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Work, even life, is all about productivity, and those who work long hours each day are bound to run into situations where things simply fall out of your head for no apparent reason at all. Whether we get stressed, or there is too much information to go around, forgetting things can add more to the stressful experience, especially if it is something important, or an idea that we would have loved to explore more. The only solution towards keeping your mind somewhat free and organized is to start practicing taking notes.

They say that the smartest person in the room is not the one who looks most professional in his expensive suit, but the one who is sitting in the corner of the room, taking notes and later asking the right kind of questions. The power of taking notes is immense, we can record insights, we can record ideas and later deep-analyze those ideas, we can record contact details and important information about events and tasks at hand, but most importantly we can begin to organize our mind and start making more sense of our work, or if we choose to — our life.

The following free apps and tools for taking notes have been carefully built to help support productivity at work and life, and provide the kind of features that will help taking notes for freelancers, individuals, business people, teams of people, or simple indie developers who want to keep track of all the funky stuff you can find on the web. We hope this list of note taking platforms inspires you to try out note taking and see the benefits for yourself, though we do admire the authenticity of a good personal notebook and a pen that you can carry in your pocket!

Google Keep

Meet Google Keep - Save your thoughts wherever you are - Keep - Google

Google has been really stepping up its game in terms of releasing free software, apps and tools that resonate with day to day tasks. Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets are amongst the most popular Google apps apart from the search engine itself, and much of these cloud applications are direct competitors with companies like Microsoft, and others. Google Keep is no exception in terms of being a threat to larger note keeping companies like Evernote, or Microsoft’s OneNote (both of which are listed in this roundup), and is already home to hundreds of thousands of loyal Google fans. Google Keep is perfect for keeping notes of any kind of format imagine, the app is based on material design; providing a truly beautiful notekeeping experience.



Thinkery gets straight to the point about getting your brains content organized and optimized for the best possible performance. Use the hashtags functionality to tag the lists you make and the kind of things you have to do, want to do, or want to recommend to others. Combine all your webs browsing experience in one place, and combined with the extra compact text editor — Thinkery is not far from being your all-in-one list and free note keeping application.


Microsoft OneNote The digital note taking app for your devices

Microsoft’s OneNote is a truly revolutionary note keeping app that houses some truly powerful features. Use OneNote to record your thoughts, keep note of your latest discoveries, take simple notes, maybe you just need an app that can help you build simple lists so that you’re always on top of your things. OneNote will compliment both those who are strict office people, as well as those who spend a lot of time at home; it’s been built for everyone!

OneNote stands out with features like the ability to capture photos, to add presentations to your notes, even to copy and paste articles from external sources, and those with journalism tendencies will enjoy the ability to record audio notes as it’s happening.


Home CintaNotes Note Taking Software for Windows

CintaNotes is an application designed for taking and managing notes. It sits in the system tray and is activated via a hot key. It is designed to be ergonomic, fast, and unobtrusive. CintaNotes Features: Take notes quickly and conveniently Clip text from anywhere on hotkey Find as fast as you can type Effortlessly tag and organize Read and edit on your mobile devices Works online and offline Read more at:

CintaNotes is for creating, editing and managing your day to day notes. Once installed and activated, CintaNotes will happily sit in the background until you bring it up from the system application tray. It has been built with efficiency and speed in mind, to ensure productivity and pleasure of use. If you work on multiple PCs, e.g at home and at work, or want to have your notes always at hand on your mobile devices, you will probably want your notes to be automatically synchronized. CintaNotes along with Simplenote helps you to stay current; Simplenote, Dropbox and Google Drive integration, and syncs with iOS and Android.



Simplenote is a lightweight note taking application that works with Mac, Kindle, Android, iOS and has a native web application, which means that you will naturally be able to keep track of your notes from literally anywhere. Update a particular note from one location, and it will automatically be updated on all other devices as well, how cool is that! Tagging feature means that you will be able to find your content without having to use all that brainpower, and it also works for well for teams who want to stay organized. Oh yes.. did we mention that it is completely free?


