Atelier Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Review: More than Just an Ecommerce Theme

Atelier WordPress Theme Review

If you are in the process of building a new website or an online store, or giving your existing site an overhaul, then the new multi-purpose Atelier WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for.

Atelier is a premium WordPress theme from Swift Ideas, a power elite author at ThemeForest. Swift Ideas has produced many successful WordPress themes already, and Atelier is their latest release. Although this is a recently released theme, it’s just been updated to version 1.5, adding some new and exciting features into the mix.

Atelier comes with a growing number of different demos, including a range of online shop layouts all powered by WooCommerce. This helps to make it a suitable choice for anyone creating a regular website, as well as those building an ecommerce store.

In this review of the Atelier WordPress theme, we will take a look at its features, appraise its design, and see how easy it is to use, in order to help you decide if this is the right theme for your next project.


Atelier Review: Theme Design and Features

Atelier is billed as a creative multi-purpose ecommerce WordPress theme. So if you are in the market for a flexible template for your website or online store, one that can be configured for a wide range of projects, then this could be a good option for you.

Multiple Demo Versions

To prove its multi-purpose credentials, Atelier is available to preview with 12 different demo modes. These demo layouts and configurations can easily be copied over to your WordPress website, by using the impressive imported tool. This gives you a very quick way to setup your website in an attractive manner. You can then simply add your own custom content to populate the website, or use the demo version as a foundation for your own custom website design.

Atelier Demos

Among the demos you will find pre-built layouts for creating a range of different ecommerce stores, including food, furniture, clothing, and cosmetics stores. Each demo version comes with its own custom design and layout. There is also a pre-built layout for an agency-type website, a one page site, and a magazine layout. This helps to demonstrate that Atelier is just as well suited to creating a non-ecommerce website as it is for an online shop.

Atelier Agency Demo

One of the newest shop types that was added in version 1.5 of Atelier, is the product preview slider option. This feature is ideal for anyone managing an online shop that contains products which are available in multiple variations. This feature gives your visitors the ability to view the different variations of each product, direct from the main product listings page. You can view this feature in action on the demo page.

Atelier Product Slider

Multiple Product Page Templates

Whether you choose to create your website from scratch, or go with one of the pre-built layouts, you get three product page options to choose from. This includes a full screen product page layout, a hero tabbed layout, and a more standard layout. These product pages include facilities for your customers to leave a review, as well as space for displaying related products in order to inspire multiple purchases.

Product Display Options

Individual Pre-Built Page Layouts

As well as the different demo version, when building your website, you get access to a good selection of individual pre-built page layouts. These can be used as needed, allowing you to quickly setup your website with some attractive looking page designs. These page layouts include a selection of different ‘about’ and ‘contact’ page designs to choose from, as well as some other formats.

Atelier About Me Page

With Atelier, there are also multiple blog page layouts on offer. This includes an original 50/50 split layout, two standard content with sidebar layouts, a masonry layout, and many others. You will also find a good selection of portfolio layouts, making Atelier a good option for building a regular portfolio, as well as an online store.

Drag and Drop Page Builders

As well as being able to use the pre-built layouts as they are, you can also customize them to better meet your needs. If you aren’t a coder, then thanks to the included drag and drop page builders, you still have plenty of freedom over your page layouts.

Atelier Page Builder

In addition to the Swift Page Builder tool, you also get access to Visual Composer, the premium drag and drop page editor plugin. This means you can quickly and easily create custom page layouts, and then populate them with a range of elements, all through a drag and drop user interface.

Multiple Product Views

From an end user or customer perspective, Atelier tries to make the shopping experience as personalized as possible. Your visitors can switch the product layout at the touch of a button, moving between the standard view, to the list view, and product grid view.

Shop View

Other Features of Atelier

Atelier is fully mobile responsive to ensure that your smartphone and tablet visitors are just as well catered to as those using large screen computers. This theme is also retina ready, allowing you to use images that are optimized for the next generation of high resolution displays. This can be especially useful if you are using photographs to promote the products in your online store.

Atelier has been built for speed. Despite its wealth of features, settings, and options, according to its promotional material, it has been used on a website that recorded an A-grade, 90+ rating on both the YSlow and Page Speed performance monitoring tools. Of course, loading times will be largely governed by the quality of your web host, but it’s still reassuring to see.

In the package, you will also find over 500 icons which can be inserted into your content as needed, a Mega Menu for creating multi-depth navigational menus with custom content, full WooCommerce support for managing your online shop, and BuddyPress and bbPress support for adding discussion forums and social networking features to your website.

If you are using this theme to build an online store, you will pleased to know that you get access to a shortcode that can be added to your product pages that will display an ‘add to cart’ button. This can be used at any point in your product description or other area of your product page. This then makes it as easy as possible for your visitors to add the item to their basket.

When creating your website, you also get 10 header styles to choose from. This includes header layouts with different logo positioning, menu styles, icons layouts, and much more. There are also two animated header effects to choose from, making it easy to apply eye catching movement to your website. The library of shortcodes on offer gives you the option of inserting a wide range of useful elements into your pages, at the touch of a button.

Adding full screen image and video backgrounds to your pages is straightforward, as is utilizing parallax scrolling, and embedding Google Maps. As well as the aforementioned $33 Visual Composer plugin, you also get access to these premium plugins:

  • Revolution Slider – $19 value
  • Go Responsive Pricing Tables – $17 value
  • WooCommerce Quickview – $18 value
  • iLightbox jQuery – $13 value

This represents $100 worth of premium plugins, in a $63 theme package.

Live Websites Built with Atelier

Before we move on to exploring what it’s like to use the theme for your website, let’s take a look at some live sites that have been built using Atelier.

