Top 25 Free JavaScript Tutorials To Improve Your JavaScript Skills

Javascript Tutorials

Front-end programming has continued to rise in 2015, and we can only foresee another huge growth phase for front-end languages in 2016. Millions of new web users are getting connected, and all of them will eventually learn about computer science, web development, and programming in particular. JavaScript has established itself as a leader in the programming language library, surpassing old-time classics like Java; some say that JavaScript is peaking, while we feel that it still has room left to rise, and dominate the programming language choices.

ECMAScript 6 is in full swing already, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t write about ES6 and what it brings to the table for new and seasoned JavaScript developers. The future of JavaScript is looking great, for both; web and software developers. Hardware and software engineering are two new areas in which JavaScript can be seen dominating, especially through the use of popular frameworks like Node.js — JavaScript is reaching new markets each moment, and many languages will find it hard to keep up, the community power behind JavaScript has outgrown many logical and rational arguments that could imply other languages being better. Analyzing something to see if it is going to be a good fit for your next job, comes down to asking yourself a few honest questions.

JavaScript as a programming language has proven to the world that it is sustainable, powerful, and reliable. Learning JavaScript has never been more intriguing, plenty of jobs both full-time and freelance, a lot of interesting projects to work on over at GitHub, a constant flow of new articles and tutorials from the JavaScript community, the languages ecosystem is ultra healthy, and super helpful when it comes down to it. We want to contribute to that community aspect by enlisting a couple dozen JavaScript tutorial articles that have been published in the last 2-3 months, assuring that the quality of articles is in alignment with the latest JavaScript tips, tricks, and of course — standards, such as the ES6.

Writing Next Generation Reusable JavaScript Modules in ECMAScript 6

Writing Next Generation Reusable JavaScript Modules in ECMAScript 6 - Smashing Magazine

Jim Cowart has been spending a lot of time trying to understand ES6, and trying to work out its most secret quirks and traits that can help developers build better, faster, and with more resilience. The article’s main intention is to help web developers old and new to build ES6 libraries that can be used within ES5 context, which means that Jim is also going to explain and show how Babel can be used to transform ES6 libraries into fully functional ES5 libraries, and the reason to do this is because web browsers are still trying to catch up with the new standard. To make the library reusable and easy to work with for other developers, Jim is focusing a lot on modules, giving a module for nearly everything, in a way that actually feels right.


Learn how to make Data Visualizations with D3.js

Learn how to make Data Visualizations with D3.js

Data visualization couldn’t be more important in the current age of web growth, business growth through technology, and general data science purposes. And it can be so specific that sometimes only a handful of very gifted people are creating the kind of visualizations that grab the attention of some of the most well-known media sites on the planet, although not always legally. Data visualization can be helpful in visualizing simple data sets, analyzing your website for performance, diving deeper into analytics data, and much more.

Over the years, JavaScript has become a favorite amongst data scientists who wish to play with data within the browser effectively, and with accuracy. Since the release of D3.js in 2011, the library has outgrown any possible competition, and is a household name for JavaScript developers who need a complex tool for doing complex data science tasks.


Front-end Application Libraries and Component Architectures

Front end Application Libraries and Component Architectures  Telerik Developer Network

Cody Lindley has written an opinionated JavaScript article that acts more like a tutorial in helping developers to learn how the native JavaScript components within the most popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries have all become the same. Understanding this concept makes it easier to make choices between the frameworks or libraries to work with, because suddenly you realize that it won’t be as much work to learn something new, since it will pretty much be using the same component structure as your last framework.


React.js Best Practices for 2016

React.js Best Practices for 2016 RisingStack

React was all over the news in 2015. It’s the fastest growing JavaScript library that the community has seen in the last few years, and it is still being actively used by hundreds of thousands of developers each day. React makes it ridiculously simple to build native UI interfaces that don’t interfere with other aspects of your project that you are working, so in a sense you could use React to build your UI, or you could use React to help yourself to build a better UI, and at no point React will assume the role of a main library, and instead only function when you ask it to. While all that sounds simple, there is still a learning curve, and the CTO of RisingStack, Peter Marton, is telling as all about the best practices for React, from his own perspective.


New to Ember? Start here! (2016 tutorial)

New to Ember- Start here! (2016 tutorial)

We have already established our opinion about Ember, it’s a modern web development framework that was the perfect fit for one of our recent articles; best JavaScript frameworks. Ember enables JavaScript developers to rapidly create modern web applications for desktop and mobile devices, without having to compromise much on what other stitched together libraries might offer. If you are new to Ember and have happened to hear about it more recently, we strongly recommend to look into this tutorial from Frank Treacy. His writing style and guidance are perfect for understanding Ember Framework deeper.


How to Learn ES6

How to Learn ES6 -- JavaScript Scene -- Medium

In reality, many JavaScript developers knew what ES6 is, way before the standard was released. It’s the way of programming languages, standards become available as drafts for community to experiment with, before any finalizations are being made. The same goes for ECMAScript 7 or ES7, the features are already available, but everyone is waiting on the browsers to catch up, which isn’t always a smooth process. Eric Elliott compiled a handy set of articles and tips on his Medium post on how to better approach the ES6 learning process.


Function Definitions in JavaScript

Function Definitions in JavaScript - Marius Schulz

Marius Schulz gives JavaScript devs a little bit of insight in how function definitions work in JavaScript, and how they can be approached in three different ways, especially since the release of ES6 and Arrow Functions.


Start your own JavaScript library using webpack and ES6

Start your own JavaScript library using webpack and ES6

JavaScript libraries are tiny little JavaScript scripts (not always tiny) that help developers to extend their projects with a specific function that you would otherwise need to create separately. Some say that React.js acts as a library, where some say it is more of a framework. Whatever the case, Krasimir Tsonev is narrowing down the process of creating a JavaScript library with ES6 and the help of WebPack.


Essential JavaScript Links

ericelliott essential javascript links Essential JavaScript website.

JavaScript wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of tens of thousands of individual programmers and developers who understand the importance of community sharing, because these very people have been the people who have created resources such as this one — a compilation of the best JavaScript links that you can find on the web, in the form of guides, tutorials, libraries, frameworks, communities, and more. Although not a tutorial per say, knowing these resources for yourself can often be helpful during the process of creating stuff, where you want to cross-reference with other resources on whether you’re doing everything right.


7 Essential JavaScript Functions

7 Essential JavaScript Functions

David Walsh is a favorite amongst many front-end developers, a consistent developer and also a writer who isn’t afraid to share his thoughts, opinions and experiences with the front-end world. His own website is a great example of how far native development can be taken, and how beautifully it can be executed in the form of a content website. However, his post is not about design, but actually JavaScript functions; the most essential part of the language is functions, and David is giving as additional seven functions that we may have abandoned during our process of learning the language and its more important aspects.


Google Maps Made Easy with GMaps.js

Google Maps Made Easy with GMaps.js

Every single thing on the web comes down to an element, a specific element that carries out a select feature. In the case of maps, we can use native Google Maps widget from the official Google page, or we can rely on third-party libraries that provide a tad bit more functionality than we would get out of a standalone widget. Here we have a tutorial on how to best approach GMaps.js library and make the most of building your maps.


JavaScript Developer Survey Results

JavaScript Developer Survey Results

Surveys may not sound like tutorials at all, but in a sense they are. They are tutorials towards the community, the way the community thinks, and also what the community considers to be the best to approach the language, JavaScript, given the modern evolution of it. So yes, we recommend to use this survey as a way of learning more about JavaScript developers, what their opinions and recommendations are, and perhaps incorporate some of those insights within your own productive workflow.


Universal React

Universal React ? 24 ways

Libraries like React have really changed the way that client-side apps are being produced. There’s a lot of benefits to this way of programming, improved performance, amongst easier accessibility, but there are also downfalls, and one of the downfalls is having to serve JavaScript content to users that don’t have JavaScript-enabled browsers, or for search engine robots that don’t really function well with JavaScript. The good news is that this problem has been recognised and it is possible to build a fully featured client-side application that can be rendered on the server. React is leading the way for making server-side and client-side JavaScript execution a reality, and Jack Franklin has published a tutorial that looks deeper into the issues, and how it can be resolved.


How to Schedule Background Tasks in JavaScript

How to Schedule Background Tasks in JavaScript

Craig Buckler gives a concise explanation of how background tasks work in JavaScript, and how to best approach them. Craig Buckler has written thousands of articles for SitePoint, and has extensive experience in languages such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 — so you can take his word to be true when he talks about such broad topics.


Parsing RSS Feeds in JavaScript – Options

Parsing RSS Feeds in JavaScript Options . Raymond Camden

RSS Feeds make the webs published content that much more accessible. 99% of blogs today have the support for RSS feeds, making it easy for others to recieve content on regular basis through the use of feeds. Other uses for feeds include the ability to parse them, and then use the parsed data in different ways, whether for a link farm website, or for an application that needs specific sets of data from a parsed RSS feed, Raymond Camden explores this topic more and counts down the possible options for JavaScript developers who wish to use JavaScript to parse RSS feeds.


Rotate Elements on Scroll with JavaScript

the new code - Rotate Elements on Scroll with JavaScript

Dudley Storey shares his story on how he transformed his website to be completely free from any JavaScript frameworks, and instead use Vanilla JavaScript to build an interactive web browsing experience for his readers, his latest creation has been a tutorial on how to rotate individual page elements using Vanilla JavaScript. It’s a fascinating tutorial that will open the doors to many other interactive ways of using JS in your web projects.


How to Build a Todo App Using React, Redux, and Immutable.js

How to Build a Todo App Using React Redux and Immutable.js

React, Redux, and Immutable.js are quickly evolving JavaScript library names that are changing the way we perceive development, and also the way we build apps for all devices. Emre Guneyler gives us in this article a quick introduction on all three libraries, and how to build a single ‘todo app’ that would give you a better view of how building apps with modern frameworks and libraries go.


5 Steps To Prepare Your Angular 1 Code To Angular 2

5 Steps To Prepare Your Angular 1 Code To Angular 2 - Oren Farhi - Thoughts On Javascript and Development

We are huge fans of Angular.js — just check out some of our best Angular.js content, such as Responsive AngularJS Website Templates, AngularJS Admin Templates, and Community Resources for Angular 2 — we are well prepared for welcoming Angular 2, and even more so with the addition of this tutorial from Oren Farhi. The coming of Angular 2 is inevitable, and if you are an active Angular.js developer right now, read this tutorial to prepare yourself for the changes to come, and prepare your code for an easy transition into a new version.


ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

bevacqua es6 star2 ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

ES6 was the biggest update to a JavaScript standard in the recent couple of years, it’s a huge addition to an already solid programming language, yet this addition truly changes the way JavaScript works on the web, and the way it will continue to work as browsers begin to integrate more of the tricky features. This GitHub repository is a combination of more than 350+ bullet points that discuss a ton of different aspects of ES6, like features, and how to use those features. Also functions, and what new functions look like, with plenty of outgoing resource links to help you deepen your understanding about ES6.


Concurrently JavaScript: a 3-part series on concurrency in JS

Concurrently JavaScript 1 getiblog

Kyle Simpson takes a moment to share his thoughts on JavaScript concurrency and asynchronicity, and how you can use those same concepts in your own development environment. Fascinating content, and much more so an in-depth tutorial that’s split in three different parts.


The Cost of Frameworks

Aerotwist The Cost of Frameworks

Try learning how to code in JavaScript without coming across intense advice on how using a framework is going to solve all of your problems, much of JavaScript learning these days is actually based on frameworks, like React, Angular, Backbone and others. Yes, frameworks make it easy to build web and mobile apps rapidly, but what are the real costs of using frameworks, and not native (vanilla) JS? Paul Lewis depicts this by putting together concise benchmark analysis that help new (and perhaps seasoned) developers to make better choices about frameworks.


Anatomy of a large Angular application

Anatomy of a large Angular application -- Medium

Angular is currently the leading JavaScript framework for building quick web apps. However, building extended and big Angular apps can prove to be tricky, some would say it gets to the point where you’re on the edge of becoming insane, so Kristian Poslek is taking his time to give back to the community by offering a tutorial on how to build large Angular applications without going crazy.


Face Proximity Detection with JavaScript

Face Proximity Detection with JavaScript

Programming languages are becoming more and more intelligent, every single day. Peter Bengtsson is explaining in his tutorial as to how we can use JavaScript to build a face proximity detection engine that you can use in your apps and projects straight away.


What Can JavaScript Do?

What Can JavaScript Do A BrightGauge Lunch and Learn Presentation

Not entirely sure of what JavaScript can actually do? David Small presents a simple but effective presentation on the things that JavaScript can actually do, and what the main purpose of this language is. Interesting read for anyone who is interested in JavaScript, a tutorial that teaches the more broader aspects of the language.


Getting Out of JavaScript Fatigue – React Edition

Getting Out of JavaScript Fatigue React Edition

Fatigue is a productivity killer, working with something for too long can cause one to experience deep fatigue that may last for a long time, but also of course, there is the kind of fatigue that we attribute to specific frameworks, which in this case happens to be React. So, how do we get of out our fatigue towards React? Reto Schlapfer has an answer to this question, dive in.


