15 Stunning Art WordPress Themes For Artists, Designers and Other Creatives – 2016

WordPress Art Themes

Flexibility and freedom of expression are crucial to the growth and proliferation of art. Although the definition can be quite varied, all great works of art have one thing in common: they manage to stir up the human soul in a manner than no other medium could compete with.

Until the rise of the internet, the art scene was hardly a meritocracy, with a few well established names and trends that dominated the landscape. Thankfully, the web has brought an environment that is not only free of restrictions, it also puts the best tools of the 21st century at your disposal. Technology has even created new field of expression, with graphic design and electronic music programs at the forefront. However, it has also established a need: the need for a good online profile.

As your main target audience will most likely be comprised of younger consumers, targeting them through newspaper ads and magazines is no longer effective. Even television, a medium that was so prolific just a few years ago, falls in second place. This is bad news for the less tech-savvy among us, as the needs for a well optimized, entertaining website must be met.

The advantage of a free system is that it often facilitates change, and also creates solutions for consumer needs. Platforms like WordPress allow for the user to set up and develop an impressive website in a very short amount of time. Using that page, you will be able to promote your content, at rates that could be accurately described as dirt cheap. WordPress lets you set up a bare-bone infrastructure for your page, but you will need more than that in order to impress your potential target audience. The web page will require a well programmed WordPress skin.

As their name suggest, skins are simply coverings for your web page that make use of spacing, font design and color palette management. This evolves your page past its humble origins, and results in an experience that is beneficial for both the programmers, the owner, and the customer. It is a bland lump of clay, which you can shape accordingly. However, these skins are not purely aesthetic in their nature. They often implement coding that is optimizing for search engines, making it easier for customers to find your content. Also, they incorporate music players, photo viewers, and adjustable menu setting. Most themes are constantly updating, so you will be purchasing an ever expanding product.

Overall, WordPress and its collections of theme are definitely a catalyst for your success. Although the quality of your content will still depend on personal talent, this service frees up your hands, so you could pursue what you truly love. Your web page has become more than a simple online calling card. It is a portal for your business image, an online representation of who you are, and who you wish to be. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress art themes:


notio clean minimal portfolio theme

If you want a WordPress theme that excels in visual design and speed, be sure to check out Notio. However, it never loses its appeal as a theme that is made for everyone. This high accessibility is a point of pride, as Notio does not demand prior technical knowledge to operate. Installing it is very easy, and it does not take a lot of time to finish the process. Once the one-click installer is selected, it will begin by importing pages, theme options, images, sliders and widgets. Notio is compatible with WordPress 4.0+, and it can be translated into multiple languages. This translation is available for both your page text, and the sections of your online shop. That shop is made possible by the popular WooCommerce plugin, one of the most reliable additions of any respectable theme.

Customizing your web site is just as easy as the installation process, thanks to the Visual Composer, and the Drag & Drop capability. Just as the name suggests, you simply need to click something and drag it along the screen in order to organize and customize the page. It is advisable that you take your time, and design a page that represents your business. Notio is entirely Retina Ready, so it looks great on Retina Displays. The documentation of Notio is enough to inform you, and turn any user into an overnight expert. Other key features include compatibility with most browsers, full responsiveness, and an awesome Revolution Slider plugin.


koncept creative portfolio art theme

This is a WordPress theme that is one of a kind. It shifts its focus away from unnecessary complexity, and tries to incorporate an elegant, simple and minimalist design. It is based on a masonry portfolio grid, and a modular concept. It is so versatile, that it can be installed and used on almost any type of page, regardless of the market niche that it tries to reach. It is filled with plenty of innovative features, shortcodes and options, hiding technological advancement under a veil of simple elegance.

Traditionally, you could use your page for presentation websites, online advertising or portfolios. However, this theme has incorporated the Woocommerce plugin, a features that allows you to turn your website into an impressive and reliable online shop.

No matter what your creation is, be it graphics design, pictures or sounds, this theme allows you to present it in a way that maximizes your chances of success. It is basically an online podium that with built with staggering innovation. It also incorporates flexible Masonry grids for columns in the same appealing masonry style as the rest of the page.


rosie aesthetic art gallery theme

Rosie is a WordPress theme that is designed to be fully responsive, as it broadens your horizons and allows you to target wider audience. Although it can be used for any types of page, it can be especially useful for bloggers, photographers, corporate web pages and service landing sites. It is user friendly and you can set it up very quickly, regardless of your technological background. Its customization features are quite expansive, as it include extended configurations for typography, a vast palette of colors, Typekit support and sections which can be personalized.

Rosie include state of the art technology, with elements such as parallax effects, transparent elements and custom menus, dynamic background, and a full page scrolling features. These are just a few of its innovative features, so check out its live preview for more information.

It includes a huge database of custom fonts powered by Google fonts. If you wish to reset your site’s configuration but do not wish to lose all your content, the Import/Export tools can take your posts, content and menus and translate them to your new setup. The admin interface is highly intuitive, as the developers strive to provide an experience that is both technologically advanced, and does not discourage users.



Shutter is an astoundingly beautiful and impressively well structured, visually attractive and very cohesive, technologically refined and polished, intuitive and very user and webmaster friendly, simple and understated, elegant and tasteful, resourceful and inventive, highly customizable responsive WordPress multipurpose art and photography website theme. Shutter is a uniquely thoughtful and delicate theme with vast potential for eloquent creative expression through the meaningful and deliberate presentation of powerful visual content in a smooth, fluid gallery or portfolio setting.

Shutter is an ideal theme for art websites of any kind or relation to the industry, from art galleries and art appreciation societies to art schools or even personal art portfolios, owing to Shutter’s endlessly configurable, customizable, expansive gallery and portfolio layouts, with a multitude of distinct and conceptually conceived gallery designs ready to showcase your best selection of ravishing works to the world at large. Shutter is purposefully easy to use and very well documented, with extensive help files as well as narrated video tutorials readily available to make sure you get the most out of Shutter, regarding of your background or skill level. No coding is required at any point with Shutter, while the results are so smoothly functional and seamlessly attractive, they truly speak for themselves.


atjeh exquisite art portfolio theme

Atjeh is a WordPress theme that is designed to be fully responsive and optimized for all mobile devices. Building your page can often be an intimidating experience, especially if you are not very tech literate. Thankfully, Atjeh uses a Drag and drop page builder. Just as its name suggests, simply clicking on a layout feature and dragging it to where you wish it to be, is enough.

A live preview feature are also included, so you can see changes as you make them, making it easier to tweak the aesthetic feel of your online profile. The administration panel is easy to use, and it also presents complicated choices in an easy and understandable way. As long as you can read, you will have no trouble using it. Every single element of your web page can feature custom typography, with over 600 Google fonts that are included in this theme.

Just so you are not left in the dark, the developers have put together some very informative documentation. No matter how large or small a problem is, the developers have set up an informative and helpful support team that is eager to guide you through any issue. Reviews can only provide a narrowed perspective, so if you wish to experience this themes, check out its live preview.


bedford elegant art portfolio theme

A very impressive WordPress theme, which features a live preview so you can sample it features before making an informed decision. It allows the user to features his content on a background that is both beautiful and engaging. Regardless of the device of the user, Bedford will not experience any compatibility issues, as it is fully responsive. The overall layout is built upon a standard Grid system, and produced with state of the art HTML5 markups. The layout is also Retina-ready, resulting in high resolution icons and content.

It can be used for all types of business, but it is best suited for the pages of Freelancers, Artists, photographers and startups. The developers are basically giving you a blank slate and plenty of paint, the tools needed for expression and the creation of something that is uniquely yours. The inclusion of a drag and drop page builder facilitate that process, as it turns page creation into something akin to a sorting game.

Bedford is compatible with multiple browsers and is tested in Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Its templates are well formatted and the template files are well documented.



TwoFold is a sleek and stunning, enticing and effective, expansive and elegant, readily responsive WordPress premium fullscreen photography website theme. TwoFold is a wonderful tool for webmasters with or without previous design or development experience but with a passion for presenting powerful, moving works of photography to a wide, undifferentiated online audience for them to appreciate and admire. TwoFold specializes in showing your graphic content in the most delightful, modern presentation possible, with a focus on minimalism and cleanliness, letting your precious content be the star of the show.

With an ample selection of amazing home page styles to choose from, as well as the possibility of selecting pages such as your Albums, Galleries and Collections as your home page, TwoFold knows that freedom to present your pictures the way you want to is paramount. That’s why TwoFold includes a wealth of ways in which you can customize the manner your images are displayed in. From modern masonry styles to sophisticated grid variations, from clever and slick Photo Hover Effects to amazing AJAX powered filterable Collections you can customize to your liking, TwoFold is all about what you can see. Are you ready for the world to start seeing things your way?


mesh cultivated grid style portfolio theme

This is a WordPress theme that focuses its attention on the implementation and enhancement of full screen media. It incorporates a well-designed template, as it hopes to draw in photographers, artists, and any other person that makes a living from creativity. Its designed to be fully responsive, meaning that your content can be accessed by smartphone user, table owners, or any other type of device. Basically, as long as it has a screen, your theme can show up on it. The demo showcases this adaptability, so be sure to give it a try.

The post format support is included, so you can enhance your already impressive blog posts with inclusions of pictures, videos, or any other type of media. Mesh has also included 3 custom widgets, an accent color option, post format support, it is constructed on the Zilla Framework, and it includes a many customizations options.


reverzo discerning fullscreen art portfolio theme

Unlike other artist themes, this one takes its inspiration from real-world art galleries. You can use it as an online resume or portfolio, or simply convert it into a platform where you can sell your artwork or service.

Navigating this themes is highly intuitive, as it is designed to be user friendly and very customizable. You can shape it into anything, only imagination and a few minutes of your time are required. Also, the implementation that lets you showcase artwork in Full screen will make it seem more impressive, increasing the likelihood that someone will want to buy it.

As previously mentioned, you may turn your site into an online shop, and that is possible thanks to the awesome Woocommerce plugin. It provides a safe and controllable environment for your transactions. If you are a mobile device user, you will not have any trouble navigating the preferred content, because Reverzo is fully compatible with your device.

In addition to all of these features, the theme also includes some important theme options that allow the user to easily change the appearance and appeal of the page. Despite the fact that the theme is targeted towards creative types, it is also extremely useful for more professional settings and business environments.


frost imaginative fullscreen art theme

Featuring a responsive layout and a full retina display, Frost is the WordPress theme that can aid an artist’s ascension towards fame. It has both one-page and multi-page variations, it is preferred by many freelancers, creative agencies, photographers and bloggers. If you work in a business where elegance and beauty are defining factors, this is the theme for you. It will allow you to pitch your ideas, and get feedback on your content from both potential employers and customers.

It is established using the innovative Bootstrap 3 framework, and it has 20 enticing page builder elements. It can adapt to any screen size or device, making it highly responsive. Be it tablets, computers or smart phones, you will not experience any issues regarding its compatibility. Frost includes a user friendly page builder, a one click installer, WPML support, a custom logo, plenty of color palettes and a live customizer.

