Aqua Spa and Beauty WooCommerce WordPress Theme Review

Aqua WordPress Theme Review

The Aqua WordPress theme has been designed and created to help you promote your health and beauty related business. Whether you are running your own spa, offering your services on a freelance basis, or anywhere in between, the Aqua theme aims to provide you with everything you need to not only promote your services in style, but also offer on online booking system.

In this review, we will be putting the Aqua theme through its paces to find out what features it includes and how you can go about using it to creating your own custom website that matches the quality of your business.

Aqua: the Premium Theme for Your Spa, Beauty, and Wellness Business

The Aqua theme is packed with features, most notably its inspiring design and its online booking and shopping functionality. Whether you want a basic website which simply lists the services you offer and information about your place of business, or a fully blown online shop with appointment booking facilities, Aqua aims to offer you everything you need in one easy to use package.

So, let’s take a look at the advertised features in more detail, to see how they compare to the marketing material, in our hands on Aqua WordPress theme review.


Multiple Homepage Layouts

To give you plenty of flexibility, the Aqua theme comes with a great selection of homepage layouts. This means that no matter how you want to arrange the front page of your website, you should be able to use one of the pre-built layouts to quickly set up your website.

At the time of writing there are seven homepage layouts to choose from, including a shop page, a full width layout, a one page layout, and a few other variations. More homepage layouts are on the way, so even if you buy the theme now, you can expect to see more made available to your theme with each new update.

Growing Library of Page Layouts

As well as the good selection of pre-built homepage layouts on offer, Aqua includes many pre-built page layouts and templates. These options cover the essential pages that any good website needs. This includes the about us page, a 404 error code page, a coming soon page, blog homepage and archive pages, and all the store pages for your online shop.

Sample 404 – not found error code page:


Full WooCommerce Support and Compatibility

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress so it’s great to see that the Aqua theme has been built around this toolkit. By installing the free core WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website, you can start listing your inventory and collecting payments from your visitors.

While all good modern WordPress themes should work with the WooCommerce plugin out of the box, full compatibility – which you get with this theme – ensures that not only will all aspects of the plugin work flawlessly, but each of the pages that make up your online store will look great.

This includes everything from the individual product pages, through to the product category displays, checkout pages and the customer account profile dashboard. With Aqua, each of these pages have been carefully crafted to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website, while also offering high levels of usability on both large and small screen displays.

Sell Products and Services Online From Your Website

Whether you want to sell products from your website or offer an online booking facility for your services, Aqua and WooCommerce have you covered. While the core free WooCommerce plugin includes enough functionality to get you started, if you really want to offer a fully featured online booking and scheduling system for the treatments and services on offer at your spa or other place of business, then you might need to invest in one of the many add-ons available for WooCommerce.

While some of these add-ons are commercial products, the good news is that the library of extensions is very extensive and pretty much any ecommerce related feature that you’d like to implement on your website can be added in just a few clicks. Some relevant WooCommerce add-ons include: appointment bookings, discount coupons, Instagram product integration, points and rewards, and gift cards.


Social Media Integration

Having a strong social media presence is getting more and more important, especially for businesses in the more-visual sectors, such as health, beauty, and wellness. Making it as easy as possible to integrate your social media content into your website is vital, especially if you are sharing photos and other visual content related to your website.

It’s even more important if your customers and clients are sharing your work, services, and products on their social media profiles, that you have the option of displaying this content on your site. This helps demonstrate to potential customers that your services are worth sharing and of a good standard.

Thankfully the Aqua theme integrates with all the most popular social media networks. This allows you to display links to your profiles, as well as including the content that you are sharing with your followers.

Online Bookings and Reservation Management System

If you want to give your customers and clients the ability to create and management their appointments and bookings online, then the Aqua theme includes all the features you need.

The booking system has the ability to send out automated emails to your customers when they make a booking and also when you confirm their reservation. This helps keep everyone in the loop, allowing you and your staff to view the booking schedule on the back end of your WordPress website.

Aqua Theme Review Bookings

Through the booking system settings you can define which days and times are able to accept online reservations, as well as the time intervals that are used for appointments, and whether you accept late bookings or not. The automated email notifications can also be fully customized to match the style and personality of your brand.

Aqua Theme Review Emails

Even if you don’t want to give your customers the ability to create their own bookings online, you can use the bookings system of the theme to store and manage any appointments that are made in person or over the phone. This again gives your staff an easy and convenient central location to keep track of scheduled appointments.

Custom Theme Options Panel

To help you configure your website in exactly the way that you want, Aqua makes use of a detailed set of theme options. This control panel covers everything from enabling responsive design, setting the page background colors, uploading the logo for your site and a whole lot more.

Aqua Theme Review Control Panel

Through the control panel, you can also make a few more changes to your website, which aren’t often on offer with many other themes. This includes the header configuration, detailed typography settings, and the ability to add your own custom CSS to further personalize the theme and really make it your own.

