Top 10 Code Editors for Web Designers To Improve Your Workflow 2015

Code Editors For Web Designers

The difference between an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a Code Editor is that IDEs are typically is built specifically for software development, and come equipped/bundled with a code editor, a debugger, and also integrated build tools that make development much easier. These are the kind of features that Web Designers are never going to touch, so relying on a code editor is fine.

Even though most Web Designers will work using visual tools, there is still the factor of having to do some front-end coding and tooling, and not everything in a web design can be achieved through a visual tool; though that seems to be changing rapidly. With that in mind, our post today will focus on the best code editors for web designers, all of which are flexible and easy to configure for most comfortable code writing environment.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Also known as Sublime Editor, this text editor / developer IDE has been a well-recognized and well-established name in the web developer and designer industries. Sublime Text stands out with its versatility and customizability, which allows each user to customize the editor to their own specific needs, whether they’re coding in Java, JavaScript, or C++ — Sublime has a lot to offer through the custom plugins option, as well as the ability to install third-party themes that fellow code developers have shared with the community.

Sublime is free to try, but you will be prompted once in a while with a popup box that invites you to purchase the full version, and you should. Do keep in mind that the free version doesn’t restrict you from any features, but it’s nice to invest in something that will pay itself back a thousand times over.



Notepad++ is the successor of the default Notepad application that many of us grew up with. Notepad++ is literally a lightweight code editor, which is perfect for people such as web designers and front-end developers. It’s simple to use, but advanced enough to understand coding concepts and to offer customization options that allow for a more open coding experience.



Atom is a new code editor that comes from the highly acclaimed open-source community GitHub. Although Atom made its debut only recently, the code editor has attracted a large crowd of supporters thanks to its flexible design, great optimization features, and the intense community support that allows users to become a part of the editor itself. An in-built package manager means that all your coding can happen from within the code editor itself, saving you time and in turn lengthening your periods of productivity. Those who want to write code fast will enjoy the autocomplete feature that intuitively learns about your coding habits, the language you’re coding in.



Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Attending a developer conference and coming across someone who doesn’t know about the Vim code editor is going to be a tough thing to achieve. Vim has been around for ages, and anyone who is a religious UNIX user will most likely be using this code editor to develop and design. Although it’s highly sought after, Vim can be a tough cookie to crack when it comes to learning about Vim and all of the commands it uses. If you enjoy using shortcuts when working on your UNIX system — you will without question enjoy coding with Vim.



Emacs is the successor to Vim, at least according to those who use it. Like vi, emacs is a screen editor. Unlike vi, emacs is not an insertion mode editor, meaning that any character typed in emacs is automatically inserted into the file, unless it includes a command prefix. Many prefer Emacs over the customization options it offer, but you have to try it out for yourself to make sure which one you like the most.

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is the lightweight and open-source alternative to the Komodo IDE. This makes Komodo Edit the perfect solution and answer to those web designers who need only a code editor with the basic code development functionality. You will see on the homepage of Komodo Edit the comparison between the Editor and IDE, but you have to keep in mind that the IDE will naturally have a lot more features because of how an IDE works. Komodo Edit is a highly recommended code editor for designers of any level.



Brackets is another amazing code editor that is almost exclusevily built for web designers. With in-built visual and preprocessor tool support, Brackets takes the word difficult out of the equation when it comes to designing websites directly from the browser. Brackets is known for being updated on frequent basis, as well as listening to community feedback to improve and optimize any necessary areas of the editor. A feature called Extract allows you to extract design information directly from your PSD files — something you won’t find in any other code editor today. With Brackets you can make changes to CSS and HTML and you’ll instantly see those changes on screen. Also see where your CSS selector is being applied in the browser by simply putting your cursor on it. It’s the power of a code editor with the convenience of in-browser dev tools.



If you’re looking for a simple solution towards building websites without any distractions, Coda is likely to be your answer. Coda is the perfect text editor that supports coding syntax, multitude of languages, and other code highlighting options that will make development fun and interesting. Those designers who are more technical will enjoy the in-built MySQL database editor, giving you an edge over having to use different tools to develop the same site.



TextMate, although limited only to OS X users, is one of the most comprehensive text/code editors on the market right now. TextMate is not seen as an IDE, but thanks to its snippets, and macros features — it has become as a great substitute for those designers and developers who need customization and flexibility in their workflow.



ICEcoder stands out by being one of the only browser code editors that you can use either online or offline. The ability to edit code directly in the browser is appealing because of how much flexibility it brings towards live testing your code and experiencing the design growth as it happens, in real-time. Themes, code hints, database management and so many other features that will be appealing to both developers and designers alike.

Top 10 Social Engagement Platforms for Small Businesses

Social Engagement Platforms

Social engagement is not just for self-oriented purposes. The average customer is already familiar with social media, and will in one way or the other expect your website to have some sort of social media functionality to tell their friends, to become a follower, or simply to use social media to connect with you. Because of the vast array of types of communication that social media entails, it’s good to look at several alternative platforms that provide social engagement features at no cost, since who wants to pay for social media anyway.

For example, we can have social sharing widgets that enable our visitors to share our content, but if we want to go the extra mile, we can create our own social community by launching a discussion forum, or by utilizing a comments platform that enables social features and a much larger community of members. Social engagement platforms, as you will learn shortly, come in a variety of ways and each way offers something unique, something that can help bring you and your customers closer to each other.

If you operate as a freelancer, a small business owner, or simply someone who works with social media a lot and you are failing to find one of your favorite social media platforms on this list, please be so kind and leave a comment with your suggestion and we will do our best to expand the list and keep it frequently updated.


AddThis Personalize Your Marketing with Smart Data

What once used to be a simple social sharing widget, AddThis has grown and expanded over the years to include features like custom social media follow buttons, an extensive customer targeting platform that lets you target specific visitors with popups and recommendations, as well as a separate content recommendation plugin that you can use to expose your readers to more of your content, and all tools are free to get started with. Each tool comes equipped with an analytics platform which will help you better understand the impact that social media has on your business and/or website.



Launching a forum community is not something that everyone wishes to do, it’s a lot of maintenance work, as well as work to get the community active, but if you already have an established database of a few hundred customers, Discourse can be a great way to bring this community closer in a tightly sealed, yet modern, forum community using the latest web technology tools and libraries. Hundreds of businesses and even corporations are using Discourse to power their communities, and there is so much inspiration to be gained from.



