Best Free Plugins to Build Custom Registration Form in WordPress

Tools For Creating A Membership Site

Whitelabeling a your WordPress site gives your brand a significant uplift when it comes to your online marketing efforts. A custom registration form is one of the easiest ways to whitelabel your WordPress powered website.

Using a custom registration form, you can to streamline the new user’s registration process, making it much more intuitive in nature, while simultaneously fine-tuning it to your business’ requirements.

You can add custom fields like contact number, timezone, etc., to your registration form and display it anywhere in your WordPress site. For example, if you’re running an ecommerce shop, additional information such as country of residence can be useful. You can also enforce a minimum password length for new users, request their consent on your Terms and Conditions, add captcha verification to block spam bots and a host of other useful features.

The default WordPress registration form contains just enough fields to gather the basic information required to setup the user account. You can add custom fields to this registration form either by (a) incorporating custom code, or (b) by using some fantastic free WordPress plugins.

In this article we’ve listed some of the best WordPress plugins for customizing your registration form. Once you’ve gone through the list, you can select that one plugin which will help you build that perfect registration form you’ve always wanted for your website.

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is simply the best all-rounder freemium member management plugin available in the WordPress repository. Here are the list of features:

  • Front-end user registration, login and edit profile option using shortcodes.
  • Ability to add custom fields in the registration form.
  • The conditional logic feature for form fields lets you customize dynamic registration forms which display input fields based on user’s previous input.
  • A drag and drop form builder lets you design forms with ease.
  • Google reCAPTCHA is available as a free extension. (Bye-bye spammers!)

Ultimate Member Output

Registration page generated by the plugin

On the compatibility side of things, the plugin works with WordPress Multisite and supports the WPML multilingual plugin.
Since this a full blown membership plugin, it has a ton of other features which we haven’t covered. (We’ve discussed the ones that are relevant to customizing your registration form).
If you’d like to learn more about the plugin’s capabilities, head over to the plugin’s homepage.

User Meta

User Meta

User Meta is a freemium plugin which supports a robust set of features. The free version of the plugin lets you add custom fields to both the user’s registration form and the user’s profile page. You can use shortcodes to display the registration form or Edit Profile options on the front-end, i.e any post or page.
This plugin comes heavy on custom field components similar to the Cimy User Extra Fields plugin. Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, User Meta as file upload, hidden fields, avatar support and others.
The premium version of the plugin includes features such as front-end user login, password reset, custom widgets for profile/login forms, bulk import/export of the user base, etc. These features aren’t strictly necessary for a free version.

RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms


RegistrationMagic is an advanced plugin that acts both as a registration form builder as well as a contact form builder.
Apart from having all the basic features such as custom fields (with multiple components), reCAPTCHA support, this plugin features the following:

  • The unique name and form description feature enables you to name and describe the forms you create. This is strictly meant for the administrator (you) and won’t appear in the front-end of the form.
  • The redirection feature enables you to guide your newly registered user to the next page. This is very useful for sales funnels.
  • The auto-responder component (currently MailChimp is supported) allows you to customize welcome messages and toggle the activity (whether or not to send an email upon successful registration).

RegistrationMagic Demo

RegistrationMagic form customization options

  • The plugin also integrates with Facebook
  • The Forms Manager page displays a “submission counter” on each form card, which holds submission entries for that particular form.
  • The Analytics section of the plugin is truly a blessing. It records all registrations’ IP address, time and date and displays them in a tabular format.
  • The plugin also visualizes multiple components of your user’s interaction with the form, such as average form filling time and success rate. This data is a valuable source of information which can be used to better understand your users, and design a more streamlined and intuitive form.

Profile Builder

Profile Builder

The Profile Builder plugin, jointly developed by 5 teams is one of the most popular plugins in its category with over 40,000 downloads featuring full compatibility with the latest version of WordPress (which is 4.3.1 at the time of writing this article).

Profile Builder Demo

Demo registration page generated by the shortcode

The thing I liked most about this plugin is that it gives you a 5 awesome shortcodes using which you can add the user-registration form in the front-end, i.e. in any post, page, or widget. Here are the list of shortcodes, all of which are pretty self-explanatory:

  • [wppb-edit-profile] – Lets logged-in users to edit their profile from any post or page where you place the shortcode. They don’t have to visit the WordPress dashboard anymore.
  • [wppb-login] – The login shortcode. You can also use a variation such as [wppb-login redirect_url=””] and replace with your desired URL.
  • [wppb-logout] – The shortcode for logging out.
  • [wppb-register] – This shortcode dynamically generates the entire user registration form in any post/page.
  • [wppb-recover-password] – This shortcode will generate the password recovery box.

And that’s about it. The rest of the features are all paid addons which makes this plugin a freemium product.
Some important features of the pro version of the plugin includes creating extra user fields, hidden input fields, reCAPTCHA forms, adding avatar upload feature for new users, etc.

Personally, I think the fact that features such as extra user fields and reCAPTCHA are offered as premium ones is a bit off putting, since it’s one of the core components of plugin that’s supposed to customize your registration form. However, this plugin is still a great choice for people looking to place their registration form anywhere in their website.

Cimy User Extra Fields

Cimy User Extra Fields

This nifty plugin is solely developed to enhance the user registration process. It has a robust set of user input field components such as drop-down menus, radio buttons, rich/plain text boxes and checkboxes.

Cimy User Extra Fields Options

Demo registration page developed using the plugin

It also features avatar upload with crop and resize functionality, reCAPTCHA module to block spammers, custom logo in the registration page, and custom welcome email confirmation messages.


Pie Register Hero Image

Pie-Register is an excellent free WordPress custom registration form plugin with the following features:

  1. Full-fledged registration form builder with multiple custom field components.
  2. Ability to verify and moderate user registrations.
  3. Invitation only registrations – this is a brilliant marketing feature for those who want to build a curious audience
  4. Custom email templates for registration completion, etc.
  5. reCAPTCHA and shortcode support (similar to Profile Builder, but all for free).
  6. User database import and export feature.
  7. Payment gateway integration using PayPal – This is certainly an interesting feature, not seen in any of the previous plugins.
  8. Custom logo and custom fields in the user’s profile page.
  9. Ability to hide the default login and registration pages.

Pie Register

Pie-Register registration form


All these plugins do an excellent job when it comes to customizing your registration form. If I were to choose, I’d probably choose Pie-Register since it offers the best of all the plugins and it’s completely free. Ultimate Member and RegistrationMagic are the joint runners-up, since both of them are equally good and choosing one is based on your requirement. If you’re aiming for a membership site, go for Ultimate Member, else RegistrationMagic is your winner.

Have I missed your preferred plugin? Do let us know, and I’ll add it to the list!

Top 15 Resources of Textures for Web Designers & Artists

Free Textures Resources

Textures have evolved drastically over the years, from simple grunges and vintage patterns, to fully sophisticated patterns and textures that use the latest web design standards to help designers to create the kind of designs that will Wow! the customer. Not only are textures a great way to optimize the look and feel of a particular design you are working on, it’s also a way to add a little bit of personality and emotion towards what we are building.

From being a simple way to showcase design skills, textures have evolved to become a way to add deepness to a design, to add meaning to certain areas of the website project, and not to mention to express uniqueness and originality. The use of textures on a website add to the experience of browsing things like emotion, feeling, and personality. And with those things in mind, lets take a look at the fifteen most popular texture sites on the web, as decided by web designers and creative artists themselves.


Free Textures Stock Photos

Stockvault doesn’t just offer textures, their library of digital content includes elements, objects, seasonal settings, and traditional web design graphics, but the textures section of the site is home to some several thousand unique and specifically tailored textures that will add that extra flavor to any kind of project. All textures come in high dimensions (their original resolutions), meaning that you have full freedom over how you use each texture, whether it’s for a mobile device or a desktop experience, you are in control of the size and quality of each texture. In total the sites texture category has received hundreds of millions of downloads, proving that textures are well alive and still kicking.


Mayang s Free Texture Library

Mayang hosts a staggering 4,500+ textures, most of which are 5MP in resolution and cover an intense amount of categories. For those who are working on image specific projects will be happy to know that every single texture on the site is available for download at the cost of $33 — a bargain when you take into account the amount of work that has went into producing this large database of textures, in such a vast array of colors and choices.

Lost & Taken

Free High Resolution Textures gallery

Lost and Taken’s texture gallery offers textures in categories like Light, Motion, Leaves, Rust, Glass, Water, Wood, Bricks and even Books. The database is compact enough to be browsed fully within a few minutes, and you never know what kind of texture you might stumble upon, it might just be the one you were looking for all this time.


Textures vectors 3 400 free files in .AI .EPS .SVG format

Freepik is of course a well-known name in graphic designers world, and their textures database (more than 3,000+) is a well-known resource for those who need textures for both free and commercial use. Each texture can be downloaded in .AI, .EPS and .SVG file formats. Much of the content on Freepik has been downloaded more than 100,000+ times individually, signaling for high quality and resource reliability. Freepik is home to a passionate team of developers who will happily answers your questions and provide you support if support is necessary.

Textures Textures for 3D graphic design and Photoshop is run by a team of seven photographers and design artists who have in total shared more than 65,000+ unique textures, needless to say that not anyone can say they’ve got a keyword matching domain name for their project. Textures houses more than a hundred unique categories, giving you full freedom of choice when it comes to finding the kind of textures that will outline your business mission, creative passion, or point of interest in design.


Free Textures from TextureKing

TextureKing does nothing more than provide you with great and artistic textures that you can easily browse and download. Each texture comes in very high definition, meaning big file sizes, and in turn gives you the opportunity to use the textures for projects that require crisp resolution. Remember to follow TextureKing’s Twitter account to stay up to date with the latest texture releases.

Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns Free textures for your next web project.

Subtle Patterns is somewhat of a known name in the graphic designer sphere, and the site itself is home to some 400+ unique and carefully picked background patterns and textures that will make all the necessary improvements for your site to shine once again. There’s also a WordPress plugin available for those who want to play with Subtle Pattern’s directly from their WordPress dashboard. High quality textures at no cost at all, there’s not much more you can ask for.


Free Stock Textures High Resolution Free Photos

Free Stock Textures is the work of two photography artists who do not proclaim themselves to be professionals or even highly experienced, but they do admire the craft and are happy to share their photography successes and results with anyone who might find it useful and interesting. There definitely are some gems to be found on this particular texture resource.


Photoshop Textures - Free Textures at Brusheezy

Brusheezy is the place to share your free Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop-related resources. Here you can explore and discuss the creations of other artists from around the world, or just find that perfect little freebie for your next Photoshop project. Brusheezy makes it easy to explore thousands of resources created by artists from all over the globe. All the resources are free to download and, depending on the license, free to use in your projects. The textures have been carefully selected by designers who have got more than a decade of experience behind their back, so you shouldn’t worry about dealing with textures that aren’t up to par with the latest design standards.

TextureMate Free Textures Brushes Patterns and Design Articles Welcome to my Repository of Free Textures Brushes Patterns and Design Articles.

TextureMate is another successful personal site that features textures for those who are into graphic design, web design, and 3D modeling. There’s a range of free textures, texture packs, stock photographs, brushes, and all kinds of other design related resources that will ultimately help you create more, and it’s all free of cost! There are no set limits for how much content you can download or use, so indulge and take what speaks to you. You don’t even have to create an account! The textures are available as simple jpeg images that can easily be used in Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Maya or any other image editor.

Archive Textures

Free Textures Download. Over 3500 Free HQ Textures. Download. No registration

Archive Textures has archived more than 70,000+ free textures that will leave you inspired for the infinite possibilities of design choices and optimizations. Most of the textures you can find on Archive Textures are 1920 x 1200 px in resolution, which gives opportunities to incorporate these textures in your web design projects like themes and templates.


- Textures and Reference Free High Res Image Library 16 500 images royalty free

3DTotal takes creativity to a whole new level, the kind of free textures you can find on 3DTotal have been created from literal objects in real life. So for example, if you are looking for a texture that resembles a brick wall, rest assured that someone at 3DTotal has taken a photograph of a brick wall and extracted a snippet of it to use as a texture! More than 16,000+ unique textures available in the 3DTotal database, take your time to explore them all.


Premium and Free Texture Packs Pixeden

You can’t skip the amazing texture (free and premium) packs that Pixeden’s team have to offer to its community. Each pack is created for a specific category, whether it’s Grunge, Brick or Rusty textures that you’re looking for, a team of design experts have carefully selected a select few designs that will amplify the look and feel of your next project.


Free textures Texturelib

TextureLib has some 6,000+ free textures available, many of which range from real life objects that will add that unexpected surprise element to your pages and/or full-on website projects. The thing with such creative libraries is that you have to spend the time to explore and see what the options are, don’t judge the book by its cover, or in this case, don’t judge TextureLib by its homepage, there is some really good stuff to be found on this site.


Free and Open Source Textures

As the name suggests, OpenGameArt is all about gaming, and offers a huge database of textures and graphic elements for those who are into game making. No longer will you need to spend countless hours sketching together elements for your next game, just tap into the pool of textures from OpenGameArt and take away the strain of having to do all the graphics work yourself.

Top 10 Tools for Creating Infographics Online For Beginners 2015

Tools For Creating Infographics

Infographics that would find a lot of exposure on content blogs and content sites came about a little over three years ago, and while the first few attempts to popularize the concept failed, these days infographics are some of the most common types of content that is used to expose information, lists, advice, tips, experience reports, and other similar content categories that people would be interested in. Todays infographics are used to convey simple messages, to present data and other types of information that’s easy to consume and digest, to analyze large scale data within a simple and easy to understand format, infographics have truly changed the way we consume content.

It’s worth mentioning that infographics have gradually lost their once in high regard potential, because just a year ago it was possible to attract thousands of social shares for unique infographics, whereas today you have to truly stand out with your data you are presenting, as well as the actual design content of the infographic itself. Quality has always been an issue with online content, so in order to maintain exposure, we must maintain high quality standards that will naturally attract the attention of social media users, and in turn websites that would share our infographic with their readers.

With that in mind, it’s only natural that we should seek tools and ways to create infographics that stand out from the rest of the crowd, without a second thought. For that reason, we have gathered a list of the ten most popular tools for creating infographics, all of which use the latest technology in JavaScript to provide an experience that resembles that of enterprise software. We are also eager to hear about the kind of infographic tools that our readers use, so please drop us a comment if you feel that we have left out your favorite tool from this list. Visualize your resume in one click.

Have you thought about presenting your resume in the form of an infographic? At least 500,000+ other people have already. offers its users a specifically created infographics platform that lets you build a resume that reads as an infographic, rather than a document file. You can easily signup using LinkedIn which will then pull a lot of your work experience data automatically, or you can signup using the default email method. You can create your experience timelines and document the kind of work you have done, you can list the kind f skills you have and how proficient you are at each, you can also create treemaps and pictograms, and save your final work in the format of PDF or PNG.


Create Easy Infographics Reports Presentations Piktochart

In order to succeed as an infographics tool, you first need to understand what makes a good infographic, and Piktochart is one of those companies that has thoroughly researched the inforgraphics market to create the kind of platform that lets you build outstanding state of the art infographics, just like the ones that professional web and graphics designers would create. Drag-and-drop, point-and-click. No more frustrations over complicated design softwares, and no more expensive rates on hiring designers. The Piktochart’s editor gives you more room to think about designing and presenting your information.


Free Online Infographic Maker by Canva

Canva have really stepped up their game in this last year, releasing a number of truly advanced web tools that have become home to thousands of customers already. One of their most recent creations has been the Infographics Maker that allows you to create customizable and flexible infographics that will compliment your content on a completely new level. You get full control over how your infographics look, and there are no limits on how big or small you can make your infographics to be, everything is adjustable to your own specifications.


Create online charts infographics

Infogram has helped hundreds of thousands of content creators to create nearly 4,000,000 unique infographics and charts, a number that is going to be very difficult to compete with. Infogram while a free infographics tool, does offer a subscription model that offers more flexibility over the ways you can manage your infographics, the removal of copyright protection, as well as a huge increase in the number of resources you get to manage your infographics with. Leading bloggers and media sites rely on Infogram to create and produce the kind of infographics that will naturally attract readers, and ultimately media exposure.

We have used Infogram a lot and one simple example you can find embedded on this article.


Free Infographic Maker Venngage

In their own words, Venngage is one of the most advanced infographics tools on the market right now, especially aimed at both beginner level and expert level content creators. In my view, Venngage is certainly a very easy to use platform, offering a wide choice of templates and themes that will compliment any kind of blog or journal, the drag and drop interface makes it easy to create infographics on the fly, whilst the ability to customize each element according to your own requirements gives true freedom over the way your infographics are going to look. The tool comes with hundreds of different charts, icons, pictograms and widgets so that you can easily create professional looking infographics.


-1 Automated Infographic Maker Generator

Automated content creation is something that’s always been looked down upon with a skeptics eye. How good can the content be when it is being created on automated basis? Infographly is trying to solve the riddle by offer an automated infographics platform that lets you use the platform to input keywords and create content based on the available content, from the web, within the platform itself. You can then use the in-built content editor to adjust content, its format and style, and the way it is presented on the infographic itself, in turn giving you all the necessary freedom to make sure that the infographic looks the way you want it to look. A library of readily available designs means that you will be saving yourself a lot of time when it comes to crafting the most beautiful infographics possible.

Easelly create and share visual ideas online is a website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects which users can customize to create and share their visual ideas online. Using the site is as easy as dragging and dropping design elements, and users can either choose a template from our extensive library, or they can upload their own background image and start from scratch. Over 900,00 users have already registered with, and thousands of infographics are produced using the site every month. We have to take into account that the biggest learning experiences come from continuous integration of new features and customer feedback, and this is definitely an area that Easelly has managed to work with very well, providing some of the best infographic creation features out of all the platforms we can find today.



Infoactive has been acquired by Tableau, which means that all operations will be moving over there, though we highly recommend to watch the space for Infoactive as the future seems promising, Tableau has got extensive experience with working with journalists and bloggers all around the world, and their public data platform is known for its dynamic and interactive features, so we can’t wait to see what the team behind Tableau is going to do with Infoactive, and how that is going to affect the infographics market in the long run.


Gallery Create Infographics

Visually is without question the most recognized name in infographics, offering an extensive directory of infographics thats populated with tons of new content every single day. You can find infographics about anything and everything in the Visually public database, but you can also use the Create Infographic tools to create your own little infographics, whether about the latest Google Analytics reports, your favorite tweets, or venn diagrams, Visually is trying extensively to extend its gallery of available infographic templates to cater to larger audiences, but those with an extra budget in their hands can enjoy the benefits of tapping into the pool of professional and experienced designers that will craft an outstanding infographic for you at a reasonable price.


Create Interactive Online Presentations infographics animations banners in HTML5 Visme by Easy WebContent

Visme is a new player in the whole infographics market, but has spent a lot of its marketing budget to make sure that it is seen by the leading designers and developers alike, and we should admire such efforts to promote something that is being believed in, something that actually adds value to the users life. Visme lets you create infographics, reports, product demos, presentations, web banners, resumes and much more, and the best part is that each of these features and tools compliment each other, allowing you to use the features and elements from each tool to create the kind of infographics that no one will have seen elsewhere.