Resources for Learning JavaScript Online

We have explored some of the best up-to-date tutorials on JavaScript that the web has to offer, but what are you going to do with all these tutorials if you don’t have any prior knowledge in JavaScript? I guess it’s highly unlikely, since you have looked for JavaScript tutorials particularly, but chances are you want to extend your JS knowledge, or perhaps refresh it after a long time of absence. In that case, here is a very accessible list of websites and platforms that offer learning JavaScript online for free. Only the best.

  • Codecademy — a platform for grasping the fundamentals of web development, in particular JavaScript. Codecademy is one of the first sites that new and aspiring front-end developers begin their careers with. It’s fun, it’s interactive, and it does the job well.
  • Learn-JS — is a similar platform to Codecademy, with a different set of tasks and learning curves, and highly helpful after finishing Codecademy, to refine your newly learned skills and perhaps notice what you might have missed out on.
  • freeCodeCamp — a fast evolving community-based coding platform where every member of the site can participate in solving problems, challenges, and then help to push new and exciting apps for non-profits that cannot afford professional coders. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Style Guide — style guides help to build code that makes it easy for others to build upon, AirBNB released their own style guide and it quickly become the most popular JavaScript style guide you can find on GitHub, or anywhere else for that matter.

To conclude, it is very apparent that learning JavaScript shouldn’t be that big of a problem, active developers are constantly sharing their advice, insights and tutorials on how to become better, as well as how to use the language to its maximum potential. We truly hope these resources are of utmost benefit to your learning process.

25 Beautiful Blogs Using Brixton WordPress Theme 2016

Brixton Theme Examples

Brixton is a WordPress theme designed specially for blogs. It is ideal for hosting a personal blog and is also the Third Best Selling WordPress Blog Theme on ThemeForest for 2015. It is a perfect platform for sharing stories, experiences and news, and a reader can spend many pleasant hours on the blog.

The theme is clean, elegant and trendy. The design is creative, almost hipster like and commonly appearing with a broad header that carries a logo or avatar, or both. The logo from the template can be used anywhere on your website. The theme comes with a one click demo importer and can be customized a great deal.

A visitor to a blog is usually the kind who will spend some time reading the content there. So, a lot of importance is to be given to the written word. The text takes center stage with this theme, keeping all other elements minimal. The focus is more on the text content and there is little to distract from it. The theme has been framed with readability in mind and typography is clean. Google Fonts can be used on the theme.

The theme is also completely responsive, scaling down well to hand held devices. Readers will like this feature a lot as it means they can read your blog while commuting or sitting on a park bench or cafe or even while on the beach. Brixton is also retina ready.

The layout can be full width or boxed and 7 post templates are possible – standard, video, gallery, audio, quote and link. A color picker is included, which means you can change the color as you wish. Proper title tag can be inserted.

A slideshow is included in the gallery post format and a search box (which can be turned off) is available. Audio post is possible with SoundCloud.

The reading community in general likes to share what it reads. Anything interesting that they stumble upon is shared with friends and other readers. They will find it easy to do so with Brixton, as it incorporates Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Widgets. Font Awesome icons for social icons are included. Instagram feed, Facebook widget and social share icons can all be placed in the sidebar.

Brixton is built on CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 Framework. It is SEO friendly and fast loading. Blogs do like to be translated for wider readership and so the the theme is WPML ready.

You can purchase Brixton from ThemeForest for $39 and be entitled to future updates and 6 month support. You can extend support to 12 months by adding $11.70 to the cost.

The developers of the theme are open to suggestions and if you want a feature included, they will be glad to do so.

Now that we have a fair idea of the features of Brixton, let us look at some websites and blogs to see how the theme has been used.

Endulge El Dorado

Endulge El Dorado is not really the blog of one person. Three individuals of varying age and perspectives write about the good, the bad, the ugly and the tasty. Their varying personalities – the twenty year old who is stepping out into the world, a seen – it – all CEO who enjoys life and the average middle aged family man – contribute to keep the blog interesting.


The blog uses the dark header, which turns white and sticky as you scroll down. The posts are placed in a boxed format and the sidebar devotes a fair amount of space to social buttons and Instagram feed.

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die is a website that keeps you upto date with all nerdy stuff. You will find streaming tutorials, design and gaming related content here.


It is started by Derek, who runs a YouTube channel, Twitch Channel and the website. His goal is to create gaming related content about streaming, graphic design and web design in a way that is simple to understand. A helpful search box has been placed at the top in the sidebar and recent posts are carried in the sidebar. A handy list of popular tags can assist you in your search.

The Second Row

If pop culture is the fix you need, you can consider subscribing to The Second Row. The original avatar of this blog is the Alphabet Pony and you can access the back issues of that online magazine on this blog.


The blog posts are laid out in a boxed format and the borders have been shaded in a grey pattern. Twitter and Instagram Feed fill up the sidebar along with Popular Posts. The blog covers a wide range of topics such as fashion, travel, film, television, pop and movie stars and more.

Born to DIY

Born to DIY is the personal blog of Deyania Munoz, a Peruvian finance student, who is also keen on DIY fashion. She can teach you to make stuff that looks as if it costs a bomb for much less.


Fashion, home decor or beauty, she dabbles in all three and shares it with you on her blog. Whether it is learning to shape your eyebrows, or sewing a button or ripping your jeans, learn it from Deya on her blog.

Get up & Gallop

Anita means it when she says Get Up & Gallop – both literally and figuratively. She started her own riding school which failed miserably the first time. It flourished beyond imagination the second time round. She managed to build her business, even while living life the way she wanted and sold it all for her asking price.


To know how she managed to accomplish this, you are invited to subscribe to her blog and get a free 30 minute consult. She is on a mission to help high achievers go about achieving their goal. There is a subscription form in the sidebar and you can fill it up to receive content, tips and offers.

Charlie King

Charlie King is the personal blog of the television personality Charlie King. He has kept it downright simple in his blog and it appears to have been started quite recently.


Social media buttons, Instagram and recent tweets occupy the sidebar, along with a small window to his personality in an About Me box. The brick lined vertical borders all along the blog provides a nice relief to the blog content.

My Jordan Release Dates

My Jordan Release Dates is an online store for Nike shoes and clothing. The homepage has a full width image below the header and the rest of the page is packed with posts in multi columns without sidebar. Each post carries the image of a product and a detailed description of the product.


The other pages in the website display shoes, clothing and a calendar showing dates of release of future products. The credit cards accepted for payment at the store are displayed in the footer.

Big Yellow Canoe

Big Yellow Canoe is the blog of Jens and Anita who want to bring alive their love for the outdoors in the blog. They use the blog to keep you posted about their trips and other happenings in their life.


They also share a number of recipes on the blog. You can join them on an adventure by booking a canoe trip with them. A big sized round logo occupies the central part of the header and delicious recipes are featured in the posts below.

AirBrush Fachverband

Airbrush Fachverband is the website of the airbrush painting association. It is a kind of spray painting and artists use it to paint on canvas or on any other object, for body tattoos and nail art.


The website has a broad header, with a fairly big sized logo in it. Equipment and materials used for airbrushing makes up the bulk of the imagery on this site. The events related to the Association is also carried on the site. Muted colors have been used.


Productividad is the place where Marco Acero blogs on topics related to productivity and lifestyle. He draws from the ideas of experts in the field and combines it with his own experiences.


You can subscribe to the blog in the sidebar and search for any topic with the help of the tags provided. The website shares useful tips on how to be more productive. It uses very little color and presents a black and white appearance.

Glamourously Stumbling to 50

The name of the blog Glamourously Stumbling to 50 is displayed with stylized fonts about the silhouette of a woman. This is positioned in the the center of the header, giving a distinctive look to the blog. The tags and subscription option are carried in the footer, while the About Me box is carried in the sidebar.


This is the blog of Rae, a 46 year old mother of two, who is trying to get past 50 unscathed and preparing for life after that.

Luke Aikman

Luke Aikman dons multiple roles of CEO, non executive director, inventor and advisor. He has advised big names like the Home Office and is making himself available in his blog for digital leadership, innovation and speaking. His interest lies in advising high growth startups.


He is active on his blog and it is filled with interesting business stories. You can search for a post by browsing through the archives and categories in the sidebar. is the blog of a nerdy father and he writes of his parenting experiences. Prospective parents will find his well categorized posts helpful.


The blogs are detailed and a lot of plain speaking and common sense wisdom can be found in them.

DesMoines Real Estate

Full width image with the dark header at the bottom of the image is what you will find when you land on the DesMoines Real Estate blog. As you scroll down, header moves to the top of the screen and turns sticky and white.


The blog was started by real estate enthusiasts to cover all real estate related information in the Des Moines and adjoining areas.

Social media buttons appear in a small sticky sidebar at the bottom left corner of the screen in the About Us and Featured Listings Page.

Educated Quest

Educated Quest is a blog to help you find the college of your choice. It serves as a helpful guide to students and parents to pick the suitable college. Maintained by Stuart Nachbar, it helps them make informed decisions.


From the sidebar, you can subscribe to updates, pick a keyword search from the tag cloud, share on social media, use Skype or pick a post to read.

Through My Eyes

Marija Ristic pens down her musings in this blog. She can accept that people are different and believes that being different is good and beautiful. On her blog, Through My Eyes, she displays her photographs and writes about motivational stuff.


Her sidebar is crowded – About Me, Search Box, social buttons, popular posts with images, subscription option, tweets and Google Plus – are all placed in neat boxes here.

Tobi Adegbemi

Tobi Adegbemi is a Nigerian blogger who shares photos and stuff related to fashion. She is a geology student who spends most of her time looking at, or reading about rocks.


She loves to talk, share ideas and learn. She uses the blog as a place to express herself, her opinions, fitness, diet, self education and some DIY.

Chef & Song

Chef & Song consider it an honor to be custodians of favorite foods and favorite music. They aim to bring these two together to help conversation flow in fine restaurants in North Texas.


A number of photographs of patrons having a good time is placed in the revolution slider in the About Us page. You can also see the photographs on Instagram.

Krzysztof Stronzik

Krzysztof Stronzik has big sized passions – he wants to inspire people to follow their dreams and live to the fullest of their abilities and to be an inspiration to others.


His post covers a number of categories like art, media and time management.

March of Reason

March of Reason offers a rational perspective on a variety of issues. They are placed under different pages relating to technology, startups, data science and philosophy.


The social media buttons are placed prominently in the sidebar and you can follow the blog on Feedly simply by clicking on the button at the bottom left of the screen.

Honest Nomads

This website is aimed at helping people to use the power of the internet to build a business for themselves that is not dependent on where you are located. So, you get to live your life on your own terms.


You can move about where you want, but stay connected to your business. Honest Nomads will show you how.

Metro Man

Metro Man is the blog of Christian who is a student and is holding a sales job as well. He uses the blog to write about his interests – clothes, style and fashion. He has written an ebook, a style guide for men.


Through the blog Christian hopes to equip men with style and shares tips on fashion. This blog has many sections – lifestyle, free style guides, inspiration, blog posts and good styles on offer where you can find some good deals.

The Treasure Map

The Treasure Map is the blog of Dario who loves to dance. He also likes music, TV shows, movies. He works on photography projects.


His one goal is to open his mind, to broaden his vision which he feels can be achieved by travelling. He can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

To Conclude

Blogging is a very personal way of communicating with your readers and your WordPress theme must be able to help you to get your message across to your readers effectively. The layout and the minimalistic nature of Brixton theme will surely help bloggers here. This does not mean that only bloggers can use Brixton. It can be used for any purpose, and you may have noticed that it is used by an online store as well as a real estate agency in the examples above.

Do try it out and let us know of your experience with Brixton.

Awesome and Responsive Content Sharing WordPress Themes With Frontend Submission For Videos, Audio, Images and Links 2016

WordPress Content Sharing Themes

Our complete collection of the best WordPress themes with front-end submission to create fully functional sharing websites such as 9GAG, Reddit and many others.

All below listed themes featured fronted submission to allow users share their images, videos, links, stories and other content. These themes are made to be easy to use and navigate. Other awesome features that I would highlight are user favorite lists, voting system, moderation queue and much more.

It is no big surprise that 9GAG has become the number one time waster on internet thanks to funny and entertaining images. There are loads of similar sites that never become popular and most of them failed because of complexity, performance issues and lack of unique content. These themes will help you to solve first two common problems with content sharing website, so you can concentrate on unique and entertaining content.

These themes can be used for other content sharing websites as well, such as video sharing, food recipes, info graphics, GIFs, quotes and everything else. We tried to find versatile mix of themes that can be used for any kind of website.


socialchef recipe buddyPress community theme

SocialChef is a beautiful and attention-grabbing premium WordPress theme custom-made for sharing recipes online. This theme is skillfully designed for creating an interactive content sharing site for your readers to share and swap recipes. It responds and resizes efficiently to all web enabled devices including Smartphones and tablets, such as ipads to give your readers or followers an optimal viewing experience each time they visit your website. It features a Front-End Recipe Submissions that allows site users to submit their recipes so you don’t have to be the only one adding content in your site.

