Top 8 Analyzers for Web Performance Optimization

Web Performance Optimization Tools

The average pagesize in recent years has grown exponentially, not only because we are dealing with much more advanced web technologies, but also because we are still learning how to utilize deep compression in all aspects of a website page. For this reason alone, the market for caching systems has literally exploded, and there is no shortage of alternatives to choose from; Varnish, Redis, even good old APC works too!

Visitors hate having to wait endlessly for a page to fully load, it’s one of the leading reasons why people abandon websites as soon as they visit them, a slow website gives a bad impression and why bother when there are other alternatives available. Websites that provide eCommerce services need to be especially cautious about site speed, and Google has mentioned it numerous times that site speed is a ranking factor towards your search engine rankings.

Analyzing each separate component of your website individually can take a long time, which is why we have seen huge growth in the market of web performance optimization analyzers; tools that help us analyze our website for optimal performance, tools that gives us detailed reports of our site speed performance, and insightful tips on how we can improve that performance to better reflect industry standard. What tools are you using to improve your site speed performance?


PageSpeed Tools

PageSpeed from Google is a popular testing tool that analyzes some of the most important website components; JavaScript, CSS, and Image performance. At any given time, your webpages (which can be checked individually) might have openings where it is possible to compress your CSS and JavaScript, as well as improve the size of your images for complete speed optimization.

Images in current age are the biggest problem and take up the largest amount of space on each page that is loaded, while ‘lazy-load’ plugins can help, it comes down to serving properly aligned images for each individual device to provide a seamless browsing experience.

Yellow Lab

Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab lets you run an optimization test for a number of devices, including Desktop, Mobile and Tablet, which is essential to understanding how your pages are performing in different environments, and what can be done to improve the overall site speed performance altogether. Yellow Lab’s concise reports give you an idea of page weight, DOM performance, and possible JavaScript errors that could be optimized.



LoadRunner load testing software that gives you an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance to identify and resolve issues before applications go-live. Far too often we get ambitious about a release, without spending any amount of time investigating our default performance benchmarks and what we can do to improve them, which usually leads to poor application performance and unnecessary extra work at the end of it.



PerfAudit is an amazing web optimization resource for anyone who is serious about learning the ins and outs of web optimization, and how you can better prepare your server, and content management system to be in sync with the latest industry standards for web optimization. Their networking guide is an amazing place to start to learn about the different ways each server and web component yields to the overall browsing experience.



On top of analyzing on-page SEO performance, Pagelocity also takes a look at social metrics and how those are affecting your social visibility, as well as general page speed performance and individual tips on how parts of your site can be optimized for better speeds. Great to do on your own site, as well as your friends.



YSlow uses the Yahoo!’s web page optimization platform and works with platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Node.js, PhantomJS, Safari, Command Line and many others to allow webmasters to analyze their own, their clients and their competitors sites at no expense. YSlow also provides a checklist of 23 best practices for optimizing websites for optimal speed performance. Only few weeks after using this plugin the idea becomes clear on how to manage and tailor your pages to optimize them for best possible loading speeds.

Tracing Framework

tracing framework by Google

Google’s Tracing Framework is everything you could ever ask for when it comes to optimizing and analyzing your web apps to their fullest potential. The Web Tracing Framework is a set of libraries, tools, and visualizers for the tracing and investigation of complex web applications. You spend a small amount of time instrumenting your code and it helps you discover performance problems, track regressions, and build buttery-smooth 60fps web apps. And although it is currently available for use, it still has a long way to go to become an industry standard tool, but because it’s coming from Google — we trust that the process of development will be seamless.

Yandex Tank

Yandex Tank

Are you a Linux user? Are you working with a lot of code on daily basis? Do you need an open-source platform for load testing your code and apps? Yandex.Tank was built with that idea in mind, and do remember that the developers strictly outline that Yandex.Tank has been built with advanced linux users in mind.

For more tips on how to speed up WordPress you can read this guide.

Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes To Create The Next Kickstarter 2015

Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

If you are eager to materialize an ambitious project, crowdfunding is the best solution for you. This method allows you to accumulate sufficient funds for your budding venture. If you aim to build your own crowdfunding community website like Kickstater, Indiegogo and FundRazr we have some great options for you to build your site quickly with these great WordPress crowdfunding themes.


