11 Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes For Green Era Websites 2015

Eco Firnedly Wordress Thems

Are you running an environment protection company? Or maybe you have an order to develop a website for one of those? In both cases you can do the job quickly and easily. Choose one of the pre-designed eco-friendly WordPress themes we’ve showcased for you below. All of them were created by the reputed provider with more than a decade of successful experience on web design market, millions of happy customers and tens of thousands templates designed. So, you are in reliable hands. All complex coding job has been already done instead of you. Just replace the default content with your own, play a bit with colors and you’ll get a unique, professional design. Yes, everything is that simple.

You have already noticed that all themes are powered by WordPress. As you know, this is the most popular CMS in the world. Since 2003 WordPress has grown into the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions sites and seen by tens of millions people every day.

The CMS (from the documentation to the code itself) was created by and for the community. WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. It also means you are free to use it for anything from your personal blog to business web site without paying anyone a license fee and a number of other important freedoms. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything. It started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins widgets and themes. Users say that WordPress is limited only by your imagination.

Now let us tell you a little bit about Cherry Framework as all eco-friendly WordPress themes you see in this post are built on it. We won’t dig too deep into technical details, but just recap main benefits you get buying a website having the Framework in its core.

First of all you can start quickly thanks to easy installation process. There’s no need to switch between WordPress, FTP, and PhpMyAdmin — you get things done simply in the WordPress admin panel through just completing the stages. The use of XML Import/Export keeps from transferring content over again, so this can be one-stop solution for both users with existing and new website content.

Secondly, customization with tons of elements becomes much more interesting. You will enjoy 100+ handy options integrated into the Framework. Easily adjust theme appearance, change typography, logo, or navigation. Intuitively fine-tune slider, blog pages, portfolio, and page footer so that everything appears in the style you prefer. For ease of embedding media and other content, you can use 80+ comfy shortcodes. Thinking of your needs, Cherry developers added an extremely useful widget set into a framework, beside the standard set.

Thirdly, you get 24/7 support in one pack with your theme. If you have any question or problem, you will get fast reliable support completely free. You may contact Cherry Framework Developers Team or Template Monster Support Team. They will give you quick and professional support and answer all your questions.

Surely that’s not all, far from it. Any theme based on Cherry Framework gets regular updates; it is fully responsive, which is a must today. The framework allows you to make unlimited changes to website color set to come out with completely bespoke designs. Every piece of text, which can be seen on your website, is easily adjustable. Customizing your typography is simple as never. Besides you can shape your images the best way using the enclosed super cool sliders. You can use unique post types for testimonials, team info posts, services and other posts that will stand alone from blog posts. Every page of your website can be created with its consummate and unique style. Choose from a list of post formats, individually designed for every single alternative and use case. Editing your page with Theme Customizer includes all options from Theme Options. You can view all changes in real time using Preview function. No changes will affect your website before you approve it by saving. For ease of embedding media and other content, you can use 80+ comfy shortcodes for post output, grids, elements, lists, tabs, video and audio, Google Map, and much more. All shortcodes have the entire set of options available in a dialogue box. Filter option for portfolio allows you to apply filters by category or tags. Choose from 3 portfolio layouts via Theme Options, set a number of posts per page, customize each post layout separately. Filter option is applicable for all portfolio alternatives. Quickly update a framework, make a framework backup or a single theme backup using Data Management. You can store your backup files for further use. All update and backup procedures are super easy to carry out. You are provided with an excellent SEO support. This includes Custom Permalinks Settings, Optimize Titles for SEO, Image optimization, Breadcrumbs, related posts. This allows search engines to easily index the content of your site. A framework is translated into 4 languages. Automatic language adjustment is possible depending on engine language detected. From version 2.1+ WPML the WordPress Multilingual Plugin is fully ready to be seamlessly applied by you.

Are you interested in the offered eco-friendly WordPress themes? Then, enjoy your browsing. Hopefully you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Green Era WordPress Theme

 Environmental Protection Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The theme was created for environmental protection companies. Its layout is serious and professional. Animated effects make the viewing more interesting and the navigation more intuitive. Parallax scroll gives the visitor the feel of full immersion into virtual environments. There are two sliders on the page. The upper one shows quality images and the lower one presents company partners. Main menu has drop down option and it sticks to the top of the web page as you begin to scroll down. Information about the company is presented in the vertical lists. Images in ‘Current topics’ section have zooming effect. The usage of flat circular icons imparts the layout a trendy look.

Biofuel for Your Car Responsive WordPress Theme

 Biofuel Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The theme is a perfect solution for alternative fuelling stations. The first thing that catches the eye is the uncommon animation. Main menu is drop down. Slider images come with explanatory text. The icons have hexahedron shape. Customers’ testimonials raise trust to the company. Recent news are also highlighted at the center of the page. You can zoom in photos in the ‘Alternative fuels’ section. The embedded video speaks louder than any words about the company services. Clients’ logos are also featured on the home page. Footer contains subsidiary menu, contacts block and social media icons. Back to top button is at the right bottom corner of the page.

Alternative Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Alternative Power Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This theme in pistachio colors is a great option for alternative energy companies. Welcome section is presented with the help of three neat textual banners. Visually appealing banners in ‘Science and technology’ block are arranged in three column structure. Text and loupe appear on hovering them. Textured background adds sophistication to the layout. The author makes use of the possibility to integrate audio and video files. Footer contains really big, touch-friendly social media icons. Back to top button is available for site visitors’ convenience. The theme is search engine friendly, so your website will be highly ranked in search engines. Extensive documentation will help you customize your website quickly and hassle-free.

Clean Energy WordPress Theme

 Lucrative Investing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The question of alternative energy is really urgent nowadays. You can build a quality online presentation on the basis of this expertly done theme. It is designed wisely, with enough white space for the users to breathe and focus on essential content. Main menu has drop down option. Slider images incredibly decorate the layout, add some action and grab attention. They are accompanied by text. Customers’ testimonials supplied with images help to build a positive image of the company. The theme is boosted by the power of Bootstrap and has Cherry Framework in its core. So, the theme will be extremely easy to customize and maintain in future.

Using Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This clean accurate theme will become a great online presentation for any eco energy company. Leaf pattern looks highly appropriate for the topic. Logo design is simple and easy to remember. Main menu has drop down option which saves the space on the page. Slider demonstrates company capacities. The users can view recent company projects to check out its activity. Welcome section is placed above company partners logos. The theme is responsive and will look good on all modern gadgets. The template is widgetized. It is WPML ready, so more people from different countries speaking different languages will get to know about your services.

Stop Pollution Responsive WordPress Theme

 Environmental Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The theme is really great for the companies who want to stop the global pollution of the environment we live in. It is rather content rich. Slider vividly illustrates ecological catastrophes. Green section shows the scale of people’s activity that leads our planet to collapse. The users can read ‘Latest publications’, ‘News and updates’ and ‘Current topics’ to be in the course of the changes that are happening right now. Surely, there is a powerful call to action on the page, clicking which any visitor can get to know what he/she can do to withstand the approaching calamity. Additional links, social media icons and contacts can be found at the footer as usually.

Ecologists Group Responsive WordPress Theme

 Alternative Power Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The combination of green colors and wooden texture of some elements matches the topic of the theme. Subtle cloth texture in the background looks very natural here. Drop shadow effect makes some layout elements, like main drop down menu, for instance, stand out. Slider displays touching images. Four blocks with company solutions tell the visitors how they can help their customers to become eco-friendly. Testimonials are at the right sidebar. Clients’ logos are also presented in a slider. Articles on new technologies are featured on the homepage as well. Big green button calls the visitors to join the company and start to save the energy. Back to top button has a nice design that suits general layout style.

Energy of the Wind Responsive WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This theme will be interesting for the companies offering alternative eco energy solutions to their clients. It has a really nice typography. The fonts are italic, so it seems as if they are blown by the wind. Slider shows images with windmills. Company services are illustrated. Latest projects are also featured on the home page. Customers’ testimonials are noticeable on the page as they are emphasized by bright orange color. The space for new company ideas and recent posts is foreseen by the designer. The theme is responsive, WPML ready, built on Cherry Framework and boosted by the power of Bootstrap. Installation and setup instructions are attached.

Renewable Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Solar Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This eco theme has dark background. It makes quality photos look especially bright and attractive. Main menu has drop down option. Search bar is at the right top corner of the page. Slider images show picturesque landscapes. Three banners under them have zooming effect. Home page contains ‘Recent articles’ and ‘Technologies’ blocks as well. Footer includes various additional links, social media icons and company contacts. Back to top button is available for visitors’ convenience. HTML plus JS animation breathe life into the website making elements respond users’ actions. Thanks to Cherry Framework and Bootstrap, customization of the theme is easy. Just enter the Admin Panel and follow the attached instructions.

