Top 10 Free and Premium Content Syndication Plugins for WordPress

Content Syndication Plugins For WordPress

Coming up with ideas, researching ideas, writing about ideas, and finally publishing ideas, each part of the content creation process is lengthy and requires a lot of energy, but perhaps exposing content to new eyes is the part that takes up the most time and energy. Anyone who wants to become a professional blogger and/or writer will eventually have to learn the basics (and then the more advanced lessons) of online marketing and how to expose content in an organic way.

Content syndication offers a way to either republish your content on social media sites, news aggregators and article sites without your direct interference, or you can use content syndication to syndicate content from other sources on your own site, in turn giving you more content to work with; which should be an organic attraction for more readers. Mastering content syndication can mean that we can save ourselves a lot of time when it comes to marketing our content to external resources, but also gives us an opportunity to connect with other authors and resources that we syndicate content from.

News SEO

News SEO for WordPress Google Yoast

Getting listed on Google News can be one of the most exciting things for your media site as far as organic exposure goes. Google is known to give a ton of exposure to sites that have been approved for the Google News platform, and being able to tap into this pool of visitors could mean a huge thing for your business. The News SEO plugin from guys over at Yoast is all about helping you to optimize your Google News appearance; once you have been approved.

The plugin will help you with creating an XML sitemap specifically for news articles, a specific RSS feed tailored for editors picks content, a standout tag that will help you to authorize your own content above everyone elses, and much more little features and snippets that will ensure your maximum exposure on Google News!

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator The no.1 Plugin for Importing RSS into WordPress

Grabbing feeds from other sites at one point reached a peaking season, everyone was creating auto-blog sites that would farm content from other sources, and because Google algorithm wasn’t intelligent enough, much of these sites succeeded in making a ton of money without doing any work at all. These days, auto-blogging is somewhat of a myth, and it’s very rare to see a site that has succeeded in making revenue and maintaining a credible community base by doing purely auto-blogging. The WP RSS Aggregator plugin is for those who want to compliment their existing unique content with news snippets or other kind of relevant news that would be relevant to your site and project.

Additional add-ons can help you extend this plugin with features like keyword filtering; allowing you to weed out feeds that don’t resonate with the kind of content that you are looking to fetch out of each feed you are aggregating. A plugin to help you gather thumbnail data as well as content excerpts to give your readers a more broad idea about the content you are pulling from other sites. There’s even a plugin — which enters the more darker area of writing and online marketing — that will transform articles into unique posts; there’s no telling as to whether this is going to be good for your site and your content strategy or not.


ThreeWP Broadcast plugin packs Plainview Plugins

Automatically share content by multiposting between multisite blogs. Syndicate posts to other blogs, update posts between blogs, share content templates, etc. Broadcasted posts can be linked to their parents, which updates child posts when the parent post is updated. This includes all data: title, slug, content, custom fields, attachments, etc. There’s a substantial plugin (add-on) pack available for download on the official site of ThreeWP — more than 50+ different additions and configuration options are added to your plugins capabilities as soon as you activate the extension pack.

Content Syndication Toolkit

WordPress > Content Syndication Toolkit << WordPress Plugins

Content Syndication Toolkit is for those freelancers, digital agencies, online marketers and other small business owners who are into doing content marketing for their clients on frequent basis. For example, with the Content Syndication Toolkit plugin you can easily syndicate one piece of content to 10 different WordPress blogs with just one single click. This plugin has sometimes been confused with RSS syndication, but it’s totally a different kind of plugin. You can create one original post and then have it re-published on 10 different sites, but all the external sites will link back to the original source of the content, meaning that there will be no issues with content authenticity of authoring.

RSS Post Importer

WordPress > RSS Post Importer << WordPress Plugins

RSS Post Importer is an agile content syndication plugin for WordPress bloggers. Everyone knows that more content attracts more readers, but these days if anyone is using content syndication to populate their website with more content, they are usually relying on plugins and scripts that can only fetch an RSS article partly. RSS Post Importer tries to work with this problem by allowing bloggers to export full-text RSS feeds directly to their blog. The plugin is under your own sway, meaning that you don’t have to worry about having everything automated and raw, you can easily change settings to make the content appear as homely as you want it to.

WP Syndicate

WordPress > WP Syndicate << WordPress Plugins

A simple RSS syndication plugin that will help you syndicate external RSS content directly onto your blog. Whether it’s from a social media network, a journaling network, a particularly huge media site, the WP Syndicate plugin will be helpful enough to take care of all the requirements you might have when it comes to syndicating content.


WordPress > NewsPlugin << WordPress Plugins

NewsPlugin is an amazing plugin for displaying relevant and fresh content based on keywords. It offers an option to create unlimited newsfeeds based on your keywords and specific requirements. After a newsfeed has been built, you can use the given shortcode to display the newsfeed anywhere on your site; posts, pages, widgets, or use it to display anywhere else through your themes PHP files. All the articles and news within the newsfeeds are being aggregated from thousands of sources online, and NewsPlugin helps to push them all in one place, so the content you will be displaying is always going to remain relevant and up to date.


WordPress > PressForward << WordPress Plugins

PressForward is the ultimate content aggregation and syndication platform for sites that have more than one writer at a time. With PressForward you can find, collect, discuss and optimize content to your own specific needs. It has been built as a content curation platform to help bloggers, writers and media sites to collect content and optimize for their own particular requirements.


WordPress > NextScripts Social Networks Auto Poster << WordPress Plugins

Social media is the biggest traffic source for hundreds of thousands of bloggers, and simply leaving social media behind is not an option. We are more than certain that eventually WordPress will support social media features natively (as much as that would make developers angry!), but for now we have to rely on external plugins and resources to help us get our content exposed and shared on social media. The SNAP plugin is an amazing platform for instantly sharing your new content to social media, whether it’s Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Flipboard, or LinkedIn (amongst hundreds of other social networks) that you want to have your content auto-shared on, SNAP will give you enough features and options that you will never again have to worry about publishing your content to social media manually.

Just write a new post and either entire post or it’s nicely formatted announcement with backlink will be published to all your configured social networks. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc. Messages are 100% customizable and adopted for each network requirements.

Microblog Poster

WordPress > Microblog Poster << WordPress Plugins

Microblog Poster is very similar to SNAP in the sense that it will also publish your content to social media automatically, the only exception here is that Microblog Poster also provides a feature that lets you share your old content back to social media. It’s essential that we understand the value of sharing our old content back to social media, at least occasionally. Even when we publish a new post and share it on social media, only a fraction of our fans and followers are able to see the post because of how frequently other sources share content as well, so it only makes sense to share some of the content we have produced multiple times to guarantee its maximum exposure.

Top 12 Free Review Plugins for WordPress With Schema Markup 2015

Review Plugins For WordPress

Online reviews have become one of the biggest monopolies of the the new and modern technology era. The number of review sites has grown exponentially, and there is no way of telling between legitimate and illegitimate reviews at any given time, even sites like Amazon are known to be full of reviews that are left by people who have been paid to do so. A discount or a special offer to leave a simple — and preferably good — review about the service you are using is pretty hard to resist, and these are the kind of procedures that businesses have started to employ in recent years.

And you don’t really want to be dealing with businesses who are not about criticism, as we have seen a trend develop where many enterprise and corporate like businesses will make its customers sign a contract, strictly outlining that any criticism of the company will not be tolerated, and can have legal repercussions follow.

All that aside, online reviews are probably the best source of business for any online entrepreneur or business owner. Nothing beats a good customer review that embraces the full and personal experience of the user giving the review. Embracing your own online reviews is also an important part of the success of the business, knowing how to react and respond to certain reviews can lead towards more business, or it can lead towards a calamity.