ViralPro Theme Review: Create a Viral Content Website with WordPress

ViralPro WordPress Theme Review

As the start of 2016 draws near, viral content websites are showing no signs of decreasing in popularity. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably already clicked on a few irresistible clickbait headline links that took you to one of these content curation portals today.

A day doesn’t seem to go by without a news story going viral and generating countless social media shares and page views – not to mention ad revenue. With popular content curation websites selling for unprecedented amounts, you may well be tempted to start your own Buzzfeed-style site.

But how does one go about building a website that has the potential to go viral? Surely, websites this popular cost thousands of dollars to setup? Well, you might be surprised to learn that you can start a content curation, viral-style website today, for well under $100.

Example of viral-style content

Example of viral-style content

By using WordPress and a suitable theme, as well as starting out on some affordable entry-level web hosting, you can get everything in place to launch your site for only a small financial investment.

But which theme is the best choice for building a content website that has the ability to go viral? One such option is the ViralPro WordPress theme from Lipode. In this ViralPro theme review, we will be exploring what ViralPro has to offer and see if it really is up to the task of building a website that can grow a large audience, with the potential to be sold on in the future for a huge payday.

ViralPro Review imac

Try the ViralPro demo

About Viral Content Websites

ViralNova, popular viral-style website, started out life as a one-man band and soon grew to become a website that attracted an audience of 100 million monthly unique visitors and $10 million in advertising revenue last year, according to Fortune. While the team running the site did grow from three people, including the founder, to a larger staff, it was sold not long after in a $100 million deal.

The most surprising part of the ViralNova story is that the website with built with the free WordPress software and an affordable, off the shelf theme. In case you were wondering, ViralNova isn’t an outlier. Elite Daily was another similar bootstrapped content website, whose creators received a large payday after selling up.

So now that a precedent has been set, and WordPress websites built with an off the shelf theme have been changing hands for large sums of money, plenty of WordPress theme developers have decided to get in on the action. Much like during the gold rush where those selling shovels made most of the money, in the race to build the next ViralNova or Buzzfeed, those selling the necessary tools stand a good chance of making a fortune too. Hence, the market for these types of themes is becoming particularly saturated.

So, while you might see plenty of themes being touted as the perfect viral platform, this isn’t always the case. In this review, we will be checking out the ViralPro WordPress theme to help you decide if it’s the right tool for launching your content website. A successful website of this type, even one modestly so, has the potential to generate a nice monthly income from advertising revenue or be acquired in an eye-wateringly large payout.

When it comes to building this type of website, it’s definitely not all about the platform. However, if you get the foundation – i.e. the underlying technology and design – of your site wrong, no matter how good your content creation and curation skills are, your website will have trouble realizing its potential.

ViralPro WordPress Theme Features


Apart from the content itself, creating a content website that has the potential to go viral and generate a healthy income is all about offering a smooth user experience. This means your website needs to load quickly, be easy to read, simple to navigate, and even easier to share on social media.

Lipode, the creators of the viral-style theme ViralPro appear to have been aware of this when developing this template. Some of the features of the ViralPro WordPress theme include:

Focused Design and Appearance

ViralPro theme review

While design and appearance can be subjective, when it comes to building a viral-style content site, certain rules have to be followed in order to ensure the project is successful. While your website does need to stand out from the crowd, it also has to do things in a certain way.

When you look at ViralPro you will see how this has been achieved by the theme developers. The design and layout look familiar, letting your visitors know exactly what to expect, which in this case is interesting and entertaining content.

However, the design and appearance of ViralPro still have plenty of little touches that all help to give your site some of its own personality. This is all achieved without deviating too far away from the tried and tested fundamentals of building a viral content website.


One of the particularly impressive design related features of ViralPro is the multiple demo modes on offer. Each of the 10 modes has a different overall look and feel and they make it easy to set your site up in the right way. This takes just a few clicks and removes the need to spend much time on customization tasks.


With ViralPro, you’ll also see infinite page scroll in use. This feature means that no matter how far your readers scroll down your site, they will never reach the end, that is, until you’ve run out of articles. The result of this is that they will stay on the site for longer, potentially viewing more pages per visit. This, in turn, has the potential to push up your advertising revenue and increase the chance of those visitors clicking on more adverts.


Another way ViralPro makes it hard for your visitors to leave your site once they’ve arrived is through the practice of displaying links to related posts and the thumbnail images from those posts. These related post links are displayed in strategically chosen locations for maximum impact. They do a great job of persuading your readers to view more content on your site and potentially click on more adverts. ViralPro also displays links to random posts, including thumbnail images, below the header area.

SEO Optimization

With a viral-style website, most of your traffic will probably come from social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. One option for generating traffic in this way is by displaying adverts on the popular social networks. While this works well, it does cost money. Therefore, any way you can reduce your reliance on paid advertising will be appreciated, especially in the early days of your site, before its generating serious revenue.

Another option for getting traffic to your site is to optimize your content for the search engines. However, search engine optimization (SEO) can be difficult and time-consuming. The rules of SEO always seem to be changing. However, by ensuring your choose a website with a solid SEO foundation, you can be sure that you’ve got all the basics covered when publishing your content and attempting to generate traffic from the search engines.

The ViralPro theme achieves this by following SEO best practice in its site structure. This is in addition to being mobile friendly and fast loading – two things search engines look at when trying to determine the quality of a website and decide where to list it in their results.

Easy Social Sharing


Another essential strategy for driving visitors to your website is through social sharing. As well as paying for your content to be advertised on social media, you also need your audience to help you out by sharing your viral articles with their own followers.

As well as ensuring your content is share-worthy, you also have to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to actually share your content. This includes the use of easily accessible share buttons for all the best social networks. ViralPro doesn’t disappoint here. This theme includes unmissable social share buttons as well as some sneaky tactics to help your images generate more social shares. When a visitor hovers their mouse over an image, they get the option of clicking on one of the share buttons that are displayed.

Google AdSense Ready

Once that traffic starts rolling in, you will need to find a way to monetize it and begin generating an income from your website. The most popular and easiest way to get started is by displaying adverts on your website. The most straightforward form of advertising you can add to your site today is pay per click advertising, which earns you money each time those adverts are clicked.

Google AdSense is the leading pay per click advertising platform and almost anyone can sign up and start displaying context sensitive adverts on their website, pretty much instantly.

With some WordPress themes, embedding those adverts in your website can be tricky, especially if you want them strategically placed in the right location to maximize clicks. However, this isn’t the case with ViralPro. This theme includes plenty of ad spots and widgets for displaying your adverts. These only take a few seconds to setup and then income-generating adverts will be displayed throughout your website.

Responsive Design


With more and more internet users accessing websites on their smartphones and tablets, for your project to become a success, it must be mobile-friendly. Thankfully, ViralPro is fully responsive and will adapt to best suit the screen size it is being viewed on. Now you no longer need to worry about your mobile visitors not being able to view your content or click on your adverts.

Customization Options


While ViralPro does have 10 different demo versions to choose from, each of which can easily be applied to your WordPress website, you also get plenty of scope for personalizing this theme. Through the live customizer tool, you can change many aspects of your website. This includes the fonts, colors, layouts, and other appearance-related settings.

Overall, ViralPro has a great set of features. Some of these features might be available elsewhere as standalone WordPress plugins. However, by including them in the theme, it removes the need for you to pay extra for them. It also helps save you the time and effort of finding the right tools for the job and then installing them on your site. With ViralPro, everything is ready to go, right out of the box.

Using ViralPro to Build a Viral-Style Content Website

ViralPro should check all the boxes on your theme-shopping list. An attractive, purpose built design; many customization options; 10 demo modes to choose from; a fully responsive layout; and lots of advert options are all present and correct.

So far, so good. But what about actually using the theme to build your website, how easy is it? Well thankfully, the answer is very easy. After uploading the theme files, just like any regular theme, you can activate this template and then choose whether to apply one of the 10 demo versions or not.

Importing the demo content is very straightforward. It simply requires you to upload a file through your WordPress dashboard. Once that is done, you can start adding your own content and working with the live customizer to personalize the layout and appearance of the theme.


The Lipode team also offers a custom design service to anyone using one of their themes. This means that if you have any bespoke needs that can’t be achieved through the customizer or theme options and settings, you can get in touch and see if they can help you to achieve your goals.

With ViralPro, you also get access to some basic online documentation and videos to help you set up your website and make the most of this theme.

ViralPro Theme Review Final Thoughts

If you do want to build a viral-style website then ViralPro is a great choice. The design and layout of the theme are certainly up to the task, and with 10 demo versions to choose from, not to mention all the customization options, you should have no trouble getting your site to look the way that you want.

ViralPro is a premium WordPress theme and it’s one you can start using today for just $59. This is a reasonable price for a commercial theme and is towards the lower end of the WordPress theme-pricing spectrum. You might not get any third party premium plugins included in the package; however, the list of features makes up for that somewhat by ensuring this theme is ready to go, right out of the box.

If you are up for the challenge of creating a viral-style website and can produce enough content, ViralPro is more than capable of providing you with the design and layout such as site needs.

Find out more about ViralPro now

Top 11 Platforms for Creating a Membership Site With Ease 2015

Tools For Creating A Membership Site

An online business, one that’s not based on services, will involving selling a product, whether standalone or based on a pricing plan, and one of least used features for building a community around products that business owners ignore is creating a membership platform that can be used to promote new ideas, to reach a community of users who would willingly test your ideas and products, to create a community of people who will willingly encourage others to use your products and your ideas for the betterment of their own.

