro is WooCommerce compatible out of the box, so you can turn out medical website into a new revenue stream within minutes. Go pro with CoPro!

Health & Medical


Health & Medical is a powerful and dedicated, wholesome and inviting, fresh-faced and lively, aesthetically pleasant and deeply resourceful, technologically innovative and very intuitively customizable and easily navigable, visually impressive, graphically polished and professional responsive WordPress commercial multipurpose theme. Health & Medical is a theme that has been deliberately created to the meet and exceed every demand that webmasters trying to establish medical industry websites in general will encounter as they set out.

Health & Medical is wonderfully time-saving and incredibly easy to customize, with an intuitive page building process that will have amateurs and experts churning out equally seamless websites and pages within minutes, out of the box, without ever writing a single line of code. Health & Medical is perfect for doctors, dentists medical practices, physical therapists, chiropractors and all sorts of health professionals looking to establish an online foothold for their practice wherein their current and potential patients can feel at ease and comfortable. Health & Medical includes 5 custom built Post styles specifically for medical website needs, such as Departments, Doctors, a handsome Slider post and Services, among others, as well as thorough WooCommerce integration out of the box so you can market those services directly. What else can you ask for? Health & Medical today attracts new customers, hooray!



HealthFlex is a cleverly crafted and deliberately designed, technologically inventive and creative, marvelously modern and astoundingly attractive, eloquent and elegant, easy to use and both user and developer-friendly, clean and crisp, mobile friendly and highly responsive WordPress business and commercial professional multipurpose website theme. HealthFlex is a very intuitive and extensively designed theme, doted with the necessary muscle and ductile malleability required to handle the needs of a wide range of website archetypes and applications without complication, with a particular, specific focus on health service sector websites, such as medical services, clinics of all kinds, dentists’ offices, or private professional doctor practices, among many more related uses.

Doctors in particular find HealthFlex vastly convenient and impressive useful, with its very user friendly page editor, a completely visual process with absolutely no coding and an intuitive drag and drop process that lets users with no previous development experience build their own beautiful, customized websites with a clean, polished look and deep functionality in a matter of minutes. HealthFlex includes several different, unique demo websites for you to get off on the right foot, with plentiful demos and templates for doctors to make their own through an intuitive customization process. Try HealthFlex today!



Therapy is a beautiful and resourceful, trustworthy and very visually appealing, colorful and youthful, serious yet lively, innovative and cutting edge, seamless and unblemished, polished and pristine, cleanly designed and technologically thought out and potent highly responsive WordPress health and medical website template. Therapy is perfect for all sorts of websites that have a strong focus on the health care industry and related aspects, enterprises, projects and businesses, from hospital and research centers to public and private clinics, pharmacies and medical practices, Therapy has all the tools and plugins you could dream of to create the most awe-inspiring, modern, jaw-dropping and amazing health care industry websites around, in a matter of minutes, and without any need for prior coding experience or skills.

Therapy puts the world’s best tech resources right at your fingertips, so that you can sit back and focus on what matters–your medical services! In the meantime, Therapy lets you make use of the incredible Visual Composer plugin to seamlessly churn out endless custom-built pages like a pro, the WordPress Booking Calendar so that your visitors can easily book appointments right off your website, and the expansive WooCommerce plugin, so you can market your services and charge for them directly on the web. Update your Therapy!



Medical-Link is a beautiful and wonderfully modern, up to date and cutting edge, innovative and fresh-faced, luminous and bright, very well structured and surprisingly easy to navigate, technologically imaginative and potent, stylistically refined and polished responsive WordPress medical and health care website theme. Medical-Link is a uniquely well developed theme that has been expansively designed to easily and quickly take care of all the needs and requirements webmasters may encounter as they design, develop and maintain their own sophisticated, tech-savvy and impressive medical and health care websites, always ready in a matter of mere minutes and without having to write a single line of code yourself.

Medical-Link has been masterfully crafted in such a way that the website design process is visual and intuitive, so that Medical-Link’s comprehensive included documentation is more than sufficient for webmasters amateur and expert alike to make their way around Medical-Link in a flash. The Redux Framework also powers Medical-Link, greatly expanding your control over your Medical-Link website by offering you a wealth of features and customizable options that truly put you in the driver’s seat of your website’s navigational experience. A wealth of convenient and relevant page templates are ready to make your life easier. Link up to better health today!



MedicalPro is a powerfully built and highly reliable, solid and secure, professional and stylish, rapidly responsive WordPress health and medical website theme. MedicalPro is the perfect companion for doctors, general practitioners, psychiatrists and similar, related professionals in the medical field that are looking to establish an online home for their practice, wherein clients or patients can easily and intuitively find their way about, get to the information they need and even acquire your medical services or products, all from a single, streamlined location.

With MedicalPro, four different, professional quality homepage styles are available for you to choose from and fine-tune to your liking with the incredible, drag and drop Visual Composer page builder and the brilliant Revolution Slider premium slideshow builder, making your pages unique and lively at the same time. Keeping tabs on your scheduled appointments is enormously uncomplicated, owing to the marvelous TimeTable premium plugin, provided at no added cost to you, while the impressive Booked plugin provides clean widgets for your users to easily book their own appointments right off your MedicalPro website. Running a successful practice takes a lot of patients, and with MedicalPro’s superb SEO performance and Bootstrap responsiveness, MedicalPro is bound to keep the patients coming! Try it now!

RT-Theme 20


RT-Theme 20 is a wholesome and fully functional, sparkling and stunning, easily customizable and thoroughly user friendly, comprehensively thought out and cleverly coded, professionally designed and readily responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. RT-Theme 20 has been laboriously developed over a length of time by a team of multi-disciplined professionals, designers and coders, working in tandem to provide you with the most resourceful, polished and professional website building toolkit on the market today.

RT-Theme 20 is a perfect partner for webmasters rookies and veterans alike, since its simplistic design hides an extremely potent backbone that puts a whole slew of capable and flexible options and features right at your fingertips, without requiring you to code a single line yourself. RT-Theme 20’s nimble, intuitive interface is a favorite among corporate and professional webmasters due to its sheer intuitiveness and clean structure. RT-Theme 20 includes wholly functional predesigned, pre-styled template pages and whole homepage demo websites readily available for deployment with a single click. RT-Theme 20’s WooCommerce capabilities right out of the box let you market your products, showcase your services and much more, at the drop of a hat. Give RT-Theme 20 a try today, and let your business feel the difference!



MentalPress is a powerful and creatively outstanding, serious and extremely professional, clean and crisp, reliable and trustworthy, safe and secure, visually luminous and attractive, engaging and deeply functional, technologically competent and capable, highly responsive WordPress psychology, counseling and medical website theme. MentalPress is a carefully and painstakingly developed theme that has been constructed with intuitiveness and ease of use as its central design values, and which, to that end, includes a host of wonderfully uncomplicated, streamlined and simple tools for you to make gorgeous modern medical and psychology websites in a matter of minutes, right out of the box, without having to write a line of code.

MentalPress features an effortless installation that is over with a single click, includes the potent Visual Composer plugin so you can easily make your own layouts and pages as easy as dragging and dropping sections into desired locations, and features the Real-time WordPress Customizer for you to see the precise effect your fiddling has over your website’s look and feel. Compatible with WooCommerce eCommerce plugin as well as a host of other WordPress free and premium plugins, MentalPress can be easily expanded or adapted to suit your every need, and dozens of convenient page templates will let you hit the ground running and focus just on what matters–the mental health of your patients.



iMedica is an incredibly expansive and extremely ambitious, professionally graphically designed, serious and professional, reliable and secure, safe and trustworthy, engaging and dynamic, convenient and time-saving, elegant and refined, technologically resourceful and extremely responsive WordPress medical and health care organization website theme. iMedica is an exclusively developed theme that has been decked out with all the plugins, features, resources and page templates you could possibly ever need while organizing, developing, designing and maintaining sophisticated and tech-savvy medical and health care organization websites of all kinds, in a seamless, breezy and easy fashion. iMedica has been designed with small and large medical or health care organizations in general in mind, and as such, is uniquely built with shortcodes, plugins and pages perfect for corporations, companies, businesses, enterprises, medical practices and clinics of any scale and specialty–if you are dealing with health industry related products and services and need a website where you can present your organization to the public at large in an informative and engaging presentation, look no further than iMedica, your one-stop shop all-inclusive solution for organizing and coordinating impressive, modern and resourceful hospital, clinic or medical practice websites in a flash. Try one of iMedica’s many medical demo websites for all sorts of niche medical practices, from chiropractors to veterinarians!

Health & Medical


Health & Medical is a clever and resourceful, technologically accomplished and extremely easy to use, navigationally intuitive and graphically streamlined and Retina ready, search engine optimized and wonderfully well structured, incredibly feature-dense and ultra responsive WordPress medical multipurpose website theme. Health & Medical has been developed as a wholly full-featured all-inclusive solution for webmasters looking to create attractive and successful websites for any sort of medical practice, hospital, chiropractor, private or public clinics, labs and all sorts of similar, related fields.

Health & Medical is a significantly powerful theme for doctors overall, including over 6 different post types out of the box to handle any kind of content you need to share with your audience, including over 6 different Portfolio grid layouts for you to showcase your medical or health care services in a bright and innovative presentation every time, which you can easily and intuitively modify with the integrated Page Builder. Health & Medical has all the furnishings of modern websites, from expansive Contact Form support and compatibility to several single page style demo websites, your choice of sidebar side and orientation, custom in-house developed admin panel options to fine-tune your Health & Medical website to fit your organization flawlessly, and much more, this is one medical theme you do not want to miss out on!



Psychologist is a sober and professional, serious and purposeful, elegant and discrete, reliable and extremely secure, solidly constructed and technologically versatile and articulate, relaxing and soothing, gracious and aesthetically serene and clean, polished and very functional responsive WordPress psychological and medical practice website theme. Psychologist is a beautiful and highly engaging theme that has been professionally graphically composed extensively developed with the needs of psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists and doctors in general establishing an online home for their professional practices.

To that end, Psychologist is a powerful and sophisticated theme, featuring modern elements like an Events Calendar as well as a dynamic Appointments Calendar system. Psychologist is a cleanly designed theme that, while versatile enough to easily lend itself to a host of different website archetypes and applications, has been uniquely decked out with convenient and neat shortcodes, plugins and page templates for all kinds of medical or psychological purposes. Psychologist is very flexible, and you will find the process of visual customization to be simple and streamlined to the point that you can thoroughly make Psychologist your own without having to write a single line of code. Try Psychologist today, and see the patients flock to your practice overnight. Listen up!



Lambda is a clever and efficiently coded, wonderfully flexible and functionally resourceful, secure and reliable, technologically polished and cutting edge, aesthetically accomplished and very attractive, engaging and trustworthy, luminous and accessible, easily navigable and very user-friendly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Lambda is a powerful and outstandingly shape-shifting theme that has been packed along with over 26 conceptually unique and one of a kind demo websites for all sorts of imaginable purposes and applications, including beautiful and potent Medical demo websites for all your medical practice, hospital, clinic, or physical therapist website needs.

Lambda is very easy to install, with a one-click setup process that will let you hit the ground running and have your website up within minutes. With over 100 thoroughly customizable Bootstrap options, your Lambda medical website will always look precisely the way you want it to, while the amazing Page Builder plugin makes short work of page design, development and construction. The Revolution Slider plugin is integrated for your convenience, while tons of header and footer options keep your pages lively and dynamic. Lambda is thoroughly responsive out of the box, making it a perfect theme for reaching patients across the board on all devices and browsers. Get Lambda today!



Apicona is vibrant and colorful, serious and professional, fresh-faced and lively, cleanly structured and very neatly designed, expansive and ambitious, deeply functional and completely flexible and nimble, technologically cutting edge, engaging and inviting responsive WordPress health care and medical website theme. Apicona is an incredibly powerful and specifically, deliberately designed theme that, while sufficiently strong and malleable to seamlessly lend itself to a host of diverse applications and website archetypes, has been exclusively constructed as to be an all-encompassing solution for webmasters of any skill level that are looking to establish an online foothold for their medical and health care websites, or websites from any related fields and industries.

Doctors, physical therapists, emergency services, hospitals, clinics, the list of possibilities for Apicona is as endless as its unlimited color scheme combinations, and as ample and varied as its over 2000 Icons with Search Feature, saving you time and money as you build intuitive, easy to navigate pages for your patients to inform themselves of your offered products, services, staff and more. An incredibly user friendly Drag & Drop Page Builder is integrated into Apicona so you will be set up with your own medical website in no time and in a bright, modern and friendly style that people can easily relate with. Get Apicona today!



Clinico is a reliable and trustworthy, professionally developed and elegantly styled, aesthetically refined and polished, seamless and unblemished, serious and professional, minimal and clean, pristine and practical, very simple and streamlined, graphically stimulating responsive WordPress premium medical and health care theme. Clinico is a sophisticated and gorgeous theme that has been extensively and carefully developed over time to be a powerful and very thoroughly coded website solution for public and private clinics or hospitals, medical practices, doctor’s offices, physical therapy offices and all sorts of health care industry related websites of any kind whatsoever.

Clinico has been gifted with a unique, recognizable but extremely clean and unfettered visual language, making it easily navigable to users across a wide demographical range, and includes the handsome and convenient CWS PageBuilder plugin to enable webmasters to design and publish their own amazing, custom pages within minutes, without having to write a line of code, and decked out with all the shortcode-aided functionality and features your heart desires. Clinico includes support for the powerful Events Calendar Pro so your patients can book their appointments right off your medical website, from day one, as well as the smooth Slider Revolution plugin to amaze your audience as you inform them. Heal the world like the pros, with Clinico!



Medic is a very powerful and technologically articulate and resourceful, user and admin friendly and extremely easy to use and learn, feature-rich and well structured, easily navigable and cohesively designed, graphically polished and visually attractive and appealing responsive WordPress medical, health care and hospital website theme. Medic is a professionally developed and highly focused theme that has been built to meet and exceed the demands of medical professionals seeking to establish an online foothold for their practice or business without any hassle or fuzz, capable of empowering webmasters without any prior coding experience to easily and effortlessly create professional-looking websites and pages in a matter of minutes, out of the box.

Medic makes effective use of the Visual Composer plugin along with a series of custom-built, customizable and very functional block elements that you can visually stack atop or alongside each other as you build your new pages in a flash. Tons of useful, health-care-industry-relevant shortcodes are included with Medic so you truly say what you need to say in the most efficient, communicative and expressive way possible. Tons of options are available, like different Timetable types, Doctors Post, Departments Post, Testimonials and more, all fleshed out with dummy content so you can be up and running within the day. Go with Medic today!



LifeCare is a modern and charming, engaging and enticing, colorful and vibrant, attractive and aesthetically stylish, visually appealing and lively, graphically smooth and polished, technologically flexible and versatile, functionally rich and deep, fast-loading and highly responsive WordPress medical and health care website theme. LifeCare is a theme that has been decked out with the vast features and functions required to successfully create amazing medical, health care, hospital and fitness websites of any scale and nature.

If you are looking to create a beautiful and functional website that caters to the health care industries in general, appeals to patients or customers in an online environment specifically, and is fully capable of handling user-generated appointments in a dynamic calendar system, LifeCare is exactly what you are looking for. Natively search engine optimized, LifeCare websites will always rank better than competitors, as your content is indexed first and better by search engine robots, while powerful features like the Flex Slider, Parallax Static Image, Custom Slider compatibility, Video Sliders with shortcode functionality, tons of header, subheader and footer options and more, LifeCare is a theme that can take your health care, medical or fitness website to a whole new level. Are you ready to start your LifeCare?



MedicalPress is a smart and modern, cleverly coded and deeply functional, resourceful and imaginative, deliberate and polished, professional and trustworthy, serious and reliable, safe and secure, easy to use and very intuitive, luminous and bright responsive WordPress health care and medical website theme. MedicalPress is a uniquely developed theme, the result of a purpose oriented design process wherein the key factors weighed considered the actual, practical needs of medical and health care professional websites.

MedicalPress has been developed on a modular, responsive Bootstrap foundation for maximized user reach and utter cross compatibility from the get-go, with extensive Theme Options accessible through the Admin Panel that completely transform MedicalPress into any sort of website you have in mind, with easily modified shortcodes, elements, sidebars, post formats and much more. The incredible Visual Composer Page Builder puts you in the driver’s seat of your website’s page design, construction and development, as you churn out amazing custom layouts that employ MedicalPress’ custom, in-house developed shortcodes and features to make your life easier and your workflow speedier. 2 different types of Sliders are included, as well as 4 types of Appointment Forms to match the information and format best suited to your practice. Start the healing process with MedicalPress!



Medicom is a beautiful and functional, modern and attractive, very resourceful and deeply customizable, wonderfully fast-loading, nimble and easy to use, simple and streamlined, user and developer friendly, technologically articulate and accomplished, highly responsive WordPress medical and health care website theme. Medicom is an expressive and impressive theme that has been masterfully crafted with a sophisticated selection of useful and convenient tools and features for building incredible, dynamic, interactive and deeply useful medical or health care websites in a flash, without having to write a single line of code.

Medicom is packed with 5 different Homepage styles for you to choose from, as well as 3 different headers all of which can be Sticky or not, on top of 8 handsome color schemes that are easily switched via the powerful Admin Panel options included. Medicom is also packed with 3 blog layouts, layout options, gallery pages, testimonials and much more to get your medical website off on the right foot. Appointment forms are included with Medicom and completely functional out of the box. Visual Composer and Layer Slider premium WordPress plugins are also integrated, at no added cost to you. Medicom really is a full value package. Get it today!

Above listed all are WordPress themes but we have also covered the best HTML5 based health and medical templates and you can find them here. If you couldn’t find the right theme you can continue your research here.

Infinite Theme Review: A Powerful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Infinite Package WordPress Theme Review

If you’re looking for a highly flexible WordPress theme, then the newly released Infinite could be perfect for you. In this Infinite theme review, we’ll be putting this multi-purpose WordPress template under the microscope to help you decide if it has everything you’ll need to build the best website for your project.

Multi-purpose themes are some of the most popular WordPress themes available. With so many different options to choose from, how do you know which is the right option for your project? Fear not. By the end of this Infinite theme review, you’ll know whether this theme is for you, or if your search for the best WordPress theme continues.

Who Should Choose the Infinite Theme?

Infinite Theme Review Main Demo

As this is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, Infinite aims to be an all-in-one website solution for everyone. However, while this theme does include a page builder tool and wealth of other customization options, the best way to determine who should choose this theme is to check out the pre-built website demos.

Infinite Theme Review Demos

If you can find a website demo that matches your project, or one you think can be easily tweaked to help you build the website you need, then Infinite could be for you.

We’ll be covering the quality of the demos next in this Infinite review, so be sure to read on if you’re trying to find the best WordPress theme available today.

Infinite WordPress Theme Features

The main highlight of the Infinite theme is its huge number of features. But are these features useful or are they just used to help sell the theme? Let’s find out in the next section of our Infinite theme review.

High-Quality Website Demos

Like the best multi-purpose WordPress themes, the core feature of Infinite is its selection of pre-built website demos. These demos can be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. In no time at all, you’ll have a professional-looking design to add your own content to.

The Infinite demos are divided up into four main categories, each with their own set of demos. Therefore, if you’re creating a website that falls into one of the following categories, Infinite could be a good choice for your project:

  • Corporate
  • Creative
  • Niche Retail and Services
  • WooCommerce

Those categories are broad. So let’s take a closer look at the website demos that make up the Infinite theme to see what they really have to offer.