The following review plugins for WordPress will allow you to integrate, organize, publish and respond to online reviews and testimonials directly from your customers; with the exception of a select few plugins that integrate reviews from third-party sites. And some plugins will allow you to become a reviewer yourself, offering you the kind of features that will let you review products, businesses and things like books on your own WordPress site; because sometimes it can be a little bit of a hassle to put together good looking review posts without a previously built template. If you just have an idea for WordPress based website but don’t know how to create one you might want to read our detailed WordPress website setup guide.

Book Blogger

Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin for WordPress

First review plugin of the day is all about book readers. If you’re an avid book reader and have found yourself to be writing a few reviews of books before, then perhaps it is time to upgrade your book reviewing software with this amazing Book Blogger plugin from the guys at Nose Graze. The Book Blogger plugin enables a simple review platform that offers custom pre-built fields for creating the kind of reviews that will blow your audience away. Features like automatic data fetching from Google Books and Goodreads means that you will be saving yourself a ton of time along the way of curating essential information about the books you are reviewing, and for heavy readers there is an option to review multiple books at the same time.

Book Blogger can also be extended with the use of widgets, such as social media follower box, display the kind of books you are reading at any given moment, to list your recent reviews, and if you want to one-up yourself you can always display the amount of books you read within 365 days!

WP Product Review

WordPress > WP Product Review << WordPress Plugins

We don’t have to say much about this plugin because it is the same one we have reviewed above this one, the only exception being that this one is a free version and strips some of the premium features away; the free version might be a good starting point for understanding how the PRO plugin works and looks like on your actual site.

Google Places Reviews Pro

Google Reviews Plugin for WordPress

Google is without question the place where a lot of business begins, and because Google knows this themselves they have built their own Google Reviews platform for Places (businesses) that helps search engine users to learn more about a business without having to visit external review websites. The Google Places Reviews plugin will help you to display your Google Places Reviews on your own WordPress website, anywhere you like. The extensive shortcode features will literally allow you to showcase every single detail there is to know about your business, based on the kind of information that Google Reviews have collected about you. These kind of plugins have huge impact on the way others view your businesses credibility and reliability.

Good Reviews

WordPress > Good Reviews for WordPress << WordPress Plugins

Good Reviews is probably the first straightforward free plugin on our list that offers the option to insert actual customer reviews / testimonials onto your blog without any extra fat. Features like the ability to add a photo of the person who reviewed you, to add the particular persons business page to the review are going to guarantee much more trustworthiness from those who spend the time reading and reviewing your reviews. Plugin fully supports Schema markup that will add to your overall SEO performance. Shortcode option means that you can display your reviews anywhere on the site, without having to worry about working directly with the code. You are in control of how the reviews are going to be displayed on your site.

Yellow Pages

WordPress > Yellow Pages Reviews << WordPress Plugins

Yellow Pages has been helping businesses gain exposure and more business for the past three years. The site offers businesses to enlist themselves and their full contact information, while members of the site can consume the information and also leave reviews about their experiences with the particular business. The Yellow Pages WordPress plugin will allow you to embed both the reviews left by users, as well as the contact information of your business within your own WordPress websites pages; be it a post, a widget, or a page.

JKL Reviews

WordPress > JKL Reviews << WordPress Plugins

The JKL free review plugin was crafted by someone who is an avid reviewer himself, so you can rest assured that the JKL plugin will give you enough flexibility over how your reviews appear and how much information you get to share with your readers. Whether it is books, movies, music, products or services that you are looking to review, the JKL plugin will give you enough features and custom fields to craft mouth watering reviews in minutes. While the plugin offers an extensive list of features, the best way to describe it would be that it’s an stylish way to express your thoughts in the form of reviews, without having to spend all that time creating paragraphs and other fancy HTML elements.

POWr Reviews

WordPress > POWr Reviews << WordPress Plugins

POWr focuses on a simple and powerful reviews widget that allows you to collect user reviews directly from within your WordPress blog. The free version of the plugin includes features like review length limit, to allow users to vote on individual reviews, to have full control over the color settings of the review widget, full mobile device integration that will enable your reviews to be consumed and shared on any kind of device out there. The pro version which comes at only four bucks a month offers you to remove all the POWr trademark features like the logo and watermark, an ability to monitor the incoming reviews and approve them on personal basis, to enable reviews from unregistered users, as well as an analytics feature to monitor the performance of your reviews page.

AppStore Reviews

WordPress > AppStore Reviews Viewer << WordPress Plugins

Are you an app developer? AppStore Reviews will make it easy for mobile application developers to embed their application reviews on their WordPress website through the use of a simple shortcode. The great part about this plugin is that every time a review is loaded, it is also cached within the database, which means that the next time someone loads the page with the same review, instead of wasting resources the plugin will display the cached version, but not to worry — the cache will update itself once more reviews have come in! This is also a great plugin to use when it comes to building sites that support application reviews, like a directory or database of specific mobile applications.

Easy Testimonials

WordPress > Easy Testimonials << WordPress Plugins

Easy Testimonials is being used by more than a dozen thousand users, all of whom are enjoying the extensive list of testimonial features that will lighten up the business experience for you as a business owner, but also your existing and soon-to-be customers. Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add Testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed them into a Page or Post using the shortcode. The Easy Testimonials plugin also allows you to insert a list of all Testimonials or output a Random Testimonial. Easy Testimonials allows you to include an image with each testimonial – this is a great feature for adding a photo of the testimonial author.

Handsome Testimonials

WordPress > Handsome Testimonials << WordPress Plugins

The thing with many WordPress plugins is that sometimes it’s not about the functionality of each individual plugin, but rather the way it looks, and the way it looks on our own choice of themes. The Handsome Testimonials plugin offers a more sleek option for displaying reviews and testimonials on your site by offering a range of modern and design optimized review box choices. Use the testimonial generator to get real-time previews of the kind of testimonials you want to have displayed on your website.


Widget Centre TripAdvisor for Business

TripAdvisor is without question one of the most recognized names when it comes to business reviews, but unfortunately at this time there is no real support for WordPress users, and part of the reason is the fact that TripAdvisor itself provides a Widgets feature which is basically a simple script generator for your business that then outputs the basic review information about your business, providing the option to display full-on reviews. This is definitely not the most convenient way to display reviews, at least for sites that are not so dynamic content friendly, but any other technique will require the hiring of a developer.

WP Product Review PRO

WP Product Review PRO Bundle

The guys at ThemeIsle have built a spectacular product review plugin for helping webmasters to review products in simple and tasteful manner. Whether it’s the latest book by Stephen Hawking, or the latest iPhone release that you are reviewing, WP Product Review PRO focuses on helping you to build reviews that explain the essentials of the product you are reviewing, whilst outlining the good and bad parts. Your community members can also become a part of each review and leave comments and their own experience reports with the particular product, thus helping you to generate more content at no cost at all.

And there are no restrictions for the way you can use this plugin, so you could very well use it to showcase your own products and collect reviews for them, then using the in-built widget features to display the reviews across the site.

Top 13 Content Protection Plugins for WordPress Membership Websites

Wordpress Content Locking Plugins

Content is what keeps the web alive, day by day hundreds of thousands of individual content pieces make their way into the webs atmosphere, some good, some bad; depending on the intention that the author of the particular content is trying to convey. While many would agree that finding good content is becoming increasingly difficult, what it comes down to is finding one reliable source of content, or an author of content, that delivers the kind of insights and resources that you are looking for.

Sites that protect their content have become much more popular in the recent years, not only because it helps to weed out low quality users, but also because it helps to unite together people who truly share the same ideas and insights about the particular field you are consuming content for. The highly reputable media publisher Inc. has also taken the approach of protecting its content from visitors who haven’t signed in to the service, making the community slightly more exclusive, and in many ways protecting itself against plagiarism and spammers.

