Top 12 Newsletters for Startup & Business Owners 2015

Startup Business Newsletters

Keeping up with the latest and most interesting content on the web has become somewhat of a troublesome experience. Content is being unloaded on consumers in such vast amounts that it’s hard to understand what’s breaking, what’s insightful, and what’s just an expansion of something that someone else said. Content consumption without proper curation is going to make it difficult to weed through good pieces, good stories, good and insightful data-driven articles and research papers that actually provide the reader with tangible value.

The solution towards this content problem nowadays is curated newsletters, a way of keeping in touch with everything that’s happening within our field of choice without having to have 50 different browser tabs open. Newsletters are usually crowdsourced, or maintained by an dedicated individual, and provide a much more enjoyable reading experience of the latest and greatest.

The following newsletters in this roundup are all about startup and business topics, including some technology oriented content, that will help you stay up to date with the best content in these particular fields. Each and every one of these newsletters have more than 1,000+ subscribers, meaning that they’re in demand and deliver on their promise to curate great content no matter what.

Launch Ticker


Launch Ticker is the perfect technology news consumption newsletter solution to those who feel like they’re wasting a lot of their time reading tech news, without really getting anywhere. The team at Launch Ticker curates two emails each day that discuss the most important news of the day before, as well as the day that the second email gets sent out on. Get a quick and concise summery of the leading headlines, understand what’s happening without having to skim through endless paragraphs of opinions and assumptions. It’s a paid service, but cheap enough (yearly based) that anyone can become a subscriber.


Mattermark Quantifying Private Company Growth for Startup Investors

The Mattermark newsletter is one daily custom-curated newsletter email that covers the latest happenings and unfolding in fields like investing, startups, entrepreneurship, online business and more. Instead of weeding out the latest user-generated content sites, signup to the Mattermark newsletter and get the best scoop in your email inbox once a day.


Sidebar The 5 best design links every day

The Sidebar newsletter service has been around for a long time, and because of its immense success, Sidebar continues to be one of the leading newsletters for designers and developers. Each day 5 of the most popular and insightful design and development articles are featured on the homepage of Sidebar, and you can always go back a day or two, or a month or two, to explore what was trending back then. Sidebar is a great way to connect yourself with great ideas, great people and insights without having to do all the work yourself. You can also suggest your own links and work for consideration; a way to get exposed in front of a new audience perhaps.

iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly

Mobile app development is big within the startup and online business communities, which is why iOS Dev Weekly is the perfect newsletter to include in this list. As the name suggest, this newsletter covers a weekly number of the latest developments in the iOS ecosphere. Whether it’s new tools, new ways of doing things, new libraries or new unfoldings in the operating system itself, iOS Dev Weekly will cover it all and let you know the best scoop about making the most of your developer experience.

The UX Newsletter

The UX Newsletter

This newsletter from MailChimp has recently undergone a revamp and is looking to kickstart its regular operation hours soon again, but until then there are more than 40 issues from the past year to explore and indulge in, all of which will help startup owners to better understand their design choices, and how to improve them without compromising quality or resources. Everything from User Experience to User Interface, to Usability and Personalization, all of which are essential things to know when building a high quality product.

Hacker Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter The Hacker News Newsletter

Hacker News receives thousands of new submissions each day, going through them all and trying to make sense of them is an impossible task, and even with the help of the Hacker News web platform itself, even the top links and best links from time to time tend to be nothing but a rush of character and personality between the community itself. The Hacker Newsletter does a weekly newsletter thats curated to reflect back the biggest and best stories within the industry, two dozens of links can be expected in each newsletter, and with more than 250+ issues already sent out, this newsletter is a veteran when it comes to providing its readers with a great experience.


Charged Weekly tech newsletter

Love technology? Love a bit of personality in your newsletters? Charged is home to more than 7,000+ subscribers who regularly (weekly) receive a pleasant newsletter that covers the biggest stories in technology; articles, blog posts, long-form posts, and it even covers the leading startups that have come out in the sun since the last newsletter. Each story is complimented with a nice and concise description and bit of an opinion on what is being announced. It certainly is a newsletter that any startup or tech enthusiast will find pleasant and reliable.

Paul Jarvis

Want to join 18 207 people reading my weekly articles about freelancing life and creativity Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis if no more than a creative artist has been an inspiration to many as to how it’s possible to achieve your dreams through sheer persistence. Paul Jarvis started out with a small number of articles and subscribers, but has managed to grow his dream to almost 20,000+ unique subscribers who will happily tell you all about Paul’s creative abilities and his vision for his work.

If you need advice on freelancing, business, design, inspiration and life, then Paul Jarvis newsletter is the one for you. He will send you out content that he plans to publish on leading media website before he actually publishes them, giving you a chance to indulge and connect with him on a more personal level if you feel the need to do so.

Foundcy Your daily fix of the best posts read by founders

Are you a startup founder? Are you planning to be a startup founder? Foundcy is a weekly newsletter that covers the most insightful and resource startup stories from founders themselves. Each week a new list of links is added to the database that showcases what startup founders are reading and finding interesting, giving you a chance to explore the same content and perhaps learn a thing or two.

Growth Hackers

GrowthHackers A Community for Growth Focused Marketers Trending GrowthHackers

Growth hacking is a huge thing these days. Innovative and creative ways to market yourself have become a way of exercising your own abilities to promote yourself and your product. The Growth Hackers community has grown to several tens of thousands of subscribers, and you’re more than welcome to join the newsletter that discusses the most popular and most active submitted links during the week. Growth Hackers itself is a user-generated content website that lets the community members to submit content and others can vote on it, and leave comments on it if they desire. Instead of browsing through the endless list of links, signup for the newsletter and get a weekly email digest with the top stuff in growth hacking.



This is the in-house newsletter from 500 Startups. 500Distro offers a weekly newsletter on growth, startup, ideas, and marketing. You will also frequently get news from the team behind 500 Startups itself, where they give you advice and insight on how to build your startup the right way.



Design is an important part of the success of a startup and/or product, which is why Swissmiss is the one newsletter you don’t want to miss. Get a weekly newsletter that discusses creative and intelligent design matters in a way that you can apply them to your own ideas straight away.

Top 10 Tools for User Retention – Tools Every SaaS Company Should Use

User Retention Tools

Knowing how to retain users is a big part of any businesses success. With an ever increasing amount of resources becoming available to anyone with an internet connection, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to retain each unique user who visits our business, downloads our app, or browses our website. Mobile customers are looking for more personalization options, they want the apps they use to understand them as individual users, in turn providing for an intuitive experience that doesn’t feel enforced or based on the foundation of making financial return.

Social media is one of the most reliable ways of staying in touch with your customers on frequent basis, and in turn retaining their trust and loyalty to your brand and/or product. Learning to have one on one conversations with your customers is an essential part of displaying that you care for your customers, and ultimately care for their happiness and satisfaction. Treat your most active and engaged customers as members of a private yacht club, and they will continue to bring about more friends and connections for you to interact with.