Solar Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This renewable energy theme has a very clean fair design. The author left lots of white space for the visitors to breathe. The page is simple, yet efficient. Company services are presented with the help of images. Testimonials sections will help you raise the level of new customers trust to the company and convert them into loyal ones. Social media icons are big and noticeable, so you can link them to your social media profiles and make your marketing campaign even more powerful. The responsive layout of your website will give its visitors equally good user experience no matter what gadget they are using to view your content.

Eco Protection WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This theme is extremely simple and suitable for any kind of ecology protection company. It has a cute memorable logo. Main menu is drop down, which saves the page from clutter. Slider displays magnificent images demonstrating company capacities. Content blocks are easy to read over the white background. Right sidebar is colorful. It contains additional information the visitor might be interested to know. Some more useful links and newsletter subscription form are placed right above the footer. Back to top button is at the right bottom corner of the page. The theme is animated with the help of HTML plus JS. Admin Panel is available for easy customization.

Where to Find Premium & Free Parallax WordPress Themes (Cool Site Examples Included)

Parallax Website Examples

With the incredible progress seen in web design lately, it is not enough to focus solely on posting just the relevant information any more. Today, Internet users also want to be entertained while exploring the content. One of the most popular techniques that can provide such a facility is the parallax scrolling effect. Formerly used in video games, it entered the web design industry in 2011, when Ian Coyle used it for “Nike Better World.” Since then, more and more designers have started incorporating the parallax effect into websites with the help of HTML and CSS technologies.

So, let’s find out what this trend is all about and why it is one of the major choices in the web design community nowadays. In simple terms, the parallax effect is based on the movement of website layers at different speeds while page scrolling. As a result, the upper layer sticks out slightly, making the background seem deeper. With such an illusion of depth resembling a 3D look, the layout becomes more fluid and interactive. Complemented with a lazy load technique, it can have a positive impact on page loading times. What’s more, this kind of animation is consistent with multiple browsers, which makes it a suitable option for different web environments.

Now, let’s figure out which types of websites are most suited to the parallax effect. First of all, this technique is widely applied to single-page sites focused on storytelling and navigated by scrolling rather than clicking. Next, it is often implemented on mobile-optimized pages that people also browse by scrolling. Besides interactivity, there is a more practical benefit generated by the mentioned effect. Many merchants integrate it into their e-stores to create a 3D presentation of inventory that can be controlled by shoppers themselves while they are scrolling. By comparison, static images of products can’t provide an opportunity like that.

Where to Find Ideas for a Parallax Scrolling Website Design

If you are interested in spicing up your site with a parallax effect, you can find some sparks of inspiration below. We have prepared a selection of websites that take advantage of this hot trend in different ways, covering any taste. Some of them feature parallax backgrounds throughout their layouts, while others make minimal use of this technique, implementing it only in the header or closer to the footer. Take note that the sites listed below are of different kinds, e.g. personal portfolios, e-stores, religious portals, digital agencies, etc. It proves that the parallax effect is a multipurpose solution for a wide range of web resources.

So, if you need some creative ideas on incorporating it into the design of your site, look through the following screenshots.

The Cooking Academy

the cooking academy using parallax design

* * *

Heck House

heck house parallax design

* * *

Long Story Short Design

long story short design parallax

* * *



* * *

Risen Church


* * *

If you are looking for church themes that are based on WordPress you might consider some of these themes.

Big Eye Deers


* * *

Tribe Interactive


* * *

Where to Find Premium Parallax WordPress Themes

Are you impressed with all the visual tricks that the parallax scrolling technique can produce? If you are, you should definitely give it a try. And there are two ways to do that. You can either order a custom design or get a ready-made theme, which is a much cheaper option. So, if you prefer the latter, we have compiled a set of reliable companies developing parallax WordPress themes of superior quality. Check them out below.



The first company we’d like to introduce to you is TemplateMonster. Launched in 2002, it has developed WordPress themes for 9 years and parallax WP themes for a about year. Over such a comparatively short period, TemplateMonster has released more than 200 parallax WP themes. No other web design company out there can boast of such an extensive assortment containing designs for various business niches. Art, cars, education, entertainment, fashion, food, medicine, real estate, – these and many other fields are embraced by TemplateMonster’s parallax WP themes. To help you find an appropriate selection faster, you can narrow down your search by categories, features, popularity, date, style, color scheme, and WordPress & Bootstrap versions.

* * *



Themeforest is part of Envato Market that brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world. Right now there are over 18,860 website template for sales and most of theme are created specially for WordPress. It is by far the largest and most popular marketplace and it has paid over $224,000,000 out to its community of developers, designers and other creatives. On ThemeForest you can find WordPress themes for any website starting from a simple blog all way to complex multi purpose community driven platforms such as BuddyPress themes and more.



The next company that has premium parallax WP themes in its inventory is StudioPress founded in 2007. Unlike TemplateMonster, the site of StudioPress doesn’t have a direct link to parallax WordPress themes, so you are welcome to browse through them manually. However, you can still sort the options available in the company’s catalog by such criteria as categories (enterprise, magazine, photography, etc) and features (HTML5, mobile, color styles, etc). All the StudioPress themes are built with Genesis Framework, a powerful tool that will make your site SEO-friendly, secure and modern due to regular updates.

* * *

Mojo Themes


Here is another marketplace with professional parallax WordPress themes. To find them, you should type the word “parallax” in the search bar. For ease of browsing, you can sort them by sales, date, and price. Keep in mind that all the Mojo WP themes can also be filtered by the following categories: blog, business, mobile, portfolio, plugins, eCommerce, magazine, frameworks, etc. On top of everything, the last three even have subcategories so that you are able to find the design meeting your requirements in no time.

* * *

Zolo Themes


In the inventory of Zolo, there are also cool parallax WordPress themes developed with the user in mind. They feature multiple templates, shortcodes, social icons, and a custom admin panel allowing you to manage your website logo, header, footer, and other aspects. As each theme has been tested for robust coding and responsiveness, it will provide adequate functioning of your site anywhere, be it a desktop computer with a high-resolution monitor or a mobile phone with a narrower screen. To facilitate your search, there are many tags on zolothemes.com, and one of them is “parallax,” which will be helpful for you.

* * *

Theme Trust


If you need an elegant design enhanced with a parallax effect, visit the site of Theme Trust. The company develops clean WordPress themes, where the aforementioned technique is implemented in different ways. Some of them boast parallax banner areas, while others provide parallax full-screen slideshows. There are also themes that feature parallax homepage sections across their layouts. As you see, you will have many options from which to choose. When it comes to finding parallax themes on themetrust.com, you will need to read their descriptions, but it won’t take you long. The designs are also divided into business, eCommerce, magazine, portfolio, and responsive categories.

* * *



GavickPro has released WordPress themes since 2007, and over that period the company’s specialists have enriched its inventory with a number of parallax designs. Although there is no individual category for parallax WP themes on gavick.com, you will easily come across them once you enter the company’s official site. Depending on your business niche, you will have an opportunity to look for parallax designs in the following categories: blog, eCommerce, education, events, game, hosting, music, portfolio, restaurant, and much more. To characterize GavickPro offerings briefly, they are responsive, lightweight and prebuilt with powerful plugins to extend the functional capabilities of your portal.

* * *



The last provider of premium parallax WP themes on our list is RocketTheme. Working on their projects, the company prioritizes two important aspects, particularly usability and customization. In such a way, their themes can be adapted to different types of websites, from blogs and portfolios to corporate portals. To let users benefit from the latest web technologies, RocketTheme items are integrated with lots of modern features and even support third-party plugins. They are also powered by Gantry framework, which ensures effortless installation and customization without modifying a single line of code. On rockettheme.com, parallax themes can be selected manually by reading descriptions or watching demos.

* * *

Where to Find Free Parallax WordPress Themes

If you need to keep to a tight budget, we have also prepared a set of free parallax WordPress themes for you. There aren’t a lot of them out there, but we’ve still found some and included the coolest options in our set. Look through their designs below.

Kundalini Yoga Club

yoga - free parallax theme

Kundalini Yoga Club is a clean, stunning and completely free parallax scrolling WordPress theme well suited for yoga, fitness club, gym, business or any other awesome website. It is flexible enough to be used for any small to medium sized business. Theme is fully responsive and will look stunning on any mobile device.



