30+ Professional Construction and Architecture WordPress themes

Construction Company WordPress Themes

Gone are the days when only a few people could afford running their own websites. Today online presence has become an indispensable part of any online marketing campaign. The worldwide web is the first place where a user goes to learn about new services or choose products that will suit his or her needs the most. So, in order to stand out of the competition, you need to create a rock-solid, professional and outstanding website. The following compilation of 30 impressive WordPress themes for construction and architecture sites includes ready-made themes of various styles and functionality, which will please the taste of the most demanding customers.

All of the themes that are shown below are 100% responsive. All running on Cherry Framework 3, they are enhanced with powerful customization options. Thus, you can manage the visual presentation and functional filling of each design on your own. Feature-rich and intuitive admin dashboards are provided for the purpose.

The themes were released by TemplateMonster in 2016 and are compatible with the latest WordPress versions. Intended to be used by people of all skill levels, most of them are enhanced with drag-and-drop page builders, which significantly facilitate the process of their modification.

To keep a long story short, let’s get straight to the compilation, check out technical specifications of each template and view their live demos.

P.S. In case you need some tips on how to get started with your web resource right, Startup Hub has prepared a useful read for you.

Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architect WP Template

With the help of this trendy theme, you can display your works in a contemporary, unique setting. It is pre-loaded with a number of pre-designed page templates, Google web fonts, icon fonts and shortcodes, which provide for a quicker and more productive customization of the theme. The template is enhanced with advanced Bootstrap functionality, which makes its layout fully adaptive to a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. Cherry Framework is at the theme’s core. A pack of shortcodes and intuitive dashboard provide for a quick setup and modification of the theme’s elements.

Architect WP Template

Details | Demo

Architect WordPress Theme

This is one of the numerous Monstroid child themes, which runs on the latest Cherry Framework 4 and is pre-loaded with a number of premium plugins and tools, which the theme’s owners can use for free. Thus, for quicker and seamless modification of the layout, the pack features MotoPress Content Editor. MotoSlider is also available, letting you captivate the users’ attention with bold sliders featuring impressive animation and transition effects. The theme is fully integrated with social media options. On top of that, it is WPML and Retina ready.

Architect WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction WP Theme

Here is another Monstroid child theme that you can add to your collection. Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, it is intended to provide the users of all devices and web browsers with impressive browsing experience. The theme is built with valid, semantic code. HTML plus JS animation, as well as the parallax scrolling effect, will enhance your site’s visual appeal to a great extent. The theme is also pre-built with a commenting system, which lets the users participate in discussions right on the site. Social options make it easier to spread the word about the preferred content with a click.

Construction WP Theme

Details | Demo

Drondo Corporate WordPress Theme

The theme is built in clean, minimalist style, which will perfectly fit for corporate websites. The theme’s design is focused on the effective presentation of various types of content. Thanks to the clever use of whitespace the pages look very spacious and well-balanced. Images harmonize with written data, which provides for better readability of the theme. Placed on fair backgrounds, vivid coral CTAs look more eye-catching. Intended to suit for content-heavy websites, the theme also features lazy load effect.

Drondo Corporate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Firm WordPress Theme

The template makes heavy use of images, which can be found in the header, in sliders and photo galleries, in the backgrounds, and elsewhere. Thanks to the lazy load effect, you may be certain that even such photo-heavy web resources will load fast as the users browse your site’s content. On top of that, the theme runs on the fully responsive Cherry Framework and is enhanced with Bootstrap features. A two-column layout is spacious enough to showcase your portfolio and the latest blog updates in a well-balanced manner.

Architecture Firm WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture WP Theme

The template will become a rock-solid foundation of real estate and architecture sites. The clean, flat design is enhanced with intuitive navigation elements and neat icons, which make it easier for the audience to come across the desired content on the page. The theme’s header sliders, as well as photo backgrounds, are enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect, which adds more depth to the theme. The color scheme is neutral. The theme is not heavy in multiple design elements, providing for its better readability.

Architecture WP Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Studio WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a ready-made solution that will work well for presenting corporate or business sites on the web, then take a closer look at the following template. The clear and concise layout built in neutral, fair tones makes it a perfect fit for adding a trustworthy and reliable image to your website. Thanks to the split screen technique you will be able to add both trendy and functional touch to your online business. Beautiful animation effects add more interactivity to the template. In addition, the latter makes the design more informative. In terms of navigation, the theme is no less user-friendly. A sticky navigation panel provides people with quick access to the rest of the site’s page no matter what piece of content they have reached.

Architecture Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architectural WordPress Theme

The theme looks pretty much similar to the aforementioned design, but still, there are certain differences that are worthy of your special attention. Thus, the layout presents a combination of clear blocks enhanced with the whitespace as well as the areas that are highlighted by means of photo backgrounds. The footer is pre-loaded with a Google map widget. A block with contact details is easy to reach and differentiate from the rest of the data shared on the front page. The theme will work well for presenting business sites, startups and corporate projects.

Architectural WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architectural WP Theme

Thanks to the thought-out structure of the design you will be able to showcase creative works of designers in the most appealing way. The theme is fully responsive and retina ready, ensuring that your content will be displayed equally well across a variety of devices. The theme is built with Bootstrap and enhanced with a rich set of shortcodes. It is designed in a way that communicates style and professionalism, drawing the users’ attention to the areas that are of the greatest importance.

Architectural WP Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture WordPress Template

The theme looks simple yet impressive. The layout doesn’t feature anything that would distract the users’ attention from the content. For quicker and seamless navigation, the theme’s main navigation panel remains fixed to the top of the page. The content is organized into a grid-based view, letting you share loads of data in a well-balanced manner. The footer of the page features a simple contact form and a set of social sharing options.

Architecture WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Architecture WordPress Theme

The template merges clean lines and soft colors, which are intended to highlight your portfolio elegantly. As it is expected, the theme’s layout is focused on the impressive presentation of real estate and architectures businesses portfolios. The clever use of whitespace makes the pages easier to scan and read. Customizable sliders can be enhanced with your texts and transition effects, letting you show off your creativity.

Architecture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Company WordPress Theme

This clean and minimalist theme is hand-crafted to meet the needs of architects and designers. The layout is fully editable, making it possible to adjust the theme to fit any other purpose. Offering a responsive layout, the theme is also cross-browser compatible and SEO- friendly. Coming with Cherry Framework at its core, it provides the web audience with seamless installation and customization of its elements. A selection of custom page templates is also provided, letting you get started with your own online business in no time.

Construction Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Skyscraper Construction WordPress Theme

The theme is built with the focus on content. The grid-based layout is highly readable and quick to scan. With the purpose to captivate the users’ attention once they land on your page, the header is enhanced with an edge-to-edge slider. Featuring parallax scrolling effect, it looks really impressive. For a more credible business look, there is a block with a company’s partners placed above the footer. Social sharing options and contact details can be found at the very bottom of the page.

Skyscraper Construction WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Art of Building WordPress Theme

Intended for architecture-related websites, the theme will also work well for real estate and hotel businesses. Its layout is enhanced with the lazy load effect, which is best suited for content heavy web resources. The theme is abundant in visuals. The latter are featured in the header slider, backgrounds, and post previews. Parallax scrolling effect makes the layout more captivating. Due to the clever use of whitespace, the content looks more prominent. Readable fonts and bold headings enhance the content readability, improving the users’ online experience to a great extent.

Art of Building WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

The theme is designed to please everyone who looks for a sleek, modern presentation of their real estate business on the web. Crafted in the flat style, it brings the users’ attention to content. Visuals and written content make up a perfect balance on the page, making people look through the data and enjoy retina ready images at the same time. The front page captivates with a bold slider in the header. Fully customizable, it can be managed in any way you wish. Change visuals, add texts, CTAs or whatsoever. For a quicker and seamless navigation, the theme features a sticky drop-down menu. In such a way, the users can reach the rest of your site’s pages instantly.

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Business WordPress Theme

The theme will work best for construction and industrial websites. The layout looks clear and concise. Featuring energetic orange design elements, it brings the users’ attention to headlines and CTAs. Integrated with a set of niche-specific icons, it is super easy to navigate. Thanks to the grid-based content positioning, you will have no troubles with a balanced content presentation on the pages of your site. The theme’s layout runs on a responsive framework, ensuring that all visual and written data will adjust flawlessly to any desktop and handheld device.

Construction Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Company WordPress Theme

The template looks very masculine and powerful, which makes it a perfect fit for construction, maintenance, and industrial sites. It runs on Cherry Framework 3.1.5, which means that it is intuitive in installation and management. Compatible with the latest WordPress versions, it is enhanced with advanced modification options. Thus, you can choose from a rich selection of Google fonts. Custom page templates are also provided. You can also enhance the theme’s visual appeal by means of several gallery scripts available. Parallax scrolling effect will add a 2D illusion to your site.

Construction Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

Here is one more responsive WordPress theme on this list. Designed as per the latest web design trends, it features clean, valid code. HTML plus JS animation is also provided to make the presentation of your site’s content more diverse and intriguing. Parallax scrolling backgrounds are also provided. The functionality can be disabled via the advanced dashboard anytime. You can also make use of a fully editable slider. The latter serves as a great attention-grabber. On top of that, the theme is widget-ready, which makes it easier to add static and dynamic content to multiple areas of your site.

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

The theme will perfectly fit for presenting design and other creative agencies online. Featuring a simple layout structure, it brings the focus of attention to visuals and written data. A large hero image in the theme’s header is intended to captivate the users’ attention and better introduce them to your business at the same time. The theme makes use of simple fonts, which enhance its readability to a great degree. When navigating the pages, people will have unlimited access to the main navigation panel and a set of social sharing options.

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

The theme is developed for building companies and architecture firms. Choosing it as a foundation of your site, you may be certain that all content will be properly displayed across a variety of gadgets. Thanks to a host of advanced customization options, you can build an astonishing web presentation of your organization in no time. Loading speeds and performance of the theme’s pages across all the major web browsers will impress the online community and make them come back. To establish long-lasting relations with your visitors, you can make use of a variety of working forms that the theme is pre-loaded with.

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Enjoy limitless customization options with this powerful WordPress theme. It is built with valid code and has Cherry Framework 3.1.5 at its core. Advanced Bootstrap options make it 100% adaptive to any screen size. It is well-documented and includes free 24/7 support, just like the rest of the themes on this list. A pack of source PSD files is also provided, so you can tweak them in a variety of ways. In addition to being WPML ready and DEO friendly, the theme is enhanced with MotoPress content editor. The latter allows you to apply quick changes to the theme’s layout without touching a line of code.

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

The next responsive WordPress theme features a straightforward design, which is suited for construction businesses and agencies. Designed to run flawlessly across all the modern web browsers and devices, it lets you show who you are, presents your services and portfolio, and find potential clients on the web. The theme is created to make your web project more visible on the web due to its SEO optimization. When reaching your page, the users will enjoy its intuitive navigation.

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ingenious Architecture WordPress Theme

The theme’s layout is built with the focus on the impressive presentation of services and portfolio of your construction business. The content is visually separated by means of sub-headings and CTAs, welcoming the users to browse the entire collection of news or projects that you’ve shared on the site. Three flat icons standing for FAQ, Newsletter and Testimonials guide the users to the respective content with a click. The theme’s footer is no less informative. In addition to the standard set of links to other pages of your site, it includes easy-to-reach contact details.

Ingenious Architecture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pro Construction Office WordPress Theme

Downloading this theme you get unlimited access to pro WordPress customization features, which are intended to enhance both visual and functional sides of your site. Unlimited color options, Google web fonts, animation effects and first-rate free 24/7 support – these are only a few of the highlighted benefits of the theme. Cherry Framework makes the theme’s installation as easy as 1, 2,3. A pack of shortcodes will make your pages and posts more diverse and captivating.

Pro Construction Office WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Guru WordPress Theme

The theme features a clean and spacious layout. It is not abundant in images. Texts are readable and organized into grid-based view. To make it easier to separate different content blocks from one another, the theme features full-width parallax scrolling background images. Lazy load effect speeds up the theme’s loading. Making it quicker and easier to access the rest of the site’s pages, the drop-down menu remains in a fixed position at the top of the page. Thanks to the integration of quick view feature, the users can take a closer look at your projects, without the need to navigate to a different page.

Architecture Guru WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Architecture Business WordPress Theme

Use this theme to build a professional and trustworthy presentation of your company online. The theme is fully editable. The layout can be tweaked to fit construction, industrial, real estate or any other business. Built in a modern, stylish manner, the theme boasts valid code and highly responsive WordPress engineering. Supporting several gallery scripts and featuring HTML plus JS animation, the theme is intended to bring a polished look to your business or corporate site.

Architecture Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

The theme features a remarkable visual styling, which is intended to make your web project more noticeable on the worldwide web. In addition to several gallery scripts, the template also features audio and video support that are intended to create visually stunning and informative websites. Thanks to the helpful SEO enhancements, the theme is intended to make your web project rank high in search results. Due to the growing popularity of handheld devices, the theme is designed to adjust to a variety of screen sizes automatically.

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

This responsive WordPress template features a wide selection of customization options, which ensure a high degree of versatility for your web resource. Featuring a clean, flat style, the theme can become a rock-solid foundation of construction agencies and large corporations. From the ground up, the template is built for comfort and adaptability. A simple and intuitive dashboard includes every minor feature that you need for customization of the theme’s look and feel. A selection of preset pages is also available after installation.

Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

The theme features a unique and concise layout style. Designed for those who value quality and consistency in web design, the template boasts a massive collection of features for any taste and purpose of use. Thus, the theme’s pack includes drop-down cart, drop-down menu, Google web fonts, WPML support, Cherry Framework, and more smart options providing for a quicker customization of the theme’s elements. In addition to the functional grid-based layout structure, you can enhance the theme’s presentation with any of the four gallery scripts provided.