Above all, some of the most important aspects when it comes to user retention are going to be loyalty programs, customer service, and things like listening to what your customers have to say about your service and how it could possibly be improved. While nobody has to follow a single customers demands, sometimes a group of customers might all be looking for the same feature, even if it means that they’re using a different kind of language to express that need. Serve your customers and they will gladly serve you back. Lets take a closer look at some of the most popular user retention tools that will work for any startup and business owner, for any webmaster; including bloggers, as well as those who are looking to build a community around their existing products.


Email Text In app Messages for SaaS eCommerce Subscription

Autosend is a godsend for any business that works with a large number of clients that also involve trial subscriptions, or subscriptions based on limited number of features. Autosend uses an intuitive algorithm that allows it to detect the kind of users that would visit your upgrade and/or buy pages without actually concluding a transaction, at which point the algorithm can compose a specifically tailored email, text message or a push notification — both mobile and web users — that would offer a discounted subscription price towards the service they were looking at.

It’s the one-stop solution towards talking to your customers directly and understanding what exactly they need as an initiative to complete their subscription purchase.


OptiMonk Onsite Retargeting Exit Intent

OptiMonk is a well-developed retargeting and exit-intent technology platform that lets you retain users through the use of popups, which can be used to promote new deals, to offer discounts, to reduce the number of abandoned carts your eCommerce store is getting, as well as to redirect traffic towards specific pages that might offer secret offers and/or special offers that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Exit-intent technology has grown immensely over the years; a way to capture the visitors attention one last time before they close the browser tab, exit-intent technology offers any webmaster to capitalize on those visitors who are leaving the website without completing an action.


SimilarTech Lead Generation Competitive Intelligence based on Web Tech Analysis

SimilarTech lets you prevent your existing customer’s churn by detecting a issue when it’s still early enough. Get alerted when a customer starts using your competitors’ technology, as he might just entered a trial with them and considering leaving you. Reach out these customers quickly to decrease your customers churn rate dramatically. Because of the nature of the product, SimilarTech is strictly aimed at those webmasters and business owners who are directly working with clients and helping them manage their own websites in a more development and design oriented way. Needless to say that SimilarTech offers a huge array of benefits to anyone who wants to monitor competitors for their web technology and tools use.


Mobile Marketing Analytics for App Developers Upsight

Upsight has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated mobile analytics and marketing platforms on the planet. It’s a direct solution towards understanding the way users use an application for anyone who is an app developer or designer. Upsight processes billions of data points each month, and the platform itself is used by countless amount of app developers who wish to improve their app performance, and ultimately revenue, without having to dig behind the curtains themselves.

Just like small time app developers, also enterprise level companies and developers are using Upsight to scale and process their app data. Marketing tools are purely data-based offering insights and understanding towards how to retain users, what their most common behaviors are, and how to capitalize on these behaviors.


UserTesting User Experience Research Platform

If there is one thing we should remember about the online world of web, then its that all of us tend to see each website differently, except for the fact how a website functions and how easy it is to navigate it to come to an part of a website where an action is necessary to be completed. UserTesting have perfected the art of website reviews and offer a reasonably priced service for anyone (business, startup, individual, etc,.) who feels like they need to have someone else — a professional — look at their website and give it fair judgement over the things that work, things that could be improved, and things that simply don’t work.

Get real insights about your products and how they behave in front of an audience of your own choice, UserTesting provides a large database of users that will happily leave video reviews of your website/product/idea within hours.


LeadPages Software mobile responsive landing page generator

A good website will appeal to a community oriented visitor base, while a good landing page will appeal to those who are serious about making a purchase and want to do it in a professional manner. LeadPages have become somewhat of a success story over the startup community since last year, showing the community that it is possible to achieve a 0 to 15,000 customer rate without losing money, but actually increasing revenue to millions of dollars.

And you would guess that largely this was thanks to their full understanding of how good landing pages work and what kind of technology is necessary to capture the attention of each visitor, to an extent where majority start to become customers. One of the best ways to retain customers is to provide them with a seamless browsing and shopping experience, once that is concise and easy to understand, which is what LeadPages is all about — simplicity over complexity.


Heap Mobile and Web Analytics

Heap Analytics provides a modern analytics platform for web applications as well as iOS applications. Understanding your users behavior on a more personal level is the number one priority when it comes to retaining them as customers, as well as providing existing users with new features and experiences based on their behavior. Heap lets you measure user clicks, taps, swipe activity, submission form activities, the pages they have viewed and in what way, and so much more. You can track users (events) and segment events (users) individually per your own requirements, all data becomes readily available as soon as you setup your tasks.


OptinMonster Best Lead Generation Software for Marketers

OptinMonster is a fairly recent addition to the webmaster marketing market, but because of its great vision and the number of great people behind the idea, OptinMonster has managed to pull itself up as one of the leading user conversion platforms on the web. With OptinMonster you can easily convert your website visitors in email subscribers, at which point you can use the platform to convert those email subscribers into paying customers. It also comes equipped with exit-intent technology, which we found to be incredibly reliable when it comes to getting some extra subscribers without the extra compromise. OptinMonster also allows you to setup specific forms and options for pages individually, giving you real freedom over how you collect subscribers and customers from your pages. Explore the full feature list of OptinMonster to fully understand its potential.


Mixpanel Mobile Analytics

Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile & the web. It helps businesses grow by helping them understand how their users behave and use their products by tracking actions people take rather than page views. Mixpanel helps its customers to learn from data directly, rather than from off-point views of data (which is what platforms like Google Analytics provides), and thus giving its customers a chance to be several steps ahead of competition who is still learning how to track the influence of particular pageviews. Leading companies and enterprises rely on Mixpanel’s huge list of data-driven features to better understand their customers and provide back a service that reflects behavior, ideologies and needs.


Mobile Marketing Automation Artisan

Artisan enables you to control the experience that your mobile users enjoy from the very instant they open your app. Dynamically change your UI to provide a better onboarding experience for new users, send personalized push notifications about new products, or use in-app messages to highlight new app features – with Artisan, you control the experience that your app provides users. With endless ways to keep your mobile users engaged, Artisan’s Mobile Marketing Automation software makes it easy to turn new users into loyal users.

Retaining Your Customers for Good

User retention is an ever-increasing topic that will without a doubt make way for dozens more tools that will inspire creative and inspiring ways to connect with your customers and their needs. The tools on our list here are just a mere starting point for better understanding your customers, their behavior and their view of the product that you have built. Tap into an infinite potential of understanding and insight by becoming a subscriber to any of these tools and don’t forget to reach back out to us with your success results.

30 Excellent Example Websites Using Jupiter WordPress Theme 2015

Jupiter Theme Examples

Jupiter WordPress Theme from Artbees is a Multipurpose Responsive theme. It serves as a flexible platform to create any kind of website that you wish.

It has clocked sales of over 25,000 and has a star rating of 4.7 on Themeforest. Updated in October 2015, a new version 5 is expected to be released shortly.

Jupiter offers 6 categories – creative, agency, shop, health, food and education are all covered with 25 templates. It is a favorite with designers as it can be varied in very imaginative ways. Efficient layouts help focus all the attention to where it is required.