If the customer experiences any types of issues, the well trained support team will be eager to step in and resolve the problems. It’s so easy to use that even a child can create a successful website. The page builder has a unique build that includes an enhanced version of the standards Aqua page builder. It has additional template duplication, markup buttons, and plenty of view lists for the templates. It also spoils you with custom logos, as there is a special implementation for your login screen and retina icons.


lion ultimate art portfolio theme

All that you need is this theme in order to achieve roaring success. Lion is currently at its early versions but it is scheduled to receive plenty of free updates. It includes a drag and drop page builder, a full screen slider and horizontal or vertical headers.

It includes a multi-page or single page layout option, and a live preview that lets you experience the content before you get your hands on it. The entire experience is streamlined to near perfection, as you can establish your layout directly in your browser. There are over 30 modules for content, facilitating a great user experience, as the customer has limitless possibilities to work with.

There are over 7 different skin features, but nothing is holding you from composing your own. Shifting from a boxed to a full width layout has never been easier, as it requires only 1 click. A slider Revolution plugin is included, which facilitates the implementation of an impressive slider home page. There are multiple header layouts to choose from, and you get to pick the one that you think is best, as you can always change your mind later.


mimesi inventive art portfolio theme

MIMESI is a WordPress theme designed for professional portfolios and freelancers. This can act as a stunning background for your work, an attractive packaging that enhances your already impressive design. Think of it like the packaging on a present: if you get it right, the present itself is so much better. The backend includes a style manager that features a plethora of options, allowing you to edit the most important features of your page This will undoubtedly enhance its visual and functional appeal. On a more personal note, you have the pleasure of knowing that your page is truly unique, unlike any other in the world.

The HTML5 coding is semantic, clean and valid, the layout is retina ready, and the design choices are fully compatible with any given device, regardless of resolution, coding or manufacturer. The visual options are staggering, as you are able to edit the colors, fonts, functions and so on.

It takes full advantage of web safe Google fonts, and it includes full localization support. The portfolio options are also quite extensive, resulting in a profile that will leave potential employers and customers wanting more. There are infinite scroll implementations that load more content on the fly, and a layered PSD is also included for those looking to create another unique design based on this theme.


kappe brilliant creative masonry portfolio theme

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that has 6 layered PSD files and a design that is both elegant and attractive, Kappe is just right for you. Developed by a prestigious author, Kappe also includes a live preview that lets the potential customer try out the content before deciding on a purchase.

The pricing is very reasonable, given the large amount of content and the extreme attention to detail. The developer’s experience really shows, as an excellent support system is also included. Constant updates and tweaks can also be expected, as the product will be improved in the future. The layout is completely responsive, and your page can show up on any device, without risking issues with resolution and coding compatibility.

If you just want to set up an entertaining blog without some of the bells and whistles of other mediums, this theme has an interesting way of capturing the human eyes and directing it to crucial areas of your page. Currently, Kappe uses the masonry blog layout, resulting in a page where your users can get lost for hours. Browsing through your posts. The skin has an unlimited color spectrum, and a visual shortcode generator. Although changing colors seems like a trivial thing, they are one of the most powerful emotional triggers, and must be used wisely. All famous logos and websites have strategically selected their themes, and you should do the same.

However, even the best of themes can run into trouble, when trying to adapt to different platform. Coding, and the marriage between software and hardware can often present a distinct set of challenges. Thankfully, this theme is fully compatible with all types of devices, including smart phones and tablets.


contrast intuitive masonry grid portfolio theme

If you are looking for a great WordPress theme, look no further than Contrast. Although its features give it enough flexibility to fit any purpose, it is best suited for photography and portfolio pages. This theme can let you express yourself in every way you wish, without restrictions in terms of format issues or coding limitations. It surrounds, highlights and promotes your works of art, letting people see them just as they are.

The developers used the most recent CSS3 and Javascript tech in order to create smooth transitions. They also removed all of the elements that might interfere with proper search engine ranking results or things that might slow down the loading times. You page will have both vertical and horizontal grid layouts, where your pictures will take their place. Regardless of their source, be it photography, painting or graphics design, they will look amazing on any platform or device.

The design tries not to overshadow your content, or distract from it, a fact proven by the healthy amount of blank space left on pages and posts. It would have been easy to just throw an effect or color in there, but that would defeat the purpose of the page entirely.


skills genuine minimal art portfolio template

Being a freelancer is one of the most liberating experiences possible. You feel like you hold the reins of your own success or failure, and you often get to express yourself more than in any other professional environment However, there are definitely some drawbacks to this situation as well, because you constantly have to rely on your ability to convince new clients of your quality and professionalism.

Taking into account all of these needs, the developers of Skills have truly created a WordPress theme that can stand the test of time. They have also included an option that lets customers preview the theme, and sample the content. That way, they can make an informed decision regarding a future purchase.

Speaking of purchases, Skills is quite affordable, considering the vast amount of features that it presents. A simple look at the theme’s main page is enough to convince you of the quality, as the developers have included real user comments. This shows that most customers are very happy with their product, and also with the involved and professional team of customer support representatives.

It is actually easier to implement sweeping graphics and transitions, than to tweak every single detail. That is the definition of elegance, as Skills focuses more on details and typography, resulting in a very classy feel for the page. Other important features include a responsive grid for your portfolio, valid HTML5 coding, support for videos, images and galleries, and some very extensive documentation.


vibes genius art portfolio theme

It has gotten to the point where the market is saturated with a multitude of grey, black or dark color themes, which aim for a lifeless shade of professionalism that really suffocates creativity. It is refreshing to see a theme that attempts to break that pattern, and introduce a more vibrant and colorful option into that niche. It may not work for a vast corporate website or a big agency, but it excels at delivering a feeling of individuality and freedom of expression.

The great thing about Vibes is that it retains that professional WordPress presence, even though it seems lighter and based on a more casual feel. For those that are not on WordPress, a HTML5 version can also be purchased. Another surprising feature is the extreme attention to detail when it comes to customer support. Most themes are contempt with just a support line, but Vibes tries to tackle issues on multiple fronts.

First, the customer can access some very informative online docs which provide a detailed tutorial of installation. Second, a private messaging feature is integrated, where the user can send important data or sensitive questions, away from the eyes of the public. Even the rating system, in addition to giving the skin an overall score, tell developers what they are doing wrong, and if changes are necessary.

A short code generator is included, in addition to an innovative page builder that never ceases to amaze. The features themselves are pretty standard, but the user friendly nature of the experience definitely elevates it past what can be considered mediocre. It is basically an Aqua page builder with the addition of drag and drop functionality. The layout is fully responsive, allowing for the content to be displayed on all devices.

15 Best HTML5 vCard and Resume Templates For Your Personal Online Portfolio 2016

Resume Website Templates

The world is changing. This single constant is the one permanent element under the sun. It seems each time the world turns, it turns on its head as well, and that trend has done nothing but grow in recent years. With the advent of ever more advanced technologies, the pace at which the world changes is constantly increased itself, and mankind as a whole struggles to catch up with itself. The generations born and raised in such a world inevitably have developed a resiliency and an entrepreneurial quality that lets them conceive of successful roles and identities they can fill out in an indeterminate, evolving landscape where there are no givens–here today, gone tomorrow.

In this world we live in, your personal brand has become more important still than your actual place of employment or even professional experience. What you really want–what you really need, is a sophisticated, impressive website that does the introductions for you in this digital age. To achieve that, you need to make smart usage of the latest and greatest web development technologies in order to present your professional self in an attractive style that invites trust. The following collection of HTML5 website templates have been selected for their unique resume capabilities. Have a look.



Split is a clean and crisp, serious and professional, graphically seamless and polished, visually impressive and highly customizable, functionally precise and perfect and extensively flexible and pliable, fast-loading and search engine optimized responsive HTML5 personal CV and vCard website template. Split is a handsome and deeply stylish template, developed with a profound sense of taste and austerity, with a minimalist graphic design that speaks volumes with no needless clutter and with soft-spoken, but minutely refined and sharp visual elements negotiated through cutting edge HTML5 frameworks and CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies along with gorgeous Retina-ready graphics, icons and fonts.

Split includes a set of convenient and useful template pages readily preconfigured to your benefit, with relevant and specific functionalities such as Portfolio single page, Filterable portfolio page, Blog page and more. Split has powerful shortcodes that make most website building tasks an easy and breezy matter, such as tabbed navigation, color switchers, Google Map location features and many other useful, thought out tools that will help you present your resume to employers around the world in a matter of minutes and in the most fashionable presentation in the market. And with Split’s inherent responsiveness, all devices, screen sizes, browsers and platforms can readily access your professional data without skipping a beat. Get Split today!



Mi is a clean and crisp, polished and professional, serious and engaging, dynamic and fluid, aesthetically appealing and stylistically refined, graphically flexible and nimble, readily adaptable, modern and well developed, efficiently coded and search engine optimized responsive HTML5 personal vCard and resume website template. Mi is a powerful template because it is an extremely focused one–every element, feature, plugin and page template in Mi is entirely not superfluous, a deliberate, selected addition meant to enhance or upgrade some particular aspect or strength of Mi in handling the needs of modern, sophisticated resume websites with expansive vCard functionalities.

42 different Homepage demo versions offer you a creative trove of opportunities to present yourself to the world at large, in different yet equally gracious and elegant visual conceptions that stand out from the crowd without fail and will always leave an indelible impression upon your visitors and potential employers. Mi is polished and restrained, with a professional ambiance that seems completely modern and cutting edge, capable of giving any resume that extra oomph required to make it in the online market. With Mi’s inherent responsiveness, compatibility issues are a matter of a long-gone past. Take it up a notch, with Mi!



Cards is a serious and professional, clean and crisp, polished and pristine, minimal and aesthetically tasteful, graphically resourceful and thoroughly thought out, technologically modern and efficiently coded, purposeful and well developed, intuitive and highly responsive HTML personal resume, portfolio and vCard website template. Cards is a smart and sharp looking template that has been deliberately designed to service all sorts of professional website requirements, making it ideal for individuals that want to make their presence known in a modern but austere presentation that is perfect for making first impressions with potential clients, employers and other related needs.

Cards is suited for showing off content, posts and media in a serious and tasteful presentation that feels youthful and fresh-faced while remaining entirely trustworthy and smooth-running. Cards has been developed on a sophisticated HTML5 framework powered by beautiful CSS3 transitions and animations, including LESS files for extensive customization capabilities right at your fingertips. Cards packs a fully commented code that is extremely developer friendly, as well as extensive documentation so you can make the most of your Cards resume or vCard website. Cards includes over 300 Font Awesome icons out of the box, and can easily include over 600 Google Fonts. Hand over some Cards!



Definity is a vastly imaginative, very well structured, professionally graphically composed and quite resourceful, expansive and ambitious, technologically articulate and cutting edge, visually outstanding and aesthetically polished, serious and professional responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Definity is a profoundly powerful template, built on the latest and greatest web development technologies available. From sophisticated HTML5 frameworks to dynamically loaded CSS3-powered SASS files for customizable transitions and animations, as well as modular Bootstrap design, Definity is a versatile and tech-savvy solution for websites big and small, capable of handling corporate necessities as easily and effortlessly as personal portfolios or sleek photography websites.