Comments are an essential part of any website, and is one of the most social aspects of a website that utilizes content in any shape or form. Disqus has grown to become one of the most popular comment platforms on the web, and with features like global login system, social integration, and easy content exposure — it’s no wonder that millions rely on Disqus to share and engage in discussion with their community members.


Embedly makes your content more engaging and easier to share Embedly

In itself, social media is wonderful for exposing your content to a new audience, but sometimes you wish to do more than just expose the title of the post. Sometimes you wish to share a paragraph of important facts or good content, and not all social media platforms enable you to do so, especially not between two different websites. Embedly allows content creators to pull data from other sites and resources and display it in a simple and beautiful widget, not only does this create a social interaction between the two websites (authors), it also enables for the reader to have a more concise and enjoyable reading experience.



Flare is a social sharing widget platform that comes integrated with an analytical statistics platform that can report social sharing insights on each page individually, as well as give insight into the overall share ration, which then gives you an opportunity to compare your own content and see what works best in which situations.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Hello Bar has been one of the most successful social marketing products released in the recent couple of years, by using this website widget you’re able to add Notification Bar at the top of your website pages, which can be used to attract email subscribers, to promote your latest offers, to inform people about important news, or maybe to simply share a funny joke that would lighten up the day for your visitors. Hello Bar is the ultimate social engagement platform for marketers, business owners, and bloggers alike.


Livefyre The Leading Content Marketing and Engagement Platform

Livefyre’s content marketing and engagement platform helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation, content and advertising. Livefyre, the leading social depth platform according to top industry analysts, gives marketers the tools they need to easily weave on-brand user-generated content into their own websites and other marketing experiences. Livefyre’s intuitive technology gives brands and publishers the ability to add social content to their branded websites, driving audience exploration of products and services that drive traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Nectar Ninja

Nectar Ninja

Do you run an active site? Do you need a way to promote cool stuff over the holiday season? Nectar Ninja is a twitter -> website notification platform that lets you post real-time notifications to your website, using their widget, by sending out a tweet with a specific hashtag of your own choice. An amazing widget for anyone who wishes to surprise their visitors (and customers), and would work out well with special promotional offers.


SnapWidget Instagram Widget

Instagram is gaining a lot of traction between the business community, so it only makes sense that you would want to learn about platforms that allow you to work with Instagram from devices outside of mobile. With SnapWidget, which is used by tens of thousands of users, you can easily embed your favorite Instagram content, or your profile, within your blog and website in just a couple of clicks. Save yourself some headache from having to use third-party libraries, and simply use this platform to take care of everything.


SumoMe The Best Website Traffic Tools

SumoMe has definitely become a household name for many. With an amazing number of free marketing tools, many of which are socially oriented, this marketing widget has become a standard for hundreds of thousands of businesses, startups, bloggers, and anyone else who operates a socially active website. The number of tools that SumoMe provides include social sharing options, a very popular email subscription widget that can be configured in a dozen different ways to maximize the overall conversion rates, a visitor heatmap tracking plugin that lets you record the activity of your site visitors in real time, and so many other nifty plugins that will increase the social engagement rate on your site by a significant margin.

The 9 Most Popular Free Content Management Systems (CMS) 2015

Popular Content Management Systems

When it comes to building websites that are focused around content, the best option is usually to opt for a content management system. Having a custom website developed without a solid maintenance budget for the future can have a huge effect on your business operations in the long run, whereas most of the current content management systems today are open-source and easily maintainable, not to mention free.

W3Techs content system management report suggests that the leading top three CMS’s are accountable for more than 70% of total CMS usage across all websites on the web. You can learn more about the other types of content management systems out there using this site. This roundup of the leading content management systems focuses on both the leading platforms, but also specific niche ones in markets such as eCommerce.

Usage Statistics and Market Share of Content Management Systems for Websites November 2015

Startups, eCommerce business owners, creative artists, writers, and many others who come from similar fields have realized that you don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars into your own personal content platform, and instead it’s possible to rely on what is already out there, fully established and support by community of millions.

The following list of the most popular content management systems has been gathered thanks to data from some of the leading analytics platforms on the web, and we have made sure that there is enough variety so that anyone and everyone can find a solution to their particular idea.


WordPress > Blog Tool Publishing Platform and CMS” width=”1024″ height=”499″ srcset=” 1024w,>-Blog-Tool-Publishing-Platform-and-CMS-300×146.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/><noscript><img class=

Joomla! is for those who are looking for a little bit of a challenge, at least in terms of coding power. In many ways, Joomla! has been built with medium to large sized sites in mind. Joomla’s! code base is much more sophisticated than that of WordPress, but it comes at the benefit of more scalability and more back-end integration.

Many of the people that I know who are using Joomla! are quite fond of features like native front-end content editing, content management flexibility, and a native integration of multiple languages which makes the sites content more friendly towards visitors of foreign nature.


Drupal Open Source CMS

Drupal goes even deeper into the architecture of the content management system itself, and because of how widely adapted it is to professional coding standards, a lot of engineer and developer-type webmasters have adapted to Drupal as their primary content management platform. Drupal offers more than 30,000+ extendable modules to bring your site to a whole new level, as well as 2,000+ individual and unique themes that will help to build the site that you’ve always wanted to build. Thousands of members participate in daily forum discussions, meaning that finding support for Drupal is really not a problem, rather a question of whether you really need help or are there resources available that can solve your problem without having to visit the community forums.


eCommerce Software eCommerce Platform Solutions Magento

eCommerce is a market in itself, and it’s important that we realize that for some of our eCommerce tasks, perhaps the best choice is to opt for an independent eCommerce platform altogether, and one such platform is Magento. Whether you’re looking for a small business solution in an environment where nobody really understands technology, or you’re working from a corporation that needs a professional enterprise eCommerce solution — Magento is likely to be a choice that won’t disappoint you in either way. Companies like Nike, Gant, and Cort are just some of the people on the client list of Magento’s eCommerce platform.


Blogger Blogger Dashboard

Blogger has evolved drastically over the years, and while it keeps its legacy towards being a blogging platform, it has been used as a content management system in more ways than one. In recent years, a lot more flexibility was introduced in the way Blogger sites can be styled, which means that photographers, foodies and creatives have a lot more room for building a content platform that suits their needs. Blogger is part of Google, and offers a range of features like custom domains, custom styles, and customization options.