Jupiter has all the basic standard features of a modern theme and many more advanced features as well,
o An innovative background and header style customizer. Unique headers and logos for each page is possible.
o Multiple navigation and pagination styles.
o Drag and drop page building with the latest Visual Composer. You can use the one click template install as well.
o Many free plugins that give you a lot more control.
o Animated columns, RTL support and over 1800 icons.
o 14 customs widgets and 6 portfolio hover animations.
o Narrative video tutorials, WooCommerce compatible, Search Engine Optimized.

Some examples of websites using Jupiter theme are listed here,

Animal Aid Unlimited


Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization devoted to caring for animals. Based out of a rented 4 acre premises in Udaipur, India they have treated or cared for over 50,000 animals until now. Organizations such as these survive on account of the generosity of people and so, the website has many big sized call to action buttons in the header and donation box in the sidebar in prominent colors, to make it easy for the generous folk to donate and volunteer.

The Little Backpacker


The Little Backpacker is the blog of Jodie Louise, a British youngster who fell in love with travel during a gap year. Starting out as a gap year blog, it has grown into one for budget travelling round the world. She has a good following on social media and social icons are placed in the top bar above the header and also pops up as a small box as you scroll. She is studying to be a teacher, blogging part time and hoping her teaching career will help her travel further.

Free Flow Spas


Watkins Manufacturing are the manufacturers of free flow spas- hot tubs that you can jump into and relax. They are in business since 1977 and have built over a million hot tubs. The 10 models of the hot tubs are placed in an image slider for you to decide which one you want to splash about in. The menu is placed in both the header and footer region.

United Furniture Industries


Simmons Upholstery makes furniture under license from United Furniture Industries. Using local and imported material, they make all the furniture within the country and have become a brand of choice in the United States. The full width image on the homepage and the products on the slider below will give a viewer an idea of their range of products.



A blog founded by Celine Dufuord, this one is all about food. It is also a forum for marketing food and for anything related to agribusiness. They welcome feedback and comments and make it possible for you to do so with social icons conveniently placed in a sticky vertical bar to the side. Oh, if you’ve got a taste for insect integrated food, please drop by this site.

Harbinger Group


Harbinger Group is a technology innovation partner. Their award winning software services and products is used by leading commercial organizations all over the world. They are guided by the philosophy of creating value for the client through a culture of continuous learning.



Quintain is a marketing company that helps small and medium businesses grow faster to become industry leaders in a short span of time. They work hard to provide leads and build sales team that are effective in finding and closing better deals. They also provide web design and branding services to qualify as a full service provider for online marketing. Jupiter theme has been used in their website.



Synaptop is a cloud computing service that works to delete digital borders, so that people all over the world can work seamlessly with full access to technological resources. With Synaptop, you can collaborate in real time, play games, video and text chat and much more. Their appstore offers many more possibilities.

Maris Polymers


Maris Polymers offers 100% water based green waterproofing solutions. With a certified life span of 25 years, the water based polyurethane waterproofing membrane can keep the damp out in a very ecologically friendly way. Translation of their website into 5 additional languages is possible by clicking on the top bar of the homepage.

Paper Planes


Paper Planes is a travel lifestyle blog. It does not boast of being a blog offering extensive travel information, but simply offers tips about a place and the lifestyle there. Interesting artifacts from all over the world are also sold online on this website.



Clickmatix is an online marketing and web designs company. At affordable prices, they offer custom tailored solutions for your business needs. They have been in business for over 7 years and the number counters show you that they have been real busy. You can still get a free consult by contacting them on them Jupiter themed website.



Timberline Lodge is a well known ski resort. Their website is filled with pictures on all pages, so that a guest can have a fairly good idea of the place he is going to. They maintain a ski area that is safe for all age groups. They are located in Mount Hood and support the local economy in a big way. You can check into their lodge right from the top bar placed above the footer in their homepage.

Simply Delicious


Simply Delicious is the food blog of Alida Ryder. The whole website has a white background. The sidebar is also found on most pages that carries a load of information, advertisements and quick links. The website is based on Jupiter.

Travel for Teens


Safety is the first travel concern when teens go around the world. Travel for Teens makes it their first priority, with fun as the next. They plan travels for teens with an aim to educate them, and encourage teens to understand the fine difference between being a tourist and being a traveler. You can start your journey by browsing their website for all the travel info you need.

She Business


She Business is an association of women to promote the business aspirations of women. They are not merely a networking group, but they take an active interest in mentoring women to take their business to the next level. Their website is built with Jupiter WordPress theme.



Crowdster is a fund raising software for nonprofit. It taps social engagements as a channel for collection of funds by leveraging social media and peer to peer contacts through personal web linked pages. You can launch your drive for funds right from their homepage. They have helped clients like Major Football League, Tiger Woods Foundation and Save the Children.

Teen Mental Health


Teen Mental Health encourages youngsters to learn about, live with and care about mental health. The organization is managed by a team led by Dr Stan Kuthcher. Online resources including books are available for sale on the website and you can also schedule a talk or training session with the Doctor.



At FunnyBizz’s website, you get access to a team of writers who can add humor to the written word. Most corporates and other business agencies understand that a dash of humor is better recalled than a whole lot of good words about their brand. So humor is in demand and FunnyBizz can step in nicely and up the humor quotient. Their website is built with Jupiter WordPress theme.



Hyperwallet is a leading payout platform for market place companies. It works with financial institutions to expand their payment capabilities. It gives flexibility to workers and is trusted by workers and businesses alike. The homepage of the website has a full screen image with text overlay and a merged header.

Flash Packer Family


Want to know how many countries there are in the world? Head to the pages in this website. Bethany Davies has ticked off 33 countries in her list of 100 countries to travel to before she turns forty. Happy photographs from her travel are laid out in all the pages of her blog. In the homepage, they take center stage occupying the full width of the screen and alternating with horizontal sections of text inviting you to look further into her website.

Scuba Diving Cancun


Clear underwater pictures invite a visitor to take the plunge into the world of scuba diving. Shallow waters, reef diving and cavern exploring – everything can be attempted here under the watchful eyes of trained deep sea divers. The full width pictures in the image slider at the top of the homepage gives way to a text heavy informative lower half and a mini gallery towards the bottom where you can purchase any of their diving packages.

SV Turkey Trot


The website for the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot is built on the Jupiter theme. Registrations are now open for the event in November 2016 and the landing page carries the countdown to the event very prominently. The countdown transitions intermittently into image of the runners at this year’s event. It has now become a Thanksgiving Day tradition at Applied Materials, an exercise with neighbors before the feasting and socializing.

Excel Builders


Excel Builders undertake construction of new homes and remodeling of old homes in the Maryland area. They have been building homes for over 25 years and were the first to introduce insulated concrete forms to Maryland. Their experience is neatly showcased on their website.

Glamour Beauty


Glamour Beauty is an online cosmetic shop. A visitor’s attention is instantly drawn to the wide range of products of different brands that are showcased on the image slider. The images transition smoothly in different interesting ways. The website is themed on Jupiter.

The Seoul Guide


The Seoul Guide is an online travel guide to South Korea. It is packed with tourist information, both in the main content section as well as in the sidebar. Convenient links in the main page help you to find the information you want quickly. For a casual browser also, the website has many attractions and you can have a virtual tour of the city before you make the actual trip.