Definity includes beautiful mobile app templates as well as out of the box MailChimp integration, on top of a wealth of shortcodes to add all sorts of features and functionalities to your websites. Over 20 different demo websites are included with Definity, as well as over 70 HTML5 files readily preconfigured for your convenience. These features and more make Definity a total solution for webmasters looking for a way to present their resume in a stylish manner to a wide online audience. With its thorough responsiveness, Definity is perfect for reaching potential clients or employers no matter what device they are using to reach you. Try Definity today!



INSTA is a bold and innovative, creative and powerful, flexible and malleable, outspoken and stylish, lavishly designed and graphically impressive and gorgeous, aesthetically accomplished and navigationally intuitive, gracious and attractive, charming and engaging responsive HTML5 one page resume website template. INSTA is a cutting edge, modern template that has been designed to allow webmasters with little or no previous coding experience to deck themselves out with impressive, functional and beautiful HTML5-powered, CSS3-styled modular Bootstrap websites to present their professional resumes in a delightful, pleasant presentation that gets professional going off on the right foot and offers an optimal first impression to future employers or clients.

INSTA has been gifted with a natively responsive design that always looks its best regardless of what device, platform or browser your audience is accessing your website with, maximizing the reach of your resume and your professional options. INSTA is very easy to use, so webmasters without any coding experience should have no problem finding their way around with INSTA’s extensive documentation. Six different color styles are available out of the box, and hundreds of gorgeous Font Awesome icons make page building a breezy task. The beautiful Owl Carousel rounds off this full featured value package of a template.



Material is a modern and fluid, flat and professionally graphically designed, technologically nimble and resourceful, innovative and cutting edge, visually intuitive and easily navigable, user and developer friendly, flexible and malleable, colorful and fresh-faced, highly responsive HTML5 CV and resume website template. Material is the result of applying the latest and most powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap technologies available through a seamless interpretation of Google’s own Material Design philosophy, all deliberately optimized for professionals that want to show off their resume to the world at large in a serious, unblemished, flat and attractively modern style.

Material makes use of the potent Material CSS v0.97, and includes a host of LESS CSS3 files for ultimate ease of customization. Layered PSD files are also included so you can go deep in your fiddling with Material’s look and feel. 5 inner color schemes are included to your benefit, as well as a host of expansive, functional shortcodes that can help you make the most of every page on your site. Material has been extensively commented at the codebase level, making it quite human legible and developer friendly, on top of being inherently responsive and mobile friendly, rendering perfectly across all known devices, browsers and screen sizes.



Bionick is an advanced and highly polished, technologically versatile and pliable, fresh-faced and youthful, powerful and modern, cutting edge and innovative, fresh and enticing, engaging and functionally dynamic, easy to use and intuitive responsive HTML5 personal portfolio website template. Bionick includes several different homepage and individual page layout styles and options, as well as unique and powerful shortcodes, plugins, elements and features that can make short work of any website building task you can throw at them.

Choose from Slider, Slideshow, Static Image and YouTube Video styles for your homepage. Try the three different Portfolio and four different Portfolio Single Page styles included and you are sure to find the right fit for your website and your resume’s tone and character. Expansive fullscreen backgrounds, modern and engaging YouTube video backgrounds, useful and convenient AJAX-powered Contact Form functionality, Bionick really is the full package. Magnific Popup and other subtle and stylish jQuery plugins and features are integrated out of the box and work smoothly from the get-go, with plenty of customization options to boot, on top of Font Awesome icons that are Retina-ready and beautiful, while the premium Isotope plugin offers all sorts of powerful functions right out of the box. Get Bionick today!



H-Code is an incredibly resourceful, wonderfully convenient, ambitious and expansive, vast and flexible, technologically sophisticated and very well structured, efficiently developed and extensively professionally designed, dynamic and modern, agile and responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. H-Code is a serious and professional template that has been carefully and painstakingly developed over time to be an all-inclusive one-stop shop solution to websites necessities big and small across all sorts of industries and fields.

H-Code is very expressive, boldly colorful and creatively laid out, and it has been jam-packed with over 57 custom niche demo websites, over 190 total HTML5 template pages, over 6 intros, 40 portfolios and more. With its polished look and its resourcefulness at showcasing professional works, H-Code is a truly outstanding template for handling resume websites in general. Not only does H-Code include several demo websites specifically for such a purpose, but it also incorporates a tech-savvy design that will impress potential employers and a sophisticated, elegant visual styling that will engage audiences in general. Tons of portfolio options and shortcodes greatly expand the possibilities of your resume website, while a thorough search engine optimization at the codebase level makes H-Code a perfect template for climbing the ranks.



Sility is a professionally graphically composed, aesthetically minimalist, youthful and lively, fresh-faced and colorful, Material Design-inspired, modern and flat, technologically powerful and very easy to use, navigationally pleasant and intuitive, highly responsive HTML5 vCard and resume website template. Sility is a well developed and thought out template that has been decked out with all the specific features, plugins and page templates necessary to enable users of any skill level to seamlessly and effortlessly create their own sophisticated, modern HTML5 resume websites in a matter of minutes with thorough vCard functionality to boot, on a responsive modular Bootstrap framework styled through CSS3 smooth animations.

Sility incorporates a minimalist aesthetical visual language that is in keeping with current mobile and web design trends as established in Google’s Material Design philosophy, meaning users navigating your Sility website will find themselves intuitively understanding your user interface with no effort whatsoever, while keeping page load times low and responsiveness at the top of the list. Sility includes gorgeous and current layout options such as Masonry and Grid portfolio styles for you to leave you visual mark upon your visitors’ memories effectively and attractively, and it is an all-around solid solution for all your online vCard and resume needs.



Savvy is a fresh-faced and bright, luminous and colorful, youthful and vibrant, modern and technologically resourceful and modern, full-featured and creative, innovative and inspired, engaging and charming, professional and reliable, safe and highly responsive HTML5 personal vCard, resume and portfolio website template. Savvy is a powerful template built atop a solid HTML5 foundation and deploying sophisticated LESS CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies in order to enable webmasters of any background to easily and quickly produce professional quality resume websites. Savvy is ready to use out of the box, filled out with dummy content that needs no adjustments before going live with your content and professional information.

Savvy packs a bunch of useful and convenient preconfigured sections, breaking up your Resume into Experience, Education, Skills, Achievements and Testimonials sections, as well as Services, Portfolio, Blog and Contact and many more specific, time-saving readymade templates waiting for you within Savvy. Savvy is a perfect template for you to hit the ground running and be set up with your own resume website the same day you install Savvy, in itself a simple and streamlined process that will hardly take a few clicks and minutes of your time. Up your professional game, with Savvy, today!



Mist is comprehensively designed and thoroughly thought out, continuously updated and expanded, vast and wide-spanning, ambitious and technologically potent and reliable, polished and high performance, professionally composed and visually stunning and flexible responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Mist is a powerful and well developed website template that has been decked out with all the features, resources and functions required to muscle the demands of a huge range of diverse website archetypes and kinds.

Mist can handle such diversity because it has been packed along with over 60 custom made, fully fleshed out demo websites, as well as over 500 predesigned HTML5 page templates for all sorts of specific and narrow applications and needs, featuring unique, one of a kind layouts and visual presentations, useful and convenient premade inner pages like Coming Soon, Under Maintenance, five different Post variants, and a slew of diverse Portfolio templates, with four different layout styles and gorgeous, beautiful Masonry Gallery and Grid layouts for dynamic, appealing websites that show off professional or personal content in a stylish presentation. That makes Mist a perfect fit for the development and maintenance of all sorts of professional HTML5 resume websites. Make Mist yours today, and feel the elegance right away!



Pivot is an intuitive and easy to use, resourceful and technologically articulate, well developed and thoughtfully coded, developer and user friendly, colorful and lively, youthful and fresh-faced, functionally nimble and flexible, feature-dense and extremely responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template with Page Builder. Pivot has been carefully and masterfully crafted from scratch in order to function as an all-inclusive solution for webmasters of any skill level to create incredible and engaging modern HTML5 websites in a flash, with minimal coding required, and a wealth of functionality to boot.

To achieve this, Pivot deploys the powerful and feature-rich Variant Framework, wherein page building takes place as an intuitive and streamlined process consisting of stacking block elements atop each other as you see fit, with over 70 imaginative, in-house developed content blocks to choose from at the moment. Pivot is powered by reliable HTML5 elements and CSS3 scripting presented through a dynamic and modular Bootstrap foundation, making Pivot inherently responsive and cross compatible across the board. With tons of different page headers, footers, sidebars and menu options, as well as plentiful contact forms readily available out of the box, Pivot is a great template for professionals that need to let themselves be known.



Dream is a fresh-faced and highly attractive, visually engaging and dynamic, bright and luminous, clean and crisp, polished and pristine, professional and seamless, unblemished and uncluttered, modern and resourceful, tech-savvy and deeply flexible responsive HTML5 creative personal resume website template. Dreamton is a youthful template with a lively look and a smooth finish that is capable of handling the needs of a diverse set of website archetypes, from blog websites to portfolios and more, but that has been uniquely and exclusively designed with the purpose of servicing sophisticated, creative and innovative resume websites for professionals across all fields and industries.

Dreamton is ideally suited for creative professionals, though, as its amply expressive interface is perfect for those who have something to say and find themselves at ease with bold graphical expression, fresh and attractive layouts and color schemes, and endlessly convenient, readymade and preconfigured HTML5 page templates for all sorts of specific, relevant resume related needs. Dreamton includes three different header designs as well as two Blog pages and even one amazing Case Study style demo that will surely spark your–and your users’–imagination with its stimulating, graphical approach. Dreamton is above all things simple and easy to use both for webmasters and end users. Start dreaming today!



Empathy is a wonderfully creative and incredibly flexible and pliable, easily customizable and very intuitive and user-friendly, impressively resourceful and feature-rich, powerful and technologically savvy, ambitious and well developed, modern and highly responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. Empathy is an amazing template that has been carefully constructed with extensive attention to every nook and cranny in order to grant Empathy a polished and professional finish that permeates every page and site created with Bo. Empathy is especially flexible among templates because it includes several custom-built, readymade HTML5 files at your disposal, on top of over 40 one of a kind niche content demo websites, with new demos continuously being developed.

Empathy includes plenty of beautiful one page and multipage demos, complete blog layouts with many sidebar options, widgetized footers for maximum flexibility, powerful Isotope filtering and more. Empathy is a perfect template for you to present yourself to the world in a customized manner that employers are sure to remember as standing out from the crowd. That makes Empathy a perfect template for webmasters looking for a simple but sophisticated solution to their resume website necessities. Easy to use and intuitive to navigate, Empathy is a perfect combination of tastefulness and feature-depth. Dress to impress, with Empathy!

If you are looking for templates that integrates some sort of Content Management System such as WordPress you might want to check this resume theme collection. HTML offers great flexibility for developers and tech-savvy users but for everyone else WordPress is a better and simpler alternative.