With this modern front-end submissions functionality, your recipes are formatted to make them easier to follow. It allows users to add the preparation time, cooking time, skill level, servings, category, ingredients and nutrition facts of the recipe. Moreover, you can add numbers to the cooking steps so readers don’t get lost when following along with the recipe. It comes with advanced search feature that gives you a polished search results, all you have to do is enter an ingredient, dish or a keyword in the search field. SocialChef is packed with functional features and comprehensive customization options. It is available in 12 color schemes, includes a built-in callout bar, styled widgets and splendid social integration. SocialChef enables you to set up a forum within your website where your friends and anyone else can get together online to share different recipes that you love.

Basil Recipes

basil - recipe sharing wordpress theme

Basil Recipes is a recipe powered WordPress theme built for easy content sharing. This food & recipes WordPress theme is totally responsive and ensures that your website will function at its best on all web enabled devices including Smartphones and tablets, such as ipads to provide your audience a fantastic viewing experience. When you purchase this theme, you also get a free license to use Cooked plugin with it. The Cooked plugin integrated in this theme allows you to create your own recipe website that is complete with ratings, reviews, and awesome responsive cooking guides for your visitors.

It includes a Drag & Drop Recipe Builder, unique recipe slider, boxy page builder, front-end submissions, recipe favorites list, pending recipes manager, user profile ( with submitted recipes, recent reviews and favorites list), custom login/ registration form, nutrition facts, clickable cooking timers, video support and WooCommerce Integration. This theme is coded in HTML5 for more advanced multimedia integration and infinite customization capabilities.


neat - frontend submission theme

Neat is a minimalist and lightweight viral video WordPress theme perfects for creating an interactive content sharing website. This theme uses Bourbon Neat framework that gets your website up and running in minutes. It is coded with clean SaaS for functionality and outstanding usability. This viral video content sharing theme is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. Almost every aspect of this theme is retina ready to make your content look astounding and attractive even on high resolution displays. Neat offers an array of color options, 600+ google web fonts, 400+ FontWwesome icons, multiple parallax sections, cool post type templates and powerful shortcodes and custom widgets.

This theme is very simple to personalize, thanks to its highly developed admin panel powered by Redux Framework. This theme is fully integrated with Visual Composer drag and drop page builder to help you create the page layout that you want in a jiffy. It also includes Revolution Slider, a premium WordPress plugin that enables you to add unlimited slides with stunning animation via a user-friendly interface. Neat is compatible with Video Importer plugin so you can import some of your videos from Youtube/Vimeo. This modern and clean theme comes with testimonial carousels, touch enabled slider, Facebook comments support, newsletter subscription, Contact Form 7 and translation ready. Lastly, Neat is compatible with most popular wordpress SEO plugins as well as JetPack wordpress plugin.


aruna - viral theme with frontend submission

Aruna is a content sharing, gag, meme theme that you were looking to build the best content sharing website around. HTML5 & CSS3 Based, Retina Ready & Fully Responsive – You might say it’s bulletproof! It’s built with simplicity in mind – The Post Module is clear crisp and amazing. It takes 10 seconds to post, you can easily build slider posts and more! The functionality is a lot like the famous 9GAG, but it’s not a 9GAG clone, it is much better. Aruna is a completely different theme with loads of useful features for content sharing and socializing. Aruna is a highly customizable WordPress theme with several homepage layouts, unlimited color options, awesome typography and much more. We recently featured this theme among the best video sharing themes as of today.

Ultrahumor – 4 in 1 WordPress Theme

Ultrahumor 9gag clone theme

Ultrahumor is an ideal theme to create your own 9Gag, Imgur, Damn! LOL, or Vine clone. This theme features front-end submission form and several social network integration to make your website user friendly. The theme has built in a simple captcha protection to eliminate spam on your website. This theme is also highly customizable and comes with OptionTree powered Theme Options to customize several aspects of this theme. Ultrahumor has 6 advertisement ready areas to create the next money making machine full of joy and internet memes. You can choose to buy this theme or get lifetime access to all Hot Clone Theme collection. Second option would be better for serious webmasters and developers looking to create several different websites.


facepress - grid style wordpress theme

FacePress is a clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme with frontend submission that can be used for content sharing websites, blogs and magazine style websites. The theme features customizable user profile pages to keep the track of the best performing users on your website. Users can follow specific topics and other users just like you can do it on other content sharing websites. FacePress is a fully functional community theme with loads of awesome features for socializing and organic growth.

I Love It!

i love it - content sharing theme

I Love It! is a clean, elegant and beautiful WordPress theme for content sharing websites. This theme is optimized to work with video, audio, images, attachments and articles. This theme features voting system with advanced algorithm that ranks submitted content and decided what to put on top. Theme has a built in user profile system that gives users ability to follow certain users. I Love It! theme has a built in keyboard navigation for easier and faster browsing through the website for power user. This theme is similar to FacePress and the only difference is its design.

Me Gusta!

me gusta - viral content sharing theme

Me Gusta! is a user-driven content sharing WordPress theme suitable literally for any type of posts such as images, videos, audio, classic blog posts, quotes, GIFs and other. Me Gusta! theme integrates advanced voting system to rate the best user submissions and keep your visitors engaged on website as long as possible. The theme integrated keyboard navigation which would be ideal fit for power users. This theme integrates popular social network sharing tools to rise popularity of your website. Me Gusta! theme is well documented, so you can setup and customize your website with ease.


cube - simple theme with frontend submission

Cube is a powerful WordPress theme which gives you the ability to publish content including all kind of multimedia post types without needing to go to WordPress Admin. Cube is a highly customizable WordPress theme with unlimited color variations, 5 homepage layouts, custom widgets, 10 shortcodes and much more to make unique and functional content sharing website that everyone will love.

Food & Cook

food and cook recipe sharing theme

Food & Cook is your Multipurpose WordPress Theme, sharing recipes and cooking tips can’t get any easier than this. With Beautiful and Clean design its a Perfect display for your food catalogue. Choose your favorite layout ! 6 home layouts and 3 recipe layouts Included to your Satisfaction ! Not only the look, we do care about flexibility, Food & Cook allow you to build your own shop, choose custom background, edit layout system even your 404 page, allow your readers to submit their dish and build your recipe database together. This theme is optimized to work with WooCommerce to sell your own digital or physical products. This theme integrates support for Google Rich Snippets to display star rating directly into search result pages. While this theme is ideal for food recipes it can be customize to be used for any content sharing website that require frontend submission and content rating system. Food & Cook theme has unlimited customization options for fonts, layouts, color variations and listing page to create unique and professional website without touching a code unless you really want to.

20 Beautiful Free Flat Social Media Icons Sets For Web, Illustrator, Photoshop and More 2016

Free Social Media Icons

A comprehensive list of the best free flat social media icons sets for personal and commercial use in design mockups, websites and elsewhere.

This time around I would like to help designers and web developers by collecting the best available flat icons sets. Some of these sets features long shadow that goes side by side with flat design principles.

Further you might look into flat design WordPress themes and flat logo design examples. Since long shadow is a thing of this design trend you might want to look into this collection as well.

If you are looking for WordPress theme that will blend well with below listed social media icons you might want to check this theme collection on which we have featured free and fully responsive WordPress themes for various website types. If this is not what you are after then feel free to browse further to find icons for your website or design project.

Creative Social Media Icons


Creative social media icon set with 40 icons and 3 different styles for each. On this list you will find Dribbble, Behance, Envato, Evernote, Dropbox, Instagram, Slack, Github, PayPal, WordPress, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and loads of other well designed icons that you can use for Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.

Author: Sebastiano Guerriero
Date Published: June 2, 2015

Simple Line Icons (Font Icons)


This is a simple line icon style icon set which is made as font therefore will be best suited for websites or elsewhere on the web where you need dynamically scaled icon that always look clean and sharp with no pixelation.

Author: Ahmad Firoz
Date Published: Sept 15, 2015

Free Flat Icons (Sketch & Illustrator)


50 awesome flat design inspired icon set that features icons such as Envato, Vimeo, Sketch, Slack, Medium, Photoshop, Evernote, Feedly, Yelp, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WordPress, Paypal, Amazon, Github, Viber, Apple, Android, Shopify, Dribbble and loads of others. This icons set also includes several traditional icons such as ones for Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others.

Author: Alexis Doreau
Date Published: Sept 8, 2015

Flat Social Icons Set for Sketch, Illustrator and Web (.sketch, .ai, .svg)


This stunning icon set is one of the smallests when it comes to unique social media sites but there are 6 different variations for each icons making this set unique and versatile. This icon set comes with .sketch, .ai, .svg file formats which means that you can use these icons with Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and on your website. This is a great set of icons if you are looking for a single set that you can use across all your tools and platforms.

Author: Christophe Kerebel
Date Published: Sept 16, 2015

Outline Social Icons


A small but versatile set with 27 minimal outline social icons. Great for websites, landing pages, graphic design and prints. The archive contains a JPG preview, PSD and Adobe Illustrator files therefore you can use these icons in any way you want. These social icons were first published on Dribbble and they gained huge popularity and now you have an exclusive chance to get them for free.

Author: Graphics Bay Team
Date Published: June 4, 2014

iOS Style Social Media Icons


These awesome social icons are created by fellow Latvian who is currently working from Manchester, UK. This set is inspired by iOS style design and features 24 awesome and well crafted social icons.

Author: Roberts Ozolins
Date Published: May 29, 2014

Flat Social Media Icons

Flat social media icon set

These icons are designed by famous Designmodo team which is behind many trend setting design examples such as Flat UI Kit. This icon set features 35 social network icons in PSD and PSD format for everyone to choose. This icon set is free but you will have to subscribe to Designmodo newsletter via email to download them but it is worth it.

Author: Designmodo
Date Published: June 2, 2014


publicons icons

Publicons is a growing collection of finely tuned publishing & platform icons. These icons are completely open source and you can fork them on Github. These icons are made for web design and are available in .svg and .png format to make them easy to use on websites and email templates. Needless to say that .svg format makes them responsive if used correctly.

Author: Joshua Sortino
Date Published: 2013

Flat Social Media Icons by BesPSDFreebies

flat social media icons

This is yet another awesome flat social media icons set and made available for free. This free set includes 10 social network icons and they are 64 x 64 px big. If you like this set you can download the full 24 icon set for as low as 2$.

Date Published: May 13, 2014

Flat Social Icons EPS

flat social media icons EPS

These flat social icons are available in EPS file format that can be used in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and elsewhere. These are well crafted icons and are vectorized. This is my favorite set on this list because of its clean and minimal design and EPS format.

Author: Jorge Calvo Garcia
Date Published: May 19, 2014


Geekly Social Media Icons

Geekly is a clean, modern and flat icon set designed by Abdulrahim Bajaber. These icons are different because of ligh effect used for those. These icons can be used in any size up to 512px x 512px. This set includes 25 icons for social networks, 10 for website elements and 5 universal icons.

Author: Abdulrahim Bajaber
Date Published: August 13, 2014

Long Shadow Social Media Icons

Social Media Flat Icons long shadow

This icon set by GraphicBurger contains 40 icon sets from social networks and popular services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Wikipedia, Amazon and other. These icons are designed using long shadow. For more long shadow examples you might check this article. These icons can be used in all sizes up to 256px by 256px.

Date Published: 10 June, 2014

PSD Flat Social Icons

Free Social Flat Icons

This is yet another social network PSD icon set which is designed using long shadow. These icons can come in handy if you are looking to explore long shadow and how it can be used for icons and other design elements. This set includes 16 icons from popular social networks. This is the most popular set on this list with over 30,000 download and counting.

Date Published: June 28, 2014

Pure CSS3 Responsive Social Media Flat Icons

feee flat font icons

This is a stunning icon set which is converted in web font that can be further styled via CSS3. Styling icons have never been easier if you are into web development. For those looking to use them in Photoshop or Illustrator thi is not the best options.

Author: CreativeVerse
Date Published: September 26, 2014

Flat Social Media Icons

flat social media icons by enfuzed

This icon set comes with 90 different icons for 45 social networks which means 2 variations for each. One variations contains colorful icons and the second one is black and one set. This large icon set covers the entire icon spectrum.

Author: Enfuzed
Date Published: September 16, 2014

Free Colorful Icons

free colorful icons

This is rather unique set of icons that features, Pocket, Google Docs, Chrome, Skype, Spotify, Google Play, Evernote and other awesome icons. This icon set is available as PSD file.

Author: Michael Dolejs
Date Published: May 1, 2014


Social Media Icons PSD

While this icon set features only 12 icons it has unique set of icons that we haven’t seen on other packages such as Dribbble, Vine, Flipboard and other. This set is available in PSD which is best suited for Adobe Photoshop.

