16+ Best WordPress Theme Frameworks 2016

Wordpress Theme Frameworks

WordPress theme frameworks present webmasters with the theme’s fundamental functionality and enable them to make modifications to its appearance and functionality.

If you’ve been using WordPress for some time now, you probably already know that customizing a theme wasn’t as easy as it is today. In fact, every time you updated the theme, any custom code you added would be lost. Webmasters had no option but to keep track of any code modifications and additions they made.

With the advent of WordPress theme frameworks, this tiresome process was no longer relevant. In this article, we’ll run the rule over some of the best WordPress theme frameworks that will lend web developers a helping hand with theme development.

Let’s put this all into context first.

What Are WordPress Theme Frameworks?

WordPress theme frameworks are similar to parent themes that hold the fundamental functionality and let webmasters create custom designs for speedy web development. The whole idea behind theme frameworks is to have some basic code in place so that web developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every site they build.

Theme frameworks necessitate the use of child themes and it’s up to you whether you create one yourself or use a pre-built one. Check out our post on Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Theme Frameworks for more information.

Theme frameworks seem like pretty complex things. Why bother with them?

Why Should You Use a Theme Framework?

Imagine the world without theme frameworks. Every time you modified your theme’s code, you’d have to keep track of the modification because when its update came along you’d lose the custom code. If you chose not to update then you’d risk using a buggy website and worse, having your loyal viewership visit your buggy website.

WordPress theme frameworks solved all of the problems associated with theme development and maintenance.

With theme frameworks, you get:

  • Speedy web development. Once you have the functionality in place, all that’s left to do is create the design.
  • Robustness and flexibility. You can easily go back and make necessary design modifications if the user interface requirements change or the client decides to add a new page element at the eleventh hour.
  • Well-written code. Standardized, commented, and documented code makes it easy to understand the functionality and extend it, if necessary.
  • Support. You get support around the clock from professional developers in case you encounter any problems along the way.

Now that we have a fair idea of what WordPress theme frameworks are and why it’s a good idea to use them, let’s take a look at some of the best theme frameworks for WordPress.

Genesis Theme Framework


Genesis is perhaps the most popular WordPress theme framework out there. Although its versatility and flexibility make it ideal for all sorts of WordPress websites, it provides web developers with all the right tools to create blog websites. Genesis is built with HTML5 which makes for an amazingly responsive and lightweight design solution for a truly contemporary website.

Genesis’ default code follows the industry’s best practices and comes with its own documentation. This premium theme framework is used by thousands of web developers and webmasters forming an incredibly helpful community.

Main Genesis Features

  • Search engine optimized. Genesis is search engine optimized right out of the box. The developers have taken the latest ranking algorithms into account while designing this premium theme and guarantee that it enhances your site’s visibility on search engines.
  • Customizable design. The theme customization options available with Genesis enable users to modify everything from changing color palettes to adding or removing page elements. And if you can’t seem to modify it on your own, you can go for a pre-designed Genesis child theme that fits your design preferences.
  • Packed with page elements. The Genesis theme framework is integrated with the fundamental WordPress page elements including page layouts, headers, templates, backgrounds, and custom widgets.

One of the best qualities of a good theme framework is that it lays a strong foundation for developers to extend upon – the Genesis theme framework does just that. Web developers have the option to modify the code or add custom code by using Genesis child themes.



Divi is an all-around solution for web developers that comes with everything you could possibly want in a theme framework. The drag and drop Divi builder make it incredibly easy to design intricate web pages in minutes by adding everything from sidebars to sliders and portfolios to maps in a few simple clicks.

The pre-packaged layouts are a great way to start things off with Divi or to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the powerful theme framework before you build your own custom layout.

Main Divi Features

  • Advanced Divi Builder. With the powerful and robust Divi Builder webmasters can build dynamic web pages without having to get their hands dirty with code. The advanced page builder revolutionizes web page development by enabling users to create unique layouts by simply dragging and dropping everything into place.
  • Pre-made layouts. The theme framework includes 18 pre-made layouts to speed up the development process. All of the layouts are fully customizable so you can extend their design and use them as a starting point to jumpstart your project.
  • Responsive design. Divi remains fully responsive throughout regardless of how you end up designing your website. Its responsive design supports devices with different screen sizes giving your viewership an intuitive browsing experience they won’t forget.

Divi’s strong foundation and wide-ranging, practical features give it an edge over other theme frameworks. Its versatility enables professional web developers and those who are just starting out to make the most out of this one-of-a-kind framework.



With over 200,000 sales, ThemeFusion’s Avada ranks as the #1 selling theme of all time. The theme framework gives its users the power to create any kind of design style even if they shy away from programming.

Avada is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress themes. It does everything! – Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato

Whether you want to develop an e-commerce site, a travel blog, or a web presence for your architecture firm, Avada has something in store for you right out of the box.

Main Avada Features

  • Fusion Builder. Fusion Builder is an intuitive WYSIWYG page builder that lets users make the most of Avada’s drag and drop page building.
  • Unlimited designs. Avada is an incredibly powerful framework that enables users to create practically any kind of website thereby eliminating the need to purchase multiple themes. The framework ships with over 50 design elements.
  • Powerful theme options. Its abundance of advanced theme options gives webmasters finer control over the theme’s design, styling, and organization without having to mess with its core theme files.
  • Intuitive tools. Avada comes with the Fusion Core plugin right out of the box which includes premium tools and options giving users a tremendous amount of flexibility to develop web pages.

Avada gives aspiring web developers hope that they too can create amazing, complex WordPress websites without having to learn how to code. It comes with the Fusion Core plugin which, together with the framework, offer the best value for money.




Enfold is a flexible corporate theme framework for WordPress that includes portfolio functionality and content blocks from the get-go. Although it’s essentially a corporate theme, Enfold can be used as a theme framework to develop sites for just about any niche.

The theme framework saves users a ton of time by providing a one-click demo content import feature that creates a website similar to the demo site. This gives webmasters a head start and a solid foundation on which to start developing their custom sites.

Main Enfold Features

  • Wide range of interactive elements. Enfold ships with a plethora of interactive design elements which collectively make it easier to design beautiful web pages without having to install third party plugins and extensions. These include galleries, sliders, toggles, tabs, and much more.
  • Intuitive layout builder. Enfold’s page layout builder is one of the most flexible drag and drop builders you’ll come across. You can toggle between the default screen and full-screen option to live preview the design changes you make before publishing the page.
  • Easy setup. The developers behind Enfold release an ever growing number of demo content for this theme framework to enable all kinds of users belonging to different niches to be able to have a solid starting point for their web development project.
  • User-friendly. According to the developers, Enfold is the user-friendliest WordPress theme ever made. With this theme framework, web development doesn’t seem like work anymore – it lets the developer have fun.

Enfold is truly a time-saver when it comes to web development. If you’re short on time and need to complete your website fast then Enfold is definitely the go-to option. In addition to its blazing fast speed and fully responsive design, the framework’s license also comes with free updates and support.



Headway is perhaps the most widely recommended WordPress theme framework for non-developers and designers who aren’t familiar with coding. The framework’s drag and drop functionality empower users to control each and every design element – typography, page layouts, and color palettes.

With the Headway theme framework, users can create any kind of page layout by simply dragging and dropping everything into place. The built-in design editor lets you select any design element and style it, however, you’d like.

Main Headway Features

  • Blocks. Blocks are separate modules that extend Headway’s functionality. Core blocks can be added through Headway Base providing powerful features such as e-commerce functionality. Extra blocks can be added via Headway Extend.
  • Headway grid. The Headway grid allows users to create responsive, custom page layouts.
  • Design editor. The design editor lets users customize everything from fonts to backgrounds without having to mess with CSS code.
  • Developer friendly. Headway is great for non-developers but developers can easily modify or extend its code however they’d like through its live CSS editor. They can also create custom blocks and child themes on top of the Headway theme framework.

One of the best things about Headway is that it isn’t just for non-developers. In fact, if you’re the least bit technically minded, you can create your own Headway child themes and Block types. And if your Blocks are well-coded and visually appealing, you can even sell them in the Headway Marketplace!



The Themify theme framework comes with the popular Themify Builder which enables webmasters to create custom page layouts for their WordPress site and add design elements to it through an intuitive drag and drop panel – galleries, sliders, maps, widgets and much more.

The Themify framework is truly a dream come true for webmasters who shy away from coding. It empowers them to create visually stunning pages without having to code or tweak any page templates. Webmasters can build their entire website from the front end which lets them see the design changes as they happen.

Main Themify Features

  • Live preview. The live preview option enables web developers to preview the changes as they build their WordPress site.
  • Pre-installed templates. Themify comes with a wide range of templates, starter themes, and pre-designed page layouts right out of the box for developers to use as they are or extend upon.
  • Shortcode integration. Web developers can leverage any of the Themify shortcodes or third party shortcodes to extend the theme’s functionality or add design elements to the pages.
  • Fully responsive design. Themify framework is fully responsive and optimized for varying device screen sizes.

Themify is one of the easiest WordPress theme frameworks to get started with. Its live preview functionality makes it easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort on the web developers part. Another important thing to note is that Themify is an integrated theme framework which means that you’ll have to use one of Themify’s themes with it to be able to use it.




Canvas is WooThemes’ starter theme framework that reflects a minimalist design and is loaded with powerful functionality. This premium WordPress theme framework gives webmasters the flexibility to modify each design element and style it to fit their business’ brand identity.

The Canvas theme framework’s Theme Options interface lets users tinker with the theme’s layout, fonts, and color palettes. Although the framework can be fully customized with the Theme Options panel, developers can also use it as a parent theme to gain finer control over its functionality and design.

Main Canvas Features

  • Templates. The Canvas theme framework comes with pre-integrated templates – corporate, magazine, blog, e-commerce – so that users don’t have to reinvent the wheel when setting up their website.
  • Tumblog functionality. WooTumblog functionality including Tumblr is integrated into the framework which allows users to post to your WordPress blog by using an iOS app.
  • Supports WooCommerce. Since it’s designed by WooThemes, the Canvas framework supports WooCommerce functionality and integrates seamlessly with the plugin and its extensions.
  • Portfolio functionality. The theme supports custom WordPress post types including portfolio style. Users can create project portfolios and product catalogs without having to install another plugin.

Canvas is an incredibly popular choice for both WordPress newbies and professional web developers alike. It’s powerful, feature-rich Theme Options panel lets users fully customize the theme without having to code whereas its amazing support for child themes lets developers get their hands messy with code to create a truly unique theme fit for their business needs.

PageLines DMS


PageLines offers its design management solution (DMS) that works as a simple drag and drop theme framework enabling webmasters, who aren’t technically savvy, to create eye-catching websites. All you have to do is select the page element you want to add, put it where ever you’d like and then add media or content to it however you see fit.

Front end control over the entire site’s design makes PageLines DMS a favored candidate when it comes to selecting a theme framework. It fully responsive design and a vast array of page templates and layouts give users more than enough design alternatives to pick from.

Main PageLines DMS Features

SEO ready. PageLines DMS theme framework was designed with a focus on search engine optimization to ensure that your site ranks well on search engines.

Drag and drop page builder. The intuitive, drag and drop page builder is built-in the framework and makes it infinitely easier to create professional-looking websites in a jiffy.

WooCommerce compatible. The framework supports the popular WooCommerce plugin which enhances its powerful functionality allowing you to create an e-commerce site using PageLines DMS.

Extensions. The PageLines Store is full of amazing, well-coded extensions that are designed to boost the DMSs’ functionality as per the user’s requirements.

PageLines DMS has some definite plus points like its drag and drop functionality and support for extensions purchased at the PageLines Store. It lets you use the theme framework and extend its functionality as per your requirements. This way you get all the functionality you need without bloating your site!




Being a Twitter Bootstrap theme, the BootStart theme is loaded with impressive functionality and dozens of customization options to get started. The biggest advantage of using BootStart is that it has a gradual learning curve which makes it unbelievably easy to use for non-developers. Built on top of Bootstrap, BootStart leverages the technology’s functionality to the fullest giving you the power to use the amazing features that come with it.

Main BootStart Features

  • Built with Bootstrap. BootStart leverages Bootstrap’s powerful functionality and takes things to the next level with this intentionally minimalist theme.
  • Shortcode integration. The starter theme comes with a ton of shortcodes to assist in designing.
  • Support for Font Awesome. BootStart comes with Font Awesome right out of the box empowering webmasters to use retina ready icons to create custom designs that fit their site’s brand.
  • Pricing tables. With this theme framework, you won’t have to purchase a third-party pricing table – you get a responsive pricing table right out of the box!

Unlike your run of the mill theme frameworks, BootStart is designed to be used as a starter theme. Developers and non-developers alike will find that this theme works like a charm fitting their requirements. Pre-built pricing tables and shortcodes make it super easy for webmasters who aren’t programming literate whereas its theme files are well-coded making them easy to modify for web developers.



Seed is the Organic Framework Theme that paves the way for speedy web development and enables users to create exactly what they had hoped to. According to the developers,

One theme to rule them all. Seed is our framework theme; designed, developed and maintained for perfection. – Organic Themes

The Seed theme framework is one of the most organized themes you’ll come across. It’s coded with modern, best coding practices by professional developers. Just like any premium-quality theme framework, Seed has just about everything you need to get started with including popular plugins like WooCommerce and Gravity Forms.

Main Seed Features

  • Customization options. Seed’s customization options will let you personalize just about every design element through the built-in Theme Options. With a little CSS, there’s no limit to what you can do!
  • Gravity Forms integration. Gravity Forms are one of the most popular plugins for adding forms to your site. The Seed framework is optimized for Gravity Forms to look utterly amazing and perform well.
  • Templates. Seed comes with pre-designed templates including a portfolio template with basic functionality that you can tweak as per your preference.
  • WooCommerce compatible. This premium theme framework is WooCommerce compatible so you won’t have any trouble setting up an e-commerce store on top of it.

Though it’s on the pricier end of the scale, you’ll get support from the developers and regular updates. A clean interface and well-documented code paired with incredible customer support give Seed an extra zing.

Thesis 2.0


Thesis 2.0

The Thesis 2.0 theme is an elegant theme framework designed for bloggers and small business owners that comes with social media and email subscription services right out of the box. If you’re new to WordPress or not particularly technically minded then you’ll find that setting up a site with Thesis 2.0 is a breeze. The theme framework features drag and drop functionality which enables users to design their site’s pages without having to code.

For the first time, you can control every last detail of your site and design with three revolutionary features you won’t find in any other WordPress theme: Boxes, Skins, and Site Tools.

Main Thesis Features

  • Boxes. Boxes are Thesis-specific functionality that enables users to point and click add-on functionality without having to code.
  • Skins. By using skins, you can create custom designs by simply dragging and dropping the design elements into place.
  • Site tools. Thesis comes with some essential tools for SEO and site branding right out of the box e.g. Webmaster Tools, Google Authorship, etc.
  • Designed for bloggers and small business owners. This theme framework is a popular choice for bloggers and small business owners as it comes with email subscription services like AWeber and MailChimp in addition to social media services for promotions.
  • Developer friendly. Developers can use the special built-in code editor to get into the nitty-gritty design details giving them finer control over the theme’s design.

Thesis 2.0 is a robust theme framework for blogging sites and small businesses. It comes with a ton of customization options and can easily be used by developers and webmasters alike. However, if you’re looking for a flexible theme framework, Thesis 2.0 isn’t the best option.

iThemes Builder


iThemes offers over 65 themes and their iThemes Builder is the powerful framework that is designed to be used as a parent theme for them as well as to create custom child themes. The builder uses responsive design to support incoming traffic from devices of different sized screens.

Layout Editors are perhaps the most important aspects of any theme framework and the iThemes Builder takes care to provide everything a web developer would need to build an elegant layout. One of the best things about going for the iThemes Builder is if you’re not a coder you can check out their exclusive iThemes Training session to learn just about everything you’ll need to know to get started.

Main iThemes Builder Features

  • Blocks. Blocks are add-ons that provide additional functionality to support specific content types, for instance, a Restaurant Block is used to create a menu and add locations or directions for your site.
  • Responsive support. The theme framework’s responsive design ensures that your site’s visitors won’t face any problems viewing your site from different devices.
  • Layout Editor. Web designers can insert all kinds of page elements and modules to build their site. The Layout Editor offers complete flexibility without code.
  • Style Manager. The iThemes Builder’s Style Manager plugin helps you experiment with different color palettes and backgrounds to create a design that not only looks good but performs well too.

Albeit iThemes Builder is most commonly used as the parent theme of iThemes’ theme collection, users can leverage its blocks functionality to create all kinds of niche-specific websites, for instance, restaurant sites, travel blogs, online music hubs, and event planning sites.



Zoom is the underlying framework on which all of the wonderful themes and templates over at WPZoom are built. There are many inherent benefits of going with a theme framework that has pre-built theme frameworks. For instance, you can easily switch between any of the child themes seamlessly without having to worry about losing functionality.

The visual set of customization options are in abundance with Zoom and personalizing child themes to fit your brand is a breeze. A truly responsive design built on top of a solid, well-coded foundation – it’s hard to go wrong.

Main Zoom Features

  • Shortcodes. Shortcodes make life easy and with Zoom you’ll get a whole bunch of them to create page layouts and insert design elements to spice up an otherwise bland page.
  • Framework updates. You know a theme framework is good when the developers are constantly striving to make it even better. Zoom constantly evolves and you’re given the option to automatically update it with a single click.
  • Easy customization. Zoom’s Theme Option’s panel makes it infinitely easy for web developers to quickly modify typography, colors, and backgrounds.
  • Translation ready. The theme framework is localized which means that you can translate it into multiple languages to cater to a multilingual audience.

WPZoom’s Zoom theme framework offers great value for money. It comes with some of the most useful features you could possibly want in a theme framework, especially if your site’s viewership is spread out all over the globe. Best of all, you’ll also get excellent customer support from professionals.

Wrapping It Up

It’s fair enough to say that there isn’t one best WordPress theme framework. That said, if you evaluate your site’s requirements and your own skills and expertise, selecting a theme framework that’s best for you becomes a whole lot easier.

We covered some of the most feature-rich, flexible, and robust WordPress theme frameworks in this article and discussed the main features they have on offer. We hope that this article helps you make an informed decision in selecting a powerful theme framework for your next project.

Which WordPress theme frameworks have you used? Which features appeal to you the most in a WordPress theme framework? We’d love to hear from you so let us know in the comments section below!

Furion – Best Inspiring Creative Blog & Portfolio WP Theme

Baner 1100x800

Potential clients of any creative agency will often get their first impression of the company or individual from the website. The website is considered as an indication of style, expertise and experience for your potential clients to make a decision choose or not. We understand your clients and your needs, so we have launched Furion – a creative portfolio WordPress theme for freelancers, agencies, professionals, illustrators, photographers or any kind of creatives which helps you take a step closer to your clients. Built in WordPress platform, Furion has so many elements that can be tweaked or completely refined to make them completely unique and charming.

Furion is not only a good performance theme provides everything you need to be able to create and launch a unique and stylish website in a short amount of time but it is also a very affordable theme that will give you all the right tools to start your online business. This theme is diverse yet simple to use, just needing to focus on design without having to write a single line of code. The theme has been developed mainly for creative agencies, offering a lot of possibilities to get a trendy, straightforward website. Let’s see features that make Furion so popular.

