Top 32 Free PSD Business Card Templates and Mockups 2016

Psd Business Card Templates

Business isn’t really a venture where you can just do everything all by yourself. Whether it’s helping you to sell things, to promote you, or to learn more about you, there is always some sort of interaction between other human beings — in the process of maintaining your business. It’s also during the process of maintaining our business, that we begin to meet people and business personas who may have something to offer to us that would make our business better, or vice versa.

And because of how expansive life can be, we may meet these people either at a yoga class, at a meditation group, perhaps at a game of soccer where your favorite team is playing, the possibilities for spontaneous interaction are truly endless. How do we stay in touch with those whom we make only brief contact with, yet feel incredibly intrigued to do a follow-up? One answer: business cards.


Our business cards contain all the necessary information for the other person to clearly remember our name, our occupation (job title), as well as our phone number and email details. Sure, exchanging these details through a simple phone interaction can sometimes work very well, but a business card is usually going to end up in the wallet by default, and will inevitably fall back into the eyes of the receiver on multiple occasions, even a few hours after leaving your presence. And it’s not just about the fact that exchanging personal information over digital channels can feel very insecure and unsafe, a business card leaves a lasting first impression.

What makes a business card stand out? Well, to begin with we want to keep it simple and straightforward, with a touch of our own personality — the best way to personalize your business cards is to do something that others wouldn’t dare to do, list your achievements, use bold choices of colors, or choose between a slightly more expensive printing choice to make your business cards feel heavenly upon feeling them. It’s the little things that go really far in the business card market.

Let’s take a look at more than thirty unique, professional, creative, inspirational, magnetizing and beautiful business card templates that can be downloaded in PSD format to give you full access over the personal requirements that you require of your business card. If you’re a graphic designer or involved in the process of designing business card templates, please leave a comment with your latest designs and we will consider them for inclusion in this lovely roundup!

Business Card Mockup by Alex Andr

Free Business Card Mockup by Alex Andr

We begin our digest of the best business card templates with a beautiful piece of work from Alex Andr. This concise template consists of two parts — the front and the back. The back of the card can be used to make a loud statement about your businesses logo, making more room in front of the card where the black background will yield to that statement with a minimal name, email, phone number approach.

Needless to mention that you can easily adjust the colors as you like, but we feel like the default choice is definitely meant for serious business people who want to leave an impression of “I’m here to do business!” — let us know how you feel about this one.


Clean Business Cards by CreativeBooster

Clean Business Cards by CreativeBooster

With more than 88,000+ views on Behance, Mats-Peter Forss and his team at CreativeBooster have built a truly amazing business card template that will surprise you with the sophisticated aesthetics used to make it a reality. Each part of the business card is layered meaning that you have full control over each of the elements, photorealistic reflections will add to the effect of leaving an impression, as will realistic shadows — which used in combination with good printing material will create a truly outstanding appearance. Don’t forget to upvote these guys on Behance, amazing work!


Colorful Business Card Mockup by Eric Graphaddikt

Colorful Business Card Mockup by Eric Graphaddikt

Eric Graphaddikt brings us a very simple/minimal card design, with the exception that he has incorporated an automated coloring sidebar (bottom) which actually adds to the whole ‘lasting impression’ factor. Business cards are one of those places where using overly much color can have a very poor performance effect, but Eric’s vision is using a design psychology approach that will work in any kind of environment and situation. Lovely PSD to work with.


Autumn Leaves by Lukasz Pomotowski

Autumn Leaves by Lukasz Pomotowski

Lukasz Pomotowski brings us a more relaxed design approach. Autumn Leaves divides the business card in two separate parts — left and right. The left (or the right, as per your own choice) side will utilize an image (presumable the default autumn leaves one), while the right side will have your contact details. You can also change things up to have a full-width image on one side, and contact details on the other. The default theme has a very mellow and relaxed feel to it.


Vertical Business Card by Caroline Morel

Vertical Business Card by Caroline Morel

Whoo, a vertical business card! Brought to us by Caroline Morel (who’s also the designer behind the next one)! This very elegant and simple design for a vertical business card will make the receiver think to himself “Hmm, that’s quite innovative, might have to show this one to my friends!” kind of thing. The use of smart objects and a variety of styles ensures that everyone will have the ability to create their own perfect vertical design. We are really digging the transparent background “owl” though, and look forward to seeing what kind of ideas the community is coming up with. Use the design as you like, just don’t try and make venture off of it.


Belisama by Caroline Morel

Belisama by Caroline Morel

As mentioned, here is one more spectacular design mockup from Caroline Morel. This time we have Belisama, a traditional business card approach with a more sophisticated feel and look to it. Belisama also utilizes smart objects, which means that you can take and do whatever you like with this particular PSD. We think that the curvy and otherwise funky design choices in this one are the perfect fit for those working with the buzzing creative industries like music, arts and community. Once again, do with it whatever you like, but don’t try and put a price tag on it.


Blurry Circles

Blurry Circles Business Card Templates Cursive Q Designs

A blurry business card? Nope, it’s only the name! Blurry Circles is a very simplistic card design that focuses on the important details — your name and how to get in touch with you. The divider in the middle of the card can be adjusted per your own requirements, layers are freely editable. Default color choice is somewhat appealing, but plenty of room to improve.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design Business Card Template Free Download

Here is a very popular template dubbed Graphic Design — which has been downloaded more than 16,000+ times, and rather than being a sign of discouragement, it should be taken as a sign of high-quality and great performance. Graphic Design’s approach takes good design to the very next level. The summary over at the official website talks about the importance of a business card leaving a good impression, which is why Graphic Design takes advantage of so many different design aspects and categories. Is possible to download in two different formats, PSD and also for Adobe Illustrator (AI).



Business Card Template reZEAL Cursive Q Designs

reZEAL is a premium (but free to download) business card template that stands out with the use of silky white and blue color combinations. The space for logo and other corporation information on the left side, combined with the compact contact information widget, layered by a beautiful background image of earth is what really makes this card stand out from the crowd. We aren’t even sure if anyone should modify the current color combination, other than the logo. Back of the card can be used to highlight the logo as well.


Flat Business Card

Flat Business Card Template

Guys from EightOneSix are sharing a beautiful FLAT style concept card that makes use of red, black, white and green color blend. The use of icons for phone number, website and email add a really cool touch to the overall experience, whilst maintaining that “if you want to talk more, get in touch” feel to it. The back of the card can be left empty, but also optimized to incorporate your business logo for a more memorable card experience.


Business Card Templates by GraphicLoads

18 Best Free Business Card Templates GraphicLoads

GraphicLoads has been serving the web design and graphic design communities for quite some time now. Their way of promoting and marketing themselves has often come down to the ability to publish and promote free — premium quality — content in form of freebies. And business cards haven’t been an exception on their list. In this package, GraphicLoads delivers a set of 18 FREE and UNIQUE PSD templates that will give you near infinite number of choices to create the kind of business card that best reflects your ideals, your nature, and the strengths of your business. There are colorful ones, grey ones, minimal ones, and ones that shout “creative” right from the start, take some time to observe all of the available templates and perhaps you come across something that sticks.


Corporate Branding Set by Abdullah Noman

Corporate Branding Set by Abdullah Noman

The Corporate Branding Set by Abdullah Noman is something completely different than what we have seen in this post already, it sort of drifts away from the usual concept of a business card, because it truly is a full-set branding kit, but this kit also includes a really beautiful template for a great looking business card that would be a shame not to mention. The set includes a full portfolio template, a brochure template, a letterhead, beautiful invoice document template, a truly mesmerizing business card design that uses deep design aesthetics to deliver a phenomenal experience. The size of the package is almost 100MB, but the bandwidth to get it is worth every single MB!


Book and Business Card Mockup by AlienValley

Book and Business Card Mockup by AlienValley

Are you in the book market? Perhaps you can put to use this good looking book mockup for your first publication, certainly getting such a mockup done by a professional designer for otherwise personal and commercial use would cost you a pretty penny, so huge props to AlienValley for making this one freely available. In this package they also include a creative and colorful card design that will be a good fit for those in the freelance, self-employment, and other creative fields of work. Size is roughly 40MB and both mockups come integrated within a single PSD.


Letterpress Business Card Mockup by Francesco Stefanini

Letterpress Business Card Mockup by Francesco Stefanini

Francesco Stefanini delivers a very stylish experience that’s focused around the approach of classical letterpress design standards. The dotted background helps to outline the contact information in the middle of the card, and there’s also a choice of both vertical and horizontal versions. Concise design parameters and configurations will make this card design appealing to anyone working within the fashion and music industries, as per your own choice.