TYPO3 The Enterprise Open Source CMS

The biggest argument about TYPO3 versus other content management systems is that TYPO3 has been built exclusively to serve sites of a much larger magnitude, as well as to be a native content management platform, whereas platforms such as WordPress are traditionally considered to be native blogging platforms. TYPO3 is popular amongst corporate websites, largely thanks to its integration of features that would otherwise require extensions or plugins, which we all know slow down the site and overall site performance. YPO3 is credited to be highly flexible. It can be extended by new functions without writing any program code.


Ecommerce Software Online Store Builder POS Free 14 day Trial by Shopify

Shopify is another eCommerce platform that is more focused on helping freelancers, small businesses, but also corporation size businesses that need reliable and secure eCommerce platform services. Shopify has been around for long enough to earn respect in the community as one of the leading eCommerce content management platforms, and is home to some several million community members who actively use Shopify to sell, buy and trade products. Shopify works beautifully with any type of device, making it very appealing to those who don’t have a huge budget to shell out on custom designs, and besides — Shopify offers a range of designs, all of which can be fully optimized by yourself.


vBulletin 5 Connect The World s Leading Community Software

vBulletin used to be just a forum platform, whereas in the recent couple of years a switch happened from traditional forum community services to a more content management oriented platform that still involves a lot of community involvement through native forum functions. Those who wish to build a community around their content should look at vBulletin as one of the top choices, not only because of how secure it can be, but also because the team behind this platform have over a decade of experience with building platforms that support some of the largest communities in the world. vBulletin is the perfect content platform solution for those webmasters who want to create a lot of content with the help of community.


Liferay Enterprise open source portal and collaboration software Liferay

Liferay is a fairly new player in the CMS game, but is already home to some 1,500+ customers who enjoy building unique websites, customer portals, membership sites, and content resources for needs of any variety. Liferay’s modern approach to design and technology has enabled them to attract the kind of audience that wants to build professional and good looking sites with the help of latest advancements in content technology.

Black Friday WordPress Deals & Offers 2015

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday, a term coined in the 1960s refers to the Friday that follows Thanksgiving day. It also marks the start of the bustling Christmas Shopping season. It’s that time of the year when people line up at retail stores to buy and of course, look for lucrative deals all across the web. Although many of the great deals to be found during Black Friday may not be available over the web ?

Ever wondered why they call it “Black” Friday ? Black relates to the fact that business profits were recorded in black and losses in red. Of course back then, this sort of financial record keeping was done by hand. But it also has certain roots in periods of financial crisis in the past.

But more recently it has become a popular way to sell consumer goods and other products at highly discounted prices. There is an entire spectrum of retailers offering great deals through coupons, email marketing and any other viable channels of communication starting a month or two prior to Black Friday. A few retailers hold off on making Black Friday WordPress deals until the very last hour, so as to stoke the public’s imagination and generate more interest.

You name it, home theaters, laptops, smart phones and more all available. And increasingly, more people are staying indoors and accessing these deals through online retailers.

There are a great number of deals including ones that offer web hosting services at incredibly cheap rates, WordPress themes being sold at a fraction of the original price, awesome WordPress plugins including email marketing services, advertisement management plugins, popup plugins, sliders and pretty much anything else that can be bought in the WP market, all of which will be sold for a lot less than you might expect during this brief window of festivity.

We invite all WordPress & Web Hosting businesses to send us their best Black Friday 2015 WordPress offers and deals to Colorlib.

And of course, we invite our readers to keep their eyes pealed for the best deals and we’ll make sure you get the best!

An update with all of the best deals – WordPress themes, plugins and web hosting! We’ve got ’em all for you ?


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Premium WordPress Themes

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Wordpress Business Themes >> PremiumPress Themes” width=”1100″ height=”575″ srcset=” 1100w,>>-PremiumPress-Themes-300×157.png 300w,>>-PremiumPress-Themes-1024×535.png 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1100px) 100vw, 1100px”/></p>
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ThemeFurnace - Red Hot WordPress Themes

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Themefuse is one of the oldest theme stores with several years of experience and many best selling themes under their belt. They sell premium WordPress themes via their own store as well as on Themeforest.


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Black Friday 2015 Hosting Deals

Fly Wheel

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Top 15 Free Typography Resources for Web Designers

Free Typography Resources

Typography is a big deal, a really big deal. If it wasn’t for typography, much of what we would see either in the newspaper or on our digital devices would look pretty much the same. Good typography is the reason why it took nearly 15 years for Google to adapt to a new typography standard; read more about the new Google logo, a more modernized version of what is possible with current technology and typographic insights.

While everyone knows of fonts such as Comic Sans, Open Sans, or Droid Sans — the world of fonts, and typography, is much bigger than just few household names. As you will find out in the following roundup of some of the best typography resources on the web, the world of typography design can stretch far and wide, and there really isn’t an end to it, at least not a decided end. Typography is evolving beyond the traditional use cases, and this is only the beginning.

Nice Web Type

Nice Web Type

If you want to catch up with the latest developments in web typography and typographic knowledge in general, then Nice Web Type is a great place to start. It is managed by Adobe Typekit’s Tim Brown, who frequently shares new insights and resources for anyone, whether designer or just a curious person, who is keen to learn more about the crafting capabilities of good typography and how it can affect the overall user experience.


WhatTheFont << MyFonts

Have you ever run into a website that has the most amazing font choices, but you’re unable to locate the exact font that particular website is using? Worry not, because WhatTheFont will help you with determining the type of font a particular site is using by having you upload a screenshot of the particular font you’re looking for and the font searching platform will take care of the rest. The results vary, but it’s definitely worth trying it at least once to see if there is a match.

