Most Popular Money Maker WordPress Themes: Exactly What These Themes Should Be Called

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On the whole internet, there are only two varieties of people.

One are those who see internet as a place of entertainment and information. Others are those who see internet as an
opportunity, a platform that can open the floodgates of money.

There are endless possibilities for every passionate individual.

Those who already have some business in existence can promote their existing business and give unlimited space
for their business to expand.

Those who are just startups can start an online business totally independent from offline existence. There are so
many brilliant ideas to start with, such as affiliate marketing, selling video and articles, teaching online, becoming
a blogger, and hundreds of ideas that can turn you from nothing into a self-developed millionaire.

So welcome if you are passionate to build a profitable online business. It’s a treat for both the two varieties
of people on the internet we were talking about.

WordPress themes listed below will give you some wildly stunning ideas to start your online source of income.

Musica WordPress Theme – WordPress Theme for Online Music Tutorial Sites

If you are a music expert and looking to earn money online through your talent. There are many ways to make money
online using musical skills and knowledge. Think about providing music lesson materials or teaching online then this
theme might help you. You can build online music tutorial site even if you are reserved in the various instrument
(like guitar, violin, drums, flutes, piano and keyboard, reed, octave, lyre etc.) can use this theme effectively.

The theme is incorporated with membership functionality to sell your music tutorials and courses online. Any paid,
or premium course in the form of videos, text, e-books can be sold easily with Musica WordPress theme. The skills and
ideas you can develop while at the same time making extra money will further help in your career in music. A real win-win

Video Theme

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SaleJunction WordPress Theme – WordPress Marketplace Theme

Do you have a vision of selling some amazing products? E-commerce stores can be an excellent business to go into, if
you do it the right way. And here’s the best way to build an e-commerce website without getting stuck down in the technical
aspect of web design and maintenance – SaleJunction WordPress Theme. This powerful theme allows you to build an extremely
appealing e-commerce site where you can sell multiple products.

Visitors can easily browse your product, see it’s specification, analyse quality and make up their mind to buy a product.
The theme offers three payment option PayPal, cheque payment or direct bank transfer hence making convenient for the buyer.
So create your website now and start selling your products with this amazing theme.

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Classicraft WordPress Theme – WordPress Classified Theme

Classicraft is a powerful theme to create your own highly profitable classified website like OLX, Quicker, etc.
Once you have a well-established classified website, you can make a passive income out of it. The theme allows you to
feature classified ads on homepage and category page for which you can charge small amounts from your visitors for placing
classified ads. You can also sell ad space in your site and charge it for monthly and weekly basis. You can also monetize
your website using Google Ads.

Just imagine a website where users can signup and post their advertisement. If you charge $5 for per advertisement
per month and have approx 500 paying customers, that means you make $2500 every month which keeps on growing with time.
Starting a classified ad website isn’t a way to become rich quicklyaEUR| think about it.

Classified Theme

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Life Coach WordPress Theme – Theme for Personal Development Professionals

This theme is an excellent platform to launch or represent your business online and establish a foothold in the personal
development industry. Now you can reach to more customers than would ever before. The theme also gives ability to your
client to book for meeting with the help of it appointment booking features. You can see the booking information of the
users as well as accept the online payment.

We’ve become digitized and want a quick fix for our problems. Plus, you can’t argue that it’s pretty convenient too,
so it’s a win-win situation all the way around. You can earn and grow your business by presenting your service online,
and Life Coach fits that mold perfectly. Get your coaching website live today!

Booking Theme

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GeoCraft WordPress Theme – WordPress Business Directory Theme

GeoCraft theme is an ideal solution to create a directory listing site and start earning online. You can create an
online directory of hotels, restaurants, clubs, a list of shops, a list of colleges and universities, or any such directory
portal with this theme. All you need to do is setup a directory site and start selling the spot. You can charge from your
customer for listing their business. Depending upon your niche you can get a good amount of money from your customer.

The theme also allows to monetize your website through Google Ads and Ads from other resources. The theme provides you
with enough ads space to let you monetize your website traffic. You can also charge extra bucks for featured listing as the
theme gives you ability to arrange all the listings based on the prices the advertiser pay.

Directory Theme

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Blogs Trend WordPress Theme – Best Blog WordPress Theme

Blogs trend is elegant and specially designed WordPress theme for blogging site. It has everything that you need to
setup a perfect blog site. Blogging can be a solid way to make long-term income. Just for doing some writing stuff that
you know and actually like and care about. The theme offers ads space that you can utilize to monetize your website. You
can place Google ads and take advantage of click to earn more money or sell you ads space to another resource.

Depending upon your niche you can earn even more. You can charge for a product review from your customer and they would
be happy to pay as your site gain credibility. If you do it in a right way, the work you do today will continue making money
for years to come. It’s an investment that is going to return more every passing month.

Blog Theme

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Modern Therapy WordPress Theme – WordPress Theme For Spa and Beauty Salon

Want to earn extra $ from your massage therapy business, then think about expanding where, as well as what.
Think about how you could go to where the customers are, rather than waiting for the customers to come to you. This
elegant Modern Therapy WordPress Theme will help you to grow your business scope and reach to your targeted clients.

This fully customizable WordPress theme contains everything you need for your Spa and massage therapy WordPress website.
The theme is incorporated with booking and lead capture forms that will help you to boost your productivity. Now you can
take customer appointments and payments 24/7 through your website. Manage your services, resources, appointments,
confirmations and reminders all through a simple admin dashboard.

Beauty Salon Theme

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Bottl’s WordPress Theme – Auction WordPress Theme

Bottl’s is a perfect theme to earn cash through conducting an online auction and reverse auction. With this theme, you
can follow the complete process of an auction just the same as offline auction. You can also offer the items for instant
purchase at the reserved price. In short Bottl’s is an ideal theme to create a site like eBay and make some money.
It is compatible with WooCommerce cart plugin and integrated with WooCommerce auction plugin.

Whenever, a person want to sell their item on your site you could charge an insertion fee to list their item and a
valuation fee if item gets successfully sold out. The theme also provide you with optional extras field that could enhance
the chance of selling, such as extra descriptions fields, extra photos or a ‘Buy it Now’ feature which allows you to buy
the item for set price instead of through an auction.

Auction Theme

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Subscribely WordPress Theme – Membership WordPress Theme

There are lots of things that you can do to earn money from the internet but one of the quickest ways is to sell your
knowledge through coaching. Subscribely v2 is a WordPress Membership Theme designed for building sleek membership website
to sell your content online. Which means a visitor can access your premium video if they are paid member. The content may
be Membership Videos, eBooks, Articles, Reports or any other premium content.

You can collect a recurring revenue which means you can make more money by selling your services over and over again.
The theme is loaded with a feature that help you to easily setup your professional membership site. You can create a steady
stream of income every month with this subscribely membership theme.

Membership Theme

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V Production WordPress Theme – Video Production WordPress Theme

V Production is an excellent video WordPress Theme and a great tool to build video blogging and video featuring websites.
If you’re into making a video, then this theme can give you plenty of potentials to make money online. You can create
online course or training video like and get paid for it.

You can also monetize the V production Theme through built-in Ad Module, which supports any kind of Google Ads or Ads
from other sources. Once you are established, you can sell targeted advertising and offer paid promotions. Just grab this
theme and you can create one such website for you and can start doing wonders.

Video WordPress Theme

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Black Horse WordPress Theme – Theme for Clubs and sports Academy

Using this theme you can take the hassle out of collecting membership fees. The theme allows you to collect online
membership fee for club and academy. You can configure with 18 different currency you wish. You will instantly see how
easy and fast it is to collect payments. With this WordPress theme you can do the endless things to explore your profession
or academy.

The black horse is a perfect theme for clubs, sports academy and dance academy. You can create a great website and makes
an immense impact with its home page. The Homepage Featured Section is created to display a different aspect of your club
and sports-based websites. This theme allows you to display many of the useful resources like academics, career, tips,
training, etc.

Sports Academy Theme

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Eventory WordPress Theme – WordPress Themes For Events

One of the best ways to organize a successful event is having a great looking website that your audience would love to
visit and recommend to their peers. A statistic suggests that having an attractive event site embedded with smart ticket
selling system can help you to oversell your tickets. Eventory is an exact WordPress Theme to setup your event website.
It’s alluring design will help you to attract the visitors and make them remember for long time.

The theme is integrated with an event calendar and woo commerce ticket-selling system. You can schedule and showcase
all your past and upcoming events. Woocommerce ticket selling gives power to your customer to buy ticket online at anytime
and from anywhere, as conventional means can be expensive and time-consuming. Eventory is a perfect WordPress Theme to
promote your events and take it to all new level among your audience.

Event Booking Theme

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Variant WordPress Theme – Landing Page WordPress Theme

Variant is powerful landing page WordPress theme bundle that consist 5 different page template. The theme let you
collect more leads and hence, increase your conversion rate. Variant is the best theme to represent your business or
service online. The theme would also be able to tell the story of your value proposition to your client. It makes your
website a great medium to successfully grow your brand and leverage all things required to drive results for your businesses.

Variant is integrated with effective marketing tool like FormGet which let you create any kind of lead capture form.
You can build your form according to your business requirement. By paying some extra bucks, you can also collect online
payment with this tool. I think the theme could do much better.

Lead Capture Theme

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CherryPlay WordPress Theme – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

CherryPlay is extremely remarkable, smart, professional Multipurpose WordPress Theme. The theme is highly customizable
and 100% responsive. The theme is exactly a testament for all business persons who want to grow their business scope.
You can perfectly frame any kind of website with this theme and show your vicinity on the internet that helps you impress
your prospects.