Business Card Mockup by WebVilla

Business Card Mockup by WebVilla

WebVilla has something simple, yet elegant in mind to make your existing and potential customers to fall in love with your beautiful card design. The main area of effect here is the fully integrated cloud image in the background, coming out to reflect back on all of your important contact details within the middle of the card. Use the top of the card to outline your name and the company you work for, while the bottom can serve for outlining your most essential contact details. Since you get full access to the PDF anyway, you’re in full charge of how to position things anyway.


Stationery Mockup by Graphic Pear

Stationery Mockup by Graphic Pear

Here we have another solid branding set, this time from Graphic Pear. This particular set features a more modern, shadow oriented design that’s going to stand out when approaching companies of a very deluxe status. Comes with a template for a professional cover letter, as well as a very minimal and simplistic card design that will stand out not because of its simplicity, but the elegant and shiny effect it has on your card details. Also includes templates for actual letters, and also a CD case.


Creative and Clean Business Card

Creative and Clean Business Card Template PSD

In many ways, business card designs come down to the industry we work in, the type of work we do, and also the type of personality we carry within our business ventures. For that reason, some may prefer business cards that don’t feature a lot of colors and other elements and instead keep it simple, whereas some prefer to have cards that can be used to outline much more than just email — and this one from PSDfreebies is just that, a card that can be used to outline things like your email, phone number, website address, and even your physical address. There’s plenty of room to mention your businesses name, and even the slogan that describes your business the best.


Corporate Business Card

Corporate Business Card

Arif Samad puts together his knowledge and experience of UI and UX design into a very concise and elegant corporate card design that will work the best for those working within the marketing, sales, promotion and other departments within a large scale company. The reason being that this card utilizes all the right colors and style concepts to make a clear statement of what kind of company/person this card belongs to, leaving a lasting impression.


Business Card Template by This Looks Great

Business Card Template by This Looks Great

Barin Cristian Doru inspires us with a very simple and charming card design that’s perfect for designers who just want to get to work as soon as possible. The card lets you print your name or company name, a little headline, and also your website and email details. The name of this one is This Looks Great; and we couldn’t agree more. This one does look pretty great, and the stylish choice of colors is also stunning.


Business Card Mockup by GraphicsFuel

Business Card Mockup by GraphicsFuel

The following card template “Momin” might be the most stunning template on our list so far. This nearly 200mb package of PSD templates provides a magnificent style approach towards a sleek and trend-setting business card template. Momin’s choice of colors and fonts makes each and every card come alive in its own way, and because everything has been carefully layered — you remain in full charge of how it all flows and comes together.


Vintage Business Card Template

Free Vintage Business Card Template Download on Behance

We didn’t really see that many vintage or retro designs in this list, so it only makes sense to include at least one really good one, and this one from Pixel Brain CS is definitely worthy of more attention than it has harnessed until now. The strict choice of glimmering colors and design that looks like the opening of a book is the exact two features that makes this card stand out from all of the rest. Get full control over all layers and elements and make this card say exactly what you want it to say.


Modern Business Card Template

Free Modern Business Card Template Download on Behance

Pixel Brain CS have been working hard to promote themselves as thought-leaders in the design industry, and while the work is rigorous and requires a lot of patience, one step at a time it is possible to achieve. Their next design after the vintage card is a more modern approach to a great-looking card. The modern template we see here is utilizing every single pixel of the card itself to incorporate colors, text elements and general flow of design to compensate for such a bold choice of design title. We know you will really enjoy this one!


Square Business Card Template

Free Square Business Card Template on Behance

Steven Han brings us something that not many other designers have done, a squared business card template, what a treat! This simple, concise and very poised template will be great to hold in your hands and to pass around anyone who might want to inquire more about your business. Use one side of the template to showcase your logo, while the other part can be used for logo/name/contact details. Default choice of colors should work in most cases we believe!


Elegant Business Card Mockup

Free Elegant Business Card Mockup PSD on Behance

Another one from Steven Han, this time a more elegant and creative approach to a business card template. While the design can be modified to be used as a horizontal business card, the default template comes vertical which actually provides for a very memorable experience thanks to the use of green and slightly dim white that helps to outline the most important aspects of your card — whether it’s name, your logo, your contact details, or business location.


Premium Business Card Templates and Mockups

Huge thanks goes out to all of the designers and artists that made this list so filled with creativity, inspiration and beauty. Sharing such amazing business card templates for free is a humbling decision, one that inspires others to do the same. We are going to close up this list of business templates by sharing a couple of premium choices from a very well-known designer marketplace GraphicRiver.

The following business card designs are reasonably priced, and offer a slightly more ‘premium’ feel to them, perhaps in the form of offering more colour choices, or giving you the advantage of having the designer be your personal support assistant in case you need help with making your business card all that you want it to be.

Personal Business Card

Personal Business Card GraphicRiver

Guys over at Speaklog Design Studio are bringing us a very graceful and artistic approach to designing a business card that feels right to use within the context of getting the word out. The left side of the card focuses on showcasing your own selfie photo (which also indicates that this card is very much useful for freelancers and those who tend to work within their own business, and of course those who aren’t afraid to advertise themselves with a selfie image in the first place), a place for name/business name, while the right side is for all your business details, like contact number, website address and the address of your physical location. Lovely design!


Photography Business Card

Photography Business Card GraphicRiver

Masum Parvej has spent some time crafting a very tailored card design just for those who work within the photography industry and business. Photographers are also business people, and are some of the most in-demand people on the planet, given that you have the necessary skills and portfolio to land the kind of work that others are seeking to fulfill.

With this silky (dark-ish) business card you won’t have to worry about leaving a solid impression about the kind of photos you have taken in the past as this card design allows you to outline a number of your most popular and most beautiful photographs as example items for others to consider, it’s like your own personal photo portfolio within your business card, how cool is that!


Doctor Business Card

Doctor Business Card GraphicRiver

There are so many different niches and categories within which cards can be built, and the medical industry is no exception. Physiotherapists, dental doctors, surgeons, and many other medical practitioners are often running their own practice to increase volume of work, and in order to promote themselves they too, need to rely on business cards; which is why we recommend taking a look at this doctor / medical approach template from ARTfarissi. This design utilizes all the right elements of a health clinic, while utilizing the red / white / black color scheme that we so frequently find in hospitals and other medical departments anyway.


Color Business Card

Color Business Card V.11 GraphicRiver

A vertical-design card template that looks and feels cutting-edge in comparison to the latest web design standards. There’s a reason this particular template uses the term ‘Color’ to define it, because there really is a lot of colorful action going on, but in a very good way. We particularly have enjoyed the 3D effect rolling out widgets for defining contact attributes, and there is also room for your own personal barcode — which others can use to directly access your website, or a page that shares other essential information about you, or how to get in touch with you.


Personal Photography Business Card

Personal Photography Business Card GraphicRiver

We are going to wrap up this magnificent roundup of some of the world’s best business card designs and templates with another card template for those who work within the photography field. Saifur99 has created a work of art in this concise concept of letting you as a photographer advertise some of your most successful work directly on the card itself, enabling you to promote your photography style and ideology without having to go through lengthy discussions, and talks. You can also add a barcode that leads to your portfolio somewhere on the web, once again increasing the chance of attracting the right clients and customers without having to sit at the discussion table for hours. Great feeling and looking dark-style template that’s fully customizable.


Northeme: A Suite of Professional WordPress Themes for Creatives and Designers

Northeme WordPress Themes

Northeme is an outfit who have been creating WordPress themes since 2012. Its likely you may already be familiar with some of their work, thanks to the popularity of their free Workality Lite template.

The Workality Lite WordPress theme has been downloaded close to 80,000 times and is a great choice for creating a responsive portfolio website for creative professionals. However, if you want more features and functionality from your WordPress themes, you can upgrade to the commercial Workality Plus or one of the other premium templates from Northeme.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the WordPress themes on offer from Northeme, as well as reviewing one of their commercial templates in more detail. By the end of this guide, you will have hopefully been introduced to some interesting WordPress themes and be closer to selecting a final template for your next online project.

Northeme WordPress Themes Review

WordPress Themes from Northeme

Before we get into the review of the flagship Madrigal theme from Northeme, let’s take a quick look at their portfolio to see what they have to offer.

Centreal Plus

Northeme Centreal Plus

Centreal Plus is an ideal theme for anyone with a portfolio of images, photos, and other graphics they’d like to display online. If you are a professional photographer, this theme could be perfect for helping to generate more leads for your business.

As well as the homepage of your site, each of your inner pages can also feature large full-screen images. This effect can work really well at helping your content connect with your target audience and in turn, send more clients your way. There are some excellent portfolio page templates on offer, each of which gives you access to a range of layouts for presenting your content.