Typographic Grid

Typographic Grid CSS Tricks

This grid example from Chris Coyier has aged over the years, but is nonetheless an invaluable resource to anyone who wants to understand more about the way typography works on webpages and what are the best ways to optimize your font choices for optimal reading experience. Also crucial to those who are working with user interfaces, since typography plays a big role in that.

flipping typical

flipping typical compare the fonts you have

Not only is flipping typical great for analyzing how different fonts look, it’s a great way to explore the type of fonts you have readily available on your device. Scroll down the page to find the LOAD MORE button to load the rest of the fonts and enjoy the font browsing experience. Far too often we try to view each font individually, when in fact we can just load them all using this website and save ourselves a ton of time.


wp Typography o KINGdesk

With wp-Typography you can improve your web typography with by adding hyphenation, space control, intelligent character replacement, and CSS hooks to your blogs typographic options panel. Although the plugin hasn’t been updated in several years, more than 10,000+ active users are using it, knowing very well the benefits from such a plugin.


Typetester - Compare and test Web fonts from Adobe Edge Google and Typekit web hosting services

Whereas Flipping Typical will give you a list of the fonts you have on your computer, and also give you a general idea of how each one looks, Typetester will give you a full-blown experience of how different fonts look next to each other, with customized options; height, weight, size, spacing, text alignment, and more. Thousands of fonts to choose from, and countless inspirational ideas to be found using Typetester.


Baseline a designer framework by

Baseline was built with one thing as the primary goal, to be able to build websites that are not only pleasantly organized in practical grids, but also to feature industry standard typography and typographical choices. Baseline starts with several files to reset the browser’s default behavior, build a basic typographic layout — including style for HTML forms and new HTML 5 elements — and build a simple grid system. Baseline started out as a simple demo framework, which later grew to become one of the most widely known typography frameworks available. Baseline grids are still a new thing for many, but this framework is a great introduction to it.

I Love Typography

Fonts typefaces and all things typographical -- I love Typography ILT

You might not know anything about typography at all, or you might think you know everything, but the I Love Typography resource has everything to offer to both beginners and professionals who want to dive deeper into the possibilities of font and typography choices. Amazing database of font examples, font tutorials and insights, as well as interviews and plenty of freebies to keep yourself busy for days!


The FontFeed Fonts Typography Lettering Design

Although FontFeed has been discontinued as a publishing platform, you can find the new sister site over at FontShop News, but not to disvalue the potential of FontFeed — an amazing typography resource that’s home to dozens of amazing, and evergreen, articles about typography and all that it entails. Both old FontFeed and new FontShop are two truly remarkable resources for professional designers and design enthusiasts who want to spice things up a little.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

With more than 700 open-source fonts available for download and use, Google Fonts stands out as one of the leading fonts provider platforms on the planet. It almost seems that every new WordPress theme that comes out these days is benefiting from Google Fonts in one way or the other, and there is no shortage of WordPress plugins that let us integrate all 700+ fonts at once. Each font can be hosted on your own server, or you can choose to use Google’s servers and use the fonts that way.


MyFonts Fonts for Print Products Screens

MyFonts has been around for 15+ years, and has established itself as one of the leading font resources for designers, artists, and developers. You can indulge yourself in some 1000+ free fonts, but also explore the opportunity to purchase fonts from professional and experienced designers that will add unique flavor to your websites, apps and designs. Each premium font comes with many different styles, giving you the right value for your money.

Typographica is a review of typefaces and type books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design.

Typographica. Type Reviews Books Commentary.

Typographica is a review of typefaces and type books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design. If you run into a book that you’re not entirely sure about, there is a very likely chance that Typographica will have reviewed it and will have given an honest opinion about it. Don’t forget to explore the yearly roundups to take a look at some of the most innovative and creative fonts released over the years.



Typekit is a premium font service from Adobe. It’s a paid service, but in exchange for your subscription you’re able to get access to super high-quality fonts that will blow the socks off your next project. You get full permissions to use the fonts in any way you like upon establishing a subscription. Before committing, you can try out the Free plan to explore options and to take a look at some of the readily available fonts. This is the place that typography geniuses use to power their own and client websites.


FontShop The world's best fonts for print screen and web

More than 9000+ fonts, nearly 2000~ unique designers, FontShop offers a wide selection of unique and creative fonts that will compliment projects of any caliber. Easy to browse directory of fonts enables for anyone to find exactly what they’re looking for, whether its artistic or professional.


TypeInspire typography inspiration design gallery

TypeInspire is the largest inspiration gallery of typography and text effects. Each submission on this resource is complimented with an image and also an attribution link to who is the author of the particular image. A lot of the stuff comes from sites like Dribbble and Behance, and TYPEinspire does the job of weeding out the bad stuff and only keeping the good stuff that others might find inspiring and useful.

Top 14 Free Resources for Learning JavaScript Online 2015

Learn Javascript Free Online Courses

JavaScript is quickly becoming the native programming language of the web, and for good reasons. JavaScript has evolved so much in the last couple of years, the future is clear and JavaScript will be the language to use for building apps, websites and server-side software. JavaScript is already native to the web, so the next step will be to become native to the server, as well as mobile operating systems.

Web and server frameworks such as Node.js, Angular.js, Meteor.js, React.js, and Ember.js have all defined the possibilities of JavaScript as an individual language, as well as a platform that can help build highly scalable applications and software without having to invest in learning new technology.

Apart from being the leading web technology, JavaScript is also fairly easy to learn, and a lot of modern startups today are looking for reliable and experienced front-end developers; a position that could set up your career for many, many years to come. Whilst it’s preferred to learn JavaScript with a mentor by your side, the first few steps should be crucial to take on your own to get a full taste of what this programming language has to offer and how you feel about writing JS code, at which point you can start seeking out more insightful guidance to help you with creating your own projects.


Learn to code Codecademy

Learning to program with interactive platforms has become somewhat of a thing in the recent couple of years, and sites like Codecademy are setting the bar for how such a platform should be built. If you want a solid introduction to the JavaScript language, Codecademy is a great place to start because it offers a variety of challenges and tasks that will really test the limits of your knowledge about JavaScript, especially as you progress through the first couple of introductory stages. Dozens of millions of people have used Codecademy to learn how to code in more than one languages, and many have found their dream jobs just because they took the initiative to practice and learn.


JavaScript MDN

The Mozilla Developer community is big about JavaScript, and their Mozilla Developer Network resource for all things JavaScript is one of the most comprehensive ones that you can find on the web. This particular (free!) resource lists learning materials for all levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced, so nobody gets left behind. Also on the same page you will find a list of tools and resources that are recommended and used by the leading JavaScript developers today.