Photography Website

Emma Brittenden’s wedding and creative photography services website was created with Atelier. The site features a fullscreen homepage slider. This slideshow is used to showcase items from the photography portfolio.

For this project, Atelier has been configured to include a custom blog layout; a creative portfolio, complete with a lightbox viewer; and the ability to use the shopping cart feature to book a photoshoot, directly through the website.

Furniture Website

The Join Furniture website was built with Atelier, and allows visitors to browse the contemporary coffee tables on offer with the option of making a purchase. The website makes use of parallax scrolling, a full screen slider, and user-switchable product listing layouts.

Video Website

The Parcyvall website has been created with Atelier, to showcase the portfolio and services of a videographer. The home page features a fullscreen video background, with a link to the show reel. You will also find the website making use of the masonry portfolio layout, showcasing the completed projects.

Building Your WordPress Website with Atelier

Atelier has certainly got some great features and a collection of impressive page layouts and pre-built website configurations, so let’s take a look and see how easy it is to use.

After activating the theme on your website and installing the included recommended plugins, you can begin creating your new website. If you want to install any of the pre-built demos, you can do so from the Atelier Demos item on the sidebar menu.

Atelier Demo Content

One of the really nice features of the demo importer tool, is that you can choose which parts of the demo website you import. This is something that isn’t often seen elsewhere, and gives you the option of keeping your own content or color settings for example, while importing the theme options and widget settings.

If you do choose to import the demo content, you get a helpful status bar that displays the progress of the import, as well as a completion message to let you know everything worked as intended.

The Theme Options panel gives you access to a wealth of settings for configuring how your website looks and works. This includes setting the page width, choosing a site layout, enabling pre-loaders and smooth scrolling, and configuring the sliders.

Atelier Theme Options

As well as the custom theme options panel, you can also personalize your website through the WordPress Customizer tool. This gives you a live, front end preview of the changes you make to your website, before giving you the option of saving them.

Atelier Theme Options

Through the customizer tool, you can modify the colors in use by your website. This covers the page, breadcrumbs, top bar, header, navigation colors, and many other elements of your site. Each element can be personalized independently, giving you lots of control over the color scheme of your website.

Pages, blog posts, and products are all added to your website through the familiar WordPress back end, making it easy to add content to your new site or store.

Support and Documentation

To help you make the most of Atelier, there is a good set of online documentation available. This covers everything from installing the theme and demo content, through to using the advanced features to build your website.

Customers also get access to the premium support service, allowing them to submit their questions and queries to the support team.


Atelier really is a multi-purpose theme. As well as being ideal for anyone building an online store with WordPress, the other non-ecommerce related pre-built configurations help make this theme a good choice for anyone building almost any type of website.

The multiple demo versions, as well as the ease with which they can be installed, makes Atelier a suitable option for anyone who wants to get their website up and running as quickly as possible. While the two included page builder tools are on hand for those who want to create a more personalized website, without the need to edit any code.

The other premium plugins included in the package, such as the popular Revolution Slider tool, help to make this a great value theme, which can be used for a wide range of different types of website.

If you are looking for a highly modern theme, which is packed with features, layouts, pre-built templates, and options, then Atelier comes highly recommended.

Find out more about Atelier

Divi 2.4 Theme Update Is The Biggest Divi Theme Update Yet!

Divi 2 4 Thumbnail2

Elegant Themes is one of the oldest and most trusted WordPress Theme houses. They provide a collection of 87 WordPress themes and serve over 280,000 customers. Elegant Themes have always been recognized for the quality of their themes, the exquisite graphics used and responsive nature of all their products.

Divi, first released in December 2013 has gone on to become their flagship theme and has been widely hailed across the WordPress world as a truly multipurpose theme for the typical online entrepreneur looking to create the right website for any niche.

With Divi, they had created a multi-purpose theme that can genuinely be used for a plethora of small business ventures with a powerful repertoire of theme options. The theme has probably one of the best page builders, I’ve seen so far.

A great part of this theme’s appeal is the relative ease with which a newbie can create a website on WordPress. It is well suited to the needs of freelancer displaying his/her portfolio of work, a photographer creating a photography site, a journalist trying to create an online magazine and a small business owner looking to take their business online. Divi is well suited to almost every niche imaginable.

And the biggest advantage using Divi with a powerful page builder, people from all walks of life with different professions can create an online portal to express their passions, creative endeavours and expand their business with little or no technical knowledge of website design.

You are right to expect updates when you pay for a theme or plugin. Elegant Themes are dedicated to updating their products as they are to creating them, as any good theme house would be. And on that note, let me introduce you to the latest update for their flagship theme, Divi 2.4.

Our full Divi theme review is available here.

Divi 2.4 Updates

Just when you might think this theme couldn’t get any better. A number of updates were released as part of the most recent version of the theme, Divi 2.4.

A constant supply of new products and updates for old ones, is an another aspect of Elegant Themes that has endeared them to their customers.

A slew of updates were made to Divi. Let’s have a breakdown of the changes they’ve made.

Divi Library


The Divi library permits the user to save layouts, sections, rows and modules. And once saved on the library, you can access any library element from the page builder. Importing and exporting elements allows for creating variations with the same base image, but the process is far less time consuming than starting from scratch.

Global Page Elements


Divi Library elements are basically instances of a section, row or module which can be added to any number of layouts. If you make changes to the global library elements aka sections/rows/modules, the updates are replicated in all the places that you’ve used them on your website.

Reinvented Builder Interface


A full facelift for the builder interface. With the newly implemented changes, you can adjust column structure of existing rows, choose a custom row width, specify row and column spacing. You can add background video/image to rows and columns. The columns would also never look too crowded with column padding to keep adequate spacing.

Adjustable Custom Spacing Controls


I did mention previously that the new update allows for the adjustment of row width. You can alter the section padding of each section, row and module both globally and on an individual case by case basis. The module margins, content/row width, column spacing can all be set by the user.

