Circle Flip Theme Review: A Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme with an Impressive Header Builder Tool

Circle Flip WordPress Theme Review

Circle Flip is one of the latest themes to join the swelling ranks of multipurpose, responsive WordPress themes. Consumers are attracted to these themes, due to their seemingly endless ability to create almost any type of website; while developers seem willing to supply this demand with a never-ending list of Swiss army knife themes that can be used for almost any purpose.

Typical features of these multipurpose themes include drag and drop page builder tools, countless page layouts and templates, a wealth of settings and options, and premium plugins bundled into the package. On paper Circle Flip certainly meets these requirements, giving it the appearance of an impressive contender in the world of multipurpose WordPress themes. But have its creators done enough to separate if from the competition and make it stand out from the crowd?

In this review we will take an in-depth look at the features of Circle Flip, as well as exploring how easy it is to use when it comes to creating a WordPress website. By the end of this review, you will know whether this is the right WordPress theme for your next project or not.

Circle Flip Theme Review

Circle Flip WordPress Theme Features

As mentioned in the intro, Circle Flip and the other themes of its type certainly aren’t lacking in features. With these multipurpose themes, customers are usually won and lost on the appearance of the theme as much as they are on their feature lists.

So to help you make sense the marketing material, here is a deeper look at the features that are being used to promote this theme.

Numerous Pre-Built Layouts

To help you build pretty much any type of website, Circle Flip includes a number of pre-built configurations. This includes a magazine layout for building websites that feature lots of content, a template built especially for creating a web hosting services website, and a one-page format website, to name just a few.

Circle Flip One Page Layout

You also get the option of switching any of the templates to boxed layout mode, rather than using them in full screen mode.

Circle Flip Magazine

If you do choose one of the pre-built layouts, customizing it to meet your needs is very straightforward, thanks to the great set of options and settings on offer. There’s also a page builder tool on offer, which we will get to shortly.

Multiple Header Layouts

When setting up your website, whether you use one of the pre-built layouts or not, you get a nice selection of header configurations to choose from. This includes: an option with a centered logo and links, a transparent option, and a single row of sticky links.

Circle Flip Header Options

Selecting a header option is easy, and takes place through the theme control panel, which we will look at in more detail soon.

Custom Header Builder Tool

As well a good selection of pre-built header layouts to choose from, Circle Flip also includes a header builder tool. This tool gives you an easy to use interface, through which you can create custom header layouts for your website.

Circle Flip Header Builder

By dragging and dropping the available elements into place – including a useful breaking news element which displays your latest posts – you can get just the right navigation and header content for your project. As well as choosing which items are added to your custom header, you also get a good amount of control over how the header area functions on your website.

Circle Flip Header Row Settings

Each of the individual elements also have their own settings. This allows you to further customize this essential area of your site.

The header builder is a tool not often seen in WordPress themes; so if you are keen on adding a unique navigation and logo area to the top of your pages, Circle Flip could be just what you are looking for.

Multiple Pre-Built Page Templates

The pre-built website configurations are, as you might expect, made up of pre-built individual page layouts. These templates cover the common types of content you will find on a website, such as: contact pages, about us pages, our team pages, and services pages. There are multiple variations of each page type, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Circle Flip Contact

There are also multiple blog layouts to choose from. These cover options such as the traditional blog post and sidebar layouts, as well as masonry layouts and a range blog post templates. These blog post options include gallery posts and a selection of media posts.

You are free to pick and choose which combination of page templates to include on your site. Each layout can also be customized using the included Content Builder tool.

Page Builder Tool

Circle Flip also includes a page builder in the form of the Content Builder tool. This gives you the option of firing up the Content Builder when working on a page. Doing so allows you to insert a range of content blocks or elements into your page, as well as creating a custom layout that goes beyond what is currently possible with the WordPress editor.

Circle Flip Builder Content

These elements can then be dragged and dropped into your layout, before being customized to look and work in the way that you want.

Maintenance Mode Coming Soon Page

To help you while you are working on setting up your website, Circle Flip includes a maintenance mode, built right into the theme. This allows you to provide your visitors with useful information, as well as giving you the ability to collect their emails address, ready for notification when your website is ready to go live.

Circle Flip Coming Soon

This feature is actually powered by the free and popular WP Maintenance Mode plugin. However, it’s closely integrated into the theme, making it very easy to replace your website with a splash page while you work on it or carry out updates.

Full WooCommerce Support for Building an Online Store

Circle Flip has been built to fully integrate with the free WooCommerce online shop builder plugin. While technically any theme will work with this plugin, Circle Flip includes all of the features and page templates to ensure that your online store will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your website.

Circle Flip Store

This ecommerce content includes stylish product listings pages, individual product pages, product filtering tools, and other nicely designed store pages. If you want to build an online store, or have the ability to sell items from your blog or website, then Circle Flip and WooCommerce provide all the features and functionality you will need.

Other Notable Circle Flip Features

Nowadays, including at least one premium plugin in a multipurpose theme package seems to be de rigueur and Circle Flip follows this trend by including the premium Revolution Slider plugin. This tool gives you everything you need to add high powered image, video, and content sliders to your website.