Top 20 HTML5 Restaurant Website Templates For Small and Medium Sized Restaurants 2016

Restaurant Website Templates

Craving something is not a voluntary response. A person cannot be rationally convinced to like a certain venue, or appreciate some dishes. Our response towards food is primal, and honest. Restaurant owners understand this simple truth, and they constantly try to make their cuisine more enticing. Despite popular belief, taste rarely plays a part in that situation. For example, there are many dishes that look disgusting, yet they taste excellent. Marketing is about perception, and your website can be your greatest ally.

Business owners no longer have to pay for a spotlight in newspapers or public spaces. The internet is a medium where freedom of expression reigns supreme, and there is no limit to what you can display. If you lack the technical expertise to develop your own page, HTML templates can pick up the slack. With only a few elementary notions, you will be able to craft something incredible. Templates are cheap, reliable, and they are like clay. Molding them is not only easy, it is also fun. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Restaurant Website Templates:



Canvas is a versatile HTML template that can enhance every aspect of your website. You may use it for your app, blog, restaurant, wedding, Parallax, Magazine, agency, portfolio, corporate or business page. Regardless of your target audience, the site will look incredible. Upon installation, users can enjoy more than 500 HTML files and 75+ Home Page variations. The template is very adaptable, due to its vast roster of practical features. Every canvas element will be fully responsive, and it will scale in order to fit the visitor’s screen. Indeed, users will be able to browse your selections from their tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptops.

Every customer will also receive the prolific Revolution Slider premium plugin, free of charge. In addition, a recent update has incorporated 80+ templates for this feature. Cavas has 10 different menu style variations, and 15 distinct headers. Multiple working Ajax contact forms were added, in addition to a limitless spectrum of color customization settings. You will be able to design a site that matches your vision. There are eCommerce shop templates, should you ever decide to distribute online merchandise. Be sure to access the live preview, for a more hands-on demonstration of Canvas’s capabilities.



If you are a business owner who wants to design an excellent website, Organic can be your greatest ally. It is a practical HTML template that never fails to impress, given its large roster of useful features. Despite the versatile and adaptable design, Organic is best used to enhance Food and Drink websites. It can accurately represent your restaurant’s charm in the online space. This product was made using Bootstrap, resulting in a fully responsive interface that can accommodate all customers. Your restaurant site can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktop PCs. In addition, it is compatible with most web browsers.

First impressions matter, especially in the culinary industry. In order to showcase your best selections and retain the attention of potential clients, you can implement some incredible slides. This is made possible by the inclusion of the premium Revolution Slider Plugin. Despite its sizable price tag, it was added free of charge. Even if business is going great, you can increase your bottom line by commercializing merchandise online. Organic allows you to design a professional online store, without the aid of a third-party web development company. Be sure to check out the live preview for more information.



Foundry is an HTML template that is second to none. It offers a charming design, and a sizable roster of practical features. Every element was implemented in order to increase your view count. Foundry has a Ajax Signup Form, which can provide an excellent user experience. MailChimp functionality is also part of the download. Your page will have a centered menu style, perfect for showcasing your most enticing selections and menu items. In total, there are more than 1000 eye-catching icons, spread across multiple icon packs. The template is prepared or EU clients, and Cookies are enabled.

There are over 20 concepts for the Home Page, and more are added constantly. With Foundry, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Restaurant sites can benefit from several menu style variations: transparent, top bar and optional info. Users can choose between a light or dark theme variant. Regardless of their choice, the result will look incredible. The page can also feature a Flickr album gallery, an Instagram feed gallery, and Twitter feed updates. This social media integration can greatly improve your chances of success, given today’s digital-oriented market. Harnessing the vast marketing potential of social networking sites is definitely a good idea.



It is obvious that ZupaRestaurant is a well-designed product. This HTML template has a very professional and streamlined look, in addition to a sizable roster of useful features. It was constructed on the Advanced Boostrap 2 framework, and it has a layout that is completely responsive. Mobile device users can rejoice, knowing that they can access your page from their smartphones and tablets. This template has 8 Home Page variations, and a nifty contact form. Despite its versatility, ZupaRestaurant is best used to improve restaurant websites. However, you can also use it for business of creative pages.

Free fonts are implemented, allowing users to modify or customize the page typography. Every element is very easy to edit, given that this product is extremely user-friendly. You do not need to hire any third-party web developers. With only a minimal requirement of technical knowledge, you can easily create a professional website for your restaurant. Content and posts can be viewed on high-resolution Retina screens, and most web browsers. Ajax contact forms are available, in addition to some Flickr and Twitter widgets. It is possible to create a weekly newsletter, informing clients regarding upcoming offers or discounts. This is made possible by the integration of Mail Chimp functionality.



Padre is an HTML template that is perfectly suited for classy restaurants or cafe’s. You will be able to advertise your business in a very professional and charming manner. Due to the integration of the Variant Page Builder, even novice users can construct and customize site pages. You may easily modify the general color scheme, experiment with various layouts, or insert images and content. From start to finish, an incredible page can be designed in a few minutes. More than 8000 clients have chosen to trust the Variant Page builder, and that trust was rewarded.

History can often inform the present, as we attempt to assess the quality of a product. Padre was developed by an elite author: Medium Rare. They have built a positive reputation by providing consistent quality and excellent support. Padre has an impressive pedigree. For any ambitious restaurant owner, time is a very limited resource. You simply cannot spend hours at a desk, updating your website. Thankfully, you won’t have to. Padre is entirely responsive, and it is compatible with hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. You will be able to update content while on the move, making it easier to maintain an excellent site. For those who wish to sample Padre, a live preview was made available.

The Retation


The Retation is a high-quality HTML template that understands the needs of restaurant owners. You can use it to improve your pizza, bar, cafe, bistro, or ice cream store website. Regardless of your market niche, The Retation has your back. For novice clients, web development seems like a very intimidating task. However, this template was greatly simplified, and the layout is user-friendly. You will be able to update, customize and navigate your site with ease.

Should you encounter any issues, it is possible to access the well-written documentation source. It explains every feature in detail, offering to guide you through the site creation process. It used to be the case that only desktop PCs and laptops could access the web. Due to the proliferation of mobile technology, the situation has changed. Still, layouts may have trouble adapting and scaling down to the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. Thankfully, The Retation is completely responsive and it has eliminated all compatibility errors. It should also be mentioned that your page will work with any mainstream browser. The page elements can even be viewed on high-resolution Retina displays. For more information regarding The Retation, be sure to access its live preview.



Few HTML templates can even hope to match the quality of Majesty. It is simply incredible, as it offers to improve your web development experience. If you choose to buy this product, your will gain a very powerful online tool. For those who do not care for HTML, a Photoshop and WordPress version of Majesty is available. Your restaurant website will benefit from multiple niche-specific features, such as the fully-functional reservation forms with JS and PHP functions. Patrons will be able to easily book their tables, without any hassle or delay. The template can be used for multi-page or one-page sites. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible.

Upon installation, users can enjoy 6 distinct home page variations. Each version has its own unique charm, as it caters to a different niche or cuisine: Burger, Asian, American, Bakery, Pizza or Cafe. In addition, there are 14 variant Parallax headers. The site menu can have a vertical or horizontal disposition, depending on your needs. For your gastronomy-focused blog, Majesty has 8 different blog options. You can even showcase a nifty calendar page, marking important upcoming events. Be sure to access the template’s live preview, for a more hands-on demonstration.



If you are searching for a professional, reliable, and beautiful HTML template, look no further than Lambert. It has many useful features, and you can use it for almost any site and market niche. However, the product is tailored towards hotel and gastronomy websites. Any user will be able to create an astounding page that never fails to attract clients. There are working AJAX PHP forms for registration. This allows patrons to reserve their tables, without any hassle or delay. Lambert has full screen backgrounds, and you can even implement video backgrounds: YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5.

The layout is completely responsive, capable of showcasing content on tablets and smartphones. In addition, site elements can be viewed on Retina displays and most web browsers. Basically, this product tries to include as many people as possible. There is a Parallax map function, offering to guide clients towards your venue. Of course, the page interface will support touch and swipe interaction. The premium Isotope plugin is available, in addition to a fully-functional Ajax MailChimp form. Users can easily setup informative newsletters, notifying clients about upcoming updates and promotions. For those who want to sample Lambert and it amazing features, a live preview was added.



Elixir is a professional and clean template for websites, perfectly designed for bakery, cafe, restaurant or any other food-related web pages. It was constructed using the Bootstrap 3 framework, and HTML5/CSS3. This template is packed with many niche-specific features, each designed to increase your success in the service and culinary industry. For example, there are 4 different home page variations, and every version caters to a different niche: American Grill, Luxury Restaurant, Asian Food and Italian Style. Your content and offers can be viewed on high resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. It should also be mentioned that the layout is entirely responsive, and it is compatible with smartphones and tablets. Compatibility errors are nowhere to be seen. Elixir has a very clean code, allowing for easier modifications in the future.

Of course, sites can be created in both single page and multi-page formats. Only you can decide which version better suits your needs. Elixir has a sticky navigation function, where your header and menu will persist at the top of the page, even after you scroll down. This makes it easier to change pages, and reduced downtime during browsing. If you experience any issue with this template, do not hesitate to contact the detailed documentation source. It can guide you through the site creation process.



Ambrosia is a modern, gorgeous HTML template that can enhance your restaurant or cafe website. It offers 3 creative options, each with its own elegant design. Users are able to include stories regarding every menu items, explaining the history of that cuisine to their loyal customers. Of course, your restaurant page will support reservations, allowing patrons to book their tables. It is also possible to create an online store in order to distribute merchandise. If successful, this effort can greatly increase your business’s bottom line. In total, there are 3 creative options: Multipage- Full, Multipage- Light, and One Page. Regardless of your choice, the result will look amazing.

Elegant and flexible typography options are accessible for all users. Quality fonts and icons can greatly increase your page’s value, as it proves to clients that you care enough to go the extra mile. Ambrosia’s best feature is that it allows you to humanize and personalize the restaurant. You may include testimonials, milestones, videos, images, and staff information. There are dark and light navigation styles, and 2 shop page variations. Users will also benefit from multiple short codes and a completely responsive layout. Be sure to access the live preview, for more info regarding this theme.



Berg is so much more than a generic HTML template for restaurants. A lot of time and effort went into its development. Berg has implemented many useful options, designed to increase your chances of success. For every site, it is possible to modify the page sections, home screens, and navigation bars. Multiple demos are available, simplifying the site creation process. Of course, the main purpose of a restaurant site is to promote the venue itself. Clients will be able to make reservations, and book their tables in a very efficient manner. This can be done from any device, regardless of its screen size. Berg is fully-responsive, and it has eliminated all compatibility issues.

Online commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you can be involved in it. This template allows you to create amazing online stores and distribute your products. It is possible for users to operate informative food blogs, with regular posts about their selections. For those who lack the patience to read entire blog posts, you can setup full screen slides that tell the story of your establishment. History is never a dull thing, if it is told right. For more info regarding Berg, be sure to access the live preview.



If your goal is to create an incredible restaurant, cafe, or bar website, FlyCoffee is an ideal choice. This HTML template never ceases to impress, given its sizable roster of practical features. Users will enjoy a very accessible and intuitive web development experience. No advanced knowledge is required, given that FlyCoffee is easy to install and personalize. It is possible to personalize the template via Less files. Almost any site element can be changed: body background, color, button styles, menu font size, menu color, form elements and slider variables.