Furion – Best theme for Creative People

Designed with visual agencies and creatives in mind, Furion mainly focuses on portfolio showcase and blogging with the variety of layout designs, a lot of hover styles for portfolio, theme options and plenty of content builder elements to create your portfolio or personal blog site in very little time. You can display your work in many different ways by using multiple portfolio types and combining with the mouse over styles. With exclusive styles, Furion will showcase your work in breathtaking ways. There are a range of portfolio layout for you to choose. Simultaneously, adding your own custom settings and categories to these portfolios to inject your own personality.

In addition, Furion not only provides a lot of stunning portfolio layouts to showcase their work with with a unique creative ways, but also Furion gives you the ability to create a huge amount of different blog layouts. Furion has unique detail touches so your blog and portfolio will really stand out among the others.

portfolio_800Furion – Packed with Trending Features

We know the true needs of creative designers, freelancers, photographers, so we emphasize on typography and attend to detail, focus the really necessary features to shape your own style. Furion provides you with a variety of header options including classical, transparent, absolute, full-width, right sidebar. It’s up to your needs, you can choose the header style which suits your project best. In line with header options, Furion also features multi footer styles, it’s your choice. If you take one look at the live demo, you can see that Furion has nice pagination for blog. The pagination in the blog page have a nice offset layout which is a new pagination trending of web design.

Another feature making you assured when using this theme is that it’s fully responsive and retina ready. That means Furion automatically resize to fit the different screen sizes and makes it look great on all devices. Besides, Furion offers to you the easiest and fastest way to build your website, just with One Click, you can import whole demo content and set up your website to look just like our demo.

Blog_800Furion – $70.5 Bonus Value

Like many premium WordPress themes, Furion composes jam packed with extra value with included best-selling Plugins including Visual Composer ($33), Revolution Slider ($18) and Advanced Custom Field Pro – Free of charge. You can build a wide range of websites in no time at all.

There is extensive support available for purchase if you really need to. The friendly panel has a large set of options to make building easy. Currently there are over 40 demo pages for you to get started with. There are unlimited possibilities for you to build sites for agency, personal portfolio, blogs or anything else. If you can dream it up, Furion has a demo for it. Try out this theme if you are looking to build a unique site that shines in terms of looks as well as function.

Let Furion express your talent and passion to the world with our enthusiastic supporters. If you are working as a freelance designer or a creative artist and want to create a unique style for your work, there is no reason for not choosing Furion.

Top 30 Free jQuery Animation Libraries & Plugins

Jquery Animation Libraries

Who could afford to say that the web would be where it is right now, if it wasn’t for the immense technological breakthroughs that jQuery brought to the table. As we slowly move into a more native JS environment, with the release of ES6 and the likes, we are also learning how to use new and old jQuery techniques in correlation with the new frameworks we are using in our workflows. With over a decade behind its back now, jQuery remains as the most consistent JavaScript library ever built for making the web experience dynamic; this love letter is a great example of how dedicated front-end developers have been to this library, and how much joy it has brought for people.

And just like JavaScript, jQuery is also always evolving, recently celebrating a huge milestone, jQuery has also made a clear announcement about the imminent release of jQuery 3 — a more modern, more optimized version of the library, that promises to deliver a lot of performance improvements, new features, and ways of building for the dynamic web. We ourselves have been enjoying the news, while maintaining our focus towards sharing content that has roots all the way back into original jQuery: scripts for file uploading management, progress bars built with jQuery, world map plugins built with jQuery, website notification plugins (also built with jQuery) — just a taste of what we constantly share with our readers on the Colorlib blog, please enjoy.

Now, let’s move forward to the actual theme of the post; jQuery animations. Animated web is growing in popularity fast, animations make the web dynamic and interactive, and in many ways adds to the attention span that users have when interacting with the content of your website. Creating animated elements and other web design related interfaces from scratch, well.. that can prove to be rather difficult, even painful. What helps here, is the recap of what others are doing with their jQuery animations, and what they have to share about the process of making your UI once again an interactive experience. Sure, it takes a lot of work, but as jQuery progresses, the task of creating things becomes far more efficient and effective than could have ever even been imagined.

Icon Animations Powered by mo.js

Icon Animations Powered by mo

In web design, the structure of building new things is divided into two different parts: first part, the underground developers who focus on learning about a particular language and pushing its limits, the second part, huge corporations and businesses who have the necessary resources to create unique and game-changing content, such as unique animations that shape the way we interact with stuff. For example, Twitter uses an animated Heart icon that it recently introduced, this is a big deal because hundreds of millions of people use Twitter, and because such a vast volume of people are exposed to these new animations, you get the idea that it is becoming more safer to use dynamic visual content within a website, and have users appreciate it. Here in this demo, Tympanus depicts how to use the Mo.js library (next up) to create interactive animations that have the ‘surprise’ effect.


Motion Graphics For The Web with mo.js

Motion Graphics For The Web with mo

Mo.js (Motion) is a new JS library that wants to change the way we build animations for the web, and honestly.. there are only a couple of demos available, but from what we can tell, the demos themselves reflect huge similarities with content appearing more like on a TV box, than on a website. With Mo.js, your web content suddenly becomes highly customizable, more rich through the use of animations, and more presentable to a modern audience. The library stands out with fast and smooth performance, with a flexible API that makes development of animations an easy process, it supports modular development; allowing you to use only the parts of the library that you require, the project is open-source and encourages community feedback to quickly release new, and more robust versions of this animation library.


Polaroid Stack to Grid Intro Animation

Polaroid Stack to Grid Intro Animation

As startups and small businesses progress with modern development capabilities, we are constantly exposed to new ways of displaying the contents of a website. When Parallax first came out, it was a huge thing, now developers are figuring out a way to create all pages interactive, and flowing within each other. The effect in call is called a Polaroid Stack — a grid of images that moves along the page as you scroll up and down, for example, the Polaroid Stack could jump from one element to the next one, without losing focus. Quite a few websites already employ this technique, and the Tympanus team looks at one particular example startup that uses this method, and explains in thorough detail how to achieve the same effect on your website/project.


Material Scroll Animation

Material Scroll Animation

Material design exposure is growing by the minute, what is really intriguing is that material design in itself provides a lot of ways to play with content, but with the combination of good JS and CSS, the results can be truly game changing, and also very appealing to modern developers. Bhakti Al Akbar has coded the “Material Scroll Animation” — a material design built scroll effect that first displays the header of the content you’re about to view, and then offers a simple ‘slide’ button that will uncover the actual content of that particular header, creating an exciting experience of exploring new content. jQuery is a magnificent ‘language’, it shows.


Elastic Circle Slideshow

Elastic Circle Slideshow

The faster the better, or at least, the smoother the better! Smooth is the other name of modern CSS3 properties, also HTML5. Smooth is what makes websites stand out, smooth is what front-end developers continue to strive for. The Elastic Circle Slideshow could be the smoothest slideshow that you will have seen to date, it swipes through items rapidly fast, without causing any attention loss, or any other discomfort for the user. We see this particular slideshow as a great alternative for both desktop, and mobile sites. To fully explore this great jQuery animation effect, you will need to download the full source code.


Interactive Bar Graph

Interactive Bar Graph

jQuery is highly regarded by those who work with anything that is related to statistics, analytics, and analysis. jQuery can really shine in those areas, helping to create certain elements in more flexible versions of themselves. This particular piece of code, really intrigued us. Ettrics is a PRO user on CodePen, sharing away great stuff, and in particular the ‘Interactive Bar Graph’ — a new way of using animations to power your charts, and graphs. Interactive Bar Graph lets you put together different timelines of data, and then with interactive action (such as mouse click), uncover the particular data about a specific bar graph. It’s a wonderful way of talking about sports games, and other games where players rely on result stats.


pageSwitch for JavaScript

pageSwitch for JavaScript

We’re not entirely sure, but it seems that this library is coming from Chinese developers. It’s a unique approach towards switching, and also flipping, your web content. The dropdown menu in the demo provides more than 50+ unique choices of ways to animate your content once a user decides to ‘flip through it’, careful coding is required here, because it is very unlikely that large and dynamic pages will be possible to load that quickly over a simple animation, however those who wish to use this with image grids and galleries — go ahead, it’s one of the best interactive solutions out there.


Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segment

Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segment

Segment is a JavaScript class that allows developers to draw and animate SVG paths, in turn allowing them to create animated SVG visual content. It’s been a highly utilized library in modern development, thanks to its flexibility, and ease of use. The tutorial here, shows you how to use Segment directly to create an animated SVG icon of the navigation menu of your site. The most essential part of any website. Once you go through this tutorial, and grasp the understanding of how Segment + SVG works, you will be better able to cope with other situations where animated content will be required. Besides, jQuery makes this process seamless.


Popmotion – The JavaScript motion engine


Popmotion brings complicated physics to your web design workflow, without complications of understand how they actually work. Animations, physics movements, and input tracking are the three main examples that can be seen on the Popmotion web page. Popmotion is used to drive the motion of a user interface. It has native support for CSS, DOM attributes, SVG and SVG paths, and can be used with any API that accepts numerical values. It’s one of the most fun libraries that you will get to work with on these particular issues.


Material Design Hierarchical Display

Material Design Hierarchical Display

Hierarchical Display (or Timing) is the transition element that Material Design uses to bridge the gap between getting from one point in the application, to getting to the other. Let’s say for example, you have two images, once a user clicks on the other image, the page refreshes, or the element jumps forward, with Material Design Hierarchical Display (which uses jQuery) you can quickly create a Hierarchical Display effect that will unfold elements as they are, while maintaining that interactive and dynamic effect of an animation. Already highly regarded by web developers and designers, this library is the beginning of an interactive future in the web.


jQuery DrawSVG

jQuery DrawSVG

jQuery has its own animation engine for doing transformations and all kinds of other cool stuff, so it comes as no surprise that DrawSVG library exists, a jQuery library for animating the paths of SVG content. It’s a lightweight library that asks of you to specify the paths, and let the library do the rest.


Dynamics.js – JavaScript library to create physics-based animations

Dynamics.js - JavaScript library to create physics-based animations

Dynamics.js is a growing library for the data scientist, and data miner crowd, but everyone else who is attracted to an animation engine that’s based on actual physics. Michael Villar, who is the author of the library, has built an interesting side project that turned out to become a superstar jQuery library for doing physics-related animations on the web. Whatever it is, this library can take care of it. Dynamics.js lets you animate properties of CSS, DOM elements, SVG properties, and a JavaScript object of any type. Such dynamic libraries are hard to come by.




We love the approach of Iconate.js, it’s a unique way of combining existing font icons, adding to them existing JS effects, and combining together a unique tool/platform. Iconate.js lets you select two different icons, the first icon, and the second icon, giving you an option to choose between different kinds of fade effects, and then test out what it would look like. So, once you click on the first icon, the fade effect will appear, while switching from icon #1 to icon #2. This can be particularly useful for making arrow and button transitions in your website.


D3.js – Data Driven Documents

D3.js - Data Driven Documents

What started out as a high hopes project, turned out to become one of the most successful JS projects of all time. D3 is a JS library for the web, that allows to manipulate different kinds of documents that are based on actual data. Whatever kind of data you have, with D3.js you can combine the power of HTML5, CSS3, and SVG to create stunning data exposures for your browser. D3 provides complex visual components that you can use to display data in variety of ways, but any seasoned D3 user will know that this library also heavily focuses on animations, look for animated transitions when reading the documentation and online articles.


jQuery Animate- jQuery animations with Animate.css

jQuery Animate- jQuery animations with Animate

Animate.css is a huge library for doing CSS animations, but unfortunately it is highly limited to CSS, and doesn’t incorporate any jQuery patterns. Well, until now anyway. jAnimate takes the Animate.css library, amplifies it with jQuery, and enables for you to use the same animations on different elements of your website, with the help of jQuery. What an amazing developer community that can easily transform libraries from one language, to another.




Wish to animate multiple events at the same time, not sure how? Animatic.js lets you animate your whole website, while giving each of the elements their own unique animation settings and approaches.




The first impression of Snabbt can be quite confusing, it’s an animation library that wants to help increase the performance of native browser-specific animation capabilities (through HTML5 and CSS3), but then talks about limitations (lack of arbitrary animations, the library doesn’t talk to DOM individually, requires requestAnimationFrame and matrix3d to work; so IE users below version 10 get left out), but once we look at the demo’s, it’s clear that Snabbt has a market, and also a place in the modern front-end dev workflow.


CSS Animated Headlines

CSS Animated Headlines

Headlines is what defines the content, the content areas of our designs. Without headlines, it’s just elements floating by themselves, without any real description of their origins. With a headline, we can explain a lot of things, and as we move into more modern web design, we also get to see how languages like jQuery can help us shape our headlines, and our content in general, to be more user-friendly, more attention-grabbing, and certainly much more appealing to the general public. CSS Animated Headlines showcases a selection of demos that show how you can build cool headlines, and animate certain words within your headlines to emphasize the most important aspect of what you are presenting.




Spinners and loaders are an easy way of making your website feel a little more lively, a little more on the bright side. FakeLoader.js wants everyone to have access to simple loaders and spinners that they can add as transitions from a page to page. The fun part, integrating this library is so easy that even WordPress users will be able to do it, such a beautiful library, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.


CSS and jQuery Bouncy content filter

CSS and jQuery Bouncy content filter

Filtering content will always be important, either through content grids, or search functions. Having the ability to flip through content remains the original foundation of modern web; pagination is the founding core of this. Let’s take a look at ‘CSS and jQuery Bouncy content filter’, an interesting approach to filtering content through different sections using animations, be it images or flat content elements, this snippet will let you animate the interaction between one content style, and the other.




We just love when developers call their stuff ‘magic’, in many ways it really is magic, especially for those inexperienced with web development. The ScrollMagic library allows you to do certain animations, based on the position of the user’s current scroll placement. You can use ScrollMagic to either trigger, or launch a certain animation, once the user reaches a certain part of the website; based on their scrolling bar. Stitch a specific website element to a particular location and leave it there based on the movement of the users, or move it alongside the user. ScrollMagic also helps with adding Parallax to your website, and doing other cool stuff.




Zoomooz.js might at first imply that this library just helps you to zoom-in on content, that’s what we thought until we actually tried it out. Zoomooz.js is much more than a zoom-in library, with Zoomooz.js you can totally transform your apps and website to add incredibly complex zoom effects, such as Skew, Scale, and Rotate. Your website suddenly becomes this huge canvas which you can zoom-in indefinitely. Note, that adding Zoomooz to your existing web site without doing any markup changes might not work, since calculating exact positions and transformations in browsers is a bit of tricky.




Grids rule the UI of any website out there. With a grid, it is much more easy to build parts of a website that require careful attention and detail. You can build the content areas, the headers and footers separately, without having to worry about each other colliding, but jQuery.Shapeshift takes a different approach. jQuery.Shapeshift transform your grid into a drag&drop interface where your visitors can suddenly drag content anywhere they like, we find this library to be particularly useful for situations where a browser game is being developed, or a website that focuses on visual photography content.


Premium Animations Libraries for jQuery

It ain’t easy being a free developer, but the praise received back from the community will often outweigh the long hours spent building something truly amazing, and needless to say — animation related libraries and examples take up a long time, and a lot of testing to get them actually right. So, huge props to the developers and designers whose work has been shared in this roundup so far, now it is time to move on to the premium tools and libraries, and see what else we can find that people are actively building and putting up for sale. Please enjoy the following libraries as much as you enjoyed the free ones.

TextFX – A jQuery Text Animation Tool

TextFX - A jQuery Text Animation Tool

Please note that there is Version 2 available that focuses on CSS animations. TextFX is a jQuery plugin for doing text animations, particularly on single sentences of text. The main goal is to create an easy to use experience, but also to retain the quality that such a plugin should posses. By default, TextFX only helps with individual text animation, creating loops and other complex animations require further development experience and knowledge. The V2 is going to be much more suitable to you if loops and curves is what you are looking for in your animations.


Bubble Tooltip Animated jQuery Plugin

Bubble Tooltip Animated jQuery Plugin

Tooltips are always helpful, they have been with us since the early computer days, a novelty technique for connecting with visitors who might need assistance. With this particular plugin, you can easily highlight an area of your website and amplify it using a tooltip, you can also add tooltips to individual HTML tags, you can create a ‘wizard’ that would display numerous tooltips to explain a particular feature, you can also customize the duration of animations, and also create your own custom tooltips themes using JS and CSS, in turn extending the default ‘Bubble’ theme to use your own. Tooltips help to explain parts that can sound too technical for inexperienced visitors, use them to benefit yourself and your users together.


BWL Sticky Animated News Ticker jQuery Plugin

BWL Sticky Animated News Ticker jQuery Plugin

News tickers aren’t particularly popular for bloggers, but they seem to have caught up with magazines and journals that are constantly reporting breaking news, and writing breaking stories. BWL Sticky Animated News Ticker jQuery Plugin will help you create a mobile-friendly news ticker using jQuery, all within a few minutes of starting to use the plugin. The ticker is provided with ten colorful and unique templates, and fifteen unique and attractive options for animating your tickers. The code is well documented, and follows the W3C standards. Tickers come in three different alignment positions: header, footer, and online. With just 12kb in size, this is one of the lightweight libraries for achieving this particular result. You can easily integrate an RSS feed into the actual ticker, to report breaking news from other sources. You can also use a variety of tickers on the same web page, allowing you to report different kinds of news. Supports Google Fonts and Font Awesome!


Talos – Animated Horizontal Submenu jQuery Plugin

Talos - Animated Horizontal Submenu jQuery Plugin

Create a simple, but beautiful, submenu for your original navigation menu using jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5. The animation effects are achieved using CSS3 animation transition properties, but is easy enough to edit for everyone. Four unique animation effects, seven themes to choose from, mobile-friendly (responsive), hovers when clicked-on, free fonts, and more.


Notifications Pro

Notifications Pro

Notifications continue to grow in popularity, thanks to their ease of attracting user attention and delivering a message to them directly. Of course, many disfavor notifications, and don’t like them at all, but especially for busy sites, it can be a great way to let your users know what is going on. The plugin supports eight different locations for displaying the notifications; so all corners of the website basically.


Difference – jQuery CountDown Plugin

Difference - jQuery CountDown Plugin

Countdown plugins and libraries will work the best in situations where a coming soon page is required to be established, or you wish to announce a particular product, but still need the time for it. Difference is jQuery plugin like no other out there. Providing two themes and six color schemes for five different types of countdowns and hundreds or even thousands of possible combinations for customization. Simple but powerful customization allows you to set intervals of countdown (start and end date and time), type of displayed countdown, theme, color usage for each separate circle or bar and also ability to decide about dimensions.


Lush – Content Slider

Lush - Content Slider

For last, we left the best, or at least very close to the best; Lush is a unique jQuery Content Slider plugin for creating unique and authentic web animations using native transition and animation properties of CSS3. The performance goes way up when using native language, and the looks are also staggering. The list of features: fully responsive and mobile-friendly, native to the browser, supports mobile touch, capability of 3D animations, fifty styles of animations to choose from, compatible with FlexSlider, supports digital media content within the sliders, easy designable, and so many more features to choose from. If content is your thing, this is your slider plugin to help you present that content in a meaningful way.