New Layout Possibilities


Multiple new additions to the Divi interface combine to open up a new array of pages you can now produce. And this coupled with the Divi library which can be used to call layouts, sections, rows and modules which can then be edited, makes it far easier to create complex and intricate pages with a ton of features.

Customizer Revamped


From the new customizer you can manage theme gutter width, website content width and sidebar width. You can also handle the body text styles and header text styles.

Choose among 10 column layouts available, change the social media link styles and widget header/body text styles that are placed in the footer.

The theme customizer enables the user to choose the appropriate section and row heights, body and header text sizes for mobile devices.

One complain I recall, whilst reading about the previous versions of Divi was the inability to control button styles. But with the new Divi updates, you can change border styles, border radius, button icon and its placement. You can also choose from different hover styles for your buttons from global button settings.

Extra Navigation Options


New navigation options in the theme customizer enable you to show/hide logo on scroll and the same for the header after scroll. Divi permits for fine control over navigation link text styles and sizes. The same can be said for the logo height, the drop down menu’s and fixed navigation menu’s background color.

Custom CSS & Advanced Module Settings


The updates allow for unique settings for individual modules with regard to text, color, button styling, module margins and padding. It is also very easy to add custom CSS.

New Fullscreen Headers


Headers are define how people perceive a website when they first glance it. Divi’s update also brings to you new full screen header modules with 24 unique layouts. Layout elements included logo, title, subtitle, text content, image header, background image/video, color overlays, parallax background images and 2 call to action buttons. The new header options includes full width code and image modules, regular code, page title and post title modules.

Divi Post Builder


Divi Post Builder allows for the user to show or hide the page title, meta, the featured image alongside the page builder’s content. There is also a new post title module that will display the page title, meta or featured image within the a full width of page layout or in the sidebar.

Read more about Divi 2.4 update here.

Scalia: A Flexible Multi-Purpose 5-in-1 WordPress Theme Review

Scalia Multipurpose Theme Review

Scalia is a new WordPress theme that has been created to help you build a range of different types of website. From business portfolios, to regular blogs, and even a fully functioning online shop, Scalia and its many features, layout options, and page templates, aims to be your one stop shop for creating any type of website with WordPress.

However, with many multi-purpose WordPress themes already vying for your attention, Scalia will have to have something special to offer its target audience, if it’s going to be able to carve out its own share of this crowed market.

In this review, we will be taking a look at the many features of this theme, in order to help you decide if this is the right choice for your next website project.

Who the Scalia WordPress Theme Is For

If you are in the market for a new WordPress theme, there is a strong chance you know the type of website you are going to build. However, even if this is the case, there are some good reasons why you should consider choosing a multi-purpose theme.

One benefit of picking a theme like Scalia for your next project – a theme that can be used for a range of different purposes – is that once you’ve mastered and learnt how to set it up, you can quickly deploy it again and again for future projects. This helps to save you time and effort when creating new websites.

Another benefit of choosing this multi-purpose theme, is that even if you only use it on one website, the amount of flexibility on offer means there is little chance that your creativity will be stifled.

So now that we’ve established why a multi-purpose WordPress theme like Scalia is something you should definitely consider, let’s take a look at some of the its main selling points and core features, in more detail.

Five Different Themes to Choose From

The Scalia package actually includes four child themes, in addition the core theme. Each of these five templates has been created to help you build a different type of website, as quickly and easily as possible. They each have their own different look and feel, and are genuinely different designs. Their only shared characteristics are the underlying features that power the theme.

Main Scalia Theme


The main Scalia theme does a great job of showing off what this template has to offer. Although each of the different versions of this theme can be fully customized to meet your needs, the default configuration is more than good enough to be used as is.

However, the Scalia main theme actually includes eight ready to use, pre-built home page layouts. As well as the home page configuration pictured above, you will also find the following pre-built layouts:

  • A business-focused home page, complete with animated slider, company information, and latest news sections.
  • A presentation-style home page, which includes plenty of page elements for highlighting your services and best content.
  • A sidebar and full width mixed layout, complete with animated page elements, team member profiles, and tabbed areas.
  • A parallax quick finders home page, with attractive icon lists, skill charts, and full width alert boxes.
  • A video slider home page layout, which gives you an stylish way to showcase multiple videos on your front page.
  • An extended slider home page, complete with a full screen animated content slider, and many other useful page elements.

Out of the box, the default home page layout of the main Scalia theme features a full screen animated content slider. This centerpiece of your website does a great job of grabbing the attention of your visitors, and showcasing some of your best content.

Further down the home page, your website can include retina-ready icons. These graphics can be used to highlight the unique selling points of your business or service, as well as some of the benefits on offer to the visitor if they stick around.

The other areas of the home page give you the opportunity to display a Google Map, pricing tables, more content sliders, client and customer testimonials, and links to the other pages on your website. Throughout the theme, CSS3 animation effects are used to really help your website stand out from the competition.


Zaro Ecommerce Child Theme


The Zaro child theme is perfect for anyone who wants to create an ecommerce website with WordPress.

This child theme includes all the tried and tested elements and design choices to really make your online store get your brand identity across, and lead your visitors towards your checkout.

As the name suggests, this child theme has been optimized for creating an online shop. While all of the child themes for Scalia include support for the WooCommerce plugin to help you build an online store, this is perhaps the best choice for anyone looking for an ecommerce theme for their project.

While you don’t have to use this child theme for ecommerce purposes, if you do, you get the opportunity to showcase your best products in an animated full width slideshow. Each of the individual product pages are tastefully designed. This gives your inventory a chance to really stand out on the page, without taking any attention away from them with unneeded design features.