In terms of documentation, FlyCoffee does not disappoint. It has a well-written documentation file that offers to guide you through the site creation process. Even novice users can become overnight experts. Every single post can be showcased on high resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. In addition, the layout is completely responsive. Patrons can access you menu or blog from their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs. With a standard license, all users will benefit from guaranteed quality checks from Envato, and a series of future updates. For more information regarding this template and its features, be sure to access the live preview. It is free of charge.

Delimondo 2.0


Delimondo 2.0 is an HTML template that will never let you down. It can facilitate the construction of incredible restaurant pages, given its sizable roster of modern features. This product incorporates an innovative mobile swipe menu, specifically designed for hand-held devices. The entire layout is responsive and it offers cross-browser support. Resizing issues will never bother any Delimondo 2.0 user. Every single page can be displayed in either a wide format, or a boxed format. Fully-functional newsletter and contact forms were incorporated. You will be able to send out informative newsletters on a regular basis, teasing you fine dishes or upcoming events.

Coders can rejoice, knowing that Delimondo 2.0 has a very well-organized and streamlined code. Everything is where it needs to be, making it easier to modify your template. Depending on your needs, you can create a smaller one page site, or a sprawling multi-page version. It should also be mentioned that 400 amazing Font Awesome Icons were made available for all users. The template supports various Parallax and Ken Burns effects, enhancing the look and charm of the customer’s restaurant page. It is also possible to integrate multiple video files, showcasing the venues atmosphere and cuisine.



Do you want to swiftly and easily design a quality site, without having to cut corners? Thankfully, HTML templates such as Massive come as a response to that need. This product is massive, as it incorporates a large number of modern features. Each function was implemented in order to attract more clients to your restaurant website, thus increasing your bottom line. The web development process will only take a few moments, thanks to the intuitive nature of Massive. Every important building block is available, and you only have to worry about assembly. You can use it for event, online app, blog, eCommerce, Parallax, Fashion, Spa, Restaurant, and Magazine sites. Regardless of your niche, the pages themselves will look incredible.

Your content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. The layout is responsive, and it will not experience any resizing errors. Every user will receive some free updates that promise to fix issues and expand the template’s capabilities. Numerous blog layouts are available, along with some Font Awesome Icons. Should any issues arise, do not hesitate to consult the online documentation source. It can act as a tutorial, given that it contains information regarding every Massive feature. It should also be mentioned that the template is optimized for search engines.



KALLYAS is an exquisite HTML template that can improve your website. It is very versatile, as it can adapt to almost any market niche. It takes into account the needs of all customers, resulting in an ideal browsing experience for both clients and site owners. If any issues arise, it is possible to consult the KALLYAS support forum. You can also leave some constructive feedback in order to drive further improvements. The template is based on mobile friendly Bootstrap template and comes with 14 distinct home page variations. Regardless of your business’s main goals, it is always profitable to consider online merchandising. KALLYAS has some charming, new eCommerce pages that allow you to design and maintain a professional and trustworthy online store.

There is an unlimited number of color customization settings, making it possible for users to create a restaurant page that perfectly matches their vision. The template has a staggering variety of practical sliders: Laptop Slider, Fancy Slider, 3D Cute Slider, iOS slider, and many more. KALLYAS incorporates pricing tables for menu items, and a photo gallery that can showcase your selections. Animated headers are also available. For new users, web development might be a little intimidating. Thankfully, you will have access to a well-written documentation source that can guide your through the installation process.

All above listed are HTML website templates but if you are looking for some templates that are suited to be used with CMS, you might want to check these restaurant WordPress themes.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review: A Brand New Multi-Purpose Theme

Uplift WordPress Theme Review FT

Uplift is one the newest multi-purpose themes available for WordPress. Therefore, if you’re looking for an innovative design for your website, as well as all the latest features and functionality, this Uplift WordPress theme review will tell you everything you need to know about this new product.

This theme includes a number of demos that cover a range of different types of website. There’s also plenty of customization settings and options to make use of, as well as a selection of premium plugins available, at no extra cost.

In this Uplift WordPress theme review, we’ll look at the features in more depth, before checking out the user experience and finding out what it takes to create a professional WordPress website with Uplift.

Uplift WordPress Theme Features

Uplift WordPress Theme Review App

Uplift is packed with countless features, making it a competitive theme in the multi-purpose category. As well as a strong design, Uplift has plenty of tools and pre-built layouts and templates to help you build the website you need. So let’s explore those features in more detail to help you decide if this is the right theme for you.

Uplift Design and Appearance

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Design

Uplift certainly sounds like an interesting WordPress theme. Therefore, it’s a great relief to see that this is a theme with a professional design and appearance. Thanks to the support for full-width background images and video, stylish typography choices, and clean and crisp layouts, Uplift would be a great choice for any website that requires a professional and modern design.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Appearance

All of the individual components that make up the Uplift WordPress theme have been thoughtfully created. Not only does the homepage look great, but also, as you explore the templates and layouts of the inner pages of the demo websites, you soon realize that this extends to all aspects of the theme.

Uplift Website Demos

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Demos

Uplift’s six demos might not be enough to rival some of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes in terms of sheer quantity. However, how many demos do you really need? You can only use one at a time, so if any of the six demos of Uplift appeal, this relative lack of options shouldn’t deter you from choosing this theme.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Main Demo

The Uplift demos are distinctly different enough from each other to cover a wide range of types and styles of websites. Among the options, you’ll find a general all-rounder that could easily be used for many different types of project.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Agency Demo

Then there’s the Agency demo. This option is perfect for promoting your services or solutions online, whether you’re working for a large corporation, on your own as a freelancer, or somewhere in-between. The Agency demo has a great fixed sidebar layout, which makes a nice change from the standard WordPress website layouts. You’ll also find a powerful portfolio section for highlighting your work and impressing potential clients.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Cafe Demo

Moving on to the Cafe demo, you’ll find a ready-made option that is ideal for creating a website for a cafe, restaurant, or other types of culinary destination. The big and bold design of the Cafe demo will help your business and its website stand out from the competition. Whether you want to publish your menu online or just give your potential patrons a taste of what to expect, the Uplift Cafe demo is a flexible option.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Goods Demo

If you’re creating an online shop, then the Goods demo is the logical choice for your project. Thanks to Uplift’s full support for the WooCommerce plugin, your online store will not only have all the behind the scenes power that is required, but also the design and appearance needed to become a success.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Startup Demo

The Startup demo is another good choice for a range of businesses. Although well suited to modern tech startups, this demo can easily be adapted for a range of projects, simply by uploading your own choice of images and choosing the appropriate page layouts from the assorted selection.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Hero

Finally, the Landing demo is on hand to help you create a page to promote your product or service, with the highest conversion rates possible. The Lading demo homepage layout makes it easy to publish the key information about your project, along with a selection of images. This can really help you convey the benefits of your product or service to your visitors.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tool

Page Builder Tools

If those six different website demos aren’t enough, then you can use the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin that is included in the package. At the time or writing, the premium Visual Composer includes 54 useful elements. These modules can be dragged and dropped into your page layouts, making it easy to add advanced features to your content and make your website more effective at communicating with your visitors.

As well as creating custom page designs from scratch, Visual Composer can be used to edit any of the Uplift demos, as well as the selection of pre-built templates included in the theme package.

To give you even more flexibility and options, when it comes to creating custom page designs, the Uplift theme also includes the Swift Page Builder, a tool created by the same team as this theme. The Swift Page Builder works in a similar way to Visual Composer, allowing you to create custom page layouts then populate them with a selection of useful content elements.

42 Pre-Built Page Templates

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Page Template

No matter which of the demos you choose, whether that’s the default demo or one of the other options, you’ll be able to use the 42 page templates to build out the rest of the content for your website.

These templates include a selection of different “about us” page designs; a range of business-focused layouts, such as a “meet the team”, “our offices” and “pricing information”; multiple “contact page” designs; a few service page templates; and a number of “coming soon”, “maintenance”, and “404 error page” templates.

Multiple Portfolio Layout Options

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Portoflio

Among the page templates included in the Uplift WordPress theme, you’ll find a good selection in the portfolio category. These portfolio templates cover a range of styles and layouts, including single and multi-column designs, full width and grid layouts, plus many more options.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Portfolio Item

These pre-built designs help make Uplift a great choice for creating an online portfolio with WordPress.

Slide Show Tools

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Swift Slider

Every modern website seems to have some type of slideshow and if you choose Uplift, your website can have one too. Whether you want to create an attention-grabbing animated slider for your website’s homepage, or use them to display your photos and portfolio items on the inner pages of your site, Uplift, and its two slider tools give you plenty of options.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review WooCommerce Slider

The Swift Slider – from the same team that created the Uplift theme – is an easy-to-use tool that will help you quickly add slideshows to your website. On the other hand, the Slider Revolution plugin from ThemePunch allows you to create advanced animated slideshows that do a great job of displaying everything from blog posts to products from your store.

Content Meta Options

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Meta Options

When creating a piece of content on your website, such as a new blog post, Uplift gives you an extra set of controls to make use of. The Meta Options panel is displayed on the WordPress editor screen and gives you much more control over how your content will look and function, compared to what would otherwise be possible.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Meta Options Download

Full Ecommerce Support

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Ecommerce

Whether you choose the ecommerce-focused Goods demo or not, your Uplift-powered WordPress website will be fully ecommerce ready. While the powerful WooCommerce plugin provides you with everything you need to manage your inventory, process orders, and complete all of the other tasks associated with running an online shop, Uplift gives you plenty of options for how your store and products will look.

This includes attractive designs for all the core store pages of your shop, such as the checkout and cart pages, as well as three different shop styles and three different product display layouts.

Other Features of the Uplift WordPress Theme

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Testimonials

As well as all of the above great features of the Uplift WordPress theme, you also get:

  • Library of elements to help upgrade your content
  • Multiple header layouts
  • Client list and testimonial publishing tools
  • Directory and listing website capabilities
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) code for more traffic
  • Online documentation and video tutorials

Uplift really is packed with features. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you check out the full theme details and online demo to get the full details of what this theme offers.

Uplift WordPress Theme User Experience

Uplift sure has some great features and plenty of good reasons why it might be the right choice for your website. However, the user experience is perhaps the most important aspects of any WordPress theme.

Thankfully, Uplift gets a lot right when it comes to setting up and managing your WordPress website. The installation process is very straightforward. Simply upload the theme file, through your WordPress Dashboard, and then install and activate the recommended and required plugins. This all takes a few clicks and in a matter of minutes, your website will be ready for your content.

However, as Uplift includes a good selection of high-quality demos you’ll probably want to import one of them into your website. Doing so gives you a great foundation, and although using one of the demos is optional, it can really help your project get off to a good start.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Import Demo

Some themes make importing the demo content quite a protracted experience. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Uplift. In fact, this theme has one of the best demo content import tools around. Simply choose a demo, then select what you’d like to import (a decision you don’t often get the opportunity to make), and then sit back and wait for the process to run.

