30 Striking and Creative HTTP 404 Error Page Examples 2016

404 Not Found Error Page Examples

Every now and then your internet search comes up against a message that reads something like “HTTP 404 Error”. Or you may come up against something like “You broke the internet”. Both messages really mean the same thing – the second message is merely an amusing way of putting it across that the page you are looking for cannot be found. This may happen when the page that you searched for has been moved or cannot be found on the server, or it may have been removed altogether. You may have typed the wrong URL. Whatever the reason, you have lost your way on the internet highway and a 404 error message is the internet’s way of letting you know it.

Just in case, you have not seen such a message ever, you could try this – type the URL of any website and follow the ‘/’ at the end with a string of gibberish. You will see what I am referring to. Such errors are inevitable – some broken links, unchanged URLs and many other reasons can cause your site to throw up a 404 error. This is likely to be real annoying to the visitor and his click happy fingers will take him away from the website. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can design the 404 error page with a little care so that it will spark some interest or amusement in the visitor and cause the mouse to linger a bit on your website. The interest or amusement can leave a nice memory, causing the visitor to return to the site sometime later.

So it makes sense to design an error page with some amount of care. Redirecting a visitor, helping him take forward his search or merely bringing a smile to his face will go a long way in ensuring repeat visits. Some imaginative ways in which 404 error pages have been designed in some websites are highlighted in the examples that follow.

Email Center UK


Email Center UK offers email marketing services. On the website, you will understand that email marketing is not simply an exercise in list building. The error page of this website has the Development Team members pointing fingers at each other as to who should be fired for the gaffe. You will also be shown the way home with a link to the homepage.

Novak Djokovic


This professional tennis player’s off court humor is visible in the 404 page of his website. He asks visitors if they are looking for lost balls. You are then guided back to the menu.



This is the website of David Barton, an artist. The 404 page is witty and set out in the form of a classified advertisement, with the ‘file not found’ legend finding a place in the slot usually reserved for a contact phone number.



This is the website of a French creative studio that does design, both in print and digital versions. The error page informs you that the angels have the phone box. But you can access the menu from this page and find your way back home.



Incore is a digital marketing agency. Their 404 page is a tease featuring the picture of two ominous vultures and asking the lost visitors if they are really looking for them or if they would like to be returned home.



On this website, one can keep tab on the happenings in the world of androids. The 404 page on this website admonishes you for the lack of navigation skills that brought you to the error page in the first place.



Foxrate offers a free browser based application for collating customer reviews from various sales channels. A little dog peeps through the ‘0’ in the 404 to tell you that no fox can be found on the error page.



Agens is in the business of having bright digital ideas and turning it into working products. They have an astronaut lost in space, wandering about, carrying a 404 flag. The caption suggests that you take a look at recent projects.

Bored Panda


Bored Panda is a community for creative people. It has sections on art, photography and design. A panda swears on the 404 page that he has not eaten up the pages you are looking for. Advertisements are carried on the left side of the page and the menu remains on top of the page.

Expansion Broadcast


Podcasts go out from this website and track lists are featured here. This 404 page takes a dig and calls you a douche bag and takes pride in being featured in the Smashing Magazine.

Captain Dash


Captain Dash is a website that offers data management services. An app helps to convert all the boring data into meaningful information. The error page is quite simple asking you if are looking for Captain Dash backstage. You can send them an email from this page or go back to the homepage.

Odd Pears


Odd Pears sells creatively designed quality socks- beautiful mismatched socks that express individuality. The 404 error page shows a sock swearing, after breaking a hole at the big toe and scaring you into believing that you broke the internet.



Espry describe themselves as artists, creators and visionaries in the digital world. Their 404 page has a cute dog looking all around wearing a lost expression, with a call to action button advising the visitor to go home.



Petfinder is a website that helps lost animals find a home that will adopt them. You can apply search criteria and find a pet to adopt on their homepage. If you get lost doing this, you will see a cat caught up in knitting wool or a beaked friend screeching at you, and you will be guided back to the homepage. The menu, posts and the call to action buttons in the sidebar are carried in the error page as well.



CloudSigma is a cloud storage facility. If you lose your way in this website, you will get to meet their junior developer, who is in fact a cat that sleeps on the couch for the most part and yet finds time to do some coding.



Bitly is a URL shortener and link management platform. A fish floating upside down in the error page gives you an indication that something is wrong here. Helpful information about URLs is also given on this page.



As you may have guessed, FlixelPix is a website dedicated to photography. The error message is displayed on the full webpage with a suggestion to search, and a helpful search box is right there at hand.



Swissmiss is the design studio of Tina Roth. In her error page, she is seen through a hole in the canvas telling visitors to to launch a search from there or to go back to the homepage.



Woothemes is the website where you buy WordPress themes and plugins. They are the authors of the popular WooCommerce plugin. A fencer with a broken sword lets you know you have landed on their error page and a prominent search box helps you continue your search.

Studio7 Designs


Studio7 designs mobile applications and responsive user interfaces. The silhouette of a bear lets you know you have come to the wrong place.

Spoon Graphics


Spoon Graphics is the blog of Chris Spooner who helps others to create cool designs. The creativity is evident in his error page which appears as if you have tuned into a television at the wrong frequency and prompts you to call an engineer to fix it. Or you can opt to move back to homepage or archives.

Out of Comfort Zone


Out of Comfort Zone is the blog of Frederic Harper, a techie and a serial entrepreneur. He wears many hats and is keen to popularize technology. His error page is intelligently designed showing a fish out of water- out of it’s comfort zone, and you can press any key to move away from the page.

Jess Marks Photography


Jess and Marks are wedding photographers. They have kept their error page simple, using just shades of grey background and distinctive lettering to inform you that you are on the wrong page and you should go back to the menu or move on to their blog.

Adham Dannaway


Adham Dannaway is a designer and a front end developer. His error page is not the usual run of the mill. It is written up like a prophecy and has the picture of an alien emerging from a desktop monitor.

Life Support


Life Support is the name of a beverage that deals with hangovers.Their error page blames the visitor for blowing up the internet.



Avioa is a consulting setup that helps with business strategies. They leave an invitation for you in their error page to get in touch with them.

1st Web Designer


This is a primarily web designing company that is shifting focus in 2016 to WordPress Content Management System. They tell you that you are in the wrong page with a truism- not all those who wander are lost. From this page, you can move on to archives, start a search or go back to the homepage.

Margaret Cho


Margaret Cho is a stand up comedian and TV personality, who does live shows as well. The error page on her website tells you it’s ok to be lost and that Margaret too gets lost at times.

Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone is an actor who has moved on to other roles in film making. He is polite on his error page and offers to take you back. Or you can browse the menu from the error page as well.

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed


This websites discusses hosting options for websites and reviews them as well. The error page has an annoyed cat claiming to have eaten up the page in grammatically incorrect English.

The illustrative error pages above is bound to have caught your attention in some way or the other.

Maybe, you could let us have a look at your error pages as well ?

30 Gorgeous Websites Using Squarespace As Content Management System

Squarespace Logo

Squarespace is a Content Management System that combines a website builder, a blogging platform and a hosting service – a one stop shop for a website. Squarespace is ideal for websites that need to be rich in images and visually pleasing. It is suitable for small webstores and personal websites, as well as for business houses. The icing on the cake is that no coding skills are required at all. Building your website is merely a matter of adding and arranging desired content, just with a few clicks. Hosting is taken care of as well. To the website owner, this means they do not have to deal with messy upgrades and patches or bother with the maintenance of the website. A custom domain can be added easily. Squarespace uses Content Delivery Network across all geographies to host content, so load times are fast.

To start off building on your own website, zero in on a template that appeals to you. You can check out how it will appear on the website and on mobiles, and decide if it is the one for you. If you are starting in a small way, a one page template using the Squarespace cover page may work just fine. You can scale up to multipage when you are ready to expand. Moreover, you are not restricted to one template and you can install more than one on a single website. CSS Editor can be used to modify any template. If you mess up while doing this, simply restore the content of your original template.

The template can be customized with Style Editor to change color, font and layout. When it comes to fonts, just pick from Typekit which comes free with Squarespace. Or opt for a curated set of fonts from Google’s font library. You can drag content from your desktop onto the template. Images can be edited with the Aviary Editor. Add whole gallery blocks anywhere on the website and adjust display effects. Embellish display with audio and video, by adding these media elements in the same gallery. You can also enable the lightbox effect, with just a click. The image loader detects the right sized image to load from the numerous scaled versions that are generated. Images load in order – top to bottom, so your page loads faster. For a small price, you get access to over 40 million images from Getty.

Squarespace is a treat for webstore owners, as you can create a fully integrated eCommerce site and begin to accept payments almost immediately. Manage inventory and process orders end to end from a single dashboard, without having to worry about taxes and coupons. Integration with ShipStation makes real time shipping rates from different countries available, so you can pick your carrier and print shipping labels real quick. The Stripe Payment Gateway allows acceptance of all major credit cards, with no added transaction costs (for some packages) save for a minimal charge from Stripe. 128 bit SSL encryption means credit card data is safe and secure. Squarespace is SEO friendly, with meta tags, description and URLs all fine tuned for easy discovery by search engines. Analytics is available in real time so you get to see where your visitors are based and the keywords they used to find you. Powerful integration with social media platforms is possible, with links to iTunes and Google Play Store as well. With authenticated social profiles, you can auto-post to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

What will all this cost you ? Squarespace offers 5 packages starting at $5 per month paid annually for a single page mobile optimized website with free custom domain to $70 per month paid annually for websites with integrated galleries and blogs. If you have a special coding requirement, Squarespace will do the work for you at $70 per hour with an upfront quote. The features are not standard for all packages, with some included only for the higher end packages. However, 24/7 support is available to all. If you are still hesitant, you may consider opting for their 14 day free trial. You may want to check out a few websites that use Squarespace as their platform, and I have picked out some for you to take a quick look.

Bands In Town


Bands In Town is the website of an App that links fans with their favorite artists. Keep track of tour schedules, so you don’t miss out on a gig in your town. Text and graphic content alternate with full width image as you scroll down the website.

Wet desert Expedition


Wet Desert expedition is a group which organizes adventures in South West America. There’s not much text on the website, just awesome pictures from their expeditions and contact details if you are ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Salvage Solutions


Turning old, used building material into stuff that can be used again creatively is what Salvage Solutions does. A glance through their work will surprise you at how much beauty there is in reclaiming the old and making it anew. The description or stories added to every image lends a touch of human interest to the work they do.

Tudor Watch


Tudor is a legendary brand in the United States. Their watches are intended to make a lifestyle statement. The Lifestyle section links directly to their Tumblr account and there is a link to their Twitter account as well.

COR Cellars


The name COR Cellars is written boldly on a grey background on the website of this winery in Washington State. White and red letters are used, just like the color of the wines made by them. You can drop in on them for a wine tasting about an hour from downtown Portland and even wander through the vineyards.



WIRED is a print and digital magazine that covers a wide spectrum of topics- from science to business and design to entertainment. A collage of personalities makes up the interesting landing page, with a stylish logo featured in the center of the page.

Luke’s Lobster


The logo in this website is designed using the name Luke in combination with the tail, claws and head of a lobster. To ensure sustainable harvesting, they manage the lobsters from the harbor to the table. The painted wooden boards in the background and the logo make a visitor feel all at sea.

Mash Graphics


The landing page of this website is sheer minimalism. Just the stylized name written in white lettering on a black background and a five item small menu to the left. Nothing else. They design packaging, catalogs, billboards, business cards, logos, websites and much more. Some of their work is displayed in the ‘inner’ pages.

Darren Booth


Darren Booth is a man of letters- to be precise, he is a lettering artist and an illustrator. His client list is impressive with many well known names. Samples of his work are showcased in a grid on the homepage.

Collective Quarterly


The Collective Quarterly is a magazine about discovery. They focus on only one place in every issue to make sure that no story is missed out. The magazine is a veritable storehouse of experiences.

Lyft Blog


John Zimmer and Logan Green joined hands to change for the better, the community involved with transportation. They offer a platform for drivers and passengers to come together for fun and for good causes.



Contently Foundation works to promote journalism. They support and inspire young journalists and train them, if required, to be the voice of the disadvantaged people. Their homepage carries some of these stories.

The Car Crush


All about cars – that’s what you will see on this website founded by Joe Richardson. He is passionate about cars and fills his website with information and images of cars. You can access his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages from his website.

Cornell Creme


Full page images of tubs of creme with a menu to the top left- that makes up the landing page of Cornell Creme. They make ice creams from pure ingredients and their dairy requirements are met by a 50 year old second generation farm.

Pat Blute


Pat Blute is a multi faceted personality who dabbles in entertainment, travel and marketing. The website carries a load of videos in the About section, as well as the links to the many social media platforms on which he is present.