Membership sites are not just for products though, many online communities and similar kind of project use membership features to isolate the kind of people that are only in it for the thrill of it. Community forums might want to utilize membership features because that would keep a set of professionals within a tightly sealed circle that would require a monthly payment to be a part of, which in turn creates a kind of atmosphere where more high quality discussions and content sharing is encouraged.

Photography websites might encourage a monthly membership because it wants to reward its photographers for sharing their hard work with others, whilst others might want to create and launch online courses and offer them through membership options, without having to spend a specific amount of money to purchase and use. The capabilities of membership sites are big, and sometimes what we need not a good idea but a good membership site software to help us build the kind of site we are looking to build.


Membership Plugin for WordPress Membership Site Software For WordPress and HTML sites Automate payments content delivery

WordPress is the most sought after blogging platform, and it comes as no surprise that many would want to build their membership site directly around their WordPress installation. Although WordPress by default offers membership features, there is still need for integration of payment systems and other features that make a membership site what it is supposed to be. Great thing about DigitalAccessPass is that it also works for non-WordPress sites. The list of features from DAP extends in the hundreds of different categories, and it would be hard to mention them all here, please click this link to explore the fully on the official DAP site.

Wild Apricot

Membership Software by Wild Apricot Get a free trial now

Wild Apricot is very popular membership site software amongst non-profits, small yacht clubs, small business hubs, and other small-scale organizations that need a simple to use membership management platform that delivers on its promise. With Wild Apricot you can create a mobile-friendly member application form on the web with payments and workflow; automate renewals and activate member self-service to update information; manage your member and contact records securely and enable members-only content and membership directories. You can even integrate members-only content into existing WordPress sites!


SubHub Membership Sites Made Easy

SubHub has grown in popularity amongst sites and businesses that want to establish membership features for their online courses, premium content, and even things like research studies, and education field. Features like Pay to View have made SubHub popular amongst users who offer a range of content, but understand that not everyone needs the full subscription just to get what they want; this in turn attracts more customers and sales. Browse a directory of mobile and desktop friendly templates to create the kind of membership site that will fully reflect your own vision and mission. The examples directory provides a number of sites that are already using SubHub successfully, and should be sufficient to help you make a final decision in whether you wish to use this membership platform or not.

WishList Member

Membership Site Software WishList Member Membership Software WordPress Membership Plugin

WishList Member is known to have broken some barriers towards creating a membership site on the fly, rather than having to spend days, even weeks, at a time to build a site that fully resembles the end goal — to sell a course, to enable users view private content, to allow users to register towards premium features and more. Create any number of subscription models, give your premium members timely updates from one membership to the next only because they have been subscribers for a set number of time, and you can easily integrate WishList Member with your existing WordPress installation, something that many have already done so.


Membership Site Software Easy Member Pro

EasyMemberPro is popular amongst marketing enthusiasts who like to sell marketing courses and video related course content. The basic set of features include content dripping, a spectacular affiliate program that will let you promote your products and services through your own community members, an ability to secure all your download links, to setup multiple membership groups and levels, to offer special one-time offers, and integration of payment processors like ClickBank and PayPal. While the code base is locked for the public eye, there are enough features to compliment full accessibility over the way your membership site looks and feels.


membership site software and content manager solution MemberGate

MemberGate is a membership content management platform that lets you create membership sites and protect your content against non-members at the same time. MemberGate gives you access to a fully integrated shopping cart platform, an affiliate program, sleek website designs, an option to integrate surveys and polls, discussion group feature, an integrated blog to publish your latest news from, even in-built search engine optimization to make sure your pages get discovered on the fly once you launch your membership site, integration of banner ads, RSS management, and many more features that will make your membership site appealing to both yourself and your customers.


WordPress Membership Plugin Membership Software MemberPress

MemberPress is an easy to use WordPress Membership Plugin. This powerful Membership Software installs simply on your site and helps you instantly start charging for access. It’s nice to see so many WordPress integrations for membership sites, because WordPress by itself offers such an extensive list of ways to extend itself that it only makes sense that a truly serious membership site would opt for WordPress, rather than custom design. MemberPress lets you create unlimited amounts of product pages, membership levels, and has features like coupon module, access rules to create sophisticated membership levels, product groups will give you an option to create a large scale membership site, while the reports feature will report back to you about the latest insight in your business and how you can optimize it.


Membership software aMember Pro

aMember, out of all the membership software platforms in this roundup, is perhaps one of the most oldest and most popular membership site platforms out there. aMember stands out with being an independent membership platform that works like WordPress in terms of functionality and styling. The most popular feature is the ability to schedule content, meaning that this encourages your members to stay subscribed for longer in order to access content that has yet to be released. Other features include integrated modules that let you integrate separate modules to extend your membership site beyond the normal functionality. And the extensive affiliate program is attractive enough for enough to start promoting your products to their friends and family.


Memberful -- Membership software. Simplified.

Memberful is an easy to use, fast, reliable and modern membership site platform for WordPress users. It’s the same membership platform that experienced writers and bloggers like Leo Babauta use to serve his thousands of customers. Paul Jarvis, another creative mind, is also a proud user of Memberful and encourages anyone who likes simplicity to use Memberful to power their sites. Both users of are writers and sell content like online courses, making this a very appealing membership platform for those who wish to do the same. File downloads, coupon codes, physical items, analytics integration are just amongst the few of the most popular features that this membership software offers.


Best Membership Site Building Software

SiteManPro might seem like the same old membership software from the first glance, but the platforms offers much more than just membership site options. With SiteManPro you can create sites like blogging networks, online marketplaces and stores, and of course membership websites. SiteManPro offers some really concise features like the link tracking engine, which allows you to explore the performance of your links and how well they are doing in front of your audience. Email automation features mean that anyone who becomes a member of one of your products can also be automatically added to one of your email lists, giving you a chance to further market and sell your products to them. Intuitive reports mean that you can tap into the full potential of your products and explore areas that could use improvement.


Membership Site Software MembersGear Membership Software Scrpt

The last membership site software platform on our list comes from MembersGear, a group of guys who have built the kind of software that’s easy to use, but delivers on results. MembersGear is proud to advertise their affordable pricing plan that makes their membership script available to those who don’t have a huge budget to work with, and although the price is one of the lowest on the market, security standards seem to be some of the highest, and there is also an affiliate program that you can use to promote your own courses and products with the help of your existing members.

Not just these tools but you can also use WordPress in combination with BuddyPress, bbPress or some other membership plugins. We have several related theme collections available to create your own membership website and you can find them here, here and here.

Top 16 Tools for Creating and Sharing Presentations Online

Tools For Creating And Sharing Presentations

Of all the available methods to share content, presentations have definitely risen above many. While presentations themselves have been a big part of business success since the last four decades or so, only recently we have seen an increase in the number of bloggers and startup owners who are actively using presentations to share insightful data and research, which in turn attracts readers and like minded people. Presentations help to narrow down ideas and proposals to step by step basis, without having to indulge in content that consists of thousands of words.

According to several public online analytics sources, the popular presentation sharing platform SlideShare is amongst the top 150 most popular websites in the world, clearly indicating that there is huge demand for content that’s concise and presented in simple and easy to read format. Anyone with PowerPoint or a popular Documents application can easily create their own slides, making it an accessible and flexible content format.

Thanks to expanding web technology, many platforms, cloud solutions and other web software are now able to provide its users with tools and features that allow anyone to quickly and effectively create presentations that will surely stand out from the crowd. It’s nice to use software like PowerPoint, but the kind of presentation tools we are going to take a look at in this roundup have been built specifically with concise presentation needs in mind, meaning that you will be able to naturally create sophisticated and creative presentations without the need to learn a new software, since all features are natively built to support ideas and concepts.


Free Video Presentation Software Animated Video Maker and PowerPoint alternative Focusky

Focusky is a standalone Windows and Mac computer desktop application that allows you to create and craft presentations in both video and raw presentation format. Take a look at a number of pre-built templates and themes that require of you only to insert your data to output beautiful charts, slides, and other information related elements. The capability to insert rich media (YouTube, Vimeo, Flash, and more) means that Focusky is a great platform to use for webinars, and general video presentation needs. The best part is that everything is customizable and you can adjust colors and the look of elements to your own specific needs.


Presentation software Slidebean Online presentation tools

Slidebean has built a presentation creating platform that takes away hours of work from the usual process of crafting presentations for matters such as sales reports, marketing plants, investor financial updates, company intro, team intro and more. Slidebean gives its users a carefully tailored content editor that allows you to fully modify each slide to be the way you want it to be, and the icing on the cake is that Slidebean offers an integrated Creative Commons image feature that will let you browse thousands of images at no charge whatsoever, meaning that you can really create the kind of content that will be unique and stand out from everything else.


