80+ Fantastic Flat Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Flat Logo Design

Flat design is taking world by storm since Microsoft introduced Windows Phone and Windows 8. At first most designers were against this trend but within a few weeks everyone started to love flat design. There are still some skepticism about this design trends thanks to Apple’s unpolished iOS7, but we can be sure that this trend is here to stay.

Flat design is not revolutionary new and have been here for a while but it became popular only after Windows Phone was introduced back in late 2010. Before that each tech startup and startup of any kind were trying to use glare effects, realistic graphics and other fancy elements borrowed from Apple design books. Now rolles have been shifted and Apple is copying Microsoft. I know that you will argue, like any other Apple fan would, but think for a second from where flat design come from and which company was the last one to apply it to their products?

In flat design the main attention goes to typography, minimalistic elements by leaving out complex gradients, shadows, bevels, feathered effects or 3D appearances. Flat design is all about tiny details for elements, typography and shapes because you can’t hide them behind glare, shadows and other effects.

Since I am learning graphic design I decided to create a list of flat logo design examples for inspiration. Not all of these logos will get nominates as logo of the year but still you will get an idea how flat logos are designed. I othered this list from various sources but majority of them comes from Dribbble, which is by far the most popular resource for graphic designers. Some logos are from Behance which is another great resource for design inspiration.

Below are over 80 flat logo design examples I mentioned earlier. Most of them are used for real companies, services, websites, organizations, events, etc, but there are plenty of ones created just for inspiration. Enjoy!

Updated (27.08.2015): Long shadow logo and icon examples can be found here.

I guess you might be interested in flat design WordPress themes as well.

Reflect Architecture – Flat Logo Design for architecture company

Reflect Architecture flat logo

  • Author: Gevi Marotz
  • Date Created: Jul 2, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Flat Logo Design – Bull City Learning

Flat Logo Design - Bull City Learning

  • Author: Szende Brassai / Adline
  • Date Created: Oct 4, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

flatweet – Flat logo design for social media management tool

flatweet logo

  • Author: Felix Diaconu
  • Date Created: Jul 30, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Re:Public – Flat logo design for PR company based in US

re:public flat logo

  • Author: Felix Diaconu
  • Date Created: Oct 2, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Bullninja -Flat logo design for software and media company

bullninja flat logo

  • Author: Felix Diaconu
  • Date Created: Jul 20, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Hudddle – Flat logo design for iOS chat app

hudddle flat logo

  • Author: Jamie Heuze
  • Date Created: June 16, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Impala – Flat logo design for Chevrolet

Impala flat logo

  • Author: Jan Meeus
  • Date Created: Feb 27, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Mama Mafia – Flat logo design for food eStore

mama mafia flat logo

  • Author: Dima Je
  • Date Created: July 12, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Aubut & Fils – Flat logo design for furniture company

Aubut & Fils Flat Logo

  • Author: Phil Heroux
  • Date Created: May 12, 2013
  • Source: LogoMoose

Bitmule – Flat logo design for web hosting company in US

BITMULE flat logo

  • Author: vasvari
  • Date Created: July 15, 2013
  • Source: LogoMoose

GuttenBier – Flat logo design for beer brewery

guttenbier flat logo

  • Author: Yury Akulin
  • Date Created: October, 2013
  • Source: TheLogoMix

Comfort Station – Flat logo design for interior & exterior design company

Comfort Station Flat Logo

  • Author: Sergei Dan
  • Date Created: October, 2013
  • Source: free-lance.ru

Baba Kucko – Flat logo design for Romanian company

Baba Kucko Flat Logo

  • Author: Szende Brassai / Adline
  • Date Created: Oct, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Purrfectly Good – Flat logo design for homegrown catnip

Purrfectly Good Flat Logo

  • Author: mfdesign
  • Date Created: Sept, 2013
  • Source: be.net

Bitlabs – Flat logo design for entrepreneurship training center

Bitlabs Flat Logo

  • Author: Chai Ahmad
  • Date Created: August, 2013
  • Source: LogoPond

Lion King – Flat logo design for tech startup

Lion King Flat Logo

  • Author: George Otsubo
  • Date Created: Sept, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Cell World – Flat logo design for mobile tech company

Cell World Flat Logo

  • Author: Chai Ahmad
  • Date Created: Jul, 2013
  • Source: LogoMoose

Greenbagz – Flat logo design for eco-friendly bag printing company


  • Author: CF Designers
  • Date Created: February 2012
  • Source: Company Folders

Iron Curtain – Flat logo design for Russian restaurant

Iron Curtain Flat Logo

  • Author: Simona Munteanu
  • Date Created: Aug, 2013
  • Source: Simona Munteanu

Yoga – Flat logo design for yoga center

Yoga Flat Logo

  • Author: PecoraNera
  • Date Created: Aug, 2011
  • Source: PecoraNera

Eluvphants – Flat logo design for dating website

Eluvphants flat Logo

  • Author: tahsintahil
  • Date Created: Jul, 2013
  • Source: LogoMoose

Pivotal – Real estate, Investment Logo

Pivotal Flat Logo

  • Author: Bratus
  • Date Created: Jun, 2013
  • Source: Behance

Equitee – Flat logo design for Consulting & investor services for internet startups

Equitee Flat Logo

  • Author: Yoon
  • Date Created: Jul, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Mail Pals – Flat logo design for email client and mobile app

Mail Pals Flat Logo

  • Author: Josh Hayes
  • Date Created: Jul, 2011
  • Source: Logo Gala

Robin Bird – Flat logo design for national park in France

Robin Bird Flat Logo

  • Author: Noe Araujo
  • Date Created: Mar 14, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Shazzart – Flat logo design for art blog

Shazzart Flat Logo

  • Author: Phil Heroux
  • Date Created: Jul 4, 2013
  • Source: logomoose

Berry – Flat logo design for handmade clothing company

Berry Flat Logo

  • Author: maxlapteff
  • Date Created: Jul 28, 2013
  • Source: logopond

H&D – Flat logo design for a local restaurant

H&D flat logo

  • Author: Galanis Ioannis
  • Date Created: June 26, 2013
  • Source: Behance

Cloud Castle – Flat logo design for for cloud service company

Cloud Castle Flat Logo

  • Author: Chai Ahmad
  • Date Created: Jul 22, 2013
  • Source: Logo Moose

Eclipse – Flat logo design for language learning software

Eclipse Flat Logo

  • Author: Hayes Image
  • Date Created: Sept 10, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Mailshare – Flat logo design for for iOS mail app

Mailshare Flat Logo

  • Author: Draward.com
  • Date Created: Aug 13, 2013
  • Source: Draward.com

Skulpt – Measurement Tool Logo

Skulpt flat logo

  • Author: AlexWende
  • Date Created: Aug 5, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Upma – Flat logo design for coupon website

Upma Flat Logo

  • Author: Donatas Surgailis
  • Date Created: Aug 5, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

AngryFile – Flat logo design for for cloud file storage service

AngryFile Flat Logo

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Aug 1, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Jail – Flat logo design created for inspiration

Jail Flat Logo

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Aug, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Fighters Replays – Flat logo design for online game

Fighters Replays Flat Logo

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Jul, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Bambam! – Flat logo design for created for inspiration

Bambam! Flat Logo

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Sep, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Be Prague St. – Flat logo design for travel agency

Be Prague St. Flat Logo

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: May, 2012
  • Source: Behance

FightHaard Records – Flat logo design for record studio

FightHaard Records Flat Logo

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Feb, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Grenton – Flat logo design for smart home tech startup

Grenton Flat Logo

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Apr, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Flat Logo Design

Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Jan, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Smart Style – Flat logo design for beauty salon in Poland

Smart Style Flat Logo Desig

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Jun, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Kokos Logo – Flat logo design for financial service company

Kokos Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Dec, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Hydro Vag – Flat logo design for health care company

Hydro Vag Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Nov, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Europress – Flat logo design for online book store

Europress Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Oct, 2012
  • Source: Behance

TwentyFour – Flat logo design for local news channel

TwentyFour Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Oct, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Joon – Flat logo design for dating website

Joon Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Sept, 2012
  • Source: Behance

WorldSmileArchive – Flat logo design for for social marketing project

WorldSmileArchive Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Redkroft
  • Date Created: Aug, 2012
  • Source: Behance

Bonsai – Flat logo design created for inspiration

Bonsai Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Fabio Basile
  • Date Created: Sept 3, 2012
  • Source: Dibbble

Challenge Post – Flat logo design for postal services

Challenge Post Flat Logo

  • Author: Matthew Tully
  • Date Created: Sep 26, 2012
  • Source: Dibbble

Slight flat logo modifications

symbol gradient logo

  • Author: Nick Whitmoyer
  • Date Created: Aug 27, 2012
  • Source: Dibbble

Watermelon – Flat Logo Design for Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency Watermelon Flat Logo

  • Author: Olkiller
  • Date Created: Aug 13, 2013
  • Source: LogoPond

Sixbase – Flat logo design for web and graphic design company

Sixbase Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Made By Thomas
  • Date Created: Sep 4, 2011
  • Source: Dribbble

Golf – Flat logo design for professional golf organization

Golf Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Alen Type08 Pavlovic
  • Date Created: Mar 8, 2011
  • Source: Dribbble

Ezypak – Flat logo design for packaging company

Ezypak Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Deividas Bielskis
  • Date Created: Sep 3, 2012
  • Source: Dribbble

MindReps – Flat logo design for brain training quizzes

MindReps Flat Logo Design

  • Author: Sean Heisler
  • Date Created: Mar 8, 2012
  • Source: Dribbble

Big Thinkery – Flat logo design for web design, development and internet marketing company

Big Thinkery Flat Logo

  • Author: Curt Rice
  • Date Created: Jun 3, 2012
  • Source: Dribbble

Wiz – Flat logo design for iOS app

Wiz Flat Logo

  • Author: Daniel Janev
  • Date Created: Sep 27, 2012
  • Source: Dribbble

Sendr – Flat logo design for email client

Sendr Flat Logo

  • Author: Jonathon Toon
  • Date Created: Apr 5, 2012
  • Source: Dribbble

Safari Bar – Flat logo design for local bar

Safari Bar Flat Logo

  • Author: Roman Kirichenko
  • Date Created: Sep 5, 2013
  • Source: Behance

Emusklep – Flat logo design for petstore

Emusklep Flat logo

  • Author: alekchmura
  • Date Created: Jul 5, 2013
  • Source: Logo Moose

Sparrow – Flat Logo Design for fast and efficient cloud based management tool

Sparrow flat logo design

  • Author: AlexWende
  • Date Created: Aug 1, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Capital Timepieces – Flat Logo Design for High-end watch dealer