WordPress Customizer Support

As well as setting up and personalizing your website through the back end theme options control panel, Aqua includes a good amount of support for the WordPress Customizer tool. This gives you a live front end preview of your changes as you make them and is a great interface for setting up and customizing the theme to match your vision.

Aqua Theme Review Customizer

While most good WordPress themes feature support for the Customizer, that level of support varies. With Aqua you can customize many aspects of your website through this front end view, helping to speed up and simplify the site setup process.

Some of the changes you can make through the Customizer include: the layout settings, the footer configuration, defining image sizes, text and background colors, and the navigation menus. As this all takes place through an interface with a live front end preview of your website while you work on it, there is no need to be constantly saving your changes, switching browser tabs, and refreshing windows in order to see how your changes will look.

The Aqua theme package includes the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins. These two premium tools cost $33 and $18 respectively. This packaging not only saves you a combined $51 on purchasing these plugins separately, but it also gives you access to two of the most powerful and popular tools for creating custom page layouts and building advanced animated content slideshows for your WordPress website.

With the Visual Composer plugin you get access to an advanced drag and drop page builder tool with both front and back end interfaces for building custom page layouts and editing those included with the theme. The Revolution Slider plugin makes it easy to create advanced slideshows, with multiple timelines, that can display a wide range of content, including posts, pages, images, videos, and more.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugins

This plugin a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to switch to different currencies and get their rates converted in the real time – a must have plugin for your WooCommerce powered online store!

You can use currencies aggregators to get rates converted by either Yahoo, Google, Appspot Aggregators or just by hands. Currency Switcher is available as a WordPress widget and works in any widgetized area, for flexibility. A shortcode option is also available that you can use inside content or elsewhere.

On the front end, Currency Switcher can be presented in four different ways: ddSlick, chosen, simple drop-down, flags. 2 additional AJAXED widgets and shortcodes – currency converter and currencies rates. This theme includes the WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin, saving you $20.


Demo Content

To help you get your website set up as quickly as possible, the developers of the Aqua theme have included all the content from the demo version of the theme. These files, including the pages, settings, and other content, can be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

Importing this demo content gives you a great base to work from when setting up your own site, rather than forcing you to build your website from scratch. Although using this demo content is entirely optional, for those starting with a new website, it can be a real time saver.

Other Notable Features of the Aqua Theme

Other useful features of this spa and beauty WordPress theme include a testimonials manager for publishing customer and client feedback on your website, a team profile manager to highlight the talents and abilities of your staff, and a fully featured portfolio system for showcasing your achievements.

Aqua Theme Review Services

The theme also includes a handy feature that makes it very easy to list and publish all of the services on offer on your website. This makes it easy to keep an up to date list of what’s on offer to your customers and clients, in a place where they can easily find it.

Online Support and Documentation

To help you get the most out of this theme, there is plenty of online documentation available for Aqua. The documentation covers everything from installing the theme, through to using the bundled premium plugins, configuring your online store, and managing reservations from your website.

Customers who’ve purchased the theme can open support tickets whenever they run into a problem they can’t resolve themselves, or have any questions about using the theme. There’s also an online knowledgebase that covers known and common issues, complete with solutions for resolving them.

Free installation services for AQUA theme. Please, submit a ticket to our support center. We are happy to support.

Aqua Spa and Beauty Theme Review Conclusion

The Aqua WordPress theme is highly attractive and will do a great job of promoting your health and wellness related business and services. Whether you are a freelancer offering treatments on the go, a chain of businesses, or anywhere in-between, this theme should be able to help you promote your services in style.

Not only that, but the advanced bookings features of this theme make it a highly useful tool for creating a centralized online booking and appointment management system for you and your staff to use. Whether you enable self-service bookings or not, having a central location to store these details can really help improve the efficiency of your systems.

Thanks to the included demo content, getting your website up and running shouldn’t take you too long. Then, once you are ready to start customizing the site further, the detailed theme options control panel and intuitive WordPress Customizer make personalizing the theme and your website very straightforward.

If your business is in the health and beauty niche and you are looking for a theme to help you build a website to promote it, or give your existing site an overhaul, then the Aqua theme combines great looks with a solid set of features and functionality that will benefit both you and your potential customers.

Find out more about the Aqua WordPress theme today

Reap a Harvest of 30 New August WordPress Themes 2015

New August WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a quality WordPress theme for your website, have a look at the designs featured here. They are fresh, attractive, charismatic and absolutely different. You will find not only separate pre-designed websites for business, industrial, restaurant, medical, cleaning, tattoo, sport, automobile, web design, education, charity, brewing, religious, IT, and other companies. The first theme in this showcase, ‘Monstroid’, is a really universal solution for all your web design needs with all its child themes, exclusive features, free plugins, lifetime support, updates and many other goodies

All WordPress themes you see herein under have been recently developed by, one of the reputed leaders in web design business. For more than a decade of successful activity, the company has worked out an accurate mechanism of themes and templates production. They value their positive image on the market, so make everything possible to meet even the most specific customers’ requirements. This is the best guarantee that when you buy from TemplateMonster, you get the product of the highest quality.