OneEngine is a multipurpose theme powered by WordPress and supplied with an easy-to-use layout builder. Its one-page layout is enlivened with parallax backgrounds and lazy load effect to improve your website performance. There are also many other elements contributing to its visual appeal, namely a full-width slider, mosaic gallery, sophisticated icons, counters, block quotes, and pricing tables of a round shape.

* * *



Here is a fresh WP theme with a powerful admin panel, which makes it easy to modify text and image in the parallax section. Integrated with WooCommerce, Mikoz will help you make sales directly from your site. What’s more, its functionality is supplied with a responsive flex slider, filterable portfolio, contact form 7, and other options.

* * *

SKT Parallax Me


SKT Parallax Me is a one-page WordPress theme meant for photo blogs, corporate portfolios, and personal sites. It is notable for a parallax, full-width slider and a sticky menu bar with dropdown categories. Using this theme, you can embed up to 10 content sections into its single-page layout.

* * *

AccessPress Parallax


This free responsive WordPress theme has a multi-layer design flavored with the parallax effect and smooth CSS3 animations. To provide an individual look for each content section, it is prebuilt with layouts for services, blog, team, portfolio, and testimonials. AccessPress Parallax also comes with an intuitive admin panel, advanced posts settings, configurable slider and color & font customization options. Thus, you can modify its look the way you like.

* * *

Foodeez Lite


Foodeez Lite is a stylish WordPress theme designed specifically for websites related to the hospitality industry. It has a full-width background image with floating navigation and a parallax section allowing for a vivid demonstration of your offerings. Furthermore, the theme has been optimized for mobile screens and successfully tested in the major browsers of today.

* * *

Here we are. We hope that you will find our post both inspirational and useful for your website design, whether you are working to a budget or not. If you decide to start with a free parallax WordPress theme, don’t forget to back up your site before installing it. Such a prudent measure will help you avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

35 Free Stock Photo Websites For Every Situation

StokPic Free Stock Photo

Free stock photo is extremely hard to find. Professional companies hold a great share of the stock photo market – and sometimes, they charge more than $50 for a single photo. Even if you manage to go through all that hassle and find a stock photo that’s not blurry, has high resolution and no watermark, you still can’t be sure it’s free. Someone might upload a copyrighted image somewhere and you download it thinking that it’s free for use. You just unwittingly committed copyright infringement. In some situations, you might actually have to call a lawyer. To avoid those situations, Colorlib has curated a list of 35 websites that use Creative Commons 0 license, meaning you can use them freely for personal or commercial purposes.


Picjumbo Free Stock Photo

Picjumbo markets itself as “totally free photos for your commercial & personal works” website. Over thousand free stock photos, more than dozen categories and over two million downloads since its inception, Picjumbo is one of the greatest free stock photo depository sites.


Pixabay Free Stock Photo

Pixabay offers more than 450,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations. Make sure to use their extensive search engine to specify the tiniest details while searching for your photo and we are sure something will come up to satisfy your needs.


Libreshot Free Stock Photo

Libreshot.com offers “Beautiful photos. Totally free.” All photographs on this site are taken by one man and their origin is guaranteed. While images are divided into categories, search box usage is recommended as well as following tags in case you don’t find what you need on your first try.


StockSnap Free Stock Photo

Stocksnap.io says they have hundreds of high-resolution images added weekly. One quick glance at their website and you’ll see they are completely honest. If you don’t find that perfect photo on your first visit, come back next week and you’ll have hundreds of new photos to go through.


Pexels Free Stock Photo

Pexels adds 10 new free stock photos every day. Every photo found here also has metadata included, details like size, aspect ratio, camera, shutter speed etc.


Isorepublic Free Stock Photo

Isorepublic.com markets itself as a depository of “High quality, free photos for creatives”. It has five different categories for creatives, plus “various” category, which contains surprisingly large amount of photos.


Designerpics Free Stock Photo

Designerpics.com is an initiative from single designer to bring photos to those who need them. It’s an ongoing project and new photos are added regularly. An impressive feat considering all these photos are being submitted by a single person.


Realisticshots Free Stock Photo

Realisticshots.com only has a single catch if you want to use their free stock photo. You must make something creative! Every week you’ll find 7 new photos so check back often for some inspiration.


Splitshire Free Stock Photo

Splitshire.com offers more than 500 high-quality free stock photos in more than 20 categories. It’s periodically updated and has decent sized depository.


Foodiesfeed Free Stock Photo

Foodiesfeed.com is focused on free food stock images. Great photo selection that will make you crave for a snack while browsing through their photo selection.


Unsplash Free Stock Photo

Unsplash.com adds 10 new photos every 10 days. With thousand of photos to chose from, you’ll probably find something of interest while browsing unslash.com


Gratisography Free Stock Photo

With 6 categories updated weekly, Ryan McGuire brings unique (and sometimes rather bizarre) free stock photos. Definitely check out this website if you want or need something different and unique.


Kaboompics Free Stock Photo

Kaboompics.com markets itself as a place for business of personal projects. With more than thousand photos to choose from, you’ll bound to find something for your business here.


Fancycrave Free Stock Photo

Fancycrave.com adds 2 new images every day. It’s a great free stock photo resource website for designers, developers, artists, and creatives, as they say it themselves.


Stockphoto Free Stock Photo

Stockphotos.io is a high quality, high resolution public domain and Creative Commons licensed professional free stock photos sharing community. That’s a mouthful. Currently they have around 27,000 images.


LifeOfPix Free Stock Photo

Weekly added photographies donated to the public domain. Over 600 unique free stock photos for use.


StartipStockPhotos Free Stock Photo

Startupstockphotos.com is mainly focused on startup and business environment, but offers plenty more free stock photos.


NOS Free Stock Photo

The “nos” in website name stands for “New Old Stock”. It’s a website that offers free vintage photos from public archives. Now you too can recapture history!


JayMantri Free Stock Photo

Jaymantri.com is a small free stock photo depository run by a single person. What it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.


TravelCoffeeBook Free Stock Photo

Travelcoffeebook.com is all about sharing beutiful travel moments with its users. For some unknown reason, they also have a lot of coffee stock photos too.


Picography Free Stock Photo

Picography.co only features hundred or so stock photos, but they are hand-picked to ensure that every free stock photo on the website has something unique to offer.


Albumarium Free Stock Photo

Albumarium.com offers a unique approach to finding and sharing stock photos by allowing users to create “albums” and filling them up with relevant content. Everyone can create an album and start sharing their own photos!


StokPic Free Stock Photo

Stokpic.com is a one man show and that man believes in transparency. Make sure to click on “See the stats” once you find that free stock photo, just to see what one man with true passion can achieve.


GoodFreePhotos Free Stock Photo

A large free stock photo site with thousands of public domain photos including landscapes, objects, animals, plants, textures, and many other free photos. All photos were taken by one man.


PhotosByPeople Free Stock Photo

Photos.bypeople.com is a repository of free and curated stock photos brought to you by people around the world. A neat option is a bundle builder, select the photos you want and bundle them together for a single download.


4FreePhotos Free Stock Photo

4freephotos.com offers more than 4 photos, of course. More approximate number would be 7000 free stock photos available for your convenience.


ADigitalDreamer Free Stock Photo

Over thousand free stock photos at your disposal on this website. Unfortunately, the last update was almost 6 months ago, and we’re not sure if there will be updates any time soon.


Bajstock Free Stock Photo

Bajstock offers over 9000 free stock photos. The website navigation might be a bit tricky since it’s in French language.


BigFoto Free Stock Photo

Bigfoto.com might not be the prettiest site that you’ve visited, but it features some beautiful free stock photos made by amateur photographs.


FreeImagesCoUk Free Stock Photo

Over 13,000 free stock photos in 88 categories awaits you on this website. Great selection for all your needs.


DeathToTheStockPhoto Free Stock Photo

With a somewhat strange name for a website dealing with free stock photos, two rogue photographers from deathtothestockphoto.com are trying to bring you more than awesome content directly to your email inbox.


FreeNatureStock Free Stock Photo

Freenaturestock.com is website dedicated to nature and photos of it. It makes life more beautiful by giving us one free stock photo per day.


AnimalPhotos Free Stock Photo

Unfortunately, this website is no longer being updated, but it still has an impressive depository of animal stock photos. You probably didn’t hear about some animal species featured here.


FreePhotoFrame Free Stock Photo

You can’t get free photo frames or purchase them on this website, but what you can get is an ultimate resource for digital photo frames. Many different shapes and styles to frame your pictures or print inside them.