Capital Timepieces Flat Logo

  • Author: Wiking
  • Date Created: Dec 13, 2012
  • Source: Logo Pond

Ark Design – Flat logo design for local startup

Ark Design flat logo

  • Author: Mark Conlan
  • Date Created: May 28, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Live Drawing Session – Flat Logo Design For an amazing drawing event in Bulgaria

Live Drawing Session Flat Logo

  • Author: Sergey Punchev
  • Date Created: Jul 8, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

See Sale – Flat Logo Design inspired by Firefox logo

See Sale Flat logo

  • Author: Yoon
  • Date Created: Oct 10, 2012
  • Source: Logo Pond

BoldMedia – Flat Logo Design for web design company

BoldMedia Flat logo

  • Author: Jeroen van Eerden
  • Date Created: Aug 30, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Smart owl – Flat Logo Design for startup

Smart owl flat logo

  • Author: Jonas Soder
  • Date Created: May 8, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Thunder Mountain Coffee – Flat Logo Design for a small coffee shop

Thunder Mountain Coffee Flat Logo

  • Author: nightshayde
  • Date Created: Sept 23, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Code Works – Flat Logo Design for tech startup

Code Works Flat Logo

  • Author: nightshayde
  • Date Created: Aug 20, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Task Tracker – Flat Logo Design for backend company of Olympia to handle support tickets

Task Tracker Flat Logo

  • Author: arcdesign
  • Date Created: Sep 26, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Racoon Icon – Flat Logo Design for iPhone app

Racoon Icon Flat Logo

  • Author: Jeroen van Eerden
  • Date Created: Aug 9, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Tugboat Digital – Flat Logo Design for digital business consultant

Tugboat Digital Flat Logo

  • Author: Jessica Watts
  • Date Created: Sept 20, 2013
  • Source: Logo Pond

Eagle Sword – Flat Logo Design for online game

Eagle Sword Flat logo

  • Author: Jamal Moghrabi
  • Date Created: Mar 13, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

WhoStole.it Logo

whostole.it logo

  • Author: Roy Barber
  • Date Created: Apr 20, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

UniSchooLabs – Flat Logo Design for universities lab

UniSchooLabs flat logo

  • Author: Jamal Moghrabi
  • Date Created: Mar 13, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

MNCB – Flat Logo Design for food company

MNCB flat logo

  • Author: Jamal Moghrabi
  • Date Created: Mar 13, 2013
  • Source: Dribbble

Professional And Responsive Car Dealer WordPress Themes For Automotive Websites 2016

Car Dealer WordPress Themes

Complete collection of the best automotive WordPress themes for car dealership to boost your car sales, keep relationships with your clients, tracks your commissions with ease.

This collection includes 18 awesome themes with customizable vehicle listing pages that can be filled with car specification, images, videos and other important information. All these listing can be tweaked to suit your car dealership needs.

Many of these themes can be used for car rentals, services or even real estate and directory website. All these themes are versatile and highly customizable with unlimited color variations, several fonts, custom widgets and much more.

As a kid I had a dream to build my own vehicle service and car dealership but I gave up this idea because of a massive first investment required for setup. Time has changed and it is so much easier to sell cars online and eventually bring your business offline.

If you are already in this business and looking to expand your business it is the right time to make your own website to showcase your vehicles. This will boost your sales with a tiny initial investment since developers, designers or other professionals are no longer required. All it takes is $60 for premium theme that can be customized to suit your business needs.



Garage is a modern and appealing, engaging and technologically sophisticated, very intuitive and easy to use, user as well as developer friendly, graphically expansive and visually impressive, wonderfully functional and deeply flexible, cleverly coded and ultra responsive WordPress automotive and garage website theme. Garage is a nifty and crafty theme that has been designed with the power and flex to easily muscle the demands of a whole range of diverse service-industry small and medium sized businesses, from carpenters and constructors to decorators and landscapers, but that has been uniquely and specifically created to satisfy every need of a cutting edge and attractive automotive or garage business website.

Garage is packed with useful plugins like the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, as well as MailChimp and Contact Form 7 to optimize your customer conversion rates in a visually cohesive manner, and out of the box Google Map integration for customers to easily locate your premises. Handy shortcodes offer features like Events, Testimonials, Counter, Gallery, Images and many more that should be able to take care of anything you need as you set up your WooCommerce-integrated automotive WordPress website. Stop worrying about page building and focus on the mechanics side of the equation, and let Garage WordPress theme do the rest!



Motors is a revolutionary WordPress theme for car dealership websites. It allows clients to construct professional pages, and it does not require any specialized coding knowledge. Countless hours of research went into the development of this product, and every feature promises to expand your site’s capabilities. Due to the Drag and Drop page builder, the personalization process has been greatly simplified. Just like the name suggests, you only need to drag elements across the screen, and drop them into place.

There are 5 pre-designed color variations, available for any Motors user. However, you can implement a custom color due to the WP Customize option. This theme also has a modern finance calculator, allowing clients to accurately determine their monthly payment, interest payments, and so on. Motors will incorporate a special feature which showcases side-by-side comparisons of vehicles. In addition, merchandise and parts can be sold on your own online store. This is made possible by WooCommerce, which is one of the most trusted premium plugins on WordPress. Of course, your site can feature either a boxed or full screen layout version. Users can add distinct categories and taxonomies, due to the Inventory Manager tool. There is no limit to the number of filters which can be applied. For more information about Motors theme you can read our full review.

WP Pro Automotive 2

wp pro automotive wordpress theme

WP Pro Automotive 2 is a car dealer WordPress theme handcrafted for car dealers who wants to have an effective web presence for their car listings. This theme is compatible with WordPress 3.9. It is carefully coded and built with HTML5 & CSS3 technology to help you develop a website with ease. This theme is fully responsive and retina ready to provide a great user experience to your website visitors. It offers 50+ pre-defined background patterns, 400+ custom Google fonts, unlimited skins and custom user profile fields.

With WP Pro Automotive 2 car dealers or agents are able to create their own professional profile on the site to establish users’ trust in their car listing website. It also includes an intuitive and easy to use Front End Listing Submission & Management System to help visitors submit their own listings on your website. This system can also be integrated with PayPal for easy payment collection and an effective way to monetize your website. It uses a fully functional Drag & Drop homepage builder to create endless layout possibilities. It uses an AJAX Powered admin options panel to give you full control on all aspects of your theme. It includes 16 Custom Widgets that you can use for setting up pages dedicated to your car dealership website such as Agent Info , Agents Other Listings , Auto Loan Calculator , Blog Author Info , Contact Info , Dealership Info (Multi), Dealership Info (Single), Flickr, Follow Us, Hours of Operation, Latest Posts, Listings, Listings Agent Contact, Listings Search, Search and Adspace, Tabs.


automotive - professional car theme

Automotive is a modern and pixel perfect WordPress theme for car dealers, sellers, agents and automobile companies. It has a fully responsive page layout that resizes gracefully to any modern devices. Its rock-solid framework is built based on the latest Bootstrap technology. Whether you are a small car dealer or a large car dealership firm, you are sure to find what you need in this automotive WordPress theme. It comes with unlimited color schemes to ensure flexibility and let you create a website that standout from other car dealers. It includes a premium drag ‘n drop page builder powered by Visual Composer that helps you create a satisfying layout page design in no time. They also integrated Slider Revolution in this theme to add responsive slides with effects and animations in your theme without difficulty. It also comes with an Animated Multi-tier Sticky Header for added visual impact.

Developers of this theme included jQuery Inventory Layouts so users could instantly switch views of vehicle listings. Their automotive listings feature is such a breeze to add, edit, and remove as your inventory changes. Automotive comes with a completely filterable inventory, allow for multi-vehicle comparison, customized widget for displaying similar listings and printable brochures for inventory listings. It is also fully integrated with loan calculator to help buyers calculate payments for the vehicle. Additionally, this theme includes 6 masonry gallery layouts, social media integration, 32 Photoshop PSD files, Google maps integration, 100% WPML Multilingual Plugin ready and fully WooCommerce compatible. They provide users extensive documentation and fantastic customer support.

Auto Image

auto image bootstrap wordpress theme

Auto Image is a clean and well-designed one page WordPress theme uniquely designed for car dealer websites. Its strong framework is built based on Bootstrap 3 technology for easy website development and unfussy theme customization. This theme comes with a fully responsive layout and built using 1170 grid system to ensure that your page will resize faultlessly on any screen sizes. It is created with retina ready icons and elements to ensure that your website will look excellent on HiDPi displays.

Auto Image is very easy to customize to suit your needs and design preferences. It comes with an idiot-proof and intuitive theme customizer that allows you to alter the color scheme, font styles and backgrounds of the theme to match your branding requirements. This includes a custom featured image to let you show off the cars you are offering for sale. This theme is bundled with Revolution Slider, a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add unlimited slides and create animation with an easy to use interface. It contains 3 PSD files to give you a quick mockup for your main page, blog page and post page. Gaining online presence and boosting your sales is much easier with this theme because it is well-coded and fully optimized for SEO. Auto Image also includes a working contact form so people or potential buyers could easily contact you and fully integrated with Google Map to let your customers easily find your store. Furthermore, this car dealer website template is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you set up an online store without much effort.


cardealer WordPress themes

CarDealer is a clean and responsive WordPress theme that can be used on any level of business starting from huge car dealer companies and for people who want to sell their own vehicles. This theme is packed with functionalities specially created for buying and selling cars. It features a user’s/ dealer’s profile that allows every user to have his/her own personal account, which users’ could easily access from front-end in special sliding Login panel. It also allows you to brand each image with logo watermarks. Purchasing this theme also means you get the database of all vehicle makes and models, which were attached for your convenience. It includes a Loan Calculator to assist users or potential buyers in computing the possible cost of the car they intend to loan. It has a “Sold” and “Featured” labels available. Another important feature incorporated in this theme is the powerful search system that assists your visitors and deal-hunters in finding the car unit they are looking for. They have also included “Car Comparison Page” and “Watch List Page” to help customers choose from huge quantity of the cars presented in your website. It has a “Car List Filtering” functionality to help your future customers filter all cars by the year or first registration, price, publishing date and mileage. Other features included in this theme are: car options editor, dealer type builder/account manager, inbuilt PayPal module & auto-generated pricing tables and inbuilt currency converter. Lastly, it has a Theme Styling Options Panel that allows you to build a unique and personalized car listing site.


listify - classifieds WordPress theme

Listify is a pretty WordPress directory theme bundled with modern features that can help car dealers promote and showcase their car units online. The developers behind this theme made sure that its beautiful layout design is complemented by functionality and usability. Some of the plugins integrated in this theme includes Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce Bookings, which allows you to offer your visitors the chance to make reservations with the businesses listed in your directory. To make certain that your car listings become visible in the search engine, they included support for rich snippets. This feature helps you boost both your website rank and click through rates it gets.