Infinite Corporate Website Demos

Including the main Infinite theme demo – which is a multi-purpose option that would be good for almost any type of website – there are six different demos to choose from in the Corporate category.

Infinite Theme Review Yellow Black

One option is the Yellow Black demo. Well suited to innovative businesses and service providers, this demo is ideal for those that need a very modern website.

Infinite Theme Review Big Corp

Then there’s the Big Corp one page website corporate demo. As you can see, this is a stylish demo. Big Corp makes great use of the fixed sidebar navigation layout. As your visitors click on the menu items, an eye-catching scrolling technique is used to move the desired content into view.

Infinite Creative Website Demos

With six website demos in the creative category to choose from, Infinite is a great choice for anyone who wants to build a creative website – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a creative website?

Infinite Theme Review IN Agency

IN Agency is one of those creative demos. It’s a good choice for building a stylish online portfolio with WordPress. If you need to display your creative work online and in style this could be a good choice. The navigation system of the IN Agency demo is particularly impressive. Standing out from the competition should be much easier thanks to this novel approach to website menus.

Infinite Theme Review Photography Demo

If you’re creating a photography website then the aptly named Aperture demo is well worth checking out. Whether you simply want to share your photos online or promote your photography services to a wider audience, the Aperture theme gives you plenty of options.

Infinite Theme Review Agency Demo

As well as the full screen slider, the Agency demo features a homepage that’s packed with features. As your visitors scroll down the page, you have the option of displaying a range of useful modules. With options including feature lists, collapsible tabs, portfolio excerpts, pricing tables, and Google Maps, you’ll easily be able to build the homepage you need with Infinite and this creative agency demo.

Infinite Niche Retail Demos

The demos in the Niche Retail category cover fitness, mechanical, gardening, medical, and architecture businesses. However, they’re all flexible options that can easily be tweaked to suit a wide range of projects.

Infinite Theme Review Medical Demo

At first glance, the Infinite Medical demo is a pretty standard option. However, as you scroll down the default homepage layout, you and your visitors should be impressed by all the widgets and features the Infinite developers have managed to cram into this website. Of course, the homepage layout is entirely flexible. You can easily switch on and off the various widgets. Alternatively, you can rearrange them to better meet your needs.

Infinite Theme Review Fitness Demo

The sports and fitness demo has a great look that’s perfect for this type of website. Whether you want to create a website for your gym, promote your personal training services, or simply blog about your favorite sport, this demo is a good option.

WooCommerce Online Shop Demos

Infinite Theme Review WooCommerce

There’s only one purpose-built ecommerce demo available so far from Infinite. However, it has a neutral design that makes it a good choice for selling a range of different products. All the store page templates are there.

All the store page templates are there. This includes product listings, checkout and shopping cart templates, and more. If you want to build an online store with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, Infinite can help you. It’s worth noting that any of the other demos can be used to list products for sale, thanks to the overall support for the WooCommerce store builder plugins.

Infinite Theme Review Online Shop

The Infinite website demos do have a very high-quality design and appearance. They’re also packed with useful features. However, these pre-built demos might not be right for every project. If this is the case and there isn’t a demo that matches your requirements, keep reading this Infinite theme review to find out how they can easily be tweaked or completely modified to help you build the WordPress website you need.

Intuitive Demo Content Importer

Having access to such high-quality demos is great. However, if the process for importing them into your WordPress isn’t straightforward, you’re going to end up frustrated. It’s often the case that a WordPress theme will offer a disappointing user experience when it comes to importing demo content – at least when the desired end result is an accurate replica of the demo site used to promote the theme.

Infinite Theme Review Demo Import

Thankfully, the Infinite theme features one of the best demo content importer tools I’ve seen. As well as giving you an easy way to select which demo website to import, you’ll also find quick links to all the demos. This gives you a quick and easy way to view the demos in action before making a final decision.

Infinite Theme Review Demo Import Progress

Then there’s the option of installing either the light or the full version of the demo. Currently this is only an option for the main demo. However, it does give you the ability to only import some of the demo content. This is opposed to importing the 100s of dummy pages and images they contain. You can also choose which aspects of the demo to import, including the menus, image, theme options, sidebar and footer configurations, and more.

Infinite Theme Review Demo Import Complete

I’m pleased to report that the demo content importer worked really well. In just one or two clicks, my new WordPress website was set up and ready for my own content.

Library of Content Layouts and Page Templates

Infinite Theme Review About

As well as the demo homepages, Infinite comes with a large amount of layouts and templates for the inner pages of your site. This includes a selection of about page templates, multiple services page templates, a number of contact page templates, and a whole lot more.

Infinite Theme Review Contact

The Infinite theme demos also include an impressive range of blog post layouts, including many different content and sidebar arrangements, as well as a number of blog post lists and widget layouts.

Infinite Theme Review Blog

If you want to create an online portfolio with WordPress, Infinite has lots to offer. As well as the portfolio focused demos, choosing any of the other demos will still give you the ability to add an online portfolio to your website.

Infinite Theme Review Portfolio

In fact, there are many different portfolio templates and modes to choose from. Therefore, no matter what type of website you are building or what kind of work you want to share online, Infinite and its portfolio options are a great tool for this type of product.

Infinite Theme Review Portfolio 02

Publishing your images online with Infinite is easy too. Thanks to the interesting selection of gallery layouts, you’ll have no trouble choosing a design that’s right for your website and its content. The horizontal scrolling gallery layout is a particular highlight from this theme. However, there are many more gallery modes and layouts to choose from so be sure to check them out.

Infinite Theme Review Gallery

Drag-and-Drop Content Builder

Some multi-purpose WordPress themes include the Visual Composer plugin in order to add a page builder tool to their feature list. Infinite includes a bespoke page builder plugin that was created by the theme developers.

Infinite Theme Review Page Builder

The Infinite builder has an interesting approach to page design. Although the work takes place in the admin area of your WordPress website, a live preview mode is always on hand to give you a good idea of how your work will look when it’s published – something that isn’t always possible with other tools of this type. Thanks to the use of Ajax, saving your progress takes place in an instant, without the need for any page reloading — very useful if you are worried about losing your work!

Infinite Theme Review Builder Block Mode

You can easily switch between the different views of the page builder. This gives you the option of viewing your work in block mode, preview, or live mode. Each option has its pros and cons. They’re all useful features of this bespoke page builder tool.

Infinite Theme Review PreBuilt Pages

Another really interesting feature of the page builder tool that’s included with the Infinite theme is its prebuilt content. This includes a selection of high-quality prebuilt pages and prebuilt blocks. As the name suggests, the prebuilt pages can be used to quickly add a range of pages to your WordPress website — all of which can be easily customized through the page builder interface.

Infinite Theme Review PreBuilt Blocks

As well as the prebuilt pages, the prebuilt blocks are on hand to help you create your own custom pages. At the time of writing this Infinite theme review, there were 26 prebuilt blocks to make use of, giving you a quick and easy way to mix and match blocks to create your own pages.

Infinite Theme Review Block Edit

Examples of these blocks include multi-column layouts for presenting your services, featured boxes to highlight important information, interactive maps and contact details, and much more. Being able to instantly add these blocks to your page designs and then personalize them can really speed up your workflow.

Infinite Theme Review Elements

Elements can be used alongside the prebuilt pages and blocks to add more useful content to your pages. These elements can be easily searched and filtered to help you find what you are looking for.

Infinite Theme Review Elements Filter

Advanced Theme Options Admin Panel

Infinite Theme Review Control Panel

The page builder tool is ideal for creating custom designs for your website’s content. However, when it comes to controlling the overall appearance and configuration of your site, these settings can be found in the theme’s admin control panel.

Infinite Theme Review Header Settings

Infinite really does give you full control over how your website looks and functions, all through an intuitive theme options panel.

Infinite Theme Review Customizer

You can also use the WordPress Customizer tool to personalize many aspects of your website as well.

Other Features of the Infinite Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Infinite Theme Review Testimonials

This theme really offers too much to cover here in our Infinite theme review. As well as all of the above highlights, the Infinite WordPress theme also offers:

  • 3 premium slideshow builder plugins
  • Fast loading times and impressive page speed scores
  • Full support for the WPML plugin to help you create a multilingual WordPress website
  • Coming soon option to put your site into maintenance mode
  • Ability to create unlimited sidebars and choose when and where they are displayed
  • Built in mega menu feature to enhance your site’s navigation areas
  • Google Fonts integration providing you with over 700 fonts to choose from
  • Testimonial publishing tools
  • Call to action button elements
  • Pricing table builder
  • Multiple header layouts

Infinite WordPress Theme Pricing Options

Infinite can be purchased from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This price includes lifetime access to theme updates and six months of support from the developers. You can extend this period to 12 months by paying an extra $17.70.

Considering this theme includes the premium LayerSlider WP, Slider Revolution, MasterSlider, and iLightBox plugins at no extra cost, it’s a great value option that could save you $72 in plugin costs.

Infinite Theme Review Final Thoughts

Infinite is a really impressive theme. All of the demos look great and are of a very high standard. The demo import process works really well and you should have no trouble setting up your website.

Thanks to the huge selection of page templates and layouts, you can mix and match the different options to create your own custom design. The powerful page builder tool is on hand to help you carry out any more extensive customization work.

If you like the look of the demos, then Infinite has the features and functionality to back them up and help you build a professional WordPress website.

Find out more about Infinite today

Did this Infinite theme review answer all your questions? What do you think of this theme? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Top 20 Travelling WordPress Themes 2016

New Travelling WordPress Themes

Although summer is in its bloom, travelling has already become not only summer prerogative. People travel all the year round. They choose different destination points, different transport, various accommodation, but all of them have the same goal. To escape from prosiness and to bring a gulp of fresh positive emotions into their lives. The easiest way to let this happen to book the tour online. People want to have the list of the destination points to choose from, book tickets and find suitable accommodation in one place. These 20 Travel agency WordPress themes are aimed to help you to build the website with the functionality you need specifically for your kind of services.

All the themes are 100% responsive, which means you don’t need to bother about losing those clients who browse the internet through mobile devices. Your website will adjust easily to any screen size and resolution. The templates run on Cherry Framework 3. It offers advanced customization options and it will cost you nothing to do the alterations you need by yourself, even without knowing much about the code. Intuitive admin dashboard facilitates management of the website. This latest themes released by TemplateMonster this year are also feature-rich and provide extensive functionality.

[embedded content]

In case you don’t know where to start from with your website, you can look for tutorials the internet has plenty of. To begin with you can subscribe for “WordPress Site in 5 Days an Hour a Day” , which will send to your e-mail detailed instructions of how to launch your website. Then for useful pieces of advice and tips and tricks you can read Startup Hub posts.

And now just browse through the showcase, read the descriptions and take a look at the live demos. Perhaps your ideal template is already waiting for you to pick it up.



Bellevue is an elegant and stylish, easy to use and visually refined, intuitive and accessible, highly responsive WordPress bed and breakfast and hotel website theme. Bellevue is an amazingly uncomplicated platform for the speedy development of fully functional, attractive and ambitious hotel, vacation rentals, cabins, chalets and all similar, related business websites focusing on receiving guests in absolutely any environment. Bellevue has tons of on point, useful and convenient features and resources you can deploy in a single click and without writing a line of code, each specifically honed for the necessities of a modern hotel website.

With surprisingly out of the box functional, polished features such as availability checking, booking and reservations, full blown payment systems and even integrated online shops, Bellevue is the entirety of the requisite online infrastructure for your hotel website, all in one place! Based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap modular design, Bellevue is completely mobile friendly and entirely cross compatible with browsers and devices around the globe without any additional efforts from you. With the impressively attractive Master Slider touch-enabled slideshows, Bellevue lets you engage your audience in a meaningful and memorable fashion that makes a lasting impression. Try Bellevue today, and see the results!

Details | Demo

Travelino Agency WordPress Theme

This bright and vivid template can become a perfect representation of your tourist business online. Large photos and background image along with trendy slider are very useful for displaying important information. You can dispose up to 10 slides with the information you want to draw your customers’ attention to. Using valid HTML5 and CSS3 code this theme is SEO friendly and will easily take your website to the search engines’ tops. Simple to navigate admin dashboard and shortcodes provided facilitate customization and modification process. Integration is quick and effortless. Bootstrap functionality allows your website to adjust easily to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bon Voyage WordPress Theme

If you are tour operator and you need a platform to showcase your services online, you should take this template into consideration. Two columns layout provides wise content arrangement and nice fonts and pretty images make it look pleasant and appealing for any audience. Cross-browser compatibility and 100% responsive design allow you not to bother about which devices your visitors are using to browse your website. You will have no problems while adding any type of media content as the theme is enhanced with a pack of shortcodes. With well-thought detailed documentation you will be able to set up your website in no time.

Travel WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Avid Traveller WordPress Theme

Very important for a successful website is to have some appealing and catchy homepage to draw the attention of the visitors and to make them stay on your site for information or services. This clean smooth design can be an example of the above mentioned. White background with sky-blue accents and call-to-action buttons give the feeling of lightness and spaciousness. Multiple color options allow you to choose color scheme you like. The template is WPML ready. So if you decide to go onto international market you will grasp multilingual audience as well.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Custome Travel WordPress Theme

When you look at the big image slider with juicy images of exotic places you instantly acquire the desire to go there. This is a good trick for promoting your tours and to raise your conversion. Three column layout gives you an opportunity to represent information about tours in a clear readable way. Intuitive and user-friendly admin dashboard and built-in theme customizer allow you to do customizations without deep knowledge in coding area. The template is built on Bootstrap and it will be displayed flawlessly on every gadget your customers may choose.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Travel Guide WordPress Theme

The design of this template is trendy and unhackneyed. Main menu is displayed right under the big conspicuous image. The theme uses stylish parallax effect, which allows your visitors to get involved deeper into your website. They will spend more time on your site scrolling down the page and interested to know what comes further. Nobody likes slow websites. That is why Lazy Load effect is also very important feature as the pages of your site will be downloaded in seconds. The template is fully customizable and you can adjust almost every detail to your taste.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dream Journey WordPress Theme

The functionality of this theme allows you to launch a blog where you can post informative articles and share useful travelling tips and tricks. You have also a portfolio option, where you can showcase places worth seeing or display pictures of your happy clients vacation. Parallax effect used in this theme is not only the invention of marketers, but a psychological trick. It uses natural curiosity of people to involve them into browsing process. The color palette of this template is pleasant. It uses warm sunny colors which awake the feeling of relaxation and rest.

Dream Travel Club WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Monochrome Travel WordPress Theme

Black-and-white colors are being the head stone of the style. This palette is classics and it is going to be popular both now and always no matter what fashion tendencies are prevailing. Bright yellow elements are serving as a nice fringe perfectly fitting monochrome color scheme. The theme looks original thanks to its design, as the most traveling websites use bright colors and juicy images to attract attention. And here the photos of the exotic places show up beneficially on the dark background like precious diamonds in the golden chase.

Original Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

OK Trip WordPress Theme

This template looks really nice and is a good choice for an agency offering tours, accommodation or best ticket deals. It is professional, built with valid HTML 5 code and SEO-friendly. Thanks to built-in theme customizer making small modifications will not take much efforts. Custom page templates allow you to add as many pages as you feel like. Be sure that you website will be displayed correctly on every device your visitors may use thanks to its fully responsiveness. On top of it, the template has bunch of additional features, such as Drop Down Cart, Drop Down Menu, Favicon, Google Map, Tag Cloud and lots of others.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Trip Way WordPress Theme

This theme sticks out at once thanks for its conspicuous purple outline. There are no heavy overburdening elements. It gives the feeling of space, but at the same time provides all the information needed. Huge slider at the home page allows you to promote your hottest deals or to attract attention to some important information. Lazy Load effect is very important for travelling websites, as they are always full of photos. As the images outside of the viewport are not loaded at once, your website will be loaded faster. And this is formula for success as no one likes to wait and people often close the page before it is loaded till the end.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sixth Continent WordPress Template

This template is a perfect match both for a tourist agency and for personal travel blog. Fancy layout and scrumptious functionality make the theme trendy and modern both on the inside and on the outside. The template has a number of useful qualities that will help you to build large and permanent audience and raise your conversion. Using Bootstrap and being totally responsive this template will make your website to look perfect on whatever screen resolution. The theme is WPML ready and you will easily conquer international audience as well. And finally, being search engine friendly it will bring your website to the top of the search lists.

Travel WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Vacation Guide WordPress Theme

Hazy images and pastel colors palette along with clean white background give the theme stylish and modern look. Parallax and Lazy Load Effect working together create the feeling of deep immersion into your website. Scrolling down the page your clients will absorb all the information you are willing to offer. Crossbrowser compatibility and responsive design allow you to get relaxed about your visitors comfort. You won’t lose them no matter what device they are using for surfing the web. And with on-line chat feature you will be able to give them necessary support.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Journey WordPress Theme

This template is easy to work with. It is well-documented and you are not likely to have problems with installation or customization following the detailed manual. Intuitive admin dashboard allows even the complete beginner to do everything smoothly and with minimum efforts. 80+ shortcodes will help you to do the customization without any deep knowledge of the code. Aside from this the layout of the theme is also fantastic. It uses picturesque images and pretty fonts. Wise use of the space allows you to display information the best possible way. You can change the color scheme if you feel like that and play with the fonts to make it look perfect for you.

Picturesque Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

New Horizon WordPress Theme

This template uses contrast colors in its design. Black background is a perfect framework for beautiful images and big slider. And white background allows you to post information in a clear readable way. You can arrange text blocks in whatever manner you like. You can also fit every element of the design as the theme is fully customizable. Installation and set up instructions will guide you through the process and the support team will answer all you questions and solve all you problems if they occur.

Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Travel Experience WordPress Theme

The theme looks fancy and unusual thanks to its experimental design. Parallax effect slowly uncovers beautiful unhackneyed sections. About Us section looks really minimalistic with simple icons and brief information. Destinations section is represented really good with big eye-catchy images and nice fonts highlighting the main information. Gallery section looks absolutely innovative and unusual. Main menu and the buttons on the page have rounded corners which is also quite original. So the overall impression of your website built on this template would be positive and magnetic. And your visitors will understand at the first glance that you are right what they need.

Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Paradise Travel WordPress Theme

This flexible and stylish template allows you to build an original travel agency website. The colors in the palette match each other perfectly. Chocolate brown frame makes the main part of the page highlighted and draws attention to the content. While bright images tie with orange call-to-action buttons. The good thing about every ready-made template, and this one as well, is that you can alter it beyond recognition. You can customize every element of the design so that no one would be able to recognize in your website the template you bought. Moreover the customization process itself is fun and easy.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Best Travel WordPress Theme

This template looks really out-of-the-box. Everything here, starting from white coffee background and ending with original fonts is pleasant for the eyes. Main menu is unusual as well. Big slider in an offbeat tablet frame draws attention. The theme in general looks minimalistic yet stylish. Like all the other themes of this post it is powered by Cherry Framework 3, which means facilitating of the installation and customization processes. It has plenty of functionality and allows you to build a blog as well.

Travel Guide Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Favorable Ranch WordPress Theme

The feeling that one gets looking at this theme is peacefulness and relaxation. That’s very important detail, as when people are searching for the information they need, they pay quite a lot of attention to their inner feeling concerning this or that thing. If they get attracted at once, 80% that they will be your clients. So you need to rely not only on good content, but create the atmosphere as well. Lazy Load effect serves the same purpose. How can people catch the mood and atmosphere of the website if it is loaded for what feels like forever? With Lazy Load effect you won’t lose your clients because of this problem.