This child theme also includes some attractive blog templates. These allow you to blog about your products, your store, or whatever you want, in order to help forge a better connection with your potential customers.

Creative One Pager Child Theme


One page websites are a popular trend right now in web design circles, and the Creative One Pager child theme makes it easy to apply this style to your site.

Like the other options, this child theme includes another engaging, full screen animated slideshow on its default home page configuration. However, you are free to use this format, or replace it with a full screen image or video background.

In true one page style, each item on the sticky header navigation menu simply scrolls the visitor down the page, before stopping at the relevant section. While the home page components are fully customizable, the default configuration includes an about, a features, a case studies, team members, and a contact section.

The smooth scrolling motion, combined with the parallax effect, really makes your website look special as your visitors check out the different sections of the home page.

Scrollex Parallax Landing Child Theme


Scrollex makes use of the hugely popular and highly eye catching parallax scrolling effect. This faux 3D effect works really well to grab the attention of your visitors and create a modern and professional first impression on them.

The graphic elements on the home page of this child theme are all big and bold, helping to make this option a good choice for anyone with a strong brand or message to get across. The layout of the home page takes on the horizontally long format. Each of the main menu items jumps the user down or up the page, to the area they want to visit.

There are also plenty of animation effects in use, as well as lots of different page elements. These all work together to make your website more interactive. One great use for this child theme would be for an online portfolio. The gallery section works really well, and whatever forms of media you are showcasing, Scrollex does a good job of giving it a home.

Stylish Blog Child Theme


Last but not least, is the Stylish Blog child theme. While all of the other child themes include a blog section, this child theme has been created especially for those building a website whose main focus is blogging.

There is a great selection of page templates to choose from, including layouts with and without sidebars, timeline lists, masonry portfolios, metro galleries, mixed portfolios, and slider galleries. If you’ve got some visual work you want to showcase alongside your blog content, then this could be the theme you are looking for.

Like the other child themes for Scalia, this one makes use of lots of subtle animation effects to really help your content stand out on the page. There are plenty of content layout options that can be applied to the individual posts and pages, including columns, block quotes, lists, and horizontal lines.

This child theme is much more than just a blog template, however, if you are creating a blog, then this option comes highly recommended.

Other Features of Scalia


Whether you choose one of the above child themes and pre-built configurations or not, there are plenty of features you can make use of when creating a website with Scalia.


150+ Pre-Built Pages

When setting up the theme on your website, there are 150 pre-built pages to choose from. These cover a wide range of uses, such as about pages, contact pages, plenty of custom blog post layouts, home page configurations, portfolio and gallery templates, ecommerce pages, and many more. While you won’t want to use all of them on one site, you do get a large pool of options to choose from.

If those 150 page templates weren’t enough for you, the Scalia theme includes the popular Visual Composer premium WordPress plugin. This is a drag and drop tool that makes it easy to build custom layouts, without editing any code yourself.

Scalia Widgets

Sidebars & Widgets

The theme also includes a large library of widgets, which can be used in the sidebar or footer areas of your site. However, if you combine them with the functionality of the Visual Composer page builder, you can insert those widgets into your layouts to create some highly dynamic content for your website.

Furthermore, when using these widgets in the sidebar areas of your site, the theme gives you the option of creating an unlimited number of sidebars. They can then each be assigned to different posts and pages, helping you ensure that your sidebar content is closely related to the main post content.

Content Elements & Visual Composer


Scalia offers an extensive set of options, widgets & features to help you get started within minutes. But the most exciting feature of Scalia is the number of content elements (shortcodes) included.

Check the “Elements” menu option on Scalia’s main demo website to see why. With an impressive 50+ shortcodes to choose from, this theme provides you with everything you could ever imagine inserting into the content of a corporate, portfolio, or any other kind of website.

Furthermore, each of these shortcodes has several options and styles to choose from. This means you can be sure that you will be able to find the best look for your website. In order to make all this as easy-to-use as possible, Scalia includes the latest version of Visual Composer, the premium page builder plugin for WordPress. This tool gives you the ability to create your pages through a front end builder with a live preview mode, simply by drag’n’dropping and combining content elements with each other.

Page Options

Thanks to the large variety of additional options on offer, you are totally free to decide how your pages should look. Fancy title areas in different styles, slideshows, portfolios and galleries with plenty of display settings, blog lists in different layouts, flexible customizable sidebars, and much much more – with all these options and settings at your fingertips, you’ll be all set to launch a great-looking website for any purpose.

Other features include a choice of boxed, wide, and full screen layouts; two premium slider plugins, LayerSlider and NivoSlider; a video slider builder; optimization for all of the major search engines (this theme is really well coded and works perfectly with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin); and countless of other customization controls.

Scalia looks great on high resolution retina screens, thanks to its retina image optimizations. This theme is aimed at international users, so it’s ready for localisations and translations. This can be carried out very easily, by using the high quality WMPL plugin.


Scalia’s documentation is some of the most detailed theme guides and instructions available on the market today. All settings, options, features, and functions are described in an understandable way. This documentation is also accompanied by lots of helpful screenshots that show you exactly what you need to do, every step of the way.

In the documentation, you will also find examples and step-by-step explanations of each feature and setting. The documentation is aimed not only at WordPress professionals, but also at WordPress newbies, covering general editing aspects as well as more in-depth topics.


By checking the Scalia theme’s comments and support forum on ThemeForest, as well as the theme’s customer rating, you will see, that the quality of support offered with this theme is top-notch. Scalia is actually the third best rated corporate theme on ThemeForest, and has been awarded plenty of five stars ratings, as well as praise for the quality of support on offer.

If you do experience problems when using this theme, the developers offer quick support for any questions asked via the ThemeForest comments section. This will help you unleash the full potential of the Scalia theme, and ensure you are able to build the website you’ve always wanted.