DummyImage Free Stock Photo

You didn’t find what you were looking for on any websites from the list? You can’t decide which free stock photo to use? Do you want placeholder photo but you don’t want anything fancy? Dummyimage.com is your solution. Enter the size, background color, foreground color, format, and text. After that. you get perfect custom placeholder image, ready for use.

Gusteau – A Must-Have Food And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Preview Banner

Are you in processing of starting food and restaurant business? Do you want to get more customers for your restaurant? If yes, a very efficient way for you is to create a website to sell your food items online. You will sell to millions of customers instead of your small market. After doing a thorough research on UX demands for the restaurants, we understand what your customers need when they go to visit your site, so we create an elegant food and restaurant WordPress theme which is specially built for restaurant, coffee shop, food delivery websites. We’re sure that your online sale will become easier than ever if you build your own website with the attractive images of each food item, prices, reservation system, menu. Let’s be as simple as possible with Gusteau WordPress Theme.

Gusteau is a glamorous Food and Restaurant WordPress Theme which is very easy to use, customize and give your potential customers all information they want. Gusteau is packed with essential everything for a restaurant website: variety of menu types, beautiful gallery and single product to show off your food, Opentable system or built-in booking form, event listing pages to annouce upcoming and ongoing events, blog pages to tell your great stories and your restaurant’s ambiance, contact information, maps. Just a few simple clicks, you will have millions of guests in your hand.

Beautiful Menu Styles

After researching we understand that the menu is the brightest spot of a restaurant website. Therefore, Gusteau gets variety of menu types for you to show your food with necessary information, for example the price of dishes, images of food, short description about recipes or ingredients to make it, or special notes. Especially, Gusteau’s menu will make your site more interactive with customers because your guests can search the dishes easily thanks to the clear division of categories. Besides, with 100% responsive design and retina ready, the menu of Gusteau will be displayed so great on any device and screen size.


Parallax Scrolling

Amazing parallax effect with enchanting images and smooth scrolling will make a remarkable impression on your visitors. Thanks to Gusteau, you can create the smooth parallax background to attract more customers.


Easy Reservation

Booking a table has never been so easy with Gusteau, because we provide two forms for you to choose: You can create reservation form with the free popular plugin Contact Form 7 or OpenTable system- the famous real-time online reservation network. With Opentable, you only need to use the shortcode we created and fill in your Opentable restaurant ID, everything will look good, which will make customers satisfied.


Outstanding Header Styles

We understand that the header is very crucial for any site, so we have focused on fine-tuning the smallest details in header design and built four stunning header styles for you to select. The headers of Gusteau will give visitors going through your site a deep impression. But, if you don’t use the premade header styles, you also can customize header yourself.


Sell Your Food Items Online

Packed with WooCommerce, Food and Restaurant WordPress Theme – Gusteau can be used to sell your food items online. Gusteau owns beautiful single shops layout with the great functions of online shop. Your customers can view the food before placing their order, select the food and payment. More than that, with many social media displayed on single product pages, for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter, Gusteau will allow visitors to share information about food or your restaurant with more people. Simultaneously, you can find more potential customers and drive more sales for your restaurant shop.


Perfect On Any Device

Gusteau is tested on all devices, so don’t worry about how your site will look like on mobile devices. We’re sure that your site will fit itself in all screen sizes and any mobile device. All the images of the food, menu, gallery or online shop pages will always look great on desktop, tablet, ipad or mobile phone. Gusteau also features a mobile menu to make it easy for your mobile users to discover your site.


With Gusteau, we want to provide a tool for you to earn money more effectively. You’re rest assured that Gusteau will definitely take your site to a next level.

15+ Responsive WordPress Themes With Image Slider Specialties

Slider WordPress Themes

Slider images make your presentation stronger. Images take attention, help you get more clicks, and enhance the experience of your website visitors as well. More important than rest of the things is that images add life to your website and make it more expressive. In fact, sometimes an image is worth even more than a thousand words.

Let’s discuss this in terms of your website. When people fall on your website through various channels, all of them are not supposed to be your potential visitors, (or target audience). But those who are, you have to present the basic purpose of your website to them so that these right visitors don’t bounce away but stop and give you a further chance to influence them with your website content.

So you have to grab their attention at first. And this is where the slider section of your website can play a very important role, i.e. to grab the attention of your potential clients. Can you imagine how lifeless your website would look in the absence of any image. Whatever website you are running, an aesthetic image section should definitely be there.

That’s why here we present a plethora of themes with varieties of sliders including full-width sliders, video background sliders, thumbnail sliders, sliders with beautiful animation effects and lots of other varieties of WordPress themes with image slider specialties just to let you choose your favorite slider type.

In this collection, you’ll get to download a wide range of built-in slider themes having minimalist sliders to fancy and aesthetic sliders. Sliders ideally display multiple images in a fluid manner and help you grab your visitors’ attention when they arrive on your website or any particular landing page. So if you want to do some makeover of your website and make your site more alive, you can easily do it using multimedia sliders.

So let’s make a choice. Here we go…


ResortVille is an extremely beautiful WordPress theme with Ken Burns slider making it much more appealing. It’s leisure aesthetics eye relaxing beauty makes it a better-fit theme for resorts, hotels, holiday destination sites, spa and beverages where the website owner has to reflect a feeling of comfort.

The theme is build in a flawless manner, and all time traveling slider images make it extremely impressive and easily differentiates your website from others in your niche. The theme also gives you the ability to elaborate your website with taglines, descriptions, icons, and present your service and a manner that definitely gets your visitors hooked.

Resort WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


It’s actually a directory listing theme but makes a place in this list because not all directory themes come with such a fantastic slider functionality. It is one such theme with a slider that you can use for commercial purpose and utilize the slider images to its maximum. You can feature lots of products in the multi-item containing sliders.

So if you create a directory site for any particular products or business like a directory of computers, gadgets, hotels, restaurants, or shops, you can pick some key items and feature in the slider section as shown in the image. This way you can get good attention to those products you want your visitors to see.

Directory WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


It’s an idiosyncratic theme that also supports a VIDEO SLIDER apart from image slider. It’s a full on tuned multimedia supported theme also integrated with WooCommerce. The two features together make this theme very suitable for selling multimedia digital products.

Enjoy displaying your intro videos or featured video ads. Moreover, you can display multiple videos in the slider as a different video appears with a slider change. The theme also supports slider on every page. Angkloong theme also has integrated revolution slider WordPress plugin that adds lots of functionality for the slider of your website.

Just a suggestion, if you are involved in event activities like parties, music concerts, etc., this will also be the right theme to give a kick start to your event business.

Angkloong WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


ClassiCraft is a flexible and powerful WordPress theme for creating classified Ad Listing websites It’s gives you much more opportunity to utilize the slider section of your website for commercial purposes. It gives you more opportunity to monetize your ad listing website using its slider section as you can sell the slider space in the theme to those advertisers who want to b featured on the front page of your website to get maximum visibility.

On the homepage, it has thumbnail sliders to give a quick view of the featured ads. There, you’ll place the most attractive ads or ads from high paying advertisers. This way slider will help you get maximum visibility to the desired ads on your website.

Classified Ads Listing WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


The most attractive slider I have seen anywhere. Bottls is firstly an eCommerce WordPress theme with functionality to enable a user conduct auctions and reverse auctions. Layer Slider WP plugin included in the theme enables you to create a slider of multi-layered images. Its layer slider gives an awesome effect to your website.

If you fall in love with this theme but want it for general use and not as an e-commerce theme, just turn off the woo-commerce plugin and enjoy.

Auction WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


In terms of usability, it has the best slider feature among all other themes in the list here. It has a half slider with sidebar elements. Just below the header there is a slider where product or service offerings can be displayed with the help of pictures and text. As you click through the various chunks of information highlighted sideways, you’ll see the slider images also change a synchronized manner. Its information rich slider is quite useful for providing a quick overview of your services.

It has an array of additional features that make it a more informative theme. Like, it has a feature of notification that appears on your website’s header, so that you can put up important notification at that place and grab everyone’s attention. In addition to that, it gives you 10-Built in Color Schemes, AJAX based user panel, lots of widgetized areas, social Icons, and several ready to use page templates.

Cosmetic Surgeon WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


Landscaping is a featured content slider rich WordPress theme, so professional designed to give a great online presence to your business and to let you showcase your business in a way like no other way. Its appearance is extremely eye soothing and its animation effects are the most enticing part of it. Fab icons visually much more enhance the theme looks.

The new “Landscaping” is an amazing, easy to use, responsive and is one the most instant website builder theme that bestows a powerful user panel. If you like simple clean and simple design, yet a good slider, choose Landscaping.