Company team tracks all current trends in the IT sphere on regular terms, so you can be sure that the theme you choose has been created with the help of the advanced technologies available for the time being.

WordPress themes are built on the Cherry Framework core and most of them use the power of Bootstrap. Experienced developers know how much these facts are able to simplify their lives. Newbies in web design can read themes’ details and documentation for more information and of course view their demos. We are sure that animated effects (HTML plus JS, Parallax, Lazy Load, etc.) will impress the viewers. HD images and spectacular sliders will help you convey the unique feel of your company, no matter what kind of website you are going to run. Harmonious and hierarchical content arrangement makes it easy to comprehend it.

Are you ready to pick out your future online presentation which will make you famous worldwide? Then, feel free to browse our collection of trendy and appealing WordPress themes for all business categories.

Monstroid Universal Theme


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Cheerleading Team WordPress Theme

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WordPress Theme for School

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Industrial Co WordPress Theme

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Financial WordPress Theme

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Private Brewery WordPress Theme

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University WordPress Theme

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Good Investment WordPress Theme

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Restaurant WordPress Theme

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Religious WordPress Theme

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Life Improving Coach WordPress Theme

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Better Hosting Responsive WordPress Theme

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Artistic Food And Beverages WordPress Theme

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Financial Growth Responsive WordPress Theme

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Sport WordPress Theme

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Educational WordPress Theme

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Your Promotion WordPress Theme

 Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

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Is Your WordPress Website Secure? Are WordPress Websites Vulnerable?


Post Series: WordPress Security

  • 1.Is Your WordPress Website Secure? Are WordPress Websites Vulnerable?
  • 2.Beefing Up WordPress Security – A Complete Guide To Securing WordPress Sites

Two or three decades ago, robbery was limited to breaking and entering to steal someone’s cash or valuables. The would be mischief makers and robbers of today, take on the form of hackers. Anyone who finds and exploits vulnerabilities in software for purposes of personal gain or for political reasons.

Before I start, you should know this article does not go into the nitty gritty of WP security but rather discusses the causes for WordPress vulnerabilities. If that isn’t what you are looking for, I’d suggest you read – “Beefing Up WordPress Security – A Complete Guide To Securing WordPress Sites”. Although, I must state that understanding the nature of WP vulnerabilities in the past, provides great insight on how you can sure up your website’s security protocols.

Why do people break into websites and data centers ? Breaking into websites which hold client information, email IDs, credit card numbers, etc is more profitable than robbing a bank. If you run a reasonably successful website, I’m sure hundreds, if not thousands of attempts to gain access to your website’s information have already been made.

Most recently, was hacked and the details of 37 million users have been stolen. The hackers have demanded that the website be shut down, failing which they will release the details of the stolen user’s information including sexual fantasies. This gives you a taste of the kind of destruction a hacker can cause by merely gaining access to information.

Web security is a very important topic and growing ever more relevant given the number of websites popping up to collect personal information of its users.

As much as 65% of the web runs with WordPress as the Content Management System, so today I’ll be discussing WordPress security and how WP sites have been targeted or hacked in the past.

Why Invest In Good Security Practices ?

  • You owe it your customers and clients who trust you with sensitive personal information to keep it safe.
  • Your site gets hacked – You lose money.
  • Your site gets hacked – Your search engine rankings take a nearly one way trip to hell.

WordPress websites are hacked by the thousands, if not the hundreds of thousands. Not every website reports the fact that they’ve been hacked in the past. It isn’t a great endorsement for their brand as you might guess.

I’d like to shine some light on the necessity for this article on WordPress security.

According to a study, as shared by Sandro Gucci (Founder Of Enable Security).

  • 73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are vulnerable to vulnerabilities which can be detected using free automated tools.
  • Only 7,814 websites (18.55%) upgraded to WordPress 3.6.1, this was the latest version of WP when the test was conducted.
  • 13,034 websites (30.95%) were still running a vulnerable version of WordPress, version 3.6. WordPress 3.6 had 5 known vulnerabilities at that time.

And if you were wondering, well this just some unfair generalized characterization of small unknown websites somewhere on the dark web, you would be mistaken. The statistics were produced based on a study of about 42,000 WordPress websites on Alexa’s Top One Million websites. That is a huge number of vulnerable websites for supposedly the most visited websites on the web. These websites collect a vast amounts of information on their visitors and subscribers.

The statistics were true as on September 2013, I do not think it would have deviated much since then and even if it has, the stats on display here display the scale of the security problems that plague WordPress.

If you’d like more evidence that proves that WordPress can be compromised. I refer you to a study by Netcraft,

  • In February 2014, there were 12,000 WordPress blogs that were serving as platforms for phishing sites.
  • More than 8% of all malware URLs blocked by Netcraft for distributing web hosted malware were WordPress blogs.

I should point out that not one of those blogs were run on Automattic This should quite clearly illustrate that even WordPress, if not used with caution and some knowledge of WP security can be vulnerable. Another reason for this may be related to the fact that all blogs hosted on are updated almost as soon as the WordPress updates are released. It should be noted since then automatic WordPress updates were introduced in WP version 3.7 to protect websites against zero day exploits.