The Scalia theme is available from ThemeForest for the price of $58. Considering you get access to not only over $50 worth of premium plugins in the package, but also five distinct themes, it’s a great value offer.


The decision to include the core theme – which is a great product in its own right – as well as the four child themes, helps to make Scalia one of the most versatile WordPress themes out there.

Another benefit of supplying four different child themes, is that it makes setting up the individual versions of the website very easy. Simply upload the theme files as you would with a regular theme, and then activate them through the WordPress theme manager. The Scalia package includes all the demo content and page templates, and these can all be installed in just a few clicks.

The inclusion of the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, means that if you need to make any changes to the design or appearance of your website, you can easily do so. As you also get two slider tools to choose from, adding full screen, animated content slideshows to your pages is very easy.

If you like the look of Scalia, or any of its child themes, then you should definitely try out the demos to get a better sense of how your next website could look.

Try Scalia today

Directory Builder Theme Review: Create a Listings and Events Directory Website with WordPress

Directory Builder WordPress Theme Review

Directory Builder is a WordPress theme for creating a listings and events directory. Directory Builder has been created by Alex Gurghis of Themes Dojo, a developer from Moldova who has launched a number of popular WordPress products, including the WPJobus theme which we recently reviewed.

This theme however, has been developed to help you to build a directory website for publishing listings and events with WordPress.

Once this theme has been installed on your website, you and your visitors can begin adding listings that cover local attractions, businesses, and other places of interest, as well as events to the directory. Those seeking information on local events and listings, can then browse your directory to find what they are looking for.

Directory Builder also gives you some flexible options for generating revenue from your listings website, helping to make this an all-in-one solution for building a website of this type.

If you need a suitable theme for creating a local, national, or international listings and events website with WordPress, read on for our full Directory Builder theme review.

The Best Features of the Directory Builder WordPress Theme

If you need to build a listings website for publishing the details of local, national, and even international businesses, tourist attractions, or other places of interest, then the directory Builder theme aims to be the go to solution for WordPress users.

Thanks to the flexibility of this theme, it can also just as easily be used to create a website for publishing classified adverts and events. To further prove the flexibility of this theme, it can be used to publish both listings and events at the same time, giving you the ability to create a comprehensive directory website that contains all the information your visitors are seeking.

Directory Builder is available to take for a test drive in four different modes of operation. This makes it easy to see how this theme can be deployed, according to your needs. Whether you are building an events listings website, a local business directory, or a classified ads website, Directory Builder has got it covered.

However you choose to use this multi-purpose directory and listings theme, there are some great features on offer. Amongst these features, you will find a series of front end registration and submission forms. These forms ensure that your end users have an easy way to sign up to your website, and start adding their own listings to your directory. Rather than logging into the back end of your website, your visitors can use the front end submission forms to avoid becoming lost in the WordPress admin area.

Directory Builder Review Front End Forms

Through these front end submissions forms, your users can also manage their own accounts. This includes the listings and events they’ve submitted, their favorite places, and their payment plans.

Directory Builder Review Manage Listings

When it comes monetizing your directory, you have plenty of options available to you. Not only does this theme have a good number of spots for displaying adverts, but you can also generate revenue by charging your users a fee for publishing listings, adverts, and events in your directory.

Through the theme’s package feature, you can create multiple pricing plans. Each plan can have its own features and payment details. Creating the packages is as easy as entering the price, and then selecting which features users on that plan will get access to.

Directory Builder Review Package

Once you’ve created one or more packages, the theme has the ability of outputting them in an attractive pricing table. This then makes it very easy for your visitors to see which plan best meets their needs, as well as their budget.

Directory Builder Review Pricing Table

When it comes to collecting the payments from your users, in exchange for the privilege of publishing their listings on your website, the Directory Builder supports the leading PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.

Directory Builder Review Payment Gateways

To help your directory get started, in the early days you can add listings on behalf of your potential clients, and then give them the ability of claiming those listings. For example you could create a basic listing for a business in the geographical area you are focusing on, and then reach out to that business and present them the offer of claiming that listing.

Directory Builder Review Claim Listing

Claiming a listing gives the owner the ability to add more useful information to that entry. This could include adding their contact details, opening hours, or photos, as well as being able to respond to user reviews left on their listing. This is a useful feature that not only helps you to pre-populate your new directory with some content, but also makes it easier to attract new members.

Directory Builder Review Contact Details

If you do decide to use Directory Builder in listings mode, then your website can be easily integrated with a number of third party services and plugins. This then allows the businesses on your website, such as restaurants, to accept bookings through your directory.

By making use of the supported Resurva, OpenTable, and Guestful services, your visitors have the option of making bookings with the businesses that are listed in your directory. Furthermore, as the theme and these services are mobile-friendly, your visitors can make a booking or reservation on their computer or smartphone, when browsing your website. Enabling this integration on your directory gives you another feature to highlight when promoting your service to potential businesses and clients.

Other integrations of note include support for Google Fonts, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms. When using the Directory Builder theme, your website can easily integrate with the MailChimp email marketing service to help you build a subscriber list.

It’s also worth pointing out that this theme includes the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin and the premium LayerSlider animated slideshow builder tool. The inclusion of these two very useful tools not only saves you $50 on their combined retail price, but also allows you to really customize the appearance of your website, without editing any code.

The Directory Builder Theme End User Experience

From an end user perspective, visiting a website powered by this theme couldn’t be simpler. Depending on how you’ve configured your website, your visitors can start their journey by searing for a listing in your directory.

Directory Builder Review Home Search

Through one of the more popular home page configurations, you can give your visitors the option of performing a keyword search, or filtering the listings by category or location. Once they’ve entered some criteria, they can then browse the search results. Visitors also have the option of filtering the results further, in order to help them find what they are looking for.