If you want to monetize your website, Listify isn’t deficient of features that you need to do that! With the ability to display ads, charge users for adding a listing, claiming a listing and even viewing listings and accessing the website, you can definitely make the most of your car listing website. Listify also let users and prospective buyers save a listing with our Bookmarks support, search for a listing by a location or zip code, view a map of all the local listings, create submissions without logging into the admin interface and share or visit a listing’s social media sites. Other awesome theme features include video backgrounds, listings maps, oodles of custom widgets, dual menus, color skins and more. Check out their demo to get ideas for your next car listings website using Listify.

Auto Car Repair

auto car repair WordPress theme

Auto Car Repair WordPress theme is designed for Auto Mechanic, Car Repair Shops, Car Wash, Garages, Automobile Mechanicals, Mechanic Workshops, Auto Painting, Auto Centres and other Auto and Car related services. People could easily access your website using any devices such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones because it is extremely responsive and streams smoothly on any modern mobile platform. Auto Car Repair is built based on Vamtam Rock Solid Theme Framework. It is built using valid HTML5 and CSS3 design following all modern best practices. You can easily modify the theme options pages with the meta programming options generator integrated in the theme. It includes 10 header layouts, one page style menu option, sticky header, sidebars, widget areas for posts, custom post type and many more.

It includes VamTam Drag and Drop Page Builder, which is designed based on the popular Visual Composer. This powerful page builder comes with simple interface that you can use for building any page or post layout without touching a single line of code. This theme is packaged with premium Revolution Slider plugin to help you create smart and responsive sliders with amazing effects and animations that will instantly catch the attention of anyone who visits your website. This theme allows you to incorporate other purposeful feature such as opening hours, Free Consultation / Appointment Form, practice areas, case results, Q&A and team members’ pages. You can also use this theme for selling car parts and accessories, thanks to its WooCommerce


redline car dealer template

Redline is an amazing and responsive theme specially designed for car dealers or any businesses that has to do with automotive and vehicles. This theme is very easy to customize and studded with function theme features necessary for showcasing a list and catalogue vehicles online. Redline is created with a very fluid layout design and solid retina support to look awesome on any types of modern device. It has advanced built-in theme features like Vehicle Inventory and Search feature that are really helpful in showcasing cars, car accessories and other types of vehicles. This stunning theme is built based on HTML5 Boilerplate for a high-speed, solid and future-proof website.


Carel - car dealership theme

Carell is a feature-rich premium Car Dealership and Real Estate WordPress theme. This theme is packed with splendid theme features and options that are perfect for displaying car listings. Using this theme will definitely make your website look impressive on any device because it is fully responsive and retina ready. This theme also allows you to create a smart under construction page. This theme is very easy to set up, customize and manage. This theme comes with countless layout options, visual composer, 5 navigation styles, homepage sliders, powerful theme options panel, editable search fields and ranges, lots of color and font options, custom widgets and a lot more! With Carell WordPress theme you can build a professional and user-friendly car dealer website.


autodealer WordPress theme

AutoDealer is a professional website template custom-built for car sellers, dealers or auto motor retailers. It is a flexible theme bundled with functional customization tools that allows you to set up an inimitable car dealer website. The theme comes with a unique front-end submission system with built-in payment packages powered by WooCommerce. It also includes LayerSlider plugin that you can use for creating striking and fluid visual presentations within your website. It also includes a built-in ajax registration system with a unique selector, completely styled forms for contact form 7 plugin, custom post types for vehicles, custom taxonomies for vehicles, advanced listings search and many more.


auto trader WordPress theme

AutoTrader is a stunning, responsive auto WordPress theme excellent for an online vehicle marketplace or an auto motor magazine or blog. The theme has premium look and feel that is impossible to be ignored. AutoTrade is the best looking theme on this list and it will definitely boost your online car sales. In addition this theme has full-width image slider to showcase your vehicle listing or any other important information.


tucana - classic wordpress theme

Tucana is a clean, elegant and fully functional cars dealership WordPress theme. Theme developed for car dealers who are looking for something a little bit different from other themes. Tucana theme comes with two different homepage variations to choose the one that suit your needs. Tucana cars dealer is a clean and elegant design focused to boost car rales. Of course it is a versatile theme and you can easily use this template for any other website.

WP Pro Automotive

wp pro automative - classic wp theme

WP Pro Automotive is one of the most powerful car dealership themes purpose built to showcase your listings, loaded with ton of awesome features that will boot your sales.
Although this car dealership theme was coded with vehicle sales in mind it can be used for classifieds, directories, real estate, rentals and anything else. Its been hand coded with customization and ease of use in mind.

WP Pro Automotive is well documentation and developers offers free support which will make setup and customization much easier.


shandora full screen wordpress theme

Shandora is clean & flexible Real Estate WordPress Theme based on Foundation 4 frontend framework which makes it fully responsive and optimized for all device sizes. The theme is designed using flat design principles which makes it innovative and clean looking. It suits for both complex and simple car listings which means that you can tweak every aspect of listing to suit your needs.

Shandora is a versatile WordPress theme with drag & drop page builder to customize every aspect of car listings as well as for other important pages on your website. This theme integrates advanced custom search that can be adjusted to suit your needs without touching a code.

Additionally this theme integrates dsIDXpress IDX Plugin but this will be more useful for those looking to use this theme for property listing websites.


industrial WordPress theme

Industrial WordPress theme by cmsmasters is a powerful and reliable solution for companies in any industry. With Industrial WordPress Theme you can easily setup functional, professional and unique website that will contribute a lot to your success. Advanced custom WordPress admin panel, significantly extended and optimized by cmsmasters, allows really easy website customization and management even for an amateur user. This theme is optimized for the best SEO results with simple and well structured content area.

Top 16 Dark WordPress Themes To Make Your Website To Look Serious and Professional

Dark WordPress Themes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, says the sage. Yet some beauties are seemingly universal in their appeal; the delicate features of an angel, the perfect symmetry of natural proportions, and notably, the beauty of the darker side of things.

In this day and age, technology and ever advancing screen technologies bathe us in a near permanent flurry of light and bright colors. Amidst the seizure of chromatose apparitions, a balancing is in order. In effect, a sobering palette can spark pragmatism in a world riddled with castles in an increasingly crowded, blinding sky.

Cue curtain. Lights are out. And then… they stay that way. Darkness has come upon the scene, juxtaposed firmly against this rainbow backdrop; the light is cast upon the shadows, and they become ever more beautiful for it. Enter the Dark WordPress themes set. These themes are stark and serious in a world that needs cooler heads. Sleek and attractive, these elegant themes will dress your website to be the lady of the ball, because we all know that black, never goes out of style!



Rhythm is an all-around top-notch, infinitely mutable, amazingly convenient WordPress theme, equipped out of the bo as a multipurpose one and multipage catch-all of a theme. Creative, commercial, corporate, personal, newsmagazines, there is not an online venture that does not benefit from Rhythm the minute they press down on that one click installation. With a whopping 45+ demos and growing, there is hardly a business model or website style Rhythm hasn’t masterfully crafted into a work of art, or several, as the case may be. Dozens of included templates for blogs, portfolios and shops make life infinitely easier. Over a hundred combinations of header and sidebar variants are available, with HTML5 rendering them into smooth, dynamic elements.

Stylized Revolution Slider and Visual Composer are all prepackaged, with a White/Dark menu variant option, thorough online documentation, two minute installation, flexible theme options, all kinds of navigational perks for your user experience, including background-playing local-hosted HTML5 video, sliding content on fixed images, landing pages, magazine demos, photography demos, endless layout options and menu variants, all in all, it is hard to think of a website need that Rhythm cannot cover, out of the box. SEO prioritization is enabled by default, enhancing your online presence from day one, built and updated with the latest technologies. With a lightning speed customer support service, there really is no room for a faux pas with Rhythm.



XStore is an elegant and stylish, wonderfully visually stunning and very user and developer friendly, rapidly responsive WordPress multipurpose WooCommerce website theme. XStore is a fantastic solution for webmasters from all walks of life who need a quick and effective platform for developing and maintaining modern, sophisticated online shop websites catering to a diversity of industries and fields. To that end, XStore is not just packed with dozens of one click importable demo websites and template pages, but it is also equipped with the incredible Visual Composer page builder plugin, the Slider Revolution, WPML and Contact Form 7, giving you free reign over the look, feel and behavior of every element of your interactive website, and allowing you to craft beautiful slideshows and really get creative with the presentation of your product catalogues, customized product pages, product portfolios and much more. With XStore’s attractive fashion industry template demo websites and pages, setting up an effective online commerce solution for a fashion retailer, a fashion outlet or any sort of clothing industry related endeavor is easy, breezy and effortless. Thoroughly modular Bootstrap design makes XStore a naturally cross-compatible theme, ready and capable of servicing users on whichever platform they visit from. Try XStore today!


candy - fullscreen portfolio theme

Candy is a tasteful, classy WordPress theme, designed with the needs of creativity related website needs, ranging from photographic agencies to freelance illustrators or ongoing projects, it is a theme that will have the audience with their mouths watering for the polished aesthetic accomplishment of Candy’s included template formats. Equal parts artistic and professional, Candy is a theme fit for a creator.

Candy is both single page and multipage, and working with Bootstrap 3, it can be easily used for corporate purposes, portfolio exposition, personal use, commercial agencies, or devoted one page sites to projects, events and the like. Its page parallax scrolling technology makes for a dynamic navigational experience, one which can be enjoyed to optimized perfection on any number of devices, from tablets and mobile phones to laptops and desktop PCs, and any aspect ratio, thanks to Candy’s responsive design, which automatically rearranges the displayed layout of your content to suit the medium it is viewed on, giving each visitor an optimal experience.

Integrated SEO friendly tools and features will both enhance your performance in terms of page ranking, as well as provide analytical tools for diagnosing and evaluating your website’s strengths and profitability. The clean and sleek design of this theme is only rivaled by the intensely dedicated customer support, of which numerous satisfied customers have spoken so highly of. You’ve got things to say. So let this theme turn them into eye Candy.


minimalize - black & white WP theme

Minimalize is a clever, sleek and modern WordPress theme, designed for multiple purposes, with a single page format presented in six included demos and a further two variants, corresponding to Light and Dark themes. Webmasters from all walks of life can instantly improve their project websites with this powerful, understated WordPress theme.

An enhanced Page Builder allows for customized page layout construction with a simplified, intuitive drag & drop interface. Default home pages can include beautiful side menus, slide over menus, fully vertical navigation, backgroundless floating menus, a header you can toggle in and out, the potent Revolution Slider and Layer tools, all powered by full HTML5 compatibility, making your single page website dynamic, interactive and responsive beyond belief, having no struggle rendering your content in devices of any ilk, from tablets to laptops, from mobile phones to desktop PCs, Minimalize plays nice with all.