Author: Simeon K.
Date Published: Aug 9, 2014

Hex Icons Pack

hex icons pack

Hex icons are not that popular these days but this icons has a power to bring them back on top. This set consist of dozens of icons for social media sites, services, apps and much more. The is the largest and the most versatile set on this list.

Author: Martz90
Date Published: Aug, 2014

Vector Polygon Social Media Icons

Free Vector Polygon Social Media Icons

Polygon is a clean, minimalistic social media icon set with 15 icons in total. This is second hex icon set on this list. These are one of the minimalistic looking icons on this list and I love them. While is consist only of 15 icons they cover the most popular ones which is more than enough in most cases.

Author: LunarPixel
Date Published: June, 2014

Flat Social Media Icon Set

flat iconset

This is yet another flat design social network icon set that consist of 32 icons in EPS format optimized to be used in Adobe Illustrator. This is the right set if you are looking into further tweaking and optimization.

Author: Allan McAvo
Date Published: Aug, 2014

Flat Social Icon Set

 flat social icon set

Although this is a free icon set but you can also purchase a full package for as low as $6. This set consist of 20 icons in total for free package and 40 in premium package. These icons can be scaled up to 512x512px and ar available as PSD, JPG and PNG.

Author: DesignDeck
Date Published: June 6, 2014

Circle Flat Icons Retina-ready

flat social network icon set

These icons comes in 4 different sizes: 256x256px, 128x128px, 64x64px, and 32x32px and are available in PNG. This set has 24 icons and are available for personal and commercial use.

Author: Land of Web
Date Published: MAY 14, 2014

10 Useful Landing Page Plugins for WordPress To Improve Conversion Rates 2016

Landing Page Wordpres Plugins

Do you have an online store ? Do you offer any service online ? Are you looking to increase the number of members subscribing to your service ? Then, you must have heard of landing pages. If you haven’t, it is time to familiarize yourself with them. Read on to find out more and to make landing pages an important part of your marketing strategy.

A homepage is intended for information and brand building. For specific campaigns, you will need specific landing pages. This is the place where you can capture a lead and convert it into a profit.

A landing page is a single webpage that is designed with one special objective – to get your visitor to do something you want. Every bit of content on this page is geared to interest the visitor to take a particular course of action.

The objectives may be anything – filling in subscription forms, providing contact details, purchasing a product, introducing a friend or to reading up further details about the company or product. You can add some kind of incentive for them, perhaps freebies.

The best landing pages are built with a specific intended purpose in mind. They have a structure that should be maintained with subtle differences, according to the particular needs of individual websites. To make landing pages a success, the marketing team should undertake a load of off-page optimization as well. The team should be able to get traffic to the landing pages. This is critical to the success of the marketing campaign. Once a visitor reaches a landing page, the page will do the rest of the job for you.

To achieve maximum benefit, the content of the landing page should –

  • Convey the exact information that the visitor is searching for.
  • Be completely in sync with your marketing strategy.
  • Preferably be completely separated from your website.
  • Preferably not contain any menu, as you do not want your visitor to wander away.
  • Carry content that is almost exactly the same as that used in any advertising campaign, so that it will be found easily by search engines, without being directed to the homepage.

Some things that a landing page should not miss out on are a catchy headline, a tagline that elaborates the headline, a really good image that captures the essence of your campaign, benefits of your offer and a call to action. If you are a serious marketer, you should read up further on this page on Unbounce.

Landing pages can be of the click through variety, where visitors click through one page after another till they reach the shopping cart, or, landing pages can be used to simply gather contact details of visitors creating sales leads that can be used later.

Now that you have an idea about what landing pages are and what they should contain, your next concern will be – how to create a landing page ? You can take help from service providers or, you can use plugins to create landing pages. Using plugins is a less costly affair and you have complete control over your landing page.

There are many quality plugins that can create beautiful and effective landing pages for WordPress. To make it simpler for you to choose, we are going to list some of them here.

WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages from Inbound Now is a free plugin that will help to create landing pages for your WordPress site. Inbound Now are experts in online marketing and this plugin was designed in keeping with their best marketing practices.

WordPress Landing Pages

You can create multiple landing pages for your WordPress site. Once installed, you can locate the plugin’s menu in the WordPress dashboard and manage content from there. It gives you the option to connect your landing page with other apps like MailChimp, Aweber and many more.

The plugin offers a number of pre-made templates, but they are a little basic and you will find that you need to customize them. Customization is possible with the Visual Editor and you can make changes and view them before saving it.

You can monitor conversions as they happen and optimize for conversion on a continuous basis. You can make an identical copy of a page, vary it and run A/B split tests on the copy. See different versions to check out which one converts the best.

Forms can be partially filled, so that a visitor will find it easier to complete them. It is compatible with WordPress Leads and WordPress Calls To Action, and together these plugins will help to track visitor activity and capture leads. It is also compatible with many third party add-ons, free and paid. You will find that you need premium add-ons to integrate this plugin with your email marketing platform and the autoresponders, and you will have to pay on a per provider basis.

Any contact form – Gravity, Ninja or Contact Form 7 – can be used with this plugin. You can sign up for a premium account with Inbound Now, which starts at $99.99 for a single site and runs upto $249.99 for multiple sites. This gives you unlimited access to all their marketing plugins and landing page templates.

Thrive Builder and Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages is a premium plugin that is good value for money. It is 100% conversion optimized and looks perfect with whatever theme you use.

Thrive Landing Pages

You can choose from the 122 different templates on offer and retain the layouts just as they are or change anything on the page in any way you like. Sequence of landing pages that work well together or landing page sets are available.

Using the intuitive frontend Thrive Content Builder you can completely overhaul any template and more importantly see your own template take shape even as you drag and drop, without refreshing or without switching from editor to preview tab. You will see your page just as your visitor will see it.

The plugin allows a high degree of customization and you can edit text, images, change backgrounds and add videos. Countdown timers with specified end dates can be set. As if this were not enough, you can use codes provided to design an entire template library of your own.

A two step opt-in process is available. In the first, you click on a button and this leads you to the second step where you can fill up the form. This ensures a greater conversion rate. A number of content elements such as content boxes, styled lists, guarantee forms and many more, have been included and you can add them as you like.

To install and activate this plugin on one site it will cost you $67, for multiple sites $97 and for a developer to install on clients’ website, $49 per month paid annually.


OptimizePress is both a theme and plugin, as it comes in both modes. Those who are happy with their current theme should stick to it and use the plugin mode. But for those who intend to set up a marketing website, the theme may be a better option.


This plugin will help to establish, grow and convert an online audience. It does not merely help in building landing pages, but can help to secure content for subscription members, create sales or marketing pages or operate authority blog sites.

This plugin is designed for WordPress and there will be no WordPress – plugin conflict. You can choose from 30 different templates and adopt them as your own. Or you can customize it with the help of the Visual Editor. Editing can be done from the frontend and you can see the changes even as you make them. With the help of the Element Browser, you can choose from 40 different content elements and include them in your template. No coding is required at all.

This tool is developed on the principle that the appearance of your website counts for everything and that being responsive is no longer an option. The landing pages can size down instantly to hand held devices. The plugin can integrate at the API level with Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, Office Autopilot, Infusionsoft and 1Shopping Cart.

You can purchase the plugin with a one time payment of $97 for the Core Package which can be used for 3 sites that you own and operate. The Publisher Packages which comes at $197 can be used on 10 sites and the Pro Package that costs $297 can be used on 30 sites. The purchase also entitles you to a year of free support and updates. If you are not satisfied, you can avail the 30 day money back guarantee.


You cannot truly call LeadPages a plugin. It is more a landing page creating platform. It includes powerful features like LeadPages, Lead Boxes, Lead Digits, Lead Links, A/B Split Testing, Analytics and Template Importer.


70 pre-made templates ensure that you do not feel lost and will help you find a starting point for your project. Customizing a page is totally intuitive. Embed videos and drag and drop any content element as you like. You can hide all the elements that you do not want to use. And with Template Importer, you can import any template that you like.

LeadPages can collect leads from web pages, emails, social media and text messages. Publishing your lead pages is also quite easy. You can publish to your own server, your WordPress site or your Facebook account. You can covert existing webpages or websites into lead generating pages with the help of Lead Boxes.

Lead boxes are pop-up boxes that open up when a visitor clicks on a predetermined link or button. Any trigger can be set for the pop-up. They contain forms that are integrated with your email service provider.

With Lead Digits, you can capture the emails and phone numbers of potential customers who are requested to send a unique text to a specified number. These details are automatically added to the list that you create with your email service provider. Lead Links will help subscribers or readers opt into a list simply by clicking on appropriate buttons.

Some additional features like one click Facebook registration, pre-populating the landing page fields and sorting landing pages by conversion rate, make this plugin more attractive to purchase and use.

You can purchase LeadPages Standard package suitable for home businesses and entrepreneurs for $25 per month paid annually. The Pro Package suitable for professional websites will cost $49 per month paid annually and the Advanced Package is suitable for marketing teams and agencies at $199 per month paid annually. 30 day money back guarantee is also offered.


Another top of the class plugin for landing pages is InstaBuilder. It offers 100 templates for you to choose from and allows you to customize them with the built in image editor. You can drag and drop any element into the page. 6 types of pages can be built – sales pages, download pages, webinar pages, landing pages, launch pages and coming soon pages.

InstaBuilder 2

InstaBuilder has a ready to use library of graphics, icons and images. If you wish, you can add your own custom images and can resize or crop them, eliminating the need for photoshop. The Coming Soon page can capture pre-launch leads until the launch date. Customizable countdown timer can add a sense of urgency.

Split testing is possible and you can choose the best combination for your landing page by testing various versions. Advanced analytics will help you to keep track of how your landing pages are converting. The landing pages will be optimized for search engines and you can customize SEO settings or even turn them off for private messages like Thank You notes.

You can time delay content – any content can be displayed at any time on the page. Redirect option is available for those leaving the page without completing a sale. Lockable content and opt-in firewalls can be used for sharing specified content with specified subscribers. You can lock one page or many pages or all of them, as desired.

Build a mailing list using the 2 step and 3 step opt-in technology. This is suitable when you want to streamline subscriptions – such as offering educational courses to qualified candidates only.

The InstaBuilder can be purchased for a one time payment of $77 for use on 3 sites. For unlimited number of sites, you will have to pay $97 and for a developer’s licence, the cost goes up to $197. You can also take comfort from the 60 day money back guarantee that is available for this plugin.

Coming Soon Page by Seed Prod

Coming Soon and Maintenance Pages are actually a kind of Landing Page. These pages collect leads while the site is under construction or maintenance or preceding a launch. Coming Soon Page by Seed Prod is ideal for launching a site.

The landing page, email opt-in form and social media links will help to create a buzz around the soon-to-be launched site. You can add a countdown element and the website or webpage can be auto launched at a preset date and time.

Seed Prod

You can also show the Coming Soon Page for some webpages or for the whole site. This means it is possible to launch your website in parts, as and when they become ready.

With Seed Prod you can set use the pre-made themes or use your own. With the default theme and customization options, you can design and publish your Coming Soon page in minutes. Developers can use code to customize. The backgrounds need not boring, full screen images, slideshows or video background can be added. Google Fonts and Typekit access means you can have beautiful fonts handy to build your pages. Animation effects can be added.

It integrates with major email marketing platforms, the major ones like Aweber and MailChimp included. If you want some users to bypass the Coming Soon page and gain access to webpages, you can do so by giving them a bypass link. You can also allow them to bypass using IP address or WordPress roles. Email can be stored in WordPress directly and exported for use to any service provider. Referral tracking is possible and this can be used to incentivise sharing.

A free version with reduced features is available. But to take full advantage of this plugin, you will have to buy a license. The All Access License comes at $199 for use on unlimited sites and lifetime support. A Developer License is priced at $79 for use on unlimited sites and 1 year of support. A Business License at $49 will entitle you to use on 5 sites and a Personal License at $29 will entitle you for use on just one site. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered.

Ultimate Landing Page

Ultimate Landing Page is a free plugin that will help you to create Landing Pages and Coming Soon pages and publish them in minutes. You can publish them immediately or delay them to be published according to a schedule. The plugin will also help you to create sales pages and if you wish, you can set your landing page as your homepage.

Ultimate Landing Page Plugin

The plugin includes a collection of templates, all of which can be customized. The page builder will support your imagination in designing and building the page. You will see a marked uptick in conversion rates with this plugin.

Split testing is supported, so you can be sure about which template or variant you want to publish. SEO metabox is integrated and so is MailChimp. The leads captured on your landing page can be sent directly to MailChimp. Gravity Form, Contact Form 7 and Ninja Form and more are integrated with this plugin and you can add custom forms using HTML.

This plugin is not exactly feature rich, but it loads fast and customization is easy.


To publish effective, conversion ready landing pages real fast, Instapage can be a good choice. You can build a page within Instapage and push it to your WordPress site where it is published as a subdirectory of your website. Before you publish it, you can run split tests on it and find out which is the best version for publishing.


The plugin contains a log which can be accessed by the authors to detect any issues with it. This feature is turned off by default and will be turned on only at your request.