The Best jQuery Libraries for Animations

What an extraordinary roundup of libraries, scripts and plugins that support animation with jQuery. Of course, we couldn’t just take the approach of creating a simple post of showcasing ‘examples’ of jQuery animations, we want our users to feel comfortable in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating your own jQuery animations, and using them within your UI and UX.

22 Minimal HTML5/CSS3 Parallax Website Templates With Smooth Scrolling 2016

Html5 Parallax Website Templates

The internet is a vertiginous marketplace of ideas, products, services and culture, where nonstop information makes its way around the world billions of times every day. Empires rise and fall in months, at scales that took mankind thousands of years to achieve and to crumble, in our distant past. It is the last great frontier, and man, ever the explorer, gleefully ventures into the unknown depths of this newfound permanent global connection in search of thrills, adventure, fortune and entertainment. As the web matures and as Moore’s law pushes the envelope of what a machine can and should do, standards are adopted and abandoned one after another in an endless iteration of increasing potency, functionality, versatility, visual quality, polished feel, smoother experiences, and so on.

As web design itself matures, designers have a better understanding of the science and the art of delivering all sorts of content to users in effective manner. Now, the emphasis is on the polished feel. Enter HTML5 and CSS3, the powerful combination that moves the modern internet at dashing speed to hitherto unforeseen degrees of artful elegance and visual sophistication. And then, meet Parallax technologies, the immersive, engaging effects that can add depth and substance to any site or page with the most understated minimalism. The following collection of website templates consists of the most outstanding HTML and CSS3 Parallax Website Templates on the market today. Enjoy.



Exline is a completely gorgeous, professionally graphically designed, visually stunning and inspired, simplified and streamlined, clean and pristine, clever and resourceful, original and creative, powerful and tech-savvy, engaging and dynamic responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one page website template. Exline has been decked out with expansive visual features and a strong, reliable HTML5 framework in order to empower webmasters of any background or skill level to easily and effortlessly churn out incredible and professional looking one page Parallax websites.

Exline includes an incredible array of Parallax powered sections, elements and features, which are apparent across a host of diverse one page demos included within Exline for all sorts of different and unique purposes, so you can hit the ground running with your Exline website in full Parallax visual glory right off the bat. Exline is very easily customizable at every level, from backgrounds to colors to content disposition and presentation, and includes the premium Isotope Filtering feature for advanced navigational capabilities for your audience. HTML5 Video Playback capabilities are ever-present and powered by Parallax into incredible backgrounds. An AJAXified Working Contact Form is included, as Is MailChimp integration out of the box. Exline is simply a full package for building gorgeous one page Parallax websites.



Carna is a handsomely developed, aesthetically thought out and well structured, professionally graphically composed and luminously vibrant, engaging and appealing, dynamic and immersive, smooth and polished, serious and professional responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. Carna has been developed making use of the latest and greatest web development technologies available, combining a professional HTML5 framework, magnificently pliable CSS3 styling, and incredibly advanced and enticing Parallax visual effects to enable webmasters without any coding background to easily and seamlessly create powerful, functional and refined websites.

To that end, Carna incorporates a series of incredibly powerful premium plugins, such as the Revolution Slider, the Master Slider, the Cube Portfolio and Quform Contact Form for a fantastically polished visual navigational experience that is completely functional and powerful, with a navigable and user friendly layout that is rich in features and widgets and engaging Parallax scrolling and sliders. Portfolio styles include AJAX as well as a cutting edge Masonry, with extensive Touch Swipe support and AJAX blog transitions. Carna is a sincerely powerful template that can help you create top notch Parallax websites in a matter of minutes, with untold amounts of customization. Are you ready to let Carna take your website to the next level?



Lydia is a visually stunning and wonderfully pliable, graphically articulate and technologically powerful, graceful and aesthetically pleasant, attractive and engaging, feature-rich and amazingly customizable, easy and intuitive, user friendly and highly responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax photography and magazine website template. Lydia has been deftly constructed on a powerful and current HTML5 foundation powered by Twitter’s Bootstrap modular design. It packs a whole 30 awesome, dynamic and deeply customizable HTML5 page templates for all sorts of purposes general and specific, including 11 color options, three different headers, eight Homepage layouts as well as handsome One Page and AJAX Portfolio versions.

Lydia is decked out with potent plugins such as the Cube Portfolio, Revolution Slider and Vanilla Form, with tons of handy options for bloggers, journalists, photographers or online magazines to attractively present their content in unique and conceptually original ways. Lydia is extremely search engine optimized, so your website will quickly ascend the relevant ranks and be indexed in a logical manner, and features engaging and appealing Parallax Video and and Image Backgrounds for incredibly beautiful page designs. Lydia is Retina-ready, with tons of sharp, high resolution icons readily available, as well as crammed full of rich styling options for the creatively inclined.



Rhythm is a splendidly expansive, colorful and vibrant, elegant and refined, polished and professional, serious and well structured, professionally graphically composed and amply resourceful, technologically articulate and extremely appealing and engaging responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one page and multipage multipurpose template. Rhythm is a website template created for webmasters looking for an equally youthful and polished website solution, capable of meeting and exceeding all expectations with relative speed and ease and wonderful functionality.

Rhythm has been decked out with over 175 custom made HTML5 template pages that cover pretty much all bases out there, ensuring that you will always find the perfect template to hit the ground running with Rhythm. Rhythm has been built atop a solid HTML5 framework and has been styled with dynamic CSS3 scripting and amazing, smooth and jaw-dropping Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling features that will dazzle and enchant your audience right off the bat, so that your website makes an indelible, powerful impression on all those who come across it. With dozens upon dozens of shortcodes, widgets, complete demo websites and sophisticated plugins, Rhythm is a template that is dead serious about high quality website design. Are you ready to feel this Rhythm course through your website?



Skrollex is a completely professionally composed, visually stunning and immersive, smooth and flexible, intuitive and powerful, technologically advanced and seamless, fast loading and nimble, cleverly coded and immensely attractive responsive HTML creative one page Parallax website template. Skrollex has been handsomely decked out with the latest and greatest web development technologies, masterfully packaged into a polished, professional all-inclusive suite of tools, features, plugins and demo websites with the highest standards of quality and utmost user friendliness.

Skrollex is based on a solid and reliable HTML5 foundation and it is gorgeously styled and animated through CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies, while making extensive use of incredibly smooth, beautiful and completely immersive Parallax visual effects and scrolling in all sorts of elements and features, presented in uniquely creative and original layouts that make Skrollex an excellent template for creative agencies, freelance photographers, professional portfolios, app showcases and any other sort of creative enterprise that needs to strut its stuff online while making a bold, expressive statement in a dashing, hip and trendy fashion. Skrollex is based on a modular Bootstrap design, with a legible, commented codebase that is very developer friendly and inherent, thorough responsiveness across the board. Get up on Skrollex and feel the new wave!



Oscar is an extremely thoroughly developed, technologically resourceful and feature-rich, ambitious and expansive, continuously updated and very high quality, polished and professional, serious and impressive, well structured and solidly built, secure and reliable responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax minimal one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Oscar is the result of an ongoing and very thoughtful design and development process seeking to create a completely all-encompassing, stylish, unique and powerful website building solution that enables webmasters of any background or skill level to easily and quickly churn out sophisticated, modern and immersive websites of absolutely any kind, nature, field or industry.

To achieve such a goal, Oscar has been built on extremely cutting edge frameworks and technologies, including HTML5 elements, Bootstrap modular design, hardware Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling, and dynamic CSS3 stylesheet scripting. This technological prowess is then intuitively presented to the webmaster in a series of exquisitely designed demo websites for a wide variety of applications and archetypes, all readily customizable to suit your needs. With a new demo added every single week, Oscar is the template that never ends. eCommerce enabled out of the box, Oscar is as flexible as can be, and ready to bring your wildest dreams to reality.



Conrad is a completely gorgeous and deeply functional, luminous and bright, colorful and vibrant, youthful and fresh-faced, pliable and nimble, highly customizable and very user and developer friendly, serious and professional, modern and engaging, immersive and deeply responsive HTML CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. Conrad is a very accessible template that is easy to use and highly intuitive, with deeply powerful features at your fingertips. Packing over 25 sophisticated and one-of-a-kind layouts, Conrad will let you get going with your website’s design within minutes, offering 8 custom built plugins and over 20 in-house developed components integrated into the powerful Timber framework, upon which Conrad’s page building process relies.

Powered by cutting edge HTML5 elements and CSS3 stylesheets and featuring awesome and engaging use of Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling in the most effective ways, Conrad is built to last, and continuously updated for your convenience. Conrad is a perfect template for creative design agencies, professional portfolios, freelance photographers, creative enterprises and projects of any kind and pretty much any website that wants a completely different approach and a unique visual spin on website design. With thorough Bootstrap responsiveness and cross-compatibility with all browsers, devices and platforms out of the box, nothing is out of reach for Conrad!



Hygge is an aesthetically minimalist and sophisticated, visually stunning and elegant, technologically savvy and resourceful, functionally flexible and nimble, fast loading and efficiently coded, developer and user friendly, intuitive and easy to use responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax single and multipage multipurpose website template. Hygge is an ambitious and vast template that has been decked out with the sheer strength and raw flexibility that enables it to easily and seamlessly service the needs of a wide set of different and diverse website archetypes and applications across all industries and fields.

Whether you are a webmaster trying to build a portfolio website, a business website, a personal blog or any other sort of website, Hygge has the tools and features you will need to hit the ground running and create gorgeous and professional looking websites within minutes. 10 professionally designed color schemes are available, though customization possibilities are endless, and with ample Header and Slider options, tons of different Blog and Portfolio layouts and out of the box Disqus integration, Hygge makes for a very versatile website template, featuring over 40 search engine optimized, pixel-perfect HTML5 page templates, ready for you to deploy and fiddle with as you see fit. Amazing and immersive scrolling animation features are readily available with Hygge. Engage your audience today!



Volar is an incredibly beautiful and very well polished, aesthetically conscious and minimalist, professionally graphically designed and completely immersive, easy to use and highly intuitive, technologically sophisticated and extremely customizable responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax minimal one page website template. Volar is a website template that has been carefully composed with painstaking attention to detail in order to create a wholly inclusive and potent toolkit that is visually seamless and deeply engaging, with ample customization capabilities and a thoroughly sophisticated atmosphere that is free from distractions and cluttering.

Your audience will truly focus on what is most important–your content and works, which Volar has a knack for presenting in the most favorable and fashionable spotlights. Volar makes very effective use of handsome HTML5 elements styled with dynamic and beautifully animated CSS3 scripted stylesheets, incorporating the most attractive Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling available on the market today, decking your website with tech-savvy tools and features readily preconfigured and easily customizable to suit your needs. Tons of different, polished and engaging Homepage templates are included, brimming with deep-running functionality and handsome stylishness that will make your website soar to new heights. Try Volar today, and you will never look back!



NOHO is a bright and luminous, eclectic and stylish, hip and trendy, pliable and malleable, clean and modern, visually stunning and impressive, professionally graphically designed, efficiently coded and extensively commented, developer friendly and highly creative responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax creative agency and portfolio website template. NOHO has been developed to be extremely easy to develop and highly intuitive website building solution for webmasters of absolutely any skill level to quickly and effortless generate sophisticated websites in a matter of minutes.

NOHO is an elegant template, perfect for creative individuals that need a beautiful canvas with which to express themselves or showcase their works to the world, which makes it ideally suited for applications such as creative design agencies, freelance designers, photographers, fashion designers and similar, related, creative enterprises and endeavors. NOHO has been flawless coded on a rock-solid HTML5 foundation and presented through dynamic CSS3 scripting, with the smoothest and most amazing Parallax visual effects and scrolling effects around readily available with a couple of clicks. NOHO is also very easily and profoundly customizable, so that your NOHO website will always be a perfect reflection of you or your brand identity, making NOHO a great match for personal, business or corporate environments.



Oshine is a conceptually unique, innovative and creative, clean and pristine, original and memorable, technologically proficient and visually impressive, functionally expansive and graphically polished, easy to use and intuitively customizable, pliable and nimble, clever and responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax creative multi-layout multipurpose website template. Oshine is an amazingly developed template that is jam-packed with features and resourceful plugins and shortcodes spread out over 18 completely unique and conceptually diverse demo websites, each a different interpretation and approach to website design and completely customizable in its own right, decked out with full inner pages and everything you need to set off on the right foot and have your own website up within minutes of setup.

Over 150 distinct and purposefully built HTML5 template pages are included with Oshine for just about every usage imaginable on websites of any kind, featuring expansive and amazing Parallax visual effects that engage your audience and immerse them in a smooth navigational experience, along with malleable and easily customizable CSS3 stylesheets and a responsive, modular Bootstrap design that makes Oshine render just as gorgeous across all browsers, devices, platforms or screen sizes. Oshine is a pixel-perfect, Retina-ready conceptual crown jewel of website templates. Are you ready to shine?



Blink is an elegant and stylish, resourceful and feature-rich, aesthetically accomplished and visually stunning, cleanly designed and very modern, technologically powerful and articulate, bold and creative, expressive and flexible responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one page creative multipurpose website template. Blink is a clever and fresh-faced template that has been designed to be a potent and pliable toolkit for webmasters without any coding background to seamlessly and effortlessly create the most advanced and professional looking one page websites imaginable, for purposes personal or commercial, business or corporate, with equal skill and polished, finished feel.

Blink is a template that combines an understated visual framework and an explosively bold and brazen visual language on top of it, to create a high contrast, loud and clear website that is graceful while being extremely memorable. Blink has been carefully crafted with painstaking attention to detail, so that every nook and cranny has been thoughtfully designed for utmost functionality and a clutter-free graphical environment where your content can truly shine. With incredible Parallax visual effects and the smoothest scrolling features and animations on the market, Blink is a template for all sorts of creation to take place, and is perfect for digital studios, freelancers, designers, photographers and more.



Make is an incredibly dynamic and highly interactive, intuitive and easy to use, powerfully coded and very developer friendly, light and fast loading, nimble and quick on its feet, visually accomplished and very customizable, expansive and vast, creative and unique responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one and multipage multipurpose website with Page Builder. Make is a truly comprehensive website making toolkit, a potent and versatile tool that enables users of any skill level to produce professional looking, sharp and clever websites that look and feel right, with ample capabilities for customization of every single element in Make.

Over 80 custom built, professionally graphically designed HTML5 page templates are included with Make, so that pretty much any website necessity you may encounter has already been covered, or can easily be taken care of by fiddling with a page template’s advanced customization options. Make has gorgeous, CSS3-powered animated transitions that make for an engaging navigational experience, which, coupled with exquisite Parallax scrolling and visual effects, creates a completely immersive environment where your visitors can feel at ease and at home on your website. Make is perfect for blogs, agencies, portfolios, eCommerce websites, corporate applications and just about any other archetype out there. Build the world you dream of, with Make!



Stig is a beautiful and expansive, vastly ambitious and graphically versatile and polished, visually bright, luminous and fresh-faced, stylistically minimalist and aesthetically conscious, technologically resourceful and feature-rich, amply customizable and very unique and engaging HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one and multipage multipurpose website template. Stig is the result of applying a strict design philosophy focusing on accessibility, navigational experience and design quality, producing a clean and pristine template with a streamlined and simplified website construction process.

Stig includes over 40 fully fleshed out demo websites, professionally designed and fully preconfigured, decked out with inner pages and content, as well as over 150 impeccable and functional, convenient and time-saving HTML5 page templates for all sorts of uses general or specific. Stig has over 44 Portfolio pages, so if you want to show off your work in a distinct and memorable style, Stig is your man. With the Revolution Slider, visitors will be in awe at your visual prowess, while smooth Parallax sections will impress and dazzle audiences far and wide. Stig also packs a punch with tons of incredibly powerful shortcodes, which greatly add to the functionality of your pages without you having to write a single line of code, and its native Bootstrap responsiveness guarantees total reach across all devices, browsers, screen sizes and platforms.



Kwoon is colorful and well-structured, youthful and fresh-faced, serious and professional, extremely modern and elegant, aesthetically refined and very polished, deeply functional and feature-dense, technologically accomplished and very easy to use and intuitive, user friendly and responsive HTML5/CSS3 Parallax single and multipage multipurpose website template. Kwoon is a very clean and pristine template that has been professionally graphically designed to represent the utmost quality and cutting edge technological prowess of the modern web in a streamlined and simplified package that webmasters of any background or skill level will find wonderfully accessible.

With 3 different Headers and Sliders, integrated MegaMenus, optional One Page website support and beautifully responsive Touch Swipe support, Kwoon is a full featured template that can offer the best tools and features currently extant on the market with an unparalleled degree of quality that permeates every Kwoon website and page. Kwoon is social media-savvy, and plays nicely with feed-based services such as Dribble, Flickr and Instagram, on top of being search engine optimized out of the box, making Kwoon a great template for bloggers or freelance portfolios. With filterable searches and rich styling options, on top of smooth and sophisticated Parallax scrolling animations, Kwoon is a template for the future. Are you there yet?



Material is a very appealing and highly attractive, incredibly modern and cutting edge, professionally graphically designed, technologically powerful and articulate, functionally expansive and imaginative, clean and fresh-faced, visually uncluttered and flexible responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. Material is a template built with Google’s own Material Design philosophy firmly at the helm of the conceptual approach, producing a distinctly modern website template capable of empowering webmasters to generate the most advanced, sophisticated Material Design websites in a matter of minutes, with virtually no coding experience required.

Material’s flat and mobile friendly design incorporates an intuitive visual language that has become the norm for the world at large, and visitors will find your website incredibly navigable and easy to use, with beautiful, Retina-ready icons totaling well into the hundreds for you to mark the way where you want them to go. Material puts all the control in your hands, with sophisticated styling and visual customization options, vastly modifiable layouts and a block-based Page Building process that deploys over 132 creative HTML5 block elements in any way you desire to make gorgeous, functional pages. Or choose one from any of Material’s 120 custom made HTML5 page templates, and hit the road.



MILO is a clean and pristine, well structured and highly accessible, professional and polished, extensively developed and carefully crafted, bright and luminous, youthful and fresh-faced, dynamic and tech-savvy, wonderfully pliable and very customizable responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. MILO is an amazingly modern template, which looks and feels current and is continuously updated to always be decked out in the most powerful web development technologies available at any given time, handsomely deployed to great effect across a series of attractive demo websites and page templates.

MILO features the premium Revolution Slider plugin, on top of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies for incredible multimedia capabilities and gorgeous top of the line animations and transitions, as well as a Bootstrap modular design for ultimate responsiveness and developer friendliness and hardware-powered Parallax scrolling and visual effects, for an immersive and engaging user experience that keeps them coming back for more. That makes MILO a very well suited template for all sorts of business or corporate applications. From startups and small businesses to large corporations, MILO has the class, style and power to muscle the demands of any kind of business website with speed and grace. Upgrade your business today, with MILO!