Franklin WP Theme

Franklin is a fully responsive and minimalist crowd funding WordPress theme. This elegant theme is both serviceable for single campaign websites and community oriented crowd funding websites. It incorporates Crowdfunding plugin and the Easy Digital Downloads plugin for its crowdfunding features excluding the functionality from the theme which is very practical. Other features include: 8 background textures, 5 custom widgets (Campaign Updates, Campaign Video, Campaign Pledge Levels, Campaign Backers, Sofa Posts), unlimited colours with 6 pre-set colour palettes, widgetzied campaign page, blog section and more. Franklin is fully responsive with retina-ready graphic display.


goodwork WordPress theme

Though GoodWork is created as the ultimate business theme, this WordPress theme is perfect for creating a crowdfunding website. It comes with a cool option to raise donations. GoodWork is an elegant and modern theme jam-packed with the greatest features for a functional crowdfunding website. This theme includes Ignition Deck plugin, which allows you to modify the IgnitionDeck framework to match perfectly with your website. On the other hand, it also includes WooCommerce allows you to sell products and services to raise funds. Other features include: sliders, layout builders, short codes and sophisticated admin panel. It is also fully responsive and works smoothly on different kinds of handheld device.


mission WordPress theme

Mission is a church theme offering everything that a church needs from podcasting to calendars to commerce to fundraising. Developers of Mission aim to create a highly developed and all in one solution for your church. Mission offers 10 amazing custom-made skins. This church donation theme possess almost every feature that you would ever need for your charity or crowdfunding website. This theme allows you to publish an event, initiate crowdfunding campaigns or even put up an online shopping cart within the same website. With its podcast support option, you get the chance to upload your audio message to iTunes.


Gig - Music crowdfunding theme

Gig is a premium music and band WordPress theme with a great support for crowdfunding. Gig is specially designed for musicians and bands who want to raise funds for their projects. It has a full support from the best crowdfunding plugin IgnitionDeck, which helps you create an engaging and fully functional crowdfunding website. This theme makes it easy for you to display band members, events, music albums and accumulate funds with the help of your community. In addition, this theme functions smoothly on different mobile devices because of its responsive design and retina support. It also provides a color picker to change colors, support for WordPress post formats, 5 different homepage templates, custom post types for events, music, band members, and galleries, translation options and more.

Be Human

Be Human Charity Theme

Be Human WordPress Retina theme is indeed a work of genius which is created for Charities. Be Human is perfect for non-profit organizations and crowdfunding ventures that requires a feature rich yet striking presence online. It also supports wooCommerce to help you setup your own online store in your website. This theme also allows you to display upcoming events and share them with the community with the help of event management option. It is fully responsive and functions flawlessly on mobile devices.


revive Church theme

Perk up your website with Revive Pro WordPress theme. This fully responsive and professional theme comes with fabulous features to manage your website with ease and perform impeccably on any mobile devices. It is powered by LiveComposer, a plugin that allows you to build pages in the front-end, with instant feedback on every single change you make that does not require you to go back and forth between the back-end and the front-end. It also offers lead capture form on the homepage to acquire new leads. This high-end crowdfunding WordPress theme allows you to build a fluid portfolio that supports images and video. Developers made sure that this theme is cross browser compatible. Lastly, Revive Pro has social media integration to get the word out quickly.


Fundit - Music & nonprofit theme

Fundit is a premium WordPress theme specially built for music and musicians, non-profit organizations, film makers and other sort of artists that are in need of ultimate web solution that concentrates on fund raising for a specific project. It is just a one page website filled with astounding features. Fundit makes certain that your website is easy to navigate and customizable. The theme provides a single page, which makes navigation less complicated for the end user. This theme is a perfect option for building a crowfunding website.

How to translate Travelify and Pinbin WordPress themes

WordPress Theme Translation

There are over 6800 spoken languages in the world and currently our Travelify theme uses one – English is translated in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Slovak, Turkish, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Finnish and Chinese. However, this theme is built they way that you can translate it with ease. We have already added default “.pot” WordPress language files and you can start WordPress theme translation from there.