There are 100+ templates that you can choose from to help you get started. The templates are categorized and there are categories for landing pages, click through pages, mobile apps, webinars and thank you pages. It is integrated with 20+ email service providers.

The plugin is responsive, and includes automated marketing, analytics and SEO friendly features.

Instapage offers a 30 day free trial. The Basic Package costs $29 per month, the Professional $55 per month and the Premium $79 per month. These rates are applicable when paid annually.

Parallax Gravity

You can use Parallax Gravity to create unlimited landing pages. Each page can have multiple sections, each with its own background and content. The sections can even include content from other plugins.

Parallax Gravity

With this plugin you can set the landing page as a homepage, activate or deactivate the page by redirecting to a custom URL when the campaign is over, add parallax animation shortcodes and generate QR codes for offline part of the campaign.

Also included are favicon support, menu external link support, Google Analytics support, custom CSS support and custom keyword support.

A regular license will cost you $17 and it entitles you to future updates.

WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder has a huge library of 60+ pre-made templates for you to choose from, with many templates being added on an ongoing basis. The templates are suitable for landing pages, sales and marketing. Page builder can be used to customize the templates.

WP Profit Builder

The plugin will optimize the pages for mobile devices and for search engines. It is integrated with leading email providers. It is also integrated with payment processors, membership systems and webinar systems.

A license for personal use on one website will cost you $47 and for use on 10 websites, $67. WP Profit Builder is currently being offered at discounted prices for unlimited use on client and personal sites at $67.67. A 60 day free trial is also available.

Decision Time

Before you rush to buy a plugin, you should check out whether the theme you are using will help you to build custom landing pages. Many themes offer this option as part of their standard features. If it serves your need sufficiently, you need look no further. But plugins can be of great benefit for campaign oriented programs and have been established to spike conversion rates.

Now, that we have checked out the features of a number of plugins, which is that one that you will pick ? Keeping in mind that most of the features are common to all plugins with not much to distinguish between them, value for money should be the basis of your choice.

If you have any particular requirement, you may pick that plugin which best suits that requirement. If you want a free plugin WordPress Landing Pages is a good choice. To make available a load a free downloads to your subscribers, LeadPages may fit the bill. If you are launching a website, Seed Prod is the one for you. Ultimate Landing Page may be the best if you are looking for lesser number of features with faster load times. To have your products, especially digital products, displayed to advantage, may be you should look closely at Parallax Gravity. If speed combined with great looking content is what you are looking for pick Thrive Landing Pages and Content Builder. Add that to the list building capability, choice of templates, scaling for mobiles, and drag and drop feature, and Thrive Landing Pages and Content Builder will be my pick.

I would be glad to learn from your experience with landing page plugins, so please leave a comment below about your experience.

15 Responsive WordPress Templates for Pubs, Wineries and Brewery Sites

Brewery WordPress Themes

WordPress community keeps on growing and expanding every day. A number of new interesting projects are launched with its help. Brewery and wine websites and blogs are no exception. Providing a array options to build a powerful and trustworthy web resource, WordPress boasts a vast community that contributes feature-rich templates for the public use.

Today, we will introduce you to our selection of 15 wine and brewery WordPress themes, which come loaded with all functionality that you will need to become more noticeable on the web. Responsive, SEO friendly and WPML ready, all of the templates listed below are well-documented and come with free 24/7 support. So, just in case you have any questions regarding installation and customization of such products, feel free to ask for professional assistance.

All equipped with the latest web technologies and designed in regard to the contemporary web trends, the following 15 themes can help you to make the most of your business with ease. Use any of these pre-designed templates to share your passion and attract crowds of the like-minded people. Web development can be fun and easy. See it for yourself while downloading any of these designs.

Brewery WP Theme

Brewery is well-coded and professionally designed WordPress template running on Cherry Framework 4. Fully responsive and loaded with an array of useful plugins, the template can be customized to fit your business perfectly. In order to catch the users’ eye, the theme was enhanced with Retina ready visuals, parallax scrolling backgrounds and large, catching icons. Contact details are easy to reach, as well as a simple and intuitive contact form at the bottom of the front page.

 Brewery WP Theme

Details | Demo

Wine WordPress Theme

Wooden texture featured in the theme’s header, combined with rounded design elements, creates the atmosphere of a real winery on your site. As the name implies, Wine WordPress templates is best suited for wine and brewery sites. However, thanks to the rich variety of customization options, it can be adjusted to fit any other purpose of yours. The template is not rich in visuals. Instead, it features grid-based content positioning, which allows you to share plenty of data without compromising on the site’s readability.

 Wine Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Beer House WordPress Theme

Beer House is an elegant and trendy WordPress theme. Featuring long scroll, parallax and lazy load effects, it is both functional and visually pleasing. The main menu remains fixed to the top of the page, which allows the users to get to the rest of your site’s pages effortlessly. The theme is integrated with social media options. Social sharing icons are neat and vibrant. Live chat functionality was also integrated into the theme. For better visual appeal, backgrounds feature polygon elements.

 Brewery WordPress Theme

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Food and Drink Blog WordPress Theme

Simple design of this Food and Drink Blog is focused on the clear presentation of your posts and other content, without distracting the users’ attention on heavy design elements. The chosen color palette perfectly fits for wine related websites. A customizable carousel header slider is intended to catch the users’ eye with your new publications. Social sharing options were added to the theme’s footer. A two-column layout allows you to organize your blog’s content and navigation elements in a balanced way.

 Wine WordPress Theme

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Craft Beer WordPress Theme

Valid coding of Craft Beer theme and SEO optimization will make your site or blog based on this theme more noticeable in search engines. Social media options were made large and noticeable. Placed in the theme’s header, they welcome the audience to follow your updates on the popular search platforms. Several gallery scripts were added to the pack. So, you will have an array of options to present your content in a more effective manner. WPML ready, the theme can be easily translated into a variety of languages.

 Craft Beer WordPress Theme

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American Brewery WordPress Theme

American Brewery looks different from the rest of templates on this list. Flat style and integration of a large hero image make it so vibrant and appealing. The front page resembles a menu, with the list of products, their pricing details and star ratings provided to help the users with decision-making. A list of posts and contact details were visually separated by means of multi-colored backgrounds and large headings.

 The Best American Brewery WordPress Theme

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Dionis WordPress Theme

Dionis features a simple and minimalist layout. A carousel slider in the header is fully responsive and customizable. A products slider below it allows organizing as many items as you wish in an easy to navigate manner. All products feature pricing details and short descriptions. With the purpose to facilitate site’s browsing, the main menu items were duplicated in the header and footer of the theme.

 Wine Responsive WordPress Theme

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Brit’s Pub WordPress Theme

Custom illustrations make Brit’s Pub theme clearer and more personalized. Ghost elements make up a perfect harmony with the wooden backgrounds and light grey textures of the theme. Though the main menu is not sticky, a back-to-top button was provided to let the users reach the theme’s header in an instant. The theme’s front page includes a grid-based gallery of featured products, each of which was enhanced with hover effect. Audio and video support will make your site more entertaining for the target audience.

 Beer Pub WordPress Theme

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Queen Beer WordPress Theme

Queen Beer is a well-coded WordPress template running on Cherry Framework 2.3. Featuring a fully responsive layout, the theme is intended to adjust flawlessly to any screen resolution. WPML support ensures seamless translation of your site’s content into multiple foreign languages. The theme has a powerful back-end, which allows you to customize its look and feel any way you wish.

 Brewery Responsive WordPress Theme

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Royal Wine WordPress Theme

Royal Wine WordPress template is intended to bring elegance and style to your site. A set of pre-designed pages for Main, About, Services, Blog, Contacts, and products pages will help you bring your site live in no time. The theme was designed in a clean style, with the integration of vibrant CTAs. Grid-based content positioning allows you introduce your site’s data in a well-structured way. An informative footer will enhance your site’s navigation to a great degree.

 Light Wine WordPress Theme

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Golden WordPress Theme

Golden theme was built in brownish colors, with the implementation of wooden textures in the backgrounds, which resemble a wine barrel a lot. The theme’s header was enhanced with a carousel slider, which represents your site’s offerings at their best. Below, you can find contact details and the working hours. Rounded shapes and vintage elements add a more refined look to the theme. Social integration makes it possible for the audience to share their preferred data with a click.

 Wine WordPress Theme

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Docker’s Brewery WordPress Theme

A creative slider representing different brands of beer that you have on offer captures the users’ attention from the first glance. Docker’s Brewery features a usable layout, which guides the audience through your site’s content in an easy-to-follow manner. The theme is well documented and includes a set of WordPress page templates for a quick start. Cherry Framework 1.2 powers the site’s back-end. Fully responsive, WMPL ready and SEO friendly, the theme features an array of options that are ready to go out of the box.

 Premium Beer WordPress Theme

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Wine Collection WordPress Theme

Wine Collection was built in dark tones, which bring a classic look to the theme’ layout. Placed on such a background, pure white fonts and high-quality visuals look more outstanding. A two-column layout allows you to organize additional navigation elements, without compromising on the site’s readability. The theme’s footer was made user-friendly and informative. Here you can find user testimonials, contact details, special info, and more.

 Wine WordPress Theme

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Honey Beer WordPress Theme

Featuring images of hops in the header, Honey Beer theme sets the audience in the right mood once they land on your site. A full-width slider in the header of the theme is fully customizable and can adjust flawlessly to any screen resolution. Social sharing options were integrated into the template and put in a row with its drop-down menu. The layout is not content heavy. However, it features everything that you need to capture the users’ attention and motivate them for further investigation.

 Premium Brewery WordPress Theme

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The Brewery WordPress Theme

The Brewery will appeal to those users who enjoy black and white classic in web design. Thanks to the white space, the layout looks spacious and easy on the eyes. Integration of a carousel slider in the theme’s header lets you present your site’s offerings effectively. Latest posts and featured products were organized in the theme’s footer, providing the users with quick access to your blog and offerings any time they need it.

 Brewery Business WordPress Theme

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How to Move WordPress to a New Domain Without Affecting SEO


Every so often webmasters get the urge to move their WordPress site to a new domain. Whether it’s because the domain they’ve had their heart set on for ages is finally available or because the old domain name didn’t fully capture your site’s intended essence.

As online entrepreneurs, you’re probably familiar with the basic techy stuff but moving your site to a new domain is something you reckon only a developer ought to do. After all, there are some tasks you can’t copy-paste your way out of (I know you tried!).

Moving your site to another domain doesn’t necessarily have to be something you need to hire a developer for. In this article, I’ll walk you through a simple tutorial on moving your WordPress site to a new domain without affecting SEO – the non-techy way.

Let’s get some basics out of the way before we begin.

Why Move Your Site to a New Domain?

There are a few basic reasons why online entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of moving their site to a new domain in the first place. Some of these are positive causes while others are negative.

Positive Reasons to Move Your Site

Better Domain Name: One of the absolute best reasons you could have for moving your site to a new domain is that the domain name you’ve been waiting ages for is finally available. It’s available and all yours for the taking. An authoritative domain name can have a lasting, positive effect on helping you acquire traffic goals and page views. However, if the new domain name isn’t likely to boost traffic (or help in any other way), then making the switch won’t be fruitful for your business growth.

Company Acquisition: Another popular reason for moving your site to a new domain is the acquisition of a company. If your company acquires another company, it could most certainly mean that it’s time to register a new domain name. Since it’s an acquisition, you’d be keeping your content in place. According to Hover, PayPal was developed after, an Internet financial services company, acquired Confinity in 2000.

Negative Reasons to Move Your Site

Re-branding Required: Entrepreneurs often find that as their business grows it diverts from the intended goals. Whether it’s the outcome of a brilliant idea or it just happened on its own, if this new diversion is positive (financially speaking) it could mean that there’s some serious re-branding required. You’ll want new everything for your new idea – new name, new domain, new logo.

Spam Penalties: Sometimes situations take for the worse due to negligence and Google slams your site down with a horde of spam penalties. Violating Google’s guidelines is more common than you might think and recovering from its after effects can take ages. Website owners with little traffic often choose to move their site to a new domain in such scenarios.

Regardless of which reason yours is most coherent with, the outcome remains unchanged: You have to move your site. Before we delve head first into the tutorial, let’s get some basic housekeeping out of the way.

Basic Housekeeping

Before we move on to the tutorial, it’s very important that you create a full backup of your WordPress site. This preliminary step falls under best practices of site management and serves a dual purpose – your site will remain safe in case you encounter an error and you’ll have the content you need to move already downloaded (which you’d have had to do either way).

Creating a backup means that you’ll be downloading your entire site’s content from its respective hosting server(s). When I say all of your content, this means backing up two parts of your WordPress website:

  • The Files: The static files create your WordPress site’s skeleton – core WordPress files, theme files, etc. If you don’t back up the static files you’ll have to install a new theme and configure your new site’s settings from scratch.
  • The Databases: Your entire site’s content (posts, pages, comments, media files) and data are stored into databases. Backing up the databases is vital if you want to save all of the content on your site.