The theme allows you to showcase your services, plans and product and sell them online. You can collect payment as
the theme is integrated with three different payment method. Perhaps this can be the last theme you ever need to buy.
Take a look at sales page and see what all you’ve got in it.

E-commerce Theme

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Rethink WordPress Theme – WordPress Review Theme for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has become one of the top business opportunities online because the startup costs are so low,
and the income you generate can be mind-blowing. Rethink is a perfect WordPress theme to build affiliate marketing or
product review site. The theme can cover product review with a rating system and affiliate description. You can earn
commission whenever sales have been made through your site by placing affiliate link.

Once you establish your credibility, you can also charge from customer to review their product. All the hard work you
do today will continue making money for coming years. Rethink allow you to display any number of product and also
add banner ads in your site.

Review Theme

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Dekor WordPress Theme – Furniture WordPress Theme

Dekor is a complete solution for any furniture selling site. If you wish to start an online furniture selling business,
then this theme have all the desirable elements for you. The theme make it easy to build and manage your online furniture
store. Your customers will be able to quickly and smoothly browse or search through your entire furniture stock and make a
purchase. The theme is incorporated with woo commerce that allow your customers to place their order after they have decided
to buy.

You can give your customers the ability to furnish their homes right from their computers while your business make
profits. With this theme, you can run a high volume of e-commerce business easily. The theme is optimized with responsive
design to display beautifully on desktops, tablets, and smartphones; you can sell furniture wherever your customers go.

E-commerce Business Theme

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VideoCraft WordPress Theme – Video WordPress Theme

VideoCraft is an ideal theme to create a video sharing website. This theme makes it easy to build Video Submission
WordPress Platform. You can frame and run a user-generated video site like Youtube and Vimeo and earn money. VideoCraft
Theme is incorporated with complete registration module and video uploading module, registered users can either upload
their video or embed video URL from another site like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or MetaCafe.

You can monetize your site through built-in Ad Module, which supports Google Ads. The theme allows you to place the
ads at a most relevant position to get more users attention and give you the advantage of clicks by earning more money.
You can also offer ads space on your site and charge it for monthly or weekly basis.

Video Blogging Theme

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Beauty Salon WordPress Theme – Theme For Makeup artist

If you own beauty salon and still working without online booking system? Now is the time to know the benefits of an
online booking system and go along start using it. Statistics shows that more and more bookings today are made outside
of business hours therefore, your booking services should always be open. An online booking system allows you to receive
booking 24 hours and leads to more sales.

The beauty salon is a responsive WordPress theme for beauty salon, massage therapist or cosmetic treatments. The theme
is integrated with the online booking system and allow you to collect payment online via PayPal. Moreover, your clients are
capable of booking your services or any online sales by a proper scheduling system.

Beauty Salon Theme

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Simplre WordPress Theme – The Real Estate Agent’s WordPress Theme

Simplre is a real estate business WordPress theme for real estate business and also for real estate property listing
websites. You can collect property listings from various real estate agents and make them available for buyers at one place
and charge commission for referring buyers. You can also take an extra commission for each successful deals.

You can showcase any number of properties with all the required details, images and google maps.
The theme allows you to featured your best property according to your wish. So, you can also take an extra buck for
featuring the property and helps your agent to sell it fast. You can create an agent and assign the property to the
respected agent. Simplre is both powerful and flexible theme to build a property listing website.

Real Estate Theme

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Yatra WordPress Theme – Travel Booking WordPress Theme for Destination Planners

Yatra is a WordPress theme for tour and travel planners, and travel agency businesses websites. It allows your visitors
to plan and book a perfect trip from your site and let you earn a certain amount of commission per vacation package.
The theme comes with in-built booking and payment system. Yatra makes the process of booking simple and easy for your

This theme allows you to display various plans with detailed description and images so that your client make an instant
booking. By selling a package, you can earn a good amount of money from the hotels or from the agents who are providing
this facility. As a travel agent, you can enter into a contract with the concerned parties and receive timely commissions.
You can make a lot of money if you can focus on your online travel agency and present your package effectively.

Travel Booking Theme

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EstateMLS Review: Real Estate WordPress Theme with Material Design

EstateMLS WordPress Theme

If you need to build a website for a real estate agent, then the EstateMLS WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for.

This theme makes it easy to add properties to your website and then display them to your visitors. All of the listings on your site can then be easily filtered by your visitors, helping them find exactly what they are looking for.

The EstateMLS real estate theme also features an appearance inspired by Google’s material design guidelines. This will help to give your website a modern and professional look, should you decide to use this theme. This WordPress theme also includes a few premium plugins, adding some nice features to your website, while also saving you some money in the process.

If you need to create a website that can list real estate properties, complete with a professional design, the EstateMLS WordPress is well worth checking out. To find out exactly what this theme has to offer, read on for our hands-on review.

EstateLMS Theme Review

Features of the EstateMLS Real Estate WordPress Theme

The EstateMLS theme has all the features that you will need to create a modern and fully functioning real estate website. With this theme installed on your WordPress site, you will be able to create and publish as many property listings as you need, complete with photos, property details, and plenty of other useful information that will help you to promote those properties.

In this section of the review, we will now explore the best features of this WordPress real estate theme in more detail.

Property Custom Post Types

To ensure that you are able to add properties to your website in a standardized manner, the EstateMLS theme makes use of custom post types and custom fields to store and publish this data.

EstateMLS Custom Fields

The Property custom post type includes a number of custom fields that make it clear exactly where each piece of information about the property should be entered, when creating a new listing. The contents of these custom fields are then published, along with the main listing description, on the frontend of your website.

EstateMLS Additional Details

These custom fields are also used to further enhance the search functionality of your website; making it easier for your visitors to find the exact type of property, they are interested in buying or renting. When creating a property listing, you can also mark it as a featured or hot property in order to help it stand out on your site.

User Submitted Property Listings

This real estate WordPress theme also gives your visitors the chance to submit their own property listings. Therefore, if you enable this feature, you can accept submissions from your readers, all through a front end form. You can then decide whether to approve these submissions or not, and add them to your site.

Attractive Property Listing Pages

EstateMLS Listing Page

With the EstateMLS theme, the template for publishing the listings on your website is very attractive. The listings page can include a large featured image to help promote the property, a gallery of photos, an overall rating of the listing, space for a Google Map highlighting the location of the property, information about the agent handling the property, and a selection of related listings your visitors might be interested in.

EstateMLS Photo Gallery

Each of the listings on the site can also include a contact form that allows your visitors to get in touch, regarding the property listing they are currently looking at.

EstateMLS Contact

MLS Multiple Listing Service Integration

As the name of this theme suggests, your WordPress website can be integrated with the Multiple Listing Service Listings (MLS) system.

This means that you can display real estate listings from the MLS service, directly on your website. These listings can also be filtered to ensure they are relevant to your target audience, helping you to build a valuable online real estate resource.

EstateMLS Listing

The plugin supported by this theme for adding this integration to your WordPress website is the dsIDXpress IDX Plugin. While this plugin is free, displaying the data from the MLS isn’t and you will need a premium account to gain full access. However, you are free to try the plugin using the provided demo data.

Although this integration is available with the EstateMLS theme, you are of course free to add your own listings to your site, rather than importing them from the MLS service. It’s also possible to combine these two modes to display both types of listing – it’s really up to you.

Detailed Listings Searching

Making it as easy as possible for your visitors to filter your listings, in order to display the type of properties they are looking for, is one of the main objectives of a good real estate website, at least when it comes to improving the user experience.

EstateMLS Search

Thankfully, the EstateMLS theme includes a robust search tool that will allow your visitors to filter your listings by type, location, price, size, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The results can then be displayed in a list, or on an interactive Google Map. The latter option solves another problem that homebuyers often face, and that is determining exactly where a potential property is located.

EstateMLS Google Maps

If viewing the Google Map, clicking on a location marker takes the visitor to the individual property listing on your website. They can then find out more about that property and get in touch with the agent allocated to it, or return to the listings to explore the other options.

Real Estate Shortcodes

The EstateMLS theme ships with some custom shortcodes. You will find these shortcodes useful when creating your website and adding new content to it. Amongst these shortcodes, you will find easy ways to display your latest properties, list the featured properties, display testimonials, and publish your latest news content, plus a few more options.

EstateMLS Shortcodes

The real estate shortcodes have been integrated into the Visual Composer tool – which is included in this theme package – giving you an easy way to insert them into your posts and pages. When the post or page is published, the shortcode is replaced with the corresponding content, such as a list of featured properties from your database.

Material Design

When it comes to the appearance of this real estate theme, its developers have followed the philosophy of material design by Google. This is a style of design that Google has made popular through their own online services, including the Android mobile operating system.

EstateMLS Material Design

The benefits of making use of a design style that has been created by one of the biggest companies in the world is that your website will feature a tried and tested appearance that will immediately be familiar to your visitors – or at least those that use any Google apps or services.

EstateLMS Related

This means that your website will feel non-threatening and have a foundation that your users should already by well acquainted with, helping them to start interacting with your site right away. However, as this WordPress theme provides plenty of scope for customizing the appearance of your site, you are still able to add your own personality to the material design concept, in order to help your website stand out from the crowd and create a memorable impression on your visitors.

Prebuilt Page Templates

As well as the individual property listings pages and the search results templates, the EstateMLS theme includes a few other prebuilt page templates for you to use.