Favorable Ranch Location WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Travel News Portal WordPress Theme

White color has stopped to be considered dull long ago. It is stylish and basic for more complicated details. In this layout it serves the noble purpose of concentrating the visitor’s attention on the images and your travel news. As a news portal your site is likely to have a lot of different content, but wise organization and well-thought structure will prevent your visitors from having any difficulties with navigation. Well-balanced layout allows you to present a lot of information without making the website look too heavy and overburdened with details.

World Fashion News Portal WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Journey Guide WordPress Theme

Very welcoming theme with dark background and bright green accents is a perfect choice for travel agency website. Green color awakes the feeling of warmness and happiness. And these are good associations for a travel website. To convert these associations into buyers you need to reinforce them with good content and vivid images. Parallax effect plays into your hands in this situation, as it catches the visitors attention and makes them to stay longer on your website, scrolling down the page. Lots of features are just simple and small things that make the visitors’ experience on your website even more pleasant.

Travel Guide Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Meridian Travel WordPress Theme

This template is simple, but it offers everything you may need to build a high-quality website. Big background image, one of the latest tendencies, is used to create the mood of vacation. Slider with bright juicy photos will help your visitors to decide where they would like to head off. The main section is perfect for arranging information about your hottest propositions, tours you offer and services you provide. Footer is ideal for placing contact information and social media buttons. Clean valid code and detailed instructions attached will make your experience of working with the theme just unforgettable

Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

20 Best Responsive Real Estate WP Themes for Agencies, Realtors, Property Listings and Directories 2016

Responsive Realestate WordPress Themes

If you are in the property and real estate business, then you’re very interested in building an awesome, professionally looking and a cutting-edge official website for your successful company or agency to stand out from the crowd. Tech has been a major game-changer and not only in real estate entrepreneurial arena. Nowadays, new technologies are evolving on a daily basis and you don’t have any right not to use it to your business advantage. TemplateMonster offers you some help to turn your prospect into a client by creating a modern, powerful and professionally designed templates for your real estate business presence online.

If you want your website to look great and tech savvy, we encourage you to look attentively this neat collection of 20 Best Responsive Real Estate WordPress Themes for Agencies, Realtors, Property Listings and Directories 2016. Being an entrepreneur and business owner means being committed to your product or service 100 percent. Day by day we need to solve problems and WordPress is just the case where a professionally designed website can help you to create a virtual space that’s both engaging and functional.

Why namely WordPress? The answer is very simple: free and open source CMS, which is updated on the regular basis. WordPress offers you tons of free and premium themes and templates, which encourages you to stay ahead of the curve as much as possible. Keep in mind, that realtors, agencies and brokers need to make a meaningful investment to generate a meaningful response. And content – specifically, great visual, thoughtful, human-centered content is just the very investment. Responsiveness is another great advantage in this business niche. Your website should be readable and visible from all known mobile devices to get world-wide fame.

There are incredible array of tools and advanced add-ons to help you to create a modern and fully functioning website oriented on real estate business. TemplateMonster offers you to check this brilliant collection off-the-shelf real estate WordPress themes to choose from, and to find what really fits your business needs and tastes the best. Please read detailed tutorials and sturtup hub to dive deeper into WordPress world to stay motivated and keep going to your success. Don’t forget to monitor the newest trends in real estate industry, pay attention to the chatter box about desired changes in store and be always prepared for the unexpected. All these 20 Best Responsive Real Estate WP Themes for Agencies, Realtors, Property Listings and Directories have all necessary add-ons and features to add the listings easily, to showcase the images, display important data in an organized format. Click Demo and More buttons for detailed information regarding every product and its cutting-edge features.

Keep in mind no matter which one you choose, be sure you will get a top-quality product designed to help you and your company to grow and develop.

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Let’s start our ball rolling with a very robust WordPress template suitable for anyone who is looking to build a real estate website with lots of pages. Its multitude options allow you to build a great looking website with a clean design. Powered by Cherry Framework 4, the theme allows your visitors to fin exactly what they are looking for, without any complex set-up and configuration process. If you need to create a website that’s multi-lingual, then you can use WPML ready plugin, which is included into the package. A user-friendly Drag and drop interface, dropdown menu, advanced theme options, back to top button, sortable gallery, and more tech savvy features are carefully added into the package.

Responsive design and crossbrowser compatibility help your website to adapt to all known mobile devices and screen sizes your visitors use to browse your real estate website. This theme can be lso used for any other business blog website due to its clean and flexible layout. Google web fonts allow users to personalize their site’s typograpgy. Click Demo button to get a great idea of what to expect from this Real Estate WordPress Theme. The theme stands out in this brilliant collection of the best real estate themes for WordPress, thanks to its professional, cutting-edge design an impressive flexibility. Fully customizable theme will help you to add listings and show them prominently on your website.

Real Estate Agent WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Theme for a Real Estate Agency

Check this Responsive WordPress Theme for a Real Estate Agency with the best design and style that can be used for the enhancing of your business project. It’s one of the best WordPress theme prepacked with all the features that are required for an estate agent. The theme is fully responsive and can be adapted to any device wothout need to worry about design and development of mobile version of you website. With Stick to top menu feature your visitors will be able to be stick to the top while scrolling down the menu Bar. Built on Cherry Framework, SEO-friendly, and retina ready the theme is designed in such a way that will help you to gain as much visitors as possible.

A very professional and a great looking black-white-grey design f this theme will fit to a real estate business of any kind and goal. You are free to create absolutely unforgettable visual experience due to its easy customization process. It is a very convenient template to use to be able to edit and manage it according to your business needs and tastes. Google map functionality will allow you to showcase property markers, details, contact pages etc. No deep knowledge are needed to customize your website’s home page using smart options and advanced tools. Google web fonts allow to personalize your real este website’s typography. A set of all needed add-ons will help you to establish your business presence online and welcome yoour visitors to your dynamic, modern and engaging website.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rental Apartments WordPress Theme

Create a real estate website that looks stylish and professional with Rental Apartments WordPress Theme, where its every single elements re used to set up amazing first impression for your visitors. The theme is responsive and crossbrowser compatible to look perfect on every mobile device even on 27inch iMac 5k. With this Word{ress theme you will be able to implement custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus, post types, and moverover you will be able to run one blog or millions of blogs from the same installation. Flexible layout of the theme allow you to easily customize your website due to awesome WordPress 3.x features. You may consider switching to this template anytime without losing any of the content you have created before.

Built-in SEO-friendly features help you to index your business on all serch engines effortlessly. Great aesthetically pleasing appearance of this theme is very important, as well as its great functionality. Adding some interactive animations will make your website more engaging and user-friendly. Performed in a modern clean style the theme is a great choice to create a fresh real estate website according to modern web design tendencies. Enjoy previewing its Demo version to see how it appears. Try this eye-catcy template, which is simple to install and to manage. It’s fully customizable thanks to Cherry Framework, advanced widgets, great admin panel, easy to use galleries, catchy price tags and content organization.

Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Creative Real Estate WordPress Theme

If you prefer your website look engaging and creative we encourage you to try this unusual WordPress theme for those who are into the business of renting or selling houses, apartments or rooms. Prepacked with great sliders and widgets this Creative Real Estate WordPress Theme allows you to showcase your best projects or services to your audience. Put your brand logo at the top of the theme and design your menu to suit your business tastes and your visitors’ needs. Layout and design are very clean, simple and informative enough to help you to adjust it almost to anything. Parallax and Lazy load effects give your site impressive look and inspire your visitors to stay with your company.

The template is very flexible due to amazing Cherry Framework and Bootstrap toolkit. Responsive and crossbrowser compatible layout helps your website to adapt to all mobile, tablet or deskop devices smoothly. Prepacked with advanced features and options, it comes with stock photos, great documentation, on-line chat, custom page templates, back to top button, crisp typography and excellent free 24/7 technical support. This template is a good choice for you if you need a minimalistic design combined with captivated expirience of the website. By the way, if your business isn’t related to real estate you may adjust this theme to fit any other business field as well. Give your audience confidence about your professional services with the help of your innovative, eye-catchy and user-friendly official website.

Real Estate WP Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Theme for a Real Estate Agency

This theme suits for real estate agencies, land brockers, interior and exterior design bureaus, and is professionally designed to give your visitors the complete overview of your company, srevices and projects. This clean and responsive template looks good and fulfills its task. A simple combunation of buttons on top gives you possibility to customize your menu bar and place there the most important information about your company. IT’s fully responsive and editable to make your website international due to WPML ready option, which can handle more than one language. Installation process will take you only 2 steps to use this theme successfully. A full-width eye-catchy image in th emiddle of the home page gives your visitors engaging visual appeal.

The theme is prepacked with advanced features and more than 80 shortcodes, Google web fonts, back to top button, sliced PSD, custom page templates, Parallax scrolling effect, and much more. SEO-friendly option will help your website to climb in search engines to the top easily. Pixel-perfect icons, polygon background and light blue color schemes can enhance the style of your website. Provide your website a livelier interaction between your visitors and your company’s site. It comes with testimonials, services, accordions, and all other usual features you would expect from a premium WordPress theme. Built-in portfolio section allow you to showcase your listings or properties.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Apartments Blog WordPress Template

Apartments Blog WordPress Template comes with powerful PHP plugins, such as contact forms and detailed documentation in order to help you to set up and manage your official website related to real estate business niche. Interactive Google map on the home page is intended to make your visitors’ search more convenient and easy. This flexible template was built with a contemporary design and a minimalist feel to suit apartments rent company official website. Your visitors will appreciate your interactive site with super custom and target search options by zipcode, region, type, price, etc. Built on Cherry Framework and Bootstrap functionalities, the theme allows you to customize it easily to fit your business needs and tastes.

Responsive layout of the theme makes your company online presence awesome, additionally you are able to switch up the design of your website and look professionally on all mobile or tablet devices. You will be pleased with its beautiful and professional design, and moreover with smart add-ons and features, such as SEO-friendly option, WPML ready, custom page templates, back to top button, dropdown menu, on-line chat, lots of quality images, nice icons, well-organized structure and detailed documentation are among them. Try this fully functional design for your website that has a nice look and feel and a sleek smooth scroll to it. Don’t forget to check out Demo version.

Real Estate WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Perfect Rent WordPress Theme

If you want to save yout time, energy and money, please check out this elegant and fresh Perfect Rent WordPress Theme suitable for real estate business niche websites. Your visitors will definitely find your website engaging and interesting due to built-in live search option. Powered on Cherry Framework you need only some clicks to install this superb theme. It’s responsive-ready and crossbrowser compatible, prepacked witj Parallax scrolling to provide more engaging effect. In fact, Parallax scrollong effect brings your visitors better online experience and make them stay with your company longer. Well documented instructions and free 24/7 excellent technical custom support team will help you to solve your problems. A great combination of light colors and illusion of depth in 2D make your website stand out from the crowd.

Working with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 versions, the theme is filled with advanced features and options, such as sliced PSD, cusstom page templates, dropdown menu, Google web fonts, social options, on-line chat, and other useful tools. SEO-friendly option help your business to stand at top of the web market. All the products are arranged in grid-based view, which helps you to save space and provide better selection of your products and services to your audience. Hover effect displays a detailed information about a particular item. Amazing contact form helps your visitors to stay in touch.

Apartment Rent WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Realtors Agency WordPress Theme

Realtors Agency WordPress Theme is a trendy template suitable to create your attractive real estate website within minutes. Since the layout of this theme is fuly responsive, so your website will look beautiful on any modern device your visitors prefer to use. The theme is very flexible to edit and manage due to an useful set of features and plugins built-in. Smart use of grey colors is combined with warm shades to give your website a stylish design and a sence of reliability when choosing houses and apartments.

This theme boasts rich content arrangement, uncluttered layout, easy navigation and some other smart UI elements for your website’s better usability. Clean and simple layout of this template comes with advanced features, such as SEO-friendly option, Parallax scrolling and Lazy load effects, custom page templates, back to top button, social options, and much more. Detailed documetation and free 24/7 technical custom support will always ready to your assistance. Click Demo to see it live.

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Realtor Services WordPress Theme

Another great and easy to use template is designed professionally with a smart use of colors to create an awesome website for real estate companies as well as for exterior and interior desig agencies. Realtor Services WordPress Theme comes with clean and stylish layout, easy customization features, well organized content, and other add-ons. Make a name in the online market place for your real estate agency or brokers company with the help of this contemporary and fully functional WordPress theme. Combination of dark palette is highlighted with a touch of bright colors to focus on your services.

This template comes with a set of handful features and a powerful search filter module to find the property in seconds. Create an awesome presentation for your official real estate company with well-kept image galleries. Fully responsive and SEO-friendly template with a lot of customization functions. Clean and easy to view layout, nice combination of content on the website’s home page, with on-line chat support. Cherry Framework helps you to edit and manage your website much easier, MotoPress is an additional tool as well. Apart from what you will get, the theme is rich on custom widgets, page layouts, multiple color choices and multilingual support.

Realtor Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive Accomodation WordPress Theme

Make your real estate official website look up-to-date on the web with this well-structured Responsive Accomodation WordPress Theme. This reliable and easy-to-use template will help your visitors not to get lost in city jungles and find exactly what they need. This advanced WordPress theme has a Google map integration instead fo a full-width header to allow prospects to search listings in your area with ease. If your real estate business focuses on location, then this fully responsive and crossbrowser compatible template fits your trade’s goals. Enjoy the quality and great resources of this theme, customize it easily with the help of included in it handful features.

The theme is very flexible and offers you to play with its various smart options to make your website creative and engaging enough for your users. Clean kisting design, custom post types, multiple color options, sliders, custom widgets for social sharing and comments, and much more. Great combination of modern design and exceptional content of this WordPress theme makes it one of the best real estate WordPress themes. With the help of well detailed documentation and free 24/7 technical support team you will implement all embedded plugins and show your most beneficial offers efficiently. On-line chat built-in features, widget ready, auto updateer, SEO-friendly options and more will help you to vizualize your data in various creative ways.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Real Estate Flats Responsive WordPress Theme

Here it is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme suitable for real estate agencies, brokers and business companies. This Real Estate Flats Responsive WordPress Theme would be a great asset if you want to create your official real estate website with a very aesthetically pleasing, clean layout and easy navigation. Built-it sliders will help you to showcase your best houses, apartments and flats. SEO-friendly option means that your website will be highly ranked in search engines. Combination of snow-white color schemes makes it look like a part of the technology-wise future. Its responsive design will appear perfect on any screen, no matter the size.

Powered by Cherry Framework this theme allows you to customize it with ease and give your website ultra-modern look. The template is prepacked with a set of handful functions, including an image gallery, which can be changed, integrated Google map to help your visitors to find you, Dropdown menu, contact form, Parallax scrolling and Lazy load effects, etc. Moreover, this ready-made WordPress theme comes with WPML plugin to change your website to another language in case of business need. Its detailed structure and proper formats are the best options to build a luxury real estate website with all the essentials required. Click Demo to see your website live.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive Accomodation Business WordPress Theme

Please check out another one professionally designed WordPress theme for real estate business websites to gain more popularity online. Responsive Accomodation Business WordPress Theme has a very user-friendly navigation to injoy browsing your website and is designed to bring the most important information to the front. This theme uses a great hero header, which is so popular nowadays. You may choose a prefered gallery type from accordion, carousel or slider, fantastic sliders may implement a presentation of pictures along with typography options. Integrated Google map will help to find you offline, custom widgets are used to place comment boxes and social media buttons. Additionally, one step installation works well for advanced users and beginners alike, advanced backup and various color combinations make this theme great and contemporary for real estate agents.

Built on HTML5, this template has some awesome features making it one of the best real estate WordPress theme for your official website. Completely responsive deign helps you to gain wider audience from all known mobile devices. WPML ready option expands your horizons and allow you to create your website in multiple languages. Flexible design, Dropdown menu, customizable contact form, SEO-friendly, well documented and well-structured as well. This WordPress theme is a great choice to set up a website for real estate agents and agencies, where you can post all your properties and create a community of people around your official website.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rental Services WordPress Theme

If you don’t want to bother your visitors with lots of unnecessary elements, but create a smashing real estate website that will suit all demands of your prospects, then try this stylish Rental Services WordPress Theme. A stunning carousel right in the center of the home page will draw your visitors’ attention and they will stay with you longer. If you go for minimalism and impressionism then this fresh and modern WordPress theme is just for you. Its clean and lightweight layout was designed to fit any website oriented on real estate, business, architecture, interior or exterior design. Wise combination of white-pink-black colors make the visual appeal of this template engaging and memorizable.

A set of smart features and add-ons allow you to build your presence online. Lazy load effect, which improves your website’s loading speed is among them. Easy-to-use navigation options, cool galleries for better visualization, back to top button, dropdown menu, Google web fonts, social options, and much more will get lots of likes from your visitors. Powered by Cherry Framework the theme is SEO-friendly and WPML ready. Click Demo to view your future website. Animated menu buttons and other various functional tools prepacked into this template will help you to create a stunning website for your real estate business project.

Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive Mortgage Loans WordPress Theme

This clean and minimalist WordPress theme is filled with handful features to be a perfect choice for creating a website for a mortgage company. Trustworthy and user-friendly template will make sure that your real estate online business is reliable and handy. The web design includes a categorized photo gallery, which helps you to make sure you show your apartments in the most efficient way. Integrated Google map helps your visitors to find your company, ready-yo-use blog widget with advanced commenting and social sharing options help to make your online presence successful.

Minimalist design, white background and bright orange elements make this Responsive Mortgage Loans WordPress Theme impressive and contemporary, and won;t give a chance to your prospects to pass by your exceptional offers. A set of handful features and tools make this template highly compatible, SEO-friendly option helps to rank your website higher in all search engines. Fully responsive and crossbrowser compatible layout allows to make your website readable on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops. Detailed documentation and free 24/7 technical support team is ready to solve your problems. Make your website recognizable on the web market.

Mortgage Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rental Agency WordPress Theme

Try this flexible and attractive WordPress theme to build your home or apartment rental service official business website. The theme looks great and professionally designed to give your visitors impressive visual appeal in a simple, but creative manner. Get more sales and profit when using this professional looking template suitable for any type of real estate business. Help your visitors to believe in the opportunity to find comfortale place to live thatnks to your prominent rental agency website.

Rental Agency WordPress Theme is a feature-rich template will help you to make sure your visitors that your rental agency offers apartments according to the topnotch trends in the interior design. The theme is well structured, all needed information is organized in blocks, gorgeous usage of typography gives your website creative and engaging look and feel. SEO-friendly option, MotoPress editor, WPML ready, Parallax scrolling efect, custom page templates, commenting sysytm, dropdown menu and sample content are among those smart features. Please click Demo to see your website live.

Rental Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Oblia – Dream House WordPress Theme

Use this premium quality template for starting your own real estate website offering a dream house to your customers. Its unique home page layout is powered with enhanced operability and easy navigation, combination of yellow and grey colors is pleasing to the eye and looks professional. Main horizontal menu is situated right on the top of the home page to provide easy access to all the important categories. Wise combination of featured blocks arrangement and list of services allow your visitors to navigate your website easier. Get more sales and profit thanks to your fast loading official website, which provides better user experience to your visitors.