Office Sway Create and share amazing stories presentations and more

Sway was built with four different areas in mind: reports, presentations, newsletters and personal stories. If you are looking to create content within any of these four areas, it’s very possible that Sway is the answer to your prayers. Sway is an interactive presentation platform that lets you create presentations which can then be accessed from within the browser, on any device imaginable. It’s part of the official Microsoft Office Suite, meaning that you are getting years of experience and customer insight on how to make great presentations and online documents.


in3Dgallery cloud based 3D presentation tool presentations reinvented

in3Dgallery is an easy to use cloud based tool to create interactive 3D presentations. It allows the user to share his ideas contextualizing them inside a 3D virtual canvas in a brand new fashion. In3Dgallery is the first of its kind because allows the user to present images, videos and 3D models inside the same storytelling tool. In3Dgallery’s competitive advantage is the highly intuitive 3D user interface and the ready-made engaging virtual templates, together with the autofill feature which makes the process even smoother. Users can create a 3D presentation right on in3Dgallery’s website and playback it on the mobile player (iOS and Android) or through the desktop app (Mac or Windows). The presentations created can be also embedded on the customer website and shared on Facebook.


emaze Online Presentation Software - Create Amazing Presentations

Emaze is focused around creative and inspirational presentation templates and formats that will leave its users in awe. You can use the public presentation directory to find the kind of presentations you are looking to create yourself, and then use them as either inspiration or demo templates that you can then extend with your own ideas, and of course content. Don’t forget to browse the Articles section to learn more about the possibilities of Emaze and how you can better create presentations that capture attention and interest.

Google Slides

emaze Online Presentation Software - Create Amazing Presentations

Google Slides makes your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, hundreds of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more. Google like many other platforms on this list today offer a wide variety of templates to choose from before you even begin to create your slides, this is one of the biggest advantages that web technology has over normal software, on the web — it’s as easy as selecting a previously built presentation and use it as a template, whereas desktop software might not always offer this option. Google Slides are dynamic, interactive and certainly appealing to the consumer thanks to the vast experience that Google has in the field of documents.


Presentation Software Online Presentation Tools Prezi

Prezi is for those who want to build large presentations, while keeping the user in mind. The cloud based platform has managed to stand out with features like interactive zooming and content adjustments that allow its users to create the kind of presentations that represent the larger scale of the idea being conveyed, whilst maintaining easy of readability and accessibility. Prezi’s platform is for those who are serious about telling stories through their presentations, for those who understand that sometimes it takes more than just content to express an idea.


Free Online Presentation Software by Canva

Canva’s presentation platform is an easy to use web application that lets you build custom and original presentation slides that consist of your own choice of fonts, headings, images, messages, colors and more. You don’t have to invest countless hours in learning how to create a slide that’s perfectly aligned, simply use Canva and the platform will do it all for you.


Slides - Create and share presentations online

The Slides presentation platform is a new and modern approach towards creating presentations in the browser. The modern slides editor lets you create the kind of slides that express personality and character, oftentimes overlooked traits of good and reputable presentations. It’s one thing to slam some pictures and text on top of a slide template, it’s something else to create your own content that fully resembles the idea you are talking about. Slides is built with the help of many great open source frameworks and projects including Iconic, Font Awesome, Entypo, IcoMoon, Broccolidry, WebHostingHub Glyphs, Material Design Icons, jQuery, Ace, Modernizr, Moment.js, Spectrum and KaTeX.


Create Presentations on SlideShare

SlideShare as discussed briefly in the introduction of the post, is the world’s most popular presentation / slideshow sharing and creating platform. SlideShare is home to millions of slideshows, and several more millions of users who browse the site on daily basis. If you need a reliable platform for creating and sharing your presentations, then SlideShare is the place to do it. Recently acquired by LinkedIn, this platforms offers a way to build a community, acquire leads, and connect with people who share the same ideas as you, and above all — to learn and explore about things that perhaps would have never have crossed your path if not for SlideShare.


Knovio Online Video Presentations for Instant Multimedia

We haven’t been looking at many video presentation platforms, so here is another from Knovio. You can use this interactive platform to create your slides live and narrate them with live commentary as you go, whether in the form of video or audio. This makes for a completely new presentation experience that works straight out of the box as you’re building content. The easy to use platforms uses basic functionality and features that take only minutes to learn, needless to say that you can easily export all of your video presentations to sites like YouTube and Vimeo with just a couple of clicks.


Zoho Docs Create and edit presentations online

Zoho is also one of the oldest web companies that are still innovating and serving its customers with the latest web technology tools, one of which is Zoho Docs. This is pretty much PowerPoint in the browser, and Zoho platform will happily accept PowerPoint filetype within their own system as well, giving you a chance to edit your slides from within the browser if you ever happen to be in a situation where the desktop software is not available. Play around with the stunning animation feature that will bring life to your presentations, or use the embed feature to integrate tweets, videos, and other dynamic web content to add even more life to your existing presentations.


Presentation Software Online Presentation Tools Web Presentations SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. Create the kind of presentations that will help you land the investors and financial supporters when you have to attend your next board meeting, or the kind that will naturally integrate within a business environment. The SlideRocket platform offers a deep set of features that let you create slides that look as if a professional designer had crafted each one.



Swipe is a revolutionary slide sharing platform that wants you to involve your readers into the process of making the slides become more informative and reliable for others. Share the link of your Swipe’s presentation with anyone and they will automatically be able to interact with the content in the form of suggestions, comments, polling and more. You can use Markdown to create stunning slides, and embed external and dynamic web content to make sure that your sides truly compliment your ideas and concepts.

Haiku Deck

Presentation Software Online Presentation Tools Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has been dubbed as the “Instagram for pitching!” — the easy to use presentation platform allows you to create stunning Haiku style presentations on the web, your mobile and tablet devices, for categories like lessons, courses, ideas, stories, or even to start something completely new and exciting.

Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck Share Presentations without the Mess

The last presentation tool on our list is going to be Speaker Deck, while this particular platform does not offer the ability to create slides — though I guess we have covered that extensively by now — it does connect its users with an audience of several hundred thousand who browse the site to learn about content in technology, web design, web development, business, startups and more. Speaker Deck lets you upload your PDF format presentation and submits it for review for the sites public directory. It’s one of the most beautiful and simple presentation platforms on the market, it’s free, and well worth looking into.

Top 17 Platforms for Selling Digital & Downloadable Products 2015

Tools For Selling Digital Products

Starting an online business has never been easier, in fact it’s not so much about starting the business, as it is about knowing what exactly you wish to sell, and the way in which you wish to sell it. Services like writing, marketing and design and development work are amongst the most popular between freelancers, but then there are things like eBooks, books, in fact all physical items, as well as digital goods like graphics work, custom fonts and so forth, that can be sold and purposed online through a specific sales page.

Learning to sell digital products is a great way to secure an extra income that’s dependent and reliable. Webmasters, bloggers, writers, anyone with a website can become a digital product seller. And even though digital selling presents a much more relaxed selling environment, we should still remind ourselves that things like presentation and support management counts. Selling online brings about a lot of learning opportunities that can be further used to begin building a business plan and a business idea that could be extended fully towards the physical world.

If you wish to sell online, one of the few things you will want to make sure you have is a reliable hosting account that’s both secure and managed so that if there are ever any problems with your website, you are able to get on top of it quickly and effectively. You will also want to make sure that your website looks good, and that the digital selling platform you are going to use can be either integrated natively into your website management platform, or you have the required specifications to host a version of your own on your website. Although many of the platforms on our list are working externally, meaning that you will often get links and widgets that you can use on your own website.


Ecommerce Software Online Store Builder POS Free 14 day Trial by Shopify

Shopify has expanded to support eCommerce, social eCommerce, as well as straightforward shopping options with single click to buy buttons. Shopify is the leader in modern eCommerce and offers its customers to create eCommerce stores for both digital and physical goods. The best part is that you can get to experience the full potential of Shopify’s platform by signing up for a free trial and seeing the results yourself. An extensive directory of styles and themes (with full customization options), and an amazing directory of paid and free plugins that will let you create an online store that resembles the works of Amazon and Newegg when it comes to product selling.


E junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads tangible goods

E-junkie has managed to grow on such a large scale over the last decade thanks to its pledge to not charge any fees, other than the flat monthly fee you have to pay in order to use the platforms services. E-junkie is popular amongst those creative artists who are into creating books, digital items like themes and other graphics work, as well as those who want to sell services for areas like marketing, and business. Everything is managed within the platform itself, once a user finishes a purchase and the platform verifies its validity, the user will be able to download the given files instantly.

There is also an affiliate platform available that means you can earn more sales for your products through the help of customers who run websites and blogs. Manage inventory, learn more about your sales through analytics and many other great features that will set you on a path of success in digital selling.


ClickBank A Global Internet Retailer

ClickBank is a household name amongst those who have been into internet marketing for the past couple of years, it’s the most well-known platform for selling and buying digital goods like ebooks, tools, guides, and more. It’s the perfect marketplace for anyone who wants to reach out to a base of customers who are always looking to learn something new and unique about their own specific market. The affiliate program is known for driving as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for those who want to use the full potential of ClickBank’s promotional tools, and many of the products on ClickBank are actually all about teaching others how to use internet marketing to its full potential, lately going in-depth about things like email marketing and organic promotion techniques.



FetchApp is the most straightforward digital download management application / platform on our list so far. With FetchApp you can easily sell and manage your digital products that range in formats of music files, documents, graphic artwork, development products, and much more. Anything that’s digital, can be inserted and sold through the FetchApp platform. The plans start at as low as Free for 5MB of storage space, with an increase of $5 and $10 as the necessary spaces continues to increase, bandwidth is unlimited for all plans. FetchApp works with WordPress, Shopify and PayPal (amongst many other payment platforms) to help you sell your products instantly with ease.


The Easy Way To Sell Your Creations Online SendOwl

SendOwl is more than happy to work with clients who are both experienced and inexperienced in the field of selling digital products. The SendOwl platform is much like an eCommerce software, the only difference being that everything is happening within the cloud, not on your server. Enjoy features like a progressive affiliate system, an upsell system that will help you increase your revenue, offer discount codes and track their performance to see which ones attract the most customers, you can even integrate a Pay What You Want pricing module that could perhaps break the bank for your digital products. SendOwl promises security and safety, so you can sell and promote your products without the extra worries.