With Minimalize, aesthetics is the name of the game, each demo carefully crafted to be an impressive, professional looking template for any website. Flexible, powerful social media, commentary and subscription tools disappear from a user’s sight with the sweep of a pointer. Font Awesome capabilities make using icon fonts easy and quick, saving on load times considerably. A website store front end allows you to market your products right off your website out of the box, swooping zoom out intro effects will keep users engaged, widgets and shortcodes will make your life easier and your coding time shorter. All in all, Minimalize takes the fuzz out of building a website!


lumos - creative photography theme

Lumos is a modern, appealing, attractive WordPress theme, built with the needs of this era’s creative agencies and freelancers in particular, though so flexible it is in fact ideal for multipurposed websites, whether single or multipage in format. Lumos’ many varied visual styles range from the subtle to the sublime, but all share one commonality; an impeccable taste.

Accessible and easy to use, Lumos comes with the Visual Composer Page Builder, for drag and drop live editing functionality and ease. Horizontal and vertical headers combine with dark and light themes to multiply your customization options. Responsive across all devices mobile and otherwise, this handsome, eloquent theme can be installed with a single click, features customizable logos, unique portfolio tools, and top of the line customer support service, around the clock, to go along with the detailed, thorough documentation, including shortcode functionality and much more.

Multilingual support, several customer contact forms natively supported, custom stylized social media sharing buttons, literally hundreds of Retina-ready icons that look gorgeous on mobile devices, portfolio posts with rich styling options and SEO friendly features around the board, Lumos’ flat design is a canvas for a smorgasbord of personalization. Lumos is lightning fast and illuminating in its design.



TwoFold is an amazingly creative, impressively easy to use, fast and flexible, readily responsive WordPress premium fullscreen photography website theme. TwoFold is an ambitious combination of systematic user simplicity and friendliness with the most dexterous and competent management of sophisticated, high resolution photography collections and albums in the most innovative, enticing presentations and layout styles on the market today. With a plethora of Album and Gallery styles each with their own settings and configuration for you to fiddle with, as well as 3 different Collection pages where you can deploy powerful AJAX filters to create the selections you desire in an instant, TwoFold knows its way around your works.

Photographers will find an strong ally in TwoFold, with versatile handling of page headers and footers, the possibility of using your custom Collection or Gallery pages as your default home page, and the deft handling of multiple Albums. Gorgeous Photo Hover Effects make your users keenly interested in interacting with every nook and cranny of your website, exposing themselves to more of your visual works. TwoFold’s imaginative and one of a kind gallery, album and collection substructured hierarchy is the talk of the town among photographers. Try TwoFold for yourself today!



Kinetika is an amazingly visually expressive and stunning, vibrant and expansive, attractive and deeply engaging, tech-savvy and fast-loading, modern and graphically ambitious responsive WordPress fullscreen photography website theme. Kinetika is a flexible and readily adaptable website that has been designed as a dynamic and modern solution for photographers, photojournalists, travel journalists or personal photobloggers that want a handsome and simplified solution to their photography website needs.

Kinetika has been decked out with useful and convenient features for handling high resolution, attractive visual content like images and video with powerful gallery and portfolio options to showcase your material in the most innovative layouts and presentations imaginable, with sophisticated grids and Masonry options as well as top of the line, amazing and immersive fullscreen capabilities across the board, making Kinetika a theme where your audience can truly be in awe of your images without any distractions and with a maximized focus and enveloping user navigational experience. Kinetika is a true powerhouse of a theme, with a dark style that provides a great contrast for your photography and videos and an user friendly and intuitive set of advanced Theme Options within the Admin Panel for you to make it your own. Start moving, with Kinetika!



Archi is a sophisticated and elegant, stylish and refined, aesthetically polished and technologically accomplished, resourceful and deeply responsive WordPress interior design website theme. Archi is a graceful theme that has the ample strength and supple pliability to seamlessly lend itself to a whole slew of diverse website applications and archetypes, ranging from personal portfolios or blogs to corporate app showcases or small business websites, but that has been uniquely and specifically designed to be a full-featured toolkit for webmasters seeking to establish an online home for their interior design and decoration company websites.

Archi is an easy to use theme that includes the Visual Composer plugin for uncomplicated page building and layout customization, and it has been packed along with 7 different menu styles, 6 different Homepage layouts, solid or transparent headers, the Revolution Slider premium plugin, limitless possible combinations of layouts and color schemes, and tons of convenient and useful predesigned, readymade page templates, including a One Page demo version, a Coming Soon page for unfinished sections, a Landing Page version for routing traffic from other sources, marketing campaigns or promotions, and out of the box WooCommerce integration, so you can easily be marketing your wares directly to your audience from day one, after a streamlined, breezy one click installation process. Go with Archi today!


pressroom - dark magazine wordpress theme

Pressroom is an innovative, highly customizable WordPress news and magazine theme, fit for usage of by news and magazine websites of all sorts. It is intuitive and has a very mild learning curve, empowering webmasters to create professional looking, interactive, eye-catching websites with minimal effort and time investment. Pressroom does all the heavy lifting.

A powerful drag & drop live editor enables your authors and administrators to alter a page’s layout in a simplified, intuitive interface. A plethora of layout options facilitates deployment of multiple customized arrangements, such as wide, boxed, layered, and plenty more options, which can be further altered to infinity. Preextant themes are supported with the child theme feature, easing transitions as most as possible, and giving you all the tools and potency of Pressroom as soon as you finish the one click installation, clocking in at two minutes on average.

WooCommerce integration means you are minutes away from marketing your products out of your own online store front. Multiple modular features can be easily composed into handsome layouts, which are responsive to user device preference, featuring mobile friendly featured content carousels and other customizable mobile friendly features for your phone and tablet visitors. Pressroom feels current, dynamic and pulsating, thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 functionality. Pressroom will keep your news magazine boiling hot.



Porto is a versatile, all-encompassing, responsive multipurpose WordPress theme, built to the latest standards of design and technology. Porto looks and feels current and ongoing, while also polished and professional. With hundreds upon hundreds of customizable variations, Porto is a theme where all websites can benefit from deploying it immediately.

Feature-rich and thick with options, Porto is pliable to your wishes, with dozens and dozens of page styles included out of the box, all designed with a careful deliberation that delivers a put-together, cogent aesthetic across both Dark and Light theme presentations. Multiple page styles exist for eCommerce enabled shops, home pages, contact pages, and anything you could possibly think of, all rendered in full HTML5 and CSS3 animated glory. Three dozen custom elements for page building, Master Menu and Slider inclusion for optimized navigation, fully responsive cross-platform functionality, single page templates, powerful social media sharing integration, limitless combinations of header. slider, bar, menu and content layout styles, RTL ready, Ajax front end enabled, multilevel dropdown menus, sticky headers, and an incredibly resourceful admin panel come together with native search engine optimization and plugin compatibility, blog and portfolio templates, endless fonts and colors, extensive documentation, around the clock top of the line customer support service, Porto is a theme for websites taking themselves seriously.



Vigor is a fresh-faced, highly visual, attractive WordPress theme, fit for websites of all nature, with a penchant for websites with a highly conceptual branding image or leitmotif. Vigor speaks the loudest when it whispers, as its dozen different demos consistently display; unassuming while powerful, flexible yet readily distinguishable, Vigor is a uniquely abstract, refreshingly beautiful theme. Vigor is centered around distributing your content in the most visually tasteful manner, with several unique page templates to match the diverse needs that multiple purpose websites can experience.

Subtlety is key, and Vigor’s elegant, seemingly endless headers and sliders, fully customizable to your heart’s content, readily move out of the way when not in use, react to users hovering in a myriad ways, and seamlessly animate upon introduction or transition, thanks to powerful HTML5 and CSS3 enabled code. The included Visual Composer facilitates deploying these wonderful tools with simple drag & drop functionality into any preexisting layout, or even creating your own layouts from scratch and storing them for future use. Video background in pages and sections, anchors and sticky functionality for one page websites, full cross-platform responsive design, Vigor really is bursting at the seams with powerful tools for websites of every type and demographic possible. WooCommerce integration enables store functionalities of any sort, and will have you making money minutes out of the box. Demo sites can be deployed with a single click, just like the installation process itself. Retina enabled, Vigor is ready to bedazzle high definition displays with stunning visual effects. Vigor is a theme that really packs a punch.


severn - dark WordPress blogging theme

Severn is a quaint, simple WordPress theme to look at, regardless of how, or where, you may look at it. Designed as the ultimate responsive WordPress blog theme, Severn is built for optimized display on tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktop PCs of all aspect ratios real and imaginary. Pliable and dynamic, there is no amount of bending that can break Severn’s powerful smart responsive layout capacities. This is a theme for webmasters with heterogeneous audiences, where the medium is constantly being altered, and you need a website that constantly adapts right back.

Featuring multiple post formats supported, ten customized widgets and a whole set of shortcodes will make building your website an easy, satisfying task that you can accomplish within minutes. Multicolumn layouts let you arrange your content so it best suits the proportional attention you wish to cast on different sections of your site. Extremely optimized page loading speeds thanks to efficient CSS3 styling with imageless layouts and a bare bones approach to JavaScript. Hundreds of fonts and colors to choose from, complete with social media profile integration to make your visitors feel at home right away. The bimodal Light and Dark styles let you completely alter the visual tone of your website with the flick of a switch, quite literally. Severn is the king of simple, mutable themes.


iva - fullscreen design agency theme

Iva is an easy to set up, advanced, visually attractive WordPress multipurpose single page theme fit for the needs of a new generation. Iva is Retina-ready out of the box, and after uploading your own images and text, your website is ready to go, thanks to Iva’s multiple professionally designed, high quality skins, which can be presented in both Light and Dark theme versions. Needless to say, limitless color options are available for further customization beyond imagination.

Iva is ideal for individuals and businesses such as agencies, firms, freelancers, studios, galleries, gyms, recreational facilities, special projects, and a veritable cornucopia of possible uses. Iva is pliable and will bend to your every will, while incorporating full responsive design to display properly on every screen your users happen to visit on, and to truly accommodate all visitors, Iva is fully translated into seven languages, files included.

Iva has been designed around ease of use. From a single click installation and intuitive page creation and edition interfaces to simplified, drag & drop add-on functionalities including social network integration, MailChimp Newsletter forms, live Twitter feeds and many other features can be seamlessly utilized with minimal hassle or coding required. Should coding be necessary, detailed documentation is readily available, along with SEO optimization features to maximize your revenues, a powerful Admin panel and annotated code, Iva puts the power in your hands, but carries all the burden itself.