And the types of content protection that WordPress offers are in the plenty. We have membership type plugins that help to build a bridge between registered user content, and content for those who haven’t registered. And then we have simple protection plugins that allow you to restrict content for visitors unless they complete an action; liking your Facebook page, or sharing your site on social media and such. Some plugins even offer the ability to lock content for a certain amount of time. Lets take a closer look at the variety of content protection plugins.


WordPress Membership Plugin Membership Software MemberPress

Any blogger and webmaster looking for a reliable membership plugin solution for WordPress, MemberPress has proven itself many times over to be a thought leader when it comes to delivering the kind of platform that can help bloggers create membership sites with exclusive and flexible features. MemberPress offers its users a solid membership platform that integrates features like content control (you decide who can see and browse content), the ability to sell your products and accept direct payments on your website pages, a subscription management module that lets you build multiple levels of subscriptions and build a community that way, even a community forum platform that will help to organize all of your members in one place without the extra hassle of having to configure an external forum platform to work with your membership platform.

WP Courseware

WP Courseware WordPress Learning Management System

When we think content protection, we might think of things like locking our users out, but sometimes it’s the basic understanding that works the best. With WP Courseware, you can easily transform your existing WordPress website into a full-blown online course platform. WP Courseware allows you to easily protect your course content by enabling an online learning platform that offers you to create pages for online courses, quizzes, surveys, member pages, and much more. Appealing modules include things like the ability to automatically generate a course completion certificate for those students who have finished the courses they have enrolled in. It’s a truly flexible courseware platform that will change the way you teach to your members forever.

WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships WooThemes

WooCommerce Memberships is not just another plugin for restricting your site’s content: it’s an easy-to-use, site-wide membership solution that brings your content, shop, and memberships together. You can setup the plugin to allow you to sell individual memberships, or you can enable a module that will let other members of the site (and yourself) to gift memberships to their friends, family and co-workers.

There’s also a very extensive ‘drip’ module, a way to schedule your premium content to be accessible at certain times for a certain group of members. Such a module enables for a lot of creative opportunities in terms of product releases, and product add-ons. You can even setup the plugin to offer premium (exclusive) products to members only, allowing you to create somewhat of a special club out of your online business.


s2Member(R) A powerful free membership plugin for WordPress(R)

s2Member stands out with an incredibly extensive list of capabilities and features that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking to protect individual posts and pages, or even specific URLs of your site — s2Member can take care of it all for you within a few simple clicks; on top of that, you can even protect certain parts of your content within an actual content post and/or page. s2Member is not just for protecting your content either, the whole platform offers a truly remarkable membership-site solution; easy payment gateway integration and unlimited subscription levels mean that you are in control of how your community grows and which direction it takes.


WordPress Membership Plugin Get Paid with Paid Memberships Pro

So far in our roundup of the best protection plugins for WordPress, PaidMembershipsPro is to stand out by being the most lightweight, and perhaps the most easy to use membership / content protection platform so far. With PaidMembershipsPro you can easily add extra features to your WordPress site by enabling several membership levels, and being in full control over how each membership level sees your content and in what way. It comes with an built-in community forum feature, and everything has been optimized for best search engine performance.


Free Community User Profile WordPress Plugin Ultimate Member

Tens of thousands of WordPress bloggers have found the UltimateMember plugin to be their solution towards creating a membership site with features like content protection, front-end user management, members database and specific features like forms builder, custom field extensions, an ability to send out member specific emails, and of course a fully mobile responsive code base that would ensure the site looks equally good on any device out there, be it table, be it mobile, or be it traditional desktop. Custom extensions like social login, real-time user updates, user-to-user reviews, eCommerce integration and captcha capabilities have been some of the major attractions for webmasters to settle with UltimateMember as their number one choice in membership platforms for WordPress.

EDD Members

EDD Members Foxland

Edd Members is add-on plugin for Easy Digital Downloads. It gives you power to set content private and build membership site in no time. The admin of the site, by using this plugin, can easily enable for any kind of public or private content to become exclusive for a certain type of sites membership. Each post (database entry) can be treated exclusively, so it’s very easy to make twenty different posts private, while making all others publicly accessible for everyone.

Restrict Content Pro

Home Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro has evolved as a content protection platform, with full dedication towards helping WordPress bloggers to make their content privately accessible to members of the site that have become subscribers. And thanks to the success of this particular plugin — it’s been built by Pippin Williamson, the same guy who built Easy Digital Downloads — the community has enabled for Restrict Content Pro to have an extension (add-on) functionality that supports add-ons like affiliate marketing feature, job submission board, multiple popular email marketing platform integration (MailChimp and Campaign Monitor to name a few), and features like the bbPress forum community.

Simple Membership

WordPress > Simple Membership << WordPress Plugins

Here we are moving into a territory of free content protection plugins that provide easy to use methods for keeping your content private when necessary. The Simple Membership plugin is a lightweight membership plugin that will work with your favorite WordPress themes out of the box, and provide you with cool features like media content protection, an ability to tease your visitors with content snippets to help them become full-on site members, to have all comments left on content protected posts to be protected as well, and a full-fledged membership platform that will let you have full access over the member levels of your site and how they interact with content.

Password Protected

WordPress > Password Protected << WordPress Plugins

In some situations, we don’t need to have a membership platform, all we really need is a way to make sure that our content stays private and only a select few can be able to gain access to it, and with such a thought in mind, the best solution to use would be the Password Protected plugin, a simple WordPress plugin that will let you set up a site-wide password that will be required any time any of the sites pages are being accessed. Certainly a very raw content protection solution!

OnePress Social Locker

WordPress > OnePress Social Locker << WordPress Plugins

Here we are entering in the more modern content lock space, the OnePress plugin offers a social lock feature that will ask of your visitors to share a particular piece of content before it is being displayed to them. This does help to increase your social share count by a significant margin, but there have been stories — in select markets — where people don’t find such ‘tricks’ to be very appealing at all. With Social Locker, you can lock anything in your content and automatically unlock it after a visitor has shared your page. All you need to do is select the part of your content you want to lock, click a button and you’re done! It’s a free pay-to-view content locker, and definitely is worth experiment with to play with traffic and social recognition.

Content Protect by Time Lock

WordPress > Content Protect By Time Lock << WordPress Plugins

Time Lock has built a plugin that will allow you to protect your content from anonymous visitors for a set amount of time, whether it’s one hour, two hours, or two weeks — Time Lock will make sure that the members of your site are first to see the content, so as to enable a more community oriented aspect.

Foruma04 Site Lock

WordPress > Formula04 Site Lock << WordPress Plugins

Foruma04 has built a similar plugin to what OnePress is trying to do with their password protect the site feature, but where as OnePress would password protect the whole site, Foruma04 focuses on password protecting individual pages. You can protect your whole site, but also have the option to whitelist certain pages of the site.

Lincoln – A Unique Material Design WordPress Theme for Education

Big Size Banner 1100x800

As a board of directors at Lunartheme, we deeply understand one thing that education is the only weapon to break the chain of obscurity, move forward and become a leader. Most importantly, it gives us the power to influence, the privilege of understanding, and the opportunity to chase dreams. It cannot be denied that education should be focused on wholesome growth. Regardless of its importance, we also witness the transformation from a teaching to a learning platform over time. The point was that education needs to change in the ways that the world around us has. Therefore, it is the best time for redefining the education operation, when tech developments are making their influence on most of available fields. In this internet era, as you might know, the first step of powering your educational institute with technology is about having one full-fledged website, which you can do awesome things by providing helpful information to the pupils of your school or college or any other kinds of educational institution in a simple-but-effective way.

As we have a deep intuitive understanding of this inevitable shift, we decided to make an eye-catching education WordPress Theme yet powerful enough for university, college, school, online courses and other education related websites in order to empower your educational institution. That’s how Lincoln comes to life.