Directory Builder Review View Listings

Clicking on an entry takes the user through to the listings page. There they can find out more information about that place of interest, business, event, or classified advert, depending on how you’ve configured your website.

Directory Builder Review Listing View

Again depending on how you’ve set up the theme, the listings page can include either a featured image, or a large section of Google Map, zoomed in on the location of the listing. Other optional content includes opening hours, contact details, amenities or features, photos, user ratings, and much more.

If the visitor is the actual owner of the item featured in the listing, then you can give them the opportunity of claiming ownership of the listing. Doing so then gives them the ability to edit and update the details.

If they are just a regular visitor to your website, the user can then get the details they are looking for, such as the address or contact details of the business, or even leave a review.

Admin User Experience of the Directory Builder Theme

When it comes to setting up the Directory Builder theme on your installation of WordPress, the process is pretty straightforward. After activating the theme, you are then prompted to install the included plugin. This only takes a few clicks, and after doing so, some more features are added to your website, such as the premium Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins.

The Directory Builder package uses WordPress custom post types to store much of its content. This covers the events, listings, pricing plans, and testimonials features.

Directory Builder Review Custom Post Types

To help you organize your events and listings, they can each make use of their own custom taxonomies. In the case of listings, this includes the categories, amenities, and location details. While you can easily add listings and events through the front end forms of your website, you can also add them through the back end if you’d prefer.

Directory Builder Review Add Listing Back End

As well as adding content to your website through the back end, you can also customize how your website will work. This takes place through the DB Settings area. Through this custom control panel, you can define how your site looks, as well as how it functions.

Directory Builder Review Settings Page

Some of the options on offer include giving you the ability to upload your logo, choose a heading type, set the colors and fonts of the site, and add content to the advertising spaces.

You can also enable the supported payment gateways, set a currency, add your contact details, and enter the links to your social profiles. You can also import the demo content to pre-populate your website with some sample listings to help you get started.

The Directory Builder theme also includes a number of widgets and widget areas. These widgets can be used to display content from your directory, in the sidebar and other areas of your website.

Directory Builder Review Widget Areas

Once you’ve added these widgets to your website, your visitors will have another way of finding the content they are looking for.

Directory Builder Review Featured Listings

After you’ve configured your website to work in the way that you want, complete with multiple pricing plans, pre-defined listing and event categories and locations, and claimable listings, you can either start populating your directory with content, or begin promoting your website so that local business owners and event managers can find out more about the service you are providing.


The Directory Builder theme is available for purchase from the Theme Snap marketplace. The theme was available for a short period at Theme Forest. However, after running into some problems with the service and another theme publisher, the decision was made to list Directory Builder with Theme Snap instead.

The Directory Builder theme can be purchased for $96. This price covers you for use on one project. You can also take advantage of the Theme Snap club offer and get access to 26 items from Alex Gurghis, the theme’s developer, on a subscription basis.

View the Directory Builder pricing information


The Directory Builder WordPress theme combines a clean and modern design with a whole host of useful features. If you have been tasked with creating a directory website for local listings or events, then you should definitely consider this theme.

Although Directory Builder is well stocked with features, not least the premium Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins, it also offers some useful integrations with third-party booking tools. These optional integrations can really help your directory become a valuable marketing tool for the users who choose to list their businesses on your website.

The flexible pricing plans that you can create give you plenty of freedom when it comes to deciding how your directory will be monetized; while the support for PayPal and Stripe gives you two widely used options for collecting payments.

If you are in the market for a listings and events directory theme for WordPress, then this review and the online demo of this theme should hopefully tell you everything you need to know about this product. If Directory Builder does meet your needs and includes the features you require, then you can be sure you are getting a professionally designed theme that will give your online directory a high quality appearance.

Find out more about Directory Builder

15 Minimal, Fresh & SEO Friendly WordPress Themes of this Summer

Fresh Seo Friendly WordPress Themes

If you follow the latest web design trends and use only the most advanced technologies, this blog post is worth your attention. It showcases 15 fresh WordPress themes that have been recently developed by TemplateMonster’s professionals.

Actually, the company has a vast choice of nearly 50 000 templates for different purposes powered by all popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento and others. By the way, the stock of templates is replenished on daily basis.

Notwithstanding the variety of free and paid platforms available on the internet, WordPress still stays the most popular of them. That is the reason why we feature 15 hottest WordPress themes of this summer. The reasons of such overwhelming CMS popularity are obvious. It is free and open source, which means that millions of expert developers work on its improvement. Thousands of plugins and extensions for WordPress websites are available on the internet for free. The CMS is so flexible that there is almost nothing impossible for your website. You can pack it with cool features to improve user experience.

There are plenty of good-looking WordPress themes out there. They are easy to customize from the intuitive admin panel. You can play with theme’s colors, tune its slider, upload your content to make a one-of-a-kind website obtaining its corporate feel and style out of the picked out theme.

Please note that the themes you see below, as well as many other WordPress themes available onsite come with multiple advanced features. They are built on the basis of Cherry Framework and Bootstrap. They areresponsive and WPML ready.

The default animation like Parallax scroll and Lazy Load effect contribute to the visual appeal and usability of your future website.

The themes are crossbrowser compatible, have built in Google map, web forms, integrated audios and videos. They are SEO friendly and supplied with social options.

Would like to know more about the latest WordPress summer themes? Click their ‘Details’ and ‘Demo’ links to see the themes in action and study their features thoroughly.

We wish you a nice and efficient browsing!