Whether you decide to import a demo or not, your next task is probably going to be to explore the theme optins and configure how your website will look and function.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Theme Options

The Uplift theme options are vast. You can customize nearly every aspect of your website, all through a visual control panel. If you really want a good amount of control over your website, then you’ll really appreciate this feature. However, if you don’t have much interest in diving deep into the theme settings and options, the good news is you can leave most of these in their default configuration and everything will work just fine.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Customizer

Some of the Uplift theme settings can be accessed through the front-end interface of the WordPress Customizer tool. This is great to see and is a much better way of working, thanks to the live, real-time feedback that the Customizer offers. It would be nice if more settings, such as typography, where accessible through the Customizer.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Customizer Color

Once you’ve tweaked the settings, you can move onto adding your content to the site. The Uplift theme adds a number of custom post types to your WordPress website. This makes it easier to organize and publish the different types of content on your website.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Custom Post Types

Through the different custom post types, you can add portfolios, galleries, team member profiles, client details, testimonials, FAQ items, directory listings, ecommerce products, and of course standard pages and blog posts.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Clients

Uplift WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Uplift WordPress Theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This includes lifetime access to future theme updates and 6 months of support from the theme developers. You can extend this support period for an extra 6 months by paying an additional $17.70.

Considering you get a powerful theme that can be used to create almost any type of website, not to mention a good selection of premium WordPress plugins, $59 is a great price for this type of product.

Uplift WordPress Theme Review Final Thoughts

Uplift is a really impressive WordPress theme. It’s fair to say that no matter what type of website you want to build, Uplift can help you complete your project.

The demos are all well designed and the large selection of pre-built templates means that you’ll rarely have to design a page from scratch. If you do, the two page builder tools make light work of creating custom layouts and designs for your content.

Uplift does give you a lot of control over how your website can look. This is achieved through the detailed theme options panel and the individual controls that are available when publishing new content on your site. However, if you don’t want or need this granular level of control over the inner workings of your website, you can ignore all these settings, safe in the knowledge that out of the box, Uplift is ready to go.

Uplift is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme that is packed with features, looks great, and has a wealth of customization options and settings. If you want a theme that is ready for any type of project, from news websites and online portfolios, to ecommerce stores and agency homepages, Uplift comes highly recommended.

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BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review: For Creative Online Portfolios

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review FT

If you’re a creative who hosts their work on Behance, then the BeAwesome WordPress theme we’re reviewing today will be of particular interest to you.

On the other hand, if you’re not on Behance or you don’t yet have a suitable online portfolio, by the end of this article you’ll have been introduced to a solution to your problem. A solution that can help you gain more exposure, land more clients, and forge more connections in your chosen field.

What we are looking at today is a way to create a stylish website for your online portfolio, whilst also having the option of leveraging the power of one of the most popular online communities for creative types that is Behance.

The BeAwesome WordPress theme featured in this review aims to make creating a stylish and professional online portfolio as easy as possible. The BeAwesome theme also has the ability to integrate any of the work you are hosting on Behance, and display it on your website as part of your own personal portfolio.

If you’re a creative – whether that’s as a designer, illustrator, photographer, or in some other form – and you want a way to make an impact online, then the BeAwesome theme aims to help you meet your goals.

BeAwesome Theme Review Portfolio

About the BeAwesome WordPress Theme

As mentioned BeAwesome is a modern portfolio WordPress theme. This theme has been build for amateur creatives and professional visual artists looking for a quick and easy way to present their work online in stylish surroundings.

Furthermore, as this theme has been built to integrate WordPress with the Behance online portfolio service from Adobe, you won’t have two portfolios to manage. Neither will you have to decide between maintaining your own website and leveraging the power of one of the largest online communities for creatives.

With BeAwesome, you can do both with ease. This theme enables you to create your own website but still display your work on Behance. This allows you to gain more exposure for your projects through the Behance community, while still having your own professional portfolio that you can show to new clients and potential collaborators.

Behance is a great service and hosting your work there has many benefits. However, sometimes it’s more appropriate to present your work in isolation, on your own website that you have total control over, rather than alongside the work of countless other talented artists.

That is why the BeAwesome WordPress theme was created and thanks to its close integration with Behance, you can have the best of both worlds without duplicating your efforts. So let’s take a look at the other highlights of this theme, before exploring what it’s like to use when it comes to building a stylish online portfolio with WordPress.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review: Design and Appearance

BeAwesome Theme Review Homepage

It’s always important that a WordPress theme looks good. But this is much more important when it comes to themes that have been built to help artists and creatives publish their work online.

Thankfully, BeAwesome doesn’t disappoint in this department. The design and appearance of this theme is very original and will make a big impact on your visitors. Furthermore, if you’ve rejected WordPress in the past as the platform for your website, thanks to BeAwesome, it’s time to reevaluate that positon.

BeAwesome Theme Review Portfolio Section

BeAwesome looks nothing like a typical WordPress theme and your online portfolio will look nothing like a typical WordPress website. For starters, there’s no uniform two-column layout. You won’t find a fixed sidebar of widgets here. Neither will you see a standard header navigation area.

BeAwesome Theme Review Menu

With the BeAwesome theme, your website will have a unique yet intuitive user interface, replacing the boring fixed horizontal set of links and drop down menus found on nearly all other WordPress websites. Even regular website staples like vertical scrollbars are used sparingly by BeAwesome. In fact, it’s fair to say that this is one of the least obvious WordPress themes out there at the moment.

So if you’ve not been a fan of WordPress in the past, or you feel that your current WordPress website could do with a makeover, it’s definitely time to take a closer look at BeAwesome.

BeAwesome Portfolio Pages

BeAwesome Theme Review Transition Screen

When creating a website with BeAwesome, your portfolio can be divided up into easy to manage categories. Furthermore, each of your portfolio pieces gets its own section on your site and as mentioned, you have the option of importing your work from Behance. Another nice touch is the stylish transition screens that are displayed while the main portfolio content is loading.

BeAwesome Theme Review Portfolio Cover

Once the individual portfolio piece has loaded, your visitors can then scroll down the page to view all the content in that project. This content can be a combination of text, images, and video, arranged in any order you see fit.

Attractive Blog Design

Another highlight of the BeAwesome online portfolio theme design is its blog templates. If you want to blog about your work or other aspects of your life, then BeAwesome can provide you with the perfect environment.

BeAwesome Theme Review Blog

The blog archive page has been designed to display your latest posts in style while the individual post templates include a large featured image that is sure to impress your readers. The typography choices work really well together and the lack of a sidebar on the default single blog post template does a great job of letting your content breathe and take center stage.

BeAwesome Theme Review Blog Post

Blogging can be a great way to better connect with your target audience and bring more traffic to your website. By taking advantage of the fundamentals of content marketing, each blog post that you publish increases the chances of your online portfolio being discovered.

Whether that’s from people searching Google and finding your blog posts, stumbling across a shared article on social media, or following a link to your content on another website, the more you blog, the more visibility your work will have. For all but the most modest of artists, exposure is something we can all benefit from.

About Page Layout

BeAwesome Theme Review About

If you want to share your story with the world, there’s an interesting about page template that you can make use of. This allows you to publish more information about the person behind the work.

Overall, the design and appearance of the BeAwesome WordPress theme will do a great job of presenting your portfolio of work. With stylish looks and engaging animation and interaction effects, this theme will help you create a captivating home for your projects.

BeDojo – Behance Works WordPress Portfolio Plugin

One of the core features of the BeAwesome theme is that it makes use of the BeDojo WordPress plugin, also from Themes-Dojo – the creators of this WordPress theme.

Therefore, if you’re an artist who’s seeking a way to import all of your Behance portfolio projects into a WordPress website, this theme and plugin combination are just what you’ve been looking for.

The integration process is very simple and once the connection between your WordPress website and Behance account has been made, you’ll be able to import your content into your website with ease.

Thanks to the filter features of the plugin, you can choose which of your work from Behance is imported into your WordPress website. You also have a good amount of control over how that content is displayed, including three grid layout modes, and a detailed portfolio manager interface.

Like the rest of the BeAwesome theme, the Behance content you import into your website is fully responsive for easy viewing on small screen mobile devices.

Normally the BeDojo WordPress plugins costs $18, but by choosing the BeAwesome theme, it’s included in the package at no extra cost to you.

Using the BeAwesome WordPress Theme

When it comes to creating an online portfolio with WordPress and the BeAwesome theme, the process is very straightforward. After installing and activating the theme and the included BeDojo plugin, you can get started by creating a new page and then choosing from one of the homepage templates included in the package.

BeAwesome Theme Review Template

Once you’ve applied a template to this page, you can then set it as the homepage of your website through the WordPress settings screen.

If you are importing content from your Behance portfolio, you can then switch to the BeDojo section of your WordPress admin area and decide which projects you want to display on the homepage of your website.

As well as choosing which projects to display on the homepage of your website, you can also control which projects from Behance are displayed in the portfolio section of your website. Again, this all takes place through the BeDojo section of your WordPress dashboard. Hiding items here will prevent them from being displayed in the online portfolio area of your WordPress website.

Creating the about page follows a similar approach. Get started by creating a new page, and then apply the FullScreen Page template to the page. You can then add your content to the page through the WordPress editor.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review: Customization Options

BeAwesome Theme Review Customizer

When it comes to personalizing your website, you can use the WordPress Customizer to modify the appearance of the theme.

Through the Customizer, you can change the main logo of your website, personalize the colors used by the menu, modify the appearance of the preloader, and a lot more, all with a live preview of your changes as you make them.

BeAwesome Theme Review Customizer Blog Settings

The Customizer also makes it easy to quickly change the blog hero image, as well as the typography settings for your written content.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Pricing Information

The BeAwesome WordPress theme is a commercial product and it can be purchased from the popular ThemeForest marketplace at a competitive price.

As mentioned, this price includes the premium BeDojo plugin that will connect your WordPress website to your Behance portfolio and then import your work into your new online website. This not only helps you to save $18 but also removes much of the time and effort required in managing and integrating your online portfolios.

As part of your purchase, you get access to lifetime product updates and six months of support from the theme developers.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

As you can see from this BeAwesome WordPress theme review, this product has a very impressive design. This template really doesn’t look like your typical WordPress theme, and thanks to its unique layout and navigation system, neither will your portfolio look like a typical WordPress website.

When it comes to the technology on offer here, BeAwesome is a simple yet effect WordPress theme.

Apart from the purpose built BeDojo plugin – which handles the Behance integration – BeAwesome doesn’t rely on or require additional plugins to do its job. This helps simplify the user experience, both from the perspective of a webmaster and the end users. There are fewer plugins to keep up to date, and less fancy widgets to distract your visitors, allowing them to focus on your work instead.

Even the BeAwesome theme modification controls are delivered through a core component of WordPress, in the form of the Customizer interface. This is opposed to relying on a custom built theme options control panel, as is often seen elsewhere. This helps to make it much easier for new WordPress users to personalize their website, while also being familiar to more experienced users.

If you’re already active on Behance, then choosing BeAwesome is the obvious next step when it comes to promoting your work online and building up your own independent portfolio.