Circle Flip Pricing Table

Other useful features you will find in the circle Flip theme include: a pricing table builder, client and customer testimonials, countless content blocks, multiple portfolio layouts, a range of page layout configurations, different types of video and image galleries, progress bars, discussion forums via the bbPress plugin and lots of eye-catching animated effects.

Try Circle Flip for Yourself

As well as offering a front end demo of the theme, the creator of Circle Flip has made available an online demo of the back end of this theme. This allows you to log into the admin area of a WordPress website running this theme, and get a first-hand experience of how its features work. This includes the page builder tool which has been incorporated into Circle Flip.

About the Author

Circle Flip is the best-selling theme from the ThemeForest author Creiden. They’ve been part of the Envato community for three years now and sold over $40,000 worth of product. With a range of different WordPress themes under their belt, and a positive user rating Creiden looks like a WordPress developer you can choose a theme from with confidence.

Circle Flip WordPress Theme User Experience

After installing and activating the Circle Flip WordPress theme, you are then prompted to install the required plugins. This only takes a few clicks and then you can get down to setting up your website.

While Circle Flip does support the WordPress Customizer tool, it’s probably a good idea to start with the back end control panel. This set of options gives you the ability to personalize many aspects of the theme, and your website in general.

Circle Flip Theme Options

Through the control panel, you can configure the site logos, social media icons, the WooCommerce features, and work with the maintenance mode, to name just a few.

As the theme includes a number of pre-built header layouts, you can select your preferred version through the control panel.

Circle Flip Header Options Control Panel

Now all that’s left to do is add your own custom content to the site. This can be entered as normal, through the WordPress editors, or by enabling the Content Builder tool. As the theme includes the premium Revolution Slider plugin, you can also use that tool to start creating advanced animated content sliders, complete with optional video content.

Circle Flip WordPress Theme Pricing

The multipurpose Circle Flip WordPress theme is available from ThemeForest for $58. This includes use on one WordPress website and is in line with the pricing for many of the other multipurpose themes of its type.

Circle Flip Theme Review Conclusion

Circle Flip joins the very competitive category of multipurpose WordPress themes. The themes of this type typically include a wealth of features, multiple page templates, and a number of premium WordPress plugins.

On paper Circle Flip certainly ticks off many of those boxes. However, it doesn’t include quite as many features, page templates, and premium plugins as its competitors. But this doesn’t mean Circle Flip is lacking. This theme does include its own Content Builder page builder tool, which like Visual Composer, does allow you to build element packed pages, with their own custom design and layout, all without the need to edit any code directly.

One feature of Circle Flip I’ve not seen elsewhere, is its header builder tool. This is a very useful feature that makes it easy to create your own header layouts. These headers can include a range of elements, as well as a custom appearance of your choosing.

If you don’t want to create a custom look for your entire website, but you would appreciate more control over its main navigation feature, then you should definitely take a closer look at the header builder tool of Circle Flip.

Overall, if you do like the appearance of Circle Flip and its many pre-built page layouts and templates, and the features match up with the specification of your project, then this is a credible WordPress theme that should enable you to build the website you have planned.

Find out more about the Circle Flip WordPress theme

EventBuilder Review: A Modern Events Directory WordPress Theme

EventBuilder WordPress Theme Review

If you are in the process of creating an events directory website, or are planning on giving your existing online directory site a makeover, then the theme we are going to be exploring today could be just what you are looking for.

EventBuilder for WordPress is a theme that includes all the features you need to create an online directory that lists upcoming events. The theme also comes complete with an attractive modern design. EventBuilder supports multiple payment gateways, making it easy to monetize your site and charge your users a fee for listing their events.

Regular visitors can access the listings on your site in many ways, while also having the ability to leave their feedback in the form of user reviews.

If you are looking for a WordPress directory theme for listing events, that couples a modern design with lots of practical features, EventBuilder could be the perfect choice for your project. Read on to find out if this is the right theme for you, in our hands on EventBuilder review.

EventBuilder Theme

EventBuilder Review: Theme Features

EventBuilder gives you all the tools you need to build an online events portal, all wrapped up in a modern and responsive package.

With this theme installed on your WordPress website, you and your visitors have the option of adding events to the directory, in order to help promote them to a global online audience.

Design Features

While this theme is packed with all the features needed to manage an online events directory, due to the appearance of EventBuilder, discussing the design is a good place to start.

EventBuilder Homepage 01

EventBuilder makes use of many of the latest web design trends. This includes: full screen layouts, full width background images, video backgrounds, and horizontally-long pages that allow the user to scroll through multiple sections, not to mention the fully responsive, mobile-friendly layout and design.

EventBuilder Homepage 02

To help make your website stand out from the competition and meet your needs, there are six home page configurations to choose from. These include the standard full screen background image with search fields layout, a video background option, and an interactive Google Maps options that displays your lists on a clickable map.

The theme also includes the premium Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins. Not only does this help you save money, but you can also use these leading tools to create advanced custom layouts, without editing any code. With LaylerSlider you can also easily add animated full screen content sliders to your posts and pages.