18 Best HTML5/CSS3 Portfolio Website Templates To Showcase Your Creative Work Online 2016

Html5 Portfolio Website Templates

This modern age is filled with great paradoxes and turnings of time and fate. As the world grows more connected and globalized, disparities seem to increase, yet opportunities conversely abound in this bright new era, ushered in by the total communication the internet has provided for mankind. And while the world’s largest nations and economies rise and fall in endless cycles, the business savvy, the entrepreneurs and the go-getters of the Earth are thriving in a world full of possibilities, where your talent and hard work, if unrecognized or unappreciated in whatever context you find yourself in, can just as easily be your sustenance–or even, your great success–elsewhere on this planet. The internet is just the tool to help you find your place to shine, but you’ll get nowhere without a handsome, modern and appealing portfolio website, that acts as a calling card and an exposition of your skills, whatever your trade or craft may be–from artists and photographers to designers and architects, from engineers and decorators to constructors and landscapers, a portfolio is the place to start. And to start off in style and grace, nothing beats the top of the line web technology combo of a solid HTML5 framework with smooth CSS3 stylesheets. The following collection of website templates exhibits the best and brightest HTML5/CSS3 Portfolio Website Templates on the market. They won’t disappoint.



Massive is a truly humongous, vastly expansive, deeply resourceful, feature-rich and function-dense, graphically polished and visually stunning, endlessly flexible and easily customizable, fast loading and superbly modern HTML5 and CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template, a truly mindboggling website template that has been put together with the utmost care and thoroughness. The end result is a staggering 260 different, completely preconfigured HTML5 unique webpages for all sorts of different purposes and applications.

Among them, 85 entirely unique, creative and outstanding portfolio template pages make Massive a remarkable website template for all sorts of webmasters seeking to establish their online portfolio websites with a set of tools that is all-inclusive, thoughtful and polished, as well as capable of having a fully functional, fleshed out portfolio website set up and running within minutes, owing to the great amount of flexible, ready to use templates included with Massive. Over 15 preconfigured sliders can liven up any website whatsoever, while 6 different footer options keep things diverse and 20 different menu styles let your users explore your content just the way you want them to. What you cannot find ready-made outright within Massive, you can easily build yourself, with an excess of 150 custom-built shortcodes ready to deploy on any page you see fit. Massive–it really is the endless template.



SPOONS is an attractive and visually appealing, engaging and technologically sophisticated, well designed and inherently flexible, fashion conscious and aesthetically accomplished, powerful and extremely easy to use HTML5 and CSS3 single and multipage website template. Spoons is a clever and creative website construction solution for webmasters that want all the refined visual effects and softly focused appeal of modern professional websites, but who wish to forgo the hassle of coding their own website framework and website elements–SPOONS does all that for you, and all you need is to provide your own content and images.

That is why SPOONS is a great fit for personal or professional portfolio websites. Whether you are a visual artist that wants to put your work out there, a graphic designer showing off your corporate identities or marketing campaigns, or a home decorator illustrating the range and taste of your experience, if you want a potent and cutting edge HTML5-powered and CSS3-styled website template with plentiful layouts to impressively show off plenty of high resolution images in appealing and interactive compositions, preconfigured with all sorts of convenient elements, SPOONS is just what you are looking for. With SPOONS, making your mark on the World Wide Web is easy as pie!



ZAP is a creative and interactive, unique and modern, memorable and enveloping, highly modern and tech-savvy, enormously pliable and flexible, powerful and intuitive HTML5 an CSS3 multipurpose website template, an amazingly convertible, vastly customizable theme that has been constructed with the careful attention to detail and the versatile functional diversity necessary to comfortably allow for the development and maintenance of a wide range of websites across all sorts of industries.

However, ZAP’s peculiarly well-developed visual and graphical skills make it a natural at dealing with all manners of pictorial content–if you need viewers to drop their jaws as they gaze upon something beautiful, ZAP is precisely what you should frame it with. That is what makes ZAP an excellent portfolio website template. With visual effects including gorgeous Parallax animations and complex effects, unimaginably smooth CSS3 transitions, all coded on a powerful HTML5 framework built to be responsive and cross compatible with all sorts of devices, platforms and screen sizes, as well as being lightning-fast, easy on the server loads and optimized for search engine indexation, ZAP is the ultimate creative portfolio website template, with the advanced technology to see you and your ventures through another decade. Get zapping today!



Intensy is a visually expansive, aesthetically minimalist, modern and flat, technologically proficient and incredibly functionally diverse, highly creative and easily customizable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a vastly useful and convenient template that has been carefully crafted with all the required tools and features to easily and efficiently build professional looking, modern websites that are wholly responsive, secure, reliable and aesthetically conscious, with a very current and on-point flat graphic design and a handsome, optimized handling of visual content. That is why Intensy is an ideal website template for all sorts of professional or personal portfolio websites.

Whether you are a freelance professional, a visual or performance artist, a website designer or any other related or similar field, Intensy has the skills to seamlessly empower you to churn out an ample variety of portfolio websites, with many neat and handy preconfigured webpages and features. Intensy includes the amazing Mega Menu functionality, so your visitors can quickly figure out the hierarchical composition of your website and better navigate through your work, and it is built on top of a powerful HTML5 framework and styled with CSS3 coding and the latest Bootstrap framework for optimal responsiveness and utter cross-compatibility. Intensy is where the good things are!



Carna is an incredibly technologically proficient, amazingly reliable and secure, visually stunning and impressively customizable, functionally flexible and feature-rich, modern and vibrant responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a cleanly coded and highly efficient website template that has been jam-packed with the most potent and deeply pliable set of features, functions and tools available for building professional, polished and graphically engaging websites that look and feel great. Carna has been designed to be very easy to use and easier still to customize, with advanced technologies including the Slider Revolution slider feature, the Master Slider, the highly professional Quform forms and the completely jaw-dropping Cube Portfolio.

This skill profile makes Carna a peculiarly outstanding website template for deployment on portfolio websites of all nature, from professional to personal, across a wide and vast field of business or commercial ventures, such as freelancers, artists, engineers, designers and much more–if you need to build a website that can show off your work in the utmost style and with the most powerful set of tools available to make your content truly shine and leave a lasting mark upon your audience, Carna is the template for you. Total responsiveness means Carna will make your website look fantastic across all devices and audiences. Get on board now!



TopBiz is a clean and professional, fresh-faced and graphically cohesive, efficiently coded and highly reliable, modern and polished, visually stunning and engaging, interactive and powerful HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose corporate website template. It is a highly customizable and extremely intuitive and easy to use website template that is equipped with a vast set of powerful tools and features as well as a great many HTML5 webpage templates thoroughly preconfigured for optimum functionality and total compatibility with the required layout profile of well-structured professional, business and corporate websites, with gorgeous handling of media content owing to powerful and cutting edge coding. That is why TopBiz is an optimal theme for the development and maintenance of professional and corporate business portfolio websites.

Firms across all sorts of fields and businesses are sure to benefit from showing off their professional work and experience to potential customers worldwide, and will likely attract new and recurring business with TopBiz’s impressive visual customization capabilities that will make your portfolio easily stand out from the crowd of similar websites on the web. TopBiz guarantees polished and put-together results that are highly functional and completely responsive, and Bootstrap coding makes for easily modifiable webpages that are legible and comprehensible to all, on top of being search engine optimized. Upgrade your business today, with TopBiz!



Tempo is an incredibly powerful, endlessly expansive, vastly flexible and pliable, impressively resourceful, technologically accomplished and feature-dense, highly interactive and very navigable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template. Tempo is a truly wonderful template that has been constructed with a deeply customizable nature, founded on an incredibly wide collection of diverse HTML5-powered webpage layout templates preconfigured for a wealth of specific, convenient uses, totaling in at over 160.

Among these, over 40 such deliberately designed pages are exclusively portfolio pages, which is why Tempo is perhaps one of the most powerful and significantly flexible portfolio website templates on the market. Tempo includes tons of really different and creative demo websites that can easily be implemented within minutes, to start off your own portfolio website on the right foot and quickly add your own images and content and be off. Tempo incorporates such premium plugins as Cube Portfolio, LivIcons and the incredible Cloud Slider, using them with great effectiveness over a wide set of pages. Over 100 short codes have been custom built for you to construct the pages you dream up with ease and speed, while advanced effects like infinite scrolling, AJAX portfolio pages, top and off canvas navigation menus and more will bedazzle your audience. It’s Tempo time!



Ova is a conceptually cohesive, vastly customizable and highly pliable, technologically competent and graphically polished, visually stunning and incredibly easy to use, well coded, thorough and expansive HTML5 and CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template, a powerful and unique website template designed with a remarkable deliberation and extreme attention to every detail, nook and cranny, making Ova a very professional and finished template that is equipped with an ample toolkit that can handle just about any requirement or necessity a website may face, as well as a sincerely massive collection of professionally designed and thoroughly preconfigured webpage templates for just about any use you can imagine or come up with, totaling in at over 178 unique pages.

Over 45 of these are tasteful, elegant portfolio template pages, which is why Ova is an amazingly powerful template for the construction of smooth, modern and attractive personal and professional portfolio websites. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an up and coming freelancer, whether you are a small firm or a large company, if you need to show the world your work in style, with gorgeous animations, beautiful headers, expansive menus and an intuitive customization thanks to a modular Bootstrap-based coding, Ova is the template of your dreams.



STARTUPRR is a completely unique, visually cohesive and cogent, navigationally intuitive and enveloping, visually attractive and highly appealing, modern and technologically proficient, fresh-faced and vibrant, very customizable and deeply resourceful HTML5 and CSS3 responsive multipurpose website template. It is an entirely one of a kind website template that has been developed from the ground up using the most sophisticated HTML5 framework elements weaved together with impressively clever CSS3 styling to empower webmasters to seamlessly and effortlessly churn out gorgeous, professional looking websites over a wide assortment of fields in a matter of minutes, with highly polished, totally responsive and interactive results every single time.

STARTUPRR includes over ten completely different portfolio grid configurations, which can be further altered into endless iterations of functional and pliable layout styles to fit just about any website. That is why STARTUPRR is a uniquely potent portfolio website template, a significantly convenient, time saving toolkit that is perfect for webmasters that need to put their work out there for the world to see, across a vast range of industries; from graphic designers to website developers, from freelancers to visual artists, STARTUPRR can make your showcase shine like no website around. Are you ready to kick start your business today?



Hasta is a completely gorgeous, fresh-faced and youthful, vibrant and luminous, highly customizable and very pliable, modern and efficiently coded, secure and reliable, engaging and totally responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a remarkable, shapeshifting template that has been packed to the brim with a deeply powerful and highly transformable set of tools, features and functions that empower Hasta to produce the most creative and professional looking websites on the market with ease and speed. Smoothly animated Parallax visual effects, an excess of 30 different sophisticated layout styles, functional grids and masonry styles and the exceedingly attractive Cube Portfolio plugin, however, make Hasta a highly potent website template for deployment upon portfolio websites of all kinds and forms, particularly among fields that dabble highly in the creative side.

Hasta can seamlessly churn out endless pages packed with sophisticated features such as Flickr Feeds, jQuery Google Maps, Master Sliders, HTML5 YouTube players, the beautiful Owl Carousel feature for showcasing your best works, and much more, all powered through efficient HTML5 framework and Bootstrap elements that add both ease for customization as well as absolute responsiveness, so that your portfolio will be flawlessly enjoyed by users of all devices, platforms and screen sizes. What are you waiting for?



Knight is a an incredibly all-inclusive, expansive and vast, enormously pliable and highly flexible, visually stunning and highly developed, professional and businesslike, modern and interactive responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, an amazingly ambitious HTML5-framework theme-like template that includes a whole set of tools, plugins, features and functions on top of a walloping 250+ individual, preconfigured template pages, empowering Knight to tackle just about any website needs profile out there with relative ease and utter adaptability.

However, Knight’s incredibly graphically polished 38+ portfolio template pages make Knight a superbly well-equipped template for handling all sorts of personal or professional portfolio necessities. Knight comes out of the box with an ample set of demos for a whole host of different purposes, so setting up your portfolio website is as easy as importing the demo most suitable to your interests and field and beginning the upload of your own content and images for inclusion in your gorgeous, completely fleshed out pages. Plenty of advanced grid options are available, such as masonry, standard, gallery slider and many more ways to keep your audience interested and engaged with your content. Simultaneously, Knight has been built on top of a Bootstrap code, ensuring perfect display across all known devices, platforms and screen sizes. The cavalry is here!

Awesome Ideas


Awesome Ideas is a wonderfully designed, highly professional yet charmingly whimsical, polished and visually impressive, functionally flexible and feature-rich, resourceful and creative, unique and very memorable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose business and commercial single page website template, a truly one of a kind and completely stunning HTML5 theme that is thoroughly equipped for the development of technologically proficient, graphically intuitive and inviting and functionally expansive websites that bedazzle viewers with tasteful, modern visual effects and a seamless, cohesive presentation in a smooth scrolling single page website.

That is why Awesome Ideas is a great HTML theme for the development of professional portfolio websites, or any sort of websites that need to show off your precious and polished works to the world in the most favorable light possible. Awesome Ideas has been built to let creative people express themselves in the most easily customizable and profoundly pliable way, with a smart, intuitive user interface and smooth running preconfigured effects including Parallax smooth and infinite scrolling, CSS3 sophisticated dynamic stylesheets and a thoroughly inherently responsive Bootstrap codebase that ensures your Awesome Ideas portfolio is rendered flawlessly across the widest range of devices, platforms and screen sizes possible. Let the world hear your Awesome Ideas today!



Haswell is a visually accomplished and aesthetically minimalist, tasteful and fashionable, aesthetically polished and functionally resourceful, highly customizable and extremely easy to use, function-dense and plugin-rich responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose single and multipage website template. It is an extraordinarily powerful website template that has been built with the raw strength and sheer pliability to seamlessly lend itself to a wide range of diverse uses and applications, but that is uniquely well suited for deployment among portfolio websites of all kinds and natures.

That is because Haswell is uniquely constructed to add a layer of tasteful refinement to essentially any content it handles–and on top of that, a wealth of diverse portfolio template pages included out of the box make hitting the ground running a matter of course with Haswell. You will have a fully fleshed out portfolio website within minutes, decked out with a diversity of customizable headers, menus, social media feeds, specialized video and image masks, containers and plugins, and so much more it will make your head spin, all packed into a stylish package based on the potent HTML5 framework, dynamic and flexible CSS3 stylesheets and the wonderfully responsive and easily modifiable modular Bootstrap codebase, that renders your Haswell portfolio natively cross-compatible across all devices and platforms. What else can you ask for?



Jango is a completely customizable, visually expansive and highly graphically polished, functionally flexible and feature-rich, smart and cleverly coded, efficient and fast loading, modern and reliable responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, an incredibly handy and powerful toolkit that has been deliberately crafted as an all-inclusive website solution for a huge range of different website applications, but that is peculiarly well equipped for handling the needs of modern, responsive and flexible portfolio websites of all kinds.

Whether you are a freelance professional, a digital media artist, an established business firm or a software developer, if you need to quickly and easily produce a professional and businesslike website that is full of functionality and deeply interactive out of the box, with minimal coding skills at every stage and ample opportunities for extensive customization, Jango is your man. Jango has been developed by developers, for developers, and its extensively Bootstrap-based code is easily legible and comprehensible, for optimal edition and modification capabilities. That Bootstrap foundation also makes Jango inherently responsive at every level, meaning there isn’t a device on the world that can browse the internet that won’t display your Jango website just as beautifully as you meant for it to be seen, with no additional coding needed. Jango is where it’s at!



H-Code is a spectacularly well designed, graphically stunning, visually expansive, luxurious and stylish, aesthetically polished and functionally refined, resourceful and tech-savvy, modern and responsive, professional and sophisticated HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template, a truly wonderfully flexible HTML5 template that has been built with the extensive pliability and raw power necessary to effortlessly muscle the demands of a wide range of website archetypes across all sorts of business or personal applications. That is because H-Code is built on the powerful HTML5 framework, powered with CSS3 styling, and jam-packed with over 190 individual, professionally graphically designed template pages that cover pretty much every single imaginable page you could possibly need.

The included 40+ portfolio template pages, however, represent an exceedingly well curated collection of portfolio layouts, styles and interpretations that are conceptually outstanding and wholly remarkable, sure to leave an indelible mark on your audience’s memory, augmenting the effectiveness and reach of your portfolio and the impact it will have upon your business or ventures. H-Code includes plenty ready-made portfolio and personal resume template pages for webmasters of all inclinations, and an excess of 57 different homepage demos make H-Code websites sincerely one of a kind. An inherently responsive code ensures no one will be left out of your gorgeous portfolio. H-Code is the template you need!



Foundry is a fantastically creative, deeply intuitive and easy to use, wonderfully productive, incredibly quick and fast loading, efficiently coded and highly reliable, regularly updated and technologically cutting edge responsive HTML5 and CSS3 high performance multipurpose website template, a uniquely well-constructed website template that has been packed with an endlessly vast toolkit of extremely polished features, plugins and functions that enable Foundry to empower webmasters wishing to craft professional looking, high performance websites for demanding, high traffic, high volume, high quality, upscale applications.

To that end, Foundry includes a huge range of template pages, among them being a great amount of professionally designed, completely preconfigured portfolio pages that exude a careful precision and deliberation to their coding as well as an extreme capacity for customization. That is why Foundry is a great website template for individuals and corporations that need to create portfolio websites for demanding, high quality, high performance industries where matters such as aesthetics and functionality simply have no room for imperfection, and everything needs to work, work well, and work out of the box. Foundry is precisely such a template, and its sophisticated features like HTML5 Image Sliders and multiple conceptual homepage demos make the process of building a high performance portfolio website easy and breezy. Try Foundry today, and it’ll be the last template you’ll ever try!

All above listed are HTML templates and they don’t have any CMS for simplified content management. If you are looking for portfolio templates that can be managed via simple admin dashboard you might want to look for WordPress themes. Some great WordPress portfolio themes you can find here and here.

18 Best Mobile Friendly HTML5 Music Website Templates For Musicians, Bands, Night Clubs and Artists 2016

Html5 Music Website Templates

We have yet to discover a medium that can rival the power of music. It can move the human spirit, heal a broken heart, and even amplify a joyous occasion. From a more pragmatic standpoint, music is also a multi-billion dollar industry that spans the entire globe.

It is not enough to possess a talent for this craft. Any artist must have an eye for business, marketing and promotion opportunities. In today’s multimedia environment, those opportunities can be found online. Gone are the days of passing out mixtapes, or asking small-time magazines to publish your articles. For all its flaws, the web offers you an enormous advantage: a direct connection to your fans.

Considering the importance of online promotion, your website must be flawless. However, few people can claim to possess both musical talent, and a knack for online development. HTML templates give you the power to create amazing websites, yet they maintain a user-friendly, accessible interface. Thanks to these wonderful templates, the playing field is leveled.



If your goal is to create an incredible Music Event, Music Band, Festival, Night Club or Album website, look no further than WeMusic. This gorgeous HTML template is adaptable and reliable, offering a pristine experience for all customers. Your web page will benefit from a large roster of premium features, each implemented in order to increase your odds of success. Upon installation, users will enjoy 2 main versions of this template: Light and Dark. Regardless of your choice, the site layout will be entirely responsive. Indeed, your content can be easily displayed on the smaller screens of hand-held devices. In addition, WeMusic has cross-browser compatibility, and it is Retina-ready.