Stamford - creative photography blog

Stamford is a classy, flexible, lightning fast WordPress theme ideally suited for creative photography or portfolio websites, though readily customizable with a simplified Visual Composer Page Builder version focused on your specific layout needs. Stamford is light, easy and just a breeze overall. With this theme, you are mere instants away from building the professional, elegant, vibrant creative website of your dreams.

Including Light and Dark theme iterations, Stamford has been built with cutting edge optimization technologies for substantially faster loading times, making your website feel alive and reactive to the users and maximizing your efficiency, ensuring you only spend time and bandwidth delivering your precious content. Stamford is extra easy to manage, with very powerful, simplified Admin panel options and tools, multiple theme options, and full HTML5 support, exemplified in gorgeous Youtube, Video or locally hosted HTML5 video background support, as well as stunning, Retina ready, smooth animations.

Limitless galleries and portfolios that can be filtered and searched via Ajax frontend combine with incredibly responsive, mobile friendly features, swipe gesture optimization out of the box, including hover intent detection and a sophisticated, award winning user experience. Yet nothing is as compelling about Stamford as its unbridled creativity, and the boundless possibilities it offers webmasters for showcasing their own creativity.


eos - stunning app landing page

EOS is a specialized, highly sophisticated WordPress app landing page theme, built specifically for fulfilling the needs of webmasters running apps in need of an app landing page, as well as landing pages for coming soon apps, software or services of all kinds. Elegant, hip and modern layouts and template designs are readily available to have your beautiful Landing Page up and running within minutes of the single click installation.

Two different background modes combine with Light and Dark versions and eight predefined chromatic accents, plus a bonus prelaunch Landing Page are all included, as are mockups of mobile devices to easily showcase screenshots of your app for your customers. All possible required pages included, such as contact, about, pricing data and social media integrated sharing functionality. Design is natively responsive, producing automated alternative layouts for optimal navigational experience, whether are coming in from a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop PC, EOS delivers your content seamlessly to the intended audience.

Complete with form management system plugin compatibility and subscription newsletter features, EOS lets you build customized, expressive landing pages with no hassle and minimal effort, with stunning, polished results in glossy Retina high definition glory. EOS is a theme for app developers who know where they are going.


maddux - simple masonry blog theme

Maddux is a bold and outgoing news magazine WordPress theme, built with the needs of massive content distribution and massive user base websites that need to communicate their message to very large and diverse demographics, and need to do so in an oversaturated market, where their voice needs to not only stand out, but do so decisively and with authority.

Maddux employs designer layouts, customized page templates, color schemes and fonts that instantly transmit the detached objectivity of scientific or historical news magazines as well as the thrilling excitement of shocking breaking news. The careful balance of professionalism and sincere jaw-dropping value is masterfully achieved in each template provided, and the included page building tools guarantee easy editing of these to fit your needs.

Niche market news magazines will benefit especially from Maddux, as its authoritative, matter-of-fact tone and composition, coupled with its search engine indexation optimization, means your websites will crawl up the page ranks at an astounding rate. Featured content carousels will keep your audience engaged and your every page dynamic and interactive, while a fully responsive design will deliver your content in all its Retina splendor on every device and platform capable of accessing it. If they go online, they’ll be able to see you, and see you well laid out. HTML5 and CSS3 cutting edge technology keeps your website up to date and looking fresh and modern. Maddux is a theme that lets you set the tone of all conversations.


huntington - grid style portfolio

Huntington is a responsive, Retina-ready WordPress theme built to match the needs of creative and commercial websites alike, with a very clean, polished design that is meant to showcase, rather than distract. Author portfolio websites, product line portfolios, human talent and corporate head hunting websites, and a myriad other possible webmasters can make great use of this quietly stunning, elegantly muted theme.

Multiple different page types are readily available, featuring galleries, slideshows, blog, contact, video pages, project pages, and plenty more, all of them customizable to your specific needs via an extensively annotated, readily accessible code, coupled with a detailed documentation. Packing an Ajax front end, team layouts, numerous, visually gorgeous animations and hover effects that will surely make your visual content shine bright.

A simplified interface keeps attention centered on the visuals, making for a memorable, easy to navigate user experience. SEO optimization is in place to enhance every section of your website’s page ranking in search results, netting you more traffic, more views, and larger exposure, which is really what it’s all about. Extensive social media integration ensures your presence extends beyond the confines of your own website, while HTML5 and CSS3 bring your website firmly to the cutting edge of web technologies. A simple switch script will readily change your website’s images to full blown high definition (Retina) mode, for your users to delight in. Huntington is the theme that blinds all senses but the sight of your site.


homa - minimalistic blog theme

Homa is a light-spirited, brightly-lit WordPress theme best suited for home decoration, photography or simply family-oriented or family-dedicated websites. With its subtle visual statements and highly hierarchized visual style, ideal for presenting large, colorful images, Homa is a theme that makes you feel a sweet sense of nostalgia combined with a deeply reassuring warmth.

You can easily and effortlessly set up your blog page, showcase your work in content galleries, construct elaborate lists and tables of content of all sorts with simple drag and drop mechanics, make use of geolocation features, social media integration buttons, contact forms, and even set up your online storefront in a jiffy!

Beautiful, gracious animations will make your website come alive, with extensive hovering effects and transition effects in place. Multiple layout options, from single page to different portfolio type arrangements are available out of the box, providing you dozens of possible combinations of styles. Mix and match widgets, animations and page styles to cleanly build the best possible website for your every need. Multicolumn management capabilities are included, as are features such as slideshows, interactive menus, customizable sidebars… No matter what you’re looking for, this is one theme that’ll make you feel right at home.


metis - fullscreen portfolio template

Metis is a hypermodern, clean cut, bright and light WordPress theme, featuring an award-winning visual design that is an ideal match for creative webmasters from all walks of life, building websites ranging from personal portfolios to online studio galleries and fashion magazines. Metis is invariably elegant and understated in every use imaginable.

Featuring one page light and dark variants and multipage mode in both classic and fullscreen browsing experiences, Metis transforms to suit your aesthetic needs with little effort and with a native responsiveness that ensures your website is enjoyed across platforms with no compatibility issues. Retina-ready out of the box, Metis looks amazingly beautiful, and feels professional and polished. With multiple visual effects including zoom out intros, HTML5 and Youtube video backgrounds, 3D Curtain effects, Parallax effects and Parallax scrolling in both one page and multipage versions, 8 fully customizable demos, Metis has the goods to take you where you want to go, and make sure you look good getting there.

Powerful portfolio sorting tools, extensive shortcodes to enable easy handling of nifty tools and features with basic coding and drag & drop skills, a full documentation backed with an effective, speedy customer support team that will stop at nothing to help you, SEO optimization, customized preloaders… Metis Is one theme that will leave your audience in awe.

20+ Best Hosting WordPress Themes With Full WHMCS Manager Integration 2016

Wordpress Hosting Themes

The most comprehensive list of the best hosting WordPress themes designed and developer for web hosting and server providers as well as domain registrars. This list includes all types of themes and some of them can be used for hosting review sites to earn extra income as affiliate. However, most of these themes are made exclusively for web hosting and domain registrars.

All themes listed below are premium themes with outstanding quality and pixel perfect design. I tried my best to find all types of themes to give you freedom to choose one that the best suits your needs. If you find that some themes are missing please leave a comment below and I will list it here. If you have some extra questions before purchase, please feel free to ask these questions because I have used several of these themes and I know what you can and can’t do with them.

Hosting is one of the fastest growing niches thanks to cloud services and right now is the best time to jump into this business. It is expected that cloud services will grow 30% a year for the next 10 years and that’s crazy in comparison to any other market. This time I won’t get too much into business side but more in design side, so here are the list of the best web hosting themes I was able to find as of today.

Update: ThemeChilly contacted as directly to let us know that all their WordPress themes are updated and should fix all issues that users reported such as problems with demo data, initial setup, browser support, and much more. They also points out that they have created several videos to guide you through initial setup and customization process. I hope that ThemeChilly have actually made these changes and are not just trying to sell their good old themes.



MaxHost is a technologically accomplished and wonderfully intuitive, fast-loading and lightweight, simple and streamlined, readily responsive WordPress web hosting, WHMCS and corporate business website theme. MaxHost is a stupendously functional and incredibly time-saving professional website building platform, MaxHost is readily equipped with compatibility with WHMCS and the WHMCS Template included can be readily installed into your WHMCS area. The particular selling feature of MaxHost as a WHMCS solution lies in its independent, standalone nature. While all other WHMCS compatible themes on the market require you to purchase the Bridge plugin, MaxHost is entirely functional as is, saving you money and further complications.

MaxHost makes short work of most website building tasks, incorporating industry standards such as the Visual Composer or the Revolution Slider for optimally streamlined layout and page construction, as well as including a whole slew of complimentary features that are amazingly useful for hosting service providers, from automated WHOIS searches to automated subscription newsletter capacities by integration of the MailChimp and Aweber plugins for your utmost convenience, allowing you to easily reach out to your audience and your customers seamlessly. With MaxHost, building your own web hosting service provider or cloud based hosting provider is a walk in the park. Try it now!



ZionHost is a technologically high end and extremely well developed professionally graphically designed and extremely engaging and relatable, user and developer friendly, Retina ready and wonderfully responsive WordPress web hosting, WHMCS and corporate business intranet website theme. ZionHost has been thoroughly equipped with a whole slew of diverse and sophisticated tools meant specifically for webmasters trying to put together professional quality hosting services websites, WHMCS websites and businesses, as well as all sorts of corporate or business intranet or extranet websites with endless functionality and deep-running features that put a veritable array of modern, jaw-dropping, impressively sophisticated features at your fingertips.

Zionhost is so crafty it doesn’t even require the WHMCS Bridge plugin to function! All you will need to successfully set up and use WHMCS is included within Zionhost out of the box for your utmost convenience. With the included, extensively detailed documentation and your WHMCS licence, as well as Zionhost’s powerful WHMCS template, your website will be up and running within minutes, guaranteed. Alongside these features, the premium Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins put all the power of professional grade graphic design within reach. MailChimp and Aweber are neatly integrated into Zionhost for modern Subscription Newsletter capabilities. Try Zionhost now!


inhost - flat wordpress hosting theme

InHost is a delightfully modern, technologically advanced, clean and sophisticated WordPress WHMCS theme, designed and constructed with the specific needs of hosting, business, corporate and design agencies in mind. InHost provides powerful functionality to a number of website models, including five different Homepage layouts and a beautiful one page theme option.