You’ll also find full WooCommerce support should you ever need to sell and collect payments for your products and services from your website.

Experience the Centreal Plus demo

Reframe Plus

Northeme Reframe Plus

The themes from Northeme are generally very clean in design and appearance. However, Reframe Plus is especially so and would, therefore, be a great match for anyone seeking a minimalistic template for their website.

Reframe Plus would be best suited to those looking for a way to showcase their work online, in a virtual portfolio. However, the blog post templates make this product a good choice for minimalistic bloggers who prefer to let their content do the talking. If you want to add a blog to your creative portfolio website, then these two features combine to great effect.

Reframe Pus includes a built-in slider tool for creating content slideshows, as well as a gallery and lightbox image presentation feature to really let your content stand out.

Experience the Reframe Plus demo

Workality Plus

Northeme Workality Plus

Workality Plus is another theme that is focused on building an online portfolio for creatives. This WordPress theme includes a great selection of page templates. These prebuilt templates can be used to display your portfolio items in a range of different ways, as well as presenting the inventory from your optional WooCommerce-powered online shop with a selection of different layouts.

As mentioned earlier, there’s also a lite version of the Workality theme available. You can start using this free theme today and get a better sense of how the templates from Northeme perform.

Experience the Workality Plus demo

Madrigal WordPress Theme Review

Northeme Madrigal Homepage

Madrigal is best described as the flagship WordPress theme from Northeme. It’s a minimal and modern WordPress theme with a clean design. The lack of clutter not only helps your content to stand out on the page but also ensures your site and its pages load as quickly as possible.

In this Madrigal WordPress theme review, we’ll take a look at the main features on offer, as well as exploring how easy it is to setup and use in order to build a custom website.

Madrigal WordPress Theme Features

One key feature of Madrigal, which we will look at in more detail shortly, is the setup process. This feature aims to make it as easy as possible to get your website up and running. However, we’ll find out if that really is the case in a second, after we’ve looked at the core features.

Some of the highlights of the Madrigal WordPress theme include:

  • Custom post type creator tool
  • Custom grid layout manager
  • Optional predefined custom post types
  • Full-screen post and page covers
  • Prebuilt and custom color skins
  • Ability to set background, text, and border colors for individual posts and pages
  • Ajax navigation for seamless page loading
  • Range of page templates
  • Built-in slider and gallery tools

As you can see, Madrigal gives you access to plenty of tools for building a personalized website with WordPress. Being able to create your own custom color skins is great. However, being able to give individual posts and pages their own color schemes is really impressive and not something that is seen very often.

Northeme Madrigal Cover

The full-screen post and page covers work really well and make it easy for you to publish content that will make a big impact on your visitors. Each post can also feature a navigation button that makes it easy for your audience to scroll through the content on your site.

Northeme Madrigal Menu

There’s also a pretty fancy effect that is used to display the main navigation menus, which you will have to see for yourself in order to fully appreciate.

You’ll also find full eCommerce support for creating an online shop, a selection of portfolio layouts, and some handy shortcodes for adding useful elements to your posts and pages.

Northeme Madrigal Shortcodes

All this is great, but the best features in the world aren’t enough to make a theme a good product. It also needs to be easy to use and perhaps most importantly, easy to install and setup. If you can’t get your website to look the way you want, then it doesn’t really matter how well the theme demo performs or what list of features you get access to.

So, let’s take a look at the Madrigal theme installation and setup process to see if this really is a template that can be recommended to both new and seasoned WordPress users alike.

Madrigal Theme Installation and Setup

The installation process for the Madrigal theme involves downloading the theme files from the Northeme website and then uploading them to your WordPress admin dashboard. After activating the theme, a handy link is displayed for launching the quick start guide that will help you get started.

Northeme Madrigal Quickstart

You might notice from the above screenshot that the theme changes the font used by your WordPress admin area. I’m not sure how helpful this is, but the font does look nice. Once you are ready to get started, you are prompted to enter your account details, including a license key. Although you are free to skip this part and just get started on setting up the theme and building your website.

Northeme Madrigal Activation

One really nice aspect of Madrigal and the other themes from Northeme is the auto setup feature. This feature allows you to get your website up and running as quickly as possible, resulting in a framework you can then populate with your own content.

Northeme Madrigal Auto Setup

The auto setup mode isn’t the only option, though. By choosing the quick start method, you can walk through each step of the setup process and add your personal information as you go. This includes setting up a maintenance page so that any visitors who reach your site will see a notification status message, rather than a half-finished website.

Northeme Madrigal Maintenance Mode

Through the rest of the setup process, you can choose which pages you want to create. This is achieved through a visual interface, making it very user-friendly, especially for those new to WordPress.

Northeme Madrigal Pages and Homepage

Other steps in the setup process include:

  • Adding your logo image and logo text
  • Choosing a prebuilt color skin or creating a custom skin
  • Selecting a Google Font for the headers and body text on your site
  • Picking a column layout for your content
  • Configuring your social media links and icons
  • Setting up the navigation menus
  • Creating the placeholder content

Northeme Madrigal Color Skin

This multi step setup process is a really nice touch. It makes it easy to get your website online while also ensuring you don’t miss any important tasks along the way. Furthermore, a progress bar is on display throughout the process, letting you know how far you’ve come and how much more you’ve left to do.

Northeme Madrigal Process Bar

Once you are done with the setup process, there is a quick tour of the main features. Then it’s just up to you to start adding your own custom content to build out your website.

It’s great to see new WordPress users and those who haven’t installed a new theme from scratch before being catered for in this way. By making use of the quick start walkthrough guide, you can ensure your website up and running as quickly as possible, without ever feeling like you’ve been abandoned and left to work everything out for yourself.

Creating Custom Post Types

As well as being able to choose which custom post types are activated on your website through the theme setup process, you can also create your own later. Multiple post types make organizing and presenting the different types of content on your website much more efficient

For example, your additional post types could include news, reviews, recipes, or whatever best suits your website and the type of content you are publishing. Normally you would need to use an additional plugin to achieve this. However, the ability to create custom post types has been added to the theme.

Northeme Appearance

From the Northeme control panel on your WordPress admin dashboard, you can access the custom post type manager and start creating your own. Each custom post type can have its own custom taxonomies to help organize that content more efficiently. All this takes place through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Northeme Create Custom Post Type

Your custom post types can all be managed from the theme’s control panel, making it easy to edit or even delete them at a later date.

Northeme CPT Manager

Using the Grid Layout Manager

As well as the custom post type creator, the themes from Northeme also include a Grid Layout Manager tool. This feature allows you to create custom grid layouts for each of the custom post types on your site. Through the user interface, you can set the number of columns, thumbnail image size, and other layout settings.

Northeme Grid Layout

The content from the custom post type you are creating the layout for, will be displayed according to the settings you’ve chosen. This includes the number of columns to use and how many posts to display. You can also create custom layouts for the individual posts, as well as choose whether to display related content at the end of each individual post.

Northeme Columns

It’s great to see this kind of functionality incorporated into the theme. Thanks to this, you now have a very easy way to setup custom post types, then create custom layouts to display the content from those post types.

As each of the themes from Northeme share the same underlying framework, you get access to this setup guide and the core features, no matter which of their commercial templates you choose.

Find out more about Madrigal and experience the demo today

Northeme Pricing

Apart from the popular and free Workality Lite, the WordPress themes from Northeme as available individually, for $49 each. However, by the far, the best value option is to join the Northeme club for $89 and gain access to all of their current products, plus any future releases.

However you choose to purchase these themes, you are free to use them on an unlimited number of sites and domains, including websites you build for your clients. Both of the purchase options include one year of access to support and theme updates. However, after that period, you can renew your license or continue to use the products unsupported.

There’s also a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee in place. You can view the full details and FAQ for the pricing options here.

Final Thoughts on Northeme

Northeme has some really impressive WordPress themes in their portfolio. If you are seeking a truly multipurpose theme that is packed with all the latest commercial plugins and high-end features, these probably aren’t the themes for you.

However, if you are more interested in good looks and a clean, modern design, then the Northeme theme collection is well worth checking out. Not only do the sleek and minimalist designs ensure your website loads as quickly as possible, but they help deliver an easy to use interface while also letting your content take center stage.

Due to the current pricing details, you are probably better off signing up for the club package and getting access to all of the Northeme products. Each theme includes a feature that makes switching templates as painless as possible. Therefore, you will be free to change and test the design of your website without too much effort on your part.

If you are looking for a clean, modern, and stylish design for your WordPress website, then you should definitely explore the themes on offer from Northeme today.