As EventBuilder includes support for mega menus, your website’s navigational system can be upgraded to include multiple items, spread across many columns. This then makes it easier for your visitor to find what they are looking for, in as little amount of clicks as possible.

The theme package includes all the demo content you need to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. This includes the 17 custom page templates, as well as all the settings used in the demo version of the website. Other design related features you will find include unlimited color scheme options, Google Fonts integration, and much more.

Sell Event Tickets Online

As this events directory WordPress theme has been built to integrate seamlessly with the Ticket Tailor service, via the free WordPress plugin, this allows you and your community of users to sell tickets to the events through your website.

Front End Submission Forms

If you do enable the ability for your visitors to submit their event details directory to your website, all the registration, login, and submissions take place through attractive front end forms, rather than the default WordPress back end screens and forms.

EventBuilder Payment Form

Those forms can be integrated with any of the top form plugins for WordPress. This includes the high end, commercial Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms plugins, as well the free and popular Contact Form 7 plugin. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to how simple or advanced your submission forms are, as well as much freedom covering what you decide to do with that data once it’s been collected.

Monetize Your Directory with Multiple Payment Plans

As well as letting your visitors submit their listings for free, EventBuilder has been created to help you generate an online income by charging a fee for accepting submissions. To help promote your publishing options, the theme includes an easy to use pricing table generator. This makes it very easy to offer your audience multiple pricing packages, covering the different options for purchasing the right to submit their events to your directory.

EventBuilder Pricing Tables

When it comes to collecting payments for your premium pricing plans, out of the box, the EventBuilder theme supports payments by credit and debit card, via the popular PayPal and Stripe payment processors.

Full Featured Events Listings Pages

As for the individual event listings pages themselves, they can be packed with a wide array of useful content. From the large full screen header image which can be used to really sell the event, through to the countdown timer, time and date details, and interactive Google Maps integration, all the information needed to promote an event can be included on the listings page.

EventBuilder Listings Page

Events can easily be organized using the WordPress custom taxonomies. These allow you to categorize your events by type, location, or any other custom taxonomy appropriate for your directory. This not only makes organizing the events easier when they are submitted, but it also makes it much easier for your visitors to sort and filter the listings, in order to find the exact events they are interested in.

When it comes to navigating the directory, your visitors will have an easy time viewing the different events that have been listed. By default, users can search by keyword, filter by date, and browse by location and event category, in order to find the right listings for them.

EventBuilder Filter

There are even advanced filters on offer. These can help your visitors really get specific when it comes to finding the listings that match their preferences.

EventBuilder Advanced Filters

More Features of EventBuilder

Other notable features of the EventBuilder WordPress theme include the ‘add to calendar button‘ which can be displayed on all of the event listings. This button then makes it very easy for your visitors to add the events they are interested in to their personal iCalendar, Google, or Outlook calendar in just a few clicks, ensuring they will never miss another event.

EventBuilder Add to Calendar

To help your directory to become more interactive and a more valuable resource for your visitors, you can enable user reviews for events. This feature allows your visitors to leave feedback on each event listing, in order to provide crowd sourced content for your community.

Each of the event details can include links to the social media profiles of the venue or the event holders. There is also room for videos to be embedded in the events listings pages, contact information, and a front end contact form that will enable visitors to reach out to the user responsible for the event listing directly.

EventBuilder Listing

For further monetization opportunities, the theme includes spots for displaying adverts. This gives you the option of running a free service and then generating revenue from a set of selected sponsors, or doubling your income and collecting payments for listing and advertising fees.

About the Theme Author

EventBuilder is the latest theme from Themes Dojo, an Elite Author at the ThemeForest digital marketplace. So far this author has released eight WordPress themes via ThemeForest, and has been awarded such accolades as top 20 author of the month, been inducted into the authors’ hall of fame, and has been part of the Envato Community for over seven years. Items from Themes Dojo have also been trending products that have become weekly top sellers.

Installing and Configuring the EventBuilder WordPress Theme

This feature packed WordPress theme installs just like any other, and after uploading and activating the theme package, you are prompted to install the required plugins, including Event Builder and Ticket Tailor.

EventBuilder adds a number of custom post types to your WordPress website. These new post types allow you to more efficiently store and publish your content. This covers the events themselves, the pricing packages, partners, and testimonials.

EventBuilder Custom Post Types

If you do decide to import the demo content, it’s a good idea to do this before you get started; otherwise you are free to dive into the settings to set up the theme in the way that you want.

EventBuilder uses a custom control panel for managing many of the settings of the theme. Using the controls is straightforward and they are nicely divided up into easy to understand sections.

EventBuilder Settings

Through the settings panel you get detailed control over the typography and colors used on your website. This allows you to select from a wealth of fonts, covering each of the paragraph styles available on your website. As the theme integrates with the Google Fonts service, there is no shortage of typefaces to choose from.

EventBuilder Fonts

As you move through the settings, you can configure the optional advertising spaces. Unfortunately you don’t get anything more sophisticated than simply pasting in the ad code – it would be nice to see a way to rotate ads, or maybe set their expiry date. However, there are plenty of third party plugins that can add these features to your site if necessary.