For your home page, there are 4 distinct styles: Home Revolution Slider, Home Video, Home Parallax and Home Countdown Slider. The template was constructed using Bootstrap 3, CSS3 and HTML5. With WeMusic, all clients will be able to customize every aspect of their online experience. The process is intuitive and user-friendly. It should also be mentioned that Font Awesome Icons and Google Fonts were added. Musical event organization often requires the distribution of tickets. Thankfully, WeMusic has a built-in online shop, and each item can be sorted by price or title. For more information regarding this wonderful template, be sure to access its live preview.

Rockit 2.0


Few things can ever hope to be as influential as a good song. For many people, music and musical culture has become a way of life. Online communities dedicated to art are as old as the internet itself, with plenty of room for new members. For those who wish to establish their own music website, Rockit 2.0 is an ideal solution. This gorgeous HTML template is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your content on any platform. Followers can easily access each post via their smartphones or tablets, given that compatibility issues were entirely eliminated.

Rockit 2.0 is not meant for expert web developers. With just a basic level of technical understanding, you will be able to create a top-quality page. Upon installation, users can select a custom color variation. There are blue, yellow, and white versions, and you can even design your own palette. This template supports a right to left writing format for languages such as Hebrew and Japanese. It is possible to create outstanding news and blog sections, where fans can read about their favorite bands. If you want to sample Rockit 2.0 without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.



Foundry is an outstanding HTML template that simply refuses to be mediocre. It incorporates a high-quality roster of premium features, resulting in one of the most versatile products on the market. Basically, Foundry is viable for any online business niche, regardless of its requirements. LESS and CSS developers can rejoice, knowing that a semantic and clean markup was used. The template can even benefit freelancers, as it offers to enhance every aspect of their portfolio. Potential employers will certainly appreciate your attention to detail. It is also possible to construct incredible landing pages, using original and consistent design elements.

Site organization and personalization has never been easier, thanks to the inclusion of the Variant Page Builder. With this tool, experimentation is encouraged. Users can try different layouts and mock up ideas, while exporting the results straight to HTML. There will be no inline style or junk code. In total, the Variant Page Builder features 95 different blocks. Foundry has an ever-expanding collection of Home Concepts, and multiple Menu Style variations: transparent, Top Bar, and optional info. With more than 1000 icons to choose from, lack of choice will never be an issue. A live preview was added, for those who wish to learn more about Foundry.



Remix is a stylish, modern, and memorable HTML template. It comes equipped with a large collection of useful features and elements, each implemented in order to increase your chance of success. Upon installation, users can select a Light or Dark version. However, it is possible to design your own color scheme. If you decide to purchase Remix, you will gain access to the incredible Revolution Slider plugin. This premium product was added for free, despite its $15 price tag. It facilitates the creation of incredible slides, helping to promote your content.

The template also has an Ajax PHP Contact Form, and a fully-responsive layout. Regardless of their preference, followers will be able to access your content from any web browser or device. A Google Maps Location service is available, in addition to a wonderful jQuery Scrollbar. Of course, your music site must be able to play sample sound files. Thankfully, the built-in music player can support Soundcloud API, MP3, and Shoutcast radio files. Remix is optimized for search engines, making it easier for interested clients to find your brand. There are 5 blog page variations, a Flickr Photo Stream, and 10 layered PSD files. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.



Musik is a wonderful HTML music website template that simply refuses to be mediocre. If your goal is to establish a successful music website, this product can be your greatest ally. It is based on the exemplary Bootstrap 3 framework, and its quality cannot be matched. The proliferation of mobile devices has caused a lot of problems for web developers. Sites can often experience errors, while trying to resize their layouts in order to fit smaller screens. Thankfully, Musik is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your posts on any web browser or device. This can not only benefit your followers, but it can also enhance your work experience. Site management no longer has to keep you tied to a desk chair, given that it is possible to work from your phone.

This template has multiple mobile widgets, and a flat user interface with a clean style. Visual customization has not been overlooked, as each user can select a distinct color scheme. Currently, there are 8 color schemes, and each can greatly increase your page’s aesthetic appeal. Clients can expect many future updates, as the product evolves and changes. For more information regarding Musik and its amazing features, be sure to access the live preview.



Music enthralls and captivates us, to the point that it defines who we are. For those who are passionate about this art form, the internet can be a great gathering spot. If your goal is to create an incredible musician, singer, DJ, or band web page, look no further than Instrument. This wonderful HTML music website template can enhance your follower’s browsing experience, thus increasing user retention rates.

Instrument incorporates the premium Slider Revolution plugin. This amazing feature allows you to showcase your best content in an accessible manner. The code is very well-written and streamlined, and the design is modern and balanced. Working Contact Forms are available, in addition to some Font Awesome Icons. With Instrument, users can expect to receive Update Notifications.

Should any issues arise, do not hesitate to use the support system. Their representatives are friendly, and eager to help all customers. There is even a detailed documentation source, offering to guide you through the installation and personalization process. With so much support, even novice users can design professional websites. In terms of visual customization, it is possible to design your own color scheme. A live preview was made available, for those who want to sample Instrument’s useful features.



Sonorama is an ideal choice for customers who want to design an amazing music website. It offers a modern, clean design that never fails to impress. This template can be used to improve any web page, regardless of its niche. Sonorama has many advanced styling personalization features. With their implementation, users can create limitless possibilities by altering the backgrounds, navigation styles, images, and color palettes. Basically, you will be able to craft your own unique experience. The only limit will be your imagination.

The site layout is completely responsive, as it has eliminated all resizing errors. Customers can view your posts from their tablets, desktop computers, smartphones and laptops. Cross-browser compatibility is also guaranteed. Of course, there are multiple color scheme variations. With 16 distinct styles, lack of choice will never be an issue. High modularity is a defining characteristic of this product. Every element is malleable and easy to change, granting you the opportunity to craft something that perfectly matches your vision.

For inexperienced site owners, a detailed documentation source was added. It contains information regarding every feature, offering to guide you through the installation process. For those who wish to sample Sonorama, a live preview was included.



Berg is an extraordinary HTML music template that offers to improve every aspect of your web page. It can fit any niche, given its vast collection of practical features. This product manages to seamlessly balance power and accessibility, resulting in an ideal browsing experience for all customers. In addition to the HTML version, a Drupal and WordPress variation is available as well. Berg can be installed on both One Page and Multi-Page websites, depending on the requirements of the client. Its versatility is simply astounding, considering that there are over 45 unique demos, each favoring a different field of activity.

Berg has multiple web elements, HTML files and Feature Sections. Regardless of your needs, this product has you covered. Online merchandising can greatly increase your bottom line. Your template facilitates the creation of professional online shops, complete with cart and checkout functions. In terms of customization, there are many Flaticon and Font Awesome Icons, in addition to 8 different headers. Once Berg is purchased, the owners will automatically receive a lifetime of free updates. This assures that your site can always keep up with an ever-changing technical environment. A live preview was made available, for users who wish to sample this product.



SoundPro can be a music lover’s best friend. It can be used to improve the websites of bands, solo artists, music blogs or publications. While the website’s niche may remain variable, the beauty of its design will always stay constant. SoundPro was tested on multiple devices, including tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. It was found to be fully responsive, capable of adapting to any platform or web browser. As a page administrator, this adaptable layout allows you to work anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

A working Ajax Form is available, in addition to a detailed and expansive documentation source. Inexperienced users can easily consult this document, as it offers to guide them through the installation and customization process. You can easily become an overnight expert. It should be mentioned that the RoyalSlider $14 premium plugin was added, free of charge. Your site can promote upcoming releases and concerts, thanks to the Event List features. In terms of visual customization, page administrators can choose from 10 pre-designed color palettes. Regardless of their choice, the result will look incredible. A live preview was incorporated for clients who wish to sample SoundPro without having to commit to a purchase.



AQURA is an excellent AngularJS template for music apps. Users will gain access to a fully-functional music app, in addition to some incredible features. AQURA refuses to be a stagnant product, as it constantly struggles to adapt to your needs. Data will be regularly fetched via HTTP request simulating. The template is based on Bootstrap, and it is very easy to personalize. It also includes Grunt and Bower, which facilitates dependency management. Users are able to create awesome playlists, thanks to the implementation of an Angular Media Player. It is also possible to include custom pages for Albums and Artists. AQURA offers form customization and validation, along with personal user profiles and pages.

You will be able to easily navigate the section for new bands or artists, and include their songs in an established playlist. It should also be mentioned that AQURA recognizes Sketch files as a valid Design format. The template layout can be showcased on any device, given that it is fully-responsive. Clients can access your site from their smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. With such flexibility, there is no limit to what you can achieve. For more information regarding AQURA and its features, be sure to sample its live preview.

Night Club


Organizing any type of event can feel like a perilous balancing act. However, your job can be made easier by a quality HTML/CSS music template such as Night Club. Its name betrays its purpose, as it is perfect for the online promotion of night club or musical events. The layout of this product can be accessed from any device, regardless of its screen size. In addition to being fully responsive, your posts will feature cross-browser compatibility. Customers will be able to search for your events on their mobile phones, a feature that will certainly increase ticket sales.

Despite its versatility and power, Night Club remains user-friendly. There is no need to hire a professional web development firm, given that anyone can design a successful web page. You can do a great job, without any advanced programming knowledge. Should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to consult the extensive documentation source. It is quite informative, as it offers to explain every feature in detail. Of course, it will be easier for patrons to find your venue if they had access to a map. Thankfully, Night Club incorporates an awesome Google Maps function. For those who wish to sample this product, a live preview was included.



Where art and science meet, beauty often arises. Noizu is an ambitious HTML music template that offers to improve the customer’s music website. It achieves this goal through a series of discrete and powerful features that allow you to craft a page that matches your vision. It has 45 HTML files, and a streamlined js, html, css code. This template was constructed with Less, Grunt, Assemble and Browserify. For users who lack any website development experience, a detailed and informative documentation source was added. It offers to turn you into an overnight expert, given that it explains every feature in detail.

Sites that offer no incentives or samples will often be less successful than those with teasers and sample files. Thankfully, Noizu has incorporated an excellent HTML Music Player that can showcase your band’s songs. There are even multiple playlists for better organization. Of course, the layout of your page will be completely responsive, capable of displaying content on any device. Noizu also has Soundcloud integration, Retina Support, an Ajax page load function, and an almost limitless number of customization possibilities. For more information regarding this versatile template, be sure to access the live preview. There is no financial risk, given that it is completely free of charge.



Designed by a reputable author, Pinetree is an HMTL template that exceeds all expectations. Pinetree is modern and streamlined, offering to enhance every aspect of your web page. Its most notable feature, is that it allows clients to modify each individual page via text input. There is no need to modify javascript codes or HTML files. Customization has been greatly simplified, given that any user can design a top-quality site. This eliminates the need to hire a professional web development company, saving you a lot of money. Even color modifications require only a few moments of your time.

If some issues arise, be sure to consult the detailed documentation source. It is quite informative, as it explains every feature in detail. It should be mentioned that Pinetree also has a WordPress version. The clean design enhances the browsing experience of all customers. In addition, Pinetree’s layout is fully-responsive. Your content can be showcased on the screens of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Smart animation are available as well, offering to improve the visitor’s browsing experience. Regardless of your needs, this wonderful product has your back. For clients who wish to sample Pinetree without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.



What if you were given a key that fits any lock, or a tool for any occasion? Thanks to Q, you will not have to speculate any longer. This incredible HTML template has many useful options and features, each capable of enhancing your web page. With some products, website customization is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Thanks to Q, you can design a top-quality page in a matter of moments. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge.

You can use this template for cuisine, agency, fashion, motion design, product developments, spa, music, music agency, landscaping, hair styling, art gallery, and museum pages. There is no limit to what you can achieve. There are 18 beautiful web headers in both horizontal and vertical formats. By changing the header, you will be able to alter the visual quality of your entire site.

Q has 3 position variations for content: right, center and left. Users will gain access to 7 unique page title styles, and 5 distinct page selection variations. You can even modify the width of your content by specifying the desired pixel width ratio. This template’s flagship feature is its jaw-dropping translucent effect. It is nearly impossible to look at Q, and not be impressed.

If you are not a huge fan of pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript websites that doesn’t have their own content management system you might want to consider WordPress themes. Here is a great collection of the best WordPress music themes for bands, artists, singers, events, night clubs, record labels and more.

Top 15 HTML5 Hotel Website Templates For Luxury Hotel, Resort and Hostel Booking Sites 2016

Html5 Hotel Website Templates

While other business fields can allow a margin of error, the hotel and hospitality industry cannot. The entire market niche is built on the perception of quality, and substandard service is unacceptable. From the towels to the cutlery and carpets, nothing can be left to chance. However, your fine venue will not be the first thing that is seen by most customers.

First impressions matter, and they are often made online. Most patrons will search for hotels using a search engine, thus the need for an impressive web page. Site creation can be a daunting affair, especially for those who do not specialize in web development. Still, hiring a professional company can be rather expensive.

HTML templates offer a solid alternative, given their user-friendly philosophy. They allow you to create amazing hotel sites. You will be able to post photos, organize reservations, and even spearhead a social media marketing campaign. The benefits are endless, and the price is very reasonable. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Hotel Website Templates:

Pinar Hotel


Few HTML templates can ever hope to match the quality of Pinar Hotel. This product has a large number of practical features, and it seamlessly blends practicality and aesthetic appeal. It has 14 layered PSD files, and an easily customizable interface. The layout is Retina-ready, fully-responsive, and cross-browser compatible. Regardless of your customer’s preferred device, they will be able to access your page. Pinar Hotel has 4 pre-defined color schemes, allowing for more visual customization.

The template is well-documented, as it has included a well-written file that explains every feature in detail. Even novice site owners can become overnight experts. It is possible to contact support representatives, should any issues arise. Font Awesome icons are available for all users, in addition to a Google map function which can be easily personalized. With Pinar Hotel, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Currently, this template has a commendable 5 star review, as clients are eager to praise the product that has improved their web page. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress version of Pinar Hotel is available. A live preview can be accessed by those who want to sample the template without having to commit to a purchase.



LYON is a web developer’s best friend. This versatile and professional HTML template offers many useful features, each implemented in order to increase your odds of success. Although it can be used for a variety of sites, LYON is tailor-made for room reservation and hotel booking pages. In terms of accessibility, this product is Retina-ready, cross-browser compatible, and fully responsive. Potential clients can plan their reservations on smartphones, tables, laptops and desktop computers.

The LYON code is organized, streamlined and commented. The template uses jQuery 1.11.3, and it has implemented Material Icons and Font Awesome Icons. The navigation system is simply flawless, resulting in a pleasant experience for both clients and site owners. You will have complete creative control over every detail. Users can select width parameters, content areas, title bars and side bars. There are 5 incredible Listing Layouts and Room Details.

LYON benefits from the latest search engine optimization techniques. This increases your business’s visibility, and it can help you to climb those hyper-competitive search engine rankings. The design focuses heavily on ease of use, typography and user-friendliness. The template was not made exclusively for seasoned web developers, as anyone can create a superior site.



You really can’t go wrong with Berg. This incredible HTML template never fails to impress. It has many eye-catching options and features, each promising to improve your web development experience. Berg can be showcased in both one page and multi-page formats. It should be mentioned that a Drupal and WordPress version is available. The template has some astounding designs, with more than 45 quality home pages.

Berg is very versatile, and it can be used for a wide variety of business websites. There are 45 pre-designed demos that are fully-functional. Each demo caters to a specific market niche: food, travel, creative, hotel, fitness, spa, and so on. In total, there are over 110 HTML files, web elements and feature sections.

With so much choice and diversity, it is impossible to dislike Berg. Merchandising can be a great method of boosting your revenue. Thankfully, this template allows you to create and personalize an online store. Of course, it will have cart and checkout features. A Mega Menu is available as well. For special events, you can showcase a countdown directly on the site. It will also feature impressive block animations, a Mega Menu, a Coming Soon Page and some Font Awesome icons.



If you want to create an awesome resort, booking, travel agency, or hotel website, Yoona is an ideal choice. This incredible HTML template offers a flat design and a structure that can easily support Parallax sections. Yoona seamlessly blends beauty with practicality, and it has implemented a multi-colored layout that never fails to impress potential customers. The code is well-written, streamlined, and clean, guaranteeing an excellent browsing experience for all users. This template was designed using the innovative and prolific Bootstrap framework.

Your website will be entirely Retina ready and responsive. Due to this adaptive layout, site content can be easily accessed from any device, regardless of its screen size. In addition, Yoona is also cross-browser compatible. Many niche-specific features were implemented, such as the Ajax Room loader, special sections for Rate and Review, price tables and booking sections. Should any problems arise, it is possible to contact the awesome customer support team.

For those who want to learn about Yoona, a detailed documentation source was made available. It contains information regarding every detail and feature. After reading this file, you can become an overnight expert. Be sure to access the live preview, for a free sample of this HTML template.



If you are searching for an excellent HTML template that can enhance your hotel websites, look no further than Corsiva. This streamlined and beautiful product never fails to impress. It has implemented some niche-specific features, making your life a lot easier. There are several room layouts, and even a personalized form for reservations. The Corsiva layout can be accessed from desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops, given that it is entirely responsive. In addition, clients will also benefit from cross-browser compatibility.

Sticky menus are available, and they can improve a patron’s browsing experience. Your site can feature responsive sliders that can showcase your business’s most notable assets. It is also possible to display eye-catching photographs, thanks to the addition of the PrettyPhoto Gallery. Corsiva has an astounding dropdown menu that is based on CSS, and the code is well-commented. Given the template’s flexibility and adaptability, site administrators can update posts and offers with ease. They are no longer required to sit in an office in order to work. From home or on the move, you can get your job done. If you are not convinced by written reviews, be sure to access this product’s live preview. There is no financial risk, given that it is completely free.

Hotel Booking


With a name like Hotel Booking, it isn’t hard to determine this HTML template’s niche. It promises to improve every aspect of your web page, as it welcomes clients to your establishments. Accessible and versatile, Hotel Booking will never disappoint. The code of this product is well-written and optimized, resulting in a superior experience for both clients and site owners. A Working PHP Contact Form was made available, in addition to a Retina-ready layout. Customers can access your page via their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, given that Hotel Booking is entirely responsive.

This template was constructed in Bootstrap, and it has cross-browser compatibility. Upon installation, you will also gain access to a nifty Error 404 page. In total, there are 12 gorgeous HTML pages. Regardless of your choice, the site will look amazing. Google web fonts are available. Of course, a good hotel booking site must have a solid navigation system. Thankfully, your page will include the Google Map feature, offering to guide clients to their destination. Free support is available for all users, should any problems arise. You may also consult the well-written documentation source. For more information, be sure to access the live Hotel Booking preview.



If you want to design an astounding hotel, travel, or booking website, look no further than Trips. This gorgeous HTML template eliminates the need to hire professional web developers, as it can be used by anyone. No advance programming knowledge is required. The pixel perfect design seamlessly balances practicality and beauty, resulting in an ideal experience for both customers and business owners. Pretty CSS animations are offered, in addition to a 24/7 support system. Regardless of your issues, never hesitate to contact their helpful representatives. This template can be used for almost any site, given its versatility and commitment towards quality.