Gumroad sells the bridge between a product and the customer. It’s one of the most popular digital selling platforms thanks to its simplicity, record of security, and ease of use. Upload your albums, books, games, films, online courses and more to the Gumroad servers, set a price and let everything unfold naturally. The embeddable Gumroad widget makes it incredibly easy to integrate Gumroad into your own website, giving you a peace of mind over the way you sell and promote your digital products.


Sell digital products sell downloads on Sellfy eBooks music video fonts software and more.

Sellfy provides simple and extremely easy solution to sell digital products in your own website. In addition to eCommerce platform, Sellfy offers smart and agile tools to enhance sales and promote products via social media. The platform is home to more than 60,000+ unique and creative artists who have been selling products and making money all this time you have not! Amongst the most popular items sold through Sellfy you will find eBooks and comic books, video and music content, though the most popular one is design items that can be found in range of 150,000+ unique items for sale.


Easy Digital Downloads Sell Digital Downloads with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the planet, and it’s only right that someone took the initivate to build a specifically and natively built selling platform for WordPress. They call it EasyDigitalDownloads, a full-fledged eCommerce selling platform that can be used to easily sell and promote your digital downloads through your WordPress blog. Easy Digital Downloads is a complete e-commerce solution for selling digital products in a light, performant, and easy to use plugin. Rather that attempting to provide every feature under the sun, Easy Digital Downloads makes selling digital simple and complete by providing just the features you need.


Sell Downloads PayLoadz

PayLoadz has been around for more than a decade and is home to some 200,000+ sellers who are selling a total of 1,000,000+ items. Whether it’s a photograph, a logo concept, an eBook or a video game that you are looking to sell, PayLoadz can help you launch up your own sales page within minutes, one that will convert and naturally help you make sales. The vast experience over the years gives PayLoadz the advantage to really understand how the digital goods market works, and can in turn provide invaluable advice and insight to those who seek it.

Creative Market

Fonts Graphics Themes and More Creative Market

Creative Market is home to more than 10,000+ artists such as designers and developers who share their most unique and most beautiful work on the marketplace for sale. The great thing is that anyone can become a seller, although there is a thorough approval process, and expose themselves to hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors who visit the Creative Market to find things like unique photography for their projects (books, etc,.), graphics like objects and textures, templates of all kinds, as well as content management system themes that will blow you away by their uniqueness.

Envato Market

Envato Market

Envato is home to eight huge digital marketplaces that have sold hundreds of millions of dollars in total revenue, and marketplaces likes ThemeForest and Codecanyon are household names for purchasing digital artwork and digital code-work. The database at Envato consists of more than 5,000,000 unique products that allow customers to build their own dreams and ideas within minutes, rather than having to hire individuals separately for all the custom work. What this also means is that those who wish to sell on Envato will find themselves pleasantly surprised when they learn that literally millions of people visit Envato’s marketplaces places every month, so everyone is guaranteed to make at least a few sales, given the product for sale is up to the latest standards, not to mention that there is a very popular affiliate program that you can find every blogger advertising these days.


Free Admin Template Bootstrap Admin Template Free DMartify

DMartify is the affordable and powerful marketplace for selling digital items such as theme, template, graphics and scripts online. To use DMartify’s services you will have to part with a total of 30% revenue from each item sold, but even then — 70% commission is fairly high given that you have very little to do after signing up and uploading your products, all of the marketing aspects are taken care of by DMartify’s side.


Cmsmart Marketplace for Magento and Virtuemart with Best Price

CMSmart is for those digital sellers who are looking to sell items for management systems like Magento and Virtuemart, specifically tailoring and catering to an audience of this sorts it is going to be much easier to make and complete sales for such products. CMSmart works hard on its own platform to ensure that clients can find you and your products, their search engine marketing techniques ensure that all products are ranked highly amongst the keywords you are trying to target, which also gives everyone a fair share of the revenue.


Ecommerce online store monetize your website or blog Selz

Selz is a beautiful and elegant digital goods selling platform that will integrate well with any kind of website design choice. With Selz you can add a beautiful store and buy buttons to your existing site and social profiles,
manage your customers, orders and process payments – all in one simple place. The pricing modules start from free, with an option to enlist 5 products that would be charged a 5% (altogether) success fee for each item sold. Professional plans have no fees whatsoever and only costs a mere 27$ a month, with the exception of credit card processing fee.


Digital Goods Store Sell your downloads.

Digital Goods Store is a platform that allows authors of digital content to sell their products. Digital Goods Store will handle the technical stuff, such as payment gateways, tax, EU VAT, and technical support, and this allows our authors to handle the development, creation and marketing. This makes it a very appealing digital selling platform to those who are looking to get right into things without having to spend the extra time to learn about the ins and outs of basic marketing and product selling online.


Sellwire gives you a simple selling platform that packs features like file management, order tracking and management, promotional offers, and insightful reports on the way your products are performing in any given situation. Sellwire supports PayPal and Stripe payments which means that all your transactions are going to be processed with extra layer of security. Prices start at 9$ per month for Solo plans.

Simple Goods

Simple Goods ecommerce for digital goods done right

A simple and easy to use selling platform that lets you create widgets out of your products that can then be purchased with simple one-click buttons. Simple Goods is a truly easy to use digital selling platforms that strips away all the unnecessary features and instead focuses on one thing only, selling your products.

We recently wrote a detailed guide on how to sell more digital products such as WordPress themes and you can find this guide here.

Top 10 Text Editors for HTML5 Developers 2015

Text Editors For Html5 Developers

HTML5 is one of the fastest evolving web technologies we know, so much so that many web browsers are still trying to catch up to the full feature list of HTML5. We are still experiencing the very early stages of web development, and the capabilities of scripting languages and the browsers themselves. Anyone who has ever worked with a scripting and/or programming language will know the importance of a good editor.

Text editors are very much about usability and flexibility. We don’t want to be writing code in a text editor that does not offer us the freedom to customize and optimize our code in seamless manner. We also don’t want to be working with editors that don’t fully support the syntax of the language we are using, in this case HTML5. With the introduction of HTML5, developers have invested a lot of time putting together and crafting the kind of text editors (for the web) that support native HTML5 language support.

We will be taking a look at both code editors, and WYSIWYG type of text editors that we can implement in our websites and projects and use to directly script with HTML5 code from within these text editors. Makes you wonder if WordPress is ever going to advance their content editor to fully support programming languages, a definitive thought for the future.


wysihtml5 A better approach to rich text editing

It’s all about rich text editing these days, and the wysihtml5 text editor uses the latest HTML5 features to help developers and webmasters to generate valid HTML5 code output. The wysihtml5 editor is a lightweight solution for generating semantic and valid HTML5 markup; even in cases when content (code) is being copied from external sources. Does not require jQuery to work. Security features ensures that your site is safe and secure, and protected from common attacks like XSS; cross site scripting.

Raptor Editor

Raptor Editor HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor

Raptor Editor is an open-source WYSIWYG HTML5 editor built with JavaScript, built with usability in mind. The aim of Raptor Editor is to provide a simple editing environment that allows for complex layouts based on multi-block concepts. Raptor Editor takes advantage of the latest features within jQuery and HTML5 to provide features like in-built unit tests, extendable code base, as well as an API that can be used for integrating plugins.


Beautiful WYSIWYG HTML Editor Rich Text Editor Froala

Froala Editor is a powerful WYSIWYG rich text editor that will leave you stunned with its modern functionality, sleek design, and incredible integration between webpages. The editor can be integrated in any kind of projects in no time. It requires only basic javascript and HTML coding knowledge. And it is fully cross-browser supported, meaning the Froala Editor will work just as good on any device you choose to use it to, even Safari; haha!


popline An HTML5 Rich Text Editor Toolbar

Popline is a non-intrusive WYSIWYG editor. To trigger Popline’s functionality you first have to select an element, such as text, on the page you’re browsing and a toolbar will appear that will let you edit the content of your pages. Fully supports HTML5 markup!

Aloha Editor

Aloha Editor

Aloha Editor is a stand alone library with a functional and stateless API that provides you with essential editing capabilities not available in browsers. The lightweight file-size makes Aloha Editor appealing to those are dealing with projects and websites that receive thousands of requests on frequent basis, and you are in full control of how the editor acts in certain situations, there’s an attached API that enables to customize the functionality.


HTML5 editor CSS3 editor JavaScript editor

Majority of the HTML5 text editors that we are taking a closer look at in this post are based on web technology, and by themselves are content editors that merely support HTML5 markup, whereas HTMLPad is a full-blown code editor that supports HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript functionality. At the moment this code editor is only available for Windows users, but with enough support and demand we can foresee a Mac version becoming available in the near future. Powerful tools like code optimization and inspection, code assistance and tag matching make HTMLPad a favorite amongst those who spend a lot of time coding in HTML5 and CSS3; front-end developers.

A built-in preview module lets you see what your code looks like in real-time, saving you a ton of time having to switch back and forth between the browser and the editor; HTMLPad brings the browser to the editor. And on top of all that, all of your code is automatically checked against standard quality, giving you a chance to relax about being compliant with the latest standards for JS, CSS and HTML.


TinyMCE is a well-known text editor amongst the webmaster and developer communities, and Textbox is a branch of TinyMCE; a powerful text editor for the responsive web, especially mobile devices. Features like seamless inline editing, and in-built spell checking make this particular text editor very appealing to those who are dealing with content heavy sites and need a solution for making editing fun again. It also supports Markdown, and will automatically strip your HTML5 code of any impurities. Works with the most prestigious frameworks and content management platforms on the web: Angular, Drupal, Microsoft, IBM and so many others.

