Top 12 Free Review Plugins for WordPress With Schema Markup 2015

Review Plugins For WordPress

Online reviews have become one of the biggest monopolies of the the new and modern technology era. The number of review sites has grown exponentially, and there is no way of telling between legitimate and illegitimate reviews at any given time, even sites like Amazon are known to be full of reviews that are left by people who have been paid to do so. A discount or a special offer to leave a simple — and preferably good — review about the service you are using is pretty hard to resist, and these are the kind of procedures that businesses have started to employ in recent years.

And you don’t really want to be dealing with businesses who are not about criticism, as we have seen a trend develop where many enterprise and corporate like businesses will make its customers sign a contract, strictly outlining that any criticism of the company will not be tolerated, and can have legal repercussions follow.

All that aside, online reviews are probably the best source of business for any online entrepreneur or business owner. Nothing beats a good customer review that embraces the full and personal experience of the user giving the review. Embracing your own online reviews is also an important part of the success of the business, knowing how to react and respond to certain reviews can lead towards more business, or it can lead towards a calamity.

The following review plugins for WordPress will allow you to integrate, organize, publish and respond to online reviews and testimonials directly from your customers; with the exception of a select few plugins that integrate reviews from third-party sites. And some plugins will allow you to become a reviewer yourself, offering you the kind of features that will let you review products, businesses and things like books on your own WordPress site; because sometimes it can be a little bit of a hassle to put together good looking review posts without a previously built template. If you just have an idea for WordPress based website but don’t know how to create one you might want to read our detailed WordPress website setup guide.

Book Blogger

Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin for WordPress

First review plugin of the day is all about book readers. If you’re an avid book reader and have found yourself to be writing a few reviews of books before, then perhaps it is time to upgrade your book reviewing software with this amazing Book Blogger plugin from the guys at Nose Graze. The Book Blogger plugin enables a simple review platform that offers custom pre-built fields for creating the kind of reviews that will blow your audience away. Features like automatic data fetching from Google Books and Goodreads means that you will be saving yourself a ton of time along the way of curating essential information about the books you are reviewing, and for heavy readers there is an option to review multiple books at the same time.

Book Blogger can also be extended with the use of widgets, such as social media follower box, display the kind of books you are reading at any given moment, to list your recent reviews, and if you want to one-up yourself you can always display the amount of books you read within 365 days!

WP Product Review

WordPress > WP Product Review << WordPress Plugins

We don’t have to say much about this plugin because it is the same one we have reviewed above this one, the only exception being that this one is a free version and strips some of the premium features away; the free version might be a good starting point for understanding how the PRO plugin works and looks like on your actual site.

Google Places Reviews Pro

Google Reviews Plugin for WordPress

Google is without question the place where a lot of business begins, and because Google knows this themselves they have built their own Google Reviews platform for Places (businesses) that helps search engine users to learn more about a business without having to visit external review websites. The Google Places Reviews plugin will help you to display your Google Places Reviews on your own WordPress website, anywhere you like. The extensive shortcode features will literally allow you to showcase every single detail there is to know about your business, based on the kind of information that Google Reviews have collected about you. These kind of plugins have huge impact on the way others view your businesses credibility and reliability.

Good Reviews

WordPress > Good Reviews for WordPress << WordPress Plugins

Good Reviews is probably the first straightforward free plugin on our list that offers the option to insert actual customer reviews / testimonials onto your blog without any extra fat. Features like the ability to add a photo of the person who reviewed you, to add the particular persons business page to the review are going to guarantee much more trustworthiness from those who spend the time reading and reviewing your reviews. Plugin fully supports Schema markup that will add to your overall SEO performance. Shortcode option means that you can display your reviews anywhere on the site, without having to worry about working directly with the code. You are in control of how the reviews are going to be displayed on your site.

Yellow Pages

WordPress > Yellow Pages Reviews << WordPress Plugins

Yellow Pages has been helping businesses gain exposure and more business for the past three years. The site offers businesses to enlist themselves and their full contact information, while members of the site can consume the information and also leave reviews about their experiences with the particular business. The Yellow Pages WordPress plugin will allow you to embed both the reviews left by users, as well as the contact information of your business within your own WordPress websites pages; be it a post, a widget, or a page.

