Top 10 Templating Engines for JavaScript To Improve and Simplify Your Workflow 2016

Templating Engines For JavaScript

JavaScript has had a big year, the number of web development frameworks and plugins has expanded beyond comprehension of an average developer, and we also saw — highly anticipated — the release of ECMAScript 6; the new JavaScript standard. Frankly, ES6 was already on the way, all that needed to be done is for it to be finalized, but make sure to check out the full spec if you haven’t done so already. ECMAScript 6 improvements include better syntax for classes, along with new methods for strings and Arrays, Promises, Maps and Sets.

We keep seeing huge growth with Node.js, and frameworks such as Meteor.js, Angular.js and React.js have also made their way into the global JavaScript ecosphere, and needless to say that these have been some truly revolutionary additions to an already established system of development. The next few years for JavaScript are going to be all about native integration.

Back to the topic of templating engines, JavaScript has quite a few of them! A templating engine is basically a way for developers to interpole strings into more effective ways. If you’re a heavy front-end JavaScript developer, using a templating engine will save you countless hours of unnecessary work by giving you a pathway towards building websites and apps on the go, without having to worry about rewriting and reanalyzing your code. And because of the vast array of templating engines available today, it can be tough to make the right choice at the right time, which is why we will take a look at the most popular and dubbed best (by community) templating engines for JavaScript today.



Mustache is one of the most widely known templating systems that works for a number of programming languages, including JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, and many others. Because Mustache is a logic-less templating engine, it can be literally used for any kind of development work. It works by expanding tags in a template using values provided in a hash or object. The name logic-less comes from the fact that Mustache works purely by using tags, all values are set and executed according to tags, so you end up saving yourself hours of ‘nasty’ development work.



Handlebars is a close successor to Mustache, and both can actually be used at the same time, with the ability to swap out tags where necessary. The only difference is that Handlebars is more focused on helping developers to create semantic templates, without having to involve all the confusion and time consumption. You can easily try out Handlebars yourself (there’s also an option to try Mustache on the same page) and see for yourself whether this is the type of templating engine you’re looking for.



doT.js is small, efficient, fast and lightweight templating engine that supports itself (no dependancies), and works great with Node.js and native Browser integration.


Dust.js by LinkedIn

Dust.js comes from LinkedIn — a fully asynchronous Javascript templating system/engine for the browser and server. Dust, while not completely logic-less, does involve a lot less logic than your average templating system. With Dust you’re moving all your logical parts of the code towards a simple data model, at which point you’re able to execute functions within that model and call it forth by using the template system itself, which then grants you full control over how your templates react in different situations.



The last of the most popular JavaScript template engines on our list is going to be Embedded JavaScript Templates (EJS) — a lightweight solution towards creating HTML markup with simple JavaScript code. Worry not about organizing your stuff in the right manner, it’s just straight JavaScript all the way. Fast code execution, ease of debugging makes this the perfect templating engine for those who want to do HTML work with their favorite language, presumably JavaScript.



Underscore, another highly reputable templating engine, is an external JavaScript library that enables developers to take advantage of functional helpers that keep the code base intact. Underscore solves the problem of having to open your code editor and not knowing where to start. Underscore provides over 100 functions that support both your favorite workaday functional helpers: map, filter, invoke — as well as more specialized goodies: function binding, javascript templating, creating quick indexes, deep equality testing, and so on.


Jade Template Engine

When people say Python is like writing in English, they underestimate the magnitude of that statement when it comes to Jade syntax programming. The Jade template engine (for Node.js) is literally enabling developers to write code that looks like paragraphs straight out of a book. Not only does this improve the overall code productivity, it can help to streamline the work on a project that consists of multiple team members.


ECT Fastest JavaScript template engine with CoffeeScript syntax

CoffeeScript is a widely used language transpiler for JavaScript, and template engines like ECT make it very easy for CoffeeScript developers to have their own little templating engine syntax. With outstanding performance and features like caching, auto-reloading, and integrated Node.js support — ECT stands out with speed, efficiency and reliability. It works out of the box with frameworks like Express and Require.


Template7 Mobile first JavaScript Template Engine

Template7 is the first ever mobile-first templating engine for JavaScript which is built upon the foundation of Handlebars, making it easy and convenient for developers to use this templating system when it comes to building mobile apps and websites.


jTemplates template engine in JavaScript

jTemplates is a simple and friendly template syntax for JavaScript, it’s written purely in native JavaScript and supports JSON and AJAX integration. You can use jTemplates to execute JavaScript code inside of the actual templates you’re building, as well as to define individual parameters within the templates themselves. Real-time updates means that you can update content->server live.

Choosing the Best Templating Engine for JavaScript

When choosing the right templating engine for our projects, we should take into consideration the exact type of work we are looking to do, and how much of the project is actually going to have to be templated, and what kind of solution would work out for you individually in both long-term and short-term.

Which templating engines for JavaScript do you prefer and why you are choosing it over others?

30 Beautiful Websites Built With Brooklyn WordPress Theme

Brooklyn Theme Examples

Brooklyn is the most popular one page theme on Themeforest for three years on the trot – 2013, 2014 and 2015. It counts over 11,000 users.

Brooklyn is a one page parallax WordPress theme that can easily convert into your personal website. You do not need any minimum level of skill to be able to make your own pages with Brooklyn. Just in case you falter, you can take help from the extensive video documentation that comes with the theme. The documentation will help you with everything, from installation to customization. If you need further assistance, the team at United Themes is always there to support you. There are demos which will make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with the theme.

Tons of shortcodes and a shortcode generator generator are provided with the theme, so you can also use code to customize your website.

There are 5 header-title styles and 2 header styles (dark and light). Multiple sidebars, blog section sidebar, left sidebar, right sidebar or no sidebar at all, border choices for sections – are all options you can use to design the layout of your one page website.

There are many features that you can play with to add visual appeal to your website such as full screen slider, parallax support, parallax background section, video background section, connecting dots overlay animation effect and overlay rising bubble animation effect. Combine all these features with smooth scrolling, and browsing through the website can be pleasure for the visitor.

The color picker offers you a wide choice of color backgrounds and the Font Awesome icons can help to create pleasing text.

You will find it easy to organize a detailed portfolio with Brooklyn, just as you will find it easy to create and write price tables. The portfolio gutters can have optional shadows. If you wish, you can use bordered layouts.

Custom widgets for Twitter, Video and Flickr are provided as well as a plugin for Twitter. The plugin is Search Engine friendly.

Brooklyn is translation ready and the authors recommend the use of WordPress Multilingual Plugin for the theme.
To purchase the theme, it would cost you $49 and entitle you to 6 months support and future updates. You can extend support to 12 months for an additional $ 14.70. While weighing the cost for the theme, you should consider that Revolution Slider, which costs $21 is included with the theme.

Brooklyn can be used as a theme by a variety of end users – photographers to travel websites, video producers to non profit organizations. You can take a closer look at how 30 users have put Brooklyn to use in their websites.

Lobster Me


Succulent lobsters, photographed and displayed in mouth watering fashion is what you will see on the landing page of Lobster Me. The menu is displayed on the website, with all the text retained on the left and the images of the dishes on the right. The locations where you can find Lobster Me and reports about them in the press has also been accommodated in the one page website.

Liberty Church Brooklyn


A mosaic of many images of persons steeped in devotion forms the background of the website of Liberty Church Brooklyn. Many videos of their story, their outreach program for kids, their weekly services and general information about the church are all captured in videos and placed on the website.

Bitcoin Brokers


The help desk at the website of Bitcoin Brokers will guide a customer through the process of buying bitcoins against cash deposits at over 25,000 payment locations in the US. What is a bitcoin ? Find out in a video shared by the brokers on this website. The stats for their business is also displayed in number counters placed at the bottom of the page.

Girl in Paris


Audio and full page videos are used on the website of this creative studio that helps in design, branding and content creation. They believe a successful business must be recognized for what they are passionate about. The studio’s passion is for showcasing a client’s business and this comes through in the website.

Ribs & Burgers


Videos of a grill firing and cooking underway forms the video background for most of the sections of the website of this eating joint. Image icons and social media icons are used for easy browsing.

Urban Guide Quebec


A bicycle framed against a heritage building landscape instantly gives a touristy feel to the website. Blogs about the places of interest in Quebec are arranged in the midsection of the page, videos and recommended reading material will help a tourist in finding his way about the city.



You will never watch a beautiful landscape on screen with the same eye again after reading this one. 3DQuakers uses Forester technology to create natural elements – sand, rock, grass, trees, stone, water – that can be scattered on a terrain to create a landscape. Hyperlink technology can create realistic wind animation effects. Full screen and full width images have been used in the website to demonstrate the technology.

Partners in Torah


Want to know more about the Jewish way of life ? Log into this website and get yourself a personal teacher who will spend at least 30 minutes with you every week on the subject. Number counters display the number of learners and the testimonials placed on the revolution slider has good words for the teachers.

Dubai Audio


Dubai Audio is a 20 year old high end audio store in Dubai providing tailored services to residential and commercial developers. It has developed a discerning clientele for audio and video systems. Their products are displayed in a neat 3 column grid separated by borders.

Boosted Boards


This is the website of the world’s most advanced electric skateboards. Full width detailed images of the board, and images of persons riding the board have been placed in horizontal sections. Bright orange buttons placed on the grey background offers a striking contrast.

Burn Pepper


The overlay rising bubbles animation effect has been used on the website of Burn Pepper Production, a motion graphics design studio in Hamburg. Animation forms the background for almost the entire website, giving you an idea of the work they do.



Muse is a personal meditation assistant that helps to calm the mind. The device is in the form of a headband that senses the state of your mind and plays calming sounds in response to it. The website is simple and is made up of many colorful horizontal sections.

Natalie Eva Marie


Natalie started off as a football player in college before moving on to become a model, actress and a professional wrestler, who signed up with WWE. Beautiful photographs of Natalie which capture her in different moods, are placed in a grid in two separate horizontal sections. Brooklyn Child theme is used in the website.

House Twelve Media


House Twelve is a video production and digital media company that produces photographs and videos for websites and media campaigns. A part of the body of the camera forms the background for the contact form. A small Preview button remains sticky in the left bottom of the screen and pops out on clicking. In the small pop-up you can read the client testimonials in a revolution slider.

Independent Catering


Independent Catering is a venture of Andrew Saunders and Peter Hine and they delight in supplying fresh food prepared from locally sourced ingredients to school children. The website of the catering venture is text heavy, containing a load of information about menus, cashless payment options and employment opportunities. Relief from text is only with a few buttons and image icons.

Learn More


Learn More is an app that is intended to be used in education. It can explain in animation mode the working of any object which is pictured with a cell phone or tablet. A video is placed in the midsection of the website to demonstrate this. Social sharing buttons are placed in a sidebar to the left.

Medi USA


Medi USA is a world leader in compression technology and helps patients with circulatory issues lead a more independent life. They are also into supplying orthopedic supports and prosthetics. Full width videos are used in the background in sections of the website.

My Blue Robot


My Blue Robot is engaged in branding, web development and videography. A collage of black and white images in slow motion forms the background of this website. The team members are represented in a sketch format in a grid towards the bottom of the page. Social icons are prominent and image icons have been used in plenty.

Philip J.W.Smith & Co.


The full screen imagery of light at the end of the tunnel illustrates the tag line of this executive search firm, ‘your search ends here’. The symbol ‘&’ is highlighted in the image of and its significance is explained by the firm in the website. Their services are listed against image icons and there is a pictorial representation of how they approach their tasks. A good combination of image and text makes the website pleasing.



Photive is in the business of sound – premium quality sound. The headphones and the accessories in the images leave you in no doubt about this. The three areas in which they help you – Listen, Power and Protect – is displayed in panels in a horizontal section close to the footer. The panels open up in a very interesting and innovative way to display more functions and options.

Revolution eMedia


Revolution eMedia may be good, trendy and modern in their digital production, marketing and web development, but it is old world charm that they use to convey this. The background for the text appears to be aged, yellowed parchment paper and the fonts used are distinctively old fashioned. Orange colored buttons and image icons provide a bright contrast in the website.