This includes an attractive contact us page. This template includes an interactive Google Map, which displays the location of your office. There’s also space to list your physical address, with a contact form that makes it easy for your visitors to send you or your agents a message.

EstateLMS Agents

The about us page is another useful template. While this page can be customized to meet your needs, the default configuration includes space for information about your services, profiles of your agents, and client and customer testimonials.

These and the other prebuilt templates available, help to save you time, while also ensuring that your website has a consistent and uniform look throughout.

Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin

As mentioned earlier, the EstateMLS theme includes the commercial Visual Composer page builder plugin. This addition brings true front (and back) end drag and drop page editing to WordPress. The plugin makes it easy to create custom page layouts for your website, which go way beyond what is possible with WordPress on its own.

Packed with shortcodes, Visual Composer allows you to insert a wide range of elements into your content and custom layouts, including the aforementioned real estate listings shortcodes.

The page templates that make up the theme have also been created using this tool, allowing you to customize them to meet your needs. If you really want to design some custom posts and pages for your website, then the inclusion of this popular plugin makes it easy to do so.

Other Notable Features of the EstateMLS WordPress Theme

As well the Visual Composer plugin, the EstateMLS theme also includes the commercial LayerSlider plugin. Retailing at $15, this premium plugin makes it very easy to add advanced content sliders to your website, which are surprisingly straightforward to create. While not everybody loves animated slideshows, when used appropriately, they can be an effective way to showcase the content on your website, and in this case, highlight your best listings.

The design and layout of this real estate theme is of course fully responsive and mobile friendly. This means no matter what device or screen size your site is being viewed on, your visitors will have no trouble accessing any of its content and making enquiries about your listings.

This theme also integrates with the Google Fonts service, giving you access to over 600 free and high quality fonts. Changing the default fonts is very easy, and all takes place through a visual control panel. You can also change the colors of the text on your site, with potentially an unlimited number of color schemes on offer.

The EstateMLS real estate theme for WordPress includes a custom post type that makes it easy to store and publish testimonials from your clients and customers. These testimonials can add some much needed social proof to your website, helping you to land more clients for your business.

EstateMLS Testimonials

You will also find a child theme included in the package. This child theme contains the minimum amount of files that are required; giving you a foundation for your custom website should you decide to make any changes to the core design. Using the child theme prevents any changes you do make to the theme being overwritten, should you update the EstateMLS parent theme at a later date.

Using the EstateMLS Theme to Build a Real Estate Website with WordPress

Using this theme is very straightforward. After uploading and activating the theme files, you can start adding your content, including the property listings. If you want to import MLS listings, the included plugin takes care of this for you – although you will need an appropriate account to do so.

The theme options control panel gives you a good amount of control over how your website will look. This covers your site logo, colors, font, and a few other properties.

EstateLMS Control Panel

The theme comes with some basic documentation to help you make the most of its features. However, setting up EstateMLS is simple, despite its good set of features. Even if you’ve never used WordPress before, you shouldn’t have much difficulty in building a professional real estate website yourself.

EstateMLS WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

Perhaps the most important feature of a real estate website is the way properties are presented. After all, selling homes is all about selling dreams and helping your clients to imagine themselves and their families living in a certain property.

Thankfully, the EstateMLS theme does a good job of promoting each of the properties listed on your website, whether they are available for sale or rent. The search functionality of this theme is also very impressive and the filter should make it easy for your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for, no matter how many listings you have on your site.

With additional features, such as Google Maps integration, a fully responsive design, and a nice set of theme options, EstateMLS and its professional appearance could be just the theme you need to build the real estate website you’ve always wanted.

Find out more about the EstateMLS WordPress theme now

Increase Conversion Rates Of Your WP Themes: 7 Actionable Techniques

Increase Conversion Rates

If you improve every area of a process by just 1%, the small gains will add up to a remarkable improvement.

That’s how Dave Brailsford won Tour de France with Team Sky. Something that no British team has ever accomplished before. He called it – the power of aggregation of marginal gains.

If 1% improvement doesn’t sound like a whole big of a deal, consider this – improving your conversion rate from 2% to 3% is actually a 50% increase in sales.

So what are some of the things that you can improve by 1% in order to DRAMATICALLY improve your conversions and sales results?

1. Convert Prospects That Are Already Leaving With Exit Intent Offers

Here’s the deal.

Like it or not, the majority of the visitors that visit your website will leave WITHOUT purchasing…

It gets worse.

You might think that you’ll be able to capture those people through remarketing.

But the sad truth is that you won’t. While remarketing is a powerful technique, it still fails to catch the leads at the moment when they are most interested in your product.

The solution? Exit intent offers. A strategically timed pop-up that only displays when your visitor rapidly moves his mouse towards that [X] icon in browser (i.e. when he is about to leave).

Because the algorithms behind determining the exact moment when to fire up exit intent pop-up are fairly complex, the conventional tools like Bounce Exchange are priced above what typical small business owner can afford. Luckily, there are cheaper alternatives, like MaxTraffic that offer the same functionality for a fraction of the cost.

Seriously, this is a no brainer. If you only pick up one trick from this article, this one will yield the highest results.

2. Always Put Value First

A question for you – why do you think people go to the gym?

Is it to exercise, stay fit or perhaps to take a free shower?

The answer is no, people don’t go to the gym to lift weights. They do it to look good naked. Perhaps surprisingly, the same thing applies to selling your wordpress theme.

Your goal as a seller is to figure out what is the actual value that you provide the end user. Don’t sell a custom built theme that is prettier than the default theme for WordPress. Sell a perfect wedding, a popular blog or a profitable shop.

3. Write Like You Are Talking To A Friend

Don’t start your pitch saying that your theme has a codex validated code. Not all of your customers understand what that means. There’s no harm in listing all the technical features of your products, just make sure you don’t mention those in the very beginning, when your potential customer is still wondering if this is the right theme for him.

In other words don’t use WordPress jargon. It might be appropriate in WordPress forums, but rarely when you’re trying to sell your theme. If in doubt about what kind of information you should disclose in your sales letter, imagine that you’re talking with a friend. Trying to explain him the benefits of using your theme and why it is better than the alternatives.

4. Increase Conversion Rates By Addressing Objections

People are always looking for reasons NOT to buy your product. Don’t make it any easier for them to do. Try to come up with a list of potential issues with your theme and address those when describing your theme.

Here’s a general list of issues your visitor can have with your product offering and sample solutions you can implement to fix them:

1) Doesn’t know if he can trust you. Show off your company details or your personal credentials, experience and awards.

2) Not sure if your solution will work for his use case. Have testimonials from all kinds of users that have benefited from your product.

3) There are cheaper alternatives out there. Explain why your price is high, prove that the value you offer is better than that of the competition.

Alternatively, if you sell your WordPress theme through your own website, you can install a tool like Hotjar to ask your visitors things like: “Quick question: What’s missing on this page?” Then use it to improve your sales pitch.

5. Build Trust – Fast

Imagine as you’re reading these lines, an email lands in your inbox, offering you to buy the latest version of iPad for only $50. Would you buy it?

I bet you said no, because you just don’t trust whoever send that email.

The same principle applies to when you are trying to sell that WP theme.

Even if the person has the need in your product, has enough money to buy it and he really needs it RIGHT NOW.. If there’s no trust between you, if there’s no relationship between you and him – he’s not going to do it.

Building trust fast is not a trivial thing, so the best you can do is NOT do anything that will make your potential customer distrust you.

Show that there’s a real person or organization behind your website. Put your real name out there, or the name of your company, it’s address and the number of years your company has been in business. Some people find this information reassuring, as they would prefer to deal with somebody who has a long track-record of selling themes (and offering updates and support).

Use employees photos. Seriously, do this. People are attracted to faces, so if you want people to spend more time on your website, while creating a relationship with this person at the very same time – this is exactly what you should do.

6. Make It Dead Simple To Buy From You

Imagine your potential customer already taking out his credit card out of the wallet, ready to enter the sacred 16 + 3 digits, only to find out that he needs to sign up on your website to make a purchase.

That’s no way to delight your customers. You should really make everything in your power to make it as easy as possible to buy from you. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re not trying to sell WP themes like it’s 2006.

  • [?] Don’t give your customer too many options.
  • [?] Always state clearly what they should do next and what will happen during that next step.
  • [?] Use as few fields as possible. Critically evaluate if you really need that info from the buyer at this point or not.
  • [?] The only place where you should offer multiple options – payments. Make sure your customers can pay with the payment method they already use and trust.

7. Prove You Are Legit

If the buyer wasn’t familiar with you or your company before he landed on your WordPress theme offer, he’ll have a lot of reservations about purchasing your theme.

Assuming you did a great job presenting the strengths and benefits of your WP theme to the potential buyer, he will start to research information from 3-rd parties about you, your product and service.

You can’t control how this process goes if it happens outside of your website. But what if I told you that the buyer doesn’t have to leave your website.

That’s right. You can display all of this information right here on your website, so that the buyer has one less reason to leave your website (even if he intends to come back later).

Here’s how you can do it:

1) Testimonials. Really powerful stuff. It’s something that users shopping on the Internet now expect to find. Use it to stomp down any remaining objections that your potential customers might have about purchasing your theme.

2) Case studies. Show potential clients how your themes have already been used in situations similar to theirs. How you helped to improve e-commerce website’s bottom line, how your theme’s design and thought through social sharing options helped a blog to get more exposure form their articles.

3) Social proof. Not only customer reviews can count as social proof. Things like number of purchases or number of times the theme is shared on social network can also act as a powerful motivator to purchase your product.