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction Co WordPress Theme

Dynamic and versatile, the theme is technologically proficient, which makes it a perfect option for large construction businesses. The theme’s layout is not heavy in multiple design elements. Featuring a visually appealing layout, the template has the potential of keeping the users engaged and interested in your site’s content. Vibrant banners from the front page draw the users’ eye to your company services and benefits. A large hero slider at the very top of the page is intended to better introduce every new client to your business niche.

Construction Co WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Construction WordPress Theme

Here is the last, but not the least WordPress template on this compilation. A clear layout style will present your company story, its services and the key benefits over competitors in an effective manner. When looking at this design, we can assume that it is a perfect fit for the companies that need to bring the users’ attention to the key information about their business rather than entertain everyone with visual tricks.

Construction WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

30 Top-Rated Fashion and Beauty Joomla Templates

Joomla Fashion Themes

Are you looking for a top-quality Joomla template for your beauty, tattoo salon, blog, model agency, whatever? Start your search here as this may save you quite a lot of time and efforts: 30 bestselling fashion and beauty templates are gathered here.

Who’s the author of the templates? One of the leading web design and development companies – TemplateMonster.com.

What’s so special about Joomla templates from TemplateMonster?

  • They are responsive, so your website will provide superior experience across all devices no matter what resolutions they support.
  • Create any layout you want arranging your module the way you need. (Joomla themes contain 14 module position rows that allow you to have over 80 module positions on the page).
  • You will get everything you need to create a website with rich functionality. I.e.: Image Swoop slider, carousels, tabs, an advanced Newsflash module, Google Map plugin, social sharing buttons and counters.
  • Filter option for portfolio allows the customers to apply filters by categories. There are also various CSS3 hover animation effects included for the portfolio.
  • Would you like to have a responsive menu with unlimited multilevel dropdowns for better usability on your website? No problem. You also get an ability to select from various available dropdown animations.
  • Installation procedure of the themes is simplified to several simple steps. Templates are delivered with a full-package installation archive. All modules and additional extensions are bundled together and can be installed in a couple of clicks.
  • Joomla 3 themes are provided with Komento, a full-featured commenting system that comes with voting and rating options.
  • Gallery View and Category Blog custom page types are added to the framework. You can easily create the gallery and blog layouts selecting appropriate page type in the menu manager. Layouts can be changed without affecting other Joomla pages.

Still not sure if Joomla fashion and beauty templates are the best choice for you? Click here to get to know how to create a Joomla powered website in 5 days spending only an hour a day and view an impressive showcase below.

Fashion News Joomla Template

This template for fashion blog is designed in flat style. It captures users’ attention with a huge slider having image-based navigation. Fashion news is presented in popular masonry style. Call-to-action buttons are bright and noticeable. Built in Google map is available at the bottom of the page. Theme Color Switcher allows to change the palette of your site interface with a single click. Main menu of the website has dropdown option. HTML plus JS animation significantly improves users experience interacting with them. The theme is coded with 1170 Grid System, CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, LESS and Semantic Code, which will provide simple customization and flawless operation of your resource in future.

Fashion Designer Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Style Responsive Joomla Template

An amazing apparel template. The author uses such powerful attention gabbers like asymmetry, background video and parallax. Choosing this theme will differentiate you from the competitors by all means. People love dynamics and storytelling. Tell your story with the help of the streaming video, create an optical illusion of 3D environments on your 2D website. The viewers will appreciate that. Please note that each content area is masterly separated from another one (by photo, by color, by the inclined line, etc.). The trick works great for creating order and clear hierarchy on the web page. The theme has separate blocks for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest widgets, which is important for site promotion and community building.

Apparel Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Luxury Fashion Joomla Template

Black and white layouts always draw attention as they look different. The author of this template decided to use mainly grayscale palette for the web page. The result is incredible. The website looks sincere, trustworthy, and classy. Main drop down menu is transparent and simply charming. It sticks to the top of the page when and you start to scroll and stays there all the time, so you don’t need to scroll all the way back to find the link you need to get to the next page. You will see many more interesting things browsing the theme. Color Switcher on the left hand will help you change the color scheme to the one you like, parallax effect will let you feel site atmosphere much deeper. You will simply submerge into it. And don’t forget about the circular photos at the gallery section, they are cute.

High Fashion Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Current Fashion Joomla Template

This simple theme may become a popular blog where you will publish articles on fashion topics, news, designers and so on. It has a search option, which visitors can use if they need to find something quickly. Sketchy icons accompanied by text improve overall site navigation and seamlessly blend with the layout. Designers’ profiles come with photos which raises site credibility. Images at the MixItUp gallery section can be enlarged and viewed in detail. Information about the company, newsletter subscription form and social media icons are placed at the footer, where the users expect to see them. Articles Single, Camera Slideshow, CarouFredSel, TM Ajax Contact Form Joomla modules come in the template’s package.

Fashion Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Fashion School Responsive Joomla Template

A wonderful fashion school theme with plenty of mind-boggling animation effects. Parallax, Background video, Lazy Load effect are just a few features template offers. Intuitive admin panel is perfect for theme customizing. Bootstrap power is also to your service here. School mentors photos are supplied with links to their social profiles. Pie charts vividly demonstrate what you can learn at school. Gallery is presented in a grid. It is arranged over the background image. On hovering the pictures you can read more info about each and enlarge them. School courses can be viewed in a carousel slider. ‘Latest from the blog’ and ‘Pricing table’ sections are also on the home page as well as Google map and contact form.

Model Agency Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Tattoo Salon Joomla Template

This dark groovy template for tattoo salon gives the visitors hints where to look first in the form of bright red accents. They guide users’ eyes through the page and emphasize the most important details. Photos of people with tattoos in slider and at the gallery section look really awe-inspiring. Happy customers’ testimonials come with images which add credibility to the text. You can choose from the vast library of Google fonts when customizing your theme as they are included into the package. The theme is search engine friendly which means that the customers will find your tattoo salon website on the net without pains. The theme is delivered with parallax scroll and a bunch of other features you might know about clicking ‘Demo’ and ‘More info’ links.

Tattooing Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Lacy Lingerie Responsive Joomla Template

A very feminine lingerie theme created in pink colors. So many images of gorgeous women in sexy underwear can leave nobody indifferent. Banners with females zoom in and out on mouse over. Nice animated portfolio is supplied with multiple filters to simplify the process of shopping. You can choose from the available custom page types to make your website 100% unique. What’s more is delivered with the theme? Additional Extensions to extend your website’s functionality, Advanced Commenting System, Advanced Navigation Vast Amount of Module Positions and much more. The website can also boast the following web forms: Advanced Search, Contact Form, Login Form, User Registration, and Search Form.

Lingerie Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Plastic Surgeon Responsive Joomla Template

This theme in beige colors was developed for plastic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics. It is rather content-rich, but the text is perfectly styled, so it is easy to read. Slider images accompanied by text also help to save the space on the page and make it more dynamic. Company services are presented on circular banners. A little bit more about theme’s features: it is equipped with Alternative Module Layouts, Back To Top Button, Commenting System, Dropdown Menu, Favicon, Google map, Google Web Fonts, Modules Bundle Install, Quickstart Package, Sample content, Social Options, Sortable Gallery, Tooltips and so on. The theme is crossbrowser compatible, so it will look pixel-perfect no matter what browser does the user prefer.

Plastic Surgery Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Joomla Template for Spa Salon

The layout of this website for spa salon looks very tender, isn’t it? Maybe the color choice stirs this feel somewhere inside us. Soft pink hue is strongly associated with bliss and relaxation. Decorative stitches separate pinned menu from the rest of the layout. However, visitors can also use appealing promo banners for website navigation if they like. Transparent text blocks and pastel design elements contribute to the general website style. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, you won’t have any problems with template’s code. It is clean, semantic and well documented. We are sure that such kind of eye-candy website will draw a lot of visitors who need to get a respite to your spa salon.

Spa Salon Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Fashion Trends Responsive Joomla Template

A very elegant theme for a fashion blog. Handwritten forts add inimitable charm to the layout. The author placed sharing icon next to the search one on the main menu bar. Slider shows blurred images in order to improve the overlaid text readability. Fashion events are also featured at the second slider. Fashion gallery looks amazing with masonry images arrangement. The icons at the contact section are big and noticeable. Back to top button is at the right bottom corner of the web page. You can see HTML plus JS animation on hovering the web page elements. It breathes life into static objects.

Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template

This easy to install clean and clear theme was created for a luxury spa. Every design detail speaks about special status of the company. The author uses ornamental elements and calligraphy fonts in the layout design. Slider images create tranquil peaceful atmosphere on site. Most popular as well as special offers are placed on banners. Company services are also presented with the help of banners. This way the user can understand what is the text about without reading it. More services are listed on the left hand. Content areas are separated from one another by stitches which add some coziness into layout.

Spa Accessories Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Men’s Fashion Responsive Joomla Template

A masculine fashion template designed mainly in grey and black colors. It has an unusual type solution. Slider is also uncommon as three looks are featured at one and the same slide simultaneously. Content areas are separated by neat thin borders. Events section is placed right below the slider. Designers’ photos and images from the gallery are framed. Footer contains supplementary navigation links, contact information, testimonials and newsletter subscription form. Back to top button is surely available for users’ convenience. The theme comes with the following modules: Articles – Newsflash, Articles Single, CarouFredSel, Komento and web forms: Contact Form, Login Form, Newsletter Subscription, User Registration, Search Form.

Apparel Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Fashion Pulse Joomla Template

Fashion companies should be presented by trendy designs, like this one. This clean stylish theme catches the eye with its cool hipster elements that are on the peak of popularity today. Visitors will certainly enjoy theme’s creative logo represented by hipster glasses and moustache, sweet flat colors of the featured banners, neat circular social icons and other stuff. Main menu here has vertical position, additional navigation links fly out of its items. The theme is responsive and crossbrowser compatible, so it will look great on various handheld devices. Be on the wave, choose cutting edge designs like this one to build spectacular online presentation for your creative projects.

Fashion Guide Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Spa and Beauty Responsive Joomla Template

Are you one of the metro style fans? Then, you will definitely love this template. Its tiles of soft powder colors are something. Handwritten fonts make the company image complete, although you can change the look and feel of the template according to your corporate requirements. Main content area is divided into three columns. That’s good as order and hierarchy on the page are some of the professionalism indices. Latest articles and Instagram posts are arranged above the footer. There is enough white space on the page for the user to breathe, that’s why the content is easy to absorb and digest.

Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Perfect Nails Responsive Joomla Template

A very interesting design for a nail salon. They say that well-polished nails are the business card of a lady. We can paraphrase the saying and tell you that this template can become a real virtual business card for your nail salon. It has a very unusual design. We bet it will differ from of all your competitors’ websites. Actually a home page consists of the background image with a beautiful girl touching her face on it. Here all of us notice how nice the girl’s nails are. What else is there on the home page? Of course company logo and navigation menu. Main menu is presented as four transparent circles. By the way, header is also transparent. That’s it – minimalism is always in vogue!

Nail Salon Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Simple Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Template

A great template for fashion portal. If you need to place heaps of content and arrange them in stylish manner, use it as your building polygon. The template is easy to customize and maintain. That’s exactly what you need when running a blog.

Here’s what customer says about his experience with the template. We believe these lines are much more useful than all our laudatory words.

Daler H.

“All is very good

It is fine. I have installed the package which comes with the template integrated already, so it was very easy to use it, with all demo articles and pictures. If I will have any question, I do believe I can get in touch with your support.

Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Fashion Design School Joomla Template

There are so many people who are absolutely crazy about style and fashion. You can turn their obsession into profession that will help them make good money with your fashion design school. But how will you reach your target audience? It’s obvious; you should advertise your educational services online. This is the shortest way to your customers. We are sure that this modern template with its decorative bowknot logo, straightforward content, and HD imagery will make deep impression on the users. Still have any doubts as to purchasing this template? Let us remind you that fashion school template can be edited via the intuitive admin panel, possesses the power of Bootstrap and is search engine friendly.

Fashion Designer Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Fashion Magazine Joomla Template

Here is a fashion magazine template with black textured background. Bright headlines are clearly readable over it. Slider also looks very spectacular. It’s difficult to tear the eyes away from it. Featured articles are illustrated and come in four columns. The magazine’s home page also includes ‘Hottest news’, ‘Events calendar’, ‘Our favorites’, ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Photostream’ sections. Additional navigation links are at the page footer. Articles – Newsflash, Articles Single, and Camera Slideshow Joomla! Modules are delivered together with the template. The theme is coded with CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, Semantic Code and animated with HTML plus JS. Quickstart Package will help you launch your website with a lightning speed.

Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Sexy Lingerie Responsive Joomla Template

Lingerie is an important component of our wardrobe, so it also should be good-looking and fashionable, just like all other clothing. You will be able to build a decent presentation for your brand with this lingerie template. Template’s elements are placed over the wooden background. It fits the home style of the template. Tiny hearts decorating company logo look cute. Sexy slider images are accompanied with transparent text blocks. Latest lingerie collections gallery is also presented in a slider. The gallery is sortable. The rest of the content is arranged in three columns. Social options are available, which is necessary for site promotion plus the theme is SEO friendly.

Lingerie Responsive Joomla Template

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Beauty Blog Responsive Joomla Template

This is a very simple violet beauty blog. Its handwritten logo is placed over the ornamental pattern background. Header slider displays different trendy looks. There are multiple make up videos under it. Video format is extremely popular, especially nowadays. News articles from press relevant to the topic are also featured on the home page. Clients and partners logos are showcased above the footer. Social media icons can be found at the right bottom corner of the web page. The theme is compatible with Joomla! 2.5.0 – 2.5.x. Can be customized through admin panel, so you don’t need advanced coding skills to build your fashion blog and update it on regular terms.

Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template

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Responsive Joomla Template for a Model Agency

One more dark template for a model school, agency or just a fashion blog. It has a black background with a pattern on it. Main menu is drop down, which saves the space on the page and helps to keep the layout uncluttered. Beautiful models in trendy clothing are displayed in slider. Main content area includes three blocks: ‘Events calendar’, ‘Welcome to our site’ and ‘Latest services. ‘Our latest models’ gallery is coded with Isotope gallery script. Back to top button will take you upwards in a moment. Social media icons can be seen at the footer of the page. The theme has Bootstrap in its core, so be sure that your website will look and perform correctly on any gadget screen.