To fine tune Lincoln, we have done a deep research within the education industry. Therefore we know exactly which features your Learning business should have on the website. During our time of researching, our greatest goal was aimed to build a theme that is easy to use for non-experienced WordPress users but still powerful enough to fulfill its educational purpose. And we are finally made it. We also believe that Lincoln will satisfy the most demanding clients’ expectations with its mind-blowing material design among its neighbors!

banner_below_introduction 700x450px

Not only FOCUS on Education!

Our Lincoln is specially designed and well built for the needs of educational organization’s websites, yet it is also peculiarly well suited for other digital or shop business because of modern design and WooCommerce integrated. Whatever your educational institution is: university, college, kindergarten, learning center, training center, educational institute or educational organization etc, Lincoln might just have the most powerful management system to fulfill all your site’s requirement. You can easily create courses with categories and split into the classes, get reviews, set the prices, discounts, create events, assign teacher/speaker and even post on the blog with different layouts.

Pic1_Focus on edu

Trendy Material Design

Since modern education is expected to be professional at all angles, so part of being professional here means you need to have a full-fledged website with trendy look. If you or your clients are searching for a powerful management system which has both ‘cool’ material design and user-friendly experience, Lincoln will definitely be a great choice!

pic2_Material Design

Responsive Design + Best UX/UI Practice

Worry about broken layout issues on different devices? Then Lincoln might just have the key to solve your problem. Not only comes with stunning responsive design which makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones), Lincoln satisfies many demanding customers with the great UX/UI experience. It is synonymous with the increase of interaction between your website and users. Is that amazing?


Powerful Features

If you’re searching for a full-featured all-in-one solution, then Lincoln is the theme for you. Besides a stunning material design, it’s standing out from the crowd on the market because it also functions as a complete learning management system.

Event and Ticket Selling

Event plays an important role and somehow indispensable for every education-related website. Along the line of offering event custom post type, we also feature the ticket selling for single events to bring the best interaction between your website and users.


Course Enrollment

Since our theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, you can get your students/users pay online enrollment and choose number of tickets for courses easily by using Lincoln WordPress Theme.


WooCommerce Integrated

Lincoln is also fully integrated with the renowned WooCommerce – the largest e-Commerce platform, that means monitoring your online educational shop products would never be easier.


Super customizable layouts

With LINCOLN powerful plugins that integrate Visual Composer with WooCommerce, you now can easily use a page template for your single product and category page layouts. The number of pages and layouts you can create is countless. The only limit here is your imagination!

The Most Powerful and Intuitive LMS – LearnDash Compatible


Lincoln has been tested extensively to ensure that it works seamlessly with LearnDash. The theme incorporates custom styling for LearnDash components to give the most appealing look for website. Lincoln also provides custom sidebars, LearnDash options in Theme Options, User profile template for purchasers to help manage on-line courses better.

With LearnDash integrated, creating an on-line course would never been easier for even non-wordpress users. Using Lincoln with this powerful LMS, you can be able to create courses, add lessons, topics, and even quizzes and questions into courses with ease, let alone selling course via Paypal and WooCommerce.

BBPress & BuddyPress – Make Your Website A More Social Place


After the success of LearnDash, Lunartheme continues to update two more powerful features for Lincoln WordPress Theme which are BBPress and BuddyPress Integrations. This is two WordPress plugins that have been created by some of the same individuals so we can guarantee that it works seamlessly with each other. That’s why Lunartheme decided to integrate both of them. These two plugins are related in the sense that they can help you build a community around your website, giving you the ability to interact better with your visitors, while also letting them interact with each other. Of the two plugins, bbPress is responsible for adding discussion forums to WordPress sites, while BuddyPress has the ability to add social networking features.

If you want to make your website become a more social place, and want to use the most powerful and intuitive forum builders BBPress and BuddyPress, then Lincoln will definitely be your best choice!

Worry about difficulties while using Lincoln? We ensure that there is sufficient supply of materials and dedicated support team to provide you the best quality service!

Top 15 Free SVG Tools for Graphic & Web Designers

Free Svg Editor Tools

The web is evolving alongside all of its elements, including one of the most popular aspect of the web — images. Images are like the petals of the flower, expressing the beauty of the creation that it is. But unfortunately, images have not been so quick to adapt to change and evolution of the web, and these days it’s still the most space consuming element of an webpage, accounting for up to 80% of any given webpages size, and it’s common knowledge that the bigger the size of a website, the longer it takes to load, and the longer it takes to load, the more likely it is that we are going to lose visitors, leads, potential customers, and ultimately business.

With responsive web evolving, it’s becoming more and more important to serve the kind of content that scales naturally with the resolution of the device that is browsing the particular website and/or page, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is the one kind of image format that will scale without losing its quality, although not infinitely (we will eventually get there), SVG images provide so much more freedom over the size of the images you are using, as well as the way they interact with your design.

Scalable Vector Graphics are an XML based markup that can contain two-dimensional vectors. The vectors can be simple shapes, paths, or well just about anything you can do in Illustrator. It’s an image format that has more in common with a web page that it does with a JPEG. SVG is much more powerful than other image formats we can use on the web as we can manipulate them with code (either in our text editor or with CSS / JS). And with this in mind, let us take a moment to focus on some of the most useful and exciting free SVG editor tools available for exploration.



SVG in itself is very popular, but another popular area opening up for this media format is animation, and more and more free platforms and tools such as Raw are making their way into the graphic designer market. Raw is an open-source web app for creating vector based visual animations and charts with the help of the D3.js graphics library; through the use of a simple editing interface. RAW provides 16 different choices of pre-built templates for displaying your data. Be it movie statistics, song lengths, or custom data sets that you need to visualize in SVG format — Raw has the capability to do it all for you.


Home Inkscape

Inkscape is a popular graphics editing engine that’s famous amongst freelancers and indie designers. This open-source and free graphics (vector) editor is used by tens of thousands of people to build and optimize vector graphics in the form of charts, logos, illustrations, diagrams, and more; even multiplex imagery. It’s well-known for having full-on SVG support, but unfortunately since 2015 the platform does not anymore support features for SVG animation.


svg.js A lightweight JavaScript library for manipulating and animating svg

We are still on the topic of SVG animation, and the SVG.js library gives developers and designers the kind of features that will let you stitch together multiple SVG images to create funky animations that you can use for your video projects, your website needs, or simply to express your creative drive.

Method Draw

Method Draw

Method Draw is a straightforward online web app for free editing SVG files; specifically it has been built as an online vector graphics editor, and the only way to learn more about its capabilities is to load up a quick vector file and take it for a spin.


Snap.svg Home

Snap.svg lets you create, build and edit SVG files for free to create modern and state of the art animations that will blow away your customers, your visitors, even your designer friends! With the expansion of web technology, we can see how Snap.svg will be used to help create more interactive online games, but most importantly online content that relies on spectacular visuals. SVG is an excellent way to create interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that will look great on any size screen. And the Snap.svg JavaScript library makes working with your SVG assets as easy as jQuery makes working with the DOM.

Adobe Edge

HTML5 animation software Download free Adobe Edge Animate CC trial

Adobe is the global leader in developing the kind of graphic design tools that make graphic design easy and flexible. Adobe is also in fully alignment with the latest web design standards and understands that sometimes it takes more than just a pretty picture to keep your visitors and customers entertained, which is where Adobe Edge Animate comes in. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create stunning SVG animations, then take some time aside and get yourself a subscription to Adobe Edge and start creating. YouTube is overflowing with tutorial videos on how to use Adobe Edge for SVG graphics.

SVG Morpheus

SVG Morpheus Morph SVG icons

Want to add some interactivity to your SVG images? Use Morpheus to morph together multiple SVG images for fancy effects. Is supported by the principles of Google’s Material Design.


quasi svg Robin Berjon

Immerse yourself in the creative aspects of web and graphic design and use the Quasi app to create beautiful quasicrystalline patterns that will amp up your apps, website designs, or simple backgrounds for the projects you are building. The options panel lets you build truly custom patterns that will compliment a variety of designs.

