How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site ? A Complete Guide 2016

WordPress Performance Optimization

Post Series: WordPress performance – How to make your website faster?

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Is your WordPress site slow ? If yes, we need to work on that.

Ohh and if your website loads pretty quickly, can it be made even quicker – Every millisecond literally makes a difference. We can measure your site’s performance and see if there’s anything else to make it just a wee bit faster. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Before I tell you how you can make your website a great deal faster, I’ll try to establish the importance of having a fast loading website.

Does Site Speed Matter ?

Your website load speed matters a great deal to ensure good search engine ranking and a great user experience. It is a known fact that Google’s search algorithm includes your page load times as one of the many parameters while calculating pagerank. Let’s have a look at what Google has to say about site speed and how it might affect your website and the size of your audience.

Google’s Take On Speed

At Google, they created an experiment to replicate the slowness that accompanies a website or webpage with a bad page load speed.

Google’s team did this by creating a system where the speed is deliberately decreased by injecting a server side delay, which translates to extending the processing time before and during the time that results are returned to the browser.

From the user perspective it doesn’t matter much whether the results are returned slowly or the ability of their browser to process those results is slow. In effect, you wouldn’t know that it is your browser that is slow and not the webpage, but it creates the same effect as you would if you were on a webpage that loads slowly.

By dropping the load speed from 100 milliseconds to 600 milliseconds, there was a decrease in the number of searches by 0.2% to 0.6%, results averaged over four to six weeks. You might be tempted to question the significance of these results.

It was also discovered that those exposed to a 200 millisecond delay performed 0.22% less searches in the first three weeks and 0.36% less searches in the second three week period. And with a 400 millisecond delay, the same results followed a decrease of 0.44% and 0.76% in the first and second three week periods. As you can imagine such an impact in the number of searches performed is huge given the scale of Google web search.

Apart from Google several major companies including AOL, Microsoft, Bing and Shopzilla have recognized the importance of having websites that load quickly. You can read more about it here.

Website Load Speed Matters – User Experience

Now forget the numbers, how much fun might using a slow website be ? How many times have you visited a slow website and never bothered to visit again ? How many times have you cursed your internet connection when it goes into a slumber ? Slow websites are no fun.

Before we get into “making your site” faster, how fast is it to begin with ? Let’s look at few tools to help us out!

How Well Does Your Website Fare ?

We need to measure current site performance, only then will be able to measure any improvements in performance. You can use one of the following,

  • GTmetrix
  • WebPageTest
  • PageSpeed Tools

To keep track of your website regularly, you can access site performance under labs via your Google Analytics account. If you’ve haven’t yet added your website to GA, you should. Apart from these methods, most hosting services also provide access to basic page load speed information.

Now, let’s look at about a dozen things you can do to make your website faster.

1. Hosting Service Selection

Whilst there are multiple things that you can do to enhance your site’s performance, such methods have their limitations. Tweaking software will only help optimize site performance. But when it really comes down to it, nothing beats the best hardware. Shared hosting is an option for low traffic sites but as your site traffic grows you need to scale your hardware. Virtual Private Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting are options used by high/medium traffic sites. Dedicated hosting is reserved for the biggest sites with millions of daily visits. VPS is designed for the technically adept and Managed WordPress Hosting is for the non-tech savvy running an online business.

Assuming you are on a tight budget, I’d recommend SiteGround’s shared hosting plan. They have a near 100% uptime, free domain name registration, free daily backups, a 30 day money back guarantee and offer scalability.

But if you want the best hosting that money can buy, I’d recommend WPEngine – Managed WordPress Hosting Solution. Good support and top notch hosting solution that creates blazing fast websites.


If you are using WPEngine, the next part (Caching) of this performance guide can be skipped. WPEngine uses EverCache to cache your site. With a managed WordPress host, you can forget about taking care of your site performance and focus only on content production (true to a large extent).

2. Use The Best Caching Plugin

(Assuming you use anything other than Managed WordPress Hosting where caching is provided in-house by your hosting company)


WP Rocket is a premium best selling caching plugin that works efficiently to optimize your site for speed. There are many WP caching plugins which in my opinion, a bit too complicated for a WP newbie. And the complexity of options is good for expert and intermediate level WP user. WP Rocket isn’t too difficult to figure out and use.

WP Rocket performs page caching to decrease load speeds, cache preloading to help with site indexing by search engines, images load only upon request (when you scroll down, not when a page first loads), file compression to convert HTML, JS & CSS to static files and the plugin is rather developer friendly.

When I was writing a post about the Top 6 Caching plugins, one of the conclusions I came to was it was very difficult to compare caching plugins. The reason every plugin is a bit different and configuring every plugin optimally is not easy, if you do not set the same configurations on all the plugins it makes the plugins impossible to compare. Instead I basically asked our readers to go with the plugin they felt was the easiest to use. And do read the post about Top 6 Caching Plugins, if you want more options including freemium and free caching plugins.

If you do not use WPRocket, a few things to consider. This is a breakdown of functions that would otherwise be performed by a caching plugin. Ensure that your alternate caching solution provides of all these functions. If not use a free caching plugin plus one or two other plugins to replicate most of WPRocket’s features.

A free caching plugin normally accomplishes the following.

Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript

All that blank space, comments, new line characters and anything redundant in your code that makes it easier on the eye without purpose is completely useless to a server and the IP that trying to reach out to your servers requesting your site.

Remove all this stuff with a free caching plugin and your site will be better off in terms of performance.

Minimize the number of HTTP requests

You can reduce the number of requests made to your site’s servers. Every time someone visits your site, they request your website’s files. This includes HTML files, CSS and JS files. If you have multiple files of each file type, then for every individual file a request is sent to your servers.

Having a high number of files requiring multiple server requests is not efficient at all. You can reduce this by combining JS scripts, HTML and CSS files together. A free caching plugin will suffice.

Replace PHP With Static HTML

Also known as super caching where in the PHP is completely bypassed and files are served in HTML. Super Caching is performed with mod_rewrite and is certainly among the fastest caching methods available to your site. The difference between supercached static files served by PHP and one served in full HTML is imperceptible, but it does make your site faster. Again as before free caching plugins should be sufficient to accomplish super caching served by HTML.

GZIP Compression

Compress your code, essentially make a text file containing code smaller. Your website’s files are simply compressed which helps reduce your bandwidth usage and obviously lowers load times, once the compressed file is received at the browser end, it can be easily read. This function can be accomplished by a free caching plugin like W3TC.

Browser Caching

For static content like JS, CSS and images, these can be downloaded and stored on a visitor’s browser. This gets downloaded when the visitor visits the site the first time around and is fetched from the browser cache every time it is required thereafter for sometime at least. Otherwise, it would have to be downloaded again.

Caching involves configuring your plugin and this may be a bit daunting to our readers who are not yet familiar with WordPress. Refer our Top 6 Caching Plugins to find the right free caching plugin for you.

A free caching plugin may not help with lazy loading. And you’ll either need a premium caching plugin or other plugins to make up for the shortcomings of a free caching plugin. So if you intend to use a free caching plugin, consider using the following one of lazy load plugins in tandem.

Use Lazy Load For Text, Videos & Images

Lazy load for images ensures that you load the image when it is about enter the visitor’s screen as he/she scrolls down. By doing that the site’s load times come down quite a bit, seeing as images are pretty data heavy relatively.

Generally caching lazy load is a feature that accompanies a premium caching plugin, not a free plugin. So if you aren’t using a premium caching solution with lazy image loading, you can use BJ Lazy Load or Unveil Lazy Load.

If you are interested in activating the same feature for videos, try Lazy Load For Videos. And for overall management of lazy loading for all your site’s videos, images and iframes, you can check out Lazy Load XT.

3. Choose The Right Framework

Frameworks form the skeleton upon on which you build your site’s appearance and eventually display your content. A good framework is important to ensure good site performance. The theme which helps design and modify the appearance of your site also contributes to site load time. A flashy multimedia rich theme with a bulky framework does not make for a fast website.

In terms of performance when it comes to site speed, themehouses like Headway Themes, StudioPress (Genesis) and iThemes produce themes based a strong and lean framework. And upon this framework they create color filled themes intended for specific site types and niches. To a great extent the success of the aforementioned themehouses can be attributed to their WP frameworks on which they build their themes. I’d recommend any of the aforementioned themehouses’ frameworks.

For a more extensive list of frameworks that you might want, look at our round up of the 16 best frameworks for WordPress. We’ll also benchmark frameworks and hosting options in the future to provide a better picture with regards to speed.

4. Use A CDN

CDNs or Content Delivery Networks help deliver static files of your website faster to your visitors from a server location much closer to them than your site’s servers. This makes a website that is normally fast seem even faster. A CDN ensures that your visitor hits the cache rather than reach your servers. And accessing the cache as opposed to requesting site data from servers is much faster.

Almost all high traffic websites now use a CDN for their static content. CDNs like MaxCDN have solid state drives strategically located all over the globe to provide the ideal global content delivery service to websites with a wide demographic reach, as you can see from the image below.

Check Out MaxCDN's Global CDN Service

Unlike normal host providers servers, a CDN’s servers are tailor made to deliver static content in the least possible time. They also have tieups with popular telecom companies to ensure that your site’s load time is not affected by any interruption or delay on the part of the telecom provider.

If you use a CDN, your site server’s bandwidth usage will see a sizeable drop and it will further help bring down site load times.

5. Optimize Your Site’s Database

Use a WordPress database optimization plugin and get your site’s database in order. WP-Sweep is a powerful plugin that performs multiple functions involved in the WP-Spring Cleaning process.


WP Sweep removes redundant post revisions, comments (spam & unapproved), any form of orphaned and duplicated metadata (user, comment and post) and unused terms from your WordPress database. There are other database optimization plugins like WP-DB Manager and WP Optimize, but WP Sweep has a significant edge over them. WP Sweep performs WordPress delete commands on data so there is no orphaned data left behind as in the case of the other two plugins which run MYSQL queries.

Your database optimization plugin will get rid of:

  • Spam, Unapproved & Deleted Comments – Comments can pile up like a mountain in your wp-database if you allow for it to happen. Optimizing your WP database from time to time will prevent this from happening.
  • Duplicate and Orphaned data on your WordPress database – Duplicate content is a burden on your servers, one that they need not bear. Orphaned data affects your site’s database by occupying row upon row and it contributes nothing to your site, hence the term “orphaned”. Duplicate content and orphaned data serve no purpose, rid them both of your site.
  • Unnecessary post revisions – Multiple post revisions are unecessary and they can add to quite a lot, delete them.

If you decide to spring clean your WordPress, you should delete unused terms, images, themes, plugins, fix broken links and keep your site’s database in tip top shape. Since WP is a database driven system, your database health does play a role in your site’s performance. While a database optimization should be sufficient for now, there may be one or two other things you may want to do.

I can go on further about how and what you should do to keep your WordPress database clean but that is a pretty big job in and of itself and I can’t really add much more here, but if you’d like to read further. This should help you out – “WordPress Spring Cleaning Toolkit – A Complete Guide How To Optimize Your WordPress Installation For Better Performance”.

6. Compress Images

EWWW Image Opt

Images are bulky when compared to text, they occupy much more space on your wp-content folder than they should be allowed to. Compressing your images will help bring down your site load times. You can reduce the size of your images without losing much of the perceived image quality.

With lossless compression provided by EWWW Image Optimizer you can reduce image sizes without much loss of quality. Alternatively, you can use Compress JPEG & PNG Images plugin for the same. They promise a compression in size by about 40% – 60% for JPEG images and 50% – 80% for PNG images, without a visible and obvious loss in quality.

7. Diagnose Your Plugins

All plugins at the end of the day are pieces of code that help perform functions. Sometimes they become cumbersome and counterproductive.

How will you identify the anchors of your site ? Stop them from loading ?

P3- Plugin Performance Profiler


This plugin will detect which of your plugins are heavily impacting your site load times. And with the report that the plugin generates, you shall be able to identify which plugins are dragging your site’s speed down. If any plugin affects site performance far too much, then find alternate plugins.

Get P3 Profiler here!

Plugin Organizer

Now that you know which plugins affect your site performance, you can choose to disable them on all site pages/posts where their use is optional. You can do this on a post by post basis. So if there is plugin slowing your site that you can not do without, then use it only on the pages/posts on your site where it is absolutely necessary.

Get Plugin Organizer here!

8. Disable Hotlinking

Hotlinking is a means by which people use the content that is host on your site’s servers for their own websites. So basically they use your servers with your content on their site. And as a result your server gets loaded with no benefit to you whatsoever.

How do you stop someone from stealing your server resources ?

To prevent people from hotlinking stuff from your site’s content. Some tinkering with your site’s code is required. You can use this tool from to generate the necessary code which you can add to your server. Normally, your host will also be willing to help you with this.

And once you prevent hotlinking, you can be certain that your server resources are not spent hosting content for a website other than your own. Hotlinking tactics generally target images and other multimedia which are data heavy, so if you run a site with minimal imagery, disabling hotlinking will not have any effect on your site’s performance.

9. Use A Feather weight minimal social sharing plugin!

Social Media Sharing is important for any website and it forms a significant part of any site’s marketing strategy. However sometimes people get ahead of themselves and put one to many sharing options that not only annoys visitors but slows down the website.

Social Sharing by Danny

My personal policy with sharing plugins for social media is keep it simple and minimal. Two plugins you out to check out Floating Social Bar and Social Sharing by Danny.

Floating Social Bar for instance, does not load the plugin till the user actually moves the cursor over the social share button which is a replica to begin with.

Social Sharing by Danny has a file size of 50Kb which is incredibly low and it also makes it fast. Enabling sharing buttons popup will require a script that is 600 bytes in size. I mention size only because such lightweight plugin has no effect on site performance, relatively speaking.

10. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Trackbacks and pingbacks are used to let you know that someone else has put a link of your post on another blog or site. Trackbacks are manual and pingbacks are automatic, they both end up in your comment moderation. 99% of all trackbacks and pingbacks are spam. And if you start getting too much of it, your site speed can potentially be affected.

Go to Settings > Discussions, under Default Article settings disable the pingbacks and trackbacks.

Or we can use a plugin that can deal with spam, like WP SpamShield Anti-Spam. And that’ll be the end of spam in any form.

11. Put The CSS On Top & Javascript At The Bottom

CSS references should go right to the top. Browsers do not load content prior to loading CSS otherwise, you’ll end up with unstylized content. So first the CSS, to avoid this little problem. If you fail to do so, then your site will fail to load progressively. That means a part of your site will show up without any styling. And if your CSS is towards the end, then the browser has to redraw all your site elements which will end up taking longer than if you had put CSS as part of the header.

JS is relegated to the last because it prevents parallel loading in a browser which means it is the only thing that loads. And to add to that, progressive loading is blocked if there is a script file above the content. To ensure all content can progressively load we need to put the scripts at the end.

Free caching plugins do not really accomplish this. Or you could use Autoptimize in tandem with a free caching plugin. But sometimes things tend to break down and I wouldn’t advise this route for someone who isn’t capable of fixing a potential mess. And if you feel you wouldn’t be able to handle it, use WPRocket.

12. Combine Your Images Into One – CSS Sprites

A browser has to make multiple trips back and forth to your server to fetch multiple images. We can combine these images into one big file which contains all images which will effectively reduce the number of HTTP requests and create a far more efficient process. If you aren’t familiar with CSS, you can use a drag and drop method available online to help accomplish the same. Use either Sprite Pad or Sprite Me, both are will prove to be useful tools to help create CSS Sprites.

Whilst CSS Sprites are helpful, they are not essential but if you’d like to read more about them head over to CSS Tricks.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats an awesome managed WP host with an in-house caching solution and a good theme from a reputed themehouse.

But for those on a budget, I’d recommend –

  • A Free Caching Plugin
  • Lazy Load XT
  • Autoptimize
  • Social Sharing by Danny
  • WP Sweep
  • WP SpamShield Anti-Spam
  • Sprite Pad
  • A good free theme

This combination of tools and software should help create a fast site without spending a penny! But I’d still recommend you at least try a premium caching plugin, it’ll save you all the effort of having to use so many plugins for one purpose. And making all these plugins function effectively for your site is another thing altogether.

Another thing you need to know, too many plugins do not necessarily slow down your site provided they are quality plugins.

Test your site again,

  • GTmetrix
  • WebPageTest
  • PageSpeed Tools

While testing, use one new plugin at a time to check the results. If they are not successively better, then perhaps you should stick to the previous plugin/plugins alone. For example, use a free caching plugin like Fastest Cache see how much faster your site gets. Now replace your current social media plugin with Social Sharing by Danny, see if it gets any faster.

Basically look for increments in performance, before you stick to a newly activated plugin.

How were the results, did your site get faster ?

I hope it did.

And I hope this post was helpful ?

Please do share the results of your tests with us in the comments below, perhaps we could help you out!

Giveaway Week at – Win 1 of 5 Lifetime Memberships [CLOSED]

Dessign WordPress Theme Giveaway

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You can also buy a single theme for $39.

The themes are kept updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. The Grid experience is great and dashboard is downright simple. Page performance and speed is good. Scope for customization is limited and the authors advise you check with them before you purchase the themes if any php/ css customization is required.

Themes are ideal for artists, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators for showcasing their portfolio.

If you are looking for themes that are totally modern, absolutely compatible with hundreds of plugins and a great deal of customization, you should look elsewhere, knowing that such themes will cost many times more than the themes on But, if you want themes where you can pick a template, not go into too much customization, don’t need to shuffle through hundreds of options and want to be up and running in a jiffy, you really should check out the themes on offer. At $99, 120+ Premium themes for keeps – it is a virtual steal. For more information about make sure to read our detailed review. is a show and tell website for designers. This is the place where designers get to share screenshots of their work, processes and projects. With an Alexa traffic rank of 1749 (at the time of writing), you can get an idea of how popular this website is with designers. While basic membership is free and premium memberships can be purchased for $20 and $100, to upload your own designs to the site or to comment on the work of other designers would require an invitation.