Motors – Car Dealership WordPress Theme Review

Motors WordPress Theme Review

Building a professional car dealership website isn’t easy. However, there are a few steps that you can take to simplify the process and increase the chances of success for your project.

One of those steps it to use an online publishing platform that makes managing your website and its content more straightforward. WordPress is a great example of such a platform and it’s a popular choice that powers 25% of all websites online today. The other important part of increasing your success rate is to choose a high-quality theme or template.

This theme or template will take most of the work out of building a car dealership website. If you choose the right one, it will deliver a professional design, backed up with a solid set of useful features.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Motors car dealership WordPress theme. We’ll be looking at the design of the theme, as well as its features, and how easy it is to use. By the end of this review, you will know whether this is the right theme for your business and your online car dealer website.


Motors Car Dealership WordPress Theme Review

The Motors WordPress theme aims to provide you with all the features and functionality you need to build a car dealership website. Not only that but all of these features are wrapped up in a design that will give your website a professional and trustworthy appearance.

Once you’ve setup up your new car dealership website, you’ll be able to attract new customers with your site’s professional design. One those visitors arrive at your site, you can then promote your inventory in an easily searchable format to generate more sales.

That’s the plan anyway. So let’s take a look and see how this theme lives up to its objectives. We’ll start out by digging into the features of this car dealership theme, before taking it for a test drive on a fresh installation of WordPress.

Motors Theme Car Dealer Specific Features

The team behind the Motors theme claim to have carried out extensive research of the car dealership industry. Especially investigating how those in this industry promote their businesses online. The aim of this research was to establish exactly what a good car dealership website should include.

After concluding their research, the StylemixThemes team set about adding all those essential features to their Motors theme. The result is that you should have access to all the tools you need to build a successful car dealership website, without having to rely on any third party plugins or tools.

The Motors theme does in fact, include some third party plugins in the package. However, these plugins have been handpicked by the development team, saving you from having to go out and find the right tools yourself.

Here are some of the best car dealer specific features on offer from the Motors theme:

Inventory Manager


Adding vehicles to your website with WordPress and the Motors theme is about as straightforward as it gets. Thanks to the enhanced inventory manager, you can add the main vehicle description, and then input all the necessary supporting information for each vehicle.

Thanks to the use of WordPress custom post types, your inventory content is kept separate from the other types of content on your website. This also means that the screen for adding new inventory includes a custom form. The form contains all the fields needed to store and publish the details for each vehicle.

Motors Custom Post Type

These additional form fields include the technical features, specification, and options of the car. You can also input seller information, such as where they are located, and their contact details. You also have the option of uploading a PDF brochure to the listing. This is handy for giving your potential customers a resource they can download and take away.

Advanced Inventory Search and Filter Tool

Motors Filter Tools

Having a large, well-defined inventory is all well and good. However, if your visitors can’t find what they are looking for, then you aren’t going to make many sales from your website.


Thankfully, the Motors theme includes a powerful inventory search and filtering tool. This allows users to set as many filters as they need, helping them to find exactly what they are looking for.

Thanks to the power of Ajax, this filtering tool doesn’t require any extra page loads. Simply enter the search keyword and then filter the results as needed. The results are then updated, instantly on the same page.

Finance Calculator

Motors Finance Calculator

The Motors car dealer theme includes a custom finance calculator tool. This useful feature gives your shoppers an easy way to see whether they can afford a certain vehicle that you have listed, and if so, on what terms.

Depending on your preferences, each listing on your website can include this financial calculator. This handy feature saves your visitors the trouble of going elsewhere to see how affordable a vehicle they are interested in is.

Vehicle Comparison Tool

Motors Compare

Buying a motor vehicle can be difficult. With so many different variables to consider when making a decision, even between cars of the same make and model, it can be hard to know what the right option is.

To help overcome this problem, the Motors theme includes an easy to use listings comparison tool. Once the visitor has performed a search or while they are browsing your inventory, they have the option of selecting multiple vehicles to compare.

As each listing on your website should include the same sort of information, all of which is stored in custom fields, it makes comparing the features of the different vehicles very straightforward.

It’s great to see this feature included in the theme. The fact that you can enable it for your potential customers, without any extra effort on your part is even better.

Ecommerce Support

Motors Ecommerce

Thanks to the support for the leading WooCommerce eCommerce toolkit, adding an online store to your website is very straightforward. The WooCommerce plugin is actually included in the theme package. However, adding an online shop to your website is entirely optional.

If you do decide to enable this feature, you can easily start listing products for sale from your website. This could include the actual vehicles themselves, or supporting products such as car care items and driving accessories.

WooCommerce can be extended with countless add-ons. This means there really is no limit to the number of ways you can offer services and products from your website.

General WordPress Theme Feature List

As well as a great selection of car dealer focused features, Motors isn’t lacking in the more general features every good website needs. Here are some of the highlights from the long list of features that can be found in this theme.

Drag and Drop Page Builder Tool

Motors ships with the commercial Visual Composer plugin. This is one of the most popular premium plugins for WordPress. With Visual Composer enabled on your site, you get access to a professional drag and drop page builder tool.

This means you now have an advanced visual interface for creating custom page layouts, which just wouldn’t be possible with WordPress alone. Furthermore, you can use Visual Composer to customize any of the page templates included with the Motors theme – again without the need to edit any code.

While the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin will save you $34, its presence offers much more value than that.

Slideshow Builder Tool

When you check out the Motors theme demo, you will notice a number of slideshows in use. These slideshows have been created with the commercial Revolution Slider plugin, which is included in the theme package. Again, the inclusion of this commercial plugin will save you $19. However, more importantly, you can now easily edit any of the included sliders or start creating your own animated slideshows.

5 Predefined Color Skins

While you can easily customize almost any aspect of this theme, thanks to the detailed control panel and the drag and drop page builder tool, most users will be happy with the prebuilt demo version.

If you don’t want to start making large changes to the theme, but still want to give your website a more personalized look, choosing from one of the five predefined color schemes should suffice.

38 Custom Shortcodes

Motors Shortcodes

When it comes to adding content to your site, you’ll be pleased to know this theme includes 38 custom shortcodes. These shortcodes can be used to insert a range of useful page elements into your content, all at the touch of a button.

Examples of these shortcodes include calls to actions, buttons, forms, Google Maps, testimonials, special offers, icons and much more. As well as the 38 custom shortcodes, you also get access to all of the default shortcode elements found in Visual Composer.

Responsive and Retina Ready

More and more internet users are accessing websites on their mobile devices. With this in mind, it’s vital that your car dealership website should be easily accessible on smartphones and tablets. Whether you want to help your target audience search for a new car on their mobile device, or simply find the way to your dealership from their smartphone, the Motors theme has you covered.

Not only is the design and layout of the Motors theme mobile responsive, it’s also retina ready. This means your website and more importantly, its content, will be able to take advantage of the latest high-resolution displays.

If you want the photos of your inventory to really pop on these high-end monitors, this is one feature you will be pleased to see.

One-click Demo Content Installer

If you view the online demo version of the Motors theme, you will notice that it’s essentially a fully built car dealer website. As you browse through the pages, you will see that there is a lot of content that is required to build a professional and useful online car dealership.

Therefore, if you want to build a similar website for your own business, you might be wondering how difficult and time-consuming this is going to be. Thankfully, the Motors theme includes a very straightforward content import tool. In just a few clicks, you can go from a bare bones WordPress installation to a fully populated car dealership site.

Of course, you will still have to add your own content and inventory. However, instead of starting from a blank slate, you can simply edit the contents of the prebuilt pages and listings to create your site.

Other Features

The above are some of the main highlights. However, here are a few other features you may be interested in:

  • Google Fonts integration giving you over 700 typefaces to choose from
  • Custom sidebars and widgets
  • Built with Sass CSS for a more stable user experience
  • Selection of prebuilt page templates
  • Multiple page layouts to choose from
  • Social media integration for displaying your feeds and growing your following
  • Support for the WordPress Live Customizer tool
  • Email marketing service integration

To get a full sense of what Motors has to offer, be sure to check out the feature list on the product page.

How to Build a Car Dealership Website with Motors

When it comes to building a car dealer website with this theme, the process is surprisingly simple. After uploading the theme files to your WordPress website, and then activating Motors, you must install and activate the supporting plugins.

These are a mixture of free and commercial plugins and they can all be added to your site in just a few simple clicks.

Once these tasks have been taken care of, you can choose whether to import the demo content or not. Doing so is highly recommended. The one-click demo importer will setup the structure of your website and then populate it with sample data. You can then go in and edit the content to make it your own.