Some aspects of the theme can also be configured through the WordPress Customizer tool. This offers a nice alternative to the back end control panel, giving you a live frontend preview of your changes as you make them.

EventBuilder Customizer

Once you are happy with the settings of your website, you can move onto adding content to the directory and other parts of the site. As the theme includes the Visual Composer plugin, if you do want to modify any of the included page templates, or create your own designs, this is easy enough.

EventBuilder Visual Composer

Thanks to the use of front end submission forms, EventBuilder gives you the option of entering the content that way. Alternatively you can do so through the back end of your website, using the custom post type screens. The different post types, such as events, use custom fields to store additional information about each listing. This covers details like the event location, date, time, and social media profile links.

EventBuilder Event Details

Depending on how you’ve configured your website, your visitors can now browse the existing listings, as well as register and start adding their own events to your online directory.

EventBuilder Customer Support

This theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace, but all support is delivered via the developer’s support portal. Through the Themes Dojo website, users who have purchased this theme can submit tickets via the support forums, with response times estimated at around 48 hours.

EventBuilder Theme Pricing

The EventBuilder can be purchased for a one-time fee of $53. Considering this includes lifetime support and updates, as well as two premium plugins in the form of Visual Composer and LayerSlider, this looks like a pretty good deal.

EventBuilder Theme Review Conclusion

EventBuilder is a theme that includes all the features you should need to build a useful and profitable events directory website with WordPress.

All these features come packaged in an attractive and modern design, which will give your directory a professional look and feel. Being able to open up any of the posts or pages with the Visual Composer page builder plugin, makes it easy to customize them to meet your needs, as well as having the option of creating your own bespoke page layouts, which are then populated with the any of the elements included with the Visual Composer plugin.

With multiple home page layouts to choose from, you can quickly configure your website to work and look the way that you want. With the option of adding fullscreen video backgrounds to your site, you can easily draw in new visitors as soon as they land on your home page.

Other options, such as displaying interactive Google Maps highlighting your listings, or featuring a more traditional search box on the home page, give you plenty of flexibility.

Overall, EventBuilder is a WordPress events directory theme that includes all the essential features, as well as a stylish design, all in one easy to use package. If you are building this type of website, then WordPress and the EventBuilder theme should be able to provide you with everything you need.

Find out more about EventBuilder

20 Bestselling WordPress Themes of July


This collection of WordPress themes compiles 20 bestsellers of July. We are always curious about other people’s choice, aren’t we? Have no time to surf the internet and make a research? Go no further. This issue can be solved right here, right now. Tracking what products are popular among the others is a smart solution. If the majority of people buy these or that items from one and the same provider (WordPress themes in our particular case) and are completely satisfied with them, your chances to be happy with your purchase are also very high.

As we have already mentioned above, the themes showcased here are powered by WordPress. This fact can be considered beneficial by itself – and WordPress fans know this quite well.

First of all, WordPress designs are extremely beautiful. Visual appeal is really important for every business as first you judge how nice and only then how wise.

WordPress is free and open source CMS, which means that millions of people work on its improvement day by day. Besides, thousands of free plugins are available to extend your website’s functionality. WordPress community is really vast, so you will be able to get the answer to any possible issue with your theme or website. Though, we don’t think that you’ll need to discuss your questions with the community, if you don’t want to have a chat with peers, of course. Why? Because all of the themes featured here are of the top quality as they were developed by the industry leader with 13 years of experience.

What’s more, company support service is always ready to answer even the most complicated question and solve any problem you might face. It’s an undeniable fact that TemplateMonster produces quality, reliable WordPress themes which are easy to customize and maintain.

However, it’s better to see TemplateMonster’s July bestsellers with your own eyes. So, we wish you to have a nice viewing experience.

Financial Responsive WordPress Theme

Financial Advisor Responsive WordPress Them

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Good Financial Advice WordPress Theme

Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

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Auto Service WordPress Theme

Cars WordPress Theme

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Civil Construction WP Theme

Construction Company WP Theme

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Trucks Co WP Theme

Logistics WP Theme

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Green Exterior WP Theme

Exterior Design WP Theme

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Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Consulting WordPress Theme

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IT Technologies WordPress Theme

IT Consulting WordPress Them

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Business Time WP Template

Business Bureau WP Template

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Perfect Exterior WP Template

Exterior Design WP Template

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Scientific Responsive WordPress Theme

Science Responsive WordPress Them

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Scientific Lab WP Theme

Science Lab WP Theme

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Apartments for Rent WP Theme

Real Estate WP Theme

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Transportation by Planes WordPress Theme

Transportation WordPress Theme

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Books Writer WordPress Theme

Writer WordPress Theme

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Feel Safe WP Theme

Security WP Theme

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Speed Internet WordPress Theme

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Cool Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme

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Dentist’s WordPress Template

Dentist WordPress Template

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Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Them

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WPJobus Review: A 3 in 1 Job Board and Resumes WordPress Theme

WPJobus WordPress Theme Review

WPJobus is a three in one theme that allows you to not only build a fully functioning online job board, but can also be configured to serve as an online personal resume for job seekers, as well as a company profile website for businesses and other organizations.