Turning Ideas


Turning Ideas is a firm for mentoring startups. The organization offers consulting, technology and shared team for projects. Who they are, what they do and how they do it – the answers are placed in small grid panels with pleasing mustard yellow borders on the horizontal edges. The mentors, clients and media reports are placed in revolution sliders that you can pause and read.

She Speaks


She Speaks is in the business of creating content for brand promotion. They identify influencers, and connect them to brands and then build content that is used in advertisements and campaigns. Marketing programs, TV social videos and in-store events are all used as avenues for brand promotion.

Visual Cue


Visual Cue tunes into routine events to get insights that can be used to effect improvements. Essentially. they are designers and data scientists who can observe events intuitively and arrive at measurable improvements in processes.

Tantric Massage London


The most prominent feature of the website of this massage parlor in London is the contact number that is placed on the full screen. You can pick your choice of location from the website for a massage session.

The Burger’s Priest


The Burger’s Priest is a classic cheeseburger joint. They offer fresh ground beef, soft buns and simple toppings that is griddled to perfection. They go by the philosophy that sometimes simple is best. Their menu is placed on the website and you can order from the various locations listed in the website.

Deal Broker


Deal Broker has designed a platform that can take a look at a customer’s travel booking and then find appropriate add-on revenue generating deals from all over the world. Their content database covers tours and activities, transfers, restaurants, sports events, concerts and more.

Tom Husby


Tom Husby is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and website developer who loves to teach. He uses his website to set out what he can do for you. The background is a grey-black color relieved by bright green price tables.

The Dark Knight Studio


The Dark Knight studio is the website of a web design and mobile apps development company in Singapore. They can tailor their processes to your specific needs to provide affordable solutions.

Savoir Faire Abroad


This is the website of Pamela, a traveler, writer and photographer from Canada. Savior Faire is her travel blog where she pencils her solo travel adventures and shares travel tips.

And Finally

Now that you have seen some websites built with Brooklyn Theme, perhaps you’d like to give it a try. And if you would like your website to be included it in the list here, do write in to us.

10 Cheerful & Inspiring Kids and Children WordPress Themes

Kids WordPress Themes

Nurseries, pre-school organizations, summer camps, and mommy blogs – more and more businesses around kids are starting their own websites to find new clients and tell the world about the services they are offering. With the purpose to make your site creation quicker and effortless, we have decided to share a compilation of ready-made WordPress templates that are intended to fit all of such purposes. Easy in installation and intuitive in their modification, such products are in demand among many successful projects worldwide. So, why to waste time, money and effort on the things that can be done much quicker and hassle free?

Home care, kindergarten, nurseries, pre-schools or any other kids related project that you can think of will look amazing when built with the following themes. Fully functional and coming loaded with an array of smart visual elements, all of the 10 WordPress themes are intended to appeal to parents and their kids alike. Some themes will better suit blogs, others are intended for online portfolios and business purposes, whereas some others are ready-made online marketplaces. In a word, the compilation features ready-made WordPress designs for a variety of purposes and built in various styles. Go ahead and check out how each of them works and feels on your own.

Daycare WordPress Theme

Daycare is a clean WordPress theme featuring colorful design elements, which make is a perfect fit for kids related websites. The company logo and social sharing options were placed in the theme’s header. Carousel slider below them allows the users to dig deeper into the atmosphere of your business. Fully responsive, the template was made retina ready, which guarantees that your entire site’s content will be properly displayed across a variety of the last-generation devices. The theme’s footer is very informative and easy to scan, providing you with quick access to the desired content. For more similar kindergarten themes please check this theme collection.

 Kids Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fairy Forest WordPress Theme

Fairy Forest is a highly customizable WordPress theme for kids summer camps. A large hero image in the theme’s header works as a great attention-grabber. It introduces the audience to your project and makes everyone captivated with the smiling faces of kids from the camp. The theme’s layout features lots of white space. The technique makes your site’s content more prominent and the page easier to scan. In order to entertain the viewers, the front page was integrated with cool photo sliders and animation effects.

 Kids Summer Camps WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Babysitter Directory WordPress Theme

Babysitter Directory is a professionally built family center WordPress template, which comes loaded with an array of functions that are ready to go out of the box. Featuring light green elements, the theme’s layout looks optimistic and cheerful. Happy kids’ faces in the header make the site’s visitors split into a grin. The parallax scrolling background images add more depth to the page, whereas the lazy load effect is intended to speed up your page loading. In addition to the standard set of features (like social sharing options, a pre-designed contact form, online chat, and fixed menu), the theme was integrated with an online booking form.

 Babysitting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Kinder Center WordPress Theme

Almost-flat style of this Kinder Center theme will make your website look very trendy. Its bold coral and yellow images create a cheerful atmosphere on the site, drawing the users’ attention to the fields that are of the greatest importance. The theme’s front page is clear and concise. It doesn’t feature anything extra. Here your site visitors can find the basic information about your project, cast a glance at your company story and its mission, as well as check out a list of the upcoming events. The theme is fully customizable. So, if you wish to apply any changes to the way it looks and feels, this can be done in its powerful back-end.

 Kids Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hot Days WordPress Theme

Hot Days is a ready-made solution for kids’ summer camp sites. The clean look of this theme makes it a perfect fit for blogging and portfolio platforms. Placed on the fair background, multi-colored banners below the header slider and events calendar look even more captivating. Visual hierarchy on the page was achieved by means of fonts of different sizes and colors. Grid-based content positioning allows you to save on space and place as much content on the front page as you wish, without compromising on the site’s usability.

 Summer Camp Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sky Lake WordPress Theme

Sky Lake is a well-coded solution for your summer camp website. Its neutral color scheme doesn’t distract the visitor’s attention from your content. The layout looks simple yet captivating. The header slider, just like all the rest of the theme’s elements, was made fully responsive. Thanks to the smart use of white space, the content is brought to the forefront. Placed right below the header slider, contact details are easy to reach. Events calendar at the footer of the page will provide the users with an insight into your camp’s upcoming affairs.

 Happy Summer Camp WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sunny Days WordPress Theme

Sunny Days is a professionally design WordPress theme that can handle content-heavy websites. The layout was made clean and minimalist. For the users’ convenience, categories menu was moved to the right sidebar. A full-width header slider is fully customizable and 100% responsive. Thanks to the grid-based structure, you will have plenty of space to share different types of content on the front page. An application form at the footer will help everyone eager to join your community to apply for job.

 Summer Camp Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Summer Camp WordPress Theme

Thanks to the creative illustrations added to the header of the theme you can make your site more personalized. Summer Camp is not rich in visuals. However, all content that was shared on its front page is easy to read. By means of icons, you can better deliver your message to the viewers. Fonts of different sizes bring hierarchy into the design. The chosen color palette perfectly fits the theme’s topic. Light green hues make it look so fresh and inspiring, welcoming every visitor to join your summer camp.

 Summer Camp Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

School WordPress Theme

School is a carefully built WordPress template, which will be a great starting point for education, kids center, nursery, training, and other websites. The theme’s layout is clean and simple, built with attention to details. The front page is intended to introduce your web project to the visitors in a clear way, and draw the users’ eyes on your services and upcoming events. Contact details were added to the theme’s footer, exactly where you might expect to find them. In terms of customization, the theme options panel comes loaded with all the functionality that you might need in order to tweak the layout, remove/add/edit design elements, etc.

 Primary School Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

US School District WordPress Theme

The design of US School District theme is aimed mostly at kids and their parents. Flat style brings the main focus on content. On the front page, different types of information were divided by means of large headlines as well as dark and light backgrounds. The grid-based content positioning allows you to save on space and share as much data as you wish in a well-balanced way. In terms of navigation, the theme is intuitive and user-friendly. The main navigation bar remains fixed to the top of the page as a user navigates your site. Back-to-top functionality was also provided. Like the rest of the themes on this list, US School District is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly.

 Primary School Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Top 24 Simple, Yet Beautiful CSS3 Table Templates And Examples

Simple Css Tables

HTML5 offers web developers a choice of pre-built elements that can be used to extend the functionality of a website beyond the ordinary, whereas in the old days we might have had to use visual imagery to explain things better, thanks to advancements in JavaScript (jQuery), HTML5 and CSS3 — it is now possible for developers to create and style dynamic HTML5 content without the need to use heavy programming concepts. One such element that continues to help assess online data better is “table” — the table element can be used to display raw data in a selection of different appearances; tables.

HTML tables are not necessarily something that everyone will be using on their websites, however they are incredibly helpful when it comes to presenting data through rows and columns, and also for organizing data and information in a more accessible way. To get started with creating a table is very easy, the function relies purely on the ‘table’ element we find in traditional HTML standard, but by default, the basic HTML tables can have somewhat of a bleak feel to them, which is where we need to direct our attention to CSS3 — as it enables us to better style our tables, and perhaps even extend them with interactive features.

With CSS3, we can quickly change the appearance of our tables in the form of colors, background colors, border colors, and even play with width and height specifications — all by using our external stylesheet file. And to help you to speed up the process, we spent some time gathering together a number of CSS3 optimized table templates to give you a perspective on what other designers are doing in the current state of web design, and how you can quickly apply those same concepts to your tables. All the snippets are available for free, which means you can edit and customize them as you like, then use on your own projects. There are no limitations.

Responstable 2.0

CodePen Responstable 2.0 a responsive table solution

Native HTML5 unfortunately aren’t responsive to the browser, however with a few tiny CSS3 modifications the prefered result can be achieved. Responstable from Jordy van Raaij is a very elegant solution for those who need nothing but a responsive table template for the use in apps and websites. With a few dynamic modifications, you can incorporate a form submission for this table to submit selected table rows.


Responsive Table

CodePen Responsive Table

Responsive Table from Geoff Yuen is a modernly styled table solution that will look great on websites that want to achieve that futuristic look. Geoff Yuen is using an approach of limited borders to help you integrate this table template within designs that are fluid by nature. Colors are dark, but you can adjust colors to your own needs with just a few minor changes.


Fade and Blur on Hover Data Table

CodePen Fade and Blur on Hover Data Table

Jack Rugile is using some advanced JavaScript elements to help developers achieve better results with their tables, sometimes the data we input in our tables can be quite extensive and stretch far out, which is why Jack Rugile built this table with a feature called ‘fade on hover’ — whenever your visitors will hover over any of the table items, all other items will become blurred, making it easier to focus on what the user wants to learn more about.


Material Design – Responsive Table

CodePen Material Design Responsive Table

Sergey Kupletsky is giving out to the world a CSS3 responsive table template that’s based on material design patterns. This template also features a table constructor which you can use to quickly change colors, add borders, integrate a striped effect for the table list items, and also enable or disable a hover effect which will highlight the item that the user is currently viewing within the table. Works well with Bootstrap.


HTML5 Editable Table

CodePen HTML5 Editable Table

jQuery and HTML5 add so much to the modern development experience, and this HTML5 Editable Table template from Ash Blue is the perfect example for it. This jQuery amplified template will let you add and remove table items directly from the browser, but also let you edit each specified list item as you require. You can even move the items up and down, very convenient to integrate in projects that require such functionality.


CSS3 Pricing Table

CodePen CSS3 pricing table

Tables aren’t just for data, not always. Sometimes we need table solutions for things like displaying pricing. This CSS3 Pricing Table template from Allen Zapien is a great example of how CSS3 can be used to display variety of content in many beautiful ways. You can outline the most successful pricing module with an in-built outline template, and of course, you can quickly make any changes to make the table more suitable for your design.


Data Table

CodePen Data Table

Ellen Lassetter is offering to the community a simple to use Data Table that’s fully responsive. Has a hover over effect for highlighting the items that you are browsing on the list. Nothing too fancy, but simplicity usually goes a long way.