Transportation by Air WordPress Theme

 Transportation WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Speed Internet WordPress Theme

 Internet WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Business Consulting WordPress Theme

 Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Nursing Home Care WordPress Theme

 Nursing Home WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Renting Co WordPress Theme

 Real Estate WP Theme

Details | Demo

Science & Technology WordPress Theme

 Science Lab WP Theme

Details | Demo

Security & Protection WordPress Theme

 Security WP Theme

Details | Demo

Politician’s WordPress Theme

 Politics WP Template

Details | Demo

Traveling Responsive WordPress Theme

 Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Babysitting Blog WordPress Theme

 Babysitting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Legal Co WordPress Theme

 Law Firm WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Comfortable Interior WordPress Theme

 Interior WP Template

Details | Demo

Fresh Bakery WordPress Theme

 Bakery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

 Real Estate WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Freelance Writer WordPress Theme

 Writer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

15 Best Medical WordPress Themes for Dentists, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers & More

Clean Medical WordPress Themes

This article collects 15 best medical WordPress websites designs. You will find WordPress themes for clinics and private doctors, dentists and plastic surgeons, hair transplantation specialists, otolaryngologists and audiologists.

These WordPress themes will save you lots of time, efforts and money. Their premium-quality designs were made by skillful professionals to save you from tedious work and let you focus on more important things like conveying a unique feel of the company. It’s utterly important to create a positive and trustworthy image of your clinic. Websites can be rather helpful in such matters. So, having a professional design created by experts at hand, you can polish it to minor details and reach your goal.

Do you use WordPress for your projects? It’s a smart choice taking into account that the CMS allows to build an incredible site in about an hour. Did you know that WordPress platform is used by CNN website, for instance, or about every remarkable site on the internet? The CMS is free and open source which lets millions of creative nerds work on its improvement and multiple plugins building.

WordPress themes are extremely easy to work with even if you are not too keen on coding. All complex coding job has been already done instead of you. Almost all customization is being done via the intuitive admin panel. The themes are enhanced by Bootstrap and Cherry Framework. They are responsive and WPML ready.

These medical themes are best because they have not only clean and eye-pleasing layouts, but are also packed with numerous cool features. HTML plus JS, Parallax scroll and Lazy Load effect make the web pages alive, deep and don’t let the users wait until your content is uploading. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope and Slider gallery scripts you can switch between as well as integrated audio and video players will help to make your web presentation even more memorable.

Surely, it’s not the full list of great medical WordPress themes featured below and on this other collection. You’d better browse them all and study their features yourself.

By the way, the themes come with detailed documentation and prompt support service is here for you 24/7.

Luxury Hair WordPress Theme

 Hair Transplantation WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Theme for a Dentist

 Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hair Transplantation Clinic WordPress Theme

 Hair Transplant Clinic WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dental Health WordPress Theme

 Dental Clinic WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Beautiful Smile Responsive WordPress Theme

 Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hospital Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Theme for Optometrist

 Optometrist's Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

White Teeth WordPress Theme

 Dentist WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hearing Aid Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Plastic Surgeon Responsive WordPress Theme

 Plastic Surgery Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Audiologist Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rehabilitation Center Responsive WordPress Theme

 Rehabilitation Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Medicine of the Future Responsive WordPress Theme

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

White Teeth WordPress Theme

 Dentistry WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Responsive WordPress Theme for Audiologist

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Top 15 Free Customer Service & Support & Chat Plugins for WordPress 2016

Customer Support Plugins For WordPress

It’s no secret that customer service is a big part of a successful business. Treating customers without care is going to reflect back the same kind of energy, the customers will simply not care and leave your business to go elsewhere, and this has always been the case whether we are talking about physical or online businesses. In an age where millions of people are getting connected to the web on daily basis, it’s important as ever to provide the kind of customer service that will not only inspire your customers, but will have them tell all about your business, products and services to the people most close to them.

Big businesses rely heavily on hiring support and customer service teams that have been specifically trained to provide a seamless support service. The web is full of stories of how different companies have treated their customers in unique ways, the kind of stories that attract more customers, and more exposure, and it’s good to be smart about creative customer service, because you never know when you are going to inspire someone to share their experience with your business with the rest of the world.

As for WordPress users, there are plenty of options to serve your customers better, whether it’s easy to use free live chat solutions that will let you open up a chatting window with your visitors, or a fully integrated support management platform that will let your site visitors and members open up support tickets at any given time, you don’t have to make customer service difficult on your WordPress site and we are about to depict more than a dozen of the most favorite customer service and customer support plugins that you can download for WordPress.

Zopim Live Chat

WordPress > Zopim Live Chat << WordPress Plugins

Customer support has always been about answering people’s questions, and fast. The more attentive we can be to the needs of our customers, the more likely it is that we will land a sale with them. Zopim’s Live Chat solution is a brilliant platform for monitoring the active visitors on your website at any given time, and offering to interact with them through an interactive Live Chat platform. That’s right. You can open a chat window with anyone who is browsing your blog and ask them a question as to whether you can do anything for them to help them better understand your mission in business. It’s fully responsive, an automatic trigger will open a chat window with every single visitor maximizing your chances of landing leads, and an integrated analytics platform will help you better understand the behavior of your visitors as well as how well the actual live chat widget is performing.

Chat X

Chat X WordPress Chat plugin for Sales Support WordPress CodeCanyon

Chat X is a beautiful, and premium, live chat service platform that offers a beautifully designed live chat widget that will surely spark the interest of your visitors. Visitors to your website can easily open up a chat window to begin a conversation with one of the operators, and if no operator is present at any given time, they can easily leave an email message — one that will reassure that they will shortly get an answer to their burning questions.


WordPress > WP Live Chat Support << WordPress Plugins

WP-LiveChat offers a multitude (plethora) of options for both the free version of the plugin, as well as the paid one. It uses the same organic structure of a typical live chat plugin, with an easy to navigate interface and the kind of features that will make live chatting experience a breeze. Works out of the box with most WordPress plugins (including cache plugins), and you can opt to receive notifications of your desktop when a new live chat window is opened; all missed live chats are recorded in the database. You can either show the live chat box to all visitors, or you can select to display the live chat box only to members — which makes it very appealing to sites that deal with membership type of content. Check out the official WordPress plugin page to learn more about the pro features, of which there are plenty!