InHost includes the powerful Visual Composer page builder plugin to easily and effortlessly customize your pages to match your exact specified brand identity. Over forty custom, InHost specific Visual Composer blocks are available and ready to deploy, which expand your website’s capabilities in various forms, such as client testimonials, featured products, or AdSense integrated blocks, all of which can simply be drag and dropped right into the action. Advanced Admin panel theme options further expand your ability to customize your site, which remains responsive and Retina ready regardless of layout and with no coding required, with Bootstrap 3.3 ensuring your InHost website is gorgeous and legible on every platform, browser and device available. WHMCS Bridge system, which is InHost’s raison d’etre, incorporates the amazing power of the WHMCS client management, billing and support solution into the WordPress website platform, making InHost a one stop solution for your WHMCS hosting or corporate website needs.

Circle Flip


Circle Flip is an innovative and imaginative, easy to use and engaging, user-friendly and clean, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Circle Flip has been constructed as a one-stop shop solution for all your website building needs, effortlessly adapting itself to match your project’s required skills and capabilities, drawing from a broad collection of demo websites, purposeful page templates, handy shortcodes and potent customization settings, all negotiated through entirely visual interfaces requiring absolutely no coding.

Fast-loading and efficient, Circle Flip performs flawlessly under all traffic loads and usage cases, while its solid commercial capabilities are grounded within the integrated WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, which allows you to market your products and services right off your Circle Flip website in a flash. These strengths make Circle Flip a sound choice for running sophisticated, modern hosting websites of any size and scale. Convenient and time-saving shortcodes allow you to present your product packages and pricing guidelines with utter ease and simplicity as well as the utmost graphical polishing, while extensive commercial features make selling your hosting services through your Circle Flip website an intuitive, speedy matter. Extensive SEO enhancement drives your traffic through the roof right off the bat. Give Circle Flip a shot today!

Alaska – WHMCS Hosting Theme

alaska - whmcs WordPress hosting them

Alaska is a Premium WordPress theme that never fails to express elegance and good taste. Thanks to the WHMCS-Bridge plugin, this well-designed WordPress theme benefits from cross-platform compatibility between WHMCS and WordPress, allowing for greater versatility. Seamlessly adaptable, ALASKA can enhance a variety of pages, especially hosting websites. Agency, company, and organization pages also stand to benefit from one of the best Premium WordPress themes.

This product is pursuing a relentless expansion of its features, designed to ensure that Alaska keeps its designation as the best theme for Hosting sites. A live demo is available on the theme’s website, allowing customers to sample the content, and preview its options. An informative and helpful support line is also available and ready to answer any question regarding this product.

Alaska boasts cross-browser compatibility, as it can effortlessly loads on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 9-11. Based on the innovative Bootstrap v3.3 front-end framework, it includes an astonishing Visual Composer Drag and Drop Layout Page Builder. This revolutionary Visual Composer plugin is the preferred method of page building in the WordPress community. The drag and drop functionality ensures that even a novice user can create a website with jaw-dropping beauty and finesse. Alaska incorporates 40 shortcodes that are based on the Visual Composer framework.

The inclusion of the Revolution Slider brings yet another important plugin asset to the table, while saving you $18 dollars. No purchase required, and your page will get a slider whose elegance is only surpassed by its ease of use.


megahost multipurpose theme

MegaHost is a brilliant multi-purpose WordPress theme based on Bootstrap frontend framework. This theme integrated WHMCS, automated hosting management system which is widely used in hosting industry. It is a versatile WordPress theme and there are 9 different theme demos available that showcases what this theme is theme is capable of. MegaHost features parallax effects that are so popular these days and are used by many big brands on their websites. MegaHost theme is the right choice for you if you are looking to create professional, responsive hosting website that will stand out from your competitors and make you look more prominent.


avada professional hosting theme

Avada is an astoundingly resourceful, incredibly flexible, entirely modern WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, uniquely capable of handling the design and construction of a range of websites that is unimaginably wide and vast, and peculiarly powerful when used on websites specializing in providing hosting services, hosting related services, cloud solutions, storage solutions, software as a service, and all similar business ventures. Professionally designed demos are available to hit the ground running with your hosting service website, just waiting for you to add your business’s content and information to start securing your online foothold.

Avada is rich with features and templates that empower your hosting service website to engage potential customers in a meaningful, memorable manner. Extremely customizable, Avada offers the custom built Fusion Builder to easily allow the construction of unique, professional looking pages in a breezy, drag and drop manner, with many custom elements you can simply drop right into action, such as pricing guides, featured product carousels, custom icon fonts and elegant single page templates, all in a streamlined, efficient code that loads at lightspeed and minimizes your loads to no end, with search engine optimization packed right in to boot, meaning your hosting business will be the top of all relevant ranks. Draw in more business today, with Avada!

Arka Host


Arka Host is an incredibly vast and flexible, powerful and expansively ambitious, professionally graphically designed and very bright and attractive, appealing and engaging, feature rich and technologically refined, modern and cutting edge, reliable and safe responsive WordPress WHMCS hosting website theme. Arka Host is an extraordinarily well constructed theme that makes very effective deployment of the most advanced set of web development tools available on the market today, from complete and functional WHMCS capabilities out of the box to time-saving and convenient plugins like the Visual Composer for simplified page building, Slider Revolution for polished and dynamic sliders and the Layer Slider 5 to dazzle and impress your audience as they peruse your content.

Over 50 predesigned layouts are readily available, and over 100 readymade sections for the Visual Composer have been developed for all sorts of features and functions. Powerful and customized MegaMenus are included with Arka Host, as well as 10 header and 5 footer styles, thorough search engine optimization, a powerful Bootstrap modular and responsive framework that renders Arka Host completely mobile friendly and inherently responsive across the board, and many more features under the hood make Arka Host the smartest hosting website choice of the year!



HostingPress is a resourceful and technologically advanced, easy to use and extremely clever and modern, readily responsive WordPress WHMCS hosting website theme. HostingPress has been specifically designed and constructed for webmasters looking to craft modern, fully functional and impressively technologically resourceful websites dedicated to offering website management and hosting customer services through a number of different platforms and means, using an incredibly powerful predesigned front-end user interface as well as 4 home page variations, 3 landing page variations and a myriad more page templates you can easily modify using the Visual Composer premium page builder plugin.

The Revolution Slider and the incredibly useful WordPress Domain Checker premium plugins have been integrated for your utmost convenience in servicing your customers in style and effectivity. Fully compatible out of the box with the industry standard WHMCS Bridge plugin, offering diverse, specific and complex hosting services to a broad range of clients in specific arrangements, packages and deals is now easier than ever before, with a fully customizable front end management platform for your users to stay on top of things right from your own private hosting business website. Seamless incorporation of multi-language capabilities thanks to WPML round off this solid hosting theme. Try HostingPress now!



Onehost is an elegant and simple, aesthetically uncluttered and polished, pure and pristine, functional and powerful, modern and cleverly coded, efficient and fast-loading, easy to use and incredibly intuitive, engaging and attractive, youthful and lively responsive WordPress one page WHMCS hosting website theme. Onehost is a top of the line, cutting edge theme that has been brilliantly developed to package all sorts of deep-running WHMCS features, support and functionality integration as well as a slew of convenient hosting website page templates and relevant, useful shortcodes that are easily customized, along with expansive and powerful visual branding features, into a sleek, one page website presentation that is dynamically loaded, easy on the servers and completely delightful to look at.

Onehost is fully compatible with the WHMCS-Bridge plugin, connecting WordPress with WHMCS instantly and without any hassle, readily capable of handling signups, billing and support, and every aspect of your online hosting business. Over ten exclusively designed homepage versions are included with Onehost for you to hit the ground running, though you can easily build upon them with the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder and the advanced Theme Options panel. Try Onehost today, and be the one website to host them all!

Multi Host


Multi Host is a very well developed and full featured, serious and professional, safe and secure, solidly built and very reliable, visually attractive and engaging, graphically versatile and nimble, quick on its feet and readily adaptable, technologically proficient and resourceful responsive WordPress WHMCS hosting website theme. Multi Host is a conceptually designed theme that combines a wealth of strong, powerful features through the WHMCS Bridge plugin, such as billing, signups and customer support service for your hosting business without having to write a line of code, out of the box.

Theme is melded with a visually cohesive, colorful and charming presentation that is very user friendly and intuitively navigable, with high conversion rates and tons of features and options, such as out of the box MailChimp integration and built-in premium plugins like the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider, as well as a gorgeous One Page concept demo that is readily available for you to try a sleek one page style, with a single click. Multi Host includes features like Pricing Plans, Search forms, Client carousels, Testimonials and a ton of other useful, relevant shortcodes that will make developing your hosting website a breeze. Try Multi Host today, and be the place where it’s at!


If you are looking for a single page and multi-page WordPress theme that is integrated with WHMCS, look no further than NRGhost. Its design is aesthetically-pleasing and minimalist, guaranteeing a solid browsing experience for all customers. The theme code is well-written, and it can be easily customized by those who possess coding knowledge. Although this skill provides you with an advantage, it is not necessary. Just about anyone can design their dream site, without needing to alter the code. Accessibility is one of this theme’s key design goals.

Any brand can benefit from merchandising. Despite the obvious bump in your profit margin, products can also raise brand awareness. NRGhost has incorporated the best eCommerce plugin on WordPress: WooCommerce. Thousands of sites from across the world choose this plugin for their online shops, given that it is a very reliable and stable product. Using some innovative Drag and Drop technology, beautiful pages can be constructed in a matter of moments. Users need only to select an element, and drag it into place. It’s that easy! With NRGhost, you will only be limited by your own imagination.

For users who are new to WordPress, informative video tutorials are included. They are quite brief, yet very informative.


flathost - flat design hosting theme

FlatHost is a modern bootstrap based hosting and billing management premium WordPress theme perfect for promoting your hosting packages and managing your clients all from one site. This responsive, minimal, flat and affordable hosting template comes with easy customization and great support. It comes with a responsive and mobile-friendly design that makes your website look spectacular across all screens, tablets, and mobile devices.

Let your target customers notice you with its bold and straightforward design bundled with amazing features to showcase your hosting plans, price comparison against your competitors and special offers. With this theme you have an option to create a one page or multipage layout. You can also quickly build as many pages as you want using its Drag & Drop page builder. Show off your products and services using its powerful Homepage slider. It includes Hosting & Domain Management that makes it an ideal choice for running your hosting site. The theme is also fully compatible with the WHMCS Bridge plugin that efficiently integrates your WHMCS billing and client management system to your website. It also included WHMCS template to make your Hosting site extremely professional.