Jennifer Maravillas travels extensively and maps the places she travels to. The maps are made with trash. Her website makes for a nice platform to display her drawings. The Imagined section is both funny and thought provoking- animals riding elevators and bicycles(!) and more.

Belleair Market


Belleair Market describes itself as your corner store. They put together a collection of fine wines at competitive prices, crate beer and handpicked cigars. A deli that serves a morning coffee and sandwiches as well as lunch specials finds a place in the store.

Big Human


Big Human is into digital product design and development. Their studio is in New York. A click on the individual tiles in the mosaic of images on their landing page will lead you to the details of their different ventures and products.

Hello Lumio


Lumio is a highly innovative lamp. It is compact, in the form of a book that can be opened out 360 degree into a lamp with a strap. This reddot award winning lamp has made good use of the rich image features of Squarespace to contrast the luminosity of the lamp against a dark background.

Journey of the Universe


Journey of the Universe is a multiple award winning documentary film that tells the story of the Cosmos, the Earth and Human evolution. On the website, you can watch the trailer of the film and read related stuff about the film.

Salad Pediatrics


The website of Salad Pediatrics is well laid out and easily readable. You can be familiar with the doctors and clinic protocol before you make a trip down to the clinic. The clinic bills can be paid online. Useful information about child health and handy links to external websites are a thoughtful addition.

Me You Health


Me You Health taps the power of small measures to add up to a better life. It gets people to walk, stop smoking and eat better in group programs. Social networks provide much needed support. Some health related products are marketed online as well.

Nature’s Intent


The soil background on the website of Nature’s Intent makes for the perfect setting to sell this website’s main product- organic fertilizers. They have been in operation for over 30 years and now have an online home with Squarespace.

Lunt Design


The website of this design enterprise is quite different from the usual. The even sized transparent boxes containing the headings for the content with small random images against some of them, set against a black background give a distinct look to the website.



Uppercase is a quarterly magazine for the creative folk. Subscription options and open pages of the magazine are featured on the landing page. A postcard for sign up details stays with the visitor even as they scroll down the website.

Robbie Shackelford


Robbie Shackelford has set up an online shop with Squarespace as a platform to sell paintings . The colors used and the speckles of sunlight in the paintings are brought out well in the showcase.

Lake Community Church


Lake Community Church is a value driven and vision focused organization. They have an elearning section which visitors can access easily. The website is well laid out with a detailed menu, making it easy to navigate the site.

Home Of The Middle Earth


Home Of The Middle Earth is a reference to New Zealand and the natural landscape of this country forms the stunning background for the website. The country is earning the reputation of being supportive to the film industry. New Zealanders who have worked on the Hobbit trilogy share their stories on this website.



A baby carrier that can be worn in front or at the back to carry little ones close to you. There are no bulky paddings or buckles. The design and features are explained clearly on the website, helping a buyer to make up his mind.

Lucia Balcazar


Lucia Balcazar is an illustrator who has lived her life spread across half the globe. Paper sculptures are what keep her interested at present. Her liking for political satire finds expression in the Biografiction section of her website.

That concludes my list.

Now, you maybe wondering if Squarespace is the platform for you ? A quick assessment would be that if you want visually stunning websites with hosting and technical details all taken care of, you should pick Squarespace. If you want control over your website and are very particular about customizing it to your exact requirement, Squarespace may not be for you. Then again, it is your individual needs and personal preferences that should help you make the final choice.

How to Load WordPress jQuery Script From CDN (Google Hosted Libraries)

JQuery Logo

This tutorial will show you how to replace your local jQuery script which comes with WordPress with one from from Google Library for better performance and reliability. This usually is done optimize website performance and improve website load speed for relatively slow shared hosts. Use of CDN (Google Library in this case) is a great way to reduce load on your server in unexpected traffic spike as less files will be loaded from your server and load would be distributed over Google server infrastructure.

In case you are using your own VPS I wouldn’t recommend to load jQuery from other resources but would minify, combine and gzip it locally which does require some JavaScript skills to combat JavaScript and jQuery conflicts but it is worth it.

What are the benefits from using Google Library CDN for jQuery and other JavaScript libraries?

1. Better performance as Google surely has a better server than you have.
2. jQuery file from Google Library might be already cache in your visitors browser making to load it even faster.
3. jQuery is loaded from the closest Google server.
4. Less load on your server

As you can all benefits are related to website performance and most likely you read this because you are looking to improve your website performance, am I right?

How to loads jQuery from Google Library (CDN)

First of all default WordPress scripts are registered via functions.php file and there are five parameters for this function.

  1. Name (jQuery on our case)
  2. URL of script (if it is loaded from theme folder or other place outside WordPress code)
  3. Array of any scripts which depend on this script (in most case scripts will depend on jQuery but there are many uses of this)
  4. Script version number (Only optional to keep the track of scripts you have installed)
  5. In the footer. (by default it is set to load all scripts in header, if this parameter is set “true”, scripts will be loaded in footer instead )
//Making jQuery to load from Google Library
function replace_jquery() {
	if (!is_admin()) {
		// comment out the next two lines to load the local copy of jQuery
		wp_register_script('jquery', 'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.3/jquery.min.js', false, '1.11.3');
add_action('init', 'replace_jquery');

When and why should avoid using Google Library for jQuery?

  • If you are building a theme (free or premium) that you will have no control where and how it will be used. In case you forget or have no control to update this jQuery code. It will get outdated and you might run into many problems. WordPress core has current (no the latest but the best suited version for masses) jQuery and let’s keep it that way.
  • When developing WordPress based website for your clients that you won’t maintain. Again the script will get outdated.
  • If you are on your own VPS as you won’t get any speed benefits. If you did know how to setup your own VPS it is likely that you will know how to implement caching, gzip and script minification.

What are your thoughts about loading jQuery from Google Library or other CDN resources that are dedicated to JavaScript libraries? CDN as a whole for images, scripts and other large files is a whole other story but what about this?

Update Spazlport have provided useful code snippet in comment section below for those looking for even more advanced solution.

Giveaway Week at ThemeIsle – Win 1 of 5 ThemeIsle Pirate Club Memberships

Themeisel Giveaway Club Memberships

It appears that the season of joy and giving is not yet over – not at ThemeIsle anyway. It is spilling over into the New Year. From the 18th to the 25th of January, ThemeIsle is giving away 5 Pirate Club Memberships (and a bottle of rum). Too good to be true ? Well, minus the bottle of rum, the offer still stands.

What makes the Pirate Club Membership a prized possession for a website owner or designer ?

ThemeIsle is a web store that designs and sells innovative WordPress themes and offers great customer support. I was able to count over 20 premium themes and about two dozen free ones. Themes are available in pretty much every category – Blogging, Business, Magazine, Music, Portfolio.

The themes are built by a customer centric development team. With the preview option provided for each theme, you get a peek at the appearance of the frontend and backend. You can also check out how your site will appear on a mobile device. If you are unsure about going the whole distance with a premium theme, you could try out the Lite version first which is cheaper.

Themes are pixel perfect and come with great scope for customization. The nomenclature in play whilst creating theme names makes your job of identifying one, easy. For example, Lawyeria for lawyers, Music Band for music bands and clubs, Constructzine for building constructors, Plumbelt for plumbers, BookRev for book reviewers, Woga for Yoga studios – get the drift ? So you can choose the theme based on your need quite quickly.

ThemeIsle is not restricted to just themes, they make plugins as well. Some of them are available in the WordPress plugin repository while many are available for free download on the ThemeIsle website. The popular Revive Old Post plugin comes from the ThemeIsle stable and the Lite version is available for free.

ThemeIsle offers 3 membership packages,

  • Diamond which entitles you to 1 theme, 1 domain license, one year of basic support and one year of free updates at $67.
  • Treasure Chest which gives you access to all their themes, 3 domains license, 2 years of support and updates at $99.
  • Pirate Club which gives you access to all their themes and updates, 3 domains license, lifetime support and updates at $199.

The Treasure Chest and the Pirate Club come with priority support. When you get a license, it also means that you get access to the source code that goes with it, but for support and updates, you will have to renew the GNU license.

Some of the popular themes from ThemeIsle are:

Zerif PRO




Now, that you have been able to peep into the booty chest at ThemeIsle you will get an idea what you stand to win when you bag a Pirate Club Membership for free. 5 readers of Colorlib have the opportunity to access all these themes, plugins, updates and support for free.

With the great number of WordPress themes available out there, picking a theme that is well suited to your individual needs may be a bit difficult. Make things easy for yourself by visiting ThemeIsle and checking out their themes. Make it even easier by participating in the Giveaway.

How To Enter The Giveaway

  1. Visit ThemeIsle
  2. Choose the theme (can be multiple) that you like the most.
  3. Name it in the comments bellow this post and explain why you want to get it.

The giveaway lasts from January 18th, 2016 to January 25th, 2016.

5 of you will each win 1 of 5 ThemeIsle Pirate Club Memberships! Take a gamble on winning the biggest WordPress theme on the Web.

Happy winnings!

30 Top Websites & Blogs That Are Powered By WordPress

Websites Powered By WordPress

I’ve always maintained that WordPress is one of the most user friendly content management systems, especially for the non-tech savvy. I’ve boasted on several occasions that you can create WordPress sites and handle a reasonably high amount of traffic. Apart from its remarkable user friendliness, WordPress can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Now it is time to test that boast, I’m going to list a few of the world’s most visited websites which run on WordPress.

Please note, some of these websites may not rank as highly as you might expect on say Alexa. If that is the case for any particular website I’ve included, it happens to cover a niche that isn’t as popular or there aren’t any better WordPress based websites in the particular niche.

The reasoning or the motivation behind this post, is to not only demonstrate the power of WordPress in terms of ability to create high/medium traffic sites. But also to demonstrate WordPress’s usability across a wide spectrum of possible purposes and to show how organisations, corporations, small businesses, non profits, pop stars and athletes use WordPress for their online platforms.

In no particular order, here are some awesome websites which run on WordPress.



An awesome news outlet born in 2012 to deliver news to business men and women across the world and cover every aspect of the new global economy. This website was created and designed to meet the needs of the modern web, where people reading the news are constantly on the move, so naturally it looks great on tablets and mobile phones.

Quartz is an excellent source of credible information with a great emphasis on digital storytelling as opposed to how traditional news sources operate. The website itself was designed so as to bring the benefits of the web and deliver it with the elegance of an application.

The website is minimal as are the menus, there is little to no distraction and the website enhances readability. Individual posts are dominated on the top by a single full screen image that provides an initial perspective and a glimpse into the topic of the post. But what follows after it, is great content with well chosen typography and few images.

The website also seems to operate on an infinite scroll which is great for reading continuity, it reduces the burden on menus for navigation of the site.

The New Yorker


A weekly magazine which provides a melange of news on international affairs, popular culture, the arts, business, science, technology and politics. And to top it off, they also report on poetry, humor and cartoons in their published work.

Again the theme here seems to be the same, the website can easily be viewed on mobile devices. The magazine is available for mobile readers via an app which can be found in the App Store on Amazon and Google Play. A traditional magazine relies on subscriptions for revenue as does the New Yorker.

They have digital, print and a combination plan which helps them generate revenue. The digital plan is a lot better option than the print edition because you’ll have access to their complete digital archives which goes back all the way to 1925. The access is granted to a subscribed users based on membership. So basically you can login to access premium content from anywhere in the world.

The website’s menu is a whole lot larger than Quartz, as you might imagine given the breadth of topics that it covers. The website is dotted with imagery of all sizes and yet there is a lot of white space on the site. The publishing mechanism that WordPress provides makes it possible for creative writers and artists to publish content in via normal written content, podcasts, videos, slideshows and interactive graphics easily.

BBC America


BBC America brings the best of entertainment including natural history, movies, sci-fi and drama. Heard of Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Man versus Wild or Orphan Black ? Well of those shows were brought to you by BBC America.

A lot of the content on the website is primarily about tv shows of different genres. In addition, scheduling information is provided in great depth, there is a lot of video content in the form of teasers and plenty of blog content about the tv shows and the entertainment business.

There is a shopping tab among the menu options and it permits the purchase of tv series like Top Gear & Sherlock. Although, I must point out that this leads to a BBC sister site which does not run on WordPress.

In all likelihood the website is used more as reference by followers of tv series to keep track of the timings of their favorite tv shows and their release dates. And the website’s scheduling information structure might support that claim, it is well built and intuitive to handle. In fact the schedule page of BBC America seems to be running on Thematic which is a free WordPress theme.

This website is genuinely multi faceted and delivers a multitude of content types. A lot of the content also seems to link back to the mother site of the BBC which creates a traffic loop. There is a menu atop the website with a wide spectrum of topics which links back to the BBC’s primary news website.

Time Inc.


Time Inc. – One of the most well known brands in the world. Let me put this into perspective, nearly 50% of the population of the United States will engage with a Time Inc. brand in a month. And they run their website on WordPress. Although, some of their brands may have other content management systems working in tandem with WordPress or may run on a non-WordPress platform.