Motors Visual Composer

When it comes to customizing the site, you can use the included Visual Composer page builder plugin. The WordPress Live Customizer tool is also fully supported, allowing you to personalize your website through this visual editor and set of controls.

Motors Visual Composer

As mentioned, Motors makes use of WordPress custom post types. This means the different types of content you wish to publish on your site are stored in different post types. These include blog posts, vehicle listings, and eCommerce products.

Motors Custom Post Types

After setting up the structure of your site or importing the demo content, you can then start adding your own listings and other personalized content to finish off your car dealer site.

Motors Theme Review Final Thoughts

The Motors theme has a highly professional look and feel that will give your online car dealer website instant creditability and appeal.

The selection of features on offer will help you to list your inventory in style, while also making them easily searchable by your visitors. The vehicle compare tool is a great feature that will make life much easier for your visitors and hopefully lead to more sales.

If you need to build a car dealer website, the Motors WordPress theme takes much of the work off your hands and will help you to deliver a professional website in no time at all.

Find out more about the Motors theme and try the demo version now

30 Marvelous Websites Using WooCommerce eCommerce Plugin for WordPress 2016

Woocommerce Website Examples

Got a product to sell or a service to offer ? Whether it is to the local community or to the whole wide world, online stores are the easiest way to introduce a product or a service. All the information about the product or service can be made available at one source and costs traditionally attached to brick & mortar businesses do not necessarily apply.

Two things that any online store must have –

  1. A products page which has excellent detailed product copies & sufficient number of images.
  2. You’ll also need a quick and easy checkout process.

If you don’t get this right, you are guaranteed an disgruntled shopper who finds another online store which meets his or her needs.

WooCommerce – The first plugin that you think of when you intend to set up an online store on a WordPress site. WooCommerce is a tried and tested plugin created by WooThemes, a trusted name among the WordPress community. It is a customizable shopping mechanism which helps you sell pretty much everything.

Nearly 30% of all online stores employ WooCommerce. It comes bundled with a slew of features including PayPal, BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services) and cash on delivery options. The plugin helps keep track of inventory and uses a geo-location feature to detect customer’s address for tax purposes.

WooCommerce is a favorite with developers as it is an open source, malleable system. A store’s functionality can be extended through using extensions which work in tandem with WooCommerce. Extensions make it possible to facilitate new features on a webstore. You can offer bookings, create memberships, manage invoicing and track the entire delivery process right up to your customer’s doorstep – In short, a complete solution for online stores.

I’ve sifted through a number of websites which use WooCommerce and found a few which are bound pique your interest.

Scott White Photography


Scott White is a combat veteran with scars to show for it. He is a Linux expert and a master photographer. Photography has been his hobby for over 30 years and this bike riding, peace loving, retired police officer has many of his photographic works published, as well as displayed at the local galleries. You can see captioned samples of his work in the Slider Revolution on his website.

The Lion Project


A group of Denver based film-makers make up the group called The Lion project. This group uses educational films as a tool to inspire young professionals to serve others. They work to connect the non profit organizations who are into service to the community, with business owners who want to be a part of this effort.

Sport Nutrition 1


This online store sells nutritional products that help enhance performance in sports, weight loss and general health. The vitamins, weight loss and strength building supplements are all displayed on the Slider Revolution and a YITH Wishlist widget has been added to keep track of customer requirements.

Angry Moose Ice Cream


Angry Moose Ice Cream was started by Jason, and you can read the story of how it got the name in the About Me section of his website. Delectable ice creams and sorbets are featured as well on the site.

The Feed


“The Feed” markets world class food for athletes. They go the extra mile to personalize customer experience by maintaining a history of their preferences, allergies, events they participate in and so on. They also add little notes inside the boxes delivered to the customers. The subscription plugin has helped them a good deal in growing their membership base.

Ramsden Jewellers


Ramsden Jewellers is a well established family owned business. They stock global brands and specialize in hand made jewellery using Pink Kimberley diamonds from Australia.

Abbotsbury Tourism


The Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens celebrates it’s 250th anniversary in 2015 and you can buy tickets to visit the gardens on this website. You can also buy tickets to the Swannery and Children’s Farm here, and get relevant information about opening times, events and season tickets.

Green Kid Crafts


Green Kid Crafts puts together discovery boxes and creativity kits that stimulate a child to think and develop. Craft ideas for kids, science experiments and little gifts can all be purchased here.

Page Pink


Page Pink is a beauty and wellness portal in Singapore for women. Users can write reviews and also provide useful information on the website. Editorial content is featured and PayPal Express Gateway and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist are used on this website.

South West Steel Construction Company


South West Steel Construction Company is the venture of Ian Ellacott and is a provider of quality steel frames in the United Kingdom. The website is detailed, with brochures, testimonials, quick quote, recent projects, all finding a place in the menu. This helps potential customers to make informed choices.

Absolute Rights


This is a website that maintains a down to the second countdown of the time that President Obama has left in office. The stated mission of this organization is to enlighten Americans on political issues and restore traditional conservative values. You can buy T shirts with political slogans and other stuff on their website.

Soul Brother


Soul Brother is based in London. They are a leading music store, with jazz being their speciality. Their pages are packed with music displays and all the music has been neatly categorized.

Rift Labs


Rift Labs aims to make products that can help you to be creative while taking photographs or making videos. One such product is the Kick Light, an iPhone accessory that is featured in detail on their WooCommerce powered website. They have connected Shipwire extension to WooCommerce so that orders are fulfilled automatically.

Explore Tokyo


If you are a photography enthusiast intending to visit Tokyo, you should look up this website. Explore Tokyo conducts photography tours and workshops in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and many other Japanese cities. The site uses WooCommerce Bookings extension for easy booking.



A wrap a minute – that is what this kitchen appliance can accomplish. The folk at Rotimatic believe that online is the way to go as they wanted to make the product affordable. While most features they needed were already available with WooCommerce, they have added Stripes payment gateway integration and an option for exporting orders into CSV which can later be used to modify and better their shopping process.

Nic Harry


Nic Harry, based in Cape Town, South Africa sells subscription socks and accessories. The socks are made from both cotton and bamboo fiber. The website markets these socks as ideal gifts for men.

Bright Watches


The website of Bright Watches displays a wide range and number of watches. The site has been redesigned recently and this has had a positive impact on sales. WooCommerce was chosen by the design team mainly because they wanted to stay within the familiar WordPress environment and because they were impressed with the shopping cart system of WooCommerce.

Santa Monica Pier


Santa Monica Pier is a place for fun and frolic. The place has a history dating back to 1909. You can plan entire events or a simple visit to the Pier, buy merchandise or book a parking lot on their website.

EM Golf Studio


This website sells indoor golf experiences as well as lessons with professional golfer Ed Morton. The viability of the studio depends on the two resources – the simulator and Ed, being used in a planned manner. WooCommerce Bookings extension has been used by the web designers for maximizing use of resources.



Striiipes is the website of Parisian designer Arthur Lhermitte. He not only designs the products that he sells, he has also designed the website himself. Two extensions that he has added to his WooCommerce powered website are Bundle Rate Shipping Module and Product Tabs.

Dark Horse


Jarrad Nelson is a designer who makes lifestyle products and showcases them on this website. He believes in the power of social media to set the cash registers ringing and social buttons are placed visibly in the homepage.

Trendy Resumes


Trendy Resumes assists job applicants to write their resumes with care. The designers chose WooCommerce for the website mainly because they believe it is a solid platform and updates are released in tandem with WordPress updates. They also like that it is compatible with many handy extensions.

Fitger’s Brewhouse


Fitger’s Brewhouse sells a range of merchandise, but it is the beer that they wish to highlight. They have been voted Minnesota’s best brew pub. Their website is simple with more focus on the products.

Blue Star Coffee Roasters


This site is a treat for coffee lovers. The pictures and descriptions of their coffee making process and the varieties of coffee on offer combined with the picture perfect mugs filled with coffee is sure to tempt visitors.

Live Chic


Live Chic puts out unique, handmade, personalized gifts for sale. They invite others to sell with them on their website.

Wakami USA


Wakami is a lifestyle brand that originated in Guatemala and then expanded to the USA. The products made by the rural folk in Guatemala are sold under this brand. The products are handcrafted and environment friendly and are showcased beautifully on the website.

Forage and Graze


Forage and Graze markets gluten free foods made from natural, nutritious ingredients. The food products are handmade and free from sugar and dairy. The website reinforces the concept of back-to-basics when it comes to food with the imagery of wildness that has been used throughout the site.