Oblia – Dream House WordPress Theme ensures smooth browsing experience for the viewers with features like universal access, easy navigation, multiple language option, crossbrowser compatibility, Dropdown menu, Google web fonts, custom page templates, commenting system, and much more. Powered on Cherry Framework and Bootstrap functionalities, the theme is SEO-friendly and fully responsive to look perfectly recognizable. Customize the theme with ease due to detailed documentation and excellent custom support team. Try this excellent solution for your business presence online.

Dream House Bureau WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Nice Land Brokers WordPress Theme

Another great, fully responsive and easy customizable WordPress theme is designed by professionals to provide overall visual experience. It focuses on images, offers featured blocks with price notifications, eye-catchy background image, includes a filterable portfolio, customer widgets and smart add-ons. This simple and lightweight Nice Land Brokers WordPress Theme is a perfect solution to build land brokers, real estate or apartment’s brokers website for providing better user experience to visitors. Its responsive and beautiful layout comes with high engagment features and advanced options.

Combination of light mint green and dark grey colors provides your website with nice elegant visual appeal. This Cherry Framework-powered template boasts clean layout filled with advanced features, such as Google web fonts, sortable gallery, custom page templates, dropdown menu, SEO-friendly option – which helps to rank your business website better, WPML ready, and other smart tools. Responsiveness and crossbrowser compatibility help your website to adapt to all known mobile devices, tablets or desktops. Equipped with detailed documentation the theme is easy to install and customize to be sure to create the perfect website for your land brokers business project.

Land Brokers WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Elegant Renting Agency WordPress Theme

Make your website outstanding using this clean and minimalistic Elegant Renting Agency WordPress Theme for your renting business online. Light design is combined with softly colored photos and simple elements to give your website an excellent visual appeal. Easy installation and customization process, smart features and options, advanced backup and fantastic sliders allow you to create professionally looking online business portal. Designed for rental, brokers, real estate agency etc. this minimalist WordPress theme helps to attract your visitor’s attention and better user experience.

All you need to do is simply customize and manage this theme according to your business needs and tastes. Its flexible layout is filled with advanced plugins and options, such as top slider with hover effect, testimonials section, back to top button, dropdown option, Google web fonts, custom page templates and multiple language option as well. Completely responsive and crossbrowser compatible the theme perfectly adapts to all mobile devices your visitors use while browsing your website. Click Demo button to see your future website look.

Renting Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive Real Estate Industry WordPress Theme

For every real estate agent it is extremely important to establish himself in a local web market having created a proper web presence. With the correct WordPress theme it’s possible to build a professional website to convert more customers into the real estate market. Go with Responsive Real Estate Industry WordPress Theme and create a contemporary and a tech savvy real estate website for your business needs that will help you to capture the web market. This fully editable template includes more than 80 shortcodes to help you in designing in a quick manner.

Its 100% responsive layout allows you to custom the post types and formats, change color options anf fantastic sliders. Grab your visitor’s attention with its well-structured layout, filterable portfolio etc. Nice vertical menu provides a website with more handful options. SEO-friendly, WPML ready, well documented, advanced theme options, social options, and mmuch more additional tools. Due to responsive design the theme is readable on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops. Don’t hesitate and create a perfect website for promotin your real estate business online.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

White Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

And here is one more clean and nice WordPress theme powered by Cherry Framework for creating a fashionable website related to real estate business. White Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme offers plenty of room for its customization and management. The theme is filled with WPML plugin, over 600 different Google fonts, 80 shortcodes, multiple color options and more. Easy in installation, advanced dashboard, filtered galleries and of course excellent support team make this template extremely nice and powerful. Check out Demo below to see all functions of this WordPress theme.

Clean and responsive layout if this template with a set of handful features will suit to needs of all real estate websites. Your website will be accessible from all kinds of devices, be it a smartphone, tablet or iPhone. Equipped with Cherry Framework and Bootstrap the theme provides additional functionality and enhanced performance online. Enjoy designing your website and promoting your business on the web market.

White Real Estate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

20 Best Medical and Healthcare WordPress Themes 2016

Healthcare WordPress Themes

Any website, no matter what business it is devoted to, needs to look reliable. But medical websites needs it three times as much. People are very concerned about their health and want to entrust themselves only in the hands of the professionals. With these 20 medical WordPress themes you will be able to build a trustworthy solid foundation for your services.

All the templates in this compilation are fully responsive. So you don’t need to worry about losing those clients who browse the internet using their mobile devices. These latest templates from TemplateMonster consider all modern tendencies of web development and provide advanced functionality. With Cherry Framework customization process won’t take you much time and efforts. As a nice bonus you also get stock images the template goes with for free.

If you are new to online business and not sure what to start from, take a look at various tutorials. You will easily find a lot of useful information in the format you prefer. Lots of video material can be found on YouTube. If you prefer to read, consider “WordPress Site in 5 Days an Hour a Day” tutorial. After the subscription you start getting detailed instructions on your e-mail and will be able to launch your website in 5 days. For more useful tips and tricks you can go for Startup Hub . There you will find different marketing strategies, SEO recommendations and loads of other information useful both for beginners and for advanced web masters.

Plastic Surgery Clinic WordPress Theme

Everyone wants to be beautiful. People choose different ways to come to their dream. And those who choose plastic surgery are looking for a trustworthy clinic. With this template you will make your website look appealing and gain the trust of your patients at the first sight. The color scheme uses traditional medical green and white colors. Full-width slider draws attention to the services you want to point out. The template boasts of built-it Drag and Drop Page Builder. This powerful tool allows you to customize existing and build new pages without touching a line of code. It is perfect for the beginners.

Plastic Surgery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hair Recovery WordPress Theme

This latest medical template has GPL v3.0 license. Its light and smooth design will be loved by any audience. Drag and Drop Page Builder facilitates the process of customization in times. You can also find testimonials section, which raises the trust for your clinic. Putting contact information with the phone number to the slider is a good idea, as your potential clients don’t need to look for it for a long time. Additional features and small details, such as hover effect on images, dropdown menu, calendar etc., create an overall pleasant image of the website. Social integration including Facebook Like Box, Instagram Board and Twitter Feed will help greatly in popularizing and promoting your website.

medical WordPress template

Details | Demo

Be Dentist WordPress Theme

The template is very customizable. So you can easily adjust it to the medical services you provide. You can create absolutely unique pages with Drag and Drop Page Builder, even knowing nothing about coding. Imbedded Live Customizer allows you to alter the template to fit your corporate identity and to observe changes on the fly. Show that you care about your patients with Appointment form plugin. It allows booking an appointment right on the website, which is very convenient. GPL license ensures that you can use this template for unlimited number of websites paying only once.

Medical WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Diagnostic Laboratory WordPress Theme

This bright, but not garish website creates very positive impression. Flat design comes to a new level in this template. All the elements on the page are slightly shadowed, which makes the content blocks more salient and separate them from each other. Tabbed layout makes it possible to place more information on the homepage without looking messy. Trendy MegaMenu makes it easy to navigate the website. Being built on the latest Cherry Framework 4.0 the template has advanced customization opportunities. Overall this theme looks trendy and takes into account all modern tendencies of today’s web.

Health Care WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dental Clinic WordPress Template

Let’s face the truth, dentists are not in the list of most loved doctors, although their work is very important and essential. To dispel the stereotype you need to have a reliable well-thought website. Take into consideration this template. Its fully responsive layout and crossbrowser compatibility guarantee you won’t lose any single client regardless of the device he or she is using. Parallax scrolling allows you to present all important information in a clear and modern way. Team section, testimonials and gallery help you to create a solid trustworthy foundation for your clinics. Lazy Load effect makes sure that the site will be loaded in seconds and your patients won’t have to wait.

Dental Clinic WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Home Care WordPress Theme

This heartwarming template with smooth parallax scrolling and Lazy Load is a perfect choice for elderly care website. Full-width background image with blurred effect create the feeling of immersion. The template looks very light with ghost buttons and transparent logo. To show your care to your visitors this theme uses dropdown menu, back-to-top button, Google map and lots of other feature that all together create this overall feeling of perfection. Clean valid code and SEO optimization make a good foundation for further promotion of the website. The template goes well-documented. So you won’t have any problems with its maintenance.

Nursing Home WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

New Clinic WordPress Theme

Running on Cherry Framework 3, this template has endless opportunities for customization. To personalize the theme and to make it look totally different from what you have bought, you can alter almost every element of the design. Different gallery scripts allow you to arrange content wisely and aesthetically pleasant. You can help your clients and answer their questions thanks to built-in on-line chat. And they would definitely appreciate your care. Being multilingual this template is ready to take your services to the international market. Lots of additional features will make the experience of working with the theme easy and light.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ideal Smile WordPress Theme

The template uses white and blue palette in the layout. These colors have soothing and restful effect. Big slider on top presents most important information or the services you want to promote. 3 big boxes and drop down menu organize content and facilitate navigation. A testimonial section raises the trust to your clinic and gives an opportunity to your patients to share their pleasant experience. Thanks to parallax scrolling you can dispose a lot of useful information. And not to make your visitors wait for it to be loaded the template is enhanced with Lazy Load effect.

Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Reproductive Clinic WordPress Theme

The template is easy to work with. It is based on Cherry Framework 4 and powered by Bootstrap, which provide advanced opportunities for customization and extremely user-friendly layout. Services section uses minimalistic style with flat icons and allows showing information in a clear and readable way. Newsletter section at the bottom of the page gives your clients an opportunity to receive your latest news and updates. Fully responsive design is a must-have today, as 80% of people prefer browsing the web through their mobile devices. The template provides blog options for you to share interesting information with your audience.

Reproductive Medicine WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hair Plastic WordPress Template

This template combines different modern tendencies to provide a fair competition to already existing websites. Usage of soft pastel colors, full-width slider with pretty images and buttons with rounded corners make the website look femininely and tender. It is a perfect choice for some kind of hair care services or cosmetological clinic. Parallax gets your visitors involved and hover effect allows them to explore all the details of the services they are interested in. Add to this easy intuitive navigation and you get a recipe for the perfect website.

Hair Transplant Clinic WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Audiologist Clinic WordPress Theme

This flat template is right what you need for a solid and reliable website. It doesn’t have any distractive details and allows your visitors concentrate on the content itself. Lots of built-in features allow you to create right what you need without compromising. You can customize everything, starting from the color scheme and ending with the fonts. The template is written with clean HTML 5 and CSS 3 code, is SEO optimized and search engine friendly. These qualities will easily bring your website to the top of the search.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hair Restoration WordPress Theme

Bright green color used in the layout attracts attention at once. It also helps to arrange content in a clear way. You can use the big slider to showcase photos of your clients or to place hottest propositions there. At the bottom of the page your visitors will be able to find testimonials to boost their trust. Right below it they will discover quick and easy way to get to you through inbuilt Google map. Parallax scrolling, as one of the latest tendencies in modern website building, keeps your visitors engage and make them spend more time on your website scrolling down the page.

Hair Transplant Clinic WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Maximum Care WordPress Theme

Beautiful template with full-width slider and jovial images. Easy to navigate dropdown menu along with back-to-top button, calendar and Google map make the website look well-thought-out up to the smallest details. Commenting system allows your happy patients to share their opinion and raise their trust. With the help of audio and video integration you can add some extra information. MotoPress Editor is a cherry on top. With its help you will be able to customize visual design with simply dragging and dropping the elements. No need to say about aesthetic and functional value of parallax scrolling.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hair Lux WordPress Theme

This template fits the best hair clinic website. Fashion for hair-cuts is really fickle, but at all times nice and well-groomed hair was considered to be finery of both men and women. So the beautiful images proving this idea on the full-width slider are just a must-have. Having contact information and social sharing buttons right below the slider is also a good trick to convert more visitors into customers. Testimonials as an important part of every successful reliable website are placed at the bottom of the page. The template is rather content rich, but sectioned layout makes it look neat and readable.

Hair Transplantation WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Optician Clinic WordPress Theme

This template is perfect both for clinics and for individual practitioners. Without overburdening user with lots of detail it allows to present services in tabloid form, and thus to organize space better. Detailed documentation guarantees quick and smooth installation. Being Cherry Framework 3 enhanced this theme is fully editable. And with 80+shortcodes provided you don’t even need to have any special knowledge in this area. Intuitive admin panel provides easy and powerful management for your website. The template is extremely feature rich and it is a real pleasure to work with it.

Optometrist's Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Medical Services WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a worthy template to represent your medical services online, take a closer look at this theme. It is simple, but that’s the case the simpler the better. No one likes heavy designs with lots of details any more. Clients come to your website for information and here they will get it without any problems. The layout is spacious and it makes the content visible and comprehensive. You can easily change every element of the layout though, if you want to adjust it to your corporate style or make it more prominent.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Care Hands WordPress Theme

Responsive design of this template and user-friendly navigation will help you to build your permanent audience. It uses pleasant color palette and big background image to create the feeling of warmness and care. It would be ideal for professional elder care website. Smooth 2 column layout and various gallery scripts allow you to present a lot of information in a clear manner. With WPML plugin you can build an international network. Bootstrap and Cherry Framework 3 provide you with unforgettable experience of site management.

Rehabilitation Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fit and Thin WordPress Theme

The theme comes well-documented, so the installation process won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. If you have any problem, support team is always ready to help. This template would be ideal for a diet or weight lose blog. It uses juicy colors of fresh greens making the association to healthy food. The content on the page looks well-structured and it is easy to find the information you need. Fully responsive design guarantees that your website will look perfect on any screen size. Cherry Framework 3 provides you with additional customization opportunities.

Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Plastic Surgery WordPress Theme

This elegant template uses warm pastel palette, beautiful typography and pleasant images. Wise use of space gives the visitors feeling of lightness and perfection. Large slider and portfolio help to concentrate visitors’ attention on the services you want to present. Additional features, such as back-to-top button, favicon, calendar, custom page templates, dropdown menu, will help you to mold this template into the website of your dream. Social options give you an opportunity to popularize your services through social networks as well.

Plastic Surgery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

New You WordPress Theme

For those who resolved to make a plastic surgery the first impression of the clinic is very important. Most likely they have already read and seen a lot of information, so now they are quite sophisticated and clearly know what they want. So your website should look professional and provide all the necessary information without the need to scout for it. This theme is right what you need. Except for well-thought design it has a lot of features that both facilitate your customization and management process and provide pleasant navigation experience for the end user.

Plastic Surgery Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

20 Best Job Board Themes and Business Templates for WordPress to Build a Website for Your Demand

Job Business Website Template

If you’re interested in creating a job board website of your own, then let’s start our ball rolling. We are confirmed that this fresh collection of 20 Best Jobs Board and Business WP Themes will be useful to people at different stages of the careers and business – be it interns, job seekers, business owners, established professionals or retirees. As we all know that every job seeker, worker or business owner has a different set of priorities and needs, that’s why our WordPress collection by TemplateMonster web developing company boasts the most useful and advanced features that can be a perfect fit to everybody who is interested in job board business.

Finding reputable resources is of vital importance if you want to create a fully functional and a powerful job portal website. TemplateMonster offers you tons of free and premium web templates and themes powered by different famous CMS platforms, such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and of course the most popular WordPress. It’s very important to get a useful job board WordPress theme for your business to provide enough room for its growing.

WordPress doesn’t only make your life easier, but it also provides you with flexibility, smart plugins and regularly updates. It’s a free and open source platform that helps you to set up an easy website for your future project with less money and time. WordPress offers you some smart features and tools for any type of website to build your desired project according to your business tastes and needs. All these WordPress themes in this collection below are built especially for job boarding sites, so be sure they have all needed advanced options to launch your website successfully. Most of the themes are responsive and adjust flawlessly to all mobile devices and screen sizes your visitors use to view your website. Integrated with fronted functionality both employers and candidates will be able to view the jobs listings, applicants, resume, change profile, pictures, attach CV, and lots more. Email notifications are included for tracking each action regarding the jobs. No deep coding skills are needed to change your theme typography, color schemes, layouts, social integration, etc.

It goes without saying that your website should be neatly organized so navigation can be effortless. Lots of useful and smart features and options are integrated in these themes to make the customization process easier, among them shortcode elements, custom page templates, custom widgets, etc. Good news: free 24/7 technical custom support team is ready to solve your problems. Click Demo and More buttons for your complete understanding about these themes features and options. TemplateMonster offers you to read detailed tutorials, sturtup hub, and to visit TemplateMonster’s YouTube Channel to create a fantastically useful and contemporary job board and business website.

Public Relations WordPress Theme

Powered by Cherry Framework Public Relations WordPress Theme contains professional features and trendy and minimalist design to present your business officially online. SEO-friendly, crossbrowser compatible, well documented, Retina ready and fully responsive, this theme ensures complete readability on multiple electronic devices. It is an opt solution to create a solid and a cutting edge website developed to cater to different business needs and requirements. Sleek and straightforward color schemes, fully customizable homepage, refined design elements give an extremely professional appearance to your job board, recruitment or HR-relation website.

Public Relations WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Jabbers Employment WordPress Theme

Due to clean, white and cyan accents, this fresh Jabbers Employment WordPress Theme gives your website creative and dynamic touch possible. It’s a good choice for a recruiting company, HR agency or job employment firm to set up a good website full of advanced features and tools. Due to its easy navigation and mobile-friendly options, your talened applicants will find your website engaging and professional. Your exceptional content may be divided into certain sections to draw your visitors attention and to arrange a big amount of information in comprehensive way.

Recruiting Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Powerful Financial Business WordPress Theme

This clean and easily editable template for multiple business websites is designed with a professional look and feel. Responsive design and convenient content structure will draw your visitors attention an all famous mobile devices and screen resolutions. Drag and drop feature ensures easy customization and quick installation process. Manage your page elements with ease while using MotoPress editor. Cherry Framework and Bootstrap functions offer numerous shortcode and widgets for your easy-to-install theme. Crossbrowser compatible, WPML ready, SEO-friendly, Retina ready, and other plugins come prepacked.

Financial Advisor Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Employment Pro WordPress Theme

Use this stylish and interacive WordPress theme for your job portal or recruitment agency website. Show your exceptional services and projects while editing your website with the help of smart features and functions. Numerous shortcodes, multilingual compatibility, MotoPress editor, Parallax scrolling effect are included into the package. Its responsive layout adapts flawlessly to all mobile devices. Blend of red and black colors rises strong emotions to appeal to your viewers. Click Demo button to see how your website will appear.

Professional Employment WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive JobTheme WordPress Theme

Just another one responsive and fresh WordPress theme powered by Cherry Framework to create great job portals, CV portfolio and recruitment websites. It seems this Responsive JobTheme WordPress Theme knows everything that employers and candidates will need to find out about each other. Its layout is clean and simple to focus on your exceptional content. The template includes advanced tools to make the navigation and customization process easier. Take a look at the live demos and try operating its layout yourself. Parallax scrolling and Lazy Load effects, video backgrounds, Google web fonts come prepacked.

Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive JobsFinder WordPress Theme

Responsive JobsFinder WordPress Theme is absolutely fantastic and fashionable template for recruiting agencies and hunam resources official websites. It comes with a full-screen background slider to display your content perfectly. Based on Cherry Framework the theme allows you to manage almost every theme settings, such as Google web fonts, layouts, color schemes, and much more. A number of advanced options makes it easy to navigate and use your website with just some few of click. WPML ready, crossbrowser compatible, SEO-friendly, well documented and responsive template to use it for your business website.

Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Business Pro WordPress Theme

Try this simple in use Business Pro WordPress Theme to build a website to present your business related to design, architecture, business, and other projects online. Its elegant design combines a set of advanced features and smart options to set up a visually appealing website. Parallax scrolling and Lazy Load effects help to make your website’s design more interesting and engaging. Gallery section is prepacked with retina-ready images to present your company, services or projects in the most memorable way. Well-structured blocking layout allows you to organize your exceptional content in the right way. It’s also easily connected to social networks.