That being said, it should take anything away from the fact that WordPress is incredibly versatile and can be used by a corporation that controls such a sizable portion of the media we consume. The website is largely descriptive of the Time brand and the brands they have in their sizable & diverse portfolio.

You find on the site what you might expect from any reasonably sized company, there is a great deal of information about their leadership, company profile, history of the company, corporate social responsibility, investment information and career opportunities. They even report their quarterly earnings result in the first page, as you might expect from any corporation whose primary motive is to make money for the share holders.

But in comparison to most corporate websites, this website is not in the least bit dry or boring. As you can see above, the imagery is excellent and greatly distracts us from the fact, that it is website of an pretty big corporate entity.



A brand owned by Time Inc, Time magazine is one of the most widely recognized and widely read magazines in the world. A readership of around 25 million strong and as of 2012, the eleventh most circulated magazine in the United States.

The website is what you might expect from a news outlet, the site design is based on a side menu. The website uses a lot of red especially in the navigation options and unlike previous websites, there is little empty white space. The emphasis is far more on delivering news content as quickly as possible, there are also articles with great insightful depth in the magazine. Although, when you compare the website to Quartz, there is definitely less of an emphasis on readability.

They publish on pretty much every topic you can imagine and the landing page has a lot of content on it. Images the site uses, some large and some thumbnails accompany the various articles on the site.

As you can imagine such a website probably has a great number of authors and full time staff. It must certainly help to have WordPress, when publishing so much content produced by a number of authors and then checked by multiple editors. They also work on a subscription model for premium content.



TechCrunch covers breaking news about the technology sector, they write about startups and a plethora of internet products. It was started by Micheal Arrington to share information about new companies that were changing technology.

The website menu is relatively simple and the content itself which is largely text, some images & video is presented in a semi grid like format working in tandem with a timeline system which displays posts published by time. Since the emphasis lies in creating content about breakthroughs before anyone else, the time line format is ideal for presenting content.

There’s also a purely video based section on the site which is dedicated to delivering new tech, interviews with tech industry experts & innovators and product reviews. TechCrunch is also well known for its startup battlefield which is dedicated to information on startups and their funding.



IFC is a website dedicated to the entertainment industry with a focus on drama and comedy. The website holds a lot of scheduling information which can be accessed by visitors. The site also hosts information on movies, two blogs and some video content.

Site is unlike most websites where there more white space is preferred, the site’s background is black. The typography is bold and black, against a light blue background.



One of the most stylish, suave characters to have ever existed. James Bond is not just a spy, the character has been a lot more and represents a regal elegance which you might only associate with the choicest of brands. So creating a website for the famous 007 character requires an equal amount of sophistication in design.

The site’s design is as you might expect regal to say the least. There are three colors involved here, one the site’s background, the text’s background and the text itself. There is a lot of white space while the text is white placed against a black background.

The website is modeled on a portfolio or grid with the images making up for what some might consider a lack of color given the abundance of black and white. But the use of only black and white primarily is probably what makes this site look great.

If one were ever concerned whether a WordPress website can be designed for luxury brands, then this website is a great example of how awesome a WordPress site can be when customized by the right developer.

Thrive Magazine


A magazine that reports on sports, fitness, entrepreneurship and nutrition. Website employs dark background set against big white bold text and a simple primary menu to navigate the website. The site is not particularly highly ranked but it does boasts a very simple and straightforward design which appealed to me.

I’ve seen many websites use minimal designs with white backgrounds, here’s a rather minimal website that uses a dark background. Besides, a website that covers fitness is a good addition to this collection.

Van Heusen


Yet another brand that is associated with style and regal professionalism, very similar to the 007 brand. The website contains a ton of information on their various products, loads of images of their catalog and a few videos advertising the inventiveness of their clothing line.

The Next Web


If you are like me, you’ve probably follow The Next Web religiously. The site covers pretty much anything that comes out of the Internet and technology. There is a lot of content about how technology interacts with the world as we know it. They discuss money, insights into the tech world and a lot of cool stuff.

The website is what you might expect from a typical tech website, a lot of images with the articles displayed in a grid essentially. The primary menu is sticky and always stays on the screen which is a nice touch for a website that generates an enormous amount of content on a daily basis as it aids navigation.

Fortune Magazine


Fortune is yet another well known magazine from Time Inc. The website is rather crowded with content and there is lot less space for each single article or post on the homepage. This is normal on websites where the rate of content generation is very high and there are a great number of news stories worth reporting on in a small duration of time.

A very purposeful website created to bring breaking news and insightful articles from the world of business.



One of my favorite websites, an absolutely great read for any freelance writer or internet marketer. The website has a blog, podcast content, ebooks and an incredibly popular job board.

You may not think much of the site’s design, but you’ll be amazed at how successful the website has been when it comes to connecting with audiences and attracting the right type of visitors. This is a fairly straightforward approach when creating what is essentially a blog that proffers professional advice, tutorials and tips. The simplicity probably has a great deal to do with their success.

StartUp Weekend


A well designed website as you might expect, the menu is rather quirky in the form of cloud bubbles. The website is a little more than a landing page with some extra content regarding the event details of startup meets. But as far as its function which revolves around event management is concerned, the website is more than adequate and performs the job quite well.

Smithsonian National Museum Of African Art


All sorts of content can be found on this website including a ton of amazing images, lot of information about events and educational programs. While the website might not fall into the category of being a corporate website, it certainly has a regal definition tempered by flair and style that you might find in a website that covers popular social culture.

I certainly wouldn’t have imagined a website for a museum using WordPress, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled on to the existence of this particular website.



Yet another social and cultural icon of our times, a website completely dedicated to the artist Beyonce. The website has a lot of work from her photography catalogs, big bold large images cover the landing page of the site. The side menu employed is rather large when invoked. Overall pretty awesome site for a great artist.

Usain Bolt


If you were ever asked to pick an athlete who’s performance is beyond compare in his or her field, Bolt would certainly be among the contenders. The Jamaican sprinter’s website is dedicated to his athletic achievements and contains a lot of images. It boasts a full screen slider followed by a news stream reporting his most recent of sporting feats and his other adventures.

Invisible Children


Invisible Children is a great website albeit about a sad topic. The website is the front for an NGO that fights for the rights of children who have been entrenched in the LRA and abducted for the purpose of serving as child soldiers.

The website itself is brilliant in terms of its user interface and has the right functionality to help combat and save as many children as possible.



The website for AMC the makers of certainly one of my favorite tv shows -“The Walking Dead” and many other incredibly popular shows as well. The website has a lot of powerful, full screen imagery intended to capture the curiosity and attention of prospective audiences to their tv shows. They also have a schedule information section, a blog and a shopping section for fans to purchase their favorite tv shows.

Google Ventures


I love this website, minimalism at its best. The menu structure and icons it employs for navigation are great, there is very little in the way of distraction on their pages. Google Ventures primarily tells the story of how they’ve helped start ups grow and scale, their website also provides extensive information on the startups they’ve funded.

The Rolling Stones


One of the most well known bands and or brands in the music industry for more than half century, their website uses WordPress. The website has a lot of pink against a blue background and lot of video given the nature of the content you might expect. That is true at least on the landing page, but if you explore the website a bit more you’ll also find a lot of text content equally well presented.



A professional content discovery service that makes more than 200 billion recommendations on a daily basis. The website is well designed, site has a few full screen images and uses the color orange very effectively indeed. There is very little text on the homepage and a menu that is as small as can be. The site is also incredibly easy to navigate.



Wired is a magazine that brings to you tomorrow’s technologies today. Their main website has a lot of content and a pretty large menu with a ton of options to choose from. The site uses a partial grid system in conjunction with side bars displaying a content stream of new information as new content is generated on the website.

We’ve seen so many websites ranging from corporations, small online businesses to non profit organisations and magazines leveraging WordPress as a means to publish content on the internet. But WordPress is also used as a blog and it is an awesome platform for your average blog.

But hold on, it isn’t just the average blog that uses WordPress there are a great number of websites that use WordPress to run their blogs. Let’s have a look at a few of the best!



A very large corporate brand in the electronics and gaming industry renown for its gaming consoles and smart phones. Their official blog runs on the WordPress platform, there is not much in the way of style in the website. The site has been designed to add a lot of text content about their products and various product specifications. There is a humongous archive with a lot of information on their various products stretching back to 2007.

Play Station Blog


The website is pretty awesome with a portfolio/grid esque based approach to video and image rich content. They’ve packed in a lot of images into a very small space at the top of the site and as you scroll down, the site is divided into two columns with large video content bearing individual posts.

TED Blog


TED is another non profit organization that leverages the power of WordPress to communicate ideas via the world wide web. The website employs a menu with not too many options, followed by a full screen article post and a two column grid with more recently published articles. They also have quite an extensive footer which directs you to the various TED programs and communication channels for interacting with TED.



A leading provider of raw computing infrastructure runs a blog which uses WordPress. A simple blog with with the posts divided into feature posts and latest posts. Obviously being the blog of a service provider there are a lot of link-backs to their services and their mother site.

Official LinkedIn Blog


Yes, the most used professional social network’s blog runs on WordPress. The website is designed for one purpose and that is made abundantly clear from the onset. Most of the content on the blog focuses attention on human resources, talent management and hiring practices across the globe.

SAP News Center


SAP is a multinational corporation that creates software for enterprise resource planning among others. Their blog delivers news from their various undertakings from all their divisions in different countries.

Facebook Newsroom


The world’s most popular social network’s official blog runs on WordPress. The site is minimal and has one large image/video on a slider system followed by simple plain text news with no thumbnails. Fairly simple site but remarkably readable as you might expect.

Final Thoughts

I hope I’ve amply demonstrated how WordPress can be used and how wide a spectrum of purposes/businesses/niches WordPress can handle. It is very unlikely that the site you want to create can not be best achieved with WordPress as the Content Management System.

If you are yet to create your first website or blog what are you waiting for – you have a wealth of knowledge available here on Colorlib and across the web to help you do just that.

But if you are a wee bit lazy like me, you can read an article I posted a while back – how to make a WordPress website. And we also have loads more on how to make your site secure and how you can increase your website’s performance.

If you enjoyed the post please do share it with your friends and subscribe to the Colorlib blog for more of the same ?

20 Best HTML5 Health and Medical Website Templates For Clinics, Doctors, Dentists and More 2016

Medical Html Website Templates

Medical doctors are rightfully held to a very standard. Few people can have such a direct and meaningful impact, and this responsibility requires a very professional attitude. However, private practitioners must also rely on marketing in order to advertise their business. A medical website must be as impeccable as an operating room.

HTML templates are a cheaper and more efficient alternative to web development companies. Theses product are versatile skins which promise to enhance the page from a practical and aesthetic standpoint. Installation and customization is very user friendly, and almost anyone can use them. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Medical Website Templates:



If you are searching for an exemplary HTML template that can improve your websites, look no further than Canvas. This product can be used for multi-page or single-page sites, depending on the client’s specifications. It is also very versatile, suited for a broad spectrum of possible business fields: media agency, web app, restaurant, travel, wedding, construction or medical. With Canvas, there is no limit to what you can achieve. More than 75 fully-functional home page variations are offered, in addition to 550 HTML files. Basically, a template must be a blank slate for the owner’s creativity. Canvas allows you to create a site that perfectly reflects your professionalism and commitment towards health.

There are working Ajax contact forms, and Less CSS files. Your website will benefit from 165 creative templates for your portfolio, and more than 50 scalable shortcodes. Despite its regular $14 price tag, the premium Revolution Slider plugin was added free of charge. In order to increase site revenue, it is possible to open a personal online store. Canvas has some gorgeous eCommerce shop templates that can facilitate the distribution of merchandise. There will be a limitless number of footer layout variations, and more than 7 sliders with 20 templates each.



Mist is an excellent HTML template that can improve every aspect of your medical website. It is very versatile, capable of accommodating clients from any niche or demographic. It is also perfectly suited for restaurant, agency, corporate, education, charity, architect, fashion, or resume websites. This adaptability results from a massive collection of useful features. The layout of this product is entirely responsive, and it was tested on most devices on the market. Mist can work with desktop computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets. There are boxed or wide page variations, in addition to 10 unique page styles. For your portfolio, more than 25 portfolio layout designs were added. In total, this template has over 2000 icons, and more than 600, hand-selected Google Fonts.

Site owners will be able to setup a private newsletter that updates clients and patients every week. Mist has 60+ home page demo variations. Each demo is fully functional, and it can facilitate the web development process. For people with busy schedules, these demos are a godsend. There is a limitless number of short codes, and it is possible to personalize your site’s color. With this template, you will only be limited by what you can imagine.