Central Park


Central Park are Chartered Urban Developers, planning and developing projects in India. Their projects are a role model, and a trend setter, designed to match global standards. Their completed projects are displayed on an image slider. Their website is built on Jupiter theme.

BC Floors


A visit to the website of BC Floors immediately gives you a feel of their laminated flooring, thanks to the full screen image you will find there. They are a one stop shop for supply and installation of all kinds of flooring. Why should you choose them for your project ?- you can go further down their homepage and find the reasons on 4 boxes that flip over – management and expertise, full services and custom work, large flooring selection, and warranty and coverage.

Home Team Marketing


Home Team Marketing offers a perfect platform for regional and national brands, higher education marketers and co op marketers as they have a wide reach over the local community and a favorable presence with a network of schools which they can use to sell sponsorship of various brands. A video on their website explains how they work and you can also view the brands they have helped in a slide at the bottom.



Knowlarity is a communication and automation venture. Their website has a full screen pleasant green colored with no distinct header. Their cloud platform has the ability to process a million calls in one hour. Knowlarity has an app specially for mobiles and you can engage with customers right from the mobile. A number counters reveals that they have more than 12000 happy customers.



Phunware Advertising has comprehensive product suite to power smart mobile advertising. Advertisers can benefit from it’s end to end platform delivery of effective mobile campaigns. Publishers can gain with increased revenue streams. The website uses Jupiter WordPress theme.

Final Thoughts

Jupiter is an awesome theme which can help you create the right website whilst enabling you to employ a plethora of useful tools to add the necessary site functionalities.

Which Jupiter theme example websites you like the most or have you created a better looking website using Jupiter theme?

Top 10 Storytelling Tools for Content Creators To Boost Productivity

Storytelling Tools

Content in itself is a wide spectrum of different ways to express oneself, ones ideas, as well as moving the creative force through the use of words. One of the most prominent ways of expressing a story is by telling it, which is also known as storytelling. Much of what we read today, either online or offline, is usually a fabricated type of journalism that does little to no storytelling. Stories are all about engaging the reader on a journey of emotional and intellectual capacity that becomes easy to remember, easy to relate to.

Telling stories today has become much easier, with a wide range of tools and platforms that focus solely on helping writers, bloggers, and other content creators, to create the kind of stories that capture the attention of the reader (or consumer) and lead them from point A to point Z flawlessly. In recent years, animated stories, video stories, and interactive stories have become somewhat of a thing, as you will learn by the features that the following list of storytelling tools has to offer.


LookBook HQ

Book and eBook content has become a way of attracting and keeping customers engaged with your business. An eBook can be used to conclude research, analysis, reports, and other types of intellectual content, but not everyone has the time to weed through the good stuff, and sometimes people want to learn just a few things at a time. LookBookHQ helps content creators to organize their content in segments, allowing your customers, subscribers or readers to indulge in specific parts of content without having to read the whole thing. Point out the best parts of the book, specify the length of each part, specify how it can help the user and this will dramatically increase the engagement rate for all of your content that’s now organized in stories, rather than segments. This is the perfect platform for anyone who is looking to encourage self-education through organized content.


WIREWAX Interactive Video Tool

Telling stories through video is an amazing way to connect with your audience, as well as build a new audience as you progress. WireWax offers a number of features that lets you revamp your existing video content into a fully interactive learning experience. The videos you upload become ‘taggable’, which means that you can add custom tags throughout your video and use those tags to add additional dynamic content such as photos, website links, information bubbles, even feeds from social networks such as Twitter. Versatile platform that could forever change the way you do interactive videos.


Storyline Creator o A tool to tell a story

Are you a book writer? Perhaps an author at a huge publication where stories extend to more than 10,000+ words every time? Cos offers an easy to use platforms that lets you map out all the stories you create, starting from the characters, and their whereabouts at any point of your story, all the way to the ending and how it call came together. You would usually do this using a piece of paper, but this kind of technology really allows for easy to understand story management, and you will end up saving yourself a ton of time by remembering and also knowing how the story is meant to unfold at any given time. Brilliant platform to play around with.


Skyword The Art and Science of Content Marketing

Skyword’s focus is on content and how to make your content more great, as well as more exposed. Skyword understands the importance of good content that tells stories and connects with its audience, and in turn offers a variety of marketing practices and services to all of its customers. Skyword also provides access to a community of thousands of freelance writers and videographers, an editorial team, and program managers who help move clients’ content marketing programs to new levels of creative excellence.


Storyboard That The World s Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator

Story boards have become a thing within several different niches on the web right now, especially popular amongst indie bloggers and anyone who is passionate about adding a little fun to their content experience. StoryboardThat lets anyone create their own storyboards and use them as a way to express and tell stories in a more meaningful way. A lot of animations and graphics to choose from, so you’re always capable of creating something new and unique.



PixiClip is a full-blown interactive whiteboard content creation platform that’s useful not only to those who wish to tell stories through content, but also educational institutions have been known to take full advantage of PixiClip’s endless possibilities. Create fun and interactive Doodle’s that will spice up any content, whether in written or in video form, even physical. Add your own media, like video and audio messages, use the given drawing tools to create something that will stand out from the rest.


Storybird Artful Storytelling

Have you ever have had the urge to write a book? It seems that its one of those things that all writers come across at least once in their careers, the need to express themselves in a book. While Storybird is not strictly a writing platform, it’s definitely an amazing interactive book creation platform that will help you create books in digital format that will capture the attention of audiences small and big. Signup and get access to artwork from animators and illustrators that have got years of experience in creating stunning visuals that will compliment any story at any time.

Story Builder

Gone Google Story Builder

Google has its very own storytelling platform, and it uses Docs to make it a reality! Use the Story Builder platform to get an experience of how Google Docs can help you execute and tell stories that will provide a unique and one of a kind experience to anyone exploring them. Expect to be able to use all the features that Docs would usually provide to be able to tell your stories.


Make em Curious With Your Video Lessons --

As mentioned, video is becoming a trend in telling stories, and people at Metta have foreseen this trend picking up, which is why they’re offering a professional platform for creating truly interactive learning videos that can be used to educate, to tell stories, and to inform your audience about the things you’re most passionate about.


Shorthand -- Make the most of your story

Shorthand lets you create stunningly visual short stories that can be complimented with the latest data from social media platforms, from the web itself, or from your direct experiences. Each story has got its own landing page, and Shorthand is a known platform to be used amongst some of the leading journalism sites worldwide.

30 Spectacular Example Websites Using X Theme – Fastest Selling WordPress Theme 2015

X WordPress Theme Examples

X, The Theme has quickly clocked up numbers to be the weekly top seller on Themeforest. Not surprising, given the fact that X is packed with features and aims to be the go to provider for 2015 and beyond.

It has been designed with inputs from a number of experts and feedback from a number of users. One of the leading users is the Government of Utah, which has purchased nearly 2 dozen licenses.

X is the one stop shop for building your website. Each and every element from background to font can be customized. The USP of this theme is the dozens of industry or niche specific demos that can be instantly installed and varied. Images, sliders, menus, pages and more will automatically be installed.