Casengo Live Chat

WordPress > Casengo Live Chat Support << WordPress Plugins

The Live Chat customer support market is definitely not a small one, only a fraction of the biggest customer service sites in the world have published a WordPress plugin, but even then, the competition levels are high and in order to stand out — the plugin needs to be exceptional and provide unique features; much of what we have seen in our list already. Casengo has been able to stand out from the rest of the crowd with features like WhatsApp integration, meaning that you can stay in touch with your customers anywhere they go. The full mobile optimization means that Casengo will work seamlessly across all modern mobile devices.

Amongst other popular features you will find things like Twitter and Facebook integration, an option for macro answers to speed up the customer support response times, an in-built FAQ knowledge base that will help to answer questions more quickly, analytics platform to help you understand the best performance times, and customer overview to understand their past issues; amongst dozens of other great features that will make live chatting dynamic, interactive and fun!

Live Chat by Provide Support

WordPress > Provide Support Live Chat << WordPress Plugins

Take your time to explore this very classical free live chatting platform that takes only a few moments to install and configure. You can position the live chat button bubble anywhere you like, ensuring that you feel good about its placement and interaction with the kind of WordPress theme you are using.

A1 Support Desk

A1 Support Desk All In One Support PHP Scripts CodeCanyon

In case a live chatting plugin is not enough for your business and customer support needs, then perhaps the wiser choice is to take a look at some actual Customer Support Desk plugins that provide a more sophisticated approach towards customer service management. The A1 Support Desk premium support plugin has been built with native support features in mind, including: Live Chat, Ticket Support with Priority, Departments, Bug Reporting, Feature Request, Product Showcase, Service Selling, File Upload from both sides, Transfer Chat and Ticket and more.

AH Tickets

AH Tickets Help And Support System PHP Scripts CodeCanyon

The Bootstrap based AH Tickets support system plugin is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a simple ticketing system that looks sleek and modern, and doesn’t overwhelm with features or functionality. Has very basic functionality, with the addition of email notifications to keep you up to date about the latest tickets being opened. This also is a premium plugin, but guarantees support from the developer in case you need ideas and support with maximizing the potential of the ticketing system.

Support Ticket System

WordPress > Support Ticket System << WordPress Plugins

This free support ticket system has been built with full front-end features in mind, meaning that the user will never need to leave a particular page in order to receive answers to questions. Email notifications will guarantee that you never lose of a support ticket. An ability to add custom notes to each ticket will make it easier for other support workers to better understand what the cause of the problem or issue is, and how to best solve it.


WordPress > Zendesk for WordPress << WordPress Plugins

Zendesk is a modern support platform that offers some truly unique features. As an example, you can easily turn your existing WordPress blog comments into individual and unique support tickets. This means that if you are writing the kind of content that sparks questions and feedback, instead of doing an open-on conversation with the commenter, you can just click next to their name and open up a new support conversation. A dynamic help widget that you can add to any of your sites pages will allow your visitors to remain updated about your latest support articles and product information; the widget also offers a simple feedback tab that will allow your visitors to reach out to you directly.

Awesome Support

WordPress > Awesome Support WordPress Support Plugin << WordPress Plugins

Indie developers, freelancers, bloggers and writers will all benefit greatly from this simple support plugin. It has been developed with the idea that it should natively work with all WordPress themes and plugins. While big businesses will benefit from an extensive list of features, those with much smaller client bases will be able to enjoy a simple support ticket system that’s minimal and effective.

JS Support

WordPress > JS Support Ticket << WordPress Plugins

JS Support is a beautifully built Bootstrap based support platform for WordPress bloggers. Features include for visitors to create new support tickets from within the front-end, a dynamic support icon that can be placed anywhere on the site, ability to attach files with each ticket, ticket prioritizing, department management that allows different departments to answer different types of tickets, simple and effective ticket notifications through email, an HTML editor, mobile-optimized design, the administration of the site is in full-charge of how the platform works; translation files make it easy to translate.

Sola Support

WordPress > Sola Support Tickets << WordPress Plugins

Sola integrates a simple to use customer support management platform for opening and dealing with support tickets. The interface is much like the Posts interface in WordPress, meaning that you are in familiar environment at all times. Additional features include the ability to keep notes about each ticket, making it easier to track progress.

WP Support

WordPress > WP Support Ticket << WordPress Plugins

WP Support lets you have your own support ticket system on your WordPress website without the extra nuisances and completely free. It’s easy to use, it’s flexible, and it gets the job done.

WP Support Plus

WordPress > WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System << WordPress Plugins

WP Support Plus — a free WordPress plugin for adding a customer support ticketing system to your WordPress blog. It lets your users to create their own support tickets, assign specific categories, manage ticket status, and users can also set the priority of the tickets they are creating. Other than having an Operator group for managing groups, you can also assign an Administration who can overtake any support ticket if necessary. AJAX integration makes creating and managing support tickets a seamless and pleasant experience. A shortcode lets you display the support tickets button to any page on your WordPress blog.

Help Scout Desk

Help Scout Desk WordPress and Help Scout Plugin

Help Scout is an invisible, email-based help desk for companies who value their customers. A great customer experience thrives on effortless communication, and Help Scout facilitates this by focusing on creating conversations. One key feature of Help Scout is that from a customer standpoint, communication is personal. From the support side, you can manage multiple inboxes and brands, track and organize your customer’s conversations, add notes, collaborate with team members, and a lot more. Take advantage of this plugin to add all the magnificent and useful Help Scout features to your WordPress blog!