And even after that, there have been a host of security issues that have plagued WordPress. Check out this list of WordPress vulnerabilities in different versions of the platform.

Now there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening, new vulnerabilities will almost always be discovered. Obviously, the core WP team have taken security very seriously and have made WordPress a lot safer.

But as with every other popular software, exploiting vulnerabilities becomes more profitable when more people start using them.

Don’t trust me ? If you believe that somehow WordPress will all of a sudden become free of all vulnerabilities, check out this graph!


While the number of vulnerabilities have decreased over time from their highs in 2007 and 2014, the incentive to discover new vulnerabilities and exploit is forever on the rise given the increasing profitability due to the increasing popularity of WordPress.

WordPress may be secure out of the box, but after adding so many plugins/themes and custom code the number of vulnerabilities begin to grow with great haste.

That being said, we can make small changes to your WordPress, to make it a whole lot more secure. First we need to have a thorough understanding of WordPress security, this very helpful in figuring out the causes of failure in security.

You might be surprised to learn that, it is very rarely the case that the WP core platform is at fault in the cases of a security breaches. It is far more likely that something you’ve added to your WP, creates a vulnerability that hackers might exploit.

How Are WordPress Sites Compromised ?

The difficulty with ensuring complete security is, there is no such thing.

Assuming your WordPress is fully secure, you still have your Apache, FTP client, MySQL and any software that runs on your server that you have to worry about. Your website is only as safe as its weakest link. And that includes the quality of your host’s software, the themes and plugins your websites operate on.

I wish I had more recent stats I can point you too, but this study presented as an infographic on WpWhiteSecurity’s blog provides a great deal of insight into how WordPress websites are hacked and what makes them vulnerable.

The study was conducted based on information of 170,000 websites that were hacked in 2012. An 18% increase in the number of hacks from the previous year (2012), the funny thing is the number of vulnerabilities did not increase by the same percentage. But even a small increase in vulnerabilities affects far more websites, due to increased use of WordPress and WordPress based products.

  • 41% of hacked WordPress were hacked through a security vulnerability on their hosting platform.
  • 29% were hacked via a security issue in the WordPress Theme they were using.
  • 22% were hacked via a security issue in the WordPress Plugins they were using.
  • 8% were hacked because they had a weak password.
  • From the above, we can conclude that more than 51% of hacked WordPress sites were hacked via a vulnerability in the WordPress themes or plugins they were using.

An overwhelming majority of the hacks came about as a result of installing software in the form of plugins, themes and because web hosting service providers failed to adequately beef up the security at the server end.

There isn’t any point in discussing measures to protect your website, before addressing what are the good options you have in terms of security when it comes to hosting, themes and plugins. And I’ll definitely discuss how you can find good third party software and safe hosting for your website, before I start recommending specific security measures to strengthen WP security.


WordPress websites are rarely vulnerable due to errors in the core code of the content management system. But a website does not operate solely based the content management system, it requires a web host to host the CMS on the web, themes to make it fancy and plugins to add the necessary functions. Now adding multiple layers of third party software to your WordPress installation starts to make your security a bit porous, if it isn’t done right.

Your WordPress core, the plugins & themes and web host need to communicate to keep your WordPress site running. This interaction sometimes has flaws and it makes websites vulnerable.

Sure 8% of websites may be compromised due to weak passwords but there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that adding badly written plugins/themes or a web host that runs on outdated software is the primary cause for a great percentage of all WordPress websites hacked or shut down.

Now that we’ve established some clarity with regards to the causes of WordPress vulnerabilities, as part of the next post in the WP Security series, I’ll discuss the steps you need to take to beef up your WordPress security.

If you’ve ever had your WordPress site compromised by a hack or fall victim to a DDOS attack, please do share the details. Either Aigars or I will try to remedy the problem, if it is within our powers. Cheers ?

WPJobBoard Plugin Review: Build a Job Board Website with WordPress

Wpjobboard WordPress Plugin2

WPJobBoard is a WordPress plugin that has been created for anyone who wants to build their own online job board website.

Once added to a WordPress website, this plugin gives you the ability to publish jobs and job seekers profiles, as well as letting your visitors add their vacancies and resumes. This then allows you to create a fully functioning job board website, where your users can recruit staff and find work.

In this review of the WordPress Job Board Plugin you will find all the information you need to help you decide if this the right tool for your next project.

WPJobBoard Plugin Features

The WPJobBoard plugin includes all the features you will need to run an online job board website, inside of WordPress. However, the core capabilities of this plugin gives your website the ability to publish job listings which job seekers can then apply to, directly through your website.

WPJobBoard Listing

Furthermore, job seekers can publish their own profiles and resumes, through which they can be contacted by recruiters looking for staff.

With WPJobBoard you also have the option of generating revenue from your website. This can be achieved by charging employers for posting vacancies, as well as accessing the resumes of job seekers that have been posted to your site.