Graphic Design WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Consulting Agency WordPress Theme

Consulting Agency WordPress Theme is a professionally designed template ready to install and to use for building a consulting business website. Easy-to-use navigation is done due to a Dropdown menu, grid-based layout, Back to top button. Structured content blocks help your visitors to gain needed information in no time. WPML ready and SEO-firendly allow you to make your business website readable worldwide. The theme is prepacked with all needed useful features to deliver everything you’re looking for from your website. Parallax and slider design, Google web fonts, Bootstrap, auto-updater, online chat options, and much more.

Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Global Business Solutions WordPress Template

Choose this beautiful Globex Business Solutions WordPress Template designed in pastel colors, round shapes, with Parallax scrolling effect, to build impressive business companies’ websites. Totally pragmatic and highly convertible template includes lots of advanced features and options, such as Dropdown menu, Sliced PSD, custom web templates, online chat, social options, and much more. It stands out from other business themes due to its mild color combination, flexible layout and shapes of the boxes. Visitors of your website will focus on your content due to its interactive blocked structure.

Business Company WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Business Consulting WordPress Theme

If you prefer innovative design layout with engaging visual apperance on your visitors, let’s try this unique Business Consulting WordPress Theme suitable to create any business, consulting or personal website. It contains pre-made page layouts, such as an annual report page, a recruitment page, a company presentation page, etc. Fully editable, WPML ready, with great navigation theme options, fantastic mega menu options, industrial retina icons, custom post types, 80+ shortcodes allow you to make your website a great entertainment for your visitors. Its responsive layout adapts to all possible mobile devices.

business consultant WP theme

Details | Demo

Responsive Corporate Business WordPress Theme

Unlike other WordPress templates this multipurpose and powerful enough Responsive Corporate Business WordPress Theme is a perfect choice to grab attention of your visitors with your tech savvy business project online. Promote your website with ease using a set of advanced features and smart add-ons included into the package. Among them cool animation, readable typography, custom icons, newsletter subscription. One page style, it looks trendy and easy to navigate. WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress plugins help to make your website simple and fast. Responsive layout adapts flawlessly to all known mobile devices an screen resolutions.

Business Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Deltex – Business Solutions WordPress Theme

Grab this strict and solid template to present your professional services through your official business website. Deltex – Business Solutions WordPress Theme is developed by professionals to build a contemporary and business-oriented website with a set of smart features and add-ons prepacked. CSS effects, clean layout and mega menu allow you to navigate your website with ease. Additionally, transparent header, multilingual options, ghost buttons and MotoPress editor, WPML and SEO based plugins come into the package. Dragging and dropping page elements will help you to edit your website in the visual mode. Divide your exceptional content into categories and subcategories, change almost every element of the theme to give your visitors proper visual appeal.

Business Firm WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Business Consulting WordPress Template

Business Consulting WordPress Template will be a perfect fit to any website related to business consulting, finance or creative agency. Its simple and unique layout gives your website a great and professional tone. Great customization options, such as color combination, easy navigation, MotoPress editor, Drag and drop content editor and well documented theme to make changes to whatever suit your business the best. Powered by Cherry Framework it looks modern and clean to maintain an online business, can be also used for creation of blogs and portfolios. Parallax scrolling effect and crossbrowser compatibility, sliced PSD and Google web fonts, Dropdown menu and social options these are only some advanced features included into the package.

Business Company WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Business Ideas WordPress Theme

Grab this contemporary Business Ideas WordPress Theme designed by professional web developers to start your oficial business success online. Its a tech savvy and a feature-rich template to build your impressive presence online. Well-organized content blocks, easy customization process, Parallax scrolling effect, Dropdown menu, as well as experienced tech support allow you to create your business website with ease. Its responsive design will look fantastic on all mobile devices your visitors use, be it a laptop, iPhone, Android tablet or desktop computer. Detailed documentation covers all needed issues.

Business Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Essperto Business WordPress Theme

Quick and easy to install Essperto Business WordPress Theme is designed in clean and minimalist layout to create any type of business website. Combination of light blue and white color scheme makes your website visually appealling and engaging for your visitors. Built-in handful features and options, such as crossbrowser compatibility, Retina ready, SEO options, powered by Cherry Framework with MotoPress drag and drop content editor will help you to make your website look professional and trustworthy. This fully featured business template is running on Cherry Framework 4 with an array of shortcodes. In addition, the package includes some premium plugins which can be used for your successful business presence online.

Business Consultant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

SM Consulting Company WordPress Template

SM Consulting Company WordPress Template is a versatile and attractive template to start a successful business project website. Its long scrolling homepage can host a large amount of your exceptional content. Clean design is organized in content blocks, which include services, videos, news, custom tabs, testimonials, maps, and much more. This full functional template is suitable for financial, accountant, advisor and general corporate businesses. The front page of your website gives your visitors full array of services your company offers. A list of your business partners is added to the front page to give your website more trustworthy look. A fully featured admin panel and smart effects ensure you an unmatched performance and a modern style.

Corporate WP Template

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Business Agent WordPress Theme

Another great WordPress business theme developed to promote your business services online. Customize it with ease thank’s to MotoPress editor and Bootstrap functionality, filterable gallery, counters, pixel-perfect icons, and many other UI elements. Responsive and fully compatible layout adapts to all famous mobile devices and screen resolutions. Combination of dark tones and eye catchy accents give your website impressive touch and feel. Click Demo to look how your website will appear. Well documented, based on Bootstrap, Retina ready, SEO-friendly and WPML ready with nice design and excellent technical support.

Business Services WP Theme

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Resax Business WordPress Theme

Try this Resax Business WordPress Theme that will fit to almost any business company or agency for creation of amazing and easy in navigation official website. Play around your homepage layout with the help of a set of smart add-ons and options. Help your visitors to focus on your content rather than visual affects. Excellent custom supptort team will help you with all installation issues. Parallax scrolling effect, Sliced PSD, social links and online chat increase your website’s visual appeal. Well documented, with integrated MailChimp plugin allow you to make your website trendy and modern, as well.

Business Company WordPress Theme

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Business Education WordPress Theme

Look at this another business template that is worth your attention. Its contemporary design and cutting-edge features provide your website professional look and feel. It’s a great choice for almost all business and corporate websites. Header and footer are made in dark-green colors with background white area. Prepacked with intuitive navigation menu, Dropdown cart, audio player and video integration, and other smart add-ons for your better usability. Powered by Cherry Framework and Bootstrap functionalities, well documented and easy to customize, the theme will give you great legibility and readability.

Business Bureau WordPress Theme

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Clean Corporate WordPress Theme

The last but not the least beautiful Clean Corporate WordPress Theme is developed with a great and responsive design oriented o all types of business websites. Clean SEO-friendly code, cross browser compatible, with advanced theme options, as well as circular shapes and large icons. Cherry Framework and Bootstrap functionalities include major tools and multimedia options. Customize and manage your website with ease to improve your business presence online. Excellent technical support team will solve your problems. Click Demo to see your website live.

Corporate WP Theme

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15 Best Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 AngularJS Admin Templates To Build Awesome Web Apps 2016

Angularjs Admin Templates

Web technologies are a rapidly evolving field of numerous competing standards that are constantly innovating themselves and building upon their capacities in order to better serve their function and to always be increasing how much, how fast and how well they can do things. As people come to expect more and better behavior from their websites and applications, a high quality solution stack becomes entirely crucial to the successful deployment of most web-based or app-based software.

While options abound and the incredible speed at which standards evolve means it’s difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest advancements, and for webmasters, IT managers and software developers, there often isn’t a choice–your business lives and dies by the latest tech, and there is simply no time to waste playing catch-up. Software frameworks help out in this task, of course, but even then, keeping up with all the different frameworks can be impossible in itself. Luckily, you don’t always have to. The following collection of admin panel template pages has been curated to represent the best of the best of AngularJS compatible and enabled admin panel template pages available for web apps. If you, your clients or your application demands a quick and seamless adoption of expansive HTML JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, look no further than the following. Here are some awesome AngularJS admin templates that you can use to create an awesome admin panel for your web app.

Monarch (Most Popular)


Monarch is a clean and minimal Bootstrap based admin template with comes in AngularJS and HTML version. This template is highly customizable and can be used as admin dashboard, user dashboard or anything in between. This is our most popular Bootstrap powered admin template and is used by thousands of developers worldwide. You can’t go wrong by choosing this template by your upcoming project because it is ready to handle everything for you.



Triangular is an entirely cutting-edge, amazingly innovative, unimaginably powerful, visually stunning and sophisticated, profoundly stylish and highly customizable admin panel template page, a highly pliable and thoroughly flexible backend framework for your web application needs that is built on the incredibly convenient AngularJS 1.4 framework, an amazingly powerful set of tools, libraries and readymade code that permits the creation of amazing client-side web applications based on enhanced HTML language. Triangular combines the amazing AngularJS framework with Google’s visionary Material Design philosophy, implemented via use of Angular Material tools.

This provides for a brilliantly colorful, customizable, multilevel and gridlike user interface that is incredibly intuitive and visually appealing, and aesthetically keeps close to the new standards of the mobile and web-based application industries, maintaining a visual discourse that is modern and easily identifiable. Over 700 Material Design icons are included with Triangular, as well as over 500 Font Awesome icons, and limitless hierarchical menu levels are possible with just a few clicks. Advanced SASS stylesheets are used throughout all 50 example pages included with Triangular. Headings are automatically filled out with convenient hierarchical breadcrumbs, and free updates are included. If you need a strong admin panel dressed in Material Design style, Triangular is your man.



Avenxo is an incredibly flexible, completely developer-friendly, technologically sophisticated and deeply resourceful, highly innovative, visually customizable, easily modifiable and cleanly coded admin panel template page, a carefully constructed, responsive, top-of-the-line admin page for the most demanding applications imaginable, from large corporate intranet systems to content management systems, single page application interfaces and many similar needs. Avenxo has been built for the needs of programmers and developers, and as such, is platform-agnostic: it is available both in pure HTML flavor with Liquid files included, as well as in a far more programmer-accessible AngularJS presentation, which is coupled with both Bower for front-end dependencies and Grunt for seamless deployment and task management, making code update and code maintenance an simple and painless experience.

Avenxo has been built with the Bootstrap framework at its core, meaning that every aspect of your admin panel framework will be responsive, mobile-friendly and of course, Bootstrap-compatible, which comes in handy when coordinating larger projects, networks or databases across many platforms. Avenxo is also touch-capable out of the box, as well as equipped with handsome off-canvas menus that keep the onscreen user interface simple and intuitive, streamlining workflow and simply making life easier. What’s not to love about Avenxo?



Piluku is a highly sophisticated, deeply versatile, profoundly responsive, enormously convenient, vastly powerful and entirely customizable, developer-friendly and cleanly coded admin panel template page. Piluku has been developed on top of Twitter’s brilliant Bootstrap framework, providing a set of inherently mobile-friendly building blocks that are the foundation of Piluku. LESS is deployed with reliability and effectiveness, providing very code-efficient stylesheets that minimize server loads while still producing the most beautiful, uniform and easily prototyped aesthetical results in all your web applications.

A flat, minimalist design philosophy permeates Piluku, with plenty of elements that incorporate Material Design tendencies and a common visual language perfect for the web. Piluku also includes a whole wealth of charts, graphs, tools and tables as well as plentiful third party extensions that permit you to add all sorts of functional, professional, advanced features to your admin panel up to finished pages. Piluku’s deployment of the AngularJS framework provides a masterful set of libraries and codebases that immensely expand the possibilities of your single page applications with all sorts of dynamic client-side scripting jQuery goodies that play very nicely with the AngularJS backbone. Piluku is available in two flavors, a purely Bootstrap-constructed one and an updated, expansive AngularJS version.



Urban is a highly sophisticated, immensely adaptable, deeply tech-savvy, highly versatile and completely pliable admin panel template page, a resourceful toolkit built by developers, for developers, that has been professionally designed to effortlessly handle all the complicated and diversified tasks you’d expect from any admin panel capable of running and developing web applications on top of itself. Urban is architecture agnostic, offering up both HTML and AngularJS versions of the template, with a truckload of different layouts and skins available in either.

Urban’s powerful Online Customizer deploys potent yeoman technologies that allow you the creation of incredibly refined CSS and LESS stylesheet generators per your precise needs and specifications. Numerous AngularJS components are included into the core of Urban, with each module contributing unimaginable functionality. jQuery can easily be handled with Urban, while Urban has also been built based on the Boostrap framework, meaning every element within Urban is inherently responsive, mobile and touch friendly. Charts, tables and numerous forms and pickers are ready for deployment out of the box. Two different editors are included with Urban, as well as frameworks for usage of maps, lists, calendars, alerts, and even a messenger system. Urban–the modern dashboard for the modern admin.

Clean UI


Clean UI is a polished and perfected, customizable and flexible, modern and tech-savvy, rapidly responsive premium Bootstrap 4 Admin website theme and Angular starter kit. Clean UI is a remarkably strong platform for the seamless and quick development of complex modern web apps with resourceful functionality in a very short timeframe and with a plethora of convenient backbone infrastructure already implemented for your convenience right out of the box.

From the basics, such as 9 custom layout types for all occasions and usage cases, from image galleries to beta admin dashboards, Clean UI has you covered. Then it’s the incredible array of powerful backend tools that are included fully functional out of the box, from mail and calendar systems to registration and login pages, user accounts and profiles, messaging and uploading, and much more. Clean UI also incorporates the Gyazo Theme Settings, a clever builder for unique settings, components or elements block that you can incorporate into your admin dashboards to provide as many advanced theme settings as you wish with your web applications, such as Light and Dark style, Fixed Menu or Sidebar positions, Colorful Menus and many, many more. The sky’s the limit with Clean UI. Try it today!



Maverick is a visually appealing, highly innovative, exhaustive and thorough, entirely cutting edge, technologically accomplished and extremely reliable, creative and offbeat, one of a kind admin panel template page, a specialized, hi-tech admin template page especially designed by developers and system administrators, mostly for deployment by developers and system administrators. That means Maverick is an admin panel template page that knows its audience and caters to it every step of the way–from the incredibly convenient web application framework chosen, AngularJS, which makes Maverick an incredibly pliable toolkit capable of pretty much any behavior under the sun, to extensive usage of the LESS standard, an expansive form of CSS that is far more dynamic and flexible, perfect for your web applications, intranet systems, content management system server-side applications and many similar, related ventures.

Maverick makes use of the Bower package manager to handle front-end dependencies, while Grunt takes care of execution, making Maverick a neat, self-contained admin dashboard solution that can produce the most flexible and powerful web applications on the market. And with Maverick’s extreme responsiveness, you would be hard-pressed to find any device capable of misrendering Maverick–the same technology that powers Twitter’s Bootstrap framework is behind this powerful template!



Materialism is an amazingly innovative, technologically avant-garde, visually stylish and highly customizable, powerfully functional, feature rich and plugin dense admin panel template page, a vastly potent set of tools, widgets, code snippets and many more useful elements that are combined into a seamless presentation. Materialism has been created adhering to Google’s Material Design philosophical principles, meaning Materialism is a starling representative of the modern, flat design aesthetic that has marked the new paperless world. In that sense, Materialism combines the pinnacle of aesthetic modernity with the pinnacle of technological modernity.

Built on the incredible AngularJS software application framework, Materialism is capable of the most complex tasks handled both on the server or client side of the equation, as you heart (or client) may require. Node.js, Grunt and Bower are deployed to great results, producing flawless code and functions that are extremely easy to modify and customize with your own code as necessities may dictate. Materialism makes use of the world’s new standard, Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, which makes every Materialism dashboard and resultant products inherently and flawlessly mobile-friendly, responsive and touch-friendly, seamlessly adapting themselves to any screen size or device and instantly compatible with all sorts of preexistent extensions. Materialism is amazingly cleanly coded, so it’s extra easy for developers to build upon. Enjoy!



Materia is a vastly sophisticated, highly refined, visually exquisite, incredibly modern, innovative and cutting-edge, stylistically minimalist, fresh-faced, clean and powerful admin panel template page, an incredibly current, relevant and handy admin panel template page that has been exclusively built for the handling of website applications, user dashboards and other similar, technical endeavors that require both complete reliability as well as utmost technological proficiency. To that end, Materia incorporates elements from Google’s brilliant Material Design philosophy, emboldening it with gorgeous, flat, minimalistic designs that are full of color and life and incredibly intuitive and easy to understand for both new and advanced users.

Additionally, sophisticated technologies are implemented within Materia, including impressive Bower front-end dependency management producing beautiful LESS stylesheets to dress your web applications to impress as well as Lazy Loading scripts using Grunt. There’s pretty much nothing Materia hasn’t thought about, so it has also been constructed on top of a Bootstrap framework that packs it full of completely responsive, cross-compatible tools and services that are rendered just as beautiful on every device. Materia’s stellar feature, of course, is its integral AngularJS backbone, a core that is so powerful and so pliable it will empower you to produce pretty much absolutely any web application you can imagine.



Materil is an incredibly convenient, highly specialized, tech-savvy and developer-friendly, visually stimulating and thought-out, vastly customizable, enormously pliable both in behavior and in production admin panel page template, a versatile and potent dashboard template that is equipped with all the technologies required to produce incredible, mind-bendingly awesome web applications. Materil incorporates both the nigh-magical AngularJS framework as a backbone to run your intranet, web application or other similar service from, with AngularUI on top as a boundless native user interface that can be easily customized to your heart’s desire, and that is compatible with and designed under Google’s own Material Design philosophy, the visual language for the new, paperless centuries, that will ensure every element of your Materil-developed solutions is intuitive and easily parsed by viewers worldwide.

Powered by Grunt task management, Bower dependency management and lazy dynamic loading technologies, Materil is amazingly efficient, and the inclusion of Less CSS technologies guarantees a more versatile page styling with far less redundancy. Tons of jQuery plugins are included out of the box, while many more are actually compatible and over 70% of these can work without creating the normally required directive. Materil is the name of time-saving miracles and workflow hastening like you’ve never heard of before. Check it, and you’ll never regret it!



Make is an incredibly intuitive, amazingly easy to use, visually impressive and entirely stunning, functionally diverse and quite powerful, highly customizable and technologically proficient AngularJS admin panel and builder template page, an endlessly resourceful template page that has been created with the flexibility required to function as both a premium admin dashboard template page, as well as an impressive page builder framework. Make is powered by the top of the line AngularJS software application framework, so Make is an ideal fit for developers, system administrators, programmers and webmasters in general that are in the market for very thorough, extensive templates that can give them all the tools required to run their web apps smoothly and seamlessly.

Make includes over 500 different professionally predesigned pages, including 4 different admin pages, RTL, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap versions, with enormously vast jQuery functionality thanks to over 80 custom jQuery plugins and a great wealth of compatible plugins and extendible plugins. A gorgeous advanced Mega Menu is included out of the box, along with boxed, sidebar and topbar layouts, among a multitude of others, and brilliant deployment of LESS CSS for absolutely jaw-dropping stylesheet generation and edition. Start producing the apps you want, with Make, today!