Please note! This tutorial will apply on most WordPress themes that are translation ready and not just, Sparkling, Dazzling, Travelify or Pinbin so feel free to read further even if you are not using our themes.

How to translate WordPress Theme?

1. First of all you will need to download .PO/.pot file editor like Poedit or other. It is possible to use any text editor but it will be so much easier to use Poedit than regular text edit so I strongly recommend to download it. It’s free, works on Mac, Windows and Linux and there is no reason not to use it.

Translate theme using Poedit

2. Second thing is to open default language files form your theme. In Travelify case it is located in languages folder inside theme folder. This file is called travelify.po. You should use this default file for translation but you need to create a new file when you are done. Most themes has the same structure and language files should be somewhere inside theme folder. There is chance that your theme is not ready for translation so it might take time to modify. If you are not developer it might be a pain to create translation support for theme.

Theme .pot file for translation

3. Now in the Poedit click on original text one by one and write your translation underneath. Just like you can see iu the screenshot below. It will take some time to get through all of them so be patient. If you think that some translations you won’t need you can leave them as they are in the original language.

Poedit string translation

4. Now the most important part. When you are saving your file in theme language folder you should use proper language code. For instance if you have translated WordPress theme to German you should use “de_DE.po” as file name and “fr_FR.po” for French. This will make sure that WordPress understands what language you are referring to. For other languages codes please see this documentation.

Please note: Default language file extension is .pot (travelify.pot, sparkling.pot, dazzling.pot etc) but you have to use .po in order to make your translation work. Also Poedit application will create .mo and it needs to be included in languages folder as well.

Proper translation file naming

5. Now WordPress will use theme language the same as your WordPress language. If your WordPress dashboard uses French, don’t expect for theme to show German. Changing WordPress language will automatically change theme language if it is available in the theme language folder under proper name we discussed in Step 4.

6. Changing WordPress language is as easy as adding

define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

to the wp-config.php file located at your WordPress installation root folder. You can download WP language files or entire WordPress installation in your language from here.

Update: As of WordPress 4.0 you can now choose WordPress language when you install WordPress itself. Afterwards you will get a new option under Settings – General where you will be able to switch to any language. See screenshot below:

WordPress Language switcher

If you installed WordPress before WordPress 4.0 become available you will still have to define language via wp-config.php but afterwards you will get notification in your WordPress dashboard that it is no longer required to define language via configurations file but you have to initialize it once.

If you have translated Travelify, Pinbin or other our WordPress themes you can send me “.po” language files and I will add them to default theme installation. I will feature your name on theme itself as well as I will give credit on this website. I really appreciate your support and will say a proper thank you! ?

If you have any questions regarding WordPress theme translation or any question related to our WordPress themes please don’t hesitate and leave your questions in comments below.

Update (1):

We have created a special page for our contributors!. We try to keep that page updated once more translations are available. We would really appreciate if you could contribute to make our themes even better!

Update (2):

We have updated this guide to include information about WordPress 4.0 which makes it easier to use WordPress in your own language.

We hope you find out how to translate a WordPress theme and now can give back to community by translation themes and plugins for others to use. We are giving away free WordPress themes and I hope you will do that with theme translations as well.

25 Free PSD One Page Templates To Build Stunning One Page Style Sites 2015

Psd One Page Website Templates

One page website tries to provide the minimum amount of information for a user to make a decision and act upon it. These websites have no additional pages and try to remove clutter as much as possible, focusing user’s attention to the most important content. It is difficult to cater to everyone so we’ve prepared 25 templates that should answer the challenge and give you what you the solution you are looking for. Whether you’re building portfolio or business website, you can find multiple templates here that will help you out in making the perfect website.

These PSD One Page Templates can be used to create many awesome website in any niche or use them to create a new PSD One Page template on top of them.

These PSD templates are free to use under CC0 license.


Startuprr Free One Page PSD Template

Startuprr is a really nice One Page PSD Template that can be edited with ease thanks to its organized layers. Sections include services, features, skills, sample works, company facts, team members, client logos, pricing table, map and contact form.