Over To You

Did you find any of these tips useful? Do you think you’ll be able to increase conversion rates of your WordPress themes now? Do you believe in the power of aggregation of marginal gains? Or do you still believe that if you build it, they will come? Let me know in the comments section below.

Top Ten Elements You Must Have On Your Photography Site

Header Photo Site

When you decide to take the huge step of getting into professional photography, the logical way to promote your work is via your own website. However, there is one common problem – unless you have proper knowledge of web design and marketing, you will surely be spinning your wheels, because of the content you publish not reaching the public to the extent you need.

You may ask, “How can I attract people to come to my website?” Let us picture for a second what a good website might look like: you enter a carefully crafted website with tags and menus that enable you to locate what you want to find easily. Along the way, however, you find that there is more content than what you actually came for when you first clicked the address. Visitors rarely stay in just the area they come to see – if the site looks attractive enough, they will likely go visit almost every single work you have published, either because they like it, or because they want to be sure of your reputation or level of competence.

At this point, you want to entice your visitors to come back or to buy the products you offer (photos, presets, Photoshop actions, etc.) Typically, this is how regular stores work, and it is the main purpose for advertising. Sometimes a photo is not worth a thousand words, and for this reason, it is essential to select your work carefully, so you can target the largest audience possible.

Below, we are going to go through the top ten elements that must be an essential part of your photography site, if your aim is to make your brand successful.

1. A Good Design

This seems obvious, really, yet it is the main reason why many photographers fail to get enough exposure to the public. It is a common belief that the more you upload to your website, the richer it will be… this could not be further from reality. A minimalistic site may get more attention than an overloaded one, because it will show transparency and experience on the part of the website owner in classifying content as well as in designing a friendly interface.


If you don’t know where to start, or if you don’t have enough money to pay a professional web designer, you can visit sites like Colorlib, Themeforest, etc. for access to nice looking templates, crafted by professional designers. Remember that regardless of the job you do, the visual impact of your site will be the first impression people have of your brand.

2. Feeling

What do I mean by feeling? As photographers, we always let emotions speak when finding the right spot to take a picture. When it comes to creating your website, it is important to apply feelings, intuition, or whatever you may want to call that sixth sense most photographers have.

The aim here is to have your site tell a story, to show your inner self, your tastes, and your interests. This makes for a much richer experience than you would get at a purely commercial site that pushes users all the way through to the shopping cart. Be sure that many users can relate to the stories you tell as well as to the experience you convey.


3. Branding

Is there a better way to promote your work than having your own logo and banners? Even if that logo is just your name written in a fancy font, that’s all you need to make a brand. People will start recognizing your brand, thereby improving the reach of your work.

Don’t just keep posting your brand every two seconds, but rather do so thoughtfully and in critical areas, for example headers, bottom banners, watermarks, etc.

Ask other sites to let you write guest posts, and embed your brand via links in parts of the post, as well as mentioning its name. This is an efficient branding method that won’t bother others.

4. Built-in blog

This is essential as a way of interacting with users on a constant basis. Blogs allow you to post tutorials, share experiences, and do reviews, etc. Blogs also boost SEO ratings, and they give your clients insight into the way you work. They allow you to reply to a question asked or to solve a problem reported in real time.

Another great element you can add is a live-chat application. This is great if you happen to have many people working on your project, or if you can spend a lot of time online answering questions users may have. Some apps even have mobile versions of the app, meaning you can be connected 24/7 with your users without any delay. However, please make sure you are available to answer if you are logged in, that’s part of the credibility you want to build for your brand.

5. Social media

Social media is not just a matter of sharing content on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. It requires proper training as well as knowing key elements to utilize the net properly.

Knowing the right time to publish your content in order to attract the public, as well as using SEO to enhance the reach of your site when people search content related to your topics are among the best things you can do to boost your business.


Be sure to have a set of accounts ready to attract the public at social media sites. For photographers, the main platforms you need to have are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Behance
  • Deviant Art

Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, and Deviant Art are platforms meant specifically for designers and photographers. Facebook and Twitter are intended for the common user, whereas LinkedIn can grow your business contacts and Tumblr can attract cult users.

6. Product information + pricing guide

Users must know the conditions under which you created the work you are selling (if you are selling photos) or how the elements you sell actually work (for presets, actions, etc.)

A good way to do this is by labeling your work with keywords, for example by geotagging your pictures and adding a brief statement about the location of the picture and camera/lens brand plus settings.

If you happen to be selling presets or actions, please provide users before/after results of the job they can perform with the software you sell, as well as detailed instructions about the contents of the package/element you sell, any compatibility issues, an installation guide, and so on. That is the way designer companies like Sleeklens work.

Adding prices to all the products you sell will avoid many headaches, as will being clear about any discount coupons offered on the site. Clarity will ensure a long-lasting business relationship.

7. Newsletter

Add a “sign-up” area to your website interface. That way, you will not only attract users, but you can also provide a newsletter – which should be weekly – to give users constant updates of key elements of your site, such as:

  • New products
  • New posts
  • Critiques and reviews provided by other sites with a good reputation

Also, alert your users that certain mail providers may label your mails as spam. Hopefully, that will not happen, but better safe than sorry.

8. Mobile optimization

What is the point of creating a fantastic site, if it is not viewable on mobile devices? You will most likely to lose a wide segment of your audience if those who want to log onto your site cannot do so properly, unless they have a laptop or a pc on hand.


Be sure to have a clear interface (clear font, not too small, images properly sized), and whenever you can, avoid using javascript. Certain modern smartphones and tablets can handle it, but only high-end devices, meaning this not a commonly available technology.

9. An area to attract new users

This can either be an area for giving away free content to users, a contest, or sharing top news from the industry. Anything you can come up with that matches the topic of your site and draws attention to it will work. Analytics sites will show how these elements can bring users on a constant basis.

10. Updates

It goes without saying that if you do not update your site at regular intervals that encourage users to keep coming back, all of your effort is for naught. Try to keep publishing limited to 2-8 posts per week, depending on the number of people working for you. In general, it is best to keep adding content, even if this means delaying publication of certain content to other dates, rather than publishing every single element you have on a single day and then be short on material to publish later.

Using all the elements we just went through, there should be plenty of opportunity to increase your brand, but constant dedication and staying up to date with the latest trends can become a key element in determining whether you are set to succeed or will remain at your current level.

Wagazine Review: A Flexible and Responsive Magazine & Reviews WordPress Theme

Wagazine Review

Wagazine is a WordPress theme that has been created to help you build a news and reviews type website. These sites tend to different from regular blogs and websites due to the different types of content they publish – such as news, reviews, videos, and more – and also the volume of articles and posts that go live each day.

If you are planning to build a busy website, Wagazine aims to help you to manage and present your content in the best possible way, while also highlighting the authors behind that content. In turn, this should then ensure that your visitors are able to find what they are looking for on your site, while also being encouraged to extend their visit and consume more of your content.

In this review of the Wagazine theme, we will first look at some of its most important features in detail, before putting it through its paces to find out just how easy it is to install and use in order to build a news and reviews website.

Wagazine Review Homepage v1

Wagazine Magazine WordPress Theme Features

The Wagazine WordPress theme has many useful features that will help you build and manage a website that features a steady stream of content. From a selection of homepage layouts and configuration options, through to the ability to publish reviews and profile your authors in detail, there is a lot you can do with this magazine theme.

Therefore, to help you decide if this is the right theme for your next project, here is a look at some of those features in more depth.

Wagazine Review Homepage v2

Create a Busy News Website

Wagazine has been built to help you create a busy new and reviews website. The magazine format of this theme gives you the option of displaying a range of different types of content on the homepage of your site.

Wagazine Review Layout

These settings are all managed through the theme options control panel, and some of the choices available include a slider that displays some of your latest posts, a video content feed, a list of your latest reviews, and even your author profiles. However, you want to greet your visitors, you have a good set of options for the front page of your site with Wagazine.

Author Profile Page

As mentioned, the Wagazine theme has been built specifically for creating a busy news site. Typically, news websites tend to feature multiple authors, with some readers checking in just to see if their favorite author has published a new article.

Wagazine Review Authors

The Wagazine theme gives you the option of highlighting the different authors on your site. Through the authors page, your visitors can click through to the individual author profiles to find out more about that user, and view the latest articles they’ve posted.

These different authors are managed through the default WordPress Users feature. Their user profile information, including their bio and photo, is then used to populate their author profiles on the front end of your site.

Ideal for Publishing Reviews

Wagazine Review Criteria

Whether you are creating a reviews website or simply including the occasional review amongst the content you publish on your site, the ability to add custom criteria to your review posts will certainly be appreciated.

Wagazine Review Post Review

By marking a post as a review, you can then add your own custom criteria for how the item has been evaluated, complete with a review conclusion. This content not only makes your reviews more informative to your readers, but also helps them stand out on your site.

Wagazine Review Listings

By making use of the review feature, your visitors can quickly see which posts contain review content and which don’t, helping them to find the type of articles they are looking for on your website.

Unlimited Appearance Customization Options

Although your website will be ready to go after you’ve installed and activated the theme, if you want to modify its appearance to better suit your branding, or the tastes of your audience, that isn’t a problem with Wagazine.

Wagazine Review Fonts and Colors

Through the theme options control panel, you can easily customize the fonts and colors used on your website. As the theme integrates with the Google Fonts service, you get over 600 free fonts to choose from when personalizing the typography on your website.