WPJobBoard Premium Listing

Through the pricing options of the plugin, you can charge for single job postings and one-time resume access. Alternatively, you can also create employer membership packages which give you the option of offering multiple access passes, with or without recurring fees.

WPJobBoard Membership Packages

You also have the option of creating promotional discount coupons for offering money off discounts to your users. This can be an easy way to drive more premium users to your website and reward loyal members.

On your job board website, each employer can create their own profile, and then each job they post is then linked to that profile. This makes it easy for job seekers to see all the listings from an employer that they are interested in working for.

WPJobBoard Employee Profile

Job seekers can also create profiles. This allows them to publish key information about themselves, which in turn makes it easier for them to promote their abilities online. As well as information about the job seekers, the candidate profiles can include their resumes. These can then be searched by employers with the right level of access on the website.

WPJobBoard Browse Job Seekers

Through the individual candidate pages, recruiters can contact the job seekers directly. This takes place through the integrated contact form that is included on each resume or profile page.

WPJobBoard Job Seeker Profile

The jobs that are posted to your website can be organized by category, such as web developer or graphic designer. They can also be organized by type, such as freelance, contract, or full-time. These fields and terms can all be customised to meet your needs.

WPJobBoard Job Cateogires

These organizational tools then make it easier for your job seekers to filter the listings on your website and find exactly what they are looking for. This feature also makes it easy for visitors to see at a glance, the type of vacancies your website is listing.

WPJobBoard Filter Job

When it comes to visitors interacting with your website, this plugin makes use of front end submission forms. Each time you and your users post jobs, or submit their resumes, there is never any need to switch to the WordPress back end. This creates a straightforward and consistent user experience throughout the website.

WPJobBoard Add Job Form

While these forms include all the standard fields that are likely to be required by a general job board website, they can each be edited by using the intuitive visual form editor. As your needs are likely to be different to those of the next user, being able to simply drag and drop form fields into place makes it very easy to tailor the forms to meet your requirements.

WPJobBoard Form Editor

Although the forms make use of WordPress custom fields to collect and store their data, thanks to the form editor, there is no need to interact with the less-than user-friendly WordPress default custom field interface.

Instead you can simply drag and drop the available field types onto your form, and then point and click to edit their labels and contents. Now, no matter what field of employment you are working in, you can create forms that allow your recruiters to list the important information relating to their vacant jobs, as well as letting job seekers submit relevant information with their resumes.

The front end forms, combined with the drag and drop custom fields form builder are a key highlight of this WordPress job board plugin. No matter what type of jobs you are publishing, you can easily create the right kind of forms for your content.

The plugin also includes a number of shortcodes. These allow you to quickly insert various elements into your content. This includes application forms, search boxes, and lists of jobs and resumes. A new feature of this plugin adds the ability to insert Google Maps directly into the posts and pages of your website – simply by using the relevant shortcode. This is great for sharing the location of an employment opportunity, through an interactive Google Map.

WPJobBoard Shortcodes

By using these shortcodes, you can choose when and where you list the key elements and content of your job board website. This gives you another option, besides using the pre-built pages that come as part of the plugin, for displaying the job board content on your site. .

Other notable features of WPJobBoard include the ability to create custom email templates that are sent out to the website admin users on certain events. Employers and job seekers can also be sent automated emails on a range of triggers. These event triggers include job posting publications, job listing expiry, the sending of an application to an employer, and much more.

As this is a plugin, it can be used alongside any WordPress theme or framework. However, the developers of WPJobBoard have also created a purpose built theme which is included in the package. This means that if you have yet to choose a WordPress theme, or are looking for a more suitable option for your job board website, the included Jobelon theme can save you both time and money.

Using the WPJobBoard Plugin

Installing and activating the plugin is simply a case of uploading the file to your website and then following the on-screen instructions. Once activated, you are prompted to add the recommended widgets to the sidebar areas of your website.

WPJobBoard Sidebar Widgets

The plugin actually includes a good selection of widgets. These widgest give you the ability to make it very easy for your visitors to find the content that has been published of your job board website.

Before allowing visitors to start posting job listings, creating job seeker profiles, or applying to listings, it’s a good idea to go through the settings. This will allow you to configure your website to work in the way you want.

This step includes reviewing and perhaps modifying the included the user submission forms and the fields they contain. As this all takes place through the intuitive drag and drop form builder, the whole process is very straightforward.

If you want to monetize your job board site, you can configure the payment options at this point. As mentioned earlier, you can charge users for submitting individual job listings, or you can create membership packages for those with a need for ongoing access to your website.

Also, before letting users loose on your website, it’s a good idea to create the job categories, and job types, that are used for organizing your content. This will then make it easier for users to classify their submissions themselves, as they add them to your website.

When it comes to creating the job listings on your website, you can either create them manually yourself, or wait for your visitors to find your site and begin adding their own listings. Admin users can either add the listings through the front end submission forms, or through the WordPress admin area.

Furthermore, you can set up automated and scheduled imports of job listings from the Indeed and Career Builder websites. This can be a great way to quickly populate your job board website with content, right from the outset.