To give you all the tools you need to build a professional employment website with WordPress, WPJobus includes an impressive set of features and functionality, combined with an intuitive theme options control panel, all wrapped up in an attractive and fully responsive design.

To help you decide if this multi-faceted employment theme is the right choice for your next project, read on for our full review of this awesome job board and resume WordPress theme.

WPJobus Homepage 3-in-1

The Best Features of the WPJobus Job Board and Online Resume WordPress Theme

As mentioned earlier, you can easily configure WPJobus to run in one of three modes: as an online job board, a personal resume website, or an online company profile complete with vacancy listings.

Choosing which incarnation of the theme to use is as easy as checking an option from the theme settings panel. Much of the other aspects of this theme can be configured in the same way, helping you to get the right look and feel for your website, and ensuring it works in the appropriate way for your project.

While the back end of the theme makes it easy to manage your website from an administrative perspective, the attention to detail that has gone into the front end design of WPJobus ensures it’s just as easy to use from an end user perspective.

WPJobus Front End Job Form

WPJobus makes use of front end submission forms for registering new user accounts, adding company profiles, and uploading resumes. This means visitors to your site don’t have to access or navigate the WordPress back end, and can instead use the attractive front end forms to submit their content.

Other important features of WPJobus include the ability to charge users a fee for a number of actions, including uploading resumes and profiles, making vacancies features, and a lot more. If you want to monetize your job board website, WPJobus, with its PayPal and Stripe integrations, gives you plenty of options.

WPJobus Pricing Options

This employment theme also includes support for the WooCommerce and bbPress plugins. This allows you to easily add an online store and discussion board to your website. This then gives you the ability to sell employment related items or services, as well as creating a space where employers and job seekers can congregate online.

WPJobus WooCommerce


While WPJobus is full of useful features and functionality that are ideal for building a selection of different employment related websites, the design of the theme is perhaps one of its highlights.

The full width responsive layout will work just as well on mobile devices as it does on larger desktop and laptop screens. While the inclusion of the premium LayerSLider WP plugin makes it easy to add attention grabbing full screen animated slideshows to your homepage and other pages of your website.

Overall, WPJobus is a stylish and practical theme that includes everything you need in order to build a fully functioning job board website with WordPress, in one package.

However, even if a theme does include all of the above positive aspects, whether it’s easy to use or not is perhaps the most important issue. So with that in mind, let’s move onto the usability section to find out how easy (or not) WPJobus is to configure in the way that you want, and then use from an admin and end user perspective.

Installing and Configuring Theme

Once you’ve uploaded the theme zip file to your WordPress website, and then activated it, you are prompted to install the required free and bundled premium plugins.

These plugins handle the social media login feature of your website that will allow your visitors to sign up and login using their existing social media accounts. Adding this feature to your website helps to remove as much friction from the registration process as possible.

You also get access to the premium LayerSlider WP plugin which would otherwise cost you $17. Not only does this help save you money, but it also allows you to add impressive full screen animated slideshows to your posts and pages.

WPJobus LayerSlider

After you’ve activated the theme and the necessary plugins, you can either start configuring the theme from scratch or import the supplied demo content. As the demo version of this theme looks great, it makes sense to import the theme settings and content that the developers have provided for you.

Not only does this enable you to get a usable website up and running as quickly as possible, but it also helps you to get a better understanding of how the theme works and in what ways it can be configured.

As the importable content you get access to includes the settings for the theme framework, the LayerSlider content, and of course the theme demo content, each of these files must be imported to recreate the demo version of WPJobus. The good news is that this only takes a few clicks and a few minutes of your time, and when you are done, you’ve got a great looking website template to work from.

Once you’ve installed the demo settings and dummy content you can begin adding your own personality to your new employment website, as well as publishing your job site content.

Working with the Theme Options

As this theme is really a three in one package that can be used to create a job board website, an online resume, or company profile website, you must select one of these options from the theme settings panel.

WPJobus Website Type

The other settings and options for this theme are just as straightforward to use. Although as this is a highly flexible theme with lots of useful features, there are a lot of settings and options that you can configure.

WPJobus Theme Options

This might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but by following the helpful documentation and taking the time to review all the available settings it becomes much more manageable.

When you consider that this is an all in online package that includes everything you need to build a professional job board website, spending some time to familiarise yourself with the visual control panel that powers the website is a small price to pay for such high levels of functionality.

Some of the aspects of your new website that you can configure and customize through the theme options control panel include:

  • Uploading branding and logos
  • Adding custom approval and rejection messages
  • Choosing a payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe)
  • Managing user account type handling
  • Setting user registration requirements
  • Configuring listings, resumes, and job settings
  • Setting the pricing structure for access and publishing rights
  • Choosing fonts and website colours
  • Adding links to social media profiles
  • Configuring the contact page and location map

As you can see, this is a highly flexible theme that can be easily customized through the visual user interface to help you build a website that looks and functions in the way you want.

