Top 20 HTML5 Restaurant Website Templates For Small and Medium Sized Restaurants 2016

Restaurant Website Templates

Craving something is not a voluntary response. A person cannot be rationally convinced to like a certain venue, or appreciate some dishes. Our response towards food is primal, and honest. Restaurant owners understand this simple truth, and they constantly try to make their cuisine more enticing. Despite popular belief, taste rarely plays a part in that situation. For example, there are many dishes that look disgusting, yet they taste excellent. Marketing is about perception, and your website can be your greatest ally.

Business owners no longer have to pay for a spotlight in newspapers or public spaces. The internet is a medium where freedom of expression reigns supreme, and there is no limit to what you can display. If you lack the technical expertise to develop your own page, HTML templates can pick up the slack. With only a few elementary notions, you will be able to craft something incredible. Templates are cheap, reliable, and they are like clay. Molding them is not only easy, it is also fun. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Restaurant Website Templates:



Canvas is a versatile HTML template that can enhance every aspect of your website. You may use it for your app, blog, restaurant, wedding, Parallax, Magazine, agency, portfolio, corporate or business page. Regardless of your target audience, the site will look incredible. Upon installation, users can enjoy more than 500 HTML files and 75+ Home Page variations. The template is very adaptable, due to its vast roster of practical features. Every canvas element will be fully responsive, and it will scale in order to fit the visitor’s screen. Indeed, users will be able to browse your selections from their tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptops.

Every customer will also receive the prolific Revolution Slider premium plugin, free of charge. In addition, a recent update has incorporated 80+ templates for this feature. Cavas has 10 different menu style variations, and 15 distinct headers. Multiple working Ajax contact forms were added, in addition to a limitless spectrum of color customization settings. You will be able to design a site that matches your vision. There are eCommerce shop templates, should you ever decide to distribute online merchandise. Be sure to access the live preview, for a more hands-on demonstration of Canvas’s capabilities.



If you are a business owner who wants to design an excellent website, Organic can be your greatest ally. It is a practical HTML template that never fails to impress, given its large roster of useful features. Despite the versatile and adaptable design, Organic is best used to enhance Food and Drink websites. It can accurately represent your restaurant’s charm in the online space. This product was made using Bootstrap, resulting in a fully responsive interface that can accommodate all customers. Your restaurant site can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktop PCs. In addition, it is compatible with most web browsers.

First impressions matter, especially in the culinary industry. In order to showcase your best selections and retain the attention of potential clients, you can implement some incredible slides. This is made possible by the inclusion of the premium Revolution Slider Plugin. Despite its sizable price tag, it was added free of charge. Even if business is going great, you can increase your bottom line by commercializing merchandise online. Organic allows you to design a professional online store, without the aid of a third-party web development company. Be sure to check out the live preview for more information.



Foundry is an HTML template that is second to none. It offers a charming design, and a sizable roster of practical features. Every element was implemented in order to increase your view count. Foundry has a Ajax Signup Form, which can provide an excellent user experience. MailChimp functionality is also part of the download. Your page will have a centered menu style, perfect for showcasing your most enticing selections and menu items. In total, there are more than 1000 eye-catching icons, spread across multiple icon packs. The template is prepared or EU clients, and Cookies are enabled.

There are over 20 concepts for the Home Page, and more are added constantly. With Foundry, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Restaurant sites can benefit from several menu style variations: transparent, top bar and optional info. Users can choose between a light or dark theme variant. Regardless of their choice, the result will look incredible. The page can also feature a Flickr album gallery, an Instagram feed gallery, and Twitter feed updates. This social media integration can greatly improve your chances of success, given today’s digital-oriented market. Harnessing the vast marketing potential of social networking sites is definitely a good idea.



It is obvious that ZupaRestaurant is a well-designed product. This HTML template has a very professional and streamlined look, in addition to a sizable roster of useful features. It was constructed on the Advanced Boostrap 2 framework, and it has a layout that is completely responsive. Mobile device users can rejoice, knowing that they can access your page from their smartphones and tablets. This template has 8 Home Page variations, and a nifty contact form. Despite its versatility, ZupaRestaurant is best used to improve restaurant websites. However, you can also use it for business of creative pages.

Free fonts are implemented, allowing users to modify or customize the page typography. Every element is very easy to edit, given that this product is extremely user-friendly. You do not need to hire any third-party web developers. With only a minimal requirement of technical knowledge, you can easily create a professional website for your restaurant. Content and posts can be viewed on high-resolution Retina screens, and most web browsers. Ajax contact forms are available, in addition to some Flickr and Twitter widgets. It is possible to create a weekly newsletter, informing clients regarding upcoming offers or discounts. This is made possible by the integration of Mail Chimp functionality.



Padre is an HTML template that is perfectly suited for classy restaurants or cafe’s. You will be able to advertise your business in a very professional and charming manner. Due to the integration of the Variant Page Builder, even novice users can construct and customize site pages. You may easily modify the general color scheme, experiment with various layouts, or insert images and content. From start to finish, an incredible page can be designed in a few minutes. More than 8000 clients have chosen to trust the Variant Page builder, and that trust was rewarded.