Rubiko Free PSD One Page Template

Rubiko is created for all those who want to impress their visitors with a unique and creative one page design. Perfect for agencies, photographers, designers, or any different type of products. This is also pixel perfect design for tablet and mobile devices resolutions. A lot of work has gone into this PSD template to ensure the highest quality and easy editing.


Free PSD One Page Templates

Reen is one page PSD template created with portfolio websites in mind. It’s fully responsive and aims for a clean, flat design. Versatile and easy to use features combined with Vector shapes and Smart objects will ensure fast and easy editing.


Cuda Free PSD One Page Template

Cuda is a one page PSD template that features a colorful flat design with neat icons and the usual one page sections like services, team, skills, portfolio, testimonials, and contact form. The PSD file is well-organized and easy to customize to suit your needs.


Motion PSD One Page Template

The creator of this PSD template paid special care to typography and featured content to make sure the most important details will get noticed. It’s suitable for design agencies, personal portfolios, corporate website – you can transform it with ease to suit your needs.

WG Flat Template

WG PSD One Page Template

This one page template takes pride in its flat and simple design. While the PSD template itself does not feature the usual sections like the rest of one page templates, you can add them with ease thanks to well-organized layers.


Escape Free PSD One Page Template

Escape is a one page PSD template created with agencies in mind. This template is ideal for those looking for a simple one page solution to describe your business and offer your services.


Anveshan PSD One Page Template

This one page design has a very modern look and feel and can be used for any business needs. It includes all the necessary elements – header, slider, graph section, our process, services and terms, contact, and footer. The layers are organized, named and grouped properly for your convenience.


Khidax PSD One Page Template

This free PSD one page template features clean and modern style. The download contains two .psd files so you can check out your design on either desktop or mobile version.


Arrow PSD One Page Template

Arrow is a free one page business portfolio PSD template designed for small and large businesses, portfolios, agencies, and personal websites. The template is based on 1170px grid system (bootstrap 3) with well-organized layers and easy to edit.


Travelly PSD One Page Template

Travelly is a travel PSD one page template that features everything that a travel website needs. You can use it for a startup or a business website and adapt it with a few simple tweaks.


TwoBytes Free PSD One Page Templates

Minimal PSD one page website template, TwoBytes can be used for just about anything. It’s classy and clean and perfect for any new web design projects you may be working on.


Lambda Free PSD One Page Templates

Lambda is a one page template for restaurants. The PSD file contains everything you need for a great restaurant page – menu, reservations, ingredients, reviews, and plenty more. The layers are all grouped for easy editing.


Acrostia Free PSD One Page Templates

Acrostia is a free PSD one page website template for portfolio, personal or startup sites.


Forkio Free PSD One Page Templates

Forkio is responsive PSD template perfect for web dev, apps or software related projects. It can be easily adjusted for any project thanks to its well-organized layers and creative usage of Smart objects.


Spirit8 Free PSD One Page Templates

Spirit8 is a PSD one page website template for digital agencies. It comes with plenty of sections needed for successful digital agencies, all packed and organized in grouped layers. Amazing work!


Lucid Free PSD One Page Templates

This one page website template is a great fit for almost any purpose and it includes a header, features, product detail, pricing, and contact section. The bold monochrome design is a great stylish choice for technology services, IT hardware or similar professional businesses.


Zet Free PSD One Page Templates

Using solid cold color and amazing layer structure, Zet offers everything you would need for a great business or corporate website. With a place to showcase your work and customer feedback among many things, this PSD one page website template is few clicks away from your final design.


Bicycle Free PSD One Page Templates

Responsive and fluid template, made in grid style with flat layout. Perfect PSD one page template to showcase your product.


TravelSite Free PSD One Page Templates

Even though there is “travel” in its name, this PSD template is not made for travel websites. It’s primarily for planning hiking trips, picnics or extreme sporting events. It features 3 main parts, destination, itinerary widget and contact section.


Bino Free PSD One Page Templates

Bino PSD template features full-width header slider and content layout, as well as, about us, portfolio, team, pricing, and contact section. You can easily edit the PSD file to accomplish pretty much anything with this template.


BizTime Free PSD One Page Templates

BizTime is made for those in need of professional website for their business. You can present your startup or established business with ease using BizTime PSD template.