Plain Pattern

Plain Pattern

For web designers, the Plain Pattern app is a simple to use application for creating plain color patterns that can be exported in SVG format. More features are hopefully being added soon, with the full list of expected features available at the About page.


Chartist Simple responsive charts

The beauty of graphic design is that it can be easily integrated with a variety of content formats, projects and applications. Chartist helps designers, developers and even simple webmasters to amplify their content visual appearance with interactive and dynamic charts that look and feel amazing on any device. Chartist’s goal is to provide a simple, lightweight and unintrusive library to responsively craft charts on your website. It’s important to understand that one of the main intentions of Chartist.js is to rely on standards rather than providing it’s own solution to a problem which is already solved by those standards. We need to leverage the power of browsers today and say goodbye to the idea of solving all problems ourselves.



Have an SVG image but want to spice it up with some custom filters? Fildrop gives you access to 26 individual filters ranging from Matrix to Gamma to Blur and many more. Once you choose the filter, you are given back an HTML5 code that you can input straight into your project.


BonsaiJS A Graphics Library

Bonsai is a light library for graphics editing that supports an intuitive API and renderer platform for SVG.


SVGMagic Great jQuery SVG fallback plugin

Whilst SVG is a pretty old vector graphics format, the introduction of it to the modern web has only been very recent, and many of the older browsers are unable to support the new HTML5 technologies and capabilities. With that in mind was built SVGMagic, to help webmasters convert any stalled SVG content back to PNG so that the browser can execute and display it. It uses jQuery for its base platform and back-end.


The SVG Font Machine Glyphter

Glyphter gives you access to 16 different sources of SVG optimized icons and fonts that you can then use to map out your own SVG fonts sprite. Load up your favorite glyphs and watch the font develop.


iconizr . CSS Sass icon kit creator . SVG PNG sprite generator

Have a list of SVG animations and/or drawings? Put them all together and have Iconizr convert them into a fully usable CSS icon kit.

Top 14 Free Tools & Apps for Taking Notes

Take Notes Online Tools Apps

Work, even life, is all about productivity, and those who work long hours each day are bound to run into situations where things simply fall out of your head for no apparent reason at all. Whether we get stressed, or there is too much information to go around, forgetting things can add more to the stressful experience, especially if it is something important, or an idea that we would have loved to explore more. The only solution towards keeping your mind somewhat free and organized is to start practicing taking notes.

They say that the smartest person in the room is not the one who looks most professional in his expensive suit, but the one who is sitting in the corner of the room, taking notes and later asking the right kind of questions. The power of taking notes is immense, we can record insights, we can record ideas and later deep-analyze those ideas, we can record contact details and important information about events and tasks at hand, but most importantly we can begin to organize our mind and start making more sense of our work, or if we choose to — our life.

The following free apps and tools for taking notes have been carefully built to help support productivity at work and life, and provide the kind of features that will help taking notes for freelancers, individuals, business people, teams of people, or simple indie developers who want to keep track of all the funky stuff you can find on the web. We hope this list of note taking platforms inspires you to try out note taking and see the benefits for yourself, though we do admire the authenticity of a good personal notebook and a pen that you can carry in your pocket!

Google Keep

Meet Google Keep - Save your thoughts wherever you are - Keep - Google

Google has been really stepping up its game in terms of releasing free software, apps and tools that resonate with day to day tasks. Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets are amongst the most popular Google apps apart from the search engine itself, and much of these cloud applications are direct competitors with companies like Microsoft, and others. Google Keep is no exception in terms of being a threat to larger note keeping companies like Evernote, or Microsoft’s OneNote (both of which are listed in this roundup), and is already home to hundreds of thousands of loyal Google fans. Google Keep is perfect for keeping notes of any kind of format imagine, the app is based on material design; providing a truly beautiful notekeeping experience.



Thinkery gets straight to the point about getting your brains content organized and optimized for the best possible performance. Use the hashtags functionality to tag the lists you make and the kind of things you have to do, want to do, or want to recommend to others. Combine all your webs browsing experience in one place, and combined with the extra compact text editor — Thinkery is not far from being your all-in-one list and free note keeping application.


Microsoft OneNote The digital note taking app for your devices

Microsoft’s OneNote is a truly revolutionary note keeping app that houses some truly powerful features. Use OneNote to record your thoughts, keep note of your latest discoveries, take simple notes, maybe you just need an app that can help you build simple lists so that you’re always on top of your things. OneNote will compliment both those who are strict office people, as well as those who spend a lot of time at home; it’s been built for everyone!

OneNote stands out with features like the ability to capture photos, to add presentations to your notes, even to copy and paste articles from external sources, and those with journalism tendencies will enjoy the ability to record audio notes as it’s happening.


Home CintaNotes Note Taking Software for Windows

CintaNotes is an application designed for taking and managing notes. It sits in the system tray and is activated via a hot key. It is designed to be ergonomic, fast, and unobtrusive. CintaNotes Features: Take notes quickly and conveniently Clip text from anywhere on hotkey Find as fast as you can type Effortlessly tag and organize Read and edit on your mobile devices Works online and offline Read more at:

CintaNotes is for creating, editing and managing your day to day notes. Once installed and activated, CintaNotes will happily sit in the background until you bring it up from the system application tray. It has been built with efficiency and speed in mind, to ensure productivity and pleasure of use. If you work on multiple PCs, e.g at home and at work, or want to have your notes always at hand on your mobile devices, you will probably want your notes to be automatically synchronized. CintaNotes along with Simplenote helps you to stay current; Simplenote, Dropbox and Google Drive integration, and syncs with iOS and Android.



Simplenote is a lightweight note taking application that works with Mac, Kindle, Android, iOS and has a native web application, which means that you will naturally be able to keep track of your notes from literally anywhere. Update a particular note from one location, and it will automatically be updated on all other devices as well, how cool is that! Tagging feature means that you will be able to find your content without having to use all that brainpower, and it also works for well for teams who want to stay organized. Oh yes.. did we mention that it is completely free?


Laverna store your notes anonymously and encrypted

Laverna is a very modern note keeping web application that’s currently in BETA but functions well enough for users to be able to use it consistently and to trust its algorithm to provide a good experience. Laverna’s main focus is security, and the app can encrypt all your notes on client side with SJCL library and no one, except you, can get access to them. Because it’s built with the latest web standards (and JavaScript) it requires no registration and you can begin recording notes right away. All information that’s being sent to Laverna is saved only client-side.


The workspace for your life's work Evernote

Evernote has reached the hearts of many of the webs users. The full desktop / web application has become somewhat of a hit between those who are serious about organizing their lives with the help of notes. Evernote works out of the box with platforms like the iPad, iPhone and even the Apple Watch, needless to say that it works with all other major operating systems out there. Evernote will help you create notes, write lists, and do your research in an environment that’s friendly to editing, researching and publishing. You can also invite your team to become a part of your work and have discussions with them about certain ideas and concepts.

The user-friendly interface provides for an experience that’s pleasant to return to, and the ability to use the editor to create custom content tables, to add screenshots and to be able to search all that content using a remarkable search function are just some of the main reasons why people choose to go with Evernote when it comes to staying on top of things; literally!



Notability is not just for those who are looking to keep simple notes, the Notability platform is famous for being versatile and compatible with people from all walks of life — freelancers, teachers, business people, students, even mothers who have to take care of their kids at home are all using Notability to keep notes, draw ideas on a whiteboard, optimize PDF files, adjust photos, record audio and video things. Notability supports itself on top of all known devices to man, meaning you will always have your library of notes and ideas with you.