Live editing permits you to observe the effect of each change and save the changes only when you are satisfied. The most advanced page builder today, Cornerstone is included with every X theme purchase. It is 100% front ended and intuitive from the moment of activation.

Dozens of extensions are included free in the theme. These are not third party plugins that are merely bundled with X, but custom plugins that work seamlessly with X and come with free updates and support. The optional extensions improves performance for those who need it and keeps it simple for those who don’t.

X is multipurpose with multiple designs and unique styling. X offers 4 completely unique designs called stacks, all built into it.

Integrity – This multipurpose design is understated and great for business sites. A dark version is included.

Renew – in keeping with the modern trend, Renew has a flat design with no borders or shadows. It is well suited for creative sites and blogs.

Icon – is minimalistic, allowing the written word to take center stage. Post formats can sport custom colors.

Ethos – is suitable for news and magazines with featured carousel, real time category filtering and alternate index titles.

Besides the usual features that come with most premium WordPress themes, the other features which give X the edge are,

  • Multiple shop styles powered by WooCommerce.
  • Transparency option in the header.
  • Marginless columns that are completely responsive meaning that even on small devices, the columns will go full width and stack up one on top of another.
  • Only specific selection of fonts is locked to keep the load light.
  • Smartcodes include responsive visibility meaning it shows only certain things on certain devices. Also includes Table of Contents which will increase page views.

Now that we are familiar with the features of X, let us look at some example websites which have used X theme as their framework.

The Curated Travel


Stockholm in a weekend, 24 hours in Whistler, 48 hours in Salsburg, a week in Tokyo and Kyoto, 72 hours in Prague – sounds nice? Then drop by at the Curated Travel and check out their travel plans. They sure tempt you with stunning photographs of these places, with semi transparent slides making mention of the highlights.

Coach of the Year


The website of the movie Coach of the Year is built on X WordPress theme. The full screen image on the landing page includes a video that captures the reaction of moviegoers. Social icons are placed close to the video, so you too can spread a word about the movie.

Human Services


Human Services Department in the Government of Utah has chosen X-Child-Integrity-Light as the theme for the example website to reach out and inform it’s citizens. Number counters let a citizen know just how much their government has accomplished.

Life Support


Life Support is a beverage that provides relief from hangover. The slider is placed above the header with delayed call to action buttons. But what catches the eye are the 3 big sized icons in boxes in the midsection of the layout that flips over to reveal text on the other side.



Varaloka describe themselves as an environmental action and awareness brand. 20% of their sales revenue is given back to society in the form of charities and other world saving initiatives.



If the full screen images on the homepage of Repellx show what fun it is to get wet in the rain, the sections below show how you can keep clothing and footwear dry with liquid repelling product, even in bad weather. The header itself is placed under the slider and appears as you click scroll down arrow.

Doyle Quane


Doyle Quane is an established law group in California that deals with family law matters. They invite you to browse their website and see in how many ways they can help you and your family.

North Shore Goodies


North Shore Goodies is famous for their coconut peanut butter. On their X themed website, delectable food products are displayed in the slider just below the header. Products are also featured in a slider in the midsection of the homepage. Different post formats are used in the About and Products page.

Sugar Cube


Sugar Cube offers affordable, functional work spaces for your office needs. Transparent number counters set against their cubicles serves as good advertisement for their business.

Chick Art


Chick Art is a graphic design website and has it’s portfolio displayed on the landing page. The website has a sidebar to the left and the portfolio index as a pullout option. Social icons figure prominently in the top bar.



Braintek helps out small businesses that do not have an inhouse IT department. From web designing, cloud services, disaster recovery and restoration and more, they do it all without putting a clock to it. You can read about their cost effective solutions on their X themed website.

Kontact Bike


A shop selling bicycle saddles, Kontact Bike sports two small videos on the homepage explaining why the saddle is good for riders. Also on the homepage are two image sliders where you can see feedback from users. The footer area is taken up by testimonials.

Visual Impact Fitness


Visual Impact Fitness is the venture of Rusty Moore. He can impart techniques that will build muscle, by adding muscle tone and density without adding to size.

Slim Living


Slim Living plays the role of a personal trainer in the area of sport, lifestyle and nutrition. The content area is divided into section in which images and text material alternate and ending with the social media options and contact form. It is based on the X-Child-Icon theme.

Trails Ministries


Trails Ministries supports those who have spent time in jail to integrate with their families and society on completion of their term. The website is filled with images of people, and there is transparent text overlay telling visitors that they have come to the right place.

The Observatory


The observatory is a leading green hotel in Macquarie. Enticing photographs of airy, sea facing rooms on their website and the handy booking option right on the landing page will go a long way in increasing room occupancy. The light version of the Integrity stack from X Child theme has helped them design an effective website.

Wearable On


X- Child-Integrity-Light has been used in the website of Wearable On as well, a shop dealing in wearable tech devices. The site has used pleasant muted colors and delayed sliding social icons and subscription option for better access.

Surface 85


Surface 85 is the personal blog of Aurelie, a style enthusiast, a fitness addict, a world traveler and amateur photographer. Her blog is a good example of the Ethos stack from X theme. The latest posts are featured in a carousel above the footer.

Fashion Mingle


Fashion Mingle is a platform for fashion professionals to connect and collaborate. And what tools do they have to offer fashion professionals? Click on the icons at the bottom of their website to find out and you can also furnish your email id for an invitation to join their fashion community.

Cat Breed Cartoon


You can buy cartoon versions of 150+ breeds of cats on this website. Music accompanies you as you browse around this online shop to make your choice.

Chicago Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer is a safe spin on the traditional soccer game where players step into a transparent bubble ball that is fairly shock absorbent. Find out the rules of the game on their innovative website, where the information is placed in plain white horizontal sections that move over the image of a game in progress.

Lost Boy Memoirs


This particular site employs a landing page which carries colorful sketches. The social icon bar to the left, slides in after a slight delay and keeps count of the social shares. The lost boy here is Ryan, a nomadic travel blogger.

Knife Up


A website for a very specific niche is Knife Up News Magazine. The blogs featured in a carousel takes the place of the header and the articles posted are very exhaustive on the subject.

Chic Family Travels


Tamala travels the world in style with her family of 5. She shares her travel experiences and many useful travel tips with us on this blog. You get to peek into 5 star travel and to see why she believes that money is always an option.



Enhancements is a makeup and beauty lounge. A visitor can schedule appointments with them directly from the homepage, for airbrushed makeup, special makeup for occasions and for makeup at any chosen location right.

Curious Jane


Women are the most influential decision makers when it comes to health and wellness. Curious Jane has people with expertise in marketing to women. Their full range of services is laid out on their website, based on X WordPress theme.



PowerBox serves as an extensive directory that catalogs black owned businesses spread across the globe. It works towards empowering the black community by changing the way people buy. The pattern on the left side of their website merges gradually with the text on the right.

Pro Sport Hospitality


Pro Sport is a sport marketing agency that is passionate about music as well. They combine these two for the marketing of business and brands. Their website is themed on the Renew Stack from X theme.