Dreams Free PSD One Page Templates

Building the website of your dreams is possible with this PSD template. You can customize the template to meet your needs as it’s made for both personal and commercial use.


Brandi Free PSD One Page Templates

Brandi features a clean and creative layout that follows modern design templates. With a little creativity, it can be edited to serve multiple purposes, from personal to corporate and everything in-between.


Roran Free PSD One Page Templates

Roran is a clean, flat and professional free One Page PSD Template for agencies and creative studios. It can be customized easily to suit your wishes. It is based on a 960px grid system. The PSD is well organized with named layers and groups.

20 Free PSD Apple Watch Mockup Designs For Every Situation – 2015

Free Apple Watch GUI PSD

Apple Watch is a smartwatch developed by Apple inc. We all know Apple is a master of finding an extremely effective way to present their product to a wide audience and more often than not, they provide inspiration to designers all over the world. Simple and accessible design with a great presentation is the key to their success.

That is why we have gathered and hand-picked 20 different Apple Watch Mockup Designs that you can use in every situation. This is not traditional list with available resources around the web, but a collection of best PSD templates available today.

You can edit every .psd file to present your own mockup or analyze various designs and find inspiration to create your own designs.

Apple Watch GUI

Free Apple Watch GUI PSD

Apple Watch GUI PSD came from the idea to help designers create awesome apps faster and better. The PSD template is fully layered and easy to customize, offering designers an easy way to create new apps.

Apple Watch Flat Mockup

Free Apple Watch Flat Mockup PSD

This simple flat mockup offers minimalist approach. Its clean design offers a quick and easy way for designers to present their idea. You can use both front and side view to showcase your mockup. There is a neat bonus included in a .psd file, icons to help you design your own mockup!

Apple Watch Mockup

Free Apple Watch Mockup Finger

This package includes 3 individual images and Smart objects layered for easy edit. Perfect when you want to add your own images and showcase your app with a photo – realistic environment.

4 in 1 Apple Watch PSD Mockup

Free Multiple Apple Watch Mockup

You can play with your designs in this “4 in 1” Apple Watch Mockup. From close-up image to an everyday situation, you can present your own app mockup with ease using this PSD file.

Apple Watch Mockup With Perspective Screen

Free Apple Watch Perspective Screen PSD

Free PSD Apple Watch Mockup with perspective and front screen. Simple and elegant design to show your own app creations.

Stylized Apple Watch Mockup

Free Stylized Apple Watch Mockup PSD

This stylized mockup will make sure that your app design stands out from the background. The .psd file features two simple layers easy to edit.

iWatch PSD Mockup

Free iWatch Apple PSD Mockup

iWatch Apple PSD Mockup comes with 5 different .psd variations. With 5 colors to choose from, this “sport” mockup version of Apple Watch will make sure that every design detail of your own app can be noticed.

Apple Watch “Leather” Edition

Free Apple Watch Leather Bracelet PSD

An elegant solution for your design presentation, this .psd features 4 different variations with leather bracelet. Also features side view perspective for extra style points!

Apple Watch Line PSD Template

Free Apple Watch Line PSD

Sometimes you need to disregard everything else and highlight nothing but your design while presenting the mockup. This .psd features organized layers and sharp vector shapes.

Apple Watch Flat PSD Template

Free Apple Watch Flat PSD Template

Similar to last Apple Watch Mockup, this one follows the same principle but adds a bit more color to your mockup. The .psd file is easy to edit with Smart objects and separated descriptive layers.

Apple Watch Stainless Steel Mockup

Free Apple Watch Stainless Steel PSD

An exquisite and luxurious PSD template displaying stainless steel mockup. All you have to do is replace display image with your own design and you are set to go.

Apple Sports Watch Mockup

Free Apple Watch Sport Mockup PSD

This PSD template is for “sport” version of Apple Watch. The mockup features high quality stock photo ready for editing.

Apple Watch UI Vectors

Free Apple Watch UI Vector PSD Template

This PSD comes with 3 different UIs to choose from, adjustable band color, completely masked and well-organised layers.

Apple Watch Fitness Mockup

Free Apple Watch Fitness PSD Mockup

This is a high-resolution mockup that you can use to display your fitness app or as stock photo image. You can easily edit this PSD file via smart objects and change the band color to five different variations to suit your own color scheme.