Another great attribute of this theme is its compatibility with Zompin live chat plugin. This popular live chat plugin allows you to manage and chat with the site visitors while they are in the process of making purchase. The plugin allows you to entertain several conversations simultaneously and answer their questions about your service in real-time and ease them into purchase. Other great theme features include custom theme widgets, Contact Form 7 integration, built-in domain search form, back to top arrow functionality, FontAwesome integration, Google fonts and much more. This theme is also optimized for SEO to make sure that people will easily find you once they search for your service. Lastly, they offer outstanding technical support even after you purchased the theme.


hostify minimal hosting theme

Get your own hosting website up and running with Hostify for only $48. This WordPress theme is custom-built for supporting hosting providers. They built the website template with a very fluid layout to make sure that your site visitors will be able to access your website, whatever gadgets or handheld device they choose to use. Hostify is built with clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technology to help you keep pace with the latest web standards. It offers 6 color styles to go well with your brand or business identity. It is packed with tons of font options to help you pick the perfect font design to complement your website design and convey the character or purpose of your website. The theme also includes custom page templates along with custom widgets and post types to help you set up your online presence with ease. Its blog options would be of great advantage to you in case you plan to incorporate a blog where you can publish interesting stories about your industry or professional tips for your target market. It includes 3 image/ content sliders that you can use for attracting potential buyers and showcasing your products. The content sliders, when used well, could also encourage buyers to patronize your hosting packages or service.

Hostify is especially designed for usability. It was created with Superfish, an improvised Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu (so it adapts stylishly without JavaScript) and adds many features. This feature is also touch enabled for creating Multi-level Drop Down Menus with some animation effects. Another feature that will greatly benefit your hosting website is the WHMCS Bridge plugin integrated in this fully responsive theme. The WHMCS Bridge plugin include your WHMCS support and billing software into WordPress providing a smooth and reliable user experience to your customers. Lastly, this theme is optimized for SEO, translation ready and offers excellent technical support.


Servereza Web hosting htmee

Servereza is a responsive hosting WordPress theme specially designed for developing hosting or business website. This theme got almost everything you need in designing a professional hosting site. It incorporates a custom domain search that let your prospective customers know whether their preferred domain name is still available. It also comes with built-in pricing tables that you can utilize in displaying different hosting plans that you offer. What’s more, it includes powerful shortcodes that helps you produce amazing pages for each plan. Servera’s modern and trendy default color scheme will surely astonish your target clients or potential employers. Its flexible and flat design is accurately built to promote your hosting site.



Wish is a beautiful and elegant, visually impressive and amazingly resourceful and tech-savvy, wonderfully pliable and very robustly and reliably coded, lightweight and developer friendly, end-user friendly and very modern and attractive, mobile-friendly and readily responsive multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Wish is the result of an excruciating graphical design effort taken in parallel with a painstakingly detailed and thorough coding and development endeavor, resulting in a uniquely fast-loading and efficient website building toolkit with a sincerely impressive, professional-level quality offered with a single click demo layout website importation.

Following by intuitive, Visual Composer page builder-based page creation and modification, a dash of the gorgeous Revolution Slider here and there, and full deployment of the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite with full compatibility with all related extensions, making Wish a very online business-savvy theme, perfect for websites specializing in all kinds of web hosting endeavors and related businesses and industries. Wish includes 16 and counting demo layouts including a potent solution for hosting websites, enhanced with over 50 custom Visual Composer elements specifically aimed towards expanding your business and simplifying your workflow, from pricing plan shortcodes to full-fledged online shops! Try Wish today, and you will never need another solution for hosting the world itself on your website!

Hostme v2

hostme v2 webhosting theme

Hostname is a clean and minimal responsive WordPress theme designed using the latest web standards. It has several easy to use shortcodes and and loads of other useful features. This second release for widely popular Hostme theme which is now retired but was the best selling web hosting theme of all time. Hostme features Google Font library integration with over 600 fonts, advanced theme options with dozens of functions. It is multilingual and translation ready.

Cloud Hoster

cloud hoster template

Cloud Hoster is a simple, clean, minimal and responsive theme that brings an unique approach to web hosting business. It is highly customizable WordPress theme that can be used for any kind of hosting solution. It has a Google Maps integration, translation and SEO optimized structure, dozens of shortcodes and much more to build unique and professional web hosting website powered by WordPress.


hostmagnet WordPress template

Hostmagnet is an elegant and responsive theme designed specially for web and cloud hosting providers. It has a built in WHMCS order form template for easier client management. It has a VPS slider for clients to configure their web hosting using drag & drop slider. Hostmagnet theme comes in several color variations for everyone to choose one that suit their needs.

HostChilly v3

hostchilly v3 WordPress hosting theme

HostChilly is a clean, minimal and sharp theme crafted for web hosters. It is fully responsive WordPress theme that will look stunning on any device. HostChilly has a built in featured content slider with dozens of useful options. It comes with a simple VPS configurator, payment integration, custom service plan design and of course WHMCS support for invoicing.

CloudChilly v2

cloudchilly v2 classic theme

CloudChilly is yet another WordPress hosting theme developed and designed by ThemeChilly. This company is specialized in web hosting themes and they does it well. It is a responsive theme optimized for desktop, tablets and smartphones. Theme comes with well designed featured content slider with dozens of features. This theme is translation and SEO friendly to make your business easy to find. CloudChilly is optimized to work with WHMCS templates.


nyoo - classic hosting template

NYoo is a responsive, clean and modern WordPress theme which is designed for web hosting companies and resellers. It is optimized to work with WHMCS which is by far the most popular solution for web hosting client management, billing & support. This theme has a built in secure payment system for automated billing and payments. NYoo us SEO friendly theme which is crucial for online business.


WOW clean hosting theme

WOW is a clean, sharp and minimal theme designed for web hosting and domain registrars. Thanks to WHMCS this theme provides with domain search, automated payments and billing and much more. WoW theme has a built in secure payment system for simple and secure transactions. It has a social network support, SEO friendly layout, and simple VPS slider for server customization. It is a well crafted solution to take your web hosting business to an entirely new level.


amazing cloud hosting template

Amazing is a sharp and responsive WordPress theme suited for web hosting providers and service resellers. It is integrated with WHCMS for order management and transaction processing. This theme has several hosting plan templates that you can further tweak for your business needs. Additionally it comes with VPS slider for simplified orders. Amazing theme has a built in domain search which is powered by WHCMS. Theme comes in three different color variations and with secure payment gateway for fast and simple transactions.

Top 15 Most Popular & Responsive Car Rental WordPress Themes 2016

Car Rental WordPress Themes

The internet has revolutionized not only entertainment, but the world itself. Every aspect of society was irrevocably changed by this planetary network of interconnected computers. Businesses must adapt to these new times, or face becoming irrelevant.

It used to be the case that your business card was your primary means of advertisement and information. Nowadays, your website basically serves the same purpose. It can display contact information and new offers.

Web development companies specialize in site construction. Their representatives possess the necessary coding and programming knowledge, assuring that each client benefits from a quality experience. Although the price might be a little spicy, your car rental service cannot afford to go without a good web page.

However, there are ways of mitigating the cost. Networks like WordPress host an active community of theme developers. These themes are much more than simple skins. After the domain is purchased, a theme can provide the same service as a web development firm. It can expand your site’s capabilities, and improve the overall aesthetic design. Features like Google Maps integration, price listings and sliders will be available, for only a fraction of the cost.

Most themes can be installed by anyone, giving you control over the creative process. Cutting edge tech has never been so accessible.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best Car Rental WordPress themes:

Car Rental


Car Rental is a high quality WordPress theme for those who wish to construct an amazing car rental website. The layout is streamlined and intuitive, as this product promises to bring more people to your site. Your color choices are not limited, allowing you to design a page that matches your vision. Car Rental also includes some awesome extensions such as analytics, SEO, Page Builder and Backup. These can expand any site’s capabilities, improving its general performance. Due to the SEO extension, you can now obtain a better spot on search engine rankings. This will surely increase your popularity.

Video Screencasts are available during theme Installation. In addition, users can also import demo data via the One Click Demo Installer. The website can personalized on the fly, with ease. With the addition of the Backup extension, you may rest easy knowing that your data will be backed up in care of failure.

This theme incorporates a wonderful Drag and Drop contact form builder. It facilitates the creation of awesome forms, and it can be used anyone. You only need to select the desired fields and then drag and drop them into place. The theme is completely responsive, adjusting your content and assuring that it can fit any screen.

Auto Rent


Auto Rent is an excellent WordPress theme for car rental websites. It uses a modern and clean design that is sure to provide an excellent browsing experience for all customers. With Auto Rent, any page can feature instant searches due to a high tech filtering system. If you wish to create an online shop, you can now do so with the aid of WooCommerce. This versatile plugin is used by thousands of sites from across the world.

Thanks to WPML integration, you may now design amazing multilingual sites. Due to this feature, your view count will certainly increase. While some sites might experience resizing issues, Auto Rent will be entirely responsive. It will be able to showcase your posts and offers on all devices, regardless of their screen size or resolution. Google map support was also included, helping potential customers to find your page.

Site visitors will certainly appreciate the integrated review and rating system. Studies suggest that clients are much more likely to believe other consumers, than trust in a business’s advertisement claims. You can harness this tendency, by displaying other satisfied user’s comments. For those who wish to learn more about Auto Rent, a live theme preview was added.

Limo King


Limo King is a high end and very high quality, extensively developed and very carefully programmed, expansively useful and designed for convenience and ease of use, technologically sophisticated and functional, original and creative, business savvy and stylish responsive WordPress limousine, car hire and car rental website theme. Limo King is a purposefully designed WordPress theme that has been carefully and meticulously packaged with the most high end tools and widgets available, with a slew of in-house developed elements and additions, in order to empower webmasters without any prior coding experience to effortlessly and speedily deliver professional quality websites that look and feel just the way you want them to, thanks to Limo King’s own GoodLayers Page Builder.

WPML and WooCommerce compatibility go hand in hand making this theme friendly to users across language barriers and letting them spend their money on your website and your products and services, without writing a line of code. Features include extensive and functional online booking service, forms to directly email the limousine providers, limo fleet layouts and fleet rates tables, all of which will save you great deals of time in building your own high end limousine or car rental business website. Go with the King, every time!



BeTheme is a WordPress product that never fails to impress. Its developers claim it as their Magnum Opus, and it’s easy to see why. This theme incorporates a powerful Options Panel, allowing users to edit every single element of their site. Customization is not only possible, it is encouraged. Your car rental website will surely turn some heads.

Page creation is accessible and intuitive, thanks to the implementation of a Drag and Drop Builder. In order to arrange site elements, you only need to click on them, and drag them across the screen. This eliminates the need for programming knowledge, and opens up BeTheme to the entire world. Users from all backgrounds can successfully design their site without any professional aid.