History can often inform the present, as we attempt to assess the quality of a product. Padre was developed by an elite author: Medium Rare. They have built a positive reputation by providing consistent quality and excellent support. Padre has an impressive pedigree. For any ambitious restaurant owner, time is a very limited resource. You simply cannot spend hours at a desk, updating your website. Thankfully, you won’t have to. Padre is entirely responsive, and it is compatible with hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. You will be able to update content while on the move, making it easier to maintain an excellent site. For those who wish to sample Padre, a live preview was made available.

The Retation


The Retation is a high-quality HTML template that understands the needs of restaurant owners. You can use it to improve your pizza, bar, cafe, bistro, or ice cream store website. Regardless of your market niche, The Retation has your back. For novice clients, web development seems like a very intimidating task. However, this template was greatly simplified, and the layout is user-friendly. You will be able to update, customize and navigate your site with ease.

Should you encounter any issues, it is possible to access the well-written documentation source. It explains every feature in detail, offering to guide you through the site creation process. It used to be the case that only desktop PCs and laptops could access the web. Due to the proliferation of mobile technology, the situation has changed. Still, layouts may have trouble adapting and scaling down to the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. Thankfully, The Retation is completely responsive and it has eliminated all compatibility errors. It should also be mentioned that your page will work with any mainstream browser. The page elements can even be viewed on high-resolution Retina displays. For more information regarding The Retation, be sure to access its live preview.



Few HTML templates can even hope to match the quality of Majesty. It is simply incredible, as it offers to improve your web development experience. If you choose to buy this product, your will gain a very powerful online tool. For those who do not care for HTML, a Photoshop and WordPress version of Majesty is available. Your restaurant website will benefit from multiple niche-specific features, such as the fully-functional reservation forms with JS and PHP functions. Patrons will be able to easily book their tables, without any hassle or delay. The template can be used for multi-page or one-page sites. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible.

Upon installation, users can enjoy 6 distinct home page variations. Each version has its own unique charm, as it caters to a different niche or cuisine: Burger, Asian, American, Bakery, Pizza or Cafe. In addition, there are 14 variant Parallax headers. The site menu can have a vertical or horizontal disposition, depending on your needs. For your gastronomy-focused blog, Majesty has 8 different blog options. You can even showcase a nifty calendar page, marking important upcoming events. Be sure to access the template’s live preview, for a more hands-on demonstration.



If you are searching for a professional, reliable, and beautiful HTML template, look no further than Lambert. It has many useful features, and you can use it for almost any site and market niche. However, the product is tailored towards hotel and gastronomy websites. Any user will be able to create an astounding page that never fails to attract clients. There are working AJAX PHP forms for registration. This allows patrons to reserve their tables, without any hassle or delay. Lambert has full screen backgrounds, and you can even implement video backgrounds: YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5.

The layout is completely responsive, capable of showcasing content on tablets and smartphones. In addition, site elements can be viewed on Retina displays and most web browsers. Basically, this product tries to include as many people as possible. There is a Parallax map function, offering to guide clients towards your venue. Of course, the page interface will support touch and swipe interaction. The premium Isotope plugin is available, in addition to a fully-functional Ajax MailChimp form. Users can easily setup informative newsletters, notifying clients about upcoming updates and promotions. For those who want to sample Lambert and it amazing features, a live preview was added.



Elixir is a professional and clean template for websites, perfectly designed for bakery, cafe, restaurant or any other food-related web pages. It was constructed using the Bootstrap 3 framework, and HTML5/CSS3. This template is packed with many niche-specific features, each designed to increase your success in the service and culinary industry. For example, there are 4 different home page variations, and every version caters to a different niche: American Grill, Luxury Restaurant, Asian Food and Italian Style. Your content and offers can be viewed on high resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. It should also be mentioned that the layout is entirely responsive, and it is compatible with smartphones and tablets. Compatibility errors are nowhere to be seen. Elixir has a very clean code, allowing for easier modifications in the future.

Of course, sites can be created in both single page and multi-page formats. Only you can decide which version better suits your needs. Elixir has a sticky navigation function, where your header and menu will persist at the top of the page, even after you scroll down. This makes it easier to change pages, and reduced downtime during browsing. If you experience any issue with this template, do not hesitate to contact the detailed documentation source. It can guide you through the site creation process.



Ambrosia is a modern, gorgeous HTML template that can enhance your restaurant or cafe website. It offers 3 creative options, each with its own elegant design. Users are able to include stories regarding every menu items, explaining the history of that cuisine to their loyal customers. Of course, your restaurant page will support reservations, allowing patrons to book their tables. It is also possible to create an online store in order to distribute merchandise. If successful, this effort can greatly increase your business’s bottom line. In total, there are 3 creative options: Multipage- Full, Multipage- Light, and One Page. Regardless of your choice, the result will look amazing.