The Awesome Slider premium plugin is included with the basic download. It allows administrators to create eye-catching slides that are sure to impress potential customers. It should also be mentioned that Mega Menus are supported. A detailed documentation source offers to explain every feature in detail, and it can turn you into an overnight expert. Google web fonts and Font Icons were added, free of charge. There are numerous typography elements that can elevate the quality of each post. Trips also has 23 PSD files. For more information regarding this template and its wonderful features, be sure to access the live preview.



For those who wish to create incredible multi-purpose websites, KALLYAS is an ideal choice. It incorporates a broad spectrum of features and options, capable of functioning in any market niche. In total, there are 12 homepage variations, each with its own distinct charm. Users will get to enjoy a modern mega menu, and 6 distinct header variations. KALLYAS has multiple Font Icons, 14 Hero scenes, and 5 different layouts for portfolios: Category, sortable, creative, full width and carousel.

The collection of sliders is truly impressive: Fancy Slider, iCarousel, laptop slider, CSS3 Panels, Circular Content, Fancy Slider, and many more. Site owners can create awesome newsletters in order to update their followers. This is made possible by the inclusion of the MailChimp feature. There are multiple page design variations: process, FAQ, testimonial, team, blog items, career, services, Contact Us, process, and so on. Users will gain access to professional pricing tables, holiday page headers, and an animated header. KALLYAS also has a dynamic PHP contact form, and several PSD files. You can build a great online community around your business, given the excellent social media integration. Novice users can navigate the installation process with ease, due to the inclusion of an extensive documentation source.



In today’s high-tech environment, no business can afford to neglect its website. Petra is a high-quality HTML template for Resort, Hotel, and Bed & Breakfast pages. There are 3 Petra demos, each with its own unique charm. Regardless of your choice, the result will look amazing. This template’s design is simply stunning, managing to perfectly balance power and user-friendless. It allows you to save a lot of money, as there is no need to hire a professional web development company. The installation and customization process can be completed even by novice users.

The page will offer a grid or list view of all objects and rooms, showcasing you establishment in a very attractive format. Navigation is very intuitive, encouraging followers to browse your offers and prices. The template was constructed with HTML and CSS, and there are 4 different room page variations. The layout is completely responsive, and it is compatible with all devices and web browsers. Indeed, clients will be able to view the page from their laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, be sure to check out this template’s live demo. There is no financial risk, given that it is completely free of charge.



Starhotel is an exceptional HTML and CSS template for hotel websites. It is based on Bootstrap 3, and you can use it to enhance your hostel, bed and breakfast, motel, resort, and spa page. Regardless of the customer’s needs, Starhotel will do an excellent job. A working reservation form was implemented, allowing clients to plan their trips and reserve their rooms.

This template is compatible with most browsers on the market, and it is entirely Retina-ready. The layout is fully responsive, perfectly capable of accommodating those who prefer hand-held devices. This is a very important feature, considering that most online shopping or browsing happens on mobile phones.

Starhotel has a nifty Owl Slider, and the pages will incorporate gorgeous Parallax effects. Timed animations are available, along with multiple background options. The Google Maps feature can guide clients to their destination, helping them to safely reach your venue. PSD files and more than 479 icons were included. There are timed animations, available with the download. This product is very accessible for novice users, as it includes an extensive documentation source. It can explain every feature in detail, turning you into an overnight expert. Be sure to check out the live preview, for a more hands-on demonstration.



CityTours is a clean and valid HTML/CSS template. It can enhance every aspect of your hotel website, increasing your view count and your bottom line. The design is eye-catching, professional, and easy to customize. This template was constructed in Bootstrap 3.3, and it will look incredible on all devices. Those who prefer hand-held devices can rejoice, knowing that CityTours is fully responsive. Users will be able to access the page from their tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs.

Multiple home page variations are available with each download: Home with Revolution Slider, Home with Single Image, Home with Video Background, Home with Search Bar, and Home with Map. Also, are 3 types of headers: Transparent, White Plain, and Transparent+Plain. In terms of visual customization, site owners will gain access to 4 color schemes.

CityTours has a working PHP Booking Form that allows client to plan their vacation and reserve their rooms. The Ajax contact form has anti-spam protection, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for every user. In total, there are 2000 jaw-dropping icons that are compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. A Google maps function was added, complete with an infobox and several markers. It should also be mentioned that the premium Revolution Slider plugin was implemented, free of charge.



Lambda is an ideal HTML solution for users who want to create successful hotel websites. The design is simply flawless, promising to increase your view count. Lambda has many useful features, each implemented in order to make your life easier. Ready-made templates are available, for those with tighter schedules. In just a few moments, you will be able to implement a fully functional page. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge.

Lambda has many variables which can be configured or altered, allowing you to design a site that perfectly matches your vision. It is possible to create eye-catching slides, thanks to the premium Revolution Slider plugin. The support system never fails its customers. Regardless of your problem, never hesitate to contact their representatives. Users will have complete control over their site’s navigation. There are 6 different header variations, included with every download. The layout will look incredible even on hand-held devices or high-resolution Retina screens. In addition, it is compatible with most major browsers.

If you are in need of guidance, you can consult the extensive theme documentation source. It should also be mentioned that some nifty video guides can be viewed on YouTube. Font Awesome and Feather icons are available for all Lambda users.



If your goal is to create a superior hotel website, CountryHolidays can be your greatest ally. This charming HTML template will never fail to impress, given that it has implemented many useful features. CountryHolidays has a valid and clean HTML5/CSS3 code, and it was constructed using Bootstrap 3.4. The layout will look incredible on any device, regardless of its screen size. Upon downloading this theme, you will benefit from more than 40 HTML pages, and 3 distinct home page variations: Home with Revolution slider, Home with Video Background, and Home with PHP/AJAX Booking form and autoresponder.

The PHP/AJAX contact form will feature protection against spam, resulting in a superior experience for all users. A Wide or Boxed version of CountryHolidays can be implemented. Only you can decide which version better suits your needs. The premium Revolution Slider plugin was added free of charge, despite its $14 price tag. You can now proudly showcase photographs of your venue, due to the addition of a Fullscreen gallery. This product includes 2000 amazing icons, and they are all compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. CountryHolidays has a Google Maps function, and it is compatible with all major browsers. In addition, Google web fonts were added.



Superlist is an exemplary HTML template for hotel websites. It incorporates many useful files, each implemented in order to increase your chances of success. It uses cutting-edge technologies such as SASS and Bootstrap. Superlist has 7 pre-designed elements for home page presentations. There are 4 main header variations: large, small, full size for admins, and transparent small. You can select either the grid or row version, depending on your preference.

A good website is useless if it is not SEO-ready. Search engine optimization can help you to climb search engine rankings, thus increasing your brand’s exposure and popularity. Editing your content is easy, considering the user-friendly design philosophy. The code of Superlist is streamlined and well-written, and the layout is entirely responsive. Content can be viewed on any screen, regardless of its size. Your website can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

There are user related pages, along with special sections for testimonials, FAQ, and prices. This product has multiple template variations for blogs and contact pages. By taking advantage of the Google Maps function, potential customers can easily reach your venues. For a more hands-on demonstration of Superlist, you can access the live preview. It is free of charge.

All above listed are HTML website templates which means that there are no content management system (CMS) included with these themes. If you are looking for something more flexible you might want to consider these WordPress themes that are built specially for hotel booking websites.

Top 20 Creative HTML5 Travel Website Templates For Travel Blogs and Agencies 2016

Html5 Travel Website Templates

Every smart business owner understands that the travel industry represents a trust-based economy. Marketing and even word of mouth recommendations reign supreme, when it comes to business or pleasure trips. A bad reputation can ruin you, and you must make sure that your site reflects your professionalism. Physical travel agency locations are vestiges of the pre-digital age. The customer’s first impressions will always be made online.

If you are tech savvy, it will be easy for you to create an impressive travel page. However, many business owners will need to hire third-party companies in order to develop their websites. In order to avoid that cost, you can always purchase an HTML template. These are basically online makeover kits that enhance every aspect of a standard site. They bring both functional and aesthetic improvements, and they are very easy to use. This convenience and affordability may seem too good to be true, but that’s the whole point of the internet.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Travel Website Templates:



Sparrow is an extraordinary HTML travel website template for those who wish to construct professional booking and travel websites. It has many niche-specific features, and your page will feature information regarding city landmarks, tours, hotels and ticket prices. Every piece of relevant data can be showcased with ease. In terms of aesthetic design, Sparrow is second to none. It maintains a gorgeous, simplistic look that never fails to impress site visitors. There are 37 different HTML files, and a Working Ajax contact page. This product also offers an integrated Twitter API, and 4 distinct home page variations.

Users will benefit from 6 complete hotel listing and booking pages, 6 complete flight listing and booking pages, and 2 blog listing pages. The site will feature a special search box for tours, hotels and flights. Sparrow has a Register/Login pop-up section, along with pages for the About and Services page. The site contact section will also feature Google Maps integration, helping travelers to safely reach their destination. This template is compatible with most browsers on the market, and it is entirely responsive. For new-time users, a well-written documentation source was added. It explains every feature in detail, turning you into an overnight expert.



Travelo is an excellent HTML travel websitetemplate for tour and booking websites. It can be used to enhance any car rental, hotel, tour, or cruise agency web page. Many niche-specific features were incorporated, along with a series of customization options. Upon purchase, clients will gain access to a limitless roster of color personalization settings. Basically, this template allows you to design a site that perfectly matches your vision. It is possible to modify existing styles, or you can create new ones from scratch via SCSS.

Travelo has a special search box function for car, flight, cruise and hotel sections. In addition, there are 3 different search box styles. For your page, 8 different header style variations were implemented. It’s amazing how much you can change, by simply improving the header.

Users will gain access to a complete and clear view of the dashboard sections. They are updated and modern, able to meet the requirements of this hyper-competitive industry. In total, there will be more than 180 icon fonts and vector based icons. Lack of choice will not be a problem with this custom icon pack. Travelo also incorporate a grid system that was designed specifically for the smaller screens of hand-held devices.

Book Your Travel


Book Your Travel is a highly-efficient HTML website template for travel, booking portal, hotel, agency, bed and breakfast, villas, hostel, and guest house websites. However, despite its niche-oriented design, Book Your Travel can be used for almost any business page. This versatility stems for a large roster of practical features, each implemented in order to improve your page and aid your online marketing campaign.

Developed by an elite author, this template has a special home page with a designated search box that allows clients to find hotels, cruises, flights, car rentals and catering services. Of course, there will be a page that showcases search results. In total, Book Your Travel has 8 different color scheme variations. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible. Users can also benefit from a special Error page, a Contact Page, and a Booking Steps section. It should also be mentioned that there is a WordPress version of Book Your Travel, available for download.

The layout is entirely responsive, as it can accommodate the needs of clients who prefer hand-held devices. It is also cross-browser compatible. If you want a more hands-on demonstration of this template and its capabilities, be sure to access the live preview.



Traveler is yet another HTML travel website template that seeks to appeal to the travel and booking website market. What makes it special is its attention to detail. Countless hours went into the development of this extraordinary product, and it shows. Information was gathered from the most popular travel booking websites, and the best features were incorporated into Traveler.

The design is clear, modern and streamlined. Clients will get to enjoy a superb browsing experience, free from any errors or delayed loading times. There are multiple animation features, each adding another layer of charm to your impressive travel booking site. Traveler has a fully-functional autocomplete form with an extensive database. In terms of visual personalization, users will gain access to 15 pre-designed color palettes. Regardless of which color scheme is selected, the result will look incredible. Every site will have fully featured form elements with distinct animation effects.

This template offers 8 astounding home page variations, and a special iconmoon font. In total, there are more than 100 HTML files, and multiple animation effects and icon features. There is a large number of useful elements, including some redesigned Bootstrap 3 elements. For those who wish to sample Traveler without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.



CityTours is a nifty HTML template that can suit the needs of travel agency websites. By integrating this product, your page can feature information regarding ticket sales, local landmarks, tours, transfers, and hotels. Basically, the template is perfectly tailored for the travel market.

CityTours has a clean, valid HTML/CSS code. It is based on the prolific Bootstrap 3.3 framework, resulting in a flexible interface that looks incredible on all devices. Clients will be able to access your site from their smartphones, desktop computers, tablets and laptops. In total, users will gain access to more than 50 HTML pages, and 6 distinct home page variations.

CityTours has 3 header types: Transparent + plain, Transparent and White Plain. There are 4 gorgeous color schemes, and it is possible to modify the primary color. Your site will incorporate a working PHP booking form with an auto-responder. In addition, you can benefit from a working AJAX Contact form that features anti-spam protection. It is incredible that this template has 2000 Fantastic Icons Fonts, and each icon is compatible with high-resolution Retina Displays. It should also be mentioned that CityTours is compatible with all major browsers. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.



CountryHolidays is an HTML template for travel, hotel, or bed and breakfast websites. It has a gorgeous aesthetic, and an intuitive layout. This product is designed to accommodate all users, even those who lack advanced web development knowledge. From start to finish, even a child can create a successful page in a matter of moments.

CountryHolidays has many incredible features, and more than 40 HTML pages. There are 3 Home Page variations: Home with Revolution Slider, Home with Video Background, and Home with Working PHPH/Ajax booking form. CountryHolidays is available in wide or boxed formats. Only you can decide which version better suits your needs. It should be mentioned that the premium Revolution Slider plugin was added free of charge, despite its $14 price tag. It facilitates the creation of amazing slides, giving you an opportunity to showcase your best offers.

Site elements will be compatible with high-resolution retina displays, and most browsers on the market. CountryHolidays incorporates a practical Megamenu, and a Magnific Pop-up function. Users can also enjoy multiple Google fonts, and a Google Maps function that guides clients towards their destination. The jQuery Slider pro was added, in addition to a working newsletter subscription. This template is an excellent investment in your website’s future.



For those who want to create exemplary travel and booking websites, Berg is the perfect solution. This practical HTML template is user-friendly and accessible, designed to make your life easier. Just about anyone can use Berg, and there is no need to hire a professional web development company.

If you do not like HTML, there is also a WordPress and Drupal version available for download. You can use this template for both one page and multi-page sites, depending on the size of your projects. Regardless of your choice, it will look amazing. Berg has 45 impressive home page versions. The amount of options is simply staggering, and each home page is detailed and well-designed.

Most business owners never have time to create and maintain a website. However, smaller companies often dread the cost of hiring outside web support. Thankfully, this template has included 45 unique demos, and each caters to a different niche. Instead of starting from scratch, you can simply install one of the demos. It is also possible to modify them later. Users are able to create their own online shops. This feature can greatly improve any company’s bottom line. Berg has incorporated more than 110 HTML files, and 3 Menu bar variations: dark, light and transparent.



Few HTML travel website templates can match the quality of GoExplore!. This exquisite product is perfectly suited for the needs for blog, directory, or travel websites. Tons of practical feature were incorporated in order to enhance the overall quality of your web page. Online marketing can be a profitable and challenging area of activity. Everything on the web is driven by search engines, and your site’s success is based on its ability to attract the attention of these engines. Thankfully, GoExplore! is optimized for search engines, potentially increasing your view count and bottom line. The template has multiple styles for blog listings. You can select both modern and traditional blog variations.

Your posts and content will be compatible with high-resolution Retina displays, and most web browsers on the market. All Photoshop files were added, in addition to some personalized login styles. There are custom author pages, and destination child pages. GoExplore! also has a charming rating system, and you are able to determine the symbols that are used. They can be represented by dollar signs, stars, hearts, or something else. For those who wish to sample the GoExplore! professional template, a live preview was made available. Do not worry about financial risk, as it is completely free.



Corsiva is an excellent HTML5 travel website template that is perfectly suited for the needs of blog, resort, hotel, travel and event websites. It is easily customizable, as you get to design a page that perfectly matches your vision. The template was constructed using the popular Bootstrap framework, and its code is streamlined and well-written. Corsiva is perfect for any niche, and all occasions. It will look incredible on the large screens of desktop computers, or the smaller displays smartphones and tablets. In addition, content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays and most major browsers.

In the travel and hospitality industry, word of mouth is very important. Your site will incorporate a Rate and Review section, allowing users to share honest opinions regarding your service. Some gorgeous Font Awesome, Glyphicon and et-line icons are available, along with a charming Owl slider. Corsiva has 6 pre-designed color schemes, and each can enhance your page’s aesthetic appeal. It should also be mentioned that the template codes are fully-documented. Every customer will gain access to an excellent support system. Never hesitate to contact their polite, well-trained representatives. An informative live preview was added, for those who wish to learn more about Yoona and its features.



Hillter is a streamlined, well-designed HTML template for travel and booking websites. Despite its niche-oriented features, it is also quite versatile. Regardless of your needs, Hillter can provide an excellent web development experience. Basically, this product levels the playing field. It is very user-friendly, allowing you to design high-quality sites, with only a minimal requirement of technical expertise. Usable by anyone in any occasion, Hillter is definitely a great investment.

Upon installation, your content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays and most major web browsers. In addition, the layout is fully responsive. Mobile users can rejoice, knowing that they will benefit from the same quality experience as those who prefer desktop computers or laptops. The Hillter code is very clean and organized. This makes it easier for clients to further modify and personalize their templates. You will also benefit from some eye-catching Parallax sections.

Should any issues arise, do not hesitate to contact the professional support representatives. No problem is too small or insignificant. In terms of visual customization, there are 4 main color scheme variations. For those who want to sample Hillter, a live preview was made available.



If your goal is to design an advanced travel website directory, Superlist can be your greatest ally. This excellent HTML5 travel website template uses trusted, modern technologies such as Bootstrap and SASS in order to give you an ideal web development experience. Basically, it is an online version of a Swiss Army Knife, packed with tools for any situation. Superlist has designated sections for FAQ’s, Testimonials and Pricing. There are also templates which can be used for your invoices. In terms of visual customization, you will gain access to a limitless range of color customization settings. Customers will only be limited by what they can imagine, as they are able to design a site that matches their vision.

Superlist has custom selected boxes, and a clean, streamlined code. Your posts and site elements are compatible with high-resolution Retina displays, and most web browsers. The fully-responsive layout can be viewed from any device, regardless of its screen size. In total, there are 585 gorgeous Font Awesome icons, and an extended documentation source. The file includes a user guide for novice customers, and a few code samples. Superlist is a well-organized product, and every element is labeled and wrapped in <div> containers. A live preview was added, for those who want to sample this product.



Developed by an elite author, Travelia is an excellent HTML5 travel website template that never fails to impress. It incorporates a large roster of practical features, each implemented in order to improve your web development experience. This product is very user-friendly, and it can be installed by most users. No advanced programming knowledge is required.

Your content, listings and posts can be accessed from any device, regardless of the size of its screen. TRAVELIA is compatible with desktop PCs, smartphones, laptops and tablets. If you are a site administrator, this template can make it easier for you to work while traveling. TRAVELIA has some reusable elements, and a charming design that will surely catch the eye of any visitor. It should also be mentioned that the layout is cross-browser compatible.