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript

This is one of the most talked about JavaScript books on the web, and not because it’s free or reliable, but because it provides deep insight into JavaScript and how to see JS as a true and native programming language. The book is divided in three different parts, first part focuses on the language itself, the second part takes a look at how JavaScript interacts with the browser, and the last part dives deep into Node.js and what it entails.

Try JavaScript

JavaScript Tutorial

Want a brief introduction to basic JavaScript syntax? The Try JavaScript website is an interactive learning platform that introduces basic concepts and insights into JavaScript, further recommending you to begin exploring the language on your own terms. Beautiful design too!

JavaScript Is Sexy

JavaScript is Sexy Learn modern web application development with JavaScript

This used to be an experiment in learning, but one that succeeded and exceeded expectations even of the site developers themselves. JavaScript is Sexy has become somewhat of a standard for beginner and intermediate level programmers to learn everything there is to know about the language through engagement in community, completion of challenges, as well as answering quizzes and questions about the things that you are learning as you go. Many of the contents on this site have over 500+ comments, which means that you can always find support and answers to common questions, without having to switch over to other sites.

JavaScript Enlightenment

JavaScript Enlightenment by Cody Lindley 1st Edition ECMA 262 Edition 3

The name for this book speaks for itself. This particular JavaScript book is not about working with design and objects, it has not been written to be a guide into JavaScript for beginner class developers. Neither is it a reference guide, a style guide or a book to come back to when you run into common code problems. This book goes in-depth about the structure of the language, and is a great helping guide for anyone who has up until know worked only with JavaScript libraries — this book will give you all the necessary guidance to transform from being someone who uses JavaScript libraries to build things, to being a fully enlightened JavaScript developer.

Understanding ECMAScript 6

Understanding... by Nicholas C. Zakas Leanpub PDF iPad Kindle

The year 2015 has of course been a huge year for JavaScript developers everywhere, the new JS standard ECMAScript 6 was finally finalized and is now an official JS standard. The next couple of resources will focus solely on ES6, since it is now a big part of the JavaScript ecosphere anyway. In this book we have a known JavaScript developer, Nicholas C. Zakas, go in-depth about ES6 — the new concepts and syntax it uses, as well as a total list of the new changes we can expect since the previous version. Free to read online.

Learn Harmony

Learn Harmony Home

The other name for ES6 is also known as Harmony. This site is a stripped down version of Codecademy that focuses purely on teaching its users how to use ES6 from the very scratch. It’s a good platform to exercise your ES6 knowledge as well as strengthen it, and perhaps learn a new thing or two. This site is designed to help you learn the new features of ECMAScript (primarily ES2015 for now) through examples and exploration. Write to the console, have some fun.

JavaScript Fundamentals for ES6

JavaScript Fundamentals for ES6 - Pluralsight Training

Sometimes, a financial investment is necessary to learn a little bit more about the things that are driving the evolution of the particular industry, and JavaScript certainly is. Pluralsight offers an almost 5hour long introductory course for ECMAScript 6 and how it can be used in your new web and application projects. Classes, modules and objects are some of the things that will get explored in-depth.

ES6 Katas

Learn ECMAScript6 by doing it

Katas are a set of challenges, and this resource has quite a few of them. Instead of being terrorized by typical blog articles and tutorials with lousy challenges, read a book or two about ES6 and try to come up with solutions for this specifically tailored challenges.


Envato Tuts

With more than 20,000+ free tutorials, and over 600+ professional development and design courses, Tuts+ has established itself as one of the leading resources for helping beginners and advanced-level learners to learn more about their favorite topics. The JavaScript database at Tuts+ consists of more than 140+ pages of tutorials, courses, ebooks and guides that will give you enough material to work with for many years ahead of you.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Interactive programming is always fun to learn, and Khan Academy has reputation for their interactive drawing platform that uses JavaScript syntax to help you learn programming and correct language usage. Explore quizzes and challenges, or dive deep into the code that others have built and learn from their ideas and inspiration. Direct programming lessons will include learning about several separate functions individually.

Code School

Learn to Code by Doing Code School

Code School is the premium version of Codecademy. It offers more challenges, more flexibility, more experienced authors, as well as video content that helps learners to go across each lesson at their own pace. There’s a multitude of challenges and the aspect of community that you’re entitled to once you become a premium subscriber. The JavaScript course at Code School looks at frameworks like jQuery, Ember, Node, Backbone, Angular, and explores the syntax of CoffeeScript — all that while giving new developers a chance to also learn about the basics of JavaScript. This is the platform you want to explore if you are serious about front-end JavaScript development.


Udemy Online Courses Anytime Anywhere

Udemy is an online courses site that focuses on allowing developers and software engineers to share their skills in video course format. Just by searching JavaScript we can come across hundreds of courses all of which can be separated into free (22) and paid (206) — each course has a concise description of what you are going to learn, how many members have enrolled in the course, as well as the number of reviews it has.

One thing to remember about Udemy courses is that the moment you enroll in a specific course, you’re granted access to a special community page for that particular course — within which you are able to connect with everyone else who has enrolled in the course, giving you the opportunity to learn material faster, as well as gain help whenever you need it.

Top 10 Web Form Makers for Creating Online Forms 2015

Best Online Form Makers

Web forms are everywhere. The Google search box is an actual web form, the contact page for your favorite eCommerce sites will most definitely be using a web form to serve content such as contact and feedback forms. If you’re a blogger, you will be constantly interacting with web forms within your admin dashboard to publish and organize content. For designer agencies, web forms will be used to collect client data and send out proposals, while eCommerce sites will be using forms to sell and promote products. Popup boxes that offer email subscriptions are also natively web forms, just built in a way that you don’t ever think about it.

Creating your own web forms from scratch does require a certain level of programming language, perhaps something that not all of us have time to spare for, which is why in the recent couple of years we have seen a huge increase in the number of applications and platforms that offer web form creation services at a fraction of a cost that a professional developer would charge you. Needless to say, many of the following web form makers are home to customers from companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft, and many others.


Form Builder . JotForm

JotForm is home to millions of users, and their interactive forms builder has gained a lot of momentum in both beginner and experienced webmaster communities. JotForm lets you create a variety of forms in which you can integrate custom survey tools, payment tools, and widgets such as video content, responsive design, and image sliders. JotForm is a free service with a limitation of 100 monthly submissions for each form that you build, which is enough to test out the waters and make the decision of whether you want to continue using this form builder or not.