If your goal is to create a professional medical website, look no further than Linstar. This exemplary HTML template is suited for a variety of roles, thanks to an expansive roster of practical features. Linstar allows clients to design a page that perfectly matches their dreams. It implements multiple elements, sections and short codes. In total, there are more than 30 home page variations, and 3 left or right menu options. Your site will feature a “Coming soon” page, and a series of useful pricing tables for any items.

You may include an image gallery, showcasing your facilities as you advertise your professionalism. Linstar has layered PSD files, and more than 100 featured sections. Et-line font icons and premium sliders can further improve the customer’s page. In addition, there are masonry portfolios and 4 distinct header variations. For those who want to learn more about this template, the developers have added a detailed documentation file. It contains information regarding all Linstar features, offering to guide you through the installation process. After the product is purchased, everyone will benefit from a lifetime of free updates. Each upgrade will either fix errors, or expand your website’s capabilities. Be sure to access the live preview, for more information.



Medico is a clean, modern and well-designed HTML template which can be used to enhance the websites of shops, veterinary practices, dental clinics, and doctors. It has many niche-oriented features, as it seeks to accommodate those who work in the health care market. Medico has two versions: dark and light. Regardless of which variation is chosen, the result will still look incredible. In addition, you can select a boxed or wide layout, and a single or multi-page format. In total, there are more than 100 HTML templates, and 46 PSD files.

Medico has special pages for medical and veterinary clients, and multiple Coming Soon and 404 pages. It is possible to distribute supplies or merchandise, as this template allows you to craft an online store. Your bottom line will certainly increase. There will specific sections for galleries, contacts, and blogs. It should also be mentioned that Medico has a WordPress version. The visual builder tool can be used to craft multi-page and single-page sites. There is no need for advanced coding knowledge. It is possible to select an element, and drag it across the screen to where it needs to be. It’s that simple! For more information, be sure to access the live preview.



MedicalPress is an excellent HTML template that can enhance every aspect of your medical and health website. Developed by an elite author, this product simply refuses to be mediocre. MedicalPress can be implemented on any health clinic, dentist, private doctor, or surgeon website. It has many niche-specific features that can support your practice and increase your page view count. Posts or offers can be showcased on any device, regardless of the size of its screen. Indeed, the template is fully responsive and it can accommodate a broad spectrum of phones, tablets, and computers. MedicalPress has a well-written and clean code. It maximizes your chances of getting noticed, as it is optimized for search engines. Of course, there will be specific pages for doctors, with multiple column variations.

Sortable gallery pages were also added, along with service and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. The contact section of your site can include Google Maps, and a support form that is powered by Ajax. MedicalPress is extremely-user friendly, and it has a detailed documentation source. It contains information regarding every single feature, offering to guide your through the web development experience. It should also be mentioned that this product is compatible with most web browsers.

Creativ Business


Creativ Business is an expansive, professional HTML template that can exceed even the most optimistic expectations. It has more than 200 HTML page variations, and 100 page builder elements. In addition, over 150 PSD files are available for every customer. Creativ Business has 8 distinct versions, and it incorporates the page builder tool. Website construction has been greatly simplified, and there is no need to hire a professional web development company. Any change that is made during page construction can be viewed in real time, resulting in an instant feedback system. This encourages experimentation and creativity. In just a few moments, you could have a fully-functional site. There is even an explanatory video that can give you a crash course into Creativ Business and its features.

Hand-held device owners can rest easy, knowing that all compatibility errors were eliminated. Content can be showcased on the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. Layouts are available in full width or boxed versions, and they can have either a black or white color palette. This template’s versatility allows it to fit almost any business niche. Be it medical websites or small freelancer pages, the results will look incredible. There is no better way to impress employers or potential customers.



KALLYAS is a super HTML template that can improve your medical website. Its design is modern, clean and streamlined. It can be used for a variety of pages, given its versatility and commitment towards quality. Over 100 site elements are available, in addition to 14 distinct home page variations. Regardless of what you choose, the results will look incredible. There are many personalized pages, in addition to a dynamic PHP contact form. KALLYAS has incorporated the Page Builder tool, and it has more than 114 elements. Your will be given complete creative control over the entire setup process. Drag and drop technology is used, and even those who lack technical expertise can easily setup an exemplary medical page. You only need to select an element, and drag it across the screen. It’s that simple!

This template has unique hero scenes, and it is powered by the prolific Bootstrap framework. Many premium plugins were included, free of charge. This spares you from having to shop for additional third-party add-ons. KALLYAS features the iOS Slider, Slider Revolution, Wow Slider, CuteSlider, and iCarousel plugins. For those who want to sample KALLYAS without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was added.



MediCenter is an excellent HTML template which can be used to improve any clinic, hospital, doctor, or health-oriented website. Many niche-oriented features were implemented, in order to accommodate the needs of healthcare professionals from across the globe. MediCenter has a Timetable Responsive Schedule Plugin, allowing patients to book their appointments and consultations. There are boxed and wide layout variations, 20 page templates, and more than 6 home page layout versions. In addition, the template will incorporate more than 50+ icons, a vast collection of short codes, and some Ajax forms.

The visual design is clean and simplistic, reflecting the practical nature of such websites. Upon purchasing MediCenter, you can expect to receive a series of regular updates. Each update can fix errors, or expand your site’s capabilities. Should you encounter any issues during the installation process, do not hesitate to contact the friendly support team. Their representatives are well-trained, and eager to resolve all problems. The template layout can be showcased on the smaller screens of mobile devices. All elements are entirely responsive towards smartphones, laptops, desktop PC, and tablets. MediCenter will feature a Latest Tweets section, and it is possible to show videos directly on the site. Be sure to access the live preview.



Clinico is an amazing HTML template that refuses to be mediocre. It can be used to improve any medical-related website. The design is clean and fresh, and the layout is completely responsive. Your page will be compatible with tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs and laptops. Your posts and content can be showcased on high-resolution Retina displays, and most web browsers. Wide or boxed layout versions can be selected, depending on your needs. In terms of visual customization, there are 6 pre-designed color schemes which can be used to improve your page.

The template incorporates a large number of page layouts, working contact forms, content elements, and Twitter widgets. The code is well written and streamlined, resulting in a superior experience for both site owners and patients. In addition, Clinico has added an extensive documentation source that offers to explain the product’s capabilities. Your pages can even incorporate Google maps. Your website will easily climb search rankings, considering that Clinico is SEO ready. Search engine optimization is a service that you simply cannot do without. There is a short codes and typography list, along with 50 html files. For those who want to sample this theme, a live preview was made available.



Unlike other HTML templates, Medicom does one thing, and it does it well. This is the quintessential template for medical websites, as it promises to enhance every aspect of your page. It was built using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. For inexperienced users, the web development process can be very intimidating. Thankfully, Medicom has a detailed documentation source that offers to guide you during site creation. You will easily become an overnight expert. There are working Ajax forms, and wide or boxed layout variations. Users have 8 different color schemes at their disposal.

Medicom has a drop-down menu and a mega drop-down menu. Font awesome icons were integrated as well. The template is well-commented, and it features 4 different home page versions. Regardless of how you choose to personalize the medical site, it will look amazing. The layout is fully responsive, and it can be showcased on all devices, regardless of their screen size. Medicom is compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs. However, you can choose to install a non-responsive version at any time. It should also be mentioned that the theme is W3C validated. If you want to sample Medicom without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to access the live preview.



Unlike other templates which aim for a broad audience, iMedica sticks to what it knows. It specializes in enhancing the websites of hospitals, clinics, private practice, and other health care establishments. The template was constructed using the Bootstrap Framework, and it incorporates many niche-specific features. The framework facilitates front-end development, and it makes the process more accessible for novice users. The website template will be entirely responsive, capable of adapting to almost any device. iMedica works with tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. Despite its $14 price tag, the Revolution slider plugin was added for free.

Every section of your site will be designed to attract the attention of search engines. SEO-readiness can drastically increase your view count and online exposure. Users will be able to interact with your business or provide feedback, due to the inclusion of PHP email contact forms. It is possible to add another layer of charm to your content, with the inclusion of some smooth CSS3 animations. The user’s browser’s experience will be greatly improved. Parallax effects were added as well. iMedica has implemented vector font icons which can hasten loading times. Of course, the icons will look incredible on any screen, regardless of its size.

Maxi Health


Developed by an elite author, Maxi Health is an exceptional HTML template that promises to improve every aspect of your website. It incorporates a large number of practical features, and each feature can expand the page’s capabilities. Maxi Health is versatile, and it can be used for almost any business niche. However, it is best suited for the websites that focus on the medical field. Eye-catching CSS3 animations and effects are implemented, in addition to a clean, streamlined, and simplified code. It is possible to implement a fully-functional Google Map directly on your site, making it easier for patients to navigate their routes.

A working contact form is available, facilitating the communication between patients and their doctors. Maxi Health tries to help those with less web development experience. The download will include a rich, detailed documentation source. This file has information regarding every feature, and it can guide you through the process with ease. Everyone will become an overnight expert. Maxi Health has a filterable portfolio option, and its layout is compatible with all devices. Regardless of the size of your screen, you will never experience a resizing error. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.



Regina is a charming HTML template which can be used to improve any medical website. If you are a clinic manager or health care professional, this product can be your best friend. Regina’s design is classy and simplistic, capable of reflecting the professionalism of your craft. Strong color accents will complement the look of your pages. With every download, customers will receive 24 PSD files and 8 HTML files. In total, there are more than 20 page variations and over 200 vector icons. The template uses free fonts exclusively, allowing you to personalize the typography for each post, to a certain degree.

As the market expands, there is a growing need for sites which can be displayed on mobile devices. Thankfully, every Regina element is responsive. It can easily function on the Desktop, iPad and iPhone platforms. Resizing errors were entirely eliminated. It should also be mentioned that your website will benefit from cross-browser compatibility. Website creation can be daunting affair, especially for novice users. Whenever you encounter a problem, be sure to consult the online documentation source. It contains information regarding every Regina element. For those who want to sample the template, a live preview was made available.



With a name like Doctor, it is not hard to assume this HTML template’s target audience. No other product can be as powerful and simple at the same time. Despite its large roster of practical features, it is very easy to use. Upon installation, your content, posts, and site sections can be showcased on high resolution Retina displays and a majority of web browsers. In addition, the entire layout is responsive, capable of working with tablets, desktop PCs, smartphones and laptops. When it comes to customer support, Doctor developers have gone all-out. A large number of resources have gone into their support system. Their representatives are well-trained, polite, and eager to resolve any problems. In addition, several other media can facilitate the site creation process.

There are tutorial videos on YouTube, complete with voice-overs. There is also a massive documentation file, which contains written information about this template. With so many sources, you can easily become an overnight expert. In total, there are more than 20 pre-designed pages, with several website demos. These demos can relieve your schedule, as they spare you from having to start from scratch. Every design will use free Google Fonts, allowing them to personalize the typography of every post.



MedicalGuide is an exemplary HTML template that can be used to improve your medical website. It was constructed using CSS, HTML, and the Bootstrap framework. MedicalGuide is suited for health, dentist, clinic, and hospital sites. Your content can be showcased on high resolution Retina screens and most web browsers. In addition, the entire layout is responsive. You no longer have to worry about resizing errors. MedicalGuide can accommodate those who prefer desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

The best sliders on the market are available with this product. In addition, there are many pre-designed templates which can be used to construct unique slider variations. You can even implement a direction map function, which can guide users towards your address. The MedicalGuide code is very well-written and commented. You will benefit from a detail documentation file that explains every feature and site elements. You can easily become an overnight expert. MedicalGuide has special tablet menus which can be fully personalized. In total, there are more than 2500 Font vector Icons. These icons will automatically adapt to the size, scale and color of the page. In terms of visual customization, clients will have a limitless roster of colors at their disposal.

Health & Medical HTML


Health & Medical HTML is a dynamic and adaptable HTML template that simply refuses to be mediocre. It is capable of improving every aspect of your dentist, health clinic, and hospital website. Health & Medical HTML can be personalized with ease, and you will not have to hire a third-party web development company. With just a minimal amount of technical knowledge, it is possible to create an exemplary health care website.

Every page can include a Parallax background, improving and complementing the content. The theme code is clean and well-written, making it easier for users to modify their templates. Health & Medical HTML is 1200px Grid Based, and it has included a premium slider. The popularity of hand-held devices is undeniable. Any site that cannot accommodate their smaller screens, is faced with obsolescence. Thankfully, your site’s layout will be entirely responsive. Users will be able to access it from their tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs and Laptops. A detailed documentation source is available, offering to guide users through the web development process. It is possible to include social links on your pages. For those who want to sample Health & Medical HTML without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was added.



Medicus is an extraordinary HTML template that promises to enhance your health and medical-themed website. However, despite its niche appeal, it remains very versatile and adaptable. You can even use it for Business sites. The design philosophy of this template is rested on 3 main pillars: fine typography, bold colors, and large photography. The harmony that results from these elements can definitely increase the quality of your page. An emphasis on LESS is place, allowing users to style their content. Pre-determined classes for layouts are available. Each layout will be responsive, as resizing errors were entirely eliminated. Medicus is compatible with all hand-held devices, web browsers, and operating systems. Your target audience will never be deterred by technical limitations. There are specific versions for desktop, mobile and tablet.