CSS Table Layout

CodePen CSS Table Layout

CSS Table Layout (or should we say layouts) by Luke Peters simple CSS3 based tables that come in three different colors; red, green and blue. Each table features a variation of rows, but ultimately it comes down to yourself and what kind of data you want to display with your tables, this is just a template that you can use to make it all happen and to enable mobile access to these tables.



CodePen HeavyTable

heavyTable.js from Victor Darras is an actual JavaScript library, but it does happen to use CSS3 for its styling, and even if you aren’t keen on using the full library, you can use the CodePen page to at least extract all the CSS3 snippets and use the table template elsewhere. This modern and digitalized table solution also allows to directly manipulate table data for each assigned row. You can also use the keyboard to navigate the table entries.


Pure CSS Responsive Accordion Table

CodePen Pure CSS Responsive Accordion Table

Anthony Collurafici has built a responsive HTML table with pure CSS3 and nothing else. It’s lightweight, it’s reliable and it’s compliant with your favorite devices and browsers, nothing else to say about this one.


Pricing Table

CodePen Pricing table

We have two more CSS3 pricing table templates coming up, so here is the first one from Chris Frees — with a modern feel and look, this Pricing Table template will fit well between modern and Bootstrap optimized designs, and for those situations where you wish for the pricing module to really stand out from the rest. You can quickly set a leading pricing plan by setting a background color for any of the available plans, but of course, you can also easily edit the pricing template to add more pricing options, or in fact remove them.


Sortable Tabular Data

CodePen Sortable Tabular Data

You may have heard of this dude before, Jake Rocheleau — a writer and passionate designer who has been sharing his work with the community for quite some while now. Jake Rocheleau also sometimes shares his own-built work with the community, and one of his latest and most successful creations has been the Sortable Tabular Data table template. Basically this is a table optimized with some jQuery to help you quickly sort and align your data based on ascending and descending information, be it letters or numbers. Cool to use when you are working with a data library, and need a quick way to sort the data within the browser.


Nutrition Facts Table in HTML & CSS

CodePen Nutrition Facts Table in HTML CSS

Pricing tables, data tables, dynamic tables, there are so many ways to use tables, and one more to add to the list is the following template — a table data template for displaying nutrition facts for literally any food item out there. Of course, adding each of the facts standalone could take up some time, even just to report all the existing fruit there is, so we highly recommend to take this template and integrate it within your existing platform that requires to output nutritional information for produce, and then filter all your data through this template to provide a remarkable experience for anyone looking it up.


CSS Price Table

CodePen CSS Price Table

The last CSS3 pricing table template in this post is utilizing dark design aspects (which you can change), and a more direct way of outlining the leading pricing plan. Robin Brons has ensured that his price table template is going to be responsive on all devices, so enjoy it at your will.


Flat Table

CodePen Flat Table

We saw material design, but other design types are still falling behind it seems, except for Flat — Leonardo do Espirito Santo is sharing with his fellow community members a minimalistic table template based on Flat design. He also has happened to add two icons to the tables; Edit and Delete, but these will require some additional jQuery coding in order to make them work, nice to have though!


Fixed Table Header

CodePen Fixed table header

Nikhil Krishnan taps into the creative part of the braina and brings out this fixed table header template, which as you can imagine is a traditional responsive table template, just optimized to have a fixed header. Fixed headers help in situations where there is a ton of data to skim through, and it’s best if the user is able to recall each row as it is, rather than having to scroll up and down mindlessly.



CodePen Calendar

Tables have many purposes, one of them is to serve data in a hardened way. Calendars are much like tables, and can be customized to display different information for each row (date), we felt it is necessary to include this amazing CSS3 Calendar template from Marco Biedermann that’s based on the approach that all tables take as well.


Crisp Table

CodePen Crisp table

Charlie Hield is just sharing work from a profession he is so passionate about. Crisp Table is an alternative solution for a CSS3 table for anyone who desires it, perhaps you just want to save some time by not having to style your design to look as crisp as this one does.


“Table” Responsive

CodePen Table Responsive

“Table” Responsive from Pablo Garcia Fernandez is a stunning execution of what the modern CSS3 standard (and also HTML5) is able to bring to the table. Here’s a borderless table template that features 3D highlight effect for each of the row items. Although the theme is somewhat dark, we recommend you play with the styling and find a fit that will work for your designs.


Mobile Table with Comparison View

CodePen Mobile Table with Comparison View

We admire people like Chris Ota who take their time to really make something into something special, and Mobile Table with Comparison View is just that; a special piece of design work that’s built for mobile devices that require input table data for pricing modules, or for general submission forms.


Tables – Pure

Tables - Pure

Pure is a framework library, by adding Pure to your website or project you are entitled to use more than 10 different elements that will make web development much quicker, and much more of an enjoyable experience. Pure focuses on helping developers to rapidly build elements without having to worry about styling them, and the Table element is one of them. Get started with Pure now, you won’t regret it!


Bootstrap CSS

CSS . Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most famous front-end development framework on the planet, it’s being used everywhere; well, almost! Bootstrap helps front-end devs to rapidly build websites without having to invest much thought into the process of making something look pretty, as every element is already pre-determined, and all you have to do is allocate the positioning, and maybe change the colors up a little.


CSS Table Module Level 3

CSS Table Module Level 3

To be able to fully comprehend things, it’s a wise idea to read the actual documentation on something, in this case — the table module / element. We recommend this excerpt from the official CSS3 standard to learn more about tables, and table modules and how they interact with CSS3, and what are the actual limitations as far as web development goes.


CSS Table Generator

CSS Table Generator CSS Table

Lastly, for those who have no desire of manipulating stylesheets manually, we cannot recommend enough the CSS Table Generator website that lets you quickly build CSS3 tables without having to invest any time writing code. It’s simple to use, and we constantly see people praise this particular website for its reliability.


20 Nifty bbPress Plugin Add-ons for WordPress Forums

Bbpress WordPress Themes

All websites that are present on the internet have one common goal – they wish for a large number of visitors to their website. Websites strive hard to increase viewership, to develop a wide readership base. They may or may not intend to monetize the website at some point of time.

So, how do you get visitors to come to your website and spend some time on it ? It is a given that content must be top quality to catch and hold a reader’s interest. Beyond that, one sure fire method to maintain readers interest in the website, is to get them involved in discussions in topics of relevance to the website or to the post. Adding a forum is a great way to start and get a conversation going. It will encourage repeat visits from users.

This brings us to bbPress. bbPress is open source forum software designed for WordPress. The plugin can be used to add forums to posts and pages, for readers to leave a comment or start a conversation. It is ideal for setting topics, receiving comments and allowing discussion among readers.

bbPress has over 300,000 active installs and there are hundreds of awesome WordPress theme built to support this awesome forum plugin. Here are our favorite ones.

The authors have kept bbPress small and light so that it functions efficiently. But there are a number of great add-ons that you can add to get bbPress to work just the way you want. Pick and choose add-ons, so your forum can have the handpicked features that you want for it.

WP User Avatar

You must have noticed a small sized constant image that always shows up against the names of persons on the internet, especially in forums and author pages. This image is called avatar. WordPress normally uses Gravatar to upload these images.

With WP User Avatar, you can upload any photo from your photo library, just the same as your post. Your very own default avatar can be set up and you can disable Gravatar avatar. A standalone avatar can be uploaded to the front page, and contributors and subscribers can upload their own images of specified dimensions and specified file size. A shortcode that will work with all themes can be used in posts.

WP User Avatar

A premium version is also available which can crop avatar and use webcam to get avatar images instantly. The avatar can also be uploaded to Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

Rating Widget

Rating Widget allows users to rate posts, pages and comments by embedding thumb and star ratings in them. It is the most popular Five Star Review System. The free version allows unlimited ratings upto 1 million page views per month, but comes with the branding of Rating Widget.

Ratings widget options

The widget is customizable and can be used with any browser. Any number of ratings can be created and with the review editor, you can customize the rating and place them where you want in your post or page. You can add a ‘Top Rated’ widget in your sidebar for top blogs or posts. You can create and manage ratings right from your WordPress dashboard.

The Starter version which is free from branding, will allow 50000 page views per month and upto 1000 ratings, unlimited votes and email support. The Professional version has a Management Dashboard and throws in analytics. Visitors can be identified by IP and it is ideal for voting contests. It comes with SSL/ HTTPs support, 250000 page views per month and 3000 ratings. The Business version adds full moderation, real time analytics and fraud alert.


To encourage active participation, websites often award points or changes or rewards to users. MyCRED is an adaptive points management system that helps to manage a points program. You can build a reward system with this plugin and allow users to accumulate reward points for posting comments.

MyCRED Hooks

The points can be adjusted manually at any time. Multiple point collection programs are supported. Any addition or deduction of points is logged immediately and the user can visit the log to keep track of the points. You can set limits or conditions for points.

It supports many popular plugins and has many in-built add-ons that can carry out more complex functions like points transfer or converting the points to purchases at stores. Some premium add-ons are also available.

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk

Clean Talk scrutinizes the filled in forms and user behavior to screen spammers. This plugin, once installed sends the details of to Clean Talk services and an assessment is made whether the message should be allowed or marked as spam. A list of email addresses used by spammers or spam bots is built.


Spam is detected with 99.9982% accuracy and automatically email addresses, domains and IP addresses are blacklisted. It protects all forms – contacts, comments, registration – and existing users and comments can also be checked.

An advanced option ‘Spam Firewall’ can be enabled, which allows you to block spam even before it reaches your website by preventing the webpages from loading. It will block requests from bad IP addresses.

This plugin is a complete anti-spam solution for login, comments and contacts of WordPress sites without having to go through CAPTCHA.

Content Aware Sidebars

Content Aware Sidebars is a plugin that will help you to create any number of sidebars to display almost any type of content. You can also display specific sidebars to specific users. Dynamic, custom sidebars can be created which will merge with or replace the host sidebar. Complex content can be created, and some sidebars can be displayed only to logged in users.

content aware sidebars

Publishing schedule can be accommodated in the sidebar. Sidebars can also be displayed according to conditions , such as specific author posts only will be displayed to specific readers.

GD bbPress Attachments

If you want to add an attachment to forums or replies, you can do so through the WordPress media library. You can set limits to the number of attachments and the attachment size for each forum. Images will be displayed as thumbnails and the attachment will be embedded in the topics and replies.

You can see the attachment count for the topics and replies in the admin panel. In the individual edit pages, you can view the list of attachments and the upload errors. GD bbPress Attachments supports about a dozen languages.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro

The premium version of this plugin is GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, which displays an attachment list in the admin panel and offers control over attachments. Font icons can be used. This version has many other bbPress related features.

GD bbPress Tools

GD bbPress Tools adds a number of functions to your bbPress software. With this plugin, a user can affix his signature or a quote, a reply or a topic.

The plugin supports 30 BBcodes, and allows a user to view search results. It integrates with the toolbar menu and allows additional custom views. The premium version has a few additional features like a few more BBcodes, email notification control and powerful attachment features.

There are some add-ons that are not so popular, in the sense that the number of active installs is about 1000 or less. They have not been updated for close to a year, but they serve a very specific function and have earned a star rating close to 5. So, I do feel that they deserve a mention here.

  • bbPress Mark as Read – With this plugin, you can mark threads as read or unread. These threads can be accessed from your bbPress profile page.
  • bbPress Private Replies – Readers may want to share private information such as URLs or passwords with the forum moderators or original posters, without making it public. This plugin will come in handy.
  • bbPress Live Topic Suggestion – When members are creating new topics in the forum, this plugin will offer them the option of continuing in an existing thread. The suggestion will be made when they are typing the topic title. This will help to keep a thread more interesting and at the same time help in streamlining comments and replies.
  • bbPress Topic Count – You can use this plugin to show the total count of articles, replies or posts or any other class under the avatar of the author. You can keep tabs how active or inactive a particular author has been.
  • bbPress Canned Replies – When your forum is receiving a lot of responses, it may be difficult to respond to each comment individually. This plugin will allow you to create and insert pre-defined responses to forum topics. Canned Replies will open up as a sub menu option under the main forums menu.
  • bbPress Report Content – With this plugin, your forum users have the ability to report inappropriate content or spam. When a user clicks on ‘Report’ tab, the post is tagged as reported and only a moderator and above can ‘Un-report’ it.
  • bbPress Private Groups – With this plugin you can put different users into groups and different groups into different forums. The forums can be marked as Private or Public individually. Group titles and description will be visible, but access will be restricted only to members, others being directed to a sign in page. This is an awesome plugin and we use it on our forum.
  • Buddy-bbPress Support Topic – This plugin is designed to manage support requests. The settings for each forum must be set individually. The support status can also be edited in bulk from the list of topics. We are using this plugin for our theme support forum as well.
  • Better bbPress Signature – Adding signature by users is allowed in almost every forum software. But this feature is absent in WordPress and this plugin will help you to add it. Signature of users can automatically be embedded in topics and replies.