Clip-Two is a highly advanced, technologically audacious, extremely well put-together, incessantly dynamic, astonishingly simple to use and learn, vastly powerful, enormously popular and visually aesthetical admin panel template page, a virtually fully stacked, full featured front-end that is substantiated by an AngularJS foundation upon which a series of brilliant and useful jQuery plugins are implemented, as well as a Bootstrap graphical user interface that has been built for innate responsiveness and utmost cross-compatibility, an Angular Router UI and gorgeous CSS3 page transitions.

Clip-Two is a sophisticated combination of Bootstrap, Grunt and Bower, all on top of AngularJS, presented with SASS and filled out with the most convenient, neat little jQuery elements and snippets that can be easily implemented out of the box–as well as widespread jQuery plugin compatibility, as is the norm with Angular technologies. An HTML5 version, also available, is built on an HTML5 framework with Bootstrap elements. Both version include a modern HTML5 multi-purpose website template, because an admin needs a website, or so they say! Clip-Two really covers your back on all areas–a RTL HTML5 version is even specifically included, to truly globalize Clip-Two’s capabilities, and the new AngularJS Chat Directive, a Clip-Two exclusive, will absolutely marvel you and your crew. Try Clip-Two now!



Fuse is an extremely potent, incredibly pliable, unimaginably customizable and even more flexible, completely cleanly designed and fresh-faced, technologically refined, enormously dynamic, deeply technical, cleanly coded and heavily annotated admin panel template page, a thoroughly resourceful solution for internet administrators, system administrators, software application developers and programmers, and webmasters in general, to bring together the most powerful currently existing web standards to produce the most securely reliable, brutally efficient, entirely effective and undoubtedly successful software applications out there on the market today.

Fuse was created by developers, for developers, and thusly, every line of code within Fuse has been properly indented and annotated for easier reading and easier still modification, to truly make Fuse your own at the most important level–the code. For the less important levels, Fuse doesn’t skim one bit–an excess of a dozen professionally graphically designed layouts and even more completely predesigned full pages are included with Fuse, so your intranet, CMS or web application can theoretically be up and running about as quickly as Fuse can be deployed. Which happens to take nothing but two minutes and less clicks. Fuse includes features as diverse as calendars, email and file managers, to-do interfaces and much more. Let your better dashboard come together, with Fuse!



Slant is a very unique, visually one of a kind, aesthetically refined and sophisticated, functionally powerful and technologically accomplished, popular and successful admin panel template page, an especially crafted admin panel template page whose main inspiration was, from the start, the production of a different kind of admin panel, one that can offer all the powerful functionalities of the most common admin panel templates while still breaking from the cookie cutter mold of most admin panel templates.

Slant includes all the necessary skills of a modern dashboard template, with diverse proficiencies that include an enormously versatile AngularJS framework, a powerful set of tools that enable you to effortlessly produce the most modern and pliable software applications for all imaginable uses, from intranet or corporate applications to content management systems, apps of all kind and anything you might be developing. Slant can deliver all this power while still dressed to impress in an incredibly memorable, charming and differentiated style that sets Slant apart from the bunch. If you want to be in charge of your web application or admin dashboard and you wish to not compromise on aesthetics while still getting the cream of the crop in terms of power, reliability and versatility, Slant is just what you’ve been looking for.



Remark is a highly contextualized, extremely epochal, visually jaw-dropping, vastly elegant, entirely minimalistic and refined, technologically sophisticated, functionally flexible and very appealing admin panel template page, a clever, smart template page that has been equipped with the most amazing technologies available in order to afford webmasters and developers the widest range of possibilities in terms of single page and multipage application development.

Remark includes an enormous selection of designs and components that you can effortlessly make use of, including a whopping 120 jQuery plugins, horizontal Mega Menus, landing pages, a great diversity of predesigned, functional apps, such as Calendar, Contacts, Forum, Mailbox, Media, Project and Document Apps, AngularJS powered framework with Bootstrap inclusions for full, native responsiveness, touch-friendly panels, tables, charts and buttons, over 100 widgets and far over 1000 user interface components, user profiles, invoices, registration and login, handy plugins that expand functionalities with forms, charts, graphs, and much more. Synchronize your media uploads, manage contacts with three different styles, administrate your applications with multiple layouts and variants and virtually endless combinations of these, or just lay back and let Remark do the heavy lifting and just deploy whichever one of the many included pages best works for your project, and get going today!

If you are on a tight budget or just don’t feel like paying for premium admin templates you might want to check these completely free ones.

Top 15 Responsive Car Service / Auto Repair Shop WordPress Themes 2016

Auto Service WordPress Themes

The world is an increasingly interconnected place. Telecommunications have done wonders to connect continents and cultures in real time into one global culture, and air travel has shortened the lengths of the earth to traversable times. And as cities grow larger and absorb farther and farther territories into their extended metropolitan areas, one thing remains a constant necessity: vehicles. Cars have brought cities, states, countries and people together like no invention had ever before, and have revolutionized the modern world to the point of being inherently necessary to its proper functioning.

There is a reason the global economy lives and dies by the prices of gasoline and countries pour billions into renewable energy vehicle projects–the way cars go, the world goes. Which is why it will always be a sound idea to go into the auto service industry–as long as there are both people and places, there will be cars, and services to provide for them. But making it as a small auto service business can be quite difficult in the competitive markets of this globalized world. Which is why you need an edge–a powerful, modern, attractive website to use as a calling card and tool to have an ace in the hole in this business. The following collection of themes has been created with criteria designed to find themes most capable of producing professional-looking, successful auto service websites.

Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop


Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is an incredibly powerful, high quality, carefully crafted WordPress responsive auto service theme, especially constructed with the deliberate purpose of completely satisfying the needs of any sort of auto service provider website, ranging from car repair shops, car washes and garages to auto painting, brakes servicing, car rental, vehicular inspections, and all sorts of small business services, including handymen of all kinds. Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is uniquely built for ease of use and professionalism: dozens of combinations of included homepages, templates, headers and sidebars are available, with tons of preconfigured options with a purpose-oriented design philosophy, including opening hours, Free Consultation / Appointment forms, case results, FAQs, meet the team pages, and much more.

Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is an intuitive, easy to use, accessible theme, requiring absolutely no coding experience in order to build professional-looking, serious and interactive websites for your auto service business. It is easily customizable to meet your visual and branding needs, and its thousands of satisfied clients rave about its reliable, dedicated customer support and extensive, thorough yet approachable technical documentation. Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is your one stop solution for all your auto service website needs.



Cardinal is a visually refreshing, clean and clutter-free, youthful and vibrant WordPress responsive auto service theme, designed to meet the expectations of a wide range of auto service applications, ranging from car repair shops, mechanics shops, brakes shops, car dealers and car rental agencies and many other similar small business operations, but especially crafted for usage by car washes and car glass installation business websites. Cardinal is constructed for both functionality and flexibility while retaining a simplified, user-friendly admin interface and page building tools that don’t require webmasters to possess to any coding knowledge whatsoever–and if you do, the code is cleanly annotated and easily built upon.

Cardinal is highly customizable, with a series of predesigned templates specifically meant to cover all imaginable pages needed in a car wash or car glass business website, such as contact, location, pricing guide, product pages and much more. Cardinal can easily be fine-tuned to look exactly the way you want it to with admin customization options. Beautiful sliders are available with the Revolution Slider plugin, included, and limitless sidebars can be created. Compatible with WooCommerce, you can easily turn your Cardinal website into a full-fledged online store, and open up another stream of revenue by marketing your wares online, to an endless sea of potential clients. Go the right direction with Cardinal!



Helmets is a thoroughly powerful, entirely versatile, robust and functional WordPress responsive handyman and small service business theme, built exclusively and dedicatedly for the design and construction of all sorts of small business websites, from contracting companies, plumbing companies and freelance repairmen to mechanic workshops, car body shops, car paint shops, car washes, and even gardening, decoration, architectural, carpentry and any kind of small business venture website. If your website is meant for a small company to introduce itself to clients both new and old with a highly customizable and brand-friendly online calling card that can also double as a way to capture new business through the internet, then Helmets is exactly what you are looking for.

Built for speed and ease, Helmets is filled with convenient templates that include all the necessary pages to make a small business website, with plenty of widgets to boot–contact pages, staff pages, product portfolios, company blogs, and much, much more, with easy to use, drag & drop shortcodes for anything from price quotes to working Contact Forms that you can customize to let your users request free quotes or contact you for further inquiries. Helmets–sit back, and let someone else do all the heavy lifting, this time.



CarZone is a powerful, technologically savvy, modern and highly specialized WordPress responsive auto service theme, designed and built with the needs and expectations of auto service business websites of all kind, from car washes to body shops and from car rentals to dealerships, but especially well-suited for deployment as a theme for car towing services and car repair service center websites. CarZone is uniquely armed with advanced features designed by consulting the real requests and day to day operations of car towing and car repair service center business operations, with the result being CarZone, a one stop shop for all your car tow and repair website needs.

CarZone is easy to use and lightning fast at churning out great looking pages, thanks to the powerful drag & drop Visual Composer and its extended Ultimate elements, while keeping things modern and dynamic Flex Slider, Revolution Slider and Static Image Sliders, as well as tons of headers, footers and sidebar styles and options. Convenient widgetized Contact Info, Flickr Photos, Twitter other social feeds combine with Business Hours Pro for endlessly powerful pages. Easily post Bookings, Offers, Quotes, Galleries and Videos with customized styles, color, background and smooth CSS3 animations. CarZone is the all-around auto service website package. Ready to get down to business?



AnyCar is an extremely comprehensive, incredibly intuitive, effortlessly stylish and astoundingly modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, strong and flexible enough to handle a wide range of websites of any kind and nature, but especially designed with the needs and requirements of automotive and auto service industry related websites, from car repair shops to car dealerships, from car rentals to car washes, motorcycle repair service websites, and pretty much any sort of small or midsized mechanical or repair business websites.

AnyCar is equipped with the precise combination of tools necessary to produce professional, potent and pliable auto service websites, from intuitive, coding-free page building tools such as the powerful Visual Composer and the smooth and elegant Revolution Slider to the multiple, professionally designed homepage options that can easily be altered with advanced admin panel options to match your desired look and feel, to multiple gallery, blog and other additional convenient page templates to make the process of building your auto service website quick and painless. WooCommerce built-in integration means your AnyCar website is also your own auto service online store with just a few clicks of a button, right out of the box, so you’ll be marketing your wares to a wide online audience within minutes of setting up.

Car Service


Car Service is a WordPress theme with a very high standard of quality. It can enhance your car repair shop, auto mechanic, mechanic workshop, auto painting, car repair service, auto detailing and wheel shop websites. Regardless of your niche or specialization, this theme can accommodate your needs. Of course, interested customers will need to make appointments. Gone are the days of pen and paper registries, as Car Service has an Appointment form feature. You may also setup incredible slides that showcase your work, thanks to the addition of Revolution Slider. This is one of the most trusted premium plugins on WordPress, and it will never disappoint.

After you purchase this theme, you can expect many regular updates, which will be added for free. With every update, errors will be fixed and your site’s capabilities will be expanded. Should you encounter any issues along the way, be sure to contact the excellent support staff representatives. They will not rest until every problem is solved. Your content can be showcased on high resolution Retina screens, and most web browsers. In addition, the layout is responsive towards hand-held devices. For those who wish to sample Car Service and its features, a live preview was added.



Mechanic is a very robust and solidly coded, extensively designed and carefully crafted, purposeful and deliberate, technologically cutting edge and incredibly intuitive, smooth and fluid, engaging and enticing, user and developer friendly, mobile and Retina ready responsive WordPress car repair, mechanic and auto workshop website theme. Mechanic is a wonderfully convenient, time-saving solution for repairmen, mechanics, workshop owners and retailed services and industries that are in need of a capable, all-inclusive toolkit for establishing their online presence and capturing a wider, broader audience and market share for their products and services.

Mechanic has everything you need to quickly and effortlessly set up a professional quality website for introducing your business to the world at large, right along with your offerings and rates in handsome, sleek, predesigned presentations that are extremely easy to customize, thanks to the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, greatly enhanced with a series of Mechanic Shortcodes, Mechanic Icons and features developed specifically with the needs of car service, repair and workshop enterprises. Mechanic makes short work of most website building tasks, without you having to so much as write a single line of code yourself! Try Mechanic today, and feel the surge in traffic, quotes and clients to your business overnight!



For those who wish to create an impressive website for their car repair shop, this theme is an ideal choice. Mechanic has a series of very useful features, each implemented in order to improve your odds of success. The layout is incredible, and the design is charming and intuitive. For any business, online stores represent the way of the future. You will be able to distribute products and parts with ease, using a professional platform. This is made possible by the inclusion of WooCommerce, one of the most prolific plugins on WordPress. Creating the online shop is very easy and intuitive, and there is no need for advanced programming knowledge.

For languages such as Arabic, Japanese, and Hebrew, RTL (right to left) writing support was added. Your foreign audience will certainly appreciate the extra effort. With a simple flick of a switch, the RTL mode can be enabled. If you are a novice user in need of guidance, do not hesitate to consult the well-made video tutorials. They can walk you through the process of creating your own car repair site. Mechanic allows users to determine their page’s color palette, and typography settings. There are custom widgets, and more than 500 Font Awesome Icons.

Fix & Ride


Developed by an elite author, Fix & Ride is an exemplary WordPress theme. It can be used to improve your car repair website, as you attempt to attract more clients. The design is minimal and clean, and the layout is very user-friendly. As long as there is a vehicle maintenance site that needs an upgrade, Fix & Ride will never disappoint. This product was made for all users, not just expert web developers. Just about anyone can create a site that matches their vision, considering that Fix & Ride does not require any advanced programming knowledge. You will be able to craft your own pages, thanks to the Visual Composer feature. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Every client will benefit from a staggering number of widgets and shortcodes that facilitate theme management. You can even showcase your work in an attractive manner via the Revolution Slider plugin. Demo data can be very practical and informative, as it provides a template for future improvements. Importing this demo data is very easy, as it requires only a single click. The theme layout can be viewed from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. It should also be mentioned that it is cross-browser compatible and it supports touch screen interaction.



Bengkel is a technologically sophisticated, aesthetically accomplished, robustly functional and thoroughly appealing WordPress responsive auto service theme, wholly dedicated to and designed for the purpose of creating car body shop, car paint shop, mechanic repair shop, auto glass installer or general auto repair service center websites of all kinds. If you’re in the business of providing automotive repair services to the public at large, Bengkel speaks your language, and you’ll be greatly pleased to find that Bengkel is built in such a way as to make the construction and maintenance of your auto service websites easier than ever before.

From a ton of custom auto service template pages to the powerful SiteOrigin Page Builder and the Live Customizer, Bengkel is entirely your own, and tons of helpful shortcodes will make short work of posting relevant business information such as offers, pricing guides, services, products, staff qualifications, location assistance, contact information and much more, all with absolutely no coding whatsoever–as easy as stacking blocks together exactly as you wish for them appear. And appear exactly they shall, regardless of where they’re being viewed, thanks to Bengkel’s natively responsive code. Bring your car repair shop to the next level with Bengkel, and you’ll never look back.



AutoDoc is an incredibly resourceful, amazingly pliable, fresh-faced and vibrant WordPress responsive auto service theme, versatile and powerful enough to lend itself for very successful adaptation in all sorts of automotive and auto service related website applications, from used car dealerships to car wash services, but specifically handcrafted for the purpose of servicing the needs of car repair, mechanical repair, car servicing and auto workshop related websites. If your business deals in the repair, servicing, custom upgrading or detailing of cars, trucks, motorcycles or any sort of vehicles, AutoDoc can provide you with handsome, professional looking websites that inspire trust and confidence and effectively capture new business clients through the internet.

Complete customization is possible thanks to the Visual Composer page builder for layout edition, the Slider Revolution plugin for incredible, smoothly animated sliders, WooCommerce integration out of the box for a one-click setup of your very own online store where you can market your auto service products, services and offers directly to your customers and rake in the profits within hours of installation, a powerful AJAX frontend catalog filter for your customers to quickly sift through your products–AutoDoc really does all the heavy lifting, while keeping your every page tidy and classy regardless of where it’s being viewed, thanks to a BootStrap 3-based robust, responsive coding.



Garage is an impressively flexible, wonderfully reliable, tech-savvy and modern WordPress responsive auto service theme, sufficiently pliable and powerful to be effortlessly converted into a host of different automotive and auto service applications such as car rental agencies, car washes and car glass shops, but especially and uniquely designed for its usage in service of car repair website, car workshop website, car repair service center websites, specialized car niche functionalities and related auto service business websites.

Garage is built to be industrial, robust and high quality, with every nook and cranny thoughtfully designed to look professional, visually coherent and subtly elegant while always entirely customizable in appearance and behavior, through the visual Content Composer, Content Templates and Section Options, along with the Custom Admin panel options for plentiful personalization of incredibly specific and convenient auto service related preconfigured pages and relevant widgets and shortcodes, such as for pricing, contact forms, product catalogs and much more. Garage is out of the box WooCommerce integrated, meaning it’s a matter of seconds before you’re filling out your product catalog on your online auto service store, right out of your Garage website, opening up a whole new revenue stream for your business and attracting new clients constantly thanks to SEO friendly coding. Garage has everything it takes to make it. Do you?



Carpenter is an extremely versatile, readily customizable, intuitive and accessible WordPress responsive carpentry, construction and small business theme, especially created with the deliberate purpose of satisfying the needs of small business websites for ventures such as contractors, workers, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, cleaners, repairmen, workshops, auto glass installers, car washes, car repair shops, and pretty much any other small business service website you can imagine–if you are dealing with customers upfront and personal day in and day out as you practice your craft and offer the services and products of teams of professionals and experienced workers, Carpenter is the theme you are looking for, capable of producing the pages you will need to create a successful online foothold for your business and livelihood.

Carpenter is fully responsive, and integrates MailChimp plugin for massive email subscription services, as well as Contact Form 7 for customized customer contact forms with advanced fields for requesting free quotes or budgets, an intuitive drag & drop page building experience that requires absolutely no coding knowledge for the production of professional-looking, interactive pages with powerful shortcodes and widgets that are perfect to introduce your work portfolio or your crew’s specific portfolios and qualifications. Carpenter is a hard working shop’s dream come true.



Salient is a remarkably rapid, visually stunning, outstandingly functional, flexible and modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with a sufficiently broad range of skills and abilities to service the needs of an unimaginably vast variety of website applications, from personal to corporate, from business to blogs, but peculiarly well suited for the task of deployment as an auto service related business website theme, uniquely capable of meeting every need an expectation of car repair shops, car body shops, car washes, auto repair service centers, motorcycle shops, mechanical workshops, car rentals and dealerships and any number of auto service related websites.

Salient is intuitive and easy to use, highly customizable through a visual page builder, equipped with the customized Nectar Slider for interactive, animated sliders at the touch of a button, packed with robust Admin panel options for easy personalization, tons of convenient shortcodes for small and midsized businesses such as pricing tables, staff blurbs, testimonials, Contact Forms for free quotes, along with full-fledged out of the box WooCommerce eCommerce plugin integration, meaning at no additional cost you can set up shop online right off your Salient website and attract new business and new clients in a matter of minutes. Stand out from the crowd, with Salient!



Ronneby is a an outstandingly powerful, remarkably memorable, visually stunning, functional and flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, meant to be vastly potent and pliable enough to lend itself to a wealth of different successful usages in a great number of different applications, from personal to commercial and from business to corporate, Ronneby can take all comers, as long as they share one commonality: they’re looking for the highest quality, highest performing theme out there for websites with truly high class needs to service.