EmailMeForm Online Form Builder. Online Surveys Web Forms

EmailMeForm lets you craft custom online forms and custom online surveys without the hassle of having to do any coding work at all. With a lot of custom design functionality, each form that you make can be created to fully integrate with the design choices that you have made before opting to add forms to your site. Create contact forms, registration forms, lead generation forms — amplify the success rate by selecting from a list of pre-built templates that have shown great performance results. Each form can be customized with its own unique font style, logo, and design patterns; and you can also input your own custom CSS settings. Embed your EmailMeForm forms into a mobile version of your website and they will adjust automatically. No programming or additional settings necessary.


Online Form Builder and Creator NO Login Required Wufoo

Wufoo is a web application that helps anybody build amazing online forms. Like others, Wufoo has perfected their interactive web forms builder, and provide an outstanding customer service AND experience. You will most commonly see Wufoo being used to create traditional web forms, registration forms for events, and forms to conclude customer surveys. Upon completing a form design, all data is saved in the cloud — so you never have to worry about losing track of it.


Formstack . Online Form Builder

Formstack is the kind of company that’s known to step on competitors toes, outlining why they are better than other form builders, and why you should choose their service over everyone else. And while such sentiments are fine in my books, there are certainly webmasters who dislike such eager competitive spirit over simple matters. The one thing Formstack does stand out is the state of the art lead generation platform that helps webmasters to better understand their forms and how those forms can be improved for more leads and conversions. Whether it’s order forms, registration forms, or simple email newsletter signup forms — Formstack does a good job at giving an end result that will be both pleasant to look at, and have a good overall conversion ratio.

Google Forms

Google Forms create and analyze surveys for free.

Google is also into the web forms market, offering a simple and lightweight web forms maker that lets you create contact/registration (and many other types of traditional forms) forms, effective survey forms to learn more about your audience, as well as questions&answers forms for gathering that invaluable intel about a particular topic and/or question. The result reports are neatly and beautifully organized in charts and diagrams that will be both pleasant to look at, and learn from.


Online Form Builder Create Forms Now with our Easy Online Form Builder FormSmarts

FormSmarts is a cloud-based online form service that lets you create forms, publish them online, and get form results. We provide several ways to share your forms with Internet users and receive form responses. Most customers embed forms into their own site and get form responses by email or aggregated form responses as an Excel report.


FormSite Online Form Builder. Create HTML Forms Surveys.

FormSite is a professional drag&drop web forms builder that can be used to build custom HTML forms, as well as online survey forms. With an integration of more than 100+ templates to choose from, FormSite makes it easy to create a form that will work flawlessly with your existing design. All forms are natively responsive, meaning that every device will experience the same type of form. Once your forms go live, you are able to analyze and download performance reports — helping you to learn even more about your audience and its habits.


Bootstrap CSS Form Builder and Generator

Bootstrap developers will find this web form builder to be a godsend. Flexible drag and drop interface lets you build the type of Bootstrap-based web form that you need, without any extra fuss or unnecessary features. Select from select-boxes, checkboxes, buttons and more.


Template Gallery Typeform

Typeform is taking a creative approach towards web forms, allowing webmasters to build forms that both the users and the webmaster himself can become a part of. Typeform was also one of the first responsive web form builders out there, earning a lot of attention and respect from the community. Tens of templates are available for free use to build forms in fields such as: registration forms, market research forms, customer satisfaction forms, contact forms, event forms, feedback forms, and so much more. The name Typeform comes from the fact that forms built with Typeform are all about typing interaction, rather than hardcoded forms that require direct input.

Cognito Forms

Free Online Form Builder create HTML forms and surveys Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms does everything you would expect a professional web form builder to do, with the additional that this particular web forms maker has an extensive list of extra features that might just be the selling point for many. Amongst the most popular features you will find; ability to do conditional form logic, to encrypt your form data, to collect electronic signatures, custom email notifications, multi-page forms, and a lot more. Those who use WordPress will be happy to learn that Cognito Forms also provides a reliable WordPress plugin.

15 Best Medical WordPress Themes For Hospitals, Dentists, Plastic surgeons and Clinics 2015

Medical WordPress Themes Clinics

Health is the most precious thing in our life. It is impossible to buy health, but you can take care of your body and soul and live a full, happy, active and long life. Modern medicine can work wonders, especially when you pass regular medical examinations, eat healthy food, workout. It’s always easier to prevent the disease than cure it.

Why have we started this talk about health? Because today we gathered 15 best medical WordPress themes in our blog post. You will find pre-designed themes for hospitals, dentists, plastic surgeons, hair transplantation clinics, audiologists, rehabilitation centers, optometrists, etc.

The themes are designed mainly in bluish and greenish colors. Their hues are traditionally associated with health protection and medicine. Websites designs are clean and professional. Quality photos show doctors and their patients. Content is well-styled, so it is easy to absorb it. Ordered, harmonious layouts are keys to medical business success.

As you know, the themes are built for WordPress platform. This fact makes them suitable both for expert and amateur developers. You can easily customize each and every element on your site. Change content for your own, upload photos, integrate audio and video files, choose between four default gallery scripts, play with colors, in a word, do everything you need to make your website one and only.

The themes are boosted by the power of Cherry Framework and Bootstrap, which makes their customization even more enjoyable. Each theme is responsive, SEO friendly, crossbrowser compatible, uses only Google web fonts. These features make them user-friendlier. The users are not limited by the device they prefer. All they need is an Internet access to browse the required information. It won’t be an issue to find your website among the others either. Google map will help patients to get to the clinic hassle-free.

To make a long story short, all medical WordPress themes were created to make your life easier and to bring more traffic to your website. Browse the themes below, we are sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

Dentistry Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme

 Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hair Transplantation Clinic WordPress Theme

 Hair Transplant Clinic WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dental Care WordPress Theme

 Dental Clinic WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dentist’s Responsive WordPress Theme

 Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Luxury Hair WordPress Theme

 Hair Transplantation WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hospital Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Beautiful Smile WordPress Theme

 Dentist WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Theme for Audiologist

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Theme for a Plastic Surgeon

 Plastic Surgery Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ear Doctor Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cancer Center Responsive WordPress Theme

 Rehabilitation Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

White Teeth WordPress Theme

 Dentistry WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Audiology Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Optometrist Office Responsive WordPress Theme

 Optometrist's Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

30 Impressive Examples Of Websites Using Enfold Theme

Websites Using Enfold Theme

Enfold is a Responsive Multipurpose Theme authored by Kriesi. It is the best rated top seller on Theme Forest. It can be used for building almost any website – corporate, eCommerce, restaurant, photography – almost any type of website.

