Top 10 WordPress Fishing Themes For Sports and Hobby Fishing 2015

Fishing WordPress Themes

For some, fishing is a way of life. It offers an escape from the dreary routine of our 9 to 5 jobs. This is an outdoor activity that is both serene and challenging, where patience and precision are necessary for success. Some might even consider it a sport, as fishermen compete for the biggest catch.

In order to promote and advertise fishing, you can setup an incredible website. You must also take into consideration that the online community is quick to judge those who own sub-standard pages. This site will be a reflection of your professionalism and dedication. Some might not have the knowledge that is required to create their own page, and there are solutions for that limitation.

Enthusiastic fishermen can always outsource web development to a professional company. Usually, these firms offer excellent service. However, the price might limit those with tighter budgets, and you won’t get the satisfaction of creating your own site. Thankfully, you may now purchase excellent WordPress themes.

Networks such as WordPress provide fertile ground for innovation and affordable technology. It hosts a thriving community of passionate developers, each competing for your attention. This is an unregulated, free market environment where the customer always wins. The competition keeps the developers on their feet, and drives down prices.

A theme isn’t just a simple website skin. It is a versatile and powerful bundle that upgrades your fishing page’s capabilities, while improving its aesthetic design. Each theme struggles to include the best plugins and features. On WordPress, impulse shopping is a sin. With such a varied selection, it is best to take your time, and look for the theme that perfectly matches your needs. There are ultra-popular themes with mass appeal, which can basically fulfil any role. On the other side of the coin, customers can buy more niche-oriented themes whose features can accommodate a specific field of activity. Your site will definitely look incredible, regardless of which product is purchased.

The best part is that you get to design it yourself. With every theme, you can find a series of innovative customization options that are very user friendly. More often than not, users are able make important changes by simply clicking on an option, or dragging an element across the screen. At the end of the day, you can be proud of the fact that you designed your own page, and that it reflects your love for fishing.

In addition, there are WordPress products for other nautical-based activities such as yachting, sailing and rowing. Let’s take a look at some of the best themes on the market:

456 Sailing


For those who wish to share their love of water-based activities with the entire world, 456 Sailing is an ideal WordPress theme. This product is designed to maximize the customer’s convenience, while upgrading and expanding his site’s capabilities. It can be used for vacation, water sport, fishing, and travel pages. Regardless of your niche, your content will look incredible. Easy tables can be setup via the Table Manager tool. In addition, users can also create incredible slides which can showcase their best content, or important upcoming events. This can be achieved thanks to the innovative Revolution Slider plugin.

The content of websites can often experience resizing issues while trying to adapt to the smaller screens of hand-held devices. Thankfully, 456 Sailing has solved that problem by implementing a responsive layout which can be viewed from tablets and smartphones. However, if for some reason you want to turn off this feature, you are able to do so.

In order to increase their revenue, many companies choose to open their own online shops. The WooCommerce plugin allows you to design the best web stores on the market, proving to your customers that you are worthy of their consideration. It should also be mentioned that your page will be fully translatable, due to the inclusion of .po and .mo files.



TrendyStuff is an excellent WordPress theme that can accommodate a variety of web pages. It incorporates many useful features, each implemented in order to expand your fishing page’s capabilities. A new Full screen layout was incorporated, allowing the customer to showcase his experiences in a stunning format. Sticky headers are available, along with 5 personalized widgets. Every option and setting can be controlled via the Admin Panel. This Panel is very powerful, yet it remains user-friendly and accessible. Anyone can simply install and customize TrendyStuff, given that it does not require any programming or coding knowledge. There are 519 Font Awesome Icons, and more than 500 incredible Google Fonts.

Popularity is a measure of success in the online world. In order to attract new fans and impress existing ones, you can create a multilingual page. Thankfully, TrendyStuff incorporates RTL (right to left) writing support, and the WPML multilingual plugin. Your foreign followers will be pleased by a more accommodating format.

With this theme, users can include limitless sliders, an infinite range of colors, and plenty of side bars. For those who wish to learn more about TrendyStuff’s main features, an informative documentation source was incorporated. This is a very useful tool, as it can guide you through the customization process.

Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme


Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme is a product for those who appreciate quality. It enables you to create a site that promotes your passion, and allows you to share it with the world. Many practical elements were added in order to improve the technical aspects of every page. Several aesthetic customization options were also made available.