Ronneby caters to special requirements, and as such, it is uniquely well suited for utilization by boutique car repair services, high end car workshops, elite mechanics workshops and other such high quality auto service business websites, that deal in the auto service industry and market both a high end product to a high end clientele, necessitating thusly an equally high end theme powering their website solution. Ronneby is that theme–each of its dozens of professionally graphically designed templates and layouts is a masterpiece that of style and composition, which, combined with integrated WooCommerce store with multiple layouts, makes for pages that attract customers and appeal to them in an unforgettable fashion, using sophisticated Parallax effects, Revolution Sliders and many more features, Ronneby is a theme for high quality auto service websites to outshine the rest.



Unicon is a visually iconic, remarkably unique, outstandingly functional, intuitive and modern WordPress responsive design driven multipurpose theme, built with a native fluidity that guarantees its effortless applications across a veritable cornucopia of website models and applications, as its design driven philosophy empowers Unicon to produce amazing, cogent, coherent websites that service all sorts of businesses, with a host of widgets, shortcodes, templates and special, customized layouts that can easily meet the expectations of all kinds of imaginable auto service related business websites.

Unicon is highly customizable thanks to its Visual Composer, advanced slider plugins, and customized admin panel options, making branding your website a speedy, simple task. Unicon is jam-packed with functionality, quickly expanded by simply dragging block-like shortcodes and dropping them right into the action to add all sorts of features to your pages, from product descriptions and pricing plans to catalogs, galleries, staff pages, contact information, location assistance pages, informative and descriptive blurbs of all kinds, hundreds of Font Awesome icons and customized, animated elements, all custom crafted with amazing attention to detail, plentiful use of beautiful Parallax effects, HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, interactive and smooth headers, footers and sidebars in endless numbers, and much more–Unicon is truly one of a kind.



Avada is a consistently outstanding, impressively cogent, visually stunning, technologically sophisticated, flexible and powerful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, created with the deliberate intent of spreading its wings over an immensely vast extent of website applications, from personal to commercial, from business to corporate, sizes big and small, and as such a theme, it is peculiarly well equipped to satisfy the needs and demands of auto service related business websites, ranging from car repair shops, mechanics workshops and body shops to paint shops, car washes, auto glass shops, custom or specialty shops and all sorts of auto service business websites.

Avada’s uniquely pliable, intuitive nature offers an easy layout building experience through the Fusion Builder page builder, compounded with advanced theme options for high end customization at every level. The Fusion Core framework provides a powerful heart for your website, empowering you with tools like the Fusion Slider to effortlessly create professional looking animated sliders with all sorts of content and behavior. Set up shop in a instant with native WooCommerce integration, reach the whole world with Bootstrap 3 responsive native cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility, deploy gorgeous Parallax effects anywhere, employ useful shortcodes to build any sort of page and post you can imagine, with convenient popups, maps, icons, boxes, toggles, pricing tables and dozens of business templates to hit the ground running. Service the world today, with Avada.

Best Political WordPress Themes for Campaigns, Elections and Political Parties – 2016

WordPress Political Themes

List of the top political WordPress themes for politicians, candidates and political campaigns to stand out between your competitors.

Politicians come and go there are only few that stick and are able to change the world. In most cases it is not about their skills, experience, professionalism but about how well they can promote and “sell” themselves to public. Politician success relies on their campaign. If they can’t be the best there is no way to succeed otherwise. It is not about the best political pledges but how these pledges are communicated.

We are here to change politicians lives forever by offering help developing awesome website that will beat competition. This list features all available premium WordPress themes for political websites as of today. Since there are no elections going on, this list is very limited, however, still have several outstanding templates.

Right Way

social activity NGO wordpress theme

Right Way is a modern and stylish WordPress theme custom-made for political websites by ThemeREX. This theme is feature-packed and includes great customization options. Right Way comes with 11 unique homepage layouts and 5 header styles. It is coded with valid HTML5 and CSS3 which makes this theme innovative and fully responsive. It includes several slider creators like Swiper Slider, Royal Slider, FlexSlider and Revolution Slider that you can use for producing gorgeous for the homepage of your site. If you want to create a portfolio for your campaign, this theme provides 15 variants from 3 portfolio styles (classic, masonry and grid). The developer of this theme included 9 Blog Styles, including unique Tab Style from ThemeRex that you can use for showcasing your content in a smart and professional way. Moreover, this theme gives you the option to use parallax and video background in your website. This theme is fully integrated with Visual Composer page builder to help you build your own layout page design with ease. It has Events Calendar, Events Manager, built-in review system and Interactive Ajax Search.

Social Activity

right way - creative political theme

Social Activity WordPress theme is a great online solution for political parties, social movements, NGO’s, political parties, fundraisers, crowdfunding campaigns and other websites related to politics that necessitates special events functionality and donation payment option. This political theme is a sensible choice for building a website because it is developed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help you keep up with the latest web standards. It is plugin-friendly and offers infinite design possibilities. This theme is fully responsive and retina ready to give your audience an amazing viewing experience. It includes drag and drop functionality and content composer that allow you to build and organize your pages with ease. It comes with color options, unlimited font choices, headers, custom widgets, premium sliders, one page support, custom post-types, 4 blog layout and many more. It comes with an intuitive Mega menu that improves the usability and navigation of your website. This theme is also fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you set up an online store for your merchandise and manage it with ease. Social Activity WordPress theme is SEO friendly so you are guaranteed that your followers, political supporters and voters will not have a rough time searching for your website on search engine.


Election WordPress theme

Election is a modern and elegant retina ready WordPress theme custom-built for political bloggers or political candidates and public servants. This theme ensures that many people will be able to access your website with it responsive layout design, which works fittingly on computers and other kinds of mobile devices. It has a Theme Customizer that allows you to personalize the look and feel of your theme. It also comes with unlimited skins, custom page templates, custom shortcodes, and an advanced gallery feature. It supports the Events Calendar plugin to help you keep your followers and supporters updated with your upcoming political events and activities. Election supports WooCommerce plugin, so you can sell anything on your site such as campaign merchandise.



Candidate is a serious and professional, clean and pristine, polished and intuitively structured, professionally graphically composed and very navigationally optimized, user and developer friendly, ambitious and expansive, functionally versatile and highly reliable responsive WordPress political campaign or nonprofit website theme. Candidate is a solid and robust theme that has been decked out with a full set of visual and graphical user interface customization choices and endless visual identity-based branding opportunities, powerful premium and in-house developed plugins at the cutting edge of end user experience and functionality.

Theme includes the Flex and Revolution Sliders, Events Calendar, Shop and even a sophisticated and hot off the presses Crowdfunding System to add that grassroots funding that all organizations can so deeply benefit from, all propped up on a sound and robust technological scaffolding which deploys the latest W3C valid HTML5 and CSS3 elements and animations, custom hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling and seamless AJAX dynamically loaded content sections, all neatly presented through an intuitive drag and drop based page builder that webmasters without any coding or developing background will find incredibly intuitive and infinitely resourceful. The Social Share & Locker premium plugin seals the deal by adding a slew of top of the line social integration features that any modern campaign will appreciate.



Online media and public debates have a critical importance in all political campaigns. Keeping your audience connected takes a lot of work and a compelling website is the core of the media engagement strategy. Whether you’re looking for a theme to create the right environment to frame your political message, or a template to build a successful dedicated news website or an online platform portal, Newspaper is the right choice for you. Using strong images, bold titles and a brilliant page structure, this theme will draw attention to the most important thing, the content.

Newspaper is a clean and beautiful theme, build with the publishing industry in mind. This template, as the best selling WordPress News theme of all time, introduces an astonishing presentation design combined with stylish typography. Using tagDiv’s “Mobile theme” plugin, your website will look amazing while delivering an outstanding performance on any small screen device. Social friendly features and SEO optimization make your website the strongest tool you have ever used. Fully integrated with YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, Newspaper is packed with dozens of post styles, header and footer templates, mega menus, sidebars, big grids, categories and so on. The theme will dynamically display them adding the professional touch you were looking for.

With over 20 pre-built unique designs, called demos, you don’t have to start building your website from scratch, as the Newspaper theme comes with over 20 demos. Just load the World News Demo and reveal the most important ideas to your audience. The visitors will certainly reward your efforts!



Diplomat is a colorful and relatable, bright and luminous, engagingly structured and very experientially intuitive, clean and crisp, polished and professional, soft-spoken and aesthetically minimal, expressive while understated, modern and extremely secure responsive WordPress political and nonprofit organization multipurpose website theme. Diplomat is a theme that has been designed from the top down, in order to craft a theme that is a full suite of solutions for webmasters of any background or prior coding skill level to seamlessly put out dashing and effective political websites for any purpose whatsoever.

Diplomat is ideal for political candidates or public officials as well as political parties looking for a sophisticated, all-inclusive hub for their online outreach efforts, as well as for political or nonprofit organizations campaigning or raising funds for any number of diverse causes. Diplomat includes five different News Post categories which are shortcode away from gracing any page you choose, smooth dropdown menus, a potent Events plugin and advanced meta search functions for your political website. The Visual Composer interface will let you easily and powerfully edit and customize the layout of any page on Diplomat, a and with a custom Form Constructor and an exclusive News Subscription Plugin, keeping your visitors loyal has never been easier. Get serious, with Diplomat!



CANDIDATE is a superbly fresh-faced and relatable, modern and lively, trendy yet serious and professional, visually crisp and stunning and graphically nimble and flexible, classy and tasteful, technologically powerful and thorough, expansively documented and highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose political website theme. CANDIDATE is a pliable theme that, having been developed for usage by politicians campaigning for office or political campaign managers and related fields, has thusly been decked out with such a complete and sophisticated set of creative tools and plugins and innovative options presented in such an effective, bold and expressive visual presentation that it can easily service a host of different applications, from creative design agencies to freelance professionals and more.

CANDIDATE is so flexible because it is a theme specializing in creating an individual brand, increasing and protecting brand value and communicating a message to a wide, undifferentiated mass market audience. The premium Revolution Slider and Visual Composer will have you churning out your own custom page layouts in no time at all, without writing a line of code, while Contact Form 7 support will let you build those grassroots connections right off the bat in custom styling. Easy to modify site-spanning LESS files are included for speedy and potent graphical customization, so CANDIDATE will always be wearing your colors!



Politics is a sober and modern, bright and fresh-faced, youthful and energetic, vibrantly relatable while incredibly professional, resourceful and clever, tech-savvy and very full-featured, solidly constructed and lightning-fast, engaging and effective, inherently responsive WordPress electoral campaign and political website theme. Politics is a purposefully built and very powerful WordPress theme directed at the political professional segment, specifically aimed at politicians and political campaign managers seeking a streamlined and all-inclusive political, electoral or social movement campaign website solution.

Politics is notoriously polished at delivering fundraiser websites as well as candidate profile websites and several other niche political applications that require seamless handling of special events functionalities and donation payment management among dozens of other specific, minute details that Politics simply gets right, out of the experience. A dedicated support staff is available for all concerns around the clock, should the extensive theme documentation provided and developer-friendly, modular coding necessitate so, though developers love working with Politics. From sleek and customizable out of the box integration for the Events Calendar plugin and custom styling options for the premium Events Calendar PRO to native and painless PayPal built-in functionalities, Politics is serious business. And for everything else, there’s a shortcode–dozens of them, all unbelievably politically or electorally specific, customizable and polished, each a couple clicks away. Politics is the theme that is in it to win it. Are you?



FrontRunner is a tremendously powerful and ambitiously resourceful, technologically sophisticated and thorough, reliable and ultra mobile-friendly, visually stunning and memorable, professionally graphically designed for high impact and lasting effect, social media friendly and highly responsive WordPress political and nonprofit organization multipurpose website theme. FrontRunner is a profoundly effective WordPress theme that has been specifically designed, developed and tested as an all- encompassing political website solution specializing in political campaigns, political organizations, political parties, PACs and Super PACs, special interests groups and lobbying campaign website solution. Come election year, you want FrontRunner on your side.

Tons of varied and easily customizable designs and full websites are included right out of the box. Every candidate can shine with FrontRunner running the lights. From automated redirected landing pages for first-time visitors to universal PayPal acceptance forms and widgets integrated with customizable NinjaForms, to meticulous Event Management with scheduled events, locations and directions, not to mention custom HTML5 YouTube Video Players, extensive social media networking capabilities, a handsome and configurable Homepage slider for news or talking points, and predesigned News and Blogs pages to stay fresh and relevant, all grounded on a reliable Bootstrap foundation that can reach every device desktop or mobile to the ends of the Earth, FrontRunner is a theme you can rely on when it matters.



Agenda is a clever and purposefully structured visually high impact and memorable, highly expressive while elegant and uncontrived, resourceful and malleable, social media savvy and technologically proficient and competent, highly reliable and very user friendly responsive WordPress political and nonprofit campaign and event management website theme. Agenda is a cunning and high performance theme that has been specifically built to meet and exceed the demands of high-pressure, high traffic political websites expected to both effectively deliver a multitude of messages of varying nature and origin as well to a massive online audience as well as reliably and seamlessly managing fundraising efforts and campaigns, donor contributions and payment processing though multiple streams in a dynamic environment, all readily available in an intuitive drag and drop page building interface packed with demo template websites for you to simply customize to your candidate or cause’s requirements and go live with!

Powerful built-in features like Campaigns Management, Events Management, Team Management and even Media Management will make automate your workflow immensely, while powerful shortcodes will let you fine-tune your every page to fit your precise expectations or visual branding requirements. Agenda’s native search engine optimization guarantees your political website will be topping all the ranks you want to hit. You do the tough work, and let Agenda take care of what goes on under the hood!


parliament fullscreen WordPress theme

Parlament is a political WordPress theme which features a highly interactive and retina-ready design, fully responsive implementation and a focus on user experience, usability and performance. The theme also features a flexible design, top notch support and I think it’s safe to say that is one of the easiest and most intuitive to use political themes on the market right now.

It is a highly customizable theme with a built in drag & drop page builder to create custom page layout and functionality without touching a code. The theme has parallax scrolling effect that you can apply to website sections that you can create using Page Builder. Developers have done an incredible job and made this theme incredibly fast loading on all major browsers. This is my favorite theme on this collection and developers have really surprised me with quality and functionality of this theme.

Parlament innovates. There’s no other political theme out there exposing your candidate the way this theme does. You’ll make a lasting impression on your electors, if you’re going to use the right theme for it – Parlament.


politicize - political party wordpress theme

Politicize is a first-rate website template especially designed for political parties, organizations, NGO’s, biography of any party candidate, election campaigns, government agencies and the like. This political WordPress theme is very easy to install and uncomplicated to customize to suit your perfect political campaign slogan. Politicized WordPress theme is based on Bootstrap 2.3 framework. It is well-written using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help your political website keep pace with the hottest trends in website design. This theme comes with responsive layout that runs faultlessly on any kind of devices such as desktop, tablets and other handheld devices with internet support. It looks sharp and clear on devices with high screen resolution because every area of this theme is retina ready. Politicize includes multiple layout versions, more than 22 background patterns, unlimited color choices, awesome icons and typography, unlimited sidebars and tons of powerful shortcodes. It uses CrunchPress page builder to help you create your own page layout with its user-friendly drag & drop GUI that allows you to add and edit any elements with just few clicks. This theme is also bundled with Layer Slider to assist you in producing powerful and responsive sliders for your website. Other functionalities packaged into this theme are: parallax effects, social share functionality for posts, advanced project management feature, efficient event manager, engaging timeline feature, donation manager and many more!


Legislator WordPress theme

Legislator is a simple and clean theme that will effectively usher your campaign to the masses in a stylish, bold and eloquent way. This theme comes with brilliant features that will definitely promote action and interaction with your political candidate or party. This theme is fully responsive and works perfectly on different computers, tablets and other mobile device because it is built on the Zurb Foundation 5 framework. It is available in 6 fully designed color skins (blue, red, green, purple, dark and light) and loaded with other excellent features such as an organization events planner, donations tool, email integration with MailChimp and oodles of widget areas.


westand political theme

Westand is a clean, elegant and fully responsive WordPress theme custom-built for politicians, political organizations and political bloggers. This modern theme is very easy to set up and personalize. It comes with full color customizations that make your website look elegant with outstanding visual impact to site visitors. It has a sticky header for enhanced usability and site navigation. With its advanced theme options panel, you are able to customize your website according to your political banner or brand. This spectacular theme is built constructed with HTML5 and CSS3.


flawless corporate theme

Flawless is a stunning and vibrant WordPress theme packed with amazing features suitable for building a website for political campaigns, candidate, political party or cause. It comes with a powerful framework that allows you to launch a dynamic and fully responsive political website. You can use its sophisticated headers and sliders for promoting your platform, political advocacy or cause. Its page builder helps you create as many pages as you want. It supports WooCommerce plugin to help you sell your merchandise. Campaign allows you to include parallax effects to your chosen sections. Flawless theme also has amazing font and color options, mega menu, landing page template, shortcodes, sidebars, multiple post formats and a powerful theme options panel.

Political Press

political press - theme for politicians

Political Press is a purpose oriented WordPress theme for politics related websites and blogs. Political Press theme’s usage is not limited to creating a political candidate campaign website and it can be used for other websites or blogs related to politics. Even it can be used for other general purpose websites such as corporate, personal, blog and other.

Political Press is built using Bootstrap 3 frontend framework which makes it fully responsive and optimized for tablets, smartphones and desktops. It is SEO friendly theme with clean code base optimized for performance and awesome user experience. The theme has 4 ready made color schemes for you to choose.

City Government

city government - political theme

City Government Theme WordPress theme is a web masterpiece which is designed for government departments, agencies and local government sites. A very wall designed theme with a blog, gallery, events management, virtual city tour and full screen map. The main features, which are extremely important and super useful are, Events Calendar & Management, Multilingual support, Layer Slider and Facebook fan page compatibility.

City Government theme is yet another WordPress theme built using Bootstrap frontend framework which makes it fully responsive and mobile and tablet friendly. It uses Mega Menu to make hude and informative drop down menu. Developers have made this theme highly customizable thanks to unlimited color options, Google Fonts integration and much more. This theme comes with free support and extensive documentation.


campaign - most popular political theme

Campaign is a theme that’s made to help you win in your political race and be the hub of your campaign. It’s built with the WP Email Capture plugin in mind to collect names and emails of your constituents and The Events Calendar plugin to display all of your upcoming events. There’s also an easy to set up donation button in the header. Whether Democrat, Republican, or any other type of party, this theme will handle any politician or cause.

Campaign theme has 4 color options, 6 background patterns, 2 layout options, 2 sidebar styles and several custom widgets to create professional and unique website without touching a code. This theme is regularly updated to keep up with WordPress development and latest design trends. The last update made this theme fully responsive and optimized for tablets and desktops.


candidate premium looking WP theme

Candidate is a WordPress theme designed specifically for political and public figures. Drawing inspiration from the modern political arena and experience in building politically themed websites this design is flexible enough to fit any political option and social issue. With a few simple adjustments your site can go from a serious campaign presentation to a more informal grassroots movement. It’s easy to work on and has everything you need to reach out to your supporters. Candidate theme is also optimized to work with WooCommerce to sell your own merchandises with ease. It is only optional and website will works just fine without your own estore.

The theme has 50,000 possible layout options, several custom page templates and several custom widgets to make unique and professional website with ease. Candidate theme is well documentation that will get you started in no time.

20 Best WordPress Church Themes for Parishes, Churches and Other Religious and Spiritual Websites – 2016

Church WordPress Themes

Top WordPress themes designed and developer for churches, religion and charity organizations, parishes, non-profit organizations, religious communities, ministries and other similar websites.