Redactor II

Redactor WYSIWYG html editor

Redactor II is the number one editor choice for thousands of developers, it must be the framework approach that Redactor Editor takes — offering more than 200 callbacks and API Methods to support developers and their requirements for a sleek and professional code editor. The Redactor documentation is one of a kind, fully explaining the capabilities and possibilities of the editor, and how more can be achieved without losing resources and time.



Squire is yet another rich text editor with HTML5 capabilities. It works across all your favorite browsers, yet remains its lightweight features and flexibility. Squire is also popular amongst its users for offering a text editor that supports the crafting of large variety of documents like content, email, snippets, even research papers if necessary. Squire looks to provide a lot of editing capacity without the compromise of performance.

Mercury Editor

Mercury Editor The Rails HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor

Mercury Editor has been built to help teams, developers and webmasters to have access to an editor that enables for a harmonious content editing experience. The only thing that might scare you away from using Mercury in your next project is the fact that this text editor is based on the Ruby on Rails engine, meaning that only Ruby developers can enjoy access to this wonderful editor.

Top 13 Popup Plugins for WordPress To Get More Subscribers And Improve Conversion Rates 2015

Popup Plugins WordPress

Marketing tactics and techniques are starting to become scarce, especially for those who don’t really have a budget to invest in promotion. Bloggers are feeling this hit the most, because blogging by default is the kind of field that requires a lot of solid hours of work and dedication in order to bring about results. Search engine marketing is definitely one of the most popular ways to promote content, but sometimes it’s not all just about the content.

Bloggers are expanding their blogs to include products like eBooks, books, video courses, and even physical items that reflect the kind of community they are building, which brings about a kind of category that can be marketed by itself, internally. And one of the most successful ways to market internally, and also externally, is popup marketing. Popup marketing offers the webmaster to showcase deals, offers, content, promotions, subscription models, and much more, within a single popup that can be configured to appear on specific pages, at specific locations and/or times, and you can even collect performance data; depending on the kind of popup plugin you’re using.

Any webmaster, blogger, startup owner, entrepreneur who wants to do a promotion towards each visitor that visits his website, it’s highly recommended to look into popup marketing and how it can help to market parts of your network directly. We have gathered together a number of the greatest and best WordPress popup plugins that offer a range of unique features and have been installed by thousands upon thousands of WordPress bloggers already. Please feel free to recommend your own favorite popup plugins within the comment section and we will make sure to include your favorite within the list accordingly.

Gopiplus Popup

WordPress > Popup << WordPress Plugins

Other than being a highly reliable popup plugin for WordPress, the only issue that people might have with Gopiplus that it is by default an unblockable popup. The thing to say about unblockable popups is that they can be quite intrusive, especially to people who have known the web for a long time, and know for a fact that unblockable popups is nothing but a cry for help. All that aside, Gopiplus provides a very simple popup experience that will work with any theme and with any combination of plugins.

Popup Builder

WordPress > Popup Builder << WordPress Plugins

Popup Builder is a popup plugin for WordPress website that allows you to add highly customizable popup windows. This plugin will enable awesome popup in your WordPress website using short codes. You can add unlimited popups with their own configurations. We added effective settings panel for each popup. So, you can fully customize the popup themes, colors, sizes and many many other options. You can expect features like Facebook Popups, custom Image Popups, HTML code Popups, all of which will be natively responsive and work on all devices simultaneously.

PopUp by Supsystic

WordPress > PopUp by Supsystic << WordPress Plugins

Supsystic’s team have built a sophisticated popup plugin that lets you create popups with additional features like social buttons, contact forms, google maps, image and content sliders, lightbox integration to display image popups, PDF popups, HTML popups, and you can customize the way popups appear on the page, whether coming from the top or the bottom, or flying in for that extra attention grabbing effect. You can also setup A/B popups to split test the performance for each and go for the one that performs the best. What more could you ask for from a free plugin.

Popup Maker

WordPress > Popup Maker << WordPress Plugins

Sometimes developers go the extra mile to provide a plugin that truly stands out from the rest, and Popup Maker for WordPress is one of those plugins. If you are serious about increasing the number of subscribers your email list has, if you are serious about increasing user engagement and conversion rates of your products, then this is the one plugin you will want to explore more about. Popup Maker is the most versatile and easy to use popup, modal & content overlay plugin available. With a wide variety of customization settings you can create any type of overlay you can imagine. With a growing library of extensions you can further increase it’s power. Create slide outs for related content, banner notices, optin or contact forms, special advertisements & much more. there are no limits here for customizability or creativity.


WordPress > PopupAlly << WordPress Plugins

PopupAlly is built to natively support exit-intent technology, which means that every time someone is about to leave your site, they will be greeted with the custom popup that you will have built using the PopupAlly’s settings panel. This allows you to increase the number of people who engage your popups by a significant margin. The visual popup creator will let you build the kind of popups you see on the most prestigious of sites, needless to say that you will save yourself a ton of time along the way; no coding experience required.

ITRO Popup Plugin

WordPress > ITRO Popup Plugin << WordPress Plugins

ITRO Popup Plugin packs some really unique features, even though the code base has been built to be lightweight and reliable. You can use the ITRO plugin to add a super flexible and highly customizable WordPress popup that’s multilingual thanks to a native integration with the popular translation plugin qTranslate-X. The user friendly settings panel lets you easily optimize and modify your popups to your own liking, a built-in feature that lets you restrict age for popups means that this plugin will find good home for sites that serve adult or otherwise not children friendly content. You can also select the option to make your popups unlockable, which will cause the popups to be closed automatically using a custom timer that you will have set. Many have said this is the best WordPress popup plugin out there.

Yeloni Exit Popup

WordPress > Yeloni Exit Popup << WordPress Plugins

Yeloni’s mission is quite simple, to provide bloggers with an easy to use popup plugin that will use the latest exit-intent technology. This simple plugin is for those who are looking to capitalize on the visitors that are leaving the site, as the plugin doesn’t provide much more options than that. Use the Yeloni’s exit-intent popup to easily add various types of exit popups with social buttons, offer images, email subscription forms, mailchimp, aweber & infusionsoft integrations and much more.

Uji Popup

WordPress > Uji Popup << WordPress Plugins

Uji is built to focus on helping webmasters and bloggers to convert each visitor into a subscriber and/or customer. You can use Uji to promote advertisements, to display email signup forms, to offer coupon codes and special offers. And with an in-built exit-intent technology, the plugin will also display your offer (popup) of choice when a visitor is about to leave your site. Highly customizable and offers a very lightweight popup option that will work great on most WordPress themes.


WordPress > OptinMonster Best WordPress Popup and Lead Generation Plugin << WordPress Plugins

OptinMonster has been a huge success in the online marketing community, and the WordPress popup plugin from OptinMonster is not an exception from that statement. OptinMonster’s popup editor is based upon a form builder that lets you create the kind of popup your website needs. OptinMonster uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to help its customers (and plugin users) to create the kind of popups that are one of a kind, and will naturally attract visitors attention. Book sellers, startup owners, and even huge media sites have started using OptinMonster thanks to its wide range of features and custom technologies that take full advantage of popup marketing.

Alligator Popup

WordPress > Alligator Popup << WordPress Plugins

Alligator’s popup plugin is for those who want to have a popup plugin that works only through a shortcode, meaning that you can customize each page to have a different popup, but also have the freedom to setup popups across individual pages, rather than having the popup show up everywhere. Settings let you customize things like width, height, and whether to use a scrollbar or not. At the moment the plugin allows only insertion of URL’s, so presumably the URL you are entering should contain a HTML code of the kind of popup that you want to display, which in turn lets you code a custom high-quality page using the latest web technology and use that as a popup through the Alligators shortcode feature.

Simple Popup Plugin

WordPress > Simple Popup Plugin << WordPress Plugins

Need a simple popup that can integrate your favorite email subscription services, and also provide an option to display social sharing buttons on your popups? This is the one plugin you will want to get thanks to its simplicity. There are no extra features that this plugin can do, making it very appealing on sites that focus on minimalism and strictly content.


WordPress > Exit Intent Popups by OptiMonk << WordPress Plugins

eCommerce sites should by default have exit-intent technology popups displayed every time a user tries to leave the site, OptiMonk knows this and provides a plugin that lets you create popup offers and deals as soon as potential customers are trying to exit your site, but you can also customize the popups to display on particular pages, such as checkout carts, since we all know how troublesome abandoned cart situation can be, we can send out a popup with an special offer or a coupon code every time a user tries to leave our site. OptiMonk on top of these features offer a lot of customization options, and things like GEO-targeting, A/B testing of your popups, multi-page popups and much, much more.

YITH Newsletter Popup

WordPress > YITH Newsletter Popup << WordPress Plugins

Are you into newsletters a lot? Want to build your email list and not do much more than that? The YITH plugin is simple to use newsletter subscription plugin that will display a design friendly popup window that will allow your visitors to subscribe to your email list without any hassle.

Here are some useful tips to improve conversion rate for your WordPress blog using popup plugins and other effective methods.

Most Popular Freelance Marketplaces – Top 18 Resources for Outsourcing Online Work 2015

Popular Freelance Marketplaces

Starting your own startup company today has become incredibly easy, all you really need is a reasonable budget, a viable idea to work with, and a reliable resource to find people who could build your idea for you. In times where cloud is taking over the development world and much of the mundane tasks, it only makes sense that companies would see outsourcing as a potential increase in productivity, especially in areas that would previously be slow to catch up to the rest of the business plan.