Notezilla Sticky Notes for Windows 10 8 7 XP Android iPhone iPad iOS Windows Phone

Notezilla is a simple and elegant sticky notes solutions for Windows desktop users; there’s also an Android version. Create, record and attach sticky notes anywhere on your desktop, or keep them all organized within folders for future use, Notezilla provides the most effective way of keeping sticky notes on your Windows computer.


WorkFlowy Organize your brain.

Workflowy is available as an web app, Android app, iOS app, and a Google Chrome extension for those who want an elegant solution to keeping notes. Workflowy has been used to give birth to companies like Slack, and many more have used it to write books, stories and media stories that have wowed the world. WorkFlowy is a beautiful free tool for taking notes and making lists. Simple to use, but incredibly powerful, WorkFlowy can help you manage all the information in your life.


SilverNote Note Taking Software

Whether you’re a student or a professional in business, SilverNote is all about helping you to have a compact note keeping platform without all the clutter, but with all the exciting features that make note keeping fun and creative. An in-built charts platform means you don’t have to step outside of SilverNote’s dashboard to create the kind of notes that will expand on your ideas.


Notesy for Dropbox from Goat Beard LLC Notesy app

Dropbox is no doubt a household name, and for many Dropbox users — Notesy is as well. With Notesy you can easily create notes and other text documents and have them directly synced to your Dropbox account, giving you access to your notes from everywhere and anywhere.


Your online project management software tools Wrike

We thought it would be a good idea to include at least one online project management platform that offers a fully optimized management dashboard for teams of all sizes. Wrike helps your team setup projects and keep them updated with notes, entries, lists and other kind of digital document types that would help you expand on your ideas and growth.


Take notes online with Notezz

The last note keeping app on our list is Notezz; a simplicity-based free note keeping tool that has been built with simple and effective note keeping features in mind. Signup, open up a new document and start typing away. It’s that simple.

Jakiro – Unique Fashion Shop eCommerce WordPress Theme

Banner 1100x560

Delving into the world of e-commerce is an exciting prospect. But in this modern era, many shops are thriving on the Internet. One question is how many of them can actually feel satisfied with what their websites can show to customers? Starting an ecommerce site from scratch has never been an easy part in this business because of its harsh competitive environment. There are so many issues related to product listing design and payment system, let alone website design and marketing strategies. Suffice to say, if you don’t have a large team and/or lavish budget, chances are you’ll have more worries about sorting out priorities, than actually building your online empire with the resources you have.

But what if there was a theme that does it all? One theme to serve the needs of all your customers, one theme that owns an attractive design and is able to deliver the freshest content, one theme that is equipped with powerful Theme Options and necessary plugins like WooCommerce, Color Swatch, etc to manage products with ease? The one with enough features to have it look differently with every new website created? You say you’ve been looking for something like this for ages? In fact this theme already exists, and more than thousands of people know. It’s Jakiro WordPress Theme – our latest product for multiple products specially designed for eCommerce websites.

To strengthen business position in the market, we deeply understand that a successful eCommerce website needs to be clear, predictable and visually appealing at all angles. That’s why we bring Jakiro to life to meet all the requirements. After one month of hard work, we have successfully launched JAKIRO – Unique Fashion Shop WordPress Theme on We wouldn’t bother to compare our product to the renowned Divi theme or X theme because they are already the best of the best. However, we do have features that we take pride in and are really excited to introduce to you.


A Design for Brand – User – Product

For e-commerce websites, we understand that the design and layout of the site can have a huge impact on sales because of usability, in addition to just the importance of making a good first impression with new visitors. Therefore, we fine-tuned the tiniest details to ensure a perfect and free-from-flaws template which is suited for all eCommerce sites. We really want to create something that speaks to the consumer in a way that comes naturally from the layouts, the images, the colours and everything.


Easily Control the theme with Advanced Theme Options

With Jakiro’ advanced theme options panel, you can customize any part of your site quickly and easily. You can change the theme’s colors and typography, set some default style settings which you can override at any time; customize any blog listing layouts; custom codes and change just about everything there! Besides that, Jakiro’s theme options also supports import demo data; makes your website look exactly like our demo in just seconds. Managing your theme have never been much easier with Jakiro!


Strongly focused on Shopping Experience

Because Jakiro is specially designed for eCommerce sites, so we strongly focus on shopping experience for customers. It is fully integrated with the famed WooCommerce – the largest eCommerce platform, which makes checking up on your online business would be a piece of cake. Pleased yet? Hold on, we have more to talk about: Our Jakiro Shop theme is also accompanied with WooCommerce Variation Colors and Swatches – the most wonderful tool to convert your normal variable attribute dropdown select to nicely looking color or image select. You can display images or color in all common size.


Responsive Design

Worry about broken layout issues on different devices? Then Jakiro might just have the key to solve your problem. Not only comes with stunning responsive design which makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones), Jakiro satisfies many demanding customers with the great UX/UI experience. It is synonymous with the increase of interaction between your website and users. Is that amazing?


If you are small seller and cannot have that infrastructure to support sprawling websites like major retailers do, or the budget to pay developers is exceeded but you still want the website to stand out from the crowd. Then Jakiro might be your perfect choice!

Worry about difficulties while using Jakiro? We ensure that there is sufficient supply of materials and dedicated support team to provide you the best quality service!

Top 15 Free Web Page Wireframe Kits for Web Designers & Developers

Free Web Page Wireframe Kits

Web design and the art of designing a website is a dynamic, ever changing, process. Starting work with a new client without first presenting your capabilities and concept art of the requirements that the client needs is going to end up in a pretty big mess. Clients always change their minds, and trying to work with a design within live environment from day one is just asking for more work and headache where none is necessary.

Wireframe kits are great because they can help us create designs and their concepts before we start any actual work, and because wireframe kits are so accessible and easy to use, we can have readily presentable designs available for our clients within an hour. This then helps to better understand the kind of design the client is looking for, and they can also finalize their final idea by working closely with the wireframe you have created to better understand how the website, application and/or platform is going to look, feel and work like.

We have gathered together a list of fifteen most popular and presumably the best wireframe kits that you can find on the web today, ranging from a variety of design styles to a variety of choices between simple and sophisticated, and we plan to keep this post updated in the future to reflect back the latest developments in web design and the kind of kits that are being crafted and published by fellow designers. If you are a design with your own wireframe kit, please do comment on your own behalf and we will be more than happy to look at your design and consider it for inclusion in this list, thank you!

Vector Wireframe Kit & Symbol Library

Vector Wireframe kit

First up we have Giles Newman sharing with the world his user-friendly and perfectly design vector graphics wireframe kit that’s full of UI elements and objects that will let you create demo designs for any kind of project imaginable. Whether it’s video placeholders or social sharing icon elements, Giles has thought about things ahead and included a lot of nifty elements in his kit. Enjoy!

Free Blueprint Wireframe PSD Kit

Free Blueprint Wireframe PSD Kit

Goksel Vancin shares with us a simple blueprint kit that will be great to use to create quick concept art for things like online forms, and content placements / designs. It has been online for several years now but still going strong with the Behance and designer community alike.

EventPro UI Kit – Free Download

EventPro UI Kit

This is an amazing wireframe kit from the designers over at DtailStudio. The project page at Behance has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and goes to show what kind of publicity is possible when you share something truly unique, and no cost whatsoever. The multiple layouts and kit elements have been built to be used for developing for web platforms, and mobile apps, as well as tools. The EventPro Kit has been built to help designers and developers to quickly build scalable project demos that are dynamic and interactive.

Event settings and notifications are managed from a simple, streamlined control panel, as well as allowing you to monitor event activity using a detailed statistical package. EventPro allows users to Pin content, Manage items, Track balances, Gather statistics, and more. The platform uses our specially designed activity stream to offer a bird’s-eye view of the process – from event creation, through to ticket sales and user interactions. You can browse through user comments, shares, feedback and more. EventPro also makes it easy to keep track of your ticket sales, your users and their interactions with your upcoming event – using powerful statistical engines that do all the hard work for you.