Your web page will be able to function on any version of WordPress. Most operating systems and browsers will be compatible with the user’s content. In fact, your entire layout will be responsive, as it can showcase posts on the diminutive screens of tablets and smartphones. Your followers can certainly enjoy a superb browsing experience, as there are no more resizing or compatibility problems.

This theme can be personalized at will, given that each client is free to design a site that matches his vision. Basically, if you can imagine something, you can also implement it. There are multiple post format and post type settings, each catering to a specific need. In addition, users will gain access to multiple site color schemes, and more than 80 innovative short codes. Although it might seem daunting, the installation process is very user-friendly. It can be easily initiated by less tech-savvy users.

Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme


If you want to design an innovative fishing website, Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme can be your greatest ally. It incorporates many useful features, each implemented in order to expand your page’s capabilities and improve its aesthetic design. Your website will be compatible with any WordPress version. Also, it will work with most major web browsers and operating systems. The layout is entirely responsive, capable of functioning on the smaller screens of hand-held devices. Compatibility and resizing errors will not damage your follower’s browsing experience.

This theme is fully customizable, allowing each client to design his/her own site. You will only be limited by what you can imagine. In terms of personalization, there are unique post formats and post types, each tailored for a specific situation. It should also be mentioned that there are over 80 short codes available for all users, along with several color options. With this theme, the installation process has been greatly simplified. It is accessible to those who lack programming and coding knowledge. From start to finish, you can design a fully functional site in a matter of minutes. Every element is optimized for search engines, assuring that your page can swiftly climb search engine rankings.

Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme


If your goal is to create a website that is dedicated to the promotion of fishing, the Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme can be your greatest ally. It incorporates a series of useful features, each promising to enhance your page. The installation process can be quite intimidating for first-time users. Thankfully, you can install the Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme in just a few steps, without having to touch a single line of code. It is rare to find a product that can be used by programmers and fishermen alike.

Your website will not be a singular, stagnant page. In fact, it will benefit from a series of free, regular updates. Each update promises to expand your capabilities and introduce new features. This assures that your fishing site will be able to remain relevant in such a dynamic online environment.

What’s the use of having a community that is focused on fishing, if you can’t boast and brag about what you’ve caught? This theme has not forgotten that fundamental truth, as it has introduced some useful sliders. Each slider will be able to showcase beautiful photographs in high resolution. For those who wish to sample the Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme without having to spend money, a live preview was added.

Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme


The Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme is very hard to ignore, if you are passionate about this noble activity. Without being too heavy handed, it can facilitate the creation of a gorgeous niche-specific page. Every single feature is working towards this goal. With an installation process that can be completed in two simple steps, it is obvious that this theme can cater to everyone. You do not have to be a programmer in order to use it.

Upon installation, customers will benefit from a lifetime of free updates. This assures that your page will be able to keep up with an ever-changing technological landscape. Of course, a fishing website must be able to feature some pictures, given the friendly and boastful nature of the activity. This theme incorporates wonderful sliders, each capable of showcasing your pictures. Sadly, not even high-tech sliders will be able to display the one that got away.

Customized typography can prove to your follower that you care about details. With over 600 incredible Google Fonts, lack of choice will not be an issue. In addition, the entire layout will be optimized for search engines. For more information, be sure to access the live theme preview.

Fishing WordPress Theme


You deserve a website that matches your professionalism and passion. The Fishing WordPress Theme can facilitate the creation of that site, given that it incorporates many versatile features. With this innovative product, your content will be compatible with all web browsers and operating systems. Although it is highly unlikely, sometimes things can go wrong. For any problem, do not hesitate to utilize the theme support system. The customer support representatives are well-trained, polite, and available 24/7.

Ease of use and accessibility are the pillars of this product’s design. As a result, the entire layout is completely responsive. Those who prefer hand-held devices will be able to browse your content, without having to worry about bothersome resizing errors. Fishermen are active people, and they can surely benefit from the ability to manage their site while on the move.

If you want to tweak each individual setting, be sure to access the Admin Panel. It is intuitive, streamlined and accessible to all users. Every panel option is well-placed and organized, guaranteeing an ideal browsing experience for the site owner. In order to sample the Fishing WordPress Theme’s features, you can easily access its live demo. It should also be mentioned that beautiful stock photos were added.

Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme


When you are passionate about something, you want to share it with the entire world. The Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme can facilitate the creation of an incredible fishing web page. It is capable of running on any operating system or browser. If you encounter any problems while installing or personalizing your site, be sure to contact the support team. Their representatives are available non-stop, and they can resolve any issue.

The entire theme is designed around the concepts of accessibility and ease of use. While other sites encounter resizing and compatibility errors, yours will be compatible with any device. Tablet and smartphone users can rejoice, knowing that they freely access any post.

As a site owner, you can also benefit from a fully responsive layout. Content can be updated while on the move, a feature that certainly appeals to outdoorsmen. Most options and setting can be altered via the Administration Panel. Powerful and intuitive, this panel remains quite user-friendly. Everything is where it needs to be, making it easy to navigate. A detailed theme Documentation folder was incorporated, offering to guide you through the installation process. For a more practical approach, you can also access the live theme demo.

The Equestrian Pro


The Equestrian Pro is an excellent WordPress theme for anyone who appreciates quality. It offers more than 100 amazing Features, each promising to expand your site’s capabilities and improve its functionality. The Equestrian Pro is optimized for search engines. This feature gives your site a better chance of climbing search engine rankings, maximizing your chances of success.

This theme can turn casual site visitors into ardent followers, due to the implementation of a subscription form. It allows fans to keep track of your activities, and it can also build hype regarding upcoming events. Your page can even include a trainer section. It can display relevant info regarding each qualified trainer, in addition to their individual social media contact data.

The Equestrian Pro has an innovative Price Table option for your classes. This allows for side-by-side price comparison, and you may include your PayPal data. The entire site interface will be completely retina-ready and responsive. Your content can easily adapt to the smaller screens of hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. A uniform experience across all platforms assures that your view count will increase. If you wish to sample The Equestrian Pro and its main features, be sure to check out the live theme preview.



Equestrian is a modern, streamlined WordPress theme that simply refuses to be mediocre. It offers many incredible features and options, improving your site’s capabilities and increasing its aesthetic appeal. There are 3 different header versions: Boxed, Default and Compact. In addition, there are 3 Footer variations: Dirt, Grass, and Custom. The entire layout is fully responsive, capable of functioning on any platform, device or browser. Despite its name, this theme is not just focused on horses and stables. It is quite versatile, capable of servicing Ranch, Farm, Fishing, Kennel and Zoo sites.

With Equestrian, there is no need to purchase additional premium plugins. It incorporates the Layer Slider, Visual Composer, All Around Slider and Simple Weather plugin. Due to the inclusion of WooCommerce, you are now able to create a personal online shop. This can greatly boost your revenue, considering that you will have the option to sell merchandise and services with ease.

In order to create a large and diverse community, your site must include more than one language setting. Thankfully, Equestrian is fully translatable, able to accommodate a broad spectrum of eager customers. With this theme, you can enjoy 7 distinct page templates, multiple Google Font options, and a timeless design that will never go out of style.

What Does Your Testimonial Placement Say About Your Website?

What Testimonial Placement Says

Testimonials are one of the most effective ways of humanizing your brand; they serve as proof that you’ve worked with other real people and helped fulfill their needs. But there’s more to testimonials than just collecting them and slapping them on to your website. You also have to decide where to place them–and the location you choose says a lot about your company.

If you make your testimonials impossible to find (or read), your prospects will think you don’t care about customer service. But a well-placed testimonial page will win prospects’ trust.

When it comes to putting client testimonials on your site, you have a lot of options. The important thing is to choose the one that sets the right tone for your customers.

Linked from Top of the Homepage

If you have a page dedicated exclusively to the testimonials you’ve received, there’s a good chance that page is accessible from the top interface of your website. There are a few different ways to implement this.

“Testimonials” Tab

Some companies include examples of customer reviews in a tab at the top of the site’s homepage. Designers might include one of several different labels for these tabs (like “Testimonials,” “Reviews,” or “Praise”), but they tend to work very similarly.


Stacy D. Johnson, DDS MS

Putting customer reviews in a prominent place on your site shows that you value having an open, honest relationship with your clients. And they’ll enjoy being on a site that’s easy to navigate.

Dropdown Menu

The more diverse your products or clients, the more in-depth your testimonial examples should be. Instead of a single-click “Testimonials” tab, you can use a dropdown menu to show different types of customer reviews. You might sort them into categories such as case studies, customer comments, or videos.



A dropdown menu sends the message that you’re organized and efficient. Prospects will see that you care about helping them find the right information as quickly as possible.