You can combine various colors and experiment with multiple palettes. Never compromise until you are able to design a page that matches your vision. The template is W3C validated and it has a semantic layout. Google maps were integrated, making it easier for patients to find your clinic or store. It is possible to setup weekly newsletters via MailChimp. Every section can be personalized, thanks to the inclusion of special WebFont medical icons. In addition, Font Awesome Icons were added as well.



For those who love our furry, feathered or scaly little friends, PetVet is an ideal solution. This HTML template can be used to improve your veterinary website. It can potentially increase your online exposure and view count. The template was constructed using the popular Bootstrap framework, and it has more than 35 valid HTML files. The overall design is modern, streamlined and elegant. PetVet often acts like a blank canvas, allowing the user to craft a page that perfectly represents his/her practice. It can be used for any hospital, vet, clinic, medical, or pet shop site. However, there is some wiggle room for those who work in other fields.

With the download, every user will gain access to 6 different home page variations. Custom menu styles are available as well. PetVet implements HTML CSS technology, and it has a WordPress PHP contact Form. Parallax backgrounds can be installed on each page. Similar to WooCommerce, this template has creative online store layouts which can facilitate the creation of some impressive online stores. Merchandising can be a great method of increasing revenue. It should also be mentioned that PetVet has more than 500 Google Fonts, and a free Revolution Slider premium plugin.

30 Impressive Example Websites Built on Wix Platform 2016

Wix Website Examples

Keen to build your own website, but put off by code ? Not to worry ! Wix has just the solution for you and for many other want-to-be website owners. With Wix, almost anyone can create a website to their liking without using any code.

So, what is Wix ? Wix is a cloud based free platform that helps to build websites using simple drag and drop builder. Just pick a template from among the 500 templates available, change it as you like, add images, text, video and you have a website of your very own. 73 million people in 180 countries have done just this before you. From dog walkers to landscape artists, from lawyers to event planners, people from every profession have used Wix to build their website.

What does one get with Wix ? Domain, secure hosting, drag and drop builder, scaling to mobiles, galleries, a vast image collection, SEO, 24/7 support and much more. You can look for additional features in the 200+ Apps that help you do many more things like get social, countdown to an event, or add bookings or contact form to your website.

Having a website is just the start. From here, you can go on to to grow your business with SEO, email marketing, contact form, subscriptions and memberships and much more.

Take a look at the list below to see what else Wix has to offer,

  • Free secure hosting.
  • Custom domain name.
  • One page templates, if that’s what you want.
  • Image editor, to touch up images.
  • 40+ unique galleries.
  • Background videos, from a free collection or anything else that you may want to upload.
  • Add strips of video or text and move them around.
  • Parallax 3D effect.
  • Pin any element to your screen.
  • Mark pages as private or protected.
  • Add audio and video as you like.
  • If you wish, make up HTML code and embed it in the text window to add any function to the website.
  • Include blogs, social buttons and Facebook apps.
  • Very shop friendly, Wix allows you to accept payment without commission and can set appropriate shipping and tax rates as well for different destinations. You can manage and track sales from source to destination.
  • Triggered mails, site analytics, SEO Wizard, contract manager- will all help you if you are in business.
  • Support, video tutorials, knowledge base and phone support – if you are stuck at any point.

I’ve surfed the net for a look-see at websites that use Wix and have picked out a few for you to take a closer look. These will give you a fair idea of the possibilities with Wix, and perhaps a few cues that you can pick up to build your own website.

Please note whilst Wix is an excellent drag & drop site building tool, it does have certain limitations. To run a full fledged business you’ll need to connect your newly created Wix site to a domain and keep your website ad-free, it’ll cost you $12.95 per month. You should also know that the bandwidth and storage options at this pricing aren’t sufficient for high traffic website. But if you feel like the site builder makes Wix worth it (or feel so after looking a few Wix sites), then Wix is a great option and possibly the best option for you!

Let’s move to my list,

Soul Rooster


Soul Rooster is a gym studio that serves as a wake up call to your soul. They offer group fitness classes in the Tampa Bay area. The images of the classes in session are displayed interestingly in a revolving carousel, which brings one picture at a time to the forefront.

Who The Dickens


Who The Dickens is a shop in Australia dealing in handmade, eco friendly, unique products. They describe themselves as handcrafted treasure specialists and the wares displayed on their website testify to this description. The logo is unique in appearance, reducing in size when the mouse hovers over it.

Sweet Jones Upholstery


Sweet Jones are upholstery specialists and undertake custom tailoring for a variety of applications- furniture, aircraft, ships or any thing else that needs to be upholstered. Their homepage is fuss free and the fonts used resembles stitching to keep the focus on the services they offer.

Cricket Canada Kids


Cricket Canada Kids introduces Canadian children to the game of cricket. Registrations for schools and for children under different age appropriate programs can be done from the homepage itself. Video resources can also be accessed from the homepage.

Vullo Bat Company


Handcrafted, custom made, wooden baseball bats is what fills the gallery section of the website of Vullo Bat Company. They assure you of a stronger bat made from wood that has been split along the grain. The company will also engrave your name or your team’s name on the bat.

Riot House Records


Riot House Records sells rock and roll records and a load of accessories associated with music. The name and logo in the header have animated elements that attract a visitor’s attention.

Inheriting The Nation


Inheriting The Nation is a Christian religious school that lays strong bibilical foundation in it’s students. It teaches theology, and the events and activities of the school is captured in about a hundred vivid images in the Experience page of their website.

Angelica Flowers and Events


Angelica Flowers and Events arranges flowers for offices and homes . They do decor, gifts, designs and landscaping as well as floral decorations for special events. The website features boxed content arranging images, videos and text in a floral pink background.

Seven Grams


The name is sourced from Italy and refers to the exact 7 grams required to make a perfect espresso shot. But their baked goods are totally inhouse as is their cup of Italian coffee. The gallery has a tempting display of these delights.



Doughnuts, more doughnuts and still more doughnuts. Sugar coated, vanilla glazed or rainbow sprinkled- all on offer on the menu of Doughnuttery, combined with a variety of dipping sauces. The images of doughnuts takes up most of the space on the homepage and will sure tempt a visitor.

Bento Box


Takenaka in Japan showcases their high quality Bento lunch and other boxes on their website. The Products section displays the boxes arranged in strips. The strips collapse and expand when the mouse moves over it. This makes for better focus on the product that is of particular interest to the viewer.

Wow Fit Studio


The Wow Fit Studio offers packages for gyms for both adults and kids. They offer precision nutrition and coaching. The pictures and videos on the homepage can nudge a visitor to take that first step towards fitness.

Independent Demolition


Independent Demolition are the people to contact in Melbourne for the planned and precise demolition of structures. The images on their example Wix website will help a visitor catch a glimpse of the nature of work they undertake.

Eyelite Fitness


Eyelite Films produces films for the jewellery and fashion industry. This example Wix website uses audio and video to give an idea of their work, and from the tightly packed images you can get a feel of the high profile nature of their work.



Crustz is an online patisserie in Kuala Lumpur. The single wedge of mouth watering cake on the homepage gives a visitor enough reason to try out the various pastries and packages that the store sells.

Eiger Jewellery


Eiger Jewellery is a store that invites designers from different fields like industry, furniture, graphics, interiors and sculpting to design jewellery. The different design ideas of these experts make for an interesting variety in the pieces of jewellery displayed on the Wix powered website. The plain white background serves as an ideal backdrop to highlight and focus on individual pieces.

Tandala Safari Camp


The website of Tandala Safari Camp gives you a quick view of the sights you will get to see and experience at the Tandala Camp in Tanzania. The website has detailed information about accommodation, animals and how to reach the camp.

A Dream Boutique


The Wix powered website of this event styling and graphic design business is simple and quite unique. There is no header and no real menu to speak of. A label that moves over a polka dotted background as you scroll, a portfolio section and a contact form makes up almost the entire website.

The Darzi Clothing Company


The Darzi Clothing Company sells contemporary British country clothing for men, women and kids. Their clothes are practical and well cut.

Sedona Falls Apartments


Griffin Ford Property has used Wix as a platform to highlight the standard features of this piece of real estate. High quality images are used to highlight the features that would make living there ideal.

The Stigma Project


The Stigma Project works to reduce HIV infections and erase the stigma tagged to AIDS. It relies on and seeks the support of social media in this attempt. And so, it not only carries social share buttons, it also has an entire section devoted to social media.



To help folks express friendship in traditional and old fashioned ways, Adorance sells friendship bands and bracelets. These bracelets can be accompanied by handwritten notes for that personal touch.

Mountain State K9 Academy


The logo in the header of the Wix powered website of this academy gives you a fair idea of what the website is about. You would be right in guessing that this is an academy for training dogs, as suggested by the outline of a dog and a few peaks in the logo. The content boxes move over a scenic background of mountains and rivers.

Gruvi Juices


The header of the Wix example website of Gruvi Juices is sea green in color. That’s appropriate, because what they sell is a superfood sourced from the sea- spirulina. The three flavors they make is displayed right below the header.

Sense Development


Sense Development is a simple website offering web and graphic design services and SEO support, combined with domain and email management. The website uses muted colors with a slight splash of colors in the images to convey the feel of a design enterprise.

Vita Aloe


Vita Aloe markets aloe juice that is bottled within an hour of extraction to retain maximum health benefits. The imagery of water that is present throughout the website never lets a visitor forget that the product is always fresh.

Yoga With Talia


Talia teaches yoga at Tel Aviv. She specializes in yoga for treatment of scolosis and tailors the classes to suit the body types or specific needs of her students. The website conveys the feel of yellowed old books, perhaps to remind one that yoga is an ancient form of therapy.

Bake You Happy


The website of the Season 2 winners of Cupcake Wars is colorful and filled with displays of well, cupcakes. They can do special orders and custom baked cakes. The websites has whole sections on pastries and gift ideas.

Shme Customs


Shme is an artist and creates design for shoes, and paints them in imaginative ways. She can work on ideas that you put out and give it a twist of her own. Your sneakers will be turned into works of art.

Invisible Kids


An organization started by some mothers in Tel Aviv to help the children of asylum seekers and immigrants. They request for donations, volunteers, food and other forms of assistance on this website. The homepage has relevant information and prominent call to action buttons.

That’s it. Now that you have a fair idea about Wix and have looked at some of the websites built using Wix, you may be ready to strike out on your own. Do let us know how you fare !

Top 21 Best Free CSS3 Frameworks for Web Development 2016

Free Css3 Frameworks

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is what gives the web its cozy looks. Writing plain HTML is a thing of a very distant past, and the language itself (CSS) has advanced so much in the recent years that it’s impossible to imagine what the web would look like without it. In the early days, much of webs styling could be achieved through HTML usage, while nowadays both HTML5 and CSS3 work closely together to achieve startling results in web design, application design, and in some cases even software design. It’s an evolving styling language.

The history of CSS3 in itself; is very fascinating, it’s one of those things that gives us an intelligible look inside the development of the structure of the web, we can see when things like Media Queries were first introduced, giving us a broader perspective to understand how long has responsive web design been around, and how much has been achieved in that time alone; advanced level features allow designers and developers to use CSS3 much like a functional programming language, these days CSS3 can be used to incorporate advanced features like filters directly onto your web pages.


Web designer communities such as CodePen have enabled for designers and creative artists to understand more the full capacity of CSS3 features, and each day hundreds of new and inspirational concepts are being added to the CodePen community for indulging, exploring, and reusing within others own projects; tune in the Radio Station (Podcast) to get a weekly update on all the best stuff happening in the world of style sheets. CSS takes time to master, yet its importance to great web design is undeniable.

If you want to learn more about professional CSS web design, take a moment to read how GitHub uses CSS to deliver a seamless browsing experience to hundreds of millions of developers and designers across the globe, and how Medium has managed to build a blogging platform that’s minimal, yet follows a concise style guide to ensure lasting nature.

What is a CSS framework anyway, right? Harry Roberts express his concern at Industry Conf 2014 and you can find the full talk (almost 60min) on Vimeo — an insightful peep at what CSS is doing for the web, and how frameworks come into play to shape the true meaning behind a framework. You can find the slides for this talk on SpeakerDeck. And without any further delay, let’s begin our digest of the best CSS3 frameworks available today.

Material Framework

Material framework

Material Design is Google’s way of telling the software industry that beautiful change can be achieved not by investing a lot of time thinking and planning, but by applying scientifically proven concepts into a simple and concise web design concept.

Material design has been on the rise ever since Google made the specification available, and since its inception we have seen a number of frameworks and tutorials sprout from the ground to help designers/developers incorporate the full potential of material design in their projects; websites, apps, platforms, and software.