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Top 18 Best Free and Popular Contact Form Plugins for WordPress 2016

Wordpress Contact Form Plugins

Whether running a business or a personal blog about life, communication is such an essential key towards maintaining a fluid flow of support, feedback, sales, opportunities and so many other aspects that communication brings to our attention. WordPress whilst used by hundreds of millions of businesses and bloggers all around the world, does not offer a direct communication technique, which is why bloggers need to reside on the public plugin repository to find the kind of contact form plugin solution that best suits their needs. And choices are definitely in the high numbers when it comes to contact forms.

The ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Contact Me’ pages are amongst the most visited pages on any website out there. It’s a way for like-minded individuals to connect and communicate with each other, and lacking a contact page on your website can mean a huge loss in contacts and business if appropriate. Then there is the professional appearance aspect, you want to ensure that your customers can reach out to you whenever they have a question, scouting for personal emails on the web was never a fun process, and either way is very unprofessional. Email is something we no longer need to hide, as most email platforms provide truly sensational spam protection.

Contact forms themselves can be used to inspire a call to action, such as send message. Using a white on black contact form with no added personality can sometimes be a reason for lack of emails, but sometimes all we need is simplicity, which is why this WordPress contact form plugins list is going to feature a huge variety of choices that will suit even the most complex of WordPress blogs and platforms. We have put together a number of contact form plugins that are stylish, easy to use, allow custom modifications, are equipped with security and spam protection features, oh and did we mention easy to use? WordPress is all about simplicity, and this is the theme we are going to try and keep within our collection of plugins today.

Anyone who is indulging in our list of plugins can compare their own personal favorite to this list, and in case we have missed out on a truly reliable contact form plugin, please be free to give us a shout either through our own contact form, or through the use of comments section to let us know about the URL of your favorite contact form plugin, as well as the reason why you like it so much — we will do our best to consider it for inclusion in the following list.

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

WordPress > Contact Form by BestWebSoft << WordPress Plugins

BestWebSoft is offering a reliable contact form plugin that requires next to no configuration changes in order to begin receiving emails from your contact pages. It uses a traditional Shortcode approach for displaying your form, so you can just create a new WordPress Page and put the shortcode in there, then use the menu to add the new Page to your main menu and use it as a means of redirecting visitors to your contact form. This plugin has been assembled with beginners in mind, and the technical barrier is really not that high.

BestWebSoft is a modern web development company, so expect your new contact form to be responsive to mobile and tablet devices; any screen size basically. You can customize each form to consist of specific fields and requirements of your own choosing; you can also make those fields be mandatory or optional. You can select a number of required forms that the user needs to fill out so that you can learn more about their intentions and their background.

You can enable features like file attachments to allow others upload content through your form — which makes this contact form great for sites that deal with customer support and anything of that nature. Spam protection is of high importance and expect two different choices for captcha plugins — reCAPTCHA and BestWebSoft’s own Captcha plugin. Also, it’s easy extend the plugin through the use of additional plugins.


Custom Contact Forms

WordPress > Custom Contact Forms << WordPress Plugins

Custom Contact Forms is a solid forms plugin built for small and enterprise level blogs that want more than just a contact form. With this plugin you will finally be able to do all your required forms tasks within a single place in your WordPress Media Manager. Whether you are looking to create forms for booking events, collecting payments, or building your email list, with the amount of features that Custom Contact Forms has to offer — you will find a way to solve all these tasks within a single plugin. You can create forms and use fields like addresses (worldwide), the current date for billing stuff, dropdowns, phone numbers, file attachments, and so many more. Because this is a legacy plugin, you can expect to be able to use custom HTML5 within your forms to better optimize them.

The clever use of AJAX means that all requests to the forms are completed within a single window, without the need to refresh the page. Variety of themes mean that you don’t have to worry about styling the plugin yourself, majority of the time there will be a suitable style to choose from for your own existing theme.

When doing renovations or running out of stock, you can configure for the plugin to show a temporary ‘Pause Message’ with an explanation as to why it is impossible to complete the form. There are translation options available, and this plugin is also super-protected when it comes to security concerns. Spam will be a thing of the past. And even with the features we have mentioned here, there are dozens of others to learn more about!


Contact Form Builder

WordPress > Contact Form Builder << WordPress Plugins

Contact Form Builder is one of the best platforms for designing flexible, interactive and functional contact forms for your own blogs, and the blogs of your clients. The basic configuration offers all the necessary features and attributes to build fully optimized contact forms that will let you start collecting feedback right away. The easily available CSS styles allow for bloggers to quickly customize the plugins style and the way it feels, while the integration of reCAPTCHA will make sure that no spammer is able to get through.

For those who also operate a physical business address, there’s an option to display a Google Maps widget alongside your contact form, for much easier and much quicker access to your business details. You can select to display to visitors custom confirmation text after a submission has been made, and users can also select to receive a copy of the email they are trying to send you. Fully ready for all device types, and comes with pre-built 10 different templates to choose from.


Contact Form to Email

WordPress > Contact Form to Email << WordPress Plugins

CodePeople brings out a special email support management plugin for quick and effective email delivery. All emails sent are saved in the database, and you can choose to export them to CSV and Excel type formats. You can also choose to print out your list of messages for future reference. The visual forms builder (Drag & Drop) will make it easy even for the most inexperienced WordPress users to build contact forms within seconds. Anti-spam features include a CAPTCHA plugin for maximum security. One of the reasons why thousands of people are constantly coming back to this plugin is the Reports feature where bloggers can learn about the behavior of their visitors and their email sending habits, giving an insight on how to improve that experience.


FormGet Contact Form

WordPress > FormGet Contact Form << WordPress Plugins

FormGet is one of the most promising Contact Form platforms we have seen being released in the last decade, even. This truly effective plugin lets you craft forms and use a special widget to display them on your site. This widget enables your form to appear on every single page in the form of a ‘Contact Us’ button that remains throughout the page as the user keeps interacting with your content. These style forms have become increasingly popular in the recent years, and FormGet has the required experience to ensure your widget gets seen by everyone. Needless to say that this particular WordPress plugin is not just for contact forms.

You can create feedback collection forms, a form for doing helpdesk tasks, a form for allowing others to book stuff, a simple email list form for collecting emails, a survey form for concluding important questions, job sites may use FormGet’s plugin to do job application forms, and there are so many ways that this plugin can be used to solve the everyday problems for building reliable and converting forms. One of the things the team at FormGet focuses on is User Experience and User Interface to ensure that each user interaction with the contact form widget is authentic and unique, and provides the maxium conversion rate potential.


Sliding Contact Form By FormGet

WordPress > Sliding Contact Form By FormGet << WordPress Plugins

We are going to take a look at another masterpiece from the FormGet team, and this time we are dealing with a more interactive plugin that positions itself on the left (or right) hand-side of the web page of your blogs, and then slides alongside the movement of the visitor, which is where the word ‘Sliding’ comes into play for the plugins name. Sliding Contact Form By FormGet allow you to set all the parameter such as font, color, custom branding, look and feel-layout and more — this enables for a more personal experience and in turn delivers more trustworthy signals to your visitors and/or customers. Another clever feature is the ability to collect your payments from your customers using a PayPal integration. Other features include custom alerts and reports to always remain in tune with how your email servicing is influencing the overall customer support experience.


Contact Form Builder by vCita

WordPress > Contact Form Builder by vCita << WordPress Plugins

Guys at vCita are taking the modern web design approach to delivering a stunning contact form experience for webmasters who seek it. Use the extensive configuration panel to create just the kind of forms that will capture every important detail from your visitors and instantly convert it into a beautiful and rounded up email for you to read and respond to. The styling is fully customizable, so the layout of the form, the colours, sizes like width and height, as well as fonts can all be customized to better reflect your personality and requirements. The easy to work with forms builder allows this plugin to become a part of any bloggers toolkit. There’s also a more advanced version of the plugin available, though it’s a premium thing and requires a monetary investment. We believe that the free version is flexible and sufficient enough to be used on sites that deal with large scale requests as well.


Contact Form Maker

WordPress > Contact Form Maker << WordPress Plugins

Dorado Web are professionals in Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal content management systems, and their experience shows in each of the plugins that they are able to share with the community. The Contact Form Maker is not an exception to this. With conditional logic, email management options, unlimited fields, submission management, CAPTCHA spam protection, PayPal integration, Google Maps integration, unlimited field types, file upload and nearly 40 unique templates to choose from — Dorado Web is showcasing their unique approach to creating extensive plugins that can accomplish dozens of different tasks from within a single system. WordPress Contact Form Maker uses simple and easy to manage backend interface, thus the users which are not able to make code-level changes, will be able to make customization and changes using parameters.


Contact Form by ContactUs

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Looking for an easy to setup form that will enable you to utilize powerful and extendable features? Look no further than the magnificent work of art from the team at ContactUs — this bunch of inbound marketing professionals are fully experienced and knowledgeable in what it takes to capture the attention of a potentially interested customer, and their customer contact form execution is the perfect proof of that experience. With the integration of the Customer Acquisition Suite that ContactUs provides, you will be better able to build, prioritize and track the submissions of your contact forms, to give you an edge over any competitors who might want to try and win over your business. ContactUs is an inbound marketing enterprise that focuses strictly on the inbound aspects of marketing, helping webmasters and bloggers to quickly acquire leads without the necessary analysis and expertise.

Contact Form by ContactUs is more than a contact form plugin. This plugin is part of an overall tool to grow users and customers, and manage your relationship with them. ContactUs has powerful contact management tools, where you can track, segment, analyze and communicate with your inbound form submission. It’s integrated with chat, which can be another vehicle for growing interactions and sales from your website. For premium users, ContactUs offers lots of features to enhance the look of your contact forms. Plus, great features to grow leads and customers such as: A/B Testing, Retargeting Alerts, advanced lead analytics, and call tracking.


Contact Form Generator

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Sometimes it’s great to just load up a plugin and have it do all the work for you, but the Contact Form Generator is aimed at a niche audience that wants to build their own contact form with the ability to customize field types and their settings. Here we have a plugin that allow you to select from field types like phone, address, number, customizable text areas, selection dropdowns, checkboxes and more. The use of shortcode methodology is going to help you insert your custom forms anywhere on your site, whether through a page, a widget, or directly through your templates codebase.

A unique feature to this plugin is the option to send out received emails to multiple email addresses, meaning that more support people can be allocated to each contact form. AJAX will ensure everything is loaded and submitted without the need to reload pages. Protection is ensured by high-level CAPTCHA plugins. Has been built with traditional User Interface elements in mind to provide an easy to use experience.


WCP Contact Form

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WCP Contact Form uses Bootstrap to provide a very authentic contact form design experience that you will be able to incorporate of any web design of your choosing. With this plugin you are getting more than just a forms management panel, WCP offers an exceptional way of managing your forms and emails that almost resemble a customer support platform. Be grateful to your visitors for sending you a message with a customizable ‘Thank you’ page that can also be used to promote your other products or email list if you desire.

Supports reCaptcha, a number of custom styles to choose from, a visual notification widget within the admin dashboard whenever a new email is received, the Inbox Page for emails provides a quick reply option. Amongst the latest new features there’s the option to redirect users to custom URLs after successful form submissions, action hooks for making your forms more dynamic, and an option to go for a more numbers oriented captcha solution.


Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form

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Is there such a thing as perfect? For each of us, perfect means a different thing, yet we can see what the creators of this plugin are trying to say. In order to achieve a sustainable visitor experience, we don’t necessarily have to rely on premium plugins, or heavy addons that bloat our servers memory. Quite often, it’s the simple things that take care of things in the best way possible. This mobile-optimized contact form has exciting features like slide-in effects, lightbox effect, responsive templates to choose from, ability to create forms for different needs (contact, call me, applications, reservations, submissions, polls, and others) all within a single and easy to manage environment. It’s so simple to use you won’t want to rely on anything else, give it a try!


POWr Contact Form

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POWr is a premium plugin that offers a free version as well. Unfortunately the free version only offers about 100 unique email submissions a month, but it’s worth giving it a try if you are looking for a more premium contact form experience. You can manage your POWr plugin to reflect your own choice of borders, fonts, backgrounds, colors and so forth. A payment integration module will allow you to collect PayPal payments, as well as manage other financial aspects of a subscription based platform. Mobile-ready and supports your own language if you have the specification. Also one of the few plugins that will support a custom ‘Thank you’ page for the potential of making extra conversions.


Popup Contact Form

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Popups are taking over the World of Web! Perhaps the only unique popup plugin in this list, we are looking at a very lightweight contact form solution that will behave whenever triggered by another visitor to appear in the form of a popup. Although the configuration settings allow you to create ‘unblockable’ popups, we strongly advise to be ethical about your choices and instead focus on the interactivity of the plugin, rather than the potential of making extra submissions appear in your inbox, just because. The configuration options are very simple, so you will have no problem getting the plugin up and running in a matter of two minutes.


PROPER Contact Form

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Sometimes all you need is a contact form that will let you enter fields like name, surname, email and website and of course the actual message itself. While fancy forms plugins are great for established sites who are dealing with a high-volume of traffic, for writers and bloggers who work within specific niches, sometimes it’s the simple things that deliver the best result. The PROPER Contact Form is built with those writers and bloggers in mind, to help them enable simple, elegant and aesthetic forms into their own blog designs, without having to worry about the latest features of capabilities that other plugins might provide. Really liking the autoresponder features in this particular plugin too, now you can stay in touch with your visitors even when you’re not at the computer.


JavaScript Contact Form

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This might be the most lightweight form of them all. Install and activate the plugin, go to the plugins template files and edit the main core file to replace the Receivers email and you are ready to get the emails rolling in. Can be activated with a shortcode.


Dialog Contact Form

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Dialog is a very simple form that enables several fields: name, email, website, phone, textarea, captcha and the submit button. The design is transparent, meaning it will flawlessly integrate with the majority of designs out there. Can be enabled using a shortcode.


Contact Form 7

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We saved what we believe to be the best for last, and for good reasons. Contact Form 7 is the most installed contact form plugin within the public WordPress plugin database. Millions of bloggers, businesses and writers rely on CF 7 daily to receive and manage their feedback, emails, support questions and so much more. The comprehensive documentation is one of the things that keeps WordPress users attracted to this plugin in the first place, with so many examples and documentation details available — it makes the plugin experience much more seamless, much more rich in a sense where the plugin user can get the most out of the experience of email management.

Contact Form 7 will let you create an unlimited number of forms with an unlimited number of variations in the form of field types, requirements, security protection and more. Remember, this is THE most popular plugin of this kind, so that alone speaks for itself. Before we close our post, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular extension plugins for Contact Form 7 and how those can help to improve our overall user to user interaction.


Contact Form 7 Addons and Extensions

There’s no questioning the usability of Contact Form 7, but even the best of the best can sometimes still be adjusted and optimized for a much more refined experience. We decided to leave Contact Form 7 last on our list — because the community has been so supportive of the plugin — as there are a number of very cool extensions available to make your Contact Form 7 experience a much more exciting one. The following addons and extensions will greatly help to enhance the overall business experience for small businesses, startups and agencies who wish to convert their WordPress platform into a full-enterprise solution for business needs and tasks.

Yes, it’s quite a known fact that CF7 is easy to work with, but even a plugin like this can run out of good features, and this is where extensions begin to come in, and what a blessing it is that the developers of CF 7 are allowing others to built extensions on top of it.

Slack Contact Form 7

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Slack is becoming (already is for developers and designers) one of the most prominent instant messaging services of our time, and it’s only natural that Slack users who also happen to use WordPress are going to be looking for ways to combine the two for maximum productivity. With this neat extension plugin you will be able to receive instant notifications to your Slack profile about successful form submissions on your contact pages. Just specify the channels you want to have the messages sent to and it’s all good to go.


Contact Form 7 – PayPal Integration Add-on

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Turn your CF 7 into a fully functional billing solution. This PayPal module extension will give you the necessary tools for collecting payments as soon as users create a successful contact submission. Whether you want to use it to collect payments for digital products, or services you provide, this will be the plugin to make it all happen for you without the extra fuss.


Contact Form 7 Style

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Knowing how to style a plugin using CSS is not something that everyone can proudly say they are able to do, but with this specific Styling plugin you will quickly be able to change the appearance of your contact forms on the go. Don’t worry about having to learn complicated syntax of a styling language, load up the extension and let the settings panel give you all the right tools to create the kind of forms that will better suit your needs.


Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

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Bootstrap is a household name for front-end developers. Being able to use CF 7 with Bootstrap is the dream of many, and now it is possible to achieve that dream by installing this easy to use extension. Tens of thousands of CF 7 users are using this plugin to compliment their existing Bootstrap templates with this Bootstrap extension.


Contact Form 7 Leads Tracking

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In online marketing, the more stuff we can track and analyze, the easier it becomes to improve in the future for more conversions. This Leads Tracking extension will help you track the user interaction with your contact forms and give you the data to analyze to learn more about where a users stops, how long it takes for users to finalize forms, and many other insightful statistics that will give you an insight into the behavior of the visitors who wish to leave you an email message.


Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension

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Are you a user of MailChimp? Wish to extend your list through Contact Form 7? What better way to do it than by using this CF 7 addon for growing your email list through each new submission. Offers all the opt-in features that MailChimp itself would provide.


Beefing Up WordPress Security – A Complete Guide To Securing WordPress Sites

Wordpress Security

Post Series: WordPress Security

  • 1.Is Your WordPress Website Secure? Are WordPress Websites Vulnerable?
  • 2.Beefing Up WordPress Security – A Complete Guide To Securing WordPress Sites

When you’re done with this post, I’ll guarantee your WordPress site will be immune from hacks and exploits.

Wait, I can’t guarantee that. Let me put it this way, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to keep your website relatively safe.

There is no such thing as full proof security. There are specific measures that you can take to greatly decrease the chance that your website falls victim a victim to a hack or an attack.

I previously wrote a small post about how WordPress websites get compromised and why you should invest in good security practices. You can either read it here or I’ll give you a small summary of WordPress vulnerabilities, before we discuss specific measures to beef up your WordPress website.

WordPress in and of itself has few vulnerabilities and when they are discovered, they are quickly patched up with an update. But when you take into account, your web host’s security practices or lack there of and the third party software that normally runs on WordPress websites, your website is more likely to become the victim of a hack due to other people’s mistakes.