Free 20 UX Item Pack

Free 20 item ux pack

Need ready to use UX Device kit that you can use to showcase the way your projects look on certain types of devices? This free UX pack for devices has been popular amongst mobile designers and those who are into sketching mobile artwork. Thanks to Qaaim Goodwin for crafting and sharing with the designer community.

Free responsive wireframes (GIF)

Free responsive wireframes

Chris Bannister shared a simple concept art of responsive GIF wireframes that he was planning to use for one of his projects, only to learn that there was immense community demand and support towards his wireframes, upon which point he decided to make the PSD files available to the public, and the number of downloads for this kit has continued to grow over the years, not to mention more than 150,000+ views. Amazing kit!

Fireworks wireframe Stencils

Free wireframe stencils

Here we have a free Stencils kit from Alex Karp. This kit includes a number of elements and UI objects that can be used to quickly build a demo design for websites that deal with content; news, blogs, communities. Also good for doing some back-end concept designs since there’s a range of elements that fall under forms and input boxes.

Rapid Wireframing Kit


The kit includes 16 pages of wireframe components, 7 wireframe examples as starting points, 6 templates for different needs with built-in grids and notes, and a set of 77 icons. And although this is a premium (paid) item, the number of resources you get for the price are unbeatable, and you can create a variety of business, creative and dynamic platform demos just by using this kit alone. Well worth the investment.

Bones Wireframe Kit


The Bones wireframe kit is a retina ready, vector shaped, with the use of structured layers and organized kit structure, quick prototype design kit that features 120 different screens in 10 different categories, a range of 120 fully customizable web elements, all of which are in tune with the latest design trends and standards. All mockups can be loaded into Photoshop for quick editing and optimization.

Webpage Wireframe Stencil


Here we have a nice and free kit resource from Pixden. This particular Wireframe Stencil is full of vector elements such as sliders, image tabs, breadcrumb elements, buttons, icons, input forms, boxes, pagination elements and much more. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it will get the job done!

Free Photoshop Wireframe Kit


Are you a photoshop designer? Rafal Tomal went out of his way back in 2012 and put together a very resourceful photoshop wireframe kit that you can load up in PhotoShop and start working with right away. If you check Rafal’s official page for this kit, he goes into a little bit of detail explaining how it works and how to take advantage of its features.

UI8 Wireframe Kit

UI8 kit

The designer resource UI8 has really stepped up their game in recent years, and are known as providers for some really high-quality designer content, with this wireframe kit being no exception. Although there are many wireframe kits that you can find on UI8’s website, this one stands out with its elegancy and professionalism, and should be sufficient enough to compliment your clients needs and requirements for website and platform projects.

Bootflat UI Kit


Are you into flat web design, and mostly do project for clients that are looking for flat design features? Bootflat is an open source Flat UI KIT based on Bootstrap 3.3.0 CSS framework; built with the CSS pre-processor SASS. Bootflat is the perfect wireframe kit to compliment your design choices, with the emphasis on lightweight design and mobile first approach.

Sally Blocks

Sally Blocks download free ui kits by PixelBuddha

Sally Blocks offers a big set of UI components and elements that will let you quickly craft responsive web designs. Every “block” is accompanied by its appropriate description, feature list, contact list, portfolio items, and more. With the use of Sally you will be well on your way to build and construct websites like landing pages, creative portfolios and business pages alike.

Jolly UI Free

Jolly kit

How about some hand drawn design spice to your web design workflow? Jolly has been specifically crafted as a hand drawn wireframe kit that has been vectorized for your convenience. Simple sliders and other common web elements mean that you will be quickly able to create the kind of website design concepts that resemble the retro and classical styles.

Basiliq by CASTLE

basiliq kit

The last kit on our list is another one that’s been hand-crafted, and features more than 300+ elements. Basiliq will let you easily create the kind of concept designs that resembles sites the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and many more, meaning that there really aren’t that many limitations to what you can create with Basiliq, for both desktop and mobile platforms.

INK – Elegant Magazine Blog WP Theme For Travel, Fashion, Food

Preview Banner

A reality has proven that most of blog users are now trying to switch to different CMS which is very modern, flexible and powerful, it’s called “WordPress”. This is considered as the most popular and favorite platform in the blogging community with its continuous development and superior features. The appearance of WordPress has drawn a new era and dominated the Web world. The plenty of personal blogs are formed, those are a place to share beautiful photos, personal fun stories, hobbies, information about recent travels or some your favorite baking recipes with your friends and family. Although, the personal blogs are used with numerous different reasons and purposes, it’s not denied that it has connected millions of people in the online world.

When you find the wonderful way to show off anything you want to the world, it is important for you to make your blog to look more attractive, impressive and professional. That’s reason why we have built the best personal blog WordPress theme dedicated to bloggers – INK. Selecting the right WordPress theme means that you take your blog to get closer to your readers.

Our INK is crafted on the needs of blog users and inspired from simplicity of life around. This is a magazine and personal blog WordPress Theme with simple and elegant style. It is suitable for anyone to share their stories, moments, trips, fashion, food, photos collection or lifestyle. Enough said, welcome to the exciting world of INK.

What’s Great About the INK?

Building Your Own Blog

To create your own blog, you can pick any pre-configured template, INK provides various blog layout options, for instance, blog feature, blog large, blog medium, blog grid (2-4 columns), blog masonry (2-4 columns). With pre-built layouts, INK will give you enough ideas to create your own blog. The change of layout style just depends on your demands.

In addition this, also, there are 5 different single post formats for your blog, including standard, gallery, video, audio, link posts, so you will have a unlimited creativity for your content. All post types and its settings have been greatly simplified. The creation of engaging content also will help your blog attract a wider audience. They are willing to follow you even get in touch with you through social share buttons. That is a very extremely crucial integration to help your blog increase conversion rate, turn usual readers into loyal fans.

Especially, INK supports infinite scrolling feature which promises a better experience for users. Infinite scrolling can be called endless pages. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, the next page of posts is automatically retrieved and appended. This means you won’t need to use pagination. It is highly trending as the way of user’s interaction on your pages. Simultaneously, it is also an efficient solution for mobile devices. However, infinite scrolling also has the strengths and weaknesses, so you should consider to use it the most effective.


Simplicity and well-structured

Super easy-to-use and no coding knowledge required are these words that best describe INK. Because INK is a wide range of pre-built templates, so it is super light and easy to set up, you just have to pick the templates for home-pages or blog pages. In addition to this, INK uses Theme Options instead of Customization to help you edit the theme easily. So, if you want to change the theme or anything similar, you can implement in Theme options. That means you won’t take too much time to customize the theme or do anything else.

Besides, INK has a very clear organization, it supports theme users both sidebar (left and right sidebar) and box layout, provides you with pre-made templates for blog pages and numerous integrated social media, a full-width Instagram footer area.That’s why everyone loves about INK.

Plenty of Pre-Built Templates

INK has got 14 predefined templates for homepage which are already for many different kind of needs: travel, food, lifestyle, storytelling, fashion. The extra outstanding feature is that INK isn’t limited to only one header style, but it’s built up 7 different header styles which appropriate to each specific homepage. However, if you don’t want to use our premade templates for header, you can do it yourself for your own header version. Framework is ours, but ideas are yours.

Also like header styles, based on user demand, we prepared 12 templates for post slider. With pre-configured slider styles, you can show the most prominent content on top. Post sliders are not new, but the appearance of it has fundamentally based on the aim of making away redundancy and focusing on essential factors: your photographs and contents.