Model Agency Responsive Joomla Template

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Luxury Spa Joomla Template

Here is a cute, pretty template for a spa salon. These words flash through your mind as soon as you see this design. Blurred image in the background of the theme creates the illusions of depth and perspective. Slider shows smiling people taking different spa procedures. The photos are of the highest quality, that’s why they look so realistic that you nearly feel the aroma of rose petals. As you see, the tender atmosphere, which literally demonstrates the relaxation customer experiences at spa salon is conveyed like a dream. Spa salon services are presented on banners in another slider. Information blocks telling more about the company have tabbed navigation.

Tender Spa Salon Joomla Template

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New Look Joomla Template

This is one of the cases when the name of the template completely suits its contents. The design really looks fresh and out of the common. Handwritten fonts are very elegant, which matches the overall layout style. Gorgeous female photos in slider can’t help capturing visitors’ eyes. Company slogans are placed over the soft pink text blocks under it. The text at the content area is broken into two columns. Featured services come in the links list. Additional information is on its right hand of it. Colored social media sharing block is at the footer. All call to action buttons on the page have no sharp corners, which makes them look more welcoming.

Beauty Salon Joomla Template

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Casual Fashion Responsive Joomla Template

If you want to add some seduction into your fashion blog, choose this theme. It has a big prominent logo placed under the main menu. Banners portraying graceful models zoom in and out on hovering them. Besides, explanatory text appears on mouse over. Such kind of interactivity revives the static design and encourages the user for further exploration. Text content is accurately styled with the help of borders, headings, lists, arrows, and so on. Red and white letters are clearly legible over the black background. The theme is supplied with these contact forms: Advanced Search, Contact Form, Login Form, User Registration, Search Form. It is SEO friendly and has Bootstrap in its core.

Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Template

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Top Model Agency Responsive Joomla Template

Black color in web design is traditionally associated with quality, luxury, reliability and elegance. Model agency made in black colors can be called an interesting designer’s approach. Entering such kind of website the user understands that this is not just another model agency. But you can find only top models here. The web page almost entirely consists of model close ups. They are supplied with hover effects. You can click any image you like and get to know more about the selected model. Best model images come in a separate block. There is also a news section on the right hand of it. Text and buttons of crimson color are good guides for the visitors.

Model Agency Responsive Joomla Template

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Model Portfolio Joomla Template

Here is a wonderful template for personal model portfolio. It has a classical design, so your portfolio will serve you for years and stay current. Large model photo in the background will allow the visitors admire your beauty. Navigation of the template is thoroughly thought out. There are three colorful circles apart from the main menu. They are placed almost at the center of the page to catch the visitors’ sight. The rest of the content is accurately arranged on the page. It goes without saying that the theme is responsive, so you fans / employers will be able to access the website anytime from their smartphones and tablets.

Fashion Model Portfolio Joomla Template

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Your Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template

You can use this beauty salon template for a blog, forum or portfolio site. The combination of bright pink and black colors is really miraculous. The template acquired a kind of playful look, which is great for beauty sites. Stylists’ works are demonstrated in slider. Promo banners include only text, no images, which is unusual – read drawing attention. Famous beauty companies’ logos are featured on the home page to raise credibility of the website. Content areas are separated with stitches. You won’t have any issues with template’s installation and set up as all instructions are delivered with it. Moreover, you can always use a 24/7 professional support service.

Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template

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Best Model Agency Joomla Template

What makes a ‘WOW’ effect as soon as you open the template is its huge logo designed with gradient. Looks pretty immense. Does your model agency need good promotion? Here is a ready-made solution to your problem – a stylish black template that will easily do most of the job instead of you. Effective silver headers act like guides showing the viewer where to look first and helping them to scan the page. Large slider is good for demonstrating the best shots from your portfolio. The layout is spiced up with attractive thumbnails of the latest events. ‘About’, ‘Upcoming Events’, ‘Blog’ pages will help comprehensively highlight company’s activity.

Fashion Model Portfolio Joomla Template

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Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template in Pastel Colors

This beauty salon is designed in pastel colors. The layout elements are placed over the textured background. Slider has image based navigation, which is great as the user can choose which slide he/she wants to view. Latest news stands in three columns and is presented in the form of banners. Testimonials section is very important for any business as it incredibly raises customers’ trust. The template is animated with HTML plus JS. Main template’s features are: Admin Panel, Gantry Framework, K2 Component, Responsive design. The default language is English. Installation and set up instructions are attached at the Documentation folder. In a word, this is the way to go for beauty salon owners who want to expand their product market.

Beauty Salon Responsive Joomla Template

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Cool Tattoo Salon Joomla Template

This tattoo salon is designed in minimalist style. The template greets the visitors with a cool full-screen photo background portraying a gorgeous tattooed model. Of course this immediately shows that your website is tattoo-themed. Color palette is mainly dark. Red hair of the woman and her highlighted face and silhouette are the only bright elements on the page. The fragments of tattoos show up like shadows in the background. Dragon logo, wings, font solution – everything is suitable for the business you need to present online. Main menu is placed vertically and has fly-out option. The template is supplied with Bootstrap, which improves it with responsive layouts additional interface elements, CSS stylesheets and much more.

Gorgeous Tattoo Salon Joomla Template

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20+ Sport WordPress Bestsellers

Sports WordPress Themes

If you value your time and don’t want to spend hours searching for a decent premium WordPress theme for your sport blog, club, gym, whatever, we’ve got a quick solution for you. Right here you will find 25 sport WordPress bestsellers. We are sure that at least one of them will meet your requirements.

On the chance of the showcased themes will only stir your thirst for more, please visit this or that link – it’s TemplateMonster’s inventory with thousands of professional designs.

Do you need to refresh the knowledge about WordPress in your memory? You can make it on WordPress.org.

Purchasing a pre-designed WordPress theme from the reputed provider is the quickest and the easiest way to launch your project. The CMS is easy to install and maintain. Not sure how much time will you need for that? What about 1 hour a day 5 days in a row? You’ll have your site up and running just in five days if you are ready to spend only an hour a day on its tweaking. Need proof? Click here for simple tutorials. Want something more substantial on WordPress? Visit this YouTube channel, you’ll find tons of helpful info on the topic there. No question will stay without an answer.

We guess we’ve supplied you with enough informational links on WordPress themes and ways of working with them. We offer just pass to our sport WordPress bestsellers and explore their features one by one.

WordPress Theme for Bikers

The theme can be used for bikers club, forum, or news portal. The texts on the web page are very concise, however this does not affect its informational content. The author decided to make a strong emphasis on visual component. A great solution, as visuals always attract people much more than any words. Slider shows dynamic shots taken during bike races. Banners with screaming headings make bikers WordPress theme navigation simple and engaging. Articles about latest motorcycling events are arranged above the footer. Videos from the competitions are also there. Circular social media icons are placed on top and at the bottom of the page, which means that they are easy to access.

Bikers WordPress Theme

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Bicycle Club Responsive WordPress Theme

WildRide is a 100% GPL WordPress theme developed for innovative ideas and startups. As the theme is made for bloggers, it is optimized for quick and easy content publishing and readability. The theme is really easy to install, run and update. Most of the theme settings can be modified on the fly with WordPress Customizer. Make changes and view the results in real time. The theme comes with Mailchimp newsletter feature, premium custom slider, carousel and taxonomy tiles widgets. Share your innovative ideas, get extra publicity for your startups, raise funds and keep your readers up to date with WildRide WordPress theme!

WildRide Responsive WordPress Theme

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Extreme Cycling Responsive WordPress Theme

A greenish theme for cycling club, blog or forum. From the first moments slider with image based navigation and nice transition effects draws visitors attention. The theme is built on Cherry Framework and offers the power of Bootstrap, which makes it super-easy to install, customize and maintain. It is Search Engine Friendly and WPML ready. You can embed audios and videos to make your web page more informative and interesting to browse. The theme comes with Advanced Options, Sliced PSD, Back To Top Button, Calendar, Custom Page Templates, Favicon, Google Map, Google Web Fonts, Social Options, Tabs, Tooltips, the list goes on.

Cycling Responsive WordPress Theme

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Yachting WordPress Theme

Sailing can hardly be called a job. Its sooner a life choice for those who are crazy about excitement and thrill. This theme was developed to keep mariners always informed about the latest news and events in the field, keep them updated on hot yacht sales and destinations that are worth to visit. Entering such website, users will feel the ocean breeze due to the cleverly picked visuals, whereas the wooden texture in the background will take them to the yacht deck in their dreams. The multi-level menu, content blocks organized in a grid, informative and usable footer make site navigation smoother and more intuitive. Building trust has never been easier. There is a special area set aside for sharing user testimonials and introducing the audience to your business team. Make use of this theme to develop a yacht club website that will appeal to various boating interests and age groups.

Boating WordPress Theme

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Extreme Gliding WordPress Theme

The author of this extreme sports WP theme makes use of circular elements and buttons with rounded edges that look very natural in the overall environments. A full-screen header image creates a large focal point to capture visitors’ attention and encourage them to dig deeper into your site. One of the strongest points of the theme is a block of events based on a timeline, which will let you show a chronological sequence of upcoming events the understandable manner. A polygon backdrop of this block serves as a complementary instrument to impart more dynamism to the layout. Powered by Cherry Framework, the theme is loading fast and is easy to configure the way your site would provide the best possible user experience.

Extreme Sports WP Theme

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Daily Sports News WordPress Theme

DailySports is a comprehensive blogging WordPress theme, which is most suitable for sports- and entertainment-related websites due to its dark color palette. The content blocks are marked with bright horizontal lines of different colors, making it easier for the readers to navigate through the theme’s complicated magazine-like layout. User-friendly dropdown menu is followed by a large image-based slider and two content blocks – for top and featured news, respectively. The sidebar is totally oriented on promotion, comprising a Twitter box and a newsletter form. Each blog post preview is supplied with a set of social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. DailySports is fully responsive, the theme is built the way to improve your website’s positions in SERP.

Sports News WordPress Theme

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Relaxing Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

Yoga is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. This theme in greenish colors is ideal for a yoga studio or blog. Indian ornamental element decorating the company logo is highly relevant for the topic. Big quality slider images show people practicing yoga indoors and outdoors. Bellow goes the information about the club. It is arranged in three columns. Each post ends with a call to action button. Testimonials section immensely increases site credibility. They come with thumbnails as well. New lessons are presented in the accordion. News section draws users’ attention with the help of big numbers. Main templates’ features are: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Cherry Framework, Responsive, WPML ready. Not bad, isn’t it?

Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

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Beach Volleyball WordPress Theme

You can boost your beach volleyball site based on this theme with spectacular imagery, retina-ready photos, full-width sliders, and cool galleries. Such a clean and modern layout with an emphasis on visuals, audio and video integration will easily drive people in and offer them a pleasant browsing experience. Intuitive navigation and easy-to-browse, responsive and cross-browser compatible layout will facilitate users’ work with the site based on this theme. You’ll easily perform any modifications with this template based on Cherry framework. Try this volleyball WordPress theme built with the best SEO practices in mind and set up a well-performing website with an appealing design.

Volleyball WordPress Theme

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Hunting WordPress Theme

This hunting WordPress template designed in natural brownish tones is loaded with many features that ensure really splendid functionality. It doesn’t matter what device is used for browsing the site, it will perform great on any screen, no matter if it is a regular desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Main menu of the theme has lowered position. Menu is sticky. The theme offers a clean minimalist layout with full-screen sliders at the top of the page and at the content area. Polygons on the ‘Latest event’ background section make theme’s layout even more current. Thanks to flexible customization options, this template can be adapted to any other kind of business just in minutes.

Hunting WordPress Template

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Fitness Blog GPL WordPress Theme

This responsive fitness blog WordPress theme was developed to run flawlessly across a variety of devices and web browsers. A two-column layout structure allows you to organize the latest blog updates and navigation elements in a harmonious manner, without readability loss. The theme features a clean design, so nothing distracts your readers’ attention. That’s what we call the smart use of white space. Content hierarchy is achieved by means of large, bold headings. The theme comes with full social integration, so the users will be able to share the publications they consider worthy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. With the purpose to facilitate navigation, main navigation bar was made fixed-to-the-top. Fully customizable, the template can become a solid foundation for your blog.

Fitnesys - Fitness Blog GPL WordPress Theme

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Bodybuilding Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme is best for bodybuilding and gym templates. Its main menu is sticky, so it stays before the users’ eyes all the time. Large header photo shows a man with athletic body. Latest photos are showcased in slider. Some bodybuilding facts are presented with the help of simple icons and numbers. It’s a great way of content presentation. Coaches’ profiles come with links to their social profiles. The invitation to the event is separated by borders and supplied with a huge orange call-to-action button with rounded corners. Happy clients’ testimonials and famous company partners’ logos are also featured on the home page. Social media icons are big, noticeable and animated which adds an element of game play into the serious layout.

Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

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Hockey Sport WordPress Theme

Create a professional sports blog with the help of this hockey WordPress theme. The ice, the rink the players’ photos look so real that you nearly fill the chill. The theme offers a diagonal design with clean and minimalist layout that makes the site look both official and creative. The template is powered by Cherry Framework 4 that ensures worry-free customization and smooth performance on any popular gadget screen. Even a beginner will be able to adapt it to any business project quickly and easily. MotoPress Editor and MotoPress Slider are included into template’s package. You can choose between the following gallery scripts: Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider.

Hockey WordPress Theme

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Wave Riding Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme was developed for surfing clubs, blogs, schools, etc. You nearly feel the warmth of the sun and the salty wind on your skin. Parallax effect adds a touch of realism to the website. Lazy Load animation won’t make your visitors wait until your website is loading. Round banners and bright colors create a carefree atmosphere on site. The theme allows Audio Player and Video Integration. The theme is WPML ready, so your website will have almost unlimited audience. The theme is coded with CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, and LESS. It is search engine friendly, so you shouldn’t worry that surfers won’t find your website on the net.

Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

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Boxing Sport Responsive WordPress Theme

A dark brutal theme for a boxing website. It is made in grey colors. Theme’s header is sticky, so all necessary navigation links will constantly be before the visitors’ eyes. Slider displays men in boxing gloves. Three promo banners with simple icons on them are beautifully animated. Testimonials are on the left hand and the articles about the honored athletes on the right hand are at the bottom of the page. The theme is animated with HTML plus JS, Parallax, and Lazy Load effect. It is coded with CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, and LESS. The theme built on Cherry Framework is supplied with On-line chat.

Boxing Responsive WordPress Theme

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Cheerleading Team WordPress Theme

Here is a mobile-friendly cheerleading WordPress theme developed with an omni-potent Cherry Framework for easier installation and customization. Its lightweight design is a prerequisite for proper website performance in different browsers and on different devices. A social login option won’t only simplify visitors’ authorization, but will also let you collect more data about them from their social accounts. To make your content more interesting to explore, it is visually supported by high-resolution imagery, stylish polygon backgrounds, counters, and red color accents. One of the theme’s schticks is an elegant scale of events, under which there is a Google map indicating the location of your organization.

Cheerleading WordPress Theme

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Mind Games Responsive WordPress Theme

We are sure that chess players from all over the world will highly appreciate this design. It’s amazing! Apart from visual appeal, the theme is rather feature-rich. Main menu of the theme has fixed position on the page. It is separated from the rest of the layout by stitches. Company logo is placed right below the main menu. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider gallery scripts are available by default. You can choose between them. HTML plus JS, Parallax, and Lazy Load animated effects revive the layout. You can integrate audio and video players into your web pages to make them even more engaging for the users.

Chess Responsive WordPress Theme

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Surfing WordPress Theme

Powered by Cherry Framework and having the power of Bootstrap, this extreme sports WordPress theme boasts a spectacular design with clean code and excellent support. Transition effects and scrolling dynamics, CSS3, jQuery and HTML5 add interactivity to web pages making them visually alluring. Responsive design provides optimal multidevice experience, whereas WPML readiness allows reaching the multinational audience. The theme has a graphically appealing user interface enhanced with handy navigational elements such as a back to top button and a dropdown menu. Audio, video and social media options are also embedded into the template’s functionality. Fully customizable, its design can be adapted to your own needs.

Extreme Sports WordPress Theme

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Tennis Court Responsive WordPress Theme

Let’s dwell on the main features of this positive tennis theme. It has a very interesting texture in the background. Slider looks bright and attractive over the black background. Main menu sticks to the top as you scroll. Nice animated effects applied to company services eliminate tedium on the page. The rest of the content is arranged in three columns. It is easy to scan, read and comprehend it. Integrate audios and videos into your pages to make them even more captivating. Choose from Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider gallery scripts. Which one would you prefer? Use all power and simplicity of Cherry Framework and Bootstrap to make your website one of a kind.

Tennis Responsive WordPress Theme

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Sailing WordPress Theme

Many of us like yachts, and there’s good reason for that. While for some buying a luxury yacht is a way to show off their wealth, for others this is a great means to leave for a vacation and see the world. Running or owing a yacht requires special skills and knowledge, and you can share such knowledge with your audience by means of this theme. The home page captures attention with quality, bright visuals organized in a two column grid. Moving mouse over an image, users will be introduced to additional information about your services. Making every element clickable, you will provide the audience with a more pleasant browsing experience. If you are looking for a great and effective solution for introducing users to your business and engaging more people in, this template is the way to go.

Yacht Vacation WordPress Theme

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Baseball Team Responsive WordPress Theme

Baseball is an extremely popular sport. Those who don’t play baseball are the sport fans, so we are sure that your website will have lots of visitors. It is designed in greenish colors like a baseball field. Slider displays the most thrilling moments from the baseball games. Main menu is drop down, but the users can navigate through your site using banners or additional navigation links. You can install the theme just in 2 steps even if you are not a professional developer. It offers multiple color options, so you will be able to play with them during customization. You get custom widgets, built-in theme customizer, advanced backup, lifetime free updates and much more in template’s package.

Baseball Responsive WordPress Theme

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Extreme Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

Would you like to have a blue-green surfing site? Those are the colors of the ocean. This theme perfectly conveys the spirit of this extreme sport. Just look at its background image and image-based slider. Main menu of the theme is sticky. There are many additional navigation links at the footer visitors can use to explore your website. Built-in customizer lets you tweak your theme on the fly and see the changes in read time without the need to reload the page. By the way, no changes will be saved until your confirmation. We guess the advanced backup option will also come in handy to theme owners.

Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

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Extreme Sports WordPress Theme

The whole adrenaline packed action of extreme sports flows into the given design. Whether it’s climbing the mountain top, driving on a motorway, skiing down the hill or flying through the air – here extreme sports fans will find anything to their liking. Thanks to the single page layout, every visitor will feel the curiosity of scrolling down the page to see what comes next. The fixed menu and back to top button make browsing though the site smoother. Bright backgrounds accompanied with catching visuals and galleries are employed to capture the spirit of sports in question. Make every risk taker feel the excitement of browsing through your site with the help of this theme.

Active Sports WordPress Theme

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Gym Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme for gyms and sport blogs is available in PSD and PHP sources. It is widgetized. Red accents scattered here and there over the layout uphold the general site idea. Red color is associated with action. And people who work out live in constant action. Please note the amazing transition effects the slider is supplied with. By the way, it has image based navigation. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider galley scripts are included into the theme’s package. It is built on Cherry Framework and offers all functional of Bootstrap. The theme has a clean code. It is easy to install and customize. In a word, it is a good investment.

Bodybuilding Responsive WordPress Theme

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Yoga Harmony Responsive WordPress Theme

Yoga is very popular nowadays. It helps you stay in good shape and keep the balance of your mind, body and soul. The theme is made in natural beige colors. Slider shows people practicing different yoga asanas. Banners have zooming effect. Most of the text is placed at the bottom of the page. The theme is animated with HTML plus JS. It can boast the following features: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Cherry Framework, Responsive, WPML ready. The theme comes in English by default. All installation and set up instructions are attached, look for them at the Documentation folder. We are sure you will be able to create a wonderful yoga site on the basis of this simple theme.

Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

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Play Basketball WordPress Theme

This basketball WordPress theme is supplied with multiple features to help you promote your sports club or any other establishment. For example, a tiled gallery allows compact yet stylish demonstration of image content. Next, animated counters will let you display percentage rations of different aspects in a dynamic, engaging manner. Thanks to the integration of social icons, visitors can subscribe to your accounts on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, while like and share buttons make it easy to appraise and spread your content. Google map, an interactive tool informing of your location, is also embedded into this theme. As for its look, polygon backgrounds, transparent menu bar and full-width pictures can provide a visually rich cover for your online portal.

Basketball WordPress Theme

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20+ Fresh and Modern WordPress Themes of This Summer 2016 to Create a Website Today

Fresh WordPress Themes

Say Hello to the hottest and the sweetest season of the year and browse through TemplateMonster’s cool collection of 20+ Fresh and Modern WordPress Themes to create a fully functional and neat website of any type with no fear today. Well, if you really follow the latest web design trends then this batch of fresh WordPress themes developed by TemplateMonster is right worth your concern.

Actually, this unbeatable company with their exceptional support creates and offers you readymade solutions to set up cutting-edge websites of different types powered by all famous platforms. If you want to know more then go ahead and read here. In recent years, WordPress is getting more and more popular and it comes to no surprise to understand why.

WordPress is a highly configurable CMS, which is used and improved by users worldwide because it is free and open source. There are numerous premium and free WordPress themes available on the web market, and it’s sometimes a tricky task to find an optimum one. Moreover, modern technologies continue to develop day by day and your business demands constantly evolving. There is almost nothing impossible for creation of your WordPress website thanks to a big number of handful plugins and extensions available on the Internet for free. If you are far from web design and development, feel free to get tutorials here and visit an informative YouTube Channel to set up a fully functional and professionally designed website with no fear at all.

Each and every of these modern premium WordPress themes is fully responsive, with modest advanced features and SEO-friendly options. To provide the overall best reading experience for your website can only be achieved if the theme you’re using is a novel one. With more and more smartphones and tablets you need your website to have simple layout design which loads faster and provides better user experience.

So, today we encourage you to check our collection of the most interesting and crisp 20+ Fresh and Modern WordPress Themes designed with the latest design trends in mind. Give your website a catchy look and creative touch in a nice and elegant way. Feel free to click Demo to see how your website will look in reality.

BitNews City Portal Magazine WordPress Theme

This fully responsive theme built with a valid and semantic code is a perfect solution for your heavy web project. Your card-based content positioning helps your visitors to focus on your content in a simple and intuitive way. The theme is easy to navigate due to smart use of white space. It can boast handful plagins, clean layout and great customization options. Crossbrowser Compatibility, DropDown Menu, WPML ready and SEO-friendly options help you to create awesome layouts your business requires.

Magazine WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Clubstome Biking WordPress Theme

This theme is created by professionals and look perfect on all screen sizes thanks to its 100% responsiveness. You may use the theme for your bike new portal. This Clubstome Biking WordPress Theme is a 100% GPL WordPress theme built with Bootstrap. It is very flexible and easy to customize, so you can modify it to fit any other sports-related online project. Dynamic bikes shots make the navigation of your website easy and intuitive. Social buttons help you to share your passion online.

Bikers WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sketchfield Blog WordPress Theme

This theme is a great solution for those who like its uncommon design and useful set of features. Powered by Bootsrap the theme is fully compatible with all latest browsers and devices. Its navigation is easy and quick due to DropDown Menu, Search bar and Logo. WPML ready, SEO friendly, Retina ready, JQuery and CSS3 coding support are the main advanced features to take your business to live by creating a website. Full width image slider and integrated video is very important for running any business website.

web design blog WordPress theme

Details | Demo

LFA Photography WordPress Theme

LFA Photography WordPress Theme is a content-focused solution designed by professionals with a lot of features inbuilt in it. Categories and subcategories of its Menu can be organized in a systematic manner. Parallax Effect and Background video help you to improve the visual experience of your website. Powered by Cherry Framework 4 and solid Bootstrap options. In addition, there is Calendar, advanced theme options, Sliced PSD, Google map, social options, Drag & Drop content, megamenu, and other features.

photo WordPress theme

Details | Demo

Finest Game Online WordPress Theme

This theme is designed for games, game portals and other game-related projects. Its amazing layouts help you to display your site content the best. Powered by Bootstrap the theme is compatible with all possible devices. Responsiveness make your website readable and visible by your audience. Search engine friendly, WPML ready, great Admin panel social media networks, HTML5 ans CSS3 coding support are the main handfull features of the template. All the needed information is separated into the blocks to give your readers joyful experience while using your website.

Online Games WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dentistry WordPress Theme

Use this Dentistry WordPress Theme if you want to set up a running and eye-catchy website for all dentistry related projects. The theme is very flexible and easy to customize. Choose layouts from its set of options, organize your content into a flexible banners and demonstrate your business project in an effective manner without a single line of coding. Drag & Drop content, slider, Carousel, advanced theme options, Crossbrowser compatibility, and other additionall features help you to create a fully functional and regularly updated modern website.

Medical WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Emmet – Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Nice looking template with clean and professional design is created for corporate and portfolio websites. It’s fully responsive which means that your content will automatically adapt to any screen size. Customize your front page to your business needs – change tets, images, add videos. MotoPress Editor plugin and Drag & Droppage builder require no coding or HTML skills. Compatible with WooCommerc and BuddyPress plugins. SEO optimized, well-structured and suitable for multiple lanuages. Use this theme and create the unique design and online presence for your website.

Business Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Portfolio WordPress Theme

This theme is designed in accordance with the latest web design trends to set up a fully functional and neat peronal and portfolio website. Powered by Cherry Framework 4, it ‘s pre-loaded with multiple shortcodes, slider, handful plugins and widgets. Make the process of development much quicker with MotoPress Content Editor and MotoPress Slider. Showcase your excellent works and projects and share your passion online. Excellent technical support comes like bonus.

Personal Page WP Theme

Details | Demo

Hobbies and Crafts Responsive WordPress Theme

If responsive design plays an important role for your awsesome webite then use this Hobbies and Crafts Responsive WordPress Theme and keep peace in mind that your website will look great to anyone visiting it on their smartphone, laptop, tablet or other divice. The theme includes different advanced features like Sliced PSD, Crossbrowser Compatibility, DropDown Menu, Retina Ready, WPML ready, and other helpful widgets. The theme is well documented and powered by Cherry Framework 4.

Crafts Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Travel Blogs and Holidays WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a clean and sophisticated template, so use this Travel Blogs and Holidays WordPress Theme suitable for travel bloggers to keep track of their travels around the world. Its nice and fresh design is easy to customize and manage. Use fullscreen photography presentations fro your portfolios, travel blogs to share it with others. It’s deeply integrated with the most popular social networks to let the world know about your passion. Click Demo to see how your website will look like. Thatks to Crossbrowser Compatibility your website will be readable from all known browsers.

Traveler WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

TripTastic – Travel Blog WordPress Theme

This theme is a good choice to create an active and fully functional website for sharing your travel stories, news ao anything you want your readers to show. Customize the theme easily and decide where to set the columns or add videos. Google Web Fonts, Crossbrowser Compatibility, DropDown Menu, advanced theme options, and other features make this theme a great product to achieve your business goals. All required informations are provided with well documented attachment.

Travel WP Theme

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Interna – Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme

Try this Interna – Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme if you’re looking for a well designed template for your architecture agency or architecture portfolio website to show houses or projects online. The theme is easy to customize and add additions you’d like to have. Powered by Cherry Framework it makes the code easy to custom and manage. Its layout is quite simple and professional, which helps you to transform almost every element you desire. Adapt it to your line of business and share it with your audience.

Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Vegetarian Food WordPress Theme

This GPL WordPress Theme is a perfect solution suitable for food blogs, recipes websites, personal portfolios, and other food-relared websites. It’s fully responsive and Crossbrowser Compatibile to run flawlessly on all devices, screens and browsers your audience use. SEO optimized, well documented and easy to customize, the theme will help you to present your website worldwide. Integration of respective social media widgets will give your visitors all needed information about your news, projects or works.

Vegetarian Meals WordPress Theme

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Architecture Bureau WordPress Template

Arcitecture Bureau WordPress Template is a beautifully designed in dark tones theme that is perfect for business to create a truly dynamic website as well. Cleanly coded and Crossbrowser compatible, this WordPress theme help to make your business grow. SEO friendly, fully responsive, Retina ready and well documented to set up a blog, a business website, or a online store equally easy. Great custom support help you to solve your troubles.

Architect WP Template

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Studio Light Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a theme to build a website to promote your product and keep your audience up-to-date, use this outstanding Studio Light Crowdfunding WordPress Theme. The theme is powered by Cherry Framework 4 and coded in HTML5 and CSS3. Bootstrap features help your website to adjust to any screen size and resolution. It’s very user-friendly, so you can customize it easily with MotoPress Content Editor and Slider to your business taste. It also has all the great features and benefits, such as clean, fast and SEO friendly theme for your successful website.

Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

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Leader – Management Company WordPress Template

Here is a fully responsive and a versatile emplate powered by Cherry Framework 4. Customize it easily to display your content, projects and works, or to offer your services. There are handful features built in the theme, among them advanced theme options, Crossbrowser compatibility, DropDown menu, Google Web fonts, Parallax Effect, Carousel, and other plugins and widgets. A large hero slider and eye-catching sliders will help your website to stand out from competitors.

Management Company WordPress Template

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Style Blog WordPress Theme

This theme is suitable for averyone who’d like to customize its content without touching a single line of code. Its clean layout and plenty of post options make this theme flexible and easy to manage. Due to its simple menu system your readers will use and navigate your website with ease. The design is great and professional, so you’ll be definetely satisfied with the appearance of your website. Such useful features as Crossbrowser compatibility, DropDown menu, Google Web Fonts, Commenting system, Slider and social media buttons help you to build a fresh and regularly updated website.

Style Blog WordPress Theme

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Manuel Exterior Design WordPress Theme

Thanks to minimalist design of this theme, Manuel Exterior Design WordPress Theme can help you to set up a nice ans easy to use website for any landscape design company. The theme is built on Cherry Framework 4 and is powered by Bootstrap with a lot of functions for its easy customization process. Retina ready, SEO firendly, WPML ready and fully responsive theme will look fantastic on every device that your visitors use. The theme looks visually appealing thanks to big high resolution images. It’s worth your choice which will bring a fresh and modern look to your business website.

Exterior Design Studio WordPress Theme

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Business Corporate WordPress Theme

This fully responsive and strict WordPress theme can be applied to any websites related to real estate, business or industry. The theme includes all of the awesome features to give your website a high quality look that will surely impress your visitors. It’s extremely flexible to run one blog or millions of blogs from the same installation, implement custom backgrounds, headers, post types, and others. Parallax effect, Cherry Framework 4, Sliced PSD, Crossbrowser compatibility, Retina ready and SEO friendly, this theme is a good choice to build a business website.

Business Firm WordPress Theme

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Investment Business WordPress Template

If you like to take your business online, use this clean lightweight responsive WordPress theme for running your investment, financial or business company’s website. The theme is well designed, so it brings the main site’s content to the focus of your audience’ atention. This modern theme comes integrated with social medis, DropDown menu is fixed to the top of the theme. Sliced PSD, Crossbrowser compatibility, Google map, sample content, custom page templates are the additioal features of the theme.

Investment Company WordPress Template

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Event Planning Company WordPress Theme

This stylish Event Planning Company WordPress Theme is one of the most charming WordPress themes on the market to build a website for party planners and event companies. With its fully responsive design, this theme scales to fit any device your visitors use. It helps to reflect your business and to showcase all the various services you offer to your clients. Display your best images of your organized parties and use the text fields to describe the occasion showing it. It’s user-friendly, Crossbrowser compatibl, SEO-friendly and extremely useful to quickly give an overview of your business.

Event Planner WordPress Theme

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Technology Review Blog WordPress Theme

This clean GPL WordPress theme is designed with clear layouts to run your technology review blog in just few clicks. It can boast large titles, readable content, contrast of the light layout with the dark header and footer, and a card-based content. The theme is easy to navigate through your site’s content, to give your visitors possibility to follow all your updates and news. Well documented code and excellent technical support are there to help you to create a uniqe and professional website. It includes advanced theme options, Google web fonts, social options, and other useful features to meet your business needs.

Gadnews - Technology Review Blog

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Web Hosting Provider WordPress Template

This simple WordPress template with its flat design could be a right choice to build a website for hosting companies or Internet providers. Its easy to follow layout with flat style and white space make the visual appeal of your website more effective. Parallax scrolling effect, full-width images, Google web fonts, layered PSD files, and lot of other features have been included into the package. It’s very flexible and user-friendly to be a perfect solution for creating an outstanding business website.

Web Hosting Services WordPress Template

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IT Solutions WordPress Template

IT Solutions WordPress Template is a completely responsive and professionally looking theme with a number of customization choices to create a contemporary and minimalist website. The template includes a number of useful features like Commenting system, Google map, Sliced PSD, DropDown menu, Carousel, Parallax scrolling effect, and a lot extra. Enjoy the installation and customization process of the template with well-documented code and excellent technical support team.

Information Technology WordPress Template

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Summer Camp Blog WordPress Template

This ready-made attractive WordPress template can be used for creating a website foe summer camp, education blogs and other children related projects. Retina ready template displays the images with high pixel density to attract crowds of visitors. Parallax effect, megamenu, MotoPress editor, newsletter subscribtion form and social media blocks are included into this template. Carousel, Isotope, Accordion and slider are the gallery scripts. Add video to tell your visitors about your camp life or any children project fullfieled.

Summer Camp WordPress Template

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Advertising Blogging WordPress Theme

Build your advertising blog or official website eith the help of this modern and professionally designed Advertising Blogging WordPress Theme to bring your content to the focus of attention. Fully responsive and Crossbrowser compatible, this theme can be viewed from all devices and web browsers that your visitors use. Customize the theme with ease to suit your business needs and tastes. The design is clean and style to impress your audience with a great product. The theme includes useful featues and well-documented code.

Advertising Agency WP Theme

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Primary – Colorful & Professional Education WordPress Theme for Kindergarten & Elementary School

P Banner 1100x700

In today’s society, parents and children spend less than an hour with each other every day because of modern demands. The golden age of family togetherness was over, leaving a wide gap in childrearing. As a result, parents are more likely to entrust their children to preschools and kindergartens, giving your business relating to children education both opportunities and challenges.

Normally the most popular channel that parents choose to get to know your kindergarten is your education website. As children are the society’s main focus of attention, people tend to be more skeptical about the quality and proper activities of your kindergarten. In a word, your kindergarten website should be, and have to be a no-mistakes one, where parents and children can easily approach the best educational experience.

As deeply understanding the real struggle, our brightest idea as a WordPress development author was why not make an Education/Kindergarten theme that is specially designed for those who doing their business as kindergarten and serves one main goal: to create a tight connection between the school and the parents through their kids’ activities? That is how one of our most colorful, minimalistic, modern-design WordPress Theme – PRIMARY comes to life.

This one-of-a-kind kindergarten WordPress themes are simplified and streamlined for anyone to use. You can install and even customize your own page in the blink of an eye without any special help from professional web developers. In addition, the price is very affordable, including various innovative features offered by each theme.

After two months of hard work, we have successfully launched PRIMARY – Kindergarten and Elementary School WordPress Theme on the most renowned market Themeforest.net. With the development of WordPress, of course you can get access to a variety of impressive kindergarten themes. However, we do have features that we take pride in and are really excited to introduce to you, which makes Primary stand out among its web neighbours.

  • Perfect for Children-oriented Websites yet suitable for any education institutes

PRIMARY was made for children-oriented websites, then it is perfect for kindergartens, elementary schools, preschools and afterschool activities clubs or similar, related projects that strongly focus on handling children. But don’t let the colorful design in our demo showcase make you think PRIMARY is impossible for higher education like universities, colleges or institutes. You can totally change the color of any elements in the design or add/ remove block to match your business.


  1. Trending Material Design Color and full UI icon and font set

Empowered with trending material design colours on the markets right now together with the full UI set, this theme is regarded as a one-of-a-kind theme. Having such various design styles and multicolour palette, Primary is a goodie that will catch the eyes of anyone who comes to visit your website.


  1. Super customizable layouts with $70.5 Premium Plugins Included
    Knowing what a kindergarten school needs, we have incorporated Primary with so many vital premium plugins, with the aim of helping your site’s capabilities to be enhanced. What is even greater is that mobile-ready slides and animations can be made with the assistance from the Revolution Sliders plugin. Not only these slides can act as a showcase for your best works, it can also feature astonishing images of kindergarten classes and activities organised inside each classroom. The Visual Composer tool Primary is integrated with uses a Drag and Drop Interface, let you customize these layouts to no end and make your Kids Planet kindergarten website truly one of a kind. Furthermore, customization has been remarkably simplified with this feature too. Why? Because users only need to choose an element and drag it across the screen to get it done. Simple as that!

Not the greatest part yet! Do you know that purchasing Primary would mean a $70.5 saving on premium plugins? Yes, for the sake of our customers’ interests, we decided to include those necessary plugins in the theme.3_image_premium-plugin-

  1. Responsive Design + Best UX/UI Practice

Worry about broken layout issues on different devices? Then Primary might just have the key to solve your problem. Not only comes with stunning responsive design which makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones), Primary satisfies many demanding customers with the great UX/UI experience. It is synonymous with the increase of interaction between your website and users. Is that amazing?


  1. 05 Custom Post Types generated based on 5 powerful plugins

Besides a stunning material design, it’s standing out from the crowd on the market because it also functions as a complete learning management system. There are 5 custom post variations for courses, events, students in classes, teachers and album gallery. Users are able to better organize all content elements, resulting in a superior browsing experience for everyone.

5_image_5custom-post-types-Event Managemen

Event plays an important role and somehow indispensable for every education-related website. Along the line of offering event custom post type, we also feature the ticket selling for single events to bring the best interaction between your website and users.

Course Enrollment

Since our theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, you can get your students/users pay online enrollment and choose number of tickets for courses easily by using Primary WordPress Theme.

Teacher Detailed Information

This feature provide all the detailed information about teachers in school which help parents know more about who is taking in charge of their kid’s class.

Student Listing

All the student’s information are kept in private; however you can assign kids to class to make it easier for parents to catch up.

Showcase School Activities with Gallery

Showcase all the beautiful captured moments. Both children and parents will like it!

  1. Blog for News Updates and WooCommerce Integrated

Several blog styles are at your fingertips for you to keep the parents updated on what your school is up to, while inherent WooCommerce compatibility means you can even market your products or services directly off your Kids Planet website without having to write a single line of code.


  1. Extended Support


If you are searching for a streamlined and feature-rich kindergarten website theme, look no further than Primary. See full features to convince yourself:

Smarty Theme Review: Create an Education Website with WordPress

Smarty Theme Review FT

In this Smarty theme review, we’ll be taking a look at a newly released WordPress theme that has been designed to help you build the perfect website for an educational institution.

Whether you need to create a website for your school, learning center, college, or university, this educational WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for.

This Smarty theme review will cover its main features, including the overall design and appearance, its other features, and the customization options. We’ll then round off this Smarty theme review with a look at the user experience on offer.

Who Should Choose the Smarty WordPress Theme?

Smarty Education WordPress Theme Review

As mentioned at the start of this Smarty theme review, this isn’t your typical multipurpose WordPress theme. Instead, Smarty has been built to help you create a website to promote an educational institution or business. Smarty is flexible enough to give you the ability to customize your website to suit a range of project types within this category.

Whether you want to create a website for your school or college, which provides your students with all the information they need to get the most from their studies, or you’re making a website to promote short courses and get more registrations for your programs, the Smarty WordPress theme aims to be your all-in-one solution.

By the end of this Smarty theme review, you’ll know if that is really the case or not and if this is the product for you, or whether your needs will be better met elsewhere. So let’s begin this Smarty theme review with the features you’ll get access to if you choose this educational-focused WordPress template.

Smarty WordPress Theme Features

To help you build a successful website for your learning community, the Smarty WordPress theme is packed with features. To give you a quick overview, before diving into them in more depth, with Smarty you can expect plenty of customization options and settings, lots of prebuilt layouts and templates, and some powerful tools to help you upgrade and personalize your website so that it fully meets your requirements.

4 Predefined Color Skins

Smarty Theme Review Skins

The four predefined colors skins you’ll find in the Smarty theme make it easy to quickly change the overall look of your website. Hopefully, there’s a color skin that matches the branding of your educational institute or business. However, if not, you can easily create your own custom color skin using the customization controls of the Smarty WordPress theme.

4 Header Layouts

Smarty Theme Review Headers

Navigation is arguably the most important aspect of any website. Therefore, it’s great to see that the Smarty WordPress theme includes four different header layouts. These designs not only cover the navigation and menu area, but also the main layout and design of the homepage header area.

Having a nice selection of header layouts to choose from will really help ensure the part of your website that your visitors see first is perfect. As well as the four prebuilt header layouts, you also have the option of creating your own by using the integrated Customizer tool.

3 Footer Layouts

Smarty Theme Review Footer

As well as the selection of header layouts, there are also three footer layouts to choose from. Again, you aren’t limited to these prebuilt layouts as you can create your own footer designs through the Customizer. However, by combining the different prebuilt elements that make up this theme, you should be able to get a unique look for your educational WordPress website that’s right for your project.