Elegant and flexible typography options are accessible for all users. Quality fonts and icons can greatly increase your page’s value, as it proves to clients that you care enough to go the extra mile. Ambrosia’s best feature is that it allows you to humanize and personalize the restaurant. You may include testimonials, milestones, videos, images, and staff information. There are dark and light navigation styles, and 2 shop page variations. Users will also benefit from multiple short codes and a completely responsive layout. Be sure to access the live preview, for more info regarding this theme.



Berg is so much more than a generic HTML template for restaurants. A lot of time and effort went into its development. Berg has implemented many useful options, designed to increase your chances of success. For every site, it is possible to modify the page sections, home screens, and navigation bars. Multiple demos are available, simplifying the site creation process. Of course, the main purpose of a restaurant site is to promote the venue itself. Clients will be able to make reservations, and book their tables in a very efficient manner. This can be done from any device, regardless of its screen size. Berg is fully-responsive, and it has eliminated all compatibility issues.

Online commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you can be involved in it. This template allows you to create amazing online stores and distribute your products. It is possible for users to operate informative food blogs, with regular posts about their selections. For those who lack the patience to read entire blog posts, you can setup full screen slides that tell the story of your establishment. History is never a dull thing, if it is told right. For more info regarding Berg, be sure to access the live preview.



If your goal is to create an incredible restaurant, cafe, or bar website, FlyCoffee is an ideal choice. This HTML template never ceases to impress, given its sizable roster of practical features. Users will enjoy a very accessible and intuitive web development experience. No advanced knowledge is required, given that FlyCoffee is easy to install and personalize. It is possible to personalize the template via Less files. Almost any site element can be changed: body background, color, button styles, menu font size, menu color, form elements and slider variables.

In terms of documentation, FlyCoffee does not disappoint. It has a well-written documentation file that offers to guide you through the site creation process. Even novice users can become overnight experts. Every single post can be showcased on high resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. In addition, the layout is completely responsive. Patrons can access you menu or blog from their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs. With a standard license, all users will benefit from guaranteed quality checks from Envato, and a series of future updates. For more information regarding this template and its features, be sure to access the live preview. It is free of charge.

Delimondo 2.0


Delimondo 2.0 is an HTML template that will never let you down. It can facilitate the construction of incredible restaurant pages, given its sizable roster of modern features. This product incorporates an innovative mobile swipe menu, specifically designed for hand-held devices. The entire layout is responsive and it offers cross-browser support. Resizing issues will never bother any Delimondo 2.0 user. Every single page can be displayed in either a wide format, or a boxed format. Fully-functional newsletter and contact forms were incorporated. You will be able to send out informative newsletters on a regular basis, teasing you fine dishes or upcoming events.

Coders can rejoice, knowing that Delimondo 2.0 has a very well-organized and streamlined code. Everything is where it needs to be, making it easier to modify your template. Depending on your needs, you can create a smaller one page site, or a sprawling multi-page version. It should also be mentioned that 400 amazing Font Awesome Icons were made available for all users. The template supports various Parallax and Ken Burns effects, enhancing the look and charm of the customer’s restaurant page. It is also possible to integrate multiple video files, showcasing the venues atmosphere and cuisine.



Do you want to swiftly and easily design a quality site, without having to cut corners? Thankfully, HTML templates such as Massive come as a response to that need. This product is massive, as it incorporates a large number of modern features. Each function was implemented in order to attract more clients to your restaurant website, thus increasing your bottom line. The web development process will only take a few moments, thanks to the intuitive nature of Massive. Every important building block is available, and you only have to worry about assembly. You can use it for event, online app, blog, eCommerce, Parallax, Fashion, Spa, Restaurant, and Magazine sites. Regardless of your niche, the pages themselves will look incredible.

Your content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. The layout is responsive, and it will not experience any resizing errors. Every user will receive some free updates that promise to fix issues and expand the template’s capabilities. Numerous blog layouts are available, along with some Font Awesome Icons. Should any issues arise, do not hesitate to consult the online documentation source. It can act as a tutorial, given that it contains information regarding every Massive feature. It should also be mentioned that the template is optimized for search engines.



KALLYAS is an exquisite HTML template that can improve your website. It is very versatile, as it can adapt to almost any market niche. It takes into account the needs of all customers, resulting in an ideal browsing experience for both clients and site owners. If any issues arise, it is possible to consult the KALLYAS support forum. You can also leave some constructive feedback in order to drive further improvements. The template is based on mobile friendly Bootstrap template and comes with 14 distinct home page variations. Regardless of your business’s main goals, it is always profitable to consider online merchandising. KALLYAS has some charming, new eCommerce pages that allow you to design and maintain a professional and trustworthy online store.

There is an unlimited number of color customization settings, making it possible for users to create a restaurant page that perfectly matches their vision. The template has a staggering variety of practical sliders: Laptop Slider, Fancy Slider, 3D Cute Slider, iOS slider, and many more. KALLYAS incorporates pricing tables for menu items, and a photo gallery that can showcase your selections. Animated headers are also available. For new users, web development might be a little intimidating. Thankfully, you will have access to a well-written documentation source that can guide your through the installation process.

All above listed are HTML website templates but if you are looking for some templates that are suited to be used with CMS, you might want to check these restaurant WordPress themes.

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