Once you’ve added content to your website in the form of job listings and company profiles, you can begin adding job seeker profiles. This can be done manually by the admin users, or by the job seekers themselves, through the front end submissions forms.

After your website is up and running, all that is left to do is to begin promoting it, in order to drive recruiters and job seekers to your board. Then it’s just a case of monitoring and approving the content as it is submitted to your site, and collecting the payments from your premium users.

WPJobBoard Pricing Options

The WPJobBoard plugin is available on two pricing plans:

  • Personal: $97
  • Business: $199

Both options include one year of access to support and plugin updates, as is the case with most premium WordPress plugins and themes. They also both include the purpose built WordPress job board theme, which usually retails for $79.

The main differences between the two pricing plans is that the business license allows for use on an unlimited number of sites, as opposed to just one. Business license holders also get access to beta releases of the plugin.

You can view the full pricing details of the WPJobBoard plugin on the purchase page.

WPJobBoard Review Conclusion

The WPJobBoard plugin certainly contains all the features and functionality you will need to create a professional job board website with WordPress. When you consider the work required to manually create a website of this type, the value of this plugin becomes abundantly clear.

The fact that the plugin includes a purpose built WordPress theme means you receive everything you need to get started, right out of the box. As there is a demo version of the plugin available, you can not only test how it works from the admin and end-user perspectives, but you also get a model to follow when setting up your website.

The online documentation for the plugin could be a little more extensive. However, most of the key features are covered, and overall, WPJobBoard is very easy to get started with.

Whether you want to create a purpose built job board website, or simply add this functionality to an existing WordPress website, the WPJobBoard plugin is a great choice. Providing you configure the settings of the plugin in the right way, for the type of website you want to build and jobs you want to list, you should have no trouble getting your project online.

With a great set of features and an attractive theme included in the package, WPJobBoard comes highly recommended.

Try the WPJobBoard plugin for WordPress today

Treasures of Organic Agriculture: 30 Best Farming WordPress Themes 2015

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Agriculture may seem an area of life that is far from technology and modern, fast-paced world. When we think of life on a farm, we see it as calm and measured, with days spent outdoors and evenings enjoyed by the fireplace. This is an ideal vision, almost a picture from the past in the era of globalization. Modern agriculture is science- and technology-consuming and aims at high productivity, often at expense of our health.

The quality of crops and livestock is very important as what we grow is what we eat. The food we consume may empower or impede our longevity, become a basis or a destroyer of our heath and happy life. That is why organic farming came into being and label “organic” is sought after by every health-conscious consumer. People just want to return to the times when food was natural and tasted great and consume the products free of genetic modifications, hormones, pesticides, fertilizers and all that chemical stuff that can be found there.

Fortunately, organic produce has not died out and is able to meet the competition of large corporations. For doing this, it is really important that every producer of organic farm products is able to clearly send the message about what they offer. And, at present, the best way to do this is online, as the website will work for you 24/7. Effective presentation on the web is what can bring both new clients and new partners and take your company to a new level of success.

Modern agriculture WordPress themes are designed for the best presentation of organic farming companies that really take care of customer’s health and go for traditional ways of production. Organic themes depict fresh vegetables and fruit, sunlit fields of wheat and rye, small animal-friendly farms and quality wineries. These themes uncover how awesome what you do is and how much value it can bring for those who care.

In this post we’ve collected 30 WordPress themes that best show the value behind organic farming. The themes run on the world’s most popular WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and can boast of functionality, user-friendly interface and visually rich designs.

It is almost a must to try a couple of these 30 WordPress themes out if you really seek for the change and consistent development of what you do. You have a treasure of natural and wholesome produce, so it is time to show it to the world in the best way possible.

Tender Beef: Meat Factory WordPress Theme

Health Benefits of Meat WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Vitamin Garden Responsive WordPress Template

Planting Harvesting Board WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Quality of Every Grain: Agriculture WordPress Website

Farmer's Dream Service WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Seeds of Health: Crop Production WordPress Theme

Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fresh Vegetables Responsive WordPress Site

Vegetable WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In Harmony with Nature: Organic Crops WordPress Design

Agriculture to Impress WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sun-loved Kitchen Garden WordPress Theme

Farm Industry WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Nonchemical Agronomics: Healthy Crops WordPress Template

Agriculture Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Energy of Pure Nature: Farming WordPress Website

Farming Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Organic Farm Produce WordPress Site

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Steady Growing Farm WordPress Template

White Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Alluring Gifts of Nature: Garden Produce WordPress Site

Black Orange Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Revitalizing Food: Fruit and Veggies WordPress Theme

Agriculture Template WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rich Flavour of Best Wine: Winery WordPress Site

Winery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

No Pests Naturally: Agriculture WordPress Website

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Part of the Nature: Organic Crops WordPress Design

Agriculture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Only True Grape: Best Wines Responsive WordPress Theme

Winery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Chemical-free Yields WordPress Template

Agriculture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dynamic and Proactive Farming WordPress Website

Agriculture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Wine Obsession: Winery Responsive WordPress Site

Winery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Scientifically Advanced Agriculture WordPress Template

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fields of Best Soil: Agriculture WordPress Theme

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

High-yielding Seeds: Wheat Raising WordPress Site

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Energy Storage: Juicy Fruits WordPress Website

Fruit WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Seductively Green: Best Healthy Crops WordPress Design

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Power of Best Garden Produce WordPress Theme

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fruits Grown with Love Responsive WordPress Template

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Biodynamic Farming Responsive WordPress Website

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Vitamin Treasury: Garden Produce WordPress Site

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pure Soil Yields: Agriculture WordPress Design

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Categories and How to Use Them to Their Full Potential?