Apple Watch With Two Variations

Free Apple Watch PSD Template

This PSD file has been created from scratch using vector shapes and smart objects. There is one .psd file included with two Smart objects for mocking up your designs on either 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch devices.

Apple Watch Sport Edition In 5 Colors

Free Apple Watch PSD Sport Mockup Template

A nice closeup view of Sports Edition with neat side perspective. You can change the screen with Smart Objects and change wristbands to five different colors in this PSD file.

Apple Watch In Work Environment

Free Apple Watch PSD Template In Work Environment

Use this .psd file to showcase your app in a work environment. This template is mainly used to showcase possible interactions with your app mockup.

Apple Watch With Unique Presentation

Free Apple Watch PSD Template

This is certainly a unique way to display your own Apple Watch design. A single image does not do justice to this .psd file and the amount of customization possible is astonishing. Multiple Smart objects, organized layers, sharp vectors – everything is included in this PSD template.

Apple Watch Wearable Mockup

Free Apple Watch Wearable PSD Template

This wearable presentation of Apple Watch Mockup comes layered with Smart objects for easy editing. What differentiates this PSD template from the rest is great style and an amount of details in it.

Apple Watch Simple Presentation

Free Apple Watch Simple PSD Template

If you want nothing else but to showcase your app, this is the best solution for you. A simple yet highly effective design will make sure your mockup stands out on its own.

EXE Theme Review: A Customizable Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

EXE Theme WordPress Theme Review

EXE is a recently released responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme that aims to be your go to tool for building almost any type of website. There’s a good selection of homepage layout to choose from, each of which can be applied in a just a few clicks.

Overall, the theme features a clean and clear look and feel that makes it ideal for more professional-types of websites. However, as we will soon see, this is a highly flexible theme – one that can be customized and tweaked for a wide-range of different purposes.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is packed with features, including multiple page layouts, a range of custom post types, and a commercial drag and drop page builder tool, then EXE could be the theme for you.

To find out what EXE has to offer and how it can be used, read on for our full hands-on theme review.

EXE Theme Review Homepage

Features of the EXE WordPress Theme

At its heart, EXE is a multi-purpose theme. To qualify as a theme of this type, it has to be able to give you the tools to build almost any type of website with WordPress. This is certainly a competitive category of WordPress theme, with many options available to the consumer.

Whether you are just building a single website for yourself or you are a web designer looking for a theme that can be used repeatedly to create a range of different websites for your clients, there are plenty of good reasons to choose EXE and multi-purpose themes in general.

After all, once you’ve mastered a single theme, redeploying it for new client – in different configurations of course – will really help cut down on your development time and increase profits.

So let’s take a look at some of the key selling points of this theme and why EXE might be the right choice for you and your business.

The Overall Design and Appearance of EXE

Perhaps the most important part of any theme, at least on first impressions, is its overall design and appearance. After all, if the theme doesn’t grab your attention from the outset, it will probably have the same lack of positive impact on your visitors.

EXE Theme Review Design

Thankfully, EXE has a professional look and feel that does a good job of avoiding being boring and bland.

The typography on display is particularly pleasant. Text rends well on a range of screen sizes to ensure your mobile visitors are just as at home as your desktop readers are. The default color scheme is well chosen and will give your website a more subtle look – however, this can easily be adjusted to better match your brand.

EXE Theme Review Blog Layout

The inner pages of your site will have a professional design too, when using EXE. The default blog layout is very well designed – although there are multiple layouts and styles to choose from when setting up your site.

Out of the box, EXE looks great and if you appreciate the subtler end of web design, without too much razzle dazzle and fireworks, this could be theme could be right up your street.

Page Templates

EXE Theme Review Portfolio

To help you quickly add a wide range of pages to your website, the EXE theme includes a great selection of well-designed page templates. These templates cover the most common pages you will find on a website, including two about us page designs, two contact us page designs, shop pages, a search page, and many more.

EXE Theme Review About Us

There’s a large selection of homepage layouts on offer too, making EXE ideal for a varied type of websites. These layouts have titles like business, agency, corporate, landing, portfolio, one-page, and a selection of eCommerce-ready shop pages. This should give you a good idea of some of the ways this theme can be used without any extra editing or configuration.