51% of all hacked websites in 2012 were compromised by themes or plugins they were running. 41% were exploited because they picked the wrong web host and as a result their sites were hacked.

Running a plain WordPress site and keeping it safe isn’t too difficult. But when you add a melange of third party software and have to maintain your domain with the right host, it becomes a tad more difficult.

I’ve read plenty of blog posts by successful web entrepreneurs who were essentially business men and women who took their business online. And when their online ventures became successful they became targets. Although, it isn’t necessary that your website be successful or even have some traffic for it to become a target.

People who hack websites use automated tools that allow them to scour hundreds and thousands of websites for vulnerabilities. Your website may be one of those hundreds. So even if your website isn’t popular, you could still be a target.

Now many web entrepreneurs are aware of the necessary security standards and measures required to keep their websites and online businesses safe. But the great thing about WordPress and the web today, is you no longer need to be a tech expert or a web developer to start a website. And creating a website isn’t difficult at all, it’s very easy and I’ve even written an article about it on Colorlib (for those of you looking for a bit of help when you build your first WordPress website).

Creating a website isn’t too difficult, making it popular is a slightly more complicated proposition. But making it secure, especially for non-tech savvy web entrepreneurs whose primary preoccupation revolves around a non-web based product/service is rather challenging.

And sure, they could employ a web developer to help them out. But the reason there are many small scale web businesses thriving, is certainly directly related to their ability to keep costs low. And employing a web developer who charges $100 an hour, does not fall with their financial capabilities.

A web security professional is always the preferred option but unfortunately not everybody has the necessary business income to allow for that expense. And may be that’s okay, maybe it isn’t. But the crucial fact is we have to recognize that even small scale businesses collect sensitive personal information including stuff like your address of residence, your credit card details, phone numbers and email- IDs.

Not only is your customer’s information at risk due to possibly negligent security practices, but so will the very business you’ve built or will spend a great deal of time building. Building a business online is a rather daunting endeavor, your success relies on a number of factors, which include brand reputation and what Google thinks of your website. And trust me, no one will have a favorable view of your businesses or your services, if your website shuts down or becomes victim to an attack/hack.

Given all that and the stakes involved, what steps can “you” as a web entrepreneur take to make your website safe ?

This post is primarily aimed at people whose primary occupation isn’t running an online business. It is aimed at people who from different walks of life are starting business that rely partially or heavily on an online presence. And since more than 65% of the web is run by WP and WordPress is the CMS of choice for the non-tech savvy web entrepreneur, I’ll be focusing my efforts on arming you with the knowledge to keep your WordPress website safe and secure.

#1. Choose The Right Host Service Provider

A lion’s share of vulnerabilities exist because of problems created at the server end of your website. I found this fact rather astonishing, your hosting service is potentially the greatest source of your website’s vulnerabilities.

And with a third party host you can not do much in the way of tinkering to protect your website.

So the next best thing you can do – Choose the right web hosting service provider.

There are far too many web host providers who run their systems on outdated software or software that isn’t currently being maintained. The problem with software that is no longer being maintained is, that while there may have existed no vulnerabilities in the past, there exists no guarantee for future safety. And if a vulnerability is detected which is almost certain, it may no longer be patched because the core team isn’t actively maintaining older versions of software.

When I talk of software, I mean anything that runs on your server to keep your site live and functional.

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • SSL certificates

Even if they’ve update their software with a small delay, when software patches are released. The window of opportunity for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities which have only been patched in recent updates widens and puts your website at risk.

Shared hosting which is the choice of hosting for most newly started online businesses does have a couple of problems,

  • DOS attacks on any one IP on a server can affect all websites hosted on that particular server.
  • Shared IP addresses are a big problem. IP addresses that neighbor your own affect your website, if a shared IP gets blacklisted, your site suffers the consequences.
  • There is always the chance that some software loaded on a shared server can compromise the entire server, even though shared hosting service providers do take measures to prevent this from happening.

My pick for shared hosting,

  • Shared Hosting – SiteGround – They provide account isolation which protects you against websites on the same server which may be vulnerable. Automated updates for WP core and plugins, free SSL certificate & daily backups for the Grow Big Plan and upwards, protection against spam with a filtering system, a firewall, intrusion prevention systems and live monitoring. Using a CDN system like CloudFlare will protect your website against DDoS attacks.

SiteGround have had a good history in terms of responding quickly and incisively against vulnerabilities exposed in the past. In 2013, when bruteforce attacks were perpetrated from over 90,000 IP addresses SiteGround prevented the requests from even reaching their servers.

Brute Force attacks may overwhelm the server with load but if you can’t send a sufficient number of requests to the server, you can not affect it. During the attack over 15 million attempts in under 12 hours were made against websites on their servers and yet none of their servers suffered any performance issues.

In fact, after some in housing brute forcing on their own client’s websites to find weak passwords, they found many websites on their servers with weak and unsafe passwords. They followed it up by enforcing strong passwords and their clients were informed via mail. They really seem to care about their security and ensuring the performance of their shared server environments even when under attack. The same can not be said for some of the largest shared web hosting companies.

If you want alternative options to SiteGround for shared hosting, I’ve listed quite a few in a previous post.

However, if you do not want to concern yourself with WordPress security and pretty much anything else remotely technical about creating, maintaining and growing a website, you will be better off with a managed WordPress host. I prefer managed hosting but the costs are considerably higher.

The price for managed hosting for one month will also buy you shared hosting for a period of 8 months. If you are running a cash strapped enterprise, this has a very monumental effect on your business’s sustainability. But anyone would be a fool to dismiss the benefits of a managed WordPress host, if they can afford it.

WPEngine security measures-

  • Disk write protection, any malicious code that creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited is severely limited by the disk write restrictions. Using plugins and themes with vulnerabilities is safer suddenly, given that they can not write code into your server that makes your WP vulnerable as easily anymore.
  • Disk write privileges for users logged in to their WP dash extend to standard functions like writing and editing posts, themes adding new style sheets and activating/disabling plugins.
  • To delete and write new files you need to be logged in via an SFTP client.
  • Adding generic PHP code isn’t permitted.
  • Scripts with known vulnerabilities which compromise WP can not be added to WordPress.
  • Certain plugins can be disallowed and even disabled, if their scanners pick up something in the plugin’s code that leaves your website less secure.
  • The basic plans in WPEngine will still involve some server sharing. In any dedicated hosting plan, the host provide an entire server fully dedicated to providing resources for only your website.
  • Backups via Amazon S3 and you do not have access to them. You couldn’t compromise your backups, even if you tried. An insurance policy for your site is always in place.
  • Physical access to servers is limited only to essential personnel. Their data centers sound like Fort Knox just reading about it.
  • They specialize in WP and know the ins and outs of creating a secure WordPress site.
  • Recovery in the case of a hacked account is easy and assured free of cost.
  • Regular code audits from WP security solutions provider – Sucuri.

Think of WPEngine this way, it costs you a bomb but a lot less than a hacked website can cost you. It makes it far more easier to rationalize costs.

Please do not overlook the fact that your website will not just be safer with WPEgnine, it will be a lot faster in all likelihood. Even websites like Colorlib which use a virtual private server find it difficult to match the speed of a WPEngine run website.

If you still have doubts and can not choose between a shared web host and a managed WP host, that is a huge topic in itself. Please do read a piece a I wrote a while back. Hopefully that will answer all your questions regarding the suitability of a hosting plan for your website.

#2. Use Trusted Third Party Software – Premium Themes & Plugins

Plugins and themes are always suspect, be a skeptic, especially when they are poorly maintained and rarely updated. Now you can take numerous steps by discriminating against plugins based on security flaws, but it always pays to keep note of actions your plugins take with WP Security Audit Log.

A security log is very helpful to web development and security professionals keep track of changes on multi-site basis when they handle the needs of their clients. Every action by every user can be accounted for with the plugin. The Log also helps keep an eye on plugins, theme and other third party software behavior. This plugin may not prevent a security problem, but if something does go awry then you’ll find it easy to trace the source of the problem.

Another good practice is to have the plugin audited by a security expert. If you can not afford to do that, look for Sucuri’s (Sucuri is a leading provider of security solutions for WordPress users) stamps of confidence on plugins. Many plugins/themes voluntarily submit their products for code audits.

Elegant Themes have had their flagship theme Divi audited. Elegant Themes is one of the biggest, if not the biggest theme house in the WP niche and yet they have their flagship theme audited for security issues.

Divi Undergoes Intensive Security Audit

Stay away from free plugins and themes that haven’t a large number of downloads. Sometimes plugins with inordinately high download counts and high ratings, attract many more mischief makers. Protection in numbers isn’t really applicable. More people using a plugin makes it a bigger target, but at the same time having thousands of users will probably help identify and protect against zero day exploits through quick updates.

Using premium plugins and themes does not mean your site’ safety can be guaranteed. But you can be certain, that if any zero day exploits are discovered, the response is generally swift. Theme Houses and plugin developers have a great deal riding on their products, the last thing they want is the appearance of vulnerability.

Stick to plugins listed on the directory for free plugins. Higher ratings and number of downloads make the plugin a safer bet to some extent. Check out the history of the plugins created by the same author in the past, a good indicator of the programmer’s pedigree. You’ll also come to see that certain author’s take extra care to ensure their plugin’s/theme’s security.

The last updated date is another factor worth taking into account. Ensuring that latest version of the plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress is another essential point to tick off the on the check list before installing and activating a plugin.

As you might have guessed what goes for plugins also goes for themes. A few things to remember, when it comes to using plugins and themes.

  • Premium Plugins are better in the sense, their teams are likely to respond to any security vulnerability a lot quicker than free plugins.
  • Use WP Security Audit Log and track everything that runs under your website’s hood.
  • There is certainly safety in numbers because a security threat is far more likely to be reported and dealt with. But I can’t help feeling that this is a double edged sword, plugins/themes will large download counts are also far more likely to become targets of hackers.
  •’s plugin directory can be manipulated to provide excellent ratings for plugins with smaller numbers of downloads & ratings.
  • Check out the author of the plugin, their history and previous products. If they’ve had security issues in the past, they do not necessarily indicate that their plugins/themes are bad, but it isn’t a good sign.
  • Discriminate against plugins/themes ruthlessly, read reviews especially the ones that provide bad ratings for the product (be sure to look into the reasons these products were poorly rated) on marketplaces like Envato, even for premium plugins. Read comment sections from product reviews for plugins and themes. When writing reviews about specific WordPress products or creating a list post of themes, I always look at the comments section for complaints from users who’ve downloaded/purchased the product. This exercise is always fruitful, you will almost always learn something about the product you intend to buy or download.
  • If the plugin/theme has had their code audited by Sucuri or other reputable WP security solution provider, it adds to the likelihood that the product is pretty rock solid in terms of security.
  • You can protect yourself against rogue plugins with security plugins like Wordfence or iThemes Security. Additionally you can use Sucuri free site scan feature which looks through your WP code for malicious scripts.

None of the above steps guarantee that you’ll never download a bad plugin or theme, but it does reduce the chances you will be affected by security issues.

Now, assuming you’re using the right host, theme and plugins. I will be describing and explaining the necessary security measures you need to take to make your website secure.

Whilst describing individual security measures, please note that I recommend standalone plugins designed for specific security applications.

Later on in this post, I’ll discuss Wordfence a full fledged freemium security plugin and also Sucuri’s security solutions. You should know that both accomplish almost all the security functions that may have been previously discussed in the post and more in some cases.

So unless you want to learn about individual security measures in detail, you can skip to the last part where I discuss the functions of a security plugin and security solution providers like Sucuri.

But if you’re a first time WordPress user, I highly recommend you read through the entire post to fully understand the significance of each different security measure.

#3. Protect Your Login Page

The WordPress Login Page is a prime target for brute force attacks. Your login page is definitely a vulnerable part of your website, if you do not get the appropriate security measures in place to hinder attackers.

I’ll discuss the importance of maintaining a strong and secure login page with multiple security measures that make your site safe and protect against brute force attacks.

Strong Passwords & Unusual Username

Admin is not a good username. WordPress previously had admin as the default username of the primary admin account. Today however, when you install WordPress you can choose a different username. But when people generally start using WordPress, especially for the first time many keep to stick to admin as the username. “admin” is an extremely predictable username and it makes your site far easier to break into.

Read about how you can change your username on SiteGround. The process is similar with most other providers of hosting services. You can also try Admin Renamer Extended plugin which can change your username.

Passwords, picking unusual random string of characters will help create the first line of defense against people who mean to harm your website or get a hold of sensitive information stored on your site’s servers.

A list of the 5 most common passwords as compiled by SpashData.

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345
  4. 12345678
  5. qwerty

A highly motivated thirteen year old can guess admin and 123456. With passwords like the aforementioned, your site is a goner especially, if you receive any decent traffic.

The best passwords are a melange of upper & lowercase with punctuation and special characters. Preferably, use something that holds no meaning whatsoever and ensure it is at least more than 10 characters. No particular reason for 10 characters, but remember it gets exponentially harder to crack them, if the passwords are longer.

If your password doesn’t make any sense and there is no logical reason or sentimental reason behind your password, it is obviously a lot harder to guess. Remember, how Sherlock guesses Irene Addler’s mobile password – “I AM _ _ _ _ LOCKED”. Well, even Sherlock would have difficult guessing a password that can not be reasoned out!

If you are having difficulty figuring out what password to use, try tools like Strong Password Generator or Secure Password Generator both are freely available online tools to figure out a good password for your website’s admin login.

Security plugins also enforce strong passwords for the admin and all users. This is important, even if your users do not have administrator status and accompanying privileges, someone with access to a compromised editor level account on WordPress could do quite a bit of mischief.

Another good tip to always remember, change your passwords frequently. If you have a difficult time remembering all your passwords, use a password manager. You can try One Password, Last Pass, KeePass or DashLane to store all your passwords securely.

As far as usernames and passwords are concerned, the less they make sense and the more random they are, the better the security they can offer your website.

Limit The Number Of Login Attempts

Brute force attacks target login pages of WordPress websites. If you are unaware, most brute force attacks involve trying different alphanumeric combinations to crack the site’s password for a particular username.

Now even if you assume that a brute force attack is unsuccessful, you need to recognize the fact that it consumes enormous amounts of server memory and processing power. This will almost certainly slow your website and bring it to a crawl. Many hosts also offer protection against brute force attacks. This is because on a shared server, your site consuming an undue amount of resources could potentially affect everyone.

But the easiest technique to ward off brute force attacks is to limit the number of login attempts. If someone cannot repeatedly hit your server with multiple username and password combinations then, a brute force attack will not work.

Login Lockdown, Login Security Solution and Brute Force Login Protection all aim to prevent access to your website via brute force hack attempts. Brute Protect has been acquired by team Automattic and is now a part of Jetpack and it offers protection against brute force attacks.

Almost all the login protection plugins have a similar interface.


All these plugins basically work by tracking IP addresses that repeatedly attempt and fail to achieve login. Following multiple failed login attempts, the particular IPs are prevented from accessing your site’s login page.

Login Security Solution forces a WordPress email authentication and password change via email, if it determines the user currently logged in is rather suspicious.

The plugin can enforce strong passwords and mandate frequent changing of passwords on users. Also hack attempts are tracked by IP ranges that repeatedly try to gain access illegitimately, are locked out for a longer periods of time to dissuade them from trying to break into your website.

Two – Step Login Authentication

Authenticating a login, adds an extra layer of security in addition to a strong password, an unusual username and a limited number of unsuccessful login attempts.

Two step login authentication process makes your site more than just doubly secure. Logging into your WordPress site requires an authentication code that can only be received via a mobile message. Given that, it is rather unlikely that your mobile will be stolen by a hacker in preparation, your website will remain secure against brute force and other hack techniques that rely on getting past your website’s login page.

Google Authenticator is a useful plugin that relies on an app installed on your Android/iPhone/Blackberry that provides you with necessary authentication code to login successfully on your website. You can enable this app for admin only privilege level or employ it on a user by user basis.

I like the next plugin a lot, they intend to send people who attempt to login without the authentication code to a redirect with a customizable URL. Stealth Login Page also completely blocks out bots.

Login Authentication

If a user fails to comply with the complete login sequence, the login attempt is rejected. Another technique that can be used to block bots is using captcha on the login pages, you can use Login No Captcha reCaptcha to prevent bots from logging in.

Change Your WordPress Login Page URL

We’ve discussed limiting login attempts, authenticating logins and the importance of using a strong password and an unusual username.

Now we’re going to hide or change the login page, this type of security mods are also known as security via obscurity. I know this seems a bit overkill. But stay with me here, because this step is no more difficult than the previously suggested security measures to secure your login page.

Brute force attacks are effective only if they can find the login page. Leaving your login page unchanged permits would be hackers to find your login pages.


Let’s try to hide the login page from them. You can do this by changing the login page’s URL with WPS Hide Login. The plugin doesn’t really change anything, it simply intercepts page requests and makes the wp-admin directory and the wp-login.php pages inaccessible. You’ll need to remember the new login page as set during the activation of the plugin.

Alternative options for changing the URL of your login page include two other plugins, Protect Your Admin and Rename wp-login.php.


Although, I mention SSL under protecting your login page, SSL is an extremely important and necessary feature of any page on which you deal with sensitive information. And this pretty much includes every page on many websites, seeing as though there are blog subscription forms on all web pages.

If you or your visitors/customers ever share sensitive private information like addresses, credit card details or even share their email ID’s with you. Then you owe to them to protect their information.

SSL is an extra layer of protection (Secure Socket Layer) which turns the http to https and in the process makes all the information shared a whole lot safer.

This is how the edit post page I work on, for Colorlib looks with SSL. Notice the green colored “https:” on the URL bar ?


SSL is basically something that scrambles your information into something that can not be read like we do plain text. So when information travels between your servers and any browser, anyone who gains access to it can not make any sense of it. There is a private key and a public key. Once SSL makes the information flowing all funny and illegible, we need to make sense of it again at the browser end. This is where the private key comes in to make things readable again. The mechanism in play is very similar to a mathematical lock and key.