The control panel makes it easy to specify the font properties for each of the individual styles in use by the theme. This includes the different header options, as well as the regular paragraph style. The options cover not just the typeface, but also the alignment, weight, size, and line height. This level of control means that no matter what font you choose, you will be able to ensure the typography on your website looks great.

A news and magazine style website should pay particular attention to content formatting. Therefore, it’s nice to see these detailed typography settings on offer, all without the need to edit any CSS directly.

Fully Mobile Responsive and Retina Ready

Making a standard WordPress blog theme that is responsive, so that it looks great on a mobile device is one thing. However, creating a magazine theme for a content rich website so that it will respond and reorganize itself, depending on the screen size it is being viewed on is quite another.

Magazine themes like Wagazine are typically used on websites that publish large volumes of content, and therefore, tend to have busy pages with lots going on. This extra content might include plenty of sidebar features and elements, such as local weather and news feeds; recommended articles; sponsored content and adverts; plus lots more as you can see on the homepage of the demo site.

Getting all that information, as well as the main article that is being read, to fit and display nicely on a 5″ smartphone screen is quite a challenge. However, it’s another area where this theme succeeds. So while a responsive design is nothing to brag about on a modern blogging or business theme, on a theme like Wagazine, it is definitely worth highlighting and taking for a test drive in order to see for yourself how it all works.

Straightforward Ad Management

Like most news and reviews websites, with Wagazine you have the option of monetizing your site with adverts. While this is possible with any WordPress theme, this one gives you an easy way to manage your adverts, all through the theme options control panel.

Wagazine Review Ad Banner

There are a number of ad locations available to choose from, including the header area and a few sidebar options.

Wagazine Review Ad Manager

Other Notable Features of the Wagazine Theme

When choosing this theme to build your news or magazine website, you get the option of displaying a location-sensitive weather widget to your visitors. This not only provides useful information to your readers, but also helps your site to include some of the features found on larger and more established news websites.

Adding your social media profile links to the site is also very easy with this theme. The theme options control panels lets you add your profile URLs for the top networks. The relevant icons are then displayed on the frontend of your site – in the header area and through an optional sidebar widget – so that your readers can quickly click through and decide whether to follow you for updates or not.

The Wagazine theme also includes a selection of demo content and settings, which allow you to get your website up and running as quickly as possible.

Online Documentation and Support

As this theme is available for purchase through the Theme Forest marketplace, it comes with six months of support from its creator. This support is delivered via the Themes-Dojo forum and an additional six months of support can be purchased for $14.70.

The theme package also includes a set of user documentation, which can be viewed offline, through a browser. This guide covers everything you need to know in order to get your website up and running.

About the Author

Wagazine has been created by Themes-Dojo, a prolific theme author over at Theme Forest. Other themes created by Themes-Dojo cover such uses as portfolio, real estate, and marketing, as well as a few we’ve already reviewed here, including Event Builder and Listing Builder.

Themes-Dojo has a long history of creating successful products for WordPress users. This seems to be one theme developer that will be around for a long time, ensuring you will be able to receive support and updates for your purchases now and in the future.

Using the Wagazine WordPress Theme

After you’ve uploaded and activated the Wagazine theme, you have the option of importing the demo content. This process isn’t perhaps as straightforward as it is with some other themes, which offer a one-click demo import feature. However, it’s not a difficult process and after installing the WordPress Import plugin, you can then upload the demo content file to your site and then import that content.

If you do decide to import the demo content, you can choose to import the main content, the theme framework settings, and the widget settings and content. If you do import all the options, you will then have a website that should closely resemble the demo version which is used to promote the theme, giving you a good foundation for your own project.

Whether you do decide to import the demo content or not, the next step is to work your way through the theme options control panel. This gives you an easy way to change the logo of your site, configure the homepage, customize the fonts and colors, and add your own social media links.

Wagazine Review Change Logo

The Wagazine WordPress theme includes a number of custom widgets and sidebar locations. These features allow you to display a range of different types of content alongside your posts, pages, and reviews.

Wagazine Review Custom Widgets

When it comes to setting up the homepage of your WordPress website, Wagazine gives you a good few options covering how it should look. Through the control options panel, you can easily enable each of the different options for what will be displayed on the homepage of your website.

Wagazine Review Homepage Options

As well as the pictured options, you can also choose to display a video news block, a list of review posts, gallery content, and a list of your authors.

Once you’ve configured the settings of the theme, it’s time to start adding your own content to the website. This all takes place through the standard WordPress post and page editors. If you do want to publish any reviews on your website, you can do so from the post editor screen, by interacting with the reviews meta box.

Wagazine doesn’t feature much support for the WordPress Customizer tool, apart from the default functionality, which covers widget, menu, and basic front-page configurations. Overall, you are better off using the theme options control panel to customize the appearance and setting of your website than this frontend option.

Wagazine WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

The Wagazine theme has a great look and feel that is well suited to building a news and reviews website. If you plan to create a website that features lots of content, in a range of formats, then this could be the theme for you.

Thanks to the easy to use theme options control panel and clear instructions, setting up Wagazine shouldn’t pose a problem, even to new WordPress users. If you do run into any difficulties, then the six months of support included with your purchase should help you overcome them with assistance from the user support team.

Overall, Wagazine does what it sets out to and offers everything you should need to get your magazine-style website online with WordPress.

Find out more about the Wagazine WordPress theme now

20 Free PSD eCommerce Templates to Build an Impressive Online Store – 2015

Free PSD Ecommerce Template

Those looking to set up an online eCommerce website know how difficult it is to find a perfect template. Even if you decide to purchase one of those expensive premium templates, you can’t be sure it’s a right fit for your business. There are plenty of free options, but once you try to work with those, you will start to think paying for a premium template is not such a bad idea. That is why we have hand-picked 20 free eCommerce PSD templates for you. All these templates are free, fully layered .psd files, with easy to edit Smart objects and highly customizable options. The final look is up to your creativity and we are sure you will find a perfect fit for your eCommerce website.

PSD requires a lot of work to be used on a website and there are much easier ways to build a working eCommerce website. The simplest and the most common one is to use WordPress in combination with WooCommerce. To find the best eCommerce themes for WordPress you can check this theme collection. But if PSD templates is what you are after then make sure to read this article till the end and you will find the right template for you.

Fashion eCommerce Template

Free PSD eCommerce Fashion Template

Free PSD eCommerce template for fashion stores. The .psd file is highly optimized and easy to edit. You can create your online fashion store with little work using this template.

FooseShoes Free PSD eCommerce Template

FooseShoes PSD eCommerce Temaplate

The single product displayed at the top of the page features an option for Wishlist, Quick view and Add to cart buttons, which any eCommerce website will appreciate.


MoCart Free PSD eCommerce Template

MoCart is a free PSD eCommerce template suitable for every web shop. Its clean and fresh design can work for both small businesses looking to present their own items or for someone setting up an eCommerce webshop. We’ve already featured this template in one of our previous articles.


Biruang Free PSD eCommerce Template

Biruang is a free PSD eCommerce template for footwear. The .psd file comes packed with different resources which allows the user an incredible control over the final design.


Photonics Free PSD eCommerce Template

A nice free PSD eCommerce template to start your own camera store website for your clients. This template features flat UI with bright backgrounds and saturated button colors for emphasizing contrast.


Shophia Free PSD eCommerce Template

Shophia is a neatly organized PSD eCommerce template with multiple sliders and easy to use layers. Beautiful design with plentiful options for customization.

Gitar Keren

Gitar Keren Free PSD eCommerce Template

Gitar Keren is a free PSD eCommerce template for an online guitar store. Simple and easy to use .psd file.


Gretong Free PSD eCommerce Template

Gretong is a simple free PSD eCommerce template with “high fashion” in mind. Of course, with few simple tweaks to the .psd file, your creativity is a limit on what will final design look like.


Surfhouse Free PSD eCommerce Template

Surfhouse is a modern, clean PSD template for a small eCommerce business. The .psd file contains well-organized components that are easy to modify.


Bookshop Free PSD eCommerce Template

Bookshop is a free PSD eCommerce template for online bookstores. A set of shelves and covers for books, magazines and CDs is included for maximum customization.


Giftshop Free PSD eCommerce Template

Giftshop is a, you’ve guessed it, template for gift shops. Flat and modern design will ensure your products are showcased in a unique way.

Electronics Free PSD eCommerce Template

Electronic Free PSD eCommerce Template

Free PSD eCommerce template for all things electronic. Great choice for an online electronic store.


HazyShade Free PSD eCommerce Template

HazyShade combines minimalistic approach with flat design to create highly attractive eCommerce template.


Ashtik Free PSD eCommerce Template

Ashtik is a clothing store free PSD eCommerce template brimming with details. Its flat and modern style combined with great design solutions make it a perfect template to showcase multiple products at once.

La Shoopa

LaShoopa Free PSD eCommerce Template

Clean, pixel perfect and simple free PSD eCommerce Template, La Shoopa is a great eCommerce Template for your online store. The downloadable files are well-organised, well-named, fully-layered and easy to modify!


Bloom Free PSD eCommerce Template

Bloom is a free PSD eCommerce template made to inspire people to experiment and create their own version. Using warm colors and high contrast, having user-friendly .psd file, the creator of this template hopes to ignite the spark in a creative mind to make his own eCommerce template.

Single Page eCommerce PSD Template

Single Page Free PSD eCommerce Template

This is a bit different eCommerce template, it’s a one-page template. Designed for those that have only single specific item to sell and promote.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington PSD eCommerce Template

Daniel Wellington is a free PSD eCommerce template for watches and accessories. Elegant and minimal design, perfect for showcasing more luxurious items.