Judith Hobby Clothing


Judith started this store in Dubai to cater to the need of the local people for fashionable and comfortable clothes that spell style and elegance. Her WooCommerce powered website is filled with product display with latest products occupying center stage. YITH Wishlist helps in keeping tabs on customer requirements.

Vital Health Foods


At the website of Vital Foods, you can shop for vitamin supplements and natural foods and beverages. If you have any doubts as to which one is the right one for you, you can ask their expert for advice.

Tom Chalky


Tom Chalky was set up by Tom White as a website to sell uniquely designed fonts. This website came about after a few false starts and mistakes learnt from them, as described in Tom’s blog.

That rounds off my list.

You can see from this list that WooCommerce can be used for selling anything from steel frames to fonts or from resumes to food. Have you come across any unique WooCommerce powered website that I can add to my list ? Sure would like to hear about it.

If you’d like, you can find more examples and customer stories at WooThemes.

5 WordPress Monstroid Themes Are To Be Given Away. Take a chance on winning one! [CLOSED]

Monstroid Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Once upon a time entrepreneurs used old-fashioned ways of getting and spreading information for their business. Times change. Now, in order to develop your business, you move it online, using the opportunity to reach a national and even global community. Creating a website for many businesses became their lucky tickets. If you are willing to create an online presence for your business as well, but you don’t know what to start with – visit startuphub, a project which was recently launched to help beginners learn the ins and outs of website creation. Don’t worry, everything that may seem difficult to you now is explained at startuphub in the simplest way.

Nevertheless, to make a website you most likely will need themes, and this is what this giveaway is actually about. 5 WordPress ‘Monstroid’ themes are to be given away to 5 “giveaway” participants.


You may have heard about Monstroid, a multifunctional WordPress theme released by TemplateMonster this summer. It was welcomed by a WordPress audience with much anticipation, and the expectations have been exceeded. What I suggest to you is that you take a chance on winning a Monstroid theme & see how it works for you. Among the features you may like are 30+ child themes, installation Wizard, 50+ free pictures, 120+ PSD files, and, what is just as important, a 24/7 live support directly from your dashboard. Before we go to the terms and conditions of the giveaway, let’s take a closer look into the characteristics of what could, potentially, be your WordPress theme . First of all, it’s based on Cherry Framework 4, hence it has its functionality. However, there’s still a need to emphasize some features you may really like.

1. Child Themes


At the launch of Monstroid there were 5 of them, now there are 40+ and the number is growing. What is really great about it is that they constantly add more and more themes – imagine how many themes Monstroid will have in a year. Having a collection of various designs at your disposal can never hurt. Besides, this would relieve you of making the hard decision of choosing from among the themes you like.

2. Plugins

There’s a list of useful premium plugins which you may use separately from Monstroid. With their help you may install the theme in seconds, create shortcodes and build pages yourself,control theme branding etc. To see all of the plugins, click here.

Monstroid Wizard

Wizard is a one-of-a-kind solution used to install all theme components with just a few clicks. All the theme files are downloaded from the cloud. You just need to press the ‘Next’ button and wait until the installation is complete.

Cherry Shortcodes Templater

Make use of this tool to accelerate the process of page building. With its help, you can create an unlimited number of shortcode templates and modify them the way you like.

White Label Plugin

This tool will be useful for developers as it ensures deep customization of the WP dashboard panel, menus, logos, etc., to suit specific needs. In this way, you can create a less confusing and more branded site.

MotoPress Editor

By buying Monstroid you will receive a Pro version of MotoPress plugin. With this visual editor you can easily create and style pages without writing a single line of code.

Monstroid Skin Switcher

This plugin allows you to change the skins of the site without any problem. You can choose one of several styles offered in the collection without changing the code.

3. e-Commerce Readiness

As Monstroid is a WooCommerce theme, it includes all the pages for an online store. Move your store to the web and leverage from its online presence.

4. Live Chat Support


That is an undeniable advantage of this WordPress theme. You don’t have to contact theme providers via e-mails or via the website home page any more. You may solve all your issues directly from your dashboard via 24/7 live chat.

How Should You Enter The Giveaway?

  1. Visit Monstroid page
  2. Name the feature you like the most about it (you may find the features in the description of a theme)
  3. Name it in the comments bellow this post.

The giveaway lasts from January 5th, 2016 to January 12th, 2016.

5 of you will each win one of 5 Monstroid themes! Take a gamble on winning the biggest WordPress theme on the Web.

Happy winnings!

15 Truly Minimalist WordPress Themes 2016

Responsive Minimal WordPress Themes

Here in under you will see 15 great minimalist WordPress themes

. Why did we decide to showcase namely minimalist themes? The answer is obvious, because we like the style and it is a trend nowadays.

It’s a great delusion when users think that minimalist websites are easier to design. On the contrary, the artist has fewer tools to provide higher level of usability. Minimalist interfaces should be aesthetically appealing and have really good functionality to outstrip the competitors (common websites). How do designers reach these goals? They use space wisely; stunning visuals and striking typography are also at their hands. The main benefit of minimalist designs is their utmost focus on content. If this is what you need for your website, browse the minimalist WordPress themes below.

Minimalist designs are easy to recognize. We will quickly recap their main features.

  • A lot of negative space.
  • Large HD imagery.
  • Outstanding typography.
  • Harmonious contrasts.
  • Foolproof navigation.
  • Visual hierarchy.
  • Involving of flat elements.

As you see, everything seems simple. However, a designer should have a sharp eye and solid expertise to create minimalist designs. That’s why we offer you to free yourself from extra efforts and use pre-designed minimalist themes designed by TemplateMonster’s team. The guys are leaders in the industry, so the result will even exceed your expectations.

The fact that the themes were designed for WordPress CMS is also beneficial. You don’t need to have extensive technical skills to customize and maintain your website. WordPress is the most popular platform worldwide. You can do absolutely everything out of your WordPress theme. Change whatever you need to change, replace the default content with your own, upload your photos and videos, play with color schemes, in a word, add your personal touch and feel to your future website. It won’t take you long with a pre-designed theme. So, make your pick.

Dentist’s WordPress Theme

The theme was created for dental clinics. Clean design is very important for a medical site presentation, as it speaks about safety and professionalism of the enterprise. This design is one of the ‘trusted’ ones thanks to its HD images, enough white space, subtle animations, perfect team and testimonials presentation, harmonious content styling, and of course user-friendly navigation.

Dentist WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Agro Business WordPress Theme

The theme is a good option for online agricultural companies presentations. Full-screen slider shows endless fields giving heavy crops. Main menu is placed under it and becomes visible as you start to scroll. Company products images are supplied with hover effects, like many other elements on site. This makes the website more interactive. Subtle borders separate one content area from another.

Agriculture Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Windows & Doors Responsive WordPress Theme

A very spectacular theme for windows and doors companies. Parallax effect gives visitors the illusion of full immersion to site environments. Ghost buttons perfectly fit the minimalist layout of the theme. Main menu has fixed position. Company offers are featured in slider. Text comes in horizontal list. Simple icons help to make it even more understandable.

Windows & Doors Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WordPress Theme for Cafe & Restaurant

The theme meets the requirements of modern cafe or restaurant. Fair colors are prevailing over the layout. Maybe this is the secret why featured dishes look so yummy. Main menu is hidden, which saves the page from clutter. The author uses subtle brick and wooden textures to impart a unique feel to site layout. The theme is supplied with Lazy Load effect, you can embed video and audio files if needed, as well.

Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

fasResponsive WordPress Theme for Design Studio

If you want to present a design studio your own way, choose this theme. It will differentiate your company from many others. The theme is not only good-looking, but also feature-rich. Parallax, Lazy Load effect as well as Bootstrap and Cherry Framework are just the tip of an iceberg. You can read much more about theme’s features in its comprehensive documentation.

Design Studio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Style & Fashion WordPress Theme

The theme is designed for fashion sites. The author makes a powerful accent on theme’s visual appeal. It is difficult to tear the eyes away from full-screen slider images. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider gallery scripts are included by default. Parallax effect makes the photos even more impressive. The theme is SEO friendly and WPML ready.

Fashion Stylist WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Financial Co WordPress Theme

A cool theme for financial group or consultant. It has a very memorable logo. Banners are supplied with zooming effect. They significantly enhance main navigation. Company services are listed in three columns and supplied with icons. Red buttons and other elements guide users’ eyes through the web page.

Financial Advisor WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Car Wash WordPress Theme

An interesting theme for a car wash company. Slider images show the technology of car washing the company uses. Imitation of realistic environments via photos draws users’ attention to the essential information. Circular banners are also the way to decorate the layout and grab attention. Social sharing icons are both on top and at the bottom of the page.