Adequate Contrast

One of the most important factors of blog is readability. That you build a blog is to provide content for visitors to read, so of course the design has to focus on several elements to make your blog as easy as possible. With light pastel color combined with Lato font, proper text color and exquisite typography, INK make a good contrast to promote easy reading for your readers. We all know that readers will be mostly reading about your blog in their mobile devices, so your blog must also be responsive. We understand that, so INK has no difference between the performance of mobile and desktop.


INK will give you new experiences and a chance to enhance blog, so don’t be afraid to change and grab the opportunity. Support is always available, INK offers a dedicated support, regular updates and extended documentation.

Top 15 Resources for Free Stock Video Footage

Free Stock Video Sites

Video editors, content creators, designers, and other creative artists can oftentimes find themselves in a pit where time is of the essence, and spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a few seconds of good footage is not an option, but thanks to an ever growing community of videographers, free video stock footage has become more accessible, so much so that more than a dozen sites are frequently updating their directory of free stock video footage to serve its visitors and communities.

Whether it’s a small YouTube reel we want to make, or a clip we want to insert in one of our movies, perhaps we just want to experiment with creating movies from scratch, if our plan is to use our created footage and publish it, we should always look into free footage options, because otherwise we risk running into problems with copyright infringement and while that doesn’t always mean going to the court, it will oftentimes mean that our video will be quickly removed from online sources, leaving us feeling like we have wasted our time.

And on top of that, even if we do operate our own camera and have good enough equipment to shoot videos, we may be restricted in terms of resources to process the videos ourselves, or there is the limitation of being able to shoot the kind of scenery and setting that we need for our project, which is what makes stock footage sites so reliable, and awesome of course!


Download Free Stock Footage Free Stock Video and HD video clips

Videvo has really evolved as a stock footage platform in the recent years, thousands of stock videos have been uploaded to Videvo thanks to its generous community members who are freelancers, videographers, and generally nice people. Apart from free video footage, Videvo also offers free motion graphics resources; hundreds of them. You can choose between two licenses, the Videvo License, and Creative Commons 3.0 — the former will let you use the video in any way you like, without giving any credit to the author, but you will not be able to upload or share the video online, whilst CC 3.0 requires of you to credit the author that you have taken the video from, which is also why so many authors and creatives find it reliable to share their stock footage on Videvo — it gives them free exposure!


Free stock videos - Pexels Videos

Pexels Videos offers completely free videos. All videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means you can edit or change the videos and use them free for personal and even for commercial projects. All without asking for permission or setting a link to the source. So that attribution is not required. The kind of videos that you can find on Pexels will ensure that you are covered when it comes to footage for promotions, website introductions, project demos, or simple and relaxing footage to use for your latest YouTube videos. Most popular categories are Nature, Technology, People and Cities.

Bottled Video Free Stock Footage and HD Video

Those who have been browsing stock footage for the last couple of years might remember a household name ‘Wrightwood’, a creative group that was very much into sharing professional and inspiring stock footage at affordable prices. Today, the successor for Wrightwood is Bottled Video, with a wide range of choices when it comes to sleek and modern stock footage that will compliment a vast amount of project types.


Free Stock Videos 4k Footage HD Video Clips

Videezy is part of the Eezy Inc. family! If you are looking for free and modern stock videos, some of which are shot in 4K resolution, then Videezy is worth taking a second look at. Video categories like nature, urban, ocean, sky, and city are amongst the favorite attractions for those who need category specific footage. A lot of the content on the site is more than one minute long, giving you the freedom to further edit the video footage to better suit your project needs.



More than 60,000+ members are enjoying 600+ stock videos that range from simple timelapses to sophisticated science reaction videos that will surely spark inspiration in a variety of directions. All footage is free to use, however if you wish to use it for commercial purposes you will need to purchase a license for a tiny fee; this same fee is also what covers the costs to maintain the site, and employ people who share more free stock videos. You yourself can become a paid contributor by applying through the official form that you can find on the homepage of the website.


Stock Video Footage Royalty Free Video Clips Pond5

Pond5 is one of the largest creative media sites on the planet, with more than 70+ employees; Pond5 focuses on providing exceptional content for those who need footage, music, sound effects, after effects, images, and 3D models for their projects. Anyone with creative aspirations is able to become a paid member of the site and share their work in exchange for 50/50 split at all earnings made. You provide the content, Pond5 provides the buyers! All footage comes in several formats, including standard SD, a flexible HD option, and 4K option for those who are really into crafting and editing videos. And there are so many categories to choose from.


Free Clips Dissolve

Dissolve provides high-quality footage for use in advertising, broadcast productions, web entertainment, and corporate videos. Editors, filmmakers, and producers can use Dissolve stock footage to augment and enhance their custom-shot work, or even build stories around the footage used. With more than 900,000+ stock videos to choose from, you are bound to find the kind of content that will reflect your ideas and aspirations. Just enter a simple keyword and watch tens of thousands of videos unfold before you; each complimented with a concise description explaining the scenery and place where the video was shot.


Unlimited Downloads of Stock Video Footage Backgrounds and More VideoBlocks

VideoBlocks is home to more than 100,000+ stock videos, many of which are now in full High Definition and 4K resolution. The signup price for a whole year is $99, but this gives you the ability to have unlimited downloads potential, and all new content that’s being added to the site is automatically going to be available for instant download. VideoBlocks has definitely got one of the most appealing stock footage offers on the market.


Distill Free HD Stock Video HD Video Clips

Distill is still a work in progress project, but the idea is to provide subscribers with 10 full-HD stock footage videos every 10 days. If you have been browsing the web for long enough, you will know there are several photography stock sites that are based upon the same idea, so it’s nice to see the concept evolve, and who knows — it might just take off eventually. You can browse existing videos from within the homepage itself, to check quality and general area of exposure.


OrangeHD Free HD stock footage

OrangeHD has not been the most updated site on the planet, but it is home to a dozen of good stock footage videos, and you never know — they might just have what you need, without having you look elsewhere. The best way to browse the site these days is through the blog, where there are nearly 20 pages of video content available for download.


Totally Free Stock Footage Downloads HD Video

VidsPlay focuses on providing its users easy to download, easy to navigate, and most importantly — easy to view stock videos. The database is updated on weekly basis, and there are more than 50 great videos available for download already.

Footage Crate

HD Effects FootageCrate

Footage Crate is perhaps the only site on our list today that heavily focuses on providing stock videos in the FX category. Anyone who is creating movies and short clips and need some special effects added to them will greatly benefit of the kind of content that Footage Crate brings to the table. All the available FX effects are full HD!



Mazwai is a straightforward stock footage site that provides more than 200+ clips that you can browse and view directly from within the homepage. Just roll over any of the clips and they will begin to play, and in order to explore more clips, just start scrolling down and see how more clips become available. Some really great footage can be found on this site, and a lot of it is more than 2-3 minutes long, giving you a ton of content to work with.


Artbeats 4K and HD Royalty Free Stock Footage

Artbeats is another huge library (directory) of stock footage that offers content in formats such as NTSC, PAL, Hi-Definition, and RED Hi-Res clips. You can type in any keyword imaginable and you are guaranteed to find tens if not hundreds of results for what you’re looking for. After a closer inspection, it seems that Artbeats also likes to provide and offer videos that are great in their length: 5minutes up to 15minutes are very common lengths that you can find within the Artbeats database, some even go for as long as an hour or two. Might just be the long-length video resource you were looking for.


Download Free Stock Video Sound Effects Photos Textures main idea is to deliver video/sound/photo material for any video/sound/photo enthusiast, profesional and amateur filmmaker, video editor, 3d artist, musician, mixer, sampler for free or for a small fee. Here you can find a lot of material for your video/sound projects, just explore the website and download as much as you want. Who doesn’t want to incorporate a little bit of cute stock footage into their projects, right?