Wordpress Categories

WordPress comes with a taxonomy system to help you sort your content into different topics or sections. Each WordPress install comes with categories and tags which are built in taxonomies. There are some major differences between categories and tags. For example, categories are a hierarchical taxonomy, they can have parent, child, and sibling categories. On the other hand, tags are a non-hierarchical taxonomy and they don’t have parent or child tags.

Categories are supposed to be a broader set of posts. For example, if you run a recipes blog, then you can file your recipes into Everyday, Dinner, Vegetarian and Breakfast categories. Tags, on the other hand, are supposed to be very specific topics. For example, on the same recipes blog you can tag your recipes as italian, lasagna, pizza, etc.

Now that we have talked about the difference between these two taxonomies, lets see how you can use categories more effectively on your WordPress site.

Categories can be a very powerful tool to manage, sort, and display content on your website. They not only help you manage content, they also help your users find the content on your website. Categories are around since the very early days of blogging, so there are lots of plugins and tools, themes, and tutorials that help you do some wonderful things with categories.

In this post, we will discuss some of these great tips and plugins to manage categories in WordPress.

1. Merge, Rename, Change Categories in WordPress

Many new WordPress users do not understand the difference between categories and tags. Hence some of them end up using tags where they should have used categories. This results into theme having too many tags or too many categories on their WordPress site.


Most users realize that after sometime, but by that time they have many posts filed into different categories and tags. Many of these categories and tags are completely unnecessary and can be easily merged into others.

What do you do after you realize that you were using categories incorrectly? Well there is an easy to use plugin called Term Management Tools. Simply install the plugin and it will allow you to merge categories, create new categories by merging tags, changing a tag to a category and vice-versa.

2. Allow Users to Subscribe Categories

Did you know that each category in WordPress has its own RSS feed? Let’s suppose your category URL is:

Then your category’s RSS feed URL will be

You can use this URL to add RSS icons on your category templates. Allow your users to subscribe to a specific category if they want. You can also use this feed anywhere you want, with a feed subscription service like FeedPress or with your email service like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

3. Adding Category Icons

One of the most frequently asked category hack is how to add an icon or an image to category. Some users want to display this icon in a menu some just want to show it on their category templates.

Try Simple Category Icons plugin, it allows you to add images and icons to not just categories but any taxonomy you want. It also shows the icon in category or taxonomy’s admin view.


You may also need to edit your child theme to display category icons on the front-end of your website. This usually means that you will have to add a template tag into your category archives template.

4. Create Templates for Categories

Most users are not aware of the true power of WordPress theme engine. With very simple changes you can create conditional templates for specific categories on your WordPress site.


By default WordPress uses category.php template to handle category archives. Whether your category is Fruits or Vegetables, same template will be used to display all categories. You can change that by creating different templates for different categories.

Copy the main categories template and paste it in your child theme. Rename it to categories-fruits.php and thats it, now this template will be used to display fruits category page.

Make any changes you want here so that each category page on your site is different and more interesting. You can add a category icon on top or a subscription box so that users can subscribe to individual categories. You can even add sliders to show the top content in each category.

5. Widget Logic for Category Templates

One main problem with sidebar widgets in WordPress is that the same widgets are displayed on every page of your site. Now that we have shown you how to create your own templates for each single category, its time to change the widgets displayed on each category template.

Simply install Widget Logic plugin. This simple plugin allows you control the display of widgets on your site. You can apply conditional checks on widgets, and show/hide them on specific pages.


Widget Logic is not just good for your categories it is also great for all your WordPress pages. for example you can have feedback form or a map in a widget which only displays on your about us page.

6. Assign Categories to Authors

If you run a magazine site and want to assign categories to authors, then all you need to do is install Author Category plugin.

This plugin allows you to restrict authors to categories. Each author will only be able to post in categories they are assigned. Make sure that the users have author user role on your WordPress site. If they have a user role like Editor or Admin then they can edit and post anywhere on your site.

7. Use Excerpts on Category Archives

Last but not the least, you need to use excerpts on your category archive pages. Using full content on your category archives will increase your bounce rate. Users will be able to read more content on each category page without even engaging with your content.

Simply replace

<?php the_content(); ?>

in your category archive templates with

<?php the_excerpt(); ?>


Using excerpts on category archives is also useful for your site’s SEO. For example, a category page can sometimes outrank an individual post on your website. While you may thing that the post is more specific to the search term, the archive page can increase the keyword density. This will make search engines believe that the category page is much relevant to the search term than your individual post.