There are three ways to create a backup of your WordPress site:

  1. Use a plugin: When it comes to WordPress, there’s a plugin for everything and creating backups is no exception to this rule. Backup Buddy and VaultPress are premium plugins that’ll create complete backups of your WordPress site in just a few clicks. Both offer great value for money and come with support from WordPress experts. But if you’d prefer a free solution then BackWPup will get the job done.
  2. Use the cPanel: Most web hosting providers permit their customers to access the cPanel. Creating a WordPress backup from the Database Wizard is a simple three-step process that doesn’t require any coding effort on your part.
    Partial backups

    Create partial backups using cPanel.

    The one thing you should remember is that it’s best to create a few partial backups as compared to one full backup because they’ll be easier to restore later on.

  3. Do it manually: If neither of the above-mentioned options work for you for whatever reason, you can always do it by hand. To create a manual backup, you’ll need to install an FTP client like Filezilla or SmartFTP. For more info on manual backups, you can consult the WordPress Codex.

If you’d like to explore even more backup solutions for WordPress, check out our post on Comprehensive Backup Solutions for WordPress To Keep Your Data Safe 2015. Once you’ve created a backup of your old WordPress site, you can move on to the tutorial.

How to Move WordPress to a New Domain without Affecting SEO

In this section, we’ll walk through a detailed tutorial to help you move your WordPress site to a new domain without significantly affecting its SEO. If you haven’t already registered a new domain and set it up on a hosting server, follow Step 3 in our post How to Start a Blog From Scratch.

Step 1: Migrating Your WordPress Site to the New Domain

In this section, we’ll move the old WordPress site to the new domain using the Bluehost cPanel. Once you have your domain name registered and you’ve purchased a web hosting plan from Bluehost, you can log into the Bluehost cPanel to start uploading your old site to the new domain. We’ll break up this step into three parts so it’s easier to follow.

Create a New Database

One of the most common mistakes webmasters make is forgetting to create a new database when moving their WordPress site to a new domain.

  1. From cPanel’s homepage, navigate to the databases tab.
    Databases tab

    Navigate to the databases tab from the homepage.

  2. Create a new database. Write down the name of your new database in a safe location; you’ll need it later on.
    New database

    Create a new database entry for your new site.

  3. Click the Create Database button to proceed.
  4. Create a user for the newly created database:
    1. Choose a username for the new user.
    2. Enter a password or use the Password Generator to create a strong password.
    3. Write down your database user’s username and password in a safe location.
      Create user

      Create a user for your new database.

  5. Click the Create A User
  6. Under the Add a User to a Database section, assign the newly created user to the newly created database.
    Assign user to database

    Assign the new user to the new database.

  7. Click the Add button once you’re done.

Edit the wp-config.php File

Remember how we created backups of the old site’s static files in the Basic Housekeeping section? Open up the folder you saved them in and find your wp-config.php file which is generally located in the root directory.

  1. Open the wp-config.php file in a text editor.
  2. Find the following lines of text and replace them with:
    1. The name of your new database.
    2. Username of the user assigned to the new database.
    3. Password of the user assigned to the new database.
  1. Save the wp-config.php file.

This step ensures that the system will look for your new site’s content in the new database that was specified.

Upload the Backed Up Files and Database Tables

In this step, we’ll restore the partial backups that we created of the old site onto the new site through the new site’s cPanel.

  1. Log in to the new site’s cPanel.
  2. Navigate to the files section from the cPanel homepage and click the Site Backup Pro icon.
    Navigate to Site Backup Pro

    Files > Site Backup Pro from the Bluehost cPanel

  3. Restore the backups one by one:
    1. Restore the home directory backup.
    2. Restore the website files (static files) backup.
    3. Restore the databases and tables backup.
      Restore backups

      Restore the partial backups individually.

  4. Click the Upload button after each restore.

Remember that the backups could take a while to upload depending upon the size of your old website. Once you’re done with this, your new site should appear to be working properly. This is a great time to take out a few minutes and make sure the layout of your pages and posts is in order, correct any broken links, and check WordPress settings.

Step 2: Preserving SEO on the New Domain

By now you’ve successfully set up your old WordPress site on a new domain. The difficult part of the tutorial is over and all we have left to do is preserve our old site’s SEO as much as possible. In this section, we’ll cover three steps to optimally lessen the negative effect site migration can have on your search traffic.

Configuring Permanent Page Redirects

Setting up permanent 301 redirects to your old site will help your loyal viewership find your new domain. Now, you can simply publish a post or send a newsletter to everyone notifying them about the change but adding permanent page redirects helps preserve SEO and improve user experience by redirecting both readers and search engines to your new domain.

  1. Log in to the cPanel of your old WordPress website.
  2. Under the files section on the homepage, click on the File Manager icon.
  3. Find your old site’s .htaccess file and add this code to it:

Informing Google About Your New Domain

By logging into Google Webmaster Tools, you can let Google know about your new site. Follow these steps to complete the procedure:

  1. Log in to Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Enter your new site’s domain name in the box.
  3. Click the Add Property button to continue.
  4. Verify your ownership of the website by navigating to the Alternate methods tab.
  5. Select one of the listed options.
    Verify your new domain

    Verify your new domain with Google Webmaster Tools.

  6. Click Verify.

Submitting a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Sitemaps will let you inform search engines about the pages on your new site that are available for crawling. They tell web crawlers where your new site’s pages are located and how they can reach them. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to submit your new site’s sitemap to Google.

  1. Create a sitemap using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress.
  2. Log in to Google Webmaster Tools.
  3. Select your site from the home page.
  4. Navigate to the Sitemaps bar on the right side of the screen.
  5. Click the Sitemaps button.
  6. Click the Add/Test Sitemap button to proceed.
  7. Type the name of your sitemap file into the text box that appears on the next screen.

    Enter the name of your new site’s sitemap.

  8. Click the Submit Sitemap button.

By now, hoping everything went smoothly, you should have a fully functional WordPress site on the domain of your choice without suffering a significant loss in its SEO.

Wrapping It Up

We hope this guide helps you move your site to a new domain and serves as a manual for preserving its SEO to the max.

Moving a WordPress site to a new domain without affecting its SEO takes a ton of effort and time on the part of the webmaster. With some diligence and this step by step guide to help you, you can migrate your WordPress site without running into any unprecedented problems – even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

Were you able to successfully move your WordPress site to a new domain without affecting SEO? Did you encounter any errors or face trouble with any of the outlined steps? We’d love to hear about your experience so let us know all about it in the comments section below!

How to Move Your Blog from to

Featured Image

WordPress is the most popular and versatile CMS out there and there’s no denying the fact that is an ideal blogging platform for webmasters who want to create a free blog in minutes., although free, comes with an array of limitations that permit users from leveraging the CMS to its full potential and, for this reason, some users want to take their site to the next level and delve into its self-hosted version,

Making the switch from to may be intimidating – especially for users who aren’t as technically inclined as others. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help webmasters move their blogs from to without running into any dead ends or risking losing their content.

Before we get started, let’s put this all into context. vs.

If you’re a WordPress newbie, you’ve probably heard about both and (maybe even used them interchangeably). One thing is for sure – mixing them up from time to time is common in the WordPress community. Let’s get some things straight before we move any further.

What is falls under the category of a commercial site that enables users to host their sites without charge. The underlying, open-source platform is the brainchild of Matt Mullenweg and his company, Automattic. With, users are exempted from paying hosting charges. They can, however, purchase premium themes to add visual appeal to their site.

What is is the place you go to get the WordPress CMS software from. Once you get the free software, you’re left to find an appropriate hosting provider and domain name on your own. comes with comprehensive documentation on just about everything you could ever want to know about the platform and its usage.

Limitations of

In a nutshell: With, you get full control whereas with you get limited control over your WordPress site. restricts users from many of the features which are available in For instance,

  • Site’s URL will be long and unappealing.
  • Users can’t upload plugins.
  • Limited storage space allotted.
  • Restrained control over your site.
  • Users can’t access FTP client.
  • Users can’t monetize their site.
  • Users don’t own the site since they don’t pay for hosting.

With limitations like these, it’s difficult to make it big in the world of blogging or take your online business up a notch. Now that you’ve really taken to stardom, it’s time to move on to bigger things – starting with moving your blog to a self-hosted platform.

Before You Get Started

By now you’re probably convinced that is much, much more flexible and feature-rich than its free counterpart. However, before you can move on to the tutorial, there are a few things you’ll need to have in place. is a self-hosted platform which means that the first thing you’ll need is to have a domain name and sign up for a reputable web hosting service that acknowledges WordPress. The hosting company you ultimately decide to go with will affect your site in the long run.

I wholeheartedly advocate Bluehost hosting service for WordPress sites. The Shared Hosting plan is a great way to start out with without breaking the bank. In addition to the low-costs, you’ll also get the following benefits:

  • A free domain.
  • 1-click, hassle-free WordPress install.
  • 24/7 premium support from Bluehost’s customer service representatives.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Signing up for Bluehost is a no-brainer; it’s a reliable, cost-effective hosting provider that has all the features you’ll need to start out with a self-hosted platform in place along with a dedicated support staff to help you out in case you run into any difficulties.

Note: If you’re not sure how to set up your domain name and hosting service with Bluehost, follow Step 3 in our post How to Start a Blog From Scratch.

The other really important thing you’ll need is to access your account in order to transfer your blog’s content (images, posts, pages, and other such data) to your brand new self-hosted site. Make sure you have your account’s login credentials handy.

Now that we’ve gotten the preliminary steps out of the way, let’s move on to the tutorial.

How to Move Your Blog from to

Moving your free blog site to self-hosted might not be a cakewalk but it isn’t all that complicated either. In this section, we’ll walk you through five simple steps to make the transition.

Step 1: Export Data from

Transferring data from your site to your new site is a nearly painless process thanks to the utterly useful Export tool that.

  1. Login to your site’s account.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Export from the WordPress Dashboard.
  3. You will be re-directed to the Export You will be prompted to choose between the free Export option and the Guided Transfer.
    All content

    Select All content from the Export screen.

  4. Click on the free Export
  5. On the following screen, you will be prompted to Choose what to export. Select the All content
  6. Click on the Download Export File button to proceed.

Once you press the button, you’ll notice that an XML file is downloaded to your computer’s drive that contains all of your site’s posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus, and custom posts.

Step 2: Configure Your New Site

If you’ve already set up your domain name and hosting service with Bluehost following the above-linked guide, it’s time to install WordPress.

  1. Login to your Bluehost cPanel using the login details emailed to you by the hosting provider.
  2. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the website section from the homepage and click the Install WordPress button.
    Install WordPress

    1-click WordPress install

  3. On the following screen, you’ll be provided with important information about WordPress. Give it a quick read and click the Install button in the top-right section of the screen.

    Click Install to continue.

  4. Select the new domain name you’ve just registered (or your pre-registered custom domain name) and click the Check Domain button to proceed.
    Add domain

    Select your blog’s domain name from the drop-down menu.

  5. Enter your site’s information and your admin login credentials in the next screen to complete the installation.
    Install button

    Click Install!

  6. Click Install Now.

Now that we’ve successfully installed WordPress to our new, self-hosted blog, it’s time to log in to your blog and import the XML file. Using the credentials specified in the fifth step, log in to your self-hosted blog’s WordPress Dashboard.

Step 3: Import Data to Self-Hosted WordPress Site

In this step, we’ll import the data we previously exported from the site to the self-hosted, site.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Import from the WordPress Dashboard (from the new site).
  2. You will be re-directed to the Import screen. Click the WordPress link to import data from a WordPress export file.
    WordPress link

    Click WordPress to import data.

  3. In the following screen, you will be prompted to install the WordPress Importer plugin.
  4. Install and activate the WordPress Importer plugin.
  5. Once the plugin is installed, you will be asked to upload a WordPress export file. Click Choose File and browse your computer’s drive to locate the XML file that you previously downloaded.
    Upload XML file

    Upload the XML file.

  6. Click Upload file and import button once the XML file is uploaded.

At this stage, you may run into a memory issue i.e. your XML file size exceeds the maximum size permitted by WordPress. To resolve this issue, follow one of the below-mentioned solutions:

  • Submit a ticket to your web hosting provider requesting them to increase the maximum upload limit or import the XML file for you.
  • Split your exported XML file using the WXR File Splitter and import the files one by one.
  • Upload a custom php.ini file to your WordPress site’s root folder via the Bluehost cPanel File Manager with the following line added to it (10M stands for 10 Megabytes):

upload_max_filesize = 10M

  • Add the following two lines to your WordPress site’s .htaccess file:

php_value upload_max_filesize 10M

php_value post_max_size 10M

Note: You can replace 10M with a different file size based on how big your XML file is.

  1. Once the XML file starts to import onto your new installation, you will be prompted to select a user to assign the old content to. Choose the user as per your requirements.
  2. Be sure to select the option that enables you to import your old attachments. This guarantees that your site’s audio, images, and other media files are imported as well.