EXE Theme Review Contact

As well as those page templates, you will also find 11 blog post layouts, 5 footer styles, 8 login form designs, and 15 testimonials styles to name just a few. You are free to use these page templates as needed, or tweak and repurpose them with the included drag and drop page builder tool.

These page templates will save you a lot of time, while also giving you a good amount of flexibility. If you can’t decide which design is best for your audience, you could always run a split test using a third party plugin to find out which one has the highest conversion rate.

Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin

Visual Composer is the drag and drop page builder tool that is included with this theme. It’s a third party commercial plugin and is one of the best-selling plugins available for WordPress.

EXE Theme Review Visual Composer

When using this tool, you get access to both back and front-end views for creating your custom layouts. Each layout can then be populated with the 80 elements that make up Visual Composer. These elements cover a massive range of items, including slide shows, video players, buttons, call to action bars, and a whole lot more.

EXE Theme Review VC Elements

Visual Composer also includes 35 sidebar widgets. Just like regular widgets, they can be displayed in the sidebar and other widgetized areas of your site. However, as they work with a wide range of elements, you can really enhance these areas of your site with slideshows, animations, forms, videos, and much more.

As if the out of the box features of Visual Composer weren’t enough, there are over 250 options on offer for customizing these elements. This means you can really go to town and get creative with your page layouts and their content.

EXE Theme Review Edit with VC

Because the included page layouts and templates of EXE have been built with Visual Composer, if you want to modify any of them, all you have to do is open them up for editing with this tool.

Detailed Theme Options Panel

To really help you to make this theme and your website match your vision and company branding, you get access to a detailed theme options panel. Through this control panel, you can dictate almost every aspect of your theme. This includes fonts, colors, layouts, and much more. In fact, there are over 180 control panel options on offer, spread across multiple categories.

As well as all that, the EXE theme also makes use of SVG graphics. This means you are able to change the color of these images and icons, all through a control panel. This is opposed to opening them up in an image-editing app like Photoshop or Illustrator. I’m sure you will agree this is real time-saving feature, which will make carrying out client change requests a breeze.

Custom Post Types for Better Content Presentation and Organization

Out of the box, WordPress users can create post and pages. However, after installing the EXE theme, you can now create portfolio items, team member profiles, customer benefits, client profiles, pricing tables, and testimonials.

EXE Theme Review Custom Post Types

This not only means it’s easy to keep the different types of content you are publishing on your site better organized on the back end. It also means that each type of content, such as team member profiles or client testimonials, can be presented with its own purpose build template.

EXE Theme Review Testimonials

By using custom post types, each with its own custom post templates, your visitors will now be able to find exactly what they are looking for more easily. Then when they do find that content, it will look great.

Third Party Plugin Support

WordPress is at its best when it’s being enhanced by a carefully selected collection of plugins. While any well-coded plugin should have no trouble working with any well-coded theme, EXE includes some extra support for a handful of the most useful and popular plugins.

EXE Theme Review Shop

This means that if you want to add an online shop to your website so that you can sell products and services, or you want to add advanced email forms to your site, you can do so with ease. This is thanks to the full support for the leading WooCommerce and Ninja Forms plugins that is on offer from EXE.

Other plugins are of course supported. It’s just that the ones mentioned will work 100% as expected on your site.

Other Notable Features of EXE

As mentioned in the custom post types section, this theme makes it easy to add pricing comparison tables to your website. This is worth mentioning again as this is a useful feature that is usually only available by installing a third party plugin, often with attached costs.

EXE Theme Review Pricing Table 01

With the EXE theme you can create pricing comparison tables in a range of styles – styles that are usually only found in premium plugins of this type. Whether you are offering your own products and services on multiple pricing plans, or you are publishing reviews comparing different deals, pricing tables are an essential part of many websites.

EXE Theme Review Pricing Table 02

People love to compare prices. Therefore, if you don’t give your potential clients and customers the ability to compare prices on your site, they will go elsewhere to do their own comparison, and maybe they won’t come back. By using this feature on your site, you can reduce the risk of losing visitors and give potential clients a way to check this item off their mental pre-purchase checklist.