8. Add Categories to Pages

Unlike posts, WordPress pages do not have categories and tags. This is because Pages are supposed to be a hierarchical post type. The main difference between posts and pages is that Pages are supposed to stay out of chronological order of entries in your blog.

Pages can be organized by creating a nested order of parent and child pages. However, many people use Pages to create different kind of websites and sometimes they need a way to sort the content into different topics.

Post Tags and Categories for Pages plugin allows you to add categories and tags to your WordPress pages. These are the same categories and tags used for posts and will allow pages to appear whenever someone views category and tag archives on your WordPress site.

9. Export All Posts Filed in a Category

WordPress has handy tools to import and export your WordPress data into XML files. This allows users to move their content from one site to another. However, sometimes you may just want to export all posts filed for particular categories.

Simply go to Tools -> Export and then click on Posts.


WordPress will now display export options. You can select a category, author, and even a date range to export your WordPress posts. Choose the category you want to export and then click on download export file button. WordPress will prepare an XML file in WordPress export format and send it to your browser for download.

You can then visit Tools -> Import on another WordPress site to import these posts.

You can only export one category at a time. If you want to export multiple categories then you will have to repeat the process for each category.

Categories are a powerful tool and using them efficiently can help you as well as your readers a lot. Users will be able to find the content that interests them more easily which means they will spend more time on your site. Let us know your favorite plugins and tips to manage categories on your WordPress site in the comments below.

This tutorial is written by Nick Anderson who operates Dailyhosting which provides WordPress Webhosting, and offers numerous tools.

50 Art & Culture WordPress Themes for Spiritual Development 2015

WordPress Art & Culture Themes

Every person comes through 3 stages of development: physical, intellectual and spiritual. Physical without intellectual and spiritual makes a person narcissistic and cruel. Intellectual without physical and spiritual makes a person timid and isolated. And Spiritual can’t exist without two previous stages. It won’t have anything to base upon. And fully harmonized person have come through all three stages without missing any of them.

Spiritual stage crowns personal development of any human being. Yes, it is accessible only to humans. And it is what distinguishes us from animals. But what this spiritual strand consists of? To uncover it we should go one stage back. We start developing intellectually when we read books, watch moves, meet new people and new cultures. So we accumulate some knowledge. And as our mind starts absorbing this knowledge and “digesting” it, then spiritual development begins. So spiritual development is not just the sum of the attainments learned, but the process of its reasoning.

So right now, sitting there in front of your screen you can start your spiritual development. And if you are involved in art and cultural sphere, then you are a guiding line for the others’ spiritual development. To globalize this process a website should be created. Here we present 50 Art & Culture Themes based on WordPress CMS. Browse them through and feel your spirit grows.

Whim of Melpomene WordPress Theme

Theater WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dance all Night WordPress Theme

DJ WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Movie Portal WordPress Theme

Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Jurassic Park WordPress Theme

Museum WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pop-Singer WordPress Theme

Singer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Singing Festival WordPress Theme

Singer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music Bits WordPress Theme

DJ WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Theater Lovers WordPress Theme

Theater WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Anime Fans WordPress Theme

Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

New Movies WordPress Theme

Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Real Pygmalion WordPress Theme

Sculpture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

DJ Fan Site Responsive WordPress Theme

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Move your Body WordPress Theme

Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Top-rated Movies WordPress Theme

Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

3D Printers WordPress Theme

Print Shop Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rock Band WordPress Theme

Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

World as a Theater WordPress Theme

Theater Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music Fan Board WordPress Theme

Music Fan Board WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Film News Portal WordPress Theme

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cartoon Planet WordPress Theme

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Best Cartoons WordPress Theme

21st Century Furniture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Official Theater WordPress Theme

Theater WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music Band Official WordPress Theme

Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Personal Singer Website WordPress Theme

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pre-Historic Museum WordPress Theme

Museum Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dinosaur Hall WordPress Theme

Museum Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dinosaur Museum WordPress Theme

Museum Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Solo Singer Website WordPress Theme

Original Singer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Singer Website for Fans WordPress Theme

Singer Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Talented Photographer WordPress Theme

Artist Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Movie Guide WordPress Theme

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fashion is Passion WordPress Theme

Fashion Model Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Away with the Masks WordPress Theme

Theater Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Video Portal WordPress Theme

Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Movie Discussions WordPress Theme

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Choose your Movie WordPress Theme

Flat Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music Portal WordPress Theme

Music Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Popular Music Band WordPress Theme

Music Band WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music News Portal WordPress Theme

Music WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Art School WordPress Theme

Art School WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Energetic Music WordPress Theme

DJ WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music Records WordPress Theme

Recording Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Everything on Music WordPress Theme

Music Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

What’s On WordPress Theme

Theater WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cinema Portal WordPress Theme

Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music Box WordPress Theme

DJ WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Video Rate WordPress Theme

Movie WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Favorite Music WordPress Theme

Music Portal WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music News Blog WordPress Theme

Music Portal WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Music Store WordPress Theme

MP3 Store WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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