Landscape WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details

Local Business

Now get lead capture form on your homepage header section and grab leads from your homepage slider section. For every business you are running, you need leads for email marketing. As header section is the most important part of your website, using a lead capture form in that place would be highly profitable to grow your email subscribers list.

If you want to utilize the slider section in an either way, using a lead generation form in its place would be a great suggestion. Local business is an extremely simple WordPress theme with limited but very useful features. However, it has a very conversion focused design that basically targets presenting the key aspects of your business.

Lead Capture WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details

Real Photography

Real Photography is a slightly different and totally out of the league theme with thumbnail navigation enabled sliders. As its name resembles that it’s basically a photography WordPress theme, slider section plays an important role in making the presentation of your photographs in an elegant manner.

Photographers can showcase their photographs in a different style with its gallery post design. It will be a much appropriate theme for photo blogging purpose. Means it is good at presenting your text and image content in an organized manner. So this one comes out to be the hottest thing for individuals interesting in photo blogging as well as in photography.

Photography WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details

Asian Broker

Believe it or not, images are of great importance for real estate business as well. Definitely when it comes to optimizing your real estate site for higher search engine rankings. Even the real estate SEO experts suggest that images with proper alt tags help in ranking your website for your target keywords. Pictures grab the eyes of your website visitors. In this context, images can really influence your conversion score.

Asian Broker is a property listing WordPress theme for real estate agents, brokers, accommodation finder websites, that allows clients to browse properties and accommodation and presents a list of options to users as per their priorities. Still images will definitely a key factor in attracting customers to the properties featured on your website. In Asian Broker, you can showcase 8-different slider images on the home page.

Broker WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


NatureShoot is a gorgeous, visually stunning, photography-focused theme with photo slider display. It shines the work of photographers. As you scroll down, the slider pours down the presentation of your photographs back to back in a large view. It has a vertically scrolling slider section, with menu section located in the sidebar on your right.

It comes with a dynamic sidebar so that slider images can occupy the whole window of your screen. Additionally, you can make use of its various blog post formats, images, gallery, quotes & videos, and a beautifully organized gallery. It’s efficient user panel makes it extremely easy and quick to setup. Without any coding, you can completely set up NatureShoot very effortlessly.

Nature Photography WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


Zero is Video background supported WordPress theme. It is Twitter Bootstrap framework based fully responsive multipurpose theme with features of great value. It has eCommerce integration. With flexible theme options, and drag and drop page builder, it gives freedom to create beautiful websites with unlimited different page layouts.

It is front-end framework based and combines twitter bootstrap framework and WordPress making itself more user-friendly. Hey listen!, you’ve got the option to create a one-page website or a multi-page website using the same theme.

Video background, sticky header/navigation, font icons, animations, are some of its great features. In addition to this, it gives you more than 40+ different content elements with advanced styling options that you can easily manage. You can easily customize and add images, videos, and effects to your home page slider.

Zero WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


Phototastic is fundamentally a photography WordPress theme. It allows you to choose homepage view with Grid photograph images, or you can choose a plane full-screen minimal slider.

A Portfolio is important for photographers. When clients land on your website for a few moments, you have to present your work quality in the meantime. A good presentation of your work can get you that customer. Phototastic is a fantastic theme in all such terms. It is worth every penny. Take a look at this theme, I am pretty sure, the photographer in you will come out.

WordPress Theme For Photographers

Theme Demo Theme Details

Modern Therapy

Modern Therapy WordPress theme comes with a play-pause slider that is so special about this theme. You can also manage the playing speed of the slider. It’s quite influencing in terms of attracting your potential clients to get in and opt for your service.

It has incredible flexibility and appointment booking functionality that makes it useful for multiple business purposes starting from spas and salons to taxi booking, medical, legal services to myriads of business types. The theme provides flexibility to users regarding customization, accepting and managing your appointments using its robust online appointments system.

ModernTherapy WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


Titania has incredible flexibility along with functionality. It is a multiple purposes theme suitable for personal blogs to complex websites. It has a King Size slider that makes it look gorgeous, and it also makes it ideal for photography portfolio site. Titania is powered by layer slider and also supports video sliders.

It’s a one-page retro/modern parallax theme features a full-page slider. Now it is more beautifully tailored, and varieties of creative businesses can create an attractive website using it. Moreover, it features a responsive layout, a modular homepage, and multiple post formats support. This colorful theme will be ideal for any portfolio site.

Titania WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


WindClean WordPress theme has a very fashionable slider with an upper curve. The theme is totally designed in a professional manner otherwise. Image slider with heading and description options for each slide makes the section more attractive. Customize the theme easily with its efficient admin panel, change the colors, backgrounds, icons, and everything you see in the theme.

It’s Ajax based admin panel makes it easy fast and easy to make changes in the customization. It’s fully responsive layout fits all portable devices like mobile phones, tablet, iPhone, and iPad. Make your website intuitive using its widgetized sidebar and footer areas.

WindClean WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details


Evento is a versatile theme with vibrant design; its full-width slider occupies your website so that images influence the feel your website at maximum. It is a better fit for event organizers and as its name resembles. If you are running musical, glamour, sports, party, social, educational or any other type of events, and wish to have a website that expresses your business quite well, get Evento.

It is a fully responsive and cross-browser compatible theme that comes with many fine functioning inbuilt templates, 12 beautiful predefined color skins, tap to call feature, powerful navigation, widgetized footer & sidebar.

Evento WordPress Theme

Theme Demo Theme Details

More awesome WordPress themes with a large image sliders can be found on this versatile WordPress theme collection.

Top 12 Free Website Builders for Web Designers & Developers 2015

Top Free Website Builders

Investing in an agency to build you a new website can turn out to be a fairly costly venture, with average prices for unique designs ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 — depending on the project requirements. You can read more about web design costs for different size projects in this Executionists report. While it certainly helps to have a professional web design built exclusively just for you, in more cases than one — all we really need is a good website builder platform to build a good looking (and functioning) website at the fraction of a cost.

Nowadays, website builders come in different forms and shapes, and most have adapted to the latest web design standards (focusing on UX and UI, responsive design, creative feature panels, etc,.), which makes them more appealing to designers and developers who perhaps need to fire up websites and blogs for their clients, though without all the extra specials that you would usually get from a custom job.

Website builders are also incredibly cheap, especially for the amount of customization options you get. Anyone, whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, with a budget less than several thousand dollars should invest in either a reliable content management system, or a professional website builder — like any of those on our list here.


Free Website Builder Build Your Own Free Website WebsiteBuilder

With a selection of over 1,000 unique design styles, this particular website builder stands out with flexibility and versatility. Whether you’re looking to build a business website, or a person blog, the guys over at WebsiteBuilder will provide you with all necessary tools and features to get you started right away. In-built search engine features will ensure that your site gets found by search engines quickly, and a library of free images will compliment any content that you’re looking to share anyway. Also good for those who want to setup a personal shop, as there is an eCommerce option available.


Free Website Builder Create a Free Website WIX.com

Do you want to start your own online store? Perhaps you need a website for your new restaurant, or the event that you’re going to be hosting? Wix has got you covered, with hundreds of unique styles to choose from, each style is categorized — making it very easy for people like you and me to find the exact style that we need to build the type of site we want to build. Wix provides an easy to use drag and drop website builder, designer-made templates, beautiful galleries, mobile optimized, domains, huge image collection, secure hosting, SEO, 24/7 full support and more – all wrapped up in one free website builder.

Just last month, Wix rolled out a new and beautiful website builder that has taken some inspiration and logical understanding from the social giant Facebook. Full parallax and video background integration is just some of the features of the new website building editor, and more can be learned at the official Wix blog post announcement.


Create Your Own Free Website with SiteBuilder.com 1 Website Builder SiteBuilder

Because of a lot of developments in the web technology industry, website builders such as SiteBuilder are able to provide its users with a choice of over 10,000 unique template styles, making it one of the largest databases of custom website styles on the net so far. You also get the option to add an online store or a blog to your website, and optimize both with in-built search engine optimization tools. It’s free to get started, with the ability to add premium features as individual upgrades.


Website Builder by Soholaunch Content Management System CMS and Web Design Software for Everyone

Hundreds of thousands of online webmasters use Soholaunch to host their own, and their client websites. The reason why? Soholaunch has perfected the platform to allow its users to create membership-type sites that can be used to host content, sell products, conclude business and so much more. Soholaunch includes many more features than the average website builder, and they all complement each other. For example, you can build a page with the Page Editor and then send it to your Shopping Cart customers with the Newsletter feature.