To help you keep your site under wraps while you get it ready, the EXE theme comes complete with a coming soon mode. This allows you to display a custom message to your visitors while you work on your website in the background.

EXE also includes nine different header styles. These variations allow you to display the header content of your site in a range of layouts and configurations. The header sections are very flexible and you can either go for a minimal look with just links to your most important pages, or provide everything in an easy to reach place, such as your telephone number, email address, social media icons, and more.

EXE Theme Review Header

There is even the ability to display a content slider in the header area of your site. This can really help your site make a big impact on your visitors and if used carefully, can really help draw visitors into your site.

EXE Theme Review Demo Import

Importing all the included content that comes with this theme into your site is very easy. This is thanks to the one-click demo data installer. Simply click to install this content and it will be uploaded to your site without any further input required. You now get access to all of the page templates, layouts, menus, and other demo content to help you setup your site quickly.

EXE Theme Review Final Thoughts

The EXE theme really is a multi-purpose tool. Once you’ve activated this theme on your site and imported the optional demo content, you shouldn’t have any trouble putting together a professional looking website. In addition, if you do need any extra help, this theme comes with six months of support from its creators, not to mention a useful library of online documentation and videos.

It’s worth pointing out that EXE is probably best suited to more professional types of websites, such as a freelance or agency services websites, or a corporate homepage or online store. However, as almost every aspect of this theme can be customized and redesigned, through either the admin panel, or the included Visual Composer plugin, if you don’t mind getting creative, EXE could really be used for any purpose.

There certainly is lots of competition in the multi-purpose WordPress theme category. However, EXE does a good job of standing out from the crowd by focusing more on those who plan to build a more serious and business like website than for example, a food blog.

If you like what you see, be sure to take the EXE theme for a test drive today

Your Hands-On Experience: 30 Free and Premium Website Templates

Bestselling WordPress Themes

Are you up to starting your website, but don’t know what to begin with? This is a common situation for many, who are enthusiastic to set up their online presence themselves. Fortunately, with a website template you don’t need a Computer Science degree to get your website going. But still, there are many things to consider before making a final choice.

One of the most important questions, when it comes to your future website, is what type of it you actually need. Should it be a website with CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress or Joomla, or, perhaps, you want to have a full control of your site and work with HTML 5 and CSS? Another question is whether you prefer having multiple pages there, or would rather stick to a trendy single-page design.

For those of you, who are lost in the ocean of options, we’ve prepared an exclusive set of 30 free website templates that let you try out different platforms. You can download each of the themes for free and test not only the frontend of the site, but also its backend office, which you use to work with your site. This is a great opportunity to get a hang of it, before you actually spend your money for the product.

Among the 30 templates provided, you may find WordPress templates that bring you a comprehensive CMS that makes working with a site really simple. On the other hand, Joomla engine brings you much more freedom in customizing your website and positioning its elements. If you are looking for a harmonious site that can present you in best light, pay attention to HTML5 templates that have all you need for implementing a top-notch online presence.

Getting a free template is a chance that you can’t miss. Try out the option you prefer, and see, if it’s what you need. Hands-on experience is really priceless, so do not hesitate to venture it today!

Smoky Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Breakfast on the Terrace: Free Cafeteria WordPress Website

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Businesology: Consulting Services Free WordPress Template

Every enterprise needs to stick to clear goals and a well-elaborated plan of development. Designing strategies for success is a know-how, the value of which cannot be underestimated. This template embodies your ability to create conditions for enterprises’ growth and development and expresses your empowering potential.

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Endlessly Cute Pets WordPress Site

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Tempered Luxury: Hotel WordPress Website Design

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New Face of Productive Team: Business Free Joomla Template

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This is not the only church template listed on Colorlib. For others you might want to check this versatile list of themes.

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Insightful Schoolyears: High School WordPress Theme

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Endless Dance: Rocking Nightclub WordPress Site

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Changing Perspectives: Webdesign Agency WordPress Website

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Smart Webdesing Free WordPress Template

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New-age Industry: Innovative Corporation WordPress Theme

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Dressed in Comfort: Clothing Manufacturer WordPress Website

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