T-Shirt Free PSD eCommerce Template

T-Shirt Free PSD eCommerce Template

This is a minimal one-page template for an online T-Shirt webstore. Simple and effective design for someone wanting to ride

ListingBuilder Review: A WordPress Listings Directory Theme

ListingBuilder WordPress Theme Review

If you are planning on creating an online directory, then the Listing Builder WordPress Directory theme could be just what you need. By installing this theme and its associated plugin on your WordPress website, you can start publishing listings, as well as accepting them from your visitors.

Your website will also give you the option of charging your users a fee for publishing their listings, as well as giving them the ability to manage their own entries in your directory. This not only makes it possible to create a hands-off directory website, which is managed by your users, but it can also enable you to generate an income from your directory.

Whether you want to earn money from running an online business directory, or simply create a free resource that lists popular attractions in your local area, the ListingBuilder theme combines great looks with a full set of features for building such as website with WordPress.

In this ListingBuilder WordPress theme review, we will break down the features of this theme to see exactly what it can do, as well as take a look at how easy it is to use when it comes to creating an online directory with WordPress.

ListingBuilder Directory Theme

ListingBuilder WordPress Directory Theme Review

In order for a WordPress theme to be able to truly help you build a fully functioning online directory, it has to provide a lot of extra features and tools than is provided by WordPress alone. The developers of ListingBuilder have recognized this and have done a great job of ensuring you will have everything you need after installing and activating their theme.

The Best Features of the ListingBuilder Directory Theme

To help you decide if this is the right theme for your project, as well as give you a good overview of exactly what it can do, here are some of the best and most important features of ListingBuilder.

Front-End Registration Forms

ListingBuilder Front End Forms

To make your website as easy to use as possible from end end-user perspective, as well as providing a consistent user experience throughout all aspects of it, ListingBuilder uses a series of front-end submission forms.

These forms save the user the trouble of creating an account, logging in, and posting a listing through the default WordPress forms. Instead, this activity takes place through custom designed front-end forms that blend in with the rest of your website.

Detailed Listings Pages

ListingBuilder Listing

Each listing in your directory gets its own page on your website. These listings can be populated with a range of content. What content exactly can be controlled through the site settings, but typically each listing could include a cover image, a photo gallery, a description, contact details, social media and website links, a Google Map highlighting the location of the business, and any user reviews.

Like the rest of the theme, the listings are all fully responsive. This means that they can easily be viewed and interacted with on small screen smartphone and tablet devices.

Claimable Listings

ListingBuilder Claim Listing

To help your directory gain traction, it’s possible to create claimable listings. These are listings for real businesses and events that you create in order to populate your directory.

These listings can then be claimed by the business owner, allowing them to take over control of the listing. This gives them the ability to add more information to it and receive emails from your visitors. Rather than waiting for business owners to find you before your directory can become a useful resource, creating claimable listings can ensure your directory is valuable to your audience from the outset.

Create Multiple Pricing Plans

ListingBuilder Pricing Plans

ListingBuilder makes it very easy to monetize your website by charging your visitors a fee to submit a listing to your directory. Each package can include its own pricing information, capabilities, and other details that differentiate it from the next.

This gives you a range of options for catering to as many different types of users as possible. However, you are also free to create just one package in order to simplify the registration process. The theme will also generate a pricing comparison table based on your package details. This then makes it easy for your visitors to view the different plans on offer.

In addition to creating your own pricing plans, you can also accept payments via Stripe and PayPal from your visitors, right out of the box.

Detailed Listing Searching and Filtering

ListingBuilder Filter

Hopefully as your online directory gains popularity the number of listings it contains will grow too. The only potential downside of this is that it can make it more difficult for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

Thankfully, ListingBuilder includes an advanced filtering tool that is very easy to use. This tool gives your visitors a number of different ways to filter and search the listings in your directory in order to find what they are looking for.

From performing a keyword search and applying the tag, category, and location filters, and then sorting those results by price, you can make it a lot easier for your visitors to quickly find the listings they are looking for.

User Reviews of Listings

To ensure your directory is interactive and to help it compete with more established sites, you have the option of publishing visitor feedback on your site in the form of user reviews.

These user reviews are left via a modified comment form which can be displayed at the end of each listing.

Detailed Theme Options Control Panel

ListingBuilder Control Panel

We’ll take a closer look at the ListingBuilder control panel in the section of this review that covers using this theme but suffice to say, it gives you lots of control over how your website looks and works, all through a user-friendly interface.

Other Useful Features of the ListingBuilder WordPress Theme

One handy feature of this theme is that it has the ability to create pricing tables, based on the packages you’ve created for your site.

These pricing plan comparison tables make it very easy for your visitors to see which options are available to them, helping them to choose the right plan for their needs.

ListingBuilder Tag Index

As well as visitors having the ability to filter the listings to find what they are looking for, they can also view the tags index page. This index page contains a list of all the tags you’ve used on your directory, complete with links to all the listings which have used a particular tag.

Another way you can monetize your online directory is to display adverts on your website. This can be instead of, or as well as, charging your visitors a fee for publishing their listings. The advert code can be managed through the theme options control panel, with the advert being displayed in the designated spaces on the front-end of your website.

The ListingBuilder theme gives you the option of adding contact forms to your directory listings. If enabled, this feature gives your visitors an easy way to get in touch with the owner an individual listing they are interested in. As the directory administrator, this can benefit you too, as it prevents your visitors from emailing you with questions about the entities in your directory. The theme integrates with the most popular form plugins for WordPress, including Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms.

The theme also includes two premium plugins: Visual Composer and LayerSlider. These are two very popular tools for WordPress that allow you to build custom page layouts through a drag and drop interface, and create animated slide shows to promote your content.

Building a Directory Website with ListingBuilder

With all the features you need to create an online directory with WordPress included in this theme, it’s now down to exploring how easy ListingBuilder is to use.

Installing the Activating the Theme

The ListingBuilder theme is installed just like any other. After uploading the files to your WordPress website through the dashboard or via FTP, it’s ready to go.

After installing and activating the theme, you are then prompted to install the three required plugins: LayerSlider, Listing Builder, and Visual Composer. This only takes a few clicks and then once they’ve been added to your site and enabled, it’s time to start configuring your directory and setting up how it will work.

Importing the Demo Content

To help you get your website online as quickly as possible, as well as gain a better understating of how the theme works, you can choose to import the demo content. This is done by clicking on the appropriate button on the theme options control panel.

ListingBuilder Demo Importer

If you do decide to import the demo content into your site, it will then be populated with a range of content. This includes the pricing packages, sample listings, testimonials, and other types of content.

ListingBuilder Custom Post Types

Configuring the Directory Settings

ListingBuilder is a flexible theme and together with the included Listing Builder plugin, gives you lots of control over how your directory website functions. Most of these settings are managed through the custom post types that are added to your site after installing the theme.

ListingBuilder Packages

For example, the options that you can offer your visitors for submitting their listings are managed through the Packages custom post type. This allows you to create as many packages as you need, each with their own settings and details.

ListingBuilder Package Pricing

You could create multiple packages, each with their own pricing and capabilities. For example you could create an entry level package that allows users to create one listing, which lasts for 30 days, and allows them to create a listing with a cover image, an image gallery, and a video box.

ListingBuilder Package Capabilities

As you are free to create as many packages as required, you can offer your visitors a range of options for posting their listing in your directory. This could include basic free packages and advanced premium options.

Using the WordPress Customizer

The ListingBuilder directory theme does include some support for the WordPress Customizer tool. This lets you configure some aspects of the theme and your website, all with a live front-end view. In theory, this is great as you get a live preview of your changes as you make them, rather than having to switch browser tabs and refresh windows.

ListingBuilder Customizer

However, while there is a lot you can control through the Customizer, just as much as been left out and must, therefore, be configured through the backend theme options control panel. This isn’t a big issue, but it would be nice if you could change the fonts and colors through the Customizer and get a live preview of these changes as you make them.

Customizing the Appearance of the Theme

ListingBuilder Colours and Fonts

When it comes to customizing the appearance of your website, most of the work takes place through the theme options control panel. These appearance settings cover the fonts and colors used on your website, giving you the option of setting the fonts for the individual paragraph styles used by the theme.

Once you’ve configured the theme, all that’s left to do is start promoting your website so that your target audience can begin signing up and adding their businesses to your directory.

ListingBuilder Theme Review Conclusion

As you can see for yourself the ListingBuilder theme has a modern and attractive design and appearance. However, not only that, but it’s backed up with a useful set of features that will make creating an online listings website with WordPress pretty straightforward.

Whether you just want to create a free resource for your audience or build an income generating premium directory, you are free to do so with this theme and its package and payment features.

If you want to build an online listings website with WordPress, the ListingBuilder theme is well worth checking out.

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Masterstudy Theme Review: Promote Your Courses and Educational Services Online

Masterstudy WordPress Theme Review

Masterstudy is a premium WordPress theme that has been created especially for anyone who needs to build a website to promote their educational courses, products, and services online.

While this isn’t a learning management system theme for delivering online courses or managing your students and their grades and which content they can access, it is instead more of an educational business WordPress theme.

Therefore, if you are operating in the educational sector, whether as a personal tutor, a traditional university, or anywhere in between, and you are looking for a way to promote and sell the courses, services, and other products online, then the Masterstudy WordPress theme could be just what you need.