Using WPJobus to Build an Employment Website

Once you’ve chosen which mode you want to use this theme in (job board, online resume, or company profile) you can start adding your own content.

WPJobus Post Types

As this theme makes use of a selection of custom post types, resumes, jobs, and companies are all stored in custom built entries that are tailored to the type of content they will be posting.

WPJobus Add New Job

This not only helps keep the different types of content on your website separate, but also allows each post type to store different information and then present that data to your visitors in the best possible format.

WPJobus Job Listing

The rest of the back end of your website will work like a regular WordPress installation, allowing you to publish blog posts and pages. You can also integrate two other supported plugins to add an online store and discussion forum to your website using the free WooCommerce and bbPress extension for WordPress.

New user accounts for both employers posting their vacancies and job seeker posting their resumes are handled via the core WordPress user manger. However, this theme adds additional custom user roles that make managing these new users much more effective. Alternatively visitors can register and login using their social media accounts from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

If you are familiar with WordPress you should have no trouble setting up this theme to look and work in the way you want. Those who are new to WordPress might have more of a learning curve to deal with in order to master both the underlying WordPress software and this theme, but the good news is that as WPJobus acts like a part of WordPress, it never feels like you are wrestling with two different systems.


The developers of this theme have included everything you would need to build this type of website, whether you are building a job board website, a website for your resume, or the company profile of your business. The fact that this theme can be used in three separate, but related ways makes it a great choice for those with shifting needs.

The design and appearance of the theme is of a high standard and doesn’t look out of place next to the best-selling premium WordPress themes out there. Thanks to the settings on the theme options control panel you do get some say in how your website looks, although don’t expect the endless customization options you may find elsewhere.

However, that isn’t necessary a bad thing and by giving you just enough control to change a few important elements, without overwhelming you with options, should help you to get your site up and running faster.

If you like the look and feel of WPJobus then you can choose this theme safe in the knowledge that it includes all the features you should need, as well as easy to follow documentation in order to enable you to create the website you need for your next WordPress project.

Find out more about WPJobus here

Toolset Review: A Suite of Tools to Extend the Possibilities of WordPress

Toolset Review

Toolset is a suite of tools that can help you extend the functionality of WordPress with regards to its ability to store data and publish it on your website.

The various components of Toolset give you a visual interface for working with custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom fields. It also gives you an easy way to get that content out of the database and publish it on your website.

If you are not quite sure that that all means, or you’d like to know more about what Toolset can do for you, then read on to find out how you can use Toolset to extend WordPress in order to improve its abilities to better meet your growing needs.

Toolset Review Layouts

What Is Toolset?

Toolset comprises of six individual tools or plugins, each of which are available separately, or as a single package:

  • Types: create WordPress custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies
  • Views: query your content and display the results, without writing any PHP
  • Layouts: a drag and drop tool that lets you design pages and templates for your website
  • CRED: build front end forms for your website, for collecting data and publishing content
  • Access: manage user access and create membership and community areas of your site
  • Module Manager: create a library of building blocks, and reuse your designs on different websites

There is also a Toolset starter theme available. This theme gives you a basic foundation for your custom WordPress website. You are then able to use the Toolset plugins to add the rest of the content and functionality to your website. The theme is fully responsive and has been built using the Bootstrap framework.

Furthermore, you can find an extension which works specifically with WooCommerce. The WooCommerce Views plugin gives you the ability to create custom views on your website, which display WooCommerce products in the way that you want.

What You Can Do With Toolset

Assuming you’ve installed all of the plugins from Toolset on your WordPress website, there is lots you can do to build your custom website, or just store and present your content more effectively.

Create Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

By using the Types plugin, you can start creating custom post types for your website. If the default posts and pages of WordPress aren’t enough for your project, then Type gives you an easy way to add more content types to your site.

Toolset Review Types

For example, if you were publishing city guides on your website, you can could create a new post type called ‘cities’. Then each time you publish this type of content, you use this new post type. This keeps the content separate from your regular blog posts. You can also apply a custom template to this post type only, allowing you to present this content in a particular format.

With Types, you can also create custom taxonomies. These taxonomies work just like regular WordPress categories and tags, expect they have their own custom name, according to the type of data they are storing. Sticking with the city guides example, one option could be a taxonomy named ‘country’, which then contains the country the city is located in.

Toolset Review Types Taxonomy

These custom taxonomies can be made available to your new custom post types, as well as the existing post type if you wish. Your visitors can then filter your content using the custom taxonomy, just as they could with the default category and tag taxonomies.

Toolset Review Types Custom Post

The Views interface for creating this custom content is very easy to get to grips with. Even if you don’t fully understand how custom post types and taxonomies work, you should have no trouble creating them for use on your website.

Types also lets you work with custom fields. These fields can be added to any of your post types, and used to store additional information. With our city guide example, a relevant field could be population size.

Toolset Review Custom Field

The data stored in these custom fields can be used in a number of ways. This could include publishing it on the front end of your website for your visitors to view; or using it as part of query in order to extract content from the database, and display it on your website.