Material Framework is one of the few material design frameworks we will be exploring in this post, and it’s also one of the most easy to use. The beauty of Material Framework is that it only uses CSS so you only need to load up the actual CSS library and revert back to the documentation to learn how the syntax works and how to begin using material design elements within your web pages. Simple!


Leaf BETA 1.0 CSS Framework

Leaf is another very flexible and minimal Google’s material design framework that’s being worked on by Kim Korte; a young developer from Sweden. Leaf also utilizes the CSS library approach and offers a variety of ways to integrate material design elements within your web design concepts and website pages. Browse the Components tab from within the navigation menu to learn more about Leaf’s capabilities.


Documentation Materialize

While it’s clear that material design is growing in popularity, Materialize is one of those frameworks that has surpassed everything else in terms of admiration, competition, and general functionality. Materialize has got more than 15,000 stars on GitHub, making it the hottest CSS based material framework on the web. The team at Materialize focuses on providing its users with four different strategic categories; CSS, JavaScript, Mobile and Components. Each category consists of a number of examples and insights on how to better apply material design in those particular situations.

The showcase page is an amazing example of how the Materialize framework functions in the world world, and there are some really great and inspiring designs to look at.



The last material design framework (we are going to skip Material Design Lite and let you do the exploration all by yourself, since it’s more of a limited components library than a strict CSS framework) on our list today is going to be Essence; a lightweight CSS framework that uses the style guide from the official Material Design Spec and integrates it with the ever-poular ReactJS library.

Tap into the potential of Essence to quickly build fast, good looking and reliable web and mobile app user interfaces. Essence’s styles and components are fueled with easy to use syntax that will get you going with your next design within a few short learning lessons.


Bootstrap . The world s most popular mobile first and responsive front end framework.

Bootstrap 3 (the current version, since Bootstrap 4 is also coming soon) is the world’s most popular and sought after front-end development framework for building and rapid prototyping websites, web design concepts, and mobile web designs.

While not strictly a CSS3 framework per se, Bootstrap does involve working with CSS3 on consistent basis, and the main attraction for the framework in the first places is the fact that it puts CSS3 to the test with modern design choices and possibilities. The CSS aspects of Bootstrap can be used to build grid systems, forms, buttons, to manage images, to utilize helpers, to work with responsive design, and many more sub-category possibilities that are required in modern web design.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI

Semantic has grown in immense popularity in the last couple of years, and it’s now common to see Semantic design approach being incorporated in other frameworks and tools that allow the utilization of third-party style guides. Semantic’s biggest attraction seems to be its variety of elements that can be built using Semantic — common Elements like dividers, buttons, loaders and more, but also Collections like forms and breadcrumbs, Views items like feeds and comment boxes, and sophisticated Modules ranging from popups, to dropdowns and sticky boxes.

Semantic has something to offer to all level web designers, and it’s so easy to use within your already existing styles that you will be wondering why hadn’t you started using this framework earlier.


Foundation The most advanced responsive front end framework in the world.

Foundation is one of the leading front-end frameworks on the planet right now. This ultra responsive frameworks provides rapid design solutions for those wishing to build websites, email templates, and web/mobile applications without having to invest all life’s savings into hiring professional developers. Foundation is easy to learn, and with the help of its extensive tutorials section there’s nothing stopping anyone from becoming a Foundation master over the course of a couple of weeks.

Check in with the documentation to learn more about the style guide, as well as the available components that fall under the categories of layouts, navigation, media, typography, controls, libraries, containers, plugins and SASS.


Cascade Framework

CSS designers are most definitely people with good taste, and it comes as no surprise that in order to make a good CSS framework, the creator himself has to understand that CSS designers want to have the freedom to create the kind of creatively flowing inspiration that constantly occupies their brain. Cascade offers semantic and non-semantic grid layouts, base templates, table designs, navigation elements, typography and lots, lots more. The universal approach allows designers/developers to create high-performance web pages for both old and new web browsers without having to worry about browser compatibility or other peculiarities.

Many have found Cascade so useful because of its modular approach to using specific features within your projects. Cascade allows you to choose only the most important components necessary for your projects, letting you minimize the size while also keep the productivity at the higher levels. It’s much like Bootstrap, just with a lot more control over the way your designs flow.


Baseguide - CSS Framework

Baseguide is a minimal and lightweight CSS3 framework that’s built on top of SASS. It puts together the essential components of a web design into a tiny, yet solid library. All components are fully responsive and can be scaled to your own project requirements. Control your forms only with native CSS.


Minimal CSS framework for flat and clean designs . Siimple

Siimple is a concise, flexible, beautiful, certainly minimal, front-end CSS framework that serves as the foundation for building FLAT and clean design web pages. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a good website. The actual framework is built only with 250ish lines of code, and can be zipped down to 6KB in total size; very useful for those who perhaps are just starting out with web design and need a framework base upon which to experiment freely.

Responsive Cat

Responsive Cat CSS Micro framework

Responsive Cat is a CSS micro framework that utilizes Stylus as the foundation for building syntax. Fully responsive and compatible with all modern devices and browsers. The English version of the site is being reworked.


Sculpt. A free responsive framework from Heart Internet

CSS in itself is not a big or heavy language, it can definitely take up quite a bit of space over time as we begin to write and style more of our functions and core concepts within our designs, but most of the CSS frameworks that we find today are usually tiny, minimal, and generally lightweight. Sculpt is also one of those lightweight frameworks, giving priority to mobile and responsive designs, Sculpt has been built specifically to serve mobile devices with the appropriate device screen sizes, while enabling customization through Media Queries.

Sculpt’s mission is to help developers, designers and the curious to better serve their mobile visitors through a simple framework that enables to rapidly build a functional concept of a mobile website. Even those visitors who will visit your site from outdated browsers will have some sort of ability to experience a mobile version of your website thanks to Sculpt’s vision and understanding of the number of people who still use these older versions.

Clean and semantic code are Sculpt’s aspirations, and when it comes to typography — Sculpt developers understand how important it can be to provide an experience that’s loud and clear; Sculpt’s included stylesheet is based on a 25 pixel typographic baseline. All headings, paragraphs and lists are designed around this baseline and so everything lines up nicely.


Turret A Responsive Front end Framework for Accessible and Semantic Websites

Turret is a rapid website developement framework that uses LESS for processing the modern CSS3 functions, but the framework itself normalizes all of the HTML to make developing with Turret fun and accessible. The main areas of focus are responsive web design, on concise design principles and standards to ensure high-quality choices, HTML5 semantic style use to focus on simplicity, as well as general semantic markup to help convert HTML5 semantic markup in functional designs without the need to feel frustrated.

Concise CSS

Concise Framework

Concise CSS’s a lightweight front-end design framework that gives its users access to a great deal of development features, without the extra fat. Concise is built based on Object-Oriented CSS principles and keeps semantics in mind to provide a small learning curve, and a high level of customization. The framework provides a simple development environment where there is no need for extra styles to be added, giving you more space to build, rather than to observe. A library of addons is available that can be used as additional components for your projects. Written using SASS — the leading world’s pre-processor.

Whenever an update is pushed, all you have to do is update just the most important core files, your already established styles remain untouched. Needless to say, this framework is very appealing because of the friendly staff that manages the project, as they’re offering free support for anyone who might need help with making the most of out Concise’s set of features.


Blueprint A CSS Framework Spend your time innovating not replicating

Dive deep within Blueprint — a CSS3 framework specifically designed to help you eliminate the extensive hours of development time necessary to build beautiful and responsive websites. It begins with an easy to use and customize grid platform to serve as the foundation for your web designs.

An in-built library of typography features will ensure all your fonts and font sizes are always in-alignment with the rest of your design. There’s a sleeve of scripts that can be used to custom-customize your designs, and no need to worry about design inflation — everything’s aimed at simplicity.



More than not, CSS is all about Web and User Interfaces. UIkit’s a module front-end design framework for helping designers built quick and rapid web interfaces that feel and bend well. UIkit’s library of components provides a very modern approach to displaying and using popular components like navigation items, common items like forms, and a huge variety of JavaScript-based components like sliders, lightboxes, search and upload features, amongst many others. UIkit offers over 30+ modular and extendible components, which can be combined with each other. Components are divided into different compartments according to their purpose and functionality.

There are also two pre-built themes to choose from — Gradient and Flat, both of which provide solid examples of all the UIkit components coming together in a single page, and it’s a nice playground for learning more about this very useful CSS3 framework. Browse the showcase section to learn more about the kind of sites that can be built using only the foundation of UIkit’s components and modules; there’s some really impressive stuff to be found. UIkit also provides its users with a number of tutorials for a much more relaxed learning curve.

Modest Grid

Modest Grid CSS Grid Framework

Sometimes all we really need is a reliable, responsive and modern grid template to get our project going, and this is what Modest Grid excels at — providing its users a very concise grid templating system that will work well on modern devices, and provide a great foundation to begin plugging away elements and components from other frameworks, some of which may not offer a grid layout system in the first place. The framework is under active development, so expect to see improvements as CSS itself progresses.


SCHEMA UI Frontend Framework A powerfully light responsive and lean front end UI framework built with Less. CSS Framework Less Framework

Schema uses a module based approach to provide a flexible front-end development experience that’s meant to help designers and developers to build sophisticated user interfaces from the very beginning of the project. Because of the minimal nature of the framework, it’s important to note that the framework is meant to be used in a way that most suits your own requirements, rather than using an external source of advice.

To better understand how Schema uses the latest CSS3 features to help developers build complex web pages — go straight to the documentation and read through the very easy to digest docs that will leave a better imprint of Schema’s possibilities.

Metro UI

Metro UI CSS The front end framework for developing projects on the web in Windows Metro Style

Metro style web design has definitely attracted a number of supporters over the last couple of years. Metro UI focuses solely on the Windows Metro-Style configuration that will let you build fast-paced front-end projects using beautiful metro style features. Metro UI uses the specification of Microsoft’s own metro style to build components like grids, styles, layouts, and more. It comes packed with more than twenty components, over three hundred useful icons to choose from, and is built on top of LESS pre-processor.

While there is a ton of admiration for the project, such as frequent updates and a fairly big community behind it, the author asks for anyone who can spare some change to make a donation to ensure the future of the framework.

Responsive Grid System

Responsive Web Design just got Easier with the Responsive Grid System

Responsive Grid System is the last grid-based framework in our list. With the Responsive Grid System you can easily grid responsive website templates that can be styled right away. To make the process that much more easy for you, you can also use the in-built Grid Generator feature on the website itself to create grids on the fly. There’s also a library of pre-built templates for several different occasions. Brought to you by Graham Miller.


YAML CSS Framework -- for truly flexible accessible and responsive websites

YAML has managed to stick around for over a decade now, and still functions as one of the most prominent CSS frameworks for front-end developers across the globe. YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout) is a modular CSS framework for truly flexible, accessible and responsive websites. YAML is focussed on device independent screen design and provides bulletproof modules for flexible layouts. This is a perfect starting point and the key to truly responsive design.

Features include an elastic grid system for building a stable foundation for each of your designs, a toolkit for managing and building interactive forms, has been built on top of the latest standards for the web, optimized for rapid HTML5 and CSS3 development. Built using SASS.

Choosing the Right CSS Framework for Your Next Project

CSS is an evolving language, and keeping up to date with the latest revelations can sometimes prove to be rather difficult. A framework helps to bridge the gap between having to write each and every single query yourself, and having a library to do it for you. CSS frameworks fall under many categories (as you saw in the post itself), such as typography, CSS reset, UI elements, global styles, and responsive grids. All of which can be used separately or combined for a rapid website building environment, or prototyping if you prefer.

CSS frameworks are also great at solving problems between cross-browser and cross-device compatibility; ensuring that your websites will look equally good (as well as function equally good) on any kind of device that’s trying to access it. Most if not all of today’s newly built CSS frameworks guarantee an inclusion of responsive design patterns for rapid development, and when it comes to developing within a team environment — CSS frameworks allow a number of developers to work on a project together, at a much quicker pace; which then allows to save up some development time, and ultimately save budget as well.

Building your own CSS framework is also a possibility, not only will that propel your learning experience with the language, you will have a much more clear idea how other frameworks are being built and structured.

Top 22 Best Free HTML5 Frameworks for Responsive Web Development 2016

Free Html5 Frameworks

HTML5 has had some real attention drawn to it over the last two years (since the release of the actual standard in October, 2014), and even though it has been over a year since the release, majority of web browsers are still trying to catch up with even the basic new functionalities and features introduced; except for Google Chrome and Opera, both of which are closely tied for offering the highest range of HTML5 features within their browser. And developers have to learn how to adapt to creating the kind of apps and platforms that will work on all browsers, than just those who have jumped ahead of the curve.