At this point, you’ve safely moved most of your data from to As an avid blogger, you might have had a whole blogroll set up on your free WordPress site. If that’s you then continue on to the next step and if not, you can skip to Step 5.

Step 4: Import Your Blogroll

By default, WordPress exports all links in Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) format which is essentially a type of XML format that specifically caters to outlines such as blogrolls.

Those of you whose sites used the Links feature to organize and group links (in the form of a blogroll or otherwise) can follow these steps to import the relevant data to their blog.

  1. Locate your site’s OPML file by visiting the following link:
    • (for custom domains)
  2. Once the OPML file opens in the browser, save it to your computer’s drive.
  3. Login to your site and install the Link Manager
    • Navigate to Plugins > Add New from the WordPress Dashboard.
    • Search for “Link Manager“.
    • Click Install.
    • Once the plugin is installed, activate it by clicking the Activate
  4. You’ll see that a new menu item, Links, has been added to the admin bar.
  5. Navigate to Tools > Import from the WordPress Dashboard.
  6. Click on the Blogroll link to import links in OPML format. This will install the OPML importer.

    Clicking on the Blogroll link will install the OPML importer.

  7. Once the importer is installed, you will be prompted to upload the OPML file that you previously saved in the second step.
  8. Click Choose File and browse your computer’s drive to locate the OPML file.
  9. Click the Import OPML File button to proceed once the file is uploaded.

That’s all there is to it. You’ve successfully imported your links and blogroll from to your self-hosted WordPress site.

Step 5: Post-Transition Checklist

Now that your site has successfully been transferred to a self-hosted platform, there are a few more simple things left to cross off your list.

Hide Your Site

The very first thing you need to do now is hide your old site to ensure your viewership doesn’t land on the old site every time. Navigate to Settings > Reading from the site’s Dashboard. Under the Site Visibility section, tick the I would like my site to be private option.

Let Your Loyal Readers Know You Moved

How do you notify hundreds of loyal readers that you’ve upgraded to self-hosted Publish a post, of course! Write a post updating your loyal viewership of the move and the domain change. Another popular option that bloggers adopt is WordPress’ premium Site Redirect service.

The Site Redirect service does exactly what its name implies – it’ll redirect anyone accessing your old domain name to the new, self-hosted WordPress site and it also ensures that search engines are redirected to your new domain with the purpose of preserving SEO efforts. For only $13/year, it’s great value for money!

Update All of Your Links

In Step 4 we took care of all of the external links and blogroll. Internal links have to be dealt with manually. Those of you who have every linked to your own site will have to go back and update each link by hand. It’s a ton of trouble but it can’t be ignored!

Wrapping It Up is a great option for newbies wanting to test out the blogging waters but when it’s time to take things to the next level, nothing beats self-hosted We hope that our guide on how to move your blog from to was helpful and easy to follow.

Have you moved your blog from to Did this guide help you in doing so and did you face any problems along the way? We’d love to hear from you so let us know in the comments section below!

Top 20 Job Boards for Developers and Designers And Others Looking To Join Tech Startups

Tech Startup Job Boards

The current world job markets are so divided, entrepreneurship continues to gain momentum with each passing moment, and more people are getting attracted to the idea of obtaining a computer science degree to begin their journey of building their own products, or becoming part of startups, both low-level and high-level. Computer science, and indeed development and web design are two very attractive career choices that provide a very large pool of job opportunities, as well as ways to earn a steady flow of income through freelance and remote work. Digital nomad is another rapidly increasing coin term that displays how one can combine their skills in programming and design with constant movement in life.

The latest developer survey from Stack Overflow goes to show just how many computer scientists have chosen the role of front-end and back-end developers for some of the most reputable companies in the current startup market, but also how developers and designers are responding to such jobs, and the kind of difficulties it can bring into one’s life when beginning to work for a world-class startup. With salaries ranging from $60,000 up to $120,000 — there’s no reason to be in denial about the rich benefits of becoming a developer yourself; even if the largest technology media outlets are reporting that startups are in somewhat of a trouble.

You coming to this page indicates one thing, you’re either a developer or a designer looking to find a job with your existing skillset, and we are here to help you. Job boards for technology startups, programming, and engineer roles are in the plenty, but finding the right ones sometimes comes down to the ability to determine your own desires, and what you are looking for in your next choice of career. With some careful selecting, we came up with 20 unique job boards that list jobs in startups for the roles of programmers, engineers, graphic and web designers, and plenty of other roles of the same nature that might compliment your existing skills.

AngelList Jobs Board

Startup Jobs AngelList

Some startups wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for AngelList — a highly sophisticated fundraising platform for startup owners with zero experience, and startups with existing funding rounds. ‘Angel investors’ on AngelList are in no shortage, and what they want to see is the next best invention to invest their money in. Apart from helping startups raise funds, AngelList is also helpful for recruiting needs.

As a startup owner you can turn to AngelList to put together your best team, but as a job seeker — you can apply to more than 40,000+ jobs within a single application form, though we highly recommend to use the job category function to search for startups that actually speak to your heart, and emphasize the kind of knowledge that you possess and wish to work with in the future. Jobs are by no means limited to job categories, or countries within which you can find a job, what it will come down to is your resume, and your determination to become a part of an already existing startup team.


Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs Web Design Freelance and Tech Jobs

Authentic Jobs has done a great job at building a job board platform that really caters to developers, designers and hackers who are equipped with the skills required for being a part of the team on a modern startup. Authentic Jobs doesn’t limit its directory to just full-time or physical location jobs either, you can find remote jobs, freelance jobs, part-time jobs, and also internships to help you perfect your skills in a function environment.

Other options for sorting through available jobs include a search function, jobs in specific fields (ux, ui, front-end, back-end, software, etc,.), jobs in specific locations, ability to seek through job roles (management, lead, founder, etc,.), and also the appropriate salary that you’d expect from your existing experience. The last feature that makes Authentic Jobs stand out is the Authentic Pros platform, where professional computer scientists (think: engineers, software developers, designers, and programmers) can enlist their profile with their personal resume and online portfolio to attract new clients and jobs that way.



breaz The best way to start your next tech challenge

Breaz connects your story (resume) with a pool of startups and businesses that are looking to hire talent like yours, right away. You start by building up your own resume within the platform, which then is exposed to startups who are looking to hire someone exactly like you (the forms are submitted based on your experience in different fields, be it JavaScript Backend, or Data Science, or UI/UX design, or anything else), upon confirmation and interest of the startup, you will receive a fully valid form which is going to offer you a salary, equity, and also further requirements for the position. According to Breaz themselves, anyone using the site and submitting their form has landed at least one solid interview.




Codeity is run by a group of startup intellectuals who are passionate about helping bridge the gap between companies and potential employees who wish to have a seamless hiring process experience. Codeity works similarly to Breaze, you start by creating your own portfolio on the Codeity platform; talk about yourself, your experiences, your desires for the perfect job, and upon submitting the profile, Codeity directly connects you with potential startup roles that you may be interested in at the leading startup companies today, if successful — someone from the startup will reach out to you directly, and you can take it from there. Has a mix of physical and remote jobs, so everyone is welcome to participate in the hiring process.



Tech Jobs and IT Recruiters CyberCoders

CyberCoders has been a job seeking solution for over a decade, but only recently has it truly made a statement to the community, where it wants to position itself as one of the leading recruiting and job finding platforms in the United States! Each day, dozens of startups and businesses enlist their job offers across a vast ocean of job categories: android developers, ios developers, data scientists, software engineers, are amongst the most favorite jobs, but certainly not limited to those. Use the sites search function to weed through more than 13,000+ available jobs, or get on board with one of the platforms recruiters (more than 300 of them) that can help to connect you with the right startup for your future career plans.


Design Jobs

Design Jobs -- all of the best design job board postings in one place.

To make the job seeking process easier for you, and without the need to fill out third-party forms, we will enlist some job board sites that provide direct connection to the employer through their job offer listing. We begin this with Design Jobs, a job listing site that’s aimed specifically at graphic, web, and UI/UX designers who wish to seek a new position at a rapidly evolving startup. Design Jobs curates the best available jobs from the leading job sites, saving you the need to go and curate these jobs yourself. Each day a ton of new listing are added, each listing is emphasized with the job title and also the name of the startup, all further investigation is required by yourself. Recruiters can list their job offers for a little premium price.


Weekly Design Jobs

Weekly Design Jobs

You might be a freelancer who is happy with his current flow of remote jobs, but somewhere at the back of your head you might begin to consider that a full-time position is required to help you make new connections, and learn new things too! For such a situation, we cannot recommend the Weekly Design Jobs website enough, it’s a curation of the best designer jobs at leading startups that arrives to your inbox on weekly basis. No commitment required, just observe the offers that are coming in, and perhaps you will stumble accross something that really catches your attention.



Jobscribe Daily email with remote jobs at tech startups.

Prefer to work from the comfort of a local coffee shop, workstations, or your own home? Jobscribe will connect you with daily offers for remote jobs in prominent startups all around the world. Fill in your details, select the kind of jobs you are after, also you can select the frequency of emails, and see what kind of jobs are being advertised — you never know where the next big job opporunity lies, it might just be within the daily curations at Jobscribe!


Landing Jobs -- Europe s best tech jobs marketplace

Landing Jobs has an agenda, and a pretty good one at that — it’s to connect with people on a deeper level, where a conversation can be established to really help each and every one to find their potential next career opportunity that will help you grow, learn, and create like you have always wanted to. The process is similar to others, you fill in your profile and talk about yourself, at which point Landing Jobs begins to connect you with potential opportunities that would best suit your needs at given time. Please keep in mind that Landing Jobs is currently offering this service only to those living in Europe — a slowly but surely evolving startup market.



Hired Job Search Marketplace. Job Hunting Simplified

Thousands of big names (GitHub, Mixpanel, Forbes, Vimeo, and others) use Hired for their hiring process to find the absolutely best talent that could help propel these startups even further. It starts by subscribing to Hired at which point you will start to receive a questionnaire forms that will help Hired to understand more about you, and what you wish to do with your career, and how Hired can best help you to connect with the kind of companies that are as passionate about your field of choice as you are. Looking at only reviews of Hired, we are seeing a repeating pattern — it’s a huge wall breaker for helping developers, designers and engineers to find jobs in big-tech companies.



Hire the top 3 of freelance developers designers and other tech talent.

The reason Toptal is so successful is because of its own personalized onboarding process that really helps the platform to learn about you on a deep level, to test your skills and your experience, and only then help you to reach out to companies and businesses that are looking to hire a top talent like yourself. Whether you are a freelance designer or a freelance developer, Toptal has something to offer to everyone, because the job categories are limitless, and all that’s asked from you is a little bit of patience, and some honesty about your true set of skills.


Smashing Jobs

All Jobs Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs is helping startups, businesses and corporations to find the right talent through exposure their job listing to hundreds of thousands of designers that are loyal Smashing Magazine readers themselves; one of the oldest and most reputable design blogs on the web. It lists both full-time and freelance job offers where anyone can quickly assess through the offers and reach out to the potential employer with more questions, which can then lead to an interview. People advertising jobs on Smashing Jobs know the kind of audience they are reaching, so that allows for some space between negotiation on salary, equity, and job conditions.


Stack Overflow Careers

Stack Overflow Careers

Stack Overflow is amongst the most professional and most intellectual programming communities there are, Stack Overflow is a transparent company that cares about programmers in a way that not many other companies can match, which positions it within the top lists of job boards for finding truly dedicated, and truly professional talent in the most successful job markets today. It’s not limited to any country, so jobs can be looked for worldwide, between specific job openings, and with specific requirements, such as full-time, part-time or freelance, or remote work. IT recruiters know that Stack Overflow is the place to go when seeking world-class talent in computer science.



Remotive productive remote workers

Are you a passionate remote worker looking to expand your horizons? We couldn’t recommend Remotive enough. A weekly newsletter for remote workers that consists of remote job openings, remote work tips, and anything else that’s happening within the remote jobs sphere. Remotive also recommends some great business tools, and runs a Blog (although infrequently updated) with a dozen of great blog posts about remote work, and remote entrepreneurship that you may find appealing.


Working Not Working

Working Not Working Hire top freelance full time creatives

Working Not Working won’t be for everyone, but those who manage to get accepted (only 10% do), will be able to experience a list of job options that you won’t find anywhere else on the web, it’s the main reason this platform exists in the first place. Working Not Working is very thorough in accepting creatives to their platform, requiring of them to have an established web presence with plenty of portfolio items to back-up their claims. It’s an invite-only platform for new generation of designers, people with visionary abilities who will in turn be rewarded for their dedication to the jobs they apply for. As a creative, you can look to find single-time jobs (well paying) or full-time jobs, and each time you participate in a new job, the employer can leave a “vouch” for you, further helping you to expose yourself to new and exciting opportunities.



Zoe Hire the best freelance designers and front end developers

Zoe takes a slightly more varied approach to hiring, instead of helping others find jobs, Zoe helps to connect startups with the best front-end and design talent on the market. If you’re a new startup looking to build a new team, and seek only the most professional kind of talent, then Zoe is a great choice for getting the job done effectively. Schedule a call with Zoe today and see what kind of offers they have to help you find the right talent to help your big ideas come to fruition.