SiteGround, our recommended shared host provides SSL protection for free. You can also buy an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority. If you run security plugins like Wordfence, SSL can be enabled.

I’d recommend site wide SSL, many WordPress sites ColorLib included use site wide SSL. If not site wide SSL, you should definitely force SSL for login pages at a bare minimum.

Browsers like Chrome even block access to websites with bad/expired certificates on SSLs.


You may have to figure out if your CDN delivers content easily over SSL and sometimes ad networks may present problems when serving over SSL. Adding SSL site wide may present significant difficulties, you should read this very insightful article about the difficulties of enabling site wide SSL.

Google gives you a small boost (1%) in your search rankings, if you use SSL on your websites. This fact, in of itself should warrant using SSL. Why ? Well Google understands as most web development professionals do, the importance of ensuring the security of your reader’s/visitor’s data.

SSL can also be enforced on your login screen by Wordfence security plugin. It is also expected that security certificates will be made freely available sometime in 2015.

Read more about administration over SSL on

#4. Protecting Your WP Core, Database & Using Correct File Permissions

In many of these security measures we will be modifying your WP core and you’ll need to be familiar with how to use and FTP client to make changes and upload it. And since most of these security tips involve changing or modifying your WP core, it might just break your website. Backup your WordPress core and all its contents before you proceed any further, a mistake can easily be undone with a backup.

WordPress Security Keys

WordPress uses cookies to identify and verify users who are logged in for commenting and making changes from the WP dash.

These cookies contain login information and your authentication details. The password is hashed out which means a mathematical formula is applied to make it illegible and can not be read without applying the math once more to make it readable.

We can add an extra layer of protection around this cookie with WP Security Keys. These are a set of random variables that improve the security of information stored on a user cookie. There are 4 keys namely, AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, and NONCE_KEY.

A non-encrypted password such as WordPress or 12345 can easily be broken, if someone one can reconstruct the authentication cookie. But encrypting with WP security keys makes this a lot harder.

How Do You Add WP security keys ?

  1. Open the wp-config.php file.
  2. Search for “authentication unique keys and salts”.
  3. Use an online automatic keys generator tool.
  4. Copy the keys from the online tool and replace the existing set of keys, overwriting it in wp-config.php.
  5. Save it.
  6. You can repeat the same process every month or so.

Remember, every time you change the security keys, users will be logged out and they will have to log into their accounts again.

iThemes Security provides the necessary tools to do this from the WP dash. And they also will send you a reminder every month to change your security keys.

Password Protect Your WP Directories

This can be done from your cPanel or any web host’s dashboard. In the cPanel, open Security > Password Protect Directories. You’ll find a list of all the folders on your site. Start with an important folder like wp-admin.

You’ll find a dialog box that asks to create a user by providing a username and password. Now create the new user. After this, if you need to access to wp-admin folder on your website, the username and password needs to be entered to access the website.

This adds an extra layer of password based protection to your the most important parts of your website.

Use Secure FTP (SFTP)

A file transfer system is required to carry your website’s data to your web host when you add new changes that you’d like to incorporate. With a normal file transfer protocol or an FTP, the chances that someone may intercept and find vulnerabilities to exploit your website increases.

You’ll need the right client to use an SFTP connection to upload new files and modified code. You can use FileZilla or FireFTP to help you get started.

In addition, you’ll need some specific details about your web hosting account. Generally, every host will provide specific information to help you set up a secure file transfer protocol. You’ll normally have an SSH key which is generated by the host, this key has to be added to your SFTP client like FileZilla and it is straightforward to set up a secure connection for file transfer from there on.

Using Correct File Permissions

The access to your files need to have the right permissions. It is possible to write on your WordPress from the web server. The problem arises when you share that environment with multiple websites who may also have their websites on a shared server.

Generally, WordPress folders and WordPress files have specific permissions on different hosts. With shell access you can run to the following two commands to keep your WordPress folders and files secure and accessible only to the correct user.

find /path/to/your/wordpress/install/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;
find /path/to/your/wordpress/install/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;

Protecting WordPress using .htaccess

While editing .htaccess file, please add code before # BEGIN WordPress or after # END WordPress. Any code added within these two hashtags can be overwritten by WordPress and we wouldn’t want any new security protocols we’ve added to disappear. So when you add any code to the .htaccess file, please remember to stay out of the section starting with # BEGIN and ending with # END.

The wp-includes contains files that aren’t necessary for any user, but it contains files necessary for running WP. We can protect it by preventing access and adding some text to the .htaccess file. Keeping in mind to stay out of the code within hashtags.

Add this little snippet of code to the .htaccess file.

# Block the include-only files.
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^wp-admin/includes/ - [F,L]
RewriteRule !^wp-includes/ - [S=3]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/[^/]+.php$ - [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/.+.php - [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/theme-compat/ - [F,L]

# BEGIN WordPress <-- Always add code outside, before this line in your .htaccess file -->

This wouldn’t work for wp multi sites. Remove this line – RewriteRule ^wp-includes/[^/]+.php$ – [F,L], this will offer less security but it will work for multisite.

Your wp-config.php file contains sensitive information about your connection details and the WP security keys we previously discussed. Modifying your .htaccess will protect your website against hackers, spammers and significantly beef up your website’s protection.

This process involves moving your .htaccess file out of your WP install and to a location accessible only with an FTP client or cPanel or from the web server.

Add this to the top your .htaccess file.

<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

This will essentially prevent access to anyone who surfs for the wp-config.php file and only access from the web server space will be permitted.

All this added protection is great, but remember all of this was accomplished from your .htaccess file. That means if someone can access your .htaccess file, all your added security isn’t helpful.

Add the following to the top of your. htaccess file. It will prevent access to your .htaccess file.

<files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

You can add more modifications to .htaccess file, if you’d like.

You could, restrict files, by file types and extension. This piece of code will not only restrict access to your wp-config but it will prevent access to ini.php and your log files.

<FilesMatch "^(wp-config.php|php.ini|php5.ini|install.php||readme.html|bb-config.php|.htaccess|.htpasswd|readme.txt|timthumb.php|error_log|error.log|PHP_errors.log|.svn)">
Deny from all
#Code courtesy - WPWhiteSecurity

Next we can disallow browsing of the WP directory contents.

 Options All -Indexes

Apart from that we can add a few other changes to improve security by making changes to the .htaccess file in WordPress.

  1. Block IPs and IP ranges. You can limit access to your login pages by IP range, I would have covered it in the Login section but login page protection plugins already block IP ranges which try to access login pages through brute forcing techniques.
  2. Keep bad bots at bay.
  3. Prevent hot linking.

This is quite extensive and we are starting to get off point. If you’d like to do the other stuff as well, for which I haven’t presented the code here, you can use this piece of custom code from WP White Security.

Please remember to keep track of which files you have moved to root directory of WP. You’ll need to be aware of where each file/folder is, so that you can not only edit them but also be sure not create multiple copies in different locations which again jeopardizes the point of the entire exercise.

Turn Off PHP Error Reporting & PHP execution

PHP executions need to be kept to a minimum. Why ? A good example of a hack would be the Mailpoet Newsletter hack which could be used to add files which are run from the wp-content/uploads folder.

To prevent such vulnerabilities, we can deny PHP any room to run on WordPress. Add this code snippet to the .htaccess file.

This code detects PHP files and denies access. You need to add it to the following wp folders.

  • wp-includes
  • wp-content/uploads
  • wp-content

You’ll need to create a .htaccess in the other folders. By default, it may be available in the root directory but to prevent PHP execution the .htaccess file needs to be created and added to the aforementioned folders. The three folder mentioned are primarily folders where content is uploaded and is particularly vulnerable to a PHP script that can cause a lot of problems.

PHP error reporting is a signal to all hackers who are looking for vulnerabilities that there is something not working on your website.

Adding these two lines of code to your wp-config.php file should resolve the problem.

@ini_set('display_errors', 0);

Although having read multiple threads and discussions about PHP error reporting, it may not work. In which case your best option is to contact your web host and ask for instructions on how you can accomplish the same.

Change the wp_ table Prefix

All WordPress tables begin with a wp_ prefix. Change this wp table prefix across your entire website and make it more difficult for a hacker to infiltrate your website.

In your wp-config.php, you’ll find this line of code.

$table_prefix  = 'wp_';

Change that to something completely random,

$table_prefix  = 'jrbf_';

Now every table like, wp_posts, wp_users, etc will change to jrbf_posts, jrbf_users and so on.

Almost all security plugins do this for you and furthermore changing wp table prefixes may be time consuming. You can do this with PHPMyAdmin or other database managers, but I’d much rather use a security plugin like iThemes Security to accomplish it.

Similarly, you can take it a step further by changing the name of your WordPress database. This way, not only do you change the prefix but you will also be changing the names of what follows the prefix. This will make it nearly impossible for hackers to randomly guess your database name and you can not access what you can not find.

Disable XMLRPC

Generally, DDOS attacks target all web pages of WordPress websites indiscriminately. But this particular part of WordPress can become a target for DDOS attacks. I’ll explain, XMLPRC is used for pingbacks and trackbacks. But it has, in the past been exploited to launch DDOS attacks on websites.

You can use a plugin like Disable XMLPRC. But you will not need it, if you use security plugins or a login protection plugin. They generally provide protection against this particular vulnerability.

#5. Security Plugin – Wordfence/iThemes Security/ Sucuri

An effective security plugin is absolutely essential in ensuring your WordPress site’s security, for the non-tech savvy at least. Security plugins perform the various functions many of which have already been discussed here, all of these added security measures add up to build a fortress around your website and its contents.


Wordfence performs a number of functions crucial to site security on a WordPress powered site,

  • Real time blocking of attackers, blocking entire malicious networks and certain countries.
  • Limit crawlers, bots and scrapers.
  • Block users who trespass on your security rules.
  • Two factor authentication via SMS, greatly improves security on login pages.
  • Strong password enforcement for all users (non-admins).
  • Protect against brute force attacks.
  • Scan site for malicious scripts, back doors and phishing URLs on your site masquerading as comments on your website.
  • Compare plugin/theme core files with files of the same listed on’s directory.
  • Run heuristics for Trojans, suspicious scripts and other potentially security endangering activities on your site.
  • Firewall to block fake Google bots sent by hackers to scan for vulnerabilities.
  • Real time awareness and live content access monitoring to enhance situational awareness.
  • Geo-located down to a city level the threats to your website to find out the point of origin of threats to site security.
  • Monitor DNS for unauthorized access.
  • Keeps an eye on disk space consumption to prevent and react to Denial of Service attacks.
  • It is multisite compatible.
  • Falcon caching system to reduce server load.
  • Full IPv6 compatibility for WHOIS lookup, location and security functions.

Some features are restricted to the premium version of the plugin. The premium version of the plugin is priced at $3.25/mo.


That being said, the free version of this plugin is a very capable site defender for your WordPress website. And you shouldn’t be too apprehensive about the free version of the plugin, given that it has a rating of 4.9 on a five point scale and has been downloaded nearly a million times.

Security plugins require configuring and this can be an elaborate and long process. With Wordfence, you can to an extent at least customize all your security settings from Options under WordFence on your WordPress site menu.

Other options you can consider, if you still haven’t settled on a security plugin for your WordPress site.

  • Bullet Proof Security
  • iThemes Security (Previously known as Better WP Security)
  • Sucuri Security & Sucuri Cloudproxy For Firewall
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

I do not think Wordfence is the best overall security system out there. What I mean by this is, there are better security solution providers/ managed hosting services that offer better overall security solutions for WordPress sites. But when it comes to simple security plugins that enforce good protection and security protocols, Wordfence is certainly one of the best. The not too distant second position would probably go to iThemes Security.

In the coming weeks, I’ll probably write a post about all the security solutions available for WordPress, so stay tuned to Colorlib ? But right now, we’ll stick to Wordfence as the recommended security plugin.

#6. Update ! Update! Update! And not just your WordPress

There are hundreds of WordPress vulnerabilities in the previous/non-current versions of WordPress.

Websites tend to be slow, when it comes to updating their WordPress platform. For example, in February of 2015 only 7.4% of websites had updated to WordPress 4.1, despite the fact that it had been released more than two months prior to February.

Whenever a software vulnerability is discovered, typically the vulnerability is reported to the software vendor. The software vendor then modifies the software and adds some added protection or merely deletes some unnecessary code. This is released as a software update or a patch. This is the best possible case, but if someone with less than noble intentions discovers a vulnerability in any web based or non web based software, then he/she is likely to exploit it to the fullest.

July 2014, Mail Poet Newsletters previously known as Wysija Newsletters, a plugin which had been downloaded over 2 million times was compromised as a result of which 50,000 websites were made vulnerable to attack. An automated attack where in, an injected PHP backdoor would allow for eventual control of the site by the hacker.

December 2014, 100,000+ websites were compromised by the Revolution Slider plugin which was targeted by the campaign. This particular malware injected JavaScript into the wp template-loader.php file. A thousand themes were affected as they had been sold with this plugin as an add-on via Envato and other WordPress marketplaces.

The XSS vulnerability in WP Super Cache, a plugin I included in my round up for the Top 6 Caching Plugins. The list of vulnerabilities in top notch free plugins is quite concerning. But there are a number of steps you can take to decrease your chances of using a vulnerable piece of code theme or plugin on your website.

You should know that most plugins with vulnerabilities have been patched. But you need to stay fully updated at all times. Updating your site to the latest versions is an extremely important part of your site defense strategy. All the previously mentioned security measures are useless, unless you update as and when the updates for WordPress and other third party software are available.

Enable Automatic Updates For Your WordPress, Plugins & Themes.

You do not want your website’s update page looking like this page on a test site.


Well, at least it has the latest WordPress version.

WordPress introduced automatic background updates with the release of WordPress version 3.7.

You can enable auto updates for WP, by making a change to the WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE constant. This change needs to be made in the wp-config.php file.

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', true );

This will ensure that all updates major or minor are updated as soon as they are made available.

Change the update core constant to “false” and you will disable all updates. Changing it to “minor” will enable auto updates for minor changes, normally includes security patches.

You can update plugins and themes in the same manner, by editing the auto_update$type filter.

For automatic plugin updates,

 add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );

And to enable automatic theme updates,

 add_filter( 'auto_update_theme', '__return_true' );

If you do not enjoy fiddling with code, you can use a plugin to help yourself out. You have another option in the form a plugin, when it comes ensuring the smooth update of your WP and all themes/plugins on your site. Advanced Automatic Updates allows you to enable major updates and minor/security updates individually. And the plugin also provides auto update solutions for themes and plugins.

For multisite update solutions, if you need help handling updates with WordPress plugins and themes, you can try out Easy Updates Manager. There is also a premium service offered by WP Updates which provides auto updating solutions for premium plugins and themes.

Using plugins like ManageWP or a managed WP host like WPEngine will also help resolve issues with updating your WordPress and the third party software that you use on your website.

Updating WordPress core automatically becomes problematic when things start to break down. This can happen either because of customized code which gets erased during an update or compatibility issues that arise with third party software (plugins & themes). This is one reason which may give you pause, perhaps enabling minor updates may be a better idea.

If you have problems with your automatic WordPress updates, then I’d recommend you give Background Update Tester a try. The plugin checks for and explains any compatibility issues.

Always run a backup before you update. Always! This to protect your website against things going horribly wrong, in which case you end up making a mess of your website. A good practice to follow, to protect against automatic updates causing havoc through compatibility issues with plugins, themes and sometimes customized code on your WP core.

#7. A Few More Things About WP Security – Firewalls, Audit Logs & Malware Scanners

I haven’t discussed firewalls for WordPress. A good firewall will accomplish a great deal and mitigate the most common forms of attack on your websites.

  • Mitigate effects of a DDoS attack.
  • Brute force attacks are stopped dead in their tracks.
  • Protect against software vulnerabilities.
  • Stops code injection attacks like SQL or XSS attacks.
  • Patch up and defend against zero day vulnerabilities.

Just to illustrate, here’s a snapshot of what Sucuri firewall does for a WordPress website.

Sucuri_ CloudProxy Website Firewall

Firewall isn’t the term Sucuri uses to describe its protection system, they refer to it as the CloudProxy which is a combination of a web application firewall and an intrusion detection system. All malicious traffic is filtered out and anomalous activity is monitored.

Firewalls traditionally were developed to monitor connections, however Sucuri’s CloudProxy will not only keep out the bad guys but they’ll also create virtual patches against vulnerabilities. Once a request from a visitor passes through the firewall, it reaches the intrusion prevention and detection system, where the system sifts through the requests for possible patterns of attack.

I think the virtual patching feature to protect you against vulnerabilities is a highly effective and invaluable asset for any website with too much customization (means a lot can go awry when compatibility issues ensue). It is always better to apply the update to WordPress in a staging area and check if your website functions smoothly. And if it does, you can take the updated version of your website live. But in the interim, your website is genuinely at peril. Protecting against zero day exploits is possible only through updates to fix vulnerabilities, however this does not have to be the case while using Sucuri CloudProxy.

And apart from that, they also maintain logs of all activity on your website and look for possible signs of mischief.

Think of the firewall as a last measure, it is the wall a hacker needs to breach to access the sensitive contents of your website. Good practices in large part are designed so that you do not need to use the firewall as much.

Malware scanning software or websites like Sucuri SiteCheck can scan your websites for vulnerabilities and possible security loopholes. Security plugins also have malware scanning software to track any changes that look abnormal and are sources of potential security problems.

I had also mentioned WP Security Audit Log previously, while stating that it is a necessary plugin to track all changes on your website. I’d like to reiterate that point, it is an extremely useful plugin not to only track changes effected by themes and plugins but also actions by other users. It is very important that you either use WP Security Audit Log or run some other data logging plugin to keep track of all changes.

Logging is also a key feature of Sucuri’s protection system. Despite their overzealous attempts to ensure security sometimes bad things do happen and websites get hacked. When that happens, their logging system is very useful to help dig websites out of a ditch.

Firewalls, Malware Scanners and Audit Logs are very handy against threats that can not be predicted and zero day exploits. They are not substitutes for good WordPress security practices.

#8. Hiding Your WordPress Version – Is it necessary ?