The year of 2015 was huge for HTML5 because we saw a huge increase in the number of sites that began using the HTML5 Video feature over Adobe Flash (which has already been declared as obsolete by the leading industry minds), two of the most popular were YouTube — switching to HTML5 Video as the default way of presenting video content, and Facebook — which made a switch to HTML5 to serve all videos across all platforms in HTML5 format rather then Adobe Flash; whilst maintaining their involvment with Flash for the sake of the Facebook Gaming platform, which is still heavily dependent on Flash to function. The whole front-end network saw huge changes the passing year, and Dan Rowinski published a brilliant write-up on what exactly has happened with the language since the inception of the new standard.


Businesses who have resided in the online world are all also very well aware of the changes that HTML5 has brought for eCommerce and marketing fields; Google Chrome made a huge step towards achieving more transparency in the advertising world by declaring that it would discontinue the support of Flash based advertisements in September, 2015 and instead would focus on delivering more optimized and reliable HTML5 advertisements. Such changes have led to numerous updates for research material like books and guides on how to create ads for the web, and that isn’t the only reason why HTML5 can be great for your business operations.

For web developers, starting with HTML5 has never been easier; plenty of tutorials, plenty of source code to play with on GitHub, majority of new desktop and mobile apps are being built with HTML5, there are books and online courses everywhere, but most importantly we have a ton of amazing and remarkable HTML5 frameworks to play with, to create apps and platforms with. The following HTML5 frameworks you are going to learn more about have all been nominated to be amongst the most popular by the community of developers themselves, so rest assured that each and every one of these frameworks has at least a dozen big businesses behind it. Let us know about your own favorites, perhaps you are building a HTML5 framework yourself, if so — this is a good place to get some exposure for it.


Foundation The most advanced responsive front end framework in the world.

Foundation has quickly evolved from another contender for a slot in the most popular framework lists, to actually becoming one of the most modern and reliable web development frameworks out there. Foundation stands out with its ability to deliver high-quality performance for modern devices, and custom application requirements. Foundation’s core is built around a range of web development frameworks that can be used to build websites, email templates, as well as a separate framework for building complicated, dynamic and responsive apps that will feel authentic thanks to an integration with Angular’s base.

The framework recently upgraded to a V6 and tailored together some truly amazing functions that you won’t be finding on any other HTML5 framework any time soon, OnePoint has covered the latest feature additions in the new release.

The real reason behind the success of Foundation is perhaps because it is managed by an actual company — ZURB; which has ensured continuous development and research in the field of responsive web design and how websites should be built to better reflect design qualities and features. Foundation’s core strategy is to let developers focus on building mobile-first sites that can then be customized and converted into apps that could be served on larger devices, such as desktop; and such process ensures that the design choices are always created with straightforward functionality in mind.

Sencha Touch

Cross platform Mobile Web App Development Framework for HTML5 and JS Sencha

Sencha Touch is one of the most prominent cross-platform front-end web development frameworks for helping developers create stunning mobile-first applications. The use of hardware acceleration techniques allows Sencha to provide a number of User Interface components that will deliver extended capabilities for on your smaller — mobile — devices.

To begin with there are more than fifty in-built User Interface components and device-native templates for the majority of currently popular mobile platforms. Whether you’re building for Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry — Sencha Touch provides you with all the necessities to build state of the art apps without the extra work.

An in-built feature for data consumption allows developers to tap into the source of a back-end data root and use it to fuel your apps with content and other dynamic features. Forget about using external data visualization tools to bring visuals to your mobile apps, as Sencha Touch includes an in-built package for all your visual data needs. The default templates packages allows you to create instant and targeted web/hybrid apps that will look/feel native to the platform you are targeting.

Onsen UI

Onsen HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework UI Components

Onsen UI has been a godsend for tens of thousands of Cordova and PhoneGap developers, as this open-source HTML5-based hybrid mobile app development framework (equipped with Material Design, and Flat UI components) brings about elements-based UI components to bring your mobile apps into aliveness natively. Because Onsen has been built with the help of Web Components, developers can easily adapt to their already existing knowledge of HTML syntax to begin developing apps on the fly.

Onsen developers understand the importance of agnostic development and how crucial it can be to the success of an application, and because of this you can easily integrate Onsen to work with any other front-end web development framework out there. Angular developers can tap into a specifically built library just for Angular to take advantage of the custom tags that Onsen framework provides.

Anyone who’s attention has been captured by Onsen can also explore the new Onsen UI 2.0 BETA page that talks more about the new release of the framework and what to expect; happy to announce that they’re keeping with the agnostic development tradition, so things are looking up for those who want to continue using Onsen in their app projects.


Ionic Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework

The Ionic Framework (which has recently announced that V2 release is imminent, here is the documentation for V2) is one of the most successful HTML5-based mobile frameworks that’s being used to built cross-platform (native) apps and mobile websites with the help of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Anyone with the ability to build/design a website from scratch will be able to use Ionic to create stunning mobile apps from the day they start using the framework. The fact of the matter is that learning the ropes of this framework isn’t all-that-hard process, and guys at Thinkster have provided a very uncomplicated tutorial on how to get started with Ionic, and AirPair has also talked about building production-ready apps with Ionic.

In today’s reality, more than 2+ million websites and mobile apps (including a few desktop) have been built thanks to Ionic’s freely available codebase, community and documentation that makes the development environment easy and accessible for both beginners and truly experienced developers.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI

Semantic is a simple HTML5 framework that utilizes a range of UI components to help you build fast and beautiful websites using the traditional code syntax you would use in non-framework environment. Semantic can be used for building both simple (and truly complex) layouts, but also for theming an existing layout to better reflect your design preferences and choices. Frameworks like Meteor embrace the beauty that Semantic offers to UI development.


Bootstrap . The world s most popular mobile first and responsive front end framework.

Bootstrap is a household name for every single breathing front-end developer. Out of the top 100,000 websites on the planet, more than 20%+ rely on Bootstrap as their foundation. Such number speaks volumes of the usability, user-friendliness, and flexibility of the framework. Developed by Twitter, Bootstrap gives developers access to tools that let you build a modern and feature-rich web pages without having to build components and grid styles all by yourself, it all comes pre-packaged in the framework itself.

Recently the team over at Bootstrap announced the release of Bootstrap V4 which is further bringing forth web development modernization as well as optimization. To get started with Bootstrap was never difficult, which might also be one of the reasons why so many developers and designers have opted to use Bootstrap as their default HTML5 development framework. Free online courses offer anyone the opportunity to learn more about Bootstrap at their own pace.



SproutCore’s one of the oldest web frameworks on our list, and has managed to maintain its momentum even after such a long time. Even though the whole development process seems to have been slowed down in the last couple of years, the framework seems to be doing great despite the raise of other competitors. SproutCore’s aim is to provide developers with an easy to use framework where you are in charge of the way code functions across all of your project’s requirements, providing support for platforms like AppCache or Cordova.

HTML KickStart

HTML KickStart HTML Elements Documentation

KickStart has gained a lot of popularity amongst HTML5 developers thanks to its extended set of elements, layouts and other front-end files; for CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. All of these components help developers (like you) to gain the upper hand in the next project that you’re building.

These components consist of items like slides, grids, menus, buttons, typography related stuff, icons, tabs and much more — everything you need to quickly and effectively build apps, without losing any time. Many have reported the usability of KickStart as a framework for building native HTML5 wireframes that can be used to demo page layouts; layouts which would otherwise take hours upon hours of dedicated work to produce.

Framework 7

Framework7 Full Featured Mobile HTML Framework For Building iOS Android Apps

There’s no question as to how important it is for developers to find the kind of framework that provides the right tools and list of features for building mobile and web apps on the go, and Framework 7 is one such framework that offers developers to build their apps with the feel and look of two popular mobile operating systems — Android and iOS. On top of being an app development framework, Framework 7 offers wireframing and prototyping functionality to help you create prototypes for your clients in just a few short blinks of an eye.

The most important feature of this framework is of course, the ability to build native Android and iOS apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Built with autonomy in mind, Framework 7 gives you the necessary freedom to build the kind of apps that you want to build, without any real-world limitations. Framework7 is not compatible with all platforms. It is focused only on iOS and Google Material design to bring the best experience and simplicity.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile

It’s very easy to misunderstand the usability and main area of function when thinking of jQuery Mobile. As we all know already, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript scripting library for the web — much of the interactive and dynamic features we see on our most favorite websites every day, have been built thanks to jQuery, and this is where it’s easy to confuse that jQuery Mobile might just be a mirror of such functionality for the mobile web.

jQuery Mobile is a web application development framework that focuses on helping developers create a single responsive web application that will work on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers without all the extra fuss. Amongst the most notable features you will find in the jQuery Mobile repertoire are touch-friendly form elements, sleek UI widgets for instant development progress, responsive design tools and techniques, in-built navigation system based on AJAX, as well as a plugin called ThemeRoller that will let you adjust as well as build your themes in the way that you want them to look and feel. Click here to learn more about the process of using ThemeRoller.

If you haven’t seen much of jQuery Mobile before, we recommend taking a closer look at this sample tutorial from Miamicoder, in which Jorge Ramon goes in-depth about a straightforward user-registration system using the jQuery Mobile framework. It’s a great starting point for understanding the syntax and its uses in the real-world, and perhaps after taking a closer look you will be hooked on the way the framework operates.


Cloud Powered HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Tools Monaca

PhoneGap and Cordova are well-known names in the hybrid mobile app developer community, and Monaca’s job is to help you bring both together in a simple cloud-based environment that gives you tools and features to optimize your overall development experience. Monaca is fully agnostic which, as we learned, means that you can easily integrate Monaca in your already existing development workflow and build on top of your existing Cordova environment.

The three main features of Monaca, as advertised by the developers themselves, are the ability to develop in the cloud, to be able to use all features (design, development for front-end and back-end, testing, debugging, building) either together as a full-fledged app development platform, or to use them separately whenever necessary, and the third is the ability, as mentioned, to combine Monaca with any of your favorite frameworks out there, giving you the power of the cloud over all of your development needs.

Documentation is built to support quick introduction guides, support questions, lots of examples, as well as detailed manuals and API tutorials to get the most out of Monaca on the day that you start using it.


Trigger.io mobile platform for web developers

Trigger’s a cross-platform web development framework for building native mobile apps. The mobile app market has exploded in these recent couple of years, and we are seeing a huge influx of frameworks that want to help developers and designers to build native apps without having to spend too much time writing complex code.

Trigger uses JavaScript functionality to help you build native iOS and Android apps in just moments after starting to learn more about the framework’s functionality. Out of the box modules like UI’s, analytics platforms, registration/login modules help speed up the development process significantly. With an in-built cloud service, you can easily test/build your apps within the cloud, rather than using external development environments.

What’s more, with Trigger you can update your apps without having to resubmit them to either of the App Stores that you are using to promote your apps. Building your first app with Trigger is easy, and can be a lot of fun. And if you’re unsure of the kind of apps Trigger can help you build in long-term, take a look at their official examples page to learn more about projects and businesses using Trigger on daily basis.



Base is a lightweight, semantic and rapid-development oriented HTML5 framework for building responsive websites. In-built grid system lets you build flowing grid layouts without having to write any additional code, in-built style modules let you begin the focus of your app with development, rather than design. Visit the official website to dip your feet in the process of building with Base as the main page offers an interactive development console to test your skills with learning Base as you go.

Kendo UI

Kendo UI jQuery and HTML5 widgets (1)

Kendo UI as the name suggests has something to do with the User Interface. This freemium (although much of the source code has been published as an open-source repository) web development framwork for building mobile and desktop apps comes from Telerik — an industry leader in providing developers and designers with modern UI tools that come integrated within an cloud-based environment to push for faster and more convenient development phases.

Kendo UI gives developers access to more than 70+ UI widgets within a single framework. There’s native Angular integration, support for Bootstrap developers, mobile functionality, and the ability to work with data offline. Comes equipped with 11 pre-built templates to choose from, as well as offering a custom theme building platform to help you create your designs as you progress with your code.


MontageJS HTML5 Framework

Montage is a sophisticated full-stack HTML5 web development framework built for native web development in mind. Thousands of developers rely on Montage to build scalable and high performance single page apps, quickly and coherently. With the use of patterns and principles from the design and software industries, Montage lets you become the true architect of your applications by allowing a module-based approach that provides a seamless user experience for your application users. Because Montage uses the native web as its base for building apps, it’s easy to learn as much of the standard procedures of development and software interaction are already understood.

The Montage Studio organization has been the host of many great plugins and libraries over the years, and their GitHub public profile speaks for itself — check out their other interesting projects that you can combine together with the Montage framework for the ultimate app development experience.


Skeleton Responsive CSS Boilerplate

Skeleton has been built as a starting-framework rather than a framework that can be used to build a fully functional website that uses complex UI components. Skeleton’s boilerplate is the perfect starting place for anyone who is looking to build their first, or two thousand and first website and need a simple grid-based approach to building pages that look, feel and perform great. Get the library and you’re all set, no additional setup tasks required.


