Top 10 Free and Premium Content Syndication Plugins for WordPress

Content Syndication Plugins For WordPress

Coming up with ideas, researching ideas, writing about ideas, and finally publishing ideas, each part of the content creation process is lengthy and requires a lot of energy, but perhaps exposing content to new eyes is the part that takes up the most time and energy. Anyone who wants to become a professional blogger and/or writer will eventually have to learn the basics (and then the more advanced lessons) of online marketing and how to expose content in an organic way.

Content syndication offers a way to either republish your content on social media sites, news aggregators and article sites without your direct interference, or you can use content syndication to syndicate content from other sources on your own site, in turn giving you more content to work with; which should be an organic attraction for more readers. Mastering content syndication can mean that we can save ourselves a lot of time when it comes to marketing our content to external resources, but also gives us an opportunity to connect with other authors and resources that we syndicate content from.

News SEO

News SEO for WordPress Google Yoast

Getting listed on Google News can be one of the most exciting things for your media site as far as organic exposure goes. Google is known to give a ton of exposure to sites that have been approved for the Google News platform, and being able to tap into this pool of visitors could mean a huge thing for your business. The News SEO plugin from guys over at Yoast is all about helping you to optimize your Google News appearance; once you have been approved.

The plugin will help you with creating an XML sitemap specifically for news articles, a specific RSS feed tailored for editors picks content, a standout tag that will help you to authorize your own content above everyone elses, and much more little features and snippets that will ensure your maximum exposure on Google News!

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator The no.1 Plugin for Importing RSS into WordPress

Grabbing feeds from other sites at one point reached a peaking season, everyone was creating auto-blog sites that would farm content from other sources, and because Google algorithm wasn’t intelligent enough, much of these sites succeeded in making a ton of money without doing any work at all. These days, auto-blogging is somewhat of a myth, and it’s very rare to see a site that has succeeded in making revenue and maintaining a credible community base by doing purely auto-blogging. The WP RSS Aggregator plugin is for those who want to compliment their existing unique content with news snippets or other kind of relevant news that would be relevant to your site and project.

Additional add-ons can help you extend this plugin with features like keyword filtering; allowing you to weed out feeds that don’t resonate with the kind of content that you are looking to fetch out of each feed you are aggregating. A plugin to help you gather thumbnail data as well as content excerpts to give your readers a more broad idea about the content you are pulling from other sites. There’s even a plugin — which enters the more darker area of writing and online marketing — that will transform articles into unique posts; there’s no telling as to whether this is going to be good for your site and your content strategy or not.


ThreeWP Broadcast plugin packs Plainview Plugins

Automatically share content by multiposting between multisite blogs. Syndicate posts to other blogs, update posts between blogs, share content templates, etc. Broadcasted posts can be linked to their parents, which updates child posts when the parent post is updated. This includes all data: title, slug, content, custom fields, attachments, etc. There’s a substantial plugin (add-on) pack available for download on the official site of ThreeWP — more than 50+ different additions and configuration options are added to your plugins capabilities as soon as you activate the extension pack.

Content Syndication Toolkit

WordPress > Content Syndication Toolkit << WordPress Plugins

Content Syndication Toolkit is for those freelancers, digital agencies, online marketers and other small business owners who are into doing content marketing for their clients on frequent basis. For example, with the Content Syndication Toolkit plugin you can easily syndicate one piece of content to 10 different WordPress blogs with just one single click. This plugin has sometimes been confused with RSS syndication, but it’s totally a different kind of plugin. You can create one original post and then have it re-published on 10 different sites, but all the external sites will link back to the original source of the content, meaning that there will be no issues with content authenticity of authoring.

RSS Post Importer

WordPress > RSS Post Importer << WordPress Plugins

RSS Post Importer is an agile content syndication plugin for WordPress bloggers. Everyone knows that more content attracts more readers, but these days if anyone is using content syndication to populate their website with more content, they are usually relying on plugins and scripts that can only fetch an RSS article partly. RSS Post Importer tries to work with this problem by allowing bloggers to export full-text RSS feeds directly to their blog. The plugin is under your own sway, meaning that you don’t have to worry about having everything automated and raw, you can easily change settings to make the content appear as homely as you want it to.

WP Syndicate

WordPress > WP Syndicate << WordPress Plugins

A simple RSS syndication plugin that will help you syndicate external RSS content directly onto your blog. Whether it’s from a social media network, a journaling network, a particularly huge media site, the WP Syndicate plugin will be helpful enough to take care of all the requirements you might have when it comes to syndicating content.


WordPress > NewsPlugin << WordPress Plugins

NewsPlugin is an amazing plugin for displaying relevant and fresh content based on keywords. It offers an option to create unlimited newsfeeds based on your keywords and specific requirements. After a newsfeed has been built, you can use the given shortcode to display the newsfeed anywhere on your site; posts, pages, widgets, or use it to display anywhere else through your themes PHP files. All the articles and news within the newsfeeds are being aggregated from thousands of sources online, and NewsPlugin helps to push them all in one place, so the content you will be displaying is always going to remain relevant and up to date.


WordPress > PressForward << WordPress Plugins

PressForward is the ultimate content aggregation and syndication platform for sites that have more than one writer at a time. With PressForward you can find, collect, discuss and optimize content to your own specific needs. It has been built as a content curation platform to help bloggers, writers and media sites to collect content and optimize for their own particular requirements.


WordPress > NextScripts Social Networks Auto Poster << WordPress Plugins

Social media is the biggest traffic source for hundreds of thousands of bloggers, and simply leaving social media behind is not an option. We are more than certain that eventually WordPress will support social media features natively (as much as that would make developers angry!), but for now we have to rely on external plugins and resources to help us get our content exposed and shared on social media. The SNAP plugin is an amazing platform for instantly sharing your new content to social media, whether it’s Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Flipboard, or LinkedIn (amongst hundreds of other social networks) that you want to have your content auto-shared on, SNAP will give you enough features and options that you will never again have to worry about publishing your content to social media manually.

Just write a new post and either entire post or it’s nicely formatted announcement with backlink will be published to all your configured social networks. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc. Messages are 100% customizable and adopted for each network requirements.

Microblog Poster

WordPress > Microblog Poster << WordPress Plugins

Microblog Poster is very similar to SNAP in the sense that it will also publish your content to social media automatically, the only exception here is that Microblog Poster also provides a feature that lets you share your old content back to social media. It’s essential that we understand the value of sharing our old content back to social media, at least occasionally. Even when we publish a new post and share it on social media, only a fraction of our fans and followers are able to see the post because of how frequently other sources share content as well, so it only makes sense to share some of the content we have produced multiple times to guarantee its maximum exposure.

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