I’ve read on a few websites that hiding your WordPress version will add to your security against malicious hackers. The problem is, there is an assumption that the knowledge of vulnerabilities associated with a particular WordPress, make it more likely that someone will exploit them. This is not necessarily true. Generally people who steal information from websites use automated tools to scan websites for known vulnerabilities. And if your WordPress version is vulnerable, then they’ll know it. It isn’t as if hackers check one site at a time and sort them by WordPress version.

As stated previously update your WordPress, themes and plugins as soon as possible. Hackers do not discriminate between sites that display WordPress version and websites that do not.

In the unlikely event, that a hacker manually visits every website and checks the WordPress version and then attempts to find vulnerabilities, you may find it fruitful to hide your WordPress version.

Use Remove Version Plugin to remove your WordPress version. If that doesn’t work for you, then you’ll need to make a few minor modification and this blog post should aid you.

#9. Back Up – Last Line Of Website Security

You should always be prepared for the eventuality that your WordPress site despite all your security measures becomes compromised. If that happens you need to step in and fix things. Now there are multiple ways in which site recovery can be accomplished. Backups with one click restorations are an easy fix for a compromised website, assuming the security loophole or vulnerability has already been fixed.

Automatic backups are a necessary and essential part of every WordPress website’s security arsenal. Think of the security plugins as your sword and the backup as your shield. Should your offense fail you, your shield in this case the backups, becomes your last line of defense.

Remember, I am making the assumption that it is only your WordPress that is compromised and not your server, which is a completely different bag of worms. But most hosting service providers have a strong security team protecting their servers against malicious elements constantly and especially during global attacks. I wrote a post a few weeks back, about the different providers of shared hosting services, if you are interested.

Backups- If you decide you’d like a free plugin without paying a dime for backup services, then I’d say you can start with Updraft Plus which is a freemium plugin.


With this plugin you can backup and save a copy of your website on storage provided by a number of different services. It includes Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP & SFTP and Email. You should also note that the free plugin only permits backup on any one location. You’ll need a premium add on, if you wish to utilize the plugin to save your website on multiple places.

This plugin like most backup providers of WordPress backup, saves everything including your content, themes & plugins settings and it can also run a WordPress database backup separate from your normal backups.

If you’d like to use a premium WordPress backup service, I’d recommend that you have a look at BackUp Buddy, VaultPress or BlogVault (I’ve worked with them in the past and they have an awesome service).

Keep more than one copy of your website available and always have one on a physical drive that isn’t reliant on an internet connection. Backups are a good idea even from a non security standpoint. When you experiment with themes and plugins, when you update themes, plugins or your WordPress, there always exists the possibility for a compatibility issue to arise and break your website.

And from my experience with automatic backups, you need to keep deleting copies of backups in a manner consistent with the frequency with which you keep adding new content and keep making backup copies.

When it comes to my PC, I always prefer backup solutions that offer incremental/differential backups as opposed full backups, but you also note that with the former reconstitution for restoration takes a longer time. The same is definitely applicable to a WordPress backup system. Although, unless your backup provider charges extra with strict constraints on data storage limits, you shouldn’t worry about it.


I can’t help it, this quote from the Harry Potter series seems so apt.

“Constant Vigilance!” – Mad-Eye-Moody

Moody is a dark wizard catcher in the series, if you were wondering.

As I’ve already mentioned before there is no such thing as full proof security on the web. You can take numerous security measures and still have your website hacked. But ensuring that your website runs on SSL, that your login pages are hardened, your passwords & usernames are remarkably unfamiliar, your website is fully updated and protected against known threats and fully backed up on a daily basis, greatly improves the odds in your favor.

If you want a complete hack/exploit free WordPress, following all the aforementioned security measures will ensure your website has air tight security. But even then, you can not protect against zero day exploits or a smart hacker hell bent on breaking your website, although this is a very unlikely event.

Think of it this way. If my website gets hacked, how much business and revenue will I loose ? Will I put my customer’s information at risk ? Will that make me liable for lawsuits ? When it gets to the point where you see that the costs of having your website hacked are reasonably high, then I’d suggest you use either a managed WordPress hosting service or a really big web bouncer in the form of Sucuri’s security services.

Your website does not necessarily need to be popular to become a target. And it will never become a high traffic website, if it continually falls victim to hacks and attacks.

As I’ve said previously about hosting. If you’re reasonably certain of your ability to create a revenue generating website which will pay for the costs of the best hosting/security services, then go with the best. If you’re able to afford the best web hosting/security services, it will be worth it in the long run, assuming you aren’t a web developer by profession.

If you can not afford the best managed web hosting or top notch security, then put in place the aforementioned security measures. Chances are, your website will be safe.

If you have some additional insight on WordPress security or have different ideas on how to protect your WordPress website, I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below. Cheers ?

Top 17 Free HTML5 & CSS3 Social Sharing Buttons Templates 2016

Html5 Social Sharing Buttons Templates

Social media is what ties the web together, it’s what bridges the gap between the internet being a premium community of technology geeks, to a community that involves everyone on the planet, or at least those connected to the web so far. Social media gets used to stay in touch with friends and family (more than anything else), to maintain fan and business pages, to run businesses directly, to learn new things, in many ways also to teach things to others, and anyone can use social media to freely share the things they like or dislike (with appropriate opinions), so essentially social media is good for just about everything!

Billions of users have been connected already, and so many more of the planet inhabitants are finally getting access to stable and permanent internet connections, the excitement of the growth of the web can be felt everywhere, we can only say what a relief it is to know that the general powerhouse of the social networks has remained the same, although we are excited to see what carries everyone away next.

Whether your things is to share stories, to write blogs, to share freebies (music, video, creative, etc,.), to host a community, heck — just by having a website alone you are invoking the need for social share buttons. You can never be sure when someone is going to want to share your story with someone else, and why make it difficult? 99% of the webs users are already fully accustomed to the idea of social sharing, so there’s no need to feel uneasy about it. The better thing to be concerned about is the kind of social sharing buttons you want to showcase on your site; their style, ability, general feel.

Each and every website uses a unique style, and each unique style works differently with a variety of choices that we are presenting in this social sharing button templates roundup today. The following templates and marvelous design works come from developers and designers that have spent years in practice of HTML5 and CSS3 to craft stunning social sharing buttons that will capture attention of even the most unattentive visitors to your site, or site pages.

Clean Social Buttons

Clean Social Buttons

We start off with some neat social icons from Michael Rossi. This set features a gray color icon set for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Behance. Michael has added an easy to remove border that makes the icons look more compact and will be much easier to integrate within designs, but you can always eliminate the border and use the icons as you like — at the footer or header navigation menus, or directly within your content areas.


Social buttons animated with Sass

Social buttons animated with Sass

Next up we have a SASS-animated social icon set from Arthur Camara that features specific tooltips for each icon. For example, whenever someone will hover over one of the icons, they will instantly receive a notification tooltip saying what this icon is about — which you can fully customize to reflect your own ideas and messages, or just leave them as default specifying the social network. Icons are available for GitHub, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The default color scheme is gray background with white icon text.


Stylish Social Buttons

Stylish Social Buttons

Chris Deacy brings us a set of stylish social icons that will provide hover background effects for maximum interactivity between the icons and the user. Each set of social icons provides a number of social network specific icons, and in this one we find Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Dribble. Each time you hover over one of the icons, the background of the icon gets filled up with the most dominant color of each of the social networks. A pretty cool feature that won’t go unnoticed!


Social Buttons using HTML only

Social Buttons using HTML only

A HTML-only social icon set from OstrIO is the perfect solution for webmasters, designers and developers who need a lightweight social media sharing solution for their minimalistic websites, but we also agree that these icons will benefit any scale project out there, so don’t let yourself be limited by the HTML-only concept. This set has four different size sets as well, making it super-easy to integrate in websites of all sizes and forms. The availability of social media icons range from Pinterest to VKontakte, to Facebook and Twitter, and much more.


Social buttons with hover

Social buttons with hover

It’s just so great to see the evolution of the web and specifically the design aspects of languages like CSS3 and HTML5. Here is a beautiful and modern icon set coming from Marius Balaj — this set features the four major social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook) in a beautiful arrangement of colors and boxed layout case for holding the icons within. The hover effect is built to help you mask the default social network sharing widgets with more appealing social icons, but upon hovering over your version of the icons, the user will be able to see direct Like, Share and Tweet buttons with real share counts!


Social button concept by Erik Deiner

Social button concept by Erik Deiner

Erik Deiner has built somewhat of a unique concept for promoting yourself on social media through social media widgets. This particular widget is built to feature four different social media networks (which we guess you can easily swap around for your own favorites), and upon hovering over one of the networks you are able to see direct icon buttons to allow others to follow your social media networks. This can be a great widget to use on a blogging site where you wish to use social media promotion widgets in the blogs sidebar.


Social Buttons Slide

Social Buttons Slide

So many different concepts already, and this one from Marius Balaj (mentioned twice in our roundup already) is no exception. The Social Buttons Slide widget is going to help you share your favorite social media sharing icons with the ability for visitors to hover over the buttons to experience an unfolding animation that will automatically display the number of tweets, likes and shares that your content has received, and of course allow them to share the content forward as well. Marius has done some outstanding work in this field, definitely check him out!


Fancy Flat Social Button Animation

Fancy Flat Social Button Animation

Clement Guillou takes cool CSS3 animations to the next level with his Fancy Flat Animated social icon set. Here we have the leading LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook social networks icons built in simple square backgrounds, but upon hovering / clicking over each of the icons, a specific animation triggers that turns the icons into a circle rather than the default square, and that in itself can be a really cool addition to an already dynamic and interactive website.


CSS social buttons and icons

CSS social buttons and icons

We admit, many of the icon sets on our list already are truly stunning and will provide a great social sharing experience to millions of web users, but what Stan Williams is sharing with us here is truly a one of a kind piece of work, this huge set of CSS3 social buttons and icons is going to revolutionize the way you display your social media information on your websites, apps, projects, blogs, and so forth. From simple Evernote buttons, to more technical buttons like “Read More at Smashing Magazine”, or “Available on the App Store” and such. These kind of icons will really add character to your content and further increase your chances of landing social shares, and apparently sales too!


Share Social Buttons

Share Social Buttons

Mario Vidov is sharing with us a very lightweight social sharing button set that uses HTML5 to provide a very neat feature — basically you get a simple ‘sharing icon’ widget to add to your site, but upon clicking the widget a number of social networking sites expands that can be used for sharing content or for promoting your own social media profiles. Other than the major networks, you can use it to showcase Dropbox and GitHub profiles/content as well.


Circular Social Buttons

Circular Social Buttons

Square icons are definitely very dominant in the current social icon set market, but Shahnur Alam wants to help to change that by providing (building himself) a vast number of social icons for the most popular, known and interacted-with social networks out there. The color schemes seem perfectly fine, and we can see this particular set appearing on minimalistic writer sites, as well as personal journals and such. Supports Bootstrap.


Social Buttons v2

Social Buttons v2

Marius Balaj is appearing in our list for the third time already, and for so many good reasons. His next-level social buttons set is a v2 of a previous set, but in this one he takes elegance and combines it with true modern web design art and outputs a spectacular result of social icons that can be used for sharing content or sharing profile information. Supports networks like Tumblr, GitHub, Pinterest and the major players. Hover each of the icons and be presented with the content of your choice — whether a message or a direct widget integration, these icons will suit a lot of different needs and situations.


Social Buttons with Icon Fonts

Social Buttons with Icon Fonts

David Pottrell has been developing and sharing stuff for a long time now, and his social buttons set with in-built icon fonts is a definite contender towards being one of the smoothest executions of such an icon set concept. David’s vision is to provide social icon solutions with the appropriate color schemes, but to top it all off — he adds a brand icon font next to each of the elements to really seal the deal for the authenticity of each of the icons. We are in awe with the HTML5, and CSS3 skills that David is bringing to our attention.


FLAT Beauty Social Button with CSS3-transition

FLAT Beauty Social Button with css3 transition

FLAT design has not been consistent in our roundup here, but we are going to try and fix that by introducing some truly spectacular and beautiful work from S.M.Tashrik Anam. His vision is to provide a set of icons that use the CSS3 transition effects to amplify a dynamic and interactive social sharing experience. Roll over each of the icons and watch how they unfold to uncover your own specific text of choice.


Simplistic CSS Social Buttons

Simplistic CSS Social Buttons

Simple never disappoints, and although some may call this particular set one that’s modern and somewhat complex, we truly believe that this is one of the simplest social sets on our list so far. This one will work particular well in situations where we want to promote our profiles, rather than direct social sharing buttons within our content pages. This set supports Forrst, Dribbble, Flickr, Designmoo and many others. Take some time to check it out and perhaps demo on your own site before making the final decision.


Roll Over Social Buttons

Roll Over Social Buttons

Roll Over icons set features Soundcloud, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter icons that will allow you to insert a roll-over text that will appear any time a visitor rolls over one of the icons from this set. This one has been crafted by Hugo Darby-Brown, who is using pure CSS3 technology to provide such a pleasant sharing experience.


Bootstrap Fontawesome Icon Social Buttons

Bootstrap Fontawesome Icon Social Buttons

Last up we have a combination of two very popular frameworks on the web — Bootstrap and Font Awesome. Imagine if those two had a baby, what you would get in return is this awesome icon-set from none other than Stan Williams. These icons will stretch as far as GitHub, Apple, Android, Skype and Stack Overflow. If you are in need of color and strict statements for your social needs, this is the set to acquire.


Above listed and HTML/CSS based social icons. If you are looking for ones that you can use in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or otherwise you might want to check this icon collection.

Listable Directory Theme Review: The Easy Way to Create a WordPress Directory Website

Listable WordPress Theme Review

The Listable WordPress theme from Pixelgrade has been created to help you build a fully functional online directory as easily as possible.

Not only does Listable aim to simplify the process of creating a directory or listings website with WordPress, but the developers have also attempted to include all of the essential features needed for this type of site in one package. This is in addition to a good selection of those nice to have features that help improve the overall experience of a website.

All of these features and functionality has been wrapped up in a stylish and modern design that will help convey to your visitors that your directory website is a professionally run service that can be trusted to provide reliable information and services.

Traditionally, building a directory website hasn’t been easy. Therefore, in this Listable WordPress theme review, we’ll be exploring the features on offer in more detail, as well as finding out what its like to use this theme to build a listings website with WordPress.

Whether you want to build a local listings website of the best restaurants in your area or a global database of freelance developers, or somewhere in between, Listable aims to be the only tool you’ll need. So, let’s get started with our hands on Listable WordPress theme review.

Listable Directory Theme Review Homepage

Listable WordPress Theme Review: The Features

A good online directory will allow you and your visitors to submit listings to your website, with the ability to add all the relevant information about the entity being featured. A good directory website will also include front-end submission forms that make adding the listings straightforward, as well as custom fields to store the data for each listing more efficiently.

When creating a listings website, it’s nice to also have the option of monetizing your website. Popular monetization methods include offering pricing plans and packages to users who want to add listings, displaying adverts, or creating sponsored listing opportunities.

Other useful features you might want to see in a directory website builder, include e-commerce capabilities for selling products from the site, an attractive design with easy to use customization tools, and of course, a mobile friendly user interface and layout.

Now, let’s find out if Listable includes all the features that are needed to run a professional online directory or listings website.

Attractive Modern Responsive Design

While a directory website – whether it’s listing remote jobs from around the world or the best fitness centers in a specific city – needs a certain set of essential features, the design will make or break the project.


Thankfully, the Listable directory theme features a highly modern design that will give your listings website a professional look and feel. The design is fully responsive to ensure your mobile and tablet-using visitors can access your site as easily as everyone else.


The category listings pages look great, as do the individual listings. With Listable, it’s easy to add multiple photos to each listing, as well as all of the necessary information and a custom map.

Listable Theme Blog Archive

Listable also includes some attractive blog post layouts and templates. Although you are building an online directory, your website really should have a blog. Adding one will allow you to use content marketing to attract more visitors to your website, as well as having a way to provide additional useful information to your target audience.

Listable Theme Blog Post

The posts on your blog needn’t be constrained by the limits of the default WordPress post editor. With Listable, you can create attractive layouts for your posts and present your blog content in any number of different ways.

Fully Customizable

As we’ll soon see in the user experience section of this review, the Listable theme is highly customizable. Creating a custom homepage layout is very straightforward, as is changing the appearance of your website in a number of ways.

Website Setup Wizard

As the process of building a directory website includes many steps and essential elements, knowing where to start and ensuring you’ve completed all of the necessary tasks can be difficult. Thankfully, Listable includes a helpful walkthrough or setup wizard that will guide you through the process of building your online directory.

Listable Theme Plugins

This includes ensuring you have the recommended and required plugins installed on your site, through to creating the pages that your directory will need.

Listable Theme Pages

You also have the option of importing the demo data to quickly build out the foundation of your site and populate it with sample content.

Listable Theme Demo Data

Once you begin to use your website after installing the theme and required plugins, a number of helpful tool tips will be displayed to guide you through the main features and ensure you are making the most of what Listable has to offer.

Listable Theme Tool Tip

We’ll look at how easy it really is to setup this theme in the next section. However, on paper, at least, it looks like it includes all the tools you’ll need to build your own directory website with WordPress.

Monetization Options

As much of the directory functionality of the Listable theme is powered by the WP Job Manager plugin, you have the option of installing a range of extra add-ons. Amongst the features that these extensions will add to your site, you’ll be able to charge your users a fee for submitting their listings to your website. This enables you to turn your online directory into a source of revenue that not only helps your target audience but also generates an income.

Highly Extensible

Listable Theme WP Job Manger Add-ons

As well as the monetization related add-ons for WP Job Manager, there are plenty of other extensions to choose from. This opens up a whole world of functionality for your directory, including:

  • Adding Products/Deals to Listings
  • Adding Bookings to Listings
  • Organizing Listings With Categories and Tags/Amenities
  • Adding Social Login & Registration

Plus a whole lot more.

Listable Directory Theme Review: User Experience

Now that we’ve established that Listable has all the features needed to run an online directory with a great looking design to match, it’s time to look at the quality of the user experience on offer. In this section of the Listable directory theme review, we’ll explore how easy your website will be to use, from both the site administrator and end user perspectives.