However, even if you aren’t using Behance, this theme is still a good solution for those in need of a modern online portfolio for their work. Thanks to the seamless Behance integration, if you’ve been thinking about joining this online community, now with BeAwesome, you have a great reason to do so.

If you’re ready to take your online portfolio to the next level, then the BeAwesome theme and WordPress come highly recommended.

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Mobirise Review: A Free Drag-and-Drop Website Builder Tool for Beginners

Mobirise Review FT

In this hands-on Mobirise review, we’ll be looking at a free web design tool that’s suitable for beginners who want to create their own websites with ease.

Mobirise runs on Windows and Mac devices and can be used on or offline to create entire websites, landing pages, resumes, portfolios, and most of the other types of online content you can think of. There’s also an Android version available, which you can use on smartphones and tablets running this mobile operating system.

As we’ll see in this Mobirise review, this website builder has been created to be easy to use for non-coders, while also aiming to enable developers to work faster. It’s also free to use, with premium extensions available if needed.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a tool to help you create professional looking websites more efficiently, this solution could be just what you’re looking for. To find out if this is the right web design tool for you, let’s start this Mobirise review with an overview of the features, before checking out the user experience.

Mobirise Review: Features and Functionality

Mobirise Review Website Builder Tool

As mentioned in the introduction to this Mobirise review, this web design tool is an offline app that can be installed and run on Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android devices. The aim of Mobirise is to cut down the development time involved in building web pages and enable non-coders to create attractive websites as quickly as possible.

So let’s take a look at the Mobirise features that will help you to create stylish, modern websites with ease.

Drag-and-Drop Website Builder Interface

Mobirise Review UI

One of the key features of Mobirise is its drag-and-drop, point-and-click user interface. Once you’ve fired up the app, you can simply start creating your web page designs by clicking on the canvas and then interacting with the context-sensitive controls that are displayed.

Mobirise Review Text Editing

For example, clicking on a text area allows you to start typing to directly edit the existing content or begin adding your own. While working, a handy text-related tool bar is displayed, giving you instant access to formatting controls.

Mobirise Review Element Edit

Clicking on the other elements that make up your designs, such as a button, displays the controls for that type of element. Depending on the element you have selected, these controls could let you change its appearance, such as the color, or the way it functions, such as the link it will take a user to when clicked.

Mobirise Review Blocks

As Mobirise uses a block system, you can easily add new blocks to your page design, simply by clicking on the appropriate icon. We’ll look at the pre-built blocks in more detail in the next section, but in short, they provide a quick and easy way to add popular sections to your pages, such as headers, menus, and footer areas.

Mobirise Review Header Parameters

Each block or section of your page can be dragged into a new position. These blocks also have their own settings that allow you to change their parameters or properties. Depending on the block being customized, these parameters could cover their background image or video, scrolling effects, the title, and other properties.

Mobirise Review Responsive Preview

While working in the Mobirise app, you can instantly preview your page design in a web browser by clicking on the appropriate icon. You can also change the viewfinder size in the app interface, allowing you to get a better sense of what your page will look like on a tablet or smartphone screen.

Selection of Pre-Built Page Blocks

Mobirise Review Blocks

As mentioned, web pages created with Mobirise consist of one or more blocks. There’s a good selection of pre-built blocks to choose from, each of which can be dragged-and-dropped into your designs to build your pages.

Mobirise Review Drag Block

These blocks are divided up into a few categories including menus, headers, sliders, media displays, content areas, article content, info panels, testimonials, social media sections, pricing tables, forms, maps, and footers.

Depending on the block category, you might have multiple options to choose from, such as five different header layouts or three different types of Google Map blocks. This gives you plenty of flexibility covering, how the different components of your pages, such as the content areas or image galleries will look.

Mobirise Review Header Block

This means that when adding a header section to your site, you’ll have a few different options to choose from. The Mobirise selection of header blocks combine text, images, and buttons in different ways, helping you to choose the right design for your web page.

Mobirise Review Gallery

Adding responsive image galleries to your page designs is easy with Mobirise. This is again thanks to the selection of blocks on offer. When creating an image gallery, you also have the option of setting your images to open in a lightbox window, improving the user experience for your visitors.

Mobirise Review Content Block

There’s also a good selection of content blocks to make use of. With Mobirise, you can mix and match the different blocks or reuse them multiple times on the same page. This means there really is no limit to the form your designs can take.

Mobirise Review Block Edit

Once you’ve dragged a new block into your page design, you can then customize it by clicking on the parameters icon. Then, depending on the type of block, you can personalize how it looks and functions in a number of different ways. This could include changing the background image, adding your own content, turning certain elements on or off, or customizing it in some other way.

As the whole Mobirise user interface is based on the drag-and-drop, point-and-click system, changing the order of your blocks or customizing their content is very straightforward.

Fully Responsive Design Built on the Bootstrap Framework

Mobirise Review Bootstrap

In this day and age, every website needs to be mobile-friendly. Ensuring your website can be easily accessed on a small screen mobile device not helps deliver a positive user experience, leading to more interactions and conversions on your site, but it can also help improve the rank of your content in the search engines. This, in turn, can lead to more traffic to your site.

Thankfully, the websites and pages you can create with Mobirise are built on the popular Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a fully mobile-responsive codebase that ensures your designs will look great, no matter what screen size they are being viewed on.

When using Mobirise, the mobile responsiveness of your website and its pages extends to all aspects of your designs. This starts with the layouts of your pages, but also goes through to the individual elements that make up your designs.

This means that your sliders, image galleries, menus, maps, and more, will all be easily accessible on smartphones and tablets. The best part of this is that you really don’t need to do anything extra to create truly mobile-friendly designs – Mobirise is mobile-friendly by default.

Additional Extensions and Themes

Mobirise Review Add-ons

Although the core Mobirise software is free, including the great selection of pre-built page blocks, this web drag-and-drop design tool can be enhanced by installing the additional extensions and themes that are available for it. Some of these upgrades are free to use, while others can be purchased for a small fee.

Mobirise Review Theme Uprgrade

It’s always good to have additional options on offer when using a tool like Mobirise. However, the current selection of upgrades is quite small. While there are useful add-ons already available, hopefully, the library will be expanded in the future to provide even more options.

The process for installing the add-ons is as easy as clicking on the appropriate icon and then making a payment if necessary. After doing this, you can then add the new block to your web page designs, or in the case of the Purity theme, use the new style in your project.

Part of the rise in popularity of WordPress, the number one web publishing software, is the large number of third-party plugins and themes available for it. Therefore, adding more themes and extensions to the list should help Mobirise become a more useful, and in turn, popular tool.

Shopping Cart and Ecommerce Capabilities

Mobirise Review Shopping Cart

You might’ve noticed that one of the optional add-ons for Mobirise is the PayPal shopping cart extension. This recently released module allows you to list items for sale on your Mobirise-created website and collect payments via the leading PayPal payment processor.

The ecommerce capabilities of Mobirise and its shopping cart extensions can’t compete with open source, online store builder software like WooCommerce for WordPress or Magento. However, for simple online stores and product listings, it’s a good option.

By combining this feature with the pricing table content block, you can easily use Mobirise to sell your products and services online, in style.

Mobirise Code Editor

Mobirise Review Code Editor

Another of the optional upgrades for Mobirise is the premium Code Editor extension. Activating this extension on your website allows you to click on a block that you’ve added to your page and then edit the underlying HTML and CSS. The Code Editor feature also includes a nice preview mode that allows you to see what effect your changes will have, before you save them.

Unlike the rest of Mobirise, this feature isn’t for beginner web designers. However, it does open up a whole world of new possibilities for those with some HTML and CSS skills. From tweaking the existing HTML and CSS of the blocks that make up Mobirise, through to creating your own designs by hand, this is another really useful upgrade that those seeking more control over their pages will appreciate.

Saving and Publishing Your Work

Mobirise Review Publish

As mentioned, you can preview your web page designs at any point, simply by clicking on the preview icon. This opens the page up in your system’s default web browser. Once you’re happy with your work, as well as during the design process, you can save your page designs at the touch of a button.

Mobirise Review Publish Options

Furthermore, Mobirise makes it very easy to publish your work. By clicking on the publish button, you can save your work to your Google Drive, upload it to a webserver via FTP, or save the files locally.

Mobirise Review FTP

If you do want to upload your web pages to your web hosting server, in order to make them available on the internet, you can do so from within Mobirise. After entering the details of your FTP account, you can upload your files at the touch of a button. The Mobirise FTP manager makes it easy to store multiple accounts, for the different projects you are working on.

The internal FTP tool is a really handy feature of Mobirise. It removes another step from the traditional process of uploading web pages to a web server, helping to save you time and effort when publishing your work.

How to Create a Website with Mobirise

OK, so now that we’ve covered the features of this free drag-and-drop website builder tool, you’re probably wondering how easy it is to use? Well the good news is that Mobirise is exceptionally easy to create a website or individual web pages with.

After downloading and installing the free app, you can start creating your web page designs, whether you’re connected to the internet or not.

Once you’ve fired up Mobirise, you’ll be presented with a demo web page that you can either use as the foundation for your site or discard completely and start from scratch.

Mobirise Review New Page

Creating new pages is easy and when doing so, you have the option of cloning an existing page or starting with a blank canvas.

Mobirise Review Blank Canvas

Whether you use the example page or not, you can begin building your page by dragging the available blocks onto the workspace. Then you can use the point-and-click interface to select an item and start modifying it so that it better meets your needs.

Mobirise Review Button Color

You can also customize the general settings of each block. This includes what components are displayed, or which background image is used.

Mobirise Review Slideshow Edit

If you’ve chosen to enable the optional code editor extension, you can also modify the underlying HTML and CSS to get a custom look for your website.

Mobirise Review Edit Code

Once you’re happy with your web page, you can either save it locally, upload it to your Google Drive, or publish it online via FTP. Then it’s just a case of creating the additional pages for your website and linking them together via the menu blocks.

Mobirise Review Conclusion

Mobirise is a very easy to use free website builder tool. It’s a lot easier to use than WordPress, another popular free online publishing tool. However, Mobirise is much more limited in terms of the type of websites and pages you can create with it.

These limitations aren’t all bad, though. One benefit of them is that there’s less that can go wrong and fewer opportunities to go off course when creating your pages. However, if you have more advanced needs or non-standard requirements that aren’t covered by Mobirise, you don’t really have many options for getting the results you want.

Another point to consider is that Mobirise isn’t an all-in-one web design solution like Squarespace. Hosting isn’t included as part of the service. This means that you will have to make your own web hosting arrangements. This is neither good nor bad. As you can use Mobirise with any web host, you get plenty of freedom to choose a service that meets your budget and requirements. However, it’s another step that needs to be added to the website creation process when using Mobirise.

Overall, the pages you can create with Mobirise will have a modern look and feel. The selection of blocks is relatively small, but they definitely cover all the standard elements a typical website will need. There are limitations, but these actually help to make Mobirise easier to use and a tool that even those new to web design will be able to use to make an attractive website.

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H-Code WordPress Theme Review: A Truly Multipurpose WordPress Theme

H-Code WordPress Theme Review

In this H-Code WordPress theme review, we’ll be looking at this newly released theme that aims to help you create any type of website with WordPress.