6 Custom Content Layouts

Smarty Theme Review FAQ

To help you add the essential pages to your educational website, the Smarty theme includes a great selection of prebuilt page templates and content layouts. These layouts cover the pages that your website is likely to need. This includes an FAQ template, which gives you an easy way to publish answers to frequently asked questions.

Smarty Theme Review Camps

There’s also a template for promoting camps, as well as an athletics template to help you add an attractive sports section to your website.

Smarty Theme Review Athletics

Other content layout templates include an alumni option, one for the cafeteria, a transport page template, plus many other options. As we’ll soon see in this Smarty theme review, there’s a handy tool included in the package that makes customizing these templates a breeze.

Drag and Drop Page Builder Tool

Smarty Theme Review Visual Composer

Thanks to the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin, you’ll have access to a fully featured drag and drop editor when you’re using the Smarty educational business theme. When setting up your website, Visual Composer makes it easy to edit any of the demo content or page layouts and templates, helping you to give your website a custom look that’s right for your project.

Visual Composer is one of the best-selling page builder plugins for WordPress, so it’s great to see it included in the Smarty theme package.

Multimedia Slideshow Creator

Smarty Theme Review Slider

If you check out the Smarty theme demo, you’ll notice that some of the header styles on display feature an animated slideshow. These animated slideshows can do a great job of presenting your most important information to your visitors, as soon as they arrive at your site.

The prebuilt animated slideshows you’ll find in the Smarty theme demo content are powered by the premium Slider Revolution WordPress plugin. This is a powerful slideshow builder plugin that gives you the ability to create advanced sliders to help your website not only catch the attention of your visitors but also display important information.

Smarty Theme Website Customization Options

Smarty Theme Review Customizer

If you need to tweak the design and appearance of your website, much of the work takes place through the WordPress Customizer tool. With the live preview feature of the Customizer, you can instantly see what effect your changes are having on your site.

The Smarty theme lets you make many changes to your site through the Customizer and this is really helpful. These changes cover switching the color skins, choosing a header layout, setting up the footer configuration, controlling the typography settings, and a lot more.

These customization options all help to make Smarty a flexible tool that will give you the ability to build the website you need.

Timetable Publishing Tool

Smarty Theme Review Timetable

Whether you want to help your students get to class on time or share information about open days with potential new enrollees, the Smarty theme’s timetable publishing tool will definitely come in handy. This feature is actually powered by one of the plugins that are integrated into the Smarty theme, providing you with all the tools you need to publish responsive timetables on your website.

Smarty Theme Review Timetable Backend

Creating a timetable for your educational website is relatively straightforward. The timetable builder is located in your WordPress admin area. Through the builder interface, you can add your custom columns, enter the time slots, and then add the information about each session. When creating a timetable, you can add filters to make it easier for your visitors find the information they are looking for.

Smarty Theme Review Timetable Builder

The timetable builder tool used by the Smarty WordPress theme really is very versatile. Therefore, no matter what type of information you want to present in this format, you really shouldn’t have any problems.

Publish Teacher Profile and Class Descriptions

Smarty Theme Review Teachers

The Smarty theme includes a very useful staff profiles feature. By using the Teacher custom post type, you can quickly create profiles for all of your teaching staff. This educational institute WordPress theme also includes an attractive page template that will display the list of profiles. The benefit of this is that it allows visitors to quickly view the roster of staff, before exploring the individual team members in more detail.

Smarty Theme Review Profile

Creating the teacher profiles is easy, thanks to the use of the custom fields that have been added to the WordPress editor screen.

Event Management Tool

Smarty Theme Review Events

Most educational institutes and places of learning will hold events. Whether those events are open days, social events, fundraisers, or other types of gatherings, a good website will need to promote them to the community. Thankfully, the Smarty WordPress theme has a good events manager feature. This makes it easy to upload events information to your website and then publish it in an easy to read format.

Smarty Theme Review Events Page

The individual events pages give you the opportunity to publish all of the information you need to assist your visitors. This can include the event description; important information such as the time, date, and contact details; a Google Map pinpointing the location of the event venue; a downloadable brochure or other files; and an online event registration form.

Donations and Fundraising

Smarty Theme Review Donations

If you want to raise money for your organization or another good cause, then the donations feature of the Smarty WordPress education theme will help you with your goals. Going further than a simple donate button, this feature of the theme allows you to create multiple donation projects. Each donation project gives you the opportunity to provide information about the cause, helping to increase the chances of your visitors making a donation.

Smarty Theme Review Donations Details

When creating a donation project, you can set a target amount to be raised, enter a deadline, and of course, provide all the essential information that will convey the details of the project.

Full Ecommerce Support

Smarty Theme Review Shop

If you want to sell products or charge for access to your courses directly from your website, it’s not a problem with the Smarty theme. With full support for the popular WooCommerce plugin, listing products and services for sale, and collecting payments, is very straightforward.

Smarty Theme Review Shop Items

WooCommerce and Smarty provide you with everything you need to setup either a fully functioning online store or simply list courses and other packages for sale from your website.

Other Features of the Smarty WordPress Theme

Smarty has a lot to offer. However, while the above highlights are some of the key selling points of this theme, here are a few more of the important, but perhaps less exciting features of Smarty:

  • Testimonial publishing tool
  • Ability to create unlimited custom sidebars
  • Media support for embedding videos and displaying Instagram feeds
  • Full and boxed layout options
  • Responsive and retina ready design
  • One-click demo content importer
  • Built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind
  • 700+ Google Fonts to choose from
  • 24/5 user support service

As you can see, Smarty has many of the features that any modern WordPress theme needs, as well as a great selection of category-specific features. This all helps to make this theme a great choice for creating an educational website.

About the Smarty Theme Author

The Smarty educational WordPress theme has been created by the Stylemix Themes team. Stylemix Themes has created a number of templates for WordPress, coving many different categories and genres. Their themes are typically built with one purpose in mind, rather than going down the multipurpose theme route.

Among the Stylemix Theme portfolio, you’ll find popular items that have been created to help you build a car dealership website with WordPress, themes for creating websites for consulting businesses, and themes in the health, fitness, and sports niches.

All of the themes from the Stylemix team have positive ratings from customers and all appear to be updated on a regular basis. If this Smarty theme review demonstrates that this template meets the needs of your project, then this author information should help you decide whether this is a theme developer you can trust.

Stylemix Themes also offers a professional WordPress website support service. For a monthly fee, the team will take proactive measures to keep your website running smoothly, while also being on hand to deal with any issues if they arise. They also offer a customization service for those projects that require extra personalization.

Smarty WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Smarty WordPress theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This includes lifetime access to theme updates and 6 months of support from the theme developer. This support period can be extended for a further 6 months to 12 months in total, for an extra $17.70.

As mentioned, Stylemix, the authors of this theme also offer their own premium WordPress website support service for a monthly fee.

Smarty Theme Review Final Thoughts

Using the Smarty theme to build a website for an educational business or organization is very easy. Importing the demo content really does only take a few clicks. The WordPress Customizer makes personalizing the appearance of your website straightforward; while the included Visual Composer gives you the ability to make more advanced changes to your site.

Smarty definitely has a modern and professional appearance. If you feel it has the right look for your project, then, as you can tell from this review, it also has the features you’ll need to make your website a success.

Find out more about the Smarty WordPress theme today

PhotoWhoa Review: The Destination for Discounted Products to Improve Your Photography

PhotoWhoa Review

If you want to improve your photography skills and start taking better photos then the products at PhotoWhoa can really help you with your goals.

PhotoWhoa can be described as an online curation of the best products to improve your photography, no matter what type of photos you want to take. Whether you’re a food blogger who wants to capture better shots of their culinary creations, an aspiring professional who wants to land better clients and charge more for their work, or an established photographer who wants to stay on top of their game, you should be able to find a book, course, or some other useful product that will help you get better at what you do.

However, perhaps the best thing about PhotoWhoa is that all of the photography products they’ve curated are heavily discounted. This means you could save well over 50% on some items, including photography video courses, eBooks, and other educational products.

If you are a photographer of any level, this has probably piqued your interest, so let’s take a quick look at the most popular discounted photography products at PhotoWhoa.

Popular Photography Improving Products at PhotoWhoa

PhotoWhoa Popular Deals

Products listed at the PhotoWhoa website range from video courses covering the fundamentals of photography, to information products that will help you get better at a very specific aspect of taking great photos.

There are even guides to taking photos at popular locations, such as the Rocky Mountain National Park. Therefore, no matter whether you’re just starting out or if there’s one area of your expertise that could be improved, the PhotoWhoa content should be able to help you out.

The discounted photography products at PhotoWhoa not only cover the art of taking pictures but also post-production. You’ll find many discounted Photoshop photography products in the PhotoWhoa collection, not to mention a selection of email templates that professional photographers can use to respond to inquiries more effectively and efficiently.

With so many discounted photography products to choose from, you might be wondering which one to start with. Well to help you out here is five of the most popular products to improve your photography skills.

DIY Food Photography Video Course

PhotoWhoa DIY Food Course

If you want your food blog to stand out from the crowd or you just want your Instagram food photos to grab the attention of your followers, then the discounted DIY Food Photography Video Course is just what you’ve been waiting for.

This video course is perfect for those who are new to food photography and want some advice in taking the best shots possible. If you want to learn the basics in order to quickly elevate your shots above the sea of average snaps being shared online every single minute, this affordable option is well worth checking out.

One of the best aspects of this course – which makes it so good for beginners – is that you don’t need any fancy equipment to start taking mouthwatering photos. Whether you want to share envy-inducing photos of the dishes you are served in restaurants, or grow your food blog by publishing high-quality images of recipes your visitors won’t be able to help but want to replicate at home, this course can take you from A to B and beyond.

In less than an hour of instruction, you’ll learn all the best trade secrets that will make the difference to your work. If you’ve ever taken a photograph that doesn’t do your dish justice, now might be the right time to invest in some professional advice.

More Info – Today’s price: $20.00 $11.00

Lindsay Adler’s Guide to Creative Studio Lighting

PhotoWhoa Creative Studio Lighting

As a photographer, you’ll know that the right lighting can make or break a picture. So if you’ve been left wondering why your shots haven’t been coming out as well as you’d hoped, then this guide to creative studio lighting will help you get the fundamentals right and turn average snaps into professional photographs.

This discounted photography course will appeal to those who like to follow instructions, rather than try to read between the lines of the instructor’s advice. In the 30 modules that make up Lindsay Adler’s Guide to Creative Studio Lighting, you’ll find out the exact steps that were taken to capture the extremely well-lit photos this professional fashion photographer is known for.

In fact, to highlight the no-nonsense approach this course takes, you won’t even find much information on lighting theory, how to get inspired, or anything like that. This photography course is a practical guide that will show you exactly what to do, in order to start taking professionally lit shots today.

This guide gives you a step-by-step playbook of how to set up your lights for a range of scenarios, all for one low price.

More Info – Today’s price: $59.00 $39.00

The Grand Landscape + Beyond the Grand Landscape Ebook Bundle

PhotoWhoa Grand Landscape

Ever come back from a trip only to discover those landscape photos you thought had turned out great weren’t actually so hot? If so, this eBook on how to take great landscape photography can help you avoid this situation in the future.

As the popular saying goes, practice makes perfect. However, as you’ll soon learn from this book bundle, its deliberate practice that really makes the difference. Simply doing the same thing repeatedly when taking landscape photography won’t yield the results and improvements in your skills you were hoping for.

Instead, by following a step-by-step guide from a professional, you’ll be able to see your abilities improve dramatically. That’s the idea behind this discounted photography eBook package and its one that many photographers have used to start taking better pictures.

The three core elements of these two landscape photography eBooks are gear, technique, and practice. By the end of each guide, you’ll know more about your gear and how to use it, discover the most important techniques for good landscape photography, and establish an approach to practicing your skills that delivers better results, instead of the same old outcomes.

The author of these two eBooks has a stunning portfolio of landscape photos. Therefore, if you’d like to raise your game and start producing professional grade imagery of this type, you could do a lot worse than following these two guides.

More Info – Today’s price: $40.00 $19.00

Tack Sharp: Photography Tips To Nailing Focus

PhotoWhoa Tack Sharp

There’s nothing worse than getting back from a trip or event and discovering that all those photos that looked great on your camera’s small screen are actually out of focus when you view them on your computer. Some scenes, such as birthdays or holidays, just can’t be recreated and if you miss out on those shots, then you may never get another chance to recapture them.

Therefore, if you don’t want to let blurry, out of focus photos ruin your work, then the Tack Sharp: Photography Tips To Nailing Focus eBook aims to help you improve this essential aspect of your photography game. Going beyond the basics of shutter speed and aperture settings, this eBook will teach about the advanced functions that are used by photography professionals the world over.

This book is all about the practical steps you can follow to decrease the chances of your photographs coming out blurred and unusable. Considering Tack Sharp: Photography Tips To Nailing Focus is now available for just $7, it might end up being one of the best value photography investments you ever make.

More Info – Today’s price: $10.00 $7.00

J. Cristina’s 3-In-1 Photo Reference Card

PhotoWhoa Reference Card

If you care about getting your colors right, this reference card will become an invaluable piece of your photography toolkit. Simply flip open this card when setting up a shot to increase your chances of taking a photo with the truest colors and whites.

You could let your camera or Photoshop take care of the color temperature and white balance, but why would you? The human eye is one of your greatest assets as a photographer, so why not make the most of it and use manual intervention to take the perfect photos.

With this upgraded gray card, you’ll be able to tune your white balance with professional ability while also having greater color correcting and exposure control than you would have otherwise. This really is a versatile photography tool, which will help you master this important aspect of photography.

Cristina’s 3-In-1 Photo Reference Card is highly durable and weather resistant and now that it’s on offer at this reduced price, this is one discount photography tool you can’t afford to ignore.