Demo Content Import

The best place to start after installing and activating the theme and the required plugins is to install the demo content. This gives you a good template to work from when setting up your site. The sample content also makes it easier to understand how the theme and its plugins work.

Thankfully, the demo import feature works really well. After accessing the corresponding menu item through the WordPress Customizer, you can import all the demo content and have your site setup and ready for use.

Listable Theme Demo Import

With just a few clicks, you can import all of the content and have a site that closely resembles the demo version of the Listable theme.

Now, it’s time to configure the settings of the site to ensure your directory works in the way that you want.

Configuring Your Online Directory Website

Through the Listings settings page, you can configure how the listings in your directory are handled. This includes your preferences related to handling expired listings, how the listing filters work, and whether to enable categories for your listing entries.

Listable Theme Settings 01

The Submission panel allows you to configure how listings are accepted and published as well as who can submit them. As Listable gives you a good amount of control in this department, you should easily be able to set your online directory up in the way that you want.

Listable Theme Settings 02

Through the settings, you can decide whether visitors need an account before they can submit a listing, and if so, what user role they are assigned when signing up. You can also define how their account details are generated.

When it comes to configuring how the listings on your site are published, you have the option of enabling listing moderation to ensure nothing is published on your directory without your approval. You can also set the expiration period for listings and whether you want to accept edits to pending submissions.

Customizing the Appearance Listable Directory Theme

As well as working through the settings pages to configure how your online directory works, you can also modify how your website looks with the WordPress Customizer tool.


The Listable online directory WordPress theme has good support for the Customizer tool, which is always nice to see. Through the tool, you can change many aspects of your website, including:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Overall styling
  • Map options

…and much more.


As well as the more granular controls, such as changing the colors and fonts for individual elements, you can save yourself a lot of time by simply choosing from one of the style presets.


Widgetized Custom Homepage Builder

As the homepage of the Listable theme is widgetized, you can personalize how it looks and what content it contains through the Customizer tool.


Any number of widgets can be added to the homepage, including those that come with WordPress as well as those from third party plugins. This gives you a wide range of options for building a custom front page for your online directory.

Adding Listings to Your Directory

The Listable theme allows you to enter listings through both the back and front ends of your website. This means admin users and those with the right level of access can add listings through both interfaces while your registered visitors can add listings through the well-integrated front-end submission forms.

Listable Theme Front-End Submission

As you can see, as your users are creating their listing, some handy tool tips are displayed to guide them through the process.

When it comes to the back-end interface for adding listings, the WP Job Manager plugin that is used to power your directory website has a very user-friendly interface. This back-end user interface integrates seamlessly with the rest of the WordPress admin area, making it feel like a core component of your website.

Listable Theme Add Listing Description

Creating a listing is almost as straightforward as creating a regular WordPress blog post. Each listing can have its own title, description, and supporting information. This information is added through the Listing Data panel.

Listable Theme Add Listing Data

You can then organize the listing by using the taxonomies on offer, which includes categories and listing types. Listable includes a number of predefined categories and listing types. However, you can easily edit these or add your own.

Listable Theme Listing Types

As mentioned earlier, the developers of the Listable directory theme have added their own helpful tool tips to the core functionality of the theme and required plugins. These tooltips help guide you through adding new listings, as well as configuring and managing your online directory.

A Word on WP Job Manager

As mentioned, the directory functionality of Listable is powered by the WP Job Manager plugin, a tool from Mike Jolley of Automattic. Although the WP Job Manager is a solid plugin, it has been created to manage job listings on a WordPress website.

However, thanks to its feature set, it does work just as well as a tool for powering an online directory. The addition of the tool tips should help to clear up any areas of potential confusion from the terminology used on the back-end, hopefully, before they arise.

At the end of the day, a listing is a listing. Therefore, whether you’re adding job vacancies to your website – using the WP Job Manager plugin in the way it was intended to be used – or publishing listings of local attractions or building a global directory of freelancers who work remotely – there is plenty of shared functionally.

As there are many optional add-ons available for WP Job Manager, you can easily grow the scope and functionality of your online directory as your needs develop.

This all helps to make Listable a highly flexible WordPress directory theme that can be used to build almost any type of online listings website.

Listable Directory WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

Listable is a great looking theme so it’s good to see that its appearance is backed up with an impressive set of features.

Thanks to the decision to use of the WP Job Manager plugin to take care of the listings management, you get an easy to use interface for publishing your directory content, with the option of adding more features as and when you need them.

Although the demo version of Listable looks great, thanks to the good level of support for the customizer tool and the widgetized homepage, you have plenty of opportunities to customize the appearance of your site.

Overall, Listable is a great tool for building an online directory and listings website with WordPress. It has the looks and features you need, and with a price tag of only $64, it’s very affordable.

Find out more about Listable now

Dessign WordPress Themes Review: Clean and Modern Themes

Dessign WordPress Themes Review was founded in 2000 and since then, the WordPress themes from their collection have been installed by over 97,000 users.

Dessign currently has over 120 WordPress on offer and these templates can be purchased individually or as part of their competitively priced all themes package.

The themes from Dessign are aimed at creative professionals and those who appreciate more minimal and clean designs over the all singing, all dancing modern multipurpose themes that are popular today. If you want the focus of your website to be on your work, rather than on the theme, the Dessign themes could be just what you are looking for.

In this Dessign WordPress theme shop review, we’ll be exploring a few of the most popular templates from their collection, before taking one for a test drive to see how easy it is to use. By the end of this review, you should have a good idea of whether the themes from Dessign are the right choice for your project.

Dessign WordPress Themes Review

The Most Popular WordPress Themes from Dessign

While there are many great themes available from Dessign, to give you a better idea of what they have to offer, here are their top five most popular WordPress themes:


Dessign Multimedia Theme

This responsive WordPress theme features a homepage slider that does a great job of displaying your best content to new visitors. The overall design of this theme is best described as stylish, clean, and minimal.

The Multimedia WordPress theme would be a great choice for promoting a creative agency or the services of a freelancer working in one of the creative industries. However, to ensure your site doesn’t ever look boring or bland – which can sometimes happen with the more minimal WordPress themes – Multimedia makes use of some subtle, but eye-catching, animation effects to help draw visitors towards the inner content of your site.

Multimedia works equally well on mobile devices as it does on desktop computers, therefore, no matter who your target audience are, they will have no trouble accessing your website.

Find out more about the Multimedia theme


Dessign Multimedia Mix

Mix is another best-selling WordPress theme from Dessign. It’s a great choice for creating the website for a digital studio or design agency. However, its clean looks can easily be used to promote almost any type of project or online content.

Dessign Multimedia Mix Blog

This theme includes a fairly unique fixed sidebar menu, which makes it very easy for your visitors to find their way around your site, no matter where they are on the page. The blog post layouts are also very clean, allowing your content to stand out on the page.

The Mix theme includes a fully mobile responsive slider tool that gives you an effective way to share your best content on the homepage of your site.

Find out more about the Mix theme

Pro Blogg

Dessign Problogg Theme

The popular Pro Blogg theme is a great choice for bloggers and anyone looking for a template that will let their content take center stage. Depending on how you set this theme up, your homepage could feature a large carousel that displays the latest content from your blog.

Dessign Problogg Posts

Once a visitor clicks through to an individual blog post, they have the option of continuing to scroll through the published content on your site after they’ve read the post. Through the widgetized areas of the theme, such as the sidebar and the footer, you can easily display links to the other content on your site or use these spaces to display any custom content you like.

With Pro Blogg you get access to a stylish and contemporary design for your blog, with plenty of nice little features that will help make your website more appealing to your visitors.

Find out more about the Pro Blogg theme


Dessign Parallax

If you’ve been to any modern website in the last year or you’re an old school 2D gamer, then the parallax scrolling effect is something you’re probably familiar with. As the name suggests, this theme makes extensive use of this effect, helping to add some depth and animation to your website.

The homepage design of the Parallax theme can accommodate a vertical list of full-width images, making it a great choice for photographers or other visual artists with strong images to share. Each image can include a title and link to an inner page or blog post on your site.

With a bold design and prominent social media icons, this theme is a good choice for those who specialize in working with images in a range of formats.

Find out more about the Parallax theme


Dessign Sell E-Commerce Theme

Sell is a WordPress theme that has been created to help you build an online store or sell products from your blog or website. The Sell theme includes full support for the free WooCommerce plugin, the e-commerce toolkit that powers almost 10% of all online shops.

Depending on how you set up your store, Sell gives you the option of displaying a full-width slideshow on the homepage of your site. This slider can be used to promote either content from your blog or products from your store.

Dessign Sell Product Page

Clicking through to the individual products listed on your site allows your visitors to view the product images, read the description, and if they wish, add the item to their shopping cart. As this theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, all of the store pages on your shop, such as the shopping cart and checkout pages integrate seamlessly with the rest of your content.

Dessign Sell Checkout

If you want to build a simple and minimal online store with WordPress, the Sell theme and the WooCommerce plugin provides you with everything you need to start your very own e-commerce venture.

Find out more about the Sell theme

Multimedia WordPress Theme Review

Dessign Settings

As mentioned, Multimedia is one of the most popular WordPress themes available from the Dessign team. It has a fully responsive mobile friendly design and layout. It’s a great choice for promoting the services of anyone working in the creative industries.

However, while the appearance is up to scratch, how easy is it to actually build a website with? Let’s look behind the scenes and see what Multimedia is like to use from a site admin perspective. After all, if you can’t set your website up how you want, or keep it running smoothly, your site won’t become the effective marketing tool you were hoping for.

Theme Installation and Activation

After downloading the theme files from your Dessign account, and then uploading them to your WordPress website, you can activate the theme through your admin dashboard.

Dessign Activate

Theme Customization Options

To get started with setting up your website, you can click on the customize button to launch the WordPress Theme Customizer tool.

Dessign Customizer

The Customizer gives you a live, front-end preview of your website. The controls and settings allow you to make changes to your site, with the results displayed in real time. This is very convenient as it speeds the customization process up considerably, as there is no need to switch browser tabs and refresh windows in order to see what effect your changes have had on your site.

Dessign Customizer Widgets

As the Multimedia theme features a widgetized homepage, adding content to this part of your site is very straightforward. After navigating to the widgets section, you can open any of the widgets and enter the content you’d like displayed on the homepage.

Dessign Customizer Edit Text

As you can see, editing the text on the homepage of your site is just a case of navigating to the corresponding area of the Customizer, such as the site identity section or a specific widget, and then entering your content.

Dessign Customizer Menus

The method for setting up the navigational menus of your site follows a similar approach. Simply head to the menu section of the Customizer, then choose which content you’d like to link to from your menus.

Adding Content

When it comes to adding content to your site, such as blog posts and pages, the standard WordPress editor is used.

Dessign Edit Page

The lack of a sidebar by default means that blog posts are displayed in full-width mode. The benefit of this is that your content will receive all the attention from your visitors, without any unnecessary widgets to distract them.

Dessign Featured Image

The featured image is displayed below the blog post title, giving you a good opportunity to catch the attention of your visitors with a strong image and draw them into your content.

As you can see, using the Multimedia theme is very straightforward. You can quickly add content to your site without having to worry about navigating a wealth of settings and custom options.

This makes the WordPress themes from Dessign ideal for those who prefer a more simplistic approach to blogging and website management, as well as those who are new to WordPress and all of its little idiosyncrasies.

If you just want to get a stylish, modern, and responsive website online as quickly as possible, the WordPress themes from Dessign come highly recommended.

Dessign WordPress Themes Pricing

Although you can purchase any of the commercial WordPress themes from Dessign for $39, the better value option is to pay $99 for access to their library of over 120 themes.

This is a one-time fee and includes lifetime access to theme updates and customer support. You can also use any themes you purchase on as many sites you as wish, helping to make this package a great deal for web designers who are building sites for their clients.

As part of their service, the Dessign team will also install any theme you purchase on your WordPress website. This is another reason why these themes are ideal for those with limited time or who are new to WordPress.

There’s also a full money back guarantee on offer if you aren’t happy with your purchase. Therefore, if you like what you see, there’s really no reason not to give the themes from themes from Dessign a try.

Dessign WordPress Themes Review Final Thoughts

There are plenty of Dessign WordPress themes to choose from. Their collection covers a wide range of website types, from simple blogging templates and portfolio sites, through to agency websites and e-commerce themes.

The Dessign themes all share a common look and feel, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer more simplistic and minimal website designs, rather than overblown and feature-rich themes that include all the latest bells and whistles.

However, by choosing a Dessign theme, you aren’t limiting the functionality of your site in any way. You’re still free to install any of the free and commercial plugins available for WordPress. This allows you to add more features to your website on your own terms, rather than being dictated to by the developer of your chosen theme.

If you like the look of the themes from Dessign, then you’ll be pleased to hear they are easy to use, offer great value for money, and can be used to build a wide range of websites with WordPress.

If you are looking for a minimalistic WordPress theme with a clean and clear layout, that is also very easy to use, why not take a look at what’s on offer from

What do you think of the themes from Dessign? Which one is your favorite? Would you use these templates on your next webstie project? Please share your thoughts in the commments below.

Top 28 Free eCommerce Website Templates Built With Bootstrap 2016

Free Bootstrap Ecommerce Templates

While the sound of being able to create your own business from the comfort of your own home has certain appeal to it, anyone who has done it before will happily tell you that the process is demanding, and requires precise focus to make it a feasible venture. Even those who wish to convert from a physical store to a digital one, even those will need to learn more about the practical design aspects of designing an online store that follows the latest trends, design standards, and to some extent — psychological factors. eCommerce is serious business!

The last couple of years in eCommerce has shown us that anything, literally, can be turned into a business idea, and eventually a sustainable business that generates revenue. Steve Olenksi recaps a little bit of history of eCommerce, and looks back at two different business concepts and how they have helped shape and set in stone certain aspects of eCommerce for casuals, and for those who are in for the long-term. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent by Americans alone in online sales each year, the global market data would easily be up to ten times that (including China region), do you feel prepared to tap into this potential?

ecommerce trends 2016

One of the most recently inspiring stories I read in eCommerce comes from Richard Lazazzera — a mentor for tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs; as well as a big part of the Shopify Growth team — who tells a story in this post, depicting the process of taking an idea — like selling Matcha Tea — and executing it into a fully profitable business within just a couple of days. The success of the story was $922 in revenue in just 3 days, but taking out the costs of the actual setup of the business ($866) left the total revenue at $56. But, at this point the dropshipping business is fully functional and any other money that comes in (apart from the product costs) goes straight into the profit box!

eCommerce website designs require careful thinking and analysis process to come to terms with what your desired end result is for your landing pages, for your product pages, your contact and shopping cart pages, each page carries its own weight in this marketing, and the team at Weebly share with us some strong points on what it takes to design an eCommerce website that will attract customers naturally. Our treat to you is going to be an insightful look at nearly 30 unique and outstanding eCommerce websites templates that have been built thanks to the Bootstrap framework. Each design has been carefully decided on to guarantee unique choices and the best design versatility.


Mattress A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Furniture and home decorations are just the very tip of the iceberg of the kind of industries that we find products within on daily basis, so it makes sense that many of the eCommerce templates on our list are going to feature specific themes for specific kind of items, and the Mattress template is perhaps the one that makes that statement very loud and clear — this will be a template you will want to use to promote your bedding, cushion, and other bedroom items with. Mattress has been built to feature a minimalistic approach towards product pages, which allows for webmasters (store owners) to utilize the page space for explaining products in more detail, with pictures and descriptions. Built with Bootstrap and FLAT design standard on top of CSS3 and HTML5 technology.



Watches an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Watches are one of those things that majority of the time require a physical interaction between the watch and the potential owner, not because we don’t trust the quality, but because we want to ensure that the watch looks good on our hands, and goes together with our personality, and in order for an eCommerce store to provide that experience — it must have a pretty good template helping to outline the most important aspects of the watch through descriptions, and visual content like photo and video. The Watches template will help both small and large watch selling companies to promote their products and ensure a steady flow of sales thanks to the elegant combination of colors, fonts, and website elements that help to promote the essence of the watches that are being sold.



Eshop a Flat E Commerce Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 are doing so much good for the web right now. To be able to produce such a premium template such as E-Shop using just those three technologies is truly amazing. E-Shop’s unique slider functions, interactive sidebars and dynamic product pages will make this template a great choice for brand stores who are into clothing, and accessories. A well tailored colour scheme means that the eyes will always fall back on the products, rather than external elements. Product pages feature an elegant slider gallery for displaying as many images as necessary to explain your product in full-detail. A tab widget allows to talk more about the product, its specifications as well as display the latest reviews. The sidebar features a full site menu, and a section for discovering new product tags.


Swim Wear

Swim Wear a E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

The swimming season is always open somewhere, so starting a swimming equipment store might actually turn out to be a very viable idea. Swim Wear is a Bootstrap template for businesses and brands that market themselves in the swimming accessories markets. List products in a simple product listing page and talk more about them in concise product detail pages that let you insert photos, specifications of the product, size availability, pricing, and also the latest customer reviews. Template’s footer is for listing your most consistent website links and also for displaying your social media availability.



N Air a E commerce category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

N-Air is an outstanding template for brands and businesses who want to promote their shoe products. The front-page has been carefully crafted to help brands promote their most outstanding product in a very visionary and futuristic way, much like brands the likes of Nike, Reebok and Adidas would do. Though the menu uncovers a much deeper side of the template with product listing pages and product sales pages. Each sales page features a slider that can be used to zoom-in over the photos you have uploaded to understand more about the product features and looks. The zoom-in feature appears every time a customer rolls over one of your product photos, a neat feature to have!



Lighting A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Lighting is one of those things that requires a careful selection, based on the way your existing space already looks. Simple light bulbs, chandeliers and other light holders are all equipped with a hint of personality, and in order for an online store to provide a great browsing experience, the template itself should feel like it has personality and charm, and without question the Lighting eCommerce template does! Product pages are kept to a bare minimum of features to allow outline the products most important aspects, as well as to focus on showcasing what the product looks like in different physical situations. Great and detailed product descriptions are known to be drivers of sales.


Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

An online store selling luxury items better have a luxury look, and of course the Luxury Watches template is powered by a luxurious execution of modern web design. The minimalist black on white look inspires the emotion of ‘buying’ straight away, and there are no technical difficulties during the process of finding the product to clicking the purchase button that one should think this template is not for them. Upon closer inspection, it will become very clear that Luxury Watches will also work seamlessly with eCommerce stores that wish to sell jewellry and other expensive and luxurious items. We were also quite pleased to learn that in this particular template there’s a fully styled Bootstrap blog available too!


Nuevo Shop

Nuevo Shop a Ecommerce Online Shopping Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Specific field templates aside, Nuevo Shop will compliment the inventory of any small or big brand out there selling clothing like shoes, shirts and everyday items, accessories like watches and glasses, as well as anything else that might fall under those categories. The front-page has been styled in a way where you can quickly and easily point out to the category listings that feature products on sale, most trending products, or products of your own choice that you wish to sell as quickly as possible. The very light green combination of colors help to inspire calmness in customers who are serious about making a purchase. A slider between the footer and the end of the structural page elements can be used to display the kind of brand products you are working with — so this template will also work great for individuals who are into drop shipping business.


Fashion Mania

Fashion Mania A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Fashion stores are always on top of things when it comes to making sure that their own fashion store actually uses the latest fashion standards in displaying and promoting products. Fashion Mania template will provide such an experience by using creative fonts and light color choices that put the emphasis on the product itself. Fashion Mania (like every single other template in our roundup) is optimized for mobile browsing experience, with each page featuring a Google Maps integration to help customers find your store’s location also in the physical world.


Luxury Furnish

Luxury Furnish an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstarp responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

We started off our list with a template that’s a good fit for bedding furniture and items, and we are now arriving at a template that’s more luxurious and meant for businesses that sell the high-end items and need a high-quality website template to outline that premium quality. Starting off with a huge first page that can be modified with a custom background photo, we move on to very stylish product pages that help to display your luxurious products with bright and appealing appearance. Product pages themselves still feature the main background image on top (which adds to the overall experience of viewing products), but also adds other elements for discussing products specifications and details, and also for showcasing related products to perhaps cash in some extra sales.



I wear A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

For selling a simple item such as glasses, sunglasses and their accessories, the I-Wear template might actually be the most sophisticated, in a very good way! This interactive and highly dynamic Bootstrap eCommerce template will help brands to market and sell their eyewear related products in professional and appealing manner. We are definitely seeing the potential for this template to work on many other products, and it’s going to be so easy to customize and change it up thanks to the easy to follow HTML5 and CSS3 codebase. Actual product pages allow to list product information, reviews, product tags, as well as things like related products and best selling products for maximum product exposure.


Wedding Store

Wedding Store A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Weddings are very special occasions, and although much of wedding shopping still happens in the physical world, much of the inventory is slowly shifting over to the eCommerce world due to more availability, less hassle of moving items, as well as the pricing seems to be slightly better with online purchases. The Wedding Store template does look like a planned wedding itself, there’s everything a wedding shopper would need — beauty, simplicity, color and contrast, whereas sellers will find it easy to promote products and specials, to talk about products and their features, as well as to maintain general business activities through solid header and footer menus.




eShopper has accumulated a whopping 100,000+ downloads in less than two years, clearly indicating its success and maturity in the market of eCommerce templates that actually help business owners to sell products, rather than just to showcase them. Built with Bootstrap, the eShopper template features 10+ pre-made and ready to go page templates, a beautiful slider for helping you to display your most beautiful products in effective manner, pages for product listings and details, very simple (yet beautiful) product checkout page template, two separate templates for having a blog (single page) and also for listing your blog posts. Your customers will not only enjoy the great looking style of the website, but also the simple contact form widget (utilizing AJAX technology) that will help you stay on top of the latest customer questions and feedback.



Obaju e commerce template

Complex product category sites need a complex design, and Obaju offers just that! Upon inspecting and playing with the design some more, we were also able to find that this template might even work for sites that are selling online items — like services, gaming related products, amongst other such items. Obaju’s main area of focus however is to serve stores and brands that wish to sell clothing related items, with the interactive use of jQuery and HTML5 the web pages flow together in smooth fashion. Just like the website looks on desktop, it continues to shine brightly on mobile and tablet devices as well. A very trendy and beautiful choice of web design elements is going to attract a crowd of youthful shoppers!



Universal All In 1 Template

Universal means that it has many uses, and the Universal template certainly has a good set of uses attached to it! This theme includes 45 HTML pages so you should have everything you need to start developing new business, portfolio or ecommerce website. Along with the 45 pages you will get also 11 pages showcasing Bootstrap elements and possible template modifications. This theme has been heavily modified and optimized to include jQuery and JavaScript plugins such as Owl Carousel, Counter Up, Waypoints, scrollTo, GMaps, and Modernizr. Good codebase and in-built SEO standards are what make the Universal template the number one choice for over 5,000+ webmasters already.




mPurpose may not look like an eCommerce template from the first time you look at it, but believe us when we tell you that just by doing a few simple modifications, this template can be turned into an eCommerce powerhouse for freelancers and online businesses who wish to sell digital products, offers and services without the compromise of having to use a feature heavy templates. mPurpose offers an elegant solution to selling a handful of products and giving them real unconditional attention to help attract customers, and sales.


Pendent Store

Pendent Store a Ecommerce Online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template About w3layouts

Selling jewelry on sites like Etsy can have its rewards, but to really bring out personality of your own products, it’s best to opt for opening up your own business website. The Pendent Store template is certainly appealing to those who wish to sell pendants, but this template will stretch so much more further than just pendents. Whether you’re looking to sell jewelry like rings, earrings and necklaces — Pendent Store has something to offer to anyone working within the jewelry industry, a business, an individual or a brand. The use of sliders and large photo spaces will for sure make this template a good choice when it comes to personalizing your products in a way that better reflects their infusion of your own vision and personality.



Shape an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

We didn’t really see that many FLAT styled templates on our way to the bottom of the roundup, but here we are encountering Shape — a beautiful HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap eCommerce template for brands (or businesses and individuals) who work within the fitness industry. Shape uses a very similar design concept that one of our themes on our list already used — Fashion Mania. Shape is more focused on stronger color choices, and more broad fonts to help promote the kind of gym products that will make customers return for more. This also goes to show how easy it is to modify these templates to better fit our needs for each individual website project.


Free Style

Free Style A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Buying shoes online always comes with its risks, so in order to help customers make a good purchase (the right one), it’s essential we provide a browsing experience where the customer can really feel their shoes before they actually get them, and needless to say that it’s important to have concise content elements for displaying descriptions and other important notes; all of which the Free Style template posses. The demo page itself shows that Free Style can be used for selling both kids shoes and shoes for grown ups and more mature people. Free Style product pages make it easy to select a good color for your shoes, to select the right size, and if necessary — to change the brand real quick.


New Store

New Store A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

New Store is a multi product template that will work great with cross-browser and cross-device technology, giving you a peace of mind when it comes to capturing the sales of mobile customers. This simplistic yet concise design approach will give you all the necessary tools to promote your variety of products without needing to do much maintenance or other overlooking of the site. Just plug up the template, get your products in and watch the sales roll in. SEO features exist but we recommend double checking, and also there’s a ready to go blog template that can be used to push out content right away.



Furnyish Store a Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Furnyish looks like a lovely choice for furniture stores who specialize in modern, luxurious as well as old-school type of furniture that needs a little bit extra space to be properly showcased on a website. The Furnyish template just makes it super easy and simple to explain what your products are about, as well as to give them a good rundown through visual content like good pictures. In this particular case, the Furnyish template has been setup to feature ALL home appliances and furniture items, proving to potential template users that this template has what it takes to unload a huge list of inventory and still manage to look good.



Amberegul A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Amberegul’s a professional eCommerce template that will compliment online stores (brands, etc,.) looking to sell items in the form of fashion specific clothing, accessories amongst other similar items. The variety of design elements and concepts in this template really help to create that authentic look that so many brand stores seek. With the help of Ambergul you will find that distinct space between the menu, the footer and the actual product elements are all separated yet maintain a fluid flow providing a seamless shopping experience.


New Fashions

New Fashions a Flat Ecommerce Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

New Fashions’s a beautiful eCommerce template styled to suit fashion stores selling mens and womens items with the extra emphasis on each individual product. The use of pink on the front-page and the huge background image is what really ties together the rest of the front-page experience, and it’s so important that the first page experience is pleasant for potential customers to continue surfing the product listings. There are menu items for navigating trending items, new arrivals, existing items, on-sale items, and so much more. For those who are conscious of content marketing, you will be pleased to know that New Fashion template also supports a stylish blog template for all your content publication needs.



Gretong a Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

It’s unbelievable to think that each template on this list has been unique, but truly they all have been more than unique, they have provided authentic choices for all levels of eCommerce needs. And we continue this trend with Gretong — a beautiful eCommerce template that will compliment greatly brands and businesses who wish to sell their authentic and classy products through pages that look equally the same. Gretong stands out with simple to navigate product pages, and the elegant use of white background and simple font styles to provide a welcoming shopping experience. Contains within itself all the necessary website elements to help you reach your audience (social media) as well as to connect with it on a deeper level. (subscription module) We can foresee huge success for this template, more than 6,700+ people have already established their sites with this beautiful template.



Markito A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Markito is such a friendly and playful eCommerce template. We are seeing this one appear on product sites that give priority to products for children and teenagers. The use of separated elements with good font choices are the few things that really make Markito stand out when browsing the available inventory. Product pages themselves are rich in color and just feel very pleasant to browse and to finalize purchases from. This is one of those templates where the use of CSS3 & HTML5 really shines, and of course Bootstrap — as this template is based on the Bootstrap foundation. Truly wonderful and pleasant style.


Mih Store

Mihstore A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Mih Store is possibly the only eCommerce template in this roundup that uses a non full-width style, and instead focuses on a boxed layout. This of course doesn’t mean that the template is not good, quite the opposite actually, it’s good to give your customers something that not many others are doing and see what their reaction is going to be, so in that sense Mih Store is a great template to utilize for some A/B testing, but if you have your heart set out for such template styles already, you will enjoy the versatility and multitudes of functionality that Mih Store style has to offer. Will work absolutely with any kind of product stores out there.



Lookz an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Hey look, it’s another boxed style template — great! This time, we have Lookz which takes a more colorful and concise approach to executing a box style design. In this one we have yellow and green dominating, with a beautiful large-scale footer that lists all the available product categories and other available pages including about, support, blog, and much more — this is also where you will find the social media icons. The product pages themselves are very huge and provide a ton of space for talking about your products, and there’s also an additional related products widget at the bottom of each product page — letting you make those extra sales without the extra work.


Shop Under Wear

Shop underwear a E commerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Last up we have a template for helping underwear brands to sell their products. While the name ‘Shop Under Wear’ implies that this template is only for underwear, we are strong believers that this template will work just fine with other lingerie items, and even individual clothing items if necessary. Full-width product web pages are ensuring that your customers learn everything there is to learn about your products within a single page, and as few other templates already do — Shop Under Wear also provides a related content widget at the lower part of the product details pages.


Top 28 Free Landing Pages Templates Built With Bootstrap Frontend Framework 2016

Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

If you visit (or create) a web page that has terms such as “Sign up!”, “Register”, “Act Now!”, “Buy”, “Pre-order”, amongst others — you are browsing a landing page! A carefully curated page that’s meant to serve as the stepping stone for having you, the visitor, complete an action based on the information you’re consuming. In the age of rapid web development and expansion, much of the webs pages can be considered landing pages. But, we want to focus on more specific type — the kind that startups, eCommerce stores, online businesses use; any page that involves completing an action that leads to a transaction can be considered a landing page.

Because landing pages account for so much sales and hold such a weight of importance, there is an infinite number of resources available for learning more about the important parts of a good landing page, how to use the full potential of modern web design to better convey ideas, and most importantly to make more sales. Just like testing your online advertisement campaigns, landing pages should also be treated to extensive and rigorous A/B tests to determine which versions work the best in which particular situations.

landing page mobile template

There are a ton of platforms and resources out there that will help you to analyze your landing pages in front of a real audience for free (and there are also paid options available, we recommend traditional search networks to find what you need), which can be helpful to understand the first impressions others get when visiting your landing page.

On top of making room for a high-quality lead form to capture emails, it’s important to ensure our landing pages consist of:

  • Concise Headlines — we want our main headline on top of our landing page to directly convey our mission, vision, purpose in the best way possible. Be bold about the usefulness of your product.
  • Call-to-Action — our call to action buttons should be easy to spot, and with inviting messages on their own. If you’re offering early access use “Get early access” and so on.
  • Email Singup Form — you want to make your email signup form visible, but not too bloated with text or other funky widgets. Traditional email input form and the “Subscribe” button work the best.
  • Photo & Video — enriching your landing pages with great visual content is invaluable to your success. Investing in professional photographers and videographers is a must if no one else on the team is able to produce high-quality visual content. A demo video helps to ingrain your mission as well as set the tone.
  • Social Proof — have any publications written about you in the past? Use it to your advantage as social proof, it’s one of the easiest methods of ensuring that your visitors feel safe about using your product.
  • Urgency (optional) — sometimes it helps to mention things like the availability of the product, mostly if you are still in a development phase and currently work just with BETA testers and such.

Now, if those insights sounded interesting, know that the world of landing pages (technical aspects of it) go much, much deeper than that. Ed Shelley from ChartMogul has put together an amazing resources that depicts the leading 40+ SaaS startups and their landing pages — there’s a vast ocean of insight and knowledge to be gained from reading his post, and we know for sure that many of you will find new and better approaches to craft highly-converting landing pages. With all this energy on our side, it’s time to take a look at some of the best free landing pages templates that have been built using the Bootstrap front-end framework. We are pleased to announce that this list turned out to be truly spectacular and there are a lot of cool picks to be played around with.


Snow landing page

First up we are looking at Snow, a parallax optimized template that focuses on color choices and background images to provide a one of a kind browsing experience. It’s demo use has been put towards an mobile application, but we know for a fact that you can change things up yourself to use this particular style for a project or a platform. Pre-configured templates include app information, as well as a pricing module to make the front-page as effective as possible. At the very bottom there’s an easy to use email signup form that will naturally attract subscribers. Also room for social exposure, as well as social media icons at the footer of the template.



Backyard theme

When it comes to maximizing your conversion rates and goals, there’s no better choice on the market than a good landing page template for your business website, and Backyard is one of those templates that fully focuses on conversion rates, rather than concise style choices. Backyard will work great for anyone who is running a platform, a series of products, even mobile app developers will find that Backyard can solve their requirements for a good landing and sales page to promote their apps with. The get in touch widget at the bottom of the template will ensure that not only are your visitors able to find your contact details, but also search engines and other web crawlers.



KreFolio Startup Agency Landing Page Template

The KreFolio template takes modern design approach and the FLAT design standard to a whole new level, bringing about a beautiful landing page HTML5 template that will work flawlessly with sites that operate in the fields of startups, agencies, and online businesses. A good real estate company might even find use for this one! KreFolio allows to explain your vision in an easy to understand manner, whilst maintaining great functionality — social verification, pulling tweets from your Twitter profile, a template for hiring new people, and a huge widget for displaying your physical business location with the help of Google Maps. We have been impressed with the extendability of this template.



Boishakhi theme

Mobile apps are sweeping the designer sphere with new challenges and creative tasks that inspire and approaches to mobile design, and the use of mobile design to promote an app or a product. This CSS3 and HTML5 validated Bootstrap template features a full-page design that’s responsive and offers functions like smooth scrolling, line icons, a fancy lightbox as well as the integration of Google Fonts for maximum versatility when it comes to your content. Boishakhi default color scheme, yellow, is truly a treat to anyone who gets exposed to it; we know this one will be a heavy sales driver.




Although the name might suggest this as another mobile app template, it’s really not. AppPonsive will be the perfect choice for those who are eager to launch their first design and/or business company profile and need a solid way to introduce their past experience, as well as current offers. The template has been built with Bootstrap, and helps you to customize each part of the template (each section) in a way that better reflects your own requirements for any particular project. This particular style is more minimalist and focuses on what is essential.



LifeTracker a template by Themefisher

As we learned, mobile apps are everywhere, and more and more designers are starting to crawl out of their usual habits and turn their attention to building sustainable and highly converting mobile app templates, the demand in the market is definitely there, and LifeTracker is one of those templates that really showcase the potential of modern web design, as well as the insight that’s been accumulated over the years for understanding what makes a good mobile web page convert and drive sales ultimately. LifeTracker will suit the needs of any app out there, with the amount of customization options that this template offers — you will never be bored.


App Plus

App plus

We have a bunch of mobile app landing page templates on this list, and it seems that each one we discuss next is topping the list of features and performance. App Plus comes with a fully-responsive layout, with the latest Bootstrap foundation, an optimize mobile menu, a design that’s pleasant to look at and navigate through, the theme code has been optimized for easy modification, a choice of a full-width or boxed layout, a documentation that discusses each aspect of the template, great use of CSS3 and HTML5 features, an in-built contact form, as well as the integration of Font Awesome for all your cool and nifty icon needs.


Small Apps

small apps theme

Small Apps; a stylish and modern responsive landing page template for mobile applications. With the use of the latest Bootstrap features, the code base comes out as optimized as it could be, providing an easy experience of customization and otherwise optimization. Also equips the latest SEO standards already in-built in the theme, with the best uses for this template being the ability to promote and/or present your mobile applications through a website. The flow of the design is very clean, and very simplistic — the template will look great on Desktops, Mobiles, and Tablet devices.



GRAPE App Landing Template by Codepassenger

First thing we notice about GRAPE’s demo page is a choice between transparent background, an image background, a background slider or a solid background. These four features constantly appear throughout the design of the GRAPE template, giving anyone a chance to create a variety of website templates and then perhaps using those templates for A/B testing conversion performance amongst other vital stats. GRAPE lets mobile app developers to really talk about their apps and their overall use to the average person. There’s a huge selection of widgets and templates that can be used to explain everything in concise detail and manner.