That’s it

That’s my list of handy and useful bbPress plugins. Do you have any to add to the list that has helped you with your forum ? Do share it with readers here.

Top 20 CSS3 Tutorials To Improve Your Web Development Skills

Creative Css3 Tutorials

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is becoming more than just a language for styling the web, it’s slowly growing into a fully capable language that can handle dynamic design aspects, and in many ways replace traditional HTML and JavaScript for achieving interactivity, and self-dependency from external libraries and code snippets. All of the styling we see done on the web today is done directly through CSS, and as the standard continues to grow and improve, staying on top of things is more important than ever. CSS, much like HTML, is directly rendered by web browsers, which can sometimes mean that older browsers are not capable of supporting new features.

Getting started with front-end web development and web design has certainly become easier in the recent years, we see much more tutorials, guides and courses to enroll in, but what it comes down to ultimately is the willingness to work with newly learned skills and apply them in real-life projects, preferably small ones to begin with. CSS is one of those scripting languages that require of the user to use specific patterns and layout options to apply to languages like JavaScript, and of course, HTML. When building a new website with HTML and CSS, it’s best to work on a step by step basis, to fully comprehend what is being learned, and how CSS works under different scenarios.

As per community demand, our aim today is going to be to cover the most prominent and the most modern CSS3 tutorials that have been published by the leading front-end developers and designers, all of the tutorials here are based on the latest standards, to help you become a better web designer by learning how to use particular CSS3 functions and features in the most rewarding way possible. At the end of the post, we will also mention a couple of CSS3 learning resources that you can use to shape and form your skills into better understanding and usability. Like any programming language, to better understand something — it’s best that we allow ourselves to do some repetitive coding, either through a dynamic online platform, or within our own personal code editors.

Editing Images in CSS

Editing Images in CSS The dot Post

Using images in web design makes total sense, but the story gets more technical than that. While it’s fun to use photos of your own liking in your web designs, sometimes we have to take into account things like — is the image file size appropriate for our project, can we add filters through CSS rather than through external apps like Photoshop, and what can we really do with CSS anyway to help our photos look better. Una Kravets takes us on a 15 minute long journey where she gives a talk about CSS image editing and how we can transform CSS to act more like a standalone image editing software platform, rather than just a way to manipulate design aspects.


Using Modern CSS to Build a Responsive Image Grid

Using Modern CSS to Build a Responsive Image Grid

Continuing with the topic of images, here we have George Martsoukos presenting us with a simple lightweight tutorial on how to use modern CSS3 functions to build responsive image grids. Image grids (or sometimes called galleries) are all about displaying visual content within the context of a grid. These kind of grids become useful to those who are sharing their photography, or using an image grid as a way to expand their portfolio items. In this tutorial, George talks us through the process of ensuring that the grids we create are going to be equally responsive to desktop, and mobile applications.


Learn CSS Layout

Learn CSS Layout The Pedantic Way

Web designs is everything about layouts. We create a layout and then use other available elements and functions to style it, to build upon it. And it’s a known fact that much of web design layouts are totally dependent on CSS. Learning CSS allows us to learn more about website layouts and how they work, but if you don’t have the knowledge already — Mikito Takada has written an online book that’s split into 5 different chapters on how to create layouts with CSS3, and do it the right way. He talks about positioning, and also aligning different box elements to begin creating the grid elements, he goes more in-depth about positioning and the available features right now, while dedicated the last two chapters to Flexbox (a known CSS function), and also a writeup on the best CSS styling tips and tricks that he has learned about on his own journey of being a web designer.


CSS Refresher Notes

vasanthk css refresher notes CSS Refresher

Notes and style guides are the driving force for many of the webs designers, and it’s quite essential that we remember to put aside our own favorite note resources for easier future reference, and as far as CSS3 goes — the CSS Refresh Notes is amongst the favorites on the GitHub community; hundreds of stars, and plenty of community input on how to expand this resource to be the best there is. CSS Refresh Notes focuses on the most crucial aspects of CSS3 development and lets designers to quickly tap into reference notes for the most common, and not so common CSS3 features. Whether it is positioning or selectors you need help with, perhaps media queries for responsive design, or how to best use SVG within your CSS3 design patterns — these notes will come in handy even if you don’t feel that way straight away.


Variables: The Backbone Of CSS Architecture

Variables The Backbone Of CSS Architecture - Smashing Magazine

Preprocessors have really taken off in the recent years, simple frameworks and toolsets that allow designers to extend the basic CSS3 functionality with things like mixins, functions, and variables. The kind of features that you would usually expect to see in a hardcoded programming language like JavaScript. The argument exists, that everyone should be proficient enough in CSS3 to be able to build smooth code without the need to use preprocessors, but things like time of development remain important. Variables helps to use CSS3 in a more dynamic environment, which is why Karen Menezes has put together one of the most extensive pieces of content on this topic that you will ever find, and it was also posted in 2016 — meaning it is fully up to date and reflects the latest possible developments in this field.


Designing A Product Page Layout with Flexbox

Designing A Product Page Layout with Flexbox CSS Tricks

Flexbox is a new CSS3 layout mode aimed at helping designers to best optimize their designs for mobile devices, and devices that require different screen sizes. The new function is stil quite new and alien to many, but use of Flexbox is becoming increasingly popular in fields like eCommerce. This CSS3 tutorial comes from the team over at Shopify, where they are doing a report on how they managed to create one of their newest Shopify Templates with the help of Flexbox, what the process took and what the end result looked like. Knowing Shopify’s reputation in the eCommerce market, and having indulged in the tutorial ourselves, this might be one of the most handy guides to helping you understand more about Flexbox, and how you can begin using it in your own web designs.


Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS

Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS -- Zell Liew

When people think of responsive web design, much of the time they are thinking about turning a standard website into something that will work well with mobile devices. It’s not a false understanding, but there’s certainly more to it. Zell Liew has written a brilliant writeup on how to work with responsive web typography, and what it entails to establish a solid foundation for your typography patterns on all device types. Needless to say that the tutorials comment section has also become of immense help, thanks to additional input from fellow community web designers who all have had different experiences with optimizing typography for mobile, and even desktop.


Simplest CSS Slideshow

Simplest CSS Slideshow

A Slideshow with CSS3? That must be impossible! Such concepts are usually aimed at languages such as JavaScript or jQuery which make it easy to create dynamic content on the go, but what about CSS3? Jonathan Snook doesn’t really promise us anything new, instead he is giving us an example of how we can use CSS3 animation effects to create slideshow experiences without having to use any external resources, like JavaScript for example. His little introductory tutorial to CSS3 animations is the perfect example of how creativity trumps doubt.


CSS Modules — Solving the challenges of CSS at scale

CSS Modules -- Solving the challenges of CSS at scale -- Front end developer -- Medium

It is inevitable that CSS is going to grow beyond its current limitations, much like JavaScript did. Looking back at the very old past of CSS, we have come a long way from being able to manipulate colors and element appearances, these days CSS provides a much more complex toolbox for developers who wish to reside within a single language to do all of their development tasks. CSS Modules are for helping developers to better align their CSS code that can then be scaled when the app or project begins to grow out of control. In this magnificent tutorial, Tom Cornilliac explains to us how we can combine different stylesheets and use them as modules for our projects that we launch through frameworks like React. Who knew that importing stylesheets and accessing their predefined functions would be so easy.


Content Display Patterns

Content is everything. Even those sites who lack the appropriate website presentation skills, and still are able to maintain high content quality, are usually the ones people will refer to the most. Good examples for this are sites like Reddit, and Hacker News — highly content populated sites, with no real enforcements within the design of the websites. Content display patterns are not about display patterns, but how the overall content element design works together to provide a browsing experience that fully integrates between the content display, and the actual content. This tutorial from Dan Mall is one of the most concise guides on content display patterns, and his experience report speaks for himself — having worked with redesign projects for sites like TechCrunch, and even we have to admit that the new TechCrunch design is pretty sleek!


Animating Clipped Elements In SVG

Animating Clipped Elements In SVG - Smashing Magazine

SVG and CSS3 animations are amongst the most trending topics in web development right now. This is thanks to the fact that we are beginning to move away from the need to use heavy imagery and animation files to display our content, and instead designers are learning how to mimic those exact animations using native languages to the browser. Dennis Gaebel Jr is giving us a rundown of using CSS clipping to achieve stunning animation effects, on top of using stunning vector visuals.


Expressive CSS

Expressive CSS

Expressive has been a coined term in the developer community for quite some tem. Expressive is a term loosely borrowed from the concept of expressiveness in programming languages. A programming language is generally considered expressive if it allows you to naturally express your thoughts in code that is easy to understand. Generally, ‘expressive’ is not anything new, and developers have talked about this for years before, but every time a new feature is released in the wild, it takes some times for developers and especially designers to adapt to their expressive workflow, so sometimes projects can get all messy and caught up in too many functions trying to work all at once. Expressive is the lightweight approach to writing code that works well, looks good, and is easy to maintain. Use this as a style guide, and don’t forget to express your gratitude to the author; John Polacek.


Animation in Responsive Design

Animation in Responsive Design ? 24 ways

As learned throughout the article already, animations and responsive are two very hot topics for designers, and combining the two together is becoming increasingly more interesting to those who wish to truly test the limits of modern web development abilities. Val Head published a very insightful article about using CSS3 animations within responsive web designs, and how to best present these animations where they don’t lose their value. The article is populated with several showcase demos from other successful websites who have established their animations on both desktop and mobile devices.


Why I’m Excited About Native CSS Variables

Why I m Excited About Native CSS Variables -- Philip Walton

CSS Custom Properties are also known as Variables, helping CSS3 devs to fasten up the CSS3 developing process by enabling dynamic functionality. Preprocessors have been doing this for a while now, and many have already adaptd to the idea of using a preprocessor permanently, but inevitably all these features (available in the standard) will find their way into modern browsers, because nothing is better than developing in native environment, not having to worry about maintenance and reliability of external software. A Google Engineer, Philip Walton has taken his valuable time to put together a very insightful piece of work about the new CSS feature, and why the community should embrace such change, and not worry about silly things like syntax appearance.


Twitter’s Heart Animation in Full CSS

Twitter's Heart Animation in Full CSS -- Medium

Twitter has been ALL over the news, and for many good reasons. One of those reasons ended up being because Twitter decided to switch up the ‘Favorite’ button with a ‘Love’ icon. A very bold move as told by others, but ultimately a necessary move to establish a more community oriented feel around the site, and less specific to certain industries, like technology. The announcement was made on one of Twitter’s official accounts, through an animated GIF image that showcased a cool ‘heart splash’ animation accompanied by text, as these things do — a designer by the name of Nicolas Escoffier was interested in seeing whether he would be capable of hacking together a similar animation using just pure CSS3, and guess what — he succeeded, and the community couldn’t be more happy!


Seriously, use icon fonts

Seriously use icon fonts - Ben Frain

SVG is making the web a better place, even though developers to this day have to take into account the fact that many are still browsing the web from outdated versions of mobile operating systems, and such insight requires of the developer to work extra hard to make things work. Although icon fonts are still being learned by others, this feature is becoming very popular in the modern developer markets where devs want to create experiences that are seamless and pleasant to work with.