CreateJS A suite of JavaScript libraries and tools designed for working with HTML5

CreateJS is a suite of modular libraries and tools that enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5. These libraries are designed to work completely independently, or mixed and matched to suit your needs.

The four libraries are:

  • EaselJS — A JavaScript library that makes working with the HTML5 Canvas element easy.
  • TweenJS — A JavaScript library for tweening and animating HTML5 and JavaScript properties.
  • SoundJS — A JavaScript library that lets you easily and efficiently work with HTML5 audio.
  • PreloadJS — A JavaScript library that lets you manage and co-ordinate the loading of assets.

each library can be used independently from another, but also you can combine either all or two/three different libraries together to create the kind of an effect that’s necesarry for your current app development process. CreateJS is the culmination of all four frameworks together.

iio Engine

iio Engine . Home

HTML5 game development is growing each day, more and more people begin to use their computers and mobile devices to spend time indulging in interactive gaming content, and developers are busy crafting/learning/creating the kind of games that capture attention, rather than temporary satisfaction. iio Engine is for working with the HTML5 Canvas functionality, with this Engine your development process is going to increase in both speed, and performance.

Those new to game development in HTML5 can check out this Mozilla Hacks article, or this one from Intel that talks more about the setting up process for building your first game, but those experineced with at leas the concepts — take a closer look at this article from HTML Goodies to learn more about advanced HTML5 game development capabilities and options.


FireShell HTML5 Sass and JavaScript boilerplate for Grunt by toddmotto

Teams and individuals looking for a reliable boilerplate/workflow for their front-end development process can take advantage of FireShell’s in-built task runner and build processerror that builds on top of a beautiful HTML5 framework. Easy to integrate features, jQuery content delivery integration, supports HTML5 Shiv and Modernizr for modern front-end app development, get your workflow going with Grunt, experience true real-time development with live-reloading, have your code optimized with automated tools for optimizing JS and CSS before you push for production, as well as dozens of other features that will make your front-end workflow a breeze once you start tapping into the infinite potential of FireShell’s features.


Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework

Jo is a lightweight shell-framework for building HTML5 apps. Jo has been built to work with: PhoneGap, Chrome, Safari, Opera, FireFox, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, & Windows Phone 8+. Flexible and easy to skin UI, event models and lightweight data layers are the main attractions for developers who use Jo in their daily workflow.

52 Framework

52framework The framework from the future HTML5 CSS3 and more

52 Framework hasn’t been treated with as much respect as it once used to be, but needless to say that this framework can still be found within a signficant number of projects in the web-o-sphere, and there is so much to learn from the code base as well. 52 Framework gives developers access to exciting gradients, grids to work with, a mobile-ready template for your next mobile app, simple blog interaction to let you build dynamic content sites on the fly, as well as many other HTML5 oriented features that are necessary for building hardened websites and apps.


LimeJS HTML5 Game Framework

Coming back to the idea of game development with HTML5, here we have a simple and ready to use game development framework LimeJS — built specifically to help HTML5 developers get a good headstart on their game developing skills and learning curves. Although the project hasn’t been as active as it once used to be, a number of online communities are still actively discussing the possibilities of LimeJS, so we do recommend you look into if game development is something that calls out for your attention.

Community Resources for HTML5 Developers

We are only seeing the very surface of the capabilities of web platforms right now, so it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest developments and insights within the HTML5 (and the Web in general) sphere, and the best way to do this is through online communities, especially those frequently orbited by developers and software engineers themselves. Here are a few we highly recommend:

  • StackOverflow — StackOverflow is known for its professinalism and no-bullshit attitude. On StackOverflow you can ask questions, as well as give answers, but most of all you can stay up to date with the latest happenings in HTML5 and see the process of natural unfolding.
  • Reddit — Reddit’s HTML5 board is all about sharing insightful tutorials and articles, sharing insights as well as demo applications that showcase latest feature usage. Great for asking questions too.
  • HTML5 Bookmarks — HTML5 Bookmarks is a daily link service that lets HTML5 developers explore the latest findings and happenings within HTML5 on the web, and you can also skip back through archives to try and find some interesting and relevant gems for your own good.
  • HTML5 Weekly — HTML5 Weekly is a weekly newsletter for HTML5 developers that has been run for a couple of years already, and has a strong base of more than 100,000+ subscribers that are all treated to only the highest quality HTML5 content each week.

What about yourself? What are the techniques and methods that you rely upon in order to stay up to date with the latest happening in HTML5? We would love to hear your input on this question and would be more than happy to expand this list of community resources to better help developers settle in the language.

Transcargo Review: A Logistics and Transportation WordPress Theme

Transcargo WordPress Theme Review

The Transcargo WordPress theme has been created especially to help you build a website to promote your logistics and transportation business. In this Transcargo review, you’ll find out all you need to know about this theme.

This theme has a professional design that can be applied to your WordPress website in just a few clicks. After that, all you’ll have to do is add your own content. However, those with more bespoke needs are also well catered for, thanks to the wealth of customization options on offer.

If you want to generate more leads for your logistics and transportation business or you’re a web designer who been tasked with creating this type of website for one of your clients, Transcargo could be just the theme you need.

In this Transcargo theme review, we’ll take a look at what this product has to offer and find out how easy it is to use, in order to build an effective website for your business.

Transcargo Review Homepage

Transcargo Logistics and Transportation Theme Features

Transcargo has only been recently released. Therefore, if you choose this theme you’ll get access to some of the most innovative features in website development, as well as a highly modern design for your site.

About StylemixThemes

If you have concerns about purchasing a new product and using it to power your website, the good news is that the team who created Transcargo has many years of experience behind them. StylemixThemes have created and launched many successful WordPress themes.

Their WordPress themes cover a wide range of industries and purposes, and they’ve all been well received by their customers. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that while Transcargo might be new, the team behind it is well experienced when it comes to theme development and support. This means you will be able to trust them with your website. Moreover, the theme has overall 5-star review rating from the customers, who purchased and used this theme. This is the main affirmation – that the theme doesn’t have errors or bugs in functionality and customization.

Transportation and Logistics Website Features

As this is a theme that has been built for a specific purpose, let’s start by looking at the transportation and logistics elements, which help separate Transcargo from regular WordPress themes.

Service Listing Templates

Transcargo Review Service Template

When creating this theme, the StylemixThemes team carried out research by visiting the most popular and successful transportation and logistics websites. This enabled them to find out what features are needed for a website of this type while also getting a better understanding of how to implement those features.

Transcargo Review Icon Columns

One of these key features is the ability to publish the services on offer in the right format. Thanks to the two service listing templates that are included with the theme, you can make sure your visitors can easily find out what you have to offer and why they should choose you.

Transcargo Review Icon Grids

As well as the two main templates, there are many other ways to highlight your services and the benefits your customers will gain access to by working with your company. This includes icon grids, feature lists, FAQs, and more.

Online Quote Request Form

Transcargo Review Quote Form

As well as including many locations where you can publish your telephone number and email address, Transcargo also includes a form that makes it easy for your visitors to request a quote.

The default form includes all the fields necessary to enable you to give your potential clients an accurate quote. However, if necessary, you are free to customize the form so that it better meets your needs.

Support for Multiple Office Locations

Transcargo Review Location Switcher

It’s likely that your logistics company has offices in multiple locations, and maybe in even more than one country. To help support this and make it easier for your visitors to find their closest branch, the Transcargo theme includes a handy menu that not only lists the different locations you serve, but also allows the visitors to switch the contact information on the site.

Multilingual Support with WPML

Transcargo Review WPML

Again, if you are operating in multiple countries, then you may well be dealing with customers in more than one language. If you want to cater to those visitors in their preferred language, Transcargo is fully compatible with WPML, the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress.

WPML gives you a range of options for creating a multilingual website; while also helping you find the right translators for your project. If your logistics business has global ambitions, this feature will be very useful.

Multiple Location Support with Google Maps

Transcargo Review Google Maps

To make it easy for your visitors to discover which regions and locations you operate in, by using Transcargo and Google Maps, you can add multiple markers to the interactive maps that are displayed on your site.

Transcargo Review Address Footer

Each marker can have its own custom details, allowing your potential customers to find out more about your offices.

General WordPress Theme Features

Just because you’ve bought a niche theme for a specific type of website, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the useful features found in the best multipurpose WordPress themes. Transcargo does a good job of including all the best general features a premium WordPress theme should offer, without going overboard and adding unnecessary elements just for the sake of it.

7 Predefined Color Skins

Transcargo Review Color Skins

When setting up your transportation website, you can choose from one of the seven predefined color skins. These color schemes affect the overall appearance of your website. Also you can pick any color outside predefined color skins in theme options – which gives you an easy way to match it with the branding of your company.

4 Header Styles

Transcargo Review Header Style

There are also four header styles on offer from Transcargo. These different styles for your header can be applied to your site in just a few clicks, helping you to create a design that highlights the information your customers will need in a style they can’t miss.

Furthermore, you can easily toggle the navigation mode to choose between a static and a sticky menu area.

Good Support for the Live Customizer Tool

Transcargo Review Customizer

When it comes to personalizing the appearance of your website, the Transcargo theme gives you an easy way to make changes. Thanks to the full support for the WordPress Theme Customizer tool, you’ll have access to a familiar interface for personalizing your site.

As the Customizer tool is integrated into the WordPress dashboard, it will be easy for experienced users to make changes to their site, while those that are new to WordPress, should have no trouble picking it up.

Transcargo Review Customizer Typography

Through the Customizer interface, you can drill down into the different elements of the theme, and then make changes to the individual aspects of your site. While doing so, you can view a live preview of your changes as you make them in real time, without the need to switch browser tabs and refresh windows.

This high level of support for the Customizer is great to see and it makes personalizing your website very straightforward.

Drag and Drop Page Builder Tool

Transcargo Review Visual Composer

If the settings and options available through the Customizer tool aren’t enough, and you want to get even more creative with your website, the addition of a drag and drop page builder tool can help you with your goals. The tool included with Transcargo is the commercial Visual Composer plugin, a tried and tested drag and drop page builder for WordPress.

With Visual Composer, you can edit any of the many page templates and prebuilt layouts that are included in the theme package, as well as creating your own from scratch. Visual Composer gives you a front-end view to work through, with a live preview of your site.

Visual Composer includes many modules, each of which can be inserted into your pages and then customized to meet your needs. This powerful tool opens up a new world of possibilities to non-coders.

Create Animated Slideshows

Transcargo Review Slider Revolution

If you look at the Transcargo demo site, you’ll notice the use of animated slideshows on the homepage. These slideshows have been created using the powerful Slider Revolution plugin. As this commercial tool is included in the theme package – at no extra cost – you are able to edit these slideshows and even create your own from scratch.

Mobile Responsive and Retina Ready

Transcargo Review Mobile Responsive

As you’d expect from a professional WordPress theme, Transcargo is fully mobile responsive. This makes your site easily accessible by smartphone and tablet users, preventing you from missing out on inquiries from this growing demographic of internet user.

At the other end of the spectrum, Transcargo has been built to look great on the retina screens found in high-end devices.

Demo Content with One-Click Importer

With the demo content included in the theme package, getting your transport and logistics website online is much easier than it might seem. Importing all that content, along with the necessary settings, only takes a few clicks.

Thanks to the one-click demo content import tool, you can have the framework of your website up and running in no time at all, with just your own personal content left to be added.

Support and Updates

Purchasing this theme gives you access to future updates as well as six months of support from its creators. You can extend this period to 12 months by paying an extra $14.70 on top of the purchase price of $49.

StylemixThemes also offers a professional WordPress support service. By signing up, you’ll have a team of WordPress experts who you can contact whenever you need any help with your site. As part of the service, they’ll also monitor your site to ensure it’s always available, keep it backed up to avoid data loss, and make sure WordPress and all of your plugins are up to date.

There is a lot more on offer from this theme and the above is just some of the most important highlights. To view the full list of features, head on over to the Transcargo theme page.

Transcargo Review Conclusion

The demo version of Transcargo really impressed me. However, I had my doubts about how easy it would be to recreate a similar site on my installation of WordPress.

However, thanks to the setup process, which takes care of installing and activating all the required plugins, I had the bare bones of my site online in no time at all. The one-click demo importer then finished off the job by adding all the pages, layouts, settings, and options to deliver a replica of the online demo version of the theme.

All that was left for me to do was go into each page and replace the placeholder content with my own words and images. Modifying the appearance of the site couldn’t have been easier, thanks to the support for the WordPress Customizer tool.

For more adventurous users, having access to the Visual Composer page builder tool and the Slider Revolution plugin, means you can edit any of the existing page layouts and slideshows to make them your own.

If you need to build a website for a business in the transportation and logistics industry, then WordPress and the Transcargo theme comes highly recommended.

Find out more about Transcargo today