Enfold is essentially a black and white theme, though a whole lot of color options are available. Colors are muted, which gives it a professional feel. It is minimal and modern, suited for most present day websites. The simple white business design can also serve as a canvas for creation.

7 demo versions are featured, including the default demo and the Coming Soon menu page. The demo settings can easily be imported and serve as starting point for designing your own website.

If you have to pick an aspect of Enfold that stands out among the rest, it’s got to be the Avia page builder. The Avia builder is powerful and includes layout elements, content elements and media elements. With the drag and drop facility, you can tweak the layouts a great deal.

Aesthetics, versatility, lifetime support and updates, and the huge amount of features should all add value to this theme bundle. To list a few of the features this theme has to offer,

  • Mouse hover effects over certain images and links, and lazy load animations give the impression of being interactive.
  • Comes with many widgets like Advertising area, Facebook Likebox, Google Maps, latest news, latest portfolio. Custom widget areas can be added.
  • Transparency behavior for the header can be set. Sticky transparent menu can be overlaid on any background.
  • Responsive and retina ready, with the option of deactivating the responsive features.
  • 2D and 3D Layerslider slideshows are possible and the Easy Slider can create a slideshow in seconds. The slideshows can be optimized for mobile devices also.
  • Advanced typography and header options are bundled in the theme.
  • Value added items – 31 PSD files that you can customize.
  • Ajax instant search means you get results even as you are typing.
  • WooCommerce and WPML compatible.
  • Translation ready.
  • RTL stylesheet added.
  • SEO friendly and supports videos.

The theme has been described as multipurpose, and though it is ideally suited for corporate websites, you can see in the examples below how it has been used for other purposes also. Awesome website examples using Enfold WordPress theme:

Bhutan Travel Bureau


Beautiful landscapes of Bhutan have been loaded on the easy slider to tempt travelers to make the trip to this ancient mountain kingdom. If the pictures are not enough, then the video on the homepage should do the job. Fade and mouse hover effects over the individual images arranged in the grid invite you to a preview of the tourist action in Bhutan.

Bed Factory Contracts


Great products conducive to a good night’s sleep are showcased on this website themed on Enfold. The different mattresses are showcased in masonry format and the labels for the individual images fold out in the presence of the mouse.

Gentleman’s Gazette


A business selling clothes and all other kinds of products for gentlemen, it has the social icons placed prominently in many places in the homepage. Easy slider is used in many sections in the homepage to display gentleman’s necessities. A video is also featured on the website.



A chain of health club and spas, Village relies on the mega menu from Enfold to fully explain all the services and facilities it offers. It is a multipage website and the images in each page are bordered around the centrally located service description.

Vickie Milazzo


Vickie Milazzo Institute runs a certification program for legal nurse consultant, professionals who are familiar with both the medical and legal field so that they can provide consultancy in medico – legal cases. The website is rather unique in that it presents an appearance of a print book whose page corner is just waiting to be turned.

Excellence Spa


The website of Excellence Spa is an example that Enfold can be quite colorful too. The homepage carries full width images of models with varying shades of hair, eye, lips and skin tones on a full screen slider. The transparent menu option is fully visible on this site.

Dapper Goat


Dapper Goat is a social media and content marketing agency that offers analysis, social media ideation, content creation and channel monitoring. They have retained the basic black and white format of Enfold in their website to convey a businesslike feel to it. The easy slider is used to carry a few boxed images.

Dance Dojo


Dance Dojo teaches online salsa and other dance forms to anyone who wants to learn how to shake a leg. A monochrome header and a full width image are featured on the homepage, which also supports a video. A small SumoMe login button slides in and out in the bottom left of every page making it easy for a visitor to log in from anywhere on the website.

Innovative Lighting


It is quite a surprise to see a lighting company choose an essentially black and white based theme like Enfold, but it just shows that color options available in the scheme can be used creatively. The product range is displayed in the content area of the homepage with the help of layerslider 3D.

Osho Now


Osho Now is a movement for propagating meditation. It is an experiential movement. The website is fairly simple and based on Enfold. The numerous posts are arranged in masonry format.



Serve is a development and volunteer organization which aims at poverty eradication and mitigation. The Volunteer page of this website has all information pertaining to volunteers in the accordion slider from Enfold.

M J Forster


Matt J Forster is an artist and has picked Enfold for showcasing his paintings. 4 to 5 paintings are carried on the easy slider in the homepage and the artist’s signature appears stylishly at the end, the layerslider 2D making this possible. His work is laid out in a masonry grid while his blog posts appear in portfolio format.



PixelFLEX are LED display providers, with products and services that have industry leading technology and standards. Their homepage, built using the Enfold theme, has many sections with sliders featuring their work and their clients. Their extensive portfolio is also displayed in a grid format in the Portfolio section. The mega menu is of great help in organizing information and navigation.

Jamaica Pottery


David Pinto has relied on Enfold theme to build his personal website, Jamaica Pottery. The website is simple and serves to showcase some of his work. The website uses the Enfold theme.



If you want to know who your competitor’s customers are or what technology they are using, perhaps you should contact Install Base. They can give market leads and competitor customer lists. Their homepage is simple, well laid out and informative.



Ready, Set, Podcast is the combined effort of two friends who put together their individual skills of digital marketing and technical details to help in making podcasts. Their website is a little out of the ordinary with the menu being placed on the right, leaving the homepage without a header.

Martin Home Insurance


Martin Home insurance has it’s website based on Enfold and the images in the homepage load with the help of the easy slider and layerslider 2D. They are insurance experts who have your home covered.

Eagle Lakes Resort


Eagle Lakes Resort is a lakeside resort in California. A beautiful picture of the resort is loaded on the homepage and upcoming events are displayed in portfolio format, with the calendar at the bottom giving a snapshot view of upcoming events.