This template incorporates a well-written documentation file that offers to explain all features in detail. Those who take the time to read it can easily become overnight experts. TRAVELIA can be used for any site that operates in the travel or hospitality industry market. If you do not like HTML, it is possible to purchase a WordPress version. For users who want to sample this product and its features, a live preview was added.



Trips is an HTML template that facilitates the creation of hotel, travel, and booking websites. These industries are known for their high standards of quality, and Trips can meet those requirements. It was coded using the prolific Bootstrap framework, and it features a gorgeous, eye-catching design.

This template is simplistic, modern, and very user-friendly. The design is 100% pixel perfect, and it can be customized via multiple color scheme variations. Upon purchase, every client will be eligible for a lifetime of free updates, as the product changes and adapts. The support system is quick to resolve any issue that the user might encounter.

Trips has free Icon fonts, and a streamlined layout. Your content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays, and most web browsers. It should also be mentioned that your site will be compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. The Awesome Slider plugin was added, in addition to some gorgeous Google web fonts. Trips also has some easily customizable Photoshop files. Designs for blog pages or hotel pages are available, and Mega Menus are supported. For more information regarding this amazing product, be sure to access the live preview. There is no financial risk, given that it is entirely free.

Let’s Travel


Without a doubt, Lets Travel is one of the most content-heavy HTML templates in the travel market niche. It allows for the creation of amazing web pages, and it is very user-friendly. There are 17 distinct home page variations, each with its own unique charm. In addition, Lets Travel has 30 shortcodes and over 100 pages. You will actually save money by purchasing this product, given that it incorporates 2 premium plugins, free of charge: Layerslider $15, and Slider Revolution $12. Users will benefits from Ajax photo galleries, Parallax effects, and numerous Font Awesome Icons.

Once the template is installed, your page can feature a Google Maps section, and a charming image carousel. In addition, some Google web fonts were added. Users can choose either a boxed or wide version of Lets Travel, depending on their needs. In total, there are 6 different header style variations, and 5 footer versions. This template also has rounded, and not rounded versions. In total, there are 8 color schemes. Feel free to choose a palette that matches your brand or company logo. The layout is responsive, and it can be showcased on the smaller displays of hand-held devices. With so many options and features, Lets Travel is definitely one of the best templates on the market.

Tours & Tickets


With a name like Tours & Tickets, it is not hard to determine this HTML5 travel website template’s niche. It is perfectly suited for travel and booking websites. The product incorporates a broad toolset, making it highly-versatile. It has 4 creative layouts, and 4 distinct product styles. Of course, a travel page must have a Google Maps section with waypoints. Mega Menus were incorporated, along with a Slick Slider. There is even a swipe menu for those who prefer to navigate using touch screens.

Online promotion is always facilitated by awesome video content. Thankfully, your website will integrate Video Media Sections. It should also be mentioned that Tours & Tickets is SEO-ready. This search engine optimization makes it easier for any page to climb search rankings, thus increasing its view count.

CSS3 animations were added, along with some LESS files. Upon purchase, every user will receive a lifetime a free updates. You can expect future upgrades, error fixes, and even some additional features. The support team has some very friendly and polite representatives. They are eager to resolve any issues. Tours & Tickets has a working AJAX contact form, and an integrated jQuery Shop Locator. This template is also cross-browser compatible.



Cruise is a highly-versatile HTML template for booking and travel websites. It can be used to improve hotel, tour, cruise and car rental pages. Regardless of your needs, this product can meet them. It specializes in exceeding expectations. Cruise has added a Mega Menu feature, in addition to some gorgeous Google Fonts. It was built using the most recent version of Bootstrap, and it features a streamlined, valid, HTML code. It is very easy for clients to further modify their sites.

Font Awesome Icons, and 68 HTML files are available. The template has individual for pages for tours, hotels, cars, flights and cruises. This simplifies the search process for all clients. User dashboard pages are integrated. Your site can also feature pages for car listings, details and car booking. In fact, there are similar pages for the other categories: flight, cruise, hotel and tour.

Cruise has a detailed and well-written documentation file. It explains every feature in detail, offering to guide new users through the installation process. The layout is fully responsive, and it can be displayed on the screens of hand-held devices. If you want to sample the best HTML template for travel and booking websites, be sure to check out its live preview.

Top 18 Clean HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates With Minimalist Design Yet Powerful Core 2016

Clean Html5 Website Templates

The wonderfully vast world wide web can be a versatile and magical place, as mainstream media often depicts it–a place where fast fortunes are made and lost on cutting edge developments and, sometimes, sheer dumb luck. But in reality, the internet is less a Forbes kingmaker and more of a “world-wide” yellow pages, in full color, archiving everything everyone has ever produced, everything there is to see, everything you don’t even want to see. In this expansive sea of undifferentiated elements, websites over time have naturally evolved to slowly but increasingly identify themselves by means of intricate visual patterns and backgrounds, textures, animations and GIFs, usually laid atop each other in various iterations, often inconsistently across a whole site. Such designs, while historically justifiable, are simply downright inexcusable in the modern web, with HTML5 technologies pushing the internet to new standards of visual integrity and cohesiveness. At the same time, consumers have become aware of the cleaner and smoother user interfaces provided by responsive, mobile friendly websites and web applications, and overall preferences are clearly geared towards the ease of use of a clean, unblemished and immaculate website design. The following collection of HTML5 website templates is all equally clean and pristine in their design and construction.



Pages is a highly sophisticated and quite handsome, visually vibrant and colorful, functionally pliable and flexible, technologically accomplished, thoroughly well designed and thought out responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Pages is superbly functional and amazingly easy to use, with an intuitive user interface that packs endless amounts of power into a series of conveniently and thoughtfully designed page templates and over 20 various website designs with completely preconfigured, professionally designed layouts that will engage your users and attract a bigger and wider audience to any project due to the sheer usability and accessibility of your visual language.

Pages is also jam-packed with cutting-edge technology, all based on a potent HTML5 framework, which powers a gorgeous and impressive block-based webpage building process, as simple as choosing a Smart Header, stacking over 70 unique, custom made Block elements in any manner you desire, deploying gorgeous Floating Elements Parallax effects or smooth Pages Sliders, and your choice of Footer style, and you are pretty much done with your own responsive HTML5 webpage! Pages is so easy to use your professional looking, deeply functional websites will be done in minutes and require not a single line of coding whatsoever. Upgrade your online game with Pages!



Marquez is a completely gorgeous, visually stunning and expressive, well-structured and aesthetically minimalist, polished and professional, technologically proficient and extremely resourceful responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. It is an expansive and all-inclusive tool that has been constructed with the power and flexibility to seamlessly adapt itself to a whole slew of diverse applications, with an intuitive and potent page building process that greatly speeds up your workflow, including tons of preconfigured, predesigned webpages that have all been designed with Marquez’s trademark clean and pristine visual styling as well as a seamlessly thought out composition that has been professionally developed to show off your content to the world at large.

Marquez is built on top of a sophisticated and cutting edge HTML5 framework, which has been powered up with a responsive, modular Bootstrap codebase paired up with polished and elegant CSS3 stylesheets easily customizable to suit your every need. Marquez is ideal for creative agencies, professionals, freelancers, web designers, marketing agencies and all sorts of creative enterprises that deal in the vibrant and colorfully expressive, and require both a memorable potency as well as a refined, untarnished visual pliability, perfect to impress and attract new business with swagger. Own it up with Marquez!



Exa is a fast-loading and technologically advanced, visually clean and polished, well structured and uncluttered, easy to navigate and very user friendly, convenient and thoughtfully designed responsive HTML5 creative portfolio website template. It is a carefully crafted and masterfully developed website template, a complete toolset that has been delightfully put together with clean and cohesive elements that meld into very visually integrated webpages and fully preconfigured page templates for all sorts of diverse, specific uses, such as portfolio, blog, contact, and everything else you need to hit the ground running.

Exa has been optimized for incredibly fast speed and minimized server-loads. Main page styles have all the information before the fold, maximizing your conversion rates. Exa knows how to show off your content and work in a tantalizing, clean and effective style that is greatly augmented by the efficiency of a strong HTML5 foundation running a modular Bootstrap design presented through dynamic CSS3 stylesheets. Exa is extremely polished and pristine in presentation, built with a consistently applied visual philosophy that is palpable through an Exa website. If you think that less is more and prefer quality over quantity, Exa is exactly what you are looking for! Dress to impress, with Exa!



Definity is a professionally designed and aesthetically minimalist, businesslike and polished, elegant and refined, technologically powerful and very modern and interactive, wonderfully convenient and incredibly time-saving HTML single and multipage multipurpose website template. It is an amazingly put together and well designed website template, chock-full of options, elements, features, plugins and customization options that are easy and intuitive to deploy as well as extensively documented, for utmost modification and development ease.

Definity is a great website template for corporate websites, commercial applications, agencies, firms, professionals, freelancers and pretty much any webmaster of any skill level out looking for a template that empowers them to develop clean and polished designs and layouts that can be completely and utterly customized to suit their every need. Definity includes many mobile app templates for landing pages and similar websites, a beautifully workable Bootstrap-based modular design that is extremely developer friendly, is integrated with the MailChimp subscription newsletter service out of the box, and includes a great wealth of useful and convenient shortcodes to add all sorts of functionality to any page without writing a single line of code. Definity can satisfy all your needs while keeping things simple. What else could you ask for?



Pages is a highly sophisticated and quite handsome, visually vibrant and colorful, functionally pliable and flexible, technologically accomplished, thoroughly well designed and thought out responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Pages is superbly functional and amazingly easy to use, with an intuitive user interface that packs endless amounts of power into a series of conveniently and thoughtfully designed page templates and over 20 various website designs with completely preconfigured, professionally designed layouts that will engage your users and attract a bigger and wider audience to any project due to the sheer usability and accessibility of your visual language.

Pages is also jam-packed with cutting-edge technology, all based on a potent HTML5 framework, which powers a gorgeous and impressive block-based webpage building process, as simple as choosing a Smart Header, stacking over 70 unique, custom made Block elements in any manner you desire, deploying gorgeous Floating Elements Parallax effects or smooth Pages Sliders, and your choice of Footer style, and you are pretty much done with your own responsive HTML5 webpage! Pages is so easy to use your professional looking, deeply functional websites will be done in minutes and require not a single line of coding whatsoever. Upgrade your online game with Pages!



Conrad is an impressively creative and thoroughly well designed, polished and professional, clean and fresh-faced, technologically proficient and visually clutter-free, well organized and easily navigable responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. It is a potent and tech-savvy all-around website solution for any webmasters dabbling in the creative fields and industries, ranging from creative design agencies and creative professionals to freelance photographers and bloggers, as well as business and corporate applications. Conrad is outrageously versatile to an unfathomable degree, and its pliability is only matched by its sheer strength and overall dexterous management of websites of all kinds, owing to its clean, fresh-faced design.

Conrad includes attractive, fully fleshed out demo websites in both single page and multipage format, allowing you to quickly set up a website of any type in a speedy and efficient manner, complete with all the required pages and interfaces, and then simply start customizing away with Conrad’s highly intuitive, extensively documented and easy to use customization options. Conrad is a flexible template that you will quickly realize bends to your every will and need. Conrad is built on a reliable and secure HTML5 foundation, which empowers its smooth and fast-loading, CSS3-styled modular Bootstrap codebase, natively responsive across all devices, browsers and platforms. Conrad is a game-changer!



Enigma is a spectacularly subtle and understated, visually refined and extremely elegant, tech-savvy and aesthetically minded, fashion conscious and deeply stylish, functionally flexible and very well structured responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. Enigma has been carefully developed and thoughtfully designed to include a host of gorgeous demo websites, convenient and varied page templates for all uses, a simplified and modern page customization process, handsome jQuery plugin sliders and sophisticated HTML5 Hero Video Background features. All composed in the most stylish, elegant and uncluttered visual atmospheres, so that your Enigma website, regardless of its purpose or nature, is always visually expressive while soft-spoken.

Enigma is meant to draw attention towards your precious content and high resolution images, rather than distract your users with needless, cumbersome or redundant features or elements that detract from the overall impact of your website. Enigma is capable of delivering this provocative ambiance through extensive and proficient usage of cutting edge dynamic CSS3 styling, as well as impressive and smooth-scrolling Parallax sections for a truly modern look and feel. Enigma includes tons of mobile friendly features, like a custom made Touch Slider and native, Bootstrap modular design-based responsiveness out of the box that enables your Enigma website to render seamlessly on all devices, browsers and screen sizes known to man. What else is there?



Haswell is a beautifully designed, wonderfully shapeshifting, incredibly pliable and unimaginably polished, refined and businesslike, highly customizable and extremely accessible, unendingly vast and all-inclusive responsive HTML5 single and multipage multipurpose website template. It is a wholly comprehensive and amazingly flexible website template carefully put together over time, the result of an expansive pursuit to cover every necessity under the sun in a single, powerful, pliable and nimble website template that can empower webmasters of any skill level to seamlessly and efficiently churn out mobile friendly, impeccably designed, clean and unblemished websites and pages in record time, without ever having to type a line of code.

Haswell has been built on a strong and reliable HTML5 framework, with a secure nature that is ideal for business and corporate usages, which, combined with its impeccable and pristine layouts and designs, makes Haswell a solid solution for modern websites that need a polished, finished, purposeful look and a deep-running functionality that is cleanly coded, loads fast, is developer friendly and packing a whopping 118 predesigned, preconfigured page templates for all the needs you could possibly come up with. Haswell has tons of shortcodes and working features like Search, Newsletter and Contact, among others. High performance for high demand–Haswell is your man.



SPOONS is a sincerely hip and fashionable, aesthetically minded and very graphically polished, solidly built and developer friendly, very well coded and extensively tech-savvy, clever and highly modern responsive HTML5 single and multipage multipurpose website template. SPOONS is a comprehensively well made, convenient and time-saving website template capable of enabling webmasters of any background and skill level to seamlessly and speedily produce sophisticated, feature-rich and technologically impressive websites and customized webpages that look and feel polished and professional. SPOONS is built on the impressive and well developed Neko Framework, a full featured environment that is user friendly and very intuitive.

SPOONS packs over 100 different, conceptually unique layouts, all featuring an equally clean, pristine, modern design, perfectly matched with a potent and inherent mobile friendliness and thorough responsiveness across all devices, browsers and screen sizes. SPOONS, through the Neko Framework, allows for the deployment and extensive customization of tons of different, sophisticated, CSS3-powered visual elements, widgets and plugins, without ever writing a single line of code. SPOONS’ Neko Framework is completely built on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and jQuery web development technologies, and SPOONS includes a heavily commented, easily developed codebase. Built the clean and pristine site of your dreams, with SPOONS!



Wolverine is a gorgeously designed, beautifully full-featured and splendidly clean and clutter-free, technologically impressive and extremely modern yet entirely cozy and inviting, intimate yet sophisticated, clean and polished responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Wolverine is a homey and warm website template that is a perfect fit for webmasters looking for a full-featured, resourceful yet accessible full set of tools that can enable them to create amazing and impressive modern websites with a graceful, clean and relaxed elegance that permeates every page made with Wolverine.

Wolverine is extremely intuitive and easy to use, capable of automating complex workflows through its Node Template Engine, a sophisticated LESS pre-processor and gorgeous deployment of HTML5 and CSS3 animation on top of beautiful Parallax effects. Wolverine packs a ton of elements, a combination of 20 different headers and footers, dozens of useful and convenient page templates including many different Blog, Portfolio, Coming Soon and more pages than you can shake a stick at. With over 1000 icons and hundreds of fonts included out of the box, Wolverine is all about letting you express yourself. With Wolverine, you need not worry about the style and presentation of your website -let Wolverine do the work, and you just focus on dreaming up new content to share with the world.



Brainwave is an extremely clever and well developed, highly technologically proficient and very well structured, easily navigable and thoroughly intuitive, flexible and pliable, clean and sophisticated, elegant and polished responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Brainwave has been designed to be a smart and powerful solution to modern website building needs, a capable and competent website template that can be easily and effortlessly adapted to a slew of different uses, owing to its clean and pristine layouts and design, which are highly customizable with minimal effort and utmost speed and ease, enabling you to churn out sophisticated, finished and professional looking pages in a matter of minutes, out of the box.

A dozen demo websites are included with Brainwave, on top of several useful commercial and personal website page templates capable of saving you tons of time as you set up your website. Brainwave is also integrated with MailChimp subscription newsletter service out of the box for utmost convenience and easier conversion. Brainwave lets you cleanly show off your work through stylish, modern portfolios, help your users navigate your content with functional and powerful menus, and includes many carefully selected fonts that nicely match Brainwave’s understated, clean and minimal aesthetics.



Brehoh is a clever and developer friendly, feature-rich and visually sophisticated and unpolluted, graphically immersive and subtly elegant and refined, well organized and intuitively navigable, tech-savvy and modern responsive HTML5 one page portfolio website template. It is an amazingly powerful and flexible website template that packs the sheer strength and pliability to seamlessly lend itself to service the needs of a wide set of diverse website archetypes, but which has been uniquely and specifically designed to perfectly meet and exceed the demands of portfolio websites across all fields and industries.

Brehoh is uniquely well suited for portfolio websites because it is jam-packed with sophisticated and polished layouts including lists, masonry, grid and more, with conceptually unique presentations that will make your work truly stand out from the crowd and make your showcases effective and memorable to a widespread online audience. Brehoh is built on top of a potent and cutting edge HTML5 framework, which makes effective and efficient use of CSS3 and Bootstrap technologies in order to produce a clean and polished interactive website with the smallest possible code, making for fast-loading pages and websites that are easy on the server loads. Try Brehoh today, and you will never look back!



Volar is a highly appealing and extremely attractive, visually impressive and graphically well designed, profoundly functional and feature-rich, expansive and resourceful, versatile and comprehensive, technologically sophisticated and extremely responsive HTML5 one page minimal Parallax website template. Volar has been decked out with a host of well developed, cutting edge web technologies, including an HTML5 foundation powered by dynamic LESS CSS3 and smooth-scrolling Parallax visual effects, all integrated into a modular Bootstrap framework that is inherently and natively responsive and mobile friendly, rendering your one page website in all its gorgeous glory across a slew of different devices, browsers and screen sizes.

Volar is not just cross compatible, but also incredibly developer friendly and easy to modify, with a thoroughly commented codebase that is very extensively documented for your convenience. That means Volar can pretty much turn into whatever you need it to be, should the need arise. It rarely should, as Volar can out of the box handle such potent features as local and remote (YouTube) hosted video backgrounds with its trademark clean and minimal design, a polished AJAX secure Contact Form as well as over 18 different Homepage demo websites, fully fleshed out, so you can hit the ground running. Take off, with Volar!



Falco is an amazingly thoroughly developed, technologically expansive and full-featured, visually seamless and clutter-free, graphically hierarchical and strongly customizable to no end, easy and intuitive for both webmasters and end users, modern and engaging responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Falco is the result of a detailed and mindful, top-down approach to website template construction and design philosophy, producing a template that is both full-featured and stripped-down, an efficient, concentrated version of the strongest elements across many different website archetypes and a study in the needs of diversified website fields and industries.