Another theme that uses the Renew Stack from X, Wrapfire offers B2B marketing tools by using branded micro sites. Immediate feedback is also received when there are hits on these sites.

Tree Elle


Tree Elle is a retreat located in Southern California. The beautiful gardens and animals here are portrayed in a boxed content set in a custom background. These images are sure to convince a visitor that the retreat is a farm stay with a difference.

To Sum up

X theme offers dozens of demos + live preview. It is possible to recreate the demos and then customize it to achieve any look and layout. The examples above can convince a reader that a variety of websites from one page to eCommerce can use X as a web design. If you wish to join their 50,000+ member community, click on the button below.

Which X theme example website you like the most?

11 Time Tracking Tools to Improve Your Productivity

Best Time Tracking Tools

Time is what we have to deal with whenever we engage in our daily list of tasks that we have to complete, whether we’re working for ourselves or for someone else, learning to manage our time effectively is a crucial part of success. In an age where unlimited possibilities of distraction exist, it can sometimes be tough to teach ourselves the importance of managing and tracking our time in order to be more productive, and ultimately achieve more.

Time tracking in many ways gives us a glimpse into our own habits that dominate our workflow during the day, whether it’s picking up calls and writing emails every twenty minutes, knowing how much time exactly we spend on each task can help us notice unhealthy habits, and having a solid time tracking application in place can help us stay more motivated to focus on any one single task at a time.

A lot of professions today involve working with clients, and this work is usually hourly-based, not only should we be able to provide accurate statistics about the work we’ve done for hour clients, and what was done at each particular hour, but we should encourage ourselves to stick to our schedules and work with productivity in mind.


Time Tracking Billing and Attendance software primaERP

A fully developed time tracking platform from primaERP offers its customers to manage their business attendance ratio, to track working hours, as well as a billing module that lets you keep track of your bills — with a full integration between the time tracking platform itself. The time tracking app lets you monitor exactly how much time you’re spending on each individual client, project, task, etc,. Set an hourly rate and watch the revenue increase as you constantly strive to keep your distractions to a minimum and instead focus on completing your self assigned goals, then use the recorded time spent worked and incorporate directly into your bills.


Timeneye Simple intelligent time tracking software

The ultimate time tracking app from Timeneye offers its customers an effective way to manage their time using either an automated timer, or manual entries for any of your projects that you’re working on. You can set custom prices to better track your revenue, and because the platform is intelligently intuitive — it learns everything there is to know about your work habits and reports time accurately, never letting you to overcharge or undercharge your clients.


Freelancy Time Tracking and Invoicing Software

Create a project, give it a name, press the Start button and watch time begin tracking itself as you start your daily work tasks. Freelancy is a lightweight time tracking platform that will let you collect the amount spent on any particular job, and then give you the option to export your data in a number of formats that you can present to your clients; also allows to generate invoices. Is available for mobile so you can always track yourself wherever you go.


Toggl Free Time Tracking Software App

Toggl has grown to become a somewhat of a household name for time tracking apps, yet their primary focus is on helping teams (but also individuals) to manage and track their time in a more productive way. It’s a cloud-based platform that does accurate time tracking tasks and lets you bill your clients directly from the platform itself. It has been built with the idea of increasing productivity and time management within the work environment, and seems to be working for dozens of thousands already. With the help of Toggl you can manage your time both offline and online, you can do real-time data syncing between the desktop application and the web platform.

Colorlib is also using Toggl to keep an eye on our team and their productivity. Colorlib has a fully remote team and tools such as Toggl are very helpful to achieve the best possible performance.


Automatic time tracking and timesheet software -- TimeTracker by openhour

Creativeworx TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking software designed not only for business but also for private use. Because TimeTracker works directly in the shadows of your daily tasks, you never have to concern yourself with how well you are doing, all the tasks you’re engaged in are automatically recorded and saved so you can return back to the data at any time. On top of being a reliable time tracking app in itself, there are several cloud integrations possible that let you connect your favorite apps like Photoshop, Excel, Word and PowerPoint directly with the TimeTracker platform, giving you a chance to have native time tracking integration.


Free Time Tracking Software TimeCamp

TimeCamp is much more than a simple time tracking apps, with TimeCamp you can manage your projects and their timesheets, you can manage your budget and report data, you can set-up team time tracking, and it works natively with the web, your desktop computer, and your mobile phone. You can do time tracking for individual employees, or you can do time tracking for individual projects, and there is an integrated billing platform that makes invoicing and accounting for the amount of work done a breeze.


TrackingTime real time collaboration and organization

TrackingTime is a collaboration app that helps companies manage their projects and tasks, track working times and measure productivity. TrackingTime is proud to let the world know that their tracking app differs in a way that they focus on simplicity of time tracking, to let you as a worker focus on the most important things — the actual work itself. Setup a project, click the track button and off it goes. Simple as that. You get access to a dashboard in which you can explore all the work already done, the projects being worked on, and even see in real-time as your team are performing their daily tasks and how much time goes into them.


WudaTime - Free Time Tracking Project Management app

Most likely the simplest of all time tracking apps out there, the free app from WudaTime lets you create a list of things to do and simply track time for them as you go. Everything happens in the browser so you can just return back to it whenever you feel you’ve finished up your task, then see how long each one took.


Freckle Friendly Online Time Tracking Software

Freckle is an all-in-one time tracking app, report generating platform, and invoicing tool that will leave you wanting to use it more and more every day. It’s flexible, easy to understand and use, and it has got some great reviews from the leading web development companies across the web. When you use Freckle to track your time, you get the benefit of using a tool designed to help you get the most of your business, to understand team member utilization, work rhythms, budget accuracy and client and project overhead. Works on the web, on your mac computer, on an iPhone as well as a browser extension for Chrome.


Online Time Tracking Software for Businesses TimeTac

This sophisticated time tracking app from a German company is a one-stop solution for businesses of medium and corporate size. You can create a number of projects, preferably for each department, and track their time both individually and collectively. Monitor the attendance of your employees and learn more about their habits and their performance on a grand scheme of things.


Remote Worker Time Tracking Software with Screenshots

HiveDesk helps you manage your virtual team or remote workforce – easily manage tasks, track time and generate visual reports. You can set up as many projects and tasks as you need. You can set up each worker as a user for automatically tracking their time. HiveDesk even captures screenshots at regular intervals. You can blur out the images if you need to maintain confidentiality. The software generates visual reports for you to monitor the efficiency of each worker.

Digital marketing agencies, IT outsourcing companies, Technology startups and small & medium financial services companies are using HiveDesk to grow their business by hiring and effectively managing remote employees and contractors.

30 Beautiful Websites Using WPExplorer’s Flag Ship Theme – Total

Total Theme Examples

WPExplorer claims that the WordPress theme authored by them is called Total for a reason. Let us take a close look at this Fully Responsive Multipurpose Theme and check out if the features justify the claim.

Total packs drag and drop page building, live customization, unlimited color options, premium sliders and absolute ease of use into one very complete theme. Updated very recently, this theme is compatible with Visual Composer, WooCommerce, bbPress, Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total cache, Events Calendar and Poly-lang Translation for multilingual sites.