These WordPress church themes will keep your visitors informed about upcoming events, donation options, church services and other important news happening on your organization. We chose themes that are easy to setup, customize and are still supported by developers.

Church, while spiritual and non-profit organization, is billion-dollar business and new confessions are jumping into this lucrative business. While most people are not looking at church this way, there are many who do and try to profit. Hopefully, you are not one of them and are here to find theme to make informative community website to keep up with the fast changing online environment. Today it is must have for church to have Twitter and Facebook page and modern website which is regularly updated.

If you have find that your church should have a new, modern and responsive website, then you are in the right place. We also offer WordPress setup, customization and migration services to make your life easier.

Here are some of the best and most flexible church WordPress themes for any spiritual and religious website.



Benevolence is a stunning and fully responsive theme perfect for building website for churches and other kinds of religious communities. It was built using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to ensure that your website will perform efficiently and make it future-proof. It comes with 11 custom post types so you can easily add causes, events, staff, documents, galleries, sermons, ministries, projects and donations to your website. Lastly, the theme is integrated with PayPal to help you accept payments and donation proficiently.



X is a truly remarkable, highly unconventional, unorthodox and original, memorable and visually unique, technologically sophisticated and professionally designed, modern and fluid WordPress responsive multiconcept, multipurpose theme, a uniquely crafted theme that combines powerful technology with tasteful design to provide the ultimate theme for all sorts of imaginable websites, corporate, business or personal, sizes big and small. X can cover such a wide range because it’s the only theme out there that is actually several themes in one–not skins, mind you, but whole conceptual themes with skins of their own, called Stacks, for building radically different websites.

Now, X developers have added Expanded Demos to the fray, with Church, Restaurant, Spa and Agency as the first four. Each of these Expanded Demos empowers you to build entirely different websites both in form and in function. Church, a newly available Expanded Demo for X, is an incredibly powerful framework for developing religious websites of all kinds and sizes–it’s a place for people to congregate, online, with helpful, convenient, time-saving shortcodes and sections for your sermons, litanies, religious news and newsletters, categorized browsing pages, social media integration and a modest, conservative, fresh-faced and inviting design that will please parishioners old and new, and is sure to make any flock expand in the measure of effort you put into your content.


salvation - minimal church wordpress theme

Salvation is a clean and fresh WordPress theme created for churches, religious groups, and charitable organizations. It comes with a superfine layout design that you can customize to suit your organizations values and goal as a religious organization. This theme is written using the latest standards in HTML5 and CSS3 technology for easy web development and to support advanced plugins available on the market. It comes with a responsive and mobile-friendly design that makes your website look spectacular across all modern devices. It comes with amazing theme features and options that you can use for building a good church website such as, 600+ Google fonts, 300+ Font Awesome icons, 12 custom widgets, unlimited sidebar, 4 pagination types, fade-in effects, floating header, AJAX quick search, custom CSS and many more. Salvation allows you to design and arrange the structure of your homepage using the theme’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes setting up pages really fun and easy. It comes with an extensive slider that greets your site visitors with updates in your church or congregation, feature engaging images or display other content that your users are sure to click on. The parallax background effects incorporated in this theme gives your website a unique 3D display feature that makes your website pique your users’ interest.

Salvation also includes features that are designed to cater the special website needs of churches and other religious organizations. This church theme has a “Services Section” that showcases the services your users or followers could request from you such as paid contracting services, prayer requests, charitable assistance or other services. The theme also has unique status post formats that let you post information, news articles or announcements about your church. Your organization could also take advantage of the audio post format with media player for sharing sermons, messages and other audio files. It also includes a Donate form with PayPal widget that you can use for raising funds for your church or organization. You can now let your users make reservations through your website and show it all in a beautiful calendar interface using the built-in event management system. Salvation also supports WP Subscribe Pro, WP Review Pro and WP Mega Menu plugin.

Adore Church


Adore Church is an ostensibly modern and impressive feature-rich, professionally graphically designed, clean and crisp, polished and professional, warm and inviting while awe-inspiring and luminous, intuitive and easy to use, popular and engaging, lively and highly responsive WordPress church, religious organization or nonprofit organization website theme. Adore Church is a deeply flexible theme that is beloved by pastors, ministers and rabbis around the world for its ability to create incredibly full featured, professional quality, high performance church or nonprofit websites in a flash, without having to write a single line of code.

Adore Church has all the modern bells and whistles needed to capture the younger demographics, with premium WordPress plugins like the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider to immerse your congregation in a ravishing visual navigational experience that greatly increases the thoroughness of overall user exposure to your content. Fullscreen, boxed and wide layouts provide handsome options for you to present your information, while the premium Isotope Gallery lets you show off your church’s media content in impressive, modern, relatable style. Adore Church has built in MegaMenus for easier navigation and even SoundCloud integration for streaming your sermons to the most tech-savvy among your flock. Are you ready to adore?

Church Suite


Church Suite is an incredibly ambitious and wide-spanning, endlessly resourceful and very devotedly thought out, carefully and painstakingly designed and developed, easy to use and intuitive, aesthetically polished and awe-inspiring, serious and solemn while flexible and dynamic responsive WordPress church, religious organization or nonprofit organization website theme. Church Suite is a theme that, while created to handle a whole slew of diverse religious, charitable or nonprofit websites in general, has been specifically empowered for churches of any scale to quickly and seamlessly go digital, and as such, it is packed both with advanced church-related features as well as a completely intuitive admin user interface that webmasters of any background or skill level can effortlessly master within minutes–and should any concerns appear, an incredibly thorough documentation is included with Church Suite.

Church Suite includes a Sermon Manager with four different types of posts, a powerful Events Manager with categories and upcoming events including Event Cover page, painless and speedy customization through the Visual Composer expanded with over 100 relevant, convenient elements designed in-house specifically for Church Suite, and even a fully functional and downright fantastic Causes & Donations Manager that lets your congregation fund important causes or donate to your church directly from your website, with no hassle whatsoever and within minutes of the 1 click installation process. Talk about an answer to your prayers, huh?



HelpingHands is a visually pleasant and smoothly functional, charming and appealing, candid and responsive WordPress charity, nonprofit organization and church website theme. HelpingHands is a perfect theme for religious organizations such as churches and related groups because it offers a powerful, robust framework with intuitive tools for crafting your own homepages and websites as well as plentiful functionality hand-picked specifically for the needs and requirements of nonprofit, charitable and`religious organizations.

HelpingHands includes top notch plugins such as the premium drag and drop Visual Composer page builder and a Premium Slider plugin that includes its own visual composer. Not to mention the Ultimate Addons for VC, this immensely widens your customization capabilities instantly with hundreds of elements, widgets and shortcodes readily available for deployment. Powerful donation campaign management features are built into this flexible theme, ready to handle single or multiple donation campaigns and with a number of payment gateway services integrated for your and your donors’ convenience. With cutting edge email subscription newsletter services, four unique demo variations with diverse layout arrangements and graphical composition to match the tone and style of your church and your congregation perfectly. With HelpingHands at your side, focus on doing the works, while HelpingHands handles the flock!



Grace is soothing and charming, visually clean and pristine, handsomely constructed and very tech-savvy, rapidly responsive WordPress religious and church website theme. Grace has been created with a specific goal in mind, and that is to empower religious officials and church members the world over to quickly and easily set up professional quality websites with tons of charming visual stylings, engaging animations and transitions, powerful functionality and all the tools you will need to thoroughly customize and modernize the look and feel of your church or religious organization’s website, for the world to see.

With premium plugins meant to greatly ease your design and development experience, such as the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, the Revolution and Swiper Sliders to make your content come alive with movement and interactivity, as well as thorough mobile friendliness provided by flexible, modularly designed code based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap, makes Grace a truly universal theme that can reach all devices, browsers and screen sizes, looking splendid every time. With many powerful shortcodes included to make your congregation come together, such as the Event Calendar plugin, impressive event widgets and much more for you to discover, Grace is truly a blessing. Try it now!



Pastor’e is a very clean and slick, fresh-faced and polished, pleasantly engaging and highly responsive WordPress church, religious and charity website theme. Pastor’e has been developed as an integrated platform for the effortless creation and design of feature rich modern websites, catering specifically to the needs and requirements of religious, charitable, NGO and related projects, websites and endeavors. From prayer groups to local congregations, from nationwide grassroots religious organizations to spiritual retreats, Pastor’e can handle them all with equal, unflinching grace.

Pastor’e has a robust framework supplied by capable website building plugins and tools such as Visual Composer, expanded with hundreds of convenient elements, support for Sticky Menus, inclusion of the lovely Fontello Icon Set, hundreds of Google Fonts, convenient Back to Top functionality on any page, one page and multipage possibilities for each of Pastor’e’s five exclusive demo website layouts, tons of header, footer, sidebar and menu customization styles, limitless colors, relaxing animations and transitions, powerful media options and much more. Pastor’e lets you reach all corners of the Earth with its combination of complete cross-compatible responsiveness, furnished by the Bootstrap modular design at its foundation, as well as the integrated WPML plugin. Reach out to all of them, with Pastor’e!


deeds church and non-profit theme

Deeds is a clean, modern and fully responsive premium WordPress theme well suited for church, non-profit organization, charity, ministry, event, religious propagation, fundraising and other professional websites. It is easy to setup and customize thanks to its simple yet powerful options that allows to change theme color scheme, layout, homepage style and much more. This theme features 8 awesome header styles, numerous custom page templates and widgets. The Deeds theme has everything to create professional and modern looking church website without breaking a sweat.



Wish is a beautiful and elegant, aesthetically subtle and impressive, graphically adaptable and easy to use, engaging and enticing, attractive and deeply modern, luminously bright and very colorful and relatable, intuitively navigable and high resolution, Retina-ready, mobile friendly and responsive WordPress multiconcept multipurpose website theme. Wish is the result of a devoted and lengthy, detail-oriented and very loving design, coding and development process employing a team of professional programmers, web developers and graphic designers, working in keen and careful coordination in order to craft a magnificently ambitious and thorough website building platform, that places the latest and great technological advances in the hands of webmasters experienced and inveterate alike.

With a completely visual, intuitive interface that you will master within minutes and will allow you to effortlessly create jaw-dropping gorgeous, impressively animated and dynamic, and distinctly professional-quality websites in a flash, with a 1 click import process and plethora of convenient, predesigned pages and layouts, as well as the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins to make short work of creating a powerful website. That makes Wish an ideal website for churches, religious organizations and all kinds of similar, related organizations. From install to growing your flock, nobody gets things done faster than Wish!


Prayer - spiritual theme

Prayer is a modern and well-designed church WordPress theme from cssigniter. It is responsive and makes your website look welcoming and amiable when viewed on any kind of mobile device. It is built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 code. Prayer has sermon management system with support for audio, video and transcripts, events management, stunning galleries, video and location page. It offers 6 different colour schemes, shortcodes (for buttons, columns, dividers etc via a plugin), custom menus, and powerful options panel to easily set-up and manage your website without writing a single code.


spiritual modern design church theme

Spiritual is a clean and stunning website template for churches, religious organizations, charities and non-profit organizations. This theme is carefully crafted to help developers build a church website with ease. This theme is very easy to install and customize. A lot of developers love this church website template because of its solid and fully responsive layout design. Every aspect and graphic elements in this theme are retina ready to ensure that your website will look stunning and razor-sharp even on high-resolution displays. Spiritual WordPress theme is available in boxed and wide layout. It has 4 custom menu locations with drag and drop menu manager that can help your users or church members navigate in your website with ease.

Spiritual theme comes packed with Revolution Slider, a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add unlimited slides and create animation with an easy to use interface. It includes an advanced blog options that lets you configure the setting of your blog within your website. Spiritual allow you to create unlimited portfolio with 2, 3 and 4 columns. Each gallery includes advanced options such as show-hide text, set text size, three pagination styles-standards, next-previous and infinite etc. Furthermore, this advanced church theme also includes custom page templates, sticky top navigation, Lightbox effect for pop-up images, custom widgets and powerful shortcodes generator. You can also change the default colors, fonts and other theme elements of this theme through its built-in WordPress theme customizer. This modest church theme also includes The Event Calendar Plugin that you can use for managing the upcoming events in your church and keep your church members updated with current and upcoming events in your church. This plugin could also help you accept bookings and manage the attendees. Spiritual is compatible with WooCommerce plugin to raise funds for the activities of your church.


dunamis - sleek wordpress church theme

Dunamis is a modern and vibrant WordPress theme specially designed for churches and religious movements. This modern church theme is exceptionally responsive from Header to Footer so you are assured that your website will resize perfectly on any modern devices. The theme comes with a fullscreen slider that could immediately grab the attention of anyone who visits your website. You can slot in creative images, information about your church or charity programs on each sliders. It has an easy to use Mega Menu creator that helps you set up a stunning mega menu, which provides a smooth and comprehensible navigation in your website. Its drag & drop functionality that allows you to set up complicated page layout design. It also has a custom homepage composer that helps you arrange and organize the front page of your website in minutes. With Dunamis WordPress theme, you can also incorporate a parallax effect in your website for smoother and gorgeous visual effects. You can create a impressive church website without touching a single line of code.

This modern and refreshing theme helps you to take donations in a fast and systematic way, add sermons, reach out to your audience though your blog and keep them updated with the activities and upcoming events in your church. It features a Comprehensive Donation Manager that allows you to easily create donations and keep book of the donations you created. It allows you to keep meticulous book of donations for management donators. The theme also comes with an easy Booking Form with a selection for weekly and annual donations. This theme is not bloated with superfluous shortcodes, page builder integrated in this church theme is enough to help you build a church website. A comprehensive help file is packaged in this theme to help you set up and customize your website with ease.


hopes - clean and minimal church theme

Hopes is a beautiful Church WordPress theme comes with a warm and genial design perfect for churches, non-profit organizations and even suitable for business purpose. This theme is packed with advanced features required in setting up and managing a church website. This website template will make your website look stunning when viewed on any types of devices because it is 100% responsive. Hopes offers unlimited color options, 600+ Google Web Fonts, PSD files and Inner Pages Photoshop Layer files, tons of powerful shortcodes, shortcodes generator and many more. You can manage all the customizable aspects of your theme via its advanced theme options panel. Hopes theme has a powerful drag and drop page builder powered by Visual Composer. This advanced page builder helps you build unlimited pages and add elements such as text, images and buttons to your page or post with drag & drop page builder. This theme includes Business Hours Pro WordPress plugin that enables you to display church timings such as the opening and closing hours, days of the week when the church is open and closed and so forth.

Hopes Church theme supports Slider Revolution plugin to help you create slides with amazing animations in no time. Creating eye-catching slides increase user engagement in your website and enhance user experience. It is compatible with The Event Calendar Plugin, a widely used add on for event management and calendar display for active websites like religious organization, non-profit and church websites. This is a very effective tool in creating and managing the events in your church. The Church Theme Content Plugin integrated in this theme allows you to post and manage sermon, event, church members, location post types and taxonomies. This vibrant Church theme is designed using clean code and built with best SEO practices in mind to help your website obtain higher traffic and rank well on search engine.


prayer - advanced and beautiful theme

Prayer is a modern and lively WordPress theme for church and other religious organizations. It is tremendously responsive and resizes its layout slickly on different kind of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and iPhone to provide visitors a great viewing experience. It is coded using the latest techniques in HTML5 and CSS3 to help your website keep up with the future trends in website design. This theme also includes several page layout versions that make building pages for your website a piece of cake. Customize your theme by setting the right color scheme using the color picker, background uploader, modifying the background design, choosing the right fonts and other theme elements. It includes a powerful page builder from CrunchPress that allows you to create unlimited page layout that you can imagine in an instant.

This theme includes Layer Slider to help you create animated sliders with ease. Show off your content by using the right blog styles. This theme includes multiple gallery layout options to help you display your photos or images in an elegant way. This theme also comes with a parallax scrolling that produces a unique scrolling experience your visitors will surely love.

Prayer comes packed with unique features specifically designed for church websites. It has a fully functional prayer wall with prayer request form and confirmation of prayer request. It also has sermon manager where sermons can be organized and browsed by category, tag, speaker, month day and year. Its Event Manager feature let you easily create events, accept bookings, and manage attendees, create locations, display Google Maps on your event and location pages, display your events in various AJAX-powered calendars. Furthermore, Prayer WordPress theme comes with a powerful shortcode system, social share feature for posts, includes layered PSD files, custom post types and many more. Lastly,


churchope - popular church theme

ChurcHope is a clean, modern, responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme well suited for charities, churches and other non-profit organizations. This theme integrated well coded event manager that has loads of features that I haven’t see for any other theme. The theme has built in shortcodes for content styling custom functionality such as buttons, tabs, social icons, pricing tables, testimonials, contact form and much more. ChurcHope is the best selling WordPress theme ever with over 6,000 purchases and there is no better alternative. This theme is the right option if you are looking for advanced functionality, simple setup and fanatic support by developers. This is also my favorite theme on this collection and I have used it for several of my clients and they are finally happy with their websites.

Real Church

realchurch elegant church theme

Real Church is the most powerful church WordPress theme. It has everything that church theme must have. Sermon post type which supports video, audio, attachment and also PDF. Event post type which you can put the start date/time, end date/time and you can also put Google map in the post. Pastor post type which allow you to feature church’s pastors. Also you still have traditional blog post and portfolio post to feature your works/product so you can also use the theme as other purpose too. This theme integrated Page Builder that allow to make custom pages with advanced functionality by using drag & drop interface that doesn’t require any coding skills. It is SEO friendly, translation and multilingual ready WordPress theme ready to stand out.


incarnation minimal church theme

Incarnation is a responsive WordPress Church Theme , suited for any kind of church and religion related website that wants to provide a community site to its visitors. It comes with support for audio and video sermons, a fully fledged event calendar, a community forum and many other options. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous Avia Framework and offers support for the multiple languages, just in case you need it. Incarnation theme has 10 ready made skins that you can further optimize to get the results you want. This theme has ton of features, yet is easy to setup, use and customize thanks to detailed documentation that come with this theme.

Incarnation has well crafted theme options to change various aspect of this theme such as fonts, colors, layout, functionality and much more.

Outreach Pro Theme

outreach genesis child theme

A church is one of the most information intensive organizations. Don’t let your message get lost. Outreach gives you the framework you want, so you can give your people the message they need. Outreach is based on Genesis Framework, which is highly customizable and easy to use. This theme is the best options for those looking into modifying this theme because Genesis has incredible community around it that has developed loads of free plugins and customization options that you won’t find for any other theme in the market. Outreach is a bit pricy but Genesis is included with purchase and it can be used for your other websites and is regularly updated with new features.


Evangelist WordPress theme

Evangelist is a clean and minimalist church website template custom-made for prayer groups. This premium theme developed by Themefuse has a stylish, warm and welcoming design perfect for church website. Evangelist is fully responsive and mobile ready. This theme includes a functional event calendar, which helps your church manage events efficiently. With this theme you are able to upload prayer books and sermons ready for download, share sermons and gospel music or add blog posts and videos to your website. It also comes with an extensive homepage slider for presenting featured content. This theme includes Google Maps, newsletter signup, social icons powerful admin options panel and more.

If you couldn’t find the theme you were looking for you might want to look for more specific themes such as event themes and non-profit/charity themes. If these are still not the right themes we have over 100 different theme collection on our website and I am sure that you will be able to find the right theme for your or for your community.