There is some functionality included in the theme for publishing your learning content online, all of which can be divided into free and paid courses. However, for the most part, this theme leans more towards those offering basic courses online, or looking for a way to promote their offline services through a website.

In this review, we will be taking a look at both the educational focused features, as well as the more general theme features of Masterstudy to help you decide if this is the right option for you. We’ll also explore how easy it is to use so that you can decide if it really will enable you to build the type of website you need to succeed online.

Masterstudy Educational Theme

Features of the Masterstudy WordPress Theme

As mentioned in the intro, this theme has been built more for those who want to promote their educational services online, rather than create a fully featured online learning platform. This items being promoted could include the services of a private tutor working independently, right through to a large educational instruction offering many different types of courses and programs.

Masterstudy Course Listings

It’s worth pointing out again, that out of the box, this theme doesn’t include all the learning features you would need to create a fully functioning learning management system (LMS), or virtual learning environment (VLE). However, there is nothing stopping you from installing a course delivery plugin, such as Sensei or LearnPress in order to turn your website into a fully featured LMS.

Masterstudy Course Description

As it is though, Masterstudy does let you sell courses online. This is achieved by using the WooCommerce online store builder plugin which comes included in the theme package. Courses are then created using the Products feature of WooCommerce

Masterstudy Create Course Product

This integration with WooCommerce lets you create free and paid courses. As this plugin includes some great inventory features, you get lots of control over how many places on your course you can offer and whether you want to link different courses together to create a sequence of package of content. Furthermore, as there are countless free and commercial extensions available for WooCommerce, you can really upgrade and enhance how your site is able to provide these offerings to your visitors.

Masterstudy Instructors List

As well as listing courses online, Masterstudy gives you an opportunity to also promote yourself and the other teachers and tutors you are working with. These teacher profiles are added to your site using custom post types, and when creating their profiles, you can add information about their education and training, a skills list, and links to their social media profiles.

Masterstudy Instructor Profile

Each instructor profile can also include an optional contact form. This then allows your visitors to get in touch with them directly, if that is a feature you’d like to offer.

Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder Tool

When it comes to adding content and designing the pages that will make up your website, you can do a lot more than is possible with a regular theme. This is thanks to the inclusion of the premium Visual Composer plugin.

This tool integrates a front end, drag and drop, page builder into your WordPress website. This then makes it easy to build advanced layouts for your content, and then populate those layouts with useful features and elements.

Masterstudy Visual Composer Elements

As the Visual Composer plugin is packed with different elements, you get plenty of options covering the types of content your pages can include. Some of the modules or elements included cover sliders, charts and graphs, pricing tables, icons, and some course-related content.

Masterstudy Pricing Plans

Useful Pre-Built Pages

If you do choose to import the demo content that comes with the Masterstudy theme, the process will add some pre-built pages to your WordPress site. This covers the common pages that you will probably want to feature on your site, such as an about us page, a contact page, a front page, and many more useful pages.

Masterstudy Contact Us

While these pages have a professional appearance, most of them appear to have been built using the Visual Composer tool. This means you too can open them up in this editor and customize them to ensure they meet your needs. This gives you a lot of control over the appearance of the pages on your site, allowing you to customize them without editing any code.

Other Notable Features of the Masterstudy Theme

As well as the premium Visual Composer plugin, you will also find the premium Slider Revolution plugin included in the Masterstudy package – both at no extra cost. The inclusion of these two commercial plugins saves you $53 as well as giving you access to a powerful page builder tool and the ability to add high quality animated slide shows to your website.

Masterstudy Reviews

Another nice feature of this theme, one that will surely help you sell more courses, or attract more interest in your services, is the ability to collect and publish reviews from your visitors and students. These reviews act as social proof and give your other visitors a valuable insight into what you are offering and whether it is something that can help them or not.

Masterstudy Blog Layout

The Masterstudy theme also includes a number of blog layouts. These give you a few different options for presenting your blog content, helping you to choose the best layout for the type of content you are posting.

Installing and Using the Masterstudy WordPress Theme

After uploading and activating the Masterstudy theme on your WordPress website, either via FTP or through the admin interface, you are prompted to install the required and recommended plugins.

This is standard practice with most commercial themes and the whole process sees these additional plugins installed in just a few clicks. As mentioned earlier, some of these plugins are free, while others are commercial tools, but either way, they are included in the theme package without any extra costs incurred.

Once the theme and its recommended and required plugins are up and running, you can start creating your educational business website. The theme makes use of WordPress custom post types to store and present the different types of content on your site.

Masterstudy Custom Post Types

These custom post types include testimonials, teachers, events, and the optional ecommerce products provided by the WooCommerce online store builder plugin. If you are planning on selling items from your website, whether they are physical products, online courses, or anything else, it’s a good idea to walkthrough the WooCommerce setup wizard to get your store up and running the right way from the outset.

Configuring Your Theme through the Control Panel

The Masterstudy theme makes use of an options panel powered by the Redux Framework. Through this control panel, you can configure many aspects of the theme in order to meet your needs and personal preferences.

Masterstudy Control Panel

The different controls for the various aspects of your website are divided up into groups, such as the header area, sidebars, typography, social media, and many more.

Masterstudy Typography

Thanks to the user friendly interface of the control panel, making changes to the default settings is very easy and removes any need to edit the underlying code directly.

The Masterstudy educational WordPress theme does include some support for the WordPress Customizer. However, as this level of support is very limited, most of your customization work will take place through the back end, via the control panel, rather than through the front end panel provided by the WordPress Customizer.

Masterstudy WordPress Customizer

While you are free to setup your website any way you want, Masterstudy does make it very easy to import the demo content to quickly get your site up and running. From the demo importer section of the control panel, you can, in just a few clicks, add the sample content to your website, giving you a great base to work from.

Whether you choose to import the demo content or not, building your site is now just a case of adding your content to the various elements of the theme. This includes the online shop section, the testimonials, adding events, and of course creating your online course pages with WooCommerce.

The user manual that ships with the theme package includes helpful instructions on using all the different features and components of this theme, helping to ensure that you are able to make the most of everything Masterstudy has to offer.

Support and Documentation

When you purchase this education center WordPress theme, the download package includes a full set of documentation for both the Slider Revolution and Visual Composer plugins. Although these two premium plugins are included with a number of WordPress themes, it’s not often you see the user manuals included with the theme files.

As these are two very powerful plugins that can be used to create stunning, animated full screen slide shows and custom designed posts and pages, it’s nice to see that users get access to the documentation to help them get the most out of them.

There’s also a PDF user manual for the Masterstudy theme itself. This 20 page document covers all of the main features and aspects of theme to help you build the education-related website you’ve been planning. While most themes are supported with some form of online documentation, again, it’s nice to see this included in the package in the form of a file that can be accessed offline.

If you need help with using this theme, you are also free to contact the support team via the developer’s online support portal. There you can browse the support forum to look for more information on overcoming your issue, or open a new ticket to get one to one support.

Stylemix, the team who created this theme, also offers a premium WordPress support service. For a fixed fee each month, you can get unlimited small jobs carried out on your website, as well as security monitoring and site optimization. This service is separate from the theme we are looking at today, but it’s worth mentioning in case you would like to hire a team to look after your WordPress website on an ongoing basis.

Masterstudy Theme Review Conclusion

The Masterstudy theme has a great look and feel that is sure to help you promote your courses and educational services online with success.

The decision to use the WooCommerce plugin to manage access to the courses is an interesting one, but it does seem to work well. It also makes selling your courses and other products and services from your site, very straightforward. Thanks to all the extensions and add-ons available for WooCommerce, there is no limit to how this part of your site can function. However, out of the box, it includes enough functionality to help you get started.

As the theme package includes the commercial Visual Composer plugin, you not only save $34 on the price of this tool, but you can also build some impressive page layouts with relative ease. The inclusion of the Slider Revolution plugin is another nice touch that should help you add some of that essential wow factor to make it stand out from the completion.

Overall, Masterstudy is a well-documented and easy to use WordPress theme that should help you successfully promote your educational services and courses online.

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9 Insanely Actionable Tips on Selling More WordPress Themes

Colorlib Blog Image Retina 1024


You’ve spent last 4 months developing a WordPress theme. You have an Apple product on the cover of your marketplace listing. You’ve spent extra resources to make your theme fully responsive. You’ve passed the codex requirements and you have an infrastructure in place to provide support to your customers.

There’s just one problem. Your marketing and promoting efforts are not generating nearly enough interest for your theme. What you could’ve done differently and what can you fix right now?

Tip #1 Give Away Free Stuff

On your own hosted website, give away free version of your product. Or if you don’t want to support that, give away something else – plugins, psd files, icon sets or other small stuff. It will help with both traffic and emails to promote your product to.

If you do choose to maintain a free version of your theme, you can use the dashboard to up-sell the customers to the premium version. Keeping the free theme up-to-date will also let you appear in the “updated” section of WordPress theme directory.

Tip #2 Sell on alternative marketplaces.

Conventional marketplaces are seriously overcrowded and dominated by the power users from way back. Not to mention the severe exclusivity rules certain marketplaces have in place (I’m looking at you, Envato). What you should do instead is submit your theme to marketplaces with no exclusivity rules, where you can easily get featured with a quality product. A marketplace like Sellfy that only takes 5% of your profits or Themesnap, that takes 25%.

Tip #3 – Know your customer

Is your customer a fellow developer, who doesn’t care how your theme looks, because he will be adjusting it to his client’s needs? Or is it a marketer who’s looking for a one-page website and all he cares about conversion optimisation?