In addition to Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, LayerSlider 5 and powerful template manager, Templatera are all included in Total. That’s a total of $83 premium plugins included in a theme that sets you back by only $59 and has notched up sales of over 12,000 and a 5 star rating.

To pick features that make Total an outstanding theme,

  • Most features can be turned on and off at will at the powerful theme panel. Under construction page, recommended plugins notice, theme skins, custom image cropping, custom widget areas, favicons and more – can all be managed.
  • Built-in payment gateway, responsive adaptation to mobile devices, and display galleries in combination with WooCommerce compatibility makes for setting up an online store in no time at all.
  • Demos can be imported and your customized website can be built upon that.
  • With the Visual Composer page builder, adding pages in the front end or back end of the website is easy.
  • A theme customizer that helps you preview changes to your site instantly.
  • Built-in color pickers to help create any color scheme.
  • Updates almost in tandem with WordPress updates, that too automatically.
  • An extensive menu can be built with MegaMenu.
  • Many Header styles are possible – horizontal, vertical, overlay and an optional top bar.
  • Custom post types readily available.
  • More than 680 fonts and over hundreds of icons to choose from.
  • Compatible with most browsers, built for Google page speed and SEO friendly.

Being multipurpose, Total caters to many niches. Let us check out how different example websites have used Total.

Help Me CV


Help Me CV is a small firm that helps in writing job specific CVs keeping the employer’s requirement in mind and matching skill sets with that requirement, to ensure that you are the right fit for the job. The monochrome header is broad with the logo centered in the middle and has been retained in all the pages. Contact form and social media buttons are at hand always.

Golden Services


Golden Services lends a hand to those who find it difficult to take care of household maintenance all on their own. A contact facility by way of a call-out form is available on all pages, so that you can reach out to them from wherever you are on their website.

Coastal Christian


Coastal Christian is the website of a preparatory school of the same name. The header, content area and footer all appear in a boxed format. The homepage carries images on a slider and the individual pages carry smaller static images. The example website appears neat on the Total theme, with all the pages appearing in a custom background.

Washington Technology


Washington Technology is an organization working towards being the unifying voice of technology in the Washington area. Their homepage has many sections and there are multiple sliders on it. Videos are also present in some sections, sometimes within an image on the slider. An events calendar and live tweets are carried in the footer area.

Ivan Real Estate


Ivan Real Estate caters to the Greater Toronto area. The homes have been photographed beautifully and arranged in horizontal sections in the content area. These sections cover and uncover the underlying image as you scroll up and down the homepage. This interesting layout has been designed with Total.

Fantasy Picks


An online game portal where you get to pick a winning team, Fantasy Pick has a sectioned layout in the homepage. This page also has images and animated elements, while the other pages have been kept purely functional. The header and footer stay constant on all the pages. The website uses the Total Child theme.

Luke’s Circle


Started by Luke Vernon, this venture helps to get high growth companies and talented professionals in touch with each other. The homepage carries blog posts arranged in two columns and the sidebars in the remaining pages leads to a load of information. This website also uses the Child theme from Total.

eStore Coaching


Jason Chan has put together a lot of resources which will help set up an online store. His website is minimalistic and informative, with the blog page carrying numerous well ordered posts.



Manukya is the website of Melanie Sylla. She seeks to help persons who are into healing others. Named after a rich, fragrant, essential oil, the homepage of this website is rather bare, with most of the action in the pages that follow.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics


Laurel Whole Plant organics is a flower and herb based facial care line. They use the Total Child theme to showcase their products with a great deal of color in the pages of their website. The header and footer remain constant in all the pages.

Heritage Custom Windows


If you want well designed windows for your home, Heritage Custom Windows promises to arrange it for you. The homepage has windows on display in sliders that transition in multiple ways -slide, flip, rollover, or zoom out. Floating call to action buttons are sure to catch the visitors’ attention.

Sarah Jane Perman


Sarah Jane is a wellness expert and invites us to join her in a journey of transformation. The header and footer are kept to the minimum and her stylized name appears boldly at the top in all the pages of her website. The boxed content is set in a custom background.

Euro Floors London


Euro Floors London are hardwood flooring specialists. The image of their showroom appears repeatedly in the slider in the homepage, making you feel that you are walking through racks and racks of floor tiles. The footer is designed to appear like a wooden floor. The numbers displayed in the number counter and the clients carousel will inspire confidence in potential buyers. Their floors are showcased on Total.

Karchner Western Art


Denny Karchner has been an artist all his life, first with pencils and now with paint. He has showcased his latest work in acrylic in his Total themed website.

Paradise Helicopters


Want to take a ride in the clouds? Just visit the website of Paradise Helicopters. The video on the homepage is a great experience for a visitor as he or she moves through clouds, over volcanoes and over the seas. The view from the pilot’s seat, the videos, images and interactive map is sure to catch the attention of adventure seekers. This website is the one that Themeforest refers to, to showcase the full range of Total’s capabilities.

Global Lasers


Global Lasers manufacture and sell laser equipment to a wide industrial spectrum. The images on the slider in the homepage are uniform in color, perhaps to remind a viewer of a laser vision. The images transition in multiple interesting ways. The megamenu from Total has been utilized well to organize the content in this business heavy website.

Good Company


Good Company is in the business of relationship insights, finding the right cultural fit between job seekers and employers. The color scheme is pleasant and the icons have been chosen with considerable thought. The menu is placed to the side and can be called out with a click.

While Isla Sleeps


While Isla Sleeps is a fabric based products shop and their website comes gift wrapped to the visitor. The custom background for the boxed content is a wrapping paper. Their handmade products are displayed on the image slider as well as in a grid, and the places where you can shop for their products is displayed on a carousel.

Pilates Fusion


Pilates Fusion is the venture of Katherine Murray. The studio’s facilities and services are showcased on the Total Child based website. The blog posts with small images are carried to the footer.

Yorkshire Building Services


Yorkshire Building Services are providers of mechanical and electrical solutions for all environments. Their homepage is minimalistic with the blog carrying a load of good reads that can easily be called from the sidebar.

LED Waves


LED Waves is a manufacturer of high end LED lights which are energy efficient and long lasting. Zoom in and rollover images on the slider gives a viewer a peek into their work spaces and products. They have used sharp images, short videos and uniformly colored call to action buttons to highlight their products and solutions.

Frames Now


Frames Now makes picture framing easy. You can reach them easily with the help of sticky buttons that stay on the website, even as you scroll. The website itself is framed on Total.

Web Growth Academy


A web based resource for online marketing covering everything from content marketing to web analytics, the website of Web Growth Academy is based on Total. The landing page has a full screen image and a header that shrinks as you scroll down beyond the image.

Alis Fashion Design


Alis Fashion Design is into custom clothes making and bridal gowns. Their website has a broad header and footer, with the top section of the content devoted to a layer slider. Their services, blogs and unique creations are placed in the sections below. The homepage also supports a video from vimeo.

Green Standards


Green Standards helps to manage corporate office surplus by diverting it to hundreds of community organizations. Their website uses Total.