More Info – Today’s price: $24.95 $14.99

More Essential Information about PhotoWhoa

Ok, so the photography products at PhotoWhoa are solid, but what else is there to know? Well, the freebies section of the website is well worth checking out. There you’ll find commercial photography products – usually eBooks, courses, or other guides – that have been made available for members to download for free. To gain access to the PhotoWhoa freebies, all you need to do is register and create a free member account and get downloading.

The PhotoWhoa blog is also worth taking a closer look at, mainly for its interviews with successful photographers, showcases, discussion, and freebies. The website also has a gift a deal feature which makes it easy to purchase a product for that special photographer in your life.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a photographer of any level and are also humble enough to know that your skills could be improved in some way, whether that’s your creative, technical, or business abilities, then PhotoWhoa should be your next port of call.

Visit the PhotoWhoa store now

JobsDojo Theme Review: Build a Job Board Portal with WordPress

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Homepage

The JobsDojo WordPress theme is hot off the press, making it one the most modern WordPress job board themes around. So if you’re planning to create a jobs board website with WordPress, or you want to give your existing employment portal an upgrade, be sure to read our JobsDojo theme review to find out if this template has everything you need.

Who Should Choose the JobsDojo Theme?

JobsDojo Theme Review Layout

As you might’ve guessed, the JobsDojo theme has been created for anyone planning to build a jobs board website. If you want to create an online space where people can post employment opportunities, publish their resumes, and find jobs or someone to fill their vacancies, you should definitely consider the JobsDojo WordPress theme.

If you just want to list job vacancies on your existing website, then this theme might not be for you. However, if you want to create a fully featured professional online jobs board, read on for the rest of our JobsDojo theme review.

JobsDojo WordPress Theme Features

As mentioned at the start of this JobsDojo theme review, this theme has been created to help you build an online jobs portal with WordPress. If you choose this theme, then your website will give your audience the ability to upload their resumes to help them find employment. Your site will also allow recruiters to publish employment opportunities and get in touch with job seekers directly.

That, in a nutshell, is what this theme has to offer, but as we’ll soon see in this JobsDojo theme review, there’s a lot more you can do with this job portal builder.

JobsDojo Design and Appearance

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Design

Before we get to the job board specific features in this JobsDojo theme review, it’s worth pausing for a moment to take a look at the design and appearance of this theme. If you want to create a professional job board website with WordPress, then you’ll need to ensure that your site has a premium look and feel – especially if you want to monetize your job board by charging your users a fee for access to certain features.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Listings

As you can tell from the screenshots in this JobsDojo review, and by checking out the theme demo, this template certainly has a high-quality design. The fact that this theme has only just been released helps to ensure that it has a modern and fully up to date appearance.

Although the job board specific features are vitally important, if your website doesn’t have the right look and feel, then it will be hard to attract the right job seekers and recruiters that are needed for it to become a success.

Job Board Specific Features

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Jobs

Creating an online jobs portal isn’t easy. There are many features you’ll need in order to create a useful job board website. Thankfully, JobsDojo has been built around the capable WP Job Manager plugin. By using WP Job Manager to power your website, you’ll be able to draw from a core set of useful features, with the option of installing any of the growing number of WP Job Manger add-ons.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Job Listing

By using the free version of WP Job Manager that’s included in the JobsDojo theme package, your website will be able to accept and publish job listings from your visitors. These listings can be easily searched and filtered by job seekers, who can then submit an application via email or through the optional application link.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Google Maps

Thanks to the Google Maps integration, your visitors will have another way to find the listings that they are looking for.

By using the premium Resume Manager add-on for WP Job Manager, alongside the JobsDojo WordPress job board theme, job seekers can also create an account and submit their resume to the site. These resumes can then be searched and filtered by employers who are looking for new candidates for their vacancies.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Resume

WP Job Manager and its many add-ons will help you select the right features for your project, without having to worry about overburdening your website with unnecessary plugins and functionality.

Job Board Monetization Options

If you want to generate an income from your online jobs portal, then the JobsDojo theme can help you monetize your website. You will need to invest in the premium WC Paid Listings add-on for WP Job Manager, but once you do, you’ll have access to all the revenue-generating features you’ll need.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Pricing Plans

Through the features of this theme and the optional recommended add-ons, you can create multiple pricing plans and packages, each of which provides different levels of access to your users. For example, you could create a basic free option, which allows users to post one job listing that’s available for 30 days. Users with more advanced needs could instead choose to upgrade to one of the premium options, allowing them to post multiple job listings that remain accessible until the position is filled.

Through the detailed settings of the theme and its add-ons, you get a great deal of control over how you’re able to monetize your website with paid listings.

Behance Online Portfolio Integration

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Behance

Behance is the place for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios online. Therefore, it’s great to see that the BeDojo plugin has been included in the theme package. This $18 plugin, also from Themes-Dojo, facilitates the integration of Behance portfolios, into your online jobs portal website.

Job seekers who’ve registered at your site can use the features of the BeDojo plugin to import their Behance portfolios in just a few clicks. This then helps to make their profiles stand out from the competition, and hopefully, impress recruiters who are looking to hire new staff.

Front-End Submission Forms

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Forms

Although the forms are part of the design and appearance of the theme, they deserve their own section in this JobsDojo theme review. Whether your visitors are registering an account, posting a resume, or listing a job, all of the interactions take place through a set of intuitively designed front-end forms.

This means that there’s no need for your visitors to add content through the sometimes-confusing back-end WordPress admin interface. Instead, thanks to the tightly integrated forms that make up this theme, the whole process is much more streamlined, hopefully, increasing the chances that users will complete their form submissions.

However, if you are a fan of the back-end user interface of WordPress, as the website administrator, you can still use it to manage all of the content on your site.

About the JobsDojo Theme Author

JobsDojo has been created by the Themes-Dojo team, a WordPress development outfit that has produced many successful commercial themes over the years. The themes built by Themes-Dojo have sold well on the ThemeForest marketplace and generally have positive ratings from users.

Over the years, Themes-Dojo has developed themes for a range of different types of project, making them a specialist at creating focused WordPress themes.

JobsDojo WordPress Theme User Experience

Thanks to the fact that the JobsDojo theme has been built around the very capable and extendable WP Job Manager plugin, you can be sure that your job board website will have all the features you need.

However, how easy is it to actually create an online employment portal with WordPress and this theme? Let’s find out in the user experience section of the JobsDojo theme review.

Getting Started

After uploading the theme package to your WordPress dashboard and then activating JobsDojo, you are prompted to install and active the recommended and required plugins. This includes the WP Job Manager plugin, the BeDojo add-on for integrating Behance portfolios with job seeker profiles, and a few other essential plugins. Thanks to the use of the WordPress recommended plugin installer tool, this all takes just a few clicks.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Plugins

After taking care of the technical details, you then have the option of importing the demo content. The demo content covers sample listings and resumes, plus a selection of different homepage layouts. This process simply requires you to upload a file that will import this demo content. You also have the option of importing the demo widget configuration by uploading another file.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Demo

Once you’ve carried out these tasks, the foundation of your new jobs portal will be starting to take shape. The JobsDojo WordPress job site theme actually includes eight different shortcodes that make it easy to insert a range of job board elements into your content.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Shortcodes

These shortcodes cover useful elements such as a list of recent resumes, your premium pricing plans, the display of testimonials, and the other types of modules that you might like to add to your homepage. This all means that as well as the three different job portal homepage options this theme gives you, creating your own homepage configuration is very straightforward.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Homepage Option 3

Now that your homepage is looking good, it’s time to set up the other pages of your site, before moving onto the job portal settings. The main settings are found under the Job Listings section of your WordPress admin dashboard. This functionality is provided by the WP Job Manager plugin that powers the job board functionality of this theme.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Settings

The WP Job Manager settings are very straightforward and easy to understand. Hopefully, it won’t take you much effort at all to get your jobs board website up and running in the way that you want. If you do choose to use the premium WC Paid Listings add-on for WP Job Manager, you can then set about creating your pricing plans and payment options.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Testimonials

Managing testimonials and partner information takes place with WordPress custom post types. This approach helps keep this type of content separate from the rest of the posts, pages, and other types of content on your site.

Jobs Dojo Theme Review Testimonial Published

Publishing testimonials on your website – no matter what type of site you are creating – is almost always a good idea. Adding some form of social proof will make it easier for new visitors to decide sign up.

As you can probably tell, the JobsDojo theme takes a more simplified approach to website management. There aren’t pages of settings with countless options to explore. Instead, you get access to a functional admin area that provides you with just enough freedom to build a jobs portal that works in the way that you want, without ever overwhelming you with options and settings.

JobsDojo WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The JobsDojo WordPress job board theme is available for purchase from the ThemeForest marketplace. For the price of $59, you can start using this theme to create your employment portal website. This price includes 6 months of support from Themes-Dojo – the theme developers – however, if you pay an extra $17.70 you can extend this support period to 12 months.

JobsDojo Theme Review Final Thoughts

The JobsDojo WordPress theme does a great job of providing you with just enough to get the job done, without overwhelming you with unnecessary tools, features, and functionality. Setting up the theme is easy and straightforward and takes no time at all. The demo content will help you understand what content goes where giving you a quick way to set up the framework of your online jobs portal.

The design of JobsDojo is modern and attractive and sets the right tone for a professional employment website. Thanks to its responsive layout, mobile visitors will be able to access the site just as easily as those on their desktops and larger screen devices.

To get the most of this theme and build a fully featured online jobs board, you will need to invest in a one or more premium add-ons for WP Job Manager. These optional upgrades will allow you to monetize your site with certain features and privileges reserved for paying users, as well as a few other important features that can be added to your portal with WP Job Manager extensions.

Some might argue that JobsDojo doesn’t offer enough in the way of customization options and theme controls. However, it’s equally true that this helps simplify the process of creating an employment website with WordPress. If you do need more control over how your website looks and functions, you are free to install a page builder plugin or another extension of your choice, which makes customizing the appearance of your site easier.

Overall, JobsDojo represents an affordable solution to the problem of building an online jobs board. You might need to install some extra tools to create the website you want, but JobsDojo and WP Job Manager do a good job of laying a solid foundation for your project.

Find out more about the JobsDojo WordPress them today

Responsive Pro Review: An Affordable Premium WordPress Theme for Everyone

Responsive Pro Review

If you are looking for a straightforward WordPress theme with a classic design, then this Responsive Pro review will be of great interest to you.

This popular WordPress theme is easy to setup, but still gives you plenty of control over how your site will look and feel. Therefore, if you want to get your website up and running as quickly as possible, this theme could be for you. So let’s find out if that is the case in our Responsive Pro theme review.

About Responsive Pro

Responsive Pro Review

You might already be familiar with Responsive Pro as the lite version is one of the most popular free themes available from the official WordPress Theme Directory. With over 100,000 active installs and an impressive user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, it’s certainly a popular choice among WordPress users looking for a high-quality free theme for their website.

However, despite the popularity of the free version of Responsive, the Pro version has even more to offer, which is what we’ll be exploring now in this Responsive Pro review.

Responsive Pro WordPress Theme Features

Responsive Pro Review Homepage

Responsive Pro has a clean and crisp modern design that will appeal to anyone looking for a no-nonsense WordPress theme. Whether you’re a blogger, or you’re building a website to promote your business or some other project, this theme can be easily configured to meet your needs.

As we’ll soon see in our Responsive Pro review, this theme has lots of useful little features that all add up to make it a great value option for WordPress users of all types.

SlideDeck Gallery and Slider Builder Tool

Responsive Pro Review Slider Example

SlideDeck is a popular slideshow and gallery builder tool for WordPress and is included in the Responsive Pro theme package.

This tool aims to make it as easy as possible for you to create SlideDecks – or sliders – and add them to your WordPress website. The version of SlideDeck that ships with the Responsive Pro theme gives you the option of using 13 sources for your slide content. These sources allow you to pull in content from social media, photo-sharing websites, RSS feeds, product feeds, and of course content from your own site.

Responsive Pro Review SlideDeck

The SlideDeck settings and options give you a good amount of control over how your slideshows will look and function. Although this tool isn’t as powerful as some of the other commercial slider plugins out there, it’s relatively easy to use and get to grips with.

WordPress Customizer Options

Responsive Pro Review Customizer

The Responsive Pro theme gives you plenty of scope for customization and personalization. Most of this work takes place through the WordPress Customizer user interface. This allows you to modify many aspects of your website, all through an intuitive, front-end interface, complete with a live preview of your website while you work on it.

Through the WordPress Customizer, you can take care of basic personalization tasks, such as uploading a website logo and setting the site title and description. However, there’s a lot more you can do to make your website stand out from the crowd and match your vision.

12 Color Skins

Responsive Pro Review Color Skins

Among the available settings of the WordPress Customizer, is the option to change the color skin in use by your website. Responsive Pro gives you an impressive 12 color skins to choose from. Selecting a different color option will change the appearance of the main elements of your website, such as the menu area, call to action buttons, and more.

Responsive Pro Review Menu Colors

As well as the predefined color skins, you can get more creative with the appearance of your site. Through the Menu Colors section of the Customizer, you can tweak the color palate in use by the main navigation section of your site. Thanks to the live preview capabilities of the Customizer, you can instantly see how your settings will look to your visitors, all without the need to save your changes and switch browser windows.

Responsive Pro Review Color Settings

If you’d like even greater control over the colors in use on your website, then the more general Colors section allows you to customize the background colors, text colors, and link colors quickly. For more detailed control, you can use the Custom CSS to modify your website’s stylesheet and customize the colors of any element of your site.

Front Page Layout Options

Responsive Pro Review Featured Area Layouts

The Responsive Pro theme allows you to easily create a custom layout for the front page of your website, through the WordPress Customizer tool. This gives you the option of choosing from one of the featured area layouts and then adding your own content to the fields of the Customizer.

Responsive Pro Review Featured Content

These featured area layouts help make the Responsive Pro theme a great choice for promoting a product or service, directly from the home page of your website. As the layouts include a header, text area, space for an image, and a call to action button, you can really do a good job of promoting your content or anything else you have to offer, on the front page of your website.