Drag and Drop Responsive Website Builder Website maker

With Simbla, creating responsive websites becomes a breeze. Simbla uses a powerful drag&drop website building interface that lets you build professional and creative websites in just a few minutes. And because responsive desing can be quite demanding in the way content should be displayed, the Simbla platform uses intuitive learning tactics that will ensure your website looks amazing on any device that visits it. Search engine optimization is in-built, and you won’t have to worry about things like sitemaps or URL optimization. Simbla is built upon the Bootstrap 3 foundation, which means a lot of flexibility and great design choices.


Build a Website Squarespace

Squarespace has evolved from being just a simple website builder to a full-fledged content management system that works in the cloud. Although Squarespace requires an monthly investment to keep your website running, features such as mobile-design and integrated analytics platform compensate for all of that. Web developers, businesses, individuals, creatives, photo artists and so many more have found Squarespace as their home, and rightfully so. The team behind this website builder have built an outstanding reputation for themselves as caring, creative, and supportive bunch of people that want to make sure that all of their customers are satisfied and happy.


Free Website Builder Easiest website builder for your website

The Ewisoft Website Builder is an actual desktop platform, suited for those who perhaps want to take their time with crafting and building a website that looks and feels great all at the same time. It’s a great solution for both experience and inexperienced website builders, and despite being easy to use — features are modern and in alignment with the latest design contexts.


Free Website Builder Make Your Own Website Moonfruit

Need a beautiful website that works on all devices, but only have time to build one single website for desktop? Not a problem, Moonfruit is proud to advertise themselves as an website builder that lets you build one copy of a website and then have that same copy work on all devices simultaneously. Building a blog or launching an online store is super easy with the help of Moonfruit’s extensive feature list, and don’t worry about having to do social integration, as it all comes prepackaged with all of the websites that you launch.


Weebly Website Builder Create a Free Website Store or Blog

Weebly is one of the oldest website builders out there, with more than a decade of experience in website building and web design, Weebly has grown to become one of the most sophisticated website building platforms, and many of the sites that are built using Weebly look nowhere close to a website that would have been built using a website builder platform. On the list of features you will find a choice of over 100 customizable design styles, an easy to setup blogging system, an in-built forms builder to help you create custom and dynamic forms, photo gallery and slideshow integration, detailed analytical reports of your website performance, custom image editing, search engine optimization, eCommerce integration, and the list just keeps going on and on. All website owners get full access to edit HTML and CSS to their own liking.


Mobirise Mobile Website Builder

Need a professional and appealing mobile website fast? Mobirise is an offline application (For Windows and Mac OS X) that lets you create small to medium sized websites, landing pages, resume pages, portfolio pages, landing pages for application, events pages, and service and product pages. Mobirise is the perfect solution for those webmasters who are truly inexperience and don’t have a technical background, since most of the work with Mobirise happens in a visual drag and drop environment, with plenty of help along the way.


Code Free Responsive Website Design Software Webydo

Webydo, a website builder that has managed to attract a lot of investor attention, is a cloud-based web design platform that allows designers to create advanced HTML5, responsive websites with a built-in CMS, without writing code. Whether it’s a simple content site or a full-blown eCommerce store that you’re looking to build, it’s very likely that Webydo could be your number one solution.

Finding the Right Website Builder for You

Website building is definitely taking a new turn, whether for best or worst is still undecided, and a lot of designers and developers in the community feel resentful towards the idea of a simple dynamic platform overtaking the mundane task of building a quick and fast website. Truth of the matter is, nobody is going to spend thousands of dollars to build something unique, when they can spend a couple of bucks and get pretty much the same result.

If you are looking to build website based on WordPress you might want to read our detailed beginner’s guide on how to setup a WordPress powered website. This detailed guide is available here.

Top 7 Image Lossless Compression Plugins for Speeding Up WordPress

Image Compression Plugins

Lossless image compression is a big deal, more often than not it is the actual image files that slow our site down significantly, and slow sites are known to cause much higher bounce rate, as well as much lower level of satisfaction. Although image compression technology is still being worked on, and hopefully we will see native browser integrations in the future, there are a number of tools and plugins available today that can help us shed off unnecessary bytes, kilobytes and in some cases megabytes from our images.

WordPress bloggers are one of the most widely known group of writers that utilize a lot of images in their content, especially so for sites that do list, gallery and how-to posts on daily basis. The upload folder for images can quickly grow huge, but so you can the load time of each webpage that is serving these images. Perhaps, the process of having to manually optimize each image sounds time consuming, and people just decide to not do it at all.

Thanks to some bright developers and a number of tools, we have a number of free and premium WordPress lossless image compressions plugins available at our disposal, which we will be taking a look at in this post. Please share your own methods and techniques for compressing images in the comment section.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer, one of the leading loseless image optimization plugins, will automatically optimize/resize all of the images that you upload using the WordPress media manager. You will also be able to use a feature that will let you optimize all your pre-existing images, and have them converted/optimized for the best possible file size and image quality.

EWWW Image Optimizer is built by developers who are highly educated in image optimization and understand how important image optimization can for having your site load faster, use less bandwidth, and optimize overall site performance, not to mention save a ton of disk space which will make it more effecient to make regular site backups.

WP Smush

WP Smush

WPMU DEV have built an image optimization plugin that’s used by more than 300,000 WordPress users. WP Smush optimizes images by removing hidden and junky image data, optimizing the image file size without sacrificing its quality. In their own words — the faster you can make your pages, the more likely you’re going to earn attention from search engines which will lead to higher rankings and more organic visitors.



TinyPNG is one of the most recognized lossless image compression services that compress both JPG and PNG type files. Up until very recently, the service did not provide a WordPress plugin, but since that has changed, several thousand WordPress users are now using this magnifcent plugin to automatically optimize images as they are being uploaded. One thing to keep in mind about this plugin is that you will be limited to 500 image optimizations every month, which actually is enough for small/medium sized WordPress blogs. To extend the limit you will need to share your bank details, but even then — the image optimization plans are quite cheap. Those who wish to really optimize their images will be happy to learn that there is a bulk image optimization service possible, though you may want to look into the limits and their pricing first.



Both new and old images can be optimized with ShortPixel. Once activated, the plugin instantly processes new images uploaded to your website. Bulk optimization will automatically process all your past image gallery with one click. Images and thumbnails are processed in the cloud, and replaced back into your website. It’s simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. The only thing that might be seen as a downside for ShortPixel users is that the monthly limit is going to be 100 images, which is four times less than TinyPNG. Still a good alternative to have.



After installing Optimus, each new image that will be added to your image library will be automatically optimized through the use of Optimu’s servers. At no point do you lose track of your original images and their content, but the whole process happens in the background so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Each image will be allocated a new field that will show how big of a file reduction was taking place. The one thing that makes Optimus stand out from other image compression plugins is that Optimus never loses the quality of your original images. Custom options allow you to keep all the necessary image data without it having an effect on the overall file size.



Those who wish to keep their WordPress plugins list clean and tidy will appreciate Solvium Image Optimizer, a desktop application that can help webmasters to optimize, compress, and resize their images at their own convenience. Three of the most popular file types are supported: GIF, PNG and JPG. With a full set of options you can choose your own way to losslessly optimize images: fast or thorough, lossless or lossy, with resizing or not and much more.



Hakros, another desktop application, is much more lightweight and offers concise image optimization for JPG files. You can also manipulate the image dimensions, either individually or in bulk.

The Best 3D Editing Tools for Designers To Improve Your Workflow 2015

Tools 3d Designers

Finding the right tools for your craft can sometimes be a long process, not only has the software industry expanded tenfold in the recent years, there are constantly new concepts and ways of doing things being introduced, which leaves many confused and distracted from the tools and software that actually gets the job done.

One such industry is 3D editing. These days, 3D editing is involved in everything; film, animation, graphic design, promotion, and so much more. While not for everyone, 3D editing is a great skill to master for the sake of becoming a more adept designer, but also because 3D editors are in high demand and you are always guaranteed to find a great career choice down the line.

When it comes to the pricing of 3D software, it certainly isn’t cheap. While free alternatives exist, they’re not always reliable or have the latest support for latest industry breakthroughs, whereas paid tools are bound to provide an experience that will leave you inspired and wanting for more. This list will focus on a number of 3D editing tools that are both free, but also offer paid versions that can be considered after a few trial runs.