Combined in total, the following sites in our roundup offer access to hundreds of millions of freelancers who are experts in hundreds of different categories. You can literally find a solution to any kind of idea you have, someone is out there, waiting to be hired for his next job. Though the process should still be thorough and anyone hiring a freelancer from the following sites should remember to take into consideration a full profile audit and further investigation of character to ensure that the person you are going to be working with can definitely do the job.

You may even want to try out a couple of hires at first, see how they perform and then settle for who you thought was the most promising of all. Marketing and IT are two of the departments that you will usually want to outsource, since often there is no point training new staff to learn additional tasks that may take much longer to learn, before there is any return on the investment. Be smart about hiring people to work at your company, and remember that every single outsourcing site on this list is equipped with thorough verification and validation methods that ensure the people you are working with will not get away with cheap attitude or bad influence.


Upwork Hire Freelancers Get Freelance Jobs Online

Formerly known as oDesk, and recently joined by Elance, Upwork is one of the most prominent freelance sites on the net right now. Their platform is built with success in mind, so anyone you are going to be hiring from Upwork will have been individually verified by the administration of the site, which makes the hiring process much less stressful, and lets you focus on hiring the kind of person that wants to get the job done for you. In bigger sense, it’s not about finding the right person, it’s about knowing the kind of work you need to get done, since Upwork provides a vast array of people who are experts each in their own field.

We are used Upwork in the past to hire WordPress theme developers, designers and content writers and we highly recommend this freelancer marketplace.


Logo Design Web Design and More. 99designs

A logo defines a brand. A well-designed logo will attract the right kind of attention, the kind of attention that signals trust and preference, and professionalism. 99designs is a logo ‘marketplace’ that allows anyone to run a logo contest based on the requirements that you are looking for, which is when the sites most experienced designers can begin to participate in your contest and submit their designs; you can request changes, remove designers, talk to them individually, and eventually reward them with the initial prize sum that you had set for the contest altogether.

99designs stands out with its flexibility and the ability to interact with designers to arrive at a design that will be pleasant for both sides.


Hire the top 3 of freelance developers designers and other tech talent.

Are you in need of expert technology freelancers? Need someone who can code? Someone who can write about web development and web design? Toptal is a unique hiring platform that helps you find the kind of person that would eventually become a part of your team! The finding a good person for the job process is so simply and trustworthy that you will be surprised at yourself for not having used this platform before. Toptal provides the highest quality of freelance tech talent for any design environment or web, mobile, or desktop technology stack.


Gigster Hire a quality developer

The leading world’s universities and corporate companies are home to some of the most brightest technology minds on the planet, but getting access to these minds might be a little tricky. This is where Gigster comes into play. Gigster is a fairly straightforward business platform that connects people with ideas, with people who have the skills to execute those ideas. Whether it’s complicated engineering you need for your home, or a simple project that you need a version 1 coded in just a few weeks, Gigster makes sure that whatever your requirements for the project are, they are going to be fulfilled in timely manner, by people who know what they are doing.


Folyo Helping companies find great designers

Folyo is a super-friendly platform for those who are looking to hire an experienced designer, but don’t want to spend all that time researching, interviewing, even analyzing the particular designer for his proficiency and expertise. Folyo asks you a few questions and then connects you with designers who have been previously approved, who are experienced in your particular area, are within your set budget, and are actually available to start working right away. If only we had more of these platforms for different kind of job types and project requirements.


Fiverr The marketplace for creative professional services

From time to time, the kind of work we need to outsource does not require a huge budget, or even many resources. For those kind of jobs, Fiverr — where every single job costs $5 — is the perfect solution. Find writers, marketers, video creators, photographers, even web developers and designers for just a couple of bucks to do a quick and effective job for you. In many ways, you get what you pay for, but some of the most reputable site vendors have been known to provide a seamless shopping experience that has changed lives and experiences in more ways than one. Anyone can become a seller on Fiverr, so perhaps you can start selling some of your own services to build up that spending budget for your project.



Zirtual gives those who are interested access to a Virtual Assistant, the kind of person that would be more than happy to take care of several of your business tasks; planning meetings, booking flight tickets, paying your expenses and more. In the current evolution of technological business opportunities, time is of the essence and such a virtual assistant can provide a lot of peace of mind at the fraction of a cost of having to do all of the small business tasks yourself. You don’t really understand the benefits of such an assistant before you actually try and hire one. Whether it’s coordinating your busy schedule, managing leads, or helping keep your work and home life organized — a ZA will take time-sinking admin tasks off your plate so you can focus on what’s important.

Creative Market

Fonts Graphics Themes and More Creative Market

With nearly 11,000 creative and inspirational creators, Creative Market stands out with its uniqueness and vast variety of choices when it comes to custom website designs, photos that stem in a number of categories, graphics like icons and illustrations, templates of all kind; logos, blog themes, resumes and more, themes for some of the most popular content management systems, and unique fonts that will instantly make your website and/or app stand out from the rest. The prices are affordable and you can always reach out to each designer individually to perhaps propose a personal project. Each individual section is home to hundreds, even thousands, of unique products that you wont find anywhere else.


Clarity -- On Demand Business Advice

Looking to start your own startup but don’t really have the necessary insights and resources to put it all together? Clarity is a platform that enables anyone seeking out to become a startup owner to ask for advice in fields like email marketing, community building and orientation, how to raise funds and initial budget, how to use social media for the best benefit and so many more areas of advice that could be the breaking point between your startups success and failure; there an option to browse the number of categories in which you may need help, and each category features a number of experts to choose from. Tons of people offer their advice at very cheap prices, many of which are well-known experts in their field and well-known bloggers all around.


Creative Jobs and Freelance Opportunities on Behance

Behance is the world’s leading design collection website that has grown into an immense designer community. People share the work they’ve completed, still working on, and Behance is also known for having a lot of designers who create concept art that oftentimes beats an original of whatever they are trying to concept. The Behance jobs board is a place where you can post a listing of the kind of job role you are looking to fulfill at your startup, project or whatever, and because Behance is such a large scale community, finding a designer is usually fairly quick and easy.


Hire Freelancers Find Freelance Jobs Online Freelancer

With more than 17,000,000 registered users and nearly 10,000,000 projects posted, Freelancer stands out as one of the most experienced freelance platforms on the web, and rightfully so — it has been around for nearly 15 years, serving people in more than 240+ countries. In the network of sites that Freelancer has acquired in the recent years you will find Warrior Forum; the most popular marketing forum on the web, as well as Freemarket; an online marketplace for buying and selling websites, and Fantero; a digital resource for photos, art, designs, and other similar types of digital media. Freelancer does not shy away from establishing itself as an expert in the outsourcing market, and does everything in its power to connect employers with the right kind of people.


Guru Hire Quality Freelancers And Find Freelance Jobs

Guru is a young company with only a handful of employees but has already managed to establish a base of 1,500,000 million members, more than 1,000,000 completed jobs and the numbers are growing by the minute. Guru is proud to promote that its database consists of more than 3,400,000 unique services, some of which you have probably never even thought of. You can also explore a public database of the kind of work that you can expect from people (freelancers) who use Guru, giving you a more flexible idea of whether this is the right hiring platform for you or not.


Find Jobs and Hire skilled Freelancers at a click

Looking for experts in design, development, writing or marketing? PeoplePerHour focuses on connecting its customers with the right kind of bunch of people who are experts in the particular field you need to outsource work for. The biggest upside of PeoplePerHour’s service is that each and every person you are going to work with is going to have been hand curated, to ensure quality and reliability. The prices are affordable, and this kind of hiring process is much more flexible than having to go through an expensive hiring agency. You can expect great results from the people who you will find trough PeoplePerHour, and who knows — they might just become the next member of your existing team.

Demand Media

Demand Media

Demand Media is all about content, and everyone these days needs good content. Content marketing has grown fast in the recent years, yet there are still many gaps and holes that need filling in order to bring about content that’s truly refreshing, and truly worthy of peoples attention. Demand Media employs professional writers that have to undergo a thorough inspection process in order to be approved, giving those who want to hire a peace of mind, knowing that their writing jobs will be done with utmost professionalism and care.


Find Freelance Jobs Freelancers

iFreelance is for anyone who wants to find an outsourcing job, or is looking for one. The easy to use platform lets anyone find the right person for the particular job that they’re looking to fulfill, quite a bit of emphasis go on jobs that involve business, startup and entrepreneurship related tasks.


Micro Job Market for Freelance Workers Damongo

Whereas Fiverr focuses on jobs that cost only $5, Damongo is a more organized micro job marketplace that lets you publish jobs that cost more than just $5. However as someone who is looking to outsource, this gives you a little bit more leverage over the quality of work that you are going to get, since the amount of sale increases, you should expect the quality to go up as well. You can find offers for things like website building at a price of $100, this can sometimes be very viable, especially if you are looking to get up a quick demo site for things like eCommerce and so forth.

Smashing Jobs

All Jobs Smashing Jobs

Smashing Magazine is the most respected design website in the world, and naturally their job board is going to attract the leading worlds talent. It costs only $75 to post a job offer for freelance clients, and you are bound to come into contact with some really experienced designers and developers who will happily discuss the job opportunity with you on multiple levels.


Hire Freelancers Web Designers Programmers Find Freelance Jobs

Need a reliable freelance that knows technology, business, startups? Project4Hire’s directory of freelancers is all about technology and business and how both come together to create something amazing. Project4hire is a global freelance marketplace that provides to businesses access to hundreds of thousands of freelance programmers, web developers, WordPress developers, Drupal developers, and so many other kinds of service providers. Project4Hire is the perfect place to outsource your work and get your projects completed at an affordable price.