20 Free PSD eCommerce Templates to Build an Impressive Online Store – 2015

Free PSD Ecommerce Template

Those looking to set up an online eCommerce website know how difficult it is to find a perfect template. Even if you decide to purchase one of those expensive premium templates, you can’t be sure it’s a right fit for your business. There are plenty of free options, but once you try to work with those, you will start to think paying for a premium template is not such a bad idea. That is why we have hand-picked 20 free eCommerce PSD templates for you. All these templates are free, fully layered .psd files, with easy to edit Smart objects and highly customizable options. The final look is up to your creativity and we are sure you will find a perfect fit for your eCommerce website.

PSD requires a lot of work to be used on a website and there are much easier ways to build a working eCommerce website. The simplest and the most common one is to use WordPress in combination with WooCommerce. To find the best eCommerce themes for WordPress you can check this theme collection. But if PSD templates is what you are after then make sure to read this article till the end and you will find the right template for you.

Fashion eCommerce Template

Free PSD eCommerce Fashion Template

Free PSD eCommerce template for fashion stores. The .psd file is highly optimized and easy to edit. You can create your online fashion store with little work using this template.

FooseShoes Free PSD eCommerce Template

FooseShoes PSD eCommerce Temaplate

The single product displayed at the top of the page features an option for Wishlist, Quick view and Add to cart buttons, which any eCommerce website will appreciate.


MoCart Free PSD eCommerce Template

MoCart is a free PSD eCommerce template suitable for every web shop. Its clean and fresh design can work for both small businesses looking to present their own items or for someone setting up an eCommerce webshop. We’ve already featured this template in one of our previous articles.


Biruang Free PSD eCommerce Template

Biruang is a free PSD eCommerce template for footwear. The .psd file comes packed with different resources which allows the user an incredible control over the final design.


Photonics Free PSD eCommerce Template

A nice free PSD eCommerce template to start your own camera store website for your clients. This template features flat UI with bright backgrounds and saturated button colors for emphasizing contrast.


Shophia Free PSD eCommerce Template

Shophia is a neatly organized PSD eCommerce template with multiple sliders and easy to use layers. Beautiful design with plentiful options for customization.

Gitar Keren

Gitar Keren Free PSD eCommerce Template

Gitar Keren is a free PSD eCommerce template for an online guitar store. Simple and easy to use .psd file.


Gretong Free PSD eCommerce Template

Gretong is a simple free PSD eCommerce template with “high fashion” in mind. Of course, with few simple tweaks to the .psd file, your creativity is a limit on what will final design look like.


Surfhouse Free PSD eCommerce Template

Surfhouse is a modern, clean PSD template for a small eCommerce business. The .psd file contains well-organized components that are easy to modify.


Bookshop Free PSD eCommerce Template

Bookshop is a free PSD eCommerce template for online bookstores. A set of shelves and covers for books, magazines and CDs is included for maximum customization.


Giftshop Free PSD eCommerce Template

Giftshop is a, you’ve guessed it, template for gift shops. Flat and modern design will ensure your products are showcased in a unique way.

Electronics Free PSD eCommerce Template

Electronic Free PSD eCommerce Template

Free PSD eCommerce template for all things electronic. Great choice for an online electronic store.


HazyShade Free PSD eCommerce Template

HazyShade combines minimalistic approach with flat design to create highly attractive eCommerce template.


Ashtik Free PSD eCommerce Template

Ashtik is a clothing store free PSD eCommerce template brimming with details. Its flat and modern style combined with great design solutions make it a perfect template to showcase multiple products at once.

La Shoopa

LaShoopa Free PSD eCommerce Template

Clean, pixel perfect and simple free PSD eCommerce Template, La Shoopa is a great eCommerce Template for your online store. The downloadable files are well-organised, well-named, fully-layered and easy to modify!


Bloom Free PSD eCommerce Template

Bloom is a free PSD eCommerce template made to inspire people to experiment and create their own version. Using warm colors and high contrast, having user-friendly .psd file, the creator of this template hopes to ignite the spark in a creative mind to make his own eCommerce template.

Single Page eCommerce PSD Template

Single Page Free PSD eCommerce Template

This is a bit different eCommerce template, it’s a one-page template. Designed for those that have only single specific item to sell and promote.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington PSD eCommerce Template

Daniel Wellington is a free PSD eCommerce template for watches and accessories. Elegant and minimal design, perfect for showcasing more luxurious items.

T-Shirt Free PSD eCommerce Template

T-Shirt Free PSD eCommerce Template

This is a minimal one-page template for an online T-Shirt webstore. Simple and effective design for someone wanting to ride

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