We’ll start with a run-down of the best features of H-Code, before moving on to the user experience to see how easy it is to create a modern and stylish website with this theme.

By the end of this H-Code WordPress theme review, you’ll know whether this is the right tool to help you create your new website or not.

Who Should Use H-Code?

H-Code Theme Review Demo Fashion

As we’ll soon see in this H-Code WordPress theme review, one of the key features of this template is that is includes a vast array of pre-built demos. These demo websites can be imported into your WordPress site in just a few clicks.

These demos cover a wide range of project types, helping to make this a truly multipurpose theme that can be used to build almost any type of website. If one of the demos matches up with your project, then you will find it very quick and easy to create your website with H-Code.

If there isn’t a pre-built demo that closely matches your vision and project specification, that doesn’t mean this theme isn’t for you. Thanks to the ability to mix and match the library of pre-built page templates and layouts, not to mention the wealth of customization features, it means that while it might take you a bit longer, you should still be able to get your website online without too much trouble.

In short, if you are looking for a flexible theme that can be used to create almost any type of website, with plenty of customization options to help you make it stand out from the crowd, you should definitely consider H-Code and read the rest of this review to find out more about this multipurpose WordPress theme.

H-Code WordPress Theme Review: Features

As mentioned, H-Code is a feature packed WordPress theme that aims to help you build any type of website. So, let’s take a look at those features in more detail to help you decide if they offer what you need for your project.

Modern Responsive Design

H-Code WordPress theme review Main Demo

Perhaps the most important aspect of any WordPress theme is its design and appearance – at least when it comes to making an initial decision on which theme to choose. While the attractiveness of a website is mostly subjective, there are some designs that nearly everyone can agree look great.

H-Code WordPress Theme Review Demo Spa

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that H-Code has a visual style that will appeal to a wide audience. Throughout the multiple demos and pre-built page layouts of this WordPress theme, you’ll find a stylish and modern appearance that will be suitable for anyone attempting to create a professional looking website.

H-Code Theme Review Demo Blog

To help ensure your website will work on any modern device, H-Code is fully responsive. This means your website will look just as good on a smartphone as it does on a large high-end retina-ready desktop monitor. This is possible thanks to the fact that H-Code has been developed using HTML5 and the popular Bootstrap framework.

However, as we’ll soon see, H-Code has something for everyone, including many customization options to help make it a truly flexible WordPress theme.

Website Demos and Pre-Built Pages

H-Code Theme Review Demos

When creating a website with H-Code, you’ll have an impressive number of pre-built demos to choose from.

H-Code Theme Review Import Demo

These demos span a range of categories including one-page websites, multi-page sites, blogs, portfolios, online shops, coming soon and maintenance pages, plus much more.

H-Code Theme Review One-Page Demos

For each type of demo, such as an online shop or agency website, you’ll find multiple variations to suit a range of different projects.

H-Code Theme Review Blog Demos

As well as the full website demos, H-Code provides you with a number of pre-built page layouts for use on your website.

H-Code Theme Review About Page

These pre-built templates include an about page for displaying information regarding your website, company, or business.

H-Code Theme Review Team Page

The team members pre-built page template provides an easy way introduce your team and display their individual profiles.

H-Code Theme Review Services

There are also services, testimonials, clients, and FAQ page templates to make use of when setting up your website.

H-Code Theme Review Blog

When it comes to displaying your blog posts, you’re again spoilt for choice. With the H-Code theme, there are multiple grid and masonry layouts to choose from. You’ll also find a whole range of individual blog post templates with different sidebar and content configurations, including some with slideshow headers.

H-Code Theme Review Portfolio

If you’re planning to create an online portfolio with WordPress, H-Code has some useful website demos to choose from. You can also use the selection of portfolio page templates to add this type of content to your website, no matter which of the main demos you are using.

H-Code Theme Review Portfolio Info

Although it depends on which portfolio template you choose, this important part of your website won’t simply contain a few images from your project and some text. The H-Code portfolio layouts include a slideshow for displaying a collection of relevant images, feedback from clients, and other related information to help explain the process behind the project.

Full Ecommerce Support

H-Code Theme Review Ecommerce

For those of you who are planning to start an online shop, H-Code has the full set of page templates for every part of your ecommerce store.

H-Code Theme Review Ecommerce Products

These ecommerce templates cover all the essential online shop pages, including the homepage of your store, the product listings page, and the individual product pages.

H-Code Theme Review Ecommerce Single Product

You’ll also find templates for the shopping cart and checkout pages, helping to create a consistent user experience throughout your online store.

H-Code Theme Customization Options

H-Code Theme Review Options Panel

You can make a wide range of changes to your website through the detailed H-Code theme options control panel. These settings are broken down into a range of categories, giving you a good amount of control over how your site looks and functions.

H-Code Theme Review Headers

Through the theme options, you can choose which of the pre-built header styles you’d like to use on your site. You can also customize their appearance by uploading your own header logos and background images.

H-Code Theme Review Page Titles

The H-Code theme settings also give you a great selection of page title styles to choose from. By changing this setting, you can really give your content an upgraded look.

H-Code Theme Review Fonts

Through the Fonts section of the options panel, you can change the appearance of the text on your website – and with over 600 Google Fonts to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can also customize the text size for the individual styles in use on your site, such as paragraphs and headings.

H-Code Theme Review Colors

The color settings are equally impressive. With detailed controls for the background colors, header colors, and text colors, you can apply really unique color palettes to your website, in just a few clicks.

Other elements of your website that you can customize through the theme options control panel include the layout settings, with detailed settings for each post type and section of your site; social sharing link settings for regular content and the ecommerce store products; and detailed settings for customizing the footer area of your website.

You can also import the demo content through the appropriate section of the theme options control panel.

H-Code Theme Review Page Settings

With H-Code installed on your WordPress website, you can change some of the settings at the individual page level too. These page settings cover the layout, the header style, which menu you want to display, the scrolling effect for the page, and what content you’d like to display in the footer areas. This is a useful feature as it allows you to customize the content surrounding your posts and pages for greater levels of interaction and improved goal conversion rates.

H-Code Theme Review Customizer

With H-Code, there’s limited support for the WordPress Customizer. However, thanks to the detailed theme options settings and the drag-and-drop page builder tool, you won’t have any problems customizing your website.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tool

H-Code Theme Review Visual Composer Front-End

To help you create your own custom page layouts and edit the pre-built demos and templates, the H-Code theme includes the premium Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin.

H-Code Theme Review Visual Composer Back-End

Visual Composer gives you the option of working in either it’s front-end or back-end user interfaces, as you add rows and columns to your pages to build custom layouts.

H-Code Theme Review Visual Composer Elements

Your custom layouts can then be populated with the many elements that come with Visual Composer, including a selection of custom elements created especially for the H-Code theme.

Shortcode Library

H-Code Theme Review Shortcodes Features

The H-Code WordPress theme features an impressive library of shortcodes. These shortcodes can be used to insert a range of useful elements into your content via the Visual Composer page builder tool.

H-Code Theme Review Progress Bar

Examples of the types of elements you can add to your posts and pages include tabs, image sliders, counters, feature boxes, accordions, and much more. Having access to a library of page elements makes it easy to upgrade your content, in just a few clicks.

Documentation and Support

To help you create the best website possible and make the most of this theme, there’s some very helpful online documentation available for H-Code. The online documentation covers everything from installing the theme on your WordPress website, through to using its advanced features.

Those who have purchased H-Code have been very happy with the theme, awarding it an impressive 5 average rating out of 5. As well as the theme itself, this rating applies to the user support on offer, which is described as being “helpful and responsive”.

Compatible with Popular Third Party Plugins

H-Code has been built to be compatible with all of the best WordPress plugins. This includes popular extensions like WPML, W3 Total Cache, Contact form 7, Yoast SEO, and All in One SEO.

This means that if you want to create a multi-lingual website, ensure your content is optimized for the search engines, and loads as quickly as possible, then the support for these plugins will come in more than handy.

Furthermore, even if you don’t decide to use these plugins, you can rest assured that H-Code has been optimized not only for speed, but also higher visibility in search engines like Google.

H-Code Author Information

The multipurpose H-Code WordPress theme has been created by ThemeZaa, a development team that builds solutions for a wide range of platforms.

As well as the newly released H-Code, ThemeZaa has produced a number of popular commercial products for WordPress and Magento that are available from the ThemeForest and CodeCanyon marketplaces.

The team also runs the digital marketing agency LinkSture, where they offer their design and development services.

With many years’ of experience at creating commercial mass-market products, as well as working with clients on individual projects, it’s safe to say that the ThemeZaa team know what they are doing when it comes to launching and, most importantly, supporting successful products.

H-Code WordPress Theme Review: User Experience

H-Code Theme Review UX

In this part of our H-Code WordPress theme review, we’re going to be exploring how easy H-Code is to use to build a WordPress website with.

H-Code Theme Review Plugins

After uploading and activating the H-Code theme, you are prompted to install and activate the required and recommended WordPress plugins. This includes premium plugins like Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, as well as free tools like Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce. Thanks to the plugin installer tool, taking care of these tasks only takes a few clicks.

H-Code Theme Review Import Demo

The next step is to decide whether to import a demo or not and if so, which one. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to select just one. However, the type of website you are creating will largely dictate which demo version you choose.

Importing the demo content only takes a few clicks, including importing the relevant data for the corresponding slideshow for your chosen pre-built layout.

Once you’ve imported the demo content, you can then start setting up your website to work in the way that you want. Most of these settings can be found in the theme options control panel. After you’ve worked your way through the settings and made any necessary changes, you can move onto configuring the widgets and menus for your site.

H-Code Theme Review Widgets

Setting up the widgets and menus for your site, takes place through the core WordPress Customizer tool. This gives you a live, front-end preview of your site as you go about configuring your menus and widgets.

Once the look and feel of your new website is starting to take shape, you can begin adding your own content to the demo version and creating new posts and pages.

H-Code Theme Review Pages

If you are creating an online store, then the properties of your shop will need to be defined through the WooCommerce section of your WordPress dashboard. After that, you can start adding your own products to the site.

H-Code Theme Review Product

Thanks to the many demo versions available for H-Code, creating almost any type of website with this theme is relatively straightforward.

H-Code WordPress Theme Review: Pricing

The H-Code WordPress theme is available from the busy ThemeForest marketplace for $59. This is around the standard price for a popular WordPress theme available from ThemeForest. The price includes 6 months of support from the theme developer. However, it’s worth paying the extra $17.70 to extend this support period to 12-months.

The price of H-Code includes the two premium plugins, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, making this a great value package.

H-Code WordPress Theme Review: Conclusion

When it comes to multipurpose WordPress themes with pre-built demos, H-Code is hard to beat in terms of quality and quantity.

With so many professional looking demos to choose from, spanning a wide range of website types, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to find a suitable match for your project.

Furthermore, thanks to the large number of customization options, not to mention the powerful Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin, you should have no trouble tweaking any of the demos or giving them a complete overhaul to create something original.

If you like the look of the H-Code demos, then you can choose this theme safe in the knowledge that it has all the features you’ll need to create a professional and custom website with WordPress.

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