JKL Reviews

WordPress > JKL Reviews << WordPress Plugins

The JKL free review plugin was crafted by someone who is an avid reviewer himself, so you can rest assured that the JKL plugin will give you enough flexibility over how your reviews appear and how much information you get to share with your readers. Whether it is books, movies, music, products or services that you are looking to review, the JKL plugin will give you enough features and custom fields to craft mouth watering reviews in minutes. While the plugin offers an extensive list of features, the best way to describe it would be that it’s an stylish way to express your thoughts in the form of reviews, without having to spend all that time creating paragraphs and other fancy HTML elements.

POWr Reviews

WordPress > POWr Reviews << WordPress Plugins

POWr focuses on a simple and powerful reviews widget that allows you to collect user reviews directly from within your WordPress blog. The free version of the plugin includes features like review length limit, to allow users to vote on individual reviews, to have full control over the color settings of the review widget, full mobile device integration that will enable your reviews to be consumed and shared on any kind of device out there. The pro version which comes at only four bucks a month offers you to remove all the POWr trademark features like the logo and watermark, an ability to monitor the incoming reviews and approve them on personal basis, to enable reviews from unregistered users, as well as an analytics feature to monitor the performance of your reviews page.

AppStore Reviews

WordPress > AppStore Reviews Viewer << WordPress Plugins

Are you an app developer? AppStore Reviews will make it easy for mobile application developers to embed their application reviews on their WordPress website through the use of a simple shortcode. The great part about this plugin is that every time a review is loaded, it is also cached within the database, which means that the next time someone loads the page with the same review, instead of wasting resources the plugin will display the cached version, but not to worry — the cache will update itself once more reviews have come in! This is also a great plugin to use when it comes to building sites that support application reviews, like a directory or database of specific mobile applications.

Easy Testimonials

WordPress > Easy Testimonials << WordPress Plugins

Easy Testimonials is being used by more than a dozen thousand users, all of whom are enjoying the extensive list of testimonial features that will lighten up the business experience for you as a business owner, but also your existing and soon-to-be customers. Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add Testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed them into a Page or Post using the shortcode. The Easy Testimonials plugin also allows you to insert a list of all Testimonials or output a Random Testimonial. Easy Testimonials allows you to include an image with each testimonial – this is a great feature for adding a photo of the testimonial author.

Handsome Testimonials

WordPress > Handsome Testimonials << WordPress Plugins

The thing with many WordPress plugins is that sometimes it’s not about the functionality of each individual plugin, but rather the way it looks, and the way it looks on our own choice of themes. The Handsome Testimonials plugin offers a more sleek option for displaying reviews and testimonials on your site by offering a range of modern and design optimized review box choices. Use the testimonial generator to get real-time previews of the kind of testimonials you want to have displayed on your website.


Widget Centre TripAdvisor for Business

TripAdvisor is without question one of the most recognized names when it comes to business reviews, but unfortunately at this time there is no real support for WordPress users, and part of the reason is the fact that TripAdvisor itself provides a Widgets feature which is basically a simple script generator for your business that then outputs the basic review information about your business, providing the option to display full-on reviews. This is definitely not the most convenient way to display reviews, at least for sites that are not so dynamic content friendly, but any other technique will require the hiring of a developer.

WP Product Review PRO

WP Product Review PRO Bundle

The guys at ThemeIsle have built a spectacular product review plugin for helping webmasters to review products in simple and tasteful manner. Whether it’s the latest book by Stephen Hawking, or the latest iPhone release that you are reviewing, WP Product Review PRO focuses on helping you to build reviews that explain the essentials of the product you are reviewing, whilst outlining the good and bad parts. Your community members can also become a part of each review and leave comments and their own experience reports with the particular product, thus helping you to generate more content at no cost at all.

And there are no restrictions for the way you can use this plugin, so you could very well use it to showcase your own products and collect reviews for them, then using the in-built widget features to display the reviews across the site.

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  1. Hi Alex, indeed, my feeling is that there are not so many honest review blogs out there. And I think those have better chance on success, because audience feel what is the truth ????

  2. Hi there, I am looking for a great plug in where guests can write a Review on site in how they felt my Service and the Safari has been. the guests should be able to post the Review with some Picture material. Can you recommend any plug in? It does not have to be a free one,
    many thanks in advance

  3. I used the Trustbadge reviews widget on my online shop to collect and show customer reviews. It’s fairly easy to use. They have many integrations in different shop systems. And it comes with 7 languages and is mobile-optimized.

  4. I do agree with Aigars, to be honest it will show up on search engines but you can always use a separate text just for SEO purpose. Thanks a lot for sharing your content with us.

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