Within Another Dropdown

Sometimes, companies place their customer reviews as a category under other dropdown menus. The most common places are “About Us,” “Customer Service,” or “Media.” Your reviews will have less visibility here, but that’s kind of the point; it keeps them available but not “in-your-face.”


Inta Gems & Diamonds

Using a multi-step process can be a huge mess if you’re not careful. When you make your visitors suffer through redundant or unhelpful information, they’re likely to get frustrated … which means they’ll probably leave the site.

To keep your prospects’ attention (in a good way), you’ll need to make sure each click reveals new information about your company or answers a question.



On the “About Us” Page

One creative way to tell prospects about your company is to let your current clients do it for you. When you put testimonial examples on your “About Us” page, you’re showing that you’re really all about the customer.

Taking Up All the Space

To make your testimonials really stand out, place them front and center on the “About Us” page. This helps to suggest that your company’s work speaks for itself, and that your clients are the best source of information about your brand.

But be aware that some customers may not like such overt marketing. If someone is visiting your “About Us” page, they want to learn about the company’s mission and history, so make sure you include this information, too.


McLaren Photographic

Being Sneaky

You don’t have to put your customer reviews in bold places to make them effective. Posting customer reviews in high visibility places can sometimes come off as bragging. A simple link on your “About” page is a great way to add some subtlety to your marketing strategy.

In-text links let you save high visibility tabs for other, higher-priority topics. The people who are serious enough to read your site will still see your customer reviews – and they’re likely to become customers themselves.


Advocate Tax Solutions

A little subtlety goes a long way, so make sure you’re not being too subtle. You don’t want your clients to feel like you’re making them dig to find your message.

Using Automation

You can’t always trust that users will scroll through every one of the testimonials you’ve gathered, so consider doing some of the work for them.

Good Timing

When you place one or two customer reviews directly on a page, users will see them right away. The best spots are usually on the side or at the bottom of a page because those places are visible but out of the way. This is an ideal place to use automation.

Setting up customer reviews to cycle through automatically saves you space because you don’t have to fill up a whole page with testimonials. Plus, it shows that you’re all about customer service. Your client literally has to do no work to read the reviews you provide.


Brown Hotel

Timing is key to making automated reviews effective. If they cycle too fast, your clients won’t be able to read them. But if your testimonials move too slow, your clients will get bored and stop reading.

Customer Controlled

If automation makes you nervous, try including a form of control. For example, some sites let users click or hover over reviews to stop them from cycling.

Let your users decide how much time they want to spend on each review. By giving them a choice in how they view the site, you’re sending the message that you care about their independence.


Pacers & Racers

Subtle Blending

Automated customer reviews can be a distraction; they’re a moving component on an otherwise still screen. But you can blend the automated aspects into the site by placing very short reviews (one or two sentences) over a photo or video.


Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters

Merging your examples of client testimonials with other media shows off your creativity and gives prospects the impression that your business is smooth and cohesive.

On Every Page

One of the best ways to win someone’s attention is by repeating yourself. Putting customer reviews on every page of your site makes it clear that they’re important and shouldn’t be ignored.

The key here is not to annoy clients who have already read your testimonials. Placing reviews in the center of every page is like shouting in your customer’s face. Instead, try softening your marketing voice by putting the reviews in the bottom corner of your site.


Strategic Adventures

Another option is to put a link to your testimonials page in the toolbar along the bottom of your site. That way, instead of reading a snippet of a review over and over, your client will simply see that reading testimonials is an option at any stage.




With so many review sites like Yelp and Google+ out there, a lot of companies are happy to borrow from outside sources.

Take a Scenic Detour

Linking to off-site reviews saves time and you’re directing visitors to a source they already trust, which is especially helpful when you’re still building relationship with your prospects.


Lucy Harris Studio

But keep in mind that some clients may not like it if you direct them off-site. Chances are good that they’ve already looked at those review sites. They came to you for something new, not to be re-routed to somewhere they’ve already been. Consider whether saving time is worth the risk of annoying your prospects.

Bringing Off-Site Reviews On-Site

When linking to off-site reviews, look for more creative ways to do so. Instead of just routing your clients off-site, bring the reviews to them. Create an insert on the side of your site that shows a review and where it came from. That way, visitors stay on your site unless they choose to navigate off-site to read more.