Building and shipping functional CSS

Building and shipping functional CSS

Cole Peters brings out the big guns and tells us a story about his success with using CSS3 functions to make better development choices at TrialReach — company he works for. His story is based on the idea of taking our existing stylesheets and re-working them to better reflect new design standards, and available functions in the browser. After some closer work with functions, he was able to split one of his stylesheets to nearly a half size than before, indicating the possibility for saving bandwidth, and increasing site speed ultimately.


CSS Product Magnification — without JavaScript

CSS Product Magnification -- without JavaScript -- Medium

In eCommerce it’s zoom-in, but also magnification that allows customers to zoom-in closer to the product and explore its less visible to the eye aspects. It’s definitely a cool effect to have, but for many it is essential to the success of their business. Michael Weaver is a CSS3 hacker who has come up with an idea to create a magnification widget without the use of any JavaScript code, a feat that he successfully accomplished, and now anyone can browse his code and make similar widgets on their sites.


Really Responsive Tables using CSS3 Flexbox

Really Responsive Tables using CSS3 Flexbox Hashnode

Tables help us align our information in a more friendly fashion, sometimes a well-styled table element doesn’t even appear as one, but with the extendability of jQuery, HTML5 and JavaScript — we can make our tables to act more like Excel documents than anything else. Vasan Subramanian very recently published a profound tutorial on how to use Flexbox feature of CSS3 to create stunning and responsive tables for your next website or app project.


Optimize CSS Delivery

Optimize CSS Delivery     PageSpeed Insights     Google Developers

The last CSS3 tutorial is going to be all about speed, and how to better code our stylesheets to at least guarantee some speed increase beyond the ordinary. Optimize CSS Delivery is a technical style guide that shows how to write native CSS code without compromising any resources. Writing CSS should be fun, which is what this tutorial is about.


Learning Resources for Modern CSS3

Without a proper foundation, learning from tutorials can sometimes feel quite daunting. It makes sense, a tutorial can only cover so much for a particular subject before it runs out of steam, tutorials are for those who have built something before, and wish to extend upon those projects with new features, interesting concepts, and other possibilities inspired by the community. And to help you better understand the CSS3 tutorials we talked about in the post, we are going to list some really great and free resources for learning CSS3 (modern, too) online.

The complete CSS3 tutorial

The complete CSS3 tutorial

Again, we emphasize the need to showcase tutorial resources that help you to learn everything if not the majority of what CSS has to offer. This resource is a complete CSS3 tutorial that talks in steps for different CSS3 features, and their uses in real world. Selectors, advanced selectors, box models, texts and fonts, and other features are discussed in-depth, with a ton of examples for you to begin playing around with. Anyone beginning CSS development will be quickly able to realize their progress from just a few simple projects.


CSS Tutorial

CSS Tutorial

W3Schools is the home of beginner front-end development. This resource has helped millions upon millions of developers to better understand certain parts of HTML and CSS, but more than that — it offers free learning content that you won’t find anywhere else. W3Schools is the perfect CSS learning place for those who are truly inexperienced with the web, and wish to get up to speed rather quickly.



HTML CSS Codecademy

You can’t go about learning CSS3 or HTML5 from ground up and not give Codecademy a try, even the testiomonials section is full of reviews of how people were able to find great and well paid jobs after finishing their learning with Codecademy. Whereas many of the tutorial sites teach the direct syntax through code samples, Codecademy on the other hand ‘forces’ you to play around with code through direct and interactive tasks as assigned by the people who are behind each learning course. Such platforms have become very popular, and are now available for nearly every programming language out there. A very effective way to learn, without question.


Learn CSS Layout

Learn CSS Layout

Layout is the foundation of CSS3, we already learned that in this post earlier, but now it is time to really take this concept for a ride and tap into a futuristic example of how CSS3 layout properties work and what we can do with them, assign yourself a few days to complete this tutorial, but remember that coming out of it — you will be at a solid intermediate level of understanding layout properties and their use in web design.


CSS – Learning the Web

CSS Learning the Web MDN

Mozilla Developer Network remains as one of the leading sources for all things HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript — completely community driven, the MDN offers style guides for all of the mentioned languages, in a way that’s most suitable on your learning pace, and overall understanding of CSS3 in the first place.


30 Websites Using Best Selling WordPress Theme – Avada – 2016

Avada Theme Examples

Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada is an extremely popular theme as it is very versatile. It is the top selling WordPress theme, having run up purchases over 170,000. It garners a five star rating from a good majority of the satisfied customers. A great number of designs are possible with Avada, that too without having to attempt any code.

The width of the layout can be varied extensively to suit any device. A Fusion Page builder plugin makes it possible to build the site intuitively requiring only minimal knowledge on the part of the user. There is a high attention detail and a great number of features that have been included will ensure that your website design is taken care of for the next few years.

This theme functions well with WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and most other popular well built plugins. Apart from the above, this theme’s features include,

  • A truly multipurpose theme with 6 layout options – grid, timeline, large, large alternate, medium, medium alternate & 4 different post types
  • Built on HTML 5 & CSS3
  • Search Engine Optimized & Social Media friendly
  • WP Multi Site tested
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Retina ready, high res graphics
  • 1-6 column support
  • Great customer support from Theme Fusion
  • Multiple Free Premium plugins available with theme bundle
  • 100+ Shortcodes
  • Built in Mega Menu
  • Unlimited color palette and advanced portfolio options at your disposal including filterable categories
  • Useful custom page templates
  • Translated into 33 languages

You can go from being a total novice to being the proud owner of a beautiful and efficient website in a few hours. Let me give below a few of the example websites that have been built using Avada WordPress theme and you can checkout Theme Fusion’s claims yourself.



MoniDesign is a website engaged in communication, art, branding and design, all with the help of powerful graphics. It helps to create user-centered web design and their particular expertise lies with maps. MoniDesign uses Avada effectively to convey fully the graphic intensive nature of their work.

Yellow Marine Consultancy


The website of Yellow Marine Consultancy displays to good effect the services offered by their company and the role played by them as the link between the manufacturers and the buyers. It is clutter free, minimal and effective with the custom background images always reminding a visitor that the Consultancy involved, is in the response to the requirements of the marine community.

JL Recruitment


Avada has been used to design JL Recruitment, a business aimed at recruiting trained domestic workers. The information on the site is comprehensive and has been displayed without much fuss. The revolution slider gives any visitor a quick view of the services offered and the image gallery explains the services offered without much need for words.

Liberty Trails


Sharp images of the countryside are featured well on the Liberty Trails website using the Avada theme. The business offers horse riding holidays and the revolution slider moves from scenery to scenery smoothly with horses in the foreground, tempting even a casual visitor to book a holiday straightaway.

Red Dog


A pet resort and spa located in Boston, Red Dog is the perfect home away from home for your four legged companions. All facilities required to make it a complete pet center including hospital and retail boutique are highlighted in the homepage. The website makes good use of the control over content area to display services in a manner than engages visitors to increase conversion rates for prospective clients.



CleanlyMaid is a house cleaning service. It has an uncomplicated (in a good way) website that is easy to navigate and to book a cleaning service. The booking process is minimal so as to not frighten away potential customers and the Avada does a great job of assisting the homepage in the description of services offered.

White Sulphur Springs


White Sulphur Springs is the conference center of OCF – Officers’ Christian Fellowship- an organisation that reaches out to the Christian people in the military and their families. It works to strengthen religious bonds and the website of this organisation is also powered by Avada. All the programs and upcoming events are featured in a well organized manner.

Working As We Go


Working As We Go is the effort of a marketing team with a difference. It’s 2 team members are located at two different ends of the world – Brazil and Australia. The team uses the website not only to advertise their marketing services, but also to let visitors know of their travelling lifestyle and the places they visit. The advanced blog options from Avada allows the team members to blog about their travel with great clarity.

Tech Coast Design


This is an excellent example of a creatively inclined business using Avada to create a website that brings them new clients and also portrays their creative acumen effectively. The multiple slider options from Avada have been used to create an interesting homepage.

Heavenly Blooms


A website designed for a florist’s boutique. The site is colorful, pleasant and presented in an informal manner. The website is simple and easy to use. The imagery dominates vast portions of the websites, it also demonstrates how Avada can be leveraged to create media heavy websites.



GraphicTwister is a website that offers free mockups and designs which can be really helpful to graphic designers. The mockups are offered in different settings like a kitchen background or in a day/night background.

Dragonfly Wellness Centerdragonflywellness-spa-avada-website-example

Dragonfly is a holistic wellness center that uses Avada on it’s website to detail the whole range of healing options offered by them. The layer slider effect is fully visible on their homepage.


RankPay is a Search Engine Optimization services company whose website is also based on Avada. The homepage is concise and communicates the advantages of choosing the company in a pretty much straightforward manner.

Nomadic Chicknomadicchick-personal-website-avada-example

Avada has been used very competently to bring out the tag line of the website “Roam the world with me”. The site is primarily used by Jeannie Mark, an American mid lifer, to share her travel experiences and soul inspiring stories with readers and the social font icons figure prominently in the header.

Bezign Creativebezigncreative-simple-avada-website-example

Bezign Creative is a creative graphic design company specialized in branding & logos and wedding stationery offering services to suit every individual.

Green Leaf Cleanersgreenleaf-cleaners-cleaning-business-based-on-avada

Green Leaf Cleaners is a business that undertakes environment friendly cleaning and has used the unlimited color options from Avada to emphasize the green nature of their cleaning services.

The Happiness Gardenthehappinessgarden-motivational-speaker-avada

The Happiness Garden is a website for women that serves as a kind of online escape. The community feeling fostered by this site lets women share their stories freely, all in a simple scroll down homepage. There is very little need to move away from the homepage.


A website dedicated to the growth of a new age sport, this site is dedicated to all things Kronum. The sport is explained neatly and the site also sells all Kronum related paraphenalia.

Find Your Zenfindyourzenwellness-lifestyle-change-fitness-website

A website catering to nutrition and health by incorporating yoga and lifestyle changes for long term results, again built on the Avada theme. Sliders display eye catching images that will tempt a visitor to stay on the site.


Boabee offers mobile solutions to manage data capturing and media sharing which can be used for event and sales communication.


Hestian is a company that works towards reducing the carbon footprint by promoting the use of a fuel efficient stove. Their showpiece stove is featured on the company website, which is built on Avada.

Ron Spohnronspohn-fullscreen-photography-avada

A close look at this website itself will tell you that the site is all about photography. The pictures zoom out slightly much like viewing a scene through a photographer’s lens. Again, made possible with Avada.

Red Bag Mediaredbagmedia-small-business-website-using-avada

This site is used by a small business that helps other small businesses with their design.

Fitness Southfitnesssouth-fitness-website-using-avada-theme

Fitness South is a fuss free site mounted on Avada that showcases fitness options.


An eCommerce and internet marketing website that uses Avada to inform visitors of their strengths in marketing online, especially to local consumers. The use of the social sharing options is very much visible.

After the Harvestaftertheharvestkc-healthy-food-donation-website

The website showcases the efforts and successes of a volunteer run organisation in feeding the hungry by gleaning unwanted food. The Header displays the tag line and the slider shows volunteers at work.

Vector Shade Structuresvectorshade-shade-structure-website

Specialized roof structures are offered for sale on this website. “Find out More” options take all the details away from the Main page making it appear minimal.


Fleet Trax’s site plays a role in GPS Tracking Systems for all businesses and it includes an option to watch a video on the website.

I Do Wedding Ringsidoweddingrings-avada-wordpress-website

This husband and wife team takes wedding and other rings to the homes of prospective buyers.


This website uses Avada to display it’s collection of handmade products, fashion clothes and beauty products.



Amunet is a software development company focusing on e-Learning solutions. We use a Revolution slider that comes bundled with the theme and some features like Flip Boxes, Check lists and others.
We also make Avada even better. Our plugin extends it to being able to work with the custom post types.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the representative Avada theme example list above, Avada theme is being used by a variety of businesses to effectively communicate services and products that they offer, you can also see sufficient examples that would allow for the possibility of creating personal blogs, travel sites and pretty much any other purpose that a website developer can conjure for his or her new website.