Exterior Design WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Corporate WordPress Theme

Here is a great solution for your business company. Thanks to minimalist design, the users will immediately understand that here they can get a reliable partner, focused on their needs. The theme is responsive and crossbrowser compatible, so your customers won’t be limited by the choice of gadget to access your website from. The theme possesses all user-friendly features of Cherry Framework.

Drondo Corporate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Business Co Responsive WordPress Theme

Here is another solid theme able to change your business future. Its main menu is hidden. Two sliders also save the space on the page. Main content area is neatly presented in a grid. Hover and transition effects revive the serious layout and make it more ‘humane’.

Business Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Investment Co WordPress Theme

The theme can be used for financial companies and investment consultants. Its light-bluish layout is easy for the eyes and conveys the message of stability, reliability and professionalism. The theme is supplied with Parallax and Lazy Load effect. Cherry Framework and Bootstrap as well as extensive documentation will help customize your website quickly and launch it in a couple of days. Maybe even earlier, everything depends on your desire and level of technical expertise.

Investment Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

IT Co Responsive WordPress Theme

Running an IT company? This theme is a perfect fit for you. Very simple, yet efficient. It has everything for the start. It is animated with HTML plus JS. These are the most prominent features available in the package: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Cherry Framework, Responsive, WPML ready.

IT Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Financial Advice WordPress Theme

Get more customers for your financial or business company with the help of this theme. It has two sliders on the home page. Oblique lines separate one content area from another. Such geometric layouts are good for serious companies, as they are taken serious by the users. You can integrate audio or video files to tell more about your services.

Financial Advisor WP Template

Details | Demo

WordPress Theme for a Hotel

An amazing theme for hotel presentation. Slider and gallery look very nice. They give maximum information about hotel rooms, service and atmosphere. Main menu bar is transparent, but it becomes black and sticks to the top of the page as your start to scroll. Hotel news are featured with the help of round banners, which is rather unusual.

Hotels WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Clean Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme

This is how a modern cafe or restaurant should look from the point of latest web design trends and aesthetics. Lazy Load effect is highly relevant here as well as big photos of the dishes cooked at the eatery. Header menu is hidden. Restaurant menu is presented with the help of tabs. We are sure that the users will remember this white website with brick texture in the background. By the way, they can go further and check out restaurant social media profiles. The needed icons are here for the purpose.

Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Top 12 Free and Paid Code Quality Tools for Web Developers 2016

Free Code Quality Tools

Programming has become one of the biggest and most innovating industries on the planet. Web development, software development, software engineering, database administration, hardware engineering, even simple freelancing can bring about work related to programming and the use of code. Programming for the most part is appealing because it promises creative expression, but also high-end jobs that can help skilled programmers earn up to $200,000+ a year, without having to do much more than write and optimize code.

The leading Worlds technology companies; Google, Microsoft, etc,. have been known to provide its workers with incredible life-long benefits in exchange for their loyalty and service to the company. Money is oftentimes a factor for freelancers and individuals to start their self-taught programming journey, since there is no shortage of learning materials available; for any kind of programming language imaginable. Though there is one simple catch with the idea of teaching yourself how to program.

Code quality has always been an issue within the programmers communities, good code is the kind of code that can be reused years after it has been written, where as low quality programmers will oftentimes write code that is meant to solve a problem that exists at the time of writing the code, rather than thinking ahead of time as to how to scale the code base as it grows, and how to write code that other programmers would be easily able to follow along in case of someone else having to take over a specific project. To battle this, programmers need to introduce themselves to programming language style guides, but also to code quality testing tools that enable to check code against common issues and misuses.



SonarQube offers continuous code testing features that will ensure your code files, code projects, modules and folders are always tested for quality and will allow you to stay on top of the game when it comes to good quality code. The main areas of focus of the SonarQube platform are comments, coding rules, potential bugs, complexity, unit tests, duplications, and architecture & design. Whether you’re a small business company, a freelancer or a fully scaled enterprise corporation, SonarQube has something to offer to all levels of coding enthusiasts; projects.

Closure Linter

Closure Linter     Google Developers

The Closure Linter is a utility that checks JavaScript files for style issues such as operator placement, missing semicolons, spacing, the presence of JsDoc annotations, and more. The thing to remember about Closure Linter is that it follows Google’s official style guide for JavaSript, and the Linter itself is built in such a way that it can automatically detect and fix common code problems without your direct interaction, helping you to remain more productive as your project continues to grow. Works fine on Mac, Linux and Windows computers.


ESLint Pluggable JavaScript linter

ESLint is a tool for identifying and reporting on patterns found in ECMAScript/JavaScript code, with the goal of making code more consistent and avoiding bugs. You will need to have Node.js pre-installed in order to use ESLint. This particular linter is being used by companies like Facebook, Box, PayPal, Zendesk and many more. Linting is all about analysing the code without having to execute it, and ESLint — as a tool — is somewhat of an expert in this area. Write your code, sit back and relax as it is being thoroughly optimized without the need to manipulate it.


JSHint a JavaScript Code Quality Tool

JSHint is another famous static code analysis tool that can be used directly from the browser. JSHint output gives you all the technical information about your code and its metrics, and reports back any errors like missing variables and definitions whilst highlighting them in your code. Developers and engineers from companies like Wikipedia, Mozilla, RedHat and jQuery are all using JSHint to ensure the highest code quality.


Source Code Analysis Tools for Security Reliability Klocwork

Klocwork has been built to become a part of your development environment, rather than just an external tool that can be used for static code analysis. Klocwork will natively integrate with IDE’s like Microsofts Visual Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA — giving you all the features and options of the actual Klocwork platform within your IDE. These features include automatic security scan of your code, static code analysis in real-time, refactoring of code to ensure its structure, a metrics and reporting feature to analyze team performance, visual code architecture to better understand the end result of your projects, as well as an option to have your code reviewed for additional insight and further understanding.


Sidekick Be a code superhero

Sidekick is a code analysis tool that’s currently in beta stages, supporting Ruby, CoffeeScript and JavaScript code for analysis. Get your code analysed for the perfect style guides, push code updates and have only the new pieces of code analyzed, watch as your productivity and code quality increases as Sidekick continues to give you back the most comprehensive insights with perfect acuity.


JSLint  The JavaScript Code Quality Tool

JSLint was built to help programmers express themselves in a creative way without having to lose the quality of code due to following bad style guidelines, or otherwise tampering the code with bad quality syntax. Use the feature settings panel at the bottom of the page to assume different coding environments, and to select the kind of possible style errors to tolerate in order to maximize the effectiveness of your code optimization. Strictly for JavaScript developers only.


Software Testing and Static Analysis Tools Coverity

Coverity is a recognized name across the largest brands on the planet; Samsung, Sega and many other well-known names use Coverity to analyze and optimize code and software quality. The Coverity’s code quite suite offers a range of tools that allow to scan software source code for errors that could potentially cause permanent harm to the company, it will scan for strange behavior, potential security risks, or all-in-all risks that could cause software to fail. This is a private company that has more than two hundred employees in three different continents.

jsLint Online JavaScript Code Quality Tool

Yes, there are two code quality tools on this list with the same exact name, though both offer a range of different features. This particular JSLint takes your JavaScript source code and scans it for potential errors and if a problem has been found, it will automatically output a concise error message explaining what the cause of the error is, and where it is located within the source code. Whilst most of JavaScript errors are related to syntax, there are cases when style and structure comes into play as well, as this JSLint has been built to recognize those problems and help you solve them.

Code Climate

Code Climate. Hosted static analysis for Ruby PHP and JavaScript source code.

Code Climate is a self-hosted code quality platform — with an option to use it within the cloud for a monthly price — that helps you to test your code for test coverage, complexity, duplication, security, style, and more. It works out of the box with GitHub. Every time you push a new commit, Code Climate will fetch that commit, analyze it and then report back to you with potential fixes on your errors. It’s the perfect compliment towards a good and productive development environment; for individuals and teams.


Pylint code analysis for Python

Python developers need to lint their code as well, which is why Pylint has been established. Pylint helps you to analyze your Python scripts directly from within the command shell. Just load up Pylint and specify the file that you want to check and Pylint will output all the essential information about your code.


Codacy Automated Code Review

The last code quality tool on our list is Codacy — a free to use code quality checking tool that automatically checks your code for common errors and problems, and reports it back in a styling dashboard like environment.

30 Awesome Websites of Famous Celebrities Using WordPress as a CMS 2016

Celebrity WordPress Websites

For most websites, it happens that the website is up and running before it attracts a good following. With celebrities, the reverse is the case. They already have a steady fan following which converts itself to a loyal readership base. A website of a celebrity is under scrutiny right from the moment it is goes live.