Koder Top Developers. On Demand.

The software engineers hanging on the Koder platform are the kind that work only with the latest state of the art technology, such as the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Smart TV, Desktop Apps and more. Koders are like the Navy SEALs of software and are assigned to work on your product based on the skills needed. They consist of everyone from iOS prodigies working full-time to top developers that work for Google, Facebook and other top companies during the day. The “Koders” help to execute your idea within budget, but also within the latest standards of the software engineering community.



Gigster Hire a quality developer

Gigster works in similar fashion (we talked about Gigster previously in our roundup of the greatest freelance marketplaces), it asks of you to have a ready to go idea that you would wish to bring to life through the use of a developer and designer team assigned to you by Gigster. Gigster absolutely guarantees success and will work with you closely to help you bring about a project that really speaks for what you want to build, and what you want to do. You may even end up keeping some of the developers from Gigster to help you in the future.


Panda Jobs

Panda Jobs

Panda Jobs asks of you to specify the location you would like to work, the job type you are applying for, and the job role you would like to assume. By selecting all three of those, you get an output of the latest available jobs for those specifications, allowing you to quickly assess what the market looks like, and where you would like to settle down next.


In case you want to launch your job board for startups or any other niche you might want to start with either WordPress job board themes that you can find here or with HTML based job board website templates that can be found here.

Ultimate Guide To Comment Moderation in WordPress

Comment Moderation Guide Wordress

Communication is key to forming lasting, meaningful relationships with your visitors. It is also the first step to converting a random visitor into a paying customer. It is also a form of delivering value to a visitor.

The Reciprocity Rule

When you deliver value to someone – be it a non-paying consumer or a customer, you silently (and sometimes unknowingly) engage them in what psychologists refer to as the reciprocity rule. In short, this rule is something that’s embedded in our DNA, which has evolved over thousands of years and plays a significant role in the formation of society as we know it.

Let’s explain the rule with an example.

Imagine this, you’re new to work, and a colleague hands you a Diet Coke. You may or may not have invited such action. If your colleague does this out of the blue, you’re bound to do something in return for him in the near future – the sooner, the better. You would invariably end up bringing him a coffee or something of equal or higher value – even if your colleague didn’t ask for it! Once you do so, the two of you are on equal terms. You feel a weight had been lifted off your chest.


Reciprocity seeks balance

This invisible force of indebtedness is generated due to the basic “give-and-take” nature of human cognitive behaviour, which is termed as the reciprocity rule.

Leveraging Reciprocity in the Digital Space

Why are we talking about the reciprocity rule in a comment moderation guide, you ask? Well, dear reader, it is because this reciprocity rule can be applied to the digital space as well. You can leverage the unbeatable power of this rule to develop lasting customer relationships. In the long run, these customers ultimately turn into product evangelists – giving you priceless word-of-mouth marketing.

Case Study – ColorLib


Consider this example. ColourLib develops WordPress themes and also runs a blog containing useful WordPress tips, tutorials and resources, etc.

Curating original, high quality content is no easy task and it is surely not inexpensive. However, ColorLib invests resources in terms of money, time and effort in order to create and maintain the quality blog content. What do they get gain in return?

Customer loyalty.

This is where the reciprocity rule comes in. The blog’s readers are deriving value out of ColorLib’s blog material. Subconsciously, this is similar to your new work colleague handing you a can of Diet Coke.


When the blog’s reader actually wants to buy a WordPress theme, he will think of ColorLib first. This is what marketers like to call top-of-the-mind presence. The first name that comes to your mind when you need (or want) a particular item, clearly is the winner.

So, if you are a regular subscriber to the ColorLib blog, chances are the reciprocity rule has already been deeply rooted in your mind – all without you even knowing it existed!

Here’s another crucial point that personally resonates with me and I applaud Agairis for this.

Being a theme company, ColorLib does not defer from creating high-quality WordPress theme lists. Traditional marketers would call this suicide! You are listing your competitor’s products in your own business website? Have you lost it, man?

Here lies the subtle difference. Not all design tastes are alike. It is quite possible that a visitor might like a WordPress theme from a different company. But Aigars is determined to deliver true value to his blog’s visitors. This builds enormous community respect and customer loyalty.

Okay enough psychology-cum-marketing lessons for today. Let us dive into the core of the topic.

Communication is Key


Now that you are familiar with one of the fundamental factors of developing lasting customer relationships, it’s time for us to talk about customer communication.

Listening to your customer is a quintessential marketing task.

When it comes to the online community, communication is a highly diversified and takes place is multiple media – like Facebook likes, comments, tweets, direct email, chat, forums, support tickets (helpdesk software), comments and so on.

In the realm of blogging, comments are the primary means of communication. Firstly, getting people to comment in your blog is not an easy task. It requires epic, intriguing content that strikes a chord with the reader’s curiosity and makes him reflect. Once the reader forms an opinion, chances are likely that he will voice it.

All of this is the job of your copy editor. Crafting compelling copy is the mark of a good copywriter. As a comment moderator, your job starts here.

#1 – Reply to All Comments


First of all you need to realize that the key to building lasting customer relationships is good communication. Comments can take various forms. They can be appreciative, inquisitive, negative, derogatory/abusive (in which case you should delete them altogether) and a mix of other emotions.

No matter the case, you need to respond to each comment with due respect. Even if someone leaves a one word comment – like “Thanks!” – make sure you reply to that comment. Your reader has taken time out of his/her schedule to appreciate your work. As a good marketer, it is your job to acknowledge it. Something as simple as – “Thanks for stopping by {name}, glad you liked the article. {Let me know if you need any help with the tutorial.} (Optional)” goes a long, long way.

#2 – Consider WordPress Comment Plugins

The WordPress default comment system is a marvel in its own set of features (we’ll get to that in a moment). But if you want to make it even easier for the user to leave a comment, you might want to use the following free WordPress plugins:

2.1) Jetpack Comments


The Jetpack Comments Module

One of the most popular plugins in WordPress, Jetpack houses a plethora of features – housed as “modules” – under one plugin. Some of them include free CDN, infinite post scrolling, image galleries and site stats.

Of course that’s not what we’re here about (although you’re welcome to try them). We’re interested in Jetpack’s Comments module. Once activated, the default comment form in WordPress gets replaced with the Jetpack’s comment form.

Here are its unique features:

  • Social Login capabilities – visitors can now leave a comment using their social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and
  • Email Notifications – Commenters can choose to be notified of new comments and/or new posts via email.

By subscribing to new posts, Jetpack Comments functions like a lead generator (i.e. it captures emails). When a commenter wants to be notified of new comments, this tells you that (a) the conversation is going well and (b) you’ve crafted compelling content. (Kudos!)

2.2) Other WordPress Comment Plugins

These are a dime a dozen, therefore I’m just going to list them here. Choose wisely.

Facebook Comments

02 facebook comments

This plugin goes easy on the features, but gets the job done – it simply adds the Facebook comment form in the default WordPress comment area. You can also embed a Facebook comment form in any post/page via the comment form.

Facebook for WordPress

01 facebook

The official Facebook plugin brings a ton of features at your disposal. Other than integrating Facebook comments, the plugin enables you to include the open graph protocol to optimize content for sharing on Facebook and other social media.

01 facebook settings

Plugin’s settings

You can also derive meaningful analytics with Facebook Insights, generate more traffic through the Recommendations Box and many more.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

03 subscribe to comments reloaded

Remember how JetPack allows your commenters to subscribe to a post for subsequent comments on the discussion? This plugin also allows you to do the same – only with an added feature of a double opt-in. Double opt-ins are very useful in engaging subscriber commitment – which is another brilliant marketer’s tool.

03 subscribe to comments reloaded settings 2

Plugin’s settings


04 commentluv

CommentLuv has made it to more “must have plugins list” than any other plugin. Back in the day when I started using WordPress, I saw this plugin in everyone’s blog. After each comment, there was a small link to the author’s latest post, which gave a commenter free exposure for his blog.

04 commentluv in action

CommentLuv plugin in action

Other than being a great comment plugin which incorporates social media, CommentLuv (and its premium version “CommentLuv Pro”) is a full-blown traffic and lead generation machine.


05 postmatic

Postmatic is an another awesome WordPress comment plugin which falls under the “lead generation” category. Like its competitors (Jetpack Comments Module, Subscribe to Comments Reloaded) Postmatic lets your commenters subscribe to a post’s comments.

05 postmatic in action

Directly reply to comments from your inbox

However, the plugin’s USP (unique selling point) lies in the fact that it lets your visitors leave follow-up comments directly via email. As a user, if I am engaged in an interesting discussion, it would be super helpful if I could directly leave a comment via my email app. Not to mention it’s simple, streamlined and works on poor data connections!

Popular Widget

06 popular widget

This is a rather simple, yet brilliantly effective WordPress comment plugin. It creates a widget which lists the most popular posts in your blog, which is measured either by the number of views or comments. The time period can be customized, the default being one year.

06 popular widget options

Widget customization options – you can toggle metrics.

WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments

07 woodiscuz

If you’re running an eCommerce store using WooCommerce, this plugin might come in handy – it lets your visitors discuss, vote and share your store’s products! WooDiscuz also integrates with several popular membership options such as BuddyPress, Ultimate Member and Users Ultra.

07 woodiscuz in action

A typical WooCommerce store powered by WooDiscuz

Yoast Comment Hacks

07 yoast comment hacks

Yoast is no stranger to the WordPress ecosystem – their premier plugin WordPress SEO is the de-facto SEO plugin for WordPress! They also have this awesome comment plugin that gives you certain “power tweaks” to your comment system.

07 yoast comment hacks settings

The plugin’s settings

Options available include cleaner comment notification emails, the ability to disallow comments beneath a certain length (a small but highly useful feature!), and settings to redirect first-time commenters to a special thank-you page.

Comments Evolved for WordPress

08 comments evolved for wp

Formerly known as Google+ Comments for WordPress, this plugin adds multiple tabs in your WordPress comment form. Each tab is dedicated to a social network.

08 comments evolved for wp in action

The plugin in action

In the above screenshot you can see 4 tabs for Google+, Facebook, and Disqus. Pretty neat, right?
On a sidenote, you cannot turn off a social network – which is probably a feature the developer could include.

#3 – Third Party Commenting Solutions


The Disqus Commenting System

If you want to avoid the hassle of styling comment forms, figuring out which social networks to offer and comparing the pros and cons of each comment plugins, I’m with you. Allow me to introduce you to the two best third-party commenting solutions for WordPress – Disqus and Livefyre.

These are cloud based solutions and they play nice with WordPress – meaning the comments are always saved (and synchronized) in your WordPress database. As a result, when you deactivate or delete the plugin, the comments are retained.


The Disqus plugin in action

Both these solutions have specialized mechanisms of combating comment spam and allows users to comment using multiple social accounts. You can also choose how you display the comments, latest one first or last, etc.

Users can keep a track of all the comments they’ve made in any site using Disqus comments. This gives a unique identity to the user (even if he uses multiple social accounts).

One downside of using this service is that it takes time to load, which inadvertently impacts the loads time of the page. However, the core element of the comment form is loaded quickly so that the rest of the WordPress theme components are able to load. Meanwhile, the comment form’s core component asynchronously loads the remaining elements and displays the comments.

#4 – Play Around with WordPress’ Default Comment Settings

discussion settings wordpress

WordPress offers a pretty elaborate set of Discussion Settings

Let us cover each item under “Other comment settings”.

  1. Usually it is a good idea to force the comment author to fill out his name and email. That way you can reach him.
  2. If you plan to build a membership site in the long run (or simply want to collect your reader’s email address) you can force them to register to your site. However, this severely impacts ease with which the user can leave a comment. However, if you’re that confident about your content, I say go for it!
  3. You can close comments on old articles. A lot of spam comments are targeted to pages which are old and rank high in multiple search keywords. For example, Copyblogger only allows comments for 7 days on any new article published.
  4. Nested or threaded comments enables visitors to keep track of communication. Using a very high number might end up much cluttered in low-width devices like smartphone and tablet displays.
  5. Breaking comments into pages is usually a good idea as it helps maintain structure and context. It is also known to improve your website SEO according to WPMU. However, Neil Patel’s sites are full of comments, and he chooses to keep them in one page.
  6. Finally this option allows you to sort comments based on date submitted.

#5 – Combating Spam


One of the most undesirable activities is to combat spam. The moment you start gaining traffic, these unwelcome “call-the-cops” guests flood your WordPress database with meaningless unrelated keywords. Thankfully we have a full article that talks about combating WordPress spam.


This WordPress comment management guide is simply a collection of practical advice picked from a couple of places and a few from personal experience. At the risk of sounding repetitive, please ensure that you respond to the people who spend the time and effort to leave a comment in your blog. It’ll do wonders in the long run.

Have an essential tip for the list? Let us know!