The customer support from Theme Fusion remains an important part of the deal that comes along with purchase of the theme. A prospective customer need have no hesitation in going through with the purchase of Avada for designing his or her own website. You can try out the theme and do let us know how the theme worked for you.

If you site is built on Avada WordPress theme and believe that it could be listed above as an example, please leave a comment below with 3-5 sentence long description about your website.

Top 24 Websites For Free Vector Images For Designers 2016

Free Vector Image Websites

Whether building an application or a website, visual aspects of such projects are the quintessential driving life form to bring your idea into full fruition. Visuals themselves are able to convey a message or an idea so much more clearly than just plaintext, that in today’s stages of web development it’s hard to spot websites that don’t take advantage of visuals in some form or the other. And as we move forward from traditional image file formats like JPG and PNG, we begin to integrate more scalable graphics formats, known as Vector Graphics, but also Scalable Vector Graphics; known as SVG.

Vector graphics enable us to present our apps and websites through more pristine and crystallized image formats that enable our visuals to look smooth on cross devices, and cross browsers. The W3C standard recognizes vector graphics as SVG that can enable our images look exactly the same on all devices and browsers, without the need to compromise file size, file quality, or the transition required. It’s a single file that can be served in multitude of ways all at the same time.

Currently the biggest earners of vector graphics are the graphic designers who work closely with the latest vector graphics development tools, like Inkscape, and PhotoShop amongst many others. And while it takes a considerable amount of time to craft a beautiful vector image, the number of websites and platforms providing free vector images and graphics has risen over the last couple of years, and we as website developers ourselves couldn’t be more happier about these news.

We are going to do a countdown of the best websites on the net for vector images right now, giving a detailed description of the kind of content to expect from these vector image websites, and at the end of the post we will look at some premium type websites that can be used to purchase professional and also beautiful vector images at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to hire a graphic designer to do all the work for you.


Download Free Vector Art Stock Graphics Images Vecteezy

Vecteezy and its sister sites are a well established brand name when it comes to free vector graphics and arts. Vecteezy’s main module of community is to enable graphic designers and others interested in vector art to share their work freely, where other community users can like your graphics, and also leave comments on them — either in the form of feedback, or suggestions. It’s a self-sustained community that’s driven by the process of sharing content for free, and enabling others to access this content whenever. It can sometimes be difficult to share your own stuff for free, and don’t feel like you’re getting anything back — whereas Vecteezy enables everyone to become a part of a huge pool of free vector graphics where the more you share, the more others will be inclined to share as well. Vecteezy attracts millions of visitors to its website each month, giving your work the appropriate exposure it needs.



Free vectors photos and PSD Downloads Freepik

Freepik reaches tens of millions of monthly visitors, who all come to Freepik to find the necessary vector design elements for their next big project. The startup was launched by two brothers and other intellectuals who created a platform that carefully curates solid, modern and appealing vector graphics for anyone to freely use. The categories over at Freepik stretch out really wide, and you can find artwork in categories such as Travel, Business, Cartoons, Music, Objects and many more. Each vector page features a Download element, license specifications, and also a comment box where registered community members can leave their feedback, gratitude or other forms of input. Google and Adobe are just a few of the big names out there that use Freepik on daily basis to find great vector artwork at no cost whatsoever.


All Free Downloads

All Free Download

All Free Downloads is also using a unique approach to providing the world wide web community with more than 190,000+ free vector graphics. The range of content that can be found on All Free Downloads is pretty much unlimited, and all you need to do is use the search button to find the kind of artwork that will work best with your ideas and projects. All vectors can be downloaded in AI and EPS formats, and if you’re a graphic designer looking to expose your own work — All Free Downloads offers a reward program where each of your uploaded pieces of work can also feature a ‘Donate’ button, or even a ‘Buy a Commercial License’ to help you get rewarded for the stuff that you create and share with others. Other than vectors, you can find PSD’s, icons, web templates and other web related items for free and instant download.


Vector Magic

Precision Bitmap To Vector Conversion Online Vector Magic

We are going to sidetrack here for a little bit, but we feel it’s important that the community and designers themselves learn more about Vector Magic — a reliable software tool that can help to convert Bitmap Images (JPG, PNG, and GIF) into pristine clean, and scalable vector graphics into the format of SVG, ESP and PDF. You can use Vector Magic both as an online tool, and also as a Desktop tool that will enable you to convert your Bitmap Images into EPS, SVG, PDF, AI, DXF and EMF formats.


Vector Portal

Vector Portal

Vector Portal is home to some several tens of thousands of vector graphic packages and individual vector elements that will for sure spice up the User Experience of any project or idea that you plan to use it on. The most popular work on Vector Portal has been downloaded up to 50,000+ times, indicating its reliability and success within the market. All vector graphics found on Vector Portal are for commercial use, meaning that you have unlimited uses for the graphics within your projects, however attribution is a nice way of expressing gratitude for the work that others have put into making the artwork available in the first place.




Vector4Free is a blog run by design enthusiasts who share not only standalone vector graphics, but also lists of cool and beautiful vector graphic themes, like sports, holidays and others. All vector graphics are for free download, and each download also specifies a License, so definitely check them out before you start using them on creative and commercial projects. You can also easily browse the site by selecting any of the attached tags for each image, making the job of finding the right image that much more easy.



Free vector graphics on Pixabay

Pixabay is the largest known free photography site on the web, these days even large media websites rely on Pixabay for great and stunning imagery content. On top of having hundreds of thousands of photographs available under the Creative Commons license, Pixabay also archives more than 50,000+ free vector graphic arts and interesting visuals. Pixabay is another community driven platform where visitors are encouraged to create their own account and share their photos, this platform is also good when it comes to promoting yourself as a graphic designer, or a photographer, as each photo is accompanied by your own profile information on the side. Members can leave comments if desired.

Preview has been a member of the vector graphics community for over five years now, accumulating more than 220,000+ unique vector graphics that can be looked up through a very systematic and logical tag index. All download pages are complimented with a comments widget, and also proper licensing information — although some graphics don’t carry a license, so it’s best to assume that they aren’t meant for commercial use.


Vector Open Stock

Vector Open Stock

Vector Open Stock is a professional vector stock platform where you can find more than 14,000+ unique vector graphics that have been carefully selected and curated for their appearance, usability, and modern use. All graphics are free to download, however commercial licenses can be purchased for the price of a good cup of coffee. The team behind the platform themselves are designers, and publish on daily basis new vector arts that you won’t find anywhere else, and there’s nearly 3000 unique items available already. You can select to browse the site through categories, but also look up the most trending content — look for the top navigation menu to explore the vector image library deeper.




Started more than 6 years ago, the goal of QVectors is to provide the community with vector arts that wouldn’t require any licensing, and are in fact going to act as totally free items under the Creative Commons license — use as you like! Each download is accompanied by the proper licensing and author attribution, so if any of the designs really speak to you and you would like to make some real changes, reach out to the author of each particular graphics element and see what you can come up with.


Cool Vectors

Cool Vectors

Cool Vectors acts more like a directory of vector art, where other designers can submit their work and then receive community votes, and also extra visitors to their website. As it stands right now, majority of content found on Cool Vectors is external, which shouldn’t really be a problem. It’s great to have these library type content websites that archive the work of others, without trying to claim the right to it on their own.


Free Design File

Free Design File

Free Design File is a truly minimal vector file platform that focuses on the actual vector appearance than anything else, the site is built upon the foundation of tags, so if there’s something in particular you are looking for, the best way to find it would be to find the right tags for it and begin your search that way. Vector downloads feature a download button, but also author and licensing information to keep you in check about the use of all the available vectors on this site. We managed to find some really inspiring works through these guys!


Free Vectors

Free Vectors

With more than 450+ pages of content, Free Vectors stands out as one of the most unique and perhaps one of the oldest vector graphics resources on the web! Each download is accompanied by a description of the items that you are downloading, there’s a specification of the author of the vector (usually a website), and also full outline of the license for the download; either personal use, or commercial use. The design of the website uses a dark theme, making it a nice experience to dig deeper into during late night evenings when you’re just looking for some good old inspiration.


Free Vector Maps

Free Vector Maps

We have looked at some real gems of the vector world already, and it’s time we expand the list with some more unique additions, which this time is going to be Free Vector Maps! This beautiful and neat resource is all about Maps in Vector format! Whether it’s individual countries, continents, globes — Free Vector Maps provides a GPS accurate report of each country and region within the best digital format available. The project was started by someone who enjoys traveling himself, and a lot of thought has gone into making these maps possible. You can pick blank maps, or you can select between maps that show countries and cities within the regions as well. This resources has been so popular that majority of leading design websites have already used this resources in one way or the other.


Vector Finder

Vector Finder

Vector Finder provides several thousand free vector downloads that will greatly enhance your process of developing the right design aspects for whatever projects you are working on. You can quickly browse categories of available vectors, and then determine whether the downloads are for you depending on their license specifications.




Vector graphics aren’t just files for website logos, or for your next infographic, there are other visual elements that fall under the vector category, and one of them is Icons! Here we have FlatIcon, a reliable resource for finding vector flat icons that will stretch in categories far and wide. You can become an author, or you can enjoy the work that others have already shared. The nice thing about sites that offer you to upload your own content is that it gives you so much more exposure for your work, or business that you are working from. FlatIcon offers for you to download icons individually, or choose between ‘packs’ that have been curated for specific themes and situations.




Now that we are looking at some vector icons, let’s take closer look at some more resources that provide beautiful vector optimized icons. IKONS comes from Piotr Adam Kwiatkowski who has put together 300 unique icons that will work in apps, platforms and even software applications that require beautiful icons to make more sense of usability features. You are free to use these icons for all your non-commercial and commercial projects, with the restriction of trying to resell these IKONS for monetary purposes.


Nasty Icons

Nasty Icons

Hmm, what an interesting name for a project — Nasty Icons! They are really nasty, but in a sense where they are so unbelievably good that the only word to describe them is Nasty! These icons are more built for fun and child oriented projects where funny faces and gimmicks are required.


Dry Icons

Dry Icons

Although the name Dry Icons suggests that we will be looking at more icons, this platform provides some few thousand vector graphics items that range in a variety of categories and subjects. Because the site is so well maintained, all downloads are free, with the option to purchase a regular and extended license for the use in different kinds of projects and situations.


Premium Websites for Vector Images and Vector Graphics

We have explored some truly outstanding vector graphic websites so far, to be able to have access to such a vast pool of free vector items is truly a blessing, and not just for the people who create them, but especially those who consume these items on daily basis! Now that we know of all the best free vector graphics resources, it’s time we take a look at the best premium resources for finding the right vector images for you! Please suggest more premium sites if you feel we left some out, don’t worry — not purposefully.


Premium and Free Vectors Pixeden

Pixeden is a membership site that is host to a plethora of graphics in the form print, web, icons and vector. The free membership enables anyone to download free content; there’s some free vector art available too! But the big player is the premium membership which then grants you access to premium content, including vector, that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Designers and the team at Pixeden themselves are working hard each day to provide its members with unique artwork and unique vector art experiences that you will cherish forever.



WeGraphics Premium vectors textures and Photoshop brushes

WeGraphics is a solid establishment platform for graphic designers who are in need of outstanding quality graphic arts, but without the requirement of having to invest thousands of dollars into unique designs. WeGraphics publishes new artwork on daily basis, in the form of vectors, textures, icons, brushes and other similar design elements that you may require. Each download is provided with a free sample that you can practice using within your project, and only upon full satisfaction do you need to become a subscribed member; which then lets you download the file fully. WeGraphics is also frequently hosting bundle offers that enable you to grab thousands of artworks for a fraction of the price; literally.