Falco combines a handful of incredibly flexible and customizable demo websites and predesigned color skin configurations, all of which can be easily and extensively adapted to your needs, without ever typing a single line of code. Falco includes the important Working Contact Form, and a whopping 60 included fully developed, customizable HTML5 pages for every imaginable need you could encounter as you create beautiful and clean websites in minutes. Falco streamlines your workflow, speeds up your process and integrates your web identity into a clean, neat and polished set of visual elements that are both memorable and highly functional, with minimal distractions. Upgrade to Falco today, and feel the difference!



Oshine is an incredibly gorgeous, visually vibrant and luminous, highly sophisticated and elegant, reliable and secure, modern and full featured, technologically competent and very customizable, easy and intuitive responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose, multilayout website template. It is an enormously powerful website template that is capable of handling the diverse needs of an incredibly wide range of different website archetypes, owing to its vastly pliable and flexible nature, built on a tough and modern HTML5 framework equipped with cutting edge advanced dynamic CSS3 scripting and a modular and very developer friendly Bootstrap design.

Oshine includes 18 conceptually one of a kind demo websites, useful for setting up all kinds of amazing, useful and recognizable websites, with a perennially clean, immaculate design that is aesthetically minimalist and extremely polished, lending itself perfectly for both professional and personal use. Oshine’s demos are all fully fleshed out with complete and working inner pages, ready for you to add your own content, while its clean design is easily customized to match your brand identity requirements. With Oshine, you are always dressed to impress, and its smooth animations, plentiful widgets and gorgeous transitions will have your audience salivating over your hundreds of Retina-ready icons and graphics. It’s time to Oshine!



Cake is an entirely delightful, visually delicious and stimulating, vibrant and colorful, lively yet graphically simplified, carefully designed and fantastically cohesive, technologically proficient and incredibly pliable and flexible, modern and feature-rich responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template, a very impressive website template that has been packed to the brim with the features, functionality and polished plugins required to generate seamless and professional looking modern websites that make effective and appealing use of sophisticated visual animations and transitions through cleverly coded CSS3 stylesheets and cutting edge HTML5 technologies, with gorgeous Parallax visual effects to boot.

Cake includes many useful Homepage templates as well as custom page templates for all kinds of convenient purposes, greatly speeding up the website building process and cutting in half the time it will take for you to have your website up and running. Cake can have you all set up within minutes, out of the box, owing to its full featured nature. Cake has been developed making use of Bootstrap’s modular coding design, rendering Cake websites natively responsive across an ample range of browsers, devices, screen sizes and platforms. Cake is also very developer friendly, and its legible and commented code is paired up with extensive documentation to ensure you get all the juice out of your Cake website.



NAMO is a nimble and fast-loading, clean and unblemished, modern and highly reliable, elegant and tasteful, visually polished and aesthetically refined, professionally graphically designed and carefully thought out responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. NAMO is a powerful and pliable toolkit that has been created as an ultimate and all-inclusive means to produce gorgeous, polished, functional and modern websites in a matter of minutes, with an intuitive, visual webpage building and customization process that requires no coding whatsoever and enables pretty much anyone to effortlessly churn out endless amounts of sophisticated, professional looking websites, out of the box.

NAMO websites have a persistently clean and creative design, that, combined with deep customization options and capabilities, makes NAMO ideal for quick and simple complete customization, making NAMO websites your own and highly identifiable without any complications, as the clean style of NAMO pages is a good match to an infinitely wide set of brand or personal identities. NAMO is crisp and clear, coming off gorgeously across all sorts of devices, browsers and screen sizes, and including a slew of Retina-ready icons and graphics to show off in the most splendid screens around. NAMO perfectly combines full-features with a tasteful elegance that makes NAMO websites unforgettable. Try NAMO now!

18 Best HTML5/CSS3 One Page Website Templates With Smooth Parallax Scrolling 2016

Html5 One Page Website Templates

Contrary to popular belief, quality web design is not a race to create the flashiest online pages. The human eye appreciates subtlety much more than it likes visual noise. While some website owners insist on having complex sites, it is best to consider a one page version.

The best way to show respect towards your customers, is to not waste their time. By keeping a lightweight and simplistic layout, loading speeds will be drastically improved. In most cases, one page portfolios or business sites will overshadow their complex, multi-page counterparts. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5/CSS3 one page website templates:



Exline is a versatile and unique Parallax HTML5 one page website template that exceeds all expectations. Its wonderful features can be used to enhance the websites of digital agencies and creative professionals. This template is constructed using Bootstrap 3 and it was coded in CSS3 and HTML5. The design is very powerful, yet it remains intuitive and very user-friendly. It is also well documented, offering information regarding any features. In a very short time, even a novice user can become an expert.

Exline has multiple one-page demos, and a fully responsive design. Indeed, you will be able to showcase your content on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are dark and light Navbar variations, in addition to 9 amazing pre-design color palettes. Your site will feature Isotope portfolio filtering, color schemes, and backgrounds which are easy to personalize. A Google Maps function was integrated as well.

Users will benefit from more than 400 Font Awesome Icons, and 100+ Et-line icons. The layout features cross-browser support, and it is compatible with all operating systems. Exline is MailChimp integrated, allowing site owners to setup their own informative newsletters. For more information regarding this template and its modern features, be sure to check out the live preview.



Intensy is the first and last one page HTML5 website template that you will ever need to purchase. This product is very adaptable, a quality which results from the implementation of many practical features. It can be used by any business, creative, portfolio and agency website. Basically, Intensy is a virtual Swiss Army Knife, equipped to handle any situation. The user’s website can be accessed from all devices, thanks to the fully-responsive layout. Those who prefer tablets and smartphones can rejoice, knowing that they will never experience any resizing errors. Intensy features the latest version of BootStrap, and it has implemented a Dynamic Contact Form.

In the professional world, quality derives from subtlety. Even changing the post typography can have massive benefits. Thankfully, this template has incorporated many beautiful Google Fonts, allowing you to design a unique experience for your followers or potential employers. It should also be mentioned that 31 Html templates were added as well. For those with little web development experience, a detailed documentation source was added. It is well-written, user-friendly and extensive, promising to turn any user into an overnight expert. If you want to sample Intensy without having to commit to a purchase, you can always access the live preview.



Carna is a gorgeous HTML5 one page template for one page websites. Its design is streamlined and optimized, maximizing loading speeds and improving the visitor’s browsing experience. This product can be used for portfolio, business, photography, and blog pages. Regardless of your needs, Carna can meet them. Upon purchase, users will get to enjoy multiple premium plugins, with a total value of $53. Slider Revolution, Cube portfolio, Master Slider and Qform Contact Form were added free of charge.

Carna features the Bootstrap Responsive Framework, and a retina-ready layout that is compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. In addition, followers will be able to access your content from their tablets and smartphones. Carna has a charming masonry portfolio, touch swipe interactivity, and a Testimonial Slider. Customers can also expect a series of free updates, which guarantees that your site’s capabilities will never become obsolete and outdated.

Ajax portfolios were integrated, in addition to some incredible CSS3 animations. In terms of customization, you will be able to access Google Fonts, Font awesome Icons, Pixeden Icons and PSD files. For those who wish to sample this template without having to commit to a purchase, an informative live preview was made available. Overall, Carna can be a professional’s greatest ally.



Nexus is a streamlined and well optimized multipurpose one page HTML5 website template. It was constructed using the Bootstrap 3 framework, and it can be used to enhance your agency, creative professional and content creation website. The Nexus layout will experience no resizing issues, given that it is fully responsive. Followers will be able to access your content from their tablets and smartphones. In addition, this template is cross-browser compatible. The design is minimalist and clean, shunning unnecessary complexity. Speed and performance are prioritized, resulting in an excellent browsing experience for everyone. Users will certainly appreciate faster loading speeds.

Nexus has incorporated a smooth scroll option, multiple pricing tables, and a sticky menu. You can even customize your site’s typography, thanks to the addition of free Custom Web Fonts. You will also gain access to Font Awesome Icons, and a series of Google Fonts. Nexus will never become outdated or obsolete, as it is capable of adapting to an ever-changing tech landscape. It will receive multiple updates, promising to expand and improve the template’s capabilities. Every update is free, and there are no extra charges. If you want to learn more about Nexus and its incredible features, be sure to access the live preview.



If you are searching for an excellent HTML5 one page template that can improve your web page, look no further than Lydia. This excellent product perfectly suits the needs of journalists, artists, freelancers, digital studios, and bloggers. Regardless of your occupation, this template has you covered. While many sites experience resizing issues, yours will be the exception. Lydia can display your posts and content on tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktop computers. It should also be mentioned that this template has cross-browser compatibility.

Users can benefit from a one-page option, 8 home layouts, 3 distinct headers, and 11 color options. There is something for everyone. You can even save up to $34, due to the inclusion of 3 premium scripts. Lydia has 3 header variations, and an Ajax Portfolio option. Of course, customers and followers can enjoy Touch Swipe support, as they browse your quality content. Lydia can increase your chance of climbing search engine rankings, as it is entirely SEO-ready. It boasts 11 gorgeous color schemes, and it supports Parallax videos and images. Retina-ready icons and graphics were added for those with high-resolution displays. If you want to learn more about Lydia, be sure to consult the extensive documentation source. It contains information regarding any feature.



Constructed using the Bootstrap 3 framework, Definity is certainly an impressive one page HTML5 website template. It offers a clear and engaging design with each element, promising to enhance the quality of your web page. Definity works with any screen, regardless of its size. It embraces and welcomes those who prefer hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, this template features cross-browser compatibility.

Gorgeous Parallax video effects were added, increasing your site’s visual appeal. There are also many portfolio layout options that allow you to showcase your content in a very stylish way. Multiple icon sets were included, guaranteeing a vast and diverse collection of choices. Users will also benefit from a multitude of SASS files, making it easier to edit content. There are two main color schemes for your page, dark and light. Regardless of your choice, the pages will look amazing. In total, Definity has 20 different demos, and more than 70 HTML templates. For your menus, bars can be transparent, light and dark. Full Width and Full Screen video backgrounds are available, in addition to some animated headings and a smooth scrolling functions. For those who want to sample Definity without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was included.



Mountain is an excellent, well-designed one-page HTML template. It contains many practical features, allowing you to construct an impressive website. The HTML structure was built using the Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. For styling purposes, the LESS preprocessor was utilized. This facilitates the creation of dynamic CSS, helping some customers to save a lot of time. Mountain has animated headings, and it features a smooth scrolling option. There is a maintenance page, a login page, landing page and a styled 404 page. This product has also integrated a responsive pricing template.

Full Width and Full screen video backgrounds can be implemented. Your site can feature some helpful Google Maps, facilitating the customer’s navigation. For new users, creating your own business or personal page can be a hassle. Thankfully, this template has incorporated a detailed documentation source that explains everything in detail. You can easily become an overnight expert. In terms of visual customization, you are able to personalize the site’s color scheme by modifying an existing file. There is no need to sift through a large file selection. You can even design impressive slides via the Slider Revolution premium plugin. Showcasing your products and posts has never been easier! For more information regarding Mountain, be sure to access the live preview.



Insta is a powerful and adaptable HTML template that can be used to enhance your business or personal website. It features modern, top of the line technology such as CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap. If you are an illustrator, videographer, developer, photographer or designer, this product can be your greatest asset. It used to be the case that only desktop computers and laptops could access the internet. Nowadays, most people browse content via their smartphones or tablets. Thankfully, Insta offers a fully responsive layout, capable of resizing and adapting to any screen.

Although it may seem like a minor detail, a good color palette can make your brand more memorable. Upon purchase, customers will benefit from 6 distinct color schemes, each with its own customization options. The template code is well written and streamlined, maximizing loading times and site performance. Insta has a fully functional contact form, in addition to many Font Awesome Icons. An informative and user-friendly documentation source was added, in order to guide new users through the personalization process. It contains relevant information regarding every feature. If you want to sample this template without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to access the live preview.



For many satisfied customers, Conrad is the best HTML template on the market. It offers a powerful, charming and versatile design that never fails to impress. With this product, you will be in control of your own site. The personalization process is accessible for everyone, not just those with programming experience. In total, there are more than 25 layout variations, each with its own special content block. It is easier to move these blocks, and arrange them as you see fit.

Conrad’s Timber Framework incorporates more than 20 practical elements that can facilitate layout construction. It should also be mentioned that the Framework has more than 400 Font icons. The layout is entirely responsive, capable of functioning on screens of all sizes. Smartphones, tablet, laptop and desktop PC users will be able to effortlessly browse your content, without having to worry about compatibility and resizing issues. Full browser compatibility is available as well. This cross-platform approach can make your job easier, if you are a site administrator. Any admin can do his job while on the move, eliminating the need to be tied to a desk chair. Be sure to access the live preview, if you want to sample Conrad before committing to a purchase.



If you are searching for an excellent site template, look no further than Hygge. You can choose either a one page or multi-page option, depending on your needs. Customers can use this template for their business, blog, or portfolio website. When it comes to visual customization, there are 10 different color palettes that can be implemented. It is also possible to design your own color scheme. Multiple slider and header options are available, further expanding the range of personalization opportunities. In today’s hyper-competitive market, only the companies that form strong bonds with their customers can remain relevant. Thanks to the implementation of Disqus, clients can now enjoy an excellent comment system that is packed with useful features. Social media integration is available as well.

Hygge offers more than 40 SEO-ready HTML files. This increases your site’s exposure, by helping you to obtain a great position on search engine rankings. There are 3 font icon sets, with more than 1000 icons that are compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. The template layout is entirely responsive, as it completely eliminates compatibility or resizing issues. Your content can be accessed from tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktop computers. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.



If you are a photographer, content creator, agent or creative professional, this template can increase your chances of success. Volar is an excellent product, given its large roster of useful features. The design powerful and adaptable, yet it maintains a charming and minimalist style. Few templates manage to be as accessible as Volar. It remains very user friendly, and easy to customize. For inexperienced site owners, a well-written documentation source was made available. It contains information regarding every feature, offering to guide you through the installation and personalization process.

Volar’s layout does not discriminate when it comes to device preference. It can easily accommodate smartphone, desktop PC, laptop and tablet users. Resizing issues were completely eliminated. It should also be mentioned that this product works with any browser on the market. In total, there are 18 different home page variations, and 15 distinct pre-made color patters. Regardless of your preference, you can find something that matches your taste. Volar has light and dark sections, along with dark and light navigation menu options. An Aja Secure Contact Form is available, in addition to 6 portfolio styles and free custom web fonts. If you want to sample this product, be sure to access the live preview.



With more than 57 home page templates and over 190 HTML page options, H-Code is an excellent template for your website. It has a varied roster of practical features, and it can adapt to any business niche. You can use H-Code for your eCommerce, Photography, Spa, Portfolio, or Wedding web page. Regardless of your needs, H-Code can meet them. The customization process was greatly simplified, making it accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be an expert programmer in order to use H-Code.

The code is well-written and intuitive, and the loading speeds have been drastically reduced. Basically, this is an ideal HTML template. Cross-browser compatibility is available, in addition to a fully-responsive layout. Users can access your quality content from any device, regardless of its screen size. Not having to worry about resizing issues is a blessing.

H-Code has a large number of pre-made layouts, page, and portfolio settings. Lack of choice will never be an issue, as you will be given the opportunity to design a page that matches your vision. It is possible to increase your revenue by selling products on the web. This template is eCommerce-ready, as it lets you design a unique online store.



Without a doubt, Oshine is one of the best HTML templates on the market. It has multiple layouts options, and it can be used for any website, regardless of its niche. For those who want to sample its capabilities, 18 distinct demos are available. These demos also eliminate the need to start from scratch, during the page customization process. It should be mentioned that each demo has its own inner page.

A WordPress version of Oshine is available. In total, there are more than 150 HTML page variations. Lack of choice will never be an issue. This template has implemented many jaw-dropping CSS3 effects and animations, in addition to a very practical Google Maps feature. Users can enjoy a large number of Font Awesome Icons, and a series of beautiful Google Web Fonts.

Oshine has a Working Contact Form, an optimized code, and a stellar support system. Regardless of your problems, feel free to contact one of the polite support representatives. The template layout is entirely responsive, and it is compatible with any browser on the market. Clients can easily browse your posts from their hand-held devices. An advanced documentation source was made available, offering to explain every Oshine feature in detail.



Blink is a modern and impressive one page HTML5 template that caters to its user’s needs. It has a bold and pleasant design, as each detail was crafted with care. It should be mentioned that a WordPress version of Blink was made available. You can use this template for any type of project. It can enhance the pages of photographers, freelancers, digital studios, and web agencies. If creativity is what you need, Blink will never disappoint.

Your web page will be completely responsive. Just like water that takes the form of its vessel, your layout will seamless adapt to the follower’s screen size. It is possible to showcase your content on tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. In addition, site owners will be able to do their job while on the move, thus eliminating the need to be constantly tied to a desk chair.

You can now proudly display your work, while highlighting your individuality. Blink has some modern presentation grid settings, and 5 different project variation formats. The Revolution Slider is available, complete with a customized navigation solution and some cool captions. For those who want to learn more about Blink, a live preview was implemented. Accessing it implies no financial risk, as it is completely free.



Crexis is a completely responsive one page HTML5 template for single or multi-page websites. It is powered by the innovative and modern Twitter Bootstrap Framework. Crexis is very versatile, and it can be used for almost any purpose: corporate, creative studio, and agency pages. For both business and pleasure, this template is an ideal choice. It is very easy to personalize, given its user-friendly options. There is no limit to what you can design and achieve. In total, there more than 45 multi-concept demos.

The layout is fully-responsive, and it can function on high resolution Retina displays. Basically, Crexis is compatible with all devices, operating systems and web browsers. You no longer have to worry about bothersome resizing errors. There are Full Screen Super Slides, in addition to a Working Ajax Contact Form. Customers can enjoy some beautiful Google Fonts, and some smooth scroll animations.

In order to increase their bottom line, many site owners can choose to sell their products on the web. That option is also available for you, given that Crexis has some impressive eCommerce shop templates. Dark, Light and Night layouts are available, and you can also edit site animations. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.



With 15 Unique Home Layouts and a diverse roster of incredible features, Kwoon is one of the best HTML templates on the market. It is an ideal solution for blog, business or portfolio web pages. Regardless of your niche, this product has you covered. Depending on the customer’s preference, Kwoon can either have a multi-page or a one page layout. Either way, the site will look incredible. Versatility is always directly proportional to the amount of choices that you can make. Thankfully, Kwoon users can craft a product that matches their vision. There are multiple slider and header options, along with various settings for blog and portfolio pages. You can play around with each feature, as the personalization process is very accessible. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge.

Users can even incorporate feeds from social media networks such as Instagram, Dribbble and Flickr. A footer with widgets is available, in addition to some Retina-ready icons and graphics. It should be mentioned that the layout is responsive, and it can be showcased on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. In total, there are 14 unique pre-designed color patterns. Users will also get to enjoy animations while scrolling, Parallax effects, and a Google Maps Function.

All above listed templates are coded using HTML, CSS and JavaScript but none of them comes with CMS and you have to do your own integration if easy content management is what you are after. Therefore we would like to point you to one page themes that are built for WordPress. Many of above listed templates has their WordPress version because users love this CMS because of its simplicity and continuous development.