Create Custom Views of Your Content

Views is a tool that allows you to display your content in any way you want, according to a custom query that you’ve built. Using our city guides example, you could create a view that displays all the city guides for a particular country. This query would use the city post type and the country taxonomy as the foundation for its query.

Views gives you a visual interface for creating this query, helping to make the whole process very straightforward. To start creating your custom view, you can choose which content to include in the view.

Toolset Review Views Content

You can then choose how to sort this content when it’s displayed, as well as set the number of items to list. In addition to ordering your content by post date, you can also sort it according to post tile, date of last modification, or any of the custom fields you’ve created, and much more.

Toolset Review Views Ordering

Next you can create a query for the filter. This filter lets you query the view by post information, taxonomies, or custom fields. For example, you could filter the view by the country taxonomy, to only show the city guides from a specific set of countries.

Toolset Review Views Query Filter

Once the query and filter has been created, you can then have to decide how the content it returns is displayed to your visitors. By opening the Loop Wizard tool, you can choose the layout for your query results.

Toolset Review Views Loop Wizard

Next, after choosing a layout, you can then choose which fields from your content are displayed to the visitor. Examples of these fields would be the post title, the post excerpt, or any custom fields.

Toolset Review Views Loop Wizard Fields

Once the template has been created, you can then edit it to improve its formatting if necessary. This can be done through the CSS editor, or by editing the template directly.

Toolset Review Views Edit Template

Now that your view is finished, you can then display the results of the query in your content, or by using the Views widget. Adding the view to your content is as easy as clicking on the Fields and View button and then selecting the appropriate view from the list.

Toolset Review Views Shortcode

This then inserts a shortcode into your content. When the post is published, the output of the view will be displayed in place of the shortcode.

Toolset Review Views Output

Creating Custom Website Layouts

The Layouts plugin gives you the ability to create custom layouts for your website. This is the drag and drop editor that lets you customize the entire appearance of your website, including the header, footer, menu, and content area.

Unfortunately, Layouts doesn’t work with all WordPress themes. However, if your current theme is not supported, you are free to modify it in order to add support for Layouts. The Toolset package also includes a suitable theme you can use instead.

Once your site is Layouts-ready, either by installing a compatible theme, or editing your current theme, you can then start creating custom page layouts for your website.

Toolset Review Layouts Add New

You get a few useful pre-set layouts for your custom design, as well as the ability to specify which content this layout is automatically applied to. This could be the individual post types on your website, as well as just a specific page. Once you’ve created the layout, you can then start customizing it to meet your needs.

Toolset Review Layouts Editor

Doing so allows you to insert the different types of content into your layout. This includes: custom content, sliders, YouTube videos, image boxes, post content, custom layout structures, and more. You can also add your custom views to the layout. This then gives you the ability to display the results from your custom views query, in your custom layout.

As well as assigning a layout to a piece of content, or a post type when you first create it, you can also choose a template from the WordPress post and page editor screen. This all helps to make Layouts a flexible tool for creating a custom page layouts, and then assigning them to specific types of content on your website.

Toolset Showcase

The developers of Toolset have put together a large collection of websites that have been built with their plugins. The projects cover a wide range of types of website, and you can browse them through the showcase area.

Try Toolset For Yourself

While the above should give you a good idea of what you can do with Toolset, you can also access their sandbox service to get a hands on experience of using these tools. If you head over to you can setup a test site and start experimenting with the Toolset plugins right away.

Toolset Documentation

The Toolset products are very well documented. On the Toolset website you can find user guides for each of the individual tools, reference sites, and FAQs. There is also material that covers advanced Toolset usage and information for programmers and theme developers.

This level of documentation is great as the scope of these tools are pretty advanced, and at first, it can seem a little overwhelming with so many features and options on offer.

However, thanks to the detailed online documentation, you can get a good sense of what each component of Toolset can do. This not only simplifies the process of deciding which tools you need for your project, but also how to use them to their fullest once you’ve assembled your toolkit.

Toolset Pricing Information

The entire Toolset package is available on two pricing options:

  • One year of access to support and product updates: $149
  • Lifetime access to support and product updates: $299

Access to the individual tools that make up toolset are also available for purchase individually.

Toolset Review Conclusion

After experimenting with this suite of plugins, it feels like I’ve only just scratched the surface of Toolset and what it can do.

If you are finding the core post and page content types of WordPress too restrictive and are unable to provide a suitable solution for the needs of your website, then Toolset, and specifically its Types plugin could be just what you need.

By using Types to start creating custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom fields, you can really expand what can be done with WordPress. The Views plugin then makes it very easy to query this content and display it on your website, according to your specific needs.

If you then want more control over how that content, as well as the rest of your website, is presented then the Layouts plugin does a great job of really getting the content out of the database and ready for human consumption.

While Layouts doesn’t compare too favorably to the latest generation of page builder tools, the fact that it plugs into Views and makes it easy to display a wide range of content from your WordPress database, gives it a unique feature-set that will appeal to those with more demanding needs.

If you then take into account the CRED plugin, which allows you to publish front end forms on your website for collecting information for your visitors, as well as the Access plugin which gives you the ability to control access to your content, the possibilities of Toolset are endless.