Stock Photos Royalty Free Images and Vectors Shutterstock

Shutterstock is perhaps the most widely established name in the stock photography market. Shutterstock has been a provider of high-quality photography and design elements for years now, and continues to dominate the market as many webmasters themselves choose to advertise and promote directly with Shutterstock. All vectors available at Shutterstock have been unique created and crafted with different kinds of intentions behind each unique project. No matter which file you choose, you can rest assured that you won’t find another copy on the web.



Vector Graphics Clip Art Vector Images Download Royalty Free Depositphotos

Depositphotos is another well-known brand name that focuses on premium stock photos, but due to the huge increase in demand for vector graphics, Depositphotos has taken the initiative to open up a library of over 8,000,000+ unique vector images that you will never get bored of browsing. The pricing is fairly reasonable given that all images are then royalty free.



Fotolia Download great value royalty free vector files

Fotolia falls behind Depositphotos only by one million, meaning that Fotolia is able to provide you with more than 7,000,000+ unique vector illustrations and artworks that will give you a broader choice of selection when beginning to look for the right graphics for your projects. Immerse yourself and don’t be afraid of investing in works that you find truly outstanding.


Top 15 Free Shopping Cart eCommerce Plugins for WordPress 2016

Wordpress Shopping Cart Plugins

Months of planning, and weeks of preparation. Your business plan is beginning to feel more graspable, but how exactly do we execute our business plan in the online ecosphere? The best way of selling products online is of course, through eCommerce. Physical goods, digital items or services, it all falls under the same category, and as business owners what we need to focus on, is delivering a solid and smooth shopping experience to our customers, across all categories of business. Dipping your feet in the eCommerce field can be scary at first, but platforms like WordPress have made the entry-level experience as easy as tapping a few buttons on your phone.

Shopping carts and eCommerce platforms are nothing new to the market, there is a vast pool of choices to choose from, and it is without question a very tempting situation where we have to choose between a standalone platform, and a separate plugin addon for our exisiting publishing platform — such as WordPress. The WordPress community has made it unbelievable easy for anyone to get started with eCommerce, and WordPress in itself is a very versatile content publishing platform that gives new business owners much more room to juggle their business with.

Running an eCommerce business with WordPress puts you in the driver’s seat of the rest of the content, whether it’s plugins, themes or actual consumable content. Needless to say that running with WordPress is also going to ensure that you aren’t losing out on any profits, because running your own eCommerce shopping cart means that you are in charge of fees, delivery costs, and any other external payment that third-party platforms might require.

In order to get started with building your own online store through a reliable WordPress shopping cart, we are called to take a closer look at the number of available shopping cart solutions available at our disposal. This is what we have prepared for you today, an index of plugins that have been dubbed as the best shopping cart’s for business owners new and old. We will briefly introduce each one with their respective best features, and let you decide for yourself as to what best suits your current eCommerce requirements.


WooCommerce -- WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce is the pinnacle of a successful WordPress plugin, but more than that — it’s the most successful eCommerce solution for WordPress users, and even those who aren’t so keen to using WordPress in their projects in the first place, WooCommerce has won the hearts of those new to eCommerce, and those with experience — looking for a scalable online selling solution that provides all the eCommerce features in one simple package. Community is now able to contribute to the project with their own ideas and issues, thanks to a public open-source GitHub repository, where hundreds of individuals have already made their contributions.

Starting your own eCommerce shop using WooCommerce is simple, and time effective. It works on top of your already existing WordPress installation, providing a separate control panel for concluding all your selling and giving away needs in the form of individual products. Nearly one third of all eCommerce stores online today are powered by the WooCommerce infrastructure, indicating its successful and power beyond the ordinary.

The default package of WooCommerce includes the ability to sell products in physical and also digital form, but with just a little extra work — sellers can convert WooCommerce to support memberships, subscriptions, ticket selling, and much more. The community is so active that there are literally hundreds of free and paid extensions available already. Developers who need an API for their app can easily take advantage of WooCommerce’s own API — the eCommerce platform has been built with such necessities in mind, making it less frustrating to integrate your newly set-up WooCommerce anywhere.


WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart -- WordPress Plugins

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart lets you quickly convert your existing WordPress blog into a lightweight eCommerce solution by allowing you to add ‘Buy Now’ buttons of your products within your WordPress posts and pages. The real advantage here is that your users get access to a shopping cart, meaning that they can add more than one item to their ‘to buy’ items list, and giving you a little more freedom over how you sell things and services on your blog. After installing the plugin, you can use the control panel to create new products and get a shortcode for each of the products created, which you can then start adding to your pages, posts, and widgetized areas.

The plugin is fully compatible with mobile devices, meaning responsive design standards are native. Those bloggers and WordPress users who are interested in testing, can take advantage of the PayPal Sandbox feature that lets you experiment with selling products in a more secluded environment, then use your test results to create live production ready product buttons.


WP EasyCart – eCommerce Shopping Cart

WP EasyCart eCommerce Shopping Cart -- WordPress Plugins

In need of a full-on eCommerce solution for your WordPress blog? WP EasyCart is a dedicated WordPress shopping cart plugin that lets you quickly turn your WordPress site into a full-blown eCommerce platform, ready for selling products, digital content, promoting free content, and much more. The big change in retrospect to other platforms is that WP EasyCart provides downloadable (available for desktop computers and mobile devices alike) software that you can use to manage your inventory, and the overall feel of the eCommerce platform on your site; it works by default as a WordPress plugin of course. Other features of this plugin include things like integrated payment gateways of the most popular payment systems out there.

Localization options let you configure each language individually to allocate currency, tax options, payment gateways for individual countries, and the default language to use for a particular country accessing the website. Shipping features include a native integration of services like USPS, FedEx, UPS and others. To better understand your products and their selling point, a native integration of Google Analytics will allow you to track your sales and no-sales to understand where users begin and end their purchase process. Social media is not a thing to worry about, as all product pages will feature a social sharing widget to help you maximize the social exposure of your products.


TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart

TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart -- WordPress Plugins

It’s great to see so many great and well-develop shopping cart plugins for WordPress, it goes to show that developers are active members of the community, but more importantly it shows that there is demand for variety, for specific sets of features, and more than anything else; stability. And TheCartPress happens to be all of things at once, which is why thousands of WordPress based online businesses are already using TheCartPress and making their revenue streams flourish. TheCartPress is a professional eCommerce shopping cart solution for WordPress websites.

Amongst the list of features we begin the native adaptability to WordPress core codebase, an extension of default user roles to enable those selling (merchants) and those buying (customers), and on top of working with the WordPress MU version — TheCartPress can make for an interesting choice of a plugin to use for sites that wish to have multiple sellers environment. The list of features goes on to include localization options, to help you sell goods of any type, to support intricate setups of product pages and categories, it’s fully compliant with the latst online marketing standards; and not just in the field of search engines.

There is so much more than TheCartPress is able to give back to its users that we highly recommend to explore this plugin just for its functionality alone. You won’t be disappointed, and who knows — it might become your next favorite eCommerce platform out there.


WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart -- WordPress Plugins

PayPal is undoubtedly the most well-known name in online shopping, majority of online eCommerce stores all support PayPal as a payment option, and it’s so easy to get started with PayPal as well, both as a customer, and also as a seller. Although we discussed a similar plugin a few plugins above, it’s good to have some alternatives between these plugins, as you never know what works better with your theme, or the choice of plugins you have. WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart helps you to quickly create an “Add to Cart” button for the use in posts, pages, and widget areas. This is also a shopping cart solution, which means you can sell multiple products at the same time, and actually use your WordPress site as a standalone selling platform. For testing purposes, you can tap into the potential of PayPal Sandbox, but if styling the plugin is more of your thing — the CSS of the plugin is fully in your control, which means you can style it to look just like you prefer.


Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid Shopping Cart -- WordPress Plugins

With millions of active sellers, Ecwid is amongst the leaders in eCommerce solutions, and more than 20,000 active WordPress users also indicate this factor. The Ecwid platform is used by sellers all around the world to sell retail items, and digital products to hundreds of millions of customers. Getting started with Ecwid is easy, you can either use the Ecwid site to build a separate selling website, or you can use the WordPress plugin to directly plug all of the Ecwid features in your existing WordPress installation. It’s free to get started with, the platform is built with mobile customers in mind and is fully design responsive, drag and drop features for the shopping cart make the shopping experience fun, as well as easy. Manage your products, track your inventory, boost your sales through the use of discounts and coupons, choose from more than 30+ payment gateways and much more. There’s a reason why sellers keep coming back to this shopping cart solution — it simply does the job, and does it good!


Content Shelf Shopping Cart

Content Shelf Shopping Cart -- WordPress Plugins

Not everyone is in need of a shopping cart that can sell retail items, otherwise known as physical goods. The word to look out for in the Content Shelf Shopping Cart is ‘Content’, as this shopping cart plugin helps you to sell your digital content, and nothing else. Services, books, music, videos, and so much more can be sold using the Content Shelf Shopping Cart plugin. Users can do pre-orders for new items, you can use direct payment methods to reward users with the product as soon as the payment is finished, there’s a feature to help you protect your PDF files, in the accounting department there’s the ability to track VAT and shipping options. It’s fully mobile responsive, customers can checkout without registering (guest), and can download items from the server, use a streaming solution, or grab their stuff from Dropbox — all depending on your own choices for providing the products to the user.


X-Cart Integration

X Cart Integration -- WordPress Plugins

X-Cart is another well-established name in the eCommerce field. Tens of thousands of online stores have opened up their online businesses with the help of X-Cart – a PHP-based shopping cart solution for business small, medium and large. It’s the extendability and versatility of X-Cart that makes it so appealing to all three classes. The project is open-source which means that anyone can tap into the source code and explore it deeper, but also make quick changes and adjustments where necessary. Whilst there is a licensing fee to use X-Cart, the free version is enough to get a small or medium business started right away. What this plugin helps you to do is do an X-Cart Integration, which means that you have to establish your eCommerce store first on the X-Cart website, and then use the plugin to integrate your new installation within your WordPress website. It’s an easy and painless process to do, and the number of features outweighs the downfall of having to integrate a third-party solution in your WordPress site, in the end you won’t even notice it, as it integrates seamlessly.


ODude Shop – Complete Shopping Cart / eCommerce Solution

ODude Shop Complete Shopping Cart eCommerce Solution -- WordPress Plugins

Continuing on with the trend of reliable shopping carts, we are taking a closer look at ODude Shop — a feature packaged eCommerce platform // shopping cart for selling digital and physical goods straight from your WordPress website. The plugin authors caution that the plugin might not work with ALL themes properly, but has been built in a way that it should support the majority of themes, so don’t let it pull you away from the actual plugins experience. The feature list begins with a feature that allows you to customize the appearance of each separate product category, giving you some room for creating personalized experiences to your customers. You can select between Guest Checkout, but also enforce users to create an account before they finalize their purchase.

Create items and extend them with descriptions and pictures; in-built widgets allow to variate between sizes, colors and other systematic appearances of the product. If selling small items or items in bulk, you can set a minimum quantity for allowing customers to make purchases. You can also set your products to appear as free downloads, which of course only applies for digital products. But then again, there are so many other features that make ODude Shop a safe choice for anyone who wishes to explore the world of eCommerce and online selling.


MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce

MarketPress WordPress eCommerce -- WordPress Plugins

WPMUDEV is a household name in the community of WordPress bloggers as well as WordPress developers. Their elegant eCommerce solution MarketPress is just another example of how WordPress plugins should be built, both for the WordPress administrator, as well as the receiving user. MarketPress supports full localization features to ensure that your eCommerce site will be accessible to all nations and languages, which of course includes the appropriate configuration of tax settings and shipping options. All major payment services are supported for maximum reliability in terms of concluding sales. There’s an option to setup discount codes, but also offer your customers the ability to become affiliates for your products through an extensive affiliate program. You can setup order limits for individual products, the extensive shortcodes feature lets you create shortcode for each product for the use of anywhere on your WordPress site. You can even setup the site so that you are linking out to third-party products, but still sell them through your site — much like an affiliate platform for selling external products. Supports all WordPress themes.