They both are looking for a WP theme to fit their needs, but they are in fact expecting a completely different set of benefits from the theme.

Don’t just assume how your customer is. Reach out to your first clients manually. Ask them who they are and how they are using your theme. This will give you the necessary intel and help you structure your promotional efforts around their persona.

Tip #4 Build a newsletter.

If you’re still not doing this, you’re lightyears behind your competition. When used right, email newsletter alone can help you build a successful business.

Why are emails so important?

Compare these stats from sharing a post to 1000 followers.

Twitter Analytics

And now sharing the same post to 500 email subscribers.

Result From Email Campaign

This means email is x25 more effective than social media.

You might say something like: “That’s all very good and all, but I’m in the business of selling WP themes, not writing some blog posts.”

I have a simple response to this – you need to keep your email list warm and blog posts are great for that.

Consider all the times you subscribed to an email list, successfully forgot about it and received a promo email out of the blue six month later? What are the chances you’d open this email, let alone buy something from the sender?

To avoid situations like this, you have to communicate with your list on a regular basis, I’d say at least once a month in general and several times a week when you’re launching.

One thing to remember for you launch sequence, that will dramatically improve your sales numbers is to send a sales letter one day BEFORE you launch your theme. Write a long sales letter, explaining why the reader should buy your theme. Then say that the next email will have a subject line “MyTheme is now on sale”.

This way they will have one day to make a decision about the product and they’ll know to expect one more email from you. In this next email you can simply provide a download link for the product. Easy, right?

And even if you are already building a solid email list from your blog, giveaways, freebies and other sources – there’s always a way to improve. Here’s a detailed blog post with the exact steps you should follow to convert as much as 8% of your readers into newsletter subscribers.

Tip #5 Provide Stellar Customer Service

Providing stellar customer service is the single most important thing you can do to promote your product.

Here’s what Muhammad Haris, the developer behind Avada, the #1 Selling WP theme of all time, has to say about the importance of customer support:

“I would say that about 50% of Avada’s success is because of the support. People buy the theme, they go over our support system and then they get a feel of how much we value our product and how much we value them. [If] they get a quick answer, they are happy, they will buy again.”

They will also tell their colleagues and clients about your theme, both because of how much value they’ve got from your theme and because promoting a good product will make them look good in the long run.

Tip #6 Host a giveaway

You can giveaway you own premium theme or give away something else that is still extremely valuable to your target audience. Something like two years of free hosting or email newsletter sending software subscription. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you’ll have better chances of the giveaway going viral, if the prize is of high value.

To host a giveaway, use KingSumo Giveaway WP plugin or Rafflecopter. Both will let you set up a custom landing page and provide an engine to encourage people to share the giveaway on social networks. The more people you invite, the more entries in the giveaway you get and thus the higher is your chance at winning the grand prize.

Tip #7 Industry Outreach

Don’t just cold email all the editors, whose emails you can find. Build relationships first. You do have time for this. Follow this simple engagement formula developed by folks over at Groove, and your chances to land a review will increase dramatically:

Engagement Checklist  For better Results

On paper, it looks like “they need new content, I need exposure. Win – win”. In reality though, popular blogs that you’re going to target are receiving dozens of pitches every day. You really need to stand out in this red ocean.

Hopefully this engagement checklist will give you just enough edge over your competition to be considered seriously.

Tip #8 Buy Paid Reviews

A lot of blogs out there offer paid review services, usually for a couple of hundred dollars. When you don’t see any meaningful output from the free promo techniques, you might want to test the waters with a strategically placed paid review.

One approach to test is publishing a sponsored post on blogs related to blogging itself, not just WP related blogs. You will receive a steady inflow of leads once the post is indexed by search engines and maybe some smaller blogs will link to the review or even write their own review for free.

Tip #9 — Start an affiliate program

There are two types of forces at play here. It’s important that you distinguish between them from the start.

First type is companies like CJ Affiliate and RakutenMarketing, that act as a middlemen between sellers (you) and clever marketers that are looking to earn some extra cash from their blogs or email lists.

Second type is companies like ReferralCandy and Talkable, that allow you to set up a customisable refer a friend programs and share revenue with your customers. The same can be used to provide incentives for the bloggers to write about you.

Basically in first case the marketers will come to you and in second case – you have to go to the marketers yourself.

Over to You

How are you marketing your WordPress themes? Did you find these tips useful? Let me know in the comments section below.

How To Find Out If A Website Is Running On WordPress?


WordPress is the ideal platform to run almost any type of website, it works for corporate websites, personal blogs, portfolio sites for freelancers, eCommerce sites and online magazines. Nearly, 65% of the most highly ranked websites in the known web run on WordPress.

WordPress is by far one of the most widely recognized Content Management Systems. You can use WordPress to create efficient web platforms with great design and deliver content in the form of text and media to your audiences. The level of customizability that WordPress brings to the party and makes available to the non-tech savvy web admin is one of the reasons for its success as the most popular Content Management System.

The reasons for finding out whether a website runs on WordPress or not could vary from one end of the spectrum to the other. May be you are learning to become a web developer and would like to find out if certain features can be added to a WordPress site. Or may be you’re a web entrepreneur and are looking for a talented web developer who can customize WordPress websites for you, and you chance upon a website which has a great design and like a lot.

It is nigh impossible to figure out if a website is running on WordPress or not by just looking at the website. If you are WordPress enthusiast and would like to find out which of your favorite websites run on WordPress, then there are a quite a number of ways to do just that.

Before we get started, always remember to scroll down to the bottom of a webpage you are interested in and look for “powered by WordPress“. This seems pretty obvious but I tend to forget it from time to time. Although many websites remove this, you’ll be surprised to find that many highly ranked websites choose to retain it.

Using Third Party Tools To Find Out Whether A Website Is Running WP

IsItWP is a simple, free to use resource and you can type in any website URL and voila! you’ll know if it runs on WordPress.


BuiltWith, an alternate option which is similar to IsItWP except it provides a lot more in the way of detailed information.


Not only does it provide the name of the content management system that a website uses but it provides a full technology profile of the website in question. It informs us on the widgets that a website employs, the Content Delivery Networks it uses to speed up site load times, hosting information, the security certificates a website has and other document information. So BuiltWith is a great option, if you want to know how a website is run and what tools it employs.

Using Browser Plugins

Plugins on your browser can do a lot for you. Currently, I use my Chrome plugins to save hundreds of tabs while researching topics, take screenshots, get past IP based content blocking and to find the Alexa ranks of websites with ease.

You can also use a browser plugin or extension to find out if a website is running on WordPress. For Chrome, I’d recommend BuiltWith Technology Profiler which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. The extension is quite highly rated and is classified as a developer’s tool, quite rightly so.

All that information you would have had to visit a website and enter a URL is available on demand. With this extension you only need visit a website, any website and activate the extension to view the website information.


Wappalyzer is another extension which detects the content management system of a website, also works to identify eCommerce platforms, JavaScript frameworks, server information and has access to a few analytics tools as well.

Appspector is a great Chrome extension which detects web applications and JavaScript libraries, it performs the function of detecting the Content Management System of any website without any difficulty what so ever.

You should note that all the three Chrome extensions are highly rated and work well. Try installing them or read the information on the Chrome store before settling on one of them. I do not recommend any one of three in specific because people’s requirements vary. But if you only need to find the content management system for websites in general, any one of the three extensions should be sufficient.

Extensions For Firefox

The BuiltWith Add On is also available with Firefox, if you aren’t using Chrome.

'BuiltWith __ Add-ons for Firefox' - addons_mozilla

Now that I’ve exhausted all the third party tools that can be used to find out if a website is running WordPress, let’s see how you can do the same without any external help.

Looking Under The Hood – Viewing Source Code

Go to any website. Right click and select view source. And you can see what are the different elements that make a website.


You’ll notice all the “wp” files as in wp-content or wp-uploads, which almost every WordPress site needs, to serve content to readers. Also at the end of the source code for Colorlib, you’ll notice that it runs the W3 Caching plugin with a link back to the download page on for the plugin.

Sure people can simply add misleading code to their websites, but no one does that. Viewing the source code and looking for wp files and directories can confirm whether a website is running WordPress or some other content management system.

When checking out the source code, you can also look up the generator tag in the head section of the code. If it is there it should be something like this,

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.6.1" />

But many websites delete the tag due to security concerns, although such concerns are unfounded. They believe that knowledge of the WordPress version could make their websites more vulnerable to hack attempts. In reality, it doesn’t because it is rarely the case that a hacker manually checks websites by version and then attempt to hack them.

If you would like to read more about WordPress Security, please do try reading my post-“Beefing Up WordPress Security – A Complete Guide To Securing WordPress Sites”.

Appending Website URLs

Viewing the source code may work most of the time, you have another option at your disposal. You can type try to access the following two pages on any website by typing- or This should take you to a WordPress login page, if the website uses WP.


But some websites change the login and wp-admin URLs for security purposes, so it isn’t really a full proof method. Also even the wp-content folder can be changed to a different name. So while these techniques are fairly reliable, they aren’t full proof.

Two other files you could search for, by adding appending “/license.txt” and “/readme.html” to the website address. You may get lucky and get some useful site information including the version of WordPress, but some websites including Colorlib do not have license and readme files.


Again, people do this for security reasons or they think it simply isn’t necessary. Personally, I prefer the latter reasoning, from the perspective of the website owner it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Final Thoughts

I hope the post piqued your curiosity! And also helps you find which websites are running on the WordPress platform.

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