3ds MAX

3ds Max

3DS from Autodesk is without question the most favorable and most popular 3D editing software on the market right now, and for many good reasons. With the 3ds MAX platform you can quickly and easily create 3D content that will blow your own socks off because of the ease of use and resourceful material available for learning. 3ds MAX is used to create movies, animations, beautiful overviews and rendering material for games. Anyone who is in the entertainment and/or design industry will quickly understand that this is an invaluable investment to make in your own career.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D

CINEMA 4D Studio is the very best that MAXON has to offer for professional 3D artists. If you want to create advanced 3D graphics but need a helping hand to ensure you create jaw-dropping graphics quickly and easily, then this is the choice for you. Any designer who is working within the field of gaming and animation will find the features of Cinema 3D to be the perfect fit. Take advantage of super-advanced tools for building characters, tap into the sophisticated physics engine that will transform the way your games (or any other content) look and feel. Cinema 4D has been built with a number of uses in mind, which makes it easy to adapt to your own necessary needs.

Daz 3D

Daz 3D

Daz 3D is known for being the owners of a technology called Genesis — a way of creating and construction human models (for gaming and any other purpose) that are next to real-like experience. The Genesis framework provides its users with a list of tools and features that provide customization options you won’t find anywhere else. It has been recognized as the leading human modeling system in any 3D modeling platform. Apart from that, Daz 3D is also a well-known marketplace for 3D designs; the perfect place to look for inspiration and ideas, and perhaps a purchase for your next project.



Sculptris provides an excellent gateway into the exciting world of 3D. It’s features are easy to learn, even for someone with no experience in digital art, yet robust enough for creating base models that can then be refined in other applications, such as ZBrush. Those who have not have had the experience of working with 3D before will find that Sculptris is user-friendly and incredibly supportive towards understanding what each features does and how you can use it to your best ability.



Are you into construction and need a reliable way to provide your clients with demo samples of the work you’re planning to do? You might even be an architect, so as long as your profession involves creating demos of buildings and houses — SketchUp is the perfect compliment towards making your ideas and dreams a reality. The easy to learn 3D editing tool will give you all the necessary tools and guidance to help you create outstanding demo previews and mockups for your next project.



Blender is one of the most known open-source 3D editing tools, and is being built purely by the help of community itself. Each release features additions and a number of fixes that are based on the use of tens of thousands of 3D graphic designers. In more ways than one, Blender is the perfect starting point for those who cannot afford expensive 3D editing software, but still want to explore the world of 3D in a fairly advanced way.



Movie studios, filmmakers, animation artists and designers all over the world rely on the Houdini 3D editing tool to create outstanding and beautiful content that generates attention, community and likability. Although the full version of this platform can be quite expensive (and for good reasons), there is a Free version available that gives a taste of the endless possibilities that Houdini brings to the table.

Sylph Review: A Flexible WordPress Blogging Theme That is Focused on Content

Slyph Multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme

Sylph is a WordPress blogging theme that goes back to basics to help you build a stylish and modern blog.

Update: You can now save 15% on Sylph Multipurpose Blog Theme by using this coupon code: 15forSYLPH

This is not just a multipurpose blogging theme, but it’s also one that comes with seven prebuilt versions, covering a range of blog types. If you’re a fashion, health, food, travel, mom, or business blogger then this theme has a prebuilt demo version just for you. However, even if your blog doesn’t fit into one of those broad categories, Sylph can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Sylph was built around the ethos of “forget clutter, we focus on the content and only that”. Therefore, if you are looking for a theme that will present your content in the best possible light, without detracting from the user experience in any way, then read on to find out if this is the right blogging theme for your project.

Sylph Landing Page

Find out more about the features and capabilities of Sylph

About the Sylph WordPress Blogging Theme

In order to succeed at creating the most useful WordPress blogging theme available today, the developers of Sylph carried out research on over 800 blogs. The data that was collected allowed them to establish what features and elements people are using on their site, where they are placed, and most importantly why.

This then gave them the ability to only include the most useful and wanted features in their new blogging theme. Rather than stuffing their product with countless features and all the latest bells and whistles that the majority of site owners will never use, they were able to deliver a more lightweight product.

The benefit of this is a fast loading website for site owners, as well as an easier theme to setup and administrate, due to reducing clutter on the backend.

While the feature list of Sylph might not rival that of some of the best-selling all-in-one multipurpose themes, for most users this is a good thing and the increased site speed should help your site rank higher in the search engines and deliver a higher goal conversion rate – no matter what the purpose of your website is.

By including more of what typical blog owners need, and less of what they don’t, Sylph is not only easier to manage but also more convenient to navigate from an end user perspective.

Sylph Design and Appearance

When shopping for a WordPress theme the design and appearance on offer is the first characteristic of the template that jumps out at you. While it’s not all about looks, a bad or slightly off design can ruin a template no matter how long the feature list is or how great it sounds on paper.

Sylph Design

As this is a blogging theme first and foremost, it’s very important that it gives your content plenty of room to breathe and doesn’t distract your visitors from what you have to say. Sylph doesn’t disappoint on this score and it’s fair to say this theme looks cleanly exquisite.

Sylph Demo Versions

Sylph is billed as a true multipath theme. This essentially means that it can be used in a number of different prebuilt configurations. While these are described as more than simply different demo versions of the theme, if you are familiar with the multiple demo concept then you will already know that this feature makes it easy to setup and deploy the theme to your website in a number of different ways.

At the time of writing this review, there were seven different demo versions to choose from which we will explore now:

Do it All Demo Version

Sylph Default Demo

If you’re an everyday blogger who still wants a stylish design for their blog, then the core demo version of Sylph is the perfect all-rounder theme you’ve been looking for.

With clean lines and plenty of whitespace in use to really help your content stand out on the page, this is a theme with a very simplistic look and feel that is backed up with a wealth of understated features.

When using this demo version you can easily add simple animated effects to your site that will help draw in your visitors. There’s also plenty of opportunities to display your best content on the homepage. This is thanks to the different homepage blocks on offer.

This demo version does a great job of highlighting what Sylph has to offer, but there are plenty of other options on offer when it comes to setting up your website.

Try the Default Do it All Blog Theme Demo

Fashion and Beauty Blogging Theme

Sylph Fashion Blogger Demo

If you are creating a fashion and beauty blog, or you’re writing about related topics, then this demo version could be just what you are looking for.

This path has a clean and elegant look that will help enhance your content in a stylish way. If your blog posts feature many strong images, then they will get plenty of room to breathe with this theme. There certainly is no clutter when it comes to presenting your content.

If you are looking for a beautiful and restrained layout and design for your fashion blog, then look no further.

Try the Fashion and Beauty Blogging Theme Demo

Gourmet Food Blog Theme

Sylph Start a Food Blog

If you want to start a food blog with WordPress then this demo version of Sylph could be just what you need.

In the gourmet mode, Sylph makes it very easy to publish mouthwatering recipes in stylish surroundings. There are plenty of opportunities to display content from your social media feeds as well as many customization options.

If food is your thing, this demo version of Sylph makes it easy to cook up a tasty design for your blog.

Try the Gourmet Food Blog Theme Demo

Travel Blogger and World Nomad Theme

Sylph Travel Blogger Theme

Are you planning that once in a lifetime trip? Working your way around the world as a digital nomad? Or maybe you just want to keep your friends and family back home in the loop as you traverse the globe? Whatever type of travel or location independent blog you are planning on starting; this variation of the Sylph theme is well worth checking out.

Depending on how you configure this version of the theme, your travel blog homepage can display the latest travel photos from your Instagram account; list your current itinerary; and a whole lot more. Each blog post from your journey is presented in a clean and stylish way, leaving plenty of room for your visitors to take in your story.

Try the Travel Blogger Theme Demo

Mom Blogger WordPress Theme Mode

Sylph Mom Blogger

This blogging theme for moms has a cheerful and laid back design that will help you connect with your readers and immediately make them feel at home.

When choosing one of these demo versions, you still get access to all the customization settings, but out of the box, this mode is perfect for mom bloggers who want to give their website the right look and feel for their target audience.

If you are writing sponsored content, there is plenty of space to showcase your sponsors, helping you make money from your blog and attract new partnerships.

Try the Mom Blogger Theme Demo

Health and Lifestyle Theme Demo

Sylph Lifestyle Blog Theme

Start your health and lifestyle blog off on the right track with this version of the Sylph theme. Whether you are writing about healthy diets, lifestyle advice, productivity tips, or anywhere along the health and wellbeing spectrum, this clean design should meet your needs.

Try the Health and Lifestyle Theme Demo

Sylph Business Blogger Mode

Sylph Business Blogger Theme

As well as catering for the more creative types of niches, Sylph doesn’t disappoint when it comes to business blogging. Whether you’re a marketer, professional speaker, a coach, or you’re just blogging about the latest news in your industry, this version of Sylph has been created just for you.