Responsive Pro Review Front Page Widgets

Most of the featured area layouts also include three widget spaces. This allows you to add any of the widgets that are active on your WordPress website – whether they are the core WordPress widgets or those from any plugins you’ve installed – to your home page.

When you consider the range of widgets that can be active on a WordPress website, such as pricing tables, image galleries, product feeds, social media content, and a whole lot more, there really is no limit to the type of elements you can easily add to your home page.

Page Templates and Layouts

Responsive Pro Review Layouts

With the Responsive Pro theme, you also get a nice selection of page and post layouts to choose from. This includes different content and sidebar configurations, as well as full width layouts with no sidebar on display. Having these options to hand makes it very easy to choose the right type of layout for your content, both at the site-wide level, as well as on an individual post and page level.

11 Widget Areas

As mentioned, the featured area layouts of this theme include three widget spaces. However, in total, Responsive Pro gives you 11 widget areas to work with. In addition to the home page widget areas, you’ll find the following locations that you can add widgets to:

  • Main Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar Half Page
  • Right Sidebar Half Page
  • 3 Homepage Widgets
  • Gallery Sidebar
  • Colophon Widget
  • Top Widget
  • Footer Widget

This all gives you plenty of options when it comes to displaying dynamic content in and around your posts and pages.

About the Responsive Pro Theme Author

As mentioned, the Responsive Pro theme has been created by the CyberChimps team. This team has many years’ experience of creating free and commercial popular responsive WordPress themes. They’ve also developed some WordPress plugins, and they currently have around 40 items in their portfolio.

Although Responsive Pro is their most popular WordPress theme, they’ve created many other widely used templates. While you can purchase these themes individually, by joining the CyberChimps theme club, you get access to all of their premium products for just $97.

So although this is a Responsive Pro review, let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from the CyberChimps collection, to help you decide if joining their great value club is a better option.

Other CyberChimps Themes

Responsive Pro Review Strings

Strings is one of the newest themes from CyberChimps and it’s a great choice for anyone creating a music-related website. Bands and musicians can use the features of this theme to display videos and audio recordings of their work online. The Strings theme also features a responsive slider that makes it easy to display photos of the band or promote new releases to their followers.

Responsive Pro Review Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro is a great looking magazine theme that is ideal for anyone creating a news or other content-heavy WordPress website. The clean and clear layout of Aspire Pro ensures your content gets plenty of room to breathe, while still giving you many options for how your website will look.

Responsive Pro Review Minivet

Minivet makes great use of the popular one-page layout to help you produce a professional website to promote your products or services online. The home page of this business theme contains five sections to really help you share your story and communicate your brand message with your visitors. Minivet is easy to customize and contains all of the features you’d expect to find in a theme of this type.

Responsive Pro Review ShopFront

If you need to quickly build an online store to start selling products online, then the affordable ShopFront WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for. With full support for the leading WooCommerce plugin, this theme gives you the option of either building a fully featured ecommerce store or creating a more traditional website that can list and sell products on the side.

To find out what other themes are available, visit the CyberChimps portfolio here.

CyberChimps WordPress Plugins

CyberChimps also has a handful of WordPress plugins to help you market and promote your website and its content more effectively. One of those tools is the Exit PopUp plugin. This responsive plugin will give you the ability to display a popup message on your website, just as a visitor is about to leave your website.

Responsive Pro Review Exit Popup

With the Exit PopUp plugin, you are free to choose which content you’ll display in the popup window, including an email newsletter optin form, a promotion from your online store, or some other message that will help turn abandoning users into repeat visitors. Exit PopUp is available for a fraction of the price of many of the other commercial alternatives.

Responsive Pro Review Promo Bar

If you want another way to promote your best content, services, or offers on your website, then the Promotional Bar plugin is a good option to consider. This tool makes it easy to display a fixed bar at the top of your website that contains a custom message and optional button.

This message could include the latest news and alerts from your website, a link to a specific URL, an email subscription field, or any other custom message. There are plenty of customization options and settings to play with to help you ensure your promotional bar delivers the best results for your project.

You can view the full list of plugins available from CyberChimps here.

CyberChimps Services

As well as themes and plugins, CyberChimps offers a few services to help you get your WordPress website online with as little effort as possible. This includes the Easy Setup service, through which, the team will install WordPress and your CyberChimps theme of your choice, plus a few customizations to help ensure your website is ready for your project. CyberChimps also offers a logo design service, a business consulting service to help optimize your website, and a VIP support service.

Responsive Pro WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Responsive Pro WordPress theme is available for purchase directly from the CyberChimps website for the very affordable price of $19.99.

Alternatively, you can join the CyberChimps club and get access to all of their themes and plugins for just $97. This low price includes access to any future products that are released in the 12 months after your purchase, as well as access to all product updates and the support channels for a one-year period.

No matter which option you choose – whether that’s purchasing a single theme or joining the CyberChimps club – you are free to use these items on as many websites as you like, for as long as you like.

You can view the full CyberChimps pricing information on their website.

Responsive Pro WordPress Theme Review Final Thoughts

Responsive Pro is a great value theme that will suit bloggers and a range of other types of WordPress website projects.

Responsive Pro might not have all of the features of a premium multi-purpose theme, but it does cost a fraction of the price. Therefore, if you want a theme that is easy to use, isn’t overly packed with features, settings, and options, then the modern and stylish Responsive Pro is a definitely worth taking for a test drive.

Find out more about Responsive Pro today

DealFuel Review: Cool Tech Deals for Web Developers and Web Designers

Dealfuel Logo

Are you a web developer or web designer? Are you looking for cool tech deals to help you become more productive, achieve more, and deliver better projects? If so, then reading this DealFuel review could help you achieve your goals.

DealFuel is a website that shares the best online deals, from a wide range of sources from around the web, in one easy to navigate location. Although these deals are focused on the web and online world, one of the best things about this website, is that you never know what you are going to find when you arrive.

In this DealFuel review, we’re going to be taking a closer look at exactly what this service is all about, before exploring some of the most popular DealFuel offers for web designers and developers.

What is DealFuel?

DealFuel Review Deals

As mentioned, DealFuel can help you find the best deals from a varied selection of vendors and online retailers. These sources include large well-known names, alongside smaller, more independent, niche stores.

To give you a better idea of what you can find at the DealFuel website, the majority of their offers span the following categories:

  • WordPress related items including themes, plugins, and training content
  • Tools such as backup and encryption applications
  • Graphics including stock photos, vector images, UI kits, and icons sets
  • SEO guides and marketing packs
  • eBooks and eCourses related to web design and online development
  • Templates including HTML pages, invoices, and much more

DealFuel collects and collates these offers in one place, making it easy to save money when shopping for essential and luxury items for your web design toolkit. Examples of typical deals you are likely to find on DealFuel website includes WordPress themes, online web design courses, development tools, resources such as stock images, eBooks, and much more.

The prices range widely between deals, as too are the rates of discount on offer. Some deals go for a few dollars, while others are more expensive. However, the one thing that you can be sure of when browsing DealFuel is that you will be saving a considerable amount on the price you would’ve paid otherwise. You can even find freebies on the DealFuel website.

As well as purchasing the deals at the discounted prices listed on the DealFuel website, you can save even more money on each offer by joining the DealFuel DealClub. After joining the club for a price of $6.99 per month, you can save an extra 25% on all deals and even get exclusive deals for 100% off.

All DealFuel deals are covered by a 7-day refund policy, so you can shop with confidence at this online offers website.

Popular DealFuel Offers for Web Designers and Developers

While the deals on the DealFuel website are constantly being added to, there are a few outstanding offers that anyone working with websites – whether as a hobby or as part of their daily work – will appreciate.

So, whether you’re looking for high-quality WordPress themes at a heavily discounted price or bargain online training materials to help you do more online, these popular DealFuel offers will give you a good idea of what to expect from this website.

StockUnlimited: Unlimited Stock Vectors for Lifetime

DealFuel Review StockUnlimited Vectors

Nearly everyone working online and with the web needs a steady stream of high-quality images and graphics to upgrade their output. While you could sign-up for an expensive Shutterstock account, or spend hours scouring the web for free to use images, purchasing this mega bundle from StockUnlimited can help you save both time and money when it comes to finding the right professional graphics and other images for your projects.

In this highly discounted and now very affordable package, you’ll find over 450,000 royalty free and unlimited stock vectors. These vector images span a number of categories, including:

  • Animals & birds
  • Science & Agriculture
  • Holidays & Decorations
  • Sports and games
  • Abstract and much more…

This discounted package of royalty-free vector images from StockUnlimited comes in a range of flexible file formats. This gives you the option of opening them up in your favorite editor and customizing them to better meet your needs. New images are added on a regular basis, but you’ll only need to pay once in order to gain access to them.

All of these stock vector images can be used in your personal and commercial projects, without any attribution required at all. Therefore, if you’ve ever found yourself searching in vain for a suitable vector image, or you think you will need to in the future, taking advantage of this limited deal could be a real time saver. This StockUnlimited vector deal includes a 7-days money back guarantee, so you can check it out with peace of mind.

More Info – Today’s price: $667 $37 save up to 94%

18 Beautiful WordPress Responsive Themes

DealFuel Review WordPress Themes

Compared to a commissioning a custom web design project, WordPress themes are relatively affordable. Nevertheless, the best premium themes aren’t cheap. However, with this impressive DealFuel offer, you can get access to 18 commercial WordPress themes for one very low price.

This is a varied portfolio of WordPress themes, covering a range of different project types:

  • Portfolio themes
  • eCommerce themes
  • Business themes
  • Personal themes
  • One page themes
  • Photography themes
  • Multipurpose themes and many more…

You can preview these 18 WordPress themes on the DealFuel offer page and it’s fair to say that they all look great. Some of the features you’ll find in these WordPress themes include mobile-friendly designs, page builder tools, multiple demos and page templates, video support, full ecommerce capabilities, shortcode libraries, online portfolios, and plenty of customization options.

As you can use these themes on personal and commercial projects, if you are a web designer building sites for clients, this bundle can help you save a lot of money and development time. This WordPress themes deal includes automatic access to updates to help keep your website up to date for as long as you are using these templates.

Whether your WordPress website needs a new design or you’re creating sites for clients, this heavily discounted package from WowThemes is well worth checking out.

More Info – Today’s price: $882 $19 save up to 97%

ShortPixel – WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin

DealFuel Image Compression

If you want to ensure that your WordPress website loads as quickly as possible, then you should definitely be using some kind of image optimization plugin. One of the best options in this category is the ShortPixel WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin and you can get it today for the reduced price of just $4.99.

Once enabled on your website, this premium plugin will make sure that every image you upload, as well as any existing images, will be optimized for improved loading times. There are many benefits of optimizing your images, including enhanced user experience. This is achieved thanks to the fact that visitors won’t have to wait as long to see your content – something that is very important in these times of growing mobile internet usage.

Other benefits of using a WordPress image optimization plugin are that these improved loading times can help your website rank higher in the search engines. This is due to search engines like Google taking loading times into account when evaluating websites.

Therefore, if you want more traffic to your website and you’d like to offer your visitors a better user experience, then installing an image optimization plugin is essential. But why choose the ShortPixel WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin?

Well, there are many good reasons, not least of all, the savings you can enjoy by purchasing this plugin through DealFuel. Other reasons to choose this plugin include:

  • Ability to compress and optimize a wide range of file types
  • Ability to optimize thumbnails as well as full sized images
  • Ability to rescale featured images for best results
  • Quick test feature that allows you to compare versions
  • Ability to bulk optimize existing images
  • Ability to carry out lossless image optimization
  • Single API key license can be used on multiple WordPress websites

If you’re not already using an image optimization plugin, then now is the time to start. If you already are using a plugin of this type but want better results, then this discount WordPress deal is just what you’ve been waiting for.

More Info – Today’s price: $9.99 $4.99 save up to 50.1%

5 Blogging GPL WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

DealFuel Review TemplateMonster Style Park

If the 18 responsive WordPress themes from WowThemes didn’t appeal, or you’d like even more options in your web design toolkit, this package of five blogging themes will be of interest.

This carefully curated collection of WordPress blogging themes have all been created by the TemplateMonster team. While they can each be purchased individually, directly from the source, this deal gives you the opportunity to pick up five modern and stylish blogging themes for one low price.

DealFuel Review TemplateMonster Ride

You can view the full details of each of the themes that make up this TemplateMonster bundle on the deal page, but with five distinct designs included, this package will cover a wide range of website projects. The Style Park and WildRide themes are the two personal highlights from this DealFuel offer, but you might think otherwise.

Each of these TemplateMonster WordPress themes are fully mobile-friendly, easily customizable, and supported for life by the development team. With the deal currently priced at just $17, this is one of the most affordable ways to give your blog a premium design today.

More Info – Today’s price: $74 $17 save up to 77%

The 6-in-1 WordPress Bootcamp Bundle

DealFuel Review Code Lara

This package of WordPress-related courses from the Code Lara website will help you become a WordPress expert in no time at all.

Aimed at WordPress users of all levels, the six courses that make up this boot camp bundle will walk you through all of the lessons required to help elevate your skill set.

The first course in this DealFuel bundle will teach you how to install WordPress and start effectively managing your new website. The next course covers how to build four different types of websites with WordPress, giving you a well-rounded understanding of the power of this software.

In the third course of this bundle, Arun will walk you through the process of creating an ecommerce store with WordPress. By the end of this course, you will know which WordPress ecommerce plugin to use, how to configure your store, the best way to add new products, and how to start accepting payments from your customers and processing orders. The other three courses introduce and explain the more advanced features and capabilities of WordPress, giving you a broad and in-depth knowledge of this popular online publishing platform.

All of the Code Lara courses in this bundle are broken up into short lessons, making them much more manageable and easier to complete at your own pace.

Whether you want to improve your WordPress skills to help you manage your own websites more effectively, or you want to start offering your services as a WordPress professional, this heavily discounted bundle of six courses is a great option to consider. This deal includes a 30-day refund policy, allowing you to try the content before committing fully to the offer.

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