In order to improve your experience, voiced video tutorials were made available. These videos explain the theme’s major features, as they guide you through the installation and customization process. If you prefer pre-made content, BeTheme offers a broad selection of 130 gorgeous layouts. Regardless of your taste, you can find something that matches your vision. The pre-made layouts are also very easy to install, due to the implementation of a 1-Click Installer. BeTheme is capable of enhancing every aspect of your car rental website, and it is entirely responsive to mobile devices.



Traveler is an incredibly functional, amazingly powerful and astonishingly flexible, wholly thoughtful and detail-oriented, expansive and all-encompassing, ambitious and purposeful, convenient and fast-loading, engaging and reliable, safe and intuitive responsive WordPress travel, tour and booking website theme. Traveler is an all-inclusive package that has been selectively constructed by a team of experienced graphic designers, user interface designers and skilled web developers, making for a well-oiled travel and booking machine of a website that runs smoothly on websites big and small and its efficient coding makes it a very friendly towards slower connections around the world.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg–built-in sophisticated managing systems let you handle just about any sort of bookings, from hotels to doctor’s appointments, with a strong focus and a wealth of demo websites and pages specifically for the car rental system. From powerful search features to a customized dashboard user login page, from user-generated bookings and dynamic calendars and catalogues to amazing Registered Partner functionality for websites to join your Traveler car rental website as a business partner and expand your professional network, on top of easy to use and beautiful plugins like the Visual Composer with plenty of custom components and the premium Master Slider to impress visitors while soaking them in your best offers or products, Traveler is the definitive car rental theme!

Car Service


Car Service is a highly functional and deeply flexible, content oriented and conceptually graphical and impressive, visually eloquent and attractive, dynamic and engaging, lightning-fast and developer friendly, superbly technologically articulate while entirely easy to use responsive WordPress mechanic, auto shop and car dealership WordPress theme. Car Service is a very serious and professional theme that is widely preferred by mechanics, car rental businesses and car dealerships because of its uniquely trustworthy and reliable user interface and graphical environment, expressly designed to make customers and visitors feel at ease and increasing your conversion rates overnight.

Car Service is wholly equipped to handle all automobile industry website needs and concerns, but it definitely stands out as a car rental website. With its custom, in-house developed and out-of-the-box working Appointment Form, your visitors can effortlessly and intuitively set a time and date for their business with you, and with Car Service’s elegantly deployed WooCommerce eCommerce integration and AJAX Contact Forms, letting users book vehicles online has never been this easy or uncomplicated. The Visual Composer with over 50 additional, car related components and a wealth of automotive and car related Font Icons make Car Service a theme you just can’t miss if you want to move some vehicles off that lot!

Auto Stars


Auto Stars is an amazing WordPress theme for Auto Listing and car dealership websites. It can also enhance any other type of listing site. This is one of the most adaptable themes on the market, as it can fit any role or niche. The user can determine the List’s name, sort the product’s properties, and configure any other parameter.

Auto Stars allows you to choose the badges of each listing. Every attribute can be set as badge over each picture. The attributes and specification of every item are under your control. You only need to access the Theme Options, and select the order in which they should be displayed.

The title of all listings will be created automatically, and it will incorporate your chosen criteria. In addition, search filters can be established, in order to suit your site’s needs. You can select the attributes for each filter, via the Theme Options. With Auto Stars, your website can also feature a special Front End Submission Wizard. This will aid users as they attempt to include or edit listings on a page. Each listing will be saved in draft, and you can access the dashboard in order to publish it.



Lusso is a great choice for auto center, auto mechanic, auto painting and car rental websites. It offers many personalization options and templates for your pages. Users can alter the theme’s aesthetic design via the Theme Options Panel. There is a limitless number of color customization options, as you get to design a site that matches your vision. The site background can also be personalized, given that clients can upload unique images and patterns. There is no limit to what you can achieve, should you install Lusso.

This theme is compatible with MailChimp, and any page can incorporate a practical subscription form. Weekly newsletters will update followers regarding your business activities and offers. However, the feature can be disabled if the site owner does not want to include it.

In order to expand your page’s capabilities, a series of innovative widgets was added. Online shop creation is now possible thanks to the incredible WooCommerce plugin. In addition, Lusso is WPML-ready. This feature allows for the creation of multilingual sites. Displaying content in multiple languages is a good idea, as you can appeal to people from foreign demographics. If you wish to learn more about Lusso, be sure to access the live theme preview.



Following a very successful launch, Bridge is a high-quality WordPress product that is not satisfied with just resting on its laurels. It cares about its clients, offering free QODE support for 6 months after it is purchased. In addition, future updates assure that your site can adapt and keep up with the latest technological trends. It should be mentioned that for an additional $17.70, the support service can be extended to an entire year.

In order to give you the best chance of success, Bridge was optimized for search engines. This will guarantee better exposure, as you will obtain a higher position on search engine rankings. If you wish to learn more about Bridge, you can easily access the theme documentation source. It contains relevant information regarding the product’s features, and it can guide you through the installation process.

Customizable Google maps can point potential customers in your direction, making it easier to find any car rental service. Retina support is offered, and site content will look amazing on high resolution Retina displays. Page administrators are given complete control over post typography, as they can select from a large roster of available fonts. Most options can be changed from the Admin Panel, which remains highly intuitive and easy to navigate, despite its power.

RT-Theme 19


RT-Theme 19 is a well-designed WordPress theme that includes modern CMS tools. It can be used to enhance product catalog, business, portfolio, corporate or services web pages. The portfolio and product features allow for great versatility, as RT-Theme 19 can enhance rent a car, itinerary and hotel presentation sites. The popular WooCommerce plugin was integrated as well, allowing site owners to design efficient online shops. These stores can boost your revenue stream, and raise awareness regarding your brand.

RT-Theme 19’s customizer tools were used to create, multiple demos. With the aid of pre-made content, a fully functional site can be established in a matter of moments. For people whose schedules do not allow them to start from scratch, this feature is a godsend. Further customization is enabled, as you get to tweak and alter every setting. It should also be mentioned that no coding or programming skills are required.

Thanks to the innovative Drag and Drop capabilities, even a child can personalize your page. There is an unlimited range of site color customization options. In addition, users can also modify their fonts, backgrounds, and so on. RT-Theme 19 is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, showcasing your content on screens of all sizes.

RT-Theme 18


If you are searching for an innovative, fully responsive website theme, look no further than RT-Theme 18. This WordPress product works with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Regardless of your device’s screen size, resolution, or your choice in browser, RT-Theme 18 can accommodate your needs. Due to the implementation of versatile product tools, this theme can be used for hotel presentation, real estate, car rental and tour itinerary websites. The RT framework features a stable and reliable theme back end which includes a large number of options and tools.

Due to the capabilities of the Template Builder, users can design personalized page templates which can be used with posts and pages. The site owners can either create a new template, or edit one of the pre-existing ones. It is also possible to control footer and header content. The logo of your site can be aligned towards the right, left or center of the page. You can also include mottos or slogans, and modify the logo’s sizes. There are two side bar locations for the header, and these can include personalized widgets. This theme has over 290 font icons, allowing for a massive degree of visual customization. Basically, there is no limit to what you can design using RT-Theme 18.



Avada is a theme that has earned its popularity. Over 150,000 people have chosen this amazing WordPress product, as they were drawn by its innovative features and commitment towards quality.

It is supported by a dedicated development team that never ceases to care about its customers. Even after you buy Avada, you will receive a series of regular updates. This assures that your site will stay up to date, as it adapts to an ever-changing technological environment. The Fusion Core plugin is Avada’s most valuable feature. It offers an incredible set of tools such as the Fusion Builder, Short Code Generator, Visual Page Builder, Fusion Slider and Mega Menu. There are over $75 of premium add-ons which were added for free.

If you are a mobile user, you can rest easy knowing that this theme completely avoids compatibility and resizing issues. Regardless of the visitor’s screen size or browser, your site will adapt to any situation. Unlike other products, Avada does not require technical expertise. From start to finish, anyone can create a fully-functional website in a matter of minutes. Powerful and aesthetically-pleasing, this theme is a sight to behold. For a more hands-on experience, be sure to access the Avada live preview.



If you are searching for an innovative WordPress product that can improve your car rental website, you should not overlook Salient. This incredible theme never fails to impress, as it is very powerful and entirely customizable. Considering that limitations and creativity do not go well together, Salient has incorporated many practical website tools. There is no limit to what you can design, as you get to alter every single theme option.

Salient makes sure that customers who prefer mobile devices will not be alienated. It is responsive, allowing your page to adapt to any screen size, browser, or operating system. Retina compatibility is available as well. This expands your follower base, and brings in more potential clients.

With Salient, there is no need to hire a professional web development company. Accessibility is the main pillar of its design philosophy, as every feature is extremely user-friendly. A large collection of practical short codes is available, offering to expand your site’s capabilities. For those who are new to WordPress, a detailed theme documentation source was made available. This explains everything in detail, and it offers to guide your through the installation process. In addition, a high definition video tutorial series was made available.



When searching for a perfect WordPress theme, you should always start with Ronneby. This product is relentless in its pursuit of quality, as it incorporates a series of practical tools. The interface is Retina-ready, capable of showcasing posts in high resolution. Your car rental website will look amazing on HD displays. Size is not a factor, as Ronneby can adapt to laptops, desktop PCs, and mobile devices.

If you choose to purchase this innovative theme, all your bases will be covered. Regardless of your site’s niche, mediocrity must be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, you are given the opportunity to design a unique page that never fails to impress. There are several Mega Menu settings, allowing the user to modify site images and elements. Many typography options are also available. With such a large number of personalized fonts, your page will never be mistaken for another.

A custom module was included, enabling Side-by-Side layouts that scroll vertically. This trendy feature can improve your customer’s browsing experience. Ronneby remains one of the most flexible themes on the market. It has a personalized layout for every occasion, and it can be used for any business niche. If you wish to sample its features, a live demo can be accessed.



Unicorn is a theme whose design refuses to be mediocre. It realizes that attention to detail is crucial in today’s business environment. This is an adaptable WordPress product, and it is not restricted to one niche. It can be used for eCommerce, creative agency, car rental, business, portfolio, mechanic and blog sites. When facing fierce competition, Unicon can be your greatest ally. It is the best website creation tool on the market.

It only takes a few minutes for even an inexperienced user to setup a fully-functional site. Purchasing this theme basically eliminates the need to hire a professional web development company, as you can do everything without outside help. Unicon has a well-written, streamlined code that guarantees stability.

Considering that slow sites often fail, it is fortunate that this theme is lightning-fast. It respects both its owner and page visitors by not wasting their time. Content will load without any delays. Also, it will be compatible with mobile devices. Unicon has added many premium plugins for free, sparing you from having to purchase them individually. These plugins expand your site’s capabilities, allowing it to attract more potential customers. The theme live preview is also free, so be sure to check it out.