LaterPay -- WordPress Plugins

LaterPay is an established German company that specializes in helping sellers to sell their digital online content with ease. As you can imagine, the WordPress plugin of LaterPay helps you integrate your LaterPay products within your WordPress website to begin selling them conveniently from your WordPress dashboard, rather than using the widgetized selling features offered in the standalone version. The actual use of LaterPay is to enable bloggers to sell their content, where the reader can pay for the content they consume later on, or as they go. Basically with LaterPay, you can begin charging users for your premium content, either individually for each post with its own price, or you can sell time passes that others can use to read posts, depending on the length of the pass, and also its individual settings. Very useful plugin for those who wish to promote exclusive content, or courses.


Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads -- WordPress Plugins

Easy Digital Downloads is a favorite amongst WordPress bloggers who wish to sell their digital goods, in the form of actual goods, or services. The easy to use system allows anyone to quickly become a seller of eBooks, digital format guides, courses, or services of their own choosing. Easy to integrate with payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, and even Amazon Payments. It’s a fully pluggable plugin, which means you can extend it with other available plugins to make the selling process more dynamic and interesting. Users can easily access their purchase history, and also grab the files whenever convenient. Those selling multiple products can create Product Bundles, selling a variety of items as a single product for a special price. For the seller, the dashboard provides extensive stats of earnings, and sales. Data can be easily exported for external use.


WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce -- WordPress Plugins

WP eCommerce has been around since many other shopping carts on our list, and definitely has a lot of experience behind its back. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why more than 65,000+ WordPress bloggers are still considering this as a number one choice in WordPress eCommerce solutions. What keeps attracting others to WP eCommerce is not just its experience, but also the customization options where you can quickly customize the HTML and CSS appearance of your product category pages, and the actual product pages. There’s a library of videos available for shortening the learning curve. You can easily integrate WP eCommerce with other WordPress plugins built just for that specific purpose. Security is a priority, which is why there’s a secure checkout options thanks to SSL integration. Tons of features and tools that make the management of your products, and the overall ecosystem of your online business a pleasant one.


Orilla Cart – eCommerce

Orilla Cart eCommerce -- WordPress Plugins

Orilla Shopping Cart is the plugin you want to get if all you’re looking for is a simple, lightweight and easy to use eCommerce solution for selling your available products. Works beautifully with the majority of available WordPress themes, both free and premium. Provides several payment options, including PayPal and Wire Transfers. If you are in dropshipping business and get custom orders, then you will be pleased to know that Orilla Cart enables you to create custom orders from within the admin dashboard, you can then send the invoices to email of the customer individually. For digital sellers, there’s an option to combine products in bundles and sell them altogether, rather than individually. Just a few of the major features that Orilla Cart brings to the table, enjoy them at your own pace.


WPshop – eCommerce

WPshop eCommerce -- WordPress Plugins

Lastly, we have a stellar eCommerce solution WPshop which is mostly aimed at French WordPress users, but we have received a ton of support from the French community, and their feedback on the great usability of this shopping cart plugin that we decided to include it anyway. Learn a bit of French and start using the plugin right away.


10 Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress To Keep Your Site Clean 2016

Stop WordPress Comment Spam

As a website owner, isn’t is exhilarating to see a growth in incoming traffic? Sure it is! We all have experienced it! However, when your site begins to gain traction, spam isn’t the nicest thing you enjoy. Heck, it’s one of the most unpleasant things you must tend to!

The moment your website starts getting a decent amount of traffic, a host of unwelcome spammers join the party. And most of these spammers are automated spam bots.

How bad could this be, you ask?

Well, let’s see. First off, if you don’t moderate comments (i.e. all comments are directly published without an approval) then your posts and pages will be filled with tons irrelevant content (spam). This will ultimately reduce your SEO score – all thanks to automated spam bots.

If you decide to manually moderate each and every comment, checking them for spam and authenticity, well, you’re going to need a lot of time. This technique has another disadvantage. Apart from requiring significant human effort, your WordPress database keeps getting filled with spam comments. This weighs down your database and makes it slow.

Of course we have a number of solutions for this problem. This article enlists the best anti-spam WordPress plugins. You can choose any one of them (make sure you go through their features first) and enjoy the pleasures of hassle-free comment moderation.

We’ll begin with the simplest of WordPress plugins.

1. Akismet

01 akismet

Developed by Automattic – the company behind WordPress, this is one of the most popular cloud-based and free anti-spam plugins ever developed for WordPress. Akismet employs a web service powered by cloud servers which evaluates comments for spam. First you need to connect to the cloud service using an API key which can be obtained by registering for the service.

01 akismet sample-spam-screenshot

A couple of comments blocked by Akismet

The plugin uploads all incoming comments to the Akismet’s cloud servers, wherein highly specialized algorithms are run to evaluate the validity of the comment. Some are caught red handed and shifted to the spam queue. The squeaky clean ones are directly moderated and published. If in case Akismet gets stuck, i.e. it can’t decide for good whether a particular plugin is spam or not, it moves the comment to the moderation queue.

Akismet is free for personal and non-commercial use with a limit of 50,000 comment checks a month. The paid plans start from $5 USD a month – which is a pretty sweet deal for spam. It also seamlessly integrates with the Jetpack and Contact Form 7 plugin.

2. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk – No Captcha, no Comments & Registrations Spam

02 cleantalk

CleanTalk is a premium cloud-based antispam plugin for WordPress which blocks spam comments, spam bot signups and trackbacks.

The plugin works very similar to Akismet where the incoming comments are uploaded to CleanTalk’s cloud servers which where they go multiple validation checks. Depending on the results, the comments are then moved to the spam queue or are approved and published.

02 cleantalk sample screen

Cloud-based protection options from CleanTalk

The plugin maintains advanced statistics of blocked spam comments and a spam comment log. It also supports a long list of third-party plugin compatibility such as W3 Total Cache, Jetpack, Contact From 7, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress and WP-Members.

It offers a 14 day free trial, after which a commercial license costs $8/year for a single website.

3. WangGuard

03 wanguard

WangGuard is another cloud based anti-spam plugins with tons of amazing spam validators. Similar to Akismet, you need to connect to the service using an API key and the rest follows.

03 wanguard blocked comments

Sample comments blocked by Wanguard

The basic usage of the plugin is free for up to 5000 daily comment checks, while the premium one has varying degrees of pricing. WangGuard also offers some awesome add-ons such as MailPoet Connector, Blacklisted Words and others.

4. Anti-Spam Bee

04 antispam bee hero

Anti-Spam Bee is a completely free WordPress plugin for both personal and commercial use. Unlike Akismet, Anti-Spam Bee plugin it does not require user registration. However, this plugin does not use cloud-powered spam detection algorithms. It relies on server-side techniques such as matching it against a public spam database, validating the IP address of commenters, using regular expressions, trusting commenters with Gravatar as non-spammers, etc.

04 antispam bee

Host of options offered by Anti-spam Bee

It also clears the WordPress database of previously stored spam every few days and hence prevents it from slowing down. The plugin also displays spam statistics, and emails the moderators of daily spam blockage statistics.

5. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

05 wp spamsheild

This popular free plugin uses a double-layered protection service to defend your WordPress site from spam. The first layer uses a mixture of JavaScript and web cookies which blocks most automated spam bots.

Even if a few insanely clever bots manage to evade the plugins first line of defence, the second layer – called the Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer – uses over a hundred spam detection algorithms which checks the comment for spam. In short, only the smartest spam on earth might be able to evade this plugin. For all practical purposes – you’re good.

05 wp spamsheild sample

List of options – they’re too many number to list in one page!

Not only that, this plugin also blocks registration spam, trackback spam and spam on contact forms. It integrates with multiple services such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, bbPress, WooCommerce and WP-Members.

6. WordPress Zero Spam

06 wordpress zero spam

This is a completely free anti-spam WordPress plugin which is built based on a concept developed by Mozilla founder David Walsh.

06 wordpress zero spam settings

An overview of settings from WordPress Zero Spam

The plugin plays on a very basic assumption that any comment that isn’t spam, must be typed from a valid – even the most basic – web browser. It could be either a mobile or desktop version. The plugin employs a clever server and client-side comment validation technique that nips the spam bots at the bud!

The plugin also integrates with popular plugins like Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and BuddyPress.

7. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

07 growmap

Growmap Anti Spambot (GASP) is a free plugin which inhibits spam bots by adding dynamically generated named fields to comment form.

07 growmap settings

The plugin’s settings page

The plugin adds a client-side generated checkbox to the WordPress comment box which the users much check to confirm that they are not a spammer.

8. WPBruiser {no-Captcha anti-Spam}

08 WPBruiser

According to the plugin’s page –

“WPBruiser (formerly GoodBye Captcha) is an anti-spam and security plugin is based on algorithms that identify spam bots without any annoying and hard to read captcha images.”

The developer claims that the plugin does not display any captchas or common validation mechanisms to the visitor. The plugin does not let spam enter your WordPress site. Now this would pose a certain risk – what happens when the plugin is wrong? For example, if the plugin reports a false positive, i.e. if it detects a valid comment as spam, then that comment never enters your WordPress site – and you never get to see it. Unlike other plugins, where the copy of the comment would be present in your spam queue.

Update on 16 Feb 2016: Mihai was kind enough to clarify this for us. He says that the plugin offers the possibility to log all blocked content for any form that it protects.

  • In the Settings tab there is an option – “Keep Blocked Submitted Content For” which defaults to 10 days. Any blocked content older than this value will be automatically deleted. Of course, this value can be changed by the admin. By settings the value to zero days, the plugin will not log blocked attempts content.
  • One can also see every request information that was blocked. Simply go to Reports tab and for each blocked attempt you have an option “View Blocked Content”. Click on that and you’ll see the formatted blocked attempt.

Thanks for pointing this out Mihai! ?

08 WPBruiser settings

General Settings page of WPBruiser

This is a slight disadvantage. If you are willing to take this small risk, then Goodbye Captcha is a great choice. This plugin integrates with the WordPress login and registration page apart from the comment form. It also has features like IP blacklisting, optional logging, statistics and report generation and is compatible with a host of third-party plugins.

9. Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

09 Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

This plugin is yet another awesome server and client-side anti-spam WordPress plugin with over twenty different checks for spam comments. The plugin also prevents login page spam and has over 12 pages of options for heavy user customization.

09 Stop Spammers Spam Prevention settings

One of the many settings page in this plugin

In cases where spam is detected, users are offered a second chance to post their comments or login. In such cases, a captcha challenge is presented to the user, upon solving which the comment is accepted. The plugin supports Google reCaptcha, OpenCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha as the captcha challenge services.

10. WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam

The final plugin in our list, WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam works invisibly in the background and eliminates blog comment spam, including trackback and pingback spam.

10 wp-spamfree

WP-SpamFree’s Settings Page

The plugin features a blacklist filter, where any comment containing the blacklisted keyword will be directly sent to the spam queue. This is especially useful for preventing competitor keywords from appearing in your website.


As a WordPress site owner, I think the choice of picking the right anti-spam WordPress plugin depends on the characteristics of the traffic you’re receiving.

If you are mostly publishing “list type” articles, then chances are that your visitors will be suggesting new/different products in the list. This might be construed as advertising spam by the anti-spam algorithms, moving such valid comments directly to the spam queue. Therefore I would recommend going through the spam queue if the number isn’t so high.

Finally you’ll also have to choose between a cloud-bases solution, and a local solution which uses server and client side data, JavaScript and cookies to prevent spam.

In my opinion, if you have moderate amount of traffic, active/recurring/inquisitive comments, then the local solution would do just fine. If you are absolutely new to WordPress, Akismet is your best bet. However, if you run a typical viral site, then a cloud based solution like Akismet or WangGuard would be awesome.

You can also follow these tips to keep your website clean from unnecessary files. database entires and more. Keeping your website clean allow will improve your website loads speed. For more information about WordPress performance make sure to read this guide.

Have we missed your favourite anti-spam WordPress plugin? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list! Thanks for reading!