In many cases, a celebrity is also dependent on their fans to grow in their chosen profession. Fan support is vital to his or her career. A website is a great way for celebrities to connect with their followers and supporters. And so, celebrities pay a lot of attention to the way in which their website is constructed. These websites more often than not carry the distinctive identity of the celebrity. The unique characteristics and traits of the celebrity is stamped on their websites.

Given the need to be different and distinctive, it is however not surprising that many celebrities have chosen WordPress as the Content Management System on which to base their websites. This just demonstrates how versatile WordPress can be.

Here, we’ve picked out a few celebrity websites using WordPress that you can look up to see how WordPress has been used.

Maria Sharapova


Maria Sharapova is a gorgeous professional tennis player with 5 Grand Slam titles to her name. Her WordPress based website keeps her 2 million fans up to date with forthcoming events in her calendar. She is the brand ambassador for many sports wear brands, and you can shop for the products she endorses from the pullout menu at the left side of the page. She is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Program and her involvement in development activities are also highlighted in the website.

John Grisham


Famous for legal thrillers, this American author has been translated into 42 languages. You can buy all of his books on this website. A 50 second video trailer of one of his books may help a casual visitor to make a purchase. A powerful storyteller, he has garnered 1.5 million likes on Facebook and you will see social sharing buttons featured conveniently on his website.

Rolling Stones


Rolling Stones is a music band that rocked London and the music scene all over the world from 1962 onwards. The band has Brian Jones and Keith Richards on the guitar, Ian Stewart on the piano, Bill Wyman with bass, Charlie Watts on the drums and Mick Jagger as the lead singer. The landing page of their website currently carries their tour schedule in Latin America in the first quarter of 2016. On clicking at the right top corner, you can enter the website and navigate a whole world of music. The website is well integrated with iTunes.

Fluffy Guy


American standup comedian, Gabriel Iglesias refuses to describe himself as fat or obese. He prefers the word ‘Fluffy’. Social sharing buttons with share counts are conspicuous on his website. He lends his voice for various screen characters and his online home is built with WordPress.

Danielle Steel

daniellesteel-famous-writer-website-with-wp is the site where the famous author regularly blogs. The site carries a lot of personal information about the author, and all her books are featured here as well.

Stephen Fry


Stephen Fry is a versatile Englishman who has made entertainment his business since 1981. He is an actor, director, journalist, comedian, and broadcaster, all rolled into one. He has done a travel series for the BBC, Stephen Fry in America. This series saw him travelling through each of the 50 states in America.

Martha Stewart


The Martha Blog is the blogging page of American television personality, business woman and writer, Martha Stewart. It is easy to spend a great deal of time on her blogging page as it covers a wide range of subjects from recipes to travel and gardening to entertainment.

Wil Wheaton


Wil Wheaton is a multi faceted personality and is famous for his role as Wesley Crusher in the Star Trek series. He is also a writer and a voice actor. But it is for his blogging activity that he is widely respected within the blogging community, and his blog was once voted as the Best Celebrity Weblog. In 2009, he was ranked as the 14th most influential web celebrity by Forbes.

Serena Williams


A professional tennis player, Serena Williams is a true powerhouse in the tennis world. To date, she has won 21 Grand Slam titles, the first one in 1999. She shares tips and techniques in her masterclass which you can access from her website.

Russell Brand


Russell Brand has accomplished a fair bit in the entertainment world and is now a name to reckon with. Starting out as a standup comedian, he has moved on to become an actor, MTV Presenter, writer and activist. His WordPress based site has an informal feel to it.

Steven Seagal


Steven Seagal is a black belt martial artist who began his career as an instructor in Japan. He then moved on to become an actor, musician and director in America. In addition to his professional achievements, Steven is an environmentalist and animal rights activist.

Woody Allen


Woody Allen began his career by writing short humor and doubling up as a comedian. He then graduated to become an actor and playwright, achieving fame as a director. His website is built with WordPress and carries the trailer of his latest film. His name is carried in a distinctive style on his website, the trademark spectacles replacing the alphabet ‘o’.

Chris Brown


Chris Brown is a popular recording artist, singer and dancer. The homepage of his website carries a video and you can order music from the website itself.

Ricky Martin


Ricky Martin is a singer from Peurto Rico. His website is very interactive, inviting feedback and comments from fans. His live performance at the Grammy Awards show in 1999, helped to make Latin pop popular in America. His song, ‘Living la Vida Loca’ has sold over 8 million copies and is one of the best selling singles of all times.

Paulo Coehlo


A Brazilian novelist, Paulo Coehlo is widely read all over the world. His most popular novel, ‘The Alchemist’ has been translated into 80 languages. After a confused and rebellious childhood, he was spiritually inspired during the course of a 500 mile walk that he undertook at the age of 40. It reaffirmed his desire to be a writer. Besides novels, he writes columns regularly that are thought provoking. He is the winner of numerous international awards including the Crystal Award from the World Economic Forum.

Jennifer Lopez


J Lo has carved a space for herself in the entertainment industry as a singer, dancer, actor and producer. She has forayed into fashion designing as well. In 2001, she held the record for the top album and the top movie in the same week- the first person to achieve this feat. She has tasted success both in entertainment and business fields.

Jeffery Archer


Jeffery Archer is a famous writer and former politician. A financial scandal sent him to prison late in his career and left him bankrupt. But being the writer that he is, he put down his prison experience also into a bestselling book. His easy to read and gripping style have earned him a loyal readership. An avid follower of cricket, he is very active on social media.

Katy Perry


Initiated into gospel music first as a teenager, Katy has gone onto become a top class pop singer. She has made it to the list of top female performers in the Forbes list. Her all time album sales stand at over $11 million and her all time singles sales at $81 million. She is the highest paid performer in 2015.

Andy Murray


Andy Murray is a professional tennis player from England. The latest feather in this Scottish player’s cap is the recent win in the Davis Cup for England. He has many firsts to his credit in England -the first to win a Grand Slam in the Open era, the first male player to win Wimbledon and the first to win the Olympic Gold in tennis for England. He is a consistent player, reaching at least the quarter finals of every major tournament. You can follow Andy’s game across the globe on his website.

Snoop Dogg


Calvin Cordozar Broadus, better known by his stage name, Snoop Dogg is an American rapper. He began singing and playing the piano at the church at a very early age and moved on to rapping very quickly. He has made appearances in many films and occasional television episodes.

Ashley Judd


Ashley Judd comes from a family of talented individuals and has established herself as an actress of repute and a political activist. After donning the grease paint for leading roles right from the year 1993, she is now leaning more towards humanitarian causes, becoming a global ambassador for YouthAIDS.

Oscar Pistorius


A sprinter who has competed and run at the Olympics under both the disabled and able bodied category, Oscar Pistorius had both his legs amputated at the knees as a 11 month old baby. He is popularly known as the Blade Runner. Recently convicted of killing his girlfriend, he has been granted bail by the courts in South Africa.

Usain Bolt


This sprinter from Jamaica is a three time winner of the Laureus Sports Person of the Year. He carries the tag of the fastest man on earth and is a six time Olympic champion. His record leaves one in no doubt that he is the greatest sprinter of all time, holding the record for both 100 and 200 meter simultaneously.

Kylie Minogue


Kylie Minogue is one more celebrity who has made the transition from singer to actor. This singer from Australia is often referred to as “The Princess of Pop” and “The Goddess of Pop”. She is releasing her latest album featuring 13 tracks this Christmas season.



Beyonce is an American singer and song writer. Her WordPress based website has an interesting layout carrying full width pictures as you scroll down the landing page. To navigate further in the website, you would need to access the pull out menu from the left side.

Garry Kasparov


It would be wrong to slot Kasparov as a former world chess champion. He is an author currently on tour promoting his latest book “Winter is Coming”. Beyond this, he is also a pro democracy leader in Russia and a global human rights activist.

Lauryn Hill


Lauryn Hill is an American singer and songwriter. She achieved fame with her solo album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. It earned her 5 awards at the 41st Grammy Awards.



Lights is a Canadian singer and music writer. She started her music career writing music for Sony and has gone on to win a number of awards.

Margaret Cho


Margaret Cho has been in comedy for the most part of her adult life. Winning accolades for comedy, right from her college days, she came to be a Patron Saint of sorts for Outsiders, for people who could not speak for themselves. She has used her fame as a kind of platform to speak about burning social issues.

Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone is a famous film personality who brought to life the gritty Rocky on the big screen. His recent film The Expendables with an all star cast that included Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li and Steve Austen opened to number one at the box office.

Well, that’s our list. Trust that I’ve given you a fair idea of how differently WordPress can be used to create powerful impressive websites.