Blue App

Blue App

Blue App’s another stunning landing page template that will perfect fit for business related websites. This parallax optimized template looks somewhat like the standard of Google Material design, giving its users the flexibility to utilize a professional design approach to better envision their message to the world. The very first element of the template can be used to integrate a custom background image, as well as several sliding images to better showcase what your application looks like — preferably on a mobile device. Blue App is one of those templates that don’t shy away from taking full advantage of all the glorious functionality that HTML5 and CSS3 have brought to the table. One needs to scout the actual demo page to get a better understanding of this beautiful style.



Droplet App landing page

Droplet offers a static image background as well as a dynamic background that can be used to slide several images at once. One of the first things that stand out about Droplet is the beautiful navigation menu that can be used to navigate all the different elements of this landing page theme. Whether you wish to showcase screenshots, features, or the overall pricing — Droplet makes it very easy for anyone (even inexperienced) to create the kind of app landing page that they will naturally feel good about. A full-width contact form widget at the bottom will ensure that everyone can get in touch with you.


Landing Page

Landing Page Start Bootstrap Theme

Not everyone needs a full-fledge landing page template that uses the latest industry technologies. Start Bootstrap have released their very own, and very popular, Bootstrap built landing page template that focuses on pure simplicity and concise description of whatever it is that you’re trying to promote, sell or otherwise offer. This template has a fixed navigation menu at the top, it uses Font Awesome to integrate social media icons, each content section is fully responsive so they will look amazing on cross-devices, and a number of Call to Action choices to ensure people are reaching out to you about your offers.


Landing Zero

Landing Zero Free Bootstrap Theme with Video

The one thing that’s truly amazing about the free template market is that nobody wants to fall behind the curve, so majority of the time the kind of web designs we get to download for free are still using the latest insights in design to provide a great, and in this case a very appealing, browsing experience. The elegant choice of colors and elements in the Landing Zero template will make this template useful for sites that are meant to be application landing pages, a small business can easily convey its message using Landing Zero, anyone in the creative area (including photographers) will find this template to be packed with the exact necessary features to make a clear statement, or you can just use this template as your personal CV portfolio to showcase all your amazing work. Once you are clear about your website needs and intentions, it becomes much easier to pick the right template for you.




Sometimes it takes some time for a product and/or application to be launched, but because you have spent time networking and promoting your idea already, it’s very likely that people will be looking for the official launch date, and a possibility to signup to the email list so as not to miss the actual launch. Notes comes in handy exactly in those situations when you need to just promote a future launch date, without the extra fuss, whilst maintaining a solid design standard that feels great. Notes is optimized for search engines by default, has in-built Font Awesome and Google Fonts to help you customize the little things to better reflect your personality (personal or business), and is another one of those templates that dip their feet in the versatility of HTML5 and CSS3 features.


Lucy Pro

Lucy The best Responsive App Landing Page

The team at ThemeWagon have outdone themselves with the Lucy Pro design. You can select from a standard image or video header and there are several pre-built choices of color schemes that will essentially make the decision for which template to use a much more quick one. Anyone in the app market knows how important it is to market yourself using good looking websites that are concise and descriptive, and Lucy Pro offers just that. Although the template itself is free, the premium quality screams from the moment you open up the demo page. This template will allow you to talk about even the tiniest details of your app, and you can even outline things like your team members on the landing page, as well as take up two beautiful subscription and contact us widgets at the bottom — stylish in this case is an understatement.



Boxer Software Landing Page

ThemeWagon have been really kind to the free Bootstrap template community, and it shows. Boxer is a niche HTML5 template for businesses that are into the software industry. This software landing page is going to give you all the necessary elements to talk about your products uses and functionality, without losing the flow of technicality that you may also wish to advertise. Talk about pricing, features and top it off with a simple download element to begin attracting your very first customers. Full-width contact us widget at the bottom will make customer support a breeze.



Domainer free responsive AD aware HTML template for domainers GetTemplate

Landing pages as we learned can come in many different shapes and forms, and whilst the most frequent one is all about helping businesses and agencies to establish an online presence, sometimes we need a truly specific niche template — like in this case, Domainer focuses on helping its users to put up their domain name for sale. This could be for a number of reasons — your business has run its course and you feel like you have a good domain to sell, or perhaps you started something great but it didn’t go the way you like and you still want to offer someone else the domain name, or in the simplest of ways — you might just be looking to sell domains in the first place, so this will be a good template to do it with. Mention the domain age, Google PageRank, the number of visitors it receives, number of backlinks amongst other important statistics that buyers will be looking for.



Oleose App Landing Page Bootstrap Theme

All of us desire for a template that catches our glimpse from the moment we look at it, and Oleose is one of those templates. This full-responsive Bootstrap based HTML5 template is for those developers and individuals who want to promote their applications in a professional web design environment. Features like individual section animations, latest jQuery widgets, pre-defined color choices, a great documentation and search engine optimization integration will capture your attention in more ways than one. The codebase has also been written so that the HTML5 code is fully W3C component, giving you edge over those who slack with cheap design code choices.



SevenApp Home

When browsing through mobile app landing page templates, it’s essential to remember that each template has been built by a designer who boasts his own set of tools and years of experience to bring forth a design that hopefully follows the latest design standards. SevenApp is certainly no exception to the rule, this outstanding app template has been carefully tailored to suit the needs of app developers who want to have their app seen in an interactive way. The owl-carousel is what makes SevenApp so special — let users swipe to the right or left to learn more about your apps, rather than having them go up and down the page. Built with SASS, SevenApp provides a great documentation for those who want to learn more, a fully valid HTML5 markup, as well as optimized for the latest search engine trends to have your site perform better than everyone else’s right off the bat.



Engadge Free Bootstrap 4 Template

Building a product but not sure what kind of template to use? Engage is one of those landing page templates that you can customize to suit any kind of needs and requirements. This thoughtfully organized template lets anyone talk about their product using imagery and descriptions, and reviews and recommendations from existing customers — this clean and fully responsive template might just end up being exactly what you need to launch your first product page. With some more HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge (and perhaps some JavaScript), you can turn this template into anything you like. An important note is that Engage is based on Bootstrap 4, so you’re really getting your time’s worth by working with this particular style.


UI Hero

UI Hero Free Responsive Bootstrap Theme

In web design user experience is very important, but what makes a great user experience is none other than a great looking User Interface that consists of the right elements, beautiful font choices, amongst other interface related widgets. UI Hero is a staggering landing page template that works with big font sizes and line heights to make your message loud and clear, while maintaining that clean and minimal look so as not to overturn anyone. The design is FLAT based and with the integration of smooth scrolling, this might be one of the best looking templates we have on our list so far — well done for finding this gem!



Corporal Bootstrap Personal Business Theme

Although the name might suggest that Corporal is a Bootstrap theme for Corporate websites, totally not so! Corporal will work great with personal sites underneath the categories of creative work, photography, or app promotion. It will also be a great template to use for situations where you wish to advertise specific services or products that don’t need a lot of explaining, and instead the focus remains on simplicity. Features include a Gallery Slider, AJAX Contact Form, smooth scrolling and much more.



Notebook landing page

Notebook’s approach to a good landing page template is ‘getting straight to the point’! Notebook offers a very simplistic and minimalistic approach to talking about your product and then getting people to signup for it. This is the kind of template that you will see sites selling Instagram and Facebook likes to use, because of its firm foundation it helps to make your product use to understand much more easy, and much more quick.



The Slide Landing Page Website Template Home w3layouts

Slide has a completely different way of presenting a landing page template. The first page focuses just on the very essentials of your product, which you can of course optimize to showcase more information. But then there is no one-page effect and instead you are using the navigation menu to showcase your other pages, like About, Blog and Contact. Yes, there’s an in-built blog template that comes with this theme, and we know that you will absolutely love it. Bootstrap never disappoints; neither do good web designers.



The Marketing landing page Website Template Home w3layouts

Landing pages are all about marketing yourself, your business and your products, so when a template comes out with a name Marketing — your expectations for it to be at least somewhat good increase tenfold. And we are happy to say that this particular Marketing template is the perfect choice for advertising your services, whether you are a freelancer or a business operating under a business name. The first part of the site features a subscription model, while the second part can be used to promote your existing work and attract clients through it. Use it as you like, it’s a very modest and flexible Bootstrap template.



Archer A Landing Page Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

When first looking at Archer, the first thing that comes to mind is Small Business. And after deeper inspection, it seems that Archer is indeed the perfect template to use for a small business to advertise itself. The blue and red color choices really come together, and your visitors will be pleased with the experience from any device they browse the site that you are using this template on. Fully responsive with native HTML5 and CSS3 support.



Pana a Corporate Business Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Pana template stands out from the rest because it makes each element a unique browsing experience, especially when it comes to sharing descriptions and other product details of your business or services that you are offering. Pana’s a multi-purpose template which means that you can use it literally for any kind of website that you want, and it will still manage to perform great, even under high demand.



Promo a Landing page Multipurpose Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

The last Bootstrap landing page template on our list is going to be Promo, and as the name suggests — this template is all about promoting your product in a simple landing page. Explain a few of the important details using text, and dive much deeper into the experience by uploading a video that showcases the full potential of your product. Video marketing has been on the rise in recent years, and it really helps your potential customers to understand what they are getting into.


30 Neat & Popular Websites Using Visual Composer WordPress Plugin 2016

Visual Composer Site Examples

A page builder is an indispensable tool for a website developer (especially newbies). It helps her in figuring out the layout of a website and determine which component goes into which slot. It is useful in preparing what can be loosely called the blueprint of a website. With a page builder, you can imagine a layout for your site and build it by simple drag and drop. In less than a quarter of an hour, the layout for your website will be ready.

The pioneer in drag and drop page building is Visual Composer, a plugin developed by WP Bakery. It works well with most WordPress themes, so you are not restricted in your choice of themes. It is bundled with many premium themes and is a major selling point with these themes. According to statistics available provided by builtWith, there are more than 930,000 active websites that installed Visual Composer. So, it is really not up for debate whether Visual Composer is among the top ranking WordPress plugins.

What does Visual Composer do ? Using the plugin’s powerful Editor, you can adjust settings so that your page appears in a particular fashion. You can do this by choosing options in the settings panel or you can do this visually with the help of a Drag and Drop Page Builder. Build from the frontend or the backend, as you choose. Visual Composer helps to build the page by dragging and dropping content elements from the frontend. There are many bits and pieces that make up content on a website. These are referred to as ‘content elements’ in Visual Composer and they can be dragged and dropped anywhere on a page. There are 40 content elements such as blocks of text, social buttons, video player, post carousel and image gallery.

These elements are responsive and adjust to meet the screensize of any device. Desktop or mobile, tablet or laptop they will size correctly to the device. You can hide specific elements for specific devices or even turn off this feature, if you wish. Stacking can be arranged differently for different elements. The Skin Builder is helpful in styling the elements in Visual Composer. It is a great tool for designing the appearance of the website, especially if you have no programming knowledge. Your website can have a unique feel with the Skin Builder. Building a page can be done from the frontend without having to mess about in the admin panel. To display posts, portfolios and media in an organized way, Visual Composer includes Advanced Grid Builder. Gaps, filters, width, pagination can all be inserted. Or pick from among the predefined layouts and adjust as you wish.

Visual Composer offers you the scope to use your programming knowledge. You can add CSS code under settings. As it is developer friendly, coders can add elements and modify content directly from the function.php file and then instruct Visual Composer to work with the content that has been added. Even if you are not a developer and want to add code, the Shortcode Mapper will help you add third party shortcodes and then access it from the Visual Composer menu. Visual Composer is multilingual ready, Yoast SEO compatible and compatible with WooCommerce. You can purchase Visual Composer for $34 and also avail of a lifetime of free updates. If in doubt, you can always choose to go with their free trial. Let us take a look at some websites that have used Visual Composer,



CrowdStrike is a company that makes products that tackles cyber intrusions in real time. They can investigate and quickly respond to any incident involving a breach. The drop down menu has been designed to occupy almost half the screen. Small sized boxed images appear within the menu and these image boxes carry relevant call to action button. This helps you to go directly to the page you want from the menu, without having to wander all over the site.

Wise Awards


Wise Awards is the forum of a group of education professionals who work collectively to make a positive impact on education in the United States and elsewhere around the globe. While all the pages carry a full width image below the header, the grid layout varies for individual pages in keeping with the requirement of these pages.

Innovative Labs


Innovative Labs is an effort of the New York Daily News to provide a platform for New York’s startup community. To help them to keep this goal in sight always and to let readers know about it, they have placed the text “Transform Media Together” in a small content box within the full width image that appears on all the pages.

MyZen by ASUS


MyZen by ASUS is the website catering to the growing fan community of ASUS devices. The content elements have been laid down to follow a pattern in all the pages, with a broad footer and a sidebar placed to the right. The sidebar carries social media buttons with social count, contact details, a subscription option and a small area for advertising ASUS devices.

Lakers Nation


Lakers Nation is the website for followers of Lakers Nation Basketball Club. Match schedules, news, records and trivia about the team is placed on the website for the benefit of more than 90,000 subscribers. Trending news is seen on a ticker at the top.



Liquid is in the business of reliable data collection and analysis that can be used to deliver advertisement products for brands and agencies. The website uses full width images on all the pages, separated by text that is sometimes full width and sometimes divided into columns.

Sweet Secrets


Sweet Secrets is a cake house in New Zealand supplying birthday cakes, wedding cakes, mud cakes and desserts. The products page is used to display delicious cakes in a grid that uses only thin white lines to separate them. This ensures that the maximum number of cakes is displayed per screen view.

Simon Barnett


Simon Barnett is a web designer and developer and one look at his homepage will tell you that he is into design. The homepage features a plain white background with no header or footer, or anything else to distract from the blueprint that occupies the center stage.

Lenderink Technologies


Lenderink Technologies is a family owned business dealing with materials for interiors. Their product line is displayed right on the homepage in a neat grid in which images are separated by white borders.

Luke Luxham


Luke Luxham is a New Zealander who has made Japan his home. He makes short films for advertisers and his strength lies in capturing an emotion and conveying it effectively in his films.

Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe


Nancy’s Sweet Shop makes chocolates, and anything else that can be covered in chocolate. The layout is feminine and distinctive with page titles carried in a mauve band just below the plain white header. All pages carry vertical borders in the signature mauve color.

The Search for General Tso


Any one who likes Chinese food must have munched on General Tso’s chicken at some time or the other. The Search for General Tso is a documentary film that traces the origin of this dish and through this search, also delves into the experiences of the Chinese immigrants into America. The recipe for this dish is made available on the website.

Insight Realty Group


Insight Realty is a real estate team that helps to locate properties and to conclude real estate transactions in the Greater Boston area. The text information contained in a boxed area is set against a grid carrying images of properties. The grid in the background is carried on all the pages around the boxed content.



NOXEL is a multi dimensional business with interests in building automation, venture capital, IT development and digital marketing. Each functional area has it’s own page in the website. The vision of this business group is to use technology to simplify the lives of people.

Swanepoel T3 Summit


T3 Summit is an annual real estate conference of CEOs to meet and discuss the trends and issues facing the real estate industry. The website is information packed and sectioned neatly.

Passports Online


Passports Online functions as a resource center for all information pertaining to US passports. The sidebar in the left gives you quick access to all the information you need.

Heart and Hands Wine Company


Tom and Susan Higgins manage the Heart and Hands Winery. They are extremely focused on quality and produce only around 2000 cases every year. A full width image and a broad sectioned footer is carried on all the pages.



Stretch is a clothing brand catering specifically to athletes. The material used is anti bacterial and odorless. The layout of the website supports a well organized display of products for a viewer to browse.

Marta Rocha


Marta Rocha is a paper artist. She works with paper obtained from magazines and newspapers and uses skill, scissors and glue to convert them into objects of art. She uses a part of the screen to the left to carry the menu and uses the rest of the screen to display the paper art.

Media Hoarders


Media Hoarders is an entertainment blog that carries information, news, music and interesting information for Nigerians all over the world. All the pages have broad borders on the sides that serve as a good relief background for the content heavy website.

Harlem Yoga Studio


This studio attempts to make yoga accessible to everybody. They conduct classes for kids as well. Classes are conducted for pre and post natal women as well, to make them feel comfortable about childbirth.

Whiskey Ginger


Whiskey Ginger is a London based eatery that serves burgers and cocktails made from ingredients sourced locally. The menu appears in a horizontal strip in the middle of the homepage, but shifts to the top in the inner pages.

The Design Boot Camp


The Design Boot Camp is an online program that will teach you to design in six weeks. A mentor will guide you through the program.

Arseblog News


Arseblog News is one place where you can get all the news and upto date information about Arsenal Football Club. The website sells merchandise and club related paraphenalia.

Fortnox Developer


This website offers a number of web based, easy to use applications. The pages are all cloud based and can be accessed by small business owners and accountants.

Paradise Helicopters


Paradise Helicopters is a company engaged in conducting helicopter tours to remote places in Hawaii. They have a team of top class pilots who are familiar with Hawaiian culture and landscape.

InPlay King


InPlay King is a game for sports enthusiasts to be played on mobiles . Fun credits are collected by predicting the outcomes of games and comparing with other players. This is a one page website that is split into three horizontal sections.

Sentinel Vaults


Sentinel Vaults is an Irish company that offers to keep belongings safe. The safe deposit facility is in located inside an original bank vault. The website has used horizontal sections, grids, and carousel and sliders for display of text and images.

Noel Scales


Noel Scales is 24 year old American performing artist. She has realized the power of her voice to help people overcome personal feeling and is using music to express social and emotional concerns. The footer in the website is carried on all pages and contains links to Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

StateWide Mobility


StateWide Mobility provides mobility and accessibility solutions to help people live an independent life. You can buy mobility scooters, ramps, lift systems and powered wheelchairs on the website. They offer equipment on hire and also undertake repair and maintenance services.

To conclude

The layout in the illustrative websites may have given you a fair idea of Visual Composer’s functions. The frontend/ backend editor, 40 content elements, skin builder, advanced grid builder and extendable functions, combined with a little imagination means you can have a very pleasing layout for your website.