Ahmad and Guerard


An LLP engaged in the practice of law, Ahmad and Guerard have picked Enfold theme as a base for their website. The website appears very professional giving one the feeling of having stepped into a lawyer’s office. 2D and 3D layerslider from this theme are evident in the homepage transition of images.

Shop Local Raleigh


Shop Local Raleigh advocates the use and purchase of local materials to address environmental concerns as well as to support the local, small businesses. They have used the Enfold theme in their website to effectively get the message across.

Marna Friedman


Marna Friedman helps in the search for homes. To show homes to potential buyers and the range of services she offers, she has used Enfold theme on her website. The layerslider 2D and 3D have helped to show the homes in an attractive way. The easy slider in the lower section shows many more homes and you can pick on any one for a more detailed viewing.

Contract Comestibles


A very colorful website is the choice of Contract Comestibles, a company offering a whole range of services relating to the food industry. As you scroll down the homepage, you will see written sections move over tempting jars of food items in the background.



Marlow is a neighborhood bistro in San Francisco run by a husband and wife team. The website is simple and neatly organized. There is a menu section in which the entire menu is displayed, so you can make your choice of food even before you make a trip down to the restaurant.

Women’s Closet Exchange


Women’s Closet Exchange is a website that make fashion designer clothes easily available and affordable to everyone. The central content area is devoted to the display of social media feedback.

Think Space


Think Space is a forum for startups to meet, interact and do business. They have utilized the content area in the website differently and the theme used by them is Enfold.

Love Life Solved


Love Life Solved is a website that teaches men how to become the most attractive that they can be and find the woman of their dreams. Their website is minimal and pretty much straight forward.

Inn at Mystic


Fourteen acres of landscaped gardens and a colonial cottage style guest rooms make up the Inn at Mystic in Connecticut. This inn has used Enfold to convey all the entertainment possibilities at this place.

The Busy Creator


The Busy Creator is a podcast program that delves into the mind of creative people and they offer the takeaways in a small free eBook on their website. The color scheme is out of the ordinary and the homepage supports a video.



The homepage of Viewbix is entirely occupied by a video with a transparent header and writing overlay. They offer interactive video advertising.

Furniture Banks of Canada


Furniture Banks of Canada is a social enterprise that collects unwanted sparingly used furniture and distributes them to the persons who need them. Their website uses Google maps with multiple addresses and custom pins to show the location of furniture banks in Canada. Number counters keep track of their achievements.

To Wrap Up!

Enfold is a top WordPress multipurpose theme. It is particularly suited for corporations and businesses. It may not be the top choice for blogs, as the blog layout format is rather uniform and the Advanced Layout option is not available for blog posts. The blog posts do not support the advanced editor either.

The example websites listed in this post may help you make up your mind on how to use the Enfold theme for your own website. Drop us a line and we would love to see how creative you have been with your website.

Top 10 JavaScript Libraries for Creating Dynamic Maps

Javascript Libraries For Creating Dynamic Maps

Any business that operates with a physical location can greatly benefit from having interactive and dynamic on their website; especially contact pages. Maps that are pre-arranged help people to find your business without having to spend time looking up your physical location manually, and many different plugins and libraries that you will find on this list are built specifically to make it easy for people to find your business and other locations with ease.

Google Maps is definitely sufficient, but unfortunately Google Maps does not provide too many customization options, such as custom marking and adding of extra widgets to make your maps more interactive. Other uses may include creating maps that are meant for contests, exploration, traveling, hiking, and much more — with such tasks you often need a way to create something that makes the end goal clear and easy to understand.


Leaflet a JavaScript library for interactive maps

Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It’s lightweight, has all of the features you would ever need from a mapping library, and it is supported by some of the leading companies in the world; GitHub, Flickr, Facebook, Etsy and many more. Because it is an open-source project, community members are welcome to contribute to the repository and make it even greater than it already is.


OpenLayers 3 Welcome

Need a fast and mobile-ready mapping solution? OpenLayers have been in business for years, and with features like 2D rendering and canvas integration it has become a favorite amongst those who need to build sophisticated maps without losing time or efficiency. You can pull tiles from sites like Bing, or MapBox — give you the freedom to build the kind of maps that represent your end goals.


Mapbox Design and publish beautiful maps

Mapbox is one of the most advanced mapping solutions on the web right now, built for developers by experienced developers themselves. You can customize Mapbox to report live data of different entry points as it is happening, giving you a chance to integrate Mapbox directly into your apps and provide a stunning and seamless user experience. Build an app to find bike stations near you and your destination. Add directions to navigate there and an elevation profile to better understand the route, and so much more is possible with Mapbox.

Google Maps

Google Maps Javascript API     Google Developers

Google Maps is a safe choice for anyone, whether an inexperienced webmaster or an advanced developer. Google Maps have been around for long enough to have established themselves as the leaders in mapping industry, and JavaScript API makes it easy to integrate Google Maps into any application, service or website you desire. WordPress users will be able to find plenty of plugins to support Google Maps on their site, all of which use the API to deliver end result.

Modest Maps

Modest Maps Home

Modest Maps is for those developers and designers who are looking for a free and minimal solution towards their interactive map needs. It’s great to use own personal creative and portfolio projects, and will compliment any design choices.



Polymaps uses advanced browser technology to give developers and designers an opportunity to create stunning interactive maps using SVG. Not only does this increase the viewing experience, but also the browsing experience because of how fast SVG can be in native mode. Polymaps is the perfect solution for image-based maps.


Raphael--JavaScript Library

Raphael.js library lets you create interactive and dynamic World maps that are super-fast and easy to work with. The thing to remember about creating maps with Raphael is that you will need to have a vector graphic of the map that you’re going to optimize using this library, and there are plenty of places where such maps can be found.


Map creator online to make a map with multiple locations and regions

ZeeMaps is an interactive map building platform that comes packed with features that will greatly benefit businesses and creative individuals. ZeeMaps is one of the only platforms that support uploading media content such as photos, videos and audio. All maps can be crowdsourced for additions making it a very reliable platform to use between group of people. Other features include grids, icons, markers, and custom fields.


jHERE Maps Made Easy

jHERE is going to be the perfect map building solution for ultra lightweight websites, or sites that need just the basic mapping system with a couple of markers thrown on top of it. At 2kb size gzipped, this is the smallest (yet interactive) map building library out there.