If it’s starting to feel like you’re outgrowing WordPress, then maybe it’s just that you haven’t started using Toolset yet.

Find out more about Toolset

4th of July Independence Day: WordPress Plugins/Themes and Hosting Deals.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Perfect WordPress Landing Page

How To Create Landing Page

In the internet marketing sense, a landing page is a specific page on your website that is developed for a single conversion target.

In other words, a landing is a particular web page that a visitor can come at or land on. The main objective of this page is to restraint the options available to visitors, helping to direct them towards your destined conversion goal.

The main purpose of a landing page is to attract more and more visitors towards the website. Sometimes, this is about clutching them to subscribe to an email list, click a particular button/link or buy a product. In other terms, it is used to grab new visitors and quickly convince them to get into some marketing process on the website.

Why Landing Page is a Vital Part of Your Site?

You might be thinking that why we need to create a landing page to persuade the visitors to take some action. We can also achieve the same goal from any of a web page that can be created and developed in the WP platform. Then, why it is essential to building a landing page to generate leads?

Anyhow, the basic difference between the landing page and any other web page is that it always provides better results and quickly produces leads, as it is created for a single conversion goal. A site homepage usually carries lots of different elements and information to attract the visitors. Therefore, it is necessary to create a landing page to hold back the interest of a visitor and allow them to take the specific action.

Designing of the landing page is the most exciting thing, but still, most of landing pages are very minimalistic. Usually, they are developed completely distinct from the other pages of a website and contain only a bit portion of a site’s original design.

In this post, we will disclose some of the necessary points that we should keep in mind while creating an engaging and unique WordPress landing page. In order, to make a perfect landing page, then you need to follow the essential tips:

1. Make Use of Plugin

You can quickly create unique landing pages in WordPress by using WP plugins. Now, you don’t need to worry about improving code, as you can use a plugin for the same purpose.

One of the best and free functional plugins available in the market is WordPress Landing Pages. It builds impressive landing pages for your WordPress site. This plugin is easy to use and offers boasts of features that can match your customized needs.

Through this, you can monitor and track the conversion rates, run multivariate split tests on landing pages and also generate maximum leads efficiently.

2. Use Drag and Drop Theme Builders

A landing page in your WordPress site should be different from all the other pages of your website. But, many of the developers find themselves restricted because of the limited availability of WordPress themes in terms of what you can and cannot execute the design.

Actually, most of the themes enable you to place whatever you want inside the main content block of a page template. But, the same you cannot do outside of this area.

With the help of drag and drop theme builders, you can do whatever you want to with the design of any web page of your site. It is highly customizable and can make changes quickly, without any confusion. You can use it to quickly create a landing page on your website. You can find different multi-purpose WordPress theme with a built-in drag & drop visual page builder here and here.

3. Lead Pages

LeadPages is one of the paid methods for creating the Landing pages. It has given the new dimensions to the online marketing. It is the best tool that is used for creating extraordinary landing pages, merging them with options forms and many other elements.

4.Hack LeadPages

You might be thinking that whatever I am saying is wrong or illegal. But, it is completely fine as it doesn’t go against any method or policy.

At times, LeadPages dispenses a new template as an HTML download. You can get those templates right from the official site and can use them in your projects.

However, the only obstacle comes in between that those landing pages are true HTML, and it is necessary to make them WordPress- compatible.

You Can Follow These Steps to Handle This Problem:

(a) The first step you need to do is to search this on Google:


(b) Then, browse and download the suitable template that can match your needs.

(c) Once downloading the template, extract the archive and rename the index.html file into the page-landing-template.php .

(d) Then, edit the file and do this:

Put this line at the top of the page:

You can change the path to an external file and add it to your current theme. For instance, a line

(e) Upload the templates to your FTP immediately directly into your current theme’s folder.

5. Develop a custom page template manually

This is one of the traditional methods of creating landing pages on your WordPress site. You can build a custom page template for your WP theme and make desired changes inside of this template.

You can build a landing page manually through a custom page template. You just need to take the default page.php template and trifle with its CSS/HTML structure.

Suppose, you are working with any of the default WP themes, then you can easily chuck the default header, the left-side sidebar, the footer etc. Through this following coding, you will be able to understand the concept more easily:

Create a file called page-lp-example.php: and add the following content in that file and add it inside your theme’s root folder.

Now create a file called footer-lp-example.php: and add the following content in that file:

At the end, you just need to take this landing page and use it to display an offer.


They are the most important factor that can help you to increase the conversion rates quickly. By creating a landing page, you can solve your marketing problems with ease. You just need to follow all these solutions that can provide you a compatible landing page of your WordPress website. If this tutorials feels confusing you might want to check these ready-made WordPress landing page themes that will help you to setup a professional looking landing page with ease.

This post was written by Lucy Barret. Lucy is working at WPGeeks as a Sr. WordPress Developer and handling all HTML to WordPress Theme conversion projects with a team of 75+ developers. She enjoys writing posts related to WordPress and loves outdoor trekking.

If you want to write an article for Colorlib please let us know.

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Independence Day Templatemonster

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Private Lawyer Drupal Theme

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