Phil Walker


A truly clutter free and pleasing website, with just a logo, a photograph, 5 huge icons, a simple menu and very little text on the homepage. All information is placed in the pages. The website appears in a boxed format within a rather plain background.

Genesee Office Interiors


A Women Owned Business Enterprise, Genesee Office Interiors carries this certification in the broad footer, with nothing else in that space to distract attention, except the address. Their services are highlighted with icons and their manufacturers are displayed in grid format.

Montgomery Technologies


Montgomery Technology offers technology management for premier office buildings. The homepage has a slider with the images falling into place vertically in parallel stripes. Client testimonials above the footer slide in horizontally and the services they offer and the news items are placed in grid format in the pages within.



Odlums is a small business devoted to baking. The website is featured on a custom background and their products are displayed on all the pages in the footer region. A section of the homepage supports videos of Odlums on television.

The Rolling Storm


This is a travel blog and all the sights and food from around the world have been displayed on the website based on Total. A tour of the website makes you feel that you have just traveled around the world in eighty minutes.

And finally

A visit to the website examples listed here will convincingly show that Total is multipurpose and can be used by many niches to express themselves. Have you used Total? If we could have your Total theme example website details, we will drop by.

Also I’ve work with the team at WPExplorer, they’ll almost certainly provide great support ?

Which Total Theme example website you like the most or have you created a better looking website based on Total theme?

Top 15 Development Guides for Designers and Developers

Development Guides For Designers Developers

Developers and designers have a few things in common, both have to work with each other at least once in a while, especially those who are heavily focused on app and front-end web development. Whether it’s learning how to use typography in your app designs, or determining the kind of devices we should be building our website for, both can learn from each other in a number of ways.

Web designers will often have to use technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to perfect their designs, while developers will want to explore more about User Experience and User Interface to make sure the software they’re building is according to the standard requirements of both standards. And what about the browser? Both designers and developers are heavily involved with the browser, and it helps to get some guidance and insight in that area as well.

The following development guide resources will cover the basics of most popular scripting languages, as well as shed some light on tools that may just become your new favorites because of how convenient it is to use them.

Web Standards Sherpa

Web Standards Sherpa

The Web is a large concept, it entails so much that sometimes it can be difficult to really find good content for how to work with the web from the perspective of a developer and/or designer. The Web Standards Sherpa resource is a list of articles and guides that talk about CSS, Design, Content, JavaScript, Web Performance, Business aspects of building for the web, and tips on how to perfect your workflow amongst many other topics and categories. If you need best practices as a front-end person, this is the place to get them.

UX Myths

UX Myths

UX Myths debunks the false beliefs about user experience, and give the readers an opportunity to gain fresh and insightful perspective on how you should approach UX in your apps, websites and software. Each point is thoroughly explained and given a number of examples to showcase the reverse possibilities.

Typo Pocket Guide

A Pocket Guide to Master Every Day's Typographic Adventures

This pocket guide for typography is the perfect companion for designers who are keen to learn the ins and outs of the technicalities of typography. This particular guide covers the basics of dashes, apostrophes, typefaces, fonts and more.

The State of Web Type

State of Web Type

Typography is always evolving, but the browser isn’t. This means that sometimes we need to explore the capabilities of each feature on each browser separately, and this resource makes it particularly easy. Just select the type of feature you wish to work with and explore its capabilities on different browsers.


QuirksMode for all your browser quirks

QuirksMode is an amazing guide towards browser compatibility information on the Internet. Although you don’t get a lot of information in the form of written content, there are a lot of facts that can be useful to learn when it comes to developing for the web. The compatibility tables let anyone explore the browser capabilities of technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Photoshop Etiquette

Photoshop Etiquette A Guide to Discernible Web Design

Photoshop is without question the most popular graphic design tool amongst designers, and even if you have been using Photoshop for the last couple of years, there is always something new to learn and explore. The Photoshop Etiquette guide is six chapter guide that talks about several aspects of Photoshop best practices, including areas like layers, effects, and design quality. All chapters are reasonably sized, so you won’t be stuck for hours learning something new.

MyDevice your device screen informations

Having trouble finding out the screen resolution size of your device? This tiny platform will tell you exactly all the details you need to know about your device size, and the kind of features your browser can execute. Great for developers who are constantly on the move.

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes takes a different approach and instead outputs the hard data about different screen sizes, their operating system, as well as their unique aspect ratio. You can view the same information for tablets and computers by clicking the individual icons on the right-hand side corner. Works great for both web designers and web developers alike.

Device Metrics

Device Metrics Google Design

Device Metrics from Google is similar to the two sites above, but adds a little bit extra more devices to the list, and also outlines some important development information for each device. If you know the kind of devices you are building your apps and websites for, knowing this information can be crucial.

Dev Tools Secrets

Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools Secrets

Each browser today comes pre-built with a thing called developer tools. It’s a separate console panel for the browser that allows anyone to explore each website from the perspective of a developer. You can use the JavaScript console to execute custom client-side code, you can inspect the elements of the website structure, and you can do things like monitor the network and file activity. Each browsers developer tools are different, and this resource is a specific list of articles and tutorials on how to make the most of the developer tools of your favorite browser.

CSS Guidelines

CSS Guidelines 2.2.4 - High level advice and guidelines for writing sane manageable scalable CSS

CSS is the coating of the web. Without CSS the web is naked, just like us humans would be without any clothe. And because there is so much CSS around us, it’s important to understand the very practical basics and the standard regulations that ensure the CSS we do put out on the web is optimized and according to the latest standards.

This particular styleguide is not meant to be a style guide, rather an insight into how standardized CSS works and what developers and designers can do differently to ensure that the CSS they produce will be of the highest possible quality, making it much easier to produce on a large scale, as well as maintain.

CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS is a huge scripting language, and it keeps growing every year. Sometimes, in the flux of things, we can forget the very basic syntax of the language, at which point sites like this CSS cheat sheet can really become useful, and you only have to bookmark it once to be able to return to it whenever. Highly recommended for beginners.

Browser Hacks


Front-end web developers spend a lot of time in the browser, experimenting, executing code, tinkering and so much more, and as each developer has progressed over the years, they have left behind some interesting snippets and tricks that anyone can use to ease their development workflow. Learn about hacks for media queries, selector hacks, and even some cool JavaScript hacks for all of your favorite browsers. You can also share your own tips and tricks using a GitHub pull request.

Browser Diet

How to lose weight in the browser

The current trend in web development is a lot about performance; how to optimize for the best possible performance without losing quality. And this is what Browser Diet guide is all about — how to optimize for the web. It’s a list of insightful tips and experience reports that document different JavaScript, HTML and CSS features that can be either altered, or removed altogether without having to make any compromises.


-what Discover Unicode HTML Character Entities

amp-what is a quick, interactive reference of 30,000+ HTML character entities and common Unicode characters, 8859-1 characters, quotation marks, punctuation marks, accented characters, symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters, icons, and markup-significant & internationalization characters. The way it works is you click the Load button at the top of the website, and then use the search function to find the kind of characters that you wish to use for your project or anywhere else you planned to use it. Such an extensive resource that you could spend hours playing with unique icons and characters that can spice up your apps and designs.