There’s some pretty neat business blogger features on offer here which you should definitely check out.

Try the Sylph Business Blogger Theme Demo

These paths or demo versions can all be loaded in just a few clicks via the WordPress Customizer tool.

Multiple Header Versions

With some popular WordPress themes, no matter much you tweak and customize them, your website or blog still ends up looking like every other site built with that theme.

This is usually because the controls and setting on offer rarely extend to the header section of the theme. While you might be able to change the fonts and colors used in your posts and pages, as well as the column widths and other settings, the main navigation header section of the site usually remains unchanged.

The developers of Sylph have recognized this and now with this WordPress theme, you get a great selection of custom header designs to choose from. Not only that, but you can easily tweak and customize this library of website headers.

The end result is that not only is it easier to make your site look different from the others using this theme, but perhaps more importantly, you will be able to ensure your header section matches the overall design and purpose of your site to deliver a better user experience.

With Sylph, you get eight header layouts and options to choose from, each of which can be deployed at the touch of a button – no matter what demo version you are using.

Extensive Homepage and Site Customization Options

Even with all the different demo versions of Sylph on offer, you still get plenty of opportunities to really customize this theme to make it your own. One particularly flexible area of your site when using this theme will be the homepage.

Sylph uses something called homepage blocks to make it as easy as possible to organize the content on the front page of your site. The homepage blocks on offer include an Instagram box to display your latest snaps, a featured posts box to display your most important blog content, a slider tool for animated content slideshows, and a ‘featured in’ box to really help you showcase work you’ve done elsewhere and highlight your portfolio items and accolades.

Sylph also makes full use of the WordPress Customizer tool. This means you get a live front-end preview as you make many changes to your website. Some of the changes that you can make in order to customize your website in detail include typography customization, header personalization, homepage settings, social media feed displays, color choices, call to action bars and buttons, navigation settings, and a whole lot more.

Sylph Customizer

The Sylph Customizer is available for testing so if you are curious to see what you can do with this theme, why not check it out now.

If you want to greet your new visitors in the right way, then being able to ensure your homepage is setup in the best possible way for your site and target audience is essential.

Take a Free Test Drive

If all of these features and capabilities haven’t sold you on this theme 100%, then you can take a free test drive to really see what Sylph is capable of. By taking a hands-on look under the hood, you should be able to get a better sense of what this theme has to offer, and more importantly if it’s the right tool for your project.

Other Notable Features of Sylph

When setting up your website, there are three layout options to choose from. This includes one and two column layouts, as well as a combination of sidebar and column layouts, not to mention an eye-catching masonry layout.

Sylph Layouts

There are also custom post titles on offer, which make it easy to give your blog entries a personalized or bespoke look and feel.

To help you make the most of this theme, there is also a full set of online documentation available.

Sylph Pricing Options

As you can tell from the impressive feature list and spec. this is a commercial WordPress theme. Sylph can be purchased from the Mojo Marketplace theme store and is available for a one-time fee of $39.

This is a competitive price in the world of WordPress themes and for an extra $10 you have the option of having the team install Sylph on your WordPress website. Some other theme providers charge upwards of $100 for this service so it’s a real bargain that will not only save you money but perhaps more importantly, time and effort.

Other optional extras include installation of the theme and setup of one demo version for $149. Choosing this package means you will get a WordPress website that matches one of the demo version of Sylph. After that, all that’s left to do is add your own content and your site is up and running. If you need a website online ASAP then this optional upgrade shouldn’t be overlooked.

The team will also backup your WordPress site on an ongoing basis for $49 and carry out essential search engine optimization on your website for a further $49. If you want to ensure your website has a fighting chance of ranking well in the search engines from the outset, you might want to consider the SEO upgrade.

Customer and User Reviews

So far so good for the Sylph theme, but don’t just take my word for it. You can check out some quotes from users of Sylph here and most of what they have to say is very positive.

Sylph Review Conclusion

After taking Sylph for a test drive, it’s easy to see that this theme would be a great choice for anyone looking for a clean and stylish theme for their blog that isn’t bloated with unnecessary features.

With seven great demo versions to choose from, and plenty of useful customization options on offer, no matter what type of blog you are building, you can either pick one of the prebuilt modes or create your own look and feel with ease.

If you like the sound of this theme, you should definitely take it for a test drive to see what it’s really capable off – you’ve got nothing to lose by doing so and you could just find the perfect theme for your next project.

Try the Stylish Sylph Blogging Theme Today

The 10 Best Tools for Graphic Designers To Improve Your Workflow 2015

Tools For Graphic Designers

Getting started with graphic design itself is not as expensive as one would think, thanks to immense growth of design materials available from blogs and tutorial sites — learning how to become a graphic designer has gotten much easier in recent years, and in some cases, online learning can be much more fruitful than enrolling in a university course.

Apart from learning the basics and entry level concepts, to set yourself on the right path of graphic design you will need to invest in software, also known as tools, that will aid you in executing your newly learned graphic design knowledge. While there are different categories and tiers of graphic design software available, not everyone has the budget to invest in expensive tools that can be substituted with less expensive tools, and in some cases for free altogether.

Each graphic designer has their own personal list of aha-tools, and in many cases a lot of the tools are shared between others because of their profound usefulness and reliability. This is what we will be taking a look at in this post today, the best tools for graphic designers — all of which can be universally applied to your workflow.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop is just the stepping stone for becoming a great graphic designer, and what would this list of the best graphic designer tools would be without including the leading graphic designer software provider. Adobe Creative Cloud gives you our entire collection of creative tools for your desktop, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro. You will also be able to take advantage of several mobile apps that will ensure that you’re able to do your work literally from anywhere you like, whenever you like.



Those who are on a budget, or are strict believers in the open-source movement, will find that Inkscape is the perfect solution for having a great platform that can do illustration work, as well as work with image formats such as SVG — which is in-built natively in the Inkscape graphics editor itself. If you are new to the process of creating vector graphics it may feel different, but you will quickly be pleased by the flexibility, and power Inkscape offers.



Pixlr has evolved as one of the leading image editing apps online, and for many good reasons. Not only can you use the flexible image editor within your browser, you can also gain access to the fully optimized mobile and desktop apps that will give you plenty of freedom to work with your photos from anywhere you like. Hundreds of fonts, hundreds of photo effects, and all the time in the world to experiment with.

Google Charts

Google Charts

Charts can often be a great way to understand several design patterns on a much deeper level, and you may also be working with clients that require charts integration, to save yourself time and headache — we recommend going for Google Charts as this platform is built with designers and developers in mind, and you will find that creating dynamic charts gives a glimpse of a completely new world of possibilities.



Visually is an in-direct graphic designers tool that can be used to store your own infographic/chart work for others to explore (which can then be used as a tool of self-promotion and finding new work), but you can also indulge in the tens of thousands of infographics already available, many of which are built around the topic of graphic design and so gives you an opportunity to learn more about the craft without having to invest any pennies.



For graphic designers, like many other professions, time is of the essence. Working on your computer brings about a certain level of distraction possibility, something that many of us indulge in on daily basis. Toggl gives us a number of interesting tools that can help us stay motivated, productive and on time about our projects and their deadlines. Great managing yourself and your habits, as well as for managing your clients projects and sending them professional and official time reports of the work you’ve accomplished.



Imagery is a big thing in graphic design, and although one could make his own images and illustrations at all times, sometimes it’s more convient to grab a sample work from a 3rd party source and use that instead of spending time to build something completely new. For this purpose, AllTheFreeStock works out really well — you will find photos, icons, videos and mockups all within one single webpage; saving you a lot of time, and money, along the way.



Dribbble is not only a great community to be a part of as an contributor, but also a great community to be a part of as someone who is looking for design inspiration. Thousands of designers and graphic designers share their work on Dribbble every day, which in turn makes it one of the best places to bookmark in terms of design evolution, as well as for making new connections, and who knowns — maybe finding that perfect job position.

Designers Talk

Designers Talk

Any designer who works online is going to stumble upon questions and insights on daily basis, for that reason — we need to find a reliable community that can help us with answering those questions, and also clarifying our insights. One such community is Designers Talk — hundreds of thousands of active members are actively participating in discussions and helping each other to become better designers through traditional trial and error techniques.



With all those new tools in our repertoire, we are bound to be making some work happen, whether for ourselves or for clients, we will be working with a lot of files and a lot of folders for each individual project, Dropbox is a tool that helps to keep track of our work and the way it progresses, and it’s a great way to send files over to your clients and/or friends. Dropbox offers free cloud storage that will, hopefully, change the way you share and interact with files on the web.