Laverna store your notes anonymously and encrypted

Laverna is a very modern note keeping web application that’s currently in BETA but functions well enough for users to be able to use it consistently and to trust its algorithm to provide a good experience. Laverna’s main focus is security, and the app can encrypt all your notes on client side with SJCL library and no one, except you, can get access to them. Because it’s built with the latest web standards (and JavaScript) it requires no registration and you can begin recording notes right away. All information that’s being sent to Laverna is saved only client-side.


The workspace for your life's work Evernote

Evernote has reached the hearts of many of the webs users. The full desktop / web application has become somewhat of a hit between those who are serious about organizing their lives with the help of notes. Evernote works out of the box with platforms like the iPad, iPhone and even the Apple Watch, needless to say that it works with all other major operating systems out there. Evernote will help you create notes, write lists, and do your research in an environment that’s friendly to editing, researching and publishing. You can also invite your team to become a part of your work and have discussions with them about certain ideas and concepts.

The user-friendly interface provides for an experience that’s pleasant to return to, and the ability to use the editor to create custom content tables, to add screenshots and to be able to search all that content using a remarkable search function are just some of the main reasons why people choose to go with Evernote when it comes to staying on top of things; literally!



Notability is not just for those who are looking to keep simple notes, the Notability platform is famous for being versatile and compatible with people from all walks of life — freelancers, teachers, business people, students, even mothers who have to take care of their kids at home are all using Notability to keep notes, draw ideas on a whiteboard, optimize PDF files, adjust photos, record audio and video things. Notability supports itself on top of all known devices to man, meaning you will always have your library of notes and ideas with you.


Notezilla Sticky Notes for Windows 10 8 7 XP Android iPhone iPad iOS Windows Phone

Notezilla is a simple and elegant sticky notes solutions for Windows desktop users; there’s also an Android version. Create, record and attach sticky notes anywhere on your desktop, or keep them all organized within folders for future use, Notezilla provides the most effective way of keeping sticky notes on your Windows computer.


WorkFlowy Organize your brain.

Workflowy is available as an web app, Android app, iOS app, and a Google Chrome extension for those who want an elegant solution to keeping notes. Workflowy has been used to give birth to companies like Slack, and many more have used it to write books, stories and media stories that have wowed the world. WorkFlowy is a beautiful free tool for taking notes and making lists. Simple to use, but incredibly powerful, WorkFlowy can help you manage all the information in your life.


SilverNote Note Taking Software

Whether you’re a student or a professional in business, SilverNote is all about helping you to have a compact note keeping platform without all the clutter, but with all the exciting features that make note keeping fun and creative. An in-built charts platform means you don’t have to step outside of SilverNote’s dashboard to create the kind of notes that will expand on your ideas.


Notesy for Dropbox from Goat Beard LLC Notesy app

Dropbox is no doubt a household name, and for many Dropbox users — Notesy is as well. With Notesy you can easily create notes and other text documents and have them directly synced to your Dropbox account, giving you access to your notes from everywhere and anywhere.


Your online project management software tools Wrike

We thought it would be a good idea to include at least one online project management platform that offers a fully optimized management dashboard for teams of all sizes. Wrike helps your team setup projects and keep them updated with notes, entries, lists and other kind of digital document types that would help you expand on your ideas and growth.


Take notes online with Notezz

The last note keeping app on our list is Notezz; a simplicity-based free note keeping tool that has been built with simple and effective note keeping features in mind. Signup, open up a new document and start typing away. It’s that simple.

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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for this top. Some 2 years ago I wanted to find the app that can sync my notes from PC to my smartphone. At that time most famous one was Evernote. I like this app, even now when there are a lot of alternatives Evernote does its job perfect. Only paid feature that I was thinking about was restore deleted notes.

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