French Lick Resort

Incorporating an off-site review onto one of your pages shows that you’re spending time and energy on your customers. You’re working to create a better experience on your own site, not just sending them to someone else’s site. They’ll appreciate the effort.

What if You Don’t Have Any Testimonials?

Location is everything when it comes to customer reviews. So what happens if you don’t have any?

For starters, you’re losing business. There’s an unspoken assumption that no news is bad news when it comes to customer reviews. Going to a site with no testimonials is like walking into a ghost town: utter silence from any other clients. That’s enough to send many prospects running.

What’s more, you’re ignoring a great marketing opportunity if you don’t put client testimonials on your site. Social proof – the group mentality that helps people know how to conform to a situation – is a huge lead generator. Your prospects are far more likely to trust you if they hear an unbiased report from another customer.

Including client testimonials is a must for any business site. Think about how their location is affecting your customers. And if you don’t have any customer reviews on your site, it’s time to think about getting started.

VELO – Professional and Responsive Bike Store eCommerce Business Theme

Velo Bike Store WordPress Theme

People know Sunrisetheme is a group of young, enthusiastic designers, marketers and developers who are specialized at creating professional premium WordPress themes. But little do they know we are also bike lovers. Do you remember the first time you rode a bike. You were scared a little but tried anyway. You wobbled down the lawn. After having fallen over once or twice, you finally got the hang of it and controlled the monster. The sense of accomplishment and the feel of wind blowing in your hair is something you cherish and is one of the first bricks that build your personality. To some people that feeling might fade, to others like us it lingers and becomes one very important factor that makes us bike enthusiasts today. Every day at 5a.m., unless it’s pouring with rain, we gather to ride roughly 12 miles around our city. It is the simple pleasure of riding bike that bond us and keep Sunrise team develop for almost 4 years now. Then it occurred to us that if bikes mean so much to the team, why not make an E-commerce theme that is specially designed for selling bikes or for passionate people share about those surprisingly simple wonder-doers. That is how VELO comes to life.

After two months of hard work, we have successfully launched VELO – Bike Store Responsive Business Theme on We wouldn’t bother to compare our product to the renowned Divi theme or X theme because they are already the best of the best. However, we do have features that we take pride in and are really excited to introduce to you.


Very Niche a theme

If your business is selling niche products with few models and multi-purpose website templates which are meant for everything and yet nothing in particular confuse you, then VELO might just have the key to your problem. VELO is specially designed for selling bicycles. But please do not let the name VELO- Bicycle limit you, the theme can also be ideal other niches such as fashion, watches, jewelry and so many more.

Clean and urban design

Look at those clean pages. They give out an urban, somehow vintage yet very creative vibe that we believe might please the eye of our most demanding clients. Our purpose is to keep it simply stupid and timeless. VELO’s stunning sliders with parallax effect using Revolution Slider receive so much appraisal from our clients as well.


Super customizable layouts

For VELO, we trust WooCommerce as the e-commerce toolkit and Visual Composer as the drag and drop page builder. If WooCommerce is brush, Visual Composer is color, then what happens when we put them together? We have ART. With VELO powerful plugins that integrate Visual Composer with WooCommerce, you now can use a page template for your single product and category page layouts. The number of pages and layouts you can create is countless. The only limit here is your imagination!


Smarter management with service product pages

The world values convenience nowadays. For the purpose, having put ourselves in your shoes as shop owners, we figure why not make 2 most popular services a bike store – test ride and hire bike – into online products for less trouble and more control. In the demo you can see we use the simplest way that is using contact form. If you still want to accelerate the process, we recommend you install a booking plugin like Pinpoint Booking System PRO


Focus on Customers’ satisfaction

As a company ourselves, we well understand that customers’ satisfaction generates sales. So that for your shoppers to have the best experience on your website, VELO is designed in a customer-focused way. We tailored our theme with such visitors – friendly features as: ajax product search, 100% translated into different languages, advanced review system, social login, sales bubbles,…

100% Responsive and Retina Support

Responsiveness is now one of the basics. VELO’s stretchy layout completely fits with any devices’ screens from desktop to tablet or mobile.


Almost immediately after launching on, VELO hit the list of trending items in 20 days continuously and receive a lot of 5-star rated comments from our clients. That we consider a success and are really thankful to people who have been support us from day 1.

See VELO’s full features here